Top 48 Games Similar to Monster Warlord

Punch Hero 1.3.8
Hit ‘em where it hurts!The ultimate boxing game on mobile!Comeswingyour fists in this all-immersive mobile boxing game. Honeyour jabs,hooks and uppercuts at the Training Center whileaccumulatingspecial skills and power moves in the Skill Store.Presented inhilarious 3D, Punch Hero is addictive as it ischallenging. Withmultiple modes of gameplay and customizableoptions, Punch Herooffers hours of endless boxing action! • • •FEATURES • • ••ADRENALINE PUMPING BOXING ACTION •Deliver swiftjabs, hooks,uppercuts and serve brutal knockout punches as youfight youropponent. • CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION •Give yourself agnarly beard ormaybe some cool shades as you dress your characterin the CostumeShop with items that enhance performance. • INTENSESKILL BUILDINGIN THREE DIFFERENT MODES! •Fight with newchallengers in ArcadeMode, Amateur Mode and Pro Mode as you levelup and hone your jabs,hooks and uppercuts. • ADD YOUR OWN FACE! •Throw your friend (orenemy) into the ring by creating your ownchallenger in ChallengerRegistry. Place their picture in the frameand fight them in thevirtual ring. • GAMECENTER ACHIEVEMENTS •Playin Graveyard Mode asyour go 1 on 1 with all players or yourfriends through Gamecenter.• • • NEWS & EVENTS • • • Websitehttp://www.gamevil.comFacebook YouTube*There may be additional costs whentrying to obtain certain items.*Requires Android 7.0 or earlierversionTerms ofService:
Bulu Monster 5.7.0
Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in Android Monsters arethemain theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. BuluMonsterallows the user to become a monster trainer on Bulu Island.SigmaGame believes this app will stand out from all of the othermonstergames on the market as Bulu Monster puts the user fully incontrol.In this role playing adventure game, the user mustdiscover,capture, fight and train one of the 150 monsters. BuluMonster alsoallows the user to engage with friends and with othertrainersonline, enabling them to challenge their friends and otherplayersof the game. Bulu Monster was some eighteen months in themaking;Sigma Game has ensured that the app is of the quality thatuserswill have come to expect. The high quality animation,adventurousstoryline, and the ability to challenge both friendsand other usersonline adds to the exhilarating, high energy feelof this game. BuluMonster leads the user on a unique adventurethat is not availableon other monster games. As well as enablingthe user to capturemonsters, the user can train them, too, andthis is what makes BuluMonster different to the other games thatcan be found out there.Bulu Monster can be played both online andoffline, allowing theuser to play the game even without Internetaccess, making the gamemore versatile than most. For ease of play,Bulu Monster has aone-hand touch control so no joystick isrequired, and it allows theuser to be able to create the rightbalance between control and gameplaying. Another feature of BuluMonster is the online shop. Theshop allows users of Bulu Monsterto access special purchase itemsand discounts as well as readingfeedback from on other users andengaging with other competitors onthe online forum. The app is freeto download and has recently beenmade available via App World; ithas been designed for the iOSplatform. Main Features: Bulu Monsteris full of colourful,carefully animated monsters. The monsters comein different shapesand sizes, and have been designed to be visuallyappealing toeveryone who plays the game. The colourful monstersincluded inthis game are sure to keep everyone involved and engagedrightuntil the end. The game also includes: - A fun and appealingstoryline that allows the user to save their monster friend, Rania,asone of the quests - 14 different fantasy maps to explore-Challenge more than 50 NPC monster trainers - Train a monsterteam- Friend code system to allow the user to invite their friendstolay the game along with them, increasing the competitivenessandfun of Bulu Island. - Collect more than 150 different monstersFora taster of what to expect from the app,visit Sigma Game always appreciatesfeedbackand queries from its customers. If you have a query orfeedbackabout our game then please contact us [email protected] orfind us on social media at: or becomea fan at: -----------------------Anyreference to any third-party products, services, names, orotherinformation, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer,developer,supplier or otherwise, does not constitute nor implyendorsement,affiliation, or sponsorship. All characters, names,titles,likeness, and other content used or depicted in thisproduct (eventhose based on real products)are entirely fictional.All trademarks,service marks, product, service, or other namesmentioned herein,are the property of their respective owners, andno claim is made toany such mark, product, service or othername.-----------------------
Cartoon Wars 1.1.7
Cartoon Wars is an arcade war game which combines the formulasofdefense and real-time strategy games.─────────────────────SCENARIO Two tribes existed in the CartoonWorld; the vicious ColorTribe and their slaves, the Black and WhiteCartoon Tribe.Forgenerations the Black and White Cartoon Tribe weretreated asproperty, and forced into slavery.Fortunately... somewith biggerideas existed amongst them.They gathered and began arevolt to freethemselves, taking the battle to the Color Tribe. Theinevitablewar has begun... become the hero of the Black and WhiteCartoonsand set your people free. ───────────────────── FEATURESALL-OUTACTION STICK FIGURE GAMEProduce your unit, aim your bow anddestroythe enemy's castle UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR TROOPSOver 20typesof units and 16 different upgrades for troops, castle, weaponandproductivity items COMPETE AGAINST MILITANTS FROM AROUNDTHEWORLDKeep track of your ranking and see how you compare againsttherest of world STRATEGIZE PERFECTLY COORDINATED ATTACKSDeterminethedispatchment of your troops and help them to become veteranunitsUNLIMITED NUMBER OF STAGESPlay through an infinite number ofstagesslaughtering endless number of enemiesNEWS & EVENTSWebsite Facebook YouTube※Required Permission GuidelinesWhen usingthe app, we may askpermissions for access to provide the followingservices.[RequiredPermissions]- READ_PHONE_STATE: For processingin-game events andgiving rewards* There may be additional costswhen trying to obtaincertain items.Terms ofService:
Dragon Blaze 6.0.2
Extraordinary graphics RPG ★Dragon Blaze★ You're the only onewhocan solve the mystery about this never ending war! Get ready togoon an adventure in Dragon Blaze. ■ High quality RPG withanintriguing storyline! - The way to solving the mystery of theneverending war is full of danger. - Boden's descendant, you aretheonly one who can save this world. ■ Splendid graphics anduniqueeffects! - Enjoy Dragon Blaze's amazing graphics. ■ Enjoy thefunof collecting hundreds of allies. - Make the characters fromthestories into your own allies. - Travel with powerful allies.■Leveling up your party is easy! - Challenge combined dungeonstolevel up quicker! - Try different formations and party effects.■An easy-to-enjoy auto battle system! - Be victorious by usingautobattles and AUTO HELP to summon helpers. - Use the autoretrysystem to enjoy a more comfortable gameplay. * Accessauthorizationnotice for gameplay STORAGE : The authority isrequired to storegame data and will not access personal files suchas photos. PHONE: The authority is required to proceed with in-gameevents andrewards and will not affect calls. CONTACTS : Theauthority isrequired to sync your friend list with HIVE. ** Thisgame isavailable in English. ** There may be additional costs whentryingto obtain certain items. * GAMEVIL Official Website: * GAMEVIL Customer Support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
ZENONIA® 5 1.2.7
ZENONIA® 5: Wheel of DestinyOnly available up to Android4.4(Kit-Kat)The Definitive Action RPG Returns!Long ago, a greatwarwas fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind. But astheyears passed, greed and selfishness corrupted the hearts ofman.The elite rich began to exploit the poor and great darknesscameover the kingdom. Then, from the ruins of a slum village, risesahero destined for greatness… Immerse yourself once again inthebest action RPG for mobile. Defeat impossible bosses andunravelthe mysteries in stunning HD!───────────────────────────•INTUITIVEVISCERAL COMBAT •Play like you’ve never played before aseachaction sequence syncs in tune with your second by secondreflexesand reactions!• FOUR THRILLING HERO CLASSES •Experience thegamethrough four different heroes: Berserker, Mechanic, WizardandPaladin- with the unique strengths and special moves!•DYNAMICACTION RPG GAMEPLAY •Customize, level up and equip your herowith amassive array of options and skill charts as you delve intothemysteries of Deva Castle!• FACE OFF IN GLOBAL PvP •Takeonchallenges as you play in asynchronous PvP with characters fromallover the world. Reap the rewards in the Abyss as you discoverrareand legendary items!• EXPLORE NEW WORLDS AND CHALLENGES•Withhundreds of side quests and adventures, the story andchallengesnever end. Discover new items and rewards as you diveinto themysteries of ZENONIA® 5!───────────────────────────Jointhecommunityat───────────────────────────PERMISSIONSReadContactData is intended for the sole use of integrating theGAMEVIL LIVEPlatform. The data herein is confidential and willnever bedistributed to the public without notice. Other non-gamingrelatedpermissions are required to prevent in game piracy.NEWS& EVENTSWebsite Facebook※ Required PermissionGuidelinesWhen usingthe app, we may ask permissions for access toprovide the followingservices.[Optional Permission]- CONTACTS:Used for GAMEVIL LIVElogin* There may be additional costs whentrying to obtain certainitems.Terms ofService:
Baseball Superstars® 2013 1.2.4
