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Head Soccer Russia Cup 2018: World Football League 4.1.1
Genera Games
⚽Head Soccer Russia Cup 2018: World Football League ⚽is afreefootball game set in the football event of the year: the WorldCupof soccer to be played in Russia in the summer of 2018. Inthisgame you can take your favorite national team to thechampionshipgame that will be held in Moscow and be proclaimed theworldchampion of football. In Head Soccer Russia 2018 Cup you’llfindthe top 32 players from all the qualifying national footballteamsin the world cupoffootball.           Evolvethecharacteristics and skills of your players. Increase the speedandmove faster on the football field. Practice shooting toincreaseyour power, accuracy and score the decisive goal from thepenaltyspot. One very important feature in this football game isthe jump,which improves your ball kick, enabling you to defend theyour goalsand shoot. Be the player to score the winning goal andwin thebiggest championship in world football in ⚽Head SoccerRussia Cup2018: World Football League ⚽Head Soccer Russia Cup 2018is a freesoccer game in which players have special shots.Recharging specialbar shot through good movement in attack anddefense and experiencethe special shots that will be hard defendedby the opponent player.Amazing moves, chile, shots of fire, freezeyour opponent, charringthe contrary, freekicks ... thepossibilities are endless offerspecial shots within the game.Everything counts to win the WorldCup !.This football game hasfour game modes, each more fun thankthe last, so that you canexperience football from all levels; froma pro manager to an elitefootballer. The first mode is LEAGUE modein which you can measureup against the 32 national teams and playas a pro, fighting to winthe tournament through regularcompetition. Choose among LatinAmerican teams as Brazil, ArgentinaMexico or Peru and theirplayers; go to Europe to choose Germany,France, Spain or Englandor go to Asian teams and choose Japanese,Australian or SouthKorean footballers. Play with decision and winall the games of theWorld Cup with your national team!You’d betternot lose manymatches to win the football World Cup of Russia! Playthe WORLDtournament, the CUP. In the World Cup game mode, everygame is afinal to become the champion. Defeat all your opponentsand passthrough each round of the cup to end up winning thetournament.Career mode is probably the most exciting. In in thismode you haveto choose your favourite player and put them to thetest in the topworld football scene by winning games and points fortheirtraining, and improving their skills: shooting, jumping, freekicksand speed. Finally, and no less exciting, is the friendlymode,where you can play fast football matches and live thefullintensity of the beautiful game, becoming a total soccerpro.Inthis free football game you can also customise your playersusingthe professional player editor. Here, you can customise yoursoccerteam by equipping them with glasses, wigs, hats, masks andthelatest football boot models.⚽ Head Soccer Russia Cup 2018 ⚽ isthebest free game in World Cup. All eyes are focused on FIFAhostingyou as a football player, and be the number one among theworld’sinternational footballing elite.◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆⚽HeadSoccer Russia Cup 2018: World Football League ⚽ is a freesportsgame, however you will have the option to buy some items inthegame in exchange for real money. If you prefer not to use thatappfunction, please disable in-app purchases in your mobiledevice’ssettings.This app uses Wi-fi or mobile data (if available)todownload game content and advertising. You can disable mobiledatausage on this game from within Settings/Mobile Data. For abetterexperience, this sports game app includes tablet support toenjoyit with better graphics!
com.generamobile.headsoccerlaliga 5.3.1
⚽HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA 2019 - Soccer Games ⚽ is the officialfreesports game for Spanish League Soccer for 2018-2019 season!Chooseyour favourite soccer teams among the official LaLigateams,unleash your powerful shots and take your football team tothe topof the soccer world rankings! ¡Score thousand of goals usingthebig head of your footballer and become the ultimate championandthe hero of your soccer team! Download one of the best soccergamesfor free and enjoy playing soccer with all the soccer clubsandsuperstars from LaLiga! Impress the FIFA and the fans byscoringincredible goals in the best official soccer stadiums:Bernabéu,Camp Nou, Calderón, … What is your favourite soccer team?Select asoccer team from the dream league and play as a minifootballerwith a bobble head. Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders,… onlyHead Soccer LaLiga 2019 - Soccer Games has all the officialsoccerplayers from LaLiga! Join millions of players in thisexcitingsoccer games and enjoy playing with all your favouritefootballers:Messi, Griezmann,… Now you just need to choose yourbig-headedsoccer player, get out on the field, show off your skillsand wintournaments in-game! Only the best players are able to takeon thissoccer challenge! Show off your ball skills and beat eachround asthough it were a final! Try to survive in the mostastonishingsoccer matches jumping as high as you can, kickingstronger andsprinting faster than all your rivals within the game.Scoreamazing goals in every clash and win all the cups, leaguesandtournaments. Download Head Soccer LaLiga 2019 - Soccer GamesLeaguenow, the best sport games of football teams ! == GAMEFEATURES==OFFICIAL LICENSES FROM LALIGA⚽ Play football in realstadiums withall your idols. The only sports game with the originalsoccer clubsand players from the Spanish League Soccer for2018-2019 season!TRAIN AND IMPROVE⚽ Evolve your soccer players andtheir skills:SPEED to move quickly down the field, SHOT to make itunstoppable,JUMP to leap higher in each attack and defense, SPRINTto overtakeyour rivals, POWER UP to reduce the time between specialshots…Level up and be the ultimate score hero! AMAZING SPECIALSHOTS⚽Defeat all the opponents using the shocking special kicks:DragonBall, Orange Machine, Falling Star… And more! Each withstunninglight and sound effects! Ultimate extreme football!DIVISIONS⚽Create your player and compete. Choose from threecategories withinthe game: bronze, silver, and gold. Win games toreach the Goldcategory and beat other players in the ranking.Victories will earnyou rewards that you can use to level up yourplayer. GAME MODES⚽Try the CUP, where champions are remembered! Godown in historythrough all of the rounds and enjoy playing in theFinal Cup! Starta FRIENDLY match and play soccer games against anyclub you want!Consistency is key to success in the LEAGUE! You mustface offagainst all of the teams and gain points from each match toberanked at the top of the table by the end of the season. BEATYOURFRIENDS⚽ Sync your progress with Google Play Games andFacebook.How many goals could you score? Even Luis Figo has funplaying HeadSoccer LaLiga - Soccer Games, check itout: Play in the DreamLeague,reach the Gold Division. Enjoy playing Head Soccer LaLiga2019 -Soccer Games ! This app uses Wi-fi or mobile data (ifavailable) todownload game content and advertising. You can disablemobile datausage on this game from within Settings/Mobile Data.Visit us at:http://laliga.es
Mini Football Head Soccer Game 3.6
Soccer/Football is redefined! Get the best Big Head Soccer/Footballin your device!We bet you have never played football /Soccer gamelike this and we bet you will love this head soccergame. Just playbig head soccer 2015 and never exit! Be thechampion of puppetsoccer championship! Show your football skillsto the world! Keep inmind that World only remembers thechampions!We bet you’ll love thisMini Football game!★★★★MiniFootball Head Soccer Key Features ★★★★•Vast amount of gamingexperience through 3 different engaging gamemodes.• Daily onlinetournaments with players from all over theworld.• Highlycustomizable and upgradable characters with over 130items tochoose from. • 50 top soccer playing nationsall over theglobe• 32top clubs from popular leagues• Local club andnations'tournaments• Career mode• Exciting Game play with smoothcontrols✔Which team did you bet on 2014 mundial Brasil, Germany,Argentine,France, England maybe Spain or Brazil?✔Choose yourfavoritenational soccer team and rank up while playing variouspopularfootball leagues, cups or world cups in gorgeous stadiums oryoucan simply dominate in street or beach soccer stylefriendlyfootball matches.✔Do you want to be like Ronaldo (CR7)? Doyou wantto be like Messi? Like Neymar or Rooney? Play Mini Soccerbe liketrue champion like them or even beat them!✔Are youinterested inAsian Cup? Or maybe Copa America? Our game hascountries from thesechampionships:• AFC- Asian Cup• CFC- Africa Cupof Nations•CONMEBOL- Copa America• CONCACAF- Gold Cup• OFC- NationsCup• UEFA-European Championship (Champions League)✔Play Careermode, be firstor second in your division and relegate to the nextdivisionCompeteagainst your friends Tackle your opponent; score asmuch you canwin the matches, enjoy Sunday or Monday football nightand Increaseyour rank! There are all kind of player’s noob andexperienced.After all be the winner of every head soccerchampionship! To bethe winner you’ll need to reveal your ballskills, fool & winagainst all opponents.✔Attacking or Defensiveformation? Changeformation in every game and choose formation youlike most.✔Playtournaments or leagues like Champions league, WorldCup win inPlayoffs and win the trophies. You’ve a big empty trophycase! Winall of the cups and leagues, make history, and you’ll berememberedwith honor!It's up to you! You are the best soccer/footballplaymaker in this world!It’s time to show your footballmanagingskills! Be the supreme football manager in the world!Makeyour ownworld championship 2015 or English Premier League, Spanishheadsoccer la ligaBBva, usa football MLS, German Bundesligaandbeyond...Mini soccer is your chance to become the greatestsoccerstar in the world.✔In Kick Off and Tournament modes you canchoosefrom 50 different nations and 32 different teams to playwith. Butif you are brave enough and you have enough skills tobecome THEBEST you must try Career mode, where you will competeagainstplayers from all over the world in daily basis.Got the ballskillsto be promoted into the Elite Division? Or if you are notsureenough, that doesn’t just end there. Play friendly matches,theGlobal Challenge cup also compete in some extra prestigiousdreamleague head soccer competitions. Do you believe that world’smostpopular sport is football or soccer? Yes? Ok, nowplaySoccer/Football in a new way! It is certainly a fancy soccergamefor everyone who loves football game a want to be best soccerstarin a different way!Play Soccer/football with passion and provethatbets made on you were not just some hopes.Let's see if youmanageto top our Major Soccer League, Good Luck!!!
Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game 2.1.7
Genera Games
Welcome to the best english Soccer game of the major leaguesoccer,english football league, spanish soccer league and futbolleague.We have created a specialized english soccer game for ourAmericanfans. Our free soccer game is the most anticipated soccergame ofthe year 2020. We give you the opportunity to play againstthe bestsoccer players from around the world, you will be able towin thebest soccer matches and championships. In addition, if youmanageto be the best player in the world or become a great playerin asoccer team of the major league soccer, the national soccerteamwill call you to go with them to the next World Cup. Oursoccergame has been designed to feel like a real soccer player, asoccerplayer who is playing with his love team in the mostimportantcompetitions like World Cup or major league soccer. Wehave all thesoccer teams of the major league soccer, you can playwith yourfavorite team, or alternate teams when sending you atransferrequest. You can play with soccer teams such as: angelesgalaxy, dcunited, toronto fc, seattle sounders, orlando city,whitecapsbetween others. Besides being able to share clothes withgreatsoccer players like giovanni dos santos, beckham, zlatan,rooneyand others. And when you play the major league soccer, youhave thepossibility to play other national championships such asthe futbolCup, futbol league cup or the European footballchampionship whereyou will fight against the best soccer teams inthe world and inAmerica such as: whitecaps, toronto fc, angelesgalaxy, orlandocity and others. Free soccer games are becoming morereal and withbetter graphics that make you believe that you arereally playing asoccer game in the most important stadiums of themajor leaguesoccer. That's why our free soccer game is known forits greatlevels of quality and graphics. Enjoy with our soccer gamethatoffers you an incomparable experience. Characteristics ofoursoccer game: -Play against thousands of soccer teams ofmajorleague soccer, spanish futbol english futbol. -We give youthechance to play in the best soccer leagues in the world ofsoccersuch as the major league soccer, english soccer league,spanishfutbol liga and many others in the world, including theAmericanmajor league soccer -Compete in the grass with greatplayers of theworld like giovanni dos santos, beckham, rooney orzlatan -Pass allthe levels of our game and become the hero of majorleague socceror futbol spaninsh league -Play with the nationalsoccer team andgo to the football world cup. -Win the championshipwith yourfavorite soccer team - Become the best scorer in the majorleaguesoccer, or in futbol la liga -Win all the soccer matches withyoursoccer team of the major league soccer Remember to play withallyour strength and all your spirit, giving everything andalwaysbeing the best soccer player of your soccer team fightingagainstthe best soccer teams in the world like orlando city,whitecaps, dcunited… , and become the winner along with your soccerteam of themajor league soccer, the futbol liga. The heroes ofsoccer alwaysscore goals, never leave their teammates behind andalways scorethe final goal. Be the hero of your soccer team in themajor leaguesoccer! Do not wait any longer we are better than othersoccergames, download the best free soccer game of the majorleaguesoccer, la liga mx and english soccer league, we promise youwillfeel an unusual feeling when you score a goal with our soccergameand become a recognized soccer player around the world and thiswayyou will win the golden ball while playing in one of thebestfootball teams in the world. It’s the moment of making historyinthe soccer world, be the next golden ball of the majorleaguesoccer now!
Soccer Leagues Pro 2018: Stars Football World Cup 1.3
Bulky Sports
Now it’s time to build the world best soccer team to acceptthechallenge of 2018 soccer league championship. Select top superstarplayers to build your very own world football team. Challengethepro soccer rivals of the world champion league. Play head toheadagainst your opponents to score the goals. The opponentteamplayers will shoot the ball, dribble, and kick the penaltiesonlyto win. Compete with different football teams & perfectyourkick & shoot skills to win 2018 football world cup. Boostyourattacking skills to face the team challenges. Contest indifferentsoccer matches with different countries to be a legendplayer andtake the world cup to your home country club. SoccerLeagues Pro2018 & Stars Football World Cup game is here, andit’s betterthan ever. Now let’s fight against world soccer rivalsin thissoccer game to excite the football team lovers as the bestteamcaptain ever. Become the legend top scorer of theleaguechampionship in this thrilling & adventurer worldfootballtournament. Lead your soccer team players to the victorystand inthis professional soccer league 2018 & stars footballworld cup3d game. Select your world best soccer players teamformation andchallenge to any team who stands in your way as yourise throughdifferent league matches to upgrading team level andearn points tounlock the world cup matches. Build the best squad inthe world andlead them all the way to win the Soccer Leaguechampionship orfootball world cup tournament. Soccer League starsis the latestmobile football simulation game featuring with simplecontrols,smooth animations and crazy actions. Soccer Leagues Pro2018 &Stars Football World Cup is the best free kick shootfootball 3dgame on store. Test your abilities while playing againsttop soccerteam players & experienced team managers around theworld.Unite your football team stars with the spirit of, as theyarefinest football club’s stars. Be the best soccer team managertobuild the best team & top football players of the world.Forwinner’s gameplay is very simple just run faster, passingthefootball to team player & take aim to shoot & goal. Youcanalso control every player of your team through the easyjoystickcontrols. As a country club captain, you will train bestsoccerplayers & increase their ability to win the worldleaguetournament matches.Soccer Leagues Pro 2018 & StarsFootballWorld Cup is the best mobile football soccer simulationgame,smooth controls, realistic animations and ultimateactions.Adventure of football passing, sprint and skill of movingaroundopponents, take aim, shoot and goal. Realistic passes,powerfulshots in this football game will add an amazing footballgameplayexperience. Get your favorite soccer team players and winagainstthe world football champion teams by playing thisfootballsimulation game. Playing professional soccer league pro2018 &stars football world cup more exciting & latestmobile soccer3d game. Build and manage your football team and keepstriking backfor soccer world cup competition. Become a real soccerstar withyour favorite top hero football players. Feel of genuinefootballground environment during football match and feel the heatof freekick penalty moments. Soccer Leagues Pro 2018: StarsFootball WorldCup Game Features: • Play as pro soccer leaguechampion teamfootball player.• Realistic soccer pro player stunts& actionsduring football gameplay.• Create, customize andcontrol your prosoccer team.• Quick & smarter moves of yourplayer andopponents on the soccer stadium.• Select your favoritecountry,player skin, player uniform & shoes.• Latest visualeffects andcut scenes more like television football match.• Googleplayachievements & leaderboards to review top rankings.•Realisticgraphics and sound effect will enhance the gameplayexperience.
Shoot Goal: World Leagues Soccer Game 2.1.13
Bambo Studio
The best soccer players in the world can compete with their teamsinthis world league championship. Choose your forward andstartscoring goals to reach the final. The best free kicks witheffectand spectacular penalties. Front against goalkeeper. The bestWorldSoccer League game. You will have situations of shoot freekicksand penalties , in which you have to score the decisive goalwilldecide if your team is the champion of the soccer tournament.Bethe soccer hero and win the cup, the public will cheer you upifyou play soccer well and score lot of goals. Start now to playthissoccer game and show that nobody plays like you.CHARACTERISTICS *More than 150 levels, in which you will have toprove that you arethe best soccer hero. * Get the soccerachievements, score goalsand get to the top. * New graphic engine.* Control the ball withthe most impressive effects, the ball willmake the trajectory thatyour finger makes. If you like soccergames, this is your game! 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️ Bambo Studio 2018 -The best free soccer games for Mobile 🌐Web: 👍Facebook: 🐦Twitter: @bambostu
Soccer Hit - International Cup Russia 2018 2.0.2
Football world championships are around the corner! Be prepared-kick off the ball in Soccer Hit!Play in friendly or in worldcupmode! Now ready for Russia 2018 emotions and matches!Play soccerina brand new way - have fun with fast arcade gameplay,simplecontrols and unique art style. Tap and swipe to aim, pass theballbetween players - be precise! Tap as fast as you can todefend.Takepart in Euro, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania Cup -win all thetrophies!Ideal for taking break in Euro cup 2016 or CopaAmerica,predicting results and winning the cup!features:- onetouchcontrols- 200+ national teams (from all continents)- 3 gamemodes(quick match, career - tower of fame, cups)- 7 different cupstoplay (euro, north america, africa, asia, etc)- 12+ trophiestoachieve- cards with funny gifts and specials- different pitchesandweather conditions- no offsides- no red cards- extra timeandpenalties included- goal replay sharing (turn it off onolderdevices for better performance)Remember - in Soccer Hit thereareno offsides and red cards - purearcade-football-soccerexperience.IMPORTANT: If you facing someperformance issues (onolder devices) disable "RECORD REPLAYS"option. Use it only whenyou want to share some awesome videos ofyour goals!
Juventus Fantasy Manager 2018 - EU champion league 8.20.021
Wanna collect all the best football players and crash the pitchinthis new football league 2k18? Juventus Fantasy Manager 2018ishere to present the most breathtaking match ever. Move yourfingersand get it NOW FOR FREE! This is a manager football gameofJuventus football club for all Italian FOOTBALL ADDICTS. Beatthechallenge, claim the prize with your invincible achievementsandmake the best strategic alignment with high-rankedfootballplayers. No pain, MUCH to GAIN! Create a mobile footballlegend andbe a soccer star! Exclusivity characteristics: -UNDEFEATABLE team:line-up your invincible team with best realfootball players. Equipyour team with the most talentedfootballers, dribble pastdefenders and beat the outsmart opponentsby flick shot. Here comesa world of soccer star 2018! Go get: PauloDybala, GianluigiBuffon, Gonzalo Higuaín, or Tomás Rincón, andother fantasticplayers! - Get the BEST FOOTBALLERS: Be thecleverest coach and getthe best footballers, evolve, improve theirlevels, make themstronger in each real football battle. Unlock newlevels and moveon high-ranked match to get a big win. Team up andget ready for anunbelievable prize!- DEFEAT the greatest rivals –PVP footballgame: Experience in such a live football game inJuventus FantasyManager, you get the real feeling in this uniquelive match bydribbling the ball through other forceful opponents.Line-up yourteam for the breathtaking match, break the net andscore a GOAL!2018 PREMIER LEAGUE! - Fight to rise to HIGH-RANKEDfootballmatches: Equip your football players and conquer thetournamentwith tactical strategies to climb to higher divisions inthispremier league - DIFFERENT team combinations: Make thebestalignment of your team player to get all the invincible playersandbecome UNDEFEATABLE. The higher you go, the more chances youhavethe best footballers from 2018 Juventus Fantasy Manager-EVOLVEyour players´ characteristics and skills: Break the net byforcefulflick shot! WIN BIG GAME and claim your PRIZE-WINNING infootballleague 2k18. You never know what you will get for yourdreamfootball squad. Now or never: PREMIER LEAGUE! - INCREDIBLEREWARDS:Score fantastic goals with flick shots, score, conquer thefootballchampionship by being the most talented coach ever. Herecome yourdream football league 2k18 and thousands of rewards. NewJUVENTUSFANTASY MANAGER! Overcome the challenge, conquer the pitchandscore the most breathtaking goal ever. Become new footballlegendand lead your real football squad to win the footballleague2k18!Download JUVENTUS FANTASY MANAGER 2018 for free and leadyourfavourite team.To be able to play this application, you willneedinternet connection. This application offers in-app purchaseswhichyou can disable in your device settings.By using thisapplication,you accept the "Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice".It containsadvertisements of "From The Bench, S.L." and theirpartners,including advertisements within the game. It also collectsdatathrough analysis technology and delivers third partyadvertisementsincluding network and GPS locations. The app containsdirect linksto social networks for those above the age of 13 andalso directlinks to POLICY YTERMS OF FORUMS:Check out ourforums at to meetother playersand be up to date on all news about the game.
Liverpool FC Fantasy Manager 2019 8.51.010
LIVERPOOL FC FANTASY MANAGER 2019 HAS ARRIVED! The new editionofthe most addictive mobile football manager game comes filledwithextra fun and excitement, including the most awaitedfeature:Monthly Rankings - through which all actions in the gamewill giveyou points that go towards your ranking position. The morepointsyou get, the better the reward at the end of the month. Yourteam.Your club. Sign, train, challenge and defeat thousands ofrivalsfrom around the globe. SIGN THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLDMohamedSalah, Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and awholehost of other forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepersfromleagues around the planet. Train them, increase theirlevel,improve their skills and let them play. If you work hard, youcandevelop an unbeatable team. POINTS LINKED TO REALITY One ofthefeatures that make this game realistic is the players’pointvalues. These vary according to their performances in reallife soensure you pay attention every week to make sure you havethe bestplayers from your team on the field. DO YOU KNOW FOOTBALL?GOUNDEFEATED IN ALL COMPETITIONS! A competition like the leaguecanprove just how much you know about football. It’s where you'llhaveto give your all to be in top shape for each game and fighttoreach the top division. There are special tournaments toenteralso, and prizes and items to challenge for, so develop thebestteam and have your opponent’s trembling! PLAY AGAINST YOURFRIENDSAND THOUSANDS OF OTHER USERS Friends who also play can helpyouadvance in the game, and, of course, FACE YOU! You canalsochallenge rivals in head-to-head matches. POWER UPSANDENHANCEMENTS Strengthen your team with virtual power ups. Themorevirtual goods you have, the more possibilities you have ofwinninggames! Download the official LIVERPOOL FC FANTASY MANAGER2019 nowfor free now – be the boss lead your favourite team!
