Top 8 Games Similar to Xnxx

Jane Wilde: Wild West Undead Action Arcade Shooter 2.262
Best wild west shooter is back in town cowboy! Jane Wilde isbackwith her smoking hot pistols ready to annihilate horde oftheundead monsters! Her boots will step over any enemy that crossherway, receiving redemption with the bullet in the head. Eitheryouare a vampire, zombie or some other kind of crazy monster,ourblonde girl will travel all around the globe to shoot you downandbring law and order to the world. Experience great actionshootingin the Wild West, Latin America, Europe and Asia! Followthepowerful story in comic book style narrative. Taste theamazingupgradable weapons, such as revolvers, shotgun, gatling gun,bonebow and arrow… New Power-ups which make you stronger,faster,indestructible and so much more! Fight epic bosses,includingresurrected presidents, conquerors and other historicalfigures!Take part in normal, hard or survival mode! To aid you inyourquest, you can also upgrade Jane’s outfit by unlocking coolandsexy costumes to enhance her health, speed and strength: NurseJaneMistress Jane “Wonderful woman” Jane, inspired by a famouscomicbook and movie hero Jane “Davidson” Wilde And so much more…So, letthe the bandits, skeletons and other foul creatures knowthat thewar is on! Guns are blazing, skulls are flying, blood isbeingspilled - the beautiful sheriff is creepy skeletonsworstnightmare. Dangerous, Jane will make an apocalypse in thewest!Jane Wilde is the longest living and the most popular wildwesternshooter on the store with more than 1 600 000 downloads fromallover the globe, making the sexy blonde sheriff the first andthemost popular female cowgirl hero!
Wipeout 2 1.0.2
THE BIG BALLS ARE BACK WITH THE SEQUEL TOTHEAWARD WINNING MOBILE GAME, WIPEOUT!See what folks are saying about Wipeout 2!“Big Ball Bonanza!” – Apple n Apps“Fans will instantly feel at home” – 148 AppsNow you can bring the fun and excitement of the popularWipeoutTV show to life in a whole new way! Tackle wacky obstaclesand pulloff hilarious Wipeouts in 135 levels anywhere you go! Run,jump anddive through your favorite challenges from the hit show. Doyouhave what it takes to conquer the Big Balls?GAME FEATURES:PLAY AS CRAZY NEW CHARACTERS ON OUTRAGOUS THEMED OBSTACLES: Playas10 hilarious characters including a Zombie, Pirate and Popstarasyou run through 150 zany themed obstacles!• COMPETE AGAINST FRIENDS: Watch your progress on the social mapandleaderboards to see how you stack up against yourfriends.• CRASH, BASH AND DASH THROUGH THE COURSE OF THE DAY: Try yourhandat new daily courses to unlock special rewards!• ADD FUN UPGRADES AND ABILITIES: Customize your characterwithperformance enhancing costumes and abilities like rewind,teleport,and speed boost.• BIG BALL WORTHY DAILY REWARDS: Receive a variety ofrewards,including coins and power-ups!This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settings. 3.9.1b
Gameloft SE
> “It plays as good as it looks.” – IGN > “Amps everythingupto the next level.” – 148Apps > “Sharp controls,impressivegraphics.” – Pocket Gamer War has evolved, and so has thebestonline FPS on mobile! Step onto the battlefield and answer thecallwith the title that raised the bar for first person shootergameswith its great graphics, high-powered guns and intenseonlinemultiplayer action. Create a squad from 9 classes, add yourfriendsfor team play and test your skills in dynamic warfareagainstonline rivals from around the world! Prefer to work alone?Thenfeel free to step into the thrilling solo play campaign asyoushoot your way through one dire situation after another to savetheworld as you launch an attack against a lunatic’sapocalypticplans. You won’t find more first person shooter fun in afree gameanywhere! 9 CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS > Customize andlevel upany of the 9 classes across solo play and team play modes.>Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon,Sniper,Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander.>Activate class-specific skills by earning and spendingSkillPoints. HIGH-POWERED ONLINE MULTIPLAYER > Watch playersengagedin live online FPS battles and eSports competitions with allthegreat graphics you expect in the new Spectator mode. >Epicguns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squad matches. > Talktoother players to plan your online multiplayer strategiesandcoordinate an attack in the Global and Squad Chats. > Toptheindividual and Squads leaderboards as you master youreSportsskills. > Win free rewards and cool prizes inlimited-timeevents. UNIFIED GAME PROGRESSION > Accumulate XP andlevel up byplaying both solo play missions and team play matches.> Unlockhigher-tier guns and other weapons by masteringlower-tier guns.