The Ultimate Smart Baseball Experience Returns TheanticipatedBaseball Superstars series is back better than ever!Featured incrisp, clear HD- this is the best baseball game formobile devices.With enhanced batting and pitching moves, playersexperience smartintuitive baseball as never before. New andimproved My Pitcher andMy Batter modes lets you experience best ofboth worlds as youtrain, challenge, and compete for first place.Grow from rookie tosuper star by tackling new quests andrelationships with your fansand cohorts! Join the millions of fansworld wide in this epicbaseball RPG experience! REDEFINING CRYSTALCLEAR GRAPHICS Play incrisp and vibrant HD graphics as you playendless baseball! NEWCHALLENGING AND REWARDING QUEST SYSTEMSComplete quests and dailytasks to earn big points! TOUCH INTUITIVEMY BATTER AND MY PITCHERMODES In refined My Batter and My Pitchermodes, perfect yourskills as you play with your own super classplayer! COMPETITIVEPVP BASEBALL WITH FRIENDS Challenge your friendsand other playersto boost your stats and win big! FROM ROOKIE TOPRO WITH CASUALBASEBALL Immerse yourself in casual baseball as youmeet newcharacters, woo the ladies and make it to the Hall ofFame!───────────────────── ※ Required Permission Guidelines Whenusingthe app, we may ask permissions for access to provide thefollowingservices. [Required Permissions] - STORAGE: Used to storegame datain external memory and etc. [Optional Permission] -CONTACTS: Usedfor GAMEVIL LIVE login NEWS & EVENTSWebsite Facebook YouTube *There may be additional costs whentrying to obtain certain items.Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Cartoon Wars 3 2.0.2
Enjoyed by 80 million users worldwide!★Cartoon Wars 3★LaunchEvent!New users will receive a Beginner's Package!CartoonWars isback! Come see why over 80 million users worldwide haveplayed thislegendary series! Prepare yourself to be drawn into theaction.STRATEGIC TOWER DEFENSEStrategically assemble your army anddestroythe opposing tower. Use your Arrow Launcher to defend yourcastlefrom incoming enemy units. ENHANCE YOUR UNITSBoost your unitsbyleveling or enhancing!Acquire stronger characters by evolvingandcombining! BATTLE MODESChoose between new battle modes.Inviteyourfriends for a Team Battle!Prove your worth inRaid!*Accessauthorization notice for gameplaySTORAGE :Authorization isrequired to store game data. Personal files such asphotos will notbe accessed.PHONE : Authorization is required toproceed within-game events and rewards. Will not affectcalls.CONTACTS :Authorization is required to sync your friend listand GoogleAccount.** This game is available in English.** There maybeadditional costs when trying to obtain certain items.*GAMEVILOfficial Website :* GAMEVILCustomerSupport : ofService:
ZENONIA® 4 1.2.3
ZENONIA® 4: Return of the Legend, Extreme Action RPG Thedefinitiveaction RPG has returned, now in glorious HD! When anancient evilthreatens to erupt onto the world, heroes of the agesmust assembleonce again to change the course of destiny. JoinRegret, Chael,Ecne, Lu and more to embark on the greatest ZENONIAadventure yet!───────────────────── THE BEST-LOOKING ZENONIA® EVERExplore theoverworld in vivid HD, now with spectacular visuals andtop-notchanimations optimized for high quality displays. DYNAMICANDVISCERAL COMBAT Become a force to be reckoned with --unleashpowerful combo hits and devastating skills with explosivegraphicaland aural flair. GEAR UP AND CUSTOMIZE FOR EPIC ADVENTUREChoosethe best strategy and equip your Slayer, Blader, Ranger orDruidclass hero with countless armor options, weapons anditems.DEFINITIVE ACTION RPG EXPERIENCE Level up through Normal,Hard andHell mode. Master the Fairy sync system and annihilatehundreds ofnormal and legendary monsters. CHALLENGE THE WORLD INEXPANDED PVPTackle asynchronous online PvP with the new 2-on-2arena battles orcompete in the Abyss zone for loot drops, and hireother playerdata as mercenaries. The Execution Room and classic1-on-1 rumblesalso return. NEW TITLES, NEW REVELATIONS Collecteffect-boostingtitles as you delve deeper into the secrets ofZENONIA®'s belovedcharacters. ───────────────────── NEWS &EVENTS Website Facebook Twitter *There may be additional costswhen trying to obtain certain items.※ Required PermissionGuidelines When using the app, we may askpermissions for access toprovide the following services. [RequiredPermissions] -READ_PHONE_STATE: For processing in-game events andgiving rewardsTerms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Dungeon Link 1.36.5
Dungeon Link is exciting adventure puzzle RPG created for mobileandtablet gaming! Test your wit and logic with challengingandaddictive gameplay! Help the charming warriors ambush monstersindiverting puzzle maps. Discover new characters and powerfulheroesalong the adventure. Link your own path to victory in thishighlyaddicting puzzle RPG! Solve & Strategize withsimpletouch-and-drag controls - Link tiles on the entire board tounleashmaximum strength attacks - Use your intellect to link tilesforexplosive combos and fierce attacks! Collect & Customize-Level Up and Enhance more than 250 heroes - Learn yourhero'sspecial attacks to gain the upper hand Invite your friends tojointhe adventure! - Make friends and combine forces to conquerthetoughest dungeons - Earn bigger rewards by working togetherwithfriends Special Dungeons, PVP, and Boss Raids! - Clearspecialdungeons to collect rare heroes - Compete against otheradventurersin PVP to prove your team's strength, power, and skill -Engage inBoss Raids for awesome rewards Navigate the world ofDungeon Linkwith Finn and Jake from Adventure Time! *Accessauthority noticefor gameplay STORAGE: The authority is required tostore game dataand will not access personal files such as photos.PHONE: Theauthority is required to proceed with in-game events andrewardsand will not affect calls. CONTACTS: The authority isrequired tosync your friend list with HIVE. ** This game isavailable inEnglish. ** There may be additional costs when tryingto obtaincertain items. * GAMEVIL Official Website: * GAMEVIL Customer Support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Cartoon Wars 2 1.1.2
Cartoon Wars 2: HeroesThe most complete defense andreal-timestrategy game of the Cartoon Wars series!The best defensegame isback!After generations of war in the Cartoon Kingdom, King Kandhis army were expelled with the prominence of Captain J. Thepeoplepraised Captain J and crowned him as their new King. Theexiledtribe swore vengeance as they embarked on their journey tofind theKing of Monsters. The second chronicle begins as the battletodefend the kingdom continues!─────────────────────FEATURES•NEWLYADDED HEROES •Develop a super hero from 6 upgradablecharacters andundertake various missions in Hero Mode!• INTENSESTAT DISTRIBUTIONAND SKILL DEVELOPMENT •Upgrade your Hero and unitsand learn newskills as you level up!• ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATION•Play with 80unique units and customize them with dozens ofdifferent skills anditems!• UPGRADABLE CASTLE SYSTEM •10-20 levelsof defensive Castleupgrades!• THREE DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY MODES •Enjoythree seamlessmodes of gameplay in Quick, Hell orSpecialMode!─────────────────────NEWS & EVENTSWebsite Facebook YouTube※Required Permission GuidelinesWhen usingthe app, we may askpermissions for access to provide the followingservices.[RequiredPermissions]- READ_PHONE_STATE: For processingin-game events andgiving rewards[Optional Permission]- CONTACTS:Used for GAMEVILLIVE login* There may be additional costs whentrying to obtaincertain items.Terms ofService:
Baseball Superstars® 2012 1.2.2
Baseball Superstars® 2012, Ultimate Smart Baseball ExperienceStepup to the plate for the best baseball experience on AndroidMarket,now looking better than ever before in crisp HD! The sky'sthelimit with level restrictions unlocked, upgraded battingandpitching moves, endless customization, new super players andmoreplay modes. Whether managing a team to the championship ortraininga rookie to the Hall of Fame, you're in control of it all.Join theseries that's been downloaded over 30 million times byplayersworldwide with Baseball Superstars® 2012!─────────────────────BASEBALL IN CRYSTAL-CLEAR HD See more, playbetter – Enhanceddetails and clarity make an eye-opening ballgameoptimized for HDand high-res displays on latest Android devices.SMART CONTROLS& INTELLIGENT AI New gesture and tilt controlsallow intuitivepitching and batting. Smart AI teammates makeexciting baseballplays, split-second catches and laser-precisionthrows. TOTAL TEAMMANAGEMENT & CUSTOMIZATION Customize yourteam logo, stadium,uniform and equipment. Recruit, combine andlevel up players toassemble the best team. EXPANDED MY BATTER &MY PITCHER MODETrain to earn skill points, new special moves andstat-boostingnicknames as you rise from rookie to Superstar.NETWORK MATCHES Goup against other users' teams around the world inPVP matches.COLLECT SUPER PLAYERS AND MORE Meet the challenges ofnew superplayers to have them join your team. Go after the multiplestoryendings and player skill abilities.───────────────────── NEWS&EVENTS Website http://www.gamevil.comFacebook Twitter※Required PermissionGuidelinesWhen using the app, we may askpermissions for access toprovide the following services.[RequiredPermissions]-READ_PHONE_STATE: For processing in-game events andgiving rewards*There may be additional costs when trying to obtaincertainitems.Terms ofService:
MLB Perfect Inning 2018 2.1.1
