Top 48 Games Similar to Be Survive: Zombie

Zombie Road Street 3D Fighting: Fighter Games 1.2
The true warrior fighters are born in the streets bloodyfighting,feel the power and strength in your hands as in thisbrawler game,you have the duty of hunt for zombie in apocalypticenvironment inthis fighter game. Its your time to be the master ofwarriorfighters for zombie simulator combat. Compete with mutantzombiesin bloody fighting with streets zombies to makeapocalypticenvironment same for bloody streets fighting all overonceagain!Days gone of endless boxing are back! So come swing youfistsin this immersive zombie adventure town of boxing game withsimpleside scrolling interface of zombie simulator combat and easytolearn controls for road kill zombie in apocalyptic environmentwithwide range of skills of hand too hand hard combat forwarriorfighters with devastating fighter games combos. Anunprecedentedbrave bloody fighting boxing experience in apocalypticenvironmentof zombie adventure town! Fight on the streets withzombies targetragdoll! Face various of enemies with hand too handhard combatwith this brawler game as warrior fighters to createblood zombiesbath by defeating them and taking all the territoriesof zombieadventure town. Use hand too hand hard combat with quickreflexesand special moves of bloody fighting, unleash fiercewarriorfighters punches and zombie simulator combat combos, beatall themutant zombies & become the king of zombie adventuretownnow!You are the last warrior fighters survivor and the bestzombiestarget ragdoll hunter in apocalyptic environment and itsyour dutyto fight the streets zombie invasion and make the zombieadventuretown safe again! Hack and slash through 8 brawler gamemissions forsurviving against mutant zombies in bloody fighting tocreate bloodzombies bath for cleaning apocalyptic environment inbloodyfighting of zombie simulator combat. So beware of the carzombiesthat await you at the zombie adventure town streets withzombietarget ragdoll in this zombi games. Some you are able toknockstreets zombie out with a single fierce punch but the bigandhideous scary zombi takes more than that. Use theapocalypticenvironment wisely to your advantage!Download thewarrior fightersgame with mutant zombies & feel the terror ofstreets zombiefrom close!
ZIC: Zombies in City — Island survival & Pixel Gun 0.58b
IO Games Ltd.
Meet Zombie Apocalypse! Become a zombie hunter and survive inzombieinvasion.ZIC: Zombie in City is one of the best first personshooterwith zombies. If you like zombie shooting games, survivalgames andpixel gun 3d — you love this game! STORYLINEAs the cityis infectedwith zombie virus. Four characters unite to standagainst zombieattack. Main goal - surviving in zombie apocalypse.Walking deadeverywhere... Life will bring together differentpeople in thezombie killer squad, able to withstand the onslaughtof the walkingdead.The zombies come at night, out of the fog.Zombie infectionspread throughout the undead city and initiated azombie apocalypse.Zombies ate my friends... The deadly virus hasnot touched only usand now only we the hope for all of humanity.We must stop zombieinfection!LONG-AWAITED UPDATE!Adventurecontinues! And now theheroes have a new challenge — survival onthe island! After survivedthe plane crash, the heroes ended up onthe tropical lost island...But is it so safe, as it seems at firstglance?Incredible storyline,new weapons, colorful locations andnew adventures await you in thenew update of the ZIC!GAMEFEATURES☣ Endless story mode —interesting storyline about escapedsurvivors and undead zombies inthe undead city;☣ 10 differentzombie types, monsters and enemymarauder;☣ The change of night andday;☣ Zombie killer squad: 4heroes with unique character andhistory;☣ Characters voices,cutscenes and easter eggs;☣ Largeselection of letal guns and deadlyweapons to equip you to killzombies in the undead city!☣ Chainsaw,uzi, grenade, rocketlauncher, AK-47, baton, machete, bat, pistol,revolver.☣ SurvivalArena COMING SOON!ZIC — is first person shooterin zombie survivalgames genre. The zombie shooter keeps the tensionconveying theatmosphere of apocalypse in the city despite thecartoon stylegraphics.WARNING!In the free game ZIC: Zombies in Citycontainsadult material:☢ Murdering games - murder demonstration;☢Showingblood;You might want to close the access to it foryourchildren.ATTENTION!The game is in beta stage right now. Youcansupport the developers by making in-app purchase. It will turnoffall ads.It will also allow us to buy some food and survive inorderto make more awesome levels and modes for this game!Thank youfordownloading!VK:
Zombie Survival Craft: Defense 1.3
Zombie crafting survival games! Building and crafting gamesforteenage boys and girls! Protect the village from zombies.Buildingand exploration! Crafting & survival game! Buildshelter andsurvive the pixel zombies apocalypse. Create andconstruct duringthe day and fight in the night when zombies come!Zombie craft inthe blocky world! No girls craft for little girls!Scary game forreal men! Start from exploration, gather resourcesneeded forcrafting new unique - elite items! Destroy blocks to gettheresources and bonuses! Shoot zombies with bow & arrow,crossbowetc. Design and decorate! (design craft) Build a fortressto repelthe zombie attack! Chat with other (chat craft!), Shootandsurvive! Build a settlement, gather the survivors of thezombieapocalypse and win the world war with undead! Build housesforresidents. Evil forces are right behind the fence! Prepare forthenight! Protect the civilians! Pocket edition of craftingdead!Shoot the pixel zombies. Survival game with zombies.Sandbox,infinite world! Scary Explration (horror craft). Feel likea squarehead zombie buster! Free survival crafting game based incube worldwith scary monsters & zombies! Open your Eyes -Thehaunt is on!Build & craft during day, survive the night!Monsters, zombiesand ghosts come when the daylight is gone! Createscary maze,horror hospital or haunted house! Play one of the bestscary freegames for teenage boys & girls! Spooky HorrorHouseExploration! No dungeons and dragons! Just you, the hauntedmansionfull of zombies & halloween exploration. This lite gameforteenage boys and girls contains: block placing, cube world,realtime world craft generation. Build a cube horror storyworld!Explore the cube world - build a horror maze! In this freegame youcan destroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive andbuildanything (city building game). This pocket edition game(PE)contains a large number of different blocks with which youcancraft your own cube horror world! High resolution textures,veryconvenient and thoughtful game control, High FPS,withoutcompromise! So plunge into the fantastic world of ‘ZombiesCraft:Horror Story’ Pet the animals, talk to the other people andexplorethe world of zombies! Invite your high school craftingfriends tojoin you in multiplayer mode! Survive the zombieraidtogetherComing soon:MultiplayerCrafting itemsBuildingcraftmodeSurvival exploration modeCube Block CraftSkyblockfreemodeStory mode Weather (rain, snow)Moving cars StatsandinventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)If you areinterestedin similar games such as our cube girls craft world gameplease seeour other games.Protect the village from zombiesCraftitems andsurvive!Explore the world to gather resources!
Out of Dead : Zombie Survival 1.3
Out of Dead : Zombie Survival is a FREE zombie shooter survivalandstrategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target:stayalive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypsegameand shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place leftforfriendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemichasturned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. Youcantrust only yourself in this post apocalyptic game infectedwithwalking dead zombies.Instructions for survivors:ZOMBIES ANDENEMIESEVERYWHERE!You are alone against other survivors and armyofwalking dead zombies and other unkilled in this free zombieshootersurvival and strategy game. Shoot and gunship zombies andotherunkilled to survive in this post apocalypse game or they willkillyou.KEEP CALM AND CRAFT! SURVIVAL CRAFT IS VITAL!Improve yourgamestrategy and survival craft skills and create more deadlyweaponsagainst the unkilled walking dead zombies and enemies.Choose atarget wisely and shoot zombies or pull a dead trigger inwildfowlto get some food.IMPROVE YOUR SURVIVAL CRAFT ANDSTRATEGYSKILLS!Plague infection, wild animals, hunger, thirst andcold cankill you faster than a walking dead army. The world hasturned intoa residence of evil, where the plague infection rages.In this freepost apocalypse zombie survival game your own target isto craftmore deadly weapons, shoot zombies and try to survive.Survivalcraft is vital for your strategy to survive in this postapocalypsegame infected with plague virus and unkilled walkingdeadzombies.In 2030 an outbreak of an unknown plague virusinfectionwiped out most of the world’s population. The raging viruswasnamed deadly plague infection. Meanwhile the pandemic of a newkindof plague virus carried away 90% of the population. Plagueviruspandemic was turning them into hordes of the unkilled walkingdeadzombies.But the army of walking dead zombies is not yourmainproblem. Many of those who were unkilled by the deadly plagueviruswill pull a dead trigger in your back. Stay alone or joinclans togunship zombies together. You’re the one to choose yourpath andraid the zombie frontier in this free post apocalypsezombieshooter survival game. Use any ways you can in order toshootzombies and survive in the dead zone in this freezombieshooter.And remember! Unkilled walking dead zombies areeverywhere!Kill zombies, shoot zombies, gun zombies, fire zombies,plugzombies, smash zombies, slash zombies and gunship zombiestosurvive. In this free zombie shooter game your everydecisionmatters.Welcome to the real post apocalypse zombie shootergame andenjoy this free zombie shooter with strategyelements!Please note!Out of Dead : Zombie Survival is a free zombieshooter game butthere are some game items that can be purchased forreal money. Youcan disable in-app purchases in your device.DownloadOut of Dead :Zombie Survival new action packed free zombie shootersurvival andstrategy rpg game today, gunship zombies and survive!
