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Children's doctor : dentist. 1.1.4
Children's doctor - we all love when people around us smile.Webecome well and happy when someone on the street gives us asmile.But for a smile to be beautiful, you need to take good careof yourteeth. This applies to your pets, because in childhood theywerefor every kid. Like people, they also sometimes need to treattheirteeth. This can be done by a special doctor - dentist. Wepresent to your attention an exciting game for children - adentist(vet clinic).  In this entertaining game, your child isa realdentist, under the guidance of which there is a hospitalforanimals. The kid is entrusted with a very important andresponsibletask - the treatment of teeth of his four-footed pups,whose teethbegan to ache heavily because of their love for sweets.  Youhave to treat them in a real dental office, use variousmedicalinstruments, such as tongs, scalpels, Burmashin and manyothers, toclean your four-legged friends of teeth from plaque,align them, dooperations, remove cavities and fill them. After all,they all justneed your help. For her, the animals will be gratefulto you andvery grateful.   Developing games for children, suchas aveterinarian, contribute to the overall development of yourchild.They help to develop fine motor skills, coordination ofmovements,visual perception, attentiveness and observation, willshow thebaby how to treat animals, take care of them.   Ourgames forkids, such as a dentist, will teach them not only to treattheirpets with love and care, but also to protect their own teeth,donot forget to clean them several times a day, because going tothedentist is not the most pleasant pastime.   For the purposeofcomprehensive development of the child, we create applicationsandeducational games for children that are aimed to help boysandgirls develop basic motor and other skills, and also have fun,funand useful to spend their free time.   All you need istodownload games, install and start playing, and in the futureyourchild can choose one of the most needed professions in theworld -the dentist   Be sure to visit our http://yovogames.comandalso we are at:Youtube:
Subway Vampirina - Christmas Halloween Rush 1.0
Subway Vampirina - Crossing Halloween Rush Journey games is asuperrun adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer. Rescuegameshas to pass lots of evil crocs, spiders and dragons and alsogothrough noir castles.This Jump and Run up to speed is anaddictiveadventure dash game!Run, jump , fly , swim and dash yourwaythrough a vast world of platforming challenges and embark onanepic adventure!During the game, collect a lot of coins to getmorelives in the same time they should overcome the variousmonstersand obstacles and risks on the road.Features:- ClassicRunningPlatform Game with HD Graphics and HD Music- Race andBattlethrough up to 90+ Levels- Exciting Power Ups and Upgrades-ChildFriendly with Interesting Content- Smooth Controls andAddictiveGameplayDownload and play the best adventure actionrunninggame!DISCLAIMER============This game has nothing to do withtheVampirina's game or cartoons, we are not cartoon maker and wedon'tclaim a relationship with it.This just a have fun andfreeadventure game
Mini Beat Dentist 1.0
Dolores were eating too much candy and could not sleep becauseofatoothache. Little powers crazy dentist, help them!Becomeascarymonster dentist and help dolores clean her teeth to be aminibeat.Help her keep her teeth clean, familiarize yourself withthedenialappointment. You have to help her because it's Halloweenandsheate lots of candies !!!! No more scared of the dentist whenyouarethe real dentist princess! But do not worry, you arearealdentist, so you can save his teeth.Enjoy this game andbecomeascary doctor for a day, like a very mini beats powersrockers.Playwith dolores too !! Invite her to sit down and havehealthyteeth!That way she'll be ready for the party .. !! dolores,orPowersrockers loves rockers , unicorns and zombies.Choose oneoffourmini beat photos and invite her to sit in the centralchair.Aneducational game where children learn that oral healthisveryimportant, she will have a monster story test at school!Shemustbe healthy!During her first date, she found a girl, justlikeher,she ate a lot of sweet candies, and now she has atoothache:hername is Ladybug! She is blue like a little vampire!This gameisperfect at Halloween, you will be in the shape of arealSTIMULATORdoctor for a day.And, of course, if you like tohelpothers,vampires too, you have to play this game! And do notworry,it'svery easy!FEATURES:* Fun crazy dentist Rockers* Realdentistgamefor kids* Fashion dentist mini beat* Versatileprofessionaldentaltools for dentist surgery* Dentist Powersrockers* A seriesoffacial expressions to choose from for smallponiesandprincessesWITH CHARACTERS:* Captain Slip* Mini beat *Littleponyand big ponies* Rainbow Dash* Unicorns * Fluttershy*Ladybug*Rockers* Vampirina* Rarity powers* TwilightPrincessSparkleSo funand interesting game, so play our new dentistgame nowand you'llhave fun!
com.deltadental.HealthApp 4.6.6
Delta Dental’s App gives you access to our most popularsubscribertools on your mobile device. Key features of the DeltaDental appinclude: - Show your ID card at the dental office withoutgettingout your wallet. The app provides access to your ID card assoon asyou log in to the app, and the ability to save your ID cardto theapp home screen or your Passbook/Wallet so you don’t have tologinat all. Even email your ID card to your dentist or adependentright from our app. (Login required) - Find out what toexpect withour Dental Care Cost Estimator. Our easy to use toolprovidesestimated cost ranges for common dental care needs fordentists inyour area. See what dentists charge both in and out ofnetwork forthe most common dental treatments. (Login required, notavailablein all geographic areas) - NEW: An enhanced version of ourDentalCare Cost Estimator provides an estimate for you and yourfamily’sout of pocket costs for common dental care needs, for aselecteddentist. (Login required, only available for NJ, CT, KSmembers) -Adentist search tool that makes it easy to search for adentist inyour area. Search using your current location or inputyour home orwork address. Your results can be filtered or sorted tohelp youfind a dentist that suits your specific needs. Then, saveyourdentist to your contacts, call to schedule an appointmentornavigate directly to their office with the touch of yourfinger.You can also now save your preferred dentist, with easyaccess totheir information right from the home page. -View andselect openappointment times with participating dentist, makingschedulingdental appointments more convenient than ever. (Loginrequired, notavailable in all geographic areas) -Claims andcoverage informationon the go. See your plan type, benefit levels,deductibles andmaximums and find contact information for your DeltaDentalcompany. Check the status of your most recent dental claims,forboth you and your dependents, and save time by addingyourdependents directly to the app for easy access. (Loginrequired)-Find out how your smile scores. Our LifeSmile Score isacomprehensive oral wellness risk assessment tool. You are afewquestions away from knowing your personalized risk profilefortooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. (Login required,notavailable in all geographic areas) -Toothbrush timer makesbrushingfun and helps you stick with it for the recommended twominutes.Listen to music as you brush and watch as the timer countsdownyour brushing time with a visual reminder to brush each sectionofyour mouth. Security The Delta Dental App uses the latestsecuritytechnology to protect your personal health information. Youmustenter your user name and password each time you access thesecureportion of the app. No personal health information is everstoredon your device. For more details on security, our PrivacyPolicycan be viewed via a link on the Login page of the app. Forsecurityreasons this app is not supported on rooted devices.TRICAREsubscribers currently cannot access benefits andeligibilityinformation on the Delta Dental app. At this time, we donotsupport dual login for our member company sites located in IN,KY,MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NM, OH, OR and TN. If you are a subscriberwithone of these member companies, you will need to register for anewaccount in order to use the secure portion of the app. AboutDeltaDental Since 1954, Delta Dental has been working to improveoralhealth by emphasizing preventative care, because we believethateveryone deserves to enjoy a healthy smile. As America'slargestand most trusted dental benefits carrier, we cover moreAmericansthan any other dental benefits provider—and strive dailyto makedental coverage more accessible and affordable to a widevariety ofemployers, groups and individuals.
Vampirina Princess Fantasy 9.0
Vampirina Princess Fantasy Welcome to the adventure games infantasyof Vampirina Hide and Shriek Princess In this wonderfulgame movedfamily for vampirinas and you want to play with littlevampiri inmagic goblins halloween ghosts ? This is perfectBunicula adventurefor you. You love Vampirina disney halloweenMagic?! This AmazingWorld game is an miraculous Adventure with twosister's girls. Runfast and collect more and more candy and getpoints in order tocomplete mission, Jump over ghosts and fire,once you collect enoughcandy, you’ll unlock another scaryvampirina hide and seekadventure. Can you escape Halloween terrornights ! ** Easy to Play** Exciting and Challenging game play **Up to 100+ magic maps andlevels ** Stunning Graphics and HDBackground Music ** Gold Coinscollection challenge ** AdventureArcade Action Game
Pediatric Disease and Treatment 7.14.27
Pediatric disease and treatment app is for childhooddiseases,childtreatment and it's suitable for children's doctor anddentist. ThisPediatrics books / disease treatment book offers allchildrendisease(childhood diseases),disease symptoms anditsmedicine,disease and causes, diagnosis and treatment ofalldisease. Pediatric diseases and treatment app is one of thefreeclinical medicine books for pediatric disease dictionary(pediatricbook)with all kids diseases,paediatric conditions,diseasesymptomsand diagnosis,diseases and treatmentdrugs,pediatricprotocol,medical terminology and a dosage guide. Ifyour newborn ispremature,or has a serious illness,or injury, orbirth defect,aneonatologist may assist.Though your pediatrician cansolve mosthealth problems of newborns,a neonatologist is trained tohandlecomplicated health problems. Features:(Pediatric diseasetreatmentbook) This pediatrics book for pediatrician doctor offersthefollowing topics on diagnosis and treatment of alldisease:*Allergies and immune system *Asthma treatment *Birthdefects &Genetic problems(Heart defects) *Bladder,Kidney andurinary tractinfections *Blood disease & Treatment *BoneCancer/eye cancer*Muscles and joints *All stomach diseases andtreatment *Braindisease/brain disorders/nervous system *Brain tumortest/Braintumor surgery/operation *Spinal cord injury/spinal cordtumors*Blood cancer treatment(leukemia and lymphoma,retinoblastoma)*Type 1 diabetes app for kids(diabetes treatment)*Type 2 diabeteshealthy eating(diabetes mellitus 2 treatment)*Diabetes prevention& management. *Heart diseases andtreatment/heartdiagnosis/congenital heart disease/congestive heartfailure.*Learning and emotional problems *Eye diseases andtreatment/Eyediseases app/eye cancer/Disease of eye/eye care app*Diseases andtreatment dictionary offline *Diagnosis and treatmentof alldisease of children *Eye blindness test/laryngitis/EardrumSurgery*Skin Diseases and Treatment *Skin disease diagnosiswithphoto/Skin disorders/Skin infections/Skin diagnosis/Skincareapp/Skin care tips offline/minor rush/minor*AcneTreatment(Remedies for pimples,acne Treatment,Scar Removal forAcneDoctor) *Poison ivy/Scabies treatment/Scabies care/cureskin*Stomach diseases and treatment/Stomach infection in kids*Infantand child care apps/infant diarrhea/adolescent health *Childandadolescent development diseases/dwarfism disease *Stomachdiseases(stomachcancer/care/Appendicitis/appendicitissurgery/appendicitisrisk/Celiacs disease app) *Liver diseases andtreatment *Mouth andTeeth(adenoids,bad breath cure,tonsilitis) Fora healthy mouth andteeth,kids learn how to wash hands and brushteeth.Brushing andwhitening of teeth is very important to avoidbad breath.Apart frombrushing teeth,you should also visit yourkids teeth doctor(yourdentist in the dental kids clinic) for badbreath solution andproper diagnosis in case you suspect a teethdisease. DisclaimerThis Clinical pediatrics app can be used as asource of informationabout pediatric diseases for mothers who arein the introduction tomaternity and pediatric nursing,pediatricdoctor,certified pediatricnurse practitioner,kids doctor and skindoctor.In this case ,thispediatric book should only be used forinformation purposes and notas a medical advice on drugdoses(pediatric dosage guide) inpediatric,pediatric intensivecare,pediatric cardiology,pediatricdermatology,pediatricdentistry,pediatric surgery,support,pediatrichypertension,etc.
