Top 24 Games Similar to Battle Gunner: Frontline Fury

Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full 1.0
GBN, Llc
Premium version of"MedievalSurvivalSimulator 3D" includes: huge number of startresources,advancedcrafting system, unique treasures & weaponsand NOADS!After barbarians’ horde attack you’ve been awaken on theruinsofcastle. Your lord is dead, your friend was killed orcapturedbyenemies, and there is no one to help. You should surviveatthisharsh and cruel world of Dark Medieval!Explore the remains of fortress and forest behind fullofdangers.Salvage resources – you can use them to madeshelters,tools oreven weapons. Hunt animals for food, but avoidpredators –orbecome a hunt trophy yourself. Beware the bandits –they’recrueland would kill you on sight. Keep your weapon alertandsurvive atall cost with Medieval Survival Simulator!Restore your forsaken homeland – quarry resources tobuildafortification wall and protect yourself from quadrupedandbipedalbeasts alike. Walk around this ruined land, find weaponsandothersurvival tools, which could help you to stay alive!Unravelsecretsof destroyed castle – you could find something veryuseful,or evensomething, that let you to rebuild castle incounteddays!Use all your exploration, battling and survival skills justtostayalive! Mind character indicators - health, energyandfullness.Never let one of these drops – it will let you nochancetosurvive! Find or craft special survival tools –weapons,axes,fishing rods or just sticks to make campfire andtorches.Never gotoo far from your hideout after sunset – hungrypredatorcan waityou over every tree or bush! Especially avoid ofbandits’raids –they know something about old count’s treasures andwouldtortureyou, or just kill as a rival. Fight for your lifewithwildlife andangry robbers with Medieval SurvivalSimulator3D!Yeah, old count – your lord and master – hide histreasuressomewheredeep in castle’s dungeon. And, as you know,barbariansleft that goldand jewelry untouched – these hellionsdon’tunderstand true value ofthings. So, even if you’re owe tosurviveat these grim and darkruins, you can try to give yourself abetterfuture – you can spendthese money to rebuilt of fortress,afterall. Try to rummage out allcorners of castle’s lower levelsandunravel all secrets andmysteries of this place! Find atreasureand become an aristocrat orjust survive in ongoing battlewithharsh environment, rogues andpredator – do what you wantwithMedieval Survival Simulator3D!Medieval Survival Simulator 3D features:Explore grim ruins of your previous home – largecastlewithfortress’s remains and vast forest, that wat huntingground ofyourdead lordSwim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you wanttostayaliveVarious survival tools – hunt predators with an axe orgofishingusing a fish rodKeep your weapons alert – enemy could be anywhere!Mind your health, energy and fullness indicatorsGreat survival simulator of cruel dark medieval in 3DDive into the atmosphere of grim darkness of our past! Raiseupyourfighting, hunting and survival skills to stay alive, findatreasureand restore your lost and forsaken homeland withMedievalSurvivalSimulator 3D!
Post Apocalypse City Survival 1.1
GBN, Llc
Welcome to the grim dark futureofmankind!Years passed after a huge nuclear blast, and yourhomecity, oncebeautiful hi-tech megalopolis, become desertedanduninhabitedruins. Now it filled with bandits, marauders,mutantsand crazyrobots. Keep your weapons alert – there are nofriends foryouhere!Fight against mutants and criminals flooded this nuclearruinsoffuturistic city, meet wild animals, rob, kill and hunttoprovideyourself with food, weapons and resources. Exploreruinedcity,quarry resources, craft tools and weapons, buildshelters tohidefrom nuclear monsters and feel like a real survivorplayingthissimulator of post-apocalyptic future!Live the life of real stalker and survive in thislostnuclearblasted paradise city transformed into badlands!Mindsurvivor’sindicators – fighting with mutants and hunting forwildmonsteranimals might be a bit tiring! Keep health, energyandhungerindicators full, if one of it drops – there is no chancetosurvivein this world of monsters, criminals, and crazeddrones!Quarryresources to craft survival tools and weapons, buildsheltersandhide from powerful nuclear monsters – it would help youtostayalive!Upgrade all your survival skill and keep your weapons alert–thisplace is full of dangers! Search for water, hunt wildanimals,quarryresources, find or weapons and be ready for amassive battlefor yourlife! Unravel secret and mysteries of theseruins, provideyourselfwith water and food and find components ofsurvival suitto leavethis place safety!Be ready for scary post-apocalypse adventures withthisgrimfuture world simulator - Post Apocalypse City Survival!Post Apocalypse City Survival features:Horrific atmosphere of post-apocalypse cityCraft tools and weapons to ease your survivor’s lifeAggressive drones, deadly mutants, and mad banditsasyouropponentsInteresting missions, and places to visit!Do your best to survive in this hostile environment–huntsubterranean creatures, build shelters and craft toolsorweapons!Tired of usual island simulators? Test your skillswithPostApocalypse City Survival!
