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Lookout Security Extension 2.0
Get the most out of Lookout Safe Browsing by installingthisextension. Surf the web safely with security that protectsagainstsuspicious websites that might infect your phone or stealyourpersonal information. Lookout Safe Browsing, with the help ofthisextension, blocks dangerous URLs while browsing from yourAndroiddevice with Android M operating system or higher.**Note: Tousethis software component, you must have Lookout Security&Antivirus installed first. You do not need to install LookoutSafeBrowsing unless Lookout asks you to do so. Lookout does notstoreyour information or browsing history. Safe Browsing's websiteandcontent analysis is done locally on your device.
Sophos Mobile Security
Winner of the AV-TEST awards “Best Android Security 2016” and“BestProtection 2015”For 14 tests in a row, starting September2014,Sophos Mobile Security has hit a perfect 100% protection scoreinAV-TEST’s comparison of the top Android security andantivirusapps.Full features, no advertising, all freeSophos is anITsecurity leader for companies and governments worldwide. Thisappcomprehensively protects your Android device and yourprivacywithout impacting performance or battery life.Withup-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs, appsareautomatically scanned for malware to protect you from data lossandunexpected costs. If your device is lost or stolen, youcanremotely lock or wipe it to safeguard your data.MalwareProtection•Scan apps for malicious or inappropriate content as youinstallthem.• Scan apps and storage media on demand and onschedule.Loss& Theft Protection • Remotely control your devicethrough SMScommands.Web Filtering• Block web sites with malicious,undesirableor illegal content.App Protection• Protect apps withapassword.Privacy Advisor• List apps that access your personaldataor that could create costs.Security Advisor• Get advice on howtoimprove device security.Spam Protection• Block unwantedphonecalls.Secure QR Code Scanner• Check URLs for maliciousorinappropriate web sites.• Add contacts to your address book.•Setup Wi-Fi connections and warn of insecure encryption.PasswordSafe•Generate, manage, and store passwords securely using theKeePassfile format.Authenticator• Generate time-based (TOTP, RFC6238) andcounter-based (HOTP, RFC 4226) one-time passwords formulti-factorauthentication.Managed Mode• Managing Sophos MobileSecurity usingSophos Mobile or Sophos Central lets your ITdepartment monitor thehealth of your device to ensurecompany-wideprotection.Permissions• Permissions are required tomonitorincoming data, and to detect and stop threats. See morehere:• This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.Battery and data usage• Malware definitionsupdate oncea day to keep you protected. This uses a small amount ofdata.• Theinitial full scan of every installed app causes aone-time increasein battery usage.This app uses Accessibilityservices.SupportInformation•Knowledgebase:•Moderatedsupportforum:•Useour SDK for premium antivirus in yourapp:
AVL Pro Antivirus & Security 2.2.2
AVL Team
What is our vision?Mobile Security has been on the hot listforquite a while and there comes different kinds of mobilesecuritytools. In the last 2 years, AVL Team did only 2 things, oneisdeveloping a world’s top local anti-virus engine for mobile andtheother is bearing with so many kinds of boring andunprofessionalso-called mobile security apps.Then, AVL Pro comes,in which we aretrying to concentrate on the App Security and SystemSecurity. AVLPro is willing to provide you a new level of mobilesecurityexperience.What is AVL Pro?AVL Pro means it will protectyou andpromote your mobile security. Last but not the least, itwill makeyou a “Pro” of your own mobile security. AVL Pro is unlikeanyother mobile security tools, it is a heavily armedsecurityframework based on the AVL engine. It acts like a radarwithmicroscope which gives you an insight of the security detailsandtries to help you become an expert of your own. You can use ittoidentify the security threats among your looks-good apps, andalsoyou can act like a mobile malware analyst to catch thebadguys.What AVL Pro brings you?APP IdentificationIdentify appsandclassify threats into different levels, including “Malicious”and“Risky”. Malicious means trojan apps, rogue apps and Riskymeanshack-tools, suspicious ad-ware sdk, etc.APP AnalyzerAnalysistheinsight of an app, which explore the APK package , disassembletheDEX binary, and analysis the Opcode data. And then provideyoucomprehensive information of each app, such ascertification,installing info, package files, activity, may-usedURL, may-usedSMS numbers and so on.Plug-in systemPlug-inarchitecture makes thecore of the AVL Pro, which means you canassemble your own AVL Proto satisfy personal security needs. Andit’s open for your securityideas and e-mail us.What AVL Team can dofor you?We apologize forany bugs and inconvenience. We fight yourbugs as light speed, wecherish your 5 stars and we take your 1 staras motive power.Maythe force be with you and mobile security livelong andprosper!Website: www.avlsec.comE-mail:[email protected]+:
Bkav Security - Antivirus Free
The leading FREE security and antivirus• Antivirus• Call &SMSblock• Anti SMS spam• Cleaner• Anti-thief• Find my Phone•Backupand restore (contacts, messages, call logs)• Private mode•SafeSurfing• Privacy Advisor• Auto-detecting malicious apps uponitsinstallation on your phone• Hide private contentAntivirusFree-Scans for malware, spyware and trojans- Providesreal-timeprotection from malicious softwares, scans everydownloaded andinstalled application to ensure it is safe- BkavMobile Security’scloud computing technology ensures the timelyupdates of virussamples- Auto-detecting malicious apps upon itsinstallation onyour phone- Supports daily and weekly scheduledscansPREMIUMFEATURESGet free trial of all features of Bkav MobileSecurityProfessional in 30 days. When your trial expires, thesoftware willautomatically return to the free version. No paymentis requiredfor the free trial.Call & SMS Block, Anti SMS spams-Thesoftware is equipped with Smart Filter, which automaticallyblocksup to 100% of SMS spams. In addition, Smart Filterautomaticallyblocks missed fraudulent calls from satellite phonesand from other“look like normal” numbers. Users can also get thefeature blockcalls and SMS by numbers or by keywords appearing inthe SMS’contentPrivacy Mode- You can set up a mode which blocks alleveningcalls from numbers which are not in your Contacts; this modecan beapplied for weekdays or weekends. Besides, you can use thismodeduring a meetingAntiTheft- Locates your lost or stolen phone.Withsmartphones running Android 4.0 onwards, you need to turn GPSon touse this feature.- Performs remote phone locks and data wipeinemergency locks (users of smartphones with an arrow in themiddleof the System Bar please contact Bkav Contact Center to gettimelysupport).- Detects change of SIM card, you will receive thenewphone number if the thief insert another SIM card into yourphone.-Sounds an alarm even when your phone is in silent mode.FindmyPhone- You only need sending a message to locate the coordinateofyour stolen or lost phone- Visit website, enterthecoordinate to find the current position of your stolen phoneonmapBackup & Restore- Securely backs up contacts, messages,calllogs to Bkav Cloud or SD Card.- Restores your data in a quickandsimple way.- Provides online access to your data fromanycomputers, any phones and from anywhere.Privacy Advisor - Scansandproduces warnings about the applications that might accessyoursensitive data like Contacts, SMS, phone location, etc... -Scansand produces warnings about softwares trying to connect totheInternet, softwares that consume large amount of 3G/2Gnetworktraffic.Especially, detects and removes eavesdropping appson yourmobile.Hide private conent1. Private SMS2. Private call3.Privatecontact list4. Private pictures and videos5. App Locker6.Privatedocuments7. Private notes8. Private content backupandrestoreOptimization and cleaning- Deeply searh and clean allmemoryissues, temporary running apps, temporary files/foldersgeneratedby apps or OS during their operations. Optimize yoursmartphone toincrease its effectiveness.This app usesAccessibilityservices.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.
Mobile Security & Antivirus 9.5.2
Trend Micro
Mobile Security for Android & Antivirus Scan withPerformanceBooster Provides the best protection for Androidsmartphones andtablets delivering 100% malicious app detection! OurAdvanced AIscan safeguards against malicious apps, viruses,fraudulentwebsites, identity theft, ransomware, and crypto-miners.Ourleading antivirus cleaner removes malwares and viruses,boostingyour phone’s performance and allows you to find, lock, oreraseyour device if it goes missing. Key benefits: 📱 Protectsyouagainst ransomware, fake banking, shopping, and financial apps🔍Scans URLs and blocks dangerous sites, keeping you safewhilebrowsing the web 💌 Monitor links in text messages, Facebook,Line,& WhatsApp to alert you of risks before you click them 📡Wi-Fiscanning to report unsecured network connections 🛰 Remoteconsoleto find your lost phone, recover from common ransomwarehijacking,or wipe your device ⚙️ Increases device performance withappmanager, cleaner system and app optimizer 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ParentalControlskeep your children from accessing unwanted web content andapps Topfeatures: ✔️Pre-install Scan - Innovative antivirus featurethatdetects Google Play and side loaded apps with malware beforetheyinstall ✔️Billing Security – Top protection against fakebanking,financial and shopping apps that trick you into giving upaccountand personal information ✔️Safe Surfing - Use Chrome, orotherbrowsers, and stay clear from harmful websites ✔️PrivacyScannerfor Facebook ✔️Wi-Fi Checker - Notifies you when connectingto anunsecured network ✔️System Tuner - Helps you manage batteryandmemory efficiently ✔️Malware Scan & Cleaner – Scan&removes malware to restore your smartphone's normalsettings✔️Privacy Scanner - Warns you of apps that could exposeyourpersonal information ✔️Vulnerability Scanner - warns you ofappsthat could be exploited by hackers ✔️App Lock - User-selectedapps(including system settings) can be blocked from unauthorizeduse✔️Secret Snap - Capture a picture of unauthorized attempts touseyour device ✔️System Health Check - get notifications forsystemsettings that may leave you vulnerable ✔️Lost DeviceProtection -Lets you find, lock, or wipe a missing device, orrecover fromattacks ✔️App Manager - Helps free up device space bydisplayingeach app's last used date and storage space to enableeasy appremoval ✔️Just a Phone - Keeps your device powered longerwhenresources are low Application permissions The followingpermissionsare required for optimal protection and service. •DeviceAdministrator: Used to detect if someone is trying to unlockthedevice; also, to execute a user-triggered device wipe in caseoftheft • Draw over other apps: for critical alerts •Accessibility:for Safe Surfing and Preinstall Scan • App UsageAccess: for AppLock • Phone: for call blocking • Storage: forscanning apps onyour SD card • Contacts: for call blocking •Location: for LostDevice Portal • SMS: for messaging blocking •Modify systemsettings: for power saving tools, like Just-A-Phonemode
Antivirus Android 1.1.0
★ Effective and Lightweight security solution for Androidphones,against dangerous threats - Completely Free! Highlights: ►Superfast algorithm enables rapid scanning and in-depthvirusdetection.► Effective memory and power usage. Your device willworkfaster while staying safe.► Suitable for any deviceandeasy-to-use.Features:► Smart and simple scanning flow, whichtakesonly a couple seconds to finish.► Advanced virus scanschedulerwatches for your device 24/7 protection.► Thoroughly scanyour SDcard to find and remove any potential threats and viruses
Memory & Virus Cleanup 1.6.4
We are a professional anti-virus software, to provide youwithall-round protection, allowing you to enjoy mobilelifeTheantivirus engine we used is based on the cloud serviceantivirus,if there is no network, antivirus will not work.What weoffer:✔Antivirus Engine✔ Junk Cleaner✔ App Locker✔ Call Blocker✔ChargingBooster✔ Private Browser✔ Battery ManagerThere are moreexcitingfeatures waiting for you to experienceWe are constantlyimprovethemselves, if you have questions,contact us ,we will solveit assoon as possible.
