Top 49 Games Similar to Elite Force vs Terrorists 3D

Counter Terror Sniper Shoot 1.3
Doing Studio
Do you want to join an exciting action class shooting game?CounterTerror Sniper Shoot is a new action class first personshootergame. It is full of action, war and combat missions. Are youreadyto fight the terrorists on the real battlefield? It is timetoattack, pick up your weapons, move forward, fight onthebattlefield. Destroy the brutal enemy, complete the mission.Yourcity is threatened. Terrorists sneaked into your city andmadechaos. You as a commando striker, accepted the mission of thearmy.Destroy all terrorists who have sneaked into the city, savetheinnocent people and restore the peace of the city. the isadifficult mission, you must use your superb shooting skillsandcombat capability, survive on the battlefield and completethemission. Counter Terror Sniper Shoot Features: - Realbattlefieldenvironment - modern weapons and various equipment -Challengingshooting mission - HD graphics - amazing music and soundeffects -Smart AI - Play anytime, anywhere
Gun Strike Sniper Mission 1.0
Doing Studio
Gun Strike Sniper Mission is an army shooting game where youwillbecome a special forces sniper. Terrorists occupied thecity,creating chaos in the city, threatening innocent people. Youacceptthe army's mission, go to the front, destroy the city'sterrorists,restore the city's peace.Gun Strike Sniper Mission is atoughfight, but also a very challenging mission. The army providedyouwith the best sniper shooting weapon. But you have to clearthetarget, as an elite sniper, you have to show the superbshootingability, in the battlefield to destroy all the enemies,become themyth of the battlefield.Go to the battlefield, show yourexcellentshooting ability and combat skills, dominatethebattlefield.Features:- first person shooter game- Real3Dbattlefield environment- HD 3D graphics- A lot of powerfulsniperrifles- Precision radar system- a variety of challengingmissions-amazing music and sound effects
Critical Sniper Counter Shoot 1.0
Terrorist attacks occur in your country. The people aresufferingfrom war. Can you sit down as a special soldier?Terroristshidingin the city's buildings, quickly fight all the terrorists.Pull thetrigger to quickly lock the next one, throwing a grenadeand youhave only a limited time to accomplish this arduous taskofbecoming a superhero! Your task is to defeat terrorists,terroristswill protect you, become a terrorist nemesis, defeat allenemies!Load your weapon, prepare your gun, and finally fighttheenemy!Show off your anti-terror commando skills and become abravesoldier, fight for your country and nation, fight for peaceforyour people, defeat the enemy, destroy the base, and endangerthelives of civilians.Critical Sniper Counter Shootfeature:-Difficult AI- HD map- Realistic shooting effect- Richgame,Guns :M4, AWP, MP5, SL8G, AS50, Gatling, WA2000, DEAGLE-Amazing musicand sound effects- Real battlefield environment- A lotof powerfulweapons
Sniper Shoot Assassin US 1.1
This is the best FPS sniper game!Pick up your sniper rifles andjointhe top elite anti-terrorist organization. Become the topeliteanti-terrorist sniper, the elimination of terrorists.This isthemost exciting and challenging FPS game that gives you the mostrealsniper experience. Here you and your team fight againstterroristsand destroy the base of terrorists. Different snipersjoin forces toact together. Whether you can accurately find theterrorists on themap and destroy them? Do not hesitate to takeaction to eliminateterrorist organizations.Terrorist groups aremaking chaos around theworld. Civilians in various regions are atrisk. You and your teamaccept the mission to travel around theworld, destroy terrorists,and penetrate enemy camps to find anddestroy valuable targets.mission accomplished. You are an elitesniper, no room forcompassion, only to shoot!How to play:- Theleft side of the screencontrols the sliding movement- Slide theright side of the screen toaim at the target- Target the farthertarget by sniper mirror- Shootthe enemy's head, fatalblowFeatures:- with the elite snipertogether against the terroristgroup- the fight against terroristsaround the world- Real andchallenging FPS sniper experience-stunning music and soundeffects- countless thrilling tasks- Highquality picture- all kindsof destructive weapons- realistic scenesand modelsYou and yourteam are the last hope of destroying thethreat of terrorism! It'stime to go!
Counter Terrorist FPS Shooting Mission 1.2
Dirk Game
Counter Terrorist FPS Shooting Mission is a professionalsnipergame, the game has a complex level and nightmare-likeman-machine,you have superb sniper skills to deal with them?As acommando, youhave been given the mission of eliminating dangerousterrorists,completing challenging mission and removing dangerousenemies inthe area. The game has the best shooting effects andadvanced radarsystem that will help you find every enemy in thebattlefield.Every scene and situation is different. You shoulddefeat allenemies with a powerful sniper rifle. Do notunderestimate theenemy, always vigilant, cautiously launch eachbullet!There are avariety of challenges in the game. You may haveto defeat enemychiefs in the army, or beat each other withoutdisturbing theenemy. Can you deal with these challenges?CounterTerrorist FPSShooting Mission Features:- real combat effect- Simpleand smoothcontrol- Excellent 3D graphics- Amazing music and soundeffects- avariety of high-quality advanced weapons- Play gamesanytime,anywhere
American Counter Terrorist Shooter:FPS Shoot War 1.0
You love shooting games. Want to enjoy the real sniper experienceofthe best 3D action shooting game?The final war action hasbegun!Find evil and cruel enemies, shoot and defeat. Turn an evilcityinto a peaceful city. After a period of hard assassination.Youhave received a superior mission, a very challenging mission.Findthe leader of the terrorist group and destroy them. Grabyoursniper rifle, search for the remaining enemies in the city,destroythem and accomplish the mission.If you encounterdifficulties,please do not give up, you are behind the people! Theysupport youand help you, and you have to guard them all!AmericanCounterTerrorist Shooter Features:- The best first person shooter-Simpleand smooth control- Real shooting effect- realisticbattlefieldenvironment- Various challenging missions- a lot ofdestructiveweapons- Addictive game
Counter Terrorist Sniper - FPS Shoot Hunter 1.3
Counter Terrorist Sniper - FPS Shoot Hunter is an advancedandthrilling anti-terror shooting game. Here is full ofpowerfulweapons and equipment. As well as the best of the ArmedForces. Youmust fight with courage and determination. missionaccomplished.Become a national hero.Here you will encounteraccelerated heartrate, adrenaline enhance the fighting, your handwill be coveredwith sweat! The mission is full of excitement andchallenge. Defeatall your enemies and win. Clear the area and get anew mission. Youmust eliminate all terrorists. Do not be defeated,defeat yourenemy. Collect your gun, fill the bullet, take the bomband startyour war!Enter cities, look for terrorists, actcautiously, destroyeach and every terrorist one by one, restorepeace in cities andsave innocent people and accomplish theirmissions.Features:-Realistic 3D environment- realistic shootingeffect- challengingmission- Amazing music and sound effects- Playgames anytime,anywhere- real war scene- a variety of powerfulweapons- Simple andsmooth operation
Call Of Sniper Shoot Killer 1.3
Doing Studio
Terror war is about to start, as the people's guardian, you cantakeon zhe responsibility?As an expert shooting gamer, you canshowcaseyour shooting skills do during frontline battles in gunbattles.Fight against terrorists and gangsters. As an elitewarrior, beatyour opponent. Go to the battlefield and strive for agloriousvictory. Join the game and use your best modern gun weaponas anassassin to shoot and fight here, winning the war in zhethrillingadventure.Go ahead! Fight it! As a elite soldier! Neverfall!Call OfSniper Shoot Killer Features:- Different play- New gunequipment,AK47, MP5, P90, M4, SVD, M249, M1911 - Real battlescenes- Greattouch- Stimulating sound effects
Commando Terrorist Attack 2.1
GunFire Games
One best shooting game is available here to play. Feel the truetolife war environment, modern weapons and enemies.
Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun Shooting Strike 1.0.5
Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun Shooting Strike battlegroundsisCritical Sniper Shooting Counter Army Modern FPS FreeShootingGame, Welcome to Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun ShootingStrike,battle ground Army action game the glorious journey resolvetopeace . It is a military assault shooting game with a lotofmissions. Loaded with mission of war shooting games. The gameisloaded with assault rifles, sniper rifle, shooting guns,machinegun and rocket launcher to destroy counter terrorism. Amodernrules counters strikes and attacking simulation royale gameof gunwars. survivor royale Gun fight along AI bot as fellowsoldier forcounter fire to engage enemy make this a thrilling wargame amongfree shooting war games.Attack enemy like world warheroes inbattleground pc games, like a WW2 out super soldierfightingcountry in battlefield. modern weapons in modern warfaregame.fight along your army soldiers as super war hero inultimatecounter terrorist strike sniper attack , a blood shed warzone.this critical strike mission is deadly war strategy to endthisblazing battle. As war shooting hero, with super militaryweaponand skills you are the only war winner player. strike forceheroeson strategic enemy hideouts as fronltline counter gamewarrior.USMilitary department sniper as army agent along policesniper duel,assassin terrorist with sniper shoot. save hostage incriticalshooting. the best multi bots multiplayer fps shootinggame. swatstrike as army combat shooter on enemy in battle strikeforce.critical attack on multiple enemies with machine-gun andhandgrenades count game. As soldier of special war forcesdeathfighting become war superhero fps shooteranti-terrorist.awesomefps gunner, blitz of guns, grenade and fixingparachuting battlepatch and customization teammate survival inunknown insidiousbattle. become awesome shooter attacker. eliminateenemy in realenvironment graphics with kill weapon.addicted fpsdangle withcustomization sniper rifle , fight war along teammateand assassinenemy through silencer gun shoots. purchase guns instorereloading, start, tilt, to play well this war alliance offlinefpsshooter game. use grenade in missions, play offline tokillterrorist clan , easy controller,defuse bombs, multi_modesenemysiege counter terrorist game. Counter terrorist 2 machinegunshooting strike gun war shotguns game. Loaded with sniperguns,assassin weapons like sniper, attack & assault rifles,machineguns and medical kit to survive in battleground duringthemissions! You will have range of weapons like Mp5, Deserteagle,M9, AK-47, hand grenades, rocket launchers, Stw-25, Sniper,RPGmedical kit and more terrorist battle.Choose among the aboveshotguns range, do an assault attack or a sniper attackshooting.Modern weapons for modern counter attack. Weapons for 3dsniper warso let’s play. It’s an action thriller shooting game forsuper gunshooter games player to play the AI bots based combataction FPSgame. get rid of ridiculous terrorists. kill clumsy enemyand flatsuper strike of bullets. Do tact and thick attackkillinggames.involve bot soldier in the cross fire. You are seersupersoldier, be a hero fight for your men.kill terrorist likedikshooting. fight and prove your a mensch. user assault guns toshootterror beast. beasts fights to spread panic and fear ,letsdemolish them all for peace. thrilling terrorist huntingshootingsimulation for FPS games players. Fight and be a supershootinghero of your team.As a player you are fps army war soldier,on amission to counter terrorists. In this counter terrorist openwar,you have a soldier support at beginning, and can built acounterattack squad on the go by unlocking more fighting bots.Fightwaralone, do attack, fight like survival hero and win the war inthisshooting survival arena. free fire power with machine guns,superweapons collection free shooter game no wifi needed.