Get the Perfect Game with MLB Perfect Inning 2018! ©OfficiallyLicensed by the MLB Your seasons starts with MLB PerfectInningLIVE. Build the perfect fantasy team of all your favoriteMLBathletes. The baseball game perfected for mobile. FEATURES-Experience all 30 official ballparks and stadiums in brilliant3Dgraphics - Build your franchise and recruit the season'sbesttalent - Play head-to-head against friends real-time - Watchyourstar studded lineup improve with realtime stats with each MLBgame- Shut out the season and become World Champs! - Secure yourplacein history as one of baseball's greatest dynastiesFacebook: Major League Baseballtrademarksand copyrights are used with permission of MLB AdvancedMedia, L.P.All rights reserved. OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCT OFMAJOR LEAGUEBASEBALL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION-MLBPA trademarks andcopyrightedworks, including the MLBPA logo, and other intellectualpropertyrights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be usedwithoutMLBPA’s written consent. Visit, thePlayersChoice on the web. Minimum req. - 1.4 GHZ or faster AND 1GBRAM ormore. Please make sure you have at least 1.2 GB of free spaceonyour device. MLB Perfect Inning 2018 requires network connectiontoplay. *Access authority notice for gameplay STORAGE: Theauthorityis required to store game data and will not accesspersonal filessuch as photos. PHONE: The authority is required toproceed within-game events and rewards and will not affect calls.CONTACTS: Theauthority is required to sync your friend list withHIVE. ** Thisgame is available in English. ** There may beadditional costs whentrying to obtain certain items. * GAMEVILOfficial Website : * GAMEVIL CustomerSupport : Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
ArcheAge BEGINS 2.3.1
Journey to unearth the hidden secrets of the world!Fromtheaward-winning lore of ArcheAge, comes the saga that starteditall!  ArcheAge Begins is set 2,000 years prior to theeventsof ArcheAge, and it follows the first expedition of twelveheroesas they embark on the fabled “Library Expedition.” Jointhesetwelve brave souls on their quest to uncover the secrets oftheworld.[Game Features]◆ A Gripping, Edge-of-Your-Seat Story! -Basedon the epic ArcheAge saga written by Korea's most renownedfantasywriter, Min-Hee Jeon- Immerse yourself in the story andenjoy thegame to its fullest potential!◆ Dream Team Made ofAuroria'sLegendary Heroes - Meet Auroria's heroes in ArcheAgeBegins- Choosefrom dozens of heroes from each class to assembleyour own team-Unlock even more heroes to create the most optimalcombination forvictory!◆ New Combat System and VariousBattlefields- Control aparty of 4 heroes with one hand by utilizingthe intuitivecard-flipping system!- Collaborate with other users inreal timethrough 4-player cooperative boss raids- Strategize in PvPmodes(Annihilation, Plunder) to earn rewards and glory!◆ExclusiveArcheAge Begins Currency Based Content- Gather materialsthroughfishing and raising livestock, then craft specialty goods tosellor trade.- Trade or Plunder? There are multiple waystodominate![Official Websites]-ArcheAgeBeginsForum*Accessauthorizationnotice for gameplaySTORAGE : Authorization isrequired to store gamedata. Personal files such as photos will notbe accessed.PHONE :Authorization is required to proceed within-game events andrewards. Will not affect calls.CONTACTS :Authorization is requiredto sync your friend list and GoogleAccount.** ArcheAge BEGINS isavailable in 11 differentlanguages.** There may be additional costswhen trying to obtaincertain items.* GAMEVIL Official Website:* GAMEVIL Customer Support: ofService:
Kritika: The White Knights 3.2.2
Update Promotion (1/10~1/17) - Awakening Stone Sale - Lapiz Sale-R-Ticket Sale FEEL THE RUSH! KRITIKA: The White Knights * Feeltheadrenaline at your fingertips! - Play the most exhilaratingactionRPG that will keep you electrified! - Intense EX skills thatjumpoff the screen! Call upon a friend's Striker to help youdominate!* Meet the champions! - Halo Mage: Annihilates enemieswithpowerful artillery fire and magic! - Monk: Uses his fistsandpowerful magic to smite evil! - Mystic Wolf Guardian:Brilliantlightning skills! The power of Sirius! Enemies watch out,she'lldestroy all those in her way! - Noblia: Dominates the enemieswithdifferent weapons and her super strong power! - IceWarlock:Powerful frost magic attack sweeps the enemies off theground! -Burst Breaker: Sprightly and unpredictable! Single strikewillblast the entire battlefield! - Eclair: Her second tononeversatility will lead the enemies to their ruin! - Blood Demon:Herbloodthirsty spear yearns for lives! - Demon Blade: His bladecutsa bloody path through the battleground! - Crimson Assassin:Cool asice! The battlefield is her playground! - Dark Valkyrie:Sheseduces with her chains and judges with her scythe! -Berserker:Behold his rage as he destroys everything in sight! - CatAcrobat:Quick and agile, fall in love with her spunky fightingmoves! -Shadow Mage: His eerie shadow will ensnare and annihilateenemies!* Experience a game system like no other! - It's more funif youwork together! Enjoy the new Guild system! - Pets that keepyourside and make you stronger! - Grow stronger through 103differentstages in Stage Mode! - Encounter the Monster Wave! Attackanendless wave of monsters! - Climb and conquer the 50 floors oftheTower of Tribulation! - Test your skills in Arena, Versus,andMelee! Become the ultimate champion! - Work together todefeatpowerful bosses in "World Boss"! - Use the Auto-Battlefeature toclear stages more conveniently! * Minimum DeviceRequirement:Galaxy S3 ** This game is available in 한국어, English,日本語, 中文简体,中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português, Русский,Vietnam, ไทย** There may be additional costs when trying to obtaincertainitems. [GeneralForum][Facebook] *Accessauthority noticefor gameplay STORAGE: The authority is required tostore game dataand will not access personal files such as photos.PHONE: Theauthority is required to proceed with in-game events andrewards andwill not affect calls. * GAMEVIL Official Website: * GAMEVIL Customer Support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ 1.1.1
Cartoon Wars: Gunner+Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ is a sidescrolling,action-packed game incorporating elements from RPG andadventuregenre.───────────────────── SCENARIOIn the midst of war intheCartoon World, a king devised a deadly plan to slaythemuch-praised Captain J, as his presence was threatening theking'sposition.Chased with ferocious troops on his back, Captain Jfledinto the mountains with a serious injury.The arrogant king,whoonce hailed his troops for the victory, faces an iminent dangeryetagain with his foe, CaptainJ.─────────────────────FEATURESMULTIPLECHARACTERS FOR UNLIMITEDACTIONFight against 30 different type ofenemies- each with uniqueskill sets and attacking rangeWEAPONMASTERYChoose from 11 uniquearray of weapons and master them asyou fight against eviltroopsVENGEANCE PREVAILGain valuable skillsby upgrading weapons andgo head-to-head with the evil army tobring back the gloryUPGRADABLESKILLSBecome the ultimate hero byupgrading and activating theweapons to either active or passiveskillsBOOST EARNINGSVastlyincrease Gold and MP earnings by wiselychoosing from different typeof weapons───────────────────── NEWS& EVENTS Website Facebook Twitter* Theremay be additional costswhen trying to obtain certain items.Terms ofService:
Fishing Superstars : Season5 5.5.3
[New features for Season 5] * Bring honor to your guild!Real-timebattles, guild grand-prix function added! -“Guild-onlyCompetition” added where any guilds can participate inreal-time. -Conquer fishing spots to bring honor to your guild andreceiveabundant rewards! * A fishing competition not forfreshmen,Champions League! - The highest level fishing competitioncomposedonly of the strongest fish! - Win week-long competitionsamong theexperts and receive a special title with rewards! * Breakdownequipment and piece adding functions added! - Now you canbreakdown equipment that you don’t use to make a strongerequipment. -Acquire better fishing rods and rare items by addingthe piecesfrom breaking down your fishing rod! [Special featuresonlyavailable in Fishing Superstars] * Create a guild with friendsandfulfill missions together! - A guild system (create, join,manage,leave, etc.) has been added - Receive special rewards byclearingmissions! * Deckhands are here to help!! - Recruitdeckhands tofish while you're away! - The more deckhands in use,the morerewards acquired! *Who says you can't wind the reel? -Enjoyrealistic fishing and the thrill of the catch! - Closer torealfishing than ever! * Challenge yourself and land the bigcatch!!! -Enjoy casting lines and winding the reel. - From smallfry tomonster fish! Catch a whole variety~ * Enjoy the challengeandcompetition! - Aim for victory in the daily competitions~ - BragonFacebook when you land a bigger catch than your friends! * Somanyfish to collect~! - Over 200 types of fish, and more beingaddedconsistently! - Complete the Illustrated Book per site andreceiveample rewards! * Put your catch on display for double thefun~! -Fill your aquarium with the various fish you catch. - Enjoyfishingsites with a naturalview.____________________________________________________________News& Events Website: http://www.gamevil.comFacebook:※Required Permission Guidelines When using the app, we mayaskpermissions for access to provide the following services.[RequiredPermissions] - STORAGE: Used to store game data inexternal memoryand etc. - CONTACTS: Used for GAMEVIL LIVE login. **This game isavailable in English. ** There may be additional costswhen tryingto obtain certain items. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Devil Ninja 2 2.9.4
Droid Studio
New battle on the devil's land,It's time for the ninja toaction,Inthis fast paced ninja game,Your task is to fight againstthemonsters,kill the king of monsters, Collecting more energy ballanditems to get powerful weapons. Have fun!FEATURES:√ Hundredsofweapons and Power Up!√ Achievement system to stimulate yougame.√Great sounds and stunning graphics, particle systemsandanimations.√  Leader boards√ Two game play mode tochoose√Weapons shop√ Fast paced and simple control.WHAT'S NEW:-PowerfulBOSS: The king of Devildom - More weapons- New devil'sworld-Support Tablets,HD ResolutionTIPS:- Try to jump over thecliff.-Double jump to jump higher.- Long press fire button tochargeenergy.- Long Long press will get an exciting weapon :)-Rewardmore energy balls with a nice combo kill.- Collect energyballs toexchange weapons from store, and the weapons store is FREEfor ever:) - Get items to have more weapons.- Fast mode to getmoreexciting (game options) * Please email us if you have anyfeedbackor meet any problem, thank you very much!