Comodo Mobile Security 3.5.4001
Antivirus "Always on" antivirus and on-demand scanner helpskeepyour device protected against viruses and unsafe apps. Onetouchscanning and scheduling scan are provided as well as asystem“SCAN” feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafeapps.✔RealTime Protection - Mobile Security scans installed appsand localAPK files in real time and monitors each installationprocess.✔Cloud Scan - Over-the-air protection from viruses.✔ SDCard Scan -Scans external SD cards to detect and delete threats.✔ScheduleScan - Automatic scans at regular intervals✔ Call Blocking- Optionto block incoming calls✔ Secure Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi hotspotencryptionand standard security verification prior to connection✔SecureBrowsing - Provide notification alert (only in Chrome), whentryingto open a potential risky URL addressFind My Phone –AntiTheftWhere is my Phone? – Don’t worry about your phone even ifitis lost or stolen. You can control your devices remotely fromanylocation, any time. Manage all your devices throughyourpersonalized account.★All your devices in one account Youcanmanage all your devices through one personalizedaccount.★WebInterface - Access your devices any time to make sureyour personaldata is secure★G+ Sign In- You can register with a G+account.★Mobile Map- Track all your device locations on theMobileMap★Activity Log- Monitor your device activity to see whenlastyour device was online.★Uninstall Protection -Activating“DeviceAdministrator” – Block the ability to uninstall appswithoutentering the Anti Theft password.★Remote Command - You canlog-into your Anti Theft account and control your deviceremotelyRemoteLocate – Track your device on map
Remote. Lock – Lockyour device,post a custom message
 - Remote Alarm – Your device canactivatethe alarm at the highest volume even if it is on Silentmode.Remote Wipe – Erase your personal data from your device tokeepyour private data safe. Remote Take a Picture – Lets you knowwhohas your device.★Find Device Owner - An easy way to find adeviceowner. You can customize your locked screen message. Suchas:“Please contact me: own email address”★Guest Mode- Easy waytoTrack Your Device. You can login with any smartphone or tabletviaGuest Login.App LockLock your photos and messages from pryingeyesand prevent other users from buying unwanted apps/games onyourdevice with Applock.►Easy Lock & Unlock - Create auniquePattern to Lock & Unlock apps.►Manage App List - Youcanalphabetize your application list from A-Z or put your LockedAppsat the top of the list.►Reset Pattern- Once you touch“ForgotPassword?” You will receive a Security Code to resetyourpassword.►Switch On/Off- Quick switch button on your statusbarallows you to manage your privacy settings when youwant.►SearchApp-Find your apps faster with thissearchfeature.Support:[email protected] Detailed list of FeaturesVisithttps://m.comodo.comGet Free Antivirus for your Android:
Antivirus & Mobile Security
Free Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android smartphoneswithenhanced features. Quick Heal Mobile Security protects yourphonefrom viruses, infected and harmful apps. It lets you lock appsandblock unknown calls. It scans apps before you download themfromGoogle Play and also scans apps in the background to ensuretheyare safe. Additionally, it lets you upgrade to premiumfeaturessuch as SafePe (for safe mobile banking) and ParentalControl.Tolearn more,visit This appusesthe Device Administrator permission.Features & Benefits :★AppLock lets you lock Android applications with a secure PIN.★Wi-FiScan alerts you whenever your mobile device detects anunsecuredWi-Fi network. Connecting to such networks can letattackers stealyour sensitive information.★ Scan Before Downloadautomaticallyscans apps even before you download them from theGoogle PlayStore. It also informs you whether an app is safe toinstall ornot.★ Scans your apps once they are installed.★ FingerPrint Unlocklets you unlock instantly with your fingerprint for allthecompatible devices.★ Call Filter blocks unwanted incomingcalls.★Quick Heal RDM allows you to access various features on yourdevicewhen the device is not physically accessible.★ BackgroundScaninspects every downloaded app to ensure it’s safe. Theantivirusengine also scans the entire device for viruses and othermaliciousprograms.★ Anti-Theft prevents your device from beingmisused byallowing remote lock and data wipe. The mobile trackinganti-theftfeature also helps you track your device in case it islost orstolen.★ Intruder Detection takes snapshots of anyone whotries tounlock your phone with a wrong PIN.★ Privacy Advisor helpsyoureview apps installed on your phone and their permissions whichmayaffect your privacy.★ Security Advisor guides you aboutthesettings that affect the overall security of your smartphone.★CallForwarding allows you to forward all incoming calls toapredetermined number. This procedure can be configured viatheRemote Device Management portal. ★ Share App allows you toshareyour Quick Heal Mobile Security app with other Androiddevices.★Register with TRAI allows you to register your number withthe DNDservice of India. You can also raise a complaint with TRAIagainstunwanted numbers. (Only available in India)★ Activitygivesin-depth reports on all the activities carried out by QuickHealMobile Security on your Android device.★ Regular AutomatedVirusUpdates take automatic virus definition updates.★ SecurityShielddisplays the security level of your device and dataprotectionstatus through a graphical representation.★ QuickSettingsNotification gives you one-touch access to various devicesettingssuch as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Brightness, andTorch.★Trusted SIMs List is beneficial for users using multipleSIMs.★Message Center brings to you the latest news on mobileprotection,security alerts, Offers and other important informationrelated toIT security and web security.Follow us onFacebook: us onTwitter: us onGoogle+: our officialblog:
Antivirus & Mobile Security 3.1.0
TrustGo Team
TrustGo is a free professional antivirus application. Itfeaturesthe most powerful virus scan engine, allowing you toquickly findmalicious apps carrying viruses or stealing privatedata on yourmobile devices. TrustGo can also fully protect yourdevice fromsystem vulnerabilities and privacy risks. It is alsospeciallydesigned with extras like Data Backup, to back up yourlocal datain just one second, App Manager, to easily uninstall appsyou don’tuse often, and Privacy Advisor, to help you fullyunderstandprivacy permission usage on your device.TrustGo is acompletelyfree professional antivirus application, which uses themostpowerful virus detection engine. It boasts a 100% virussampledetection rate, using an engine independently developed basedonbig data processing. This application is an 8-time champion oftheAV-TEST evaluation, having received full marks each time. ★NoImage mode–save mobile data and reduce page load★ BlockmaliciousURLs and protect yourself against phishing websites withinstantwarning notifications.TrustGo Antivirus & SecurityImportantFeatures:★ AppLockThe only AppLock that does not haveanadvertisement.With AppLock, you can add an extrapasswordprotection to sensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Message,WhatsApp,Snapchat, Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Avast, McAfee. Lockyour privateapps by using pattern or PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.★ App ScanFully scans every app to prevent virusandTrojan and protect your privacy.Scan pre-installed andinstalledapps and the file system to keep your phone safe fromvirus.Scanfor viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans - with latestantivirusdatabase★ Full ScanPerforms a deep scan of the system tofindhidden viruses.★Payment protectionHelp finds out unofficialapps,so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Deepscanpayment environment,Discover viruses andvulnerabilities,Protectpayment security。The Payment protectionfeature can easily protectAmazon Shopping,PayPal,Androidpay,Alipay,Airbnb,booking,Facebook,Whatsapp and any apps &games you choose.★ DataBackupCompletely free backup and recoveryfeature that supportsone-key backup and restoration of contacts,SMS, and call history.★Privacy AdvisorAllows you to easily viewprivacy-related apps toidentify and prevent risks.Our securitysolution helps you toprotect privacy and defends you againstidentity theft. You canhide your contacts, phone calls and SMStexts from prying eyes,protect your vulnerable personal informationand control whatothers can see if they pick up your device★ AppManagerHelps youmore easily uninstall apps which are not frequentlyused to keepyour phone clean.★ Find Phone | Anti-TheftThe best"FREE" find myphone tool.This protection tool allows you to turn onan alarm onthe device remotely, lock and locate your phone, wipepersonalinformation (messages, photos, and videos) and take amugshot ofthe person currently using your device in the case oftheft orloss.★ System ManagerDisplays your device’s real-timebattery andmemory use, in order to save power and make your phoneeasy touse.Memory-hungry apps running in the background will slowdownyour phone, Super Cleaner can help you find the culprits, stopthemto reduce memory usage and boost your phone’s performance.Inaddition, you can create an 1-tap boost icon on your homescreen,so you just need one tap to boost your phone. Speeding upyourphone has never been easier.★ Supported LanguageDeutsch,Español,English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil,Pусский, Türk,Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, TiếngViệt, 日本語, 한국어,中文(简体), 中文(繁體)Contact Us:Email:[email protected]:
Norton Identity Safe Password 5.3.0
Experience password freedom with Norton Identity Safe. It letsyousecurely manage your passwords and access your favoritesitesfaster. Designed to be easier than ever to use, NortonIdentitySafe saves all your usernames and passwords and syncs themacrossyour devices. And with a new built-in password generator, youcancreate secure, unique passwords for all your accounts rightwithinthe app. Store addresses and wallet information like creditcardsand bank accounts, so you can quickly fill out online formsforfaster checkout when shopping. You can even save notes,likefrequent flyer numbers or passport numbers so you always haveyourimportant information at your fingertips. Convenient mobilePINgives you faster access to your Vault from your smartphoneortablet. FEATURES • Securely stores your passwords in anencryptedVault that only you can access • Built-in browserautomaticallystores and fills your information for one-click logins• Savesaddresses and credit cards for automatic form filling •Helps youcreate strong, unique passwords with a built-in passwordgenerator• Stores frequent flyer numbers and other secure notes •Securemobile PIN lets you access your Vault even faster from yourAndroiddevice • Prevents phishing and malicious sites fromcapturing yourkeystrokes After initial login, your passwords andother data areavailable even when you’re offline. KEEP YOURPASSWORDS SAFEKeeping your information safe is a lot easier thanyou may think. Apassword manager (also referred to as “passwordvault”) will helplock down your accounts and save you from havingto enter yourlogin credentials every time you sit down at yourcomputer. All ofyour logins and passwords are stored in a single,secure place.Password managers also keep your data secure byenabling you to usepasswords that are as difficult to crack as theyare to remember.Whether you’re at home or the office, use passwordsfor your onlineaccounts that are both strong and unique. Hackershave managed topenetrate the defenses of major websites, and willtry yourcompromised information on hundreds of other popular sites,hopingthat you used the same credentials more thanonce.-------------------------------------------------- TRUSTNORTON BYSYMANTEC Founded in 1982, Symantec is the global leaderinproviding security, storage, and systems management solutions.Inan information-driven world, consumers, small businesses, andlargeglobal organizations rely on Symantec to secure and managetheirdata. Norton is our flagship brand for Antivirus, Malware,andInternet Security Protection for mobile phones, tablets,laptops,and desktop computers. With more than 23 years ofexperience, trustNorton to keep your personal data safe. PRIVACYPOLICY Symantecrespects the privacy of our users and carefullysafeguards personaldata. For more information:
AntiVirus Cleaner : Wi-Fi Security & Booster
Get AntiVirus Cleaner 2018 for Android to help protect youfromharmful viruses and malware. Keep your personal data safe withAppLock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and AppPermissionsadvisor.Download for Free Now!Key Features:🔥 AntivirusEngine:Virusand malware scanner automatically scans for dangerousapps.Includes Web & file scanning for complete mobileprotection,and also protects against spyware and viruses.🗑 CleanJunk:Instantly cleans up unnecessary data, system caches,gallerythumbnails, installation files, and residual files.🚀PhoneBoosterOne Tap Boost helps speed up phone by freeing up RAM.Afterboosting your mobile, you can run a speed test to see howmuchfaster it is.🌟 WhatsApp Cleaner Clean WhatsApp junk filesbyCategory, free up space on your android phone!► Private Gallery-Your Photo VaultYou can hide photos and videos that you do notwantothers to see and protect your privacy .► WiFi Security andSpeedTest Check whether the WiFi you’re connected to issafe.Protect your personal privacy and property.► CallBlockingBlock allunwanted calls. You can add numbers or contacts tothe block listat any time. Your blocked call history can also bereviewedlater. ► Game BoostManage your games and accelerateloadingspeed of games.【Other optimization features:】☆ CleanDuplicate Photos - Find out the similar photos automaticallyandremove the duplicate ones.☆  App Lock - you can lock upyourapps to protect sensitive information. Support forFacebook,Messenger, Twitter…☆  Manage All Apps - Detectrare-used appand uninstall them in one tap.☆ DownloadManager☆ RecycleBin
DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Anti-hacking & Cleaner