Counter Terrorism Shoot 1.0
Doing Studio
Are you keen on shooting? Join the game now! This game isourlong-awaited FPS action game. With the game screen for afierceshootout, feel different shooting experience. The game willgiveyou a moment of relaxation, eliminating the stress of workingandlearning the day.Terrorists are threatening world peace. Hurryupto join the fight, destroy all the terrorists, bring peace totheworld.Counter Terrorism Shoot is the best shooting game. Withaclear 3D graphics, allowing players to better experience the funofshooting games. The game is aimed at the infamousterroristmilitary forces fighting scenes, letting our bravefighters fightagainst dangerous terrorists.In the game, you are aprofessionalgunman, you get the news of intelligence officers, findthelocation of the terrorist base, you need to close thisdangerousarea to carry out the task. It will be a very difficulttaskbecause the distance between you and the terrorists is verycloseand your danger is huge. But it will also make you moreexcited,because you can show in the task of a strong fightingskills.Accurate aiming ability, and quick kill, which will allowyou tocomplete the task more perfect.Face many challenges but it isveryattractive time. This game will give you more fun andexcitement.Make the greatest effort to kill the terrorists andfinish thetask. Enjoy the fun of this game.Counter Terrorism ShootFeatures:-Smart AI, to bring you a variety of challenges- Complexsituation,terrain- Exciting map and realistic environment- Kill alltheterrorists going into the next stage- Real combat effect-Bestshooting game- stunning 3D graphics- shocking music andsoundeffects
Counter Terrorist Hunter Shoot 1.3
Doing Studio
Counter Terrorist Hunter Shoot is a real war sniper shootergame.You are a brave commando soldier, you must protect thepeople'ssafety, complete the mission of the army. Terroristssneaked intothe city and threatened people's safety. You received amilitarymission, go to the battlefield, to join the fight. Theterroristshid in every corner of the city. You have to find themthroughradar and use sniper rifles to aim and destroy all enemies.A man,a war. Now you are the cold-blooded assassin. Must protectinnocentcivilians, seize your sniper rifle, search for the rest oftheenemy in the city, and destroy them and fulfill themission.Counter Terrorist Hunter Shoot Features: - realistic 3Denvironment- Challenging missions - Smart AI makes the game moreinteresting -a variety of powerful weapons - real shooting effect -amazingmusic and sound effects - play anytime, anywhere
VOG Studios
Pick up your modern shooting weapons & sniper guns &getready to unleash the shooter inside you in this 3D actionfilledwith terror in free shooting battle game. Go on a criticalshootingmission in various different maps using different modernweapons,shortguns & firepower guns to attack & prove thatyou arethe best commando counter shooter, marksman & snipershootrifleman. Prove to the world in crisis action fighting thatyou arethe best shooter to strike & the only true spiderfighting heroby topping the leaderboards of this counter gunshooter onterrorist in shoot war game. This eventful sniper huntinggame is acomplete shooting arena to assassin deadly gangstersterrorist tosatisfy your inner shooter & is carefully designedfor the 3Dshooting game fans of first person free FPS gun shootinggames. Sospecial warrior pick up your strike guns to aim &target byshooting to be the best hunter gun shooter & a truesuperfrontline hero in terrorist war. You’ve been a commando heroinyour vegas city since forever. You’ve helped the people &savedyour city from counter terrorism of deadly criminals, thugs&mafia lords gangsters on numerous occasions before which hasgainedyou the title of a spider super hero. You possesssupernaturalstrange mutant rope super hero powers to assassinterroristenemies. This has led army military to approach you for aspecialfirepower ops mission. Army Military believes that only asuperhero like you who have supernatural strange rope mutant superheropowers can help them win this war against the globalterrorists.Terrorists throughout the world have formed an alliance& aregoing to attack every major city to spread terror. You areselectedfor a special warrior ops mission to counter shoot thegangsterterrorists. You will be leading an elite counter shootingteam toevery major city in order to shoot down & these deadlygangsterterrorists. Army military believe in your strange supermutant heropowers as well as your combat, fighting & gunshooting skills.Commando shooting hero will be provide with variousmodern weapons& guns like pistols, shot gun, sniper rifle, smg& pistolsto combat the terrorist attack. Your main objective isto eliminateall the terrorists & save every major city. Youalong with yourcounter terrorist team can win this war againstterrorists only onone condition i.e. by defeat all the enemies. Todefeat theterrorists you’ll have to be swift & sharp whichmeans you’llhave to aim accurately & shoot quickly. Be ready tocommandoweapon strike & hunting for some serious action as youwill befacing a lot of counter gun shooting from the terrorists.Tosurvive shooting missions you’ll have to strike hard at theenemyterrorists & counter all their attacks. You need to helparmymilitary win this war at all costs & save every major city.Inthis crisis action fighting use your modern weapons & gunstocombat the evil terrorists & be a true war hero.Enterthiscrazy gun blazing of shooting arena & prove that you arethebest sniper shoot rifleman, shooter & a true war herobytopping the leaderboards & saving every major city fromtheattack of global terrorists. Select from many different snipergunsto shoot & eliminate the enemy terrorists in differentmaps.This game is a gun shooting action filled with crazy shotwhere yourespawn as soon as you eliminate! Download now toexperience thebest super hero gun shooting missions game available.
Killer Shooter Critical Strike 1.0.3
Killer Shooter Critical StrikeThe top Anti-Terrorist teamispreparing to fight against terrorists, gangsters andcriminals.JoinTop Elite Anti-Terrorist team, take up arms, preparefor intensebattle, and contribute to human security.Killer ShooterCriticalStrike is the most exciting and challenging FPS (FirstPersonShooting) game.As a Anti-Terrorist killer, you will work withyourteam to fight terrorists, sabotage their action plans,removelandmines placed by terrorists,And resolvehostages.EliteAnti-Terrorist Shooter, no time to hesitate, andimmediately takeaction to destroy criminals and terroristgroups!  KillerShooter Critical Strike features:-Realistic realistic scene,exciting FPS shooting experience- Bombdisposal mode, rescuehostages mode and custom mode to choose from-Rich weapons, sniper,assault rifles, pistols, to help you completethe mission- Theimpact of sound, experience shooting, explosion,heartbeat andother stimuli- High quality game screen, reflectingthe water,reflective, lighting, night, fog and other effects- AsaAnti-Terrorist Killer, rescue hostages, clear bombs, destroytheterrorist groups threats.You are a hero against terrorism, asaviorto destroy terrorists and rescue civilians in crisis, andit's timeto take action!
Army Sniper Shooter: Counter Terrorism Attack Game 1.0
You are hired as an Army Sniper Shooter: Counter Terrorism AttackGointo the unknown war battleground and save theinnocentcitizen.Fight as world war hero and save the world fromthedestruction of enemy forces.Frontline Elite Army Sniper FPS:armyCommando is an action game in which you experience the mostamazingthrill of shooting dangerous terrorists in the battlefield.Inwhich you will Experience the beating of the enemies in thewarfield as a world best army sniper commando caption, it is yourdutyto clean up your country from the evil criminals andterrorist.those have undertaken your country as you get world-classmodernguns to remove them from your country. As a best militarysnipercommando, you have got training from world best-armed forceschool,where you have to learn about how to fight in criticalconditionand learned about uses of modern and automatic advanceweapons. Nowyou have selected for the mission where you have tofight alone toeliminate the enemies. Let’s do your best and becomea champion inthe eye of your country people to rescue them fromcriminals andbad people.The army sniper army is allowed to countersstrikes theenemy forts and capture their posts and clean up theterroristsfrom the country and make his country secured, the armycommandosniper is the legend of counter terrorist war which wasbattled forthe counterterrorism and secure the life of theircountryman, theyfight the real counter strike against evilcriminals and keep safethe citizens from these terrorists. Snipercommando is unknown heroof the counter strike world war they defeatthe enemy and securethe life of other soldier and innocent citizensand fail all thestrategy of the criminals and fail the terroristattack 3d sniperagent have advanced sniper gun which targets theenemy in longrange and doesn’t allow enemy to come even near to thecountryborder. The army men strike the war enemy with full spriteandcourage and help to secure the state security and fail theattacksof the enemy. The sniper is assigned the task of quicktheattacking enemy and stop them before the attack you.This gameisthe best game of snipers vs thieves’ gun games, and rated isthetop games in action games in which army sniper attack theevilcriminals and kill them to the ground, the critical attackenemiesand destroy them and secure the citizen from terroristattack,sniper critical commando counter strikers is the Warfieldarmycombat in which the commando sniper is the last mancounterterrorist, Sniper FPS War Features:• Optimal gameplay forFPS gameplayers• Amazing 3D graphics for fighting war ground•pistolschoices to select BRETTA, MAGNUM, GLOCK, RUGER• Rifleschoices toselect THOMPSON, AK47, and M16• Shotgun choices to selectSHOTGUN.•Numerous missions and assignments to complete• Easy andsmoothcontrols• Astonishing sound effects and background music.Ifyoufeel there a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesnotfollow within the reasonable use standards, please contactusstraight to go over.