Cartoon Wars: Blade 1.1.0
Get a Slice of the Action! 10 years after the history makingCartoonWars, a brave warrior of the kingdom seeks distant lands insearchof adventure. He bids his old leisurely life farewell andembarksinto unknown territories… Challenge yourself as theadventurecontinues in this addicting and immensely fun actionadventure! Ifyou liked the other hit Cartoon Wars series, or arenew to the game,Cartoon Wars Blade won’t disappoint! FEATURESUNLIMITEDACTION-PACKED LEVELS Play again and again and again withnew levelsand monsters as you unlock new stages and weapons!SIMPLE SMARTCONTROL Simplicity at its finest! One directionalcontrol and oneattack control creates a game that’s easy to pickup, hard to masterand even harder to put down! NEW WEAPONS ANDHELMETS Deck yourwarrior in a wide variety of short swords, longswords and wacky(yet functional) helmets! AWESOME SOUNDTRACKRemember that upbeattune that helped you destroy your enemies?It’s back! Get in thefighting mood as you stab, slice and shootmonsters to this hipbeat!※ Required Permission GuidelinesWhenusing the app, we may askpermissions for access to provide thefollowing services.[OptionalPermission]- CONTACTS: Used forGAMEVIL LIVE login* There may beadditional costs when trying toobtain certain items.Terms ofService:
★Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates★ADark Fantasy, Collectible RPG Darkness has overtaken the realm,andthe world is in chaos. The only hope to restore light andorderlies with you, an Heir of Light. Embark on a crusade to renewahope that has been lost for generations. Ready your weaponandjourney to restore the light of the world! [Features] ■ Be ALightin the Darkness - Shine light upon a world shrouded indarkness.The war will only end when light shines upon every inch oftheland. - Expand the territory in any direction you desire! -Mobsare no longer in your way, Exclusive Boss Battles Only! ■CollectPowerful Servants - Form your Crusade from among over 100Servants.- Enhance, Evolve, and Awaken to unlock their truepotential. -Diverse Roles for each Servant: Attack, Defense,Support, Healer. ■Devise and Strategize - Your Servants are the keyof your Crusade,customize their Skills for every battle. -Customize your GearCombination to gain unique Set Effects. - Couplethe variousdifferent Skills and Elements to assemble the moststrategicCrusade. ■ Heed the Savage Battlefield - Pulverize youropponentsin PvP mode to prove your power. - Preserve your Towers!Defense isthe first step in strategic combat. - Challenge yourselfto variousdungeons and earn rare rewards. Godspeed! ■ An Eerie andMysteriousWorld - Not just another RPG! Immerse yourself in amagical andmysterious fantasy world. - Cute yet bizarre, uncannyyet charming!Servants are ready to accompany you on your journey. *Heir ofLight Facebook Page: *Heir of Light OfficialForum:▶Accessauthority notice for gameplay STORAGE: The authority isrequired tostore game data and will not access personal files suchas photos.PHONE: The authority is required to proceed with in-gameevents andrewards and will not affect calls. CONTACTS: Theauthority isrequired to sync your friend list with HIVE. ** Thisgame isavailable in English. ** There may be additional costs whentryingto obtain certain items. * GAMEVIL Official Website: * GAMEVIL CustomerSupport: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Royal Blood 0.034
War is upon us. The Legion has found their way back into therealmand the fate of the human race rests in your hands. Only youcanreclaim the throne! An open field MMORPG withbreathtakinggraphics. GAMEPLAY FEATURES Choose Your Class -Warrior: Charge andDefend - Ranger: Dual Pistol Wield and Crossbow- Mage: Flame andFrost - Bard: Melodic Destruction and Blessed SongMaster YourGameplay - Unleash class-specific attacks! - UtilizeSwitchSkillsets efficiently to show its true potential Evoke yourendlessdesire for growth - Enhance your character and skills -Upgradeyour equipment A complete MMORPG experience on mobile PvP -Proveyour strengths at the 3:3 PVP Arena! - Team up with usersworldwideand reveal your ultimate strategy PvE - Join others inreal timeRaid battles! - Explore the open field by completing mainMissionsand Flash Quests - Challenge yourself at the Tower ofInfinity! RvR- Aslan or Harmion? Choose your Realm and participatein theultimate 70 vs 70 RvR battle. Fight for glory! - Dominatethebattlefield by conquering enemy's base Enjoy exclusivelifestylecontent: - Gather various materials by fishing,collecting, andmining - Craft useful items such as food, potions,and order forms** This game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語,中文简体, 中文繁體,Deutsch, Français, Español, ไทย ** There may beadditional costswhen trying to obtain certain items. [MinimumRequirements] RAM2GB, OS 5.1 or later [Royal BloodFacebook] * Access authoritynoticefor gameplay STORAGE: The authority is required to store gamedataand will not access personal files such as photos. PHONE:Theauthority is required to proceed with in-game events andrewardsand will not affect calls. CONTACTS: The authority isrequired tosync your friend list with HIVE. * GAMEVIL OfficialWebsite : * GAMEVIL Customer Support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Zombie Dash 3.2
Italy Games
Welcome to Zombie City. Where it all began.When your town isoverrunby the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do -cut downwave after wave of zombies in this endless shootingadventure! Hearthe sweet season screams of the zombies as youstrafe them withsubmachine gun fire or explode them with specialweaponpickups.Zombie Dash combines the timeless appeal of classicarcadegames with stunning graphics you have to see to believe.HowtoPlay:- Touch bottom left to Jump- Touch bottom right to Shoot-Runas far as possibleGame Features:- Visually stunningupdatedgraphics, character and weapons- Gameplay optimized fortouchscreen devices- Countless hours of gameplay with 4differentadventure world- Two Modes: Classic mode & BossmodeNotes: Thepermissions required in this game is only used foronline leaderboard. Thanks.
