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War Games Blitz : Tank Shooting Games
Get ready for tank war in the real warzone and fight withyourbrutal enemy tanks which are in try to find and destroy yourtank.You have to shoot enemy machine tanks in each level andcompletethe missions successfully to become the best tank warrior.Moderntanks are available in this world warfare tank game you havetoselect your high powerful tank for defensive attack. this is oneofthe best army games for kids they can enjoy this war fightingasfun battle game. Modern warzone environment has been designedtohave real tank fighting with enemy tanks. Enemy tanks will trytofind you and destroy you but you have to use your smartwarstrategy skills and destroy their tanks to win the mission. Thisisa multi featured army tanks war game, ride on the modern tankandcombat with enemies. Your revolution should be to conquer yourareafrom the enemy tanks war attack. Enemy tanks are hiddenbehindtheir check posts and explode missiles on your area. Peopleslivingin your area are calling you to save or protect them fromthebrutal enemy attack. Your health and coins collection isveryimportant in this game. To which tank you will destroy in thistankwar game it will give you a pack of bullet, health or cointocollect and your tank's health and life will be increased tofightand kill more enemies or to destroy enemy tanks. You mighthaveplayed different battle ship, gunship helicopter, hunting,commandoshooting and many other action games. I recommend you toplay thistank war game you will find it more interesting,thrilling,strategic and addicting tank battle game. You have toload Cannonballs in the cannon and tune the limber of cannontowards the exacttarget on the enemy's tank by using aimingfacility. Shoot andenjoy the tanks fighting war, destroy enemytanks and their checkposts. Different modern tanks e.g. coraltanks, AT Gun Tanksstrike, Cannon Tanks strike are available tohave best and realtime tanks fighting experience. You also learntank driving andusage of army tanks. Smooth and realistic controlswill also helpyou to drive tank right and safe. Infinite cannonballs and bulletsare available in each level to load and shoot.Fire the cannon likeepic war firing and become legend tank hero.Features: MultipleDifferent tanks for fighting Infinite cannonballs in the tank'scannon Tanks war in the desert and city Multiple challenging andthrilling levels with increasing enemytanks Thrilling andadventurous sounds of cannons  Zoom in andZoom out aim targetMap navigation to find enemy tanks Realwarzone environment withcheck posts  Smooth and realistic war tankcontrols It is free toplay tanks war gameJust install and playthis tank game and feelthe real thrills of war. Give your effectivefeedback after playingthis incredible tank game.
Desert Storm Gunship Gunner Battlefield: fps games
Gunner Gunship Battlefield:With a warfare going on in thecountryyou will be needed to serve the country in fighting againsttheterrorist while doing what you are best in this shootingwarmission. Being a gunner you are fully trained in gun shooting&survival skills. Use them to make your country terror free,makeyour people fearless. The enemies are focused on invading yourareaand territories. Soldiers are required with gunner strikecrazykilling spree to win this gun shooting arena. You have to doyourbest effort to keep them on bay and defeat their troops beforetheyenter your country. A war battlefield is created where thesoldiersand the army officials use their skills and make heavygunfireshots. Guns bigger than the usual ones are used for thisdesert wargunship war going on. You have been provided with theultimateweapons and free machine gun to survive in this deadlywarrior’sbattlefield. Use all the gunner shooter 3d equipmentavailable foryour defence and for the protection of your brothers.GunnerGunship Battlefield is one of those gunship games you havebeenwaiting for.As the enemies and their bad influence isprevailingover your country and dominating the minds of people withtheirterror, an Army heroes shooter or a fierce battle shooterisrequired to lead a team of shooters to conduct shootoperations.The most heavy weapons and big weapons are available fortheir usesuch as the Heavy Machine gun, riffles and bombs. InGunner’sBattlefield there would be an enormous difference in thefirepowerbetween the gunners and the enemies. So there would be acrazykilling spree with back to back shooting & bombing. Airstrikeoperations can also be carried out in response to theenemystrikes. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostincredible,adventure filled pack of gun war - shooting games.Set upan armyconvoy ambush behind the mountain to attack enemy forces. Awarshiphas been prepared with all the modern weapons & guns androcketlauncher frame has been supported in it as well. Enemies willloseeventually ground by simultaneously rocket and mortar attacks.Allthe modern ultimate machine guns and powerful weapons are atyourdisposal. You have to show your fighting skills and valor towinthis war against the dark forces. You have to win thisgunshipbattle at any cost. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostamazing3D gun app free for you.There are varying missions andlevels whereyour main objective is to protect your military armybase frominvasion. You will have to carry out counter terroristopen waragainst the terrorist. Gunner Gunship Battlefield offersfree wargames, which invite people with crazy killing spree to winthe waragainst discrimination. The intense war situation willforcewarriors to take a deep and gruesome action of gunnergunshipshooting on the enemies. The modern gunner desert battlewill be agreat threat to your country, there is no option of losingit.Gunner Gunship Battlefield is a war gun shooting arena, notjustany small war games for free. You have all the elite forces atyourdisposal to fight this gunner shoot war. There are evenhundreds ofinfantries, shooting terrorists on sight. Use your warcombat, guncombat and fighting skills to fight off the enemies andsave yourcountry from their wrath. Machine-gun are used for deadlygunshotin this commando counter 2018. Anti crush tanks have alsobeencalled for handling the situations. There are lots of armygamesavailable but none is offering so much adventure and thrillsuch asthis weapon simulator and gun simulator game. For the safetyof thesoldiers the best ammunition of gun 3d weapon have beenmade.This is the most intriguing battle simulator.GameFeatures•Intriguing gameplay• Eye catching, real 3denvironments•Adventurous and thrill filled levels• Various deadlymissions• HDquality Audio and Video
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3DNavy Gunner Shoot War is a freeactionfilled gun shooting game with modern navy strike war fight.Thisgun shooting action game has plenty of challengingcriticalmissions & a beautiful breathtaking 3D sea environment.Thisfree to play action game provides you the chance to proudlyserveyour duty with the best commando sniper soldiers & elitewarfighters of navy, military officer, air war force & armyincasual combat rival offense. Embark as hunter on a specialcombatmission with army sniper force to destroy as warrior at theenemyterritory & compete with the deadly criminals gangsterenemy inorder to save your city for survival in arena. A chance foryou toexperience the intense war in fast action game &firepower inattack of ship in the true manner & to be a truewar herowarrior of navy military & secret agent elite leaguesquad.Let’s play & strike in the naval game to blow away evilenemyin city shooter war.The evil enemy has attacked by firepowerinyour marine naval base and trying to play hide & seek sowiththe help of one of the largest tactical shooter air craftcarrier.Battle in sniper free at the enemy with courage to defeatgangster& terrorists enemy by deadly trigger of shooting guns.Thegangster deadly criminals enemy is about to enter in your seawaterto attack your city with full combat equipment & modernweaponsalong with sniper fight. They need to be outbreak beforetheyinvade the whole country with combat & intense war. Enemyisbacked by the pump gun, snipers, apache helicopters, F16aircrafts,navy warships, battle ships, modern weapons & gunsincludingarmy sniper shooters, the best rifleman &marksman.Yourultimate duty is to protect your city & fellowmilitary officercommando soldiers on the land to control combat& in the seafrom the ruthless enemy forces. Being equipped withthe latestmachine gun and rocket launcher you need to strike &destroytheir air craft carrier, eliminate rival soldiers, anddestroymotor boats, warships and fighter. You’ll be performing yourdutyon the frontline flying planes wings in the heat of action. Youareexpected to defend the frontier at all cost in fast actiongame.Your survival depends on your accurate aiming &shootingskills. To counter opponent’s attacks & strike backhard alsomatters a lot. There will be waves after waves of rivalsoldiersenemy, special gun forces, navy battle ships & gunshiphelicopters shooting at you that won't let you settle down.Combatfearlessly with shooting firepower to win this war and tosave yourcity & country for survival. Your success is what’sgoing tomake you the best army sniper gun shooter, gunner,rifleman,marksman & a true soldier military commando hero.Loosing hopein this gun battle is not acceptable; you need to winat any cost.Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoeverwins is thewarrior, will be remembered forever. Top gamefeatures:Immersivebreathtaking 3D environmentChallenging &addictivegameplayPlenty of gun shooting action filled missionsAmazing soundeffectsFollow us at facebook to be aware of bestgames: We work hardtoensure that our games run properly on every major phone andtablet.If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy ourgames, please report it to
Border Army Sniper
One Man Army Front line Combat Strike Attack Real Border ArmySniperIt is a brand new action-packed world cross border issuesfirstperson sniper shooter game. IGI Commando Battle War elitethrillingmission cross border Ambush and kill the enemies Ultrarealistic 3D.Elite Commando Secret Spy Mission Before few hoursyour opponentarmy attack on your border with tank, armor vehiclesandhelicopters. Commando Adventure Shooter Stop your enemies tocrossthe border world war II| (Third world war). Commando SurgicalStrikeOperation It is a big attack on the hub root of yourbaseline.Intelligence Headquarter Red Alert Ambush and kill theenemiesYour commander and other leader have been fallen. Enemysoldiersare very clever in gorilla war.Your army needs your helpbecauseyou are a brave soldier. Army shooter warrior You arepromoted yourjob anti-terrorist squad to border army. You are amodern sniperand ready to play your role in dangerous attacks. Thisis the timeto pay back your soil and save it from badterrorists.Grab your gunand breathe slowly aim and shoot on yourtarget in silent assassinmission. Sniper Warrior Trust on yoursniping skills and go forhead-shot. The enemies are fully equippedwith modern weapons keepsafe yourself from them. Use the besttactic to hit the tanks orHumvee. In these convoys a huge number ofmodern weapons.So SniperKiller must be very carefull when he ismaking his first target.Their destruction is important because theenemy’s mission is touse these weapons against your country. Don’tworry about that youhave enough arsenal to fight back them anddestroy all those whocomes in your way. Navigator helps you insearching of you target.Fight as frontline commando until youachieve your target. Don’tallow your enemies to cross the borderand hold control of yourbase. Play your sniper duty, eliminatethese terrorist squad andkill them in stealth mode. This operationis like cold war.Takeclear Head-Shot when your enemies are tooclose to you don’t missyour target. Play the role of patrioticnational hero. Use modernlong range sniper gun to kill enemysoldiers by taking clearhead-shot. Always stay calm it is not aneasy mission as it looks.Mountains will restricts your sightvisibility and time is veryshort so you will get no time to waste.Just ready to shoot youraim and be a phantom in the battle field.Hunt your enemies like aprofessional sniper hunter.This completegame is totally free forall peoples all over the world.Features:•#1 FPS (First PersonShooter) game• Ultra realistic 3d graphics•Smooth game control.•Efficient controls• Amazing sound effects•Single sniper war•Advanced weapons rocket launcher & snipinggun• Sniper scopeview• Enough Sharp bullets• Challenging shootinggame• It is 100%free game.• Play anytime anywhere withoutinternet.How to Play:1.Slide right of the half screen to adjust thedirection of theshooting.2. Use both hand to control yourcharacter.3. Guns show onright side of the screen.4. Use yoursniper rifle or rocketlauncher to aim at terrorist from adistance.5. Touch right belowfire button to shoot.6. Shootterrorists on legs, arms and head.7.Guns are reloadedautomatically.8. If you don’t respond quickly theenemies attack onyour base.9. Press any time back button to pausethegame.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phonesandtablets run the game smoothly and ready for further improvementifrequired. If you have facing any problem contact us.Yourratingsand reviews are our motivation to make more enhancementsinit.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads withintheApp only as per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for newupdateson:Facebook:
Sniper Highway Traffic Shooter 3D
City sniper army shooter contract assault rifle killerenoughtofight and want to shoot your city mafia gangster, and thenthismountain army sharp traffic shooting3D game is best crimetargetkiller counter elite attackgame ever. In this antiterroristcritical shooter frontier strikecompetition you areequipping withthe latest new special force assault rescueshooteraiming at theterrorists are rooming in the different modernelite sniper combatcritical mission. Do you love real warfare fpsforce enemy battle3Dgames? If yes, then test multi level assassinlegendshootingskills and shoot down the enemies who captured coverthetown areas of secret agent army escape plan challenge.Completelynavy war ship enemy attack mission gameand gun shootingbased forfans of hot counter terrorist secret action war 3Dwithstylizedstunning graphics and realistic thrilling environments. Youcanalso feel the extreme frontier military commando wareffectivebullet sounds in this police agent city bank robbery carchase.This US city sniper danger shooting dutyis here for yourgreatenjoyment time with Lots of astounding legend summonsesmonsterbattle 3Dand action packed levels.Some terrorists is hidinginbuildings, streets and other places to attack on you andothercivilian persons and want to destroy your home land inmountainarmy agent best gun shooter. Most deadly 3Dsecret agentsurvivalmafia crimewith explosive weapons is waiting to kill junglesniperelite warrior battle 3D. Choose your special weapons tomodernsecret agent mafia crime 2017and destroy all enemycampsextraction. Enemies have swat gun shooting criminal battle3Dandpower full weapons like rifles, sniper guns and pistols inmodernarmy city shooting action. In this sniper 3D gun killcityshootaddictive game your task is to shoot, kill the allterroriststo stop this sniper modern army combat shooting 3Dandsafe yourwonderful country from this army commando real shootingeviladventure. They are come from the military helicopter pistolcityattackand want to disturb the innocent peoples. The mission ofthisnavy force enemy gun shooting strikeis started in thisamazingsolider gun target shootinggame soldier survives fight untilthelast drop of blood in his body and help his country offrontlinesniper terror army attack.Sniper city traffic car driversimulationfrom all sides but real archery mountain expert shootingthem, sothe mission of the deadly zombie gun survival hunter isjust aboutto being. Your job is to protect your homeland streetcrime gunkill shooter country at any cost. You are required to hitthefocused on enemies by demonstrating arrows and do not let themlostfrom this contract army crazy killer shoot scene. Encounteryourepic awesome water animals shooting adventure enemies withadvancedweapons armor, new safari animals jungle shooting 3D. Youare abrave expert man city shooting challenge from off road sniperarmytarget shooting. As a professional army sniper combatfightcommando 2017, you are called to lose or angry man crazy citywarshooting find your enemy which may available in sniper guncityattack strike street places.