World Football Euro Cup 1.1
Gamers Bell
Become the ultimate world soccer player in the world and leadyourfootball dream team to the victory to score a goal in thestadiumin this football game. We bring the best world soccer gamewithreal football players for you so it’s the best chance to becomeafootball player with real soccer. You are a manager yourselfinthis dream league soccer and kick the real football powerfullysothat goal keeper will not be able to defend in thisfootballmatch.Have fun in this football soccer and make yourownprofessional career and become a world legend so that yourfansfollow you at the end in this free soccer game. Makeperfectfootball kicks and play the fifa 18 and score many goals andearnfame in this fifa world cup. Play the football soccer as astrikermidfielder and defender and become the winning eleven dreamleaguesoccer 2018. Support your team in the final in ea sports andplayeda real soccer hero role and lead your team to the winning newstarsoccer. Impress the sport press and the football matchaudiencewith every goal, penalties and to become a real footballerand leadyour team to the number one world football ranking.Workhard andtrain your skills and win every football competition byscoringmore goals futebol world soccer. Impress the whole worldwith yourkick shot and set your mind to play this football match asamidfielder or defender? Be good with your work and trainingandpracticed more and more to become a dream soccer footballplayerand then receive a lot of sponsorships to make a real herobestsoccer game.FIFA world cup is very popular and worthgainingfootball tournament all over the world so you have to winthis ssreal football match to do more score world goals. Play withyourfavorite national football teams like brazil, Germany, Englandandimprove your footballer skills to play different tournamentsorchampionships in this fifa mobile game. You will get a realenjoyto play fifa on yours madden mobile and practiced yourfootballdifferent techniques to play this sports football games.Doyou wantto become winning eleven?If yes then this the best worldfootballsoccer league to practiced and to boost your footballerskillsfirst touch soccer football games. We bring multiple modes inthisfifa ultimate team futbol score game for you like trainingmode,free kicks penalties shots real soccer football world.Buildupgradeand lead your team!Highly detailed 3D graphics and realgameplay,polished shadows, detailed textures and feel the soccerexperienceas like you are in a football stadium and stunningvisuals all cometogether will make your real excitement level moreand more.Different game modes in this world legend fifa world cupgame likechampion league, friendly league and world cup.Realfootballplayers and multiple stadiums to practiced in your mobileand tobecome a hero soccer.Very easy and user friendly and bestcontrolsto play this next level world soccer football league.Manageyourdream team with realistic new football gameplay.Achievementsandmany awards are provided to winning eleven.Try your best tokickand head a ball to the opponent’s goal side.Simple andintuitiveinterface and many players celebrations!Free to downloadfrom playstore so hold your device and download this real-worldfootballsoccer league and challenge to your friend and get anamazingexperience to play this football game and one thing don’tforget torate us. And give us five stars! Also, do give us yourfeedback!Thank YOU!
Soccer Champions 2018 Final Game 2.3
Bulky Sports
Like Soccer Games? Soccer Champions 18 is 11 player realfootball& soccer matches game. Make your dream team and be aworldchampion of pro soccer leagues 2018 by playing thisfootballsimulation game. Select favorite superstar players tocreate yourown dream soccer team. Choose your team formation andtake on anyteam who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent leaguematches to upgrade team level and earn points tounlock the worldcup matches. Soccer Champions 18 Final GameFeatures * Create,customize and control your ultimate dream soccerteam* Play worldCup, knockout, story and league modes,.* Googleplay leaderboards& achievements to review top rankings ofchampions.* Quick& Smarter moves of your player and opponentson the soccerground.* Latest visual effects and cut scenes morelike livefootball match experience.Soccer Champions 18 - Final gameGameControls* Pass button" for pass and tackle, * Kick button"forshoot the football. * Sprint button" to make the player movefast *Direction Key" to control the movement of the player.Testyourkick, dribble, pass, shoot skills in different game modes. InStoryMode lead your player squad to all 30 levels to completethecareer. In Knockout mode defeat all clubs to be a legend. Inworldcup mode play with the best teams of the world and be achampion ofchampions. Feel of realistic football stadiumenvironment duringfootball match and feel the heat of free kickpenalty moments. LoveSoccer Games? Make your dream team and bechampions of pro footballleaguesLet’s Be Social WithUS: Soccer Games then install that free game, make your dreamteamand be champions of pro football leagues.
Tiki Taka Soccer
Panic Barn
Welcome to Tiki Taka Soccer. True touchscreen soccer. Createyoursoccer team and lead them to European club soccer glory. Createateam, hire staff, choose your formation and buy the bestplayers.Lead them into battle on the soccer pitch. Experienceeveryexciting moment the beautiful game can provide.The firstsoccergame with a control system designed perfectly fortouchscreencontrol. Use the super fun controls to create magicalgoals andflowing moves. It's total touchscreen soccer.Keep yourteam fit andfocused, earn enough money to improve your squad andperhaps oneday you can dominate the top leagues of European clubsoccer.Hugely enjoyable to pick up and play a quick match or falldeepinto the Tiki Taka Soccer world and play season after season inavariety of European leagues.Beautifully designed controls,endlessfootball entertainment, navigate your team throughincredibleincidents, and the highs and lows of club football.KEYFEATURESFreeto play! Thousands of hours of fun at yourfingertips!Superaddictive soccer action. Arguably the best soccergame availablefor your phone/tablet!Create your dream soccer teamand lead themto the top of European club soccer!Experience thehighs and lows ofthe soccer world, relegation, promotion and gloryare yours for thetaking!Hire trainers, accountants and fitnesscoaches to take yourteam to the next level!Buy the best players inthe world anddominate the soccer world!Incredibly easy to pick upand play buttough to master!Total touchscreen soccer!
Striker Soccer America 2015 1.2.9
U-Play Online
This time you’ll have to lead your national team to the top inthe2015 Copa America of Chile. You can play four different gamemodeswith 12 teams present at the 2015 Copa America, or competewith sixother invited teams. The game includes the best of thepreviousversions, which have accumulated more than 30 milliondownloads,adding new ways because of the America 2015 Cup of Chile.CHOOSEBETWEEN 18 NATIONAL TEAMS OF AMERICA You can choose yourfavoriteteam between 12 teams participating in the 2015 CopaAmerica ofChile: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,Ecuador,Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Andyoualso have the ability to play with other invited teams likeUSA,Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. 4DIFFERENTGAME MODES Play Friendlies or make your team champion ofAmerica inthe competitions. Enjoy the challenge mode where you mustgocompleting up to 10 challenges in your road to the titleofchampion of a modest selection. Another novelty is theONLINEEVENTS MODE where you can choose a team from a real match oftheCopa America and accumulate points to get great prizes.ONLINEEVENTS WITH THE REAL MATCHES OF THE COPA AMERICA During thecourseof the Copa America you can choose one of the teams highlightmatchof the day and have the opportunity to accumulate points foryourfavorite team. Play as many matches as possible and leadtheranking to get great prizes. Also, if your chosen team winstheevent, prizes are multiplied by 2! Incredible features: ✔Recordand share your game highlights with Kamcord! ✔ Set up thebesttactics for every match. You have up to 7 differentavailableconfigurations. ✔ Three levels of difficulty. ✔ Fullcontrol ofyour players: shooting, passing and mowed, easy andsimple ✔Multiplayer Events where you compete with your favoriteteamagainst all users of the game to get fantastic prizes. DuringtheCopa America results in real matches will result on the events.✔Format and calendars similar to 2015 Copa America of Chile:acompetition with 12 teams participating in league andknockoutphase, another 18 American teams also league and knockoutphase andlast a league of 18 teams with round matches. ✔ Earn coinsto buypower-ups for your teams and players. ✔ Simple controls forbothexperienced players and novice. ✔ A game that comes alivewithvibrant graphics and 3D animations. Download it now and conquertheCopa America with your team!Facebook:
Pro Soccer Leagues 2018 - Stars Football World Cup 1.1.6
Bulky Sports
Pro soccer leagues 2018 & stars football world cup game ishere,and it’s better than ever. Now let’s fight against worldsoccerrivals in this soccer game to excite the football teamlovers as thebest team captain ever. Become the legend top scorerof the leaguechampionship in this thrilling & adventurer worldfootballtournament. Lead your soccer team players to the victorystand inthis professional soccer leagues 2018 & stars footballworldcup3d game. Now this is your chance to build the best soccerteam inthe world. Select top super star players to build your veryownworld football team. Challenge the pro soccer rivals of theworldchampion league. Play head to head against your opponents toscorethe goals. The opponent team players will shoot the ball,dribble,and kick the penalties only to win. Declare yourself as atop goalscorer of the soccer league final match. Compete withdifferentfootball teams & perfect your kick & shoot skillsto win2018 football world cup. You must be very perfect to shootthe ballby your head in right direction of opponent team. Boostyourattacking skills to face the team challenges. In realcompetitionstyle, challenge your opponents from all over theworld. Contest indifferent soccer matches with different countriesto be a legendplayer and take the world cup to your home countryclub. Select yourworld best soccer players team formation andchallenge to any teamwho stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent league matchesto upgrading team level and earn points tounlock the world cupmatches. Build the best squad in the world andlead them all the wayto win the soccer league championship orfootball world cuptournament. Soccer league stars is the latestmobile footballsimulation game featuring with simple controls,smooth animationsand crazy actions. Pro soccer leagues 2018 &stars footballworld cup is the best mobile football soccersimulation game, smoothcontrols, realistic animations and ultimateactions. Adventure offootball passing, sprint and skill of movingaround opponents, takeaim, shoot and goal. Realistic passes,powerful shots in thisfootball game will add an amazing footballgameplay experience. Getyour favorite soccer team players and winagainst the world footballchampion teams by playing this footballsimulation game.Pro soccerleagues 2018 & stars football worldcup is the best free kickshoot football 3d game on store. Testyour abilities while playingagainst top soccer team players &experienced team managersaround the world. Unite your footballteam stars with the spirit of,as they are finest football club’sstars. Be the best soccer teammanager to build the best team &top football players of theworld. For winner’s gameplay is verysimple just run faster, passingthe football to team player &take aim to shoot & goal. Youcan also control every player ofyour team through the easy joystickcontrols. As a country clubcaptain, you will train best soccerplayers & increase theirability to win the world leaguetournament matches. Playingprofessional soccer leagues 2018 &stars football world cupmore exciting & latest mobile soccer 3dgame. Build and manageyour football team and keep striking back forsoccer world cupcompetition. Become a real soccer star with yourfavorite top herofootball players. Feel of genuine football groundenvironmentduring football match and feel the heat of free kickpenaltymoments. Pro Soccer Leagues 2018: Stars Football World CupGameFeatures: -Create, customize and control your prosoccerteam-Select your favorite country, player skin, PlayerUniform& shoes.-Quick & Smarter moves of your player andopponentson the soccer ground.-Realistic graphics and sound effectwillenhance the gameplay experience-Latest visual effects andcutscenes more like television football match.-Googleplayleaderboards & achievements to review top rankings.