Vampirina Halloween : Princess 7.0
Vampirina disney halloween Princess games run is asuperrunadventure and legendary side scrolling platformer, Thisgameagreedstar the star of the galaxy heroes. Download and enjoyscaryescapegames finest, beautifully made by dedicated Cartoonloversanddesign Professionals to offer you scary yet enjoyable funforfreeexperience inside of the vampire nights world, Letusproudlypresent ” Vampirina adventures : Halloween Princessghosts“, thebest adventure game of the “ Vampirina child play ”series,this isyour chance to manifest your love for Vampirina, toshowherability to escape fear and face big challenges .**watchclassicgwen galxy platformer for children, adults and kidstoys**Sidescroller paw patrol with simple controls games** Easy andfreetoplay but difficult to master** classic retro running uptospeedadventure dash gamesGuarantied satisfaction and enjoymentiswhatwe promise, Download Now and feel free to Rate,shareyourexperience, and comment to let us know how we can improveourgameto maximize your amusement . thank you andHappyHalloweenAdventure vampirina disney the origin is to destroythecommon ofgalaxy on the screen of galaxy on the screen. It isswghelp galaxybattle widen the ballerina of the video gameindustrysituated onsides the world. Space puts galaxy wars bigfavoritesuccessvampirina.
👻 Vampirine Halloween Ghosts Adventure Run - FREE 10.8.2
Welcome today to this vampirina games doll for fans ofvampirinrunand vampirin disney with little vampiri doll and hervampirefamilyin magic world of halloween and ghosts full ofadventure, run&action.The adventure coloring halloween begin,the city oflittlevampirin adventure is being attacked by some badvampireandghosts, and you have to help the family vampiresavingtheirvampirecity, download this magic halloween games now andhelpthevampiri disney to exceed obstacles, ghosts, vampire andmakesuperscore and collect all magic doll coins in her way in5amazingmagic world coloring.Chose your favorite vampiredollcoloring andbegin the adventure run to save the vampiri andhervampire family,this magic adventure halloween is the best rungamesfor fans ofvampiri run, where they can play with your friendsinrealityhalloween, not just in their dreams.Try anotheradventurerun ofthe puppy dog games descendants with your pals.Havefun usingthegames of shimmer and her shine.Start your anotheradventureindifferent world 3D graphics with charmers.HOW TO PLAY:Now wewillexplain to you how you can enjoy and play with yourfriends andhowyou can challenge the obstacles and ghosts.🎃🎃Selectyourpreferedvampire to starts playing.🎃🎃This halloween run gamesisvery easyfor understand, you will just tap screen to let themagicghostscan jumping cause you will find a lot of obstaclesanddoll.🎃🎃Youhave 5 diffrent and amazing halloween coloring worlds🗺(Jungel,Egypt sahara, Snow world, Halloween and Castle) withmorethan 110levels.NOTE:🎃Remember that we're always readingyourfeedback andare hard at work creating new characters, levels,andfixing anyissues you may find🎃🎃If you need any help🎃🎃Please do not forget note the game🎃
Vàmpirinà jµnior princess run 1.0
The Vàmpirinà jµnior princess run got Lost in the night terrorsofadark scary world, your mission is to Help her findinghome!discoverher story of escaping monsters and spookyHalloweenVillains,all theway through creepy ghosts and hauntedhouses,chilling graveyardsand tombs. Let the Vampire blood oflittle VeeLead your way home,Escape night terrors, true fear andLive theVampire adventure.Vampirin disn halloween is a videoadventuresand arcade, gameballerina spatial or structural ordimensional swgof vampirin. Thisgame agreed star the star of thegalaxy ofheroes. It is motivatedby the galaxy/galaxy of the galaxycrackthe space of theworld.Vampirina disne adventure watchful forthefirst of the mosttypical heroes of the galaxy, swg is also oneortwo of the stars ofthe galaxy's most legendary heroes ofthegalaxy and ballerinaslegendary in the old history and newhistoryof video game.TempleVampirina jungle castle run game istotallyone of the greatestvampires games, this little the magicvampirinagame is one of themost run addictive and entertainingfreeHalloween game ever madewith great game quality, run on theforestwith Bat's and jungledesert and ice, oothy grin and 5 scaryhorrorghosts styled eyes, itis just simple and amazing all you havetodo is tapping screen andour subway vampirina surfers will jumpandtry to collect coins withthe help of the otherfriends.Canvampirina run and speed fill allobstacles without lose ?For Weethis is great chance to prove thatshe is very good at runing, whocan make the best race ever!Vampireruning at jungleinPennsylvania is big event for the monsters!speed Fantasticsubwayfilled with monsters and treats! First, youhave torun, maybeitwill bevery speedy , vanilla, cherry orbanana.Little Vampirinais14 years old, she likes to make adventureand have fun! To begintomake friends with classmates, run goblinsand monsters familyofspeed vampires invites you to party at thehotel! + HOW TO USE+*Easy to Play,* Just tap screen and ourvampirina jumpson,*Exciting and Challenging game play,* Run to theend of the Gametopass the deference levels,* Vamperina superbe*Wen Coinscollectionchallenge.You love run Vampirina disnehalloween Magic?!ThisAmazing World game is an miraculous speedAdventure withtwosister's girls after playing you can say thisgame is wonderfulormiraculous games ! Adventure halloweenvampirina dis the originisto destroy the common of galaxy on thescreen of galaxy onthescreen. It is swg help galaxy battle widenthe ballerina ofthevideo game industry situated on sides theworld. Space putsgalaxywars big favorite success vampirina.ThisJump and Run up tospeedis an addictive adventure dash game!Vampirina disnne halloweenisbeautiful Vampirina Adventure gamewith two sister's girlsjumpingthen running in subway and to skipthe hard obstacles andfreezingbombs and collecting Vampirina coinsalong theway.=NOTES=Ourapplication is an unofficial, thisadventures gamejust for fans!This application complies with USCopyright lawguidelines of "fairuse". If you feel there is adirect copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow withinthe "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly.
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite 1.0
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite is the pocket-sized version of our BoneBox™- Dental app. This real-time 3D medical education andpatientcommunication tool, featuring incredibly detailed anatomicalmodelsof the human dental anatomy. It is a member of a series ofappsdeveloped by a team of anatomists, certified medicalillustrators,animators, and programmers using actual human CTimaging data, andthe most accurate 3D modeling technologyavailable. The BoneBox™-Dental Lite is appropriate for use bysecondary students,undergraduate and graduate students, and medicalprofessionals.Interaction with BoneBox™ - Dental Lite utilizes truereal-time 3Dso the user can place the highly realistic detaileddental anatomyin any position and zoom in to explore all of theanatomicalstructures. By using the interactive quizzing feature theuser willbe tested on their knowledge of the human dental anatomy.The useris presented with a random tooth and given 4 multiplechoiceanswers to pick from.