Blocky Cars - Online Shooting Game
Enjoying shooting car games, guns and wars? Or you’re intofightingand combats in online first person shooter face to face onthepixel arena? Feel extremely fast speed at the rally track andtryone of the best multiplayer online shooting games, where youcanbuild blitz tanks, war machines or cars, put minigun or hugeturreton your vehicle and begin epic battle against yourenemiesworldwide? It is time to play Blocky Cars Online - pocketfreeonline MULTIPLAYER Shooter with Cooperative, Deathmatch andHumanbattle modes! Try to survive in online shooter with fun pixel3dgraphics:💥 Collect blocks, craft racing cars or huge blitztanksmonsters! 💥 Racing wheels, turbines, mini guns, sniperguns,turrets, space cars, m16, battle armor for your hero – we haveitall in our weaponry to build shooting cars for onlineshooterbattles or fast cars for racing games!💥 30+ pixel guns,shootingcars and blitz tanks turrets and 90+ block for crafting and12 mapsof beautiful pixel arena 3d world!💥 Develop your owntactics, forma brigade and combat against your enemies at the pixelarena andthe hardest battlefields of online shooter!💥 Modern FPSmode: getout of your shooting cars, combat, make a blitz and asmuchoverkills as you can in shooting online game! Feel free tojoinbattle worldwide or local and defeat them at pixel battlefield!Howoften do you find online shooting games with nice anduser-friendlycar crafting? Try this multiplayer online shooter 3d!You can craftshooting cars and customize your hero, just use skineditor andchoose any modern armor! Make a blitz strike to killyouropponents!Choose your road in the Blocky Cars online gameuniverse!Try fast racing or epic battles in block city, craft minishootingcars or build giant blitz tanks and drive them in variousgamelocations to kill the enemies and win. Grab your friends, getintoyour blitz tanks and start epic online shooting gamesbattleever!One of the best FREE online blocky games, shooting cargamesin many countries! It’s time to blitz with yourteamonline!Download Blocky Cars Online now - one of themostimaginative multiplayer online shooting games and don't missnewupdates!More guns - More blocks - More blitz tanks - Morepixelarena races!Fast shooting cars, huge pixel blitz tanksandaggressive war robots – all in one of the best free onlineFPSshooters!Main Features of Blocky Cars - shooting car games:🔧 Upto8 players in the same map in the multiplayer online shootermode!🔧Choose your skin and make its best edition!🔧 12 differentmaps -block city and pixel arena adventures are crafted in 3d forYOU!🔧Race and Deathmatch mode - customize your blitz tanks, trycarracing games or take the challenge in Deathmatch! Enjoyingonlineshooting games, blitz tanks and shooting cars? Join ourofficial#BlockyFans communities and Blocky Cars Online channels onsocialmedia:- Follow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at to getmoreinfo about all shooting car games upcoming updates.- Check outourvideos and game trailerson us on thepixelbattlefield! We are driving blitz tanks on blockyroads!Licenseagreement:
War Machines: Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games
Are you ready for war? Download now one of the best multiplayertankgames, it's FREE! Choose your tank and gun and clash withyouropponents in fast paced realtime combat.Challenge your friendsandfire up in the best action game!FAST PACED SHOOTING GAME3minutes!That's the time you have to take down as many tanks as youcan in aperfectly balanced tank game designed from the ground upformobile. DEFEND YOUR COUNTRYDefend the honor of your countryagainstyour enemies. Battle against players from China, USA,Russia, Japanand more. The world is full of tanks!TWO EXPLOSIVEMODESFight inteam-based battles or in the free-for-allconflicts.ICONIC TANKSFROM ALL AROUND THE WORLDChoose your tankfrom a wide range ofpowerful beasts depending on your strategy.Choose a light tank tofast scout the enemy's territory and provideyour team battlechanging intel. Or take the heaviest and strongestof all, thePanzer, and give your enemy what it deserves.DEEP TANKUPGRADESYSTEMUnlock new tanks and make strategic decisions overwhat partyou want to upgrade. Show your enemy who you are withtankcustomization with decals and patterns.VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDSTOEXPLORE AND MASTERFight and shoot your enemies in various WorldWarII battlefields: European cities, industrial zones with robots,noman's lands... Know the battlefield and get the edge onyourassault over the enemy.Download now while it's free!From FunGamesfor Free, the same developer behind games like Sniper 3D,WarHeroes and Castle Crush!
Real Elite Army Training : Free Shooting Game
Welcome to US Army Soldier Training to be extraordinarymilitarycommando fighter.Test your physical fitness and mentaldisciplinelevel by playing this military shooting training fungame. It isnot easy to be a national soldier. Clear strictlyintensive assaultcourse. Do not allow yourself to take your placeashamed andhumiliated. clear obstacle by shooting in variousmilitary poststerrain such as dense forest, arctic snow, desertareas hot, coldwater and very sharp nets.Life threateningsituations make yourdeath so that you do not fear on thebattlefield against the enemy.It is all about being from ordinaryto extraordinary by travelingthe hardest of the paths leading tothe goal and that is to be achamp in the Army force. Become one manarmy and face world armedforces to prove which country army forcesare best. Is it US orRussia? India or Pakistan?Aim and Shoot! RealElite Army Trainingis # 1 first person shooter game therein willblow you away!Anover-the-top shooter in every time sense, ModernElite Gun Shootertrain you to take over the Whirlwind criminalEnemies underworld.You are an army command shooter training to playyour part indangerous attacks and silent assassin missions.Thisgame isdesigned to give user the best ever experience or rangeshootinggame with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Thinkof aperson who is in a competition, if He Has some sort ofpriorexperience-which will help him to win the rivalry. While beinginjungle ash hunter, this range shooting game will help you to bethebest shooter / hunter and taking the head shots with accuracy.Alsoa soldier in war can use the experience to Become the bestsnipershooter of all time. Being a soldier it's Necessary to aim,shootand kill with accuracy. A best-range shooter is one who do notmissthe fire and shoot in the head or in the center of hisenemy.ArmyKill Shooter is a First-Person Action game Allows usertoexperience one of the musts Thrilling experience orcombatmissions. Life threatening situations make your death so thatyoudo not fear on the battlefield against the enemy. It is allaboutbeing from ordinary to extraordinary by traveling the hardestofthe paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in theArmyforce. Become one man army and face world armed forces toprovewhich country army forces are best.The fury shooter is thepremierfirst person shooter alone experiences for mobile phonesandtablets.Real Elite Army Training Features:* Real Armysoldiershooting training course simulation game* Realisticmilitarytraining like gun shooting, strategy making, taking headshots,shooting moving objects etc.* Smooth & Intuitive gameplaycontrols* Battle against world’s best military forces likeUSA,Russia, Pakistan, India and China* Different military arestoclearing training course* Multiple tutorials for this game*Trainyourself to be a professional army soldier* AmazingHDGraphicsDownload Real Elite Army Training : Free Shooting Gameonyour android device or tablet for free and do not forget torateus. Provide us with your Valuable Feedback. We will belookingforward to you.
Desert Storm Gunner Shooting
DESERT STORM GUNNER SHOOTINGhere is best action shooting games,desert storm gunner shooting . A real shooting gamewithoutmercydesert storm gunner shooting is about a lone armycommandoexpert in shooting , us trained hardcore gunner shooter inthe cityand adept for desert storm combat missions where youhaveaccomplish the army war missions against most brutal and one ofthebest trained modern army commando equipped with real heavyweaponsand attacking waves after waves with tanks , Apachehelicopters ,stealth drones and f16 f18 jet fighters . O youcommando! its not ajob of common soldier but this battlefield needa real gunner who'sshooting storm should blow up enemies andvictory will be's the best gunner shooting game whereenemies of differentcountries are attaching with automatic guns ,machine guns , gunnerstrikers are just shooting in the battle . inthis real shootingaction game you need to survive till thedestroying last assets ofenemies. enemies are striking incontinuous gunner shooting range.Commando ! be precise and shootshoot and shoot until the lastsoldier of enemy has seen hisdeath.DESERT STORM GUNNER SHOOTINGfeatures:=> best shooting gamewith top action features=>real controls for fps game. controlare top realistic in accordancewith first person shooter=>progress the level in 3 regions ofdesert , mountain and city gunnermode with a real story basedgame=> real 3d environment and welldefine GUI=> top controlslike a shooting pro=> actual warbattlefield=> ADDICTIVEGAME=> GREAT SNIPER GAME=> BESTACTION GAME=> THE BESTGAME=> SHOOT AND KILL=> NON STOPACTION=> REALISTIC COMBATEXPERIENCE => ATTACK ENEMY WITHMODERN WEAPON=> BEST ACTIONGAME=> UNIQUE GAMEPLAY=> TRICKYLEVELS=> EXTREMEACTIONS=> TOTALLY FREE=> SNIPER THEENEMY=> FOR ALLAGES=> TOP 3D GRAPHICSwe have worked hard toensure the bestshooting gameplay. if you have any problem contactour bestshooting games team.
Desert Sniper 2018 - Crucial Strike Gun Shooting
desert sniper 2018 - crucial strike gun shootingTop FPS snipergame- best shooting games. shooter games for army. shoothunterModernCommando soldier! be prepared for start shoot hunter inthebattleGound. you are the most skilled sniper shoot commando inoursquad and we need to killshot the the enemies and counterterroristnear the ship yard of the bay in the bravo missions ofpolicesniper. sniper gun shooter , It's about "Survival Game".It'ssniper survival games where your stealth gun killer skillsareneeded to counter army men strike in the critical countermissions.It's about, Army games of war where you are facing realmissions ofwar shoot and a part of grand battle. this is the bestfree gamesfor the lovers of 3d games and shooting games.Experiencereal gunshooting game where you are call for the ops in the ghostdutylevels. isnipe in the desert storm battlefield and feelwickedbattlefield sniper simulation due to storm and criticalopssimultaneously. fire and shoot off all of your target and enjoythevictory of deathmatch. Enjoy FPS GUN and combat againstterroristin this desert sniper shooting game of 2018 with reloadedfreesniper game. sniper elite, we have a chance to prove our-selfandour francotirador skills by kill shot enemies in this 3dsnipergames for free. Choose sniper arena of your own choiceandexperience top free shooting games for free. Gun shooter , youcanselect 3d sniper for gun shooter missions and have to facearmybattle cry because it's not easy to be stealth in sniperhunterregion. we make it difficult to give real shooter games forarmyfeel. Experience best shooting game of 2017. Enjoy realshootinggame with gun. You the hero to face sniper assassin enemiesin thisbest games of 3d sniper. Soldier! work hard and get bestarmytraining to enjoy this top free games battle missions.desertsniper is giving you top games sound effects and real armybattlegames mission. It's free-to-play. Real shooting combat withbestgraphics.Sniper warrior, you are our last hope bear thebordershooting. lead our army sniper missions from front andunleash theenemies in this crucial strike. failure will means todeath of thenation and ghost rule. Feel the heat of best actiongame of2018.This game contains In-App-Purchases, which means youcan BUYstuff in the game for real money. But all content of thegame iscan be unlocked for free. A quick reminder for parents: doNOT giveyour Google Play account password or credit cardinformation tounattended children.