Break the Prison 1.0.13
Candy Mobile
Breaking the rules is way more fun than playing by them.Andbreaking the prison is even more fun, especially you areframedinto the jail!You have been sentenced to death for a crimeyou didnot commit. Now you need to devise an elaborate plan toescape theprison and clear your name. As a brilliant mechanicalengineer, youneed to build up the tools in your cell first. Thensteal the keysfrom the guards, discover the escape route by solvingpuzzles, andbreak out the prison by sneaking into an escape tunnelunderneaththe prison. Are you ready to escape and prove yourinnocencenow?Game Features:- Mind-bending puzzles plus addictiveactiongame-play- Chilling atmosphere and beautiful visuals-40+challenging levels in 8 different themed cells
Summoners War 4.1.9
An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 90 million Summonersaroundthe world! Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle overthevital resource: Mana Crystals! Summon over 1000 different typesofmonsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena! Assemblethegreatest team of monsters for strategic victories! SummonersWar:Sky Arena Summoners War OfficialCommunity:***▶Features [Strategic Gameplay] Witness the dazzling display ofeachMonster's unique skills! 21 different Rune sets to pick andchooseadditional abilities for your monsters! Come up with thebeststrategy to win battles! [Endless Fun!] Decorate yourVillage,battle other summoners, explore Dungeons, fight in PvPbattles,expand your Collection, train Monsters, and more![MassiveCollection] Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark! 5differentattributes, and 1000 different monsters! Collect as manymonstersas you can and assemble the greatest team! [Real-time Raid]Battleas a team! A real-time battle with 3 users! Defeat the bosswithyour fellow Summoners using various tactics! [Homunculus]TheForbidden Summoning Magic has finally been revealed! You canEvolvethe skill of your choice with this special Monster!SummonHomunculus and show off your strategy! [Craft] You can Craftmorethan 100 items at the new Craft Building! Craft High Runes,specialBuildings, Statues and more with the new Craft System andinstallthem wherever you want! [World Arena] Enjoy a real-timebattle withusers worldwide! Experience a breathtaking battle thatstarts fromPick&Ban! Reveal your unique strategy to the world![GuildContent] A sensational Guild PvP in the Isle of Conquest!Explorethe Tartarus' Labyrinth with Guild Members! Make your Guildthegreatest of all! *** Access permission notice for gameplaySTORAGE:The permission is required to store game data and will notaccesspersonal files such as photos. PHONE: The permission isrequired toproceed with in-game events and rewards and will notaffect calls.CONTACTS: The permission is required to sync yourfriend list andGoogle Account. AUDIO: The authority is required touse the voicefeature. ※ You'll be able to enjoy the service exceptfeaturesrelated to above authorities even if you don't givepermission tothe above. *** Summoners War is available in 16differentlanguages! English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch,Français,Português, Español, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, Tiếng Việt,Türkçe,العربية , Italiano and ไทย! *** • Items are available forpurchasein this game. Some paid items may not be refundabledepending onthe type of item. • For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms ofService, visit • Terms of Service: • PrivacyPolicy: • Forquestionsor customer support, please contact our Customer Supportbyvisiting
BMX Boy 1.16.39
Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the airandlanding safety. The game "BMX Boy" is so easy but super fun.Youonly need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the roadandget the scores as possible as you can. The way to play isveryeasy. Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right oneisaccelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool tricksinthe air can get extra points. Features: -Clear and simplepictures-3 different terrains -90 cool and addictive levels.-Various cooltricks. -More levels are coming soon.
Heroes of Order & Chaos 3.6.2e
THE ULTIMATE MOBA FOR MOBILE HAS JUST BEEN REVAMPED, REIMAGINEDANDREINVIGORATED! Team up and fight alongside friends as you planyourstrategy, strengthen your Heroes, and wipe out every tower andbasethat stands between you and victory! Experiencefast-paced,real-time battles through a new user interface thatmakes the gameeasier to handle and more exciting to play. Forcenturies,Sinskaald Rift, a mysterious region of Haradon, has beenthebattleground of immortal warriors known as the Heroes ofOrder& Chaos. Now it's your turn to join their honored ranks asthemost powerful champions in the realm! » AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICHANDADDICTIVE GAME « • Choose from 57 unique and varied Heroes,frommelee bruisers to devastating wizards • Play for free withanever-changing roster of amazing Heroes • Develop your skillsandupgrade equipment to overpower your foes and win victory foryourteam! • Real-time action: Scout out the map and lure opponentsintoan ambush in the fog of war » AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE WITHFRIENDSOR ON YOUR OWN « • Fight solo or in multiplayer mode onthreedistinct maps (3v3, 5v5, and Steampunk 5v5) • Blendscooperationwith buddies and competition against enemies for anaddictiveexperience • Develop teamwork and cunning strategies torule theworld of Haradon • Mastered all the characters? Prove it inFunMode, where anything can happen! » THE WORLD IS WATCHINGINSPECTATOR MODE « • Watch your friends battle it out live•Instantly jump to wherever the action is with the dynamic camera•Display objectives, gold and other info on-screen; perfectforcommentary and analysis videos HOC is free to play, but ifyouwish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game itemswithreal money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjustingyourdevice’s settings. By using this app, you may beofferedadvertising content. You can disable your device’s adidentifierbeing used for interest-based advertising in the settingsmenu ofyour device. Find out more about the game on the officialsite-- our officialsite at Check out thenew blog at Don't forget to follow us onsocial media:Facebook: Instagram: Certainapps allow you topurchase virtual items within the app and maycontain third-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-party site. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Pokémon GO 0.131.4
Niantic, Inc.
Catch New Deals & Pokémon with Google Play’s Biggest Dealsofthe Year! - Get special boxes with discounts on items suchasIncubators and Star Pieces - Catch new Pokémonoriginallydiscovered in the Sinnoh Region - Discover thepresent-deliveringPokémon Delibird and a special festive PikachuPokémon GO has nowintroduced the Trainer Battles feature. Enjoyone-on-one Pokémonbattles with other Trainers nearby, or practicebattling againstteam leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche! Trainerscan earn rewardsfor participating in battle and show off excitingPokémon skills inone of three different Trainer Battle Leagues.Join Trainers acrossthe globe who are discovering Pokémon as theyexplore the worldaround them. Pokémon GO is the global gamingsensation that hasbeen downloaded over 850 million times and named“Best Mobile Game”by The Game Developers Choice Awards and “BestApp of the Year” byTechCrunch. Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise,Pikachu, and many otherPokémon have been discovered! Pokémon areout there, and you needto find them. As you walk around aneighborhood, your smartphonewill vibrate when there’s a Pokémonnearby. Take aim and throw aPoké Ball… You’ll have to stay alert,or it might get away! Searchfar and wide for Pokémon and itemsCertain Pokémon appear neartheir native environment—look forWater-type Pokémon by lakes andoceans. Visit PokéStops andGyms—found at interesting places likemuseums, art installations,historical markers, and monuments—tostock up on Poké Balls andhelpful items. Catching, hatching,evolving, and more As you levelup, you’ll be able to catchmore-powerful Pokémon to complete yourPokédex. You can add to yourcollection by hatching Pokémon Eggsbased on the distances youwalk. Help your Pokémon evolve bycatching many of the same kind.Choose a Buddy Pokémon to walk withand earn Candy that will helpyou make your Pokémon stronger.Compete in epic Gym battles You’lljoin one of three teams andbattle for the ownership of Gyms withyour Pokémon at your side. Asyour Charmander evolves to Charmeleonand then Charizard, you canbattle together to defeat a Gym andassign your Pokémon to defend itagainst all comers. Team up todefeat powerful Raid Bosses A RaidBattle is a cooperative gameplayexperience that encourages you towork with up to 20 other Trainersto defeat an extremely powerfulPokémon known as the Raid Boss. Ifyou succeed in defeating it inbattle, you’ll have the chance tocatch an extra powerful Pokémon ofyour own! It’s time to getmoving—your real-life adventures await!Notes: - This app isfree-to-play and offers in-game purchases. Itis optimized forsmartphones, not tablets. - Compatible with Androiddevices thathave 2GB RAM or more and have Android Version 4.4–7.0+installed. -Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices withoutGPScapabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Finetworks.- Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed.-Application may not run on certain devices even if theyhavecompatible OS versions installed. - It is recommended to playwhileconnected to a network in order to obtain accuratelocationinformation. - Compatibility information may be changed atanytime. - Please visit for additionalcompatibilityinformation. - Information current as of December 4,2018.