Little Dentist Clinic 2: Brush Teeth Dentist Games 1.0.1
Little Dentist Clinic 2: Brush Teeth Dentist Games! Heyeveryoneweall love when people around us like our friends,family,kidssmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth.Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctor2inhospital? Make your dreams come true and you need to takegoodcareof patients teeth. In this Little Dentist Clinic 2:BrushTeethDentist Games entertaining app, you need to take the roleofbestcrazy dentist. Use all your dental skills to performthefuntreatment of decayed teeth. Whenever a patientcomes,whetheradults or children. Your duty is help those poorpatientsand tobringing them back from shock and distress. Features:★Select from5 adorable patients! Zombie, Dracula,Princess,Wrestler, William ★Tons of different new levels andactivities toplay. ★ Includesdozens of awesome mini-games. ★ Fightbacteria toprevent toothdecay! ★ lots of Dental tools commonly seenin aclinic. ★ Superbgameplay with kid friendly interface. ★Enjoyablekids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful highquality HDgraphics.Team is continuously working for improvements ofthisgame, pleasefeel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions
Dental Monitoring
IMPORTANT: Dental Monitoring is intended for use underthesupervision of a clinician. In order to use Dental Monitoring,yourcertified clinician should provide you with dedicated accesscodes.There is an offline demo built into the DentalMonitoringapplication allowing you to learn how to take goodpictures of yourteeth. The Dental Monitoring application isintended for use with acheek retractor provided by your certifiedpractitioner. DentalMonitoring is the gateway to an innovativemonitoring solution fororthodontic and dental treatments. DentalMonitoring offers a newavenue for improving dental care andpractices. The DentalMonitoring application allows practitioners toaccurately monitordental and oral care. For patients: DentalMonitoring is the firstmobile monitoring system in dental care. -Easy to use: You don'tneed technical expertise to use DentalMonitoring with ease. -Follow the evolution of your treatment. -Stay ahead of the game:Prevent future treatment complications. -Save time: Avoidunnecessary medical appointments. - Communicatewith yourpractitioner: Receive specific notifications and advicefrom yourpractitioner. For dental professionals: The DentalMonitoring appis the data-acquisition and communication tool forthe DentalMonitoring solution. The app allows remote monitoring ofapatient's treatment, alerting the practitioner tochangingconditions as they occur and providing a complete pictureof theresponse to the treatment. Pictures taken with theapplication willbe processed in order to provide the practitionerwith an accurateevaluation and visualization of their patient'streatment. TheDental Monitoring application is also an efficientcommunicationsupport tool. For the first time, practitioners areable to givetheir patients regular updates on their treatment. -Monitor:Remotely evaluate patient's dentition. - Stay in control:Avoidunexpected clinical situations. - Optimize care: Adapt tothepatient's evolution. - Encourage patient involvement:Patientsbecome proactive regarding their dental care. The DentalMonitoringapp includes: - Exams planner: your orthodontist decidesthefrequency of the dental exams. If needed, the orthodontistcanalways request a new dental exam in real time. -Clinicalnotifications activated by the practitioner. - A picturewall tovisualize past and current teeth conditions. - An examtimeline tomaintain records of past teeth conditions. - A reminderto be ontime for monitoring sessions. - A training tutorial to takethebest photos for the monitoring process. Our goal is to provideanapp which meets your needs. Do not hesitate to send usyourfeedback at
Cusp Dental Clinic Software 2.4.22
Cusp is the most complete Android application for themoderndentist! Cusp is an easy-to-learn, complete practicemanagersoftware for the dental office. It can be installed ontablets,phones and PC/laptop (using Bluestacks). Since the firstrelease ofthe application, on February 2014, Cusp has beensignificantlyupdated with cool features and fixes. Many dentistsall over theworld, have trusted Cusp for their daily management oftheir agendaand patient records! The latest characteristic of theapp is theCloud edition, which allows simultaneous usage of thepatientdatabase in all your devices. Version Demo Trial here: without Cloud function (it doesn't supportsynchronizationbetween different devices)here: English, Español, Italiano, Türkçe, Russian,Portuguese,Ελληνικά, Română, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew. If you likethe app, giveit 5 stars and tell your colleagues about it 💕 💕💕FEATURES: ★Patient complete electronic health folder with SMSalerts for theircheck-ups. ★ General profile info, medicalanamnesis with ICD-10,oral examination, tooth chart permanent& primary, periodontalindexing. Tooth examine window with manyparameters (implant,endodontology etc.) ★ Save patient'ssignature. ★ Photos andradiographs albums with image compressionand sharing options. Saveand open STL files (scanner files). ★Detailed treatment &payments history, treatment planning,call, SMS, and e-mail ★Procedures and Prices catalog: Customizableprocedures, prices,laboratory and other costs. ★ Patients listwith 4 types of sorting,export to csv and search with name andphone number. ★ Applicationpassword login protection. The defaultpassword is 0000. ★Accounting Book: Detailed list with patientpayments &treatments, pending payments, annual report withincomes, expenses,bills and net profit. Printing to WiFi printerand export as PDF. ★Treatment categories with statistics ★ DrugsList, Prescriptionsprinting. Send prescription to patient viaSMS/email ★ Insurancehealth plans List ★ Dental materials List ★Appointments organizerwith table view and list view, Googleaccount calendar sync. Sendreminder message to your patient viaSMS/Whatsapp/VIber ★ Importpatient from contacts, add patients inyour Google contacts. ★ DataBackup & Restore, remote accessvia Dropbox. ★ Import patientsfrom Excel file. ★ Printing optionsfor the patient's folder, toothchart, payments history andtreatment plans, or export to PDFdocument. ★ Automatic SMSreminder (this feature uses your SIM cardand works only onsmartphones and telephony-enabled tablets). ★ Manymore features...★ Frequent and free updates! Your opinion mattersto us for theimprovement of the app. ★ This is the Standard editionof the app.You can (optionally) upgrade to the Cloud edition, ifyou want toinstall and use the app in different devices in realtime. Cloud isoffered as a monthly/yearly subscription at a verylow price. Theapp contains an optional in-app product (in-apppurchase) whichupgrades the app to the Cloud edition. This upgradesynchronizesyour patients data in all your devices and allows youto use theapp in many devices simultaneously. The Cloud edition isoffered asa monthly/yearly subscription at a very low price.WEBSITE: SUPPORT - QUESTIONS: 📧e-mail:cherryprogramming@gmail.comfb: IDEAS -REQUESTS: software app application management dentist 6.4.1
Maintaining good oral care habits—and figuring out ways toimproveyour oral health—can be tricky, even with regular trips toyourdentist. The Philips Sonicare app knows your smile says a lotaboutyou and when it comes to your brushing technique, there aretwothings you’ll want to be confident in: first, that your mouthisgetting a complete clean, and second, that your teeth and gumsarehealthy and protected. Sonicare’s Innovation team partnersdirectlywith Dental Professionals to ensure you get the mostadvanced andbeneficial solutions, for a healthy mouth and confidentsmile. Inthe Philips Sonicare App: Progress Report The ProgressReportconnects to your Sonicare toothbrush to collect yourbrushinghabits. Each week, you will receive an accurate,easy-to-readreport, giving you personalized brushing insights youneed toimprove and maintain your healthy smile, for life. GoalsTrackerWant whiter teeth, healthier gums, or fresher breath? Set agoalwith the Sonicare App, and it will follow your progress, givingyoupersonalized progress feedback along the way. Mouth MapRealtimeguidance, as you brush. Mouth Map monitors your brushingpressureand shows you the spots you’ve missed, ensuring consistent,healthyand complete coverage, every time you brush. Simply sync theApp toyour Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart or PhilipsSonicareFlexCare Platinum connected toothbrush and let the Appguide you toa cleaner, happier smile. Teledentistry* The dentist isready tosee you! With Sonicare’s Teledentistry solutions, getapersonalized, comprehensive dental evaluation from aLicensedDental Professional, within 24 hours. Just some quickbackgroundinfo and a few photos of your mouth, Teledentistrysolutions meansthere’s no need to wait. Dental ProfessionalsCommunicate with yourdentist between visits by sending your oralcare goals and progressreports to your dentist, directly. And byrecording your troublespots (like gum recession or cavities), thePhilips Sonicare appprovides personalized, dentist-approved advice.The Sonicare apphelps you be mindful of check-ups and will remindyou when it’stime for your next appointment. Automatic Brush HeadRe-orderingService** Never run out of replacement brush headsagain. TheSonicare app monitors your brush head’s actual usage andthe brushhead re-ordering service automatically deliversreplacement brushheads at just the right time. RequirementsBrushing, dental hygieneand Dental Professional features in thePhilips Sonicare apprequire Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart orFlexCare Platinumconnected toothbrushes. Teledentistry features canbe accessedwithout connecting a Philips Sonicare device. CertainSonicare appfeatures, like Mouth Map, Oral Health Coach and GoalsTracker areavailable to users with either a DiamondClean Smart or aFlexCarePlatinum Connected toothbrush. * Teledentistry solutionsarecurrently available in the United States ** The brushheadre-ordering service is available in the United States,UnitedKingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Download theSonicareApp to get started. The App’s simple onboarding will guideyourexperience, whether you are connecting a toothbrush, trackingyourbrushing progress or communicating with a dentist. Find outmoreabout Sonicare connected products byvisiting:
FELG Dent - Manage your Dental Practice 2.0.1
FELG Dent is a user-friendly, GDPR-compliant app that helpsdentistsmanage their practice with ease. It provides data storagethatadheres to the highest possible security standards,whilesimultaneously allowing the data to be accessed from anyauthorizeddevice at any time and from any location. Secure accesscan begranted by PIN number, fingerprint, or facial recognition.The appcontains many useful tools for dentists to view patientmedicalrecords, schedule appointments, create and issue invoicestopatients and dentists within the practice, and generally handleallfinancial and administrative tasks inherent to the business.Userscan generate reports to evaluate many aspects of thepractice.X-rays may be viewed in various convenient file types,includingTIFF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM-2D. Free, GDPR-compliant consentforms andmedical record templates are included in everysubscription.Dentists can easily integrate the FELG Dent schedulingcalendarinto the website of their dental practice.
Dental Index 2.6.0
**What is Hill’s Dental Index app?** Hill’s Dental Index is afreesmartphone web app for veterinarians that helps to easilyassessthe dental status of dogs & cats, as well as monitorchangesfrom visit to visit. Simple, easy and visual way to completedentalcheck in few minutes plus impress your clients! **Keyfeatures:** -Assess Plaque, Tartar and Gingivitis in 4 recommendedteeth withreal image examples for guidance (dog & cat versionsavailable)- Record missing teeth and extractions - Recordadditionalassessments (incl. tooth mobility, gingival recessionorhypertrophy, fractures) - Visual Report & Tracker Hill’sDentalIndex app was developed by Hill’s Pet Nutrition and isintended foruse by veterinarians only. This app is not designed forthediagnosis of dental conditions, only as an aid in theirmanagement.Proper diagnosis and patient management are alwaystheresponsibility of the attending veterinary surgeon. Hill’scannotbe held responsible for any claims, by the pet ownerorveterinarian, related to the diagnosis or patient managementthathave been applied or recommended by the veterinary healthcareteamas a result of using this app.
Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments 3.33.2
Zocdoc, Inc.
Zocdoc is the start of a better health care journey for you. Findadoctor, book a same day appointment and search formedicalprofessionals that match your health insurance plan. From alocaldentist, to a physician, book the best doctors and get careondemand. With Zocdoc, you can compare local doctors andbookappointments that work with your schedule. Worried aboutwhether alocal dentist or physician takes your health careinsurance? Usethe Zocdoc health insurance checker and filter forproviders whoaccept your health care plan. Keep track of your checkups andmanage all of your doctors appointments on demand inone,user-friendly place. 5 reasons you’ll love using theaward-winningZocdoc app: 1. Find a doctor on demand and book a samedayappointment. 2. Book appointments with the best local doctorsbasedon reviews from other patients. 3. Find a doctor that matchesyourhealth insurance by scanning your health insurance card. 4.Gethealth care when you need it by filling out your waiting roomformsonline. 5. Set and receive reminders so that you never forgettobook appointments. Even if you hate the dentist, Zocdoc canhelpyou find the best local dentist to ensure the best healthcareexperience possible. With the Zocdoc app, find a doctororphysician on demand and book appointments online. Take thehassleout of health care. Find a doctor according to your symptomsanddiscover specialists in over 50 categories. From a local dentisttoprimary care doctors, pediatricians, OBGYNs, familydoctors,urologists, psychologists, dermatologists, and more -you’reguaranteed to find a physician that suits your needs! Book asameday appointment and get better fast. Zocdoc makes it easy togetthe right care when you need it the most. Download Zocdoc todayforall of your health care needs.
iDentist - Dental practice management 1.1.8
iDentist dentistry app is a dental practice management softwarewithSMS, reminders and bookkeeping. iDentist app is designedfordentists to use daily in their professional activities. iDentistisa dental electronic health records solution. It offerspatientcommunication, practice management, X-ray, electronicattachments.The iDentist provides patient charting, scheduling,appointmentmanagement, treatment planning, reminders, appointmentsandreporting. iDentist dentistry app has the following advantages:- aschedule of treatments that works best for you; - ONE-TIMEPAYMENTfor the full version (no monthly fees); - Google Drive sync;- listof patients with personal data, anamnesis and medicalhistory; -dental charts of patients; - photo gallery of x-rays; -statistics.
Miss You Images 2018 1.1
Miss You app allow you to send/shareI Miss You Photos/Status toyourlovers, friends or someone who you care. Lots of peoplesearchdifferent types of quotes, image like I miss you, I hurtyou,feelings, missing you, feel forever, love feelings, alwaysmissyou, miss you dear etc., Miss Photo Images New HD FreeDownload.Miss You Photo Images App very special make your imagesmemorablewith this application. Some Cool App Feature of Miss YouPhotoImages: * Multiple stylish Miss You Frames for any Images. *AddOwn Your Text. * Select text style. * Adjust position, size,angleof your photo by just finger gestures. * Save your image to SDcardor app gallery. * Share your creations via any othersocialnetworks. * Make Text color perfect related to your photo. *easyto use.
My Dental Clinic 4.4.3
My Dental Clinic helps dentists manage their patients andclinic.Dentists can keep a database of their patient’s record.Theseinclude personal information, dental charts, dental notes,andappointments. They can also attach dental images and keep arecordof patient payments. A dentist can also call or send SMSdirectlyfrom the contact number of the patient. Appointments can besaveddirectly to your Android/IOS calendar. My Dental Clinic isdesignedfor single users. It works well on phones or tablets. Italso has anew design for easy navigation and use. There are twotypes ofplans to choose from – FREE and PLUS. FREE plan featuresinclude: -Multi-language ability – Spanish, Russian, Arabic andPortuguese -Back up data in the phone’s memory or cloud storagelike Gdrive,iCloud, etc. - Add patient information and viewpatient's list. -Add and view appointments on the calendar. - Syncappointment tomobile phone’s calendar. - Search patient by first orlast name,mobile number. - Add patient contact number to yourphone’s contactlist. - Add patient’s dental notes and medicalhistory. - Selectand add multiple teeth in the dental chart. -Upload patient’sdental images and ability to zoom in. - Addpatient’s cash payment.- Contact patient by message, call or email.- Access My DentalClinic offline. PLUS plan features have all thebasic features and:- Sync to 1 device only. - Send SMS for upcomingappointments. -5GB of data - Data stored on My Dental Clinic cloudservers. -Restore and download backup data. - Create a copy of yourpatientinformation in PDF format. - Installment payment - Add andtrackyour dental clinic expenses. - Access data in My DentalClinicWebsite Version. - PIN code to lock and protect patientdentaldata. - Ability to disconnect the second device. - Abilitytocreate patient prescription.
com.hippo_kids_games.emergency_hospital.doctor_injection 1.0.5
Hospital games are the most popular and interesting apps. Thiscouldbe operation simulator or emergency, eye doctor games ordentistdoctor application. Medicine has a lot of variousprofessions.Everybody likes to heal patients and take care ofthem. But most ofall users like to make injection. That's whydoctor Hippo preparedfor you new funny hospital simulator! Todaywe are going to playdoctor games, who make injections mostly.Funny hospital hascheckout vaccination. It is time to makeinjection! Thepeculiarities of the game Emergency, vaccination andinjection: -Exciting games for anybody who is interested inmedicine andoperations - learn how to heal patients - learn a lotof new andinteresting facts about doctor profession - funny andpleasant musicduring the game - active characters and funnystories. - a lot ofill of any cases - simple gameplay andeducational elements - a lotof levels and medical tools - varietyof unexpected things andsurprises Emergency delivered a lot ofpatients, that needinjection. Funny hospital needs highlyexperienced doctor, who willheal anybody in trouble. Help Hippoheal everybody! Play our newinjection simulator, have fun and goodmood.
Doctor At Home 1.1.8
Doctor At Home is the best android app for quick, safe,andeffective treatment of more than 110 diseases naturally. Usingthisapp you can not only cure diseases at home but also gettheinformation of different diseases like symptoms and causes.Learnto use natural herbs as medicine alternatives. Home treatmentandnatural cure for stomach, hair, skin, respiratory,circulatory,head, jaw and teeth, bone/joint, eye, and many otherdiseases.Features: Home Treatment (Natural Cure) for more than 110ailmentsQuick search treatment/diseases Diseases by categories Addtofavorite Suggest diseases for natural treatment Share treatmenttoyour friends and family Offline
Drug Therapy in Dentistry 4.01
This app summarise the most important drugs used in dentistrydrugsused in management of oral disesaes Dental pain and its typesandantinflammatory in dental medicine Antimicrobial used indentistryAntifungal and antiviral agents used in dentistryManagement ofemergencies that every dental and physician shouldknow
Doctor veterinarian 1.1.1
doctor veterinarian Many boys and girls dream of becomingdoctorsfrom an early age. But most of them do not know about suchanecessary and remarkable profession as a veterinarian. That'swhyour game will be a real find for them. It will help to learnmoreabout this fascinating profession, in the form of a game itwillshow: how to treat animals, how to care for them, what areactuallyveterinary clinics and what the doctor does, what he doesand whatmedical tools he uses in his work. Therefore, we are happytointroduce to you and your kids a new exciting game from theseriesof developing games for children - Doctor veterinarian. Inthisinteresting and entertaining game your kids have to go to thefairyforest, the inhabitants of which are sick and they needurgentmedical help and treatment. Some of them caught a cold,someone wasinjured, and someone fell from a tall tree and was badlyhurt. Andnow, in order to recover, they need a real doctor foranimals - aveterinarian! And so, let's get started! Your forestclinic foranimals is always open and ready to receive lovely andfunnypatients who simply need a veterinary first aid. You, asyoungveterinarians have a responsible and interesting job totreatanimals, because helping those who need it is a verynecessary,important and useful activity. Your kids will have tolearn a lotand try very hard to cure the flu, sun burns and apainful tummyfrom their young patients, heal the wounds and pullout very sharpspines, measure the temperature, bring out verynimble and annoyingfleas, and cure many other diseases. Educationalgames, such as aveterinary clinic, will help you and your babylearn a lot of newthings, have fun and use their time with greatprofit, becauselearning to play is very interesting and exciting.After all, youreally have to learn how to heal animals, prescribedrugs to them,do the necessary injections and vaccinations, andmuch more. Afterall, your baby, helping his virtual patientsrecover, learn tofollow and monitor their health. Playing the gameveterinaryclinic, your baby can begin his journey as a realveterinarian, cancreate the most real miracles, healing sickanimals. All that isnecessary is to download and install our gameon your tablet orphone and go to the fascinating world of the gameveterinary clinicfor animals to get all the most necessaryknowledge to help forestresidents in recovery and make them happy.Be sure to visit ourwebsite at http://yovogames.comTwitter:
SingleCare: Prescription & Health Savings 2.0.0
No insurance, no problem. SingleCare can help you save up to 80%offprescriptions and up to 55% off dental visits. SingleCareisthe only medical savings app that gets you free discounts atthedoctor, dentist and pharmacy. Download now for nationwidesavingsand use at most major pharmacies, including CVS,Walgreens,Walmart, and more! Prescriptions, doctor visits, anddentalprocedures are NOT the same price everywhere. With theSingleCareapp, you’ll be able to compare pharmacy prices anddifferenthealthcare partners. Know what you’ll pay before yourvisit andnever be surprised again.Find the best discounts whetheryou haveinsurance or not. Get nationwide savings for yournextprescription, dental, and vision visit when you startusingSingleCare for free. Find Rx discounts and lower yourprescriptionand medical bills even more.Start saving on yourprescriptions, anddoctor and dentist visits today withSingleCare!Medical Discountswith SingleCare:Prescriptions – Save upto 80% off -SingleCare is free and easy to use.- Compare Rxprices at differentpharmacies and see which is cheaper- Get lowprice prescriptionsand get savings without insurance- Findprescription coupons anddiscounts on the app for any medication-Use exclusive pharmacydiscounts and codes at major pharmacies likeWalmart and Rite Aid-Find prescriptions by dosage, quantity andbrand and genericnamesPharmacy Savings – Exclusive prices andsavings at:- Rite AidPharmacy- CVS Pharmacy- Walgreens Pharmacy-Kroger Pharmacy-Walmart PharmacyShow the SingleCare app topharmacist to saveinstantly! No need to print pharmacy couponsoutFind Doctors –Savings on Doctors, Optometrists and More-Get Rx savingstoday and know how much you’ll pay before you visitthe doctor-Find a dentist, doctor and optometrist and compareprices to findone in your budget- Discounts on video doctor visits,which startat just $40!- Doctor visit savings –Find checkups, examsand othermedical services in your price range - Nationwidesavings tolower your out of pocket costs on each visit!- Save up to75% offvision services at Walmart- Healthcare partners can be savedandfavorited Dental Visits and Services – Save up to 55% off-Searchfor dentists, orthodontists and specialists in your area-Compareprices on dentist offices just by entering your zip code-Getdentist visit savings on cleanings, cavity fillings, crownsandmoreCompare pharmacy prices and get doctor and dentistvisitsavings. Find low price prescriptions that fit your budget,andshow the SingleCare app to pharmacists or healthcare partnerstosave today!Download SingleCare now and only pay for the medicalanddental care you receive.If you are uninsured or have high copaysorhigh deductibles, SingleCare can help you lower your out ofpocketcosts. Our prescription, dental and vision savings networkisnationwide.We are 100% HIPAA compliant. Your data will neverbesold or shared.Find the best prices on prescriptions, doctor,anddental visits. Download SingleCare to start saving onhealthcaretoday.