Buried Town 2-Zombie Survival Game 3.0.0
locojoy game
NEW CHARACTERThe new Buried Town 2 updates features a newcharacter,Masako! As an aristocratic young lady, she has engagedin studies inGenetics and Virology before the zombie virus burstout. The zombieoutbreak for her is not only a dangerous crisis,but also a testcustomized for her. On her journey of finding theway out of thiszombie apocalypse world, she gradually realizedthat the emerging ofthe zombie has an inseparable connection toher studies. Herresearch interests have an amazing coincidencewith the zombie virusand more beneath truths are waiting for herto find out. ABOUTBURIED TOWN 2Buried Town 2 is one of thesurvival games inheritingfrom Buried Town 1. It is a hybrid ofzombie survival games andinteractive adventure games with zombieapocalypse elements;survivors’ target is staying alive until thelast day of earth. THEPLAGUE VIRUS IS EXPANDINGMost of the peoplewere infected by anunknown virus and were turned into the walkingdead zombies whileonly a minimal part of individuals survived.Now, how can yousurvive in this zombie apocalypse game? Can yousurvive until thelast day?START TO CRAFT YOUR SURVIVAL GUNSHIPIn aburied citysurrounded by the walking dead zombies infected byplague virus youwill fight against zombies till the last day ofearth instead ofbeing hunted and try to survive longer in theapocalypse. However,as the stories unfold, you find that zombiesare not the only threatyou are facing on the battleground and it’smuch more difficult tosurvive than you thought.UPGRADE YOURSURVIVAL CRAFT AND SURVIVALSTRATEGYAs the plague virus expandedand zombies evolved, you needto upgrade your survival craft.Remember this war of zombieapocalypse will never end. Infection,hunger, injury, and your HPcan all influence this war. In thisfree zombie survival apocalypsegame, your objective is to shootzombies and survive. Upgradingweapons and facilities is animportant strategy to survive in thiswar of infected walking deadzombies. INTERACT WITH NPCSBuried Town2 is much more than aregular zombie apocalypse game. Buried Town2integrates moresurvival games and text games elements. As youexplore the hugemap, you’ll find plenty of story lines in the textadventure. Thereare total 4 main characters with different storiesto unlock. Youcan make your own choices. Your choices will offeryou eithergoodness or evil index. For some of the story games, youneed acertain amount of goodness or evil index to unlock the newepisodeof this war of zombie survival. There are more than 20endingsbased on your choices. Also, as the stories expand, you canexplorethe larger battleground with more walking dead zombies tillthelast day of earth. The unknown plague virus infected most ofthepopulation; the pandemic turned them into walking deadzombies.However, those zombies are not your only threat. Manyothersurvivors who were not killed by zombies tend to pull thedeadtrigger toward you. It’s your fate to choose your path andfightagainst the zombie frontier in this post apocalypse survivalgame.You can use any way you want to win in this war of zombiesurvival.NEW FRATURES·New character, Masako, is now available inmultiplelanguages! ·Gifts redemption code system is nowavailable·Englishtranslation optimization of Claude ·Bug fixes andperformanceimprovements DISCLAIMERBuried Town 2 is just a zombiesurvival gamefor entertaining. Please do not take any part of thisgame as yourreal wilderness survival guide on the trail. Locojoybelieves thateveryone yearns for the joy from games, and it's ourpriority tobring you the happiness and enjoyment through our games.We want tomake Buried Town 2 one of the most attractive zombieapocalypsesurvival games for you.Please like ourFacebookpage
WithstandZ - Zombie Survival!
You want to get in a fun adventure based on an ApocalypticZombietheme? So this game is especially for you!You can play aloneorOnline mode with your friends, you will control thecharacterchosen and survive in the zombie world, you can get itemsinhouses, villages, military and other fields.WithstandZ BETA isanopen world game in the emerging genre survival as muchasmultiplayer or singleplayer. Based in the Unturned. Over thecourseof a typical and epic adventure, you'll have to survivesearchingfor supplies and equipment, and to being able to buildyour ownhouse/base/construction.SURVIVAL:You will have to learn anddevelopyour own survival technique, go in search of food andequipment andkeep the thirst, hunger and life of your character instablelevel.EXPLORE:The game features a map of open world, wherewhochooses where to go, it's really you! Therefore, you will havemanyinteresting places to explore andloot.MULTIPLAYER:Themultiplayer/online mode brings a new experienceto players onportable devices like smartphones, Tablets and other,that way youwill enjoy and have fun with your friends, and ifyou're playingalone, it's up to you to decide if you will theplayer "Hero" or"Villain". :)ZOMBIES:Our zombies are constitutedwith an excellentartificial intelligence, that way if you areinside a House, youdon't have to worry about a Zombie appear out ofnowhere, they willonly come after you if you reallywant.FEEDBACK:Our game is stillunder development, and we'd love tohear your ideas andconstructive criticism, that way, if you arewilling to help cansend us an email with your feedback. :DPrivacyPolicy ConsentByinstalling this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Buried Town – Free Zombie Survival Apocalypse Game 1.4.2
locojoy game
Buried Town is a free zombie survival apocalypse game. One ofthemost attracting text games and story games ever. One ofthedreadful horror zombie games ever. One of the most intensesurvivalgames ever. Buried Town is a unique hybrid of zombiesurvival gamesand text adventure games. It hits 10 milliondownloads worldwide,and it’s FREE! Player has to face unknownsituation and survivetill the very last day on battleground. Juststart your text storygames adventure trail now! Start one of youtext games or storygames here now!Your last day travel andadventure ended in asouthern town. But the real trouble andadventure has just started.When you floated on an isolated island,you found you’re the onlysurvivor on this island and the wholeworld around you is thewalking dead zombies and unkilled enemies.This war of walking deadzombies has just started. Moderncivilization has been destroyed.You need to face starvation,plague, infection, disease, and fightthe war against endlesswalking dead zombies. How long can yousurvive in this very last dayof living earth life?START A DAY ANDDON’T DIE! You are trying tosurvive in this zombie survivalapocalypse world. Start your zombietext games adventure. Whiletrying to get rid of hunger, horror,fear, plague, infection,disease, you also need to face endlesswalking dead zombiesapproaching towards your shelter. Don’t getstarved, use yousurvival crafting skill to build a shelter anddefend your shelter.At the beginning, you’ll get a radio whichoffers you a bridge toconnect to the outside world. Are you thelast human being onearth? No clue yet. PRACTICE YOUR SURVIVALCRAFTAND BE A ZOMBIEHUNTERTry to search and collect materials andresources. Use themto craft shelters and repair fences. Practiceyou survival craftskills. This crafting skill can be useful whenyou face thoseendless walking dead zombies. This war of zombies andyou is mucheasier if you keep crafting your shelter. Improve yourstrategy andcreate more deadly weapons against walking deadzombies. Learn morecrafting skills and be a zombie hunter!A DOG ANDYOUIn you shelter,a dog will keep you alarmed of those dreadful andendless walkingdead zombies. Keep vigilant and don’t let zombieshurting your dog.Maybe the dog is the only living being around youand makes youfeel not alone. Just survive with your dog in thispost apocalypticbattleground. TEXT GAMES STORYLINE WITH APOCAPLYSEADVENTUREAunique apocalypse zombie survival game based on simpletext-basedstoryline. Simple text story games feature and graphicexpressiongives you an unforgotten experience. Put on yourheadphone to enjoybetter survival apocalypse games experience. Letyour terror andobsession out. Survive on a territory that belongsto your deepinner heart.MAKE THE BEST USE OF THOSE NPCS ANDSURVIVEYou’re alonein this post apocalyptic world. But NPCs may popup to offer yousome opportunities. Trade with them and balance yourbelongings.You may call it “this business of mine”.CONNECT WITHOTHERSURVIVORS Use an old school radio to connect to the outsideworld.Talk to other players around the world. Use your text gamesorstory games experience to live. You’ll not feel sodesperatelyalone in this zombie survival world. Just to let youknow, BuriedTown developer team only contains three game fans. TheydevelopedBuried Town to pay tribute to those fascinating survivalgameswhich made our survival games history more colorfulandentertaining.DISCLAIMERBuried Town is just a zombie survivalgamefor entertaining. Please do not take any part of this game asyourreal wilderness survival guide. We want to make Buried Town oneofthe most attractive zombie apocalypse horror survival gamesjustfor you.Please like ourFacebookpage
Zombie Rush Car Killer Derby:Drift Zombie Survival 1.2.1
Zombie Rush Car Splash & Smash: Survival Roadkill isapost-apocalyptic zombie age. We have created a road reaper squadtoeliminate the crowds of zombies and clear the areas whichareheavily infected by zombies. In this dead venture sweepawayzombies as they are determinant to finish humanity. This isextremedriving simulation with survival on the line. This isdangerouspost-apocalyptic times with smashy zombie hordeseverywhere. Bloodymassacre in real 3D car simulation game. Zombiecar driving gamesthat you can kill zombies with and drive around.InZombie RushApocalypse Car Splash Derby: Survival Roadkill pump youradrenalinehumanity’s daredevil and choose your car as mankind needsacombination of experienced driver and zombie crusher andsmasher.Splash their guts with your specially built car. You lotare one ofthe toughest survivors and experienced drivers. So get onwith themission and free the earth from this horrendous virus andviscouscreatures. This is an action-packed post-apocalyptic gamewhere youhave to splash and smash zombies with your car. The targetis tokill and dead as many encountered zombies by running them overwithyour vehicle. Be wary of your fuel and health. Every carhaslimited fuel and health. As you buy new cars the fuel tankgrowsand car’s endurance increases. In every mission you have tooverruncertain percentage of zombies to clear the level and unlockthenext mission. In every mission there are collectablesandpower-ups. When low on fuel go and collect a fuel tank. If lowonhealth go and collect a health pack. Collect as many coins asyoucan to buy new and improved coins in Mad Zombie Rush CarSplashDerby: Survival RoadkillForget the battlegrounds rules andlocatethe zombies accumulating in sets, you hold the fate ofthesurvivor. Defend against the zombie invasion. Kill all thedeadzombie and send a system shock to the undead clan. This is thebestzombie killer game with cars and multiple terrains. Besiegethearea and smash all the zombies with your car. This is azombiechallenge killing spree fest. Select the area and clean theareafrom deadly zombies. Your super weapons are your cars earncoins.There are more than 34 zombies in each level so enjoy runningthemover with your car.Drift zombies with your car and spilltheirstick blood on the street, airports and parks. Smash your carintoan undead and splat them. Smash car through these creatures.Thereare too many braindead zombies in every area, this has becomeadeadland you have to revive it by eliminating these zombies.Dashand Hit them hard that they become bouncing zombies. Checkyourbackseat might there be a braindead aboard your smash car.there isa zombie rush in the city.Game Features• 6 zombieapocalypsevehicles to unlock and drive• Choose a car from from thegaragedepending upon the mission• Many challenges to complete;eliminateas many zombies as possible, in time and with health•Differentregions to explore, filled with zombies• Drive for yourfreedom•Smash through zombies to clear level• Smash zombies withyour car•Unlock and complete challenges• Collect coins• Pick uphealth andfuel when you need them.• Lots of zombie city killing•Massdestruction of the undead• Fun zombie car games• Greatenvironment•Several different environments• Great graphics and UI•Fun drivingsimulation model• Vibrant cartoon graphicsHow to Play•Select leveland carefully read the instruction• Select car whichsuits best forthe level• Kill as many zombie in the area• Collectcoins to buynext cars• Unlock next levels• Collect fuel• CollecthealthCars andZombie Rush hunter; splash and smash; best zombiegames. Play bestzombie car games and enjoy the landscape and thehighway. Unlock4x4 off-roaders, monster trucks, and several otherzombie world waroffroad and on-road killing cars. Download now andsmash your carinto zombie war.
Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor and RPG 1.573
How to survive in post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclearwarand avoid radiation? How to stay alive in rpg games online?Tellafter role playing game in Day R survival online!Radiation,hungerand disease are all around you. You have to cross theentirecountry and save your family after nuclear war. Who knows iftheyare even alive, or if radiation and the deadly virus havealreadyreached them? Uncover the secret of the apocalypse andregain yourmemories during a walking across the huge territory ofthe USSR inthe 1980s. Surviving after the apocalypse isn't easy.You'll haveto face the real hunger games and dead characters!Monsters,thirst, countless pandemic diseases and injuries,blood-thirstyenemies – you have to fight it all in survivalstrategy games.Craft all your resources: weapons, clothes, andtransport.▪Hardcore survival:Surviving hunger, zombies (like inzombie rpggames) and pandemic radiation won't give you a chance tounhurriedwalking. It's a real self-experiment, road to survivalwill behard! ▪ Realistic world:Changing seasons, huge map of theUSSR andmore than 2,700 different towns and cities. Survive in thewoodsand hunt animals, but be careful: even rats can seriouslyinjureyou! Explore the wilderness of zombie rpg games!▪Endlesspossibilities:Multicraft, acquiring skills, hundreds ofcraftingrecipes, lots of ammunition.▪ People and stories:Excitingquestsand helpful allies on your road to survival. Survive in openworldafter nuclear war.▪ Improve your skills:Mechanics,chemistry,shelter survival and much more.▪ Cooperative mode:Onlinemode withchat, item exchange and joint fights. Multiplayer survivalstrategygames.Survive in a post-nuclear war in real simulatorUSSR:overcome disease, hunger and enemies! Play open world gamesOnlinetoo! Survive together with other players.Explore survivalshelterand abandoned buildings. Find weapons and build transportusingvarious materials.Remember everything you ever learnedaboutchemistry and physics! It's an incredibly realistic survivalquestgame! Features:- Сraft system – get resources, hunt, findusefulobjects or weapons and create your own in survival quest!-Hardcore shelter simulator - Journey across the wilderness mapinmultiplayer mode - Choose the difficulty of the adventuregames:sandbox, real life or online&War never changes. In 1985,theUSSR collapsed before an unknown enemy. Within days, theentirecountry became a radioactive wasteland – violence, hungeranddisease reign here now. When you no longer lose in the fighttosurvive, other survivors await you in coop – Online modeinadventure games lets you survive together, dealing withhardship,talking in chat and sending gifts to each other. Try tosurvivezombie apocalypse!Licenseagreement:
Zombo Buster Rising 1.07
Zombo Buster Rising is a whole new type of defense shooter!Protectyour base against waves of Zombies, using high-tech weaponsandspecial attacks. Unique heroes will help you on your quest,eachwith his own abilities - surviving the apocalypse will takeallyour shooting and tactical skills! Nonstop ActionOver 30 levelstobeat, and a "survival" mode you can keep playing forever!EndlessupgradesUpgrade your weapons, characters and specialattacks. Freeto download and play!
Z War-Zombie Modern Combat 1.51
Mountain Lion
You’ve survived the chaos of the initial outbreak…just…but howlongwill you last in this post-apocalyptic world? This summer,overcomethe hysteria of the apocalypse and launch a new world orderin ZWar, a world war z, free MMORPG in which you lead the lastempireon earth on a quest of salvation. Build up your settlementsanddefences, gather resources, upgrade your arsenal anddeveloptechnology as you target a future for humanity.Command yourtroops,hunt and battle the undead, before fighting rivals forterritory toensure your clan’s continued expansion and security.Train in thearts of modern warfare and develop your skills and youjust mightbe able to rebuild the world from its impending doom inthiscaptivating zombie thriller.Features Overview-Stand up andbecounted! Download this totally free MMORPG, zombie game andbeginyour summer of addiction to this epic quest today! Z War istheperfect game to play from home, work or on holiday, allsummerlong!-United, we are strong! Seek out a trustworthyaccomplice andgo into battle with millions of other players in thisunrivalledwarfare thriller. -Shoot ‘em up! Build a strong andpowerfularsenal, develop different technologies that will improveyourresource production, reduce your building and recruitment timesandincrease your fighting effectiveness to overcome thedeadlyepidemic. Get your target in your sights and add another toyourkill count.Amongst the hysteria, become the leader of a freeworldin this zombie themed strategy game! You might be onsummerholiday, but for your character, there’s no let up and asleaderit’s up to you to command a powerful force in the face of thedireWorld War Z: hordes of terrifying, evil undead. Utiliseyourleadership instincts, upgrade your buildings and developnewtechnologies to save your people to help your empire beforerulingsupreme over the world. Call upon elite troops to do battlewithhundreds of different types of zombie! Give your people thechanceand motivation to unite, unite and become capable ofprotectingyour city by resisting empire z and claiming newterritory as yougo into apocalypse overkill mode. Form alliancesbuilt on trust andmutual respect! Come face to face with theominous epidemic andrise up alongside players from around the worldto make friends andbecome allies to rival other clans in this heartpumping, zombiethriller. Stand united against adversity!Commandyour troops in waragainst death! Select the right tactics for theenemy you face andyou will soon be on a path towards supremacy ofthe post-World WarZ world. Watch on as your well trained men drivetanks to targetand slay your foes before claiming their territoryand expandingyour empire.Research cutting edge technology to beatthe epidemicand stay one step ahead! Developing technology can havea dramaticeffect on your clan and your associate’s resources, tanksquadron,building and recruitment times and battle capabilities. Asthesummer heats up, humanity is counting on you to rise up andreturnorder after the disaster of apocalypse! Begin rebuilding yourcityand using your expertise in this free mmorpg and begin the hunttorestore world unity and peace! Check out our officialFacebookpage:
Zombie Survival: Game of Dead 3.1.2
Welcome to Zombie Survival: Infinity War - a zombie fighting game🔫! The story about scary zombie games shoot with shootingrealzombies is going on in the 2030s, when the survival zombieinvasionlands in the United States. As the city of New York wasbustling,the sky was suddenly dark, the ground began to shake, thepeopleran and stomped on each other. Tragedy struck and zombiesbegan toappear behind the walls and buildings.🗡 The trade centerwas, ofcourse, the best place for zombies. They come with more andmorenumbers, and all of people are bitten and turned intozombies.There is only one survivor named D-Man alive.🗡D-man beganplanningto kill ghost, kill zombies with guns, saving the city fromthedisaster. With the gun that he picked up from the arsenalofpolice, the guy backs into the ruins of the city and fightzombiegame alone. In kill zombies game for free, you will playzombieskiller and rescue the beautiful New York.⇾l Contextualzombiesurvival games take place for many zombie shooter. There arethreedifferent areas:1. THE MALL 2. THE STREET3. THE AIRPORT 4.THESTADIUM 5. THE WHITE HOUSE 6. THE BEACH Overcoming the levelsinsurvival zombie games is a very difficult task, with the numberofzombie THE STREET fighter increasing. You have to fightzombies,collect gold and ruby to upgrade weapons. While themissions inshoot zombie games are getting harder and harder, I'msure you willhelp D-Man play zombie survival shooter and become ahero. 🔫 PlayZombie Survival: Game of Dead with D-MAN: 🔫🔹 In eachscene of ghostshooting games, there are 15 levels of difficulty andthe types ofzombies are more diverse and more difficult🔹 Earninggold and rubyafter ghost shooting games, doing missions to upgradeweapons🔹Control your shotgun by flicking your finger🔹 Play zombiesandzombie THE STREET fight like real🔹 The zombie age game designismeticuous, elaborate🔹 FREE install zombie shooting war &gunghost shooter games⇾l Let download kill the zombies games tohavean amazing experience! Latest: Collect 6 hexagons of infinitysoyou can wipe out half of the zombies in the game. Note, you canusethis skill only once in each level.The zombie war games&arcade survival is the effort of the One Pixel team. We areveryhappy to receive comments from players and give rating 5*forzombie shooting survival games to support us. Thank you!
Zombie Ops Online Free - FPS 1.4.90
Facebook: First PersonShooter with up to 40 Players per server inZombie Survival MMO,Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Capture ThePoint and Co-op Missiongame modes.Organize your team with VoiceChat.Group up with yourfriends in Clans.Build a Custom City Levelwith the MapBuilder.Experience a unique Mobile Shooter using AirVehicles.GameServers:- 40 Player Limit per Server.- TDM, CTP,Zombie SurvivalMMO, Battle Royale and Zombie Cooperative Missiongame modes.-Co-op, Competitive and Free For All Multiplayer.- AirVehicles.-Fight Zombies in special Zombie Maps.Dedicated VoiceServers:- 8Player Limit per Voice Group- Join voice chat serversany time,even without joining a game server.- Join clan member'sand otherplayer's voice servers from their profile.Clans:- 250Player Limitper Clan.- Create, Invite, Kick, Apply to Clan, DenyApplications-Clan Ranks with Promote / Demote- Clan Game Servers& ClanVoice Servers with Kick / Ban based on Clan Rank.-ClanProfilesStatistics November-2-2015:- Over 1,000,000 totaldownloadsfrom all store platforms.- 410,590 registered accounts.-5,000+unique players per Day (Week Day Average).- 10,000+ uniqueplayersper Day (Weekend Average).- 13,324 clans created to join.-2,141Custom User Created Maps to play onPremium users get to testnewfeatures first, free users receive those features soon after.
