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Call Log
Quick and intuitive application that helps you to manage yourcallhistory.Key features:- Filtered calls by type (Dialed,Received,Missed)- Delete all logs for specific contact- Shortcut toclearall of your call history- Quick call (Known numbers)- QuickSMS(Long press on contact)- Quick dial- Add contact (Unknownnumbers)-Access your contacts- Displays name, phone, date andcallduration**Ad-freeWhat's new:- Quick contact search
SMS Backup+
Automatically backup your SMS, MMS and call history with aseparatelabel in Gmail and Google Calendar.Later you can restorethe saveddata (except MMS) back to the phone, especially usefulwhenswitching to a new device.IMAP access needs to be manuallyenabledin Gmail, see the website and FAQ for more information. Youcan ofcourse use your own IMAP server for backups, giving youfullcontrol over your data.SMS Backup+ is a free open-sourceprojectwhich has been in active development since the early daysofAndroid, completely ad and tracking-free, supportedthroughvoluntary donations.Many thanks to the numerous people whohavedonated, contributed feedback, code or translations –detailedcredits can be found in the app or on the website.
Work Log
Features:★ Supports NFC for clocking in and out★ Upon arrival tojobsite, app can send reminder alert to clock in/out (able toprogrammultiple locations).★ At predetermined time, app can sendreminderalert to clock in and out★ Multiple ways to clock in andoutincluding: Clock in/out with a simple touch of your fingerOption toclock in/out by typing★ Track hours for salary employees★Able toprogram different hourly rates for various locations/jobsites★ Ableto set different shift differentials. Including dayshift, eveningshift, night shift, weekends, and holidays.★ Changeand calculateretroactive salary for entire list or selected month★Search, sort,calculate, edit, delete days under special notes★ Newinterfacewhich allows for various color selections and colorthemes tocorrelate with different shifts★ Able to manually modifytime log.★Option to automatically back up data to the device.★Clock widgetfor ease and accessibility for clock in and out★Customize settingsfor unlimited number of jobs★ Able to togglebetween jobs on thelist with ease★ Automatically adjusts for shiftdifferentials anddisplays them in custom colors assigned by user★Able to add inbonuses, tips, and deductions on an as needed basis★Able to add inbonuses, tips, and deductions on a permanent basis★Able to enter invacation pay, sick pay, and holidays★ Calculatesmandatorydeductions such as state tax, federal tax, statedisability(according to user settings)★ Able to calculate travelexpenses perday or per month★ Capable to back up to Google Driveor drop box★Able to send data by e-mail in an Excel or text ★Calculate daily,monthly, or annual salary ★ Mark month / day asPaid or Unpaid.★ Andmore...Work Log, Work Time, Time Shift, ShiftHour.
Everlance: Free Mileage Log
Throw away your mileage log and shoebox of receipts! Everlancemakestracking your mileage and receipts for tax deductionsorreimbursement simple, easy, and FREE. Everlance tracks yourmileageautomatically using GPS so you no longer need to keep amileage logor logbook -- all you need to do is let the app recordyour tripsin the background and swipe which trips are for business.The appis designed for minimal battery consumption and IRScompliance.Everlance is currently 100% FREE and comes withunlimited cloudstorage. Independent workers love us, here'swhy:BENEFITS:• Earnmore money — Every 1,000 miles is worth $535 asa business expenseyou don't have to pay taxes on. Everlance makessure you never losea mile again by working seamlessly in thebackground.• Save time —Everlance automatically tracks your miles.Simply swipe tocategorize and you're done. Self-employed taxes asnow a breeze.•Get peace of mind — Everlance backs up everythingsafely in thecloud. We're your digital mileage log andtracker.FEATURES:• Wedetect and log all of your trips automatically(or try adding a TOand FROM location and watch the magic happen)•We calculatebusiness mileage, trip start & end time, andreimbursementvalue• Swipe to categorize trips as business,personal, charity, ormedical• We save a GPS "mileage receipt" foreach trip which isbacked up to the cloud• Upload your paperreceipts of meals,supplies, and other expenses • Improve yourbusiness and mileage IQwith easy expense reports• Simplify businesstravel and yourexpense reports• Supports multiple income sources,1099 taxes,quickbooks self-employed, and excel • Export your dataat any timeto CSV or PDF... and many more features to come!PERFECTFOR:•Solopreneurs: real estate agents, photographers,self-employed,general contractors ... • Independent contractors:ridesharedrivers (uber / lyft), delivery, physical therapists,constructionworkers ...• Anyone who needs a mileage log for theirvehicle, toimprove their mile IQ, or get a Freshbooks or Concurexpense reportdone• Employees who need to get reimbursed !We'd loveto hear fromyou! Please note that mileage tracking is not always100% accurate(loss of signal, etc.) and that we are working everyday to improvethe tracker. All feedback or ideas are
