Top 18 Games Similar to Frontline Adventure War

First Line Commando Adventure 1.0
FirstLine Commando Adventure is adventure game. It's call ofcityregain duty. City is captured by mercenary soldiers.Southernborder is of country is mostly used for smegling. Enemyhave a wellstabled army with heavy weapons and helicopters. Due tolargeborder area it's difficult for Police or Army to handlesmegling.Enemy soldiers are trying to enter in village to kidnapchildrens.After kidnap they trained the children and use them forcrimes andsmegling purposes.Our forces are fighting in border topush backterrorist. After this mission Government should plan tocompletelydestroy enemy residency and sources of income.Your soulduty is toresist and kill enemy soldiers to enter in city. Due tolarge areaof war you should alone to protect city. Fight in frontline tosave citizens. You have semi automatic latest weapons tofight.Yoursuccess is victory of innocent citizens and children.Don't underestimate your opponent. Be Careful and fight as realfrontlinecommando.Complete missions and earn points to purpose morestableand dangerous guns. Head shots will give youhighestpoints.Available Guns or sources of War Adventure:-G3, MP5,Ak-47and your expertises of battlefield.Download and installFirstLineCommando Adventure form Google Play Store for Free incategory of"commando games".Download and enjoy more commandoadventuregames:-
Commando Jungle Adventure 1.1
Terrorists have no place in the world. They are hiding hereandthere for their survival.Identify the location, eliminate allTheterrorists and punish them. They have safe places likemountainsand jungles. They are using jungles as hideouts. Get ridoff thesebloody terrorists and wipe out terrorism.Be always readyto attack.Enemy is alert, so be careful while walking forward forthe deathcombat. You should be ready for the brave stand againstthis armyof evil terrorists. In this do or die situation, use yourcommandoskills to combat the armed men & eliminate theresistance withstrength. This is the battle of heroes come on andlet finishenemies for the honor and glory. Commando JungleAdventure is realwar game and its a complete gamebox. Its reallychallenge for youto complete your mission. Enemy has taken yourland and they maketheir camp and making trouble in your country.You are only lastperson left from your force. It’s your challengeto assault thembefore they kill you and take back your land fromenemy and becomea hero. They already got information about yourmission and theyare ready to kill you. Enemy is alert. You don’thave enough ammoyou have to stole enemy weapon and use on them andcomplete yourmission. You have different varieties of weapon likeAK47 andothers. the contract commando killer is your primecharacter inthis one of sniper shooting games. He must banish histhoughts ofhis past position of being a frontline commando in hissquad andfocus on being the lone army sniper that he truly is. Hemustfulfill his duty as a contract killer and act as a truewarhammerassassin. You must help mike use the best sniper shot inhisarsenal of attacks of his modern sniper gun. There is nothingleftto lose for a lone commando in the Jungle Island, for hispridestill burns bright as a combat killer sniper. Get yourweaponstogether and set out for your first mission to master yourskills.When you gain experience in the art of stealth then you willbemaster assassin.You will be put on the Commandos blacklisttocomplete more difficult and complex missions.You are asilenthit-man and you are never to be seen by enemies otherwise youwillfail your mission and could get killed. Overkill will increaseyourpoints.Sniper FPS 3D shooting gets ultra-realistic formobiledevices. Fight through natural conditions like wind flowtocalibrate your aim. Aim according to the direction and speedofwind, adjusting the aim so the bullet trajectory curves justaboutenough to blow the enemy brains out. Find the target, aim,andshoot for an head shot on all the bad guys: Terrorists fromisis,suicide bombers, drug traficants, mad scientists, dumbgangsters,thugs, corrupted cops, criminals. Save the state secretsfrom therogue agents and spies. Do you have the skills? Help yourcountryin the massive nuclear competition. Be accurate and savethehostages and victims of the enemy. Help the resistance ofthedictatorship. Frontline Commando Jungle Games Features: FullhdGraphics.Different obstacles placed there to maintainyoursafety.Realistic and modern game play.Much advance andlargerenvironment to explore.Strategy making game.Differentobstaclesplaced there to maintain your privacy.Radar to help youout withenemy positions.You are a well trained elite member ofspecialweapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns,sniperrifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missionsacrossthe globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in theway ofa peaceful world. Encounter different enemy types each withtheirown strengths and combat objectives. Seek out and neutralizeFlyingDrones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Heavy Gunners, EnemyRPGs,Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.
