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Base Under Attack, Killer, War, Military 0.8
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Get ready! Your army base is under severe frontline gorillaattackby enemies. You are the last survivor sniper has been leftinmilitary homeland basecamp alike world war 1 situation. It isyourvery responsibility to stop and kill the enemies, death istheirdestiny. Base Under Attack is an frontline FPS shooting gamewithvivid graphics and amazing smooth control in all free snipergames2016. One the best frontline game and recommended in allsnipershooter mission 3d games new android. Base Under Attack bestinsniper games,, massive number of terrorist gang has assaultedyourhomeland of an army basecamp zone with heavy weapon, enemiesarefully armed and very expert commando similar situation alikeworldwar 1. It is your showtime of hope as survivor to stop themfromentering, you have use all your previous experience of trainingandskills to target and kill to death down enemy from towerlookoutbefore they reach the gate of military base. Base UnderAttack isrecommended game in whole new games 2016 top free forboys. Don’twait for tomorrow, you are a hope and last survivor havelimitedbullets in your sniper gun carefully target the each enemyonly youleft in the battlefront, as american expert Kill them todeath downthe moment as you see them from tower lookout. Amazingphysicsincluded in this game better than all army games free 3drealmission new free 2016.Like basecamp in free sniper games 2016,BaseUnder Attack is real 3D FPS in all shooting game snipershootermission 3d games new android. you are the frontline orbattlefront,on the middle of the war, a single-man army sniper ,with a duty todefend and protect homeland of city military basefrom gorillaattack. What you waiting for install it is real game innew snipershooting games 2016. Best Features Exciting Missions withrealsound effects Real 3D Sniper game, unique basecamp game inallsniper games,Realistic gorilla attack in all army games free3dreal mission new free 2016Best shooting game in whole freesnipergames 2016,Do not wait for tomorrow, kill to death each fromtoplookout.Final hope, keep clear target carefully don’t waitfortomorrow.Real sniper shooter mission 3d games new android.Bestinnew games 2016 top free for boys,Recommended game in armygamesfree 3d real mission new free 2016Try and enjoy it is amazinginnew sniper shooting games 2016.
I'm Back : Shooter, Killer, Hunter, Defender, 1.2
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Yes I Am Back to stop and kill the black evil insurgentenemies,assaulted my homeland army basecamp, death is theirdestiny. I AmBack is a frontline FPS shooting game with vividgraphics andamazing smooth control in all free sniper games 2017.One the bestand recommended in all sniper shooter mission 3d gamesnewandroid.Your city army base is under sever gorilla attack byevilwarrior enemies. You are the last survivor sniper has been leftinmilitary homeland basecamp sever world war 1 situation. Youareassigned to stop and kill the black evil insurgent enemies,deathis their destiny. In free sniper games 2016, I Am Back is real3DFPS in all shooting game sniper shooter mission 3d gamesnewandroid. you are the frontline or battlefront, on the middle ofthewar, a single-man army sniper hunter, with a duty to defendandprotect homeland military base from gorilla attack. Whatyouwaiting for install it is real game in new sniper shootinggames2017.In modern I Am Back best in sniper games, huge numberofterrorist gang has attacked your homeland army basecamp zonewithheavy weapon. Warrior enemies are fully armed and veryexpertcommandos similar situation alike world war 1. It is yourshowtimeas survivor hunter to stop them from entering, you have useallyour previous experience of training and skills to target andkillto death down insurgent enemy from tower lookout before theyreachthe gate of military base. I Am Back is recommended game inwholenew games 2017 top free for boys. Yes, don’t wait fortomorrow, youare a last hope and survivor have limited bullets inyour snipergun carefully target the each enemy only you left inthebattlefront, as american expert hunter Kill them to death downthemoment as you see them from tower lookout. Amazing physicsincludedin this game better than all army games free 3d realmission newfree 2017. Best Features :- - Challenging Missions withreal soundeffects - Real 3D Sniper game, unique in all snipergames,-Realistic gorilla attack in all army games free 3d realmission newfree 2017- Yes I Am Back Best shooting game in wholefree snipergames 2017,- Do not wait for tomorrow kill to death eachinsurgentfrom top lookout.- Yes the last hope warrior targetcarefully donot wait for tomorrow.- Real sniper shooter mission 3dgames newandroid.- I Am Back in new games 2017 top free forboys,-Recommended game in army games free 3d real mission new free2017-Must enjoy it is amazing in new sniper shooting games 2017.-Highgraphics in all free sniper games 2017,- Best in snipershootermission 3d games new android.- Must have If you bored fromsniper3d mission games,- Install & enjoy & avoid commandomissiongames free.- Included in top 10 best sniper games in theworld forfree,- Download it, it is best in new sniper shootinggames 2017.-I Am Back has 10 Challenging mission never will find inall sniper3d games free download.