Prison Escape Survival Full 1.0
GBN, Llc
Premium version of "PrisonEscapeIslandSurvival" includes: huge number of startresources,advancedcrafting system, unique treasures & weaponsand NOADS!Surviveon the prison island as a fugitive criminalimprisonedfor themurder he hasn't committed! Do you your best tosurvive insuchharsh conditions – seek for food, craft tools andweapons,repaircars to leave this place and fight for your lifeagainstcops, killother criminals! Become a most successfuljailbreakerever withPrison Escape Island Survival game!Are your ready for ultimate jailbreak adventure?Fight,kill,count your last prison days, complete jailbreak task andbereadyto help lockdown cell inmates – thieves, robbers andothercriminalthat could be useful to provide yourself with weaponsorbattleagainst prison guards! Quarry resources to repair carsandleavethis cruel island of pain and hatred! Play amazingprisonbreaksimulator, say goodbye to the hard time spent in prisonandthejail inmates! It’s high time to start a jailbreakwithPrisonEscape Island Survival in 3D!Tired of usual police chase games orordinarysurvivalsimulators? Be ready for the unusual combination ofboth!Commit aprison breakout and try to survive at thisunfriendlyisland!Control your ex-prisoner with a joystick, andmindcharacterindicators - health, energy, and fullness. If one ofthesedrops –there’s no chance to survive!Check this amazing combination of prison break simulatorandislandsurvival simulator! Try yourself as a criminal who’slastchance tosurvive is to get out of this harsh place!Prison Escape Island Survival features:Ultimate prison break simulator and island survival simulatorinonegameCommit a breakout from a city jail killing cops,fightingagainstguards and wardens or even other criminals that maystopyouFind or craft weapons and tools – use baseball bats toattackpoliceofficer or craft improvised weapon to shoot themoutLook for allies among other prisoners - thieves, robbers,andothersthat could be useful to provide yourself with weaponsorbattleagainst prison guards.Hunt, craft and do other things to survive atthisunfriendlyislandRealistic jail environments and amazing 3D graphicsCheck Prison Escape Island Survival and enjoyultimateactionpolice chase game and prison breaksimulatorall-in-one!
Destroy Gunners SP 1.27
『Destroy Gunners SP』(Destroy Gunners series Vol.2)【Description】『Destroy Gunners SP』brought out the limitation of the performanceofthe newest smartphones.This title is new generation 3D action shooting game thatexceededany past game machines.A player can control realistic armed robot intuitively bytouchpanel controland any player can experience impressive battle sceneseasily.To accomplish missions, the player destroy numerous enemies withgetarms.the player can customizes player's robot(armed destroyer)toreinforce the robot repeatedlyand challenge more higher,severe missions and mighty boss!Significant buildup of maps and arms from freeversion:『DestroyGunners F』.Also, the player can choose player's robot from many types.Customizable robot system allows that the player can set andchangeparts to create original armed robot.This game supports community functions of score rankingandachievement by“OpenFeint”.The player can contest score and skill with players whole overtheworld.“Let's destroy all enemies more than anybody in the battlefieldofblast and gun smoke.”・required OS: over Android 2.2(2.3recommended) ※requiredresolution:over 800×480 pixel・recommended device:Xperia arc(Sony Ericsson)※Android OS model released after June 2011Notice: For users of SAMSUNG GALAXY S2If hang up and no repose happen on SAMSUNG GALAXY S2,please select RESTRICT SE (MEASURE TO CRUSH) and "ON" in GAMEOPTIONmenuor turn off SOUND EFFECT in the option menu to avoidthisproblem.Shade Inc. guarantees this app is NOT malware.If false-positive virus detection happens, please ignorethatalert.(Some antivirus software detect the link function to our otherappsas malware But it is false-positive virus detection.)