Call of Craft: Blocky Tanks Battlefield
Welcome to the world of the tanks and awesome guns! Build abase,craft equipment and attack the city in a constant war betweentheEast and the West! Best shooting games of 2017! crafting&building... and tanks! Call of Craft: Blocky Warfare! Chooseyourside - either fight as the valiant forces of the West, orthedeadly local armies of the East! This will affect yourstartingbase and the equipment you'll be able to use to win thesearmy wargames.Mount tanks and lead armored assaults against theenemyforces in the best offline fps on mobile! Action games can'tgetany better when you can use heavy tanks to overcome theenemypositions. Just be prepared for the moment when they counterthestrike - your opponents can crush you with their armoredunits,too!Find and use epic helicopters to quickly traversethebattlefield in military plane flying mode. No iron tank willstandagainst death from above! Storm the enemy base and wage warwithyour pixel guns. Up your soldier game by moving quickly behindtheenemy front! You can even try crafting an outpost or buildingabase there.Your survival will depend on your soldier training-city warfare becomes extremely difficult when you'restrandedbetween the buildings, getting shot at like a cod in abarrel! As acommando in the frontline you're going to be performingsurgicalstrikes and maintaining the defense of tactical assets.Takecontrol of the modern battlefield - combat against endlesswaves ofenemy soldiers like in no other shooting games. Freeyourimagination in the city building mode - create trenches, coversandeven whole buildings to hide from enemy fire. WW2 tanks andweaponsmight be getting old, but they still pack a punch - be suretocraft defensive positions to stay on top of the enemy'scombatgame!Use both World War 2 weapons and modern equipment forcombat.Shooting enemies is now easier than ever! Action games in2017 haveadvanced so far that you can modify your surroundings inthe citybuilding simulator mode. Build and design houses in thedesert togain valuable bases of operation. You can craft suppliesthere tomaintain your war efforts!One of the top high qualityshootinggames available on the market. crafting & building willkeepyou engaged for long hours. Creative mode, exploration andsurvivalin a desert storm of warfare. Get one of the best shootingnewgames of 2017. Now available for download - play and become thetopshooter in the Middle East!
Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting Games
In the early years of the twenty-first century, human beingswithintelligence and developed science have produced a varietyofmodern weapons and organisms, as well as robots for lifeandprotection. people on earth.However, a large financialandterrorist group quietly produces destructive weaponsandgenetically modified organisms that someday dominatetheearth.Metal Strike War is the best action adventure game onGooglePlay and is suitable for all smartphones and tablets. Inorder towin, you have to fully immerse yourself in the character,createyourself a clever move tactic to avoid the bullets as well asBOSSof the enemy. Shoot guns at the enemy's base: Shoot, shoottheplane, shoot the enemy's elite task force, raid, ambush or useafleet. Your power.The game starts when the protagonist namedGravestakes command from the commander announcing the situation oftheworld. Graves will command the army to attack the military zoneandthe legions of world-renowned terrorists.If you like metalshootergames, this is a shooting, metal squad & Metal wingsofflinegame Fit for you. Not Sniper 3D , this is a elite shootergameAmerican.Do you want to test your reaction with KillShotbravo?Pick up a gun and counter strike a hundred , athousandsniper hunter, a million SWAT enemy, Sniper Zombie . Letattack allstriker to defend.--------------How toplay------------------Thegame's play focuses on skipping skills,flipping over the air,running to shoot, avoiding bullets anddestroying enemy units aswell as enemies' BOSS.In the game therewill be many items thatsupport players such as armor protecting thedrum for a certaintime, picking up boom, changing guns andupgrading guns playersmust use the maximum support items new warwin and go through thestage.Each level will have 3 small maps, atthe end of each mapplayers will encounter BOSS and this is the lastgate is full ofdifficulties because BOSS will be more powerful andmore skill,promising to make players have an exciting experience. .Througheach map, BOSS will be more and more awesome, more skillandbeautiful than many.****** Weapon System *************Systemweaponof the game: each character will have 5 guns. The top fourguns ofthe characters are equally equipped. The last gun will bethecharacteristic gun of each character.Many guns in CS and CF!!!-Pistol ( Desert Eagle)- Colt - AK-47 - Laser- M60 (machine60)-M4A1 - Shot Gun (Hunting gun)- Sniper Rifle- Paintball- Uzi-Minigun (NEW).- Energy Blast (NEW).- Kel-Tec KSG: This is thebasicgun in the game. - AK Future: This is a special type of gunthatsplashes out a lot of bullets at once. - HK243: With this typeofguns, you do not have to worry about obstructions or dizzy areasona straight line. - FR-27: gun with a torrent of bullets.- Thelastgun system: The last guns will have their ownindividualcharacteristics for each player. You will feel moreconfident whenchoosing a hero that will really fit your skills.-Flaming Guns:With the advantage of high speed, dame powerful anddamage to manyobjects at once it will be a perfect choice for youradventure.-The rocket launcher: It has to fire every rocket butwith verystrong attack power.- Laser wave gun: Shoot a wave oflaser.MetalStrike War: Gun Solider Shooting games is an offlineshooter, notan online game, nor a 3d game, but you can completelycomparescores with other players through the rankings, abilityCompletethe mission system of the game, share your scores andachievementsonline on facebook, twitter ...With Metal Strike War,whether youare male or female, boy or girl, adult or young, boy orgirl canplay the game and whether you are anywhere: on plane ortrain,digging gold or racing, on the bus or on the bus can play thegamewhenever you want.Now wait, download now Metal Strike War:GunSolider Shooting games on your phone and rescue the world.
Desert Sniper Shooting - best shooting game
desert sniper shooting game is best free games in snipershootinggames 2016 . A real action games with real shootingexperience ofsniper 3d . desert sniper shooting game is about armycommandoshooter performing his duty to compete modern army ofenemies bysniper shooting down their lone marine sniper commando.this isreal 3d sniper shooter combat right in the warm desertwhereenemies commandos are equipped with ak-47 , bazooka , rpg ,pistols, chopper , artillery , m16 , us American sniper shooter ,tanks ,f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters . while our main commando armyforcesgot defeated in these island desert storm . our army snipershooterwere not trained for these deadly situations . We need someelitefighter commando to get out of these deadly ear situation bysnipershooting from hidden places and made this 3d sniper desertasisland sniper shooting desert . These are modern sniper shooter3dcombat situation and you have to target and shoot shoot andshoot.Until all of enemies modern sniper shooter on duty are strikebackto death . This is the only way to be sniper 3d sniping byshootingthe enemies commandos coming waves after waves and savepride ofour nation and be best sniper shooting soldier to becomereal herosniper shooter of 2016 . Try to isnipe the enemies asenemies arevery well trained shooter and start sniper 3d shootingon you withheavy weapons right after you open your fire on some oftheirsoldiers . show yourself immortal and become soldier of duty .youcare call for perform you sniper shooting skills in therealbattlefield so do at your best . Defeat means nothing elsebutdeath.*** desert sniper shooting 2016 Features ****** bestarmycommando duty game*** stunning 3d graphics*** real heavyweaponswith modern sniper 3d weapons to compete gunshiphelicopters***tanks missions*** helicopter mission*** real 3dgraphics withisland , desert , city , snow , navy , mountain snipershootingmissions*** realistic sniper shooting effects*** bestaction gamessounds*** real trained army commando shooting soldierAI forenemies*** easy to use GUI to understand real sniper shooterfunfor free
US ARMY SURVIVAL SHOOTERUS Army Survival Shooter is an epicactionpacked sniper shooting game. You are going to be a USCommando, anagent to the government who is on a stealth mission todiminishterrorists with his unforgettable tactics and valor. Youare goingto encounter guerilla force and as a critical strikewarrior , youhave to counter terrorists and show your modernwarfare skills inbattlefield. As an army commando you have to planyour tacticsaccording to your duty of modern days shooting war,ready yoursquad and command fighters to shoot with most advancedguns. Callof war is the duty of a commando and call of mission USis theobligation of a sniper hero like you. You are going toexperiencethe best shooting game ever launched. You would be in anattractiveenvironment like desert storm and ice storm and you haveto assaultyour enemies with high tech weapons and assault guns likebazookaand machine gun simulation. It is going to be a survival warwiththe best armed forces going to fight against brutality oftheirsavage enemies. You have to get rid of these hunter forcesthroughfps and third person shooters. The tension would not be lessthan aWW2. All you have to do is control your nerves and savethenobleman and tackle your enemies.US Army Survival Shooter is afreearmy game and it’s not the Kids army game because you have tomakesound schemes and complete your mission by shooting right atthetarget in battle. Its swat shooting where you are going to waryourenemies and become victorious. So play with your nerves andenjoythe addictive gameplay and best ever army shooting withrealgraphics and controls. *** US ARMY SURVIVAL SHOOTER features******best shooting game ever*** real army base to attack likemodern warcamps of armies*** Best Army 3d game*** real assassinshootingmisions*** critical strike simulation*** battlefield . withrealbest controls of gunner and assault rifles*** best warshootgame*** amazing action. top action game*** Follow theinstructionand play the most addictive of this best shooting gameof 2017
Shoot War:Strike Killer
"Shoot War:Strike Killer" is a modern military theme ofthethird-person shooter Game(TPS).2080 terrorist organization"Mask"minions has penetrated into every corner of the world.Theyhavedeveloped a new type of zombie virus which infect with normalmakethem become evil zombies and attack other normal.Nowoppositionforces around the world with no choice but to defendpeace andjustice to defend the courage to fight it.It is time totake actionand confrontation of the bad guys ,in the game you willplay awell-trained and firm conviction of the special soldiers.Takeuparms, deep behind enemy lines, find useful cluesscatteredexterminated "Mask" terrorist organizations around theworld andthe final track behind the scene, eliminate theterroristorganizations and the evil zombies."" Let you toexperiencecomparable to the PC shooter shooting experience, youfeel theunparalleled thrill of shooting.Whether you are justgettingstarted shooting novice or battle-hardened war veterans, thegamewill let you experience the fun of shooting game.Around theworldmap various scene modes, realistic weapons and equipment forthebrilliant trip icing on the cake of your killing, diverseplaymodes, achievements and global players fighting competition,allare fully in place, waiting for you to fight.Dangerous onthebattlefield, if you can escape through the hail of bulletsandzombie besieged complet many challenges and uphold to the end,youare the perfect killer.Withdraw your kindness, beganfightingit!GAME FEATURE***Ultra-realistic 3D battle scene screenallows youto experience the immersive thrill of battle DUST, Glass,Maya,Village etc.***10+firearms, fighting for you to choose, aslong asyou are brave enough to kill the enemy and win the gold willbeable to unlock beautifully realistic 3D firearms. AK, M4, MP5,AWP,Barrett, ....***Easy to use but extremely playable. Flexiblesothat every enemy AI is unique, challenge your shooting skills.Jointhe war, struggling to shoot! As complete as specialoperationsagents, stimulate manufacturing headshot, experienceextremelylifelike picture.***Lifelike sound brilliant fightingeffects, bothsoft and smooth operation feel immersive.***If youlike this game,do not forget to rate us 5 stars, and share withyour friends.
Mountain Sniper Army shooting Real FPS Shooter
Terrorists have taken over the army base on mountain. Get readytoengage into mountain sniper army shooting and become a realFPSshooter to disengage enemy. This mountain sniper armyshootingcombat extreme fps shooter game is a real thriller. Gear upand getready for realistic sniper army 3D shooter simulation.Commandosare ready for combat action in the battlefield. Mountainsnipersare all set to shoot down the rebel guerillas. You are theonlymountain sniper army spy shooter at the top, now show them howyouhave been trained as a member of spy commando elite force. Bereadyto shoot your aim and be a spy in the battle field. Huntyourenemies like a professional mountain sniper hunter.Engagethestealth position, crawl to the top of the mountain base. Asanexperience mountain sniper take the perfect shot to hunt downtheenemy. Survive the brutal shelling and bombardment retaliationfromthe enemy base. Take camouflage in snow covered mountainsniperdressing. This real FPS shooter is fun to play free shootinggame.Show skills as an expert elite commando of black forcesspecialistin mountain sniper attack. As an army spy, use yourextreme armyshooting skills. Keep your breath, lock the enemy, aimand shoot.Kill all the crazy enemies in a limited time. As mountainsniperarmy shooting use of your limited ammunition, aimed atdistantenemies, kill and eliminate them. Once you start shooting,theenemy will know your presence, search for you everywhere,attackyou. No way to turn back, so you have to be very careful,fast,accurate, ruthless shooting. Being an elite member ofmountainsniper army shooting brigade, you can join the strikebattle incounter attack against the deadly and most brutal enemy inthisbattle. Reinforce and join the battlefield in this brandnewfirst-person shooting mountain sniper shootereliteforce. Don’t into the enemy lines and accept thedeadlymountain sniper shooting mission. You’re your best point ontop ofthe snow covered hilltop. Set your scope and destroy theenemy withthis real FPS shooter mountain sniper army gun. As a coldkiller,your mission is to take down enemy forces as much as youcan.Protect your forces and don’t let the enemy take downthecivilians. Ensure your survival and safety. Enemy has alsoengagedsome shooters on the hill climb snowy mountains. Show youinstinctof FPS shooter to quickly kill the enemy. Your army baseneed youas a specialist mountain sniper shooter and brave soliderof realFPS shooter squad. You are an experience mountain elitesniperarmy, shooting in different hills and terrible hindrancepoints,you accurately identify the target and lock the target,quicklydestroy the enemy. As a specialist duty commando andcounterterrorist attack specialist, serving as duty commandoagainst thecounter terrorist strike war you have to move on tomountain sniperborder army. Grab your mountain sniper army shootinggun andbreathe slowly. Take aim and shoot on your target in thissilentassassin fps shooter mission. Trust on your sniping assassinskillsand go for perfect killing shot. The enemies are fullyequippedwith modern weapons and warfare techniques.Mountain SniperArmyshooting Real FPS Shooter Features.• Extreme ThrillingFighting.•Perfect Operations.• Advance Sniper Weapon.• DeadlyShootingTasks.• HD Graphics.• Challenging Sniper Missions.
