Top 46 Games Similar to Darkness Reborn

Kritika: The White Knights 3.1.2
Update Promotion (12/6 - 12/13) - Stamina: 50% Off - Super SaleonEssences - Super Sale on Mao Coins Get ready for the holidayseasonwith Google Play! FEEL THE RUSH! KRITIKA: The White Knights *Feelthe adrenaline at your fingertips! - Play the mostexhilaratingaction RPG that will keep you electrified! - Intense EXskills thatjump off the screen! Call upon a friend's Striker tohelp youdominate! * Meet the champions! - Halo Mage: Annihilatesenemieswith powerful artillery fire and magic! - Monk: Uses hisfists andpowerful magic to smite evil! - Mystic Wolf Guardian:Brilliantlightning skills! The power of Sirius! Enemies watch out,she'lldestroy all those in her way! - Noblia: Dominates the enemieswithdifferent weapons and her super strong power! - IceWarlock:Powerful frost magic attack sweeps the enemies off theground! -Burst Breaker: Sprightly and unpredictable! Single strikewillblast the entire battlefield! - Eclair: Her second tononeversatility will lead the enemies to their ruin! - Blood Demon:Herbloodthirsty spear yearns for lives! - Demon Blade: His bladecutsa bloody path through the battleground! - Crimson Assassin:Cool asice! The battlefield is her playground! - Dark Valkyrie:Sheseduces with her chains and judges with her scythe! -Berserker:Behold his rage as he destroys everything in sight! - CatAcrobat:Quick and agile, fall in love with her spunky fightingmoves! -Shadow Mage: His eerie shadow will ensnare and annihilateenemies!* Experience a game system like no other! - It's more funif youwork together! Enjoy the new Guild system! - Pets that keepyourside and make you stronger! - Grow stronger through 103differentstages in Stage Mode! - Encounter the Monster Wave! Attackanendless wave of monsters! - Climb and conquer the 50 floors oftheTower of Tribulation! - Test your skills in Arena, Versus,andMelee! Become the ultimate champion! - Work together todefeatpowerful bosses in "World Boss"! - Use the Auto-Battlefeature toclear stages more conveniently! * Minimum DeviceRequirement:Galaxy S3 ** This game is available in 한국어, English,日本語, 中文简体,中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português, Русский,Vietnam, ไทย** There may be additional costs when trying to obtaincertainitems. [GeneralForum][Facebook] *Accessauthority noticefor gameplay STORAGE: The authority is required tostore game dataand will not access personal files such as photos.PHONE: Theauthority is required to proceed with in-game events andrewards andwill not affect calls. * GAMEVIL Official Website: * GAMEVIL Customer Support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG 3.9.0g
Join forces with millions of Bounty Hunters online for themostintense hack-and-slash adventure! Fate has thrust the land intoanage of chaos that ushered in the rise of darkness. Now, thepeoplemust fend for themselves against bandits, monsters andotherterrors. However, for mercenaries and bounty hunters, this isanage of unbridled opportunity and prosperity, for justicealwaysdemands a high price, and their business has never beenbetter!It's at this time rising heroes like yourself must grabtheir swordand ask themselves: Do I fight for good? Or for gold?THE ULTIMATEHACK 'N' SLASHER ON MOBILE o Discover the casualcontrols that makeamazing combat moves easily accessible to anyone.o Hunt downmonsters, dark knights, devil minions, demon mages andothervillains in more than 90 dungeon crawler missions, includingEpiclevels for true ARPG dungeon legends. UNMATCHED GRAPHICS oAmazinganimations for your heroes, attacks and slain foes make theentireexperience more satisfying. o Detailed visuals with stunningAAAgraphics that bring your MMO adventure to life. o Exploregorgeousenvironments, unlike any dungeon game you’ve seen, fromtheshattered realm of Valenthia to the cold and barbarousValenOutpost. LEGENDARY POWERS o Wield over 900 pieces of armorandweaponry. Your heroes will need all the customization they canfindin this massive RPG adventure game. o Unleash hundredsofdevastating spells and skills in battle. o Master the Elementsbystrategically equipping the best weapons, armor and magic. oEvolveand Master gear to compete in PvP and PvE features like theArena.FIGHT WITH FRIENDS o Rally up to 3 other player heroes tofightside by side in Co-Op multiplayer mode. o Hire friends asAllies tohelp you become a great slayer of evil along your journeyofvengeance, where you'll discover arcane legends. o Join a Guildandclash against other players in competitive battles. BUILD,DEFEND& RAID o Build and upgrade a Stronghold in thisMMO-stylebastion-defense mode. o Tactically deploy over 230 Minionsto 60Trap Rooms to stop any hunters that dare attack. o Craftpowerfuldefenders by collecting Minion Shards in Co-Op mode. o Defyotherheroes to try and break into your bastion of traps inthisasynchronous MMORPG challenge! ALWAYS MORE TO EXPLORE oDailyDungeons not only provide a fresh dungeon quest for heroes,butallow you to collect rare materials to craft powerful equipmentandboosts. o Weekly Events and Legendary Hunts give you the chancetoprove yourself a worthy Bounty Hunter as you fight the dungeonbossand unlock exclusive gear in the game. o Seasonal Challengesaddcompletely unexpected twists to your adventure, but offeruniquerewards for success. o Climb the leaderboards as you takedownchallenges, so everyone will recognize your warrior'slegacy!You’ll earn mighty rewards along the way as well. If you’rea fanof fantasy, MMORPGs, action role-playing games, ormultiplayerdungeon games, and have a hunger to slay endless hordesof monstersas you explore ancient crypts and magical strongholds,then stopwaiting and download Dungeon Hunter 5 now! The world canill affordto wait for heroes such as yourself… Find out more aboutthe gameon the official site -- ___Visitour official site at Check out thenewblog at Don't forget to follow us onsocialmedia: Facebook: Instagram: This app allows you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third-partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third-party site. Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
HIT 1.31.215524
NEXON Company
"**HIT requires OS 4.1.0., 1.5GB RAM, and 1.4 GHz quad-core /1.5GHz dual-core. It is compatible with Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note2andany devices with higher processors for optimized gameplay. Youwillneed a network connection to play. HIT needs around 2GB offreestorage space to download. CONQUER foes in real-time PvP andarenabrawl! RAID epic bosses with friends and allies! >Guildtournament (3 vs 3 guild war), Real Time PvP Duel Arena, 6playerbrawl arena , and Friendly 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3! > Raidinreal-time and enter the arena to challenge other heroes inrealtime! VISCERAL VISUALS > Slice and dice monstrous foesandtravel through spectacular 3D environments powered by UnrealEngine4. > Feel the full weight of your attacks as you cutdownformidable enemies! SIMPLE CONTROLS, MASSIVE COMBOS &SPLENDIDSKILL EFFECTS > Dominate foes with aerial attacks,throws, andknockdowns with just one tap! > Chain togetherattacks toinflict maximum punishment! INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION >Endlessequipment, weapon enhancements and costumes let youcustomize yourhero to fit your playstyle > Journey to new areaswith yourfaithful pet ENDLESS ADVENTURE > Build yourcharacter’sexperience in the Tower of Trials and Tower of Challenge> Go onquests to explore ever-expanding maps and become the heroof yourown incredible tales! COMMUNITY “Please visit our officialFacebookpage and Forum for latest news and announcements!” ※OfficialFacebook : ※ OfficialForum : ※ Official Page: SUPPORT Are you having problems?Visit( or contact our in-game customer servicebygoing to Settings > Information > Customer Service>Customer Center Thanks for playing! Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy: *Under our Terms of ServiceandPrivacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to playordownload HIT. [Google App Permissions Information] 1.""""In-apppurchases"""" must be enabled to purchase charged in-gameitems. 2.""""Photos/Media/Files"""" must be enabled to downloadadditionalgame contents from updates. 3. """"Wi-fi connectioninformation""""must be enabled to download additional game contentsfrom updates.*Android 6.0 - Requires access to Permission #2 at thelaunch ofthe application. No additional processes for #1 and #3arerequired. *Android 5.1 and below - Requires access toPermissionswith 1 pop-up. These are the necessary permissions thatwe need inorder to provide proper game installation/performance toour users.Please note that we do NOT collect any personalinformation.[Permission Management] ▶ Android 6.0 or higher -Settings >Applications > Select App > Permissions ▶ UnderAndroid 6.0 -Update OS version to retract permissions; Uninstallapp ※ If theapp does not request consent for the permission, youcan manage thepermission by the above steps."
Eternium 1.3.19
Eternium is an amazingly fun and beautifully crafted ActionRPG,reminiscent of the great classics. Eternium stands out fromothermobile Action RPGs by its effortless “tap to move” andinnovative“swipe to cast” controls, and its player-friendly “nopaywalls,never pay to win” philosophy. With the exception of acouple ofonline-only features, the game can also be played offlineafter thecontent download completes. Drawing signs to cast spellsis easyand rewarding. The tap-to-move control is more natural andrelaxingthan thumbsticks, and it’s also truer to thevintagepoint-and-click Action RPG experience. The game can bereallyplayed for free, as more than 90% of our players do.Purchases arecompletely optional. Gems, the game’s main currency,can becollected from enemies and quests. There is no limitingstamina orenergy. The best things in the game are obtained byplaying, notpaying. As of fall 2017, major new features are inadvanced stagesof development, including real-time multiplayer,town portal, and afourth world. Enjoy the visceral satisfaction ofresponsive,fast-paced combat, with spectacular special effects,pleasingsounds, rewarding damage numbers, all set againstimmersivebackdrops and atmospheric, inspiring music scores. Play asa Mage,Warrior or Bounty Hunter, wielding a sword, axe, staff orgun.Level up to learn new abilities and increase yourattributes.Battle skeletons, zombies, automatons, aliens, demons,dragons andmany other creatures, across three beautifullyhand-crafted worlds,or in endless generated levels. Venture intodark caves anddungeons, explore forests, villages and graveyards,lay siege todemon controlled castles, brave snowy mountain peaks,travel to themoon to slay strange creatures among craters andcanyons, andbeyond, to the deserts, pyramids and jungles of the redplanet.Open treasure chests to loot gold, gemstones and battlegear. Equipshiny breastplates, menacing helmets and hoods, spikedshoulderpads, mysterious cloaks or capes. Protect yourself with ashield,or choose to wield two weapons as a warrior. Rescue yourtank,healer and ranger companions who will join you in battle. Usetheirabilities together with yours to create rewarding andpowerfultactical combos. Experience a refreshing storyline, filledwithinterplanetary intrigue and seasoned with funny characters.Huntyour arch-enemy, Ragadam, across the worlds, while tryingtouncover and undo his twisted plans. Progress from common torare,epic and legendary gear. Find gemstones that fit in yourarmor’ssockets. Craft socketed rings and amulets, and fuse three oftheminto a higher quality one. Unleash awesome offensiveabilities,such as Whirlwind, Shockwave, Arc Lightning or Blizzard,controlthe enemy crowd with Frost Nova, Vortex, Silence, or sneakandassassinate with Smokescreen, Traps and Snipe. Each hero classhasaccess to about 20 abilities (skills or spells), and each ofyourthree companions has four more. The game starts simple,butculminates in a flurry of tactical possibilities at highlevels.Once your hero reaches level 70, your experience points gointoChampion Levels, which are unlimited and yield steadystatupgrades. Champion Levels are also inherited by your newheroes, sothey will have an easier time growing up. Aside from thethreestory acts, an endless progression of beautiful, randomlygeneratedlevels awaits in the Trials of Valor game mode. Eterniumis craftedwith passion by a small band of old-school RPG fans, wholovemaking the game they always wanted to play.