Modern Army Sniper Shooter 1.1
Dirk Game
Modern Army Sniper Shooter is an action-type first-personshooter.It is full of all kinds of advanced and destructiveweapons. the ismore than just a game, it also takes you into theworld of battleand glory.Each step of the game has differentchallenges, how doyou deal with these challenges? You may haveplayed a lot ofshooting games, but the game will bring you adifferent shootingexperience.The military base town occupied byyour criminals. Nowthat you are a well-trained warrior, your job isto eliminatecriminals. Hold your gun and pull the trigger to shootthem. Killall nearby enemies. mission accomplished. Become abattlefieldhero.Modern Army Sniper Shooter Features:- Real shootingeffect-realistic battlefield environment- Simple and smoothoperation- avariety of powerful weapons- challenging mission- Highqualitymusic and sound effects- Exciting shooting game
Anti-Terrorism Shooter 1.3
Hello there! FPS shooting game fans. Welcome to join this bestfirstperson shooter! This is a front-line action war game. As aheroicwarrior, in the front combat zone, use machine guns,shotguns andsniper rifles and other modern combat weapons to killall kinds ofbrutal enemies. Use your excellent fighting skills tokill allenemies! You are a well-trained military battlefieldcombat specialforces members, is the tactical team and modern warpower. You areequipped with machine guns, sniper rifles andgrenades, you will bein this shooting game to complete the secrettask to eliminate theevil forces that hinder world peace. It istime to pick up your gunsand become the most brave warrior in thisbattle. Accurate aiming,shooting, more accurate elimination of thesurrounding terrorists.They are brutal thugs, is the executioner.Ready to fight with theterrorists desperately, give up kindness,and strive to shoot. Inorder to make you better fight withterrorists, your troops prepareda lot of advanced weapons for you.You are a front-line commando,have excellent combat skills, showall your skills, penetrate theenemy's territory, find and destroyhidden goals. Anti-TerrorismShooter Features: - Exciting map withrealistic combat environment -realistic fighting effect - amazingmusic and sound effects - Truegraphics - complex and difficulttask - all kinds of powerfulweapons - Smooth operation and control- Best FPS game
Modern World War FPS Winter Shooter Battleground 1.2
Fight radical terrorists and clear out their hideouts.Useflamethrower and crossbow to eliminate the terrorists.Get readytoplay this action filled amazing shooting game. Set in thebiggestenvironment of war shooting survival missions. Enjoy FPS2018shooting in this battleground. Feel the excitement of thisactionbursting fighting game challenge. Soldier enemies are heretoconquest you. Don’t need to afraid of the ruthless enemy youwillgain the entire modern weaponry to shoot the entire enemysquad.You have to make sure about your survival in this game andknockdown the wicked enemy mafia. Use your modern weapons&strategic mind to become an alone fighter in this game.Saveyourself from enemy’s sudden attacks and become aprotagonistshooter survivor of this battlefield. Waiting 4 what?Play &download this amazing action bursting 3D shooting game.Armory:•Shotguns• Small arms• Rifles How to Play: Use your guns&weapons to shoot easily. Practice all initiative controlstodefeat the enemies.  Use your strategic mind to fight withenemy. Fight with your weapons to stay long in this task.Features: Wonderful 3D war environment.  Addictive differentmissions toplay. Unbelievable 3D shooting. Amusing soundseffects.
Counter Terrorist Sniper Attack Army Shoot Strike 1.5.1
Play modern fps shooting game free, counter terrorist attack gunwargame & combat strike free shooting game with powerfulweaponsfor counter gun strike on enemy. enemy strike the city,moderncombat strike force deployed for counter gun strike on theenemies.A blazing sniper shooter commando will accompany youduring firstanti-terrorist counter terrorist strike mission inthis counterterrorist attack gun war game.This Counter terroristattack shootinggame is best among rest of free army shooting gamesand snipershooting simulation games and it have powerful weapons,team ofpowerful AI bots. Counter terrorist attack commando actionand wargames, forces of war to fight modern warfare in CounterTerrorist2018 army gun shooting 3d Game. Counter attack likeaction hero.kill terror beast, its modern warfare. You are asecret agent, killenemies by counter terrorist attack.Show yourcounter terroristcommando skills learn in the assassin forcetraining, be a bravesoldier , fight for your country like gunshooting hero.cross gunfire like legends anti terrorism countersniper strike killer incounter terrorist open war game. assassinthe frontier war soldierswith sniper way playing counter terroristopen war death games.soldier fight in fps games black operationsat mid nights, blood& chaos in dead warfare and killing duringswat strike majorreal gun attack in 3d game play. shoot assassinenemies at frontierwars and battlefield give an immense countersstrike skill.Soldiergames player love to play counter terroristattack gun war game, awar against terror. play this war on terrorshooting game and winthe war with blazing sniper and major gunstrike. swat strike withcover fire from AI bots and rival fire inmodern combat counterattack. Protect yourself and fellow soldiersduring counterterrorist attack. pickup guns from enemy, pickupmedical box topower up and protect combat players from counterterrorist firingsduring the missions. counter terrorist attack2018 gun war shootingalong counter sniper shooter team to endterrorism with Soldiersteams. counter terrorist 3d multiplayershooting and fps shootergame is fun shooter to destroy rebel campswith swat strike onglobal counter attack. fittest army action andarmy assassinterrorist action games 2018 .Commando counterterrorist attack killthe terrorist in this sniper arena in thebattlefield army withcommando group with blood & chaos. war ofcolony is art ofconquest, it will kill the terrorist soldier openwar in swat strikegun war games. gun war tactical shooting rivalswarfare strike waron open war counter terrorist & gun strikeshoot killer gamewith terrorist counter soldier squad strike andcounter terroriststrike in battle zone. Kill your enemy, let themscream.Hit themwith gun bullets like super war hero. take actionwith army traininggames, kill shot like bravo shooting man. Rangerbots ready tofights among you. Earn Cash and buy new ranger,collect life powers,collects new weapons during war, fight alongmodern war bots, buildmodern army for next mission. GameFeatures:Realistic 3D simulationand challenging missions toaccomplishMulti Weapon game Realisticcombat action Enemies’destruction with hand grenadesAddictive gameplay and environment.
Counter Terrorist Squad Death Commando Shooter 3D 1.1
Epic Counter Terrorist death commando mission is afirst-personaction shooting game. Become an American Commando inthis epic waragainst terrorists and perform secret missions Showyour superbcombat skills to the world, to become a battlefield herolegend.Use your excellent fps shooting games skills and combatshootingheroes capability to eliminate All hostiles and rescueThehostages. Terrorists have occupied the area and kept citizensashostages, your duty as a special trained commando force forsuchdeadly operation is to eliminate terrorists from the area andfreehostages. Your country is waiting for the hero to appear. Youhaveexcellent shooting ability. Pick up your weapons, go tothebattlefield, destroy all the terrorists. Enter the arena andbecomethe shooting hero in this terrorist take down combat game Itis achallenge for you and everyone to complete this incrediblestrikeoperation. The dangerous Enemy has captured all your basearea andland and they make their own bases. Equipped with yourassault gunand start strike, you will take out the waves of extremedeadlyterrorist that are descending upon your peaceful country.ActionCounter Terrorist military army shooting is an army commandodeathshooting mission 2018 games of amazing major action featuresandreal army kill man shooting 3D US army Commando is equippedwithmodern weapons including Sniper for extreme gun shooting to endtheera of counter terrorism in fast paced FPS shooting game InthisCritical Strike FPS War shooting game, you need to attack asbravoshooter fury commando to end terrorist strike.Time has arrivedtoface this challenging & destructive FPS counter shootterroristin battle for peaceful survival arena. Execute your besttacticalshooter attack abilities to hunt, fight & shoot theterroristlords in this critical battlefield. Go behind the enemylines as adeath shooting commando 3D Various types of weapon likesniper,AK-47, stain gun, bomb and short gun, to destroy enemywithultimate army extreme shooting. US Army has been the best intheworld so prove it with your commando skills. Be a tough soldierwhohas some great strategic skills of modern warfare! Features:-First Person Shooting Game - Challenging missions - a lotofadvanced weapons - realistic battlefield environment - Highqualitymusic and sound effects
Army Counter Terrorist Attack Sniper Strike Shoot 1.7.8
Army counter terrorist attack sniper shoot is an action gameinwhich you experience the most amazing adventure fightingandshooting against dangerous terrorists in battle fieldenvironment.Experience extreme of kill the enemies in the war fieldas a worldbest army commando, it is your duty to rescue yourcountry from theevil criminals those have under taken your countryas you get worldclass advanced guns to clean them from yourcountry. As a bestmilitary commando you have got training from usarmed force school,where you have learned about how to fight incritical condition andlearned about uses of automatic weapons. Nowyou have selected forthis mission where you have to fight alone toeliminate theenemies. Let’s do your best and become a hero in theeye of yourcountry people to save them from terrorism.Army counterterroristshoot is an amazing fighting game in which you experiencethe mostepic adventure of rescuing country from the evil planofterrorists. To be a good military troop you have to showextraordinary quick and good aim shooting skills. There are wildenemieseverywhere around you so fight with them with bravely andeliminateall to get rid of them. Keep in mind that you are alone inthefield so you have to fight very carefully and have to keepsharpeye on everyone during the cross firing. So get your bestadvancedsniper gun and demonstrate your expert shooting aptitudesandeliminate all them. It is sniper shoot which allows you toperformattack on enemies in the war environment to save thecountry. Thereare multiple amazing levels and crazy missions to getmuchexcitement, many different play modes in which you canperformdifferent exciting ways to play. It is a challenge for youtocomplete this incredible operation because to live in themissionyou have to save yourself. Battle shooting and fps shootergame isfun to destroy criminals with advanced weapons. There aremultiplemodern automatic army sniper guns to destroy the evil planofcriminals. Complete the more missions and get new weapons.Amazingand high definition 3d graphics, realistic background soundeffectsand smooth control are the best part of it that make yourinterestin the game. Let’s download it and execute your besttactical shootattack to hunt the enemies in thisgame.Features:Multiple amazinglevels to playFirst person shootinggameMultiple excitingchallenging missionsMultiple automaticadvanced weaponsImmersiverealistic battlefield environmentHighdefinition 3dgraphicsRealistic background sound effectsEasy andsmoothcontrolDifferent modes to play
