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Chhoti Anandi Run 1.0
Chhoti Anandi is a girl kid of avillagewhosolve the problem of villagers with unique and dramaticidea.Shehas a lot of friends who are living in the village.ChhotiAnandihas an idea to made amenities for villager likeschool,hospitalsetc. But she faced a problem of finance. For suchjob shewants towin a run and collect apples for furnish her plan.Duringrunning,many hurdles depress her to left apple collection.Thathurdles arebear, monkey, demon and other road blockingelements.You can helpChhoti Anandi to run fast, defeat all hurdlesandcollect moreapple. Your help assist her to deliver her plan. Ahighqualitygraphics and toon of chhoti anandi gives pretty feelinginthisgame. You can collect more and more apple and cover moretomoredistance. You and share your score and apple toyourfriends.Levels of this game are specially designed in view ofanyage groupthan kids. This game can definitely be assisting inmentalexerciseof your kids and enhance their performanceappearance.ChhotiAnandi is a full of fun game and free to download.Special features:• High quality graphics• Distinguished 30 levels• Sharp edge angles• Defined but random appearance of hurdles• Smooth appearance• Low space required• Easy to handle• More play more fun• Share this app directly by app share button