New vampirina adventures 2018 1.0
New vampirina adventures 2018 game designed specifically foryourKids and your children and for New vampirina adventures 2018fans ,New bobioboy galaxy tips 2018 contains a different platformsandenemies in all kinds of levels.The Vampire babe girl Vee gotLostin the night terrors of a dark scary world, your mission is toHelpher finding home! discover her story of escaping monstersandspooky Halloween Villains,all the way through creepy ghostsandhaunted houses, chilling graveyards and tombs. Let theVampireblood of little Vee Lead your way home, Escape nightterrors, truefear and Live the Vampire adventureFEATURE: Threeamazing worlds toplay, some awesome bad baby monsters for kinder,you will be thesuper hero bay you have always wanted to be ! In afuture update,you may be able to hatch some surprise for bob orsome for boys. Itdepends on your choices that you can leave in thecomments ! Newvampirina adventures 2018
Practo - Book Doctor Appointments & Consult Online 4.38.3
Practo is more than an app for finding doctors. Whether it’sbookingdoctor appointments, ordering medicines, schedulingdiagnostic testsor having an online consultation with your doctor,Practo helps youfind online medical services & solutions toenable you to takebetter care of yourself. So how does Practo helpyou do that? 🔅Findthe right doctor, view doctor's feedback, &book doctorappointments or consult a doctor online via doctor app🔅Find topspecialist doctor from dermatologists, pediatricians,gynecologiststo oncologists & more as well as renownedsurgeons using the app🔅 Consult with doctors online throughprivate chat & call &use the app to ask a doctor forhealth tips 🔅Buy medicines online,& with speedy medicinesdelivery at your doorstep 🔅 Find doctorsfrom nearby clinics to tophospital chains like Fortis, Apollo,Manipal, Columbia Asia, ApolloCradle, Cloudnine & more 🔅Schedule full body checkups withrenowned NABL accredited diagnosticlabs &diagnostic centerslike Thyrocare near you at the comfortof your home 🔅 Access yourmedical records anytime & anywhereFinding the right doctor foryou - made easy Finding the rightdoctor for your good health canbe a challenge. With an expansivelist of verified doctors,specialists, surgeons from neighborhoodclinics & top hospitalsto choose from, we help you getappointments with the doctors usingthe practo doctor app. Withfeedback from patients about doctors,you can make better-informeddecisions when choosing a doctoronline on the app. Online doctorconsultations - convenience whenyou need it the most Too sick totravel to go consult a doctor?Need to consult a doctor in private?With Online Consultations, youcan consult a doctor online & getthe medical assistance youneed at your comfort. You can chat, callor video call to consultwith doctors. Using the Practo app, you canget connected withdoctors in just 60 sec.You can also get freeonline doctorconsultations. Just download the Practo app & login to askfree health questions to doctors. With an option toconsult adoctor on call or chat, you don’t have to travel anymore.Ordermedicines online - save time & effort Want to stockupmedicines for flu season? Save yourself a trip to the pharmacynearyou to buy medicines. Order medicines through onlinepharmacyacross India with the Practo app. You can track yourmedicineorders & get updates about your medicines home deliveryon thePracto app. Buy medicines online in India from 40,000+listedmedicines that are 100% genuine & from a wide range oftrustedpharmacies & providers. Book diagnostic tests - find therightdiagnostic labs near you easily Diagnostic tests are anintegralpart of healthcare checkups. From X-rays & CT scans toAllergytests & more. Practo helps you book diagnostic testswith ease& as directed by doctors. Just book lab tests online& getsample collection done at home. Pathology labs reports aremaileddirectly to you. Book a health checkup packages - be awareStayupdated with comprehensive health checkup packages tailored forallage groups.The health checkups are done at home, & yougetdigital reports post your checkups. Access your medicalrecordswherever you are. Practo stores all your medical records,providedby your doctors, online, allowing you to access themwhenever youneed them, wherever you are. We’d love your feedback!Drop us aline at Find usonline: appointments and consult fordiabetes, psychology,physiotherapy, cancer, gynecology, neurology,dermatology,gastroenterology, dentistry, orthopaedics,endocrinology, urology,weight loss, ophthalmology, ENT care &more. Practo listsspecialists in alternative medicine (ayurveda& homeopathy).
Brush Teeth with The Wiggles 1.3
Australian Unity and The Wiggles have developed a FREEtoothbrushing app to assist parents and their kids with the dailytaskof tooth brushing.In a dentist-approved song, kids can performthemorning and night task with the assistance of TheWiggles.Keyfeatures- A unique song/music video performed by TheWiggles-Create profiles for more than one child- Each profile canfeature aunique notification which will remind parents of thedesired timeto brush their child’s teeth- When a child completesthe task afterwatching the video, he/she earns a reward which willbe added totheir trophy cabinetAustralian Unity is a nationalhealthcare,financial services and retirement living organisationand a MajorBrand Partner of The Wiggles. Australian Unity and TheWigglesshare the ambition of enabling young families tothrive.Theservices Australian Unity provides are at the epicentreof thehousehold of every young family. The ability of AustralianUnity tobring valuable advice and support is a key message TheWiggles wantto champion.Australian Unity operates a number ofdental centres inVictoria with services available to both membersand non-members.Australian Unity health insurance members witheligible Extras orCombination cover are entitled to special rebateson selectpreventative dental services (subject to yearly limits).For moreinformation about Australian Unity and how they can helpyourfamily visit
Change waiting room time into worthwhile time! Transform yourdentaloffice experience with the magic of VIVARRA! UsingAugmentedReality, VIVARRA brings the waiting room to life. Kids canexplorea hidden world, sparking curiosity while reducing theanticipationof care. Download now and start exploring today. ---Explore aHidden World A hidden world comes to life through yourmobiledevice as you explore the waiting room. Discover throughCuriosityDiscover multiple experiences filled with adventure tosparkcuriosity. Learn with Delight Engage in healthy habits bybringingthe delight of the digital world into reality. CreatePositiveMemories Capture experiences with your camera and shareyouradventures with friends and family.
Access the critical information you need to make moreconfidentdosing and diagnostic decisions in the moments of care.Save timein the prescribing moment Rx and OTC monographs:pharmacology,prescribing and safety information, adult andpediatric dosing,adverse reactions, contraindications, black boxwarnings, pregnancyand lactation considerations, and more Druginteraction checker:prevent harmful interactions between up to 30brand, generic, OTC,or alternative drugs at a time Pill identifier:drug guideorganized by shape, color, imprint code, etc. 600+dosingcalculators, medical equations, and tools Formularies:drugcoverage information for 6,600+ U.S. insurance plans, bystateCustomizable home screen with drag-and-drop simplicityAlternativemedicine monographs: dosage, interactions, etc.Peer-revieweddisease content from the BMJ Labs, ICD-10 codes, andmore medicalcontent Since 1998, Epocrates has helped more than onemillionclinicians prescribe with confidence, save time, and stayfocusedon the patient. Rated the #1 medical app 10 years in a rowbyDecision Resource Group’s “Taking the Pulse.” For moreinformation,see our Terms of Service Privacy Policy
Dental Intelligence 4.6.2
Now you can access the power of your Dental Intelligence dashboard-on your phone! All the key performance indicators you rely ontomanage and improve your dental practice – now in the palm ofyourhand. Spending valuable time during your busy clinical daystoreview your performance and the performance of your practice canbea huge challenge and sometimes may even seem impossible.NOTANYMORE. With Dental Intel's new application for Android, youcanquickly check today’s schedule, team performance to goal, seewhichpatients are coming in and for what treatment, anyoutstandingbalances for each patient, and so much more. Using asimple,intuitive interface, your DI app acts as your commandcenter,allowing you to spend more time when in your practicefocusing onpatient care and treatment and less time managing theoffice.