Frontline Duty Commando Attack 1.0
***Frontline Duty Commando Attack is oneofthemost amazing war on battlefield games***The commando has been sent behind enemy lines to kill themostelitesquad who has hijacked the government property. Themostdeadlycommando has been called for duty to be the leader ofthearmy inthis modern warfare. The terrorist land are surroundedbydeltastrike team , assassins , snipers and gorilla army.Thesoldier isprepared to assault and counter attack to finishhismission andsave the day.Frontline Duty Commando Attack Features :- Weapons like hand gun , AK 47 , rifle , machine gun ,knife,bazooka , sniper. (More gun will be added)- Over 40 deadly missions to complete and win .- Easy controls with intense first person shooter(FPS)action.- 3 different terrorist lands .- Realistic map radar to monitor enemy movements.- Shoot unlimited commando terrorists.The soldier must keep his armor on and protect himself. Itishisfrontline duty to unlock all 40 missions to end thewarfareatenemy battlefield. Enjoy Frontline Duty Commando Attacktomakeyour army proud.
Frontline Commando Warcraft 1.0
Frontline Commando Warcraft is anAmazingBattle Game for Warriors. On the other Hand you have to takeactionagainst Top Military Enemy Forces. Go and adopt yourspecialTraining Skill of Modern Warcraft commando and lead themission asfrontline soldier, best sniper shooter, modern armycommando and asmarksman militant infantry soldier. Adopt thebrilliant strategyagainst your opposition, Create deadly explosionto defeat theruthless armed force. Use your 2 types of weapon andattack deadlyas you can. Join the best warcraft commando team andbegin yourultimate Virtual War. There are enemy jeeps andhelicopters, so themodern commando use your heavy machine gun todestroy them all. Youare one of the best modern sniper shooter,worked as an undercoverassailant military on many secret armymissions.This belongs to commando games and it is not just a game but itisblood war against your enemy forces who are attacking on youandyour base camp. You are an alone army sniper shooter, chooseyourworld craft shot to kill all enemies in a row. Don't forget touseyour army commando war skills, take all the bloody gangsters tothedeadly death. You can become the best sniper shooter by killingallthe militants because it is not just a mission but it is yourdutyto secure your base camp and rest of the regiment armysoldiers. Soyou are the best military commander, excellent swoopshooter and anassailant soldier you have heavy machine gun,pistols, shotgun andsniper assault rifle, select one and****** Game Play ******Very simple and user friendly gameplay. Using Joystick you canmoveyour army soldier, Take sudden action as you see enemy forces,useyour best sniper shooting skills and take down yourgangsters.First Two Mission is only limited to enemy soldiers.Swoop on themilitants and clear the first 2 mission. There are 2types of helpto identify the outlaw location whether you can radaror you canuse the help line that will indicate the direction. Afterfirst 2level the enemy forces will try to approach you so be alertandtake down enemy jeeps, Helicopters, using yourBazookaWeapon.****** Game Features ******- Simple and Amazing Game play control- Destroy Enemy Jeeps and Helicopters- Realistic combat experience- 3D Forest Environment- Shooting Sound Effects- Radar Help
Frontline Duty of Commando 2 1.0
Frontline Duty Commando Attack 2 istheHeavyraging sequel to frontline duty commando game . On thismoderndayof warfare the commando needs to strike and surviveenemyattackwith 8 maps and 100+ levels to gun down enemy behindlines .Thedelta force and hired assassins are totally ready toattack atyouand keep the lands conquered with them . You have togear upandplan your attack with multiple weapon armory andfinishyourmission. Your team may fall weak but you shall protectthe armyandmake them proud by counter attacking terrorists andwinningtheday. Easy aim fire with realistic gun fire animations andwillgiveyou real battlefield experience.Frontline Duty Commando Attack 2 Features :- Realistic Battlefield action scenes.- Multiple enemies , terrorists and hired assassins.- 18 heavy ammunitionweaponslikeknife,axe,sword,magnums,ak47,machine gun,rifle,hand gunandmanymore- 8 enemy maps and 100+ missions to shoot to kill.Frontline Duty Commando Attack 2 won’t let your finger offtheguntrigger and keep you alerted until the killer elite squadisshot andkilled. So be the modern commando your army needs youtobe and swat& kill all the targets with sniper fury.