Commando Adventure Shooter 1.3
Commando Adventure Shooter!Realistic Sniper FPS Game. Shoot downallthe terrorists with your sniper and clean up your city.How toPlayCommando Adventure Shooter:1- Touch the screen for lookanywhereleft, right, up or down.2- Tap Fire button fire.3- Forenemies atfar distance, use the telescope for sniper shoot.4-Detect enemiesby the help of radar.Commando Adventure ShooterFeatures:1-Excellent City environment2- Fabulous sound effects3-Easy GUI andcontrols4- First person shootingCommando AdventureShooter NewVersion- Bug Fixes- Performance Improvements
Temple Rescue Commando 1.1
Real Time Shooting Experience with Multiple weapons.SaveYourselffrom those angry robots,soldiers alien robots capture ourtemplepost and its time to rescue our prisoners and commandos, toensuresafety and successful rescue we are sending you as mostelitemarines soldier and most professional shooter ,start huntingthoseangry robots and also rescue all soldiers ,use advancedsnipers forlong range shooting ,bombs and AK47 for betterhunting.Afterkilling all robot enemies reach the air ambulancehelicopter forimmediate treatment of all commandos and fly the heliback to basestation.Amazing Graphics.SimpleControls.Features.Multiple Types ofWeapons.Each for differenttask.Pick which best suits you.VeryBeautiful graphics for youmobile device.Cross the bridge and tryto reach heli safely.
Commando 90 - Metal Soldier 1.0
Rambo Store
Contra Rambo is simple game and coolgamerunand shot enemy in desertWelcome to game commando contra Rambo SoldiersBlow up all enemies in Metal Soldiers! Kill them all inthisamazingshooter game.Please hold your arms up and and shot all enemy in this cool and adventure Rambo game[Features in Metal Soldiers]:- Pixel Graphic- Similar character- Lots of enemies to fight.- Classic weapon designs.- Amazing game-play
Elite Commando 1.1
Era Hoffman
"Elite Commando" is an adventure in whichwewill combat next to the best soldiers around. Go through thejungletrying to kill every bad guy and complete yourmissionsuccessfully.
Mountain Adventure Shooting VR 1.0
Commando Adventure Shooting VR is one ofbestVRGames on the Store. To play Virtual Reality games, Wear 3DVRGlassesand start the action right away. Action gameswithoutCommandoAdventure Shooting VR are incomplete. MountainAdventureShootingGame is aiming to offer you an enjoyable timewhileplaying it and itsimulates a real battle against terrorists.Inaction games, Countershooting terrorist team must eliminatethethread by shooting all theenemies, which is the terroristteam.You need to move fast and don'tgive your enemies time toshoot youbecause your life will drop andyou will lose the battlewhen youdie. Shooting more enemies meansmore chances to surviveinto thearmy mission. The world's mostpowerful combat helicoptersare atyour fingertips Police helicopterchase 3d. Have you everwanted tobe the pilot of an army aviationcommando well this isyour luckyday. If you enjoy FPS VirtualReality games, shooting, orracinggames, this is the perfect gamefor you. helicopter classic.It isa type of helicopter shootinggame. It is not just aregularshooting game, you will now learn howto use different gunsandshoot fast, before you even start think.Yes, that is the task:tobe able to shoot before thinking aboutshooting them. If youaimand use your shooting skills well, you willbe able to giveheadshots and you will kill the terrorists directly.Advance ingame inorder to unlock new weapons for better battles. Ifyou playwell,grenades are available as well. Have fun and protectthecountry!This shooting game will discover your new task! BetheFrontlineCommando in American Military that has elitesniperstrained forcombat for mountain sniper shooting scenario. Theenemyhasdisguised in military soldiers uniform. You are one oftheBestsniper shooter to spot the equipped enemy. Be in the battleandwarto shoot down the enemies with gunshots as a part ofAmericanarmybattle. You are at a mission of American army to killdowntheenemies and terrorists in the war by wisely usingyourlimitedsniper rifle ammo to achieve VICTORY!!! MountainAdventureShootingVR is the best virtual reality based game.Lead as a SWAT Team Commando in mountains operationagainstdeadlyTerrorists in Virtual Reality games. Attack yourbrutalenemies todestroy their