Top 12 Games Similar to Pet Link Mania

Candy Mania 1.0.0
Candy Mania Link is a puzzlecasualthreeelimination games for children, the use of elements tocreateawomen's favorite candy sweet candy style,Lianliankan with traditional classic gameplay, the game issimpleandeasy to use.Candy Mania Link eliminate big adventure fantasy trip now.Features★ variety of sweet candy elements★ exquisite cool game screen special effects and props★ Multiple levels, challenges stimulate★ gameplay is very simple, easy to use★ join my circle of friends and globalleaderboards,easilyshare★ variety of ways and share with friendshow to playAs long as the same two elements together candycanbeeliminated.Quickly share with your friends.
Mahjong Solitaire Free 2.3.3
Mahjong Solitaire is a free mahjong gamebasedon a classic Chinese game.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong,TaipeiMahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)The goal is to remove all tiles from the board. You may removeonlypaired free tiles. The tile is free when there are no tileseitherto the left or to the right from it.If you cannot find any pairs you may shuffle the tiles at anytimes,but you will get a time penalty.Features- 150 board layouts.- 6 backgrounds.- 3 tile art.- shuffle, hint- auto save- block shadow- auto zoom inEnjoy!
Mahjong Solitaire Free
Mahjong Solitaire is a classic matchinggame.It is also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Mahjongg, Kyodai.How to play:The objective of the game is to remove all Mahjong tiles bymatchingthem in pairs. Only same tiles that is not blocked can beremoved. Atile is blocked if both left and right side is blockedby othertiles, or have other tiles placed on top.You can use device's menu button to display the option menuwhileplaying the game.You can move game tiles by hold your finger(or pointer) onscreen,and you can zoom in or out by multi-touch or use zoom barwhileplaying game.Features:- Time challenge and general game mode- 30 layouts in normal mode(time challenge), 21 layouts ingeneralmode(some available in full version only)- Auto save game- hints, reshuffle, move back, auto-zoom tools- Multi-touch zoom- Auto generate solvable games- Zoom tools for devices that do not support multi-touch- Support landscape, portrait screen mode
Mahjong Master 1.0
Mahjong master comes from thetraditionalChinese game mahjong.You can spend a few minutes or many hours in this mahjonggamematch.The goal of mahjong master is to remove all tile pieces fromthetower.You can remove a pair of tiles if the tiles are identical (egEastand East, 9 and 9, etc.)Each mahjong tile of the pair must comply with the followingrules:No other tile is lying to the left or to the right of it; Noothertile is lying above or is covering it.All of the mahjong flowers and seasons can be matched witheachothers.Features:- Free game- More than 1200 boards!- Zen game play- 1080p HD Graphics!- Beautiful backgrounds!- And more!- Unlimited Undos!- Great graphics, for phones!
Match It 1.2
Match It is a classic puzzle game,Itcalled"lianliankan" in Chinese. The rule is very simple:connecting two identical images with no more than four linestoremove them.Clear all the images before timeout.Features:Three themes, 118 levels for each theme effects: firework, bubbles.multiple game items: refresh, tip, bombrate star for each level.How to playconnecting two identical images with no more than four lines.You can tap two images Sequentially or just touch one and slidetothe other.
Fruits Link Deluxe Cool 1.0.0
Fruits Link Deluxe Cool, fun hottest SuperMengfruit Lianliankan free stand-alone game,Fun fresh apples, strawberries and lovable, the sensitivitiesofpeaches, delicious watermelon, here is the fruit farm!Join us work together to eliminate fruit, freshly squeezedfruitsplash juices![Gameplay]Fruits Link Deluxe Cool, offers players a number of hurdles,thegame began to open the first pass, the player must pass in ordertoactivate the next level, with increasing levels of difficultyalsoincreases.Click on two identical animals in a row to eliminate thesetwopatterns pattern, all patterns disappear into the next level,eachadditional one off, the difficulty will increase.[Game Features]Until you unlock hundreds of checkpoints, hundreds ofcheckpointswaiting for you to challenge!Permanent free totally free, without any props charges, nobuilt-incharge!Super Meng cute picture, gameplay innovation, opera lovers willplayLianliankan similar choice!Dozens of lovely fruit you choose, a variety of props toassistclearance!【Sum up】Fruits Link Deluxe Cool, bright color screen, play simple, like adonot miss!Play simple, fun diminished, leisure spend time weapon, dareeachlevel have to take Samsung?Fruits Link Deluxe Cool, so what are you waiting for, quicklytypingexperience it.
Candy Blast Mania 2.2
Effect of a cool little sugar game.Everyone loves to play a single game casual puzzle.Single elimination games fun Candy Blast Mania coming.Candy Blast Mania with cool special effects is a stand-alonegame,using the traditional pair-up gameplay, combined with today'smostpopular candy theme to create a public game,Play around pop candy, candy big battle carried out to obtainthecorresponding number on the Elimination of scores, the gameisdifferent from traditional fruits pair-up, animalpair-upgame.Candy storms is coming, You'll love Candy Blast Mania, Letgo!
Ace Sweet Link 4.63.04
Ace Sweet Link is a classic flow game, butitis especial, when you link the same candies, the line will becomeacandy flow, it is funny!Got it Free!Feature,***5 Models are here for you;***10 candy houses and 500+Level for you;***Colorful candies;***Nice sound;***Sweet UI;***Suitable for all ages;***Share it;
Link 4 1.8
"Link 4" (also known as Captain'sMistress,Four Up, Plot Four, Fourplay, Four in a Row, and Four in aLine) isa two player game (either two people or one person againstthecomputer) in which you choose a planet and then take turnsdroppingthe planets from the top into a vertical grid. The objectof Link 4is to connect four of your own planet next to eachotherhorizontally, vertically, or diagonally in a straight linebeforeyour opponent.Features:-Single Player vs AI-Two Players-Stunning Graphics with Phone and Tablet Support-Easy and Hard AI ModesHappy Gaming!