Frontline Army Commando Battle 1.5
Front line army commando battle is basically3Daction game of a front line army commando belongs from army unitofspecial force personal, determined to defend the front lineborderon the price of his life as he’s been assigned at frontlineborderagainst an enemy country to defend from criminals, mafia,enemyforce-s, infiltrators, narcotics smugglers and terrorists onenemypayroll hired by their secret agency. Being on a frontlinearmycommando duty you must persuade a covert operation againsttheseenemies’ friends in hideouts in jungles and hilly cavesinmountains. Gangsters and robbers of enemy rogue forcesincludingterrorist are equipped with the modern war weaponssupplied byenemy secret agency and ready for fierce clash with toget youcrushed and infiltrate with in your main city and winthebattle.Enemy is roaming with bullet proof jeeps and enemy airforceprovides them cover up with helicopters and fighter jets, ongroundthey are best sniper shooter and have gorilla training givenbyenemy army troops in using AK-47 in combat, as their maincounterweapon for counter war strike. This front line army commandogameneeds full spirit and zeal to play and win from unseen enemywhowage a war against your country, feel the essence of bestarmycommando games of 2016 in this frontline army commando battlegame.This game combines the missions of war games, commando game-s,armygame-s and everyone who likes military game-s will love to playitfor hours.Being brave commando of army frontline unit you will encounterenemywith modern weapons like ak47, bazooka, short gun, snipergun, minigun and with deadliest weapons used in surgical strikes,so you mustwin this war from insane enemy being lone hope ofnation. So aimright and go for headshots at your rival forces asyou are a braveassassin commando having accurate and precisionshooting skills andhave participated in swat missions to counterextremists,kidnappers, gangsters and brutal terrorists. So holdyour breath andzoom in before pulling the trigger of shoot to killthe enemy andprove that you are a real brave hero of nation inthis fantastic wargame.Being a real contract sniper killer and a fortune soldier ofelitesniper shooting unit, you are the defense line to save thecountryso you must take the final revenge of your ailing soldiersandmartyrs.Game is blend of FPS (first person shooter) game-s, strategygame-sfull of action and war game-s as you are playing the role oflonesurvivor army commando at frontline in a outrageous missionagainsta relentless and brutal firepower of enemy.This is extremely challenging and full of bloodshed action gametowage 3d assassin sniper missions against the enemy forces withafury style against the secret enemy equipped with moderngunshiphelicopter ready to wage battle with help of enemymilitarytroops.Frontline army commando battle is thrilling army commandowarriormissions based game full of multiple modern combat missionsand youare the frontline army commando in this battle to countertheultimate deadly assault since you are an armed forces personnelwhonever fears from missiles fired by gunship helicopter in airorfrom a gunshot fired from a warship aircraft carrier orexplosivefired from a tank battalion or bullet fired from enemyplaced overmountain sniper shooting range or in a desert shootingstrike, asarmy frontline commando believes to live or die forcountry in eachsecond of his life to save humanity and avoid anyd-day in thisworld against rival force fire and prove you aremilitarybattlefield commando.----:Game features:----* HD graphics.* Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mag sounds* Real warfare battle games.* War zone missions.* Sniper zoom in & zoom out to get the targetclose. * New sniper rifles.* Zoom in to find the rival force positions in warfare.* Suitable for 18+adults due to violence and blood.* Full Action Game with FPS
Commando Shooter : Frontline 1.0.1
Commando Shooter (CS) : Frontline isa3Dthird-person shooting game on android and tablet .You play as a shooter to complete task in differentlevelandscene then to unlock mysterious new levels.CS : Frontline delivers cool 3d shooting gameexperience.Enjoyclassic and the new battle scene chosen by you,=Feature=* Simple control* Classic & new scene* Greate 3d graphic
Frontline Shooter 1.0
Your country is at war once again, So youmustonce again take up arms. Gun down the opposing army soldiers!Goodluck !