The Last Sniper 2017 1.3
By evil warrior enemies, your homeland cityiscaptured & destroyed.You are The Last Sniper 2017 and frontline survivor leftinarmy basecamp similar situation like world war 1. Don’t let toruinfurther your city before kill to death the black evilinsurgentmilitary enemies by gorilla attack.The Last Sniper 2017 has best 3D graphics with bestplaymodecontrol. The Last Sniper is the best shooting gamein allfree sniper games 2017. The Last Sniper is free &realisticgame in whole new games 2017 top free for boys. TheLastSniper is best target physics in all sniper shooter mission3dgames new android.American modern The Last Sniper is unique and best in all hunter shooting game shooter mission 3d games newandroid.Showtime alike world war 1 kill one by one Kill them todeath downthe insurgent enemy terrorist gang has attacked cityhomeland armybattlefront, basecamp using heavy weapon. From gorillaattackcaptured Warrior enemies are best commandos. Challengingmission ofgorilla attack in unique in all army games free 3d realmission newfree 2017. Don’t let the enemies because you are thelast hopewarrior in new games 2017 top free for boys.Your role as a survivor hunter, target and shoot to deathbeforeruin whole city and military base before Tomorrow. Inthisbattlefront you are the last hunter survivor and the hope ofyournation. The Last Sniper is the best game than all army gamesfree3d real mission new free 2017. Unique shooting game in allfreesniper games 2016.The Last Sniper has excellent game-mode can not find In allfreesniper games 2016. Keep this in mind you’re the last hopeinfrontline war, a glory and duty to safe and defend yourcityhomeland army or military. Don’t wait … Best Action game innewsniper shooting games 2017.- Challenging Missions.- Best in all sniper games,- Do not wait for tomorrow kill to death each insurgent fromtoplookout.- Best Environment in all 3d games new android.- Yes, best in all army games free 3d real mission newfree2017- Yes best in new sniper shooting games 2017.
Sniper Shooting 2017 2.1
Sniper Shooting 2017 - Kill the sniper Shooting gameaddictiveshooting game you will feel like in a real war ! Kill thesniper inthe midst of war .In the application you will see - thecity , theruined city , the war , bombings , sniper scope , sniperrifle ,highlight, the apocalypse , the ruins of the city .Trackeddown bya sniper glare and kill ! While he did not get to you oryourcomrades ! That would kill the sniper you just need to find himandshot with a rifle will follow after the touch of a finger!Playwith your children. Very simple operation ! Give your phoneortablet to your child and you will not be able to detach fromtheprocess !What would kill snayperva , you do not need theInternet.Play Kill Sniper War for free , you can now !Start thefight andyou can not stop!Thank you for choosing us! Write tofeedback andwe will try to answer all !
Desert Sniper Shooting - best shooting game 1.3
desert sniper shooting game is best free games in snipershootinggames 2016 . A real action games with real shootingexperience ofsniper 3d . desert sniper shooting game is about armycommandoshooter performing his duty to compete modern army ofenemies bysniper shooting down their lone marine sniper commando.this isreal 3d sniper shooter combat right in the warm desertwhereenemies commandos are equipped with ak-47 , bazooka , rpg ,pistols, chopper , artillery , m16 , us American sniper shooter ,tanks ,f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters . while our main commando armyforcesgot defeated in these island desert storm . our army snipershooterwere not trained for these deadly situations . We need someelitefighter commando to get out of these deadly ear situation bysnipershooting from hidden places and made this 3d sniper desertasisland sniper shooting desert . These are modern sniper shooter3dcombat situation and you have to target and shoot shoot andshoot.Until all of enemies modern sniper shooter on duty are strikebackto death . This is the only way to be sniper 3d sniping byshootingthe enemies commandos coming waves after waves and savepride ofour nation and be best sniper shooting soldier to becomereal herosniper shooter of 2016 . Try to isnipe the enemies asenemies arevery well trained shooter and start sniper 3d shootingon you withheavy weapons right after you open your fire on some oftheirsoldiers . show yourself immortal and become soldier of duty .youcare call for perform you sniper shooting skills in therealbattlefield so do at your best . Defeat means nothing elsebutdeath.*** desert sniper shooting 2016 Features ****** bestarmycommando duty game*** stunning 3d graphics*** real heavyweaponswith modern sniper 3d weapons to compete gunshiphelicopters***tanks missions*** helicopter mission*** real 3dgraphics withisland , desert , city , snow , navy , mountain snipershootingmissions*** realistic sniper shooting effects*** bestaction gamessounds*** real trained army commando shooting soldierAI forenemies*** easy to use GUI to understand real sniper shooterfunfor free
Skies Of War 2016 1.3
Skies Of War 2016 is a fast fighter game,withcharming sound and music, HD graphics and special gameplay.Possessing excellent graphics fighting effects in the gamearebeautifully designed and animated. The powerful bulletsandspectacular will attract you in this game. The game's musicalsomakes one critical can help you have a better experience thanthegame. When fighting you can eat more items to upgrade yourweaponsto become stronger in order to destroy all enemies.Features :- Music's most popular attraction- Play as shooter legendary fighter engine- Many different types of weapons- All Free
Deadly Warrior Action 2 1.0