Snail Battles 1.0.3
Experience full freedom of shooting action in thisambitiousblockbuster game Snail Battles now! Snail Battles is #1viral smashhit game that you'll never want to put down.Swipe andtap toperform combo shots and build a monster-slaughtering weaponmachineon the lovable snail. You'll start off with the legendaryheroesand the battle snail to scatter the evil monsters, butthroughouteach battle you'll collect coins and gems to upgrade yourweaponsand unlock new heroes. Now join Bob, Koone, and otherexcitingheroes armed with unique types of weapons on a one-way triptoadventure! What are you waiting for? Ready! Aim!Fire!GameFeatures:- Astounding animations and colorful graphics-20+ heroesfeaturing different epic weapons- Five breathtakingworlds and 100+levels to conquer- Story mode and Endless mode
Crazy Racer 3D - Endless Race 1.6.061
Crazy Racer 3D is a slim size car racing game!Earn cash to buyyourdreaming car! Conquer all the race tracks in Crazy Racer3D.World's best driver tryouts launch! Crazy Racer 3Dfeatures:-High-performance cars driven experience- 24 race tracks,all sortsof traffic road driving conditions- 6 different super carstochoose and upgrade- 3 game modes: Career, Chase racing,Linearracing- Slim size but run well on all android devices- DailyloginawardsHow to play:- Tilt or Touch to steer & autospeed-up-Touch N2O button to get extra turbo engine boost- TouchMissilebutton to attack the cars above yours- Touch Shield buttontoresist attack or obstruction- Touch Bomb button createsometroubles to the cars behind yours- Earn cash to buy new carsandpowerful propsSoon, we will release the new super racing carsandracetracks!Facebook:
Ninja Revenge 1.2.2
Play as an enrage ninja killing every assassin to revenge thedeadof his wife. When they dare to drive a ninja angry, there willonlybe blood! FEATURES - True ninja experience - Power-ups,utilitiesand more - Tons of missions - Global leaderboard &achievement- Excellent multiplier system - Fast pace and simplecontrol - BothHD/SD are supported KNOWN ISSUES: FC on low devicessuch as:Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung GalaxyAce,Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Mini, SamsungGalaxyPocket. We support SD graphic now but if the problemstillpersists, please try following solutions: - Shut downothersrunning applications - Reboot the phone. - Switch offsound/musicin the game If none of above solutions works, then weare sorry butyour phone just does not have enough memory/ram toplay this game
Legendary Heroes MOBA 3.0.50
Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become Legends. Thegreatestbattle of all time has begun. Heroes from all universes areinvitedto show their power and prove which is the best team.YouTubechannel: MOBA ,ACTIONREAL-TIME STRATEGY For the first time on Android, experienceanAction Real-Time Strategy(Action RTS) game. If you enjoyMOBAgames, you will love Legendary Heroes! INTENSE ACTION ANDTOUCHCONTROLS Quick and intense matches with touch controlstailored forAndroid MOBA experience. HEROES WITH UNIQUE SPECIALPOWERS 4 uniquespecial abilities per character. KEEP PROGRESSACROSS MATCHES Keepthe leveling progress of each Hero acrossmatches and develop asmany of them as you want. HOURS OF GAME PLAYIN CAMPAIGN MODE 40maps providing unique MOBA challenges for allplayers - beginnersor veterans. PLAY FOR FREE!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Access our sitefor detailed heroesinformation, getting started guide,etc: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ FOLLOWUSWebsite: For support, pleasecontact:[email protected]
S.O.L : Stone of Life EX 1.2.6
Oddy Arts
Best Old School RPG!Best Offline RPG for android!Stylish ActionRPG!Challenge for endless dungeons!! Best offline RPG maker, OddyArts.Oddy Arts presents Aurum Blade EX, Hammer of Fury!★ Global 5milliondownloads RPG!! ★ Truly Enjoyable Action RPG !!!Countlessdungeonsfor infinite Challenge!- Dungeon Challenges for variousmissions andbonuses!!- Try to get high score with differenttactics andstrategies. Experience Stylish Actions!- Four uniquejob classes areready for your choice!- Fully customizable weaponsand trainingskills for each Job class- Upgradable Action stylesand Power attackfor each Job class- Fight with the powerful summonmonster, Blade!!-Strategic gameplay is possible with the powerfulsummon monster‘Blade’! Summon the Blade to fight at your side!!-The skills eachBlade has will make the player morepowerful!Infinite weapons andarmors!!- Try different weapons andarmors to change your hero’scostume. - Challenge and Loot the bestitems.- Customize yourweapons and armors by inserting Runes andusing Upgrade stone.Morecontents!- Share items by Stash- Over 300monsters- Quick travelthrough waypoints.- All of this and more iswaiting to bediscovered!!The Stone of Life was known to have thepower of ancientspirits. A war broke out over the stone, onewanted to take controlof it but the other wanted to keep the stonehidden. Ingnis, thedefender of the Stone of Life won the war andtwo thousand yearspassed. Necrosis, once the pursuer of the powerof Stone of Life,starts to seek the power. Who is going to stopthem? You are theonly one to help Ingnis to prevent the waragain.** SOL EX isoptimized on the Tablets **For more information,Homepage:
Terapets 2 Train Monsters Camp 2.688
★★★★★ Monster Training Game=========== SOME TRUSTREVIEWS=========★★★★★ Fun to play. A mix between digimon andpokemon★★★★★Lil prob but great game Its a great game just fix thebugs and itreminds me of pokemon.★★★★★ Great game goes fast I lovethis gameand it adds new monsters★★★★★ Love it Its likepokemon★★★★★ AmazingThe monsters are cool★★★★★ Alright Not badactualy pretty muchpokemon rip off can befunthough=================================Teraland is afantasticworld where humans live together with some creaturescalledTerapets.Lately, some strange events have been happeninginTeraland... On the one side, many Terapets have been missing.Whatis weirdest of all is that some of the monsters reappearlooking abit ‘different’. On the other side, some characters inwhite coatshave appeared and nobody knows exactly what they aredoing...Canyou solve the mystery and find the missing Terapets?★★SUMMARY OFINNOVATIONS: Exploration of Teraland, 4 new types ofmonsters,items for Terapets, 305 new Terapets, 80 attacks, neweffects, newstory.INNOVATIONS AS COMPARED WITHTERAPETS1.==================================★ Explore Maps of thewholeTeraland in a no end of completely explorable zones.★Personalizeyour own Character and move around the whole Teralandwith them.★Explore the High Grass zones to capture one of the 305monstersthat live there.★ 4 new types of Pets creatures (Metal,Spiritual,Robotic and Bionic Monsters).★ New Special Effects to addmorerealism in the battles.★ More than 160 new attacks and redesignofall the previous attacks of the Creatures.★ System of Itemsthatallows you to equip your Terapets with unique objectsthatstrengthen their skills.★ Market where you can buy and selltheitems and Terapets you need to complete your team.★ New typeofSpiritual Monster, they are evasive and hard to capture butverystrong.★ Discover the new zones of Teraland such as The CaveofBlue Island or The Subterrain of Ice City.★ Moredetailedinformation about Teraland, its Pets, Attacks, Zones andall theinformation you need to capture our 305Terapetscreature.FEATURES===============★ Capture hundreds of PETSbyplaying their unique melody with your OCARINA.★ Use one of the7OCARINAS to rescue and capture as many TERAPETS as you can.★Createyour own fighting MONSTER TEAM with up to 6 Pets.★ Trainyourmonster team to level up characteristics up to level 100.★Chooseyour Terapets wisely among the 17 BASIC TYPES and their289combinations to create YOUR OWN FIGHTING STRATEGY.★ Learnnewattacks as you level up. Strength is not always the mostimportantthing, some attacks level up characteristics, some put tosleep orfreeze.. your opponent.★ Make your Terapets EVOLVE into newmonsterto change your Terapet and level up their characteristics(SomeTerapets may evolve up to 7 times).★ Use Objects, on and offthefight and battle.★ Add to every Terapet the Item youdesire,according to your strategy, to increase their skills.★Explore thewhole Teraland and solve all its mysteries, explore thezones whereyou will find plenty of enigmas, battles and wildTerapets.★Discover what’s happening in Teraland and recover themissing beastCreatures.★ Capture the strange Spiritual Monster,only found insmall zones and very difficult to get.★ If you areable to, captureall the Monsters (305) and fill the JOURNALcompletely.★★★ Faceyour friends from all over the world using theMULTIPLAYER MODE
Clash Royale 2.5.4
Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comesareal-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, yourfavoriteClash characters and much, much more. Collect and upgradedozens ofcards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells anddefenses youknow and love, as well as the Royales: Princes,Knights, BabyDragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princessesfrom theirtowers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crownsand gloryin the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build yourvery ownbattle community. Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!PLEASENOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however,some gameitems can also be purchased for real money. If you do notwant touse this feature, please set up password protection forpurchasesin the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, underourTerms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13yearsof age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connectionisalso required. FEATURES ● Duel players from around the worldinreal-time and take their Trophies ● Earn chests to unlockrewards,collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones ●Destroyopponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests ●Buildand upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Familyalongwith dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses●Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents●Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top ● FormaClan to share cards and build your very own battle community●Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel ●Learndifferent battle tactics by watching the best duels on TVRoyaleSupport Are you having problems?Visit or contact us in game by goingtoSettings > Help and Support. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Parent’sGuide:
Inotia 4 1.2.9