Frontline Terrorists Striker 1.1
Charisma Apps
Front line Terrorist Striker is a story aboutatop class army soldier, living in a well populated city area.Enemystate have attacked your country and captured one of yourcities.You are given the duty by your commander to eliminate everyenemysoldier who have took place in various buildings of thecity.Eliminate all enemies from the city. You are one of the bestpersonfor this task. You have to make a plan or strategy to killandeliminate the enemies. You have to search extremist peopleincrowed and catch them.You are equipped with various modern weapons.Game Play:-You enter from top window of the ground floor and move your wayfromground floor to upper floors by eliminating enemies. Asyoueliminate enemies you will get new weapons and healthFeatures:-• Beautiful realistic 3D graphics and environment.• 8 modern weapons to chose from.• Realistic weapons and effects• Pickup ammo and health• Furious and breakneck commando shooting and strikingwargame.• Real and gorgeous sound effects.• Easy and user friendly control and GUI.• Level oriented game.• No connectivity required while playing.• Addictive, loving and full of fun.
Frontline Strike 1.0
Oxic Studio
Save the mankind from destruction.Assassintherebel militants in an intense shooting war and getcontrol ofyourcity back. You as an well trained Commando assignedto thefrontlineto strike the armed terrorist militants. Led yoursoldierfromfrontline shoot your enemies who are unleashingdestructionupon ourforces. The enemy commandos will never let youtake abreath, sostart shooting and shoot them all before they shootyou.You have tobe sharp and using your skills you have tostrikeagainst enemyinvasion. Frontline strike is full of adventureandfun and it isfree for you.FeaturesKick out the invading shooterfight as the last hope of humanitybeautiful city filled with fantastic environmentSmooth Controls and realistic soundsAndroid First person shooter FPS game for free
WW2 Anti Aircraft Gunner 3D 1.9
The best action game of 2015! Real WorldWarII Theme. If you like shooting survival games and like tosimulateaircraft shooting in wwii war zone for glory and duty,then WWiiAnti Aircraft Gunner is the one you should beplaying.As a US Marines aircraft shooter, you have given aspecialmission named Black Ops against the air strike of the enemyairforce, Its dangerous & deadly may be you might lose yourlife.Command an elite American Army of legendary Sniper heroes,contractelite soldiers, and devastating American army truck in thiscombatgames. Use your modern weapons to Shoot air force aircraftfightersand wwii helicopters to dominate your enemies on target.Combatmissions include clear and direct target to destroy enemywwii warplanes and terrorist helicopters with limited shootweapons.You, Army Gunner survivor commando from US army amongglorycommandos appeared to be the frontline in war zone to be thetargetkilling. Shoot the terrorists as they shoot you with anairstrikeand your commando US soldier. Win the war, fulfill yourduty toyour country and get glory.You will like this game if you have played Army Games,GunnerGames, Combat commando adventure shooting games and contractgamesfrom google play. If you love (fps) first person shooters,actiongames and shooting games, this game is made especially foryou!Play action games 2015 - FREE!Anti Aircraft Gunner Battle 3D Features- 3d FPS (First Person Shooter game)!- Real World War II Air Battlefield environment for shooting!- Real sniper shooting sound effects!- Player has russian sniper to shoot and kill enemy.- Basic controls and gameplay (tap screen to shoot)!- Commando shooting action war!- Strategic game!- Survival and shooting!