Sniper Traffic Hunter - FPS Shoot Strike 1.0
Sniper Traffic Hunter - FPS Shoot Strike is a brand newfirst-personshooter game. The game is full of traffic andcarelements.Terrorists driving vehicles in the city to escape, youasa special forces striker, must be in the busy traffic tofindterrorists, destroy them. Do not let them run away. the is thebesttime to prove your sniper skills. Aiming at shooting.SniperTrafficHunter - FPS Shoot Strike also offers you a variety ofpowerfulsniper rifles, which are designed specifically for such amission,and he has an extremely powerful zoom, ammunitioninfinitelypowerful puncture bullets. Let you better kill theterrorists whodrive the car to escape. Complete the mission, becomethe topsniper.Features:- realistic traffic battlefield environment-A lotof powerful sniper rifles- a variety of challengingmissions-realistic 3D graphics- real shooting effect- amazing musicandsound effects- Play anytime, anywhere
Superhero WAR: Army Counter Terrorist Attack 2017 1.0.1
John Carter is an ex US Special Forces army commando & GenHarryThomson assigned a mission (Lone Wolf) to destroy allterroristhideouts & safely rescue the POW’s who arrested byterrorists.Now J. Carter is responsible to make a safe plan andrescue all USarmy soldiers, wisely using his army sneaking skills& eliminateall terrorists, disable CCTV camera, securityalarm, destroy theirheadquarter, vehicles, Helicopter, ammunition& finally kill theterrorist gang leader. To accomplish allmission tasks “NationalRobotics Lab” equipped you some specialsuper powers fromsuperheroes to terminate terrorist network. Nowget ready to becomean ultimate superhero for this special missionto demolishterrorists & there weapons aid to save yourcountry. Enjoyextreme gun shooting action in this thrillingSuperhero Battle:Anti-Terrorist War Attack 2017 game. Let’s becomea special armycommando, spy agent & monster superhero at thesame time in thisaction packed military army & anti-terroristsquad gun shootingwar game. It’s not just a war game but a battleagainst the criminalterrorist’s gangs who are planning ondestroying your country &occupied the national treasures. Useyour monster superhero powersfighting like assault shooting andsniper shooting skills to saveyour country & prove that youare the only superhero againstcriminals, gangsters and terrorists.Use army skills aim accurately& attack hard to win this combatwar. Prepare yourself as asniper shooting killer in this terroristattacked survival escapedmission, test your military yalghaarcommando training skills toquickly move and attack skills toescape army prisoners. Sharpshooting to kill terrorist, securitysquad, disable securitycameras, destroy helicopter, blastingammunition depot, assassinateterrorist boss & finally surviveyourself to win successfulescape mission war. Real-time experienceof sneaking, spy, rescue,escape, fighting, shooting & facingof terrorist attacks. Usearmy Special Forces commando training tobecome a spy agent withghost steeling & killing skills toeliminate all terrorists.Terrorists are equipped with latesttechnology, modern weapons &automatic guns but remember youare a superhero equipped withmonster robotic powers to completethis mission. Your mission is tokill all the security guards,terrorists & destroy their castle,vehicles, helicopter &ammunition.Superhero Battle: TerroristAttack 2017 is the prisonersurvival mission, disable all CCTVcamera to invisible yourself interrorist fort, killing allterrorists & destroy gangster’sfort in this adventures game.Don’t let the terrorist boss escape,just take a quick action tofail their escape plan. AssaultShooting & combat war withterrorists is this modern weaponswarfare. As a trained army sniperuse your sniper shooting skills& kill terrorists in thisguerrilla warfare game. As a trainedarmy spy agent you have toplant a bombs in fort, blast thehelicopter, kill the boss &secure the castle from terrorist’ssquads. Breaking the terroristsecurity, rescue prisoner &eliminating terrorist leader in thishard time escape mission is anadventure experience. Superhero WAR:Army Counter Terrorist Attack2017 Game Features: • Highlychallenging Army superhero missionsagainst Terrorists• Stealth Spy,Sniper Shooting, Assault Shooting,Survival Escape all in one game•Disable all CCTV camera &security alarm to invisible yourself•Eliminate terrorist squad tosecure the country• Differentthrilling, action & challengingMissions• Destroy fort,vehicles, helicopter & Ammunition•Automatic weapons aim, Snipershooting experience• Amazing 3DEnvironment with adventures gameplay• Highly challenging stealthspy missions Download SuperheroBattle: Terrorist Attack 2017 gameand live a life of secret spyagent, sniper shooter & armycommando of yalghaar in thissurvival escape mission.
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot 1.3
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot is an epic FPS shooting game. Inthiswar, terrorists lurk in a war-torn city. The brave commandohasaccepted the difficult mission of going to the city to destroytheterrorists. This mission is very challenging, in thebattlefield inthe face of brutal enemies, to protect themselvesand destroy theenemy.This is based on the modern shooting gamecommando mission,through a series of missions to complete thefinal war. The goal ofeach game mission is to fight againstterrorists, destroy everyenemy, and survive in the mission.Toattack in silence and the mostdeadly way to combat the terroristattacks against terrorists.Eliminate the next goal in themission.As an elite commando member,the government has providedyou with advanced weapons and equipment.Terrorists are planningterrorist attacks. You are assigned to aspecial counterterrorismmission by the counterterrorism agency.Through your superbfighting skills, kill the terrorists, and saveinnocentcivilians.This action shooter has a variety of challengingmissionsand a variety of interesting features. These features makethisaction shooting game quite unique, fun and addictive.In thiswar,your duty is to fight, shoot, kill, complete the mission. Inthiswar game, prove your shooting skills, fight against theenemy.Accept the mission, now download this exciting actionshootinggame.Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot Features:- HD 3Dgraphics-Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment- Simple andsmoothoperation- a large number of advanced powerful weapons-Radarvision positioning the enemy's position- Challenges ofincreasinglevels of difficulty- Best quality attractive soundeffects- Playanytime, anywhere
Sniper Assassin 1.0
You are a commando sniper, you will protect your city fromthethreat of terrorists. Use your powerful sniper weapon todestroythe enemy.Touch the screen, touch the enemy and shooting.Rememberupgrade weapons is the most essential thing for levels andstepinto the military strategist: analyze the battlefield anddestroytactical points to block your enemies' pathFeatures:-Boastingspectacular graphics and blistering action sequences.- 30+realworld weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens ofworldwidethemes- Flexible battle mode- Addicting gameplay (FPS)-Easy andintuitive controls- Free game: play it both on your phoneandtabletLet's enjoy and have a relaxing moment with SniperAssassin2018!
Sniper Shoot Survival 1.2
We are convening a global sniper elite to join us with theevilforces against every corner of the world. Because the crisiscannot rely on diplomatic means to solve, immediately take action,andterrorists confrontation! This is not a game. Give upkindness,struggling to shoot.ADDICTIVE FPS GOOD AND EVILCONFRONTATION- Real3D model makes you immersive, from exotic scenesto cityskyscrapers readily available- complete a variety ofexciting tasksto challenge your heartbeat- the game there are duststorms,storms, heavy rain and other rich and variedenvironmentaleffectsThis FPS sniper game is something you've beenlooking for.Join the war and try to shoot! Like an agent doing thesame task,experiencing extremely realistic images, designing yourskillcombinations, upgrading and customizing your weapons. Summonyourtroops, fight against the enemy in the battlefield.
Counter Terrorist Critical Gun Strike 1.2
===== Best First-Person Shooter Action Game " Counter Terrorist-Critical Gun Stricke" ====Welcome to play CounterTerroristShooting Game! the most addictive new shooting game of2018, sodownload it free, one of the best counter-terrorist game of2018which rank among the top free games. Check your weaponoperationability. Only good operational control in the war gamemission sothat you can play with the power of a variety of weapons.In thisfirst-person shooter game, you can unlock new shootingweapons andmaps. As a member of unity to play the soldier's assaulteffect.Action shooting game, shoot the modern enemysoldiersCounterTerrorist shooting game lets you take part in aspecialcounter-terrorist shooting operation to defend your countryas afront line army shooter. As an army rifleman shooter bravo,pickthe latest war weapons to confront terrorist attacks,assaultsoldiers, commanders fighting. Just fire with your guns andkillthe enemy soldiers, Play the world's greatest military attackgame.As a commander, Command the national army in thebravebattle!Terrorist strike the modern shooting combat assaultgames of2018, First Person Shooter and Shooting, Action ShooterBattleCampaign. It brings battlefield action-packed with terroriststrikemissions, 100 intense attack levels. From shotguns, assaultrifles& Trigger sniper rifles, 3D environment, shoot crazywithdifferent weapons are offered in first-person shooter gameforsniper gangster shoot ops.Counter Terrorist Game -Features●Assault rifles, Heavy weapons, Shooting weapons andspecialweapons● Shotgun, Sniper rifles AK47, Silver AS50, MP5, M4riflesand Assault M4A1● Mission mode, Defuse bomb mode, zombiemode●Realistic 3D environment, high-quality 3D graphics● Easynavigationto target hidden terrorist assassins & counterspy●Intensestrike missionsDownload free Counter Terrorism Shooting,ModernShooter Fighting Game of 2018Hope you will find shooting gameverychallenging! Give us your feedback & Google+:
Counter Terrorist SWAT Shooter 2018 1.5
Blockot Games
