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Genius British History Lite 1.0
What was the nickname of OliverCromwell’scavalry? Did you know that at the battle of HastingsWilliam’s armycarried a special flag given to them by the Pope?What battle didWinston Churchill describe as “the end of thebeginning”?Show how much you know and learn with the quiz Genius –BritishHistory!Test your knowledge and discover the easiest and funniest wayoflearning about the history of the United Kingdom. FromStonehengeand the Picts to Margaret Thatcher, go step by stepthrough thehistory of the country that was the origin of modernparliamentsand democratic regimes and that built the most powerfulnavalempire and was the cradle of the industrial revolution.• From prehistory to the Norman conquest• Medieval Britain• Tudor Britain• Stuart Britain• Britain on the World Stage (1702-1837)• Victorian Britain• Britain in the 20th CenturyFor each question, there is a clear and comprehensiveexplanationrich in information that will allow you to learn aboutBritishhistory while having fun.• Test your knowledge with the trivia game• Learn with the detailed explanations for each answer• Share questions and answers with your friends• Start as a mere 'Longbowman' and answer the question correctlysoyou become a “Lord Mayor of London”With Genius – British History, learning becomes a game.Discover it.