DFNDR Security is an anti virusandAnti-Hacking app for Android with performanceoptimizationdedicated to keeping your smartphone safe from hackers.DFNDRSecurity (pronounced “Defender”), with more than 130millioninstallations globally, is a top-rated antivirus software bytheAV-TEST Institute.More than a simple virus cleaner, DFNDR Security antivirusforAndroid is packed with powerful features, including:◾ Security Scan◾ Anti-Hacking◾ Lockscreen Charge Monitor◾ Memory Booster◾ Quick Cleanup◾ Applock◾ VPN🛡️Virus Protection & Virus Cleaner withSecurityScan🛡️Scan for viruses contracted through spam, malicious content,orinfected apps with this easy-to-use tool. The spyware removalandvirus cleaner feature gives you the best virus protection andkeepsyour phone in top condition. Choose between the QuickAntivirusScan and the more comprehensive Full Antivirus Scan.🛑Anti-Hacking & Anti-Phishing Protection🛑Anti-Hacking alerts you of phishing-related activities in appssuchas SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Chrome without everhavingto click on potentially malicious links.🚀Lockscreen Charge Monitor & Memory Booster🚀Lockscreen Charge Monitor notifies you in real-time whenyourbattery is fully charged to prevent overcharging. Free up RAMandspeed up memory by automatically closing apps that run inthebackground.✂️️Quick Cleanup to Remove Junk Files and Cache✂️Keep your device’s cache clear and eliminate junk files withgreatphone cleaner tools. Easily remove apps you no longer wantwithApp Manager. Free up phone storage space withWhatsAppCleaner and Facebook Messenger Cleaner to make space fornewphotos, videos and apps.🔒AppLock🔒Protect the apps that are on your device with passcodesandfingerprint scan technology.📡VPN (Virtual Private Network)📡Secure your internet connection and protect yourself fromhackers.Get up to 50MB of data per day for FREE!Additional features to keep your Android safe and optimized:★ Advanced Protection- Prevents unauthorized partiesfromdisabling the app's protection features★ CPU Cooler- Lowers the temperature of yourphone’sprocessor★ WiFi Checker- Tests the speed of yourinternetconnection★ Internet Accelerator- Speeds up your connection byclosingapps that are competing for bandwidth★ Anti-Theft- Locks down your stolen phone remotelytoprotect your content and automatically takes a photo ofanyintruder who is snooping on your phone★ Call Blocker- Prevents unwanted calls★ DFNDR Assistant - Sends you tips and notifications tohelpyou better utilize all the antivirus and performance tools theapphas to offerNote: This app requires Accessibility in order to activate thecorefunctions of Anti-Hacking or Advanced Protection.✨Get PREMIUM✨PREMIUM subscription gives you even more advancedfeatures,including: VPN secure connection with unlimited data andtheability to change virtual locations, personalizednotificationspreferences, an ads-free experience, and guaranteedaccess to allfuture premium features.DFNDR Security truly is the defender of your Android device!Visit our website: www.psafe.comJoin our fight against deceptive advertisingPSafe is committed to the online safety and security of ourusers.Unfortunately, some third parties are illegally using ourname andlogo to create misleading ad content, such as in the formof“scareware” falsely stating that your device is infected withavirus. PSafe unequivocally denounces these “scareware” tactics.Ifyou receive a suspicious “virus alert” type ad, please takeascreenshot of the ad, copy the full browser URL link of the adorits redirect and email both to: [email protected] Weappreciateyour support in fighting these malicious practices.How to identify fake virus alertads:
Antivirus Pro for Android™ 1.4.1
Free Antivirus in real time to increase security forAndroid™devices.Antivirus Pro for Android™ (free) protects youfromviruses, malware, spyware, and helps to keep your personaldatasafe.Analyze applications, security settings, files, and mediainreal time to search for applications, viruses, malwareandmalicious spyware.The most important is that Antivirus ProforAndroid™ provides proactive security protection againstpotentiallydangerous applications that may disclose your personalinformationor content that use the battery or excessively data orhave anintrusive behavior.Antivirus Pro for Android™ allows you tocontrolyour mobile experience.Features:• App Advisor with ProToolMobileInsight, verify AUTOMATICALLY applications for potentialsecurityand privacy risks, excessive battery usage or data orintrusivebehavior• Anti-Malware with ProTool Mobile Insight,detectsmalicious applications and viruses• Fast and professionalengine,The professional search algorithms on the device and in thecloudprovide rapid analysis and virus detection in depth toincreasesecurity• Lightweight and reduced battery consumption,Consumesless phone memory and battery power than other mobilesecurityapplications, providing the most comprehensive mobileprotection•Totally freeOur advanced social antivirus algorithm isupdatedregularly and allows analyzing the latest security threatsto yourandroid.Contact us:E-mail: [email protected]+:®, Google Maps™and Android™ aretrademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the USand othercountries
Smart Antivirus 2018 Protection & Security 1.0.1
Kira Team
Smart Antivirus 2018 Protection & Security, Booster, TOPphoneoptimizer for Android mobile with junk file cleaner, mobilephonememory cleaner and speed booster for tablet and phone,viruscleaner for android, CPU cooler and battery saver. Enjoy theSuperSmart Antivirus 2018 Protection to clean and speed upyourphone.Antivirus 2017 update to 2018. Best antivirus orbestsecurity antivirus 2018 to clean your mobile or tablet .Antivirusfor android is here.How does Smart Antivirus 2018Protection helpto improve your device performance?? Update for 2018new year earlyaccess.? One touch scan.? Junk Cleaner & CacheCleaner.? VirusCleaner - Antivirus? Phone Booster & MemoryBooster ? SmartCharge & App Lock? Battery Saver & CPUCooler.Has yourphone become laggy and lack of space? SmartAntivirus 2018Protection is the speed booster & junk cleaneryou need!SmartAntivirus 2018 Protection & Security, BoosterHighlights: ?Virus Cleaner & Malware Removal :Smart Antivirus2018Protection Protect your mobile from virus attack & ScanyourAndroid phone for viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans. Onlytakesa few seconds to fulfill the deep virus scanning.? BatteryPowerSaver :With battery saver, Smart Antivirus 2018 ProtectionAnalyzesbattery usage and force stop battery-draining apps to savemorepower & extend battery life by up to 20%. boost devicewith1-tap.Battery saver can detect and stop power-draining apps tohavemore battery percentage at the end of the day.? AppLock :Lockyourprivacy apps (like SMS, Contacts), hide sensitive photos andvideosby encrypting your Gallery. and other private data withpasswordlock or pattern lock. & prevent intruders and snoopersfrompeeping at your private data.? Junk File Cleaner :Clean junkfiles,residual files and cache to free up storage & space.&improve the performance by intelligently scan the junkfilesincluding system and app caches. free up RAM and boost phonespeedin ONE TAP!? CPU Cooler :Smart Antivirus 2018 ProtectionCloseoverwhelming and overheating apps to cool down phonetemperatureand Optimize CPU usage .Intelligently saves yourdevice’s power andmake your phone stay with durable power and neveroverheated.? WiFiSpeed Test and Security :One-tap comprehensivelyDetect WiFi spy,Test WiFi speed, with that you can check out whichis WiFi spy,remove all spy by your router manage page to make yourWiFi safeand fast.Feel free to contact us if you have any problemabout ourAntivirus.
Antivirus : Security & Lite 2.9.1
Antivirus : Security & Lite that gives you 100% protection,oneof the phone must be softwareWe are fast, professional, andpreventpop-up windows and spam ads from being attacked by virusesandmalware. After installation, you can enjoy the Internet worldoftravel, enjoy browsing the web and enjoy shopping, protectyourmobile phone and privacy security.NoticeWe use theanti-virusengine is based on cloud services, anti-virus, so whenthe virusneeds to rely on the network, if there is no network,anti-viruscan not.Our products can give you:★ A key scan virus,test mobilephone status, give you the most intimate sense ofsecurity★ Memoryclean, clear the useless background applications,so your phonesmoother★ AppLock, lock you do not want to be seen byothersapplications, complete protection of your privacy, not afraidtosee from the family colleagues★ Private image, put yourprivatephotos in the picture safe, no longer worry about personalprivacy★Battery management to monitor the status of the phonebattery, lowbattery reminder, only the power saving mode to helpyou keep thebattery you need to use the timeWe're constantlyimprovingourselves and more new features, so please look forwardto.If youhave a problem, please do not give us negative feedback,pleasecontact [email protected], we will reply as soonaspossible and solve all problems.
Mobile Antivirus & Security 1.8
Mobile Antivirus & Security for every Android deviceprovidesthe incredible protection from harmful virus, spam letter,malware,spyware and keep all your data safe and secured. Moreover,weprovide you 3 in 1 applications.Go!Go!Go!Download for FreeNow!MAINFEATURES:✪Scan apps, settings, files & media in realtime✪Lock/ wipe your device to protect your privacy✪Kill tasks thatslowdown your device✪Browse the web safely &securely✪Monitorbattery, storage, and data package usage✪ProactiveAnti-Theft whichnotifies you of suspicious activity ✪ Scheduledscanning of apps,settings, files✪ Safe browsing and phishingprotection✪ DeviceMonitoring of critical settings✪ ApplicationAudit of installedapps to tell you what they have access to✪SMS/MMS/Call blocking✪On-charger scans to preserve battery lifeGo.Explore. We have morefree and amazing features for you to get.Protect your smartphoneor tablet with Mobile Antivirus &Security..PRIVACYTo protectyour Android device and valuableinformation, we will ask you toallow us some permissions. We willNEVER use these permissions fordata collection or marketingpurposes. We also give more detail inour policy below.CUSTOMERSUPPORTContact us [email protected] if you have anyquestion or need help.
LINE Antivirus 1.1.15
★Get rid of viruses lurking in your smartphone QUICK!★Theultimatefree anti-virus app!The free calling and messaging app,LINE bringsyou LINE Anti Virus! Let this free security app protectyourpersonal information from malicious programs and apps.Simpleone-touch checks let you stayincontrol!-------------------------------- ▼LINE Anti Virus:MainFeatures -------------------------------- ★Simple one-touchcheckslet you stay in control!Check for any malicious programs orfor anyother malware on your smartphone in just a few seconds. Adetailedscan is also an option: Simply select “Full Scan”.★ CloudengineaddedWe added a cloud engine with more powerfuldetectioncapabilities, providing more secure protection foryoursmartphone.★Real-Time Monitoring for Maximum ProtectionAs wellasdetecting malicious programs, this function alerts youimmediatelyof any abnormal operations by applications and anythreats to yoursecurity through the widget and notification bars;enabling you todeal with high-risk situations as quickly aspossible.★Check whichapps access your personal information at aglanceThis featureallows you to easily check which of yourinformation the appsinstalled on the device are accessing, such ascontact information,location information, calling history etc. Youchoose!You candetermine which apps are high-risk and delete them asnecessary,while apps which you trust can be added to the app’s“Safe Apps”list.★Choose how you want the app to workAs well asadding trustedapps to a Safe Apps list, you can configure whichcontents to scanfor as well as choosing to have Real-TimeMonitoring switched on oroff.★New anti-smishing featureSmishing, orSMS phishing, is ahacking method that gathers personal informationor causes monetaryloss through the spreading of malicious apps viaURLs sent throughSMS messages.LINE Antivirus protects you from suchthreats with itsnew anti-smishing feature.★One-touch optimizationfeatureClean upyour smartphone's usage history and RAM with asingle touch to helpit run smooth as butter.★ Secure FileDeletionFiles can now besecurely deleted, ensuring that no personalinformation can beleaked when changing devices or losing yourphone.★ Addition of theApp Management FeatureManage apps that havebeen installed on yourdevice for a long time and apps that haven’tbeen used in a while.*About access authority[Required accessauthorities]- Internetaccess: a network connection is required formalicious codescanning in the cloud and offline engineupdates.​​[Optional accessauthorities]- Storage: access is neededfor malicious code scanningin storage during a full scan.- ReadingSMS: needed for scanningtext messages including URLs during asmishing scan.- Call: neededfor deleting call history in theoptimization settings.​​■ You canuse LINE Antivirus withoutagreeing to the optional accessauthorities, but some features willbe unavailable.Keep yoursmartphone safe! We hope you enjoy usingLINE Anti-Virus!
GO Security-AntiVirus, AppLock, Booster 1.66.3
Featuring AV-Test FULL SCORE antivirus engine, GOSecurity(AntiVirus, AppLock, Booster) is the most focused &leadingsecurity app. 10+ million downloads, GO Security(AntiVirus,AppLock, Booster) provides all-in-one mobile phonesecuritysolution, including malware, fake apps, Trojandetection.Furthermore, memory booster, battery saver, applock andsafebrowser are strengthened to make the phone safer and fasterGOSecurity Highlights: Leading Virus Detecting Engine -Theadvancedvirus detecting engine, keeping virus data newer thannormalsecurity apps Advanced Real-time Protection - blocksmalwareinvasion from every angle, with very little consumption -thebattery friendly security app on market All-around AppLock -Lockevery app you want to hide from your family & friends,keepingyour privacy utterly safe GO Security Features: ★LeadingAntivirusEngine: AV-Test Double 5 Star (Full Score) engine, hasalreadydetected more than 1 million Android malwares and high riskapps.With unique new virus detecting tech the engine is growingevenstronger with near 1000 new malwares found everyday.★Real-timeProtection: 24/7 protect your device from potentialthreats, detectvirus even in time. ★AppLock: Worried aboutgirlfriend or boyfriendsnooping on your social applications?Frightened aboutparents/friends checking your photo gallery? Lockthem all rightnow with AppLock ★Privacy Cleaner: Need to go tosensitive websitesnow and then but don’t want anybody else to know?We help cleanthese tracks to protect from privacy leak ★JunkCleaner: Devicegetting slower and storage gets lower? We clean allkinds of junkincluding app junk and ads junk, making system asclean as new★Safe Browser: Safe and private mobile browser whichcan protectyou from malicious threats and still give you rapidbrowsing speed★: Notification Manager: Too many noisingnotification? It can hidethe unwanted messages for a quiet world ★:Phone Alarm: Avoidsomeone stealing your phone without yourpermission. When youactivate it, it can detect motion when someonetries to move yourphone There will be ad content shown in certainscenes in our app.For more details, visit Thisapp uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. Open this permissioncan prevent othersfrom uninstalling Go Security easily. ContactUs: Email:[email protected]: website:
Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus
Webroot Inc.