Real Shooting Army Training
Aim and Shoot! Modern Army Commando War Training is #1 firstpersonshooter game that will blow you away!An over-the-top shooterinevery sense, Modern Elite Gun Shooter train you to take overthewhirlwind criminal Enemies underworld. You are an armycommandoshooter training to play your part in dangerous attacks andsilentassassin missions. To be a new IGI Commando on the front lineofthe battlefield against the most dangerous terrorist threats totheglobal world order you have to train yourself hard in armyrange!This is a modern war fought by an alone army commando used tobe aassassin shooter in the mountains once. Move through the levelsinjuicy first person missions and take the all-importantKillShots!Test your special skill; arm and marshal yourself withdeadlyalone epic war assassin machine guns.Army Kill shooter is aFirstperson action game, allows user to experience one of themostthrilling experience of combat missions.Protect your citybytraining all the so called soldiers roaming around the city.Lastcity is under attack you have to protect your town by killingallthe soldiers and become a war hero but for that you have totrainhard to become a first class real shooting army commando. Thisfpsgame has three different kinds of pistols you can use them ifyouhave specified points. The fury shooter is the premier firstpersonalone shooter experience for mobile phones andtablets.Features:-Aiming by using drag on the screen. - Fire Buttonon bottom right.-Zoom button on bottom left.- Top left corner showsyouscore/points.- Top right corner displays Time.- Unique artstyle-Free roaming stages- Thrilling sound effects - Bullettime!-Destroy-able environment- Full functional armybaseenvironment!Download this game on your android device or tabletforfree and don’t forget to rate us. Provide us with yourvaluablefeedback. We will be looking forward to you.
Call Of SWAT: First War On Terror Final Battle FPS
This surgical counter combat strike mission game will giveyouultimate survival zombie shooting fun which no other extremesnipercommando shooting game ever gave you. In this anti-terroristarmyforce shooting game you have to kill enemy in a wonderfulcounterterrorist gun fire mission shoot spider Battle environment.This ismodern fire combat army shooter mission frontline gun targetrivalsgame play. Under world kill gang war shot, 2018 will strikeon youso you have to go find elite mafia shooting strike master 3Dordestroy that dangerous Godfather terrorist criminal mafiabeforethey open super street crime assassin shooter you dead. Ithasamazing god father mafia gang crime 3D android soldier withcoolmulti player police crime shooter and border wars of USspecialsniper commando warrior simulation.In this counter sniperarmy teambattle warrior game you have to shot monster hunter snipersurvivalgame from death road criminal shooting killer gun bulletcross fireand become a gun fire traffic criminal killer bullet warforce oflegacy mountain range solider shooter 2018 battle. You havetozombie gun assault frontier battle death on contract IGIcommandosniper killer 3D so that you will save army city shootingaction3D. Become real commando city shoot 3D hero of open citystreetcrime shooting 3D operation and stick real bullet armyforceshooting in this amazing sniper man FPS kill game. Thisstandoffultimate combat war battle strike and assassin arena battleisbetween you and shooting offroad hunter 3D Terror. There will benocounter man kill city shooting CIA secret agent forces foryourhelp in wiping out city bravo target man shooting.You mustcount 3Dmodern city criminal shooting ops their sniper countertarget killman against you with your best gangster chase cityshooting missionskills. Win this mobile crime sniper city shooting3D ninja againstthese real police gangster shooting 3D escape furyhunter man killarchery shooting king who are spreading city sniperman gunshooting in your time shift area. You cannot leave themalivewithout soldier dedly zombie crime shooting free for moredefensebattle war man shoot or marine troop offroad army divingshooting.This should be your jungle real sniper gun man missionthat youhave to become Skilled city expert man target shootingpolicezombie gunner frontier man shoot in order to wipe themout.There ismultiple amazing angry man battle gun shooting pistolor guns fromwhich you can choose of your own choice for call ofcity crimesuper gun kill 2018. Take man kill mountain shooting 3Dgun andthen extreme sniper commando shooting. Cover yourself withanythingcomes in your way. Do not expose yourself in counterterrorist gunfire mission shoot. This modern fire combat armyshooter seriouslyis dangerous so you will have to put your life onrisk in underworld kill gang war shot 2018.
Counter Terrorist Attack
Counter Terrorist Attack: SWAT Combat Mission is an actionpackedshooting war game. Encounter the enemies with armor,Ak-47,shotguns and new destructive weapons. In counter terroristattack3D game your role are as the brave assassin commando from thearmyforce. With every targeted gun shots you would get in practicewithyour targets. Accurate and precise aim practice will lead tomoreaccuracy will help you to assassinate the numerous terrorist.Keepin mind; these are the rebel terrorist, and you are going toleadthe SWAT and anti-terrorist team. More advanced features ofthecrusade against terror allow your choice of ammo, likeshotguns,Ak-47, and machine-guns from different places duringaction. Traveldeep into enemy territory to locate and eliminatehidden targets.Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find andidentify thetarget. Game play Features:• Complex situation, clearthe wararenas• Short & long shooter rifles• Exciting mapwithrealistic fighting arena environment • Negate the land to leadyouto the next stage• Different auto loader guns • Bestterroristshooting 2017 game• Amazing 3D Graphics• Counter TerroristAttack:SWAT Combat Mission game with both FPS (First personshooter) andTPS (third person shooter) controller options• Lead thecounterterrorist team and use your skills to negate the land andsurvive •Very simple and smooth joystick ControllerHow to Play:•Choose yourmission • Shoot with fire button• Move up down jumpbutton • Useadvance weapons to eliminate the enemies• Auto targetwheneverclose to enemy.• Change different type’s ammo during actionwar.
Anti Aircraft Patriot Gunner
Get ready for the action of 3d shooting game. Your mission istodestroy the enemy planes. You have to attack on as manyenemyshooter aircraft as you can by using an anti-aircraft gunner.Ifenemy’s air-force strike on your country’s assets then thesegunsare used to shoot them down. When you love hitting the bigbulletson F-16 or any other aircraft then this is your game.Surgicalstrikes is type of air force military attack that is madein anexact way in a combat arena world war.You might have playedothershooter games full of action shooting and the thrill ofshootinggun simulation game. But we recommend you to play thishelicopterattack game and play the role in the defence of yourmilitary. Thismulti weapon top patriot gun is actually a thrillinggame to giveyou a real fun and joy of heli shooting.Severalterrorist soldiershave attacked your land and they are equippedwith heavy machinerylike helicopters, tanks and armoured vehicles.The enemy jetaircrafts are also a big threat for your survival. Youhave tocounter this threat and take down warrior chopper crafts.Performyour duty and enjoy the real time experience ofwarsimulation.Flying a jet fighter in flight simulator air attackgameand supervise your jet fighter to take on the enemies in thisjetfighter bombing game. Detect enemy on ground and lock ontoattacking enemy bombers with your highly equipped jet fighterandshoot them to death. They have placed their troops and readytomove forward into your base camp. It is time to defendyourairspace along with your outstanding gunship fighter jets inenemybattlefield. Take part in this non-stop explosive strike onrealApache helicopter and feel like a real patriotic fighter pilot.Youhave huge collection of ballistic missiles, guided missilesandanti-aircraft weapon. Play ultimate counter attack chasedogfightwith powerful gunship copter. As a front line pilot launchattackon enemy’s deadly gunship helicopter.Join sega fightingforanti-terrorist and world elite forces. Experience exhilaratingoflosing battle against your rival competitor. Beat terrorismwithanti terrorist action game. You need to take charge of thesegunsand take the gunner war to the american aircraft. You needtoprotect the navy air gunner warship from attacks, securingthesupplies till we reach the island borders. But, the battle won’tbeover, even after securing the warship to the base. Theseareunexplored territories, the japanese can attack us aerially.Stayon your toes and foil a message surge by the enemy, as theywill beeyeing to destroy the water tanks supply to cut us offcompletely.Enter into battleship world with your F-16 super sonicairplane,fly plane over enemy warship and destroyer. Shootingbullets andbombardment will change the war situation in your favor.Be realflying machine pilot in newest war-games. *** Features ***👉Comfort quality visuals & unique controls.👉 FirstPersonShooter playing based on full 3D graphic & CG effect. 👉Smoothphysics and HD graphic rendering👉 Hitting and enjoy strongsoundeffects. 👉 Thrilling control by lean. *** Habit-forming gameplay***👉 Straight to action combat flight game.👉 Shooting forthefighters attacking in every route.👉 Fast move among the fourgunnersight.👉 Protect the whole formation of the B-17 bomberswithplayers.👉 Three difficulties: normal, hard, and extreme –differentspeed, weapon power of the fighter. 👉 Shoot down thefighter withitems to get bonuses. *** Specific target objects *** 👉Fighterswith the different flying and attack power. 👉 Sevenformations ofjets composed of 1 to 3 planes per fighter. 👉 Threeweapons andthree aggression tactics per plane – Boss monster flyingobject.Wecontinuously update our games. Your suggestions &reviews wouldbe great pleasure for us.Sniper Victory is yours!Joinus onFacebook:
Gun Shot Fire War
"Gun Shot Fire War" 3D FPS game. In the game you play the role ofasuperb shot technology elite killer. You will be faced withfullyarmed murderous terrorists,they are heinous, with littleattentionyou will be killed by them. In order to complete the taskand notbe killed by them, you have to go all out. You can use avariety ofweapons and shoot them,including pistols, rifles, machineguns,andso on. Choosing different scenes and fight with them willmake thegame interesting. You will feel surprised by the Perfectgame play.What are you waiting for, quickly picked up arms to fightwiththem. Last tips,take care and show nomercy,goodluck!***GameFeatures:***There are several game modesavailable to players. Timelimited Mode which you have a limitedtime to destroy the enemy,whether those tasks fail. In the Hostagemode, you should rescuethe hostages whom controlled by theterrorist. Anyway you have topick up guns and launched a desperatestruggle with theenemy.***The game offers a variety of combat maps,such as theDesert II, Ice and Snow, the Persian Town, DilapidatedCity.Youwill experience the fantastic fighting experience on thismaps andwill be shocked by realistic brilliant battlescenes.***Arsenalwill provide attractive firearms for you. Whichinclude guns suchas AK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5 andso on. All gunsare very realistic, I believe it will give you asensestraightforward shooting experience.***The operation of thegame isvery cool, the game runs smooth, realistic sound effects,exquisiteeffects definitely gives you a straightforward shootingexperience.Head shot,Blood,Sound,Effects,GamePlay,all things areperfect. Whatyou have to do is bore the bullet pierced into bodyofterrorist.***Each shoot an enemy, you will get gold award. Youcanuse coins to buy more sophisticated guns or other useful items.Youalso can comparisons with other players to see who is morepowerfuland stronger. Your score will be uploaded to therank.***Importantis that the game is free, all things arefree.Quickly pick up yourguns and experience.
Real Shooting 3D 2017
Here is a simple game for range shooting practice for allagesshooter. It’s a best range shooting practice game. Getreadyshooters to enjoy the best update of Real range Shooting 3D of2016on your android device from google Play Store.Shooting referstothe use of gun but this is also known for firing from bowasarchery. A person who shoots is called shooter. Shooting isusedfor hunting animals in jungle, warfare, self-defense andduels.Shooting can be very tricky depending on the weapon beingused justlike pistols, shot guns sniper rifles, etc. There are alsosomefactors which can play in accuracy of shooting while you areinshooting arena, jungle or in battle field. There are fewimportanttips for best shooting game practice e.g. Comfort,Breathing,Trigger control, and Sight and target alignment.This gameisdesigned to give user the best ever experience of rangeshootinggame with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Thinkof aperson who is in a competition, if he has some sort ofpriorexperience which will help him to win the rivalry. While beinginjungle as hunter, this range shooting game will help you to bethebest shooter/hunter and taking the head shots with accuracy.Also asoldier in war can also use the experience to become thebestsniper shooter of all time. Being a soldier it’s necessary toaim,shoot and kill with accuracy. A best range shooter is one whodon'tmiss the fire and shoot in head or in the center of hisenemy.There are three targets in this game: I) Bottles astargetII)Glasses as target III) Floating bottles in air as atargetIV)Bullseye as targetV) Human silhouette as targets Selectingtheseobjects will lessen the fear and violence in any game that’swhythis game is suitable for all the age groups. But the bestevercontrols and well managed Artificial Intelligence will give youthetrue sensation of firing. ***New guns and new excitingmissionswill be added soon***Features:- Different Exciting levels-Gunswith realistic controls- Well managed ArtificialIntelligence-Realistic Environment- Stunning firing zone - Bestever controlsHow to Play:- Aim to shoot- Move left or right usingcontrols- Takeshots with maximum precision- Destroy all targetswithintimeDownload this game on your android device or tablet forfreeand don’t forget to rate us. Provide us with yourvaluablefeedback. We will be looking forward to you.