Dungeon Hunter 4
Venture forth into the mostimmersive,accomplished, and addictive chapter of the acclaimedaction RPGsaga!***** REDISCOVER THE THRILL OF DUNGEON CRAWLER GAMES- Hack your way through an EPIC STORYLINE & a darkfantasyadventure- SLASH hundreds of enemies and massive bosses- LOOT countless items***** EXPERIENCE A TRUE RPG- Choose from 4 types of warriors with unique combat styles- UPGRADE your battle skills- CUSTOMIZE, craft and charm your gear- Throughout the game, unveil the mysteries surroundingyourwarriors***** GO FOR MULTIPLAYER ACTION- Fight along your friends in the CO-OP arenas- Show off your battle skills in the action-packed PVP mode- Gather up and fight other warriors in TEAM DEATHMATCH gamesThe Demons, a race thought to have been extinguished eons ago,havereturned. You awaken from what seemed like a nightmare to findyourkingdom, Valenthia, decimated. Unharmed from the battle, youaremysteriously gifted with tremendous new power and skills. Youcouldbe your people’s only remaining hope…Embark on an epic adventure and get ready to fight your waythroughintense solo and multiplayer levels in this new freeinstallment ofthe iconic dungeon crawler game.This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of: hack 'nslash,action RPGs, dark fantasy games, multiplayer and freeadventuregames.If you are one of them, get the game now for free!_____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our free upcoming games.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
로스트킹덤 1.0.52
New character, Archmage, released! Master caster of awesomeanddestructive magic skills Experience the dazzling actionblossomingon the battlefield! ▷▷▷▷▷ Update Content ◁◁◁◁◁ # Newcharacter,Archmage, released! Master caster of awesome anddestructive magicskills Experience the dazzling action blossomingon thebattlefield! # Elite Raid for top Legions! Unprecedentedthrill andaction at your fingertips! Enjoy Elite Raids preparedexclusivelyfor the best Legions! # Craft the Ultimate Gear! Gobeyond Mythicgear and experience the ultimate power! Craft theperfect Gear andengage in epic battles! Craft items to aid you inbattle! Lookingfor items to polish your battles to perfection?Craft uniquePotions/Materials for your personal use! ▷▷▷▷▷ Features◁◁◁◁◁ #100% user-centered game content and features! Developyourcharacter and enjoy all content in Lost Kingdom for free! #ForgetLevel & Gear handicaps! Experience skill-based PvP Arena!Feelthe thrill of winning a losing battle! Bask in exhilarationaftertaking out a high level player! Put your skills to the test inabalanced PvP Arena. # Achieve Level 40 to unlock formidablenewskills! Breathtaking hit and run tactics! Enjoy the thrill ofRaidswith new skills befitting your level. # PVP – Perfect timing,wits,and control! Counter a counter attack! No skill is secondaryinPvP. Use them all strategically to win! Face opponents in realtimeand prove your worth! # Blessings of Top Rankers! Top Rankerscanbestow players with beneficial buffs in town. Feel theoriginalspirit of classic online RPG fellowship. # Top qualitystages andscenarios! Unravel an epic story as you fight your waythrough openbattlefields. Powerful secrets surround Gilgamesh'ssuddenappearance. As the new guardian, it is up to you to protectEridfrom evil! Tame and ride incredible beasts in thebattlefield!Defend the gates from incoming demon waves, protectancient relicsfrom demon interference. Immerse yourself in diversemissions andbattlefields. # Access rights for gameplay (Gameservicesrestricted if disabled) 1) Device ID access rights forprocessingevent rewards, real-time game elements, and customerservice. 2)Access rights for game installation in external memory.3) Accessrights to receiving notifications.
EvilBane: ReBoot 2.1.2 your enemies with the power of the Heavenstone!A new era of hack and slash RPG begins now withEvilBane.Bone-shattering action rendered in console-quality 3Dgraphicstakes place in a massive fantasy world with thousands ofloot to beunearthed. Experience the epic role-playing game on yourmobiledevice now!Twenty years after war devastated the land, a dark andpowerfulshadow has returned to the kingdom of Ceroth and challengesthemighty power of the Heavenstone. The land, which had prosperedforso long, now finds its peace threatened. It is time for thechosenRaven to rise and save the world before the shadow demolishesallhope.== Features ==• Gear – Evilbane’s stunning gear is crucial for dominatingthebattlefield. Customize your character with over 1,000differentweapons and armor.• Raid - Team up with your allies to defeat powerful bosses andreapthe glory and riches as your reward.• Dungeon - From thick forests to desert dunes, chillingglaciersand explosive volcanoes, and all the way to a flyingcitadel,endless exploration awaits with opportunities to acquireuniquegear.• Arena - Be prepared and equip yourself with gear worthy ofachampion as you challenge others to test your strength. Letthefighting begin!• Guild – Bond with your closest and strongest allies. You willneedto fight as one to battle against other guilds for honorandpride.Minimum system requirements : CPU Dualcore 1.2GHz, Ram 1GBTerms ofService:※ This game requires a large amount of storage space and mayneedaccess to your external storage. Therefore, we needauthorizationfor the following:* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEAuthorization is recommended for smoother gameplay. It willnotauthorize access beyond installing and reading thisgame.
Shadowblood 1.0.702
Enjoy a limitless Action RPG with ample speed, coolskills,andsophisticated, beautifully renderedgraphicsGameCharacteristics◆ Splendid and lively actionFeel the joyof triumphwith continuous actionEnjoy the best Action RPG with 6attractive& unique characters◆ Diverse Combat Features inReal-timeBe thewinner in 1vs1 real-time bloody battlesConquer theraid bosses withstrategic teamplayEnjoy a variety of rewards byattacking enemieswith your elite parties◆ Various Skills andExtensiveWeaponsExperience overwhelming power by combining variousskills inyour own styleBecome the ultimate warrior by collectingmore than3,000 types of armor and Soul stones to defeat legendarymonsters◆Engaging Storyline within a Vast WorldSave the land ofNarr fromArcand, the corrupted resident dragonBecome theShadowblood, thelegendary hero, and bring peace back to the land**Like us onFacebook for up-to-date information and events.Officialfanpage:** CustomerSupportPleasecontact: [email protected]** This game requires thefollowingpermissions for optimal gameplay.- Permission to accessdevicestatus for account create [READ_PHONE_STATE] - Permission tosyncyour Google account [GET_ACCOUNTS]- Permission to savenecessarygame data externally[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]
Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG 2.1.0
~NEW~ Player Housing system - get your own little piece ofArlor!~NEW~ Pet Animancy system - combine your pets into asinglepowerhouse! Arcane Legends is the best fantasy action RPGandMMORPG game on mobile, perfect for both tablets andphones!Adventure through dungeons in this MMO and fight bosses,find loot,join guilds and collect pets. Explore a breathtaking 3Dworld withfriends in this massive award-winning game from SpacetimeStudios.Build your character and quest alongside thousands of otherplayersonline and synchronously in real time. Your quests will takeyouand your friends through castles, forests, and dungeons asyoufight dragons, orcs, and other evil forces attempting todestroythe kingdom of Arlor. ***** "10 best games for Smartphones"–Kotaku ***** "A Hack & Slash Home Run" – Forbes ***** "Bestofthe Best" – MMORPG ***** "One of the most impressive gameswe'veseen in a long time" – Pocket Gamer ***** "One of the bestmobileMMORPG experiences you can find" - Touch Gen ***** "Asperfect amobile adventure game as one could ask for" - New GamerNation Epicevents every week means there's always new things to doand newways to play! + Three different classes, dozens of skills,andthousands of items to customize your hero. + Collect andgrowmystical pets that help you on quests. + Loot thousandsoflegendary weapons and items. + Play co-op with other heroes inthePvE campaign + Get competitive in three PvP modes: capturetheflag, deathmatch, and duels!
Dungeon Quest
New Features: Graphics Overhaul/Enhancements - We have addedseverallevels of graphical additions to Dungeon Quest. DynamicShadows havebeen added to all areas. Players have full controlover the qualityof the shadows through the options menu. Legendand Eternal LegendCrafting - Our new Legend Crafting System allowsyou to Salvage yourunwanted Legend and above items in return forCrafting Dust. If youhave already unlocked a Legend item, you cannow navigate to theLegendEx and create it for Dust. If you haven'tunlocked the item,you'll be able to unlock creation of the Legenditem with Dust! Thisprovides a new way to target the Legend itemsyou want while notbeing a slave to random chance. Eternal ItemCodex Tracking - Notonly will you be able to create Legends itemfrom the LegendEx inPatch 3.0, you'll also be able to createEternal Legends from thebrand new Eternal Tracking Section of theCodex. Pet Crafting System- To facilitate customizing your pets abit more, we've enabled theDiamond through Fluorite and Topazcrystals on Pets. The onlydifference is that these Crystals willconsume 5 of each typeinstead of the usual 1 crystal. Bug Fixesand System Adjustments:Stat Change and Reset - Having near 300stat points was always a bittedious to assign and respec, so we'vecut down the amount of statpoints you gain per level from 3 to 1,and have tripled theeffectiveness of each Stat. We've alsoimproved the speed a bit ofstat assigning. Better Gold PurchaseValue THANK YOU for supportingDungeon Quest and for helping usmake even better games! With recenteconomy changes and improvementin past patches, the gold purchasehad become unfortunatelyoutdated. Each purchase now yields 100TIMES the amount of gold asthey did before! *************** Embarkon a journey to find thebest loot and defeat all challengers inthis truly free-to-playOffline Action RPG. Featuring randomizedloot, dynamicallygenerated dungeons, and 4 acts each with their ownlegendary bossawaiting. Journey through unlimited floors ofincreasinglydifficult enemies while collecting the best itemspossible whilecompeting with your friends in our Battle Arenacompetitiveleagues. Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue withinfinitelycustomization weapons and armor to help destroy theelemental evilsplaguing the land. There are always new ways tovanquish your foes!Upgrade your gear with our Crystal and Mythstonecrafting system.Make your character even more powerful using ourGear-Based Skilland Talent system. Tired of playing alone? Bringyour othercharacters into combat with you to gain experience andlootalongside your hero using our Hireling system. Or maybe you'llcomeacross one of the many endearing companions included in ourPetsystem! Features Include: • Play for as long as you wantnotcontent or pay walls • Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Roguewithamazing randomized loot you find on your adventure! • Neverfightin the same dungeon twice! Climb your way through morethanunlimited randomly generated floors. • Test your skill againstoneof 4 Legendary bosses at the end of every Act! • Bring yourothercharacters into your adventures using the new Hireling System!•Manage your player AI to create your own army of adventures!•Native Controller integration for bluetooth with HID support!•Customize the dungeon's difficulty and rewards by choose between8enemy power levels. • New Pet System that lets you chooseafollower to aid in your journey. We are dedicated to makingDungeonQuest the best ARPG on mobile! New content will be addedregularly,so follow us on either our forums, Twitter, or Facebookto get thelatest news!