Champions FreeKick League 2018 1.3.3
Champions FreeKick League 2018 is the most prestigiousEuropeanfootball tournament. Champions FreeKick League 2018 - agame thatallows you to become a part of this epic event. Havingchosen yourfavorite team, you can help her get into the top onlineratings ofEuropean champions. Season 2017/18 - is the hottest inthe history,it will be attended by the best football clubs andsuper starfootball players. You can prove that you are not inferiorin skill.Becoming a winner, you will receive the recognition of thewholeworld, and thanks to our online ratings you will be able tosee whostands in your way to the Cup! Did you admire the skill ofthe bestforwards? Was it breathtaking when the goalkeeper reflectedthedecisive ball, and the whole stadium froze in anticipation?Orwould you simply like to visit the best arena in the world?Ourgame will take you to the stadium, bring you closer to themillionsin the stands and give unforgettable emotions, and theopponentspenalties will not let you relax. The key features of theChampionsFreeKick League 2018 are: - Top clubs, including grandeesandfavorites - Real situations and groups - Seasonal countryratingsand the world ratings in real time - Clear interface andcontrols -Unique 3D models of players Your goal is to score freekicks andpenalties, reflect all the shots of the opponent. Todayyou caninstall this game absolutely for free! Test yourself,becomeChampions FreeKick League 2018 Champion!
Winner Soccer Evolution 1.8.3
Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3D competitive football game.Itincludes the teams and the latest football players’ data of2014World Cup. There are various modes for you to select, such asCup,League Match and Friendly Match. It has up to 126 teams and2600players. Smooth actions and playback function let you feel likeyouactually in the game. 1.Game Modes This game has variousmodes,including Cup (World Cup, Club Cup), League Match (PremierLeague,Lega Serie A, La Liga and CSL), Friendly Match andPenaltyShootout. It also has a training mode for you to trainskills ofyour team, dividing into Primary, Medium and Advanced.FriendlyMatch Mode: You can select 2 teams from 62 club teams tocompete orshoot penalty. Cup Mode: You can select your favoriteteam from 64national teams to participate the World Cup. LeagueMode, You canselect one team from Britain, Italy, Spain or China tocompete forchampionship. Training Mode: You can select a team toperfect itsoperation skills. 2. Various Operation Skills This gameprovidestwo kinds of operation modes. You can choose the mostsuitable one.(You can change mode in Options under Menu or tapbutton || toactivate Menu in game.) You can read Control Method inHelp ofOptions under Menu. The operation adopts an internationalpopularway, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass /Press andLongPass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out, LongthroughPass and Special Dribble /Focus Change. Short Pass: It isshortpass in offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler indefense.Long Pass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to amate ofappropriate distance after release. Let controller slidetacklewhen defend. Shoot: Make different shooting actions accordingtoPower Accumulate and the distance between player and ball.SpecialDribble: Including many special dribble actions: Marsilleroulette,Step over, Step over and Pull back. Automatic combinationskills:Through Pass: Pass ball to catcher according to PowerAccumulate.Long through Pass: Pass ball to catcher with Long Passaccording toPower Accumulate. Sprint: Rapid dribble, fasten speedof dribblebut worsen control of ball. Drive ball out: Stop ball faraway frombody and facilitate dribble starting acceleration. Dribblewith fardistance: Double click in front when fast dribble candribblefarther and facilitate fast run. Fake Shoot and Fake Longpass:Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulatewillcancel shoot or long pass. They are used to dribble pastopponentDefenders or GK. One-Two pass: Two players cooperate todribblepast opponent Defenders. Lob shoot: Press Special Dribble toshoot.Control tracks of ball: Press direction keys to control theflyingarc of ball.
Top Stars: Football Match! - Strategy Soccer Cards 1.42.08
Go beat all football clubs and become one of the cardtournamentchampions! Train your team, win a world tournament, a cupor anational league and climb to the top as an online soccer star!Be atop coach, master your deck and assemble powerful combos inthiscard game of strategy while experiencing PvP combat. Buildyourdeck to maximize the power of your amazing players in ordertoscore goals! Create your competition deck with the bestsoccerstars and improve their stats in this multiplayer onlinegame. Ifyou like head to head games, you will love Top Stars. Inthis topfootball strategy game, you can choose your favorite soccerstarsto beat the football cards of your opponents. Choose yourmatchstrategy and decide which soccer cards you will start with. Tobeat the top of the temple of football, Top Stars will guide youbyits unique match strategy configuration of soccer cards. • Findoutwho is the best player by building your top football team!Createyour own lineup or formation and see who is the goal hero inthisstrategy simulator. If you want to be a Top Stars champion,youwill need to pay attention to your striker's attack anddefensepoints to take down the goalkeeper and win the clash. • Useskillcards to give your squad the competitive edge and help defeatyourivals. Collect cards to build your battle deck and fightotherduelists online to see who is a real winner! Transfer andexchangefootballers until you get the perfect collection, find yourbestcompanion! • Competitive real-time PvP combat! League,tournamentor head to head! Begin in the lowest football arena andplay toreach the highest division and the best stadiums. • Makeyour wayto a big league and turn into a Top Stars legend! Challengeyourfriends with the best multiplayer cards battle game and facetopplayers from the best leagues. Aim for the goal and shoot!•Assemble powerful decks and dominate your rivals! Thestrategicgameplay makes you decide which card comes out next! Duelagainstthe greatest football champions in different leagues! • Win,craft,or collect powerful cards! Achieve and combine all the soccerstarslegends for your strategy deck with differents skills andstats.Use their special effects in the best moment!. • You willgetincredible free gifts and rewards witch each victory. Openpacksand boxes or earn more cash to get the best soccer card stars.Keepupgrading your players speed, kick or shot levels to makethemstronger after the battle! This football strategy game is thebestchoice to get a unbeatable formation with the amazing soccerstarson football cards. Enjoy this card strategy game that bringsyouthe best experience of a football match in real time.Startdeveloping your cards club and get to the mayor leagues bywinningall the matches in this amazing sports simulator. Buildyourultimate Deck and aim for the top! Download the game NOW andstartyour journey to become the best tactics player on the field inTopStars! From The Bench brought you other amazing top freestrategygames such as NBA General Manager 2018 or PRO SoccerManager 2018.To play this application you will need internetconnection. Thisapplication offers integrated purchases. You candeactivate them inyour device settings. This application needs youto accept the"Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice". It containsadvertisementsof "From The Bench, SL" and of their partners,includesadvertisements inside the game, reunites data throughanalysistechnology and the delivery of third party advertisementsincludingthe location based in the network and GPS. It alsocontains directlinks to social networks for those older than 13years of age aswell as direct links to the Internet. "Like" thegame:
Pelé: Soccer Legend 1.4.1
Cosi Games
The official soccer game featuring greatest footballerPELÉPelé:Soccer Legend is a new soccer experience with streamlinedgesturecontrols, featuring the legend himself! Follow in Pelé’sfootstepsin career mode and work your way from the backstreets ofBrazil allthe way up to become world championKey Features: - Freeto Play! -150+ challenging levels - Online Multiplayer game mode.Competeagainst other players around the world- Over 1000 goalsandchallenges to complete from the backstreets to the bigleagues-Customize your player with unique uniforms, hats, hairstyles, andmore! - Use special power-ups to defy physics and takedown anyopponent in your path- Exclusive free kicks win in gameprizes
True Football National Manager 1.5.4
MKR Studio
Have you ever dreamed about becoming a coach of a nationalteam?Could you bring your country to the top of the world? Trythisfootball manager game!- 211 (!) national teams to choose! Eachwiththeir own, real skills! If you succeed with your team,yourfederation will be improving every year, constructing newstadiums,developing better youth players, etc. Create your ownfootballreality!- All the major international tournaments toparticipate.Together with all the qualifiers, it makes 33competitions you cantake part in! - Dozens of players available foryour selections!-Interviews with journalists, calls with yourplayers - every youranswer affects on their morale and otherparameters. Be carefulwhat to say!- Lots of tactical orders (teamand individual) toapply. Can you find the right strategies?-Organize friendlymatches to check your players and various tacticalvariants!- Earnscore for achievements and trophies. Submit yourresult and competewith players from all over the world in theleaderboard. Will youmake it to the top 50?The app is available in24 languages. Andit's totally free! No hidden costs, no in-gamepayments. Justenjoy! :)
Mobile Soccer League 1.0.25
Rasu Games
Realistic 3D and 2D Mobile Soccer Game Joystick andautomaticcontrols Cups - World Cup - Europa Cup - Copa AmericaLeagues -Major League - Spanish League - England League - ItalyLeague -French League - Turkish League - Brazilian League Havefun...
2019 Champions Soccer League: Football Tournament 1.0.11
Play in the champions soccer league! Win our internationaltablefootball tournament and become a legend in this freesportssimulator! Choose your colors and national teams prepareyourselffor a frenzy world cup tournament and start playing now inourbottle caps soccer league for free! Your aim is to win every2018soccer match in Russia until you reach the first position ofourleaderboard in this foosball champion league! Have fun aloneorwith friends and practice table football until you becomeaprofessional soccer player! This free funny game is veryintuitiveto play: We prepared you the field, a soccer tabletop andyourbottle caps team so you just have to move your finger to playin aninternational World Cup. FEATURES OF 2018 CHAMPION SOCCERLEAGUE:WORLD CUP FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT -> Free funny tablefootball worldcup simulator to play alone or with friends ->Infinite ways toimprove your sports skills: Create and win your ownchampion leagueor world cup, share experiences with your friendsand, above all,have hours of fun! -> Win every match of ourWorld Cup SoccerLeague: Show your opponents who is the best tablefootball player!-> Thrilling game appropriate for kids of allages and for thosewho enjoy sports games for free Play footballmatches inRussiaRussia with your friends and win our awesome worldtournament2018! Are you ready for this soccer world championship?Byinstalling this app you agree to the following privacypolicy:
PRO Soccer Challenges 2018 - World Football Stars 1.0.3
Bulky Sports
Pro soccer challenges 2018 & world football stars is thebestfree kick shoot football 3d game on store. Feel of genuinefootballground environment during soccer match and feel the heatofunlimited penalty kick challenges. Build the best soccerplayerssquad and lead them all the way to win the soccer leaguetournamentor football world cup challenges. Also challenge thewomen soccerrivals of the world champion league. Escape from suddenattacks ofground bumpy hurdles, pass and dribble around opponents,take aim,shoot and goal. Split defenses with precise through balls,or bendshots into the top corner, putting you in control foranexperience. It’s the last minute of the game and your opponenthasthe ball, but he’s lost it. What a chance to score as winner.Youcan also customize your soccer 18 dream hero experience bychangingshirt, shorts, skin. Show off your style and score todefend yournational star colors. Pro soccer challenges 2018 &worldfootball stars is the best mobile football soccer simulationgame,smooth controls, realistic animations and ultimate actions.You canalso control every player of your team through the easyjoystickcontrols. Pro soccer challenges 2018 & world footballstarsgame is here, and it’s better than ever. Now let’s playagainstwomen world soccer rivals in this game to excite thefootball teamlovers as the best team captain ever. Become thelegend top scorerof the league championship in this thrilling &adventurer worldfootball tournament. Select top super star playersto build yourown real world football team. Lead your best soccerteam players tothe victory stand in this professional soccerleagues 2018 &women football world cup. Playing professionalsoccer leagues 2018& stars football world cup more exciting& latest mobilesoccer 3d game. Contest in different soccermatches with differentcountries to be a legend player and take theworld cup to your homecountry club.Pro soccer challenges 2018 &world football starsis the latest soccer game with amazing &different challengeslike 1-on-1 penalty kicks. Realistic passes,powerful shots in thisfootball game will add an amazing footballgameplay experience.Unite your football team stars with the spiritof, as they arefinest football club’s stars. The opponent womensoccer teamplayers will shoot the ball, dribble, and kick thepenalties onlyto win. Declare yourself as a top goal scorer of thesoccer leaguefinal match in real competition style, challenge youropponentsfrom all over the world. Now this is your chance to buildthe bestsoccer team in the world. The realistic graphics and soundeffectfor football player, football field, and stadiums will makethefootball match come to life on your screen during games. PROSoccerChallenges 2018 - World Football Stars Game Features: •Incredible& unlimited soccer challenges to prove yourself• Eachlevelsbrings you in a challenge, you have limited time to winthematches• Quick & smarter moves of your player and opponentsonthe soccer ground• Select your favorite country, playerskin,player uniform & shoes• Create, customize and control yourprosoccer team players• Latest visual effects and cut scenes moreliketelevision football match• Realistic graphics and sound effectwillenhance the gameplay experience• Google play leaderboards&achievements to review top rankings
FreeKick Soccer World 2018 1.7.7
If you are looking for realistic soccer penalties withsportsrealistic physics, Freekick Soccer World 2018 is definitelyforyou. The game has several game modes and a completely newcareermode, with many levels and different soccer exercises. 4gamemodes: - World 2018: National Soccer Teams Championship 2018-Career Mode: levels with interesting soccer exercises.-Multiplayer Online Mode: play online against real opponents-Online Cup: Online Cup against real people An abundance ofgameplaymodes: - Penalties - Dribbling - Combined tasks - Arcadetasks withsoccer target shooting Improved game mechanics andcontrols,optimized graphics and an expanded game movements set -all inorder to get a wonderful gaming experience and not bedistracted bythe details. Download Freekick World 2018 now!