Zombie Survival MCPE Mod 1.0.0
Exciting new mod for MCPE in which you will have to face thedangersof survival in the post-apocalyptic world of minecraft! •This modmakes it so zombies will start spawning all over theworld, andattack you day and night. • To survive, you will need tokill thefirst zombies to craft some protective gear as well asnight visiongoggles, to protect yourself at night. • As timepasses, more andmore zombies and other horrifying creatures willstart roaming theland, and it will become very difficult tosurvive unprepared. • Abunch of new items, including guns andfirearms, have been addedinto the world. Use them to hold off theattackers. Some of theseitems can be crafted, but we recommendusing the creative inventoryto gain access to them (ID:1703-1720). • You will need to useBlockLauncher or a similar appto play this mod for Minecraft PE. •This MCPE mod requires theoriginal Minecraft Pocket Edition App tobe installed on yourdevice. DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFTPRODUCT. NOT APPROVEDBY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. This mod forMCPE is not developed orsupported by Mojang. Minecraft andMinecraft Pocket Edition aretrademarks of Mojang AB. The developersof this MCPE mod are notaffiliated with Mojang. This applicationadheres to the terms setup by Mojang AB. More info at
100 DAYS - Zombie Survival 2.4.2
■ Survival mode unlocked!■ New items, stages and zombies!■Adjusteddifficulty level.■ SynopsisOnce an ordinary man, Peter isleft tosurvive in midst of a zombie apocalypse. As he fightsagainst them,his strength and skill grows.Your job is simple -survive.■FeaturesKill zombies and collect Gold to upgrade teammatesandvarious installations - to kill more zombies!Simply tap tofireyour gun.Your tapping speed determines the firingspeed.Hireteammates to increase chance of survival in this worldofdespair.Experience this simple, yet strategic game!■ InfoYoucanuse auto-fire when you reach a certain level.There arevariousskills that can save you from critical situation.Everyteammate hasdifferent weapons, with unique attributes.Kill zombiesfor Gold.Use the Gold to upgrade teammates and maintain thecamp.Offensiveor deffensive? It all depends on your choice.As dayspass zombiesbecome stronger, and they will become even morepowerful duringnight time. Collect various inventory items foradditionalstrength.It's a good idea to check the type of item eachBossyields.Mine is a very powerful weapon with devastatingdamage.Whenbarricade is breached, zombies can attack yourteammates.Nuke willrestart the game, but you'll keep inventoryitems.When you have aninventory item, obtain another identical itemto upgrade it.If thegame is too hard, try again from the start withyour inventoryitems by using Nuke.There's a massive Last Bosswaiting for you.■This game saves player data in device. Deletingthe app willterminate all save data.
DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak 1.2.5
Is it Last Day on Earth? Not yet, this is a FREE MMORPGzombieshooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors aredrivenby one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can inthispost apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies. There isnoplace left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadlyplaguevirus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone fullofunkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in thispostapocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies. A fewmonthsago, the secret Research Center leaked a lethal virus"DEADPLAGUE". The warm tropical environment spread the virusrapidly,turning people into enraged zombie mutants. An organizationnamed“BIOCORP” stood out to prevent the virus from spreading. Youhavebeen assigned into their strike team to work in thedangerousinfected areas to collect DNA samples and reveal themystery behindthe outbreak. There is hope that a cure can be made.Act quicklyand decisively to defend mankind from a killer virusspreadingacross in this survival and action packed top down3Dshooter!Features:• Male and female characters (each with auniqueskills).• The game can be completed in a single- ormulti-playercampaign with unique quests, missions and battles withZombieBOSSES.• Up to 4 players in the online co-op mode! Play withyourfriends!• Story driven single player campaign with uniquequestsand missions.• Vast arsenal of powerful weapons andcharacterskills to help you stay alive.• Additional battleequipment: mines,frag and stun grenades, adrenaline shot.•Different types ofzombies, with varied behaviors and abilities.•Realistic lightingand dynamic weather environment effects.• TwinStick Shootercontrols optimized for phones and tablets. • ToughBOSS battlesdesigned to push you to the limit.• Translated intoEnglish,German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese,Korean,Chinese and Russian. • No additional downloads afterinstalling thegame!Annihilate the walking dead to save humanityfrom the zombieapocalypse in this awesome top down zombieshooter!Here is thepromo code for a free reward: XXXYYZZZLike us onFacebook: us onTwitter:
Zombie Strike Online : 3D,FPS,PVP 1.60
Let's Play FPS Zombie Strike online!Be a powerful shooter,Joinwarfare by shooting!Shooting unique pixel gun withfriendsonline![Feature]- FPS zombie game with multiplayersonline!-Multiplayer PVP Deathmatch / Zombie Infection / BattleRoyalemode!- Use Various weapons.(Rifle/Shotgun/Sniper/Knife/pixelgunetc)- New updates are comingsoon! will be awesome!Enjoy together!More friends Morefun!Community: us andEnjoy Zombie Strikeonline shooting game online :D
Fighting Dead
*Survivor adventures in plagued city.*Variety of melee andrangedweapons.*Raging zombies and unfriendly militaryforces.Somemilitary experiment went terribly wrong and a secretvirus spreadthrough the city. Government forces are trying todestroy theevidence instead of saving people.Defend your survivorcamp. Try tonegotiate with military forces and gain their support.Explore thecity and find the cause of virus spread.
FreeCraft Zombie Apocalypse 2.0.1
Your goal is to survive! There are only living dead around you, inahuge dead city! But the most important thing is that you haveatyour disposal a huge arsenal of very different weapons. Turn onthefantasy and you can crumble the zombies in an endless numberofways!Only more cautious, the wrong step and here in youalreadybite several hundred rotten teeth!Features:- Beautifulstylishfirst-person shooter- Survival in a beautiful city- Complexuniquebosses- A huge arsenal of weapons, from knives togrenadelaunchers- Zubodrobitelny shooter- Realistic physics-Charactersand style in Meincraft- Craft weapons- Cubic environmentstyle-Pocket edition, so you can play on the roadDownloadFreeCraftZombie Apocalypse, destroy the city with zombies!
Zombie Shooter 3D: Free FPS Shooting - Apocalypse 1.2.1
Zombie Shooter 3D is the new and most realistic 3D zombiehuntinggame. Feel the supreme zombie shooting game in smartphone!Zombiesniper shooter 3D is the best zombie hunting game youwillexperience on google play.Zombie Shooter 3D is full ofexcitementand thrill for zombie hunting fans. Hunt down the zombiesand endthis zombie apocalypse. This lethal virus is spreadingthrough asingle bite and turning healthy and normal people intosomethingvicious, unthinking and feral. The only way to stop thiszombieapocalypse is to kill them all.Zombies have turned this cityinto abarren land and you are the lone survivor. Zombies willsuddenlyappear from nowhere. Don't get afraid of the dead zombiesand killthe bloody zombies crawling, walking and running towardsyou forthe fresh blood. Choose your best weapon and start huntingzombiesfrom the barren desserts to the cities full of bloodsuckers.Complete all the deadly missions to end thisanarchy.Features*Intense action* First person shooter game*Realistic 3D zombiehunting* Different bloody environments*Intuitive 3D zombies* Freeto play* Sniper & machine gunshooting* Action and thrill*Intuitive 3D graphics* Numerousmissions
Deadlands Arena 1.3
When the doomsday came, the world in its old sense has ceasedtoexist. Each new day can be your last one.You're one of thefewsurvivors of the zombie Apocalypse. Day after day, making yourwaythrough hordes of the walking dead, you think only about onething– how to survive.Zombieland Arena is an example ofclassical,scary, but exciting game about zombies, which keepstension all thetime.The main goal of the game is to survive as longas possible ina post-apocalyptic arena,which is infested withbloodthirstymonsters.How will your story end – depends on yourdexterity,intuition and of course, your will to survive. Play theuniquecontinuation of the widely acclaimed zombie game: free,convenientand incredibly gripping.Be the first to score in alegendaryZombieland Arena!Features:- Real atmosphere of theApocalypse:splendid graphics, vivid sounds and the atmosphere.-DeadlandsArena is a logical continuation of the "Deadland’s Road",zombie 3Dhorror adventure game.- The exclusivity of the genre –hardcorezombie shooter with the elements of zombie arcade gameandsurvival.- Easy game control, designed especially formobileplatforms.- Dangerous zombie enemies and mutants – you'llgetunpredictable action.- Ammunition for different weaponsisavailable during the game.- The ability to earn power-up duringthegame.- Share results with friends
Zombie Catchers 1.0.27
Let's go zombie hunting! Catch zombies for fun and profit!*** TOP10game in over 90 countries! ****** TOP 5 action game in over100countries! ***Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game inaworld riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet Earth is infestedwiththe undead, but we’re in luck: A.J. and Bud, twointergalacticbusinessmen, have decided to set up shop on ourhomeworld!Together, they plan to catch all the zombies and makeEarth safeonce more - while also making a handsome profit...Use anarsenal ofgadgets and traps to hunt and capture ripe zombies, takethem toyour secret underground lab, and... profit!FEATURES-Catchzombies!- Discover new territories! - Unlock exciting newgadgets!-Build a juicy and delicious business empire!- Expandandmicro-manage your own underground lab!Notice: Zombie Catchersiscompletely free to play, but the game also allows you topurchasesome items for real money. If you do not wish to use thisfeature,change your device's settings and disable in-apppurchases.ZombieCatchers is allowed for download and play only forpersons 12 yearsof age or over. Please refer to our Terms ofService and PrivacyPolicy for more information.Download now, andget ready to kicksome rotten zombie butt!