Now a best featured FPS Action gameisavailableon play store to download free.It is the latest 2016 version of the best andexciting“DeadlyWarrior Action 3D” game. We are here presenting you“DeadlyWarriorAction 2” 3D game to relax your mind to play it.Wepreparedawesome multiple missions and war scenes.In this updated and new idea game which is totallyfreegame.Enemy forces are dominating over the army base camp.Theyareopenly representing their dominance over the law andtheircriminalskills is way above anything. They are enemies tryingtoput theirpressure on the government to get escaped theirterroristfellow.These criminal group are very well organized, youneed to beverysmart and active to break them.In this Deadly Warrior Action 2016, you areequippedwithSHORTGUN, AK47, Russian pistol and other deadlyweapons. Youhaveto lead your army and make strategy that how tocrush them.Snipershooter will be ready, wherever you need them theywill cometosupport you. Your enemy forces are also well trainedandequippedwith Heli gunship, Anti-Aircraft and Tanks. Enemy candodgeyou byshooting from helicopter so be aware and carefulaboutthat.Realistic 3d environment will be seen in this Actionandshootinggame. Get hurry to come over your enemies. “DeadlyWarriorAction 2”is one of the best shooting game.Best Features:-- Full of action game with multiple different levels- Realistic model of enemy forces with helicopters and tanks- User friendly game and easy to control- Accuracy in shooting skills- Latest technology is available to find enemy- Unlimited ammunition for free shooting- Real 3D model of Army base camp- Challenging mission to clear- Real war battlefieldEnjoy this amazing and awesome 3D shooter gameDeadlyWarriorAction 2! And Please do not forget to leave commentsand togiverate about this free shooter war game! Your commentsaresovaluable for us!Provide your Feedback :
Temple Castle Game 2016 1.1
Temple Castle Game 2016 is a beautifulprincessendless runner game made for all fans of mysteriousmissions andchallenging levels!Beautiful and surrounded with mystery, explore the hiddentemplescastles and treasures and complete the missions to unlockthe hiddenwinning cave. Save the frozen princessIn this game, you play as a warrior prince on the run inthedesert jungle. run rush or walk your way through dangerouspathsand mystical objects. Princess elsa needs to escape. Becareful ofthe booby traps and flames!! In this castle game,princess must getto the salon in time to do her nailsGame Features:- Intense running and escape gameplay- Fun and challenging 100+ levels- Simple one touch gameplay- File apk minimal size, suitable for all devicesDOWNLOAD Temple Castle Game for Android on Google Play whileitis still FREE today!! Help the indian princess rescuefrozenprincess in this running adventuretips on scoring in temple game - run as far as u can. pausethegame and save it for laterPlease feel free to leave a comment / good review if youenjoyedour game and had fun!Please do share with your friends and family too! GOODLUCK!!
Army Sniper Mission Impossible game 1.0.9
Army Sniper Mission Impossible is a FPS game. After World War2(WW2) now World War 3 has begun, you are on a mission themissionname is Army Sniper Mission Impossible. You have to be likeaSniper x agent in this Army Sniper Mission Impossible 3Dgame.Dominate your rivals by shooting at them through yourSpecialForces elite sniper gun. Army Sniper Mission Impossibleranked asthe best FPs mission impossible game of 2017. You mighthave playedmany sniper games or free sniper games but you will findArmySniper Mission Impossible as the best there is. Ever wanted tobe asniper sharpshooter and wanted to do army jobs likefrontlinegunner job or infantry sniper shooter this chance for youto provethat you can be the legendary American marksman sniper andaSharpshooter. Army Sniper Mission Impossible is the best newgamesof offline FPS (First Person Shooter) free on android playstore.It is the top new thrilling adventure game-s where you areplayinga role as Army Elite Marine Sniper within your Americancityinstead of being a front line infantry commando; yourcountry’senemies are very clever and had a new tactical strategy tocausedestruction inside your homeland. Enemy strategy is todeployterrorists through Gunship helicopters by dropping themwithin cityto destroy your State and country as terrorists and spyare masterin destruction. Therefore, its call for duty as yourenemies is inform of terrorists. You have to counter theirstrategies with yourmodern Special Forces sniper guns and ultimatesniper shootingskills by killing that Gunship Heli fallingterrorists team in thethin air or on the combat infantry ground.You have to act fastwith extraordinary sniper shooting anddecision-making skills tokill those terrorists. Who are trainedextremist and radicals whomare especially train for guerillawarfare missions as well.Helicopter has no Gunship weapons so useyour ultimate snipershooting skills to gun down terrorist in theAir to minimize civilhostage and hostile conditions on your Homestate territory in thissilence 3d assassin mission. Encounter thecommando gunship warzone combat missions, in this free offline FPS(first personshooter game). You might have played games like eliteCommandowarfare game, elite Commando gunship adventure, 3D Sniperkilling,Sniper assassin shooting, Commando mission frontlinecombat, Armybase air attack, Military camp infantry invasion, Armycargo hillclimb, Military gunship heli aviation war, War attackcommandogames. This Army Sniper Mission Impossible game is reallifefrontline battle zone with advance multiple military weaponsanddifferent battle elite zone. It is a whole pack of Specialmissionbased, heavy gunship air fighting, and military attack airbasegame. Download Army Sniper Mission Impossible for bestFPSexperience of your life. The game has all the features thatawarfare game player desire. Proof yourself in this ArmySniperMission Impossible game. Army Sniper Mission Impossible hasthefollowing features: 1 First person shooter game. 2 Dualplayingmode (Tap & Tilt controls). 3 Four ultra modern SniperGuns. 4Rewarded video to earn free coins. 5 Amazing quality soundandmusic. 6 Most Realistic 3D Game. 7 Stunning design andrealisticmake up of game. 8 Thrilling game story.