Webroot antivirus, internet security, and identityprotectionWebrootSecureAnywhere® Mobile Free keeps you secure whenbrowsing,shopping, and banking on your Android™ device.AV TESTCertified with100% malicious app detectionOver 1.5 million mobiledevices areprotected by Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile - getprotectednow.MOBILE SECURITY► Automatically scans apps for malwareandviruses► Set it and forget it – continuous protectionwithoutbattery drain, interruptions or slowdowns► Real-timeanti-phishingidentifies and blocks fake websites that trick youinto enteringyour personal information► Warns you about infectedwebsites beforeyou visit them► Blocks unwanted calls and textmessages► Socialnetwork protection including Facebook andTwitterRAVE REVIEWS★Named One of the PCWorld's Best Free AndroidApps -PCWorld★“Webroot offers advanced features not found incompetingproducts.”—PC Magazine★ “Best of the security applicationsforAndroid phones.”—Tech of Web★ “A must forAndroidusers.”—Uberphones PAID FEATURESFor the following enhancedmobileantivirus and other premier security features, please visitWebrootSecureAnywhere® Mobile•DeviceWipe – Remotely erase your data from the device if lost orstolen •SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks your device when theSIM card isremoved • Network Monitor – Provides details of appsthat areaccessing the network • Battery Monitor – Provides batterystatusand power usage by apps• App Inspector – Scans all appsandidentifies those that can: - Access your email and SMS messages-Cost you money - Access sensitive information - Track yourlocation- Drain your battery*This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.LEARN MORE• More info on WebrootSecureAnywhereMobile:•Troubleshootissues with installation or loggingin:•Needsupport?:
Antivirus Free - Virus Cleaner
★ Fast and Professional, Antivirus Free gives you the mosteffectivedual-engine protection - Completely Free! Highlights:►Professionalengine: Professional search algorithm both on deviceand Cloudenables rapid scanning and in-depth virus detection.►Lightweight:Consumes very few phone memory. Features: ►ONE-TAPSCAN One simpletap to start the scan, which takes only a coupleseconds to finish.►CLOUD SCAN Cloud engine rapidly reacts tolatest threats, keepingyour phone safe all the time ►REAL-TIMEPROTECTION The scan isautomatically initiated when an app isinstalled, keeping yourdevices safe.
AVL 2.7.1
AVL Team
**********************************************************************************************************************************Ourproduct has won The AV-TEST AWARD FOR BEST PROTECTION 2013onAndroid operating system. You can get the details fromAV-TEST'swebsite :**********************************************************************************************************************************Youcan get the updated version of AVL which called AVLPRO onthissite: try, hope it can "pro" your mobile and bring you morewonderfulexperience.**********************************************************************************************************************************Inorder to have better communication with our customers, ourcompanyhas decided to use a more capable email,here is our newemailaddress: [email protected]; Please kindly update in yoursystem.We are deeply sorry for all the inconveniences that it maybecaused.**********************************************************************************************************************************AVLis the antivirus software produced by AVL Team that isapplicablefor Android system. This is the App that displays themobileantivirus engine of AVL SDK, which provides the basicfunctionalityof virus scan to protect your Android system andapplicationprograms. AVL SDK Mobile provides abundantconfiguration options ofdetection switch which scan the maliciouscodes of smart phones atdifferent levels, through which canbalance the scan speed anddetection capability. * ComprehensiveDetection AVL SDK Mobile candetect and analyze different fileformats, such as APK, SIS, SISX,XAP, and CAB. It can also detectexecutable files such as DEX, ELF,EPOC and PE; * EfficientDetection AVL SDK Mobile is optimized onits structure, efficiencyand the size of signature codes, so it isresource-saving andenergy-saving. With its well-designed scanalgorithms, it ensuresthe high-speed detection. * Strong SupportSystem Based on theAntiy sample capture system, it can sort andanalyze more than10,000 samples per day via the automatic analysisstreamline. Withthe support of the manual analysis, it can detectthe maliciouscodes timely and provide 24*7 signature updateservices to ensurethat AVL SDK Mobile is equipped with the latestdetectioncapability of malicious codes. For moreinformation: Or E-mail: [email protected]
Security Antivirus 2018 2.0.1
Antivirus & Security 2018//Monitoring infectioncontrol,prevention and innovation of Android antivirus.//Antivirus2018 ,Antivirus 2017 protects against viruses and othermalwareinspection program is designed to eliminate.Secure Antivirus2018,the second loss of innovation. Infections and infections ofcaremonitoring tablet series, Trojan horses, malware,spyware.Antivirus software to identify malicious use. Every timeyou use adifferent program. Mobile Security antivirus program willrecognizethe infection.Trojans, malware, spyware, Trojan infectionslikeTrojan horses. Application fleet consists ofcontinuousmonitoring.Anti-virus database itself naturally.Security2018 comeswith anti-virus functionality.The main functions of theprogram.-ScanThis is an anti-virus scanner for the protection oftheapplication of each mobile phone.- However, help is easy touse.-Gadgets for Android (Multi / tablet).- Quick ScanAntivirus2018 forequipment to detect any virus.- ProtectionReal-time.Antivirus forAndroid, app scanner is a very fast, notslow jam jar.Thank you forDownload.
Webroot SecureWeb Browser
Webroot Inc.
Webroot SecureWeb™ Browser provides a feature-rich securewebbrowser, including: ►Protection for your identity andfinancialinformation from malicious websites when usingtheInternet►Password management is supported on your mobile devicesothat passwords can be securely accessed while on the go whenpairedwith Webroot Internet Security Plus or Internet SecurityCompletefor your PC.►Real-time protection and alerts of virusesandpotentially malicious websites from Webroot’s advancedURLreputation database ►Tabbed browsing featuresimplifiesmultitasking and navigation onlineSurf with confidencewith theprotection of the cloud managed Webroot SecureWebbrowser.LearnMore•Support:•PrivacyPolicy:
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security
Kaspersky Lab
⭐ Free antivirus and phone security solution for Android™ devicesbyKaspersky Lab ⭐ Kaspersky Internet Security for Android isaFREE-to-download antivirus solution to help keep phones andtablets– that can be even more vulnerable than your computer – aswell asyour private information secure from online dangers. Our newAppLock feature also protects personal data from prying eyes.Productfeatures Background check — scans for viruses, spyware andTrojansAntivirus protection — acts as a virus cleaner &automaticallyblocks malware from phones & tablets App Lock —lets you add asecret code to access your private messages, photosand more Findmy phone — tracks & finds your Android phone ortablet if it’slost or stolen Anti-Theft — protects vulnerablepersonalinformation from prying eyes Anti-Phishing — keeps yourfinancialinformation secure while shopping & banking onlineCall blocker— blacklists unwanted phone calls and text/spammessages Web filter— filters out dangerous links & sites whilesurfing the WebKaspersky Internet Security for Android includes: 🔍Backgroundcheck Our antivirus for Android scans downloaded apps formalware,spyware and other infections using a background check togive youprofound virus protection & keep your devices secureagainstdigital threats. 🛡 Antivirus protection If the backgroundcheckdetects malware, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android actsas avirus cleaner by blocking viruses and dangerous apps, linksandfiles. 🔑 App Lock Our App Lock feature protectsprivatecommunication & financials with a secret code toaccessconfidential apps you have selected and hides sensitivedata(messages, photos, files and more) on your device fromwronghands.* 📱 Find my phone Kaspersky Internet Security forAndroidhelps you track and find your lost phone or tablet. You canturn onan alarm on the device remotely, lock and locate your phone,wipepersonal information (messages, photos and videos) and takeamugshot of the person using your device if it’s stolen.🕵Vulnerable personal data, privacy protection Our solutionforAndroid helps protect privacy and defend against identitytheft.Hide your contacts, phone calls and text messages from pryingeyes,protect vulnerable personal information and control whatothers cansee if they pick up your device.* 📵 Unwanted calls andSMS blockingIt includes a tool to blacklist unwanted calls,messages and spamon Android devices. You can set filtering rulesfor incoming callsand SMS texts, add unsolicited contacts to ablacklist, block SMStexts with ads and detect spam from non-numericnumbers. 🌍 Blockingdangerous sites and links during Web surfing Ourpowerful antivirusfor Android protects your device from Internetthreats while youare surfing the Web - by blocking phishing andother dangerouslinks.* That’s why our virus cleaner grants youprofound virusprotection & helps keep your vulnerable financialdata andprivacy secure while making purchases online. ⌚ Support ofAndroidWear to control your security status Using voice control youcanactivate the ‘Find my phone’ function, run a scan forviruses,spyware, malware and other threats, get protection statusupdates.* Functionality is available only in Premium version. Thisapp usesthe Device Administrator permission and Accessibilityservices.
Antivirus System 1.5
Download and install this free antivirus tool, then relaxandenjoy!Antivirus System offers protection against threatsthattarget Android OS.Get the best protection against harmfulvirusinfections, trojans and suspicious files, including quick realtimeapp scanning.This free protection tool, is verylightweight.Doesn't overload traffic and its virus data base iscontinuouslyupdated.With just a few seconds scanner, you willprotect yourdevice and keep all your private data!Feel confident tobrowse theweb, as never before, aware of its vulnerabilities andthreats!Thisapp will act as a virus tracker, boosting yourdevice.AstonishingAntivirus System features:- Complete security andprotection –strong virus detection- Resource usage - Protectingyour Androiddevice is important, but doing it while using as littleresourceand memory, is even better- Fantastic user interface –extremelyuser friendly, nice and well organized- Antivirus databaseupdatedregularly- Very lightweight and fast- Realtime securityscanner -Scan installed apps, memory card content and newdownloaded files-Suitable for any Android device- System cleaner-CompletelyfreeBecause we care, you'll be security aware!OurAntivirus forAndroid System and devices is 100% Free on Google Play– Install itand feel finally safe!