Which side will you choose when the two forces rise again?Inotiasaga brought to the next level! 《Inotia 4》 Stride along withKiyan,the Shadow Tribe's virtuoso, and Eara, the influentialChannel ofLight, in their fantasy adventure story. With improvedgraphics andstoryline from the previous series, get indulged in thebattlesagainst goblins, orcs, and more! A new hero awaits to bereleasedfrom his shadows, or the all-new Inotian continentmobileRPG action game! ■ Feature Highlights ■ - 6 Classes, 90SkillsChoose from 6 classes; Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock,Priest, andRanger. 15 different skills are added to each class.Combine allskills to customize your party's strategy. - ConvenientPartySystem Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytimeandanywhere. Once all mercenaries are recruited, 20 or moreunique'mercenary skills' will help you along your journey. - One OfTheLargest Mobile RPG Maps Dry deserts and freezingsnowfields,mysterious forests and dark dungeons... 400 maps withvariousthemes to roam through! - A Tragic Destiny and Other Schemesawaitthe Shadow Assassin and the Channel of Light Abreathlesschase-and-run story where the two heroes meet companions,enemies,and monsters; Be immersed in emotions as the darkness andlightcontradicts in force... Enjoy a stronger, and better,scenario. -Exclusive Sub-quests Ready To Be Unraveled Enjoy othersub-questsin each region of the Inotian continent besides the mainstory. Asyou accomplish the quests, you will get your hands onsomeextraordinary items. Listen to stories of each villager andmonsterto unfold other mysteries. - End of a Story means aBeginning of aNew Journey: Infinite Dungeon for Hardcore PlayersCleared thewhole story? Get ready to start a new one in InfiniteDungeon! 5different memory layers will relocate you to a battlethat was ofyour past...but different the next time. Fight villainsthat areeven more vicious and smellier than the main story, tobecome theultimate master of Inotia! This game is free to play, butyou canchoose to pay real money for extra items. ★Languagesupport:English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體. * Access permission noticeforgameplay · STORAGE: The permission is required to store gamedataand will not access personal files such as photos. · PHONE:Thepermission is required to proceed with in-game events andrewardsand will not affect calls. · CONTACTS: The permission isrequiredto sync your friend list and Google Account. ※ You'll beable toenjoy the service except features related to aboveauthorities evenif you don't give permission to the above. ★★Android OS 4.0.3 andup is required starting with v1.2.5. • Itemsare available forpurchase in this game. Some paid items may not berefundabledepending on the type of item. • For Com2uS Mobile GameTerms ofService, visit - Terms of Service: - PrivacyPolicy: • Forquestionsor customer support, please contact our Customer Supportbyvisiting ────────────────Playwith Com2uS! ──────────────── Follow us! uson Facebook! Tips andUpdates
Chromatic Souls
A spectacular traditional turn based RPGUse tanks, dealers,andhealers to react to the rapidly changing battle systemUse16different classes and 130 different skills in the BossRaid1.Endless Battle StrategyLead your tanks, dealers, and healersto therapidly changing tactical battlesConquer your enemies andovercomeevil dragonsExciting strategy battles with 16 differentclasses and130 different skills2. Massive ContentStory mode thattakes part in12 world mapsEndless contents through Guild, Raid,Promotions, andEnhancement2,000 battle stages and over 1,000equipment items3.Breathtaking RPGRecruit unique and strongcharacters and bring theminto battleImmerse yourself in thestorylineBattle the dragons inthe world of Chromatic Souls4.Beautiful & Elaborate 2DGraphicExperience new worlds,challenging battles, and wondrouseffectsA world of adventure withhigh-quality graphicsawait.Characters, monsters, and backgroundmove with life.*Accessauthorization notice for gameplaySTORAGE :Authorization isrequired to store game data. Personal files such asphotos will notbe accessed.PHONE : Authorization is required toproceed within-game events and rewards. Will not affectcalls.CONTACTS :Authorization is required to sync your friend listand GoogleAccount.** This game is available in English.** There maybeadditional costs when trying to obtain certain items.**RequiresAndroid 7.0 or earlier version* GAMEVIL Official Website:* GAMEVIL Customer Support: ofService:
Aurum Blade EX 1.0.2
Oddy Arts
1 million downloads!! Best Old School & Offline RPGforAndroid!Play this RPG and Back to school memory!Best offlineRPGmaker, Oddy Arts. Oddy Arts presents SOL EX!★★★ Get Aurum Bladeforfree ★★★ The essence of ancient Alchemy, the Philosopher'sStone,has been hidden in the Philosopher's Tower until now, and forgoodreason. But now Duke Marduk is heading to the tower to takethestone and use it. But for what? And why has he abducted Celty,themysterious girl from Shining Dawn Village, who is somehowconnectedto it all? One thing is clear, terrible things arehappening, andDuke Marduk must be stopped. Someone must be a heroin this world!Aurum Blade is a fast-paced action RPG with thrillingattackweapons and spells, and truly enjoyable control.Features:Challenge The Power Dungeon to get epic and legendaryitemsThereare plenty of great Epic, Set, and Legendary itemswaiting to belooted from the dungeons. Premium items and gems caneven be foundwithin! Daily Free Tickets to the Power DungeonYou canenter thePower Dungeon everyday with a Daily Free Ticket. Forfurtherexploration, tickets can also be purchased from the PowerShop.Powerful Summoning Monsters allow for strategic gameplayPowerfulBlade Monsters can be summoned after first provingyourself in theBlade Dungeons.A total of 6 Blade Monsters (Stone,Iron, Ice, Fire,Silver and Aurum) will fight alongside you in thebattle field.Each has different skills and attack patterns.BladeMonsters growin strength as you pass the Blade Dungeons. And amaximum of 3monsters can be summoned at one time. Try differentweapons! Weardifferent costumes! Find and enhance your ownweapons!Each item hasits own unique and powerful options that canbe customized. You canenchant your weapons and armor, and insertcrystals to add evenmore abilities. Dual weapons fighting can bemastered for deadlyattacks. And the Alchemy system allows you tocreate and enhancespecial weapons and items.All of this and more iswaiting to bediscovered. Three characters to play!Three characters(Allen,Sigmund and Enoshu) are available to play. 3 save slots arealsoavailable, and it is possible to exchange items among thesaveddata slots via theStashInventory.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation 121a
THE WORLD’S BEST-SELLING TRADING CARD GAME!It’s Time to Duel!Enjoythrilling duels against players from around the worldandcharacters from the animated TV series! Collect cardsthatrepresent powerful Monsters, magical Spells and surprisingTraps tobuild a winning Deck to smite your foes. Limitless playoffline oronline and unique weekly challenges makes Yu-Gi-Oh! DUELGENERATIONthe perfect free-to-play Trading Card Game for allplayers.ANYONECAN PLAY: From new Duelists to experienced players,DUEL GENERATIONis a game that anyone can pick up and play. ATutorial is includedto assist new players as well as a campaignmode that lets playersfocus on easier opponents until they’re readyto take on greaterchallengers! THOUSANDS OF CARDS: Over 6,000 cardswill be availableto collect, from Blue-Eyes White Dragon to Bujins,with even moreto be released in the future!WEEKLY CHALLENGES: Eachweek the gamefeatures the opportunity to battle a fresh lineup ofprogressivelymore difficult opponents for new cards that can beadded to yourdecks.OFFLINE & ONLINE PLAY: All game modesfeature unlimitedfree play – perfect for honing your skills!DUELGENERATION is themost complete free-to-play card game experience onmobile. Whetheryou are a beginning Trading Card Game player or aseasoned veteran,there’s something for everyone toenjoy.Languagessupported:EnglishFrenchItalianGermanSpanish©1996KAZUKITAKAHASHI©2011 NAS ・ TV TOKYO
Pokémon Duel 6.2.11
■ Intro Pokémon Duel is a strategy board game that usesPokémonfigures. Build a deck with your favorite figures and thenleap intoa League Match! Compete with players from around the worldfor achance to enter the top League rankings in League Matches.You'llfight your rivals in real time! Win duels, get all kinds ofcoolfigures and items, and make your deck stronger! The rulesaresimple! The object is to be the first player to get one ofyourfigures to your opponent's goal. How will you get to thegoal?You'll need to carefully choose your route! In duels, you andyouropponent take turns moving your figures. Set up astrategicformation and attack your opponent, or simply block theirpath—it'sall about tactics! Plan your strategy and defeat youropponents inthis game of cat and mouse! In duels, your deck iscomposed of 6Pokémon figures. There are all kinds of figures, eachwithdifferent moves and abilities. Keep this in mind as you buildyourown custom deck! Make use of your custom deck and the AI! TheAI isa reliable ally who will determine good moves and take yourturnfor you. Make full use of the AI and crush your opponents! ■Notes- Terms of Use Please read the Terms of Use before usingthisapplication. - Device settings You may not be able to launchthisapplication, depending on your device’s settings and/or how itisused. In order to maintain fairness among players, somefunctionsmay become inaccessible if certain operations (suchasjailbreaking) have been performed. - Before makingpurchasesAndroid OSversion 5.0 or higher is required for thisapplication.Available features may depend on your device’s OSversion. Pleasemake sure that you can use the free-of-chargefeatures of thisproduct with no issues on your device before youmake purchases.Certain devices and/or configurations may also causetheapplication to fail to work. - Device settings You may not beableto launch this application, depending on your device’ssettingsand/or how it’s used. In order to maintain fairness amongplayers,some functions may become inaccessible if certainoperations (suchas rooting) have been performed. - For inquiriesPlease to report issues about PokémonDuel.
Bounced! 1.3
If you like pushing your limits and breaking records in ainfiniteworld this game is for you!-You can pause the game wheneveryoulike,-Score System,-Simple menu.
Terra Monsters 2 9.15
**If you came here looking for Terra Monsters 3 this isn't it, gotothis store pageinstead!**Unlockthe secrets of the Land of Afer. Explore the open world,fight inintense 3 v 3 battles and capture and train 200 uniqueTerraMonsters!Afer has been plunged into conflict in recent times,thetribes of the region have been plagued with mistrust andfrequentfights amongst one another. It's down to you, and yourTerraMonsters to find out the true reason behind the turmoil andbringpeace back to the Land of Afer.