Backup Master: Contact, Apps, SMS, Call Log Backup
Backup Master is All in one Backup App for Apps, SMS(TextMessages), Call Logs, Calendar, Contacts, BookmarksandDictionary.- Restore Apps, Contacts from SD Card / Google Drive/Gmail / Drop Box & more.- Backup SMS, Call Logs,Bookmarks,Calendars.- Restore SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Calendarsfrom SDCard / Google Drive / Gmail / Drop Box & more..- AutoBackup.-User can change backup path.- Delete Backup data from SDCard &other sources.APP FEATURES:- Take App Backup upto 5version forsame App.- Share APK with others with single tap.-Backup SMS (textMessages) and call logs in XML format.- Backup Allcontacts withname and without names- Local device backup withoptions toautomatically upload to Email, Google Drive or Dropbox-Sync allbackups with Google Drive.- Automatically backup withmanualschedule option.- Backup particular text conversations tobackup orrestore.- View and drill into your local and cloudbackups- Abilityto restore all text messages or only selectedconversations.- Freeup space on your phone. Delete all SMS Messagesor call logs on thePhone.- Take Bookmarks and Dictionary Backup.please note, it wouldwork only in Android version 5.0 orless.Please, You can givefeedback and we would love to listen yoursuggestions by E-mail,Facebook, Twitter or Google+.E-mail:rajkm454@gmail.comFacebook:
Backup and Restore - App, Contacts, Sms , Calllogs
Backup & Restore app used to backup and restore appsforandroid.Backup & Restore is a great App to backup andrestoreyour phone’s SMS and Call Logs,Contacts (totally free)andMoreFeatures:- Backup apps to storage- Easy Backup & Restoretoexternal SD card- Cloud backup on Drive- Email Backup-PhotoBackup- Video Backup- Send app between devices - Restore appsfromstorage- Quick uninstalling- App Details- Search app - Sendapkfile by email- Share market link- Storage details- Uninstallapp-Search Apk from Storage- Multiple app uninstall- Backup GooglePlaydownload link for installed apps- One tap to share APKfiles-Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Dictionarysandsettings to SD card- Restore Contacts & SMS & Calllogs& Dictionarys and settings SD card- Can selectSMSconversations to backup- Schedule automatic backups- Showlastbackup count & time- User can change backup folder pathinSettings- Can backup Contact's group and picture properties-backupand restore everything of contact like photo address,emailand allother details.-backup and restore your call logs-backup andrestoreyour all settings-backup and restore your dictionaryandmuchmoreNote Following Points #1If you intend to do a factory resetonthe phone, please copy the entire backup folder ("BackupRestore"bydefault) to your external SD card #2When you finished theSMSrestore process, but the messages were not displayed inyourdefault SMS app, please try to reboot your device. #3 ApkBackupcannot backup data or settings of apps for you, but it onlybackupthe apk files.----------#4 This app will not recover yourdeletephotos ,videos, contacts this only backup your fileondrive.----------About Permissions:READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMSORMMS)/EDIT YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)These permissions areusedto backup & restore your SMSREAD YOUR CONTACTS/MODIFYYOURCONTACTSThese permissions are used to backup & restoreyourContactsREAD CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOGThese permissions are usedtobackup & restore your Call logsREAD WRITESTORAGEThesepermissions are used to backup & restorein yourstorageCAMERATotake photos for backup.RECORD_AUDIOTo record videofor backup.Likeour Facebook Page formoreinfo our Google+community.SPREADTHEWORD. to hear from you, please send feedback to us
SMS & Call Log Backup