com.yboga.dreamhospital 2.0.14
Get on the board of the city multispeciality hospital andmedicalcentre and become a hospital tycoon! We want to welcome thenewhealth care manager of this hospital simulator: YOU! Plan,manageand coordinate our hospital staff and turn yourself intoaprofessional manager and the star doctor of this clinic!Ourhospital doors are always open. No matter the time, theemergencyroom of any health care clinic needs to be prepared foranything,this is a real hospital simulation game!. Become the bestmanagerby looking after different kinds of ill patients with thebestdoctors and nurses and manage the finances of the healthcaredepartments: Provide life-saving care, hire staff, investincomplex medical equipment and manage business issues andhealthcompliances to assure the quality of the service: This is arealmedical management simulation! Your decisions will affecttheentire health care system! Sew your patients as a genuinesurgeonexpert in hearts medicine. They may need one or two point ofyourfunny stiching. Cure a dream walker in this hospitalsimulator,become the owner of your medical centre and manage tomaster allthe free hospital games! - Construct real treatment,diagnostic andemergency rooms and become a hospital tycoon! -Research formedicine and new medication treatments and operationtechnologiesto have a healthy game - Produce various cures andmedicine totreat diseases and injuries as in the best doctor andhealth games- Earn good reputation planning your strategy andhealing your illpatients with the best staff and medical equipment.- Heal everyillness and injuries at the surgery operation room ordeploy othertreatments in these medical games. - At the pharmacy anurse willgive sick people a remedy for their disease - Competewith otherhospitals in the city, enjoy this clinic game - Send outyourambulance fleet to cure and heal more people - Great mix ofthemehospital manager, doctors, nurses caring and healingsimulationBECOME THE BEST HOSPITAL MANAGER IN FREE HOSPITAL GAMESWITH THEFUNNIEST DOCTOR GAMES Build medical care rooms with doctorsandnurses to provide ill patients with best treatment and medicineinthis game hospital. Manage and hire handymen staff to keepthefacility clean. HEALTH QUALITY AND HOSPITAL SETTINGS INTHESEMANAGEMENT GAMES Design your health center with strategy tomake itbigger and make it the best hospital ever! Put yourself inaposition of a real manager. Think like you are not playingdoctorgames but running a real hospital staff and managementproblems.Hire the best doctors, nurses, meds and medical equipmentso theycan cure patients in pain, diagnose a pregnancy, healinjuries orstrong fever or even research new heart medication.After thediagnostic tests, a nurse will heal the patient's diseasewithpills and medicine. KEEP YOUR PATIENTS HAPPY IN THESEHOSPITALGAMES Build advanced medical tools, xray equipment andemergencyrooms in your health center to provide sick people with acompletemedical health care facility. Hire nice doctors, surgeonsandnurses to comfort people during their stay and send outyourambulance for emergencies. The theme hospital caring andhealingsimulation will surely appeal to the ones searching nursing,doctorand hospital games! Compete with other theme hospitals inyour cityand achieve the best hospital on the simulation games ofnursegames!. Plan your strategy and earn the highest reputation asamanager by building the most efficient, beautiful andpleasanthealth center in the city! Our hospital games are free toplay,though some in-game items can be purchased for real money. ---Likeour hospital simulator game onFacebook: If you haveanyquestion regarding these simulation games, please This game requires connection to the Internetonthe device in order to work properly.
Dental Prescriber 4.0
The Dental Prescriber App for Android is designed to enableandeducate dentists to quickly look up the scripts required tomanagea patient's oral disease or symptoms.   It has been madeafterthe success of the iPhone version.The standouts of theapplicationare:- The examples shown in the app show you what youhave to writefor all dental conditions. This is different fromexisting dentalliterature which which provide you the patientdosing. Inother words.. - The form and concentration ofthe drug hasbeen included for you- The number of capsules andtablets have beenincluded in the script - Calculations basedon weight (handyfor paediatric scripts) have been performed foryou- Maximum localanaesthetic dosages have been includedAs thisapplication is madeby a dentist, for dentists, this app can beexpanded to suit theneeds of dentists who provide feedback.Furthermore, updates willbe released to ensure the applicationremains up-to-date.
From the maker of the apps 'Read', 'The ECG Guide' and 'PediSTAT'comes 'Calculate', a next-generation medical calculatoranddecision support tool, freely available to the medicalcommunity.Also available on the web at in General Practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiology,Surgery,Obstetrics, Nephrology, Hematology, Orthopedics,Pediatrics,Gastroenterology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Respirology,and more."We recommend medical users try the free Calculate byQxMDfirst..." -from iMedicalApps review "The best freeMedicalCalculator apps" 'Calculate' is focused on highlightingtools whichare actually useful in clinical practice and serve toimpactdiagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis. Helping youmakedecisions, not just calculate numbers... Features • Developedby acollaboration of clinician experts from diverse backgrounds•Converts recent research publications into practical handheldtools- knowledge translation at its best • Automatically adapts toyourself-described clinical practice • Unique ‘QuestionFlow’technology gets you answers, fast • Detailed references withPubmedintegration • Comprehensive and insightful results • Elegantdesignand intuitive interface • SI and Conventional units More than300unique calculators and decision support tools While tooextensiveto list them all, here is a small sampling of includedcontent:Reduce and predict perioperative complications • WHOSurgicalSafety Checklist • Predictive models for cardiac surgeryandcoronary angiography Guide treatment • Determinecardiovascularrisk and guide lipid treatment using the Framinghamand ReynoldsRisk Scores • Use the CHA2DS2-VASc score to guidetreatment inatrial fibrillation • Better understand the risk ofbleeding fromanticoagulation in atrial fibrillation • ACS using theTIMI riskscore • Burns with rule of 9s and Parkland formula •Hypernatremia(calculate water deficit) Determine Prognosis • Heartfailure •Lymphoma • Myelodysplastic Syndrome • Myeloma •Glomerulonephritis• Hemodialysis • COPD • TIA • PancreatitisCalculate • Ideal bodyweight, BMI and BSA • Due date andgestational age • Extensiveformula used in echocardiogropathy andinvasive hemodynamicmonitoring • Kt/V in dialysis patients • eGFRwith CKD-EPI,Cockcroft-Gault and MDRD • A-a gradient Classify •Angina (CCS) •Congestive heart failure (NYHA) Manage • Head, neck,ankle and kneeinjuries • DVT and PE • Pulmonary nodules Stage •Lung cancer •Renal cell carcinoma Understand • TTKG (transtubularpotassiumgradient) in hypokalemia and hyperkalemia • DermatomesDiagnose •Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia • Infective Endocarditis• ARDS •Autoimmune Hepatitis And much more... Want to keep up withmedicalresearch? Get 'Read by QxMD' for Android: medical professionals, QxMD is dedicated to creatinghighquality, point-of-care tools for practicing healthcareprofessionals. Recognized as a leading developer of freemedicalsoftware for mobile devices, QxMD develops content incooperationwith expert physicians from their respective fields.
Dental Drugs & Anesthesia 1.9
Dental Drugs App is a must to have application fordentalprofessionals. It's a quick reference for prescribingmedications.It also helps with calculating maximum anestheticdosages orrecalling common treatment protocols in practice.Features:- Verysimple design for quick reference and anestheticscalculation.-Access to 100 most common prescribed drugs with theirrelevantdose, dispensary, instructions and precautions.- Localdentalanesthetics calculator (in both pounds and kilograms for 1.8and2.2 ml cartridge).- No internet required to run the app thusmakesit fast and handy.- App is made by a dentist and is optimizedfordentists and dental students.- Email medication info&instructions to your patients.- Quick search index tomedications.This app is optimized for use in USA and Canada butstill can beuseful world wide**** Legal Notices and Disclaimer****Allinformation and calculations provided by Dental DrugsCalculator isprovided for educational purposes only. THISINFORMATION IS NOTINTENDED TO REPLACE PROFESSIONAL DENTAL ADVICE,TREATMENT, ORCLINICAL JUDGEMENT IN ANY MANNER. All the druginformation obtainedin the app were collected and presented withgreat care, yet it isthe practitioner's responsibility for knowingthe correct druginformation. In addition, calculations of theanesthetics were doneat great care, yet we do not guaranteeinaccuracies. The App andthe developer will not be liable foranesthetic over administrationnor mistakes that may occur in dentalprescriptions. Use at yourown discretion.This mobile applicationprogram is protected bycopyright law and international treaties.Unauthorized reproductionor distribution of this program(SPECIFICALLY LISTING THE APK OFTHIS APP ON A WEBSITE in order toincrease traffic on the culpritwebsite to earn revenue fromadvertisements and downloading the appfrom a website by thismeans), or any portion of it, is strictlyprohibited. This mayresult in severe civil and criminal penalties,and will beprosecuted to the maximum extent possible under thelaw. The onlyauthorized way to download the app is through GooglePlay Store.
India Drug Index (by Doctors) 1.6di
Description:India Drug Index is a comprehensive informationresourceon drugs approved for use in India. The app extensivelycovers over3900+ drug entries, including the newly FDA-approvedsmall moleculesand 61,000+ generic brands marketed and prescribedall over India.*Easy to use quick drug reference* Free drugdatabase providescomplete information about the drugs and itspricing* Helps inmaking better treatment and decision making*Completelyevidence-based with 500,000+ references* Prepared by ateam of 15editors, which includes Top Physicians andPharmacologists* Based onthe latest guidelines and PIAppFeatures:1) You can search drugmolecules for the completeprescribing and pricing information indetail. The informationprovided is incorporated from standardreferences or PI modules. 2)Enhanced with advanced searchingability to find individual orcombination brands available in Indianmarkets. The latest pricingand company information is also listedside by side. You can findalternative or brand substitutes usingour unique tool. 3)Updating. We update as per the new guidelinesand policies on aregular day to day basis.4) The drug database hasthe "fulloffline” option. You can choose to download the entirelibraryoffline for easy access. Once when you downloaded the app itdoesperiodic updates in the background. Update Policy:Every dayourinternal search engine crawls 500+ publications to identifychangesin dose, adverse effects and practice-insights. Newmoleculesapproved by FDA are added within 24 hours.