Unfinished Mission 2.9
Timuz Games
Play as a brave soldier whose mission is to save the innocentandhunt down the enemies who intend harm in Unfinished Mission.Takeout enemy agents, plant or detonate bombs, rescueundercoveragents, secure urban locations eliminate the singlehigh-profiletargets that matters most or silently/stealthilycomplete themissions in locations around the globe! Stake outtargets from longrange, take them down with well-placed shots andinfiltrate enemylines without compromising your identity. Load upon weapons likesniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy guns andgrenades then upgradethem. Don’t forget to grab the latest gear aswell like knucklebusters, throwing knives, med kits, armor, andmore! Combine yourresources to level up against the enemy forcesand receive betterrewards for all your global missions! Once amission is complete,use your rewards to upgrade your sniper'sabilities then completeyour missions and share game play. In thismission, observe theenvironment and enemies before making the rightchoice. Kill allthe soldiers before the raining bullets smash youout. UnfinishedMission takes you on a whirlwind tour of thecriminal underworld.All the enemy soldiers will attack you oncethey get alert. Thiswill be the real test of your commando skillsin enemy’s territory.Be in the heart of enemy controlled territory,so you have tooperate all the missions on your own with yourweapons. UnfinishedMission Game Features: i. Take on hundreds ofmilitary missions inincredible 3D environments. ii. Infiltrate yourenemies and escapethe room with their darkest secrets! iii. Unleashyour power withmelee attacks like Knife, Kick, Knuckle Blade etciv. In theInventory, every weapon has been realistically recreatedand eachhas a unique feel and performance. v. Mission Based 3DSniperShooting game vi. See your kills confirmed with adramatickill-cam. vii. Time Based Silent Missions with sensitivetargetsviii. Defend yourself with Bulletproof vests and Medi kitsix. Workyour way through the different missions by completingyourobjectives set out before you. Unfinished MissionInstructions:Touch and Drag to move sight and aim. Click the Firebutton atbottom right to fire. Use the bottom left button to zoom.If youhave any problem in installation, please report to us. Wewill tryto fix it as soon as possible.
War Mission 3D : Alien Team Attack On Universe 1.3
Monsters and Alien force coming from their planet and attack ontheearth. These monsters want to steal the earth resources.Aftermonsters landing on the Earth they have only one missiontodestroying the people and collect all the resources. Nowmonstersforce dominates the earth, but you are the hero anddetermined tofree the planet- no matter the cost! Now, you are notalone in thismission. An old friends and special commando come tojoin this warand complete the mission as soon as possible. You haveoneadvantage over these alien force they incapable of supportingalarge-scale invasion due to small numbers who instead use theshockof their arrival to inspire terror. But if you not destroythesebloody monsters they spread all over the world and then nochanceto defeat them. Feature: - Fire and defense with intense gameplayin fun shooting action- Shoot through wave after wave ofaliens-Ruthless alien and evil bosses to wipe out- Challenginglevels,each with different guns and kill zones- Stunning visualsandsound- Live through dramatic battles against alien force-Killthousands of enemies and save the earth from these bloody alien
SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescu
Hello SWAT force captain! There is an emergency call frompolice;most wanted terrorists have hijacked the subway station.Theseterrorists do not demand for ransom, their intention is toblow uptrain station and escape in desert city. Play SWAT TrainMissionCrime Rescue, newest 3D shooter game to fight forinnocentcivilians and clear the crisis situation.Trained bad guyshavecaptured the train station and hijacked the locomotiveaftershooting driver, now they have civilian hostages. City policehasasked for SWAT force help as this hostile situation is likeadvancewarfare. The subway station looks like a battlefieldsurrounded byterrorist mercenary. City is filled with terror andfear of theterrorism, innocent citizens are crying for help andwaiting forsubway rescue team to arrive. Lead as rescue team SWATshooter invehicle and reach the train station. Enemy jeep is parkedoutsideand guarded by terrorist gunman. Take out gunman with asniper shotfrom your assault rifle and blow up enemies jeep andarsenal. Clearthe underground subway station before terroristsleave in train todesert. After intense cross shooting, kill all badguys and rescuepassengers from railway tracks..Ride the traintowards city desertand guard the passengers travelling acrossstate. As you entereddesert area, 2nd terrorist group attacked thetrain. Their targetis cargo locomotive, shoot these criminals anddon’t let anyoneescape. Make sure all terrorists are killed andhostages are safe.If any civilian is shot, your subway SWAT missionis failed. As aSWAT sniper take out the enemy their arsenal anddestroy their carsand jeeps. Keep shooting at enemy vehicle untilcar blast into fireflames. Conquer the battlefield conflict withyour shootingexpertise. Enter into guerrilla war ambush terroristconvoy armedwith machine gun and Gatling.Features:★ 10 thrillingandchallenging SWAT team rescue missions★ Multiple weapons likeSWATsniper guns and assault rifles★ Realistic train station anddesertbattlefield environment★ Smooth touch controls for bestfirstperson shooting experience★ Amazing headshot kill animationsanddetailed 3D graphicsDownload SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescue,3Daction game for intense combat missions and terroristshooting.Many innocent lives depend upon successful SWAT rescuemission, sodo not blow this up!