Inotia 4 1.2.8
Which side will you choose when the two forces riseagain?Inotiasaga brought to the next level! 《Inotia 4》Stride alongwith Kiyan,the Shadow Tribe's virtuoso, and Eara, the influentialChannel ofLight, in their fantasy adventure story. With improvedgraphics andstoryline from the previous series, get indulged in thebattlesagainst goblins, orcs, and more!A new hero awaits to bereleasedfrom his shadows, or the all-new Inotian continentmobileRPG action game!■ Feature Highlights ■- 6 Classes, 90SkillsChoosefrom 6 classes; Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock,Priest, andRanger.15 different skills are added to each class.Combine allskills to customize your party's strategy.- ConvenientPartySystemMercenaries can be recruited to your party anytimeandanywhere. Once all mercenaries are recruited, 20 or moreunique'mercenary skills' will help you along your journey.- One OfTheLargest Mobile RPG MapsDry deserts and freezingsnowfields,mysterious forests and dark dungeons...400 maps withvarious themesto roam through!- A Tragic Destiny and Other Schemesawait theShadow Assassin and the Channel of LightA breathlesschase-and-runstory where the two heroes meet companions, enemies,and monsters;Be immersed in emotions as the darkness and lightcontradicts inforce...Enjoy a stronger, and better, scenario. -ExclusiveSub-quests Ready To Be UnraveledEnjoy other sub-quests ineachregion of the Inotian continent besides the main story.Asyouaccomplish the quests, you will get your hands onsomeextraordinary items.Listen to stories of each villager andmonsterto unfold other mysteries.- End of a Story means a Beginningof aNew Journey: Infinite Dungeon for Hardcore PlayersCleared thewholestory? Get ready to start a new one in Infinite Dungeon!5different memory layers will relocate you to a battle that wasofyour past...but different the next time.Fight villains thatareeven more vicious and smellier than the main story, to becometheultimate master of Inotia!This game is free to play, but youcanchoose to pay real money for extra items.★Languagesupport:English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.* Access permission noticeforgameplay· STORAGE: The permission is required to store gamedataand will not access personal files such as photos.· PHONE:Thepermission is required to proceed with in-game events andrewardsand will not affect calls.· CONTACTS: The permission isrequired tosync your friend list and Google Account.※ You'll beable to enjoythe service except features related to aboveauthorities even ifyou don't give permission to the above.★★Android OS 4.0.3 and upis required starting with v1.2.5.• Items areavailable for purchasein this game. Some paid items may not berefundable depending onthe type of item. • For Com2uS Mobile GameTerms of Service, visit Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:• For questionsorcustomer support, please contact our Customer Support byvisiting────────────────PlaywithCom2uS!────────────────Follow us! usonFacebook! andUpdates
ZENONIA® 5 1.2.7
ZENONIA® 5: Wheel of DestinyOnly available up to Android4.4(Kit-Kat)The Definitive Action RPG Returns!Long ago, a greatwarwas fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind. But astheyears passed, greed and selfishness corrupted the hearts ofman.The elite rich began to exploit the poor and great darknesscameover the kingdom. Then, from the ruins of a slum village, risesahero destined for greatness… Immerse yourself once again inthebest action RPG for mobile. Defeat impossible bosses andunravelthe mysteries in stunning HD!───────────────────────────•INTUITIVEVISCERAL COMBAT •Play like you’ve never played before aseachaction sequence syncs in tune with your second by secondreflexesand reactions!• FOUR THRILLING HERO CLASSES •Experience thegamethrough four different heroes: Berserker, Mechanic, WizardandPaladin- with the unique strengths and special moves!•DYNAMICACTION RPG GAMEPLAY •Customize, level up and equip your herowith amassive array of options and skill charts as you delve intothemysteries of Deva Castle!• FACE OFF IN GLOBAL PvP •Takeonchallenges as you play in asynchronous PvP with characters fromallover the world. Reap the rewards in the Abyss as you discoverrareand legendary items!• EXPLORE NEW WORLDS AND CHALLENGES•Withhundreds of side quests and adventures, the story andchallengesnever end. Discover new items and rewards as you diveinto themysteries of ZENONIA® 5!───────────────────────────Jointhecommunityat───────────────────────────PERMISSIONSReadContactData is intended for the sole use of integrating theGAMEVIL LIVEPlatform. The data herein is confidential and willnever bedistributed to the public without notice. Other non-gamingrelatedpermissions are required to prevent in game piracy.NEWS& EVENTSWebsite Facebook※ Required PermissionGuidelinesWhen usingthe app, we may ask permissions for access toprovide the followingservices.[Optional Permission]- CONTACTS:Used for GAMEVIL LIVElogin* There may be additional costs whentrying to obtain certainitems.Terms ofService:
SoulCraft - Action RPG (free) 2.9.5
The Action RPG SoulCraft is the best free Action RPG gameforAndroid. If you have been a range hunter or melee demon inenoughdungeon crawlers and slayers, seen all the loot, blood &gloryand wraith, cleared the crime city, feel like you have beenawarrior for all eternity already fighting dragons, answer thecall,fight for the torchlight of hope, do your duty and choose tobe alegendary hero (or heroes of destiny if you will) in theactionrole playing game SoulCraft. Pick your ninja gun bros (orsister)and put the order back into the world of chaos. Put the gameinyour pockets and you will always have arcane legends with you.Bethe star in the dark, unleash your wild blood and fulfillyourfinal fantasy ;)*** Action RPG can be played OFFLINE !******SoulCraft featured by Google for Google I/O ***** Handpickedgamefor Google booth at Mobile World Congress ****** our favouriteusercomment “This game is better than Elvis” :) ****** for details ***Setting of Action RPGgame:Withhumans on the brink to discover the secret of eternallife, angelsand evil demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypseto be ableto materialize into the real world, fight the humans forvictoryand keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you playas anangel (with humans and demons coming soon) – it is up to youwhowill win this fight. May it be diablo in hell, god in heaven orthehuman race in this war of heroes directly on earth. SoulCraftisbeing developed by the small indie game studio MobileBits. Thegameis still in development and we hope you will take this chancetoshape this free game with us together to make it a real toppickand award winning game with lots of prizes. We will constantlyaddlots of stuff (locations, character, spells, items and more) andwewill use your feedback to decide what to do next.Features:-free2play / freemium Action RPG game with lots of hack nslash anddungeon crawling- awesome graphics and great gameplay inthis bestroleplaying game for Android- combat demons in reallocations suchas Venice, Rome & Hamburg, New York & Egypt.More locationscoming soon!- play as an Angel now with more racesincluding Demonand Human coming soon- five different game modes inlegendaryquests including time run, arena, hellgate, crystaldefense andboss fights- battle lots of different and diversifiedenemies andfight with lots of weapons, swords, items, spells,equipment, gearand loot. Kill like a knight of heaven (aka angel).- Multiplayer:challenge your friends and Co-Op Multiplayer comingsoonDownloadthe best game SoulCraft right now for free and tell uswhat youthink on our feedback page at -and pleaselike us on you:)Soulcraftis now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers,carrier storesand online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.comAndroid TVusers: acompatible gamepad is required to play
Soul Seeker 1.8.8
☆★Reached Top 10 in 59 Countries Worldwide!★☆ Free 6★ LegendHerofor the new users! Utilize the Supporter System forthrillingbattles! Never-ending events with various rewards![Features] ▶Thrilling battles at your fingertips! Non-stop actionthat'll keepyou on the edge of your seat! ▶ Hundreds of Heroes tochoose from!Summon Heroes and form your team to battle! Utilize thespecialSupporter System for a strategic battle! ▶ Unique CraftSystemSpecial tech-tree Craft System for the ultimate victory!Collectthe strongest items to activate the set effect! ▶ Explore ANewWorld Learn about the history of Hermes through ScenarioBattles!Enter the Arena for PvP battles and enter the Guild Battlefor10vs10 Battle! Become victorious and collect your righteousrewardsat the Boss Raids! Challenge your limits with the Tower ofDevilsand fight with your Guild members at the Devil Siege Battle!Enterthe Special Dungeon to pick and choose your own material andplaywith unique Heroes of 500+! Play Soul Seeker now for apersonalbattle experience! Language support: English, 한국어, 日本語,中文简体, 中文繁體,Deutsch, Français, Português, Español, Русский * Accesspermissionnotice for gameplay · STORAGE: The permission is requiredto storegame data and will not access personal files such asphotos. ·PHONE: The permission is required to proceed with in-gameeventsand rewards and will not affect calls. · CONTACTS: Thepermissionis required to sync your friend list and Google Account.※ You'llbe able to enjoy the service except features related toaboveauthorities even if you don't give permission to the above. •Itemsare available for purchase in this game. Some paid items maynot berefundable depending on the type of item. • For Com2uS MobileGameTerms of Service, visit 1) TermsofService : Policy :• For questions orcustomer support, please contact our CustomerSupport by visiting
S.O.L : Stone of Life EX 1.2.6
Oddy Arts
Best Old School RPG!Best Offline RPG for android!Stylish ActionRPG!Challenge for endless dungeons!! Best offline RPG maker, OddyArts.Oddy Arts presents Aurum Blade EX, Hammer of Fury!★ Global 5milliondownloads RPG!! ★ Truly Enjoyable Action RPG !!!Countlessdungeonsfor infinite Challenge!- Dungeon Challenges for variousmissions andbonuses!!- Try to get high score with differenttactics andstrategies. Experience Stylish Actions!- Four uniquejob classes areready for your choice!- Fully customizable weaponsand trainingskills for each Job class- Upgradable Action stylesand Power attackfor each Job class- Fight with the powerful summonmonster, Blade!!-Strategic gameplay is possible with the powerfulsummon monster‘Blade’! Summon the Blade to fight at your side!!-The skills eachBlade has will make the player morepowerful!Infinite weapons andarmors!!- Try different weapons andarmors to change your hero’scostume. - Challenge and Loot the bestitems.- Customize yourweapons and armors by inserting Runes andusing Upgrade stone.Morecontents!- Share items by Stash- Over 300monsters- Quick travelthrough waypoints.- All of this and more iswaiting to bediscovered!!The Stone of Life was known to have thepower of ancientspirits. A war broke out over the stone, onewanted to take controlof it but the other wanted to keep the stonehidden. Ingnis, thedefender of the Stone of Life won the war andtwo thousand yearspassed. Necrosis, once the pursuer of the powerof Stone of Life,starts to seek the power. Who is going to stopthem? You are theonly one to help Ingnis to prevent the waragain.** SOL EX isoptimized on the Tablets **For more information,Homepage:
War of Crown 1.0.69