Elements: Epic Heroes 1.6.7
The dark forces have taken control over the realm!Lead theepicheroes to defeat the Dark Lord and clear the darkness fromtheworld!SIMPLE & INTUITIVE MECHANICS• Tap to control yourheroesand go towards an enemy to attack!• Activate deadly skills toclearthe dark forces from the realm!REAL TIME BOSS RAID• Team upwithfour other players in real time to defeat raid bosses!•Fighttogether against the Dragon or challenge the DarkKnight!INFINITETOWER• Test your limits by progressing through theInfinite Tower!•The higher the floor you reach, the more rewardsyou willget!LEADERBOARDS• Try to rank the highest on theleaderboards foramazing rewards!• Become the leader invariousleaderboards!SOCIALIZE• Make friends at Skyrock through theglobalchat!• Add friends and hire each other asmercenaries!EQUIPMENTUPGRADES• Collect gems to upgrade your gear!•Enhance yourequipment to make your character even stronger!*Anetworkconnection is required to play.*Tablets supported! Want toenjoyElements: Epic Heroes with a big screen? No problem!DownloadElements: Epic Heroes on your tablet now!Join the &EVENTSWebsite:
Neo Monsters 2.4
Form your team and battle for victory! Capture, train, and evolvetobecome the champion in one of the biggest monster battling RPGs!NeoMonsters is an addictive strategy RPG that features epic 4v4battlesbetween two teams of up to 16 monsters. The uniqueturn-based battlesystem allows you to come up with powerful chainstrategies bycombining hundreds of abilities. Hunt down thestrongest monstersand harness their power, then take the battleonline to dominate inexciting PvP battles and leagues! Are youready to take thechallenge? ▶Features: ● Build your MonsterCollection ✔ Capture andevolve over 1000 fully animated monsters!✔ Train your monsters andunleash their deadly potential. ✔ Collectevolution ingredients tocreate the ultimate power! ● Form a BattleStrategy ✔ Build theultimate team of up to 16 monsters. ✔ Defeatyour opponents in epicturn-based 4v4 battles! ✔ Create devastatingcombinations fromhundreds of abilities. ● Become the Champion ✔Conquer six Leaguesand take on the Grand Champion in 60+ hours ofadventure! ✔ Exploremultiple islands and dungeons on your journey.✔ Follow the story touncover the truth behind your late uncle’satrocity. ● Take theBattle Online ✔ Duel players from around theworld in PvP leagues! ✔Complete 100+ online missions. ✔ Take onweekly updated events tounlock big rewards. Follow us onFacebook: Join the NeoMonsterscommunity: Issues orquestions?Contact our support: [email protected] Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
SWAT 1.7
FT Games
The most realistic anti-terrorist FPS game on Android !!,In the21stcentury,terrorism spreads rapidly around the whole world.Astheanti-terrorism materials show that all these terroristactivitiesare related to a dark forces.They have quite advancedmilitaryweapons in this modern war combat: unmanned fighter, newrocketlaunchers, powerful machine guns, and may even have begun totakeshape of nuclear weapons.In the face of this powerfuldardforces,all countries get together and establish a SWAT ofUnitedNations focusing on hitting dark forces all over the worldandsafeguarding world peace.Features:1 New collection andupgradesystem!2 New super weapon!3 Epic audio-visual effects!4Newlifelike scenes.5 New combinations of fights!
Pet Alliance 2 - Monster Battle 17.0 Games
Pet Alliance 2 is a RPG game about monster training andmonsterbattle. Collect lovely pets such as dragon and fairymonster. Fightin pvp, real-time battle and more on the adventure.As the sequentversion of Pet Alliance, it is presented with hugeimprovements ingameplay, graphic design and addition of newfeatures. What's more,now you could compete with trainers from allover the world!Feature: - Evolve, enhance, and upgrade your petsinto morepowerful and complex forms; - Solve puzzles and fight inthisround-based strategy RPG; - Compete in PVP arena and duelwithothers in real-time fight; - Chat with your friends inreal-timevoice chat; - Learn life skills & trade in markets& createclan and team up with your buddies. What's new -Christmas Pet andNew Constellation Pets are coming - New Function:Science & SubAttribute - New Event: Pet Wanted and King of PetAvailableLanguages: English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian,SimplifiedChinese and Traditional Chinese. Follow and contact us:FacebookFan Page: OfficialWebsite:
Monster! 1.2.01
App Holdings
Welcome to Monster Age, the best Monster RPG gameonGooglePlay! Collect hundreds of cute and AWESOME monstersasyou step inside a world full of adventure, battles, quests,darkquests and PVP!Are you ready to battle?GiantBattles-Playgiant battles!-Combine elements to destroy youropponents!CollectMonsters-Collect and catch over 200+ monstersthrough adventures,PvP, Raids and Dark Quests!-Collect all 6elements - Fire, Water,Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light!Evolve yourMonsters-Evolve andboost your monsters!-Teach and train yourmonsters to createstronger monsters!-Fuse together monsters tocreate and unlock abetter one!-Over 80+ accessories to enchant yourmonsterswith!-Revive your monsters and unleashtheiroptimum performance!Challenges-Adventure Mode (Normal&Hard): Gain various loot items and monsters!-PvP Mode: Competewithothers to earn rewards!-Special Quest: Earn giant rewardseachday!-Dark Quest: Challenge yourself inthismarathon tournament!-Guild Raid: Cooperate with your guildtoearn rare loot items!Join a Guild-Join a Guild and become thebestguild master!-Compete with other guilds !-Raise Deity withyourguild mates and use it to help you on Special Events!The gameneedsstorage access to store the game assets on your device,pleaseaccept the permission when asked .
oO 1.02
Rainbow Train
"oO" is a hardcore, minimal "dodge-em-up / runner" arcade gamethatI made with Wojciech Wasiak.Thanks for playing andyoursupport!Maciej
MonsterCrafter 1.8.5
Naquatic LLC
THE SEQUEL TO GUNCRAFTER! • DREAM IT. BUILD IT. BATTLE IT. SHAREIT• Craft your own pet monster. Train and care for it.Adventurethrough harrowing, boss-filled dungeons. Battle onlineagainst yourfriends, your enemies, or anyone in the world.MonsterCrafter iscrafting + digital pets + monster battling…andthere has never beenanything like it. • PLAY YOUR WAY • If you candream it, you canbuild it. Create your monster any way you like.The way you craftit, the way you train and care for it…EVERYTHINGaffects yourmonster's personality, companionship, and performancein battle! •ENDLESS CONTENT • The entire MonsterCrafter world ispopulated byplayer-created monsters! Every monster you see andbattle has beencrafted by someone. Show them who's boss! • INSTANTMULTIPLAYER •Enter the multiplayer arena and get placed in alag-freemultiplayer match in 5 SECONDS. With Naquatic's exclusiveQuickMatch system, you never have to stop playing. No waiting. Nolag. •JOIN OVER 50 MILLION GAMERS WORLDWIDE • And find out whyNaquaticapps like Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown have lit up thetopcharts and been featured by everyone from Apple to Google,Amazon,Microsoft, IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.
Hero Wars: BEGINS 1.2
Hero Wars, New Update Versionlinkedin: Zombie Virus - NewGameRelease!! Playing in Japan. - #1 Arcade in Japan. - #2 Role PlayinginUSA. - #10 Arcade in USA.Hero Wars : Angel of the Fallenis aDefense+ RTS game that combined action arcade..In 2012, Mutantsand Aliensinvaded the Earth.All cities are destroyed. They destroycrops,buildings, bridges and roads. They are very powerfulenemies. TheCo-Army just didn't have what it takes to do.Heroesmust fightagainst the Enemies. And must retrieve the Earth.YourBattle fieldsare New York, Miami, London, Cairo, New Delhi,Siberia,Mediterranean Sea, Tokyo, Caribbean Sea,Paris..Load/Save:If youpress home button, your game will be savedautomatically. And youcan play continuously.Game PlayingChoice:You can play 2 differentmodes!!1. Heroes vs Mutants (EasyMode)2. Humans vs Aliens (HardMode)Game Features:- Full HD 2.5DCartoon Characters and 3D mapterrains.- Total 74 different type ofplayers and 90 enemies.-Becomes hyper power hero when units arefully upgraded.- Unlimitednumbers of stages.- One touch Onlineeasy Ranking system. - 10Wonderful Back Ground Musics.- You canchange game view of camera,Side or Top.Control:You can produceHeroes, Humans, Humanoids andArms.If your hero upgrade, attackwill increase. Specialcontrol:Also, You can control all yourcharacters 360 degrees freelylike joy pad!!You can fly, jump, dashand stunt flyingshooting.Upgrade: All your characters will upgradenew one. They'llhave super vehicle or armored machine.And Baseweapon can upgrademore powerful.If you get upgrade money inbattle, you can exchangeto product money.Arms:Big Bomb - UseAirStrike To bomb yourenemies.Poison Mortar - Use poisonous gasbombing to make themweek.Fixed Bunker or Tank - Fire or missileattack.Barrier - Preventenemy attack. Radar - You can see theinvisible enemies.Users say:-This game is perfect for bored peopleand good for someone who justwants to game and not do homework.-This is the a awesome game!!!-This is the most addicting game i'veever played on any kind of thistype games.- Hero Wars is the bestgame for me right now.