> Customize the perfect weapon using a host ofattachments andjump straight into the free game action. INTENSESOLO PLAY CAMPAIGN> Engage in fast-paced story missions wherethe call will takeyou from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of firstperson shooterchallenges. > Play the new Spec Ops missions for areal onlineFPS adrenaline rush. > Great graphics, music andvoiceperformances perfectly adapted for a first person shootergame.HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS > Intuitive, highlycustomizablecontrols so you can play the game just the way youwant. >Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Prois alsosupported, in mode B (HID Mode). Modern Combat 5 requiresanInternet connection. So if you’re ready for the online FPS ofyourdreams, dive into this unparalleled free game that takesonlinemultiplayer to new heights. Perfect for anyone hungry forsolo playfirst person shooter fun, or team play eSportscompetition._____________________________________________ Visit ourofficialsite at Check out the new blogat Don't forget to follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: Twitter: Forum: Thisapp allowsyou to purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite. Terms of Use: Policy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Rayman Fiesta Run 1.4.2
★ Included in Google Play Picks: Best Games of 2013 ★***PocketGamer - 9/10 - “A spunky, joyous, addictive gem [...]Another giddyand breathless mix of memory and reflexes” Joinlegendaryplatforming hero Rayman for a new adventure on yourfavorite mobiledevice! If you enjoyed Rayman Jungle Run, you willlove RaymanFiesta Run and its new wacky Fiesta world! Lunge forcocktailumbrellas, leap on limes and punch those piñatas…the sky’sthelimit! PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG * More than 75 levels welcome youforthe Fiesta! * Bounce on sausages and make your way through 4newfestive worlds * Beat all 3 new epic bosses to reach thedreadedLand of the Livid Dead Island! * Collect Lums to getawesomerewards and power-ups DISCOVER RAYMAN'S AMAZING NEW POWERS *Raymancould jump, fly, punch and run up the walls… * …he can nowslide,swim or shrink on the fly into a tiny hero * Unleash thepower ofthe Super Punch! BEWARE OF THE INVASION! * Play all thelevels youthought you knew in a totally different way * Avoid newtraps anddefeat even fiercer enemies * Get ready for more greatchallenges!ENJOY GORGEOUS GRAPHICS * Rayman Jungle Run was pretty…RaymanFiesta Run looks absolutely delicious! * Immerse yourselfinto theFiesta thanks to the increased depth of field * And if youlikegreat lightings, Rayman has put a brand new disco ball up foryou!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Share your activities, postyourachievements on Facebook, and follow your friends on the worldmap.This game can be downloaded over the air, no Wi-Fi needed toplay!Bring the Fiesta to your Tablet ! Rayman Fiesta Runisabsolutely gorgeous on big screens Game available in:English,French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, BrazilianPortuguese,Japanese, Korean, Russian and Arabic. Stay on top ofyour game! Getthe latest news, deals, and more at....FACEBOOK:
Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush 1.2.3
Get ready for some Strawberry Shortcake fun!Strawberry andherfriends want to bake fruitilicious cakes, but they needyourhelp!Run, slide and leap through the wonderful world of BerryBittyCity and grab all the strawberries, cherries, oranges andotheryummy fruit you can find! Then it’s time to decorate yourcake, andsnap a picture to show your friends!Collect as manysticker packsas you can and fill the amazing sticker book!Play asStrawberryShortcake or one of her friends! Look: Cherry Jam, OrangeBlossom,Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Torte, PlumPudding andHuckleberry Pie… they’re all here!Run along with thesuper-adorableand cute puppy pals! Every day is a special occasionfor StrawberryShortcake, and that calls for a fresh and fruitylook. Eachcharacter has her own set of stylish outfits.Come jointhe fun andplay Strawberry Shortcake’s berry exciting BerryRushadventure!FEATURES• Play as your favorite StrawberryShortcakecharacter!• Race through the colorful and amazing world ofBerryBitty City!• Ride rainbows, leap from flowers and catchbutterflypower-ups!• Bake and decorate delicious cakes!• Getsticker packsand fill your personal sticker book!• Dress yourcharacters withtons of cool outfits!• Collect fruit and coins tomake recipes andunlock cute puppypals!****************************************Findout more aboutMiniclip:http://www.miniclip.comFollow MinicliponTwitter: MinicliponFacebook: MinicliponYouTube:
Popular 2D VS fighting game "THE KING OF FIGHTERS-A 2012" returnsasa free app to celebrate KOF 20th Anniversary!■NEW CHARACTERS,NEWTEAMSIn addition to the characters from he previousinstallment, the4 new “ART OF FIGHTING”, “PSYCHO SOLDIER”, “KIM”,and “IKARI” teams(12 new characters), join the cast of "KOF-A”!!You can now createyour favorite team from this formidable rosterof 32 fighters!■ASINGLE-PLAYER MODE RICH IN CONTENT6 game modesare available forthousands of hours of enjoyment even when playingalone: “SINGLEBATTLE” for 1-on-1 fights, “TEAM BATTLE” for classicKOF 3-on-3gameplay, “ENDLESS” Mode to defeat as many opponents aspossiblewith one character, "CHALLENGE" Mode to clear trials byfulfillingrequirements, the newly introduced "TIME ATTACK" Mode tocompete forthe best clear times by winning 10 matches, and“TRAINING” Mode toget accustomed to the Virtual Pad-based controlsand practice yourcombos.■SIMPLE COMMANDSThe Virtual Pad recreatesperfectlyreproduces KOF’s smooth controls. Even novice players infightinggames will be able to release various Special Moves, SuperSpecialMoves, NEOMAX Super Special Moves, and other complex movesin onetouch. With the Simple Commands, you can easily perform manyof thegame's fancy combos!!*Please refer to "TUTORIAL" Mode foranexplanation of these commands.■ADDITION OF TONS OF NEWTRADINGCARDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, AND OTHER EXTRA CONTENTPlenty of newTradingCards (that can be acquired by using points earned duringgameplay)along with new Illustrations (which can be viewed at anytime byfulfilling certain conditions) have been added to thislatestrelease! Moreover, "KOF-A 2012(F)" includes rough sketchesandillustrations that can only be seen here, which fans cannotaffordto miss!©SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Sword of Chaos 6.0.8
Allstar Games
Sword of Chaos, one of the most cutting-edge Mobile ActionMMORPGever produced.Sword of Chaos combines the elements offatalattraction and chaotic violence into a unique andastonishingvisual feast. Immerse yourself in a world of violenceand unleashyour inner wildness. Sensing, Tasting, Hacking, SlashingandFighting dominate your every move, as you fight to destroy allthatstands before you!Now why won't we go taste it,mortals!Features:-Guide your adventurer through 20 challengingfloors- Learn magicskills to defeat armies of fierce creatures- Dobattle withcentaurs, werewolves, centurions, goatmen and more-Variedgameplays including tower defence, world bosses and arenas-Buildyour own Guild and join with friends to battle playersacrossservers and worldwide- Take part in massive 20 vs 20 PvPbattles-Send live messages to your teammates to co-ordinate yourattacks-Customize your adventurer with 68 sets of cool outfits tomix andmatch====FacebookFanpage:
UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting Game 2.0.5
Unkilled - Best zombie shooting game with great gameplay, nicestoryand easy controls. From authors of Dead Trigger Series,successfulzombie first person shooter (FPS) downloaded by morethan 110Million players around the world. Now with optional PvPandcooperation actions. New York City is the epicentre of aterrifyingzombie apocalypse in this multi-award winning firstperson shooter(FPS). Choose one of five unique characters and jointhe elite teamknown as the Wolfpack, a task force assigned tocombat the walkingdead threat and discover the secret behind thecataclysmic plague.Take time out from killing zombies to challengeyour friends inonline PvP multiplayer battles. Good thing youbrought plenty ofbullets! THRILLING SOLO COMBAT MISSIONS. ONLINEPVP MULTIPLAYER.TONS OF UNIQUE GUNS. • The final frontier in thewar between theliving and the undead! Fight for survival over 150missions with anepic storyline. Target unique enemies and bosses,including SHERIFF,DODGER, MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER and more. • Take onplayers from allover the world with first person PvP multiplayer.Or build your ownzombie army in Skirmish Ops and go to war againstother player’sbases with your undead zombie horde! • More than 40weapons in fiveclasses, featuring the LSAT machine gun, SAIGA-12Kshotgun, and theM24 sniper rifle. Just don’t run out of bullets...• Loads of skinsare ready for you to customise your character andguns. Be the bestdressed killing machine in the zombie apocalypse!RIDICULOUSLYINSANE GRAPHICS At MADFINGER Games we push thefrontier of what ispossible on mobile devices! UNKILLED is a feastfor your eyes, withpost-process effects to create an immersivecinematic experience.There’s high resolution, real-time softshadows and high-polygoncharacter models, and don’t even get usstarted on our SpeedTreevegetation rendering! Not to mentionshooting zombies in the faceresults in lovingly rendered gore...SMOOTH FIRST PERSON SHOOTERACTION! • Our unique MADFINGER GamesFPS control system for mobiledevices is approved by millions ofplayers worldwide. Support for awide range of gamepads. •Intuitive gameplay. Our autofire shootingsystem lets you focus onyour survival. • Experience the newAdrenaline feature and put youraim to the test. Target as manyundead domes as possible! FEATURES• Design your hero for PvP withcustomisable skills and loadouts,then combat real opponents in fivedistinctive environments. •Become the Champion in ranked duels andleagues. Earn “intel” bywinning PvP matches, levelling up your herowith a huge skill tree.• Accept challenges and earn multiplerewards: VIP chests, gold,gadgets, money…__________________________________________ JOIN US& CONTACT USDownload the zombie unstoppable time killer on themarket now! ▶Check our Facebook: ▶ Anyquestions? Check:Unkilled Support COMPANY INFO ▶ ▶ ▶Instagram:▶ ▶