Commando Missions Combat Fury 2.1
Jhatka Gamers
Commando Missions Combat Fury is a best shooting game withCommandoadventures look and Sniper real killing thrill with Snipershootingin different mission attack on army base attack or likeMilitarycamp invasion or on Army cargo Military gunship War attackgame butthis game is more fantastic than one of its kinds. It isacombination of all the above mentioned games. The numberofambulation and front line real best kommando technique used inthisgame that means the one shooting the opponent first is theonechampion in action. Bring your inner commando fury on you areavery loyal and passionate best commandos on the mission tokeepyour country and city safe from anti- peace and criminalmindedterrorists. Commando Missions Combat Fury is an amalgamationof allmission juegos seguros based games you are going to act likeanexpert shooter a sniper and a commando at the same time.CommandoMissions Combat Fury 3D FPS action game extreme actionpacked gameenvironment full thrilling Hi-tech shooting weapons.mission gunsknock out enemy. Mission hard risky enemies artilleryPlay upexciting elite man missions. Gun automatically ammunition.enemiesterritory War rescue Strike against the global terrorismwithdeadly weapons The frontline real best brave and shooterswithheavy guns and tankers. No matter you are in military or notbut itis your golden chance to experience the best shooting andcoachinggames. You are armas going to lead your troops to build astrongand efficient frontline squad action shooter. Act as aspecialsniper attack attack the terrorists and criminal around yourcityand make them leave your city by attacking their hub andcentralpoint of criminal activities. action free game fury landHeavy gunsbattlefield fight game. Increase more levels for you.
Bomber Crazy new 2016 1.3
App play free
Bomber Crazy new 2016 is a free game onlineIf you were familiarwiththe Boom on PC, this would be the mobile version.Thewholecharacters and images are refreshed with unique chibi artstyle,built from the "fruits, farm products" extremely fun. Thegamecomes with easy controls "Touch - claw" to move, "Click" tosetboomdestroy - destroy the enemy.Rich tasks set out in eachtableyou will find both familiar and marvelous.Besides the game iseasyupgrade to version online. (League games playedperroom).**Feature50 unique table games20attractiveachievementsfeatured ranking6 cute chibi characters6Tools supportfor table games6 attractive Item vip
Island Army Commando Siege 1.12
Your masters have sent you to lead an island army to conquerEnemystation under siege through a gunship battle fought at sea.Longfought battle left you with only sniper gun and no allianceforceson the island. What would be your next action? Time willdecide!You have to come up with best sniper shooting stunts andtake theisland army action to finish this battle with Enemy cityislandunder siege. Your island siege mission will be finished whenyoukill dead each enemy soldier at island with your bestsnipershooting skills. Attack with force to kill island guardingenemybefore their eye catches you. Fight off this siege tillyourcommando lasts!!! Break through the enemy soldier’sbarrierguarding the island and strike like a lead army sniper. Thesiegeis not finished yet! Will your shooting mission be able tosurviveyou through back attack of sharks approaching to make youtheirbait? Survival will be real hard but you can’t just give upthismission like hell! Show that you are the best sniper unleashedonenemy. Take this full action packed frantic mission to combatwithair strike, sea hunt and commando’ threat while securing yourlifeas the army sniper unleashed. PLEASE NOTE! Island ArmyCommandoSiege is free to download and play. Download now! LEVELS TOPLAYGet into Four Intense game levels each to play with greatstrength.Take immense commando siege challenges while killing enemycommandosoldiers, encounter sharks and shoot down supersonicultra-fast jetaircraft. HOW TO PLAY >> Touch screen tonavigate throughaxis >> Watch for your Aim with an acutesight >> Usethe full zoom option to have the clear view oftargets GAMEFEATURES >> Brilliant army sniper action gameplay>>Intense missions with a variety of enemies >> FPSwith zoomscope sniper assault >> Unique design in killer3Dbattlefront environment >> Captive graphics withaddictivegameplay >> Enjoy combat gaming in realistic view
Boss Sniper 18+ 1.3
Do you want to be called as the best sniper of this century? Thenbeready for an epic action in boss sniper 18+ where you are goingtoshoot down dangerous mafia bosses. This sniping mission isveryrisky as the criminal targets are surrounded by alert guardsarmedwith weapons. You are a special agent hired by theofficialgovernment agency specialized in finding out andeliminating secretmafia leaders and bosses, high profile murderers,drug dealers andstrong terrorist groups in the country. Aim andkill your targetcarefully without killing the innocent civilians.Each Mission hasdifferent scenario that makes the game unique andchallenging butyour main focus is to kill the target withoutfailing thelevel.Find out the bosses and murderers hidden indifferentbuildings, Gun down the boss before he escapes inhelicopter. Shootdown the crime kings of the city, mastermindsbehind terrorism andprove yourself as the real sniper of thecentury.Don’t miss anyshot or you will end up failing the level.Avail the promo offers,upgrade the rifles and accomplish missionsas a Master of thesniping world!Features: Promo Offers!Multipletargets!Amazing Gameplay!Different Rifles!UniqueScenarios!Challenging ShootingMissions!Amazing 3D Graphics!