Mountain Sniper Assassin Shoot
Mountain Modern Sniper Assassin Fury Shooter 3D Killer isaspecialized open world game where the user has to performvarioussniper shooting mission as the user will be playing aspecializedsniper shooter. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, do you copy?Theuser has toinvade to enemy territories mostly the missions aredesigned todestroy military settlements like:⚔️ Tanks.⚔️ Fighterjets.⚔️Military Trucks.⚔️ 4x4 Offroad Army Jeeps.⚔️ Army MMXTrucks.⚔️Aircrafts⚔️ Army Radar.⚔️ Artillery.⚔️ Ships ⚔️Gunships.The userwill perform most challenging invasion missions asthe user will goin various battlefields and war zones like Syria,Iraq, Africa& Afghanistan. Time has come for the soldiers toget ready,grab their ammo bag with grenades, bombs, bazooka, rocketlauncher,missile, hand grenade, sniper riffle, gunner, pistol andvariousimportant items like medical kit. The game featureschallengingtask where user will be hitting targets from the top ofmountainfrom where that is to difficult to hit the targets fromthatheight. Find the target, aim, and shoot for an headshot on allthebad guys. There are 4 distinct locations all around the worldwherethe user will perform multiple shooting combatmissions:⚔️Desert.⚔️ Forest.⚔️ Rural.⚔️ Snow Mountain.Kill theterrorists andgorilla commandos, join the army and become theultimate militaryforce. Defeat ISIS and criminal gangs, performsting operation andbecome the anti narcotic force and save theworld. The user has toperform dangerous contract killer, assassinand camouflage missionswith advanced weaponry. Well this time youare equipped with themodern weaponry of Sniper Riffles and we wantyou to prove theperfect shooter.Let us explore some amazingfeatures of the game:⚔️Aim, Shot and Reload with ease.⚔️ Scope,Magazine and HUD.⚔️ Usethe ammo efficiently and get extra points.⚔️Become assassin orcamouflage.Detailed panel for shooting target:⚔️Shoot button⚔️Squat button⚔️ Switch weapons button⚔️ Switch clipbutton.⚔️Accurate controls.⚔️ Mountainous base area for missions.⚔️UltraRealistic 3D graphics.⚔️ High definition(HD) display.⚔️ Followtheradar and shoot the target.⚔️ Sound effects (SFX).⚔️ Visualeffects(VFX).⚔️ Efficient processing with maximum number FPS.⚔️Accuratephysics ⚔️ Intuitive design.⚔️ Bullet animation.⚔️AutomaticReload.Assassinate the enemies with your favorite sniperweaponbecause you are a finest commando from the army force. Itwillrequire you to target terrorists, helicopters, army trucks,dronesand F16 jet to become a hero and real shooter. Save thevictims andassassinate only the right target in this scary jungle.This firstperson shooter (FPS) will challenge your assassin skillsto thelimit and measure how well you can obtain deadly head shotson thedeadly drifts and turns of mountain valley locations.Yourdangerous terrorist enemies will move in a planed way. Inthiselite commando game the modern weaponry includes modernmachineguns and modern sniper guns. There’s no turning back, so lettheonslaught begin. Your duty will include racing againsttime,exploding helicopters in american cities, and quite a fewbloodyheadshots in slow motion. You are a sniper Commando withastrategic approach and we know you have been taught wartechniquesto snipe the targeted enemies.
Bacon May Die - Fun Run & Gun Fighting Game
Bacon May Die is a fast paced 2D fighting and shooting game inwhichangry pig Bacon must brawl with army of bacon hungry zombiebunniesand kill hordes of monsters, survive boss fights and unlocktons ofweapons and outfits!From the developer of Iron Snout comesan actionpacked sidescrolling fighting game with responsive thumbcombatcontrols, 100 unlockable outfits and weapons, boss fights,charmingcartoon 2D graphics and smooth run and gun game play.Getyourfingers ready for action!🔥 BATTLE armies of monsters🔥ENDUREchallenging boss fights🔥 UNLOCK 100+ funny outfits andcrazyweapons🔥 HIJACK enemy vehicles🔥 USE variety of melee weaponsandpowerful guns🔥 ENJOY fun run and gun gameplaySmooth andresponsivecontrolsWiggle your thumbs to warm them up for a smoothswipefighting controls, where quick taps will make our tiny pigheroswing its weapon, swipes will initiate dodging, jumping androllingmoves and holding touch longer will switch to ranged attackmodewith a cool movie-like slow motion effects. These simplethumbfight controls are very easy to learn and you’ll be doingdeadlycombos with bad piggie fighter in no time!Fight zombies,monstersand skeletonsThe sidescrolling road to survival is full ofbad anddangerous creatures, which will stand in a way of our angryfighterpiggy and must be destroyed. In forest arena our deadlykillerninja pig will face mutated zombie bunnies, bunny bandits,bombers,rocket shooting enemies and brawl with hog fighters. Rushthroughdarkest dungeon which is crawling with spooky skeletonswordsmen,bone throwers and other deadly monsters.100+ items tounlockBaconMay Die, fun 2D brawl game, brings a huge variety ofitems toreward your survival skills and piggy kung fu mastery! Earncoinsby fighting monsters and you will be able to unlock funnyoutfitsto dress up your angry pig as famous game or moviecharacters. Hugevariety of weapons is available to aid your angrypiggy hero! Thisfun 2D fight game wouldn’t be complete without thegun shootingpart, so you can unlock and use such ranged weapons aspistol,revolver, UZI, machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, ninjastarsand even a bee launcher! If you prefer mortal close combat,thenthere’s a big selection of deadly melee weapons for you toswingaround: baseball bat, sword, scythe, guitar, chainsaw, katana,panof bacon and other useful zombie fighting tools to power upyourbad pig ninja!Fun little thingsThere are many secret mechanicsInthis pig survival game - you can hire a chicken to be yourfollowerpet and fight by your side, hijack enemy plane and pilot itaroundthe arena shooting rockets or just knock back projectilesback atyour foes! Latest update added a medic NPC, which willprovidehealing and super powers to boost your angry pigfighter!Bacon MayDie fun run and gun gameplay is inspired bylegendary 2Dsidescroller games.More to come!This fun beat em upsidescrollergame is under active development, so you can expectmore arenas,deadly boss fights, enemy monsters and weapons added inthe future.Don’t hesitate to use in-game feedback function and sendyour crazyideas - all of them will be considered!If you’re lookingfor moreaction packed 2D fighting games for boys check out myotherprojects like Iron Snout or jetpack shooter CaveBlast.Website: other fun and freegames:
Metal Shooter: Super Soldiers
Get your weapons ready for this ultimateactiongame. Metal Shooter is totally platform-style 2D actionshootinggame, you will become a soldier and help Condor - a suppercommandoto collect guns, bullets and slugs, through manybattlefields, shootdown Maddog's army, put the end to them bydeadly strike andweapons.EASY TO PLAY* Use joystick to move left or right.* Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles or wannadramatickills.* Tap Grenade button to make deadly explosion.* Hold on Shoot button you will active ""Auto fire"" feature,feelfree to release slugs.FEATURE* Amazing graphics and sounds.* Classic platform game style.* Different characters to choose.* Different kinds of weapons as shotgun, rocket* 3 zones: Forest,Barrens,Depth* 14 kinds of enemy include tanks and helicopters* Hundreds rebels will chase you or you are incredible hero?Lock ‘n Load. Collect hand gun, shotgun, heavy machine gunandrocket launcher and shoot.Download Metal Shooter now FREE and enjoy!CONTACT USMore improvements and new features are coming. Any commentsandsuggestions please contact us
Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter: Top Shooting Game FPS
Get ready for the most exciting and thrill packed fpssnipershooting game of all times. Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter isacrucial strike gun shooting game in which you have to defeattheenemy with your relentless sniper shooting skills. For adesertsniper like you there can be no such fun as being a firstpersonshooter and having the authority and the capability ofshootingyour enemy at first sight before they get you.Mountainsniper gunshooter being a desert sniper hero of year 2018 offersyou loads ofaction packed missions and intriguing levels to showyour skills asa fierce battle shooter. Though the conditions andthe environmentswill vary and this war against terror will take adeadly turn butyou being an army sniper shooter have to be firm inyour action.There will be times when you will have to be a sniperghostcommando as well.There has been an emergency in your city andacall of heroes has been made. In this gruesome times of needtheelite forces have called out for the heroes for help inthiscritical mission. The enemies have surrounded the area andaretroubling the civilians to extreme extent. An infinitewarfaresituation has arisen and you are the best modern snipershooteravailable. Mountain sniper gun shooter enables you to showyourbest sniper shooting skills and prove your worth to thehighercommandos in this sniper shooting elite force mission goingon.This is the best of all sniper games.You are the front lineshooterwho will be sent in the enemy territory as a commandosnipershooter in such war shooting games. Mountain sniper gunshooter isa modern sniper shooter 3d game so you will be providedwith themost modern and highly sensitive snipers for your mission.Once inthe battlefield you would have to keep a trace and record ofeverynecessary action to be done to save your life and to defeattheenemy. You have to shoot to kill the enemy. You will beprovidedwith sniper bullet that will enable to make as many snipeshots asyou want. What more can be wished for in free sniper games.Neverunderestimate your enemy. If you are the bravo sniper shooterthenthe enemy has also called for a mountain sniper shooter. Youaregoing to have a tough competition. This is the best part ofthesecommando games. Being a sniper warrior you have to seize themomentand attack on your enemy before they kill you. You can beaninvisible commando and very tactfully with infinite precisionmakeshoots at the other side. You are the lone sniper soldierfightingwith the antagonists. A sniper arena would be created whereyouwill the frontline commando. The environments and backgroundsvaryin every mission. You will have to fight in Desert storm, inheavyrain and even on the mountains making accurate mountainsnipertarget. Being trained by the elite commando you are capableof gunstrike shoot killer actions. Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter isadeadly sniper 3d mountain shooter games.There will beenemiesshooting at you from all the sides in this modern warfare.Thereason a call of sniper heroes has been made is to eliminatethedark forces completely from your country. They are a threat tothecivilians. It’s the best among other sniper shooter games. Asasniper fps you have the devoir and responsibility of makingactionsyourself. You have to make sure your sniper reloadedfrequently.The deadly sniper is your only weapon for your survival.Among allaction shooter you have to show your own worth. call ofinfinitewarfare has been made in the desert ruins for the securityofpeople. The heads call fps modern fighters and fps modernshooterfor the mission. Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter Game Features:•Anextensive range of sniper riffles
Gun Bottle Shooting Expert 3D
Do you love playing bottle shooting games with gun and got allwhatit takes to be a real bottle shoot master? If you likeshootinggames with gun or sniper then here you have a chance tomaster theshooting skills by playing free Bottle Shoot 3D. Take abreath, aimthe target, shoot the moving flipping bottles and hitthe bull'seye now.Bottle shooter and archery games improve yourfocus andaccuracy skills level.take accurate shots to smash all thebottleswith pistol.while playing broken glass game be calm andstayfocused while shooting the moving bottles. This new bottleblastgame is specially design to test and improve shooting skillsas gunshooter play vital role in army forces, police snippertraining tofight terrorists and prisoners in the battlefield. Blastit allwith your gun to become bottle shooter needstrongpistol grip for bottle shoot in the fixed timeduration.thisclassical shooter game needs focus and precision forbottle huntmaster as the levels become harder and thrilling withlimitedtime.To start Bottle shoot 3D you need to aim at the bottlebymoving gun with screen touch then once you lock the targetwithpistol just press shoot button to blast all within time.youmayhave break the bottles with stone or arrow but this time youhave agun in your shooting hand to blast the bubble bottles gamethat aremoving in the water and air.Do copter hunting as sometargets aremoving in flying copters to break them you need to be areal copterhunter.experience shooting in different adventures! GunBottleShooting Expert 3D FeaturesPlay anywhere, doesn't requireaninternet connectionRealistic gun shooting and broken glasssoundBoth endless and challenging levels shooting gameplayBeaccurate toget extended shooting experienceShoot like a realcowboyBottleshoot game is for kids, youngsters and adultsFull ofthrillingaction packed gameThrilling sound effectsVery smoothcontrol ofguns
Tanks of Battle: World War 2
Welcome to Tanks of Battle: World War 2! In World War II tankswereof utmost importance in military strategy. Armored vehiclesbecamean essential force among the combatant nations. So buckleupcommander! And prepare your tank battalion to dominatethebattlefield! Allied forces versus Axis forces! In Tanks ofBattle:World War 2 you’ll experience an immersive historicalarmouredwarfare. Whether you choose to fight for world dominationorliberate the world as Allies, your role as a tank commanderisclear... defeat your enemies with force and strategicdecisions!And lead your battalion on a glorious road to victory! Doyou havewhat it takes to change history? Ever wanted to know whatit islike being a war legend? Ever wanted to experience WWII,ridingacross historical battlefields, fuel guzzling, cannonballingallyour foes? Well in Tanks of Battle: World War 2 you can playthetank commander of some of the mightiest armed forces of thepast.How awesome is that? An awesome combination of strategy andaction!Make strategic military decisions to penetrate defensivelines inCampaign Mode or use brute force and fire power to climbtheleaderboard in Endless Mode by defeating endless waves ofenemies!Historical WWII tanks to create your own battalion Choosefrom awide range of iconic tanks of the major combatants. Pick thebesttank depending on your strategy and blast your way acrossthebattlefield. We have some awesome tank available: the deadlyGermanPanzer, the effective Sovjet T-34 and the famous AmericanM4Sherman and many more! Game features Tanks of Battle: World War 2-13 iconic WWII tanks to choose from!- Customize your tank withwithyour favorite flag both national or special designs! - Upgradeyourtank strategically to make it more powerful!- Use assistweaponslike airstrike and flamethrower in your advantage!- Roamaround andexplore stunning historical battlefields and combatyourenemies!Facebook - -
Space Survival Craft - Build Base & Shoot Aliens
Alien zombie shooting games in a sci-fi craft setting.Survivalarena mode with leaderboards. Crafting & building ofspacetanks. Action shooter with sniper rifles, pixel gunsandexploration of a sandbox world.Visit strange new worlds! Seekoutnew life and civilizations and kill them! Bold exploration inlightof the stars! Go where no man has gone before and annihilateallopposition!Fight with hordes of merciless aliens! Engage in anepicspace battle simulator and win in the zombie survival games ontheface of Mars! Shooting games on a survival arena in asci-fisetting!Build your own space base! Crafting & building ofareal space outpost. Engineer and craft assault vehicles tocovermore distance and to get better in alien shooting. Space FPSgamesrarely get so many interesting twists.Use extreme guns tosurvive.Alien shooting will be easier with a selection of weaponsrangingfrom bolter rifles to a pixel gun. Become the best shooterwith anelite precision sniper rifle. Get to the frontline as acommando(like sas) and fight for the colony. Alien zombies on thefrontierof humanity will assault you in modern (or future?) combat.Stayunkilled against a rush of space dead and avert the doom ofyourfellow humans. Put your finger on the trigger because in spacenoone can hear your enemies scream.You'll need heavy weaponrytoannihilate the strongest enemies. Space shooting wouldn'tbecomplete without powerful tanks and assault vehicles.Alienshooting was never more awe inspiring. Drive these chariots ofdoomand make the survival arena of Mars your second home. Variousblockcraft driveables will only help you in the killing games.Alienzombie waves will be easily destroyed by your gunships.Spaceengineers in your base will keep them ready for the fight!Take thehover tank for a ride whenever you feel like doing somesci-fistyle black ops! Crafting & building of new vehiclesisunlocked by proving yourself in battle.Carve your name foreverinthe global leaderboards! Survival mode in this sandboxsimulatorwill give you a chance to prove yourself against millionsofplayers. Space FPS games are nothing without a bit ofunhealthycompetition! This 3D alien shooting in space will redefineyouropinions about gun killing games and action shooters.Makenomistake - in the category of shooting craft games with spacebasebuilding this is the no. 1 contester. Lock & load, let'sgivethese zombie aliens a beating they'll never forget! Downloadandplay NOW!