Backup & Restore messages(SMS) and call logs on cloud(Dropbox,Google Drive) or external phone storage.SMS & Call LogBackupis a great App to backup and restore your phone’s SMS andCall Logs(totally free, with no ads).Backup features ◆ Backup New -SMS andCall Log into a new file from selected storage (Dropbox,GoogleDrive or Phone external storage) ◆ Backup Archive - keepadding SMSand Call Log to an existing archive file from selectedstorage(Dropbox, Google Drive or Phone external storage) ◆ Backupscreatedin XML Format and archived to a zip file to minimize thespace/datatransfer ◆ Backup format is independent of the Androidversion sothe messages/call logs can be easily moved from one phonetoanotherRestore features ◆ Restore the SMS and/or Call Logwithkeeping (merging) the existing data from phone ◆ Support torestoreSMS on Android 4.4+ devices ◆ Restore SMS on Android 6.0+(pleaseaccept the app as default text messaging app when prompted)◆Manage the backups created (restore, delete, export) ◆ Viewandmanage the backup contents * quick searchable SMS by text,contactor phone number * quick searchable call log by contact orphonenumber * groups the call log or SMS entries by contact, date,ortype (incoming, outgoing) * restore individual SMS or the SMSfroma specified contact * restore individual Call Log or the CallLogsfrom a specified contactView and manage the current call logsfromphone - groups the call log entries by contact, date, ortype(incoming, outgoing) - collapsible groups by contact helpsyoueasily identify and delete calls from specific contact orphonenumber - quick searchable call history by contact or phonenumber -two steps deleting ("select one by one" or "select all"plus"delete button") saves time for you - display statistics basedoncontact’s call logsView and manage the current SMS from phone-groups the SMS entries by contact, date, or type(incoming,outgoing) - collapsible groups by contact helps youeasily identifyand delete SMS from specific contact or phone number- quicksearchable SMS by text, contact or phone number - twostepsdeleting ("select one by one" or "select all" plus "deletebutton")saves time for you - copy message textMore than othersimilar apps- correctly restore call logs on HTC devices (includedcontact) -display, backup and restore the messages logs on Samsungdevices -correctly backup and restore the "Draft" messages(SMS)Otherfeatures - dark/light themes supportedLooking forInfinite CallHistory? Try Unlimited Call Log
Callistics - Data usage, Calls
Callistics is a virtual mobile manager app that helps you totrackcall logs, SMS logs, and data usages on your mobilemoreefficiently than your mobile’s in-built advanced logbookfeatures.In addition to basic record keeping support, the app willfunctionas an improved virtual data uses and call log monitor withitsadvanced features like specific day chart, number of incomingandoutgoing calls and SMS for day, Wi-Fi and roaming data usageintotal or per application, and many more features that willassistyou in understanding and impose full control on yourcallstatistics and data uses. Application features:On installation,theapp Callistics will offer its users a bunch of utility featurestomake their life simpler and well organized in terms of mobileandinternet use. Take a look at the prime features of themobilemanager app:• Simple but attractive user interface poweredbycreative material design,• Dual SIM Support: enables controlyourcalls and messages on both SIM cards,• Easy to view: You don'tneedto open application to see your expense,• Comprehensiveviews:Information are visualized on calls, messages and datausagecharts,• Usages details available via summary screen: Getanoverview of calls, messages and data usage on one page: youcancustomize the log view for a specific date as well as forspecifictime,• You can view list of contacts ordered by number ofcallminutes or messages,• You can check list of application orderedbydata usage,• You may mark excluded (ignored) numbers list(callswhere you have free calls and free messages)…and many morefeaturesfor your best convenience.This application Callistics worksfor anymobile carrier around all the world for example Vodafone,T-Mobile,Orange, Airtel, Beeline, Free mobile, Turkcell, AT&T,SKTelecom, TELCEL, KT, Verizon Wireless, Verizon, TIM, I WInd,SFRand more.Want to know more about this app?Visit If you want to contact the developer,mailat
Notif Log notification history
Notifications come and go, sometimes mysteriously in the middleofthe night, just to disappear moments later.What if youaccidentallyclicked or dismissed a notification, but need it backjust momentslater.With Notif Log, you have a functional copy of allyournotifications so you know exactly what's going on at alltimes.Didwe say functional? Actions (buttons) and everything aboutanotification just work as they used to in the Android statusbar.Wetake privacy and improving the app seriously, so we haveintegratedanalytics in this version.Please check out the fullversionforanalytic-lessversion history of notifications - Pin important notifications-Rearrange to your liking - drag and drop - Notifications arekeptacross device reboots - However they lose function due tosystemconstraints - Snooze notifications - exact time or fromnow,totally customizable - Theme customization - Define your ownDarkTheme :) - App widgetWe are always listening to yourfeedback,please don't hesitate to contact us foranything!Thanks!KiwiT.