base camp in this sniper shootingassaultmission.The most addictive and realistic shooting game ever,whereyou canbe the best sniper shooter aiming to shoot for aterrorist’sheadshot with your heavy loaded gun for yoursurvival.Mountain Adventure Shooting VR of Duty Army Sniper 3d shootingisthebest game in category action sniper 3d shooting games 2016!Nowisfuture in fight the sniper shooting, simulator 3dsnipershooting andkill, escape a city to survive us army commando3dsniper on thiscrime of future simulator, war battlefieldandexecute a duty to thecountry! Commando, the survive army sniperus3D killer take out adead of target by a sniper kill shooter.Heskiller sniper 3dshooting sharpened the most at that alltime.Mountain AdventureShooting VR is the best virtual realitybasedgame.Top Action Game Features:- Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in thisactionorientedfirst person shooter game!- A Real Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter game- This shooting sniper game is 100% free!3DAddictiveGameplay!- Sniper scope to aim at enemies from a distance.- Fight against Tanks, Soldiers, Helicopters, Commandos- Ground Air Attacks in this Virtual Reality games- Full of action and fight with real life 3Dgraphicsandsounds.- Enjoy the addictive shooting in battle and war field.Download and enjoy Commando Adventure Shooting VR for freearealmodern gunner game.
Commando War Jungle Zone Shoot 1.0
Commando Adventure is a very nice and warrior game.You are theghostcommando.You are serving as a mountain commando in aplatoonfighting at the frontline of battle. You, your gun and yourfirstperson shooting skills are all that you have!After a long timeofthe attack on the innocent civilians of your country, you havegota chance to enter the enemy base camp atfrontline.Despicableminion enemy are very brutal killers and citygang warriors. Mostof the enemies have criminal background withunderworld gangsterrecords in city crime after world war 2 (WW2).The foe army killershas tag as serial killer so don't take as easyrival while ambushassault. Modern wars has nuclear warfare risk forworld. It was bigdanger after world war 2 of develop nuclearwarfare byarmies.Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines andforests asyou try to escape with the cursed idol.he enemies havecaptured thefrontline basecamp and now it is for you to use yourtraining as afirst person shooter. Start shooting the enemycommando team whilemaking your way through the snowy mountain.Commando warrior story:Old navy commando warrior completed greatcombat missions in pastas ultimate frontline commando militarysoldier. Army man neverfear with deadly assault on navy warshipaircraft carrier, gunshiphelicopter and modern combat tank missionon high mountains snipershooting area and in desert shooing fieldeven most dangerousrefugee camp rescue missions. You are the Ghostcommando whichassign a ultimate action mission.Its a Warriormission.In this gamehave counterr strike actions and Modern bulletsactions.With theadvancement of each stage while fighting at thefrontline on thebattlefield, you get to shoot the enemies with anadditional gunand added ammunition.You have the Special sniperGuns.How to Play:-Touch the right half of screen for look anywhereleft, right, up ordown- Move forward, backward, left or right withjoy stickcontrols.- for joystick touch and swap on left half ofscreen- TapFire button fire.- For enemies at far distance, use thetelescopefor sniper shoot.- Shoot to target down very quicklyeither youcould be hurt by opponent bullets.Features:- Addictivegameplaymission. - Wonderful environment with mountain cliffs andhills. -Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mage sounds - covertstrike.- Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike.-Addictive gameplay mission - ultimate ghost warrior.- Perfectfirstperson shooter game (FPS) in 3d action games.- Next mission:rescueSyrian refugee children in war zone- Detailed Map fordetectingposition of enemies- Easy GUI and control
Kill Bravo Shot Commando Shoot 1.0