Get ready to be an incredible superhero selected for a specialopsmission by the navy army. Put an end to terrorist's evil plansinthis Free 3D FPS action gun shooting game. Counter TerroristSWATShooter is a free 3D military army action game full of gunshootingexplosive missions. You are a trained modern commandoshooter andyou are being sent on a mission to kill terrorists inthe battlezone. Terrorist teams have been spreading terrorism forquite sometime now and it's time to pay back in this breathtakingmodern waraction game. Terrorists have been destroying the peace ofthiscountry for a long time and you as a last commando hero needstoput this to an end. USA Army military has launched a specialopsmission against terrorists and you are selected for thisshootermission to kill the terrorist. Military force has selectedthebravest warriors for this mission of heroes to attackterroristcamps. Army is providing you with modern weapons &superweapons to combat the enemy & win this war. Use thevariousmodern weapons & military guns provided by military armytostrike hard & eliminate the terrorists. Counter theenemyattacks to increase your chances of survival & success.You areknown as the finest army sniper rifle shooter withbrilliantsurvival skills, having the experience of modern weapons& gunsin various combats, battles, missions & war. Militaryarmy hasonce again chosen you for a special ops mission. Terroristswill beready to counter attack & strike back so be alert allthe time.Villain enemy is equipped with weapons & guns likesniper rifleguns, pistol & machine guns but what they lack arethe skillsyou have. Destroy the enemy defense & eliminate alltheterrorists to prove that you are the only true war hero. Thebestrifleman & sniper rifle gun shooter of the military army.Thereare rebel camps in the outskirts of the battlefield whichneeds tobe destroyed as well. You have to stop the revolt which hasbeeninitiated by super villains and terrorists of Army. Swat teamandnaval army will also join army group in this battlefieldmission.You all have to work together to counter the terroriststrike.Training of army to prepare for future war is very toughwhich notonly made you a fittest good soldier but also taught youhow todestroy your enemy, how to do stealth killing and attackterroristbases in commando missions. Global terrorist have puteveryone interror and exploding all the bridges and roads to stopthe army toreach warriors battlefield. Special forces are alsogoing to jointhis commando combat shoot. Go to the shooting arenawith specialoperations forces and launch an assault on theterrorists in thewar of resistance. Terrorists have madeheartbreaking storiesagainst humanity and they are expecting anassault from the trainedarmy assassin forces to end this blood& chaos. Watch out forrifle man and shooting assassin hiding inthe shadow. You can seetheir shadow and eliminate them with sniper.Shots for militaryshooter, fight to survive in this shooter battle.This is a newmodern warfare, take out the refuge and dispatch themto the nearfacility. Expect army base attack and get ready troopersfor armysniper combat. If you are a fan of counter terrorist gamesthenplay this commando counter terrorist strike game. FeaturesofCounter Terrorist SWAT Shooter: - A lot of gun shootingactionfilled mission - Plenty of guns to choose from - Challenging&addictive gameplay - 3D immersive environment - Top-notchsoundeffects
Sniper Traffic Hunter - Shoot War 1.2
Sniper Traffic Hunter - Shoot War is a city traffic snipershootergame. In the game is full of traffic, cars and sniper.Urbantraffic is facing threats and crime grab and escape. Useyoursuperb shooting skills to destroy and eliminate every escapecrimeinside the car. the sniper shoots the game and gives you thechanceto use the latest sniper weapons to destroy enemies on theroad.But also bring you not the same sniper experience. Features: -realtraffic situation - realistic shooting effect - amazing musicandsound effects - a variety of challenging missions - A largenumberof advanced sniper rifles - Exciting game
Commando Sniper Shooter 3D : Modern War 2018 Games 2.7
Commando Sniper Shooter: is a sniper shooting counterterroristsmodern war free. Step into the world of black ops combatagainstthe forces of terrorism in this epic modern SNIPER shootergamesfor mobile & tablet devices. Upgrade your ARSENAL Games,equipmodern حرب strike WEAPONS & venture into the mostinfamousbattlefields to test your individual & team snipershootergames skills. Commando assault sniper is a frontlinekommandoshooter game to master challenging objectives in assault,sniper& rocket launcher missions of this komando gun shootergames2017Commander action games: Step into the world ofspecializedblack ops FPS sniper shooting, ranging your weapons forultimatecommando adventure on uncharted territories. Shoot your wayout oflethal situations & accomplish COMMANDO MISSION freegamelevels to reclaim lost army bases.Your government homelandsecuritydepartment has decided for an Army IGI Commando operationwith SWATteam force to eradicate those criminals entirely & toavoid anykind of threat to homeland in wake of those outrageousattacks byextremists which have spread a terror kind of situationin wholecountry as those terrorists attacks were on innocentpeoples &humanity while an outrageous attempt to terrorizeinnocentcivilians like 현대전.In this frontline army commando combatadventuremission game or in 현대전 you are part of army commando SWATteam tokill those terrorists & extremists in order not to occursuchcarnage again in history of your country as this has created ahugepanic & bloodbath in capital city. You must aim high inthiswar game combat missions & strike at target as you are aprideof nation & shouldn’t show any mercy to terrorists whohavekilled your loved ones & don’t let shattered proud ofyourmilitary SWAT units. You must teach a lesson to allmercilessterrorists in this assault who have initiated thisatrocities &show that your nation is determined & unitedagainst theseunprecedented terrorist attacks while exhibitingcompassion &solidarity with your nation against this act ofinhumane killing ofcivilians.This Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team Ops isone of the bestaction game of the holiday’s season to welcome theNew Year with asafer & crime free gift. We hope you will enjoythrillingbloody contest so ruin the terrorists hideouts, dominateover themin this legendary battle between حرب criminals vs peaceloving. Youmust honor your duty call & play your role to defeatworldterrorists & radicals to make this world a safer place&dominate them in this lethal battle. So download now & addyourname in the list of world super heroes & don’t let thedarknight to rise.★HIGH POWERED WEAPONS★Take to the battlefieldWEAPONSof counter shooteryalghar:★MP5★★M4★★AK47★★SHOTGUN★★SNIPERRIFLE★★INTENSE CAMPAIGN MODEIN VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDS★Battle thefrontline in over HUNDRED+ blackops missions spread in FOURdetailed environments & battlefieldsfilled with perils &dangers on every corner. ★FEATURES of EliteCommando SniperShooter★- Over 100+ adventure action shooting gameswith gun totake part in travel through 4 large 3d environments& enemybases.- Arsenal Weapons: Choose from multiple weapons& unlockmore by completing missions & earning cashrewards.- FPSShooter: Highly responsive controls optimized formobile devicesfor kids, girls, boys & every body.- Kill shot:Gain rewardsfor each successful kill shoot- Play Offline: No needwifi, onlineinternet connection- Challenge yourself & raceagainst time toget rewards on strategic kills- Enjoy realistic gunsimulation 3d& commando animation!- Different levels withmultiple enemies& counter terrorist attacks- Soldier Commando:Intense battlescene & challenging missions for elite commandosniper counterterrorist strike.- Responsive FPS controls designedfor mobiledevices for the best portable shooting experience in 현대전
Shoot Hunter Survival War 1.2
A true sniper game where you want to guard civilians as asniperagainst terrorist attacks. Lead the army back and become themostpowerful sniper.Become the bravest soldier in the game,protectinginnocent civilians. The war operations among the armedforces haveseriously affected the survival of civilians. Use yoursuper sniperrifle to chase down theater-styled terrorists anddefend your basecamp. Deploy and infiltrate enemy escort units andlaunch deadlyattacks when the enemy is unprepared. As secret agentsto break theenemy territory, to take a variety of tactics to combatthe enemy.Complete your mission by shooting your enemies in allsorts of realterrain. Do not let terrorists escape, hijack enemysatellites andtrack their hidden location. Use super sniper rifleto help youfight the enemy better.Guns : AWP, MP5, Scout, BLT,M4A1, AK47,Deagle, G3sg, SG5502Shoot Hunter Survival War Features:-Realistic3D environment- Amazing music and sound effects- Playgamesanytime, anywhere- a variety of powerful weapons- Realshootingeffect- challenging task- Smart AI makes the game more fun
Counter Terrorist FPS Shoot War 1.4
VOG Studios
Perform modern counter attack or play commando survivalarenamissions during assassin frontier war. Use your specialsniperwarrior shooting skills and shoot down global terroristswithmodern guns in this action filled epic shooting game. Asfrontlinecommando warrior, you've been assigned a secret mission totakedown all the terrorists, gangsters & ruthlessassassincriminals and save the city from terrorist attack byperformingshooter missions. Remember, during this shooting combatwith elitegun shooter terrorists you have to rescue the hostages,defuse thebombs and defeat the enemies. This thrilling actionpacked shootinggame will let you experience the best militarycommando snipershoot war battle. Your ultimate aim, hold &target is tocompete the ruthless terrorist squadrons as an fpsmodern gunshooter in this eventful 3D war environment. It’s time tobe astealth frontier assassin warrior to accomplish yourassignedmission that has been given by the secret agency to restorethepeace. In this game of counter terrorism mission you willcompetecombat shooting attacks so being a secret army snipershooter useammunition & modern gun shooting weapons to defeatviceterrorist enemies & become an incredible super hero ofyourcity.This free to play action packed fps game is based oncountershooting of terrorist and it simulates the battlefieldenvironment.The vice terrorists & deadly criminals haveattacked on thecity prison & assassin innocent people. Your aim& targetis to take revenge from these gangster squads by warfighting &elite sniper shooting skills. Get ready to defeatthese evilterrorist enemies in dangerous FPS shoot war. The lethalcriminalenemies are well equipped with variety of modern weaponslikesniper rifles, combat guns & other ammunition materialstoattack. You are an elite trained military super commandosoldiershooter & fighter so it won’t be any problem for you tocompetethe ruthless opponents. You will also have to destroy theterroristhelicopters that are flying around as an incrediblestealthsurvival hero. The main purpose of this elite commandocountershooting war is to save & protect the city fromterroristattacks.In this frontline 3D shooting war compete with thehiddenenemies who are combat & attacking the citydestructively. Youhave to use your super fighting & shootingskills to defeat theevil gangsters & deadly criminals. As acommando soldier youare well equipped with genocide weapons soshoot & eliminateterrorists, gangsters & mafia dealers inthis battle arena. Inthis secret agent elite shooting mission youhave to complete alllevels as a brave superhero military shooter.Be an army survivalsoldier hunter & shooter to assassin enemies& save theworld from terrorism.