Zombie Hunter 3D Zombie Slayer 1.0
Zombie slayer in this zombie hunter game is required toeliminatethe living dead city creatures infected by zombie virus.Zombiekiller will face strong zombie attack and zombie defense andwillrequire to use sniper shooter skills of sniper shooting oranyother weapon of choice to tackle this biohazard zombieapocalypsesituation on this living dead city which has now become azombieland. This zombie land has been given many names includingzombietown, zombie village and zombie city while normal humans areafraidof city zombie assault and want to save their children fromthezombie waves which are trying to spread zombie virus in thelivingdead city.How the zombie virus infected zombie land :It wasjustlike any other day, people were not aware of any zombie assaultorany zombie hunter. Suddenly a news came about a biohazardzombieapocalypse in living dead city called zombie land. TheGovernmentwas asking for help from all the American hunter who hadtakentraining of zombie slayer and zombie hunting. All the newschannelswere calling for zombie shooter to come to the zombie townand savethis zombie city from the biohazard zombie apocalypse.Thezombievirus was not killing the city zombies defense rather it wasmakingthose zombie waves infect zombie hunter sniper shooter orothernormal humans. So the Government has made this call to allthezombie shooter and zombie killer to gather like American hunterandform a zombie slayer squad against the biohazard zombieapocalypseprevailing in the living dead city of zombie town. Thesoleobjective of zombie slayer squad is to gather the bestAmericanhunter zombie killer soldiers who love zombie killing andsnipershooting and are also a good sniper shooter and to clear thezombievillage from the zombie assault and zombie attack and savetheremaining pure life from zombies attack. The zombies attack intheform of zombie waves seizing control of zombie city and makingit adead zombie town. A single zombie attack can change thezombiehunter sniper shooter in to a city zombie.Game-play of zombiehuntzombie shooter :You as a zombie killer will have to dozombiekilling while breaking zombie defense and protecting yourselffromzombie attack and zombie assault using either sniper shootingof asniper shooter or any other gun which can easily stop thezombiewaves and clear the zombie village from zombiesattack.Aprofessional zombie slayer / zombie hunter in zombievillage willmaster the skills of sniper shooting as a zombieshunter in zombietown and will be capable of becoming a zombieshooter of zombieland with zombie hunting and zombie killing desireand a will toprotect zombies attack and zombie assault on zombiecity.Are you azombies hunter who is passionate about zombie huntingand zombiekilling? Will you destroy zombie defense with zombiesniper or evenwithout zombie sniper in zombie city? Will you breakthrough thethe zombie defense and perform zombie shooting in zombievillageagainst zombie waves and zombie defence. Are you a zombieshootingsniper shooting soldier? Are you the American hunterzombies landclearing soldier? If yes then this zombie sniper zombiehunt whichis a zombies killing game in zombies land is for you.Whyplay thiszombie attack zombie defense :The zombie killer which is azombieshooter in our zombie shooting zombie hunt game can selectbetweenmultiple guns in zombies land zombie defence game.Thiszombiesniper zombie shooting against zombie defence is a zombiehunt andzombie killing with a zombie sniper or any other zombiedefencebreaking weapon.The zombies attack the zombies hunter inthiszombie hunting zombies killing game in zombies land. TheAmericanhunter will do zombie hunt and can survive this zombiehunting andbreak zombie defence by accurate zombie shooting inzombies land.Sozombies hunter Reload your guns and become the topzombieshunter.Don't forget to rate! and provide feedback!
The Zombie: Gundead 1.2.6
- Over 60 different stages such as Break Through, Hunt,Survive,Defend, Chase, etc. - Splendid 3D graphics and high qualitysoundeffects. - Over 10 types of different zombies with bizarrelooks. -About 20 different types of weapons including pistol,submachinegun, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc. - Variousmissionsand achievements available along with leaderboard tocompete withother survivors. - 16 National Language Support -SupportforTablets.Homepage:
Captain Zombie : Avengers (Shooting Game) 1.55
"Captain Zombie" is shoot-em-up game. In 2020, the world facesthezombie epidemic. On Zombie World, only Captain Z from Americacandefeat them. Play as a private soldier to rescue Captain Z andsavethe world.★★★ FEATURES ★★★• ACTIONBring your guns and baseballbatand shoot these zombies or future fight them till theyfall!•ZOMBIESYou'll need to master your knowledge about all typesofzombie and try to deal with them with ease, but don’t worry,it’snot that hard.Have many kinds of Zombie : • DIVERSITY HEROESANDWEAPONSuit up your heroes of many champions with tons ofequipmentto battle in style and effectivenessHave 2 types of weaponareRIFLE & HEAVY : AK-47, Machine Gun, Laze Gun...•ENDLESSADVENTUREEpic survival quests on the way! 4 missions withepicbattlefields are waiting for you. More than 60 Days to shoot emup.• ARMY RANKINGKill more zombie to up your ARMY ranking andgocontest of champions.• SURVIVAL MODE AND LEADERBOARDBoringofrunning through missions? Short on gold? There’s endlessdefensemode for you! Share you highest time with your friend andinvitethem to get sweet bonuses!★RISE OF THE MACHINESIf small gunsaren’tenough for you, ride these awesome mechs and crumble theenemiesunder your feets!★REWARD AFTER VICTORY★Complete EveryMission onDay Then You Can Get Lots of Rewards for Upgrading or BuyNewWeapon!• FUTURE HIGHLIGHT- World Ranking : who can survivallongestday on battleground?- Play with your friend's Hero?
Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie 1.0.9
Welcome to the world of zombies! The number of zombies grewrapidlysince the accident happened. Several researchers of T viruslab gotaffected by mistake. After that, things have been worse andworse.Clashes broke out between zombies and humans, but it wasadisaster. Once a soldier fell down, he/she turned into anewzombie. We suffered a 97% lost in population within only oneyear.It seems doom is coming!However, survivals kept the hope forhumanbeing. They escaped from the dead cities and build solidsurvivalcamps. The scientists in camp discover the weakness of Tvirus andmake the vaccines to avoid the transition from dead tozombie. It'sthe time for us to give an end to the zombies' empire.Kill themall, and retake and rebuild our city, our home!PLEASENOTE!Although Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombieis a freestrategygame, some gold bar packs can be purchased in game for realmoneyto help you develop your camp and enhance your army troops.Pleasedo not share your account with others, you may lost itaftersharing. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,youmust be at least 12 years of age to play or download DoomsdayZEmpire: Survival vs Zombie.FEATURES- Undead ZombieEndlessZombiesoccupied the stations, malls and even cities.Even in thesurvivalcamps, people also suffers from the attack of theunknownzombies.Living in the Nightmare World, people must be strongandsmart!- SurvivorWe have Survivor Bonuses for everynewcommander.Quest help commanders develop the Survivor campsquicklyand effectively.Commanders can assemble the survivors andbuild upa powerful army!Do you want a Massive Empire to defend andeveneliminate the zombies? Join us!-Love & RescueWhiledefendingthe zombies, Love and Friendship spread amongthecompanions.Besides, most family members of survivors are stillinthe city occupied by the zombies, we must rescue them as soonaspossible.- Ally & TraitorWalk through the dead zone,commandersshould be allied with the others. The unity of survivorsproducesendless power help people overcome the problems one byone.However, the most threat doesn't come from the zombies. Someallieshave the ambition more than sweeping out the zombies. Theybetrayedtheir companions and try to control the zombies. All theywant isruling the doomsday! We need hero to stop them!-WorldwidePlayersNomatter where you are, no matter who you are. Commandersgettogether in Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie. Defendthezombies with the friend with all over the world! Work togethertogive an end to the clash of Zombie world. Or you want ruletheworld? It depends on yourself!
Zombie Survival Apocalypse Sniper dead 3D Walking 1.4
Zombie Survival Apocalypse dead 3D Walking is sniper zombieshootingsurvival game designed for maximum thrill and fun. Killall thezombies in this zombie survival game and in thisapocalyptic worldwar situation. Zombies has overrun all the citiesand there are fewhuman survivals. Fight the zombies with yoursniper rifle to shootand be the zombie killer on the zombiefrontier to protect theundead humans. Sniper shooter killingzombies is the best experienceof a game. Be sure to hit zombies inthe head to kill them quickly 3shots on other part of bodies willkill them. Fight on the frontierof the Z city and enjoy thiszombie survival apocalypsegame.Features:* Fight Zombies onMultiple locations in the city.*Amazing Zombie animations *Effective and intuitive Zombie AI*Zombie Survival in difficultsituations and waves of Zombies*Visually Stunning HDgraphicsDownload this game for free and enjoythis action packedzombie thriller online or offline without theneed for wifi
Zombie Watch - Free 3D Survival 2.2.1
Zombie Watch - Zombie Survival from an Indie developer.- 3D lowpolydesign- Crafting- Building- Survival- Exploration- Co-opLocalMultiplayer------------------------------Premium nowavailableHERE.-------------------------------Build your base aroundtheartifact and defend it from zombies that will be attackingyoueverywhere you go and will try to destroy your base inwaves.Gather food, destroy the enemies and become the championofsurvival in the world of zombieinvasion.-------------------------------Chop down trees, minestones, andcrystals to gather logs, sticks, leaves, and berries.Craft variousitems and build the best defense for your home base.Build a bedwhere you can save your progress. Grow your own gardenand create aself-sufficient home. Explore nearby worlds to collectnewresources. Go fishing on the Island. Brew potions for specialpowerand bandages to help you heal faster from wounds inflictedbyzombies. When you kill a zombie, he will drop items beneficialforyour survival. You can even summon a pet lizard to followyouaround. All of your items are available in your inventory. Havefuntrying to rule the zombieinvadedworld.-------------------------------At the time ZombieWatch -Zombie Survival has 7 different biomes to explore and SafeHaven.Each of them offers different resources for crafting andbuilding.But be aware of your surroundings - zombies are out hereto getyou!-------------------------------Zombie Watch - ZombieSurvivalis completely free to play!-------------------------------Watchthe TUTORIAL.We THANK all ofyou brave players and fans of ZombieWatch!
Zombie KIller : Survival 2.1.7
A virus has brought about the zombie apocalypse, the waragainstzombie has broken out and people are in immediate danger ofa gorydeath. As a survivor and zombie killer, it’s up to you tomake thestreets your battlefield and shoot your way throughnumerouschallenging levels. Zombie Killer Survival is an all newzombieshooting game with excellent graphics, unmissable if you area fanof thrillers or horror games.Keep your finger on the triggeras youtry to ensure your survival in a virus ravaged world. Upgradeyourskills as a survivor and zombie terminator in frontlinefighting,enhance your arsenal of weapons.
Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled 1.8.9
In year 2037, a plague virus was revealed from a secret virusbreedLab which is an evil alien organization. Most of creaturesandresidents got infected and the world turns into a dead zone!Playas the last survivor and zombie terminator to fight theUndeadSquad. Search in Dead Zone, kill the evil walking dead andsave theleft survivors. The deadly plague turns the world intoanarchydoomsday of decay with weak dying light. The only thing youcantrust is your guns. Not only you need to shoot those corpseswithyour deadly guns, but also you have to find a way tosavesurvivors. When the dead rising, don’t run! Grab your guns,holdtrigger and never release! Feel this adrenaline rushzombieshooting game with endless dead trigger releases! Survivetheundead nightmare, save the world from this unprecedentedpandemicplague outbreak!FEATURES• Special perspective: besttop-downshooter game, not tps or fps• Action Craft needed: gunzombies withyour specialized shooting craft, aim at target zombiesand shoot•Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sounddepicting a grimzombie apocalypse • Huge feast for guns lovers:shotguns, sniperrifles, grenade, rocket launchers, flamethrowers •Challengingmissions on world maps: Misty Frost, Highway, PlagueLab, UnchartedGarden, Power Station, battlefield frontier, deadzone• RichGameplay: Story Mode, Survival Mode and Multiplayer PVPModeTosurvive, to kill! Can you survive the mass of undead squad inthiszombie slaughter apocalypse survival game!? Slay zombiesandprotect yourself from undead onslaught! Rich Gameplay•Completemissions to unlock new guns and equipment. Always upgradethem.•PVP Mode: compete with world players and rank 1 to claimchampionrewards• Claim generous daily rewards and extra chestrewards Gunsand Equipment• Deadly guns: DESSERT EAGLE, AK47, P90,M134,SMAW-D83mm…• Guns’ attributes differ in damage, defense,healthypoint, fire rate and clip size• Equipment include shoes,pants,helmets, armors, gloves…Dead Rising and Doomsday approaching,don’trecoil in horror and fight this undeadnightmare!【NOTE】ZombieShooter: Undead Nightmare is free for you toplay, but there arein-game goods for you to purchase. ZombieKiller, love ZombieShooter? Spread the word!We love to hear fromour players!Anysuggestions or doubts, please feel free to contactusvia:Facebook:
Zombie Killer 2.0.1
Zombie Killer is a first person action shooting game, this gameiswell made, the game picture is exquisite and gorgeous! HD3Deffects allow players to play very strongly! The player istrappedin a terrifying tunnel in which the tunnel is full ofcruelzombies! Players must face these zombies for survival! Inorder tosurvive, take up arms and shoot! What the player needs torememberis that the zombies are desperate for blood. Be careful notto letthe zombies get close! Like zombie shooting game players mustnotmiss it!
Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival Attack 1.1
Door to apps
zombie dead target killer survival attackKill the zombiesandsurvive till the war ends in this zombie game.Underneath theRiconcity, a medical team is working on a project with healthbenefits,to fight against different diseases and named it theU-Virus. Theresearch showed some salient properties in the virus tomakesomeone very powerful and invincible. One night, a thiefbrokeinto, stealing the U-Virus but somehow, the virus escapedthecontainment and contaminated the science lab. The whole facilityisbeing monitored by an artificial intelligence software, theBluePrince. In response to the contamination, the AIautomaticallysealed the facility and tried to kill everyone insideto hold thevirus for good. A smoke was released inside the basementkillingalmost everyone but one person survived this defensivemaneuver.Nowsuccess of century, the U-virus has taken control overliving ones.It has increased their hunger and made them invinciblewe know withname of zombies. The fate of this world is in yourhands. You mayhave played other zombie survival shooter city battlegames games,but the real fun is to survive in these commando zombiekillerstrike mission games. As a hunter, you don’t have to worry asinthis fps zombie shooting game: city survival game, youhavebiological and normal weapon’s arsenal. Even you have heavyarsenalbut do not let your guard down in this zombie sniperkillersurvival missions game as you are in a dead people city. Thisisone of the best death zombie shooter: assault games. Theweaponsincludes a huge variety of small and big guns that you canbuy inthis zombie combat contract killer 3d games. Keep in mind,thesegunshot: fire upon zombies games have difficult levels as youclimbup on the champions board. The gameplay is very simple, asthecontrols of this Living dead attack zombie target killer gameareclassic and user friendly. You just have to aim and shootwheneveryou see any suspicious thing in this zombie survivalshooter citybattle games game.This commando zombie killer strikemission gameis a real action adventure game in a world riddled withthezombies. In this Gunshot: fire upon zombies game try your besttohelp save the earth infesting from the undead. This epiczombiecombat contract killer 3d games contains different modes toplay.The survival mode of zombie survival shooter city battle gamewilltest your killing techniques and weapon power. You must havenervesof steel to play death zombie shooter: assault games. Thegamingenvironment is breathtaking with creative and horror themes.Youcan use different hurdles as a cover while fighting againsttheenemy in this fps zombie shooting game: city survival game.Youwill get gold coins and personal points that will decide yourrankin the leaders board of this zombie dead target killersurvivalattack game. In this zombie sniper killer survival missionsgameyou can also earn bonus with the headshots and combo kills.TheseLiving dead attack zombie target killer games provide youanopportunity to polish your fighting and strategy makingskills.Grab your gun and start killing in this fps zombie shootinggame:city survival game.zombie dead target killer survivalattackFeatures:Realistic 3D graphicsEasy simplecontrolsHorrifyingvisuals and soundDifferent in gamemissionsVariety of gunsSniperkilling missions includedSurvival modeand more powerfulzombiesUpgradeable counter zombie gunsYou can playzombie deadtarget killer survival attack absolutely free with noWIFI.Quicklydownload this interesting zombie combat contract killer3d gamesoffered by Door To Apps from Google Play Store on yourandroidsmart phones.
Zombie Craft Survival 3.2
awsome craft action game and zombie thriller in the craftgamestyle!Find surviving friends hiding in the area infectedbyzombies.Call your friends, gather your class to find morepowerfulweapons and enough ammo to kill zombie!Collect Items, playinmultiplayer mode with your friends, survive the war againstthezombies!Create houses, combine items, be the best in thegame!Enterthe zombie apocalypse world, and create houses, buildblocks withyour fortress, and protect yourself from pvz zombieinfection andthe horror craft monsters!Some weapons of the ZombieApocalypseworld:gun12 gaugesniperAK47SMGAnd many other craftweapons!Hide inthe city of zombies, playing with friends is a goodalternative tocomplete the game mode.Some details about the ZombieCraftSurvival:zombie fps in first personzombiepandemicsingleplayerbuilding itemsConstruction ModeSurvivalExplorationModeConstruction of blocks and housesItemChestcarsiteminventoryMaps available:zombielandzombie craftworldzombiecitydeathmatchsandbox
Space Survival Craft - Build Base & Shoot Aliens 1.2
Alien zombie shooting games in a sci-fi craft setting.Survivalarena mode with leaderboards. Crafting & building ofspacetanks. Action shooter with sniper rifles, pixel gunsandexploration of a sandbox world.Visit strange new worlds! Seekoutnew life and civilizations and kill them! Bold exploration inlightof the stars! Go where no man has gone before and annihilateallopposition!Fight with hordes of merciless aliens! Engage in anepicspace battle simulator and win in the zombie survival games ontheface of Mars! Shooting games on a survival arena in asci-fisetting!Build your own space base! Crafting & building ofareal space outpost. Engineer and craft assault vehicles tocovermore distance and to get better in alien shooting. Space FPSgamesrarely get so many interesting twists.Use extreme guns tosurvive.Alien shooting will be easier with a selection of weaponsrangingfrom bolter rifles to a pixel gun. Become the best shooterwith anelite precision sniper rifle. Get to the frontline as acommando(like sas) and fight for the colony. Alien zombies on thefrontierof humanity will assault you in modern (or future?) combat.Stayunkilled against a rush of space dead and avert the doom ofyourfellow humans. Put your finger on the trigger because in spacenoone can hear your enemies scream.You'll need heavy weaponrytoannihilate the strongest enemies. Space shooting wouldn'tbecomplete without powerful tanks and assault vehicles.Alienshooting was never more awe inspiring. Drive these chariots ofdoomand make the survival arena of Mars your second home. Variousblockcraft driveables will only help you in the killing games.Alienzombie waves will be easily destroyed by your gunships.Spaceengineers in your base will keep them ready for the fight!Take thehover tank for a ride whenever you feel like doing somesci-fistyle black ops! Crafting & building of new vehiclesisunlocked by proving yourself in battle.Carve your name foreverinthe global leaderboards! Survival mode in this sandboxsimulatorwill give you a chance to prove yourself against millionsofplayers. Space FPS games are nothing without a bit ofunhealthycompetition! This 3D alien shooting in space will redefineyouropinions about gun killing games and action shooters.Makenomistake - in the category of shooting craft games with spacebasebuilding this is the no. 1 contester. Lock & load, let'sgivethese zombie aliens a beating they'll never forget! Downloadandplay NOW!