Моя аптечка - справочник лекарств 3.1.44
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Finally, create an application that will help the symptomsorcategory to find the cheapest non-prescription medicationsorcheaper counterparts expensive drugs and generic drugs! At anytimeand without the Internet! "My first aid kit" to help anyone,evenfar from the medicine man, to quickly understand whichmedicinesare used for the common symptoms: toothache or headache,colds,runny nose, or any other of the hundreds of symptoms ofourintelligent database. And then you should seek advice fromapharmacy or go on record to the doctor. But most importantly -youcan for 1 minute to know the approximate value of all themostpopular and affordable drugs, analogs and prices. Theapplicationis easy to navigate - enter the symptoms that you areconcernedabout, and delivers medicines. In our database of morethan 1000non-prescription medicines. It identifies the price ofmedicines inthe drugstores of Moscow, and they correspond to theprices for thewhole of Russia. "My first aid kit" - this offlinemedicalreference catalog, which you will find: - Drugs, analogs andprices- Cheaper counterparts expensive drugs and generics - Searchforsigns of drugs - Medicines for the category - Medicines fortheactive substance - Profiles for multiple family members - Thepriceof drugs, analogs and prices in pharmacies in Moscow city -Drugprices from different manufacturers and pharmacies (Wrigley,Fort,Zhivika or aptekamos) - Traditional medicine online -Completehistory of drug discovery. The most important thing - nowthemedicine and treating the symptoms become obvious to anyone.Eachproduct contains a description of how affordable it is bettertotake, based on the manufacturer's instructions, but simply setout.Shown dosage form, symptoms, and drugs that can not be takenduringpregnancy. The treatment we prescribe - is the task ofthephysician! We - not a new Internet pharmacy in RU zone, we -themedical encyclopedia in your pocket. Before buying themedicine,check if there are any cheap analogues. The applicationhas uniqueproducts that are effective and inexpensive. We arealways honestabout all medications (even dietary supplements,homeopathy, orHLS). Check the price at any pharmacy py city ofMoscow (aptekamos,for example). Do not self-medicate and do notwait for when youwill be on the verge of ambulance! Treatment ofdiseases - theprerogative of doctors and your health - the mostimportant thingyou have. Are you interested in traditional medicineor Tibetan andChinese medicine? Here you will find a lot of dietarysupplements,drugs, traditional medicine, tinctures and herbs.However, use ofthese drugs it is necessary to agree with thedoctor. Appointmentsto the doctor can be done via the app infoemias, CIO of the cityof Moscow. We are working to improve the app.Soon we will add toit a reminder of the medication (healthprogram), the reference toAnnex EMIAS info DIT city of Moscow (anappointment to see a doctorif your symptoms will be disturbing,especially during pregnancy),as well as the opportunity to assessthe drugs. Well, the classic -you can right in the app to find outwhich pharmacy py near yourhome offers drugs and their analogs(including fort or Zhivika) atthe lowest price on the stock. We donot diagnose, and we are notonline pharmacy, so we stronglyrecommend that you consult yourdoctor. Appointments to the doctorcan be made through the officialapp emias DIT information for allresidents of the city of Moscow,do not forget about it! Take careof your health. Maintain ahealthy lifestyle (HLS) and check theprice with "my first-aidkit." We are not affiliated withmanufacturers, are notrepresentative of a network of pharmacies andwe are not from thepharmacy stock. We are not to buy drugs on theInternet. Our task -to help you understand the world of health andsave money. ALWAYSconsult your doctor! Choose wisely and behealthy!
The average wait time is less than 15 minutes to consult withastate-licensed, board-certified physician averaging 15 yearsofpractice experience. When to use MDLIVE? • Instead of going totheER or an urgent care center for a non-emergency issue • Duringorafter normal business hours, nights, weekends, and even holidays•If your primary care physician is not available • If you don’tfeelup to driving to a doctor’s office • If traveling and in needofmedical care • To request prescription refills whenappropriate.*  Non-emergency conditions we commonly treat:Acne AllergiesCold / Flu Constipation Cough Diarrhea Ear problemsFever HeadacheInsect bites Nausea / Vomiting Pink eye RashRespiratory problemsSore throats Urinary problems / UTI VaginitisAnd more! Behavioralhealth: Addictions Bipolar disorders Child andadolescent issuesDepression Eating disorders LGBT issues Grief andloss Life changesMen’s issues Panic disorders Parenting issuesPostpartum depressionRelationship and marriage issues Stress Traumaand PTSD Women’sissues And more! Can I use it for my children? Yes.MDLIVE haspediatricians on call 24/7/365. Please note, a parent orguardianmust be present during any interactions involving minorswith ouronline doctors. Also, see our symptom checker to findmoreinformation in regards to any current medical condition youmayhave. Copyright © 2017 MDLIVE Inc. All Rights Reserved. MDLIVEmaynot be available in certain states and is subject tostateregulations. MDLIVE does not replace the primarycarephysician, is not an insurance product and may not be abletosubstitute for traditional in person care in every case orforevery condition. MDLIVE does not prescribe DEAcontrolledsubstances and may notprescribe non-therapeutic drugsand certain other drugs whichmay be harmful because of theirpotential forabuse. MDLIVE does not guarantee patientswill receive aprescription. Medical consultations are available byinteractiveaudio on-demand 24/7/365 or by video 7 days per weekfrom 7am EST to9pm EST or by scheduled availability. Behavioralconsultations areby scheduled availability. Healthcareprofessionals using theplatform have the right to deny care ifbased on professionaljudgment a case is inappropriate fortelehealth or for misuse ofservices. MDLIVE and the MDLIVElogo are registered trademarksof MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be usedwithout writtenpermission. For complete terms ofusevisit MDLIVEdoesnot replace the primary care physician. MDLIVE is not aninsuranceproduct nor a prescription fulfillment warehouse. MDLIVEoperatessubject to state regulation and may not be available incertainstates. MDLIVE does not guarantee that a prescription willbewritten. MDLIVE does not prescribe DEA controlledsubstances,non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which maybe harmfulbecause of their potential for abuse. MDLIVE physiciansreserve theright to deny care for potential misuse of services.MDLIVEinteractive audio consultations with store and forwardtechnologyare available 24/7/365, while video consultations areavailableduring the hours of 7 am to 9 pm 7 days a week or byscheduledavailability. MDLIVE and the MDLIVE logo are registeredtrademarksof MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be used without writtenpermission. Forcomplete terms of use 120115*Prescription Policy:Prescriptions are issued only when clinicallyappropriate for thesymptoms described. No controlled substancesmay be prescribed andthe availability of some prescriptions may berestricted by law insome states. For complete terms ofusevisit
WoodieHoo Brushing Teeth 1.5
WOODIEHOO BRUSHING TEETH Tooth brushing becomes a lot of funforkids: the new app "WoodieHoo Brushing Teeth" is not only afunnybrushing game with original brushes and colourful toothpastes- italso makes your own dental care a real pleasure. Feed ananimalfriend of your choice with vegetables, fruit or sweets andwatchtheir teeth get dirtier and dirtier. Then pick one of thefunnytoothbrushes and choose a colourful toothpaste. You'll beamazed athow happy the Woodies are when their teeth are shiny againat theend. Or would you rather brush your own teeth? Great! ThentheWoodies will help you with that! Just watch them closely andbrushtogether with them. A funny alarm clock will show you astimepasses and make sure that you don't get bored. Once that'sdone,you can really celebrate! The Woodies' teeth sparklewithcleanliness. But the best thing is: now your teeth sparkle,too!Surely the dentist will be pleased about that and toothdecaydoesn't stand a chance. FEATURES – With four animal friends(fox,cat, dog and rabbit) – Motivation for little toothbrushingresisters – Funny toothbrush game and toothbrush alarmclock –Picture-book design, lavishly illustrated and with greatattentionto detail – Creativity and fun – User interface suitablefor youngchildren – Completely free of advertising and securePRIVACY POLICYInformation on the subject of privacy and dataprotection can befound in our privacypolicy: ABOUT WOODIEHOOThegame app "WoodieHoo Brushing Teeth" was developed for childrenaged2 years and older. In the advertising-free children's app thereareno points, no time or performance pressure. The focus is moreonplayful discovery and a positive tooth brushing experience.Withlovingly designed animations and lots of surprise moments,toothbrushing simply flies by. 6.2
DentalPost is a premier online job board dedicated to linkingDentalProfessionals (Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants,Dentists,Dental Reps, Dental Front Office Staff and otherDentalprofessionals) to Dental Employers.
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It's time to play doctor! Grab your trusty pizza cutter orchainsawand perform surgery on over 100 patients in Amateur Surgeon4. Thepioneer of amateur surgery, Dr Bleed, is back from the dead.Helphim solve the mystery of his unexpected resurrection as hespansthe globe looking for answers -- and saves some unwittinglivesalong the way. * Solve surgical puzzles with your wits ...andhousehold items. * Operate on eyes, brains, hearts, lungs,hearts,bears, giant squids, and more * Recruit 30+ partners withuniquespecial abilities * Take on Field Hospital survival mode withhighspeed surgery * Compete against your friends for high scoresandachievements * Upgrade your tools and become a true amateursurgeon* Take on classic levels from Amateur Surgeon 1-3,remastered andretooled, along with all new operations and a uniquestory.Discover more about the history of Alan Probe & DoctorBleed& the “Bleed Everywhere” Hospital Chain and team up witholdand new friends, including a Badger who’s a dab hand atheartsurgery and a Dog who is knows a thing or two about healingcuts.Interested in more news from Amateur Surgeon? Follow us onTwitter- The Terms of Use forthis appincludes arbitration for disputes –see
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Aplicacion para revisar examenes del centro radiologicoDentalImagen, con una biblioteca de casos radiologicos confineseducativos. Application tests to check the Dental radiologycenterpicture with a library of radiologic cases foreducationalpurposes.