Lock Screen - PIP Themes 1.3
Lock screenLock Screen - PIP ThemesLock Screen protect yourmobilesecurity with screen lock(Lock Screen - PIP Theme) .Locksyourphone with password or pattern lock , download the app andlockscreen now !Lock Screen PIP photo is easy password withoutpatternpassword lock for phone ,
CM Security Lite - Antivirus 1.0.2
Lowest Power Consumption and Lowest Memory Usage –Exclusivelydesigned for phones with memory less than 1GBSmallestInstallationPackage (1.28MB) – The lightest mobile security tool#1AntivirusEngine Inside – Trusted by 500 million users Highlights ofCMSecurity Lite: ☆ #1 antivirus engine: Powered by both localandcloud engines, and supported by experience with 500,000,000usersand 16-years of history in the PC & mobile securityindustries.Repeatedly ranked first in tests carried out by AV-TESTandAV-Comparatives.  ☆ Multi-layer protection: Fixsystemvulnerabilities and scan new apps, file systems and websitestoensure your device's safety and your privacy in real-time. ☆Fastand handy: Scanning takes just seconds, faster than other paidantivirus scanners. CM Security is also lightweight, taking up halfasmuch phone memory as other antivirus apps . ► APP &SYSTEMSCANNER Scan pre-installed and installed apps and the filesystemto keep your phone safe from virus, trojan, vulnerability,adware,malware and spyware. ► SD CARD SCAN Scan external SDcardsthoroughly to detect and delete threats. ► ON-INSTALL SCANPreventharm to your device with real-time scanning of newapplications andupdates. ► SCHEDULED SCAN Routine automaticscanning allows forpassive security. Our Google+ Betacommunity:
F-Secure Mobile Security 17.4.0014017
F-Secure Mobile Security for Smartphone & TabletFromF-Secure,the EUROPEAN, AWARD-WINNING SECURITY COMPANY. Protectyoursmartphone or tablet, and the personal content on it.Bankingprotection, browsing protection, anti-theft, parentalcontrol, appscanning, and more. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE. No ads!Easy-to-use.KEYFEATURES:• APPLICATION PRIVACY shows which apps area risk to yourprivacy, and which permissions they use• BANKINGPROTECTION givesyou extra protection for your online banking(Google Chrome, SafeBrowser and Dolphin)• BROWSING PROTECTION foryour favorite browser(Google Chrome, your Android browser, orDolphin)• SECURITY CODERESET in case you forget your code•ANTI-THEFT protects your devicein the event of loss or theft byletting you lock the device,locate it, sound the alarm or eraseyour content from it• APPSCANNING AND APPLICATION PRIVACY protectyou against harmful apps•ONLINE IDENTITY PROTECTION protects youronline identity• BLOCKUNWANTED CALLS• PARENTAL CONTROL protectsyour children fromunsuitable web content and applications• BROWSINGPROTECTION forsafe web browsing, shopping and bankingonlineF-Secure is aninternationally recognized EUROPEAN securitysolution developerthat protects millions of mobile and computerusers daily.If yourdevice gets lost or stolen, you can remotelylock your device,locate it, sound its alarm, or erase your datafrom it. Withantivirus and web browsing protection, you’reprotected againstviruses, spyware, hacker attacks and onlineidentity theft. WithF-Secure Mobile Security, you can browse, shopand bank online inpeace. It also blocks unwanted calls, andprotects you frommalicious apps by showing you which apps on yourdevice are a riskto your privacy.Protect your children frominappropriate websiteswith parental control, which lets youmoderate their online life.Easy to install and use without slowingdown your device, F-SecureMobile Security will protect you.Ourcustomer support is ready tohelp you with any questions. Contactinformation:http://support.f-secure.comDATA PRIVACYCOMPLIANCEF-Secure alwaysapplies strict security measures toprotect the confidentiality andintegrity of your personal data. Seethe full privacy policyhere: APPUSES THEDEVICE ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSIONDevice Administrator rightsarerequired for the application to perform and F-Secure is usingtherespective permissions in full accordance to Google Playpoliciesand with active consent by the end-user. The DeviceAdministratorpermissions are used for Antitheft and ParentalControl features,in particular: • Remote alarm, wipe and locatefunctionalities usedin Antitheft feature • Preventing children fromremoving theapplication without parental guidance • BrowsingProtectionTHIS APPUSES ACCESSIBILITY SERVICESThis app usesAccessibility services.F-Secure is using the respective permissionswith active consent bythe end-user. The Accessibility permissionsare used for ParentalControl feature, in particular: • Allowing aparent to protectchild from unsuitable web content • Allowing aparent to applydevice and apps usage restrictions for a child. WiththeAccessibility service applications usage can be monitoredandrestricted.
MAX Optimizer- Space Cleaner, Antivirus & Booster
ONE App Ltd.
Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus – MAX, the most powerfulAndroidmobile cleaner app with Phone Speed Booster, Free Antivirus,JunkCleaner, Virus Cleaner, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver and AppCachecleaner. Optimize you Android phone! 🆕 MAX Phone Manager -Cleanjunk files by Category, free up space on my android phone!🚀SuperAntivirus Cleaner, Antivirus apps- MAX, the best androidmobilecleaner and booster, phone cleaner, and antivirus forandroidpacked with virus detector, virus scanner and virusremover!Getting laggy all the time with your Android mobile phone?Get MAXcleaner for android, booster for android phone, junkclean&antivirus software! Virus Cleaner - Antivirus for androidprovidesfree antivirus protection, speed up phone, clean up virus,cleanjunk files, cool down CPU, optimize memory, save battery powerlongtime and free up ram. Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus 2018-MAX, the best cleaner apps for Android mobile! SuperAntivirusCleaner, Antivirus - MAX Highlight Features : ★ JunkCleaner Mobilecleaner app, scan and clean junk files, clean myandroid. Also anApp Cache cleaner. One tap to clean junk files,free up space, freeup ram and boost phone speed. Super AntivirusCleaner, Antivirus -MAX, the best phone cleaner and virus cleanerbooster app. ★ OneTap Booster MAX Booster Clean background apps inone tap to free upstorage space on mobile phone and speed up phone.★ Phone Security(Antivirus for Android)  Protect your phoneagainst virus andmalware. Virus Cleaner – MAX Antivirus, one of thebest virusremoval for android.  ★ CPU Cooler Close overheatingapps tocool down phone. Save battery life long time. ★ BatterySaverAutomatically clean battery-draining process to save batterylife.Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus - MAX, the best optimizerforAndroid: Junk Files Cleaner  Super AntivirusCleaner,Antivirus - MAX speed up your phone and improve theperformance byscanning junk files (system and app cache, residualfiles). Appcache cleaner can clean junk files to free up storageand optimizephone performance. Boost Up Speed  Free up ram ofAndroidphone and save battery with Android booster: SuperAntivirusCleaner, Antivirus - MAX. Create a 1-tap booster shortcuton homescreen to speed up phone more efficiently. MAX Booster cleanupyour phone. Mobile Security & Free Antivirus  MAXSecurityantivirus app(virus remover for android) with #1 enginecertifiedby AVTEST provides a reliable security solution.Automatically scanfor malware as a security app. The auto-updatedantivirus softwareengine secures your mobile safety. CPU coolerVirus Cleaner – MAXAntivirus analyzes CPU usage dynamically,detects overheating apps,and closes them to immediately cool downyour phone. Save BatteryLife Super Antivirus Cleaner, Antivirus -MAX can analyze batterystatus and stop battery draining apps tosave battery, extendbattery.  Organize Notifications SuperAntivirus Cleaner,Antivirus - MAX mute unwanted app notificationsand put them in AppOrganizer. Manage All Apps  Super AntivirusCleaner, Antivirus- MAX can find rare-used app uninstall multipleapps in one click.MAX also helps to manage APK files. Find out morein SuperAntivirus Cleaner, Antivirus - MAX!  Let us knowyoursuggestions. Feedback address:[email protected]+:
Avast Mobile Security 2018 - Antivirus & App Lock 6.11.6
Protect against viruses & other types of malware withAvastMobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus appforAndroid. Get alerted when you install spyware and adware appsthatviolate your privacy. Secure your devices against phishingattacksfrom email, phone calls, infected websites or SMS messages.TurnVPN on and get around content blocks so you can read, watchandengage with anything you find online – no matter where it’sfrom.With more than 100 million installs, Avast Mobile Security&Antivirus provides much more than just antivirus. Here’s asampleof some of the other features packed into this app: ✔AntivirusEngine ✔ App Lock ✔ Call Blocker ✔ Anti-Theft ✔ PhotoVault ✔ VPN(Virtual private network) ✔ Power Save ✔ PrivacyPermissions ✔Firewall (for rooted Android only) ✔ RAM Boost ✔ JunkCleaner ✔ WebShield ✔ WiFi Security ✔ WiFi Speed Test What’s newVPN (Virtualprivate network) - Hide your online activities andchange yourlocation to access what you want, where you want. We arenowoffering premium features: Anti-Theft: Automatically lockyourdevice on SIM change, and secretly capture photos andaudiorecording of the thief. Sim Security: Register device as lostafterSIM change. App Lock: Retain security and privacy ofsensitivecontent by locking any app with a PIN or touch gesture.Protectyour most used apps and make sure nobody else can accessthem - notyour child or even an intruder. Remove ads: eliminate adsfrom yourAvast Antivirus experience. Avast Direct Support: contactAvastdirectly from the app to receive quick responses to yourinquiries.Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus in detail ■Antivirus Engine:Virus and malware scanner automatically scansforinfected/dangerous apps and Trojans upon first use. IncludesWeb& file scanning for complete mobile protection, andalsoprotects against spyware and viruses. ■ Junk Cleaner:Instantlycleans up unnecessary data, junk files, system caches,gallerythumbnails, installation files, and residual files. ■ CallBlocker:Keep your privacy. Add phone numbers to your blacklist andblockcallers you don’t want contacting you. ■ Web Shield: Scansandblocks malware-infected links, as well as trojans, adware,andspyware (for privacy and safe Web browsing, e.g. Chrome) andalsofixes mistyped URLs. ■ Wi-fi Security: Check the security ofeachnetwork and email, browse and make payments wherever you are.■Photo Vault: allows you to protect access to your photos with aPINcode. After moving photos to the Vault, they are encryptedandhidden. ■ Power Save: reduces your device's battery consumptionbyadjusting set of settings such as the Wi-Fi,synchronization,Bluetooth and screen settings that drain yourbattery the most.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.This permissionallows you to remotely lock and wipe your devicefrom app uses Accessibility permission to protectvisually impairedand other users against phishing attacks andmalicious websites.
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
The most advanced cybersecurity app for Android gives yourdevicesabsolute protection against viruses and malware. To protectyourAndroid after the 14-day trial is over subscribe toBitdefenderMobile Security. NEW! VPN Added Surf the web anonymously&unlock geo-IP restricted content with VPN. Free - 200 MBtraffic /day. Upgrade to PREMIUM VPN and you get: -Unlimitedtraffic-Multiple virtual locations from all over the worldincluding US,UK, IT, AU! Features at a glance: ✔ Malware Scanner -100%detection rate ✔ New: VPN - hide your IP &unlockgeo-restricted content ✔ Account Privacy - verify whetheryouremail account has been breached or not ✔ App Lock - lockyoursensitive apps with a PIN code ✔ Web Security -real-timeprotection for the most popular browsers ✔ Anti-Theft -lock,track, and wipe your phone ✔ WearON - extend BitdefenderMobileSecurity to your smart watch Malware Scanner With anindependentlyproven 100% detection rate, Malware Scanner is alwaysup to datewith the latest intel on viruses and automatically scansapps formalware as you install them. Account Privacy How safe isyour emailaddress? Now you can find out whether your accountdetails havebeen leaked or not by simply running a check withBitdefenderMobile Security. Smart Unlock When you're using atrusted Wi-fisuch as your home hub, Smart Unlock grants you directaccess toyour apps by disabling the PIN. Fingerprint Sensor SupportUnlocksecured apps with the tip of your finger. PIN Timeout30-secondtimeout after 5 consecutive incorrect attempts to accessyour PINprotected apps. Web Security Web Security detects maliciouscontentand keeps your browsing safe for the most popularbrowsers.Anti-Theft Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm, and wipe yourAndroidfrom any Internet connected device. Anti-Theft even allowsyou tolisten in on your phone, and send out SMS commands. It willalsoalert you in case the SIM card has been changed. Snap PhotoYourphone will snap a mugshot of any person who tries to tamperwithyour phone in your absence. WearON Extend BitdefenderMobileSecurity to Android Wear devices. Don’t lose your device withthehelp of and . (Android 4.3 and up required) Please Note! Thisapprequires device admin permission. This app usesAccessibilityservices.