Cube Zombie War 1.2.2
A dark city with full of zombies! It is a shooting game todefeatzombies coming from every direction as a 3rd person.You willbeable to enjoy thrilling action game through various weaponsandupgrade.Don't worry if you are isolated by zombies, you canescapethe danger area by using lethal move.Enjoy playing fun actiongame,'Cube Zombiewar'.Homepage:
Zombie Avengers-(Dreamsky)Stickman War Z 2.3.0
Dreamsky Games, Just be Happy!"Zombie Avengers-Stickman War Z"isone of the best action side-scrollers in 2016! With grandstages,flashy skills, stylish equipment, explosive combat, the gameis aperfect combination of Stickman and zombies that takes playersintothe future, where the world is overwhelmed by zombies, to savethehumanity!background story:It is A.D. 2050. Theextremists'biological weapon research led to a chemical leakagethat infectedmost humans and turned them into zombies. Socialorderdisintegration and tragic events contributed to the demise ofmostof humanity. A small portion of the infected gainedsupernaturalpowers due to genetic mutations, and they formed analliance tocombat the zombie apocalypse. A war to save humanityhasstarted...Features:[Best Action Game of the Year]Themostanticipated action game of 2016. You can experience thethrillingsensation with features like Double-Hits, Levitation andDeadlyCombos! Come feel the heat and slay some monsters![HeroesJoiningForces]More heroes unlocked and more heroes to team up with!Joinforces with others to fight the Monster King BOSS! Choose yourownteam now and start fighting![Classic Stickman Hero]The manytypesof Stickman Heroes, such as melee fighters or long-rangeattackers,will give you the best combat experience![BestVisualExperience]High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects!Leagueof Stickman - Zombie present you the best gamingexperience![Simple& Smooth Operation]Freely switch betweenheroes and mastertheir four different skills. You will have thebest combatexperience you ever had![World Leaderboards]We offerworldleaderboard, country leaderboard and friend leaderboard. Yourteamcan compete with players around the world. Beat all others andbethe Champion!Follow Us onFacebook: Official site:
Zombie Waves Survival Assassin 1.0
Let’s embark on an action packed Halloween Zombie Waves andsurvivezombie waves Shooting survival on grand exotic Town whereyou as aZombie Shooter will invade on Zombies Waves. Zombie WavesSurvivalAssassin Shooting is an amazing realistic HD Survive Zombiewavesgame of Halloween 2017 where your huntsman shooting andAssaultskills are going to be heavily tested. So get ready to gowild infaraway old town ruins where you need to achieve yourZombiesurvival objectives as a brave huntsman!Zombie HuntingSurvival isan Extreme Halloween shooting adventure game which isFilled withaction, challenge and lots of thrill, shooting adventurein extremewilderness. Zombie Gun shooting game is all about thrill,shootingand wilderness in beautiful but HD environments. Remember,Zombiewaves are smart and clever so you need to be alert andprofessionalin hunting a Zombies. You are on a assault shootingexpedition withother guns too where you have to hunt.There are fivetypes ofzombies for hunting in this survival game.The zombies mightsenseyour presence so take your best shot to become the besthuntsman ofwild town! Your main mission in this zombie gun shootingadventuregame is to hunt down the zombies as the best jungle sniperof 2017. So don’t hold back, grip your Launcher tightly, take aperfectaim, test your sniper shooter skills as a real zombie waveshuntingexpert and don't let them escape. Experience grand riflesshootingin the real town wilderness environment as a real hero andwin thishunting challenge.You have to survive to more time to whenthissurvival competition and put maximum high score on leader boardtocompete your friends.A virus has infected the city and you arethecommando to kill infected citizens converted to Zombies.ThisVirusis extremely dangerous.Choose your way to destroy all thezombies:aim to the heads, chop the limb and crush them like smallworm.Thehomeland doom is getting closer as the humans are infectedby thevirus and turned into walking dead Zombies around whodemolish anyliving thing they catch or hit, and whose bite isinfectious to allhumans. This is the time to take action againstaffected speciesand save your homeland with with assault Rifle andprove yourselfsurvival.Make your way to the evacuation center, takepart in thegreat battle for survival, and discover the cause of thevirus!★★★GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• High Quality 3d Graphics and SoundEffects•Amazing 3D Halloween Realistic Town• Multiple Weapons toChoose forkilling Zombies• Variety of Zombies to Shoot & Kill•SuperbHuntsman Shooting Experience• Endless Shooting Adventure• 6AssaultWeapons and all of them are Buy able for shooting adventure•Easyand Smooth First person shooter controller★★★ How To Play★★★•Rightside buttons is for shoot,•Left side button is for zoomand wholescreen is for aiming
Zombie Madness II 3.8
Lumosoft Ltd
A must-have for zombie lovers, Zombie Madness is an addictiveandchallenging zombie survival / shooting / action game. Combiningtheelement of tower defence and active zombie shooting/headblowing,"Zombie Madness" is very easy to pick up, very hard toputdown.Hordes of zombies are approaching your position. Captain,yourorder is clear: Hold your position until reinforcements arrive.Usegrenades, machine guns to stop their advance. ▷ Choose fromalegendary collection of classic World War 2 guns (Thompsonmachinegun, PPSH41, Karabiner 98...and many more) and grenades! ▷Trainyour squad with various skill combinations - "Piercing Shot","FastReload", "Sniper"... ▷ Expand your squads, train new soldiers▷ Alot of gun fire, a lot of blood, and a lot of zombie limbsblowingoff! ▷ Aim for the zombie head - the best way to kill azombie.Tryit, you'll be addicted!v3.5 Updated icon, updated mainmenuv3.4Upgraded graphics, dog zombie, dog rush, shield rushv3.3Bloodsplatter sound effect, new tutorialv3.2 Updated icon, updatedmainmenuv3.1 Interactive tutorialv3.0 New skill:ArtilleryBombardmentv2.9 New gun: PTRS-41 Anti-tank; More powerfulgrenade;share promptv2.8 New weapon: "Molotov Cocktail"v2.7 Newzombieadded: "Shield Wielder"v2.6 Rebalanceing; zombie graphics;new perk"Swift Thrower"v2.5 Updated BG graphics; Reduced lag in lowmemorydevicesv2.4 Gun fire effect addedv2.3 Crash issue fixed;fastergame loadv2.2 Battle music added.
Zombies Coming: Kill & Survive 1.02
NBG Studio
It’s the zombie apocalypse and only a handful of peoplehavesurvived. Everyone else is either dead or a flesh eatingzombie.All you have left is your life and your farm. It’s time toprotectit – by any means necessary. A horde of zombies has arrivedat yourfarm and they need to be stopped. Using a variety of weapons– froma crowbar to an AK47. Do you have what it takes?IMMERSIVE,OPENWORLD ENVIRONMENTThe open world environment of Zombies Coming:Kill& Survive has been designed with stunning, high definition3Dgraphics to create the most beautifully terrifyingenvironmentpossible. You can even increase the quality of thegraphics for aconsole-level experience. A spooky soundtrack andrealistic soundeffects help to fully immerse you in the Zombiesopen world. Youmight forget this is a mobile game!EASY TO LEARNGAMEPLAYThecontrols are super simple to learn. A few buttons is allyou needto move, shoot, jump and change weapons. Simple controlsmean onething – you can dive right into the apocalypse and startkillingzombies instantly! AN ENGAGING STORYLINEOn different days,you’llbe given special goals and missions to complete – eachtakingdifferent strategies and plans to complete. To completethemissions with a 100% rating, you’ll need to push yourzombiekilling skills to the limit and use all the weapons atyourdisposal. COLLECT ZOMBIE TEETH. UPGRADE GUNS. BE BADASS.Whenyoukill zombies, you can collect their teeth. Sounds gross,right?Even the tooth fairy doesn’t want them. The good news isthatzombie teeth are the currency used to buy and upgrade yourweapons.There are over 40 to choose from!DANCE ZOMBIES, DANCE.Whosaid theapocalypse needs to be so serious? While the aim of thegame is tosurvive and take down as many zombies as possible, thereare 25secret zombie dance moves to unlock. You can watch themdancing inthe Dance Floor. Whenever you feel as though the zombieapocalypsehas got you down, go and watch a zombie shake it likethey’re beingpaid to. Zombies Coming: Kill & Survive – AwesomeFeatures•Easy to learn gameplay. You’ll be killing zombies inminutes.•Engaging storyline with dynamic missions and goals• 3Dopen worldenvironment and stunning HD graphics• Realistic soundeffects forthe ultimate immersive experience• 40 Unlockable,upgradeableweapons to help you kill zombies• Secret, super funkyzombie dancemoves to unlock• FREE. The best things in life are.Zombies:Apocalypse Survival has raised the bar for zombie survivalgames.With unrivalled graphics, an engaging story, easy to learncontrolsand an expansive environment to cause havoc in, you canhave hoursand hours of zombie killing fun! Download Zombies Coming:Kill& Survive for the ultimate zombie survivalexperience!Yourfeedback is truly appreciated! Please leave a reviewand let usknow about any bugs, feature requests or othersuggestions. Thankyou!
Zombie Waves 3D 1.1.8
Zombies? OH YEAH!3D graphics and full 3D environments? OHYEAH!100%free to play? OH YEAH! First Person Shooter FPS controls?OH YEAH!Guns? OH YEAH!Grenades? OH YEAH! Launcher? OH YEAH!Marketplace tobuy more guns and ammo with coins from killing zombies? OHYEAH!New levels with every update? OH YEAH! Install now and startyourcounter walking dead experience!
Apocalypse Max 0.55
You, Apocalypse Max, are the lone survivor of thiszombieapocalypse. Journey through heart-thumping,adrenaline-pumpingaction spread out over multiple worlds! Masterin-air maneuvers asyou find your way around precarious platforms.Discover secrettreasures and collect gold as you overcome zombiesand Unlockinsane weapons and find crazy ways to blast past yourenemies.Don't like guns? Wanna get up close and personal? Noproblem! Ripapart your foes with your oversized, battle-hardycombatknife.Apocalypse Max combines timeless zombie slaying funwith freeroaming, acrobatic platforming awesomeness to create anactionpacked, hack-n-slash, shoot-em-up adventure like the worldhasnever seen before! Engage in the epic and timeless battle ofmanagainst zombie in this fast action, 2D adventure withApocalypseMax! * Because of the size of the game, Apocalypse Maxrequiresaccess to the devices files in order to run. If the gameisstalling or closing at the title screen, please insure thatyouhave allowed the game access to the files. Let us know if youhaveany issues. Thanks!WANDAKE STUDIOS-- Twitter:@wandakegamesFacebook: Web:www.wandake.comEmail: We hope you enjoy our game!Please rateApocalypse Max.