Archery 3D - shooting games
Join the worldwide archery match and compete the archerymastersfrom all over the world. Great & free game to make youto bethe archery master! Just aim and shoot, easy to play.Startshootingtoday by join Archery Tournament! Welcome to join ArcheryOnlineBattle World. Play one of the most popular modern sport gamesinthe Olympics.Archery Tournament is a 3D mobile game whichhasamazing 3D shooting graphics, animations. It’s so realistic.Youwill feel like you are actually in the sports games. The aim ofthegame is shooting your arrows at the targets. There are a varietyoflevels with different features and shooting challenges.GameFeatures:- V.S. mode of archery competition. Tournament ofArcheryGames.- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics- Lotsofaddictive & competitive levels- Varity of archeryequipment:magnificent bows and arrows - Multiple archery shootinglocations:Forest, Archery Field, Iceland etc.Come and try your bestto be thearchery master! Challenge the online Archery mastersaround theworld, be the Archery King in this 3D ArcheryBattlefield!
Smash Bottle Shooting 2018
Smash Bottle Shooting 2018Set your shooting target and becomekingof bottle game. Increase your long range shooting skill withthisbottle shooting game.Welcome to the bottle shooter free game2017with multiple new features. Enjoy the real bottle shooting 3dfreegame and increase your gaming experience with the multiplelevels.Your task is to shot all the bottles as much as you can andget thegolden chance to become a champion of bottle shoter game.Use thepistol and other sniper guns to make the perfect shot ofthebottles. You have played many new 3d bottle shooting games withgun2017 but this bottle shooting expert game is best for you. Inthisreal bottle shooting expert 3d free game, you will shot thebottleswith your sniper rifle. Make your aim, set your target, shotthebottles and become an expert shooter. Show your bestshootingskills and become the champion of new bottle flip 3d game.I’m sureyou will take a lot of fun to play this amazing knock downbottlesmash.In this gun bottle break shooter 3d: bottle game, yourdutyis to accept the challenge and start shooting to showyourexcellent skills. Prepare yourself for the real bottle shoot3dexpert free game in the realistic natural environment. Wewillprovide you an outstanding 3d graphics and fabulous animationstoattract you to complete this thrilling multiple levels. Becomerealbottle shooter champion in this expert 3d bottle shoot game:bottleShooting game. The sound quality of shooting bottle isoutstandingand your task is to break the selected target glasses.Enjoy thesound of the bottle shooting. This new bottle shoot game2017 isvery much unique and fully action packed game. Where youhave toshoot the moving bottles to achieve your target with asniper gun.Your aim is to shot the bottles and become a real bottleexpertshooter 3d game master. The bottles are moving so set yourtargetand shoot the bottles in limited time. This best bottletargetshooting game is designed as like army training schoolshooting.This bottle flip 3d new game is free for you in which youhavelimited time to shoot the bottles and reach in next level tocrushmore bottles to enjoy the real broken glass sound in allmissions.You have to clear your level carefully in limited timethen you canpermute to the next level. In the past history, Youwould havebroken the bottle glasses with stones or arrows but thistime youhave a sniper gun in your hand to blast the bubble that ismovingin the water and air. In this action packed real 3d bottleshootinggame 2017 your task is to crush all the bottles in fixedtimeotherwise level will be failed. This new bottle shoot expert3d:Shooter game gives you in-app to unlock all the levels or toremoveads.In this new bottle flip free game you need to focus atthebottles by moving your gun with screen touch. Set your targettoblast all the bottles and keep in mind that you will do all thisinfixed amount of time. Press pistol shot button and hit thetargetedbottle quickly. Bottles are moving like flying birds; shotall thebottles like bird hunting. Become a real bottle shotermaster indifferent multiple adventures. Do you love to play new 3dbottleflip games with a gun? If yes then you’re in the rightdirection.You will have unlimited fun by playing this free bottleshootexpert 3d new game. Come and join this new bottle shootingsmashgame. Best of luck!Smash Bottle Shooting 2018 Features:EasytoplayHigh-quality 3d graphicsExcellent qualitybackgroundsoundRealistic sound of broken glassMultiple attractivebottlerangesThis game is for all agesEndless journeyIt’s free toplaySoget it now from Google play store in your android devices andenjoythis Master Bottle Shotter Game: Shooting Games.Quicklydownloadthis interesting game 2017.
Clone Armies
Backup your every move and train your Armies with theexcellentmilitary fighting skills in a unique adventurous 2Dshooting game"Clone Armies". The game is built with amazingfeatures and aunique feature to clone your army and embed them withthe samemoves. Clone! Fight! Shoot! Die! Repeat! Every additionalclonewill copy exact same moves you did, when you were playing asit.Enjoy an amazing new experience of playing Shooting Gamewith"Clone Armies"."Clone Armies" has lots of challenging missionswithexciting surprises in each mission. Be smart while makingyourclone as it would do exactly the same move as you had donebefore.The game is designed in such a way that there are differentways toaccomplish the mission. Use your strategic thinking skillsandcomplete the missions. Collect as many coins and use themtoupgrade your skills and get other exciting power boosters.Chooseyour own unit and design your Army with different unitsrangingfrom mini gun wielding soldier to jet-pack or tank.Customize yourHero unit with many different weapons and militaryequipment andconquer the battlefield. Play the most adventurousmilitary gamewith awesome gaming mechanics andintuitivecontrols.*******************GAMEFEATURES*******************-Unique game mechanics you've never seenbefore- Cooperation modemultiplayer- 1v1 multiplayer coming soon-Unique customization ofHero unit- Easy and simple controls- Variousunits with uniquestats and abilities- Multiple fun and challengingmissions withincreasing difficulty- Bossfights- Multiple game modes+ specialSandbox mode to create unlimited clones in a never-endingmap-Variety of hats and effects to decorate your army ofclonesGetready for a fun filled adventurous game and challenge yourfriendsand enjoy playing with Cooperation mode multiplayer feature."CloneArmies" features multiple game modes including specialSandbox modewhere you can create unlimited clones in a never-endingmap.Customize your armies and clones using customizable andpowerfulArmy Suits. "Clone Armies" is the ultimate 2D shooter gamewithunique mechanics and thrillingeffects.***************CONTACTUS***************We are constantlyworking hard on making the“Clone Armies” game better and moreentertaining for you. We needyour constant support to get going.Please feel free to email usfor any queries/suggestions/problems orif you just want to sayhello. We would love to hear from you. Ifyou have enjoyed anyfeature of the “Clone Armies” game, do notforget to rate us onplay store.
Mad GunZ - FPS online shooter, map craft
Are you looking for great online pixel shooting games withamazinggraphics and the variety of game modes? Here is Mad Gunz -one ofthe best online shooter games!Imagine this: you wake up, feedyourbeloved kitty, and then — all hell breaks loose! Where didMr.Fluffy go and what is... is that an armored turkey? Does ithaveanything to do with these... unicorns? Uh, what's going here?Wellyou’re gonna find out in this adventurous new entry in thepixelshooting online battle games genre! Join this shooting gameonlineand plunge into the craziest atmosphere! Take up your weirdpixelgun and get ready to start the maddest of the pixel gamesonlinesurvival battle on some pixel shooter online arena! Mad Gunzcomesfrom the school of online shooter games that have strange,cute,pixel art and is just not like all online shootinggamesmultiplayer you’ve used to see! Mad GunZ is not like regularonlineFPS pixel shooting games, or other gun shooting games thathaven’tsurprised you very much. Tired of thinking of new tacticsindifferent killing games online multiplayer? This onlinebattlegames shooter won’t teach you any new tactics or makeendlesslyfiddle with your gun settings. Just get out there andshoot yourrivals with a banana gun, or a hamster thrower, or slapthem with ahandbag! Break into the mayhem of pixel shooter onlinearena andcrush everything in the wackiest new online shooter games!Nolimits for your actions! Team up with other players, chooseyourrivals and dominate the battlefield!What is Mad Gunz - one ofthebest free pixel shooting games online about?★ Far fromrealistic,but SUPER beautiful pixel art! Just take a look at thispixel gamesonline and you will fall in love with nice pixelgraphics!★ Themost incredibly weird shooting game online is readyto introducethe oddest armory!beat your rivals with a handbag witha dog in it,a huge lollipop or a magic wand. Use exploding hamstersor justshoot them with… cat fur! We bet you’ve never seen such oddguns inany of killing games online multiplayer! A gun of you dreamis herein our awesome online shooting games multiplayer!★ Enemiesfrom thebest of gun games, online shooter games and online FPSgames,including zombies, crazy chickens and even a mad octopus! ★Plus!What’s the most weird about pixel shooting games or anyotheronline battle games, you can see not only the gun but evenyourfeet in Mad Gunz!Still don’t wanna play this awesome shootinggameonline - the maddest of FPS shooters? Think it’s just anotheroneof those online FPS? Well we think you’ll love it much morethanany of other online shooter games, because Mad GunZ has:★Theeasiest and intuitive online shooter game controls★ 5 uniquemapswith easter eggs from your favorite movies and games ★Extremelydynamic battles with strange wild enemies are here incrazy onlineshooting games multiplayer.★ Moreover MadGunZ is one ofthe bestonline shooter games because you can enjoy crafting andbuilding init! Build your own map and craft items for it in thebest killinggames online multiplayer!Enjoying killing games onlinemultiplayerbut can’t find really amazing one?This shooting gameonline is madefor you! It is the one shooter online you’ve beenwaiting for!Survive in one of the most adventurous online shootinggamesmultiplayer among all online shooter games to save Mr.Fluffy!MadGunz is the unique in its madness FPS shooting game online!Whyareyou still reading this? Duh. I’m tired of talking about thebestonline shooter (according to me)! Get one the best onlineshootergames among other pixel shooting games, create your locationorpick any of our maps and start playing! Download thecraziestshooting game online now and start the battle now! Beatyourenemies in the weirdest of pixel shooter online! Feel the rushofgreat online shooter combat!License agreement:
Frontline Animal 3D Shooting
Frontline Animal 3D ShootingFrontline Animal 3D Shooting Game isTopFree Animal Hunting Game on Play Store.In this commando actionwildanimal shooting adventure game you will have to use allyourbattlefield skills to survive in this 3D shooting game. Killthewild animal like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills,stalkyour target, and put your hunting and shooting skills to thetestin the hunt of real wild animals. It is time to load outyourweapons and get your 5 star shooting fix! Deadly animals are inthejungle and they are crazy to attack on you. Utilize yourArmyCommando special shooting skills for fight against animals andfindescape from the hunted Island. Hunt different wild animalslikecougar, lion, elephant, giraffe, deer-stage, gorilla, zebra,blackpuma, crocodile, dinosaur and buffalo. Angry Gorilla is inthecrazy jungle and attacking on animals by its big punch tosurvive.Utilize Army special combat commando skills for shooting tosurviveand fight against animals and find escape from the huntedIsland.Hunt the deadly sharks swimming under ocean depth lookingfor someprey. In this modern sniper shooting game of shark hunting,do notlet blood thirsty sharks closer to you.Utilize your topsniperguns, commando action fighting and shooting skill to escape.Inwild hunter animal modern shooter game it’s a mission ondeadlyshores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from thedangerousIsland to survive and return back home. Brace yourself fortheultimate deer hunting experience. Use your combat commandosniperguns to shoot them in frontline animal 3D gun shooting game.Killor be killed, be a part of ultimate battle between you andwildangry gorilla. In deer hunting games you just have to shootdeerwith your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal, killingtheseanimal can attack on you and can kill you. Show yourbrutalattacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungle andsaveyourself from their counter attacks in this survival island.Youareequipped with deadly sniper shooting guns and modern assaultriflesto hunt the wild animals. Even from old era soldiers aretrained asarcher shooter and they also learn archery hunting. Allwarriorsand knights were expert in hunting the running animals atJungleIsland. Hunt safari animals & escape life safeguardmissions.Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos.Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage at safari. Armyourselfwith shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latestmilitarygear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that killsthe bigfive of zebra, elephant, and buffalo? Escape from an Islandlike areal survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survivallandadventures begin with a hard time from lost Island alongwithwilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angrygorillabefore it attacks and kills you. Game includes deadlyattacks,extreme wilderness, survival escape missions and you needto be aSurvivor Hero!! Hey Commando have you got all skills,Fronline ArmyCommando training test, power, assault shooting andwilderness toevolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrillingadventures gamefor a life escape mission. Test your frontline 3Dsniper skills bychoosing targets carefully; or go into assault modeas you clearthe forest of the wild beasts! Become the best Commandoon thisSurvival Island. Use all the possible tools and weapons todefendyourself from wilderness creature.