Soccer League Hero 2017 Stars 2.0.1
Bulky Sports
Let’s manage your soccer team to play the world best SoccerLeagueHero 2017 Stars football game as pro club manager, whileplayingreal 3d football match on mobile device is an amazing fun in2017era. Crowed is shouting & soccer lover from around theworld iswaiting for your club team battle against world footballchampionteam. It’s not only game but an addictive & adventurefun, gamewill engaged you for many hours as you are playing inground withyour team players & part of your favorite soccerclub team. Soget ready & wait for whistle blows off for kickoff, dodge andflick football throw in the opponent team goal. Bethe best soccerteam manager to build the best team & superstarsoccer playerof the world. For winner’s gameplay is very simplejust run faster,passing the football to team player & take aimto shoot &goal. You can also control every player of your teamthrough theeasy joystick controls. As a country club manager youwill trainbest soccer players & increase their ability to winthe worldleague tournament matches. Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsis thebest free kick shoot soccer game on store. As a pro soccermanagerlet’s manage your dream soccer team and be a world soccerchampionof football leagues 2017 by playing this footballsimulation game.Select your world best heroes team formation andchallenge to anyteam who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent leaguematches to upgrading team level and earn points tounlock the worldcup matches. Build the best squad in the world andlead them allthe way to win the soccer league championship orfootball world cuptournament. Soccer league heroes is the latestmobile footballsimulation game featuring with simple controls,smooth animationsand crazy actions. Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsis the best mobilefootball soccer simulation game, smooth controls,realisticanimations and ultimate actions. Adventure of footballpassing,sprint and skill of moving around opponents, take aim,shoot andgoal. This game offers realistic football experience tosoccer gamelovers. Realistic passes, powerful shots in thisfootball game willadd an amazing soccer gameplay experience.Getyour favorite soccerteam players and win against the world footballchampion teams byplaying this football simulation game. Test yourskills whileplaying against top soccer team players &experienced teammanagers around the world. Unite your soccer teamheroes with thespirit of, as they are best football clubs stars.World soccersuperstars is easy & fun to play. In realcompetition style,challenge your opponents from all over the world.Contest indifferent soccer matches, from different countries to bea soccerlegend player and take the world cup to your home countryclub.Playing Soccer League Hero 2017 Stars more exciting &latestmobile soccer game. Build and manage your football team andkeepstriking back for soccer world cup competition. Become arealsoccer star with your favorite top hero soccer players. Feelofrealistic football stadium environment during football matchandfeel the heat of free kick penalty moments. Soccer League Hero2017Stars Game Features: • Create, customize and control yoursoccerteam• Play as soccer league champion team football player•Selectyour favorite country, player skin, Player Uniform &shoes.•Google play leaderboards & achievements to reviewtoprankings.• Realistic graphics and sound effect will enhancethegameplay experience• Quick & Smarter moves of your playerandopponents on the soccer ground.• Latest visual effects andcutscenes more like TV football match experience.• Realisticsoccerplayer stunts & actions during adventures footballgameplay. Sowhat are you waiting for? Let’s download and enjoy theworldfootball game play experience in Soccer League Hero 2017 Starsfreegame
Soccer League Stars 2017 Tour: World Football Hero 1.6
Bulky Sports
Crowed is shouting & soccer lover from around the worldiswaiting for your dream club team battle against worldfootballchampion team. It’s not only game but an addictive &adventurefun, game will engaged you for many hours as you areplaying inground with your team players & part of your favoritesoccerclub team. Select your favorite soccer team players and winagainstthe world football champion teams by playing thisfootballsimulation game. As a country club manager you will trainbestsoccer players & increase their ability to win the worldleaguetournament matches. Let’s manage your soccer team to play theworldbest Soccer League Stars 2017 Tour & World Football Herogameas pro club manager, while playing real 3d football match onmobiledevice is an amazing fun in 2017 era. So get ready & waitforwhistle blows off for kick off, dodge and flick football throwinthe opponent team goal. Test your kick, dribble, pass, shootskillsin different game modes. Feel of realistic footballstadiumenvironment during football match and feel the heat of freekickpenalty moments. Love Soccer Games? Make your dream league teamandbe champions of pro football dream leagues.World soccersuperstarsis easy & fun to play. In real competition style,challengeyour opponents from all over the world. Contest indifferent soccermatches, from different countries to be a soccerlegend player andtake the world cup to your home country club.Playing Soccer LeagueStars 2017 Tour & World Football Hero moreexciting &latest mobile soccer game. Build and manage yourfootball team andkeep striking back for soccer world cupcompetition. Become a realsoccer star with your favorite top herosoccer players. Feel ofrealistic football stadium environmentduring football match andfeel the heat of free kick penaltymoments. As a pro soccer managerlet’s manage your dream soccer teamand be a world soccer championof football leagues 2017 by playingthis football simulation game.Select your world best heroes teamformation and challenge to anyteam who stands in your way as yourise through different leaguematches to upgrading team level andearn points to unlock the worldcup matches. Build the best squad inthe world and lead them allthe way to win the soccer leaguechampionship or football world cuptournament.Soccer league heroesis the latest mobile footballsimulation game featuring with simplecontrols, smooth animationsand crazy actions. Soccer League Stars2017 Tour & WorldFootball Hero is the best mobile footballsoccer simulation game,smooth controls, realistic animations andultimate actions.Adventure of football passing, sprint and skill ofmoving aroundopponents, take aim, shoot and goal. This game offersrealisticfootball experience to soccer game lovers. Realisticpasses,powerful shots in this football game will add an amazingsoccergameplay experience. Test your skills while playing againsttopsoccer team players & experienced team managers aroundtheworld. Be the best soccer team manager to build the best team&superstar soccer player of the world. For winner’s gameplay isverysimple just run faster, passing the football to team player&take aim to shoot & goal. Unite your soccer team heroeswiththe spirit of, as they are best football clubs stars. SoccerLeagueStars 2017 Tour & World Football Hero Game Features: •Selectyour preferred country, player skin, Player Uniform &shoes.•Play as soccer dream league champion’s team football player•Build,modify and control your soccer team players• Quick &Smartermoves of your player and opponents on the soccer ground.•Googleplay leaderboards & achievements to review toprankings.•Latest graphic effects and cut scenes more like TVfootball matchskill.• Realistic graphics and sound effect willenhance thegameplay experience• Realistic soccer player tricks& actionsduring adventures football gameplay
Underworld Football Manager - Bribe, Attack, Steal 5.4
Underworld Football Manager 2019-2020 mixes traditional soccerclubtactics and strategy with bribery and sabotage in a uniquetwist onsoccer management. Build a soccer empire and pit your topelevenplayers against millions of managers across the globe.Partfootball manager, part city builder, part strategy, you’ll needtosign young pro players and turn them into superstars,whilebuilding up your city and facilities to gain every inchofadvantage you can. But simply setting up your squad isn’tenough!You’ll need to use all your cunning to bribe and attackyouropponents’ players, and vandalise their facilities to gain anedgeover the competition! Underworld Football Manager2019-2020features: ★ Sign young players and turn them intoSUPERSTARS ★CONQUER every league and tournament ★ BRIBE your rivalsto do whatyou want on the pitch ★ VANDALISE your opponent’s StadiumandFacilities ★ POWER UP your team with special items and equipment★Form ALLIANCES with players in your league to take down yourrivals★ Join a SYNDICATE clans to form a super team in a uniquegame mode★ BATTLE in real-time against millions of managers Becomeachampion by any means necessary - Play Underworld FootballManagerNOW! ***UFM is translated into 19 different languages!***Networkconnection required. We're constantly adding new features —so letus know what you think at, andjoinour Facebook community at
Head Soccer Heroes 2018 - Football Game 1.5.7
Become a legend of La Liga and lead your team to victory withHeadSoccer Heroes! Live the intensity and the emotion of footballandcreate your own epic team using the players from the Paninicardpacks. Prepare your strategy with the puzzles, level up andimproveyour characters, and score astonishing goals in this gamethatcombines puzzles and RPG set in La Liga with the collaborationofPanini!Connect defensive and offensive gems to carry out thebestplay, score goals and have fun with this impressive puzzleandfootball game of La Liga with wonderful graphics. Kick offyourcareer as a professional football player and turn into a star!Yourmoves on the board have an impact on the playing field andthenumber of goals you score. Play as forward, midfielder, ordefensein the most comprehensive football RPG.Train hard to improveyourskills and abilities and there won't be a goalie able to stopyourpowerful shots! Hire new players for your team and useyourteammates' special powers to tilt the balance in yourfavor.Improve your players' abilities to win games and reach thepeak ofinternational football! Who will be the best defense,forward orgoalie? Who will have the most powerful shot, thequickest dribble,the best technique? You choose who deserves aplace in your lineup.In this La Liga football and puzzle game youare both the playerand the trainer!Play different seasons and cupsto complete yourcareer as a professional player. Overcome all thechallenges,obtain rewards for each mission and gain experience tolevel up andimprove your abilities. Take part in weekly events tobeat playerslike Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Win points in theevents playinggames against other players from around the world.Win the gamesand qualify for the next round. You will have specialrewards, andeven obtain players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi,Piqué, Griezmannand many more!Defeat your opponents and get playersfrom otherteams to join yours in order to be the very best. You canbecomethe most powerful football team of all time! Join 3 gems toscoregoals, win championships, gain fame, dominate the playingfield andyour fans will follow you to the end!GAME FEATURESAMAZINGGRAPHICS*Incredible graphics for La Liga fans!* Play with playerssuch asCristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Neymar, Suarez, Bale,Benzema,and many more!* Spectacular animations and special powersfor yourfavorite players!TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR ABILITIES* Trainandimprove your team throughout the game to obtain the bestlineup!*Unlock incredible powers and special abilities for yourplayers.*Gain experience to level up your players and improvetheirqualities and special attacks.COLLECTIBLE CARD SYSTEM* Getcardpacks based on Panini, open them and discover hundreds ofdifferentplayers. Can you collect them all?* Modify your initiallineup withcharismatic characters, each with his own specialabilities andcharacteristics.* Goalies, defenses, midfielders andforwards. Allthey need is a great leader to become masterscorers!TWO GAMEMODES: OFFLINE AND ONLINE* Play football offline inthe CampaignMode: from humble beginnings to international footballsuperstar.*Challenge players from all over the world in the EventMode andreach the top of the ranking.* Special tournaments,championshipsand cups with incredible rewards.FOOTBALL MEETS MATCH3* Watch yourmoves on the board and observe the effect they have onthe game.*Defend the rival attack, steal the ball, dribble theopponent, passto a teammate and score fantasy goals!* A combo offootball andmatch 3 the likes of which have never beenseen.DOWNLOAD NOW ANDSTART PLAYING THIS FOOTBALL RPG GAME!