Your Epic Journey BeginsWhere there is light, there is darkness. The Great War hasravagedthe world of Middeland.Only the sacrifice of the Hero-King brought peace and light tothisonce majestic land that had been ruled by the Darkness.But peace never lasts...War has broken out once more over the Crown of thefallenHero-King.Amidst the chaos, a new hero must rise to purge Middeland oftheDarkness once and for all.Become the hero. The fate of the Crown is in your hands.■ Tactical RPG!-A classic turn-based battle system at your fingertips!-Your every move will turn the tides of battle!-Analyze the enemy and terrain within the battlefield!■ Battle Legendary Bosses-Challenge Epic Bosses for luxurious rewards!-Compete with other players to earn your rank!■ Real-Time PvP: Calling All Master Strategists!-Prove your strength in Real-Time PVP Arena!-Form a Plan, Change the Game, Crush Your Opponents!■ Exclusive Hero Collection-With over 100 heroes & monsters to choose from, mix andmatchto make the best team!-Select from 5 different elements: Water, Wind, Fire, Light,andShadow. Each element has strengths and weaknesses, sochoosewisely!■ Customize your Heroes with the Strongest Gear-Discovery your Hero's true powers with Awaken, UltimateEnhance,and Skill Enhance!-Strengthen your Hero with powerful Gears and Rune Sets!War of Crown Facebook Page Facebook Page of Crown Official Forum Official Forum* This game requires the following permissions foroptimalgameplay.- Permission to sync your Address Book and access device statusforFriend Invites[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE]- Permission to sync your Google account[GET_ACCOUNTS]- Permission to save necessary game data externally[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]** This game is available in English.** There may be additional costs when trying to obtaincertainitems.* GAMEVIL Official Website :* GAMEVIL Customer Support: ofService:
Heroes of Skyrealm 1.6.5
Heroes of Skyrealm is a team-based mobile game that combinestheaction of a hack and slash RPG with battle strategy of anRTS.Summon over 30 legendary Heroes, each with unique abilitiesandplay styles. Use powerful attack or support spells, blast yourfoesfrom distance with long-range weapons, or hack and slashyourenemies with massive swords and melee weapons. Action, RPG, orRTS- the choice is yours!KEY FEATURES- Fast-paced, team-based hackandslash action – unlike any other action RPGs, bring three heroestothe fight at the same time!- Co-op Boss Raid – hack and slashwithtwo friends - up to nine Heroes at once, all inreal-time!-Real-time PvP Battle Arena, with proprietarymatchmakingtechnology- RTS gameplay – build your base in the sky,collectresources, scout and conquer enemy territoriesTired of thesame oldstrategy and RPG games? Heroes of Skyrealm is a completelynewexperience that puts you in control, and gives you tons ofgameplayoptions. Are you an RPG fan? Customize your Heroes’ skills,levelup their gear and maximize their stats before battling theenemy.Are you an action junkie? Assemble your Heroes into theperfectteam and hack and slash your way to victory in thisgroundbreakingaction RPG. Do you relish the challenge of RTS orMOBA games? Trythe brand-new Stronghold Mode, where TowerDefensemeets RTSgameplay! Looking for even more action? Crush your Rivalsin thereal-time PvP Battle Arena.**Now available in 6differentlanguages: English, French, German, Portuguese, SpanishandSimplified ChinesePlease select your preferred language attheTitle Screen on the upper left** Like our fan page to keepintouch:
Dungeon Legends - PvP Action MMO RPG Co-op Games 3.2
Help your people! Join the fight against the Skeleton Boss,andbecome the best hero in the dungeons. Live a real adventurewiththis online Action MMORPG game. Enjoy Dungeon Legends for free,anddiscover an endless world of battles, quests, and epiccreatures.Dungeon Legends is a hack & slash game optimized formobiledevices. A classic ARPG experience adapted to touch screens.Fightagainst other players in the pvp multiplayer modes like theArena,and become a legend of the dungeons. Go over the dungeonslookingfor incredible adventures, and legendary treasures, or askfor helpto overcome the quests of the online cooperativemultiplayer mode.Join a clan and fight the most epic battles toconquer thedungeons. Adapt your hero to your gameplay. Turn yourDwarf into anepic warrior, a healer, a hunter or a protector. Trainyour hero inthe adventure quests, and fight other heroes in theonline pvpmultiplayer arena. 🐲 BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE It was along timeago, but Dwarfs remember the Skeleton Boss. He attackedthevillages with his army of goblins, skeletons, trolls, andbalrogs.But Dwarfs do not surrender, they fear nothing, and theycooperatedto hunt their enemies, and battle that army. Dwarfsdefeated theSkeleton Boss, and force him to hide in the ancientDungeons. Now,the Skeleton Boss is back. He is summoning an army toleave hisprison, and take revenge on the Dwarfs. The Skeleton Bossiswaiting in his throne, deep in the Dungeons.The only hope fortheDwarfs is to find him, cooperate, and hunt him before herecovershis power. 🔮DISCOVER AN ENDLESS ADVENTURE RPG GAME Eachquest inthis Action RPG is unique. Unleash your arcane powers, andhack andslash the evil creatures with a good strategy to obtainlegendaryrewards. Hunt the evil in the campaign or take part onthemultiplayer battles onlines. ⚔️ FIGHT IN THE ONLINEMULTIPLAYERARENA Fight epic PvP battles with other heroes, or theonlinemultiplayer modes. Enter the arena alone or with friends, andproveyou are the best evil hunter in the dungeons. 🏆 PARTICIPATEINPVE/PVP EVENTS Help your fellows dwarves in the PvE events,andcompete with them in the PvP battles. Each week there is anewopportunity to prove yourself as the best dwarf. 🎮 ENJOY ATRUEACTION RPG GAME This mmorpg controls are designed fortouchscreens. Hack & Slash game mechanics adapted to mobiledevices.🎁SHARE YOUR ADVENTURES ONLINE Explore the onlinemultiplayer coopadventures with your friends. Cooperate with otherepic heroesonline to complete the hardest quests or fight againstthem in theonline multiplayer PvP arena. ⭐️ AWESOME FEATURES: -Play a trueAction RPG adventure - Enjoy the Hack & Slashmechanics - Fightin epic multiplayer battles against other heroesonline - Joinother heroes to complete the online coop quests - PlayPvP fightsin the dungeons - Participate in weekly PvE events - Teamup withyour friends in the online coop adventure - PvE events,PvPbattles, online multiplayer battles, and coop battles can beplayedfor free If you are looking for a new hack & slash gameandmobile action rpg game, this mmorpg adventure game will be yournewfavourite RPG, action MMO, online RPG, and PvP game. Will youbethe best dwarf? Be prepared for amazing boss battles,legendaryonline PvE quests, coop multiplayer levels full of action,and anew world full of arcane magic. Please note: - This epicMMORPGgame is free to play, but in-apps items can be purchased withrealmoney. To restrict in-app purchases adjust the settings onyourdevice. - Dungeon Legends is an online ARPG game, and requiresanInternet connection to play. --- Like thegame: Followus: Join the OfficialForum:
Taichi Panda 2.52
The atmosphere of Thanksgiving has also been spread in Avzar!Incelebration of the day, we've prepared several special treatsforyou! The new Solo Challenge in Team Instance is ready for youtochallenge, the Pet Tale is waiting for you to experience, andalsothe mount desires fortification. Besides, new rewards havenowarrived in Battle Royale. Come and find out more! Touch Arcade –“Astand-out in RPG genre!” App Advice – “An intense andfast-paceddungeon crawler!” 148 Apps – “Make this the Year of thePanda!”Inside X Game*Spark – “Best of Social/Mobile E3 2015”==Features==The Journey Begins Grab your sword and battle hordes ofcrazycreatures, magical mysteries, and sinister specters onanaction-filled journey to become the ultimate legend! Prove youhavewhat it takes in a goofy and thrilling action adventureMMOrendered with PC game quality 3D graphics and full-bodymotioncapture technology. Slash Through Opponents True power lieswithin,unleash your hero and fight through to infinity! Battlethroughunique levels wielding blades, magic, and fists to bashenemiesinto oblivion with a fun, fast-paced action combat system.Masterthe unique skills of 8 distinct heroes to defeat enemies andbecomethe ultimate champion of Avzar! Discover Powerful Gear Buildup apowerful hero through strength and cunning in an RPGadventure!Collect and upgrade gear, skills, pets and mounts toincrease yourmight and unlock your inner potential. Do you havewhat it takes tobecome a Taichi Legend? Battle Online and Rule theLand Join inonline PvP and co-op with other players! Take onpowerful bosses,and become a hero alongside allies in TeamInstances. Battle in thearena, join Guilds for online Guildcompetition and co-op, or enterthe fray in 25v25 Battle Royale PvP.Capture territory in Warpath,and rise to the top in team arena PvPLeague! ==Connect== Visit ourofficial site to learn more aboutTaichi Panda: Join the Taichi Pandacommunity and learnmore on Facebook and our official Forum FacebookPage: CommunityForum:
Guardian Soul - Real Time Strategy + Action RPG 1.4.1
It's a masterpiece RPG that attracts gamers all over the worldbycombining real time strategy (RTS) and action RPG ! GuardianSoulis the fantasy role playing endless rts strategy of yourdreams! ⚔️THE NEW KIND OF RPG Are you looking for less stressfulbut moreexciting RTS RPG game? Then join the spectacular warsparticipatedby commanders throughout the world! This new conceptRTS RPG willtake you on a journey of a lifetime. Specially craftedfor the realfans of free RPG games and Real Time Strategy games.🛡️EXPLOREGUARDIAN SOUL WORLD OF FANTASY Our fantasy RPG leads youon ajourney filled with tons of worlds, monsters, enemies, andendlessdungeons. – All with visually impressive graphic art. Browseourunique guardians, pick your favorite and try to dominate onyourown in a RTS RPG, or against other players in an onlineroleplaying adventure! ❤️WHY YOU’LL LOVE GUARDIAN SOUL ★ Varietyofstrategies in real time ★ ✅ Tap & drag! Easy control inrealtime strategy (RTS) ✅ See different guardians & theirskills ✅Create your own guardian combo. ★ Create your ownspecialguardian!★ ✅ Make your own kind of guardian however youwant! Newguardians will be regularly updated! ✅ Unlimited charactermasteryat your own freedom! ✅ Special buffs are provided forenhancedcombo attack! ★ Create your own special guardian!★ ✅ Makeyour ownkind of guardian however you want! It will be regularlyupdatedwith new ones! ✅ Unlimited character mastery at your ownfreedom! ✅Special buffs will be given for your combo! ★Enormouscontentscomparable to that of MMORPG & MMORTS★ ✅ 15 chapters ofstorymodes! ✅ Diverse dungeons that you can endlessly enjoy suchasDimensional Dungeon and Rank Battle. ✅ Endless diverse dungeonsyoucan experience. ★ Real time network contents with users fromallover the world ★ -> ✅ Boss raid that allows up to fiveglobalusers in real time! ✅ Battle against one global user inthreerounds of PVP online battle. ★Guild contents with users alloverthe world★ ✅ Endless journey to become the best guild in theworld!✅ Fiercely fight for your guild honor! ✅ Fiercely fightforresources! ✅ Cooperate with your guild members in the guildbossraid! Get ready for another counterattack soon! See why wehavebeen one of the best free role playing games. Downloadthismesmerizing twist of the real time strategy and roleplayinggames!★User Permissions★ User permissions required for the gameuse. -External storage Read/Write (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE). Access authority is required to saveandload game data. "STEP 1. When the game is launched for thefirsttime, allow permission for [Access to Device Photos, Media,andFiles] in the pop-up message window." STEP 2. From yourdevice'sSettings menu, set Storage to Allow: [Application manager>Guardian Soul > Permissions > [Storage] Free RPG.CONTACT:Homepage:
Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG
( Please note that this game requires an internet connectiontoplay, and you may download additional data by a laterversionupdate ) Fun like you’ve never had before! Find thestrongest teamof Guardians! Exciting new action in Guardian Hunter- Super BrawlRPG! Fight new enemies, summon charming new Guardians,and turnyour hero into a super powerful knight, mage, or archer.ExploreBellia in the awesome and improved Guardian Hunter! ▶ NewAreas andnew Dungeons ◀ - The Mysterious ‘Astanian Temple’ hasdozens of newadventures, guardians, and enemies awaiting you. - Thesecret dooris now open, so enter the forgotten temple and find allof thevaluable artifacts waiting for you there. - Hunt throughhundredsof adventures in both the old areas and the new AstanianTemple! -See how far you can get in the endless dungeon with aninfinitestream of enemies flying at you! See the explosion ofbeautiful 3Dgraphics ▶ Live Co-op Party Play ◀ - Don’t play aloneanymore! Showyour friends that you know how to fight with honor! -Now you canplay with more than just Guardians. Invite your friendsfor somelive action! Challenge your friends to see who can takedown themost enemies in each dungeon! - Visit Bellia with friendsfor liveco-op play! Play hide and seek with friends in real-time! ▶WeaponGem System ◀ - Why is the opponent stronger than you? Becausethegreat gems covering their equipment! - The gem system hasbeenadded to strengthen equipment! Give yourself the edge inthedifficult challenge modes! - Now you can customize your geartoimprove the strength and apply some powerful boosts to yourarmorand weapons. ▶ Guild War ◀ - Decide the strongest guildnow!Assault your opponent guild’s forts and take them down!-Cooperation is the key to success in these challenging GuildWars.Participate in the Guild War to see which guild is the best.-Raise your guild’s honor and reputation to give yourself afightingchance against the Guilds at the top of the leaderboard! -Play asa team and fight as a party in an elite team of GuardiansandHunters combined into an astounding action force! - Become aHunterand participate in the Super Brawl RPG now! Guardian Hunterisconstantly updated with new Guardians and features! We listentoour players and implement the features that are requested byourcommunity. Visit our Facebook Page or Forums to join in ontheconversation! Over 90 Guardians to collect, each more coolandpowerful than the last! Friendly for new players andveteransalike. Once you start Guardian Hunter you'll feel right athomeleveling your Hunter and fighting against the Invaders fromtheUnderworld to achieve peace in Bellia! Guardians of all kinds!-Football Players! - Ancient Chinese Warriors! - Demons! - Mages!-Monsters! - Dragons! - Robots! - Karate Masters! - Vikings! -ANDMORE! Three totally distinct character classes. JoinGuardianHunter today and start on your new, epic journey! ※Additional datadownload is required.(300M) ※ Contact us! -Facebook: -Mail:[email protected] ※ Need help? *Please visit our Facebookpageon and click'Message'to leave your message. You can also contact our officialmail:[email protected] ※ If you would like to recover youraccount,please fill out the information below. *IGN(in-game-name) =NickName - Lost IGN: - Last login time: - Last time of purchase: -NewIGN: *To keep the information safe, privately contact us ontheFacebook Messenger or the mail.
Angel Stone RPG 5.0.3
*The hottest new game from Facebook's 2015 "Studio toWatch"winner!* Step into a war between Angels and Demons and entertheworld of Angel Stone. Angel Stone is an action RPG that puts youincontrol of the fate of a post-apocalyptic world. Choose fromthreeclasses - Berserker, Gunslinger, or Shadow Mage and explore60+missions, raids, and live PVP; all in gorgeous 3D graphics.AngelStone is an international cross-platform game, so you canjoinco-op raids and PVP live with friends from anywhere aroundtheworld regardless of whether they play from iOS, Android, or PCviathe Facebook canvas. Where MMORPG meets the Hack-and-Slashgenre,Angel Stone brings the fight into your hands. Key Features:•Beautifully Rendered Fully 3D Graphics • In-depth co-op Raidsafterlevel 60. • Ranked PvP Matches • A deep and immersivemultimediastory experience. • A wide range of weapons and armor tooutfityour character! • Over 100 powerful skills, mix and match tofityour play style! PLEASE NOTE! Angel Stone is completely freetoplay, however some game items can also be purchased for realmoney.Note: A network connection is required to play LanguagesSupported:* English * Deutsch * Français * Español (Europa) *Italiano * 한국어(Korean) * 日本語 (Japanese) * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)* 繁體中文(Traditional Chinese) * Bahasa Indonesia * Português (Brasil)*ภาษาไทย (Thai) Join us on theForums: Watch us onYouTube:
Bladebound: Hack and Slash Action RPG 1.03.32
Artifex Mundi
Save the realm from anarchy in this immersive Action RPG!Fightenemies from the ancient underworld using magic spell andweapons!Become a dungeon hunter always seeking for greater loot ora bountyhunting witcher killing skeleton hordes with your katana.No matterwhich of the endless paths you choose there is a greatadventureawaiting you in Bladebound.Darkness has won in the pastgame ofthrones bringing drastic fate to the kingdom of Ezura. TheDragonBetrayer shattered the last men and started a strong-armrégime.You have been summoned in an ancient ritual to save peoplethatfear their doom. As the last of the Bladebound, you are theonlyhope for bringing back the light. Embark on the final battlewiththe mysterious Sentinel and defeat the evil once andforall!DYNAMIC ACTION RPG✓ thousands of combinations ofpowerfulattacks and spells✓ fight designed exclusively for mobiledevices✓build murderous attack combinations to slash youropponents✓oldschool isometric feelPILLARS OF YOUR VICTORY✓ combinethe powersof all six elements to create a unique battle style✓raise up manato use deadly skills bound to 500 different swords andarmor✓ useevolution to create epic gear like sword of ragnarok ornecklace ofeternity ✓ choose your battles wisely while exploringworld ofsanctuary✓ find a hearthstone and other mysticalingredients tofuse with your weapons✓ consult your Sentinel - adescendant ofangels sent to the kingdom to help youHUNT RUTHLESSOPPONENTS✓ findyour tactics to hunt down the brutal Impaler, Masterof Witchcraftand many others✓ explore the dungeons on 3 difficultylevels - fromnormal to heroic✓ practice your skill at the Arena andin manyother modes✓ unique monsters waiting in the dark dungeonsfor yourswordDOZENS OF HOURS OF AN ADDICTIVE GAME✓ experience thehistoryof the fall and war on several dozens of levels✓ competewith otherplayers and win priceless treasures at the Arena✓ takepart andfight in Events and Weekly Challenges✓ action RPGappreciated byhardcore MMORPG and hack’n’slash fans✓ endgame fullof dungeons anddragons as well as other beasts to be slainAAAQUALITY MOBILE GAME✓Best Mobile RPG – Digital Dragons Awards2018✓ 3D console-likegraphics✓spectacular special effects and smooth gameplay✓experience on yourown that a mobile RPG in epic quality ispossible✓ developed inPoland - country where game development is anational industry!★STAY UP TO DATE! ★Join the order: Get toknow Bladebound:★ Bladeboundrequires Android 4.4or higher and the minimum of 2GB RAM. Internetconnection isnecessary. The game also requires about 0.9GB of freedisk space. ★
Dynasty Blades: Collect Heroes & Defeat Bosses 3.4.0
Dynasty Blades, the first Three Kingdoms 3D MMO-ARPGwithMULTI-WEAPON SYSTEM on mobile. CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES, FIGHTEPICBATTLES, AND DESTROY ANYONE WHO STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND THETHRONE.o SWITCH BETWEEN MULTIPLE WEAPONS WITH JUST ONE TAP! o Hackthroughenemies as the mighty Warrior. o Slash your foes withthelightning-fast Dual Blade. o Summon storms and thunderbolt astheFan Mage. o Knock and kick with dazzling Kungfu combos. oShootenemies down with the magic Firelock. TONS OF EPIC LOOT o Lootandcraft rare weapons, armor, gems, pets, battle flags andmagicalitems to make your characters invincible in battles. REALTIME PVPBATTLES o Enter the arena to battle other players online inepicmatches. o Experience the ultimate combat system: 1 VS 1 PK, 3VS 3Cross-Server PVP at all time. GUILDS o Create a guild andinviteother players to join. o Lead your guild in GvG events todominateleaderboards. ALWAYS A NEW CHALLENGE o Take on Daily andWeeklyEvents for more fun and huge rewards. o Unlock unique rewardsinspecial seasonal events. Contact us: [email protected] Like usonFacebook:
The World 3: Rise of Demon 1.28
The World 3 is the official successor of “The World 2”, arefreshingAction RPG monster hunting game with cutting-edge actiongameplayand stunning graphics!FEATURES- Lots of different EpicBosses! Beatthem all, get loot, and level up!- Smooth battleaction and detailedgraphics, by Good Games and OXON studio!-Blasting impact fromreal-time combat, distinguishing every movefrom normal attacks to aheavy strike!- Innovative Combo BreakingSystem, break Bosses combomoves and counter them with devastatingattacks!There is no absolutedarkness in this worldYet demonsexistAlthough no one was bornevilKind souls have been taintedWhatcan turn a human into ademon?The truth awaits to beunveiled…Download The World 3 to tastethe best action mobile gameof the year!If you need more updates orinformation about The World3, please connect with us!CustomerService:[email protected]
Dragon Blaze 6.0.0
Extraordinary graphics RPG ★Dragon Blaze★ You're the only onewhocan solve the mystery about this never ending war! Get ready togoon an adventure in Dragon Blaze. ■ High quality RPG withanintriguing storyline! - The way to solving the mystery of theneverending war is full of danger. - Boden's descendant, you aretheonly one who can save this world. ■ Splendid graphics anduniqueeffects! - Enjoy Dragon Blaze's amazing graphics. ■ Enjoy thefunof collecting hundreds of allies. - Make the characters fromthestories into your own allies. - Travel with powerful allies.■Leveling up your party is easy! - Challenge combined dungeonstolevel up quicker! - Try different formations and party effects.■An easy-to-enjoy auto battle system! - Be victorious by usingautobattles and AUTO HELP to summon helpers. - Use the autoretrysystem to enjoy a more comfortable gameplay. * Accessauthorizationnotice for gameplay STORAGE : The authority isrequired to storegame data and will not access personal files suchas photos. PHONE: The authority is required to proceed with in-gameevents andrewards and will not affect calls. CONTACTS : Theauthority isrequired to sync your friend list with HIVE. ** Thisgame isavailable in English. ** There may be additional costs whentryingto obtain certain items. * GAMEVIL Official Website: * GAMEVIL Customer Support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
SoulCraft 2 - Action RPG 1.6.0
SoulCraft 2 - League of Angels is the best free Action RPGforAndroid. Choose one of seven Angels and defend earth from theironlegions and knights of hell! Compete multiplayer againstotherplayers in the social league, form guilds and become thebestSoulCraft player in the world.If you have been a range hunterormelee demon in enough dungeon crawlers and hack and slashslayers,seen all the loot, summoners, blood & glory and wraith,clearedthe crime city, feel like you have been a warrior for alleternityalready fighting dragons, answer the call, fight for thetorchlightof hope, do your duty and choose to be a legendary hero(or heroesof destiny if you will) in the action role playing gameSoulCraft.Pick your ninja gun bros (or sister), put the order backinto theworld of chaos and defeat the wars of the gods in theshadowlands.Put the game in your pockets and you will always havearcanelegends with you. Be the star in the dark, be brave atthefrontier, unleash your wild blood and fulfill your finalfantasy;)- New Multiplayer League: Challenge other players inasynchronousmultiplayer matches and customize your defenses. Winyour dailyleagues to become the best SoulCraft Player in the world-7different heroes: Choose your play style from melee warriorstorange mages- Epic singleplayer campaign: continue your questtosave the world from the demons of the apocalypse- Fullcontrollersupport (incl. MOGA) - play it on your big TV screen-OfflineSupport: You can play the singleplayer modes offline as well(thisis not a typical fanstasy MMORPG requiring permanentinternetconnection)Setting of Action RPG game:With humans on thebrink todiscover the secret of eternal life, angels and evil demonsmake apact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materializeinto thereal world, fight the humans for victory and keep thecircle oflife intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel (withhumans anddemons coming soon) – it is up to you who will win thisfight. Mayit be diablo in hell, god in heaven or the human race inthis warof heroes directly on earth. SoulCraft is being developedby thesmall indie game studio MobileBits. The game is stillindevelopment and we hope you will take this chance to shapethisfree game with us together to make it a real top pick andawardwinning game with lots of prizes. We will constantly add lotsofstuff (locations, character, spells, items and more) and wewilluse your feedback to decide what to do next. Download the bestgameSoulCraft right now for free and tell us what you think onourfeedback page at - and please like uson you :)Soulcraft is nowMOGAEnhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores andonlineat http://www.MOGAanywhere.comAndroid TV users: acompatiblegamepad is required to play!