Major GUN : War on Terror 4.0.9
byss mobile
Terrorists, maniacs and other psychopaths are a plague oftoday'sworld. They plan to nuke you and infect the world with adeadlyvirus, but you're gonna shoot them, slash them, tear themapart (orconvince them to vanish in any other way). Armory is goingto be alike real gun shop for you: machine guns, rifles,shotguns,grenades, sniper rifles... plus some deadly stuff ofcourse. Everysecond you hesitate incredibly evil terrorists growstronger takingover harbors, subways, oil fields... Do something!Push that bloodydownload button and beat them all!4 Player RealTime PVPMatchesWhen you're tired of shooting to terrorists, tryyour skillsagainst other players in 4 Player Real Time PVP Matches.Use yoursniper rifle to scope perfect shot or fight with them onthe closerange with your assault machine gun! Gain advantage byshootingdown helpful drops and ... oh well, just be quick andprecise :)Getall the way to Legendary League and get hugerewards!!This is FPSyou are looking for!You'll love Major GUNaddictive arcade-stylegameplay that brings you the best endless gunshooting experience!Improve your skills as a one-man-army solutionfor the terroristsituation. Upgrade your arsenal of cool weaponsand pick the rightone for the task. Sniper rifles, shotguns,assault and heavymachine guns - you can play with all of them. Testyour fightingskills against all enemies. Amazing 3DGraphicsDifferent locations,environments, explosions we got it allcovered. Fight with Bossesand stay alive to unlock each location.Each stage is unique,beautifully arranged 3D environment with itsown identity. And allof this is packed in excellent comic art styleyou’ll love.GamemodesOver 100 missions await! MAJOR GUN hasmultiple Gameplaymodes. Clear area from enemy soldiers and rescuehostages inassault missions. Test your speed and accuracy insurvival mode.Show who’s the best in FPS sniper mode. Try tocomplete ultra hardspecial ops or meat the final challenge anddefeat Boss. Major GUNhas everything to keep you entertained forweeks.Unique levels andenemiesMajor GUN is challenging FPS!-Improve your shooting skillsduring stressful conflict situations-Find, prepare to eliminatevarious enemies: outlaws, savageassassins and psychopaths- FinishDaily Challenges to collectboosts, funds and weapons- Search forfirst aid kits and adrenaline-Earn maximum 3 stars for eachfinished mission. Compete with yourfriends to see who is the bestMajor GUN!- Increase your rank from arecruit; someday you'llbecome a major? Huge Arsenal of WeaponsNoblank cartridges!Don'tmiss the rare opportunity to test in actionover 30 best weaponsused by special forces all over the world!Try 4handguns, 6 machineguns, 8 assault rifles, 4 shotguns, heavymachine guns (includingminigun), 4 sniper rifles, every machine youneed.All weapons youcan upgrade! Buy the crates full of goods:guns, ammo or sets ofweapons.Multiple LocationsMajor Gun missionsare located in fewthrilling areas build in aesthetic of actionmovies.Take over theharbor, clean occupied subway station from allenemies, fight inthe desert heat!Only dangerous enemies from XXIcenturybattlefields!Alpha! Bravo! Charlie! Where are you? Joinspecialoperations, sniper and survival missions, find and defeatdangerousbosses.The aim, shoot, take over the places, savethecomrades-in-arms, protect the hostages, prevent the nukes fromanexplosion, test various guns, rifles and much more!Checkourreviews - Players told it already - it's best first-personshootinggame ever.Don't forget it, soldier! You can play our FPSanywhere -offline no wifi mode works even in an airplane.Game isfree toplay, but you can buy virtual guns for real money
Winter Modern Strike - Call of Warfare Combat 2018 1.0.4
Join in the fun of destroying base of armed terrorists in thisfreeonline modern firing game for action seeking players. In thisnewfree third person game, you are the main character that willdefeatcriminals and save the world. Take out your sniper rifle andshootto eliminate all enemy personal using perfectly smoothcontrolsmade for players easy target achievement. You also have theoptionto throw grenades and blasters conversely on the criminal’shideoutto finish them off. It is your duty as a leader of yoursquad tolead your team into successful missions before thesecriminals usetheir weapons on innocent civilians. Accept the roleof a hero andstop all enemy plans of city destruction from becominga reality.Hide under the cover of the cold snow like an expertsniper and useyour rifle to pinpoint vehicles of enemy and destroythem. As anelite hero shooter sniper, you will have the chance tochoose fromverity of portable and blasting weapons from your secretspot onmountain. Your team is deployed in the middle of winterseason onthis dangerous mission, so you need to weather the frostbites andwreak havoc on terrorists. This multi-level snow packedcoveredmountain terrain game play will challenge the players intoenteringthe enemy base camp like an unseen ghost to eliminate alltheterrorists. Player will be thrilled to play with advancedconsolelike controls for quick trigger pulling and hitting thetarget withprecision in this free first person online game withawesome 3Dgraphics features. This will be a fierce fight betweengood andevil so give all terrorists a fatal blow after fatal blowon everylevel until you’re the last standing man and win this game.Sodownload and start winning your first mission right now andgetglued to your gaming screens! As the protagonist of thisawesome& mind boggling enemy sniping 3D free gaming world, youarevirtually undef-eatable so take long shots, short range shotsandlet bullets fly from your sniper gun to become best player.Toaccomplish these missions, our commando is fully trainedandequipped with plenty of different kinds of weapons. These weretheweapons which were present in World War and was used duringthewar, it will provide you real World War experience. ThisAmericanCommando can be equipped with guns like Thompson, M1 Grand,Bar,M3, M14, Colt 1911 and finally a Bazooka. The Controllersareamazing and smooth which will help you to move around easily andtotake aim accurately. In this serene surrounding in this new2018sniper special combat game, protect your country from terrorismbyeradicating everything standing in the way of finishing yourtask.Don’t hesitate to move forward in front of your mates and bethefirst to pull the trigger fast to shoot down, maim withenemyshooters and gangsters. Don’t let anyone escape the furyofAmerican senior war hero sniper bullets in this amazing freeonlinecombat mission game. In this multi-level game you will begivenmore army artillery weapons and bonuses but you must win eachlevelto unlock these benefits. Become the brave sniper player onthissnow covered slippery mountain, facing cold winter storm. Useyourbest gaming skills to not only crush confidence of these evildoersbut you must also survive this frosting winter weather onmountaintops. You must quickly hunt down enemy base house and useyourrifle to take long distance range shot to defeat theseoffenders.Leave no way for them to run. Take shot after proper aimat allyour nemesis and come down from top of the mountain onto thelevelground and take shots of every mafia escaping in theircampingground. Annihilate all enemy jeeps, runaway vehicles andtanks byfollowing them in your own tanks. Game Features: 1)multiplelanguages supported 2) stunning graphics with highlyoptimizedenvironments 3)smooth and easy third person controller
Sniper Shoot Action Strike 1.3
Sniper Shoot Action Strike is an action class shooting game. Inthegame, the army provides you with a lot of powerful weapons. Youarean excellent commando fighter. Your job is to destroytheterrorists. The city is occupied by terrorists. Hold your gunanduse your superb shooting skills to destroy all enemies. Do notletthe enemy surround you, make sure your safety, and completethemission. Depending on the level of the enemy and AI, you willfacea variety of difficult missions. In short, the more you killtheenemy, the more reward will be. What are you waiting for, sothatwe join the battle, dominate the battlefield. Sniper ShootActionStrike Features: - the real battlefield environment -stunninggraphics - Simple control - realistic shooting effect -Challengingmissions - High quality music - Fast-paced game
Sniper Strike Shoot Killer - Frontline War 1.1
Sniper Strike Shoot Killer - Frontline War is a first personshooterwith anti-terrorism as its theme. the game has a varietyofchallenging shooting missions, you must use advanced weaponsandsuperb shooting ability to complete the mission.Terroristshavesneaked into the city. As a soldier of a special unit, youmustdischarge your duties. Fight against terrorists, restore peaceincities and save innocent civilians. The army has prepared agreatvariety of powerful weapons and equipment for you to betterfulfillyour mission. Use radar to find enemies. Aim at enemies inthedistance and kill all terrorists as quickly as possible. Do notbesurrounded, to ensure their own safety, to complete themission.Become a battlefield hero.Sniper to do is not only killallenemies, but the fastest and most accurate down the core goals!Canyou do it?Sniper Strike Shoot Killer - Frontline WarFeatures:-real battlefield environment- Show your shooting skills-Guns:M4,AWP, MP5, SL8G, AS50, WA2000, Deagle- Play games anytime,anywhere-Amazing music and sound effects- Various challengingmissions- alot of powerful weapons
Commando Sniper Terrorist Shooter 2018 1.4
Commando Sniper Terrorist Shooter 2018 is the free FPS SWATstrikemodern sniper shooter game on your phone and feel the thrillofmodern strike sniper assassin 2018 and army mountainsnipershooting. Terrorists have taken over the city, nowtheresponsibility lies on you to counter & kill theterrorists& war criminals as army mountain sniper shooter withyour SWATstrike first person shooting skills and end this fatalbattle onceand forever with gangster assault. Get behind the enemylines inthis free to play incredible FPS army elite sniper shootergame andtake down the terrorists with your SWAT strike sniperskills. Useadvantage the environment of battlefield give and getfaster killswith your top fps shooting as an incredible elitesniper. As welltrained secret agent elite commando sniper and takeout terrorists& war criminals with army mountain snipershooting before theycause any more borderline bloodshed andgenocide to be an universedefender.It's a free fps gangster assaultmodern shooter sniperhero game where users take on several criticalmissions in middleeast desert mountain island. Take out and counterthe uprisingglobal terrorist elements and stop bloodshed genocidewith yourcrisis action fighting on modern combat arena battle. Thisfpswarrior city sniper brings the age of more enhanced powerfularmysniper rifles for ragdoll torture on enemy characters,warfareequipment and incredible gorilla commando skills to thebattlefieldlike world war II heroes. The story of the army shooterdash ModernArmy io Sniper shooting assassin 3d city sniper revolvesaroundassassination sniper missions behind the enemy lines to takeouthigh value targets, and murderers across Syria and Middle Easttoprevent a bloodbath genocide in the region like world warIIheroes.Commando you are all alone in war zone so use thebeststealth killing skills to shoot enemy sniper force and bewareofmodern counter attack in extreme war survival. Hunt down thedeadlycriminal force in stealth killing missions. Watching warenemiesroaming freely has boiled up commando blood! Hold your bestsnipershooter weapon in your hands, do not let the deadly criminalsoutof your sight. Aim shoot, be crazy sniper in this best snipergameand do not hesitate to press the trigger. Take shots like abestsniper commando shooter and show no mercy to ruthlessenemies.Commando! Take your land back from enemy troops and hunteverysingle man of sniper enemy force in best commando actionshooterstyle.As a commando sniper you play as that unsung real lifesecretagent elite hero, who plays a vital role to build his legacyas a3D hero of first person shooting with its death sniper skillsinthe modern combat arena while taking out its sniper target.Thisfree FPS 3D commando sniper game, comes bearing some of themostadvanced sniper rifles to play with. Earn cash rewards tounlockmore dangerous weapons or play offline sniper kill thedummymissions. Play offline to complete various desert islandmodernsniper assassin missions and try different scenarioswhilecompleting your missions by taking out your sniper target.DutyHeroes of world war don't always fly or have superpowers,sometimesthey risk their lives with a sniper in their hands and akillerinstinct to restore world peace and to save the world fromevilvillains' genocide in the new modern warfare sniperassassin2017.Features★ Stunning 3D Environment★ Numerous snipingscenariosand offline mission types★ Realistic bullet time effectand slowmotion★ Extra rewards for environmental and strategickills★Intuitive sniper controls & several snipers to beunlocked★Play offline anywhere; does not require an internetconnection andyou can play it to kill time★ Amazing ragdoll physicsand realisticragdoll effects★ Call in airstrikes for precise carpetbombing
Counter Terrorist Sniper Hunter V2 1.1
Doing Studio
Counter Terrorist Sniper Hunter V2 is a new action shootinggame.the game brings wonderful war challenges to give you athrillingfirst-person shooting experience.You are an excellent armycommandosoldier. The army gave you a special mission. themissiondetermines the safety of your city and country. the is amissionfull of shooting, guns and weapons. You have excellentshootingskills and fighting skills. At the same time the army alsoprovidesyou with a variety of advanced and powerful weapons. Sothat youcan easily destroy the enemy.Join the battlefield, theenemy hassneaked into the city. Use the radar to find the enemy,destroy allthe terrorists. In the battlefield courageously kill theenemy,complete the mission, become the hero of thepeople.CounterTerrorist Sniper Hunter V2 Features:- the realbattlefieldenvironment- realistic shooting effect- a lot ofpowerful weapons-Challenging missions- Smart AI- amazing music andsound effects-Exciting shooting game
Shoot Hunter Gun Fire 1.0
Shoot Hunter Gun FireAs a top killer, the commander calls youtoinfiltrate dangerous targets And clear all the terrorists. Firetothe enemies through the fierce bullets, Shoot them all to berealelite soldier. You are equipped with sniper rifles,machineguns,pistols and grenades. Powerful weapon is a fatal blowfor theenemies. You are a well-trained tactical team member,proficient ina variety of weapons skills, ready to kill the shot!Combat againstand eliminate all those who endanger people aroundthe world.Visitmore locations in the Hunting Action to eliminateterror and fightagainst terrorist organizations. Find the bestsniper position, aimand make all fatal kill shot. You can getrewards from a variety oftasks, Complete mission to get morerewards and better weapons.This is a high risk of confronting theworld of terror battlefrontline! Action Now Join our assault teamand began tofight!Crazy Kill, get more rewards, complete themission, get morerewards! Unlock the weapons and improve Fighting,get more resultsand rich rewards! You will get some free weaponswhen you firstplay the game. Slide Move, Click Shot, Switchweapons.- UniqueFantastic scene, high-quality 3D graphics- Stunningmusic and soundeffects- Best fun 3D FPS games, free snipershooting- FirepowerWeapon - Easy touch operation, zoom in and outto identify yourtargetThe brave warrior began to act, ready toattack, ready tokill shot . Now is the time to pick up arms tofire!