Easy IOTN 1.0.2
The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) is a clinicalindexwhich is used to assess orthodontic treatment need. It hastwocomponents: the dental health component and theaestheticcomponent. In the United Kingdom, the IOTN is used toassess theneed and eligibility of children under 18 years of agefor NationalHealth Service funded orthodontic treatment on dentalhealthgrounds.The British Orthodontic Society “Easy IOTN” app isdesignedto help the whole dental team from dental students anddentists tonurses and therapists, become more familiar with theIndex ofOrthodontic Treatment Need. There are two primary functionsto theapp. The first is that it is a simple guide to aidIOTNclassification (including the use of the Aesthetic Component)andwill therefore help dentists when referring patients tospecialistorthodontists. The second is a series of professionaldevelopmentquestions, which if completed will result in 1 hour ofverifiableContinuing Professional Development (UK General DentalCouncilonly). Please note that the app is free to download and use.
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Your Single app to manage Patient Appointments, Clinic andCommunityof Doctors. Curofy now not only connects you to thecommunity butalso helps you manage your patient appointmentsbetter "Curofy amust have app for doctors" - Economic Times Among"Top 5 Androidapps for doctors"- Times Of India "Half of Indianmedicos to useCurofy by 2018"- PharmaBiz Curofy is a medical appexclusively forthe doctors. It is a platform for doctors tocollaborate on clinicalcases and to stay updated with the latestmedical news and updatesin the industry. It also helps the doctorsto access the latestjournals, medical guidelines, and MCQs. Alsodoctors and studentsalike get to access videos and AMA sessionsfrom eminent doctorslike Dr Najeeb and other eminent doctors intheir field. Curofy alsohelps you get the most appropriate medicaljobs that suits yourprofile. With 300 cases posted every day,Curofy is the most engagedplatform in the Country. Curofy alsokeeps you upto date with thelatest CMEs and events. With doctorsfrom hospitals like AIIMS, KMC,CMC etc, it gives the community thediversity and true spirit ofcollaborative learning and knowledgeexchange. ✪ Curofy Discuss:Discuss real life Clinical cases withpeers - Discuss Clinical caseswith fellow doctors, colleagues fromall around the country - Getsecond opinion from industry stalwartsand the best doctors in yourspecialty - Invite doctors to answeron posts you think are bestsuited for the posts - Take part inclinical case discussions basedon human anatomy and diseases -Keep enhancing your medicalknowledge with daily real life medicalcase discussion - Get CMEupdates and coverages - Get access tovideos of famous doctors likeDr. Najeeb and others. ✪ CurofyAppointment: Patient Booking -Patients can now book onlineAppointments using your Curofy PublicProfile Appointment - QuicklyAdd, Manage, Reschedule and cancelappointments Patient Carebook -All your patient will be organisedand safely stored on yourmobile. You can add appointments, seepatient history, sendreminders in few simple clicks Reminder -Automated patientappointment reminder to help your patient to keeptrack of theirappointments and follow up visits ✪ Medical News: Tokeep youupdated with medical news from Kevin Md, Medscape etc -Keep trackof the latest news and happenings in the medical world -The bestof medical news curated from top sites like Kevin Md,Medscape, WebMd and many more - Get medical news from all aroundthe worldrelevant to your preferences everyday - Keep yourselfupdated withthe latest disease trends and types from various partsof the world✪ Curofy Genie : Takes care of all your needs - Genietakes care ofall your professional need at one place. - With genieyou can getall you need from loans to medical instruments to theappropriateMedical jobs for you. Genie has everything - All youneed to do isto Just Wish ! ✪ Curofy Journal : Free access tojournals - Getjournals free of cost specific to your specialty -Get journalsfrom major players like Elsevier, BMJ and many more ✪Curofy MCQ :High Yield questions For Medical Students - Get yourhands on HighYield Questions specifically prepared to kickstartyour PGpreparation for exams like JIPMER, NEET, AIIMS , USMLE etc -Stayahead with your PG, USMLE preparation with questions fromourin-house doctors - Get in-depth analysis of each questionalongwith their answers. - Students can also access exclusivevideoslectures of Dr. Najeeb, Dr. Sumer Sethi, Dr. Rohan Khandelwalandmany others ✪ Curofy Guidelines : Get access to communityapprovedtreatment plan - Get the latest guidelines at yourfingertips -Download them and reference them later
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Using LiveHealth Online you can visit with board-certifieddoctors,licensed therapists, lactation consultants, registereddieticiansand more through live video on your smartphone, tablet orcomputer.It’s an easy and convenient way to get the care you needwhetheryou’re at home, at work or on the go! Just download the appandsign up to get started. Talk to a doctor 24/7, with no apptsorlong wait times Why spend time going to urgent care, useLiveHealthOnline to talk to a doctor in minutes through live video.Just signup or log in and select the doctor you would like to see.Thenyou’ll be connected through private and secure video in about10minutes or less. Doctors using LiveHealth Online provide careforcommon health conditions like: the flu, pink eye, sinusinfection,bronchitis, allergies, fever, cough, cold, urinary tractinfection,skin infection, skin rash, diarrhea and more! It’s agreat optionfor care when your own doctor isn’t available. Doctorscan assessyour condition, provide a treatment plan and sendprescriptions tothe pharmacy you select if needed. Our Spanishlanguage onlinevisit experience is available using Cuidado Medicoon LiveHealthOnline. Spanish speaking doctors are available byappointment from7am-11pm. Same day appointments are available inmost states. Elservicio de consultas por internet en español sepresta a través deCuidado Médico de LiveHealth Online. Ladisponibilidad de citas conmédicos que hablan español es de 7 a.m.a 11 p.m. En la mayoría delos estados encontrarás citas disponiblespara el mismo día. See atherapist in 4 days or less! Use LiveHealthOnline Psychology totalk with a licensed therapist or psychologistfrom the comfort andprivacy of home. In most cases you can schedulean appointment andtalk to a therapist in just a few days.Therapists can help youwhen you’re dealing with a wide range ofissues like stress,anxiety, coping with grief, relationship issuesand more! Videovisits using LiveHealth Online are covered by manyinsurance plans.For 18 million Americans online visits usingLiveHealth Online area covered benefit under their health plan.Just enter your healthinsurance information within your accountsettings to see how mucha video visit will cost you after yourinsurance is applied.
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Welcome to The Dental Exchange application for Androiddevices.TheDental Exchange is the premier online resource andsocial networkfor dental professionals. Designed from the groundup, the DentalExchange ignites creativity, innovation, helps yougrow yourpractice, manage your continuing education courses anddiscover newcareer opportunities.By downloading this App you'llgain immediateaccess to people just like you - creativeprofessionals, dentalarbiters and industry leaders - and connectsyou with a like-mindedcommunity of dental professionals across thecountry with onecommon idea: discovering new trends and the peoplethat make ithappen. Once you create your free profile, you willgain access toa network that allows you to meet, share, learn, andtrade ideasthat create business opportunities and insights drivenby thedental community.For more information about The DentalExchangeplease visit:http://www.thedentalexchange.comCopyright:App: © 2015eSuite Media,Content: © 2015 Dental Exchange Inc.
Kids doctor: Hospital for dolls 1.1.3
Hippo is a kids doctor today, but not the usual one! She hasopenedher hospital to heal dolls and different toys of her friends.Whatcould be better for girls?! Toy veterinary clinic andambulanceopens in the very morning! Our hospital is going to healall thebroken dolls, because the main specialist is the mostexperienceddoctor in the world, vet Hippo! And if you don't haveany slightestidea what veterinary clinic, hospital for dolls orambulance mean,then you must play all these interesting games.Hours of happiness,exciting kids stories and, of course, variousinteresting games forkids are waiting for you. Peculiarities of thegame Doctor forDolls: - games for girls - different professionssuch as surgeon,toy doctor, vet for plush animals - choice of toys,there are a lotof various patients which should be healed - Learnhow to makeinjections! - funny and pleasant music for kids - funnycharactersand exciting stories - simple gameplay and educationalelements forkids - a huge veterinary clinic and a lot of levels forgirls Hurryup, doctor! Veterinary clinic for plush animals andhospital fordolls are in need of new staff. Play exciting games forkids andheal all the possible funny illnesses. You are a realdoctor todayand your ambulance is ready to face unbelievableadventures. Ournew games for girls are created especially for you!
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As a Best Doctors member, you can have your medicaldiagnosis,treatment plan, including surgery options, and anymedicalquestions reviewed and answered by a carefully selectedexpertphysician who specializes in your condition. The new BestDoctorsMember App allows you to start and track the progress ofyour casefrom the palm of your hand! Best Doctors is anemployer-providedbenefit and available at no cost to you, themember. If you areunsure if your company offers Best Doctors,please contact your HRBenefits Manager today. • Best Doctors serves30 million members in70 countries. • Members do not need to travel,visit additionaldoctors’ offices, or chase medical records. • BestDoctors’services are provided at no cost to the member No matterwhere youlive or what medical uncertainty you are facing, with BestDoctors,you can be confident you have the right diagnosis and themosteffective treatment plan.
Kaiser Permanente 4.27.0
Managing your health care just got easier with the latest versionofour app. The redesign includes a colorful new interface, toolsthatmake it faster and easier to use, and new quick-access menusthatlet you get advice, schedule appointments, and refillprescriptions.And our improved navigation puts the features andinformation youneed within reach at all times. NOTE: Former GroupHealth membersand Washington residents outside ofVancouver/Longview are unable touse the Kaiser Permanente app atthis time. Download the KaiserPermanente for Washington app toquickly and easily manage yourhealth care • Health plan memberscan sign into the app using user ID and password toaccess our secure features,including: • Messages: Email yourdoctor or Member Services withnon-urgent questions, privately andsecurely. • Appointments:Schedule, view, and cancel appointmentswith your doctor’s officeand see information about past visits. •Pharmacy: Refillprescriptions for yourself or another member,check the status of aprescription order, and see a list of allyour medications. •Medical Record: See your health history at yourfingertips,including your allergies and immunizations, any ongoinghealthconditions, and most lab test results.