Power Security-Anti Virus, Phone Cleaner 2.0.4
🏆 Google Play top-ranking mobile security antivirus app🏆PowerSecurity is a free antivirus app that deeply scans your deviceforany mobile security threats and protects your Android phonefromvirus, malware, adware and spyware. Power Security is amobilephone security pro & antivirus app, built with powerfulmobilesecurity service, phone cleaner & speed boosterwidgets,especially the security anti virus scanner, mobile viruscleanermaster, phone memory space cleaner, system cache cleanermaster,phone speed booster mobile, and spam call blocker. Besidesmobilevirus scan & free anti virus clean, this free mobilesecurityantivirus protection app offers: • WiFi Scanner &NetworkAnalyzer: for WiFi safety and WiFi speed test/check• CPUCooler Master: cool down phone CPU temperature(monitor)• Battery Saver Pro: effective battery powerconsumption• Notification Manager: clear & full privacyscreenmessage security notification bar • MessageSecurityProtector: hide message content preview on notification barwithmessage security service • Gallery Vault Locker forPrivacyRisk: uses Gallery vault pro full privacy lock to locksecret photoalbum & video, then keep privacy safe • AppLocker forPrivacy Lock: keep sensitive content safe in importantapps withpassword protection • Privacy Cleaner Master: forinternetsecurity to keep privacy safe & web protection forsafebrowsing • Spam Call Blocker: for real-time callsecurity,identify fraud call numbers and auto block spamcalls/unwantedcalls • Phone Status Monitor: for Androidphone's real-timestatus monitor & mobile security antivirusPower Security -Antivirus, Phone Cleaner Master & Phone SpeedBooster PowerSecurity is a top antivirus app with mobile securityservice &antivirus engine that deeply scans virus for mobilesecurity riskand ensures Android phone security with anti virusprotection,malware protection, anti-spyware detector, privacy risk&adware blocker. 1. Anti Virus Protection with Mobile VirusScanner,Virus Detector & Virus Remover This phone security pro&free antivirus app will protect device safety withantivirusengine, WiFi spyware detector, trojan, anti malwareprotection andantivirus scanner & anti virus cleaner, whichkeep device fromphone security threat & privacy risk. Full antivirusprotection deep scanning: • Phone virus detector,virusremover & virus killer is for mobile virus clean, virusscanand anti malware removal • WiFi spy/safety scanning isforDNS/SSL hijacking, app attack & WiFi password encryptioncheck• Online safety/threat scanning is for web protection&use privacy cleaner to remove full privacy risk 2. Real-timeMobilePhone Security Service & Protection App This mobilesecurityantivirus app will deeply scan installed apps in real time,and doauto virus scan & virus clean, anti-spyware and antimalwareremoval. 3. WiFi Safety Check & Speed Analyzer Thismobilephone security pro & free antivirus app will detectandidentify phishing Wi-Fi network, monitor network trafficandprotect phone's online safety with security service & antiWiFispy. 4. Powerful Phone Speed Booster & RAM BoosterPowerSecurity phone booster mobile will kill background app, cleanappcache & boost mobile phone speed. 5. System Cache CleanerPro& Junk Cleaner Master Phone memory full? No phone storagespacefor photos? Need to clear/clean cache? You can do phone memoryfulldeep file scan, clear cache & clean junk files withPowerSecurity phone cleaner master, to release phone memory space.6.Smart App Locker for App Lock App Locker is a smart applockforprivacy lock with password protection. It locks important appstoprotect privacy lock information & keep privacy safe. *Callblocker needs permissions to access your phone & readcallhistory & contacts. * Email: [email protected]
Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster
Hi Security ( Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock & Booster )isone of the 🏆TOP rated (4.8★★★★★) free antivirus andsecurityapplications for Android phones, enjoyed by 90 millionusersworldwide. Hi Security - the best choice for a safer, fasterandsmoother phone experience. Hi Security's Key Features DoubleEngineAntivirus - Super powerful virus detector and mobile threatremoverSuper Cleaner - Remove all junk and cache files effectivelyPhoneBooster - Significantly boost mobile to get it running fasterandsmoother CPU Cooler - Optimize CPU usage and stop overheatingappsto cool down CPU temperature File Scan - Scan both the internalandSD card App Lock - Protect sensitive apps with well-designedthemesNotification Cleaner - Manage and organize notificationsCallBlocking - Block unwanted calls or numbers WiFi Security -WiFispeed test and protect online safety Privacy Cleaner - Cleanupbrowsing and clipboard history Safe Browsing - 24/7 onlinesecurityprotection Quick Charge Master - Charge battery quicklyHiSecurity's function details 🌟 Powerful Antivirus Protection -SuperVirus Cleaner Hi Security is powered by McAfee - thehighlyproductive anti virus engine - protecting your phonefromransomware, extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans.Throughour official partnership with Intel Security, Hi Security isableto offer a world-class antivirus protection serviceglobally.🌟Super Clean – Junk Cleaner & Cache File Cleaner Cleanappcache, residual files, ad junk, unused package and memorycache.Efficiently remove the junk files that occupy your memoryandstorage space. Clean up all junks with one-tap, free up morespaceand boost phone speed. 🌟 Phone Speed Booster - Accelerate&Boost Phone Boost mobile to get it running faster andsmoother.Efficiently utilize your phone's memory and speed up yourdevices.Improve phone performance with one tap accelerationbooster. 🌟 AppLock - Smart App Lock with Stylish lock Themes WithHi Security(App Lock), you can add extra password protection tosensitiveapps. Lock your private apps by using fingerprint, patternor PINand keep your secret safe from snoopers. 🌟 NotificationCleaner -Notification & Message Control Centre Manage andorganizenotifications effectively, reduce interruptions, create asmooth,clean and fast phone experience. 🌟 CPU Cooler - CoolDownTemperature Detect and clean apps that causeoverheating.Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detects appshighlyconsuming CPU and starts a cooling progress, effectivelyreduce thephone temperature. 🌟 Call Blocking - Block calls Blockall unwantedcalls. You can add numbers or contacts to the blocklistat anytime. Your blocked call history can also be reviewed later. 🌟WiFiSpeed Test and Security Hi Security protects your onlinesecurity.Test speed, detect WiFi spy and protect your WiFi. 🌟ScheduledVirus Scan Automatically scan your phone daily, weekly ormonthly.🌟 Deep Scan - Scanning and Examining Files Scanning boththeinternal device storage and SD cards. Remove viruses andthreatsfrom your mobile phone. 🌟 Safe Browsing - For Real-TimeOnlineProtection Block malicious URLs and protect yourselfagainstphishing websites with instant warning notifications. FindHiSecurity on ⒻFacebookⓉTwitter Official Customer ServiceWhatsApp+8618511349959 We look forward to hearing from you. Let'skeep intouch! If you have any questions or suggestions, please sendus anemail at [email protected]
DU Antivirus Security - Applock & Privacy Guard 3.3.2
100% Free antivirus and mobile security solution for AndroiddevicesPowered by Pro Cloud Technology! Du Antivirus is aFREE-to-downloadantivirus app to help protect your phones and padsfrom variety ofvirus threats, as well as your privacy and yourpersonalinformation. Du Antivirus key features ► Scan for viruses,malware,spyware and Trojans - with latest antivirus database ►Automaticallyvirus detection and virus removal from Android phones& tablets► Protect your vulnerable personal information fromspyware ►AppLock Intruder Selfie ► Hide your personal photos &videos infile locker ► Manage your contacts fast & Hide yoursecret calls► Block unwanted spam calls (this function does NOTcollect userdata) Why Download Du Antivirus? ★ Award-winningAntivirusprotection Du Antivirus received “The best antivirussoftware forAndroid” award from AV-TEST in 2016, a leadinginternational andindependent service provider in the fields of ITsecurity andanti-virus research based in Germany. Powered by cloudantivirusengines, Du Antivirus provides super-fast virus andmalwaredetection and remove threats and other spyware instantly! ★It’s100% FREE Du Antivirus provides top class security protectionforabsolutely FREE! ★ Find out any thief breaking into your phoneDuAntivirus helps you find your lost phone or tablet. Thisprotectiontool snaps a picture of any thief breaking into yourphone andallows you to turn on an alarm on the device remotely. ★Video &Photo Vault Personal data and privacy protection is ourfirstpriority. Du Antivirus security solution helps you toprotectprivacy and defends you against identity theft. You can hideyourphoto gallery, private videos and images, contacts, privatecallsfrom hackers, protect your vulnerable personal information andputthem into the file locker. ★ Lock your app with password&pattern lock The AppLock feature can easily lockFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram,Gmail,, Clash Royale and any apps & games youchoose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. ★ Unwantedcallsblocking The phone security solution includes a tool toblockunwanted calls on Android devices. You can independentlysetfiltering rules for incoming calls, add unsolicited contacts totheblack list, and detect spam from non-numeric numbers. Thistoolfunctions only as a call blocker and does NOT in any waycollectuser data or affect user privacy. Highlights of DuAntivirusInternet Security for Android ✔ 100% Free virus cleaner:Efficientmalware & spyware removal and antivirus protectionpowered byaward winning anti-virus engines ✔ Worldwide popularity:Trusted by25 million users around the world. ✔ Fast virus scanner:Thank forcloud technology, Du Antivirus is much faster than otherpaid antivirus cleaner. ✔ AppLock & Vault: Lock your privateapps,gallery and games from prying eyes and prevent your childrenfrombuying unwanted apps/games ✔ Clear phone Cache & Junk Files✔Small file size: Less than 10MB ✔ Scan WiFi networks forencryptionissues, weak passwords and other threats For the latestmobilesecurity and protection updates see: Official developerwebsite: OfficialFacebookpage: About developer:DuAntivirus is developed by DU Group, the Leading DeveloperofAndroid Apps, creates innovate, state-of-the-art apps forAndroiddevices that are enjoyed by 850 millions of people! DUAntivirusSecurity greatly respects the privacy and security of itsusers. Wewould like to reassure our users that the issue hasalready beenresolved. We welcome all users to continue protectingtheir Androiddevices with our software in full confidence of theirdata's safetyand security.
Free antivirus and VPN 3.3.6
Download the most complete protection for your Android devicesforfree!Panda Mobile Securityis the free antivirus for AndroidwithVPN that safeguards your privacy by protecting your smartphoneandtablet against viruses, malware and ransomware. And you can useitfrom your Android Wear™ smartwatch too!Panda MobileSecurityincludes:App featuresFREE VPNAvoid prying eyes and accessyourfavorites sites through a private, secure, virtual datatunnel.Don't miss any of your favorite TV shows ever again!•Available forone device• One single default virtual location• 150MB/dayFreeantivirus protection• Real-time scan of every app youdownload andapp updates• Run on-demand scans of files andmultimedia content,even from your smartwatch• Scan any SD card withour antivirusPrivacy auditorThe privacy auditor checks and displaysthe accesspermissions of the apps installed on your Android™ device(accessto contacts, bank accounts, photos, location, etc.).Speed upyourdeviceImprove the speed and performance of your device andreducememory usage by checking app resource consumption inrealtimeAnti-theft and phone locatorProtect and recover your lostorstolen device with the GPS location system:• Locate yourphoneremotely and in real time.• Lock your phone remotely• Wipeallconfidential data from your smartphone remotely• And you canlocateand lock your phone remotely from your smartwatch too.Profeatures•Call blocker: Add phone numbers to your blacklist andblockunwanted calls (requires new permissions: access to the phoneandaccess to contacts).• Theft alerts: If someone steals your phoneortablet, you will get a photo of the thief after threefailedattempts to unlock the device. •App lock: Block access toyour apps(Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) with a security PIN.Protectyour and your family's privacy from prying eyes. • Motionalert: Analarm will warn you if someone picks up your devicewithout yourconsent.• Connect your smartwatch to your phone ortablet: An alarmwill go off if your device moves too far away fromyour watch.•Remote alarm: Set off an alarm on your lost or stolendeviceremotely from your smartwatch. • Remote photo: Take photoswithyour device remotely from your Android Wear™ smartwatch.Thisapprequires Device Manager permissions.
F-Secure SAFE 17.4.0014017
F-Secure SAFE – antivirus and Internet security keeps you andyourpersonal information secure on your Android smartphone ortablet.KEY FEATURES ★ Protect your devices against viruses,spyware,hacker attacks, and identity theft ★ Explore the Internetsafely★Access only safe banking sites (Safe Browser) ★ Locate yourlostdevice and protect the data stored on it ★ Identifyapplicationsthat can access your personal information ★ Blockunwanted calls ★Protect your children from unsuitable web contentwith the newFamily Rules ★ Use on all your devices – Android,Windows, Mac, andiOS★ Available in 30+ languagesSCAN ANDREMOVEAntivirus protectsyou against viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.that may collect anddistribute your personal information, stealyour credit cardnumbers, banking credentials and other valuableinformation,leading to a loss of privacy or money.BROWSING ANDBANKINGPROTECTIONBrowsing protection keeps you safe on theInternet. Itprotects your security and privacy by keeping you awayfrom malwareand phishing sites. Safe Browser also verifies thesafety of thebanking sites you visit.LOCATE, LOCK AND WIPEFinderprovidessecurity for situations where your device is lost orstolen. Itsafeguards your stored personal information by lockingaccess tothe device, by wiping all your information from the deviceandmemory cards, or by helping you to find the device before itfallsinto wrong hands. Control Finder through your personal accountat PROTECT YOUR PRIVACYF-Secure SAFEprotectsyour privacy in multiple ways. Antivirus and Browsingprotectionkeep you away from applications and web pages that mayjeopardizeyour privacy. Application privacy helps you torecognizeapplications that use privacy-relatedpermissionsextensively.PROTECT YOUR CHILDRENF-Secure SAFE respondsto theprotection needs of your entire family. F-Secure SAFEcontains allyou need to protect your children online; browsingprotection,content filter, app control, safe search, time limits,and theFinder features. One protection for you and yourfamily.Forfrequently asked questions and support, please visit oursupportpages: always applies strict security measurestoprotect the confidentiality and integrity of your personaldata.See the full privacy policyhere: APPUSES THEDEVICE ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSIONDevice Administrator rightsarerequired for the application to perform and F-Secure is usingtherespective permissions in full accordance to Google Playpoliciesand with active consent by the end-user. The DeviceAdministratorpermissions are used for Finder and Parental Controlfeatures, inparticular: • Remote alarm, wipe and locatefunctionalities used inFinder feature • Preventing children fromremoving the applicationwithout parental guidance • BrowsingProtectionTHIS APP USESACCESSIBILITY SERVICESThis app usesAccessibility services.F-Secure is using the respective permissionswith active consent bythe end-user. The Accessibility permissionsare used for FamilyRules feature, in particular: • Allowing aparent to protect childfrom unsuitable web content • Allowing aparent to apply device andapps usage restrictions for a child. Withthe Accessibility serviceapplications usage can be monitored andrestricted.