Call History Manager - Contacts & Call Logs
Call History Manager app stores all call logs history dataincludingincoming, outgoing and missed calls and manage contactseffectivelyin best possible way.FEATURES: - Clean & intuitiveapp design.-Filtering incoming, outgoing and missed(rejected)Calls.- Providestatistics data with separate list for incoming,outgoing and missedcall in detail screen when you select contactfrom the list.-Providing Call Logs analytics in advanced way.-Hide the contactidentity from settings if you want to hide user’sname and photo insome special cases.- Show total duration for aselected user indetail screen.- Display date, time and duration inthe call logs.-User can send direct Message to the selectedcontact number from thelog.- Make a direct Call to the selectedcontact number from thehistory record.- Very useful applicationwhen you want to store morethan 500 logs because default Androidapp stores only 500 callhistory data.- Filter Missed Calls,Dialled Calls and Received Callswith just one click.- Deleteunwanted call log data from theapplication.- Providing facility toreset the complete logs fromapplication.- Once installed this appwill keep logs even if it getsdeleted from phone.- Make callsdirectly from the appYour feedbackemails are much appreciated.Please send us new feature requests orbug reports
Clean History - Optimize
Clean History is an android system tool which can cleanhistory,protect your personal privacy , save your disk space ,makeyourphone's speed more faster.[Clean what]1. Clean BrowserHistory2.Clean All App Cache3. Clean clipboard4. Clean IncomingCalls5.Clean Outgoing Calls6. Clean Missed Calls7. Clean ChromeHistory8.Clean Youtube search history9. Clean Google SearchboxHistory10.Clean Downloads11. Optimize Memory 12.Perfect uninstallerwithbatch uninstall function13.Accessibilityappmanagement14.Notification access permission management15.Appswithusage access permission management16.Google playservicesettings[What is Application Cache Files]Application CacheFilesare temporary files created by applications. For example,whenbrowser visit a web page, it will save the image files ascachefiles. These cache files are not useful when app ends, so youneeda system tool help you clean these old cache files. Oftencleancache , is a good habit, it could save your disk space andmakeyour phone speed up.[About permissions]All permissions requiredbythis app are used for implement app function or required by ad,myapps won't do anything hurt users.In order to help youcleaninghistory , access to your information on this device(browserhistory, call log , contacts ,clipboard) is necessary.App will notsharethese information with anyone and will not upload theseinformationto server.[Thanks]Thanks thses friends translate andtest thisapp:Russian:Roman RublevskiyItalian:Gian LucaBignardiFrench:GregorMeunierGerman:ChrisPKorean:박미리Portuguese:MatheusLaraSpanish:Marcelo JavierTullioThanks for their great help andvaluable time!Icons of thisapp is under GPL,LGPL or ccLicense.Website ofIconAuthor: excellent work!aboutad:
Backup Your Mobile
Application can backup and restore: Contacts, SMSes, MMSes,Calllogs, System settings, Secure system settings, Wifi passwords,Userdictionary, APNs, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarksandbrowser history.Backups are stored on SD card or in devicememory,it is also possible to store data on Google Drive, DropboxorOneDrive (SkyDrive).It is possible to schedule automaticbackups.Application can automatically upload backups to GoogleDrive,Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive).It is possible to copy datafrom onedevice to another by uploading and downloading backupsto/fromGoogle Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, by moving SD card from onedeviceto another or by copying BackpYourMobile folderbetweendevices.Important information:1) After installing the applpleaseread FAQ (in app menu)2) In case of any problems aftercontactsrestore please check Contacts Display options.3) Systemsettingsand secure system settings should be restored on the sameandroidversion and the same device.If you restore settings