Watermelon Shooting 2018
Crush all the moving fruits with your shooter gun with strongpistolgrip. Just like other fruit shooter games you have to blastthesweet watermelon before they got crush in thecrushers.Watermelonshooter and gun games for free improve yourfocus and shootingskills level. Take accurate shots to smash allthe Watermelon withhandguns and pistols. In this gun simulatorgame while crushingfruits with bullets you need to stay focused ontarget. Thiswatermelon blast game is new gun app where you hit thetarget withreal pistol in hand. As a gun shooter of fruits don’thit the wrongtarget. It is time to get one of the top fruit gamesfree andarchery new games, or fruit games free download and fruitgames forgirls.GAME FEATURES:- Aim and smash the fruits- Arcadeand timeattack mode- Addicting FPS gameplay- Realistic crushingand smashsound- Real broken blast with 3D animation- Accuracy willbe testedin expert levels- Easy and intuitive controls for actiongame- Movegun Left-Right with finger to shoot the water melon
Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 3D
Have you got what it takes to bring down wild dinosaursandbloodthirsty zombies in the ultimate hunting game? Afailedexperiment has created monstrous creations that roamEarth’spost-apocalyptic wasteland. As an elite shooter, you mustnow huntto survive. Complete missions to unlock powerful newweapons andbecome the ultimate sniper. Breathe in and ready yourweapon. KeyFeatures: - SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE USING DEADLY SNIPERSKILLS -STORY-DRIVEN GAMEPLAY PLUNGES YOU INTO A POST-APOCALYPTICWORLD -PLAY TONS OF MISSIONS AND CHALLENGES - EARN BONUS XP ANDREWARDSWITH PRECISION SHOOTING- HUNT DINOSAURS IN EXOTICJURASSICLOCATIONS- INCREDIBLE NEXT-GEN BULLET-TIME EFFECTS WITHEVERYSNIPER HEADSHOT- BECOME EVEN DEADLIER BY UPGRADING YOURWEAPONS-STALK YOUR PREY IN INCREDIBLY DETAILED LOCATIONS ON LANDANDUNDERWATER! JOIN AN EPIC STORY IN EXOTIC LOCATIONS!Uncoverthemystery behind the most controversial scientific experiment inU.Shistory. Human and resurrected dino genomes have merged,creatingmonstrous abominations known as the Humanosaurs. Now theyrun amokin a post-apocalyptic wasteland strewn with abandonedbuildings anddinosaur nests. Kill the living and the walking deadalike. Hunt tosurvive. PRECISE SNIPER-SHOOTING ACTIONScan your preyfor weakspots and earn bonus loot and XP. Pinpoint criticalorgansincluding brains and lungs using your thermal sights. Replayepickills with incredible bullet-time. For any hunter unluckyenough tobe caught in the enemy’s gaze then prepare to face offagainst youropponent’s fury in a nail-biting quick-time event.You’ll only haveseconds to react. ELIMINATE DEADLY ENEMIESStalk anincrediblevariety of dinosaur, zombie and Humanosaur enemies onland andunderwater. Use precision skills and upgrade your weaponsto takedown prey including the Einiosaurus that can withstandincredibleamounts of damage and the mighty 3-ton Tuojiangosauruscoated invicious spikes. AN ARSENAL OF AWESOME UPGRADEABLEWEAPONSPick offyour dino and walking dead foes with up to 14 modernand classicsniper rifles as well as explosives including flashgrenades. Eachrifle has 15 upgrades, including increased stabilityand clip size.Stalk your prey from within the shadows by enhancingeach rifle'sscope and zooming capabilities, ensuring you become theultimatesniper hunter.Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter is finallyavailable onGoogle Play! Discover our other games: on Facebook: us onTwitter:
Desert Storm Grand Gunner FPS Game
Desert Storm Grand Gunner FPS GameGunner shooter strikeagainstdeadliest critical strike war in the desert stormIt modernwarfarewhere enemies have started a infinite critical strikeagainst us.Commando! we are left with no choice but to start abrutaloperation against gunship and heavy weapon like machineguns,bazooka and sniper. doom the enemies with dust in this desertstormgame and eliminate there combat squad. It your duty and youarecall for the infinite war as the real combat commando. It's arealgun games as you can mobil strike against your enemieswarriorswith the most modern warfare weapons ever available in anywar gameon mobile. counter terrorist with the limit of time andsave yournation from assault of fighting games. Enjoy this tacticalfirstperson shooting action game.It's a free download game and youaregoing to enjoy this fun games. best shooting games team workedhardto give you real joy. you will experience top action gamesgraphicsand sound. there are 3 regions with helicopter fightinggame-playto offensive duty strike. Your reviews are very importantto us.Please don't forget to review this thrilling fast-paced FPSactionshooter.
Zombie Shooting Mighty Battles 3D
The zombies attack the Washington and New York city in a group,andstart changing pedestrians into zombies and creating thelargesthorde. The country’s doom is getting closer when CS infectedthewhole land to prove that they are serious. The cranberrieszombieshooting in mighty battles roadkill not only allows you todrivieyour way through hordes of the un dead, but also allows youtoshoot down the zombies using machine guns and RPGs equipped onthecar. A special commando team has been hired to head thefrontlineand collect information before the army can open thecounter strikeoperation Apocalypse against un dead zombie. Are youstrong enoughto take the challenges in a zombie game as yourinevitable doomcloses in around you? This zombie shooter gamedelivers cars andweapons never seen before on a mobile device.Everything went wrongin the beautiful New York city, you and agentM are the onlysurvivor on the route. You have experience becauseyou are the onewho spent five nights for the wait of new year.There is no excusefor any stupid mistake which may pay with yourblood.There arebattle zombie pole-vaulters, bucketheads , andsnorkelers in thecranberries zombie shooting mighty battles game.Each of them ownsspecial skills, you only need to think fast andplant faster tocombat them all. Keep your finger on the trigger asyou try toensure your survival in a virus ravaged world whereinfinity war isgoing to happen soon. Upgrade your skills as asurvivor and zombieterminator in frontline fighting. Enhance yourarsenal of weapons,such as sniper guns, shotgun, machinegun andrifles.The gameprovides you the answer of question, what is zombieand history ofzombies? Fight for survival till last day on earth.Test yourskills in the sniper missions and lead survivors to safetyinsupport mission like infinity war 4. It wouldn’t be a coolshootinggame without an impressive arsenal. Choose different gunsto headinto the combat against izombi. Blast your enemies with anMP5,Desert Eagle, AK47, and many more shotguns and rifles. Leavebehindadrenaline and grenade. Get your trigger finger ready, theundeadmust be eliminated.Features of zombie run.• It is animmersivefirst-person zombie shooting game in which you have toface manymighty battles.• Stunning 3D graphics.• Arsenal of deadlyweaponslike Crossbow, P90, Katana, and Dragunov to fightagainstizombiie.• Heart touching music and realisticsoundeffects.Beautiful animations in izombi season.Smooth,intuitivecontrols allow you to navigate the city with ease.Precision aimingwill help Efficient Controls and an easy game play.The virus getsstronger over the time and the zombies become morepowerful. Youneed to keep fighting to rescue who survive in thetown.Zombiekilling games were never advanced but now they are andwe shouldhave to create something new to leave them behind. Warfarein thisfree game is as dynamic and different as it gets. You caneitherwin or die no missions are there except to survive yourself.Yourtimely actions will determine the outcome of thisdeadlywar.Download it now for free and enjoy the winter vacationsbyhunting undead souls.
Cube Zombie War
A dark city with full of zombies! It is a shooting game todefeatzombies coming from every direction as a 3rd person.You willbeable to enjoy thrilling action game through various weaponsandupgrade.Don't worry if you are isolated by zombies, you canescapethe danger area by using lethal move.Enjoy playing fun actiongame,'Cube Zombiewar'.Homepage:
Army Counter Strike Gun
The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strikeonenemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist throughcounterattack with rapid shooting machine guns, hand grenades andotherweapons.As a swat commando, counter terrorist shooter withasoldier support in combat strike action against terroristduringthe anti-terrorist operation, your job is to protect thecity, andcounter attack and shoot all the terrorist to deadbrutally.counters strike counter terrorist missions in gocasescounter-strike cases cs and ca operations.Go counter-strikegameand clicker counter strike shooting to eliminate enemy. palycombatstrike game clicker idle clicker fps delta strike casesimulatorcliking counterstrike counter strike attack with skilledcounterstrikers gun war fire games and gun shooting fps game go forbestskins best shooter and best shooter games sniper battleterroristswith modern specialforce bullet force modern strike/swatstrike toshoot ennemy.Features:- Variety of modenr weapons guns-Challenging3d first person shooting gameplay.- Thrilling excitingmissions.-Immersive 3d environment- Multi Weapon game - Realisticcombataction - Enemies’ destruction with hand grenades- Addictivegameplay and environment.
Sniper Commando Snow Mission
You are the Sniper Commando and join the battlefield with enemiesinsnow environment. Enemies soldiers is assign a task to killyouwhich is present in different positions, i-e houses andwatchtower. Fight against the well trained enemies and beatthem.Killenemies with your gun to end up this bloody war and stopthebattlefield! Use sniper gun to make a good shot, upgradeyourfighting and shooting skills to destroy enemies to saveyoursoldiers’ lives. Take a breath... and pull the trigger to Killyourenemies.Exciting Features :- Intense First Person ShootingGame-Grenade option to destroy more enemies- Amazing snowEnvironment-Sniper Gun- Use radar to identify enemy location.Hopeyou like thisgame install and enjoy update will be soon with moremissions andgive me positive feedback and best of luck.Note : It isfree andsupported by Ad.