Castle Escape Mission 2016 3.2
On the day of his coronation the King got framed by the evilVizierand is locked down in the dark and deepest dungeons of hisowncastle. The ruthless vizier wants to take hold over thevastEmpire. The king however, was lucky enough to break the prisoncellbut dangerous hurdles lies ahead in this castle.The Kind hastostop his rebellious Vizier from taking control of his Empirebutfirst he has to fight hard to destroy his evil enemies. Therearearmored Castle guards, big deadly Monster, fire breathingDragons,moving Spikes, burning passages and many other hurdles onhisway.The hostile swordsmen are high alert and well trained.Killthem with your sword. The powerful monster won’t let you escapethecastle easily. He is very strong and its really tough killinghim.Be aware of the moving spikes and fire breathing dragons for ifyouget caught these will lower down your energy. Move swiftlyandcarefully through the traps. Help the king breakout fromthiscastle in time. Explore the rooms. Use your intelligence andenergyin the right way.You got limited for this Castle EscapeMission.Grab the hints and follow the directions. Reach the escapepoint toend each level. Are your capable enough to get the throneback fromthe cruel Vizier? If yes then then get ready for anamazingadventure in the castle where you are all alone to fight foryourfreedom. Features:• Challenging Castle Escape Missions!•AmazingSound Effects!• Stunning 3D Graphics!• Variety ofEnemies!•Outstanding Castle Environment!
Commando Adventure Game 2018 : Jungle Shoot Hunter 1.3
Commando adventure game 2018 is the best of free adventuregame.Time to excel at killing with ballistic missiles, assaultgunattacks and sniper rifle strategic kills. Take down enemy inthiscommando game like the expert enemy hunter. Come on,takeadventurous team partners like Lara with you on this journeyofaction against the injustice and cruelty by the enemy attheborder. Commando action mission game to fill you weekend withrealjoy and happiness. RPG machine guns and other big guns, whichwillkill your enemy. Adventure scape and stealth action againstallthreats is guaranteed in the commando adventure game. Take ahikeof the mountain and reach at the top. Take the aim from thebattleadvantaged point and start shooting incoming threats. Secretagentcommando strike war game is best action and drama. Trainingacademyhas taught the commando adventure warrior the lessons toovercomethe enemy. Commando assassins are furious attackersfighting forthe nation. Kill squads and assassin gangs by the enemyareheinous. Commando adventure game has large environment forthebattle and action adventure. Enemy tanks and bullet proofvehiclesare the less vulnerable to the gun bullets. Acquire thehighmilitary grade weapons to destroy their toughest war toolsliketanks, gunship helicopters and war cargo transport trucks. Usetherocket launchers and sniper guns to take aim at thestrongestitems. Pull the trigger at the target like a pro. Preciseshootingis rewarded with coins and health package in the game.Bring thecoins in use, by buying the stuff that will hurt the enemyarmymost. Take down the gangs of hostage taking brutal armyofterrorists. Put their wild jungles and hideouts to the fire.Ifenemy terrorists throw a stone at you, commando adventuresoldiermust burn their camps and finish their existence. Mostclassic wayof competing the enemy is from front and that needs alot offirepower. Bring the most lethal assault rifles into actionand getthe job of city cleaning from the enemy terrorists done. Itis abest chance to hit and fight a guerrilla war againstterror.Enemy’s arsenal is bigger but your arsenal is betterbeingconfident and wins this war field with modern war techniques.Aimand shot no enemy behind and become historic war hero. Yoursingleefforts give victory to your whole nation. It is a test ofyourmilitary skills to rescue these people and make the citypeaceful.Patrolling criminals ready to kill you, you must saveyourself andkeep eye on them also watch tower solders for yoursuccessfulcomplete mission. This is the military action orientedshootinggame for all on Google play. Commando adventure game 2018features:* Great action in this amazing FPS game * Futuristicactionportrayed with the Amazing 3D graphics * Challenging missions*Excellent city and forest environment for battle againsttheheinous enemies. * Destructive Weapons of military grades. *Autoreload of different guns in the game makes it more fun. *Sniperscope view for the distant enemies to kill * On screen radarforidentifying enemies * Fabulous sounds. * Completely free gameYourratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements init. Download the commando adventure game for freeover the GooglePlay Store. All the ratings and reviews by the usersare welcomed.Provide your feedback for commando adventure gamefreely. Like andFollow us on:
Impossible Sniper Mission 3D 1.0.4