Soccer Manager Worlds 1.91
Manage your favourite football club to glory againstyourfriends.What do you need to know about SoccerManager?*Hugefootball manager multiplayer game. Your team competesagainst realfootball managers, managing other teams* Playertransfers are a keypart of the game; buy and sell players withother footballmanagers* The player ratings go up and down based oncommunityvotes* Negotiate transfer deals, set your tactics &wait foryour results to come in* It is a turn based game with atleast twofixtures a week- Free to Play (no hidden costs)- Play inover 40languages- Over 70,000 football players- Over 3,000 footballclubs-Realistic and sophisticated transfer market- Detailedmatchreports- Masses of formations, playing styles, tacticaloptionsIt’seasy to play and you don’t need to play constantly tosucceed. Sowhat are you waiting for? Download the Soccer Managerapp now andtake your favourite football club to glory!
Asian Cup Penalty Shootout 2.0
JustDu Game
If you are a football (Soccer) fans from Asian ,you will lovethisAsian Cup Penalty Shootout football game,Help your favoriteteam towin the football asian cup! You can choose any teamparticipatingin The 2015 AFC Asian Cup tournament. Defeat selectedopponent andmove up in the rankings! Asian Cup is an internationalassociationfootball tournament run by the Asian FootballConfederation (AFC).It is the second oldest continental footballchampionship in theworld after Copa América. The winning teambecomes the champion ofAsia and automatically qualifies for theFIFA Confederations Cup.The AFC Asian Cup trophy which is awardedto the winner of thetournament. Since the first tournament it hasbeen awarded to thewinning team for them to keep for four years,until the nexttournament.,The final tournament is being played intwo stages: thegroup stage and the knockout stage. In the groupstage each teamplays three games in a group of four, with thewinners andrunners-up from each group advancing to the knockoutstage. In theknockout stage the eight teams advance to compete inasingle-elimination tournament, beginning with thequarter-finalsand ending with the final match of the tournament. Athird-placematch is also played between the two losing teams ofthesemi-finals.
DREAM SQUAD - Soccer Manager 2.7.7
Full 3D Football Management! Please manage the legendary team asafootball coach! Enjoy free online "football game"! Come tocatchthe devil! Top of the football management! Wait for a newfootballcoach in "DREAM SQUAD"! This soccer game is enjoy easyandconvenient to all! ◈ "DREAM SQUAD" - Features - You will be abletowatch all the games in Full 3D live. - Real-time tacticalchangesand so has the capability to perform a role as a footballcoach. -Based on the actual data of Top-class soccer players addsrealism.- League, ranking, friendly, tournaments, etc. You canenjoy avariety of football game. - You can create a completelydifferentplayer to the training methods. - You can beat a strongopponent bydetailed strategies / tactics. - Clubs can continue togrow withstadium / supporters / uniform upgrades. - You can play afriendlymatch together with friends. - Talk to other soccer coachesin realtime chat. ◈ Facebook
Copa America 2018 1.2
Copa America 2018 football amazing Sports Game.Copa America2018have 250 million football players in over 200 countries makingitthe world's most popular football sport. The Copa America 2018gameis played on a rectangular field with a calzado de futbol goalateach end like americas cup football 2018. The object of theCopaAmerica 2018 football game is to score by getting the ball intotheopposing goal with australia soccer calzado de futbol. Which oneisyour favorite football team in Copa America 2018? You canselectany copa football team participating in the Copa America Cupin2018Get ready for quickmode better football skills excitingfunmore comfortable football controls new players and improvedgamingexperience as you play the copa americas cup Football majorleaguefishing match copa do brasil. Be the copa américacentenariofanatical soccer player of your football team and crushyouropponents in the ground field.Fulfill your football fantasy toplayrealistic football matches in this football Copa America2018Choose between different teams like Americans, Brazil,France,Germany, China, Mexico, Japan, Australia and Italy superstarsoccergoal etc.Improve your timings to kick the football as ittouchdownsto the ground and make it to the goal post. Play withblockbusterfootball characters which are football superstars inthis CopaAmerica cup football 2018.Copa America 2018 Game Modes1.Copa - atest for the best. Competition with other football playersfor thetitle of best football game 2018 team.2. Quick mode -opportunityto improve your football skills.Gameplay more thanRealisticBeprepared for smart football tactical AI to form achallenging andaddictive experience. With all new visuals realisticanimations and60fps dynamic football gameplay (compatible devicesonly) CopaAmerica2018 is the perfect Soccer package which capturesthe trueessence of the football 2018beautifulgame.-------------------------Game Controlsfootball2018:-------------------------"Pass button" for tackle andpass."Kick button" for shooting the football. "Sprint button"playermove fast "Direction Key Football" movement of theplayer.Downloadand install this football game practice for theworld’s biggestfootball tournament 2018 and become the member ofmost powerfulfootball team of the world.It is one of the bestsoccer gamesfootball sim. Copa America 2018 Features:⚽ Best copa dobrasilFootball Soccer League game ever on google play store⚽ Teamsofdifferent countries to select ⚽ Opponent team selection withwhichyou want to play match⚽ Provide best football playingpractices tocopa do brasil football lovers⚽ Totally free to playand enjoy noin app purchase concept⚽ Awesome game graphics andplayer’s realanimations of copa brazil calzado de futbol⚽ Smoothplayerscontrols and extra ordinary AI has been implemented⚽ Simpleandeasy game play and friendly user interfacesNow don’t waitjustinstall this Football Soccer League game into your deviceandfootball game free. Give your positive feedback after playingthisbest soccer game.Categories of Copa America 2018CopaAmericaArgentinaCopa America argentina 2011Copa America awards andcopabrazilCopart America auctionCopa America attendanceCopaAmerica2015and australia soccerCopa America all teams copabrazilCopa Americaall time top scorerCopa America airlinesreviewsCopa Americaargentina 1987copaairCopa America ball withaustralia soccerCopaAmerica brazilCopa America bjj americans ingermanyCopa Americabest playerCopa America Bolivia copaairCopaAmerica bootsCopaAmerica baloncesto americans in germanyWe Updateour games andremove bugs on regular basis. Your valuable feedbackwould beappreciated gladly.Follow us at TwitterANDFacebook
My favorite football player 3.8
This application offers everything you want to know aboutyourfavorite football player, all information, the biography,theindividual awards, the best records and finally allhisachievements with his teams. Here you will find that you willalsofind a collection of most viewed videos on Youtube (highquality)which shows Skills and goals in all compétitions andleagues:Champions League, La Liga BBVA, Copa del Rey, PremierLeague, Ligue1, Copa América and FIFA World Cup... A collection ofphotos withevery team, you can set the photo that you like aswallpaper orshare them with friends. A set of useful pages: Socialpages:Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram page, YouTubechannel.Several players are present: Lionel Messi, CristianoRonaldo,Neymar da Silva, Mohamed Salah, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale,LuisSuarez, Philippe Coutinho, Eden Hazard, Karim Benzema, SadioMané,Kylian Mbappé and others are will be added very soon.Changelanguage at runtime: English, Spanish, French, Arabic.
Football Champions Free Kick League 17 1.3
Champions League - European Top Tournament. Take your favoriteclubto the top online rankings of European Champions League.FootballChampions Free Kick League 2017 - is the European FreeKickChampionship with amazing atmosphere of the mostprestigiousfootball tournament in Europe. You can play for yourfavorite club,immerse yourself in the world of European footballchampions. Feelthe exciting atmosphere of football match, thetension of thestadium. Make beautiful penalty kicks, score goals,repel allattacks of the enemy. Rise to the top of the tournamenttables andprove that your team is the Champion! The victory in theUEFAChampions League is the real dream of any football player.Stand inone row with the top football stars. Prove that you're thebest.Impress friends with victories and achievements, scorepenalties,watch for updates - install and play the best footballgame forfans of penalty and Free Kicks. The key features of theFootballChampions Free Kick League 2017 are: - realisticanimations, thanksto the latest motion capture technologies (withthe participationof professional football players) - unique andrealistic impactphysics - high-quality 3D model of the player -curved blows ofyour enemy - convenient, intuitive control.(Learning to play issimple, but mastering is not so easy) - onlineratings in real time- game statistics - European top clubs,grandees Score goals, repelstrikes, defend the honor of your clubin the UEFA Champions Leagueand achieve glory! Additional featuresare: - large number of teams- frequent updates - situation fromreal matches - the increasingcomplexity of the game of thegoalkeeper of the opponent Downloadthe game and play todaycompletely FREE!