Online RPG AVABEL [Action] 6.32.1
Asobimo, Inc.
-About the Game Action online RPG with ultimate graphics [AVABELONLINE] AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the bestinsmartphone graphics. Users can enjoy the gamesexhilaratingfeatures, such as smooth combo strikes, sequentialattacks withjump action, etc in the same world. Enjoy huntingmonsters andquests in the MMO field "Main Tower" (multiplayerfield), or the"Dungeon" in the MO Field (Played by parties or bysolo), the PvP(Player versus player), or the tower scramble where amax of 1000players fight each other in real time all with the bestgraphics.-------------------------------------------------------------------------[RECOMMENDEDFOR THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS] --- Note this game can alsobe enjoyedfor beginners!! - If it is the first time to play onlineRPGs - Ifyou have played MMORPGs for PC but not for mobile and arelookingfor a full scale 3D online RPG for smart phones - If youare lookingfor a free-to-play role playing game, or just craverole playinggames - If you like fantasy games, or action games -If you want toexperience exciting battles - If you have masteredmany RPGs in thepast The game can be enjoyed for all players thatapply for theabove. Build your parties and guilds and enjoy thereal timeadventure as in online RPGs forFREE!------------------------------------------ ■OfficialTwitter ■OfficialFacebook
Reaper 1.4.13
Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in anepicaction RPG!★ Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters! ★Takecountless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness★ Levelupyour character with skills of your choice★ Hundreds ofswords,armor and accessories to equip★ Play all sides and make yourowndecisionsFEATURES★ Play on your Phone, Tablet, or TV!★ GooglePlayAchievements, Leaderboards and Cloud Save★ Support for HIDgamecontrollers (MOGA, Shield, Nyko, etc.)★ Play it onNVIDIASHIELD!ANDROID TVUse a game controller for the bestexperience whenplaying on TV. Please note that a D-pad remote isnotsupported.IN-APP PURCHASESThe game is free up to characterlevel10. There are no microtransactions! If you like the game, youcanupgrade to a premium edition.REVIEWS"An RPG that trulyunderstandsmobile gaming. This is one of the most enjoyable mobilegames I'veplayed." - Android Police"The variety and detail of theenemies isalso wonderful. The game is incredibly polished from toptobottom." - PC Mag"Hexage really nailed the whole concept. Thisisone of the most additive and entertaining games I have played."-The Android Arcade"Reaper has intricately woven togethertheelements of a compelling story with hilarious dialogue andarguablysome of the best game content that is sure to win anyoneover." -Android Headlines"Reaper is exactly the kind of qualitywe’ve allcome to expect from Hexage, and well worth adding to yourmobilecollection." - Geek.comSPECIAL THANKSJames NicholsStephenOwenTroySnellSUPPORT AND FEEDBACKPlease contact [email protected] anyinquiry or feedback.Follow @hexage on Twitter for thelatestdevelopment updates and news.
Blade of Dungeon 1.1.8
You are a nameless, wandering warrior You have come to thisdungeongrasping a giant sword "I will get to the bottom of thisdungeonfaster than anyone" It's the only thing on your mind...[Points]・Easy operation with just taps and swipes ・Widely variedweaponupgrades, pet development, and skill trees ・You canfreelycustomize warriors to make them resemble yourself ・It alsocomeswith a convenient autoplay mode ・You can compete with usersaroundthe world through rankings
Dark Sword 2.3.2
All I remember is that night... The dark dragon has closed thegateto the sun. And light vanished. All living creatures becamedark...Only carrying what's left behind... the eternal pain.Inthedarkness that has lost light… True dark action begins.▪ DefeattheDark Dragon & Save the Light!▪ Silhouette Action RPG▪AcquireAllies from Sanctuary of Light▪ PvP, Raids, Dark Dungeon andmore!▪Over 150 Items & Skills, Massive PlaysYou must overcometheeternal darkness and defeat the Dark Dragon.May the lightshineupon you!*Access authorization to play the game (The game willnotrun if not authorized)- Authorization required fordeviceidentification, to be used for real-time game and usersupport.-Authorization required for installation of the game onexternalstorage.Facebook page :
Aurum Blade EX 1.0.2
Oddy Arts
1 million downloads!! Best Old School & Offline RPGforAndroid!Play this RPG and Back to school memory!Best offlineRPGmaker, Oddy Arts. Oddy Arts presents SOL EX!★★★ Get Aurum Bladeforfree ★★★ The essence of ancient Alchemy, the Philosopher'sStone,has been hidden in the Philosopher's Tower until now, and forgoodreason. But now Duke Marduk is heading to the tower to takethestone and use it. But for what? And why has he abducted Celty,themysterious girl from Shining Dawn Village, who is somehowconnectedto it all? One thing is clear, terrible things arehappening, andDuke Marduk must be stopped. Someone must be a heroin this world!Aurum Blade is a fast-paced action RPG with thrillingattackweapons and spells, and truly enjoyable control.Features:Challenge The Power Dungeon to get epic and legendaryitemsThereare plenty of great Epic, Set, and Legendary itemswaiting to belooted from the dungeons. Premium items and gems caneven be foundwithin! Daily Free Tickets to the Power DungeonYou canenter thePower Dungeon everyday with a Daily Free Ticket. Forfurtherexploration, tickets can also be purchased from the PowerShop.Powerful Summoning Monsters allow for strategic gameplayPowerfulBlade Monsters can be summoned after first provingyourself in theBlade Dungeons.A total of 6 Blade Monsters (Stone,Iron, Ice, Fire,Silver and Aurum) will fight alongside you in thebattle field.Each has different skills and attack patterns.BladeMonsters growin strength as you pass the Blade Dungeons. And amaximum of 3monsters can be summoned at one time. Try differentweapons! Weardifferent costumes! Find and enhance your ownweapons!Each item hasits own unique and powerful options that canbe customized. You canenchant your weapons and armor, and insertcrystals to add evenmore abilities. Dual weapons fighting can bemastered for deadlyattacks. And the Alchemy system allows you tocreate and enhancespecial weapons and items.All of this and more iswaiting to bediscovered. Three characters to play!Three characters(Allen,Sigmund and Enoshu) are available to play. 3 save slots arealsoavailable, and it is possible to exchange items among thesaveddata slots via theStashInventory.
Forge of Glory: Match3 MMORPG & Action Puzzle Game 1.6.9
Forge of Glory is a new exciting 3D multiplayer RPG where youhaveto battle against real players worldwide to be the mostpowerfulfantasy lord. Use soul stones to summon warriors, rogues,mages,and archers with special roles and unique skills!Open chestsandcollect cards of different rarity! Choose your own strategytoconquer other castles and seize their treasures! Build yourtownand turn it into an invincible fortress! Summon strong guardsanduse their abilities to protect your resources during PVPsieges!Explore mysterious dungeons and fight dozens of differentmonsters:pass through skeletons, try to avoid butchers’ axes, dodgehellknights’ fire and defeat trolls! Open new regions, upgradeyourheroes and rush dangerous bosses for rewards. Enjoy theexcellentart and dive into the amazing fantasy world of war andmagic! Startyour enthralling adventure and prove your bravery in agreat numberof fights! NO ADS! FEATURES: · Enjoy awesome 3Dgraphics in the newaddicting Role-playing game! · Upgrade heroesand charge yourenemies! · Collect cards with unique abilities andcombine them tomake your strategy unbeaten! · Compete for highscores with otherplayers in real-time ladder leagues! · Battleother players in PVPmode and loot their treasures! · Rush in epicdungeons and defeatterrible bosses! · Fight with a great number ofmonsters and defeatthem all! · Develop your tower to explore newrealms! · Summonpowerful guards with soul stones! · Produceresources and developtheir mining! · Upgrade your fort withexcellent city buildermechanics! · Run through endless beautifullocations! · Become thebest in the world of war and magic! PleaseNOTE! Forge of Glory isa free-to-play game, but there are some gameitems that can also bepurchased for real money. If you want toprevent using thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in yourphone or tablet’ssettings. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy, youmust be at least 13 years of age to play ordownload Forge ofGlory.