Super Security - Antivirus, Booster & AppLock 1.4.8
Hyper Speed
Professional mobile security app with antivirus software,phonesecurity, cleaner and booster. Free Antivirus Download foryourphone security. Super Security – Antivirus for Android, thebestmobile antivirus app with Virus protection, Virus Cleaner,CleanBooster, Security Guard, Junk Cleaner, CPU Cooler. Say hi tobestantivirus booster for android and go to download the freeantivirusand power security apps.
 Professional antivirus boostersecurityscan for Android mobile, totally for FREE now.
 ImpressiveFeaturesof Super Security apps and antivirus software: ✔ DeviceSecurity& Virus Protection: Virus cleaner with huge virusdatabases,TOP AV-TEST recognized security scan and virus removalfor android.✔ Junk Cleaner: Scan and remove junk filesautomatically. Cleanjunk files, free up storage space and boostphone speed! ✔ AndroidPhone Booster: Speed up phone by killingbackground apps in onetap. Free up storage space on phone. ✔ AppLock: Your privacy guardand phone security app. Virus remover andfree antivirus downloadapps. Everything you need for mobilesecurity is packed in SuperSecurity - the free antivirus forandroid and security apps! SuperSecurity = Antivirus + App Lock +Booster + Cleaner + PhoneSecurity Guard ★ Antivirus - Ensure yourdevice security SuperSecurity – Antivirus Software is yourprofessional security scan.Super Security and antivirus protectsmobile phone from viruses,malware and spyware. Super Security andantivirus is the freeantivirus app with virus cleaner and cleanbooster. ★ App Lock -Lite yet powerful security app Super Securityand antivirus helpsyou lock private apps to keep others from yourprivacy. App lock(Security Guard) allows users to lock up privateapps by setting uppassword or graphic gesture and preventunauthorised access toguard your privacy and ensure your phonesecurity. ★ Booster
SuperSecurity (Booster and Cleaner, Antivirus,Device Security) andantivirus free up storage space on phone andclean up memory byAntivirus android booster. Super Security, thebest phone boosterand antivirus for android, can speed up phonemore efficiently with1-tap booster on home screen. ★ Cleaner SuperSecurity (Antivirusfor Android) and antivirus is also a mobilephone cleaner app, ithelps you free up storage space on phone andoptimize Androidmobile phone performance. Super Security andantivirus can improvephone performance and speed up phone. SuperSecurity - antivirusand phone boost cleaner for android, the bestAndroid securityantivirus and mobile phone booster app. Now come tosay hi to thesuper safe 2018 Super Security! Super Security (Virusremover andBooster for Android), more than mobile phone cleaner,androidbooster, virus protection, app lock, antivirus app andmobilesecurity apps! Super Security (antivirus free and antimalware)provides security service, virus cleaner, and virus removalforandroid. It clean junk files, boost and cool down your phone.
Avira Antivirus Security 2018 4.2
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. You’ve foundthebest free antivirus, mobile security, privacy, and anti-theftappfor Android: Avira Antivirus Security. Your photos,contacts,emails and credit card numbers are on your phone. In thisera ofleaks, Avira Antivirus Security ensures that your phone’scontents(very personal data) stay secure. More than a freeantivirus appfor malware/spyware removal, our full-featured freemobile securityapp provides safe browsing and remote anti-theftfeatures to trackand find your lost/stolen smartphone or tablet.DigitalTrendsReview: “You can trust the free version of Avira tokeep yourAndroid smartphone or tablet safe. It has a lightfootprint interms of performance and a sleek, minimalist design…”(Top 5Android Security Apps, AVIRA ANTIVIRUSSECURITY– MAIN FEATURES • Shields your devices against spyware andmalware• Helps you find, track, and recover your lost or stolenphone •Protects your personal and private data (photos, chats,emails,etc.) from breaches and theft • Shows how each of yourappscollects sensitive data • Blocks unauthorized access to otherappsinstalled on your device • Designed to be light onsystemresources, to help save your battery power ANTIVIRUS &PRIVACYPROTECTION • Automatically scans apps and their updates forhiddenmalware • Scans external storage units (e.g. SD memory cards)•Shows how each app rates on a privacy scale according to howmuchdata it collects ANTI-RANSOMWARE Avira Antivirus Securitypreventsransomware from encrypting your phone and taking your dataand appshostage. Our technology blocks millions of ransomwareattemptsevery month, averting damages of over €300 per attack.ANTI-THEFT& RECOVERY TOOLS • Triggers a loud siren to locatedevice (e.g.deep in the sofa cushions) • Tracks phone location on amap (‘cellphone tracker’ in the USA, ‘mobile tracker’ elsewhere) •Locksspecified apps to prevent their unauthorized access • Promptstheperson who finds your phone to contact you • Remotely locksorwipes the device memory to secure your privacy IDENTITYSAFEGUARD& BLACKLIST Concerned that your email may have beenhacked orotherwise compromised? Identity Safeguard tells you ifthat’s thecase. • Checks if you or your contacts’ email addresseshave beenleaked in a 3rd party security breach • Notifies yourcontacts iftheir email addresses have been compromised • Lets youblacklistunwanted contact from particular numbers WEB-BASEDMANAGEMENTPORTAL Web-based controls give you remote access to allyoursecurity settings and remote functions (e.g. siren, memorywipe,track location on map) • Oversee multiple devices(cross-platform)through the web-based portal LANGUAGES English,German, French,Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese,Russian, Polish,Turkish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (simplifiedandtraditional), Indonesian. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
 Android 4.0.3 –7.1Designed for use on most Android smartphones and tablets(includingSamsung, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Sony, TCL, Coolpad, ZTE,Acer, Asus,Toshiba). NOTE: SMS message blocking functionality isunavailablefor Android v4.4 “Kit-Kat” devices. GET PRO! – PREMIUMVERSION
(via in-app purchase) NEW! Camera Protection: Control whichappshave access to your camera Additional browser security –Blocksinfected websites at the browser level and providesphishingprotection More-frequent updates – Ensures that yourprotection isalways up-to-date against new ‘zero-day’ malwarestrains Premiumsupport – Avira’s team of security experts offertop-notch techsupport This app is included in the Avira Primesubscriptionservice. For more on this, please visit
Hi Security Lite - Antivirus, Booster & App Lock
Hi Security is a world-class FREE Antivirus protectionprogram,protecting your Android devices from all virus attacks,privacysnoopers and WiFi spies. Hi Security Lite (Antivirus,Booster, AppLock, Privacy Clean, WiFi Security) is absolutely free.★ A WorldClass Antivirus Engine - Virus Cleaner Hi Securityprovides acontinuously growing, cloud-based anti virus databasewhichprovides you with secure Android experience without anythreats(malware, Trojans or any extortion viruses).The antivirusengineeffectively scans and kills all Android viruses on yourinternaldevice storage and SD cards. ★ Phone Speed Booster -Accelerate& Boost Mobile Boost mobile phone to get it runningfaster andsmoother. Efficiently utilize your phone's memory andspeed up yourdevices. Improve phone performance with one tapaccelerationbooster. Faster and better. ★ App Lock - PrivacyProtection withstylish themes You can secure sensitive apps. Thispassword isdifferent from your phone unlock password, which givesyour devicean extra level of security. Unlock your private appsbyfingerprint, pattern or PIN. ★ WiFi Security and WiFi Speed TestHiSecurity protects your device online from insecure publicWiFi& phishing hotspot by detecting DNS/SSL hijacking andARPspoofing. Test WiFi speed, detect WiFi intruders and encureyournetwork safety. ★ User Friendly, Super-Fast, Energy-EfficientandTiny Hi Security Lite only takes a few seconds to examineyourentire phone. High performance but require less memoryconsumption.★ Multi-Lingual Support - English,Português(Brasil),Português(Portugal), Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica),Pусский, Français, Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk,Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى,ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, Malay, 한국의,日本語, 中文简体 and 中文繁體.Find Hi SecurityLiteonⒻFacebookⓉTwitter Security Lite'sFacebookgroup lookforward tohearing from you.Let's keep in touch!
Anti-virus Dr.Web Light 11.0.3
Features and Advantages • Quick or full file system scans, aswellas custom scans, of user-specified files and folders. TheSpIDerGuard monitor scans file systems in real-time whenever anattemptis made to store files and applications in the device’smemory. •Neutralisation of ransomware lockers: malicious processesareterminated even if a device is locked; lockers not yet presentinthe Dr.Web virus database are blocked; data remainsintact,eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom. • TheuniqueOrigins Tracing™ technology is used to detect new, unknownmalware.• Detected threats are moved to the quarantine from whichisolatedfiles and applications can be restored, if needed. •Minimal impacton system performance. • Restrained use of batteryresources. •Frugal data usage due to the small size of the virusdatabaseupdates—a big plus for users whose mobile device plans haveusagelimits. • Detailed statistics reveal what threats havebeendetected and what actions have been taken with them. • Aconvenientand informative widget for working with the SpIDer Guardfilemonitor. This version does not include these importantcomponents:the Call and SMS Filter, the Anti-theft, and the URLfilter. Toprotect your mobile device from all types of malware, usethecomprehensive protection solution Dr.Web Security SpaceforAndroid. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
Antivirus - Virus Scanner & Remover 1.1.8
Antivirus - Virus Scanner and Remover for Android authenticatedbythe AV-TEST is the best antivirus app with booster and junkcleanerfor android FREE! Highlights: Real-time Protection –Authenticatedby the AV-TEST, Antivirus protect your device frompotentialthreats. Virus Cleaner - Deep scan and detect virus,spyware,malware, trojans. Quick Virus Scan - Only takes a fewseconds tofulfill the deep virus scanning. Junk Cleaner - Cleanjunk files,residual files and cache to free up storage CPU Cooler -OptimizeCPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPUtemperature.App Lock - Sensitive app lock guards your privacy bysetting uppasswords for any apps. Battery Saver - Automaticallystop batterydraining process to save battery power for longer time.CPU Cooler- Cool down device temperate and reduce CPU usage. ChargeManager -Auto close battery-draining apps while charging topreventoverheating & overcharging. Antivirus – Virus ScannerandRemover will improve your phone performance and makes it brandnew.Faster and deeper scan, better and safer experience. Getthisall-in-one Antivirus - Virus Scanner and Remover right now!