Play as crime fighter spy of world's top secret serviceagencieslike CIA, KGB to complete intense challenging tasks inthisaction-based game. After successful mission in heart of Berlin,youare assigned to sneak in rival headquarter to steal topsecretinformation from undercover agent.ChooseImpossibleMissionsInfiltrate secure locations like a withoutcompromisingyour identity and steal sensitive information of roguenations.Find out who is the godfather and what menace terroristsare up to?Fight against crime, destroy enemy hideouts and bringthem beforesheriff for justice.Next-Gen Warfare TacticsMove forwardincomplete stealth mode behind enemies lines. Always keep gunsloadedintuitive dodger skills to sneak behind barrels and woodenbox.Concentrate wait for soldiers to blow their cover, usezoom-inoption and aim to take head shots. Use rifle scope for bestkillingshots for realistic sniping experience.Destroy andDefendKeep sharpeye attack enemy base hit bosses armed with buckand shotgun todestroy mercenary’s hideout. Don’t get killed Dronesare flying tofind out rogue agents. Your mission is to kill thosesyndicates anddeliver justice. Lead from the front as the wholenation is lookingforward to you.Advanced Gear and AutomatedWeaponsThis is anaction-based warfare game; you are equipped withmodern gear andelite weapons like lsat assault rifles and sniperguns. Sneak-inwith your stealth armor to navigate through citiesand centralprison for commando action.Impossible Sniper Mission 3Dgame isabsolutely free for mobile devices to play. You can buynumberingupdates for your weapons through in-app purchases.2016GameFeatures:★20 intense and adrenaline rush pumpingmissions★5different long range sniper rifles★ 4 automatic rifleswithunlimited ammo★ Different city locations include streets,prison,roof-tops★ Outdoor areas like desert and hilly vegetationterrains★Real life war-zone environment★ Awesome on-screenreflectivecontrols with amazing kill animation★ Interactive designsand highdefinition cinematic graphics
Prisoner Escape Story 2016 2.2
You and your friend is captured during a war and have beenbroughtto prisoner of war camp. This camp has advanced securitysystem andescape is going to be very tough. Guards arecontinuouslypatrolling and wardens on duty are high alert. Thereare laserfences and search lights after little intervals. Sneakingin thecamp and making a safe escape from the cell is therealchallenge.There are arrows depicting the right direction.Followthem to breakout of the torturing jail. Grab the hints andtoolsthese will help you fighting with the brutal guards and wilddogs.Use your weapons on the right spot. Retrieve theenemyintelligence. Grab the keys, bribe the guard outside yourcell,avoid being spotted by the search lights, kill the wild dogsthatare after your or else they will tear your apart. In short,fighthard for your freedom and survival or else you will bedead.Executethe best possible jail break plan and accomplish yourEscapeMission of 2016 brilliantly.Features:ChallengingEscapeMissions!Direction, Hints and Tools!Amazing3DEnvironment!Realistic Sound Effects!Exciting Game Play!
Commando Mission 3D 1.0
This game has 3 missions in three different levels.In firstLevelfind the Man and shoot the house.Remember,after two fire shoottohouse, first level will be clear.In second level find the Manandshoot the roof above Man, Make two shoots at roof, 2nd Levelwillbe clear.In 3rd Level find the man and shoot the house, aftertwofire shoot to house, 3rd level will be clear.In all threelevelsyou have to find a man which is in trouble.You can find theman byhelping your Radar/Map. The GREEN Dot in the Radar/Map isshowingthe position of the man which you have to survive and theRED Dotsis showing your Enenemy.Shoot the Enemy and go farword.
Air Force Mission 3D 1.1
Your army intelligence agencies hasreportedmilitary activities of the neighboring country near yourborderline in the deep ocean. She has made some army bases onthoseislands and are planning a ruinous attack.It became themostimportant mission to stop them for the glory of thenation.A decisive air strike operation has been planned to accomplishthemission. A competent GD pilot assigned to destroy all theenemyarmy bases along with their weapons, artillery andtheirarsenals.The brave soldier pilot takes the modern war airplane to fightadifficult air combat.The warplane is equipped with modernguidedmissiles to aim the enemy artillery.There are total five enemy army bases and ten missions tocompletewithin a specified time limit. The pilot doesn't have muchtime fora perfect air attack to kill the enemy and destroy allammunitionand supplies.Playing this game is the best opportunity to learn how to operateanair fighter. Tilt sensors are used to turn the fighter jet andthereare button to fire the missiles after targeting them by anaimingdevice.Enjoy playing a lifetime experience of fighting a realairbattle.