Tank Buddies 1.0.10
Kiseki Games
Shoot, evade, and collect Power ups in this fun and adorableshootergame.Upgrade your tanks and summon Tank Buddies to fightalongsideyou.Together nothing can stop you from defeating thebaddies andtaking down the big bosses!* 5 awesome tanks to collectwith uniquecharge attacks and support types* Loads of challengingmissions tocomplete* Adorable enemies and epic big bosses tofightThanks to allthe fans for your support and feedback. To stayupdated with all thelatest from Kiseki Games, please follow usfrom Settings screen inthe game or
Secret Agent Alisha : Action TPS Shooting Game
Secret Agent Alisha is an undercover Army officer, and herpartnersSam(Dog). They are on the secret mission to rescue thepeople andsave them from the enemies.It has commando adventure,action,combat, relic run, real commando secret, battle field, frontlinecommando day, mission impossible, war game, adventureescape,bullet strike, critical strike and have amazinggraphics.AgentAlisha you are elite agent and military shooter byarmy secretservice agency to ensure the security of your nation. BeArmycommando of warfare group and operate under the radar,completesecret agent front line missions, hit harder or getarrested inchallenging superhero ranger game. Train yourself asarmy commandosuperhero spy & spider hero and survival escapefor rescuemissions, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills todestroy enemyunit base. Plant the bomb and move from Shadow toShadow to strikeenemy unit with deadly force. Be Army commando andcomplete thestealth and rescue missions as army hero.It’s a newstealth bestshooter game. it has 15 commando adventure missionbased levels.ithas commando adventure , action, combat, relic run,real commandosecret, battle field, commando day, missionimpossible, war game,adventure escape, bullet strike, criticalstrike and have amazinggraphics.Let the excitement of spy games,army secret agent,stealth action game, commando games 3d, andsuperhero game begin bydownloading SECRET AGENT ALISHA andretaliate by destroying theenemy base and shadow survival rescuemissions.Secret Agent AlishaFeatures:* Amazing game play for wholoves to play secret agent 3Dmission games.* Realistic environmentwith 3D Graphics to show thereal life of secret agent commandogames.* Sneak your way throughthe levels, in different stealth gamemissions. And stay out fromwatch guard’s eye. * Be a Swat Spy witha task to destroy all thetargets with c4 explosives* Modern battlefield environment in thisarmy fighting game* Be the best armySecret Agent* Free stylefighting shooting game* Slow motionfighting* Army secret agentaction game* Reliable control* Amazinggraphics* 15 differentmission based levels
Critical Gun shoot Fire : First-Person Shooters 1.0
Critical Gun shoot FireBattle shoot fire is waiting for you...Startfiring from your critical gunIt's fray of battlefield whereenemiesare in front-line combat with you. Soldier, you are thebestshooting commando and need to shootout the enemies from yourmodernfast-paced fps weapon. battleground is full of terroristandcritical strik. enemies are using gun, we are not known for.It's adeath-match with enemies twice to our numbers. FPS snipershooter,you are on a critical mission to counter the deadliestfire. Inthis critical ops, you have to shoot off all the enemiesand skillstrike. Call of ghost where black missions are ahead.battlefieldis waiting for the bravo commando to end thisinfinitewarfare.Kill-shot what ever come in your way for victory.sniperelite use your realoded weapon and strike against gunshipshooter.First-Person Shooters. It's free gun game where you canexperiencebest shooting games controls.critical gun warrior, it'stime forshowing our glory with tactical first person shooter. It'smorethan shooting as you have to beat all the enemies in all modesofthe game and complete the warfare in victory.First-PersonShooters. Show yourself as best assault shooter asrifleman aretargeting you and you have to use escape snipertraining and getrid enemies.Soldier, you are fighting from thefront-line andfacing the enemies. You are only one having power tocombat againstthe critical strike of the enemies. It's about modernwar shootinggame where training and luck matters. fierce armybattle is frontof you. Be focused and use best techniques tocomplete black ops inthe desert and island regions. global strategyof terrorist groupis simple that they will fatal raid upon you.First-Person Shooters. Being best counter-terrorist, show bestcounter terrorist skillsand be part of winning strike team.criticalgun shoot fire, is bestfighting game. You can train your army andenjoy top action game.It's about fierce first-person shooter whereyou have to commandyour army in the battle. Show your real combatskills in the war.Battlefield is full of action and use of tanks,air strike,bazooka, machine gun and sniper is usual in these moderndays. Allyou have to concur all the arena. be best counter strikeragainstall the enemies. First-Person ShootersIt's a real warbattlefieldgame . the best game with realistic combat experience.Fullyshooting game for free. First-Person Shooters
Cyberspace Tanks 3D
Cyberspace Tanks 3D is a tank arena shooting game set in a lowpoly,flat designed, digitalized universe.Fight in real-time 3Dbattlesagainst randomized challenging AI controlled TanksandHover-Tanks.Why is Cyberspace Tanks 3D special?* Workscompletelyoffline, so no queues and no lag issues, just fire it upand play!*Small download and no extra files needed.* More than 20vehicles tounlock, including Tanks and Hover-Tanks, each one withtheir ownstats (armor, speed, damage, reload time...).* Variouspopular gamemodes to play.* Activate modifiers on your tanks toshoot powerfullasers or be indestructible for a few seconds.* Cloudstorage isavailable, you just need to register once and the gamewill syncyour progress to recover it in case you change your phoneortablet.
Grand Gunner War Shooter 3d
Gunner War Shooter 3dIt's time for best war shooter game indesertstorm with top action gamerobot warrior! it's time to startnew warshooting game in the desert storm where eye's can't see morethan acertain distance. But we are using best possible technologytodestroy our enemies from our gunship gunner weapons. Commando!youare on your humvee and helicopter to start attacking the enemiesinthe battle where enemies are holding strong hold and as therobofighter, you have equipped your gunner warrior of most deadlywarshooter 3d game.Gunner assassin missions are looking for you.Youhave to show yourself as gunner king in the battle. Commando!weare in war conditions on both side of the border as wellcriminalgangster are also working as spy agent of enemies andstriking awar against our military forces. Battleground is ready inthis freewar game and all you have to do is to start infiniteshooting onyou enemies forces and turn this grand battle into thebestshooting games for free. Enemies are well trained and equippedwithmachine gun , bazooka , best sniper shooter machines and theyarehaving lot's of enforcement like tanks, humvees and helicopter.Durto extreme war conditions and lot's of frontier war shootmissionsand army men strike eing busy in the real missions,headquarter canonly help you in airstrike and best fire power atthe moment. But,literally you are out numbered by the enemies. So,be ready forfiring from your heavy weapon and enjoy this army gamesof war.***Gunner War Shooter features ****** realistic controls***bestshooting missions and free to download game*** top free toplayaction game*** realistic sounds*** Gunner reloaded missionsinlot's of different regions and environments*** Amazing funfreegame*** Best counter terrorist region with 20+ levels***criticalstrike for counter the enemies coming waves afterwavesThumbs Upteam have put all of their effort to produce thisgame in a bestpossible form which is user friendly and addictive.We would loveto have your valuable response. Your appreciation andcriticism ishighly appreciated. make gun strike against yourenemies.
Range Shooter
Range Shooter is a 3D first personshootersimulation game with stunning details and addictivegameplay.Hi there rookie!Welcome to your basic and advanced shootingtrainingsimulation.As you start the simulation, your first trainer will meet youandguide you through the basic stepsThere will be different trainers for every range and it wouldbewise to listen to them.Good luck.Choose your weapon and test your shooting skills withcountlesschallenging missions!Try different weapons in specialised ranges, fight for newmissionsor high scores.Now pick up your gun, step into the action and proveyourself!TOP QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the next generation graphics quality right onyourdevice.Top quality 3D environments, detailed gun models, realisticphysicsand special effects are all part of the simulation.CHALLENGING GAME MODES & TRAINING RANGESTest your shooting skills in 3 unique training ranges and5different game modes.Eleminate terrorists, rescue hostages, race against targetsandtime.TONS OF UPGRADEABLE GUNSArm yourself with highly detailed guns ranging from classicpistolsto assault rifles, sniper rifles and many more!Unlock new weapons and upgrade your guns with damage, accuracy,rateof fire, reload speed and clip size upgrades!EASY CONTROLS DESIGNED FOR MOBILEGet comfortable with easy to use controls and focus allyourattention just on your enemies.Select Touch Aim or Sensor Control as you like.DAILY REWARDSGet your daily bonus every day, multiply with everyconsecutivevisit.COMING SOON!Online Multiplayer Mode!Brand New Training Range!Tons of new Weapons!KEY FEATURES- Single Player and Multiplayer options- 5 Challenging Game Modes: Time Attack, Missions,Challenge,Hostage Rescue, Survival- Three Shooting Ranges: Pistol Training Range, AssaultRifleTraining Range, Sniper Training Range- Realistic weapons: Pistols, SMG's, Shotguns, Rifles,Snipers- Upgrade Options: Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, ReloadSpeed,Clip Size and Ammo Capacity- Rich Target Variety: Stationary and Moving Targets,SuicideBombers, Terrorists etc.- Stunning 3D graphics with quality options- Easy & comfortable control options- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsPlease rate us and give your feedback for further improvement ofthegame.Visit our official site at
Duck Hunting 3D: Classic Duck Shooting Seasons
Super Duck Hunting Commander is an excellent duck hunt&shooting game for real waterfowl hunters. It has a lot of coolnewfeatures and attractive graphics for better user experience.Thisduck shooting game contains multiple duck hunter seasonsandchampionship locations for the hunters. Can you become bestgunshotshooting commander?🏞️2 GAME MODESDuck Hunting Super Shootercomeswith 2 interesting game-play modes to shoot waterfowl in thewoodsand lakes. In lake location complete various duck shootingseasonsand earn maximum coins to upgrade your shooting gears andguns. Onthe other hand, the Jungle location is the endless mission,whichspreads over multiple locations in the forest. Like a realhunter,the game puts you in real nature environment. Aim fast&precisely and be prepared for some crazy-fun 3d duckshooting.☄️EARN COINS, BUY WEAPONS, AMMO & UPGRADESDon’t wasteyour ammo,always try to shoot on-target. That gives you ability tostaylonger in the game and earn more coins. You can also earnextracoins and hunt more waterfowls by hunting waterfowl flock.Therevarious duck hunting weapons with different power. Havingmorecoins also will buy you more ammo and upgrade cartridges.Putyourself in the role of top gunshot duck shooter & manageyourweapons and ammo like a real pro!🏆TOP THE DUCKCOMMANDERLEADERBOARDShoot precisely and increase your scores toearn thetitle of Super Duck Hunting Commander. Make use of whistleandwaterfowl calls to attract bird flock towards yourself formaximumreward. Top the sport bird hunt leaderboard by beingcontinuouslyprecise. There will be a lot of challenges and superhuntingcommanders from all around. Can you become the duckshootingchampion? 🕊️SUPER DUCK HUNTING COMMANDER FEATURES:✅Multipleshooting environments✅ Ability to upgrade guns, cartridgeandcartridge bags✅ Better guns with high firepower and longrangeshooting ability✅ Earn more virtual coins to buy ammo andupgradescartridges ✅ View top waterfowl shooter in game leaderboard✅ 3Dshooting gameplay✅ sport bird hunting ambience✅competitive duckhunting shooting---------------Start your duckshooting adventure& be sure to experience versatile &super-interesting birdhunting moments.Compete against internationalwaterfowl gunshothunters and become top commander in the game. Ifyou like it,please share with your super friends. After all,sharing is caring:)Download & enjoy @technokeet
Stickman Shotgun Shooting
Stickman Shotgun Shooting is the most destructive shootingandtargeting 2d game of 2018. You are a stickman, knock out allenemystickman and arm yourself with different guns including,pistols,shotgun and sniper. You are the ultimate covert gunshooterstickman, you have to strike first or they finish you! Areyouready to defeat enemies? How long will you survive in deadlywarmission?Enjoy the critical frontier shooting in 2d shootinggameenvironment and become best stickman commando shooter. As youbeststickman shooter in the world, you are calling to removetheenemies, so your mission is to finish the entire terrorfromeverywhere and protect the area. Play this Army Stickman Sniper3Dgame and challenge your shooting skills. Complete its allhardchallenging based levels to become best world pro stickmanshooter.Commando Fun Shooting Adventure takes you on whirlwind tourdeepinto enemy territory to locate and remove hidden targets. thetimefor diplomacy is gone, the time for extreme war action is now.hereyou need fast, aggressive and accurate shooting techniques,upgradeyour sniper rifle to improve accuracy, damage andrange.StickmanCommando Shooter will provide you multiple background2denvironments for real fight. In this City StickmanShootingAdventure game, there will be everything you ever wanted.StickmanShotgun Shooting is a 2D gun shooting game with amazingstickmancharacters, silky smooth animation and bloody graphicswithrealistic gun sound effects. Stickman Commando Shooter is asimplegun shooting game and its Completely free on play store forallfans of action games and for players who want to dominate inthecombat zone!Warning: this shooting game contains lots of bloodandfun violence!Army Stickman Sniper 3D Features:Great gameforexpelling your angerLots of deathVibrant graphics andsilky-smoothanimation Tons of exciting missionsHours of gunshooting funEasyand smooth control of gunsArmy Stickman Sniper 3Ddoes not requireany internet connection, you can have fun in thecar, duringservices in a temple and in the subway.This game is freeto play,but it contains items that can be purchased for real moneyand maycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.If you like Stickman Shotgun Shooting, pleaserateand give your feedback for further improvement of the game.