ondifferentandroid version or different device, some settings willnot berestored.4) APNs visibility depends on mobile network,restoredAPNs from other mobile network will not be visible insettings.5)Wifi passwords and secure system settings requires rootand are inexperimental phase, please send me information do theywork on yourdevices. I suggest take backup with another app.6) Wifipasswords -before restore on clean system Wifi must be turn on andturn off.7)Messages send by 'Google Error Report' are anonymous, itisimpossible to reply.Follow app on Googleplus: meonTwitter contact me ifyou'dlike to translate the app to yourlanguage.Detailedfunctions.Backup and restore of:- Contact- SMS(text message)- MMS(multimedia message)- Call log- Bookmark (stockbrowser)- BrowserHistory (stock browser)- System Setting- UserDictionary- APN(Access Point Name) restore don’t work on Android4.x, neitherbackup nor restore work on Android 4.2, because Googlechangedsecurity policy, it is possible to enable experimentalworkaroundfor rooted devices in advanced menu.- Calendar events -eventsonly, calendar must be created by android synchronization-Securesystem settings - restore works on rooted devices only.-Wifipasswords - works on rooted devices only.- User applications-Applications data (root only)Backups can be encrypted withstrongAES 256 encryption method.Storage backups online (internet)toGoogle Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (SkyDrive)
Hexatech Free VPN Proxy: Unblock Sites Anonymously 2.1.5
Hexatech is a revolutionary VPN thanks to its unique VPNprotocol.Developed to provide the utmost security and fastconnection. UseHexatech Free VPN Proxy to unblock anonymously anysite or app,securely connect to public WiFi hotspots and protectyour data withthe ultimate encryption algorithm.FREE UNLIMITEDVPNHexatech VPNProxy gives you the online security andconfidentiality every oneof us deserves. It is free to download,free to use. The best andfastest VPN developed by its users, forits users. - Download anduse Hexatech VPN Proxy for FREE. - %100Unlimited. - Easy-to-useVPN, one-touch connection.- No credit card,registration or log inrequired.- No logs saved.UNBLOCK ANY SITE& APP – Change IPByusing Hexatech VPN Proxy, you can changeyour device's IP addressto be from the location of your choice,therein unblocking accessto more streaming websites and apps.-Privately unblockhome-specific broadcasts while you are traveling.With HexatechVPN, you can change your IP address to access yourhome country asif you were physically there.- Bypass firewalls andunblock yourfavorite websites and apps from work or school.- Avoidannoyingcontent restrictions online with Hexatech Free VPN Proxy.Unblockwhat you want when you want.ANONYMOUS BROWSING – HideIPHexatechFree VPN Proxy lets you browse the web anonymously.Itautomatically hides your IP address so you can enjoyonlineconfidentiality and security.- When you connect to anyHexatech VPNserver, your IP address and location are hidden andmodified toprotect your identity. - When you have HexaTech VPNenabled, youget a new IP address to mask your actual IP address.You can enjoythe Internet in complete confidentiality.WIFI SECURITY&PRIVACYHexatech VPN Proxy lets you protect your most valuabledataon unsecured public WiFi hotspots. - Get the most advanceddataencryption protocol to protect your privacy and secureyourconnections. - Securely connect to public WiFi Hotspots.Protectyourself while traveling, working in coffee shops andbrowsing onany other public WiFi connection.Because your Privacyand Securityonline are what matter the most:► YOU DO NOT NEED ACREDIT CARD:Enjoy the best VPN without providing your paymentinformation.► YOUDO NOT NEED TO REGISTER: use the app withoutproviding yourpersonal information. No sign up required.► WE DO NOTSAVE YOUR VPNSESSIONS: your privacy is what matters most to us.What is yours,remains yours. Rest assured, we will never save yourVPNsessions.If you are looking for a security app to accessyourfavorite content securely and anonymously, and if you wantsecurityand privacy while connecting to public WiFi hotspots,Hexatech VPNProxy is the best VPN for you!