Boss Strike 18+ 1.2
It’s time to take prompt action against organized crime groupsinyour country. The Bosses and their evil body guards are allaroundin the city committing illegal serious crimes. Thousands oflifeare at stake. The army Intelligence has assigned you risky tasktoeliminate these dangerous and most wanted criminals.You needtomove through the big city and hunt down your enemies. SettheScope, Aim precisely and blow away your enemies. Don’t missasingle shot. You need to be precise, brave and strong toaccomplishthis mission. Rely on your shooting skills to finish yourwork!Killthe high profile targets and their partners. Go for theheadshots!It’s a war against deadly criminals. Hold your sniperrifle,Aim and Shoot to wipe off the enemies from your City. Markyourselfas the Sniper warrior of this century!Avail the promooffers,accomplish all risky missions without failing. Be aware ofyourenemy attacks and don’t kill your team mates while fulfillingyourduty. Enjoy shooting in an amazing action packedgame!Features:•Epic Shooting Missions!• Promo Offers!• Brilliant 3DGraphics andSound Effects!• Challenging Gameplay!• Multiple EnemyTargets!
Secret Agent Rescue Mission 3D 1.3
Play as Agent MAX Stay Invisible in Spy Stealth GamesAgentMaxximus! Secret service agency had recruited and trained tokeepour nation security intact. Operate under the radar, livespy’slife; complete secret missions kill or be killed inchallenging spystealth game. Trained as ghost in public for stealthoperation,exhibit quickly move and sneak skills to stealinformation. Shootspotlight, pick lock and move from Shadow toShadow to strikeenemies with deadly force. Show marksman aim withsilencer weapon,assault suppressor rifles and sniper gun.Infiltrate City HospitalTaken by Counter Intelligence MercenariesAgent Max! Keep cover indark shadows for stealth Operations. Becomea ghost remain out ofsight from enemies and cams in spy Stealthgame. Stay behind wallcover and obstacles for melee attack onpassing guard. Themercenaries took office staff as hostage,they aretrying to stealsensitive information. As dark night sneak behindenemy guards andsnap their neck with swift move. Infiltrate enemysecurity zonetake down server before the information goes online.Trainingmissions over now show elite spy skills and stop themstealingblacklist files. Save fellow spies from getting dishonoredbynation. The intelligence office want you to kill allpossiblethreat with zero civilian casualty by all means necessary.HelpHostage Escape and disarmed C4 planted inside City AsylumFellowSecret Agent Tennyson hacked satellite and got all schematicstoassist you disarming c4 bombs planted in city hospitalbasement.Search all floors, IT room and patient wards to disarmedallplastic explosive to save mental asylum building. Enemysecretservice agency plan a network hack to stealingsensitiveinformation by decoding the encrypted data in Deen officesystem.Kill the terrorist splinter groups from stealing informationandselling to crime syndicate. Eliminate dangerous terroristscellmembers and save innocent hostages in emergency situation.BattleTrained Espionage and Rival Secret Agent Agent X lockdownallmission coordinates in your GPS navigation system for terrorcell.Follow the tracks and keep your cover secure as police officerforrecon mission. Use night vision goggle and silencer MP4 SMGandpistol for silent kills.Use ninja warrior skills to take downenemyguards on rooftop and hallways. Keep our top agentsecretidentities safe from rival agencies spy agent. As silenthit-mansecure main office building and don’t let them blow alarm oryoumission get failed. Secure American Intelligence Fellow AgentDataSome convicted traitor inform your enemies about this asylumthattrains best spies for United States. Now enemies infiltratemainbuilding and trying to steal files and locate information.Theywant to plan jailbreak and help fellow double agent escapingourhighly secured prison facility. As elite spy trained facedangerousoperations. Agent Ten your job is to stop enemies stealingmilitaryintelligence collected data. Clear underground basement uselift tomove on top floor. Remain in dark shadows picklocking doortasks.Kill high profile target to get passcode for electric locks.Picklock doors in real time. Secret Agent Rescue Mission 3DFeatures: ★Highly challenging stealth game mission for realEspionage ★ Realtime lock picking and door hacking game-play ★ SpyGadgets silencedweapons, night vision and melee attack ★ A.I basedarmed enemieswith Semi-Auto rifles ★ Brake light to keep in minimumvisibility ★Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person Controls After success ofSecret AgentStealth Spy Game we offer you its sequel the newestgame.Feel thedrama and intense game play available in Play Storefor free.Download Secret Agent Rescue Mission 3D to re-live life ofspyagent and stealing or assassinations missions in stealth spygame.