Commando adventures of shooting has come to abolish allterroristsin one of the latest killing games. The best Shootingexperience isawaiting you in the sniper arena war of modernimpossible missions.Play the call on the duty type most thrillingaction game on yoursmart phones. Show llthe skills of your sniperfury in the bestanti terrorist missionary game. We bring you themodern actionpacked realistic blend of commando army games and armyshootinggames. The enemy has taken over our territory to make theircampand as a commando survivor killer our task is to eliminatetheterrorist camp in one of the finest commando army games.TheCommando games were not much interesting before this Killshotcommando launched. It is one of the best commando missionfreegames. Be the commando adventure and rock the battlefield.Ourmodern commando survivor killer is out alone on this mission andhehas to complete the most challenging missions in the historyofkilling games. If you are addicted to daring tasks in armyshootinggames then this newest radical battle themed commandoadventureshooting will definitely make you an intrepid shooter.Master theart of being a hero in this thrilling KILL SHOT COMMANDO3DGames.The mesmerizing game play is gun shoot war on a huge hordeofshooting marines aiming at you to stop you achievingyourobjective. You have a M164 latest and high accurate aimingweaponin hand to thrash your enemies. You have to kill all themarines ofthe army camp to stay alive otherwise the will kill youas you haveno other option to survive. In this Kill Shot CommandoMission youare sent to the marines’ military headquarter to killthem andthrash the marines. The opponent soldiers will try to stopyou notto reach your prey but a horde of birds can’t stop a superkillerto prey so u will achieve your objectives of killing alltheterrorists in a gun shoot war.Join the battleground as anarmycommander! Enemy soldiers are everywhere and their mission istokill you! Fight against the enemy’s army as a well-trainedcommandoand survive in this war. Hold your positions and startcleanupoperation in this dense environment. Get ready to betheadventurous commando to fight back for your army as a topstriker.Kill or be killed! Enemies are there in jungles to attackyou, youhave to be a real army commando and destroy enemies andhunt beastsat the bushes to stay up long. Ambush and kill theenemies beforethey kill you. Different challenging missions,realisticenvironment, multiple guns, friendly shooting controls,angryenemies, nice 3D graphics and great sound effects are waitingforyou. You have to complete levels within the given time. It’stimeto fend off all your instincts and accomplish this mission atthecost of your life.Top Action games 2016 Features:•Complexsituation, hijacked buildings, captured arenas and crossfiring•Commando shooting mastery game• Short & long shooterrifles•The heart of Sniper Shooting games• Exciting Map withRealisticFighting Arena Environment• Shooting all the terroristswill leadyou to the next stage• Different auto loader Guns•Critical threedifferent mission’s terror• Best Shooting Game•Amazing 3DGraphicsA great malicious clash awaits our commandosurvivor killerin the wildest combination of army shooting gamesand commando armygames. Are you going to become the sniper master?Let's find outand get your gun!One of the most addictive shootinggames onandroid! You will love it! This shooting game is 100%free!Addictive Gameplay!You will love extremely challengingshootinggame!In these killing games, we have no time to bemerciful; ourcore duty is to completely eliminate the terrorists inthiscommando adventure shooting. Now zoom in your scope and fireatwill in this amazing KILL SHOT COMMANDO
Commando Counter Sniper Strike 1.0
Rescue your soldier from dark city , shoot enemy guards andreachnearest top buildings for safe rescue by friendlysoldiers.Enemyarmy deployed most loyal and highly trained swatsoldiers team incity to defeat our commando team, they accomplishedtheir goals bykilling our troops in deadly airstrike.Now its timeto rescueremaining soldier and start counter strike and showfightingskills.To assist you as our last hope we want to help youin saferescue , pick sniper for long range shooting, pick shot gunforshort distance and for heavy damage, pick most famous AK47todeadly assault missions.
Red Ranger Adventure War 1.0
Olcay Kinali
Power red rangers adventure war game.Tap the screen to jump over obstacles. You have a button inthelower right for shooting.Collect the coins to make the score. Good luck.