Frontline Gunner: Commando War 1.0
Frontline Gunner Commando: Think you areanarmycommando in this bloody war, you have been given amissiontoinfiltrate the enemy base, shoot down the enemies andeliminateallof them from remote enemy camp. You are expected tosucceed atallcosts. Wish you good luck and stay safe.The enemy is brutal, attacking with soldiers,gunshiphelicopters,aircraft, tanks and mobile gunner vehicles.Enter thebattlefield;reclaim your countries honor and stop theenemiesadvance throughsuperior gunner firepower and clearthefrontline!The fog of war obscures the battlefield, an alonegunnercommandois defies all odds to defend his country, againstthebrutal enemyinvasion. Holder of multiple medal of honor medals,heis the bestgunner in the army known to rip anything that movestoshreds in thebattlefield.Game Features:> Missions full of explosive warfare combat action> Enjoy realistic gun simulation> Sniper view system added> Great level progression> Smooth gun control and addictive gameplay> Also optimized for android tablet devices> First person shooting> Excellent Forest environment> Multiple weapon system> Easy GUI and controlsYour Mission Objective:You are dropped at night in a bad weather at a secret enemyarmycampnear jungle border. Use map and clear small enemy unitthatwill tryto protect the camp. Expect a great clash ateachcheckpoint, so showyour strength to kill enemy soldiers, makehellon earth for them,and advance step by step and reach thecenterpoint. Destroy allimportant enemy assets like fuel andammunitiondumps, target armorand military vehicles so as to breakthem.After that find and gethold a red box of classifiedenemydocuments hidden some where in thecamp.We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajorandroid phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please reportittowarnawalok.789@gmail.comWe are happy to see your feedback with ratings. thanks
Helicopter Gunship Strike 3D War 1.1
BNT Studio
Gunship Battle combine tactics, flyingskillsand perfect chopper striking abilities, 3D seaenvironment,realistic 3D helicopter battle action game available onGooglePlay. The flying helicopter entered in gunship air war zoneandbombarded on tiny striker and entered in the mid field of oceanofthe death war Helicopter Gunship Strike - helicopter modernstrikeputs you in the gunner seat of the most powerfulhelicopterwar.A chance for you to experience and enjoy 3D battle chaos theintensewar in fast action game & firepower in attack of shipin thetrue manner & to be a true war hero warrior of navymilitary& secret agent elite league squad. Let’s play &strike inthe naval game to blow away evil enemy in city shooterwar combatfearlessly with shooting firepower to win thiswar.In this game you are doing job of a heli gunner the enemy’sgunshipstrike is very strong and your army camp were attack byenemies airforce now you are going to take the revenge by Attackingthere shipin the battlefield. You are acting as a commando and youwillattack on marines you are well trained warship battlechopperstrikerBattleship game there are 4 action games missions to achieve. Ifyoucomplete the battleship mission in time it will result in openupthe next warship battle level. To start the warship battlemissionyou need. Radar show enemies, red dots update is alertfeature ofgame that will alter by updating dot enemies red.The world's most powerful combat helicopters are at yourfingertipsSo just show your technical skills and destroy the enemychopper.The sound quality is stunning, you will hear a real soundof thechopper striker with thrill and terror. We have introduced3Dgraphics for this gunship helicopter game.To successfully complete all missions, take cover in theskies,keeping away from the enemy trackers and secretly taking outthemighty ships tank army to pieces. Keep a strong and steadyaim,along with extremely accurate flight seamanship skills to takedownenemies from a distance.Be cautious though, you will be in for a tough fight if even oneofthe enemy tracker is able to spot your position, astheanti-aircraft guns will be immediately position, which willmakelife even more difficult for the best of fighters.Loosing hope in this gun battle is not acceptable; you need towinat any cost. Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel.Whoeverwins is the warrior, will be remembered forever.How to play:- Set aim on touch and shoot the enemies- Fire button is available on the right bottom side ofthescreen- Shoot the target enemies and complete missionsImmersive breathtaking 3D environmentChallenging & addictive gameplayEnjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.
Gunner Modern Battle Destroyer 1.1
GS Games
Destroy Gunner: Modern Battle puts youinchargeof a gunner position protecting your countrys army base.Yourcountry has been under attack by the enemy forces from manydays.Your gunner battalion is the only way you can stop theonslaught ofthe invading forces. So buckle up soldier; you are ina for anexplosive ride.The enemy will attack on all fronts. You have to outlast theenemiesattack. Use powerups to repair your base and buy you timeto destroythe attacking invaders. Attack multiple targets comingin waves;destroy airplanes, tanks, apc's and much more! You mustprotect yourcamp. You can even use your bazooka to destroy gunshiphelicopterswhen they are attacking in full force!Multiple missions await you so you can train your sights anddestroyeverything that comes in your path! Simple point and shootmechanicsenable hours of fun on your mobile phone!Features- Machine gun based point and shoot- Realistic Environments- Multiple Missions- Use Bazooka to clear many enemies at once!