Demon Warrior 6.1
The legendary shadow war is all set! Demon Warrior welcomes youtothe kingdom of darkness full of evils and Dark Dragons. Youhavethe power to save the kingdom from the deadly dragons andevils.Use the powerful weapons and armors to bring victory light tothekingdom. The game "Demon Warrior" is a rpg game designedwiththrilling dark graphics for the powerful dark shadow charactersandfascinating sound effects. Explore the legendary quests andfighttill the end to defect the demon and bring freedom to thekingdom.Demon Warrior is truly an ultimate action game with over100 stagesand interesting battle leagues. Play the game and collectpowerfulweapons and gems to upgrade your ninja assassin sword andarmors.Demon Warrior is the most challenging action game. Fightagainstthe ferocious monsters and deadly dragons with your samuraiswords,ninja blade, hammer, bow and many powerful weapons. The gameisperfect for all the ninja warriors. It’s a fight of kill ordie.Win the battle league and get a chance to become a trueninjashadow warrior. The exciting action rpg game can be playedofflineand anytime. Jump into the battlefield for the deadliestbattleleagues against the monsters and the real time competitors.Stayfocused and don't miss out the cool weapons to defeat thediablo.It is your only chance to become a legendary hero and savethekingdom from darkness. Unlock the exciting legendary quests asyouwin over the deadly monsters. Put on your fighting skills andbethe warrior of thewarriors!**************************GAMEFEATURES**************************-Play exciting hack & slashaction RPG offline- Side scrollingaction for easy control hardcoreand ragdoll physics- Beautiful darkgame graphics for shadowcharacters and great gameplay with lots ofhack n slash and dungeoncrawling- Multiple weapons to choose -samurai sword, ninja blade,staff, hammer, bow and many more.- 100+stage, fight with a lot ofmonsters and league of devils in battle.-Collect weapons with eachweapon having a unique skill/feature- PVPand Arena mode- Fightwith other playersDownload the game DemonWarrior and enjoylegendary war game. Play the game whenever you gettimeirrespective of your location. ************************SAYHELLO************************ We are constantly working hard onmakingthe Demon Warrior game better and more entertaining for you.Weneed your constant support to get going. Please feel free toemailus for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want tosayhello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyedanyfeature of the Demon Warrior game, do not forget to rate us onplaystore.
BloodWarrior 1.5.4
Minimum Specifications: CPU dual-core 1.2GHz, Ram 1.0GBRecommendedSpecifications: CPU quad-core 1.4GHz, Ram 1.5GB Thedual-coredevice may not play depending on the desired use MEMORYamount.Please use as much as possible after you exit the otherapps. In2018, comes the new dark fantasy game experience the thrillofhack-and-slash and high quality graphics. Game Features -highquality and full 3D graphics with striking senses! You will beableto release all your stress and get the thrilling feeling .-Equipped with a variety of skills and items. Enjoy the gamewiththe mysterious npc ‘Sarah’ in exciting new scenarios. NormalorHard Mode, a total of 145 diverse stages are waiting just foryou.With 20 kinds of pets waiting to help you; join them quick onathrilling adventure! There are 3 stimulating challenge modes:TimeAttack/Boss Raid/Explore Mode Here, it is possible toobtainnumerous rewards and advanced equipment’s whilst competinglevel ofrank with other users. Try these exhilarating, newchallenges! ■■Guide to smartphone app access rights ■■ [EssentialAccess Rights]1. Permission is required to save game data andvarious options.(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) *After grantingaccess permission, you can reset or revoke access asfollows.[Android version 6.0 or later] 1. Revocation by accessauthority:Device Settings> Apps> More (Settings &Controls)> AppSettings> App Permissions> Select thisaccess right>Select whether to grant access or revoke access 2.By App How to doit: Set up your device> Apps> Select thisapp. Selectpermissions> Accept or revoke access [Under Android6.0] Due tothe nature of the operating system, access rights cannot berevoked. We recommend upgrading your Androidversion.──────────────── Play with PancakeGames! ────────────────Like uson Facebook!
Els: Evolution 3.2.0
Els: Evolution brings the action-packed thrills of mega-hitAnimeRPG Els to mobile devices. Jump in now and play for freeagainstthousands of other plays across the globe. Complete hundredsof 3Dlevels packed with waves of enemies to defeat. Upgrade yourpowersand unleash awesome power moves with incredible combatspecialeffects. Choose your character, personalize your skills andupgradeyour powers to smash your enemies with weapons and magic.Completequests to win a mountain of treasure, gear and accessorieson yourquest to become the ultimate warrior. Features Beat 'em upanimeside-scroller with awesome 3D graphicsExperienceblisteringlysmooth 3D graphics and explosive skill effects.Hundreds of hoursof fun await as you battle your way through anincredibleadventure. Choose your character to suit your style ofplay Selectfrom multiple character classes depending on your playstyle.Choose from ranged, melee and magic characters with theirownsignature combat moves and combo powers. Dominate theglobalrankingsPlay against millions of players from around theworld toclaim the #1 spot as global warrior champion. ExquisiteFashion& the World's First Live 3D-Avatar systemComplete questsandpersonalize your character with hundreds of fashion itemsandjewellery. Groundbreaking 3D-Avatar technology; with 11 kindsoffashion. Awesome PvE CombatExperience explosive PvE battlesagainsthordes of enemies. Leap between platforms, smash yourenemies andtake on big end-of-level bosses to progress. Playspecial Gold andXP Quests to collect masses of coins andexperience. Summonincredible beasts into combat Turn the tide ofbattle by trainingyour own mount. Beasts include; Saiya Prul, Speedof Wind Raptor,Scorpion King, Nasde's Robot and more. Use yourBeast to shock yourenemies into submission. Clan InteractionsJoin aClan for ClanAssaults, Mines, Underground Treasure Warehouse andother kinds ofgameplay. Take part in weekly large-scale clanTournamentsincluding Defend the Homeland, Mine Looting in moreService Email:[email protected]
RPG Toram Online 3.2.46
Asobimo, Inc.
★Over 10 Million Downloads! - Create Your Own Characters! Youhavemore than 80 billion dress patterns! "This MMORPG doesn't havea""Class System"". You can build your character as you likewith""Skill System""." Also, you will be able to customize yourweaponabilities! - Enjoy the Game with Your Friends! You can playthisgame communicating with multiple players online. Cooperatewitheach other and defeat fierce monsters! Explore the massive vast3Dworld with your friends! [Game Story] Hundreds of years ago,theground was split by the cataclysm all of a sudden. The godshastilyjoined the grounds, however, the world looks likeawkwardlypatched. Since the nations were destroyed, people aredivided intofour groups regardless of race. You will meet variouspeople inthis world, experience numerous adventures, and face themysteriousexistences underworld... [Game Details] Title: ToramOnline -Departure from Iruna - Category: MMORPG RecommendedRequirementsOS: Android 6 or higher SoC (CPU): Snapdragon 425 / 652/ 820 orhigher RAM: 3GB or more Internet Connection: Wi-Fi(ADSL10Mbps ormore) *We cannot guarantee that the app runs on thedevices thatare not supported by manufacturers or retailers even ifthey meetthe recommended requirements. *We cannot guarantee thatthe appruns if you are using the apps that are not supportedbymanufacturers or retailers on your device. *We cannotguaranteethat the app runs if you are using the apps that root yourdevice.*We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are usingemulatedenvironment. *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if itis notinstalled in the internal storage on your device. *Only theAndroiddevices with SoC (CPU) of Snapdragon series from QualcommInc. aresupported. The app may not work correctly on the devicesexceptabove. *SAMSUNG Galaxy series are not supported due totheunfixable screen glitches that occur on these devices. *Moreamountof RAM stated in the recommended requirements can beneededdepending on the resolution of your device. *The OperationSystemsreleased as beta version are not supported.■Facebook: Please contact us fromtheOfficial Website below for requests or bugs. Inquires sent fromtheOfficial Website will be considered with priority.
Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG 3.1.3a
Be reborn in the best and biggest mobile MMORPG!Travel the roadtoredemption in a completely new story in the open world ofOrder& Chaos. Join thousands of player heroes on a fantasyjourneyto complete exciting multiplayer quests and redeemyourself!ALIVING AND BREATHING WORLD• Explore a vast and uniqueopen worldbrought to life with stunning graphics!• Multiplefactions andthousands of NPCs form a rich and interactive gameworldCREATE& CUSTOMISE FANTASY HEROES• 5 Races to choose from:Orc, Human,Elf, Mendel, and the all-new Kratan!• 5 Classes to questas: BloodKnight, Ranger, Mage, Warrior, and Monk• Upgrade andevolve yourweapons and make yourself unstoppable• Craft and fuse toform theultimate gear in the game!HEAD-ON MULTIPLAYER PVP• Take onhundredsof quests as you unravel the game's thrilling story• Battlethebiggest, most challenging MMO Bosses• Go solo in quickDreamDungeons for great rewards!STAND TOGETHER OR AGAINST EACHOTHER•Gather a team of heroes to quest through the toughestdungeons•Fight for supremacy by taking on multiplayer battles inopen-worldPvP• Challenge any player in the game to a quick PvPDuel• Tradeusing auction houses or directly with other heroesANMMORPG BUILTFOR MOBILE• Controls optimised for MMO games on mobiledevices•Better communication with optimised chat and in-gamemailboxfeaturesFor fans of fantasy MMORPGs, open-world games, andstoriesof fallen heroesandredemption._____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at out the newblogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: Thisapp allows you to purchase virtualitems within the app and maycontain third party advertisements thatmay redirect you to a thirdparty site.Terms ofUse:
Legendary Heroes MOBA 3.0.50
Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become Legends. Thegreatestbattle of all time has begun. Heroes from all universes areinvitedto show their power and prove which is the best team.YouTubechannel: MOBA ,ACTIONREAL-TIME STRATEGY For the first time on Android, experienceanAction Real-Time Strategy(Action RTS) game. If you enjoyMOBAgames, you will love Legendary Heroes! INTENSE ACTION ANDTOUCHCONTROLS Quick and intense matches with touch controlstailored forAndroid MOBA experience. HEROES WITH UNIQUE SPECIALPOWERS 4 uniquespecial abilities per character. KEEP PROGRESSACROSS MATCHES Keepthe leveling progress of each Hero acrossmatches and develop asmany of them as you want. HOURS OF GAME PLAYIN CAMPAIGN MODE 40maps providing unique MOBA challenges for allplayers - beginnersor veterans. PLAY FOR FREE!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Access our sitefor detailed heroesinformation, getting started guide,etc: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ FOLLOWUSWebsite: For support, pleasecontact:[email protected]
Heroes Charge 2.1.94
Join with your friends in the best and latest action RPGmultiplayeronline battle arena, HEROES CHARGE! Collect and trainyour heroes,gather your teammates, strengthen your heroes and wipeout the enemyin thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games. Overone hundredquests for you to partake in the story that YOU tell.Which heroeswill you choose? = AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND ADDICTIVEGAME = -Choose between over 50 unique and varied Heroes, frommeleebruisers, agile archers and powerful mages - Fight andexplorethrough the world of Kron, find rare heroes and see if youhave whatit takes to persuade them to join you! - Develop andupgrade yourskills while collecting equipment sets that infuseyour heroes withpower over your foes! - An immersive experiencewith friends or gosolo on your own in numerous battles - Blendcooperation with yourfriends as you battle against competingguilds for elite prizes -Develop team play and strategies to rulethe world of Kron - Buildor join a guild of friends - Fightthrough the PVP Arena for awardsfame! - Collect and develop rareheroes! - Fight against a horde ofenemies in challenging specialevents! NOTICE: Heroes Charge is acompletely free-to-play game,however there are some game items thatcan also be purchased forreal money. If you don’t want to use thisfeature, please disablein-app purchases in your device’s settings.Also under our Terms ofService and Privacy Policy, you must be atleast 13 years of age toplay or download Heroes Charge.