Black Ops Counter Terrorist 1.7
Black Ops Counter Terrorist is a NewKidsCartoon Adventure War Game with the style of Arcade and actionBlack Ops Counter Terrorist is a Gun shooting EPICcrimeSimulator (FPS) Gun Shooting game.It’s time to prepare yourself for an epic adventure and furious2dplatformer action.The Enemy Strike combines exclusive 2D environments withintenseshooting gameplayHistory:The mafia between USA and Russia have recently been increasedTheywant to destroy US frontline dams,which can lead to a viscous battle between the police andtheterrorists the United States has deployed a team of BlackOpsShooters and counter strike frontline.There have been reports that Russia will also use thegunshiphelicopters along with the ground forces equipped withlatestguns.The deployment of Black Ops game shooters in the top 10meetingbetween the president and the Chief of Army policeStaff.Black Ops Shooters spend months in shooting camps shootingsimulatorenemies and have been trained to fight battles that needquickresponse.Black Ops fighters are armed with latest guns available to dateThe Grand Coulee located at the frontline is the largest DamofUSA and is the backbone to the countries .Russia in the past has tried to destroy the frontline inmanybattles but the United States Marine Core has successfullydefendedall of their attacksRecently, CIA has collected authentic information that Russiaisplanning to carry out the attack using Mi-24 gunship helicopterandRussian ground forces at Grand Coulee.Your job is to defend the frontline as a Black Ops shooter ateverycost by destroying their gunships and ground soldiers. Youwill beequipped with latest weapons as M4A1 gun,mini gun and a RPG launcher. The fate for this battle will bedeicedin this ultimate FPS 2d adventureFight beasts and Hybrids Using Black Ops alien power weaponstoeliminate the evil rival enemies squads and alliancesExplore the galaxy and battle tons of bad unknownmysteriouschampions in Different Levels and steal the glory fromyour bestfriendsPLAY AS Counter Terrorist AND PASS THE HUGE SWEET LEVELS !Control Oscar using his abilities and stamina to win anychallengesand quest.Unblock powerful new alien forms for the counterterrorists,including canon 10, Energy Wizzo Sword and more frivgames!EXPLORE THE SAGA IN 10 EXPANSIVE LEVELS!Black Ops Counter Terrorist Adventure take you through top10different levels in space planets Including Lava JungleMountainsriver.filled with deadly animals and runner monsters and beastgunner.Solve puzzles and complete missions to earn COINS extrarewardsWizzo Games.TAKE ON Counter Terrorist GREATEST 10 ENEMIES!Controls : Use the Joypad to control Ben and you can fire andJumpand Dash and Run and use jetpack to fly and do monster jump
Motu Patlu : Soldier Commando 2.0
Ap Cinta Nip
Motu Patlu : Soldier Commando a gameinwhichwill tell about friendship motu-patlu of the countryfurfurinagar, which must be separated because of the attack ofevilenemies whowant to change their country a wonderful into theworldof darknessof evil , here you have to help motu be a herosoldierwho isawaited attendance by all children , you must completeamission tosave patlu held by the big bosses are very powerful .how to play this game is very young you can just pressthebutton, such as button moves , shoot and jump , you must movethemotujump and shoot all the enemies in front of you ( dragons,snails ,birds, etc.) and earn points to unlock all of thelevelsare locked.keep the spirit and fight to save your friend patlu ...Thisgameis very suitable for children. ,,, thanks ,, .. ,
Commando Jetpack Shooter 1.0
A modern commando with jetpack flies in a jungle and enters analienspace ship in a jungle warfare adventure with modern weaponsagainstalien technology. Infiltrate their space ship fortress andcombatsentries and bosses. Collect diamonds as points. Aim forhigh score.FEATURES*** Optimized small sized downloads.*** Endlessadventurelevels *** Lots of explosive effects*** Plenty of aliensandbosses*** BONUS: Shield and Multiple Spread Fire WeaponPowerUpsCONTROLSTouch screen to ascend and shoot. Releasedodescend.Play Commando Jetpack Shooter today!