Zemana Antivirus & Security 1.7.3
Zemana Antivirus & Security is designed to protect yourAndroiddevice and tablet from any kind of latest mobile threatssuch asmalware, spyware, virus, keylogger, trojans and to keepyourpersonal data safe with its famous anti-keylogging feature.JoinZemana Antivirus & Security community and: ✔ Scan yourAndroiddevice 5x faster ✔ Efficient adware scanner ✔ Protect yourdevicefrom for malware, spyware, virus, trojans, and phishingattacks ✔Preserve your private data, with our anti-keyloggingfeature*, bycatching malicious keyboard applications, passwordmanagers and SMSapplications(NEW) ✔ Stay safe from latest threatswith ouralways-up-to-date virus database Zemana Antivirus &Securityhas been tested and certified by #1 Antivirus testing houseAVTEST.With Zemana Antivirus & Security your Android device andtabletwill get the most efficient antivirus and privacy protection.It isa lightweight security app that has no impact on your batterylifeand it’s easy to use. ANDROID ANTIVIRUS SECURITY – PREMIUMFEATURES(Try 15 days FREE) ★ Real time protection Automaticallyscans newlyinstalled applications. There is no need to initiatemanual scan inorder to stay safe. Your Android device is protected24/7 fromvirus, malware, trojan, spyware, adware, keylogger and anyothersecurity threat. ★ Automatic DB updates Keeps your Androiddevicestay in sync with the up-to-date threat database so youstayprotected from the latest security threats. ★Anti–Keyloggerprotection* Detects and blocks malicious keyboardapplications,password managers and malicious SMS applications(NEW)that are ableto track everything you type. ★ 24/7 Technical SupportStayworry-free. If a threat emerges that doesn’t want to go away,ourengineers will connect to your Android device and clean upthemalware manually. Install Zemana Antivirus & Security FREEandscan your Android device with the fastest and mosteffectiveantivirus scan and your Android device will always bemalware free.► Upgrade now to Premium version of Zemana Antivirus& Securityand protect multiple devices in your household withadvanced andproactive antivirus security solution. Zemana Antivirus&Security is available in 16 languages: English, Turkish,Spanish,Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Vietnamese, Bengali,Dutch,German, Portuguese, Bosnian, Croatian, Korean, Hungarian *Somelegitimate keyboard applications are modified by hackerswhichgives them access to track everything you type; due totheanti-keylogger they will be detected and blocked byZemanaAntivirus & Security as malicious. For the latestantivirus andsecurity updates see:
Epic Security ( Clean Virus )– Cleaner, Antivirus 1.0.57
Epic Security (Virus Cleaner, Super Junk Cleaner, Booster,BatterySaver, App Lock & Message Security) is a free andprofessionalsecurity application which could protect your privacyand keep yourphone safe from virus or malicious apps. Epic Security- Privacyprotector, Virus Cleaner, Space Cleaner, Booster, BatterySaver -that makes your phone faster and safer. Epic Security’sKeyFeatures: Top Engine Antivirus & Deep File Scan -- PoweredbyTOP Antivirus Lab Super Cleaner -- Remove all useless files,including cache files , residual files etc. Phone booster &CPUCooler & Battery Saver Safe Browsing -- OnlineSecurityprotection Message Security -- Prevent others from peepingyourmessage notifications! App Locker -- Privacy protectorWIFISecurity -- Detect potential network spy Notification Cleaner--Block annoying notifications Epic Security usesaccessibilityservices. After accessibility permission is granted,stubbornsystem cache can be removed thoroughly and poor mobilebattery canbe saved. Virus Cleaner & Deep File Scan - AntivirusWith thesupport of Top Antivirus engine -- AVL , Epic Securitycould removevirus , malware and spyware in real-time to keep yourphone safe24/7! Super Cleaner – All useless files can be detectedand removeby one tap Efficiently detect and remove useless files(app cache,residual files, ad junk, unused package) , Save you tonsofstorage! Phone Booster , Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler Detectallpower consuming apps smartly , Hibernate them and even freezethem.Message Security Avoid privacy exposure by hiding yournotificationpreview to others! App Locker Protect sensitiveinformation bylocking your private apps such Message, etc.Notification Cleaner -Notification & Message Control CentreBlock all uselessnotifications, enjoy a quiet and faster phone.WiFi Security DetectWiFi Spy , Protect your online security! We donot provide theservice/content for any minors under 16 years old(or equivalentminimum age in relevant jurisdiction). If you are aminor meetingthe above conditions, you must read the terms of UserAgreement anduse this app under the guidance of your guardian, andconfirm thatyour guardian agrees to your Use of this app If youhave anyquestions or suggestions, please send us an [email protected] privacypolicy:
Avast Battery Saver
Avast Battery Saver extends your batterylifeby stopping apps that you aren’t using and optimizing yourdevicesettings.You spoke and we listened! The all new Avast Battery Saver 2.0iseasier to use and more powerful than ever, allowing you tostopapps with one tap, speed up your device, and savebatterylife.Squeeze up to 20% more life from your battery by stopping appsthatrun in the background.Don’t let your phone let you down. See how many apps youhaverunning in the background and get regular, accurate estimatesofhow much time you have left on your battery.■ Just open Avast Battery Saver and press “Stop Apps” toimmediatelyboost your phone's performance.■ Thanks to the app’s adaptive energy estimate function, you'llknowjust how much life you have left in your battery.■ Activate pre-configured profiles to optimize your phone’ssettingsto suit your environment.■ Plan when you’ll need to charge your phone based on yourphoneusage.Powerful and easy to use, Avast Battery Saver gives youcompletecontrol over your device.■ Choose from 5 profiles: Smart, Home, Work, Night,andEmergency.■ Use adaptive Smart Profile to let the app adjust yourphone’ssettings according to your regular usage.■ Get alerts to switch to a different profile based on youractivityand battery level.■ Easily switch between profiles and manage them insidetheapp.Avast Battery Saver is the most reliable battery saver initscategory on Google Play. But that doesn’t stop us fromcontinuallyimproving the app’s look and feel and fixing bugs, soyou alwayshave the best experience possible. If you have anycomments orsuggestions, please let us know. We care about yourfeedback!Avast is the world’s most trusted antivirus, with more than230million people around the globe relying on us forprotection.
Bitdefender Antivirus Free 3.4.406
Take Bitdefender’s award-winning antivirus protectionwithyou!Bitdefender's Antivirus Free is a powerful and fastsolutionthat uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm yourAndroiddevice with the very latest industry leading virusdetection.Without slowing down your Android or draining yourbattery. Simplyinstall on your Android and it’s ready to go—nothingto configure.And it's totally free! UnparalleledDetectionAutopilotautomatically scans any new apps that aredownloaded to yourAndroid device for viruses. Antivirus Free usesthe same scanningengines as Bitdefender Mobile Security-ourflagship mobile securityapp that has been independently certifiedto catch more than 99% ofall viruses targeted at Android devices.This powerful scannerkeeps you protected 24/7 against maliciousactivities.Feather-Light PerformanceInstead of downloading andstoring virussignatures directly to Android devices, Antivirus Freeusesin-the-cloud services to check online for the latest safeguardstooutbreaks. This not only results in super-fast scans, but incloseto zero impact on battery life and device performance.Hassle-FreeOperationDon't worry. Ever. You can sleep but Autopilot,a smarton-install scanner that checks all apps for suspiciousactivity,won't. Threats and viruses are blocked before any damageis done.Zero ConfigurationBitdefender Antivirus Free offers youessentialantivirus protection against all Android threats. It isready to goright after installation, acting as an effectiveguardian againstmobile malware. Moreover, the Autopilotautomatically scans any newapps you install. Upgrade to TotalSecurity for AndroidDevicesUpgrade to Bitdefender Mobile Security,and you’ll not onlycontinue to enjoy the same features as above,but also gain anarray of additional cutting-edge capabilities. Theyinclude thereal-time scanning of pages you're viewing online, aswell as theability to lock, locate, and wipe your Android device incase itbecome lost or stolen.Download the 14-day Trial Version now–
Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster (MAX Security) 1.7.0
ONE App Ltd.
MAX Security (Anti Malware & Virus Remover, PhoneBooster,CPU Cooler & AppLock) is the best virus cleaner -antivirussoftware with virus cleaner, phone cleaner,antivirusprotection, boost cleaner & antivirus forAndroidFREE! Looking forward to your reply at PlayStore!Phonegetting stuck with viruses and junk files? Downloadantivirussoftware and booster for androidNOW!MAXSecurity's Highlights:Antivirus App + Security Guard +AndroidBooster + Phone Cleaner + Battery Saver + CPUCooler.MobileSecurity & Antivirus Software - Antivirusdownload, virusscanner and virus removal for Android.JunkCleaner - Scan andclean junk files automatically. Provide youthe best android clean.Completely Clean my Android! Booster App forAndroid - Boostmobile & speed up phone! Free up storagespace on phone in onetap!CPU Cooler - Optimize CPU usage andstop overheating appsto cool down CPU temperature.App Lock -Sensitive applicationlock guard your privacy by preventingunauthorized access.BatterySaver - Automatically stop batterydraining process to savebattery power for long time.Quick ChargeMaster - Auto closebattery-draining apps while charging toprevent overheating &overcharging.MAX Security (Antivirus forandroid), the best cleanerfor android!Features:★ Super VirusCleaner – Anti MalwareMAXSecurity (virus app for android), the bestantivirus app, cleanbooster & antivirus software, acts as avirus remover and viruscleaner, which automatically anti malware,spyware and trojans fromphones. Max Security (antivirus cleaner)protects your androiddevice from harmful viruses and malware 24hours a day. Takeadvantage of our anti virus protection and virusremover forAndroid features, keep your phone in the bestpossiblecondition.★ Super Cleaner - Antivirus for AndroidMAXSecurity- Antivirus Software is not only a virus cleaner. It’s alsoa phonecleaner and booster which helps to reclaim space on Androiddevice.Acting as a cleaner and booster, MAX Security can removejunk,android clean and free up memory space for better usage.MAXSecurity is also capable of one-tap boost and clean whichallowsyou to clean up caches & data and speed up phone inonetap!★ Booster for Android - Super Fast AndroidBoosterMAXSecurity – Booster and Cleaner is the best phone boosterforAndroid. As a professional android booster, it free up RAMandspeed up memory by automatically closing apps that run inthebackground. Max security (antivirus booster) boosts your phonetoget it running faster & smoother. ★ App Lock -SmartApp Lock MasterRetain security and privacy of sensitivecontent bylocking any apps with password or pattern. Protect yourprivacy andsafety to make sure nobody else can access your mostused apps(Email, Message, Gallery, Contact etc.).★ CPU Cooler- PhoneCoolerMAX Security detects and cleans apps that causeoverheating& overcharging. Max security continuously monitorstemperaturechanges, detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts acoolingprogress, effectively reducing the phonetemperature.★ Batterysaver - Longer battery lifeWith batterysaver, MAX Security canextend battery life by up to 20%. Batterysaver can detect and stoppower-draining apps to save battery powerforAndroid. ★ Deep Scan - Scan and Examine FilesMaxsecurityscans both the internal device storage and SD cards andremovesviruses and threats from your mobile phone like thecomputerantivirus.GET the best Virus Protection App and AntivirusforSamsung, Motorola, HUAWEI… - MAX Security NOW!
Antivirus : Virus Removal 1.5.8
Main features: Virus Removal: Professional anti-virus enginedetectsand quickly removes mobile threats,give you Real-timeprotection.Application lock: you can lock the phone in allapplications, to themost complete protection of privacy Junk Clean: Instantly cleans upunnecessary data, system caches, gallerythumbnails, installationfiles, and residual files. Picture lock:lock the privacy photos youdo not want others to see If you have aproblem, please do not giveme negative feedback, please contactus, we will reply as soon aspossible and solve all problems.
Lookout Security & Antivirus 10.24.2-6f87089
We’re excited to introduce Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor, twobrandnew security features to keep you and your personal data safeandsecure. Safe Wi-Fi - Protects you and your data fromdangerousWi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Finetworkson the go, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sureyourconnection is safe and secure. System Advisor - Checks yourdevicefor root detections to make sure the operating system onyourdevice is working properly. Lookout is now the only all-in-oneappthat protects your device, your data and your identitywithpowerful mobile security and identity theft protectionLookoutPremium Plus*: Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of thePremiumfunctionality, plus identity theft protection. ►IDENTITYTHEFTPROTECTION ► Cyber Watch: Monitor your personal andfinancialinformation and get alerted whenever anything is foundexposedonline ► SSN Watch: Get a history of names, addresses, andotherrecords associated with your SSN and proactive notificationsofchanges that could signal fraudulent account activity and theft►Social Media Watch: Monitor your social media accounts to checkifyour personal information is at risk. Protect youronlinereputation by receiving alerts if you’ve been tagged in postswithoffensive content ► IDENTITY RESTORATION & INSURANCE ►24/7Restoration Assistance: In the event of identity theft,certifiedID Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to assist withthetime-consuming process of recovering and restoring youridentity►$1M Identity Theft Insurance: Premium Plus subscribers arebackedby Identity Theft Insurance that covers up to $1M in damagesandlegal fees with $0 deductible** ► Lost Wallet Recovery: Ifyourwallet is lost or stolen, restoration experts will workquicklywith you to contact document issuers to cancel and reordercreditcards and identification contents Lookout Premium: LookoutPremiumincludes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, plusadditionalsecurity to protect your device, your data and yourprivacy. ►NEW!Safe Wi-Fi: Be alerted when a Wi-Fi network you joinis dangerousor under attack ►Breach Report: Get timely alertswhenever acompany, app or service you use suffers a data breachalong withclear and straightforward advice on how best to remediatethesituation ►Theft Alerts: Get an email with a photo andlocationwhenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean ithasbeen stolen ►Safe Browsing: Scan every URL link you visit orclickon to help detect threats and alert you of sites that caninfectyour device and steal your personal information ►PrivacyAdvisor:See what personal information can be accessed by your apps►Lock& Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custom messageanderase your data Lookout Basic: ►SECURITY & ANTIVIRUS •AppScanning: Continuous, over-the-air protection fromviruses,malware, adware and spyware • NEW! System Advisor: Checksyourdevice for root detections to make sure the operating systemisworking properly ►FIND MY PHONE • Locate & Scream: Mapthelocation of your device and make it sound an alarm - even whenitis on silent! • Signal Flare: Automatically save yourdevice’slocation when the battery is low ❐ About Lookout Inc. Visitourwebsite to learn more about us! Note:Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. This appusesAccessibility services. ** Insurance coverage is provided byathird-party and is subject to the terms, conditions andexclusionsof the insurance policy available Lookoutis not a licensed insurer orinsurance agent.