Egypt Soccer 2018- لعبة كرة القدم مصرية 2.2
New game with all egyptian teams. 4 GameMode avaible: - PlayervsCPU Mode: Player can choose his team and the CPU's team. -Player1vs Player2: 2Players can play against each other.-Tournament Mode:1 Player can play a tournament against CPU.-League Mode: 1 Playercan play 17 games of the league agaisnt allthe egyptian teams. Theteams are : Al Ahly , Al Ismaily , ElZamalek , El Masry Club ,Smouha , El Entag Al harby El Mokawloon ElArab , Enppi , Tala'eaEl Gaish , Petrojet , El Dakhleya ,Alassiouty Sport , MisrAlmaqasa , Wady Degla , Al Ettehad AlSakandary , Tanta , El RajaMatrouh , Al Nasr SC
Soccer Caps 2019 ⚽️ Table Football Game 2.5.1
Bambo Studio
Have you ever played with buttons? Are you ready for thissoccerchampionship? Play Online in the champions soccer league! Wintheonline international table football tournament and become alegendin this free soccer game! Know the traditional gamePennyFootball?. Surely you played with friends at school classicgamesheets, drawing a football field and using the classic softdrinksand plates with your favorite football traditional buttonsgameplayers. In this game everything is done, play on your phoneortablet comfortably with your football legends. Win theSoccerCompetition. Win every match of our Online Cup Soccer League:Showyour opponents who is the best table soccer player! Pennyfootball,also called, coin football, soccer caps, button football,sportingcoin, spoin, table football, tabletop football, or shoveha'pennyfootball, is a coin game played upon a table top. The aimof thegame is for a player to score more goals with thepennies("Spucks") than their opponent. This is an electronicversion ofthe game. The game has been in existence since at least1959. Hereaches the top of the league with your star team and playsoccerlike never before buttons fun game where you have to try toscorethe best goals of the season using your best football players.Playsoccer cup with the best teams in the world, this amazinggamesheet that will make you feel the best coach in the world, trytowin every game they have this season. Remember how we playButtonFootball?, plates on the floor or on the table, withchalkedcircuit to play a race or a football match. Using plates,marbles,concave discs, buttons, bottle caps, coins or any otherroundobject that hit a ball, to score a goal. Similar to tablefootballor mini soccer but played with sheets, chips or coins. Wantto bethe best player in the world sheets? Download now Soccer CapsGame, and enjoy leading your team to glory, you'd never felt socloseto the golf. Soccer game Button Football or Soccer Caps,allows youto be the champion of world soccer. Your stars have toplay a goodgame and show that they can play in the team, pass,dribble,sprint, shooting and goal, this is the way to be the kingof thesheets! Enjoy playing with buttons as ever in this addictivesoccergame where you have to win games of the World Cup.
Street Soccer Stars League 2018: World Pro Manager 1.0
Bulky Sports
Crowed is shouting & soccer lover from around the worldiswaiting for your street club team battle against worldfootballchampion team. Be the best soccer team manager to build thebestteam & superstar soccer player of the world. Forwinner’sgameplay is very simple just run faster, passing thefootball toteam player & take aim to shoot & goal. You canalsocontrol every player of your team through the easyjoystickcontrols. As a country club manager you will train bestsoccerplayers & increase their ability to win the worldleaguetournament matches. Street soccer stars league 2018 &world promanager is the best free kick shoot soccer game on store.Get yourfavorite soccer team players and win against the worldfootballchampion teams by playing this football simulation game.Test yourskills while playing against top soccer team players&experienced team managers around the world. Unite your soccerteamheroes with the spirit of, as they are best football clubsstars.World soccer superstars is easy & fun to play. Inrealcompetition style, challenge your opponents from all overtheworld. Contest in different soccer matches, fromdifferentcountries to be a soccer legend player and take the worldcup toyour home country club. So get ready & wait for whistleblowsoff for kick off, dodge and flick football throw in theopponentteam goal. Let’s manage your soccer team to play the worldbeststreet soccer stars league 2018 & world pro managerfootballgame as pro club manager, while playing real 3d footballmatch onmobile device is an amazing fun in 2018 era. It’s not onlygame butan addictive & adventure fun, game will engaged you formanyhours as you are playing in ground with your team players&part of your favorite soccer club team. Soccer league heroesis thelatest mobile football simulation game featuring withsimplecontrols, smooth animations and crazy actions. Street soccerstarsleague 2018 & world pro manager is the best mobilefootballsoccer simulation game, smooth controls, realisticanimations andultimate actions. Adventure of football passing,sprint and skillof moving around opponents, take aim, shoot andgoal. This gameoffers realistic football experience to soccer gamelovers.Realistic passes, powerful shots in this football game willadd anamazing soccer gameplay experience.Playing street soccerstarsleague 2018 & world pro manager is more exciting &latestmobile soccer game. Build and manage your football team andkeepstriking back for soccer world cup competition. Become arealsoccer star with your favorite top hero soccer players. Feelofrealistic football stadium environment during football matchandfeel the heat of free kick penalty moments. As a pro soccermanagerlet’s manage your street soccer team and be a world soccerchampionof football leagues 2018 by playing this footballsimulation game.Select your world best heroes team formation andchallenge to anyteam who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent leaguematches to upgrading team level and earn points tounlock the worldcup matches. Build the best squad in the world andlead them allthe way to win the soccer league championship orfootball world cuptournament. Street Soccer Stars League 2018:World Pro Manager GameFeatures: Play As Soccer League Champion TeamFootball PlayerSelectYour Favorite Country, Player Skin, and PlayerUniform &Shoes.Create, Customize and Control Your SoccerTeamQuick &Smarter Moves of Your Player and Opponents like inthe SoccerGround.Realistic Soccer Player Stunts & ActionsduringAdventures Football Gameplay.Realistic Graphics and SoundEffectWill Enhance the Gameplay ExperienceLatest Visual Effects andCutScenes More Like TV Football Match Experience.GooglePlayLeaderboards & Achievements to Review Top Rankings.
Football Real Strikes - World Soccer Champion 2.2
Welcome to football real strikes shoot-out world soccerchampionshipfun game. Shoot perfect kicks and score goals inpenalty kickshoot-outs. Explore soccer football real strikes. Playwith world’smost amazing leagues. Football Real Strikes WorldSoccer Champion isan amazing 3D game with an abundance ofbeautiful free kicks andtwisted goal shots. Try to strike everyball that goes into thenet.Take on different teams at free-kickface-offs and make yourselfan amazing football real strike player.Flick & shoot targetswith fast-paced soccer balls. Battle thetime and score flick strikepoints in world hero soccer starfootball strike champion. Beat thestriker and goalkeeper withinstant flick shooting with one-on-onefree kick modes. Enjoy Freekicks, penalties, dribbling withultimate champion team. Make yourpowerful final kick no team orgoalie will can stop you to be afootball hero! Test your aim tostrike the perfect penalty shot.Wait for the referee whistle. Showyour shoot-out skills. Beat thegoalkeeper with dodging footballstrikes towards the goal. Enjoythe tense moments of amazing worldsoccer strike championcompetition with penalty shots. Play againstthe best soccer teamsand football players. Seamless special shots,shoot with specialeffects. Fool & dodge your opponents. Makethundering footballstrikes while controlling the ball and becomethe champion.Let theplay-offs begin with the final kick of thisamazing championshipcup. Like a pro football hero, pass or flicksoccer ball to yourmain striker for the perfect kick. Be your ownsoccer footballmanager, improve your strike skills as a footballhero player.Experience the feeling of a manager of a top starfootballer. Joinsoccer league career to be the real super starhero. Shoot goal onpenalty and free kicks. Be a star hero scoreplayer of the worldsoccer champion league. Join pro euro league andplay real footballchampion’s cup. Dodge opponent goalkeeper. Strikeultimate footballwith free kick shoot. Get penalty and free kickswith flick strikesoccer friendly match. Refine your perfect kick inpractice arena,take on the world league in matches and tournamentsto be asuccessful kick striker. Play with one finger and makeimpressivekicks and saves. Drag goalkeeper on right spot to savethe goalpost. Play amazing games like free-kicks, face-off’s andshine as arising star for the world soccer champions. Use powerfulkick tomake perfect goal. As a pro beach football strike soccerplayer,dodge super goalkeeper in this powerful strike game. Shootaccurateperfect kick to become a real football hero of legendleague. Playdifferent champion leagues and tournament and win freekickchampionship cup in real trick strikes. Enjoy real free kicksoccerstar champions league an amazing and stunning footballsimulator.So get ready & wait for whistle blows off for kickoff, dodgeand flick soccer ball into the opponents goal. Thebest soccerstrike game for the real football champions.FootballReal Strikes -World Soccer Champion• Take Perfect Kick Shot WithFlick OfFinger.• Make Amazing Goal Saves At Goalpost.• Play VariousFreeKick Modes.• Extreme Competitions.• Real Extreme Game.•EnjoyDribble And Thrilling Shooting.• Flick & Shoot PenaltyKicks.•Stunning 3D Graphics.• Clear Interface And Controls.
Flick Soccer Summer Cup 2017 1.3
Football World Championship is an event that always goes downinhistory. Playing Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017,youautomatically become a part of the World Championship!Do youwantto feel in place of your idols? To score a decisivegoals?Choosingthe national team, you have to play for the forwardand thegoalkeeper, to reach victory and get such a desired Cup.Inthegame, everything was envisaged so that the player becameinvolvedin such an amazing competition. We worked on game models,appliedhuman animations of professional football players, anddesigned alarge-scale stadium. All this is done so that the playerfeels thedrive, as if he is running on a real lawn, when millionsarewatching his actions.Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017 - anamazing3D game with an abundance of beautiful free kicks andtwisted goalshots. Try to block every ball that goes into thenet.Frequentupdates with innovations and improvements will not letget youbored.The game works offline, which means that you havetheopportunity to play, practice and improve your skillsanywhere,anytime!Features Flick Shot Soccer Summer Cup 2017:-Lowrequirements for mobile devices- The most realisticanimationsamong all 3D football penalty simulators- Stadium filledwith fans-Ability to play for your favorite team- Intuitiveoperation- Highdetailed game scene- The increasing complexity ofthe opponent'sgame- Frequent updatesInstall and play! Bring yournational teamgreat victory!
2018 Football League: Champions Tournament 1.3.3
Play in Champions soccer league! Win the internationalfootballtrophy and become a star in this free sportssimulator!Choose yourteam, get ready to move forward and startplaying now in our freesoccer league!Your main goal is to win allthe soccer matches untilyou reach the grand final of this Chamionssoccer league! Have funalone or playing with friends and practicein our training mode tobecome a professional soccer player!Thisfunny free game is veryeasy: We have prepared the field, you justhave to move your fingerto kick the ball and win the matches beforeyour opponent.CHARACTERISTICS OF 2018 SOCCER LEAGUE: CHAMPIONSTOURNAMENT->Fantastic football shooting simulator to play onlineor singleplayer.-> Endless ways to improve your skills as aforward:Create and win in your own league of champions, share withyourfriends, win and, above all, have fun!-> The online modewillmake you face people from all over the world: Teach youropponents,who is the best soccer player in the world!-> The gameisdesigned for children of all ages and to enjoy unlimitedfreesports gamesPlay soccer games with your friends and win inouramazing tournament! Are you ready for the best soccerchampionship?
com.trophymanager.ultra 2.1.27
Are you the next Mourinho or Guardiola? Play soccer manager andfindout if you have what it takes to manage your own soccer team.Playour fantasy soccer game, Win the Champions League and masteryourcountry’s Premier League. In this interactive multiplayersoccermanager game, you will have the opportunity to manage asoccer teamlike a pro. Put your tactics to the ultimate testagainst othersoccer managers worldwide and constantly improve yoursoccer skills!Create the ultimate online soccer team byhand-picking your topeleven players, while massively climbing thefantasy soccerrankings. Train your players to play like real-lifepros fromPremier Leagues around the globe and win fantasy soccertrophies –Your job as soccer manger has just began! TRAIN SOCCERTEAMS Developyour players’ skills by using Football ManagementUltra’s soccertraining system. Bring your players’ soccer skillsto perfection asyou train them to be the best in their division –Go to the stadiumand begin the soccer training! Work your way upthe local league toqualify to play in the Champions League. Takeadvantage of differentsoccer tactics in training, go over yoursoccer stats and surpriseyour opponent in this excitingmultiplayer game. MANAGE SOCCERSTADIUM FACILITIES AND SPONSORSHIPSFMU brings real game aspects toyour fantasy soccer club. Just likereal soccer games, a big part ofyour club’s revenue is generatedvia sponsorships and VIP deals atthe stadium on game day. Keepyour Chairman happy, expand yourstadium & get more supportersas you build your fantasy soccerteam. You must work hard toachieve the best fantasy soccer team!GAME FEATURES: - Train yourplayers to play like real-life prosoccer players - Trade playersin a real-time dynamic fantasy soccermarket - Come up with yourown unique soccer tactics and winningstrategies - Enjoy realisticPremier League and cup competitionstructures - Experiencereal-time online live soccer matches -Follow soccer stats -Upgrade stadiums, training grounds, shopfacilities - Challengeother soccer managers in competition andfriendly matches betweenyour soccer teams Download FMU now and getFREE TOKENS and FREEIN-GAME MONEY to kick-start your career as asoccer manager tryingto become a legend soccer manager.