Airplane Gunner Simulator 3D 1.1
Fly new and still experimentalF16Lightingstealth jet fighter in this new Airplane GunnerSimulator3D. Feelyourself like a military pilot in the high-end andultramodernstealth F16 Fighter. In Airplane Gunner Simulator 3Dgame youhaveto play missions in a real 3D world in 5 differentareaconditions: IRAQ , SYRIE , NIGERIA , , nigh, sunset.In the first level you will learn how to play all gamebykillingterroristes at night by air strikes like reality .Airplane Gunner Simulator 3D Features:- different weather conditions (wind, rain,storm,daylight,night, sunset)- realistic airplane physics- realistic airplane sounds- realistic control- realistic 3D world- real airfoils simulationAirplane Gunner Simulator 3D supports somerealworldsituations:- Explosion if you hit ground- Heat problems when overspeedingto find us :air gunnerair refueling gameair fighter proamiga symulatorstrike wingflight simulatorairfightersplane shooteraviones de combatefighter jetplane and misilesmissilelauncherwarplanes gamegunship battlegunship battleEnjoy Air Supremacy like Never Before!
Gunner Helicopter Assault 3D 1.0
DET Games
Prepare for helicopter strike in thisactionpacked gunners game: Gunship Helicopter: Assault 3D; free onGooglePlay! A very addictive and easy to use gunship helicoptergame,which features touch based user interface.Piloting the elite chopper; you are the master gunner inchargeof daring air raid on enemy positions. Take control ofpowerfulmachine gun and rocket launcher to assault commandos on theground.You have to clear the enemy bases as they call forreinforcementsfrom gunship helicopters and Humvees. Use yourpowerful rocketlauncher to lock onto the enemy cobra gunships anddestroy them outof the air!Upgrade your weaponry, buy health, and order airstrikesfromfriendly aircraft to destroy the enemy when you areoverwhelmed!All this in graphically picturesque scenery and fastpaced actionthat will get you hooked with its addictive gameplaywithout in-apppurchases!Game Features• Action packed missions• 10 exciting levels• 3 different missions• Warfare against army with soldiers, helicopters andmuchmore!• Multiple powerups to fend off the enemies like health kit,armor,and air strikes!• Smooth controller for aiming and firing• Also optimized for android tablet devices.
Frontline Battlefield Commando Combat 1.5
Welcome to the new military world missionsoffrontline battlefield commando game, a new frontline modernwarfaregame to enhance your sniper 3d sniper expertise bytargetingterrorists and invading their terrorist trainingcampsbarrackFrontline battlefield commando is real-life modern 3D graphics&war sounds, the frontline battlefield commando gamegivesexhilarating experience of real life front line modern armysnipersoldier and massive contract commando shooting scenariosinbattlefields missions being last commando solider. As onemansolider army commando in this massive war game use your ammo&explosive to find the insane enemies as frontline commandowithyour commando combat shoot by waging counter army attackbeforethey shoot you in ambush. In this modern army assassin wargame aimfor shot to show your clean US military training skills ofarmyshooter of special ops. Enemy not aware of your stealth inthefrontline battlefields so take your first exotic shot withyoursniper 3d rifles, aim like war range. Your ak47 gunshot willbeheard by ultimate enemy, will have ruthless commando counterattackas counter assault so rescue your territory as lastcommandosolider.Please no turning back in this frontline modern warfare fromyourrival force in battlefields, so let the onslaught begin inthisaction game. In your shot apply your powerful US armytrainingcourse expertise given by special forces.Being US army trained military commando be ready to play roleinthis mission impossible against criminals, terroristsandunderworld mafia involved in nyc subway attack with yourpowerfulmodern war machines in this ultimate battle againstforeigninsurgents on enemy agency payroll as diplomacy time isover. Suitup for stealth assassin 3d missions against enemy toprove yourarmy training skills against rival forces assault.Upgrade yourselfto a one man frontline army commander &eliminate a mob ofterrorists and prove to be a best sniper shooterand man of steelequipped with sniper rifles and assault rifles, youwill rely onyour marksman skills in eliminating enemies tankmachines. Beingmodern army commando you job is not only toeliminate the terroristand foreign insurgents but being an armycommando of modern warfareyou have to be soldier survival in thisbattlefields as a realhitman. Develop strategic and surgicalstrikes on the outboundrebel and use your all armory and gun shotskills to protectcivilians and shoot the enemy with your sniper 3drifles in desert& jungles.In this real modern combat military game, enemy is around thearmorycamps so invade them. Their objective is gun shoot civilianslikecontract killers and you are on armory shooting missionsagainstrune warriors.As an army commando soldier known for courage and bravery in yourUSmilitary unit of mountain sniper. You are honor to strikesnipershooting to invade enemy soldiers and destroy their basecamps toprevent their future attacks on civilians & humanity&disperse threats, havoc to infinity levels. Use modern sniperguns,ak 47 to shoot terrorists bravely. In this sniper duty aim&shoot opponent with fast action rpg sniping skills in clashofrivals to bring to justice with you sword action.Frontline battlefield commando is new army sniper shooter game,Soenjoy real time sniper 3d shooting (3dシューティング) with war2sounds.Let the army assassins war begins against theantagonist.-:Game Features of Frontline battlefield commando:-* Unbelievable realistic modern graphics.* Amazing next-gen bullet time effects.* New challenging game missions.* Shoot sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine-guns&grenades.-: How to Play: Frontline battlefield commando:-* Ruthless enemy will not attack with their Ak-47, till youfireyour first shot.* Sniper scope to aim at your enemies.* Apply fire button for 3d shooting at enemy.* Go for top sniper shooting prior onslaught.* Golden guns will reloads automatically.
Zombie Survival Days 1.0
GBN, Llc
Welcome to the zombie apocalypse!Fightagainstwalking dead, raise up your skills and upgrade yourbase –do yourbest and survive at all costs with ZombieSurvivalDays!Your old life has ended, and now your task is simple –killzombiesand survive! Kill zombies and earn points to upgradeyourbase andraise up teammates – to kill even more zombies!Use earned skill points to level up your teammates as youwish–raise accuracy, the rate of fire, hit pointsandothercharacteristics! Try different skill combinationsondifferentteammates and create your ownzombie-slayingstrategy!As days pass zombies become stronger, and they will becomeevenmorepowerful during night time. Collect various inventoryitemsforadditional strength, improve your base and be readytodeflectincoming horde of hungry dead!Just tap your gun to shoot and kill – the faster youtapping,thefaster your gun is shooting! Check different guns andtry tounlockall of it to choose the best weapon ofzombiedestruction!Stop the zombie plague, improve your skills and skillsofyourteammates, upgrade your base and have fun with ZombieSurvivalDaysgame!Zombie Survival Days features:Interesting and unusual improvement system – combinedifferentskillsto get the best resultRaise up your teammates too – they’re very helpful, you know!Check different kinds of weapons – assault rifles,sniperrifles,shotguns, miniguns and so on!Enjoy simple and intuitive controls – just tap to shootUnusual Bosses – try to defeat all of themPrevent the mankind extinction and stop the zombie apocalypseKill zombies, earn points, raise up skills, upgrade baseandsurviveat all costs with Zombie Survival Days!
Gunner War Escape Story 1.2.2
Gunner War Escape StoryYou are in your commando outfit and ready to attack and killtheenemy soldiersIt’s the world war III and every country, city, street has becomeabattlefield. It’s a world of Tanks and this machine isdefinitelydominating other modern warfare weapons.You are in your commando outfit and are ready to attack and killtheenemy soldiers and battle till your last breath.A special soldier of armed forces, trained in highlyskilledtraining center, tested in hundreds of military mission isdeployedin the city famous for war crimes. You being an tankcommander arebound to perform your duty in any circumstances andeliminate enemysoldiers, officers, vehicles, choppers and tanks.You are thegunner of battlefield and city battle is never going tobe an easytaskUnlimited criminal tasks would keep you on your toes. Neutralizetheno go areas and clear it for terrorized innocent public.Move and aim with your latest heavy strike calibrate machinegun.Your mission would be to kill these terrorists as they donotunderstand any other language. Go ahead for your country andclearthe mission! Good Luck.-Incredible 3d environment-Unlimited challenging missions-Drive the tank-Use the RPG to shot down helicopters-Cool animations