Deer Hunting Sniper Shoot 2016 1.0
Modern Sniper Hunter Deer 2016 is a very nice and attractivegame.AnAddictive interface and nice and efficient UserControl!It’s huntingtime! Deer Hunting - 2016 Sniper will let youhunt deer & lionin the wild jungle on snowy mountain top. 2015is near withChristmas & New Year just around the corner it’stime to be asniper assassin and hunt deer in this sniper shootinggame. The gameis filled with action, hunting & shooting. Thosewho love to bea deadly hunter will love to kill deer & thewild lion. Theangry lion is also among us somewhere in themountains and if hegets in your way don’t hesitate to pull thetrigger and shot himdead. It’s wild out there with hunting seasonof wildlife animals.You will see the most thrilling winterscenarios in the game – thesound of the weapons, animals,wildlife, forest, mountain &birds. Sniper 3d shooting skillsshould be enough to hunt your preyall alone.Protect yourself indiverse environments filled with overlot of animal species! Watchout for attacking predators includingbears, wolves, and cheetahs!Hunting deer is just thebeginning!Enjoy endless customization asyou perfect yourweapons.Take hunting to the next level!Hunting isan interestinggame.Mostly people like deer meat.So people hunt thedeer for meator enjoy the life!Hunt animals so real they nearlyjump off thescreen! Track down and bag the world’s most exotic andelusivegame.Hunter has couple of dogs Rottweiler and Germanshepherd, dogis very lovely and faithful animal. He got them formarmy puppiesshop in early 2014, now both are adult trained dogsthat help infind prey in jungle, desert and mountaineffectively.One of the bestfirst person shooter game (FPS) in 3dadventure games. 3D Ultimatedeer hunter action getting killershoot with long range sniper indeep dense forest beside themountains. Outstanding action shootinggame is for teen girls andboys, young adults and hunting adventuregame lovers especiallywild dear and stag hunters. Kill the Deer isa free huntingsimulation game. Simulate to shoot all the deer.Score lots of deerpoints and upgrade your deer hunting weapons.Lifespend in armyalways comes handy in hunting. An ex-army men decidesto liveinside the wild jungle, in search of its PREY. Only an armysoldiercan survive the excessive snow falling. Suddenly you heardthevoice of a deer. It’s the voice of your prey! Grab yoursniperrifle and let’s hunt down deer in this sniper 3d shootingandhunting game. It’s not only you and deer out there. Yousuddenlyhear the roar of a beast LION. Now is the time to show howwell yousnipe both of them. Aim, shot and kill!!!A game with fullthrilland adventure to hunt the deer in the different typesofscenes likedesert,jungle,sand etc.Without waiting of anythingelse ordownloadingother deer hunter game you can download thisdeerhunting 2016 game as it has bothcapabilities of 2014 and 2015aswell.It is challenging as you have horse riding andhavingunlimitedarcher in your hand to hunt the different animals andhuntingthemso that you can enjoy the hunt flavor.Modern SniperHunter Deer2016 is a shooting game like Ghost commando.In this gamehaveultimate action and full of adventure.Its like a War.In thisgameyou can hunt around the world animals.Back to the wild andhuntacross the globe in the world’s greatest and more and morehuntingexperience.Game Features:1:First Person Sniper3DShooting2:Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom3:Enemy AI(ArtificialIntelligence)4:Complete number of target shoot includingcompulsoryhead shoot with in limited time.5: Cool Desert View toPass a dayby Hunting Deer in natural day - 9APPS 6:Aim to targetkiller headshots accurately to death quickly - Gamezebo!!7: Tapfire button toget the foe down - Modojo!!8: Use sniper zoom in/outbutton to getthe hard target close - Kotaku!!9: Shoot to targetdown veryquickly to achieve successful completion - Arcade Sushi!!
Escape Run: Smart Chase 1.0
Mission: SAVE THE EARTHAlien Smart Run is the battle betweenaliensand a smart girl assigned a mission of saving the earth.Earth isconsidered most peaceful planed in universe, but by thetime weallowed the alien to visit our planet, they have threatenourplanet’s peace. Peace, greenery and nature of this planetmadealien’s mouth watered. This is why they have planned to holdthecharge of earth. For this purpose they have installed asecretdevice which will activate the atomic bombs of every country,thiswould be actually self destruction. Now this girl Sara is givenaAlien Smart Run mission. Purpose of this Alien Smart Run missionisto save the earth. But this is not it about Alien SmartRunmission, sara must have first to anticipate the power ofaliensbefore executing this Alien Smart Run mission. Sara wouldfind thelocation of device before her Alien Smart Run mission,afterfinding the location she will go after that device. She isadvisedto not bring that device back, just deactivate that deviceand makeit on self-destructive mode, this is her Alien Smart Runmission.Though this is so simple, but she is enough courageous tosave theearth and accept the Alien Smart Run mission.SMART RUNEVERThere isno other way to survive against these aliens is to pickrobot run,without super fast robot run, these monsters aliens willmake youthe part of earth in seconds. Right after sara willdeactivate theserect alien device, the alarm will ring, and alienswould got toknow, so Sara must have to run like robot to escapefrom thesedevil aliens. Without smart run they will catch the saraand willtake her finger prints and make another such device. Sothis robotlike run of sara is only way to save the earth. Thissmart runseems so simple, but it is quite challenging and breathtaking. Anysudden mere mistake can take sara’s life away as well asfuture ofhumanity on this earth. So sara will run like robot to notlet thesoulless aliens take the charge of earth. When Sara willdeactivatesecret device the aliens will also smart run after thesara so saratoo have to run like real robo to avoid being caught byaliens.There would be multiple hurdles during the robot run insara’s way,she will need jumps, rush, smart run, and dives to getrid ofaliens.SECRET TEMPLE ROBBERYTemple Girl Real Run is newinnovativegame with real run mission. You might have played othersuch TempleGirl Real Run like games, but there is no comparison ofthis TempleGirl Real Run game and other games on play store. Inother gameslike Temple Girl Real Run game, there is one characterwho isrunning meaninglessly but in our Temple Girl Real Run game,thecharacter sara will run to save the earth. As in Temple GirlRealRun sara will robe a secret temple, where there is a secretdeviceinstalled to destroy the earth. Sara in Temple Girl Real Runwilldeactivate the device and come back to make anti aliendevice.Temple Girl Real Run is quite interesting and addictive gamewithgreat deal of dangers and challenges. Her smart run destinywouldbe from that temple to her base camp in Temple Girl Real Run.