Winner Soccer Evo Elite
It's totally FREE. Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real3Dcompetitive football game. It includes the teams and thelatestfootball players’ data of 2018 World Cup. There are variousmodesfor you to select. It has up to 32 teams and 600 players.Smoothactions and playback function let you feel like you actuallyin thegame. 1.Game Modes This game has various modes, including Cup,Friendly Match and Penalty Shootout. It also has a trainingmodefor you to train skills of your team, dividing into Primary,Mediumand Advanced. Friendly Match Mode: You can select 2 teamsfrom 32teams to compete or shoot penalty. Cup Mode: You can selectyourfavorite team from 32 national teams to participatetheInternational Cup. Training Mode: You can select a team toperfectits operation skills. 2. Various Operation Skills Thisgameprovides two kinds of operation modes. You can choose themostsuitable one. (You can change mode in Options under Menu ortapbutton || to activate Menu in game.) You can read Control MethodinHelp of Options under Menu. The operation adopts aninternationalpopular way, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass/Press and LongPass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out,Long throughPass and Special Dribble /Focus Change. Short Pass: Itis shortpass in offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler indefense.Long Pass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to amate ofappropriate distance after release. Let controller slidetacklewhen defend. Shoot: Make different shooting actions accordingtoPower Accumulate and the distance between player and ball.SpecialDribble: Including many special dribble actions: Marsilleroulette,Step over, Step over and Pull back. Automatic combinationskills:Through Pass: Pass ball to catcher according to PowerAccumulate.Long through Pass: Pass ball to catcher with Long Passaccording toPower Accumulate. Sprint: Rapid dribble, fasten speedof dribblebut worsen control of ball. Drive ball out: Stop ball faraway frombody and facilitate dribble starting acceleration. Dribblewith fardistance: Double click in front when fast dribble candribblefarther and facilitate fast run. Fake Shoot and Fake Longpass:Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulatewillcancel shoot or long pass. They are used to dribble pastopponentDefenders or GK. One-Two pass: Two players cooperate todribblepast opponent Defenders. Lob shoot: Press Special Dribble toshoot.Control tracks of ball: Press direction keys to control theflyingarc of ball.
Pro Soccer League Stars 2018: World Championship 2 1.7
Now it’s time to lineup your soccer team against the world bestprosoccer league heroes team in world championship tournament gameaspro club manager, while playing real 3d football match onmobiledevice is an amazing fun in 2017 era. Arena crowed isshouting& soccer lover from around the world is waiting foryour clubteam battle against world football champion team. It’s notonlygame but an addictive & adventure fun, game will haveengagedyou for many hours as you are playing in ground with yourteamplayers & part of your favorite football club team. Prosoccerleague heroes 2018 & world football championship is thebestfree kick shoot football game on store. Test your skillswhileplaying against top soccer team players & experiencedteammanagers around the world. Unite your football team stars withthespirit of, as they are best football club’s stars. Worldsoccersuperstars is easy & fun to play. In real competitionstyle,challenge your opponents from all over the world. Contestindifferent soccer matches, from different countries to be asoccerlegend player and take the world cup to your home countryclub.Playing pro soccer league stars 2018 & worldfootballchampionship more exciting & latest mobile soccer game.Buildand manage your football team and keep striking back forsoccerworld cup competition. Become a real soccer star with yourfavoritetop hero football players. Feel of realistic footballstadiumenvironment during football match and feel the heat of freekickpenalty moments. As a pro soccer manager let’s manage yoursoccerteam and be a world football champion of football leagues2018 byplaying this football simulation game. Select your worldbestheroes team formation and challenge to any team who stands inyourway as you rise through different league matches to upgradingteamlevel and earn points to unlock the world cup matches. Buildthebest squad in the world and lead them all the way to win thesoccerleague championship or football world cup tournament. Soccerleaguestars is the latest mobile football simulation game featuringwithsimple controls, smooth animations and crazy actions.Prosoccerleague stars 2018 & world football championship is thebestmobile football soccer simulation game, smooth controls,realisticanimations and ultimate actions. Adventure of footballpassing,sprint and skill of moving around opponents, take aim,shoot andgoal. This game offers realistic football experience tosoccer gamelovers. Realistic passes, powerful shots in thisfootball game willadd an amazing football gameplay experience. Getyour favoritesoccer team players and win against the world footballchampionteams by playing this football simulation game. So, getready &wait for whistle blows off for kick off, dodge and flickfootballthrow in the opponent team goal. Be the best soccer teammanager tobuild the best team & super heroes football player oftheworld. For winner’s gameplay is very simple just runfaster,passing the football to team player & take aim to shoot&goal. You can also control every player of your team throughtheeasy joystick controls. As a country club manager, you willtrainbest soccer players & increase their ability to win theworldleague tournament matches. Pro Soccer League Stars 2018 &WorldFootball Championship Game Features: • chose and controlyourfavorite soccer team players• realistic soccer player stunts&actions during adventures football gameplay.• realisticgraphicsand sound effect will enhance the gameplay experience• playassoccer league champion team football player• quick &smartermoves of your player and opponents on the soccer ground.
Pro 11 - Soccer Manager Game 1.0.53
Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true and becomeatop ranked football manager in one of the best free toplaymultiplayer football manager simulators of 2019? In Pro 11 youcancoach your favorite club (like Madrid, Juve or Barcelona)anddominate the best national leagues and the legendaryChampionsLeague! It’s up to you to create the line-up, manageexchanges,conduct training sessions, negotiate sponsorship dealsand muchmore. Beat your rivals in Pro 11’s massive multiplayerstructureCompete against friends and other real-life opponents andkick-offlive matches when YOU want to. Join forces with fans ofyourfavorite team to create a stronger community and earn morerewards.Immerse yourself in captivating visuals With 3D motioncapturedfootball player movement, you get a high-qualitygraphics,highlight and gameplay experience throughout your entiremanagercareer. Administrate all aspects of your Pro 11 club toensure awinning strategy Take your fantasy team to glory bycontrolling allfeatures of your football club, including: ★Collecting the besteleven players from the top football leagues,such as the PremierLeague, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or MLS ★Exploring your youthall-stars for the next Ronaldo or Messi ★Improving player skillsby training in minigames ★ Trading, buyingand selling players byscouting the transfer market ★ Negotiatingthe best possiblesponsorship contracts to establish a stableeconomy ★ Takingadvantage of advanced formation options to createthe mosteffective tactics ★ Investing in better upgrades for yourstadiumto boost fan experiences Join managers worldwide in Pro 11now tobecome a true leader of your professional football squad.Everygoal counts!
Super GoalKeeper Soccer Dream League 2018 1.15
Super Goalkeeper Soccer Dream League 2018 is new freesoccergoalkeeper training game with real ball physics infootballhistory. As a football lover and crazy fan, everyone hasits ownpriority either he wants to play as a front man, backman,midfielder or goalkeeper. In this game, you have to playasfootball goalkeeper to win world championship 2018. As aGoalie,you have to save the ball from getting into the net foropponentsoccer scores stop. Wear the goalkeeper gloves, footballerboats,and Goalie helmet to have a save fight with the opponentpenaltykicks shots and free kicks and win the strike trophy. Youare a newstar in digital soccer and football history in thisfootball appand physics ball game. Arrange all the footballtournaments as asoccer manager and also perform soccer jump inswipe soccer amongfootball pools with action soccer. Let’s drivefootball team coachto the stadium in soccer strike games 2018 towin league cups andto see football live. The opponent team haspowerful penaltyshooters with ball swing techniques in all fingersoccer dailyevents. You have to be alert as a pro footballer ingoalkeeperpremier soccer game to win soccer challenges. SuperGoalkeeperSoccer Dream League 2018 is also designed for kids’footballer andkids soccer star fan's if they want to be a kidgoalkeeper. In thisgame, you have more than 12 goalkeeper trainingexercises to be anexpert kid’s soccer goalkeeper in free footballgames 2018. Fingersoccer strike Revolution is best sports trendinggame of 2018 withan exciting 3D environment & gameplay, createdfor soccer fansacross the world. With realistic action recorded byreal soccerplayers, you will be front and center of eachexhilarating match.Game has exciting mode Time and Arcade, thesehave 10 differentlevel. You are good soccer goalkeeper with highstrategy. Show yourprofessional soccer goalkeeper strike and wonthis game. In thisSuper Goalkeeper Soccer Dream League, you willact as goalkeepersaves all the balls you can with incrediblestraight with yourgoalkeeper skills. A finger soccer strikerevolution dream leaguegame, where you have to test your goalkeeperskills and to becomethe best goalkeeper in the world. DOWNLOAD ITFOR FREE, SUPPORTEDON EACH ANDROID DEVICE. LET'S BEGIN THIS WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP SPORTSFINGER SOCCER DREAM LEAGUE 2018 AstonishingFeatures • Free andperfect soccer game • This free soccer game hastwo game modes 1.time Mode, 2. Arcade Mode • Three difficultystages to for all agesplayer easy accessibility. 1.Easy, 2. Normal,3. Expert • Real 3Dgraphics with referee whistle and spectatorsapplause • This gameis also best for kids soccer league and kidsgoalkeeper StayConnected FeelFree to email usif have a suggestion to improve the game. You canemail us KeepingSearching"" for the updated MobileSportsGames. Also, don’t forget to rate our games to 5 Stars.
Dream Soccer - football game 1.0
Simple soccer game, take your team and lead it to the finals!!Winthe championship with your best players, be like CristianoRonaldo,Neymar or Messi and score as many goals as you can inoneseason.Play with your friends and share all yourbestplays.Champions and league are avalaible.go now for free!
Football World Cup 2018: Pro Soccer League Star ⚽ 1.7
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King Soccer Champions 1.1
MG production
Welcome to the King Soccer Champions, the new exciting 3D singleandmultiplayer soccer game for your device. Select yourfavoriteeuropean team (among the 32 ones playing the championscup),practice with friendly matches, enter the tournament, andplayonline with your friends around the world! GAME FEATURES •Thefirst and only real-time multiplayer game multidevice •Enjoyonline or single player matches, and the full championscuptournament. • Free to play! Hundreds of hours of entertainmentatyour fingertips! • Super addictive, exciting mix betweensimulationand arcade • Real Soccer Game for your device • Very easyandresponsive game controls • Realistic sounds and stunning3Dgraphics • 32 teams with fantastic stars players.• FantasticReplayafter every goal.• New game mechanics including Fouls,Penaltyshoots, Long Pass, Winner animations, etc.• Compete withyourfriends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard

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Iuvemtus Soccer Football Team: Turin Goal Shooting 1.0.2
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