BLADE WARRIOR, Console-style 3D Action Game!EXCITING HACK&SLASH ACTION RPG(ROLE-PLAYING GAME)- Side-scrolling action foreasycontrol- Quickly slash through enemies with diverse anddynamicgameplay- A colourful and powerful combination ofskillsEXPERIENCEFULL 3D DUNGEONS- 3 difficulty levels, and 108dungeons to explore-Fight against a diverse range of enemy fightingstyles and massivebossesCHARACTER SWITCH SYSTEM- Switchingcharacters with friendsin-game to develop a more targeted strategy-The more friends youhave the more help you can get- A basiccharacter is provided forswitchingSEVERAL GAME MODES ANDMULTIPLAYER SYSTEM (Update comingsoon)- Endless dungeon mode throwsan infinite number of monstersyour way. How long can you last?-Time attack mode is going tocheck your strength. How many can youkill during limited time?-Show off your fighting skills in the PVPmode![Please note]-Thisgame is free to play, but you can choose topay real money for someextra items, which will charge your account.You can disable in-apppurchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-Please buycarefully.-If you have a problem with thisgame, please contact usat: [email protected]
BattleHand 1.6.0
Join the battle! Recruit your team of heroes, lead powerfulattacks,and defeat the evil minions of Queen Amethyst in thisaddictive andfree to play 3D action RPG! The dreaded Queen hasawoken and withher, the foul creatures that lie beneath thepeaceful land ofFellCrest. But all is not lost! The forgottenheroes of this landwho had long ago put up their swords and bowsare back and ready tofight in pursuit of honor and justice! Thesebrave elves, mages, andfighters must find their ancient weapons,relearn old battle spells,and come together to defeat the evilforces of Queen Amethyst.Adventure awaits… Are you ready?FEATURES: * Epic free-to-downloadstrategy adventure RPG (RolePlaying Game) * Recruit and train anarmy of legendary Heroes totake to victory! * Unlock and upgradeunique special moves for eachHero * Multiple battle modes,including Player vs Player challengesand survival modes * Collect,level up and evolve powerful cards onyour way to build the perfectBattleHand * Adventure throughmystical lands, discover newlocations and defeat despicablecreatures! * Perfect your combatstrategy using elemental strengthsand weaknesses for all Heroes andVillains * Complete epic questsfor stinky cheese and stardust! *Stunning 3D animation and easy tolearn tactical combat PLEASE NOTE:BattleHand is free to play, butsome extra game items can bepurchased for real money. You candisable in-app purchases in yourdevice's settings. A networkconnection is required to play.
ZENONIA® 4 1.2.3
ZENONIA® 4: Return of the Legend, Extreme Action RPG Thedefinitiveaction RPG has returned, now in glorious HD! When anancient evilthreatens to erupt onto the world, heroes of the agesmust assembleonce again to change the course of destiny. JoinRegret, Chael,Ecne, Lu and more to embark on the greatest ZENONIAadventure yet!───────────────────── THE BEST-LOOKING ZENONIA® EVERExplore theoverworld in vivid HD, now with spectacular visuals andtop-notchanimations optimized for high quality displays. DYNAMICANDVISCERAL COMBAT Become a force to be reckoned with --unleashpowerful combo hits and devastating skills with explosivegraphicaland aural flair. GEAR UP AND CUSTOMIZE FOR EPIC ADVENTUREChoosethe best strategy and equip your Slayer, Blader, Ranger orDruidclass hero with countless armor options, weapons anditems.DEFINITIVE ACTION RPG EXPERIENCE Level up through Normal,Hard andHell mode. Master the Fairy sync system and annihilatehundreds ofnormal and legendary monsters. CHALLENGE THE WORLD INEXPANDED PVPTackle asynchronous online PvP with the new 2-on-2arena battles orcompete in the Abyss zone for loot drops, and hireother playerdata as mercenaries. The Execution Room and classic1-on-1 rumblesalso return. NEW TITLES, NEW REVELATIONS Collecteffect-boostingtitles as you delve deeper into the secrets ofZENONIA®'s belovedcharacters. ───────────────────── NEWS &EVENTS Website Facebook Twitter *There may be additional costswhen trying to obtain certain items.※ Required PermissionGuidelines When using the app, we may askpermissions for access toprovide the following services. [RequiredPermissions] -READ_PHONE_STATE: For processing in-game events andgiving rewardsTerms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Magic Rampage 3.4.5
Exciting new platformer that combines the RPG genre withfast-pacedaction gameplay. Magic Rampage features charactercustomization anddozens of weapons to wield; from knives to magicalstaves. Eachdungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemiesand secretareas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive in Survivalmode,join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it out inchallengingBoss fights. Magic Rampage features an exciting onlineCompetitiveMode where players around the globe compete to see who'sthe bestin randomly generated dungeons; featuring unique bosses,exclusivenew items and content! CAMPAIGN Be brave and venture intocastles,swamps, forests, and fight zombies, giant spiders and manytoughbosses! Choose your class, dress your armor and grab yourbestweapon (knives, hammers, staffs, etc), and be prepared tofightdragons, bats and monsters to find out who's behind allthis!COMPETITIVE Challenge other players to make the most points,byplaying in dungeons with random obstacles, enemies and bosses!Youcan also challenge your friends, as well as honing yourcharacterwith new powers on the Skill Tree. The more you compete,the betteryour rankings will be and you'll be featured in the greatHall ofFame, which rewards the champions with unique weapons andarmor!CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Choose your class (Mage, Warrior,Druid,Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, Thief and many more) and customizeyourcharacter's weapons and armor. You can choose the perfectweaponsand armor according to your class, as well as theirmagicalelements: fire, water, air, earth, light and darkness,furtherstylizing your hero with your playing style. SURVIVOR MODETestyour strength! Enter the most dangerous dungeons of the castleandfight against various enemies. The longer you can stay alive,themore gold and weapons you will win! Survival Mode is a greatwayfor you to gain new weapons, armor and lots of gold to equipyourcharacter and get stronger and stronger. THE SHOP Meet thesalesmanand browse his shop. He will offer you the best weapons,armor andalso rare runes, with which you can increase the damage ofyourshield in your weaponry. The Seller is not too friendly, but heisthe only one that can help you against all the enemies andbossesyou will find in this battle! LOCAL VERSUS MODE Do you haveanAndroid TV? Plug in two gamepads and invite your friends toplaywith you! We've created a versus mode featuring the maincharactersin the game, with battle arenas based on the Campaignmode'sDungeons. You will have to be quick to win! Pick up weaponsthatare in the crates across the arena, kill NPCs and keep an eyeonyour opponent! Magic Rampage brings back the look and feel ofthevery best classic platformers from the 90's, introducingrefreshedand engaging gameplay mechanics. If you miss platformersfrom the16-bit era, and think games nowadays aren't that goodanymore,think twice! Magic Rampage is for you. Magic Rampagesupportsjoysticks, gamepads and physical keyboard for even moreaccurategameplay responsiveness.
MARVEL Future Fight 4.6.0
An epic blockbuster action-RPG featuring Super Heroes andVillainsfrom the Marvel Universe! The Avengers, Guardians of theGalaxy,Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more! Over170characters from the Marvel Universe are available toplay!S.H.I.E.L.D.’s very own director, Nick Fury, has sent anurgentmessage from the future... the convergence is destroying theworldas we know it! Prepare to defend your universe! Recruityourfavorite characters, complete missions, and compete withotherplayers to be the greatest hero and save your world. Collectover170 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to assembleyourultimate team. - Level up your characters and their gear tounleashtheir full powers! - Build classic teams like the Avengersor X-Mento take advantage of special bonus effects. - Choose fromhundredsof Uniforms to increase your character’s powers and perfectyourhero's look. Upgrade powerful characters in Epic Quests! -Geteveryone’s favorite Super Heroes, from Captain Marvel toDoctorStrange, and level them up while playing thrilling EpicQuests. -Unleash each character’s unique super powers as you makeyour waythrough various missions. Blast enemies with Iron Man’sUnibeam andbash opponents in the name of justice with CaptainAmerica’sshield! - Experience even more thrilling action in PvPArena modes,where you can bring your best team to take on theworld. Team upwith friends and overcome incredible in-gamechallenges. - Take afriend’s character with you when you go into amission foremergency assistance! - Join an Alliance and makefriends. Competewith other Alliances in Alliance Conquest and takehome the gloryfor your own team. Original new stories only found inMarvel FutureFight! - Experience unique, never-before-seen storiesto find outwho’s responsible for threatening the existence of youruniverse! -Play through Special Missions featuring the NewAvengers, Inhumans,and even Spidey’s Foes! Terms ofService:
DemonSouls (Action RPG) 2.4.1
In this dynamic fantasy action game, your heroic adventure willseeyou battle with demons, mastering their demonic powersthroughtheir souls! Guide Thunder, who turns from a simple youngfishermanto a legendary hero, through this epic journey, as hediscoverssecrets in this immersing fantasy world, which will helphim savethe realms of humans and demons! GAME FEATURES: - ClassicstyledARPG! - Quests filled with adventure, mysteries and real-timeepicbattles! - Unleash demonic attacks through casting andsummoningspells! - Level up and customize your character’sattributes! -Dialogue choices that will unlock one of the multipleendings! -Demon horde mode arena! - Demonic Elemental System! -Customize 60weapons and armor with demonic powers! - Over 40Achievements thatearn rewards! - Over 50 maps to explore! - Dailyrewards! - DemonField Journal! - Intuitive controls for easy tounderstand gameplay! Real-time Battles There’s no time to blinkwith demonsattacking you from every corner! Move and fight offhordes ofdemons with your normal attack, or charge up your ultimatecomboand lay waste to the foul creatures! Cast demonic auras,attack andsummoning spells too! Demon souls Demon souls can betaken fromthose you defeated. Cast demonic auras, attack andsummoningspells, imbue equipment with demonic abilities, as well ascreatenew breeds of demons by merging various demon souls!MultipleEndings Many hours of replay value through item hunts, sidequests,demon soul hunts and unlocking the multiple endings! DemonHordeMode Unlock this demon battling arena, where you will havetimedbattles with various levels of demons! What better way to testyourmantle while leveling up your character? Demonic ElementalSystemThere’re three demonic elements: fire, wood and waterthatcounteract each other. This makes forging your equipmentanddemonic spells strategically dynamic and vital to succeedinbattles. Daily Rewards Log in every day to get dailyrewardsincluding: gold coins, soulstones and epic items! (***requires3G/WIFI connection) Demon Field Journal As you capturedemon souls,your demon field journal will be updated withinformation aboutthem. Use it to find out the best way to smiteyour enemies! LakooOfficial Website DemonSouls FanPage Our FanPage &Support: