Top 12 Games Similar to Elephant Play

Elephant Escape
ELEPHANT ESCAPE: An elephant herd has escaped and is roamingyouroffice right now! This is your chance to eliminate all of thosebigproblems that no one ever talks about. Now you can dosomethingabout it, just avoid hitting your coworkers!No realelephants wereharmed in the creation of this game.Games are fun andalso canserve a noble purpose. 50% of the profits from the sale ofthisgame will be donated to wild elephant conservation.Thank youforyour support.
Baby Elephant Salon
Join this baby elephant salon game and show your babysittingskillsto make the cute baby elephant happy. All you need to dofollow theinstructions of this baby care game carefully and do allthe tasksas per guidelines. First help the cutie to take bath, usesoap toclean her very well, then dry her up with drier, wash herteeth,give her a cool message and feed her well too. When all thesedonestart dressing her up with some nice clothes and accessoriesandcomplete her pretty look.
Elephant Game for Kids
Elephant game for Kids free is an exciting match two animalraceagainst the time. You have to connect a pair of samefunnyelephants. The nice animal game has several rounds to solveand toconnect the right elephant pairs. Therefore you get 100seconds inthe first round and 10 seconds less for each furtherround. But youare not alone. You have the jokers who help you tofind the sameright elephants. Instruction for the Elephants gamefor Kids Youmust find the elephant pairs and tap onto them toconnect. But noteach pair of same elephants do disappear. Only theanimals that arein direct neighborhood or can build a line betweenthem. For eachround you get six jokers who help you through all therounds. Threejokers refresh animal cards and three helpers find foryou theright pairs. Features of the elephants game for kids-excitinggameplay for kids and family- absolute free game withdecent adbanners- nice and exciting sounds- positive toconcentrationskills- funny cartoony elephant images If you like thebrave andsensitive great animals, you will be amazed by one of thefunniestelephant games for kids free.
Elephant Fly
Elephant forgot how to fly. Help him fly through columns to makeitas far as he can to make it back home.
Elephant In The Room
Find the elephant in the room. Touch the elephant in the room.
Baby Elephant's Big Top Rescue 1.0
Baby Elephant’s Big Top Circus RescueFun for Kids - Try it Today!Dingbat is no Dumbo. Dingbat is a smart, cute, lovablebabyelephant who needs your help. Help the baby elephant. Theres anewBaby Animal Circus in town. Dingbat the baby elephant needsyourhelp.Baby Elephant’s Big Top Circus Rescue Run is an actionpackedkids game where you help the Cute Baby Elephant Run, Jump andFlyto reach the safety of the baby elephant tent.
 Don't crashintoother zoo animals, especially those dumbo monkeys andcrazyclowns.Make Them Jump. Make them run, jump and fly over danger(animals,water, free falls). Bring some Fun Circus friends stylejam packedaction to your Android phone. Baby Elephant’s Big TopCircus RescueRun game is fun for everyone and guaranteed to bringyou hours offun.

Help the Baby Elephant Run, roll, fly and have some fun.Makethem Baby Elephant run, jump and roam free by jumpingoverobstacles and rolling through the troubles and reach itsfriends.Baby Elephant’s Big Top Circus Rescue Run are running tothe safetyof their tent and mommy so hurry and download this BabyElephant’sBig Top Circus Rescue Run game.Tap screen to jump and fly over obstacles in the BabyElephant’sBig Top Circus Rescue Run is an addictive Little game. Wehavecreated several levels for extended fun. Challenge your friendsandsee who reaches the top level fast.Dumb hunters Jake and Jack Need to be out run and outjumped.Jump their junk or shoot them with peanuts. Remember X marksthespot. This is no petting Zoo, Baby Elephant’s Big Top CircusRescueis full of circus fun. Dingbat is no Dumbo. Don’t be aDumbo,Download today!Features:
- 50 levels. 
- Controls so simple a 2 year oldcanplay
- Cute playable Baby Elephant character 
- Find powerupsforfree along the way. 
- Under 50 megabytes so download itanywhere,anytime!
- Tablet support!
Cute Elephant Makeover
Do you favor animals and want to be their fashion designer?Let'sjoin this pet game online and use your ideas and creativitytocomplete a makeover session for this cute elephant. Getconfused?Just chill and start playing. Do her body care first withshampooand lotion and make skin and hair glow. After move for amake upsession where you will find various tools from which youhave to apretty make up for this cutie. And last you need tocustomize theelephant look by picking up the right outfit andaccessories sothat its look really awesome in those. Don't forgetto pick theelephant skin color and background color in order tocomplete atotal makeover. Enjoy and have fun girls and kids whileplayingthis cute elephant makeover game!
Baby Elephant Care Kids Game 3.0
Welcome to our “ Baby Elephant Care “ Game.Inthis Game you have to care of baby elephant like to clean hisbody,Give some food and some medical process and weardifferentdifferent clothes, caps, Specs, and many more.There are Five different elephants. You have to choose oneofthem and give all treatments.In the first process their will be first clean up dustwithtissue paper, through out grass from his body and wash withshampooand shower. After that lap of medicine cream when he damagedandwear some clothes.The second process will be care of elephant to give InjectionorMilk with some Fruits like Bananas, Apples, Pear.And at Last the Dress-up to wear cute dress with cap,hair,Hair-pin, Googols, Socks and toys.So Come-on Baby elephant is waiting For Your Response.Features:=======> HD Stunning Graphics.=> Ultimate background music and sounds.=> Beautiful animation and more entertainment.It's amazing game Play and Enjoy......If you like this game.So don't forget to Review Us!Web: http://www.imobigames.comLike:
Elephant Drop
This is the latest greatest and most addictive mobile game.Openthelids with your tap and fill the passing cups with a numberofElephants to reach higher scores! Be vary though, the longeryoumanage to keep up, the harder and faster it gets!To win thegame,try not to loose the Elephants and fill the glasses to remaininthe game and to receive more points.
Elephant Coloring Kids Color
Hi kids, once again here’s a cool coloring app especially for youtoenjoy. This time you’re provided with some joyful elephants.Theelephants are getting ready for a party in the evening andsothey’re all over the place running to get a good shower washandother things for the party. Everything looks fine but theonlything is, they all look so old and dull and lifeless. Can youkidsmake the elephants look cool and bright and perfect fortheevening’s party? Then go ahead and play this app, take yourownleisure time to color the elephants and make them look so fulloflife and happy all set for the party. You’re provided with lotsofattractive colors make use of all and make the elephants lookcool.Have fun coloring kids.Download this free coloring app andmakeyour kids a good painter in future. Enjoy!Instruction:Make useofall the colors provided to you and make the elephant look fullofjoy and happiness. You can take your own time to color eachimageand complete the app. Have fun!Features:• New Coloring pageswillavailable in updated version• 100% Free to Download.•ColorfulGraphics.• App for Kids & Girls.• Coloring App.• FreeMode.• NoTime Limits.• Many Images to Color.• Lots of FunkyColors.Join withQuicksailor for NewUpdatesFacebook:
Elephant Escape Free
ELEPHANT ESCAPE: An elephant herd has escaped and is roamingyouroffice right now! This is your chance to eliminate all of thosebigproblems that no one ever talks about. Now you can dosomethingabout it, just avoid hitting your coworkers!No realelephants wereharmed in the creation of this game.I hope you havefun with thisFREE version of Elephant Escape. To make a donation insupport ofwild elephant conservation, remove the advertisements,unlock morecities, enable longer game play, and add access to tohigh-scoreserver to compete with your friends please buy the FULLversion ofElephant Escape.