US Army Counter Terrorist Black Ops War Strategy 1.0.1
Introduction:US Army Counter Terrorist Black Ops War Strategy isthebest US Army Black Ops War Strategy game of 2018. US ArmyCounterTerrorist Black Ops War Strategy game has been developedfor allcounter terrorist lovers who want US Army Black Ops WarStrategy inaction.How this world war game started:The army snipershooter hasmoved from army sniper shooting games to a world wargame in worldwars now. The army sniper is now faced with worldwars terroristgame. Though the sniper shooter has never seen worldwars before butwith his sniper shooting skills he can become a warhero. Thechallenge of world wars will now become a hard task forour war heroin this sniper shooting game.What is the purpose ofthese wargames:This sniper shooter world wars terrorist game isall aboutsniper shooting and kill shot by an army sniper. Thisterrorist gamehas different army sniper kill shot levels. Eachlevel of these wargames has an interesting mission for the warhero. There are a totalof 25 sniper shooting kill shot levels.Your objective in war gamesas a war hero is to perform precisekill shot to eliminate theterrorists.Guidelines for playing thisterrorist game:You are goingto have lots of shooting guns for thekilling in this terrorist gameas you will need to shoot to keepyourself safe from the enemies.You need to use the shooting gunsin following manner to shoot inwar games:1. You can click theworld war bullet button on the rightof the screen to fire in thissniper shooter game.2. You can alsoclick on the world war Zoombutton on the left of the screen to havea closer look at thetarget in this shooter game.4. Aim well withworld war shootingguns and try to finish your enemy in one shot inthis snipershooter game.5. Touch the bullet button to eliminateyour enemy inwar games.6. As this shooting game has differentlevels soaccomplish the mission set for a certain level tosuccessfullyunlock next level of this war sniper game.7. Once youhave cleareda level, you can always come back and give it anothershot tobetter your previous mission accomplishment time in thisshootinggame.Superiority of this shooting game over others:You aresurelygoing to love this war hero game over the others due tofollowingsalient features:1. Totally Free: This shooting game istotallyfree!2. Delightful graphics: This war sniper game hasawesomegraphics which make long lasting impressions on your mindandvision. The graphics are high quality as well as very smooth soyouare going to have your best gaming experience while playingthiswar sniper game.3. Entertaining music: This war sniper game hasavery entertaining music for your pleasure.4. Very realisticsoundeffects: The sound effects in this war game are very realisticandthey keep you fully involved in this war sniper game5. TopQualityFun: Its great fun to play this war game as the aim is togetbetter and better until you are totally safe from theterroristsacting as your enemies6. Realistic Missions: The missionassociatedwith each level of this war game is very realistic and itthrowsyou in the real world while keeping you fully engaged. Eachmissionis time bound with a specific elimination target of enemiesto keepyou focused on the job at hand.7. Player Feedback: We atS&HGames are at all times looking for your feedback and try ourbestto make your gaming experience more and more interestingWho isthiskilling game for?Anybody who wants a shooting challenge shouldplaythis killing game. Everyone else looking for endless shootingwithshooting guns can also play this killing game.What is the besttimeto play this killing game?A great thing about this shooter gameisthat it can be played at anytime. You are at office or athome,whenever you have free time just pull out your shooting gunsandenjoy playing this shooter game.Please don't forget to rateourkilling game/ provide feedback.Enjoy!
Counter Terrorist Shooting Critical Shoot Attack 1.5
Are you brave enough to take counter terrorist challengeagainstdeadly terrorist forces with collection of different andadvancedarmy weapons? Ready for extreme counter terrorist shootingcriticalshoot attack free gun games? Let’s see if you can surviveon mostchallenging gun battle war game! The critical sniper warwarriorgames for free attack is all about living life on the edge,middleof a war zone full of shooting based game will blow you away!Themost comprehensive counter terrorist shooting critical attackwarstrategy games. Critical attack war shooting game is anaddictive,time-management, 3d terrorists shooting game, where youget toshoot, some dangerous and ruthless enemies have attacked inyourcountry different locations and also they have an evil plantodestroy the peace of your country by using your amazing full ofemogames. Terrorist front line shooter counter attack gun battleshootgames for free improve your focus and shooting skills todestroythe enemies from your country. Take accurate shots to finishallthe enemies with armor, Ak-47, shotguns, handguns, pistols,snipersand new destructive weapons. In this gun simulator gamewhilefighting terrorists with memo you need to stay focused ontarget.This front line shooter counter terrorists free gun games isnewwhere you can pick the health box and weapons like mp5gun,grenade, memos and other modern guns located at differentplacesduring the missions to finish the enemies. So it’s time totakeyour best gun in hand as an ultimate commando shooter and hitthehidden targets with sniper bullets. You have to prove yourselfasan expert shooter with your aiming good war strategy andshootingskills. The terrorist attack 3D game is the only firstpersonshooting game that includes all new features like you canfightalone in the game or you can make a team and can fightwithenemies. You can select a soldier partner from the store andmake apart of mission and order them to fight at differentlocations.This 3D terrorist shooting war strategy game is also foractionpacked thrill lovers who love new shooting action war shootgamesfor free. Real action competition, eminent of shootingandfighting, amazing and thrilling missions and crazy counterattackon the enemies is the full of action packed game you havebeenwaiting for. Start playing the fun now, experience themostterrifying shoot sniper war sniper shooting terrorists actionandenjoy the endlessly hard exciting experience throughamazingcounter terrorist shooting critical shoot attack game. Therearemany advanced verity of weapons on the store different kindofdifferent guns that will full your shooting desire to destroytheenemies those have attacked in your country. Become anexpertsniper shooter army soldier by shooting all the dangerousenemiesand terrorists, using a sniper gun, by playing, the bottleshoot,which is one of the top, best shooting games. With assaultriflesin a realistic 3D environment, high definition 3egraphics,immersive gameplay physics, easy and smooth control,realisticbackground sound effects, shoot crazy, and then get moreitems andweapons from the award in this shoot gun free war sniperwarriorshooting terrorist games. Features: Stunning 3d environmentwithrealistic bottles Shoot terrorists using a different gunMultiplelevels and amazing missions Amazing and realisticbackground soundeffects Challenging environment and time managementgame Immersivegameplay physics High definition 3d graphics Easy andsmoothcontrol
Counter terrorism gunner is an epic FPS grand battle royaleshootergame. Step on battleground in 3D action packed snipershooting ww2game will allow you to experience the most challengingtricks tocounter the terrorist in battlefield & be the last manstandingin the gun game. This sniper ultimate 2017 gun shootinggame isbased on modern warfare battle royale games of Americanspecialsniper warrior, so heed your call of duty and get ready fora warof the worlds. The American shooter special sniper warriorsareback now to take revenge from gangsters & deadly cityfightersin this grand battle because they have ruined the peace ofAmericancity. Counter all terrorists by the help of commando sniperteam tobecome universe defender in this gun shooting game.Dangerous &breathtaking environment of battlefield will let youfeel thethrill of modern counter attack but be brave to eradicateenemieswith furious sniper shooting attack ww2 game. In thisultimatecritical mission, you need to modern counter attack ofruthlessterrorist's battle games with advance modern weapons&munitions as an American sniper warrior to earn your medalofhonor. Become a real commando sniper gun shooter in thisbattleroyale by using your superb the gun game shooting skills&abilities to survive in American sniper battlefield. Startultimateconflict against the incredible gangster city fighters inthissniper offline game. You have to aim and fire accuratelytoassassin them on their spot in this battle royale to be thelastman standing. Just dodge them at battlefield & don’t letthemescape at any cost. The civilians of your city relying onyoubecause you are the last hope of them in this assassin 2017war.So, let’s pick up your ultimate sniper gun to attack theglobalterrorists & gangsters in secret places of battlefield.Be slowand bend down on your knees to crawl in the field of battlegroundfor silent attack by sniper rifle. Shoot all the hiddenenemies whowere freely sneaking in the city and now trying toescape for theirsurvival. Find the accurate hidden locations ofglobal terroristsin battlefield with the help of your secret mapfor furious attackon them. Chase the shadow of gangsters &target them withoutany fear in this shooter mission combat arena.Complete all intensechallenging missions & stick to the end toplay its all mission& become a real sniper shooter in thiscombat arena countergame. You are an elite sniper hero &mountain sniper warrior ofthis critical strike. Every shootermission requires army snipergun shooting skills & training.Since you are encircled by theenemy terrorist squad who are trainedby the American snipershooters so be careful as a sniper huntersolider in this countergame. You are a great army sniper hero &a special Americanshooter. Show your army training high skills anddefeat theterrorism from this modern warfare & sniper assassinactioncombat. Relish this amazing addictive gun shooting gameplaywithlethal environment of counter terrorism strike. Waiting forwhat?Enjoy this modern battlefield fight & combat withgunfireskills and defeat the adversary of criminal sniper assassintoexchange fire with Special Forces of enemies.