Just Survive: Raft Survival Island Simulator 1.2.3
Just Survive is a FREE FPS zombie shooter survival strategyandsimulator game. You don’t remember how you got to this island.Stayalive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypseworldand shoot walking dead zombies and cannibals. First you’llneed tofind food and firewood, craft some primitive tools, andbuild ashelter. You can trust only yourself in this postapocalyptic gameinfected with walking dead zombies. Now listensurvivors. Yoursurvival adventure in this wilderness is about tobegin.HUNTZOMBIES AND ANIMALSYou are alone against army of walkingdeadzombies and animals in this free zombie shooter survivalandstrategy game. Shoot zombies and other unkilled to survive inthispost apocalypse world or they will kill you. Craft WeaponsandArmor for fighting cannibal and animals. Surviving is key pointinthis game.BUILD A BASE AND SURVIVE AS YOU CANShoot unkilledwalkingdead zombies with other game survivors! it’s an effectivestrategyfor this free zombie shooter fps strategy survivalsimulator game.It is easier to survive in this post apocalypse gameand shootwalking dead together with other survivors. So build baseand killzombies as much as you can!EXPLORE NEW TERRITORIESSearchabandonedloot boxes and survivor’s camps in order to find and takethe mostvaluable resources and deadly weapons. Kill zombies toobtainresources. Cannibals always have Water Bottle on them. Killthem toget it. Always Loot Cannibals to get some uncraftable rareitemslike Shotgun.YOU CAN CRAFT NEW ITEMS - SURVIVAL AND CRAFTISVITALImprove your game strategy and survival skills and createmoredeadly weapons and tools against the unkilled walking deadzombiesand enemies. Choose a target wisely and shoot zombies orpull adead trigger to get some food.IMPROVE YOUR SURVIVAL ANDSTRATEGYSKILLSWild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can kill youfasterthan a walking dead army. The world. In this free postapocalypsefps zombie survival game your own target is to craft moredeadlyweapons, shoot zombies and try to survive. Survival is vitalforyour strategy to survive in this post apocalypse game infectedwithunkilled walking dead zombies.MORE THAN 50 ITEMS - WEAPONS,TOOLS,RARE ITEMS AND EVERYTHINGResearch Everywhere. Information isthesecond most important resource after life in thispost-apocalypticzombie shooter fps survival simulator game. You cansmelt ore withFurnace or repair items with Anvil. Craft Weapons andArmor forfighting cannibal and animals. Enjoy your Survival Game inthiswasteland.SURVIVAL TIPS:★ Chopping Trees is always usefulforcrafting. It also good way to get firewood.★ Craft WeaponsandArmor for fighting cannibal and animals. Anvil is for Repairthem.★Cannibals always have Water Bottle on them. Kill them to getit.★Building House is best way to protect yourself and hidestuff.★Always Loot Cannibals to get some uncraftable rare itemslikeShotgun.★ Gather Resources to build base.★ You can melt orewithFurnace.★ You can't tame zombies or cannibals can't be tamed.★Youneed workbench for new craftings.★ You can burn campfirewithfirewood.★ Dismantle items you don't want.★ Hurting other NPCcanbe backfired.★ Anvil is for repairing items don't craft newone.★Don't Starve always find food and eat them or you will die.★Pleasenote! Just Survive is a free zombie shooter survivalsimulator andstrategy fps game, but you can purchase items for realmoney.★Download Just Survive – new action packed free zombieshootersurvival simulator and strategy fps game today - it’ll bejust whatyou’re looking for. Begin your survival adventurenow.SOCIAL MEDIAACCOUNTS:★★★★
Zombie Avengers:(Dreamsky) Stickman 1.2.1
Dreamsky Games, Just be Happy!"""League of Stickman -ZombieApocalypse"" is one of the best action side-scrollers in2016! Withgrand stages, flashy skills, stylish equipment, explosivecombat,the game is a perfect combination of Stickman and zombiesthattakes players into the future, where the world is overwhelmedbyzombies, to save the humanity!background story:It is A.D. 2050.Theextremists' biological weapon research led to a chemicalleakagethat infected most humans and turned them into zombies.Socialorder disintegration and tragic events contributed to thedemise ofmost of humanity. A small portion of the infectedgainedsupernatural powers due to genetic mutations, and they formedanalliance to combat the zombie apocalypse. A war to savehumanityhas started...Features:[Best Action Game of the Year]Themostanticipated action game of 2016. You can experience thethrillingsensation with features like Double-Hits, Levitation andDeadlyCombos! Come feel the heat and slay some monsters![HeroesJoiningForces]More heroes unlocked and more heroes to team up with!Joinforces with others to fight the Monster King BOSS! Choose yourownteam now and start fighting![Classic Stickman Hero]The manytypesof Stickman Heroes, such as melee fighters or long-rangeattackers,will give you the best combat experience![BestVisualExperience]High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects!Leagueof Stickman - Zombie present you the best gamingexperience![Simple& Smooth Operation]Freely switch betweenheroes and mastertheir four different skills. You will have thebest combatexperience you ever had![World Leaderboards]We offerworldleaderboard, country leaderboard and friend leaderboard. Yourteamcan compete with players around the world. Beat all others andbethe Champion!Follow Us onFacebook: Official site:"
Trapped inside of a quarantine zone you must survive thezombieapocalypse on your own. Manage your resources and stats tocraftnew items and stay alive.- Manage health, hunger and thirsttosurvive.- Multiple starting characters to choose from, eachwiththeir own starting gear.- Various weapons to find includingrifles,pistols, shotguns and melee weapons.- Item locationsrandomizedevery game.- Collect resources to craft new items.Thisgame will beconstantly updated to bring you more weapons,characters, maps andenemies!If you have any suggestions feel freeto let me know.
Zombie Shooting Mighty Battles 3D 1.2
The zombies attack the Washington and New York city in a group,andstart changing pedestrians into zombies and creating thelargesthorde. The country’s doom is getting closer when CS infectedthewhole land to prove that they are serious. The cranberrieszombieshooting in mighty battles roadkill not only allows you todrivieyour way through hordes of the un dead, but also allows youtoshoot down the zombies using machine guns and RPGs equipped onthecar. A special commando team has been hired to head thefrontlineand collect information before the army can open thecounter strikeoperation Apocalypse against un dead zombie. Are youstrong enoughto take the challenges in a zombie game as yourinevitable doomcloses in around you? This zombie shooter gamedelivers cars andweapons never seen before on a mobile device.Everything went wrongin the beautiful New York city, you and agentM are the onlysurvivor on the route. You have experience becauseyou are the onewho spent five nights for the wait of new year.There is no excusefor any stupid mistake which may pay with yourblood.There arebattle zombie pole-vaulters, bucketheads , andsnorkelers in thecranberries zombie shooting mighty battles game.Each of them ownsspecial skills, you only need to think fast andplant faster tocombat them all. Keep your finger on the trigger asyou try toensure your survival in a virus ravaged world whereinfinity war isgoing to happen soon. Upgrade your skills as asurvivor and zombieterminator in frontline fighting. Enhance yourarsenal of weapons,such as sniper guns, shotgun, machinegun andrifles.The gameprovides you the answer of question, what is zombieand history ofzombies? Fight for survival till last day on earth.Test yourskills in the sniper missions and lead survivors to safetyinsupport mission like infinity war 4. It wouldn’t be a coolshootinggame without an impressive arsenal. Choose different gunsto headinto the combat against izombi. Blast your enemies with anMP5,Desert Eagle, AK47, and many more shotguns and rifles. Leavebehindadrenaline and grenade. Get your trigger finger ready, theundeadmust be eliminated.Features of zombie run.• It is animmersivefirst-person zombie shooting game in which you have toface manymighty battles.• Stunning 3D graphics.• Arsenal of deadlyweaponslike Crossbow, P90, Katana, and Dragunov to fightagainstizombiie.• Heart touching music and realisticsoundeffects.Beautiful animations in izombi season.Smooth,intuitivecontrols allow you to navigate the city with ease.Precision aimingwill help Efficient Controls and an easy game play.The virus getsstronger over the time and the zombies become morepowerful. Youneed to keep fighting to rescue who survive in thetown.Zombiekilling games were never advanced but now they are andwe shouldhave to create something new to leave them behind. Warfarein thisfree game is as dynamic and different as it gets. You caneitherwin or die no missions are there except to survive yourself.Yourtimely actions will determine the outcome of thisdeadlywar.Download it now for free and enjoy the winter vacationsbyhunting undead souls.
Doomsday Preppers™ 130.48.08
Based on the popular National Geographic Channel TV show by thesamename, Doomsday Preppers challenges you to prepare for a new(andeven more fabulous) life below the ground. Design amulti-leveldream bunker complete with everything you need forpost-apocalypticbliss, from a gym to a greenhouse to a disco bar!Flush out yoursubterranean palace one floor at a time whilemeasuring andimproving your survival skills along the way, so thatyou can extendyour underground lifespan – and keep onbuilding!While this game isabsolutely free to play, you have theability to unlock optionalbonuses via in-app purchases from withinthe game. You may disablein-app purchases in your devicesettings.● 140 floors to build – howdeep will you go?● Six typesof floors: Shelter, Security, Food andWater, Science, Workshop andRecreation● Over 315 products to prepand store● Over 150 male andfemale customizable avatars to choosefrom● Regular game updates tokeep you plotting and planning● Playwith other preppers, includingyour Facebookfriends______________________________ Game availablein: English,Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Polish,Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES:Thisgame performs best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ ***Sign up now for aweeklyround-up of the best from G5 Games!***______________________________ G5 Games -World ofAdventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in GooglePlay!Strategy: ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure▶ VirtualCityPlayground®: Building Tycoon▶ Stand O’Food® City: VirtualFrenzy▶The Island Castaway: Lost World®▶ SupermarketManagement2Adventure: ▶ Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure MatchingPuzzle▶Mahjong Journey: A Tile Match Adventure Quest▶ HomicideSquad:Hidden Crimes▶ Survivors: The Quest▶ Twin Moons: ObjectFindingGame______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Zombie Killer : The Dead 1.0.1
In order to survive in the fierce ultimate war, people have tofightwith zombies!Choose your favorite zombie shotgun from a largepileof weapons to complete your dream of killing zombies!A customactiongame for zombie enthusiasts!Download the game quickly!
Badass Survival 1.0.4
DNS studio
If you are looking for true zombie survival shooter game, you areatthe right place!Drop some gangster weapon and buy somegangsterclothes to become a badass gangster! Or even better, getknife andbecome badass ninja! It is up to you to find the style tokillthose unkilled zombies!CUSTOMIZE:Open cases and loot money,armor,knives or deadliest weapons of the world!Cases openingishappenning after every round, when you reach wave greaterthan3.The higher wave you reach, the better weapons will be inyourcase!Better armor can be bought in shop aswell! You can sellyourlooted weapons, to buy any of these armor, if you have notenoughof money!KNIVES:There is a lot of them. You can even build ahouseof knives of them. Game contains 12 unique knives, which canbedropped only in cases from level 10 or higher! So go and getyourfavourite knife!WEAPONS:In waves 3+ you will get only pistols,butwhen you reach waves 6+, every case will containassaultrifles.ARMOR:You can buy every single armor in shop formoney ordraw it from case aswell.SURVIVAL:You will have to learnanddevelop your own survival technique, get the best equipmentandweapons and keep increasing your character level. Living shouldbeeasier then!IMPROVE YOUR SURVIVALCRAFT AND STRATEGYSKILLS!Theworld has turned into a residence of evil. In this freepostapocalypse action zombie survival game your own target is tolootfrom cases deadliest weapons, shoot zombies and try tosurvive.Survivalcraft is vital for your strategy to survive in thispostapocalypse game infected with unkilled walking deadzombies.Andremember! Unkilled walking dead zombies are everywhere!Killzombies, shoot zombies, gun zombies, fire zombies, plugzombies,smash zombies, slash zombies and gunship zombies tosurvive. Inthis free zombie shooter action game your everydecisionmatters.Welcome to the real post apocalypse zombie shootergame andenjoy this free zombie shooter with action and strategyelements!SOWHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT THIS GAME?Badass Survival isinfinitezombie survival game with a lot of weapons and knives!Newly hasbeen added character customization for head and body.Weapons arerandomly drawed, clothing is able to be bought in blackmarket.Fill your inventory with best weapons and rule the world!