AoM is a addictive and tough short jumping platform video gamewith6 action packed levels and a huge sense of achievement!YourMission: Wicked maneuvering skills (swipe left/right),awesomeaccuracy (tap to shoot) and split second reflexes (swipeup/down toslow fall) will get you to the final level where you willneed toface 'Lem' (The Boss). Doing It: Believe us, not that easy!Shootmagic missiles to stun, blast and bounce enemies off platformsthatyou need, while avoiding the many traps and enemies that Lemhassummoned. Use the environment to accelerate AoM’s pace, byridingvines, jumping on various coloured mushrooms and using thewoodencrates to block or bump enemies. Lem is waiting … and onlyyou candefeat him! Are you ready? Features • Bounce and blastenemies offplatforms by tapping on them. • Accelerate by ridingmagical vines.• Use magic mushrooms to boost AoM's jumping. •Collect all theshinnies you can and spend them during spectacular'Slow Fall' •Real physics makes each attempt unique. • Control AoMby titlingyour device or by sliding your finger across the screen.GooglePlay Support• 28 Achievements.• 6 Leader boards based onbesttimes.• Share achievements and scores.Contact UsFacebook:
Arms Lead ShooterShort Description:Lead the largest elitemilitaryoperation to save your country. Description:Let’s downloadand playthe Arms Lead Shooter in the palm of your hand from GooglePlayStore at your android device for free. It offers you themostcomprehensive front line commando game experience on mobiledevicewhich you can’t get in any other game. Arms Lead Shooter is asolomission based campaign game where you need to attack theenemies’base camp on the battle front and eliminate all the enemiesfromcamp. Battle through your way till the end, it’s a moderncombatfield war against your enemy. As the front line commandodon’t getyourself killed and keep an eye on the Apache helicopter.Take downthe enemies as soon as possible to gain the access intothe secretservice head quarter to get some important Intel deviceswhich helpyou as a soldier in frontline battlefield. See and feeltheconceptualization of the battlefield in top free Arms LeadShootergame. You are the only frontline commando in your brigade,as a toparmy commando you are a type of combat unit who havespecialized inamphibious landings and parachuting. As an Arms LeadShooter or atop military commando you have distinctive andspecialize inassault on unconventional high value targets. You arethe onlycommando in this area of bloody war so manifestation yourspecialcommando skills to save the country. You can use multipleavailableguns Assault Rifle and Dragunov Sniper for killing yourenemies.Now you have a gun, bullets without any limit and also amap foryour guidance. Fence in the heat of war as a 3d ArmsLeadShooter.Game Features:First person 3d shooting gameRealisticandmodern game playAdvance and larger environment to exploreArmybaseenvironment 10 different levels to complete the gameMultiplegunsfor playRealistic sound effectsEasy GUI andcontrolsChallengingmissionsUnlimited bullets for fireMap availableforguidanceAddictive and realistic game playRemember, the gameisdeveloped only for fun and entertainment. Download and play“ArmsLead Shooter” and don’t forget to give your comments andsuggestionfor improvement our game.