Anti-Terrorist Sniper Battleground FPS Shooter 3D 1.0
Get involved in biggest Sniper Assassination plan in crime citywithstealth missions like never before. Aim , shoot and escape inMadCity under terrorist attack A secret government agency hashired youfor a high level secret mission that involves snipershooting andassassination of traitors,criminals and terroristsYouare the lastfront line commando who will use the best assaultsniper toeliminate the evil monster enemy for modern survival..You as anAmerican superhero has been assigned a task to bring backthe worldpeace and kill the global terrorist who have been undercommand ofdark hero living in forbidden city Use your Sniper 3Dgun shootingexperience to assassinate the terrorists , traitoragents, corruptpoliticians and drug lords This is one of thehardest sniperassassination missions as you are being sent toassassinateterrorist leaders and drug lords working with them tode-stablizethe country. Terror groups, war criminals, crime lordshave takencontrol over American city and turned it into aforbidden city wherenobody is daring to go. Be prepared to fight& attack in thisbattleground sniper arenaThis is a stealthshooting game where youhave been sent on a shooting assassinmission for gangster assaultwith an ultimate sniper gun. Grab yoursniper gun, shoot at theterrorists and keep killing them to endhostile situation in thecityIf you are looking for new supeherogames, fighting games andoffline games then adventure awaits youin battle arena.Play andprove you are a lover of gunfightercommando soldier to destroy evilfactory of terrorists in the city.Shoot to kill enemy andterrorists to confront sniper assassin andbring peace back in thecity.There is no time for a trainingsession. Just get started usingyour elite sneaky skills to win thewar against crime and terror.Save your country. Enjoy one of thebest sniper games!Features:Ablend of sniper shooting and secretmission gamesAction packedmissionsAmazing game playUp to datesniper gun for an unparalleledshooting performanceIntuitive 1stperson and 3rd person controls
Sniper Duty: Terrorist attack 1.0
Sniper Duty: Fantastic Shot 3D is an terrorist hunting snipergamefully packed with action!Set your scope and aim for the bestshot.Get your best position on the roof of the buildings and shootdownthose terrorists that have taken over the big city. Make sureyouhave enough bullets and upgrade your guns sometimes to getevenbetter fire power and shooting range. Aim and pull that triggerforreal terrorists action in this cool sniper simulator! Makesurethey do not spot you before you make your kill with aheadshot.Sniper Duty: Terrorist attack features:- Awesome 3Dgraphicsspecially for android.- Totally FREE to play for alldevices.-Awesome and realistic simulations.- Heavy action andblood.- Thisgame is for adults only!- Great battle situations.
Commando Gun Shoot Strike War 1.0
commando adventure shooting 2017 Ultimate first personshootinggame, “Commando Gun Shoot Strike War” is shooting campaignof anexpandable working for army & killing the enemies of thenationincluding terrorists, enemy commando shooters and elitekillforces, rogue organization and criminal cults. Locationsofenemies, calibration of the distance between your sniper andthetarget and getting to know the battle areas fast are the somekeyfactors you will be looking for when going on themissions.Movements of the enemies shown on radars will help youmake theperfect strategy to tackle and stop their heinousoperations.Enemies & terrorists abducting your people andkilling innocentcitizens must be stopped. Jump off the helicoptersand land intoenemy areas to start the missions. Ambush by enemiesare lethal andto accomplish the missions you must chose thestrangest and mostoff routine paths to get the enemies from behindand take them downwhile they are unknown to your presence in theirarea. Your weaponsin Commando Gun Shoot Strike War includes thepistols, machineguns, assault rifles and sniper guns. Enemies haveinstalled theland mines in the pits of water, don’t die findingdisguiseunderwater. While the enemy is keeping eye on the wholeenvironmentthrough over the watch towers, take cover behind thesnow, and sandmounds. Various environments in the game are added tokeep youprepared for the action in every condition, don’t panic andshowyourself to the enemies as they will burst out the bulletsandcanons towards you. Hiding in their check posts and the armybases.Terrorist enemy is under the impression that they areunstoppableand their borders are inconceivable. Prove them wrongbyinfiltrating and killing the enemy soldiers in their safehousesand army bases. Clear your way towards the destinationsofconquests by aiming and shooting perfectly using yourassaultrifles and sniper guns. Unlock the heavy tier weapons andinitiatethe destruction in the enemy area and assassinate each andeveryone of them. After shooting the enemies collect their weaponsaswell and upgrade your arsenal with the modern weapons. Climb onthewatch towers and mountain hills to find the best vantage pointforkilling your opponents. Commando Gun Shoot Strike Warfeatures:•Multiple missions in most tough conditions• Commandoaction againstthe enemies in their own area. • Hidden explosiveland mines in thewater, don’t step on it• Enemies watching thewhole area throughwatch towers, shoot them from distance• Snipergun, shot gun andassault rifles to help you make your way in enemylands.• Killenemies and collect their weapons• Shoot and kill theenemies intheir own army bases.• Move towards the extractionpoints,helicopters will pick you up
Sniper Killer Shooter 1.1.4
Now you have a new mission! A terrorist group has occupied theScity, hijacking innocent passengers as hostages.As a goodmercenaryand your mission is to eliminate all the terrorists andrescue thehostages.Here you need a cool head anomaly analysis andfast,aggressive, accurate shooting techniques, allow your head tocalmdown, to enjoy this challenging game now!★★★ Features:★Levelgamemodes:Game mode for an unlimited levels and there starratingsystem that lets you keep cool in the end, to try how strongyourability, how far can break it!★A variety of game scenarios:avariety of different game scenarios, there are docks, CitySquare,waste warehouse.★Rich weapon system: can be a variety sniperrifle,pistols, submachine guns and grenades replacement.★Fullenemyexists: the enemy is everywhere, some in hiding in thegroundbehind the building, and some hiding in the roof, whichrequiresyour keen eye to detect and eliminate them.★Flexible battlemode:The battle can be purchased or supplemental medical kitsfallingHP, by upgrading the defense and attack players get theability tostrengthen, to experience the unique process offightingfun.★Simple operation: Full touch screen operation, so youjustmove a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadowandshooting, is very simple.★★★How to play ★Touch screen toentershooting mode.★Slide the screen can be rotated to movetheperspective.★Click the icon to the right of the "F" button tofire,rotate icon to switch between different weapons.★Click thebuttonon the bottom right corner of the cross circle amplificationcan beswitched sight; clicking character icons can be standing,squattingposture switching.★Click the icon in the upper rightmedical kitscan add HP, click the icon for the grenade grenadebombing.★Afteramplification mode into sight, By adjusting lever forthe rightdistance from the lens zoom.The main interface can beselected forthe game map, arms purchases, mall gold to buy the gamesensitivitytesting, game content sharing.
Gun Strike Sniper Shoot 1.2
Doing Studio
Are you looking for a first-person shooter that makes you feellikea heartbeat?the is a game that fills a varietyofheartbeat-accelerated elements. Are you ready to accept thearmy'smission? Quickly pick up your sniper rifle, go to thebattlefield,perform the mission.You are a warrior, you haveexcellent fightingskills. Now that terrorists have occupied thecity, you have tofind and destroy them before the terroristsdestroy the city. Thearmy provides you with advanced super weapons,so you can moreeasily complete the mission. The mission is verydifficult, but forthose innocent people, you have to come forward,destroy the enemy,defend the city.the is a game full of passion,action elements,shooting, war and strategy. You can improve yourshooting skills inthe game. Show your excellent operation.GunStrike Sniper ShootFeatures:- the real military environment- allkinds of modernweapons- Challenging missions- realistic shootingeffect- Smart AI-amazing music and sound effects- Fast-pacedshooting game
Counter Shoot Fire-FPS Terrorist Strike 1.1
The new full of action and war elements of the first-personshootergame came!Ready to take action in the raid. You are apioneer of aspecial force. You have superb shooting skills andcombatcapability.The terrorists occupied the city, and your missionwasto destroy them. The army offers you a variety of powerfulweaponsand equipment. Pick up your gun, use the radar to find theenemiesaround you, and destroy them with the fastest speed, but donot besurrounded by the enemy, to protect their own security, so astocomplete the mission.Join the battlefield, enjoy the game tobringyou the real shooting experience. Make you like a realshooter.Fight on the battlefield.Counter Shoot Fire-FPS TerroristStrikeFeatures:- Real 3D environment- realistic shootingexperience-amazing music and sound effects- Challenging missions- avariety ofpowerful weapons- Fast-paced game
Critical Strike Shoot Fire V2 1.4
Doing Studio
New commando shooting game came! Fight on the battlefieldbravely,destroy the terrorists.Critical Strike Shoot Fire is arealisticand unique action shooter game. You are a cold-bloodedkiller, as acommando sniper, you will protect your city from thethreat ofterrorists. Use your powerful sniper weapon to destroy theenemy.In this game to show your shooting skills, enjoy the thrillofsniper. Use your superb sniper skills to shoot every goal andgiveyou a real war experience. Accept the task and find the bestsniperpoint to take action to eliminate all goals. In this game,aim anddestroy. The final war action began! Seize your sniperrifle,search the rest of the city enemies, and destroy them,complete themission.Features:- first person shooter game- Realbattlefieldenvironment- Smooth control- Excellent graphics- amazingsoundeffects- realistic shooting effect- Advanced sniper rifle-SmartAI- Play anytime, anywhere