All Backup and Restore
You can backup all the contacts, call logs, SMSs,Applications,bookmark browser history, Backup and Restore calendarand callrecorder to store that backup in Dropbox.You can restorethosebackup files in your device from your Dropbox uploadedbackupfile.All Backup and Restore:- Worried about Mobile Phonedata,contacts, call logs, SMSs, Applications, bookmark browserhistory,calendar and call recorder. Here is the solution to allyourproblems.All Backup and Restore is a small, simple, easy BackupandRestore tool developed by Steve Gates, who aims to developcoolTool & Productivity apps for Android devices.* All BackupandRestore:- Take backup of applications by selecting apps thatyouwish to take backup and restore them when you want by asingleclick.* All Backup and Restore:- Get the backup of messagesor SMSsconversation by conversation or by selecting and restoringthem orupload to the DropBox for future use.* All Backup andRestore:- Itis very essential to backup contacts so take backup ofcontacts andupload them to the DropBox and restore them.* AllBackup andRestore:- We offer backup of call logs so that if youlose yourphone device, in that case you can easily backup the calllogs datafrom Dropbox.Just Download the 'All Backup and Restore'applicationfrom the Google Play Store and Backup all your data onDropbox on asingle click and restore it back.
All Backup Restore 2.1
Take backup of Contact,CallLog,SMS,Applications,BrowserHistory,Calendar and restore it whenneeded. Store it on googledrive✍ Take backup of application byselecting apps which you wantto take backup ans restore it when youwant by just one tap.✍ Getthe backup of message or sms byconversation or by selection andrestore it or upload to the googledrive for future use.✍ Contactis very important for backup so takebackup of contact and uploadit to the google drive and restore it.✍We are providing to thetake backup of call log so when you lostyour device than you caneasily restore the backup from googledrive.✍ For events andbirthdate which is stored in the calendar sotake backup of it andrestore if you upgrade the device or changemobile.✍ For browserstore the history and other bokkmarks to thebackup and easilyrestore all backup and utilize it.✍ Top of thescreen you will findthe total space and available free space of thedevice.✍ Upload theany backup on to the google drive byauthentication steps andrestore it for upload you have to allowpermission to the app toaccess your google drive to upload andretrive files.✍ Set theschedule for the backup in the setting fortake backup so backupwill automatically taken by the application.✍User can also takethe backup of applications automatically.✍ Userwill get thenotification when automatically backup will be done.
SMS to Text
SMS to Text is a SMS backup and restore app which allows youtoexport your SMS messages, convert to Plain Text and CSVfileformats and yes, those files can be read in your phone orcomputer!Your exported files can be saved on your phone's SD card,and canbe restored later. It is fast and easy to backup and restoreyourSMS messages! In addition to free version, SMS to Text Proallowsyou to export your SMS messages, convert to Excel and HTMLfileformats and send to your email as attachment!★ Features:*SupportEmoji characters in text format and can be displayed inEmojisupported OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.7 or later)* Filterbyconversation* Filter by date* Filter by SMS type* SortingSMS*Export to Normal plain text (*.txt)* Export to CSV,comma-separatedvalues (*.csv)* Restore SMS from previously exported.txt or .csvfile* Selectable date and time format* Support UnicodeUTF-8encoding with/without BOM* Support Windows, Unix, Mac plaintextnew line format★ Our Facebook page has some SampleOutputscreenshots♥ If you have any feedback, questions, orconcerns,please contactusat:contactus@smeiti.com
Work Log
Work Log is a quick, easy and free way to keep track of yourshiftsand calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid overyourpay period. ★ Fast, simple and straightforward way to trackyourhours, expenses, tips, mileage and more★ Save time withfeatureslike automatic break deduction and pay period settings★ Usewidgetsto punch in and out quickly, or as a shortcut to add a newshift.(tap on the punch in time to cancel it)★ Punch In and out, orenteryour hours manually★ Customize how Work Log looks with optionslikedate and time formatting, when your week starts and a light ordarktheme★ View your hours in a variety of ways such as by week,month,pay period or all of your shifts at once★ Set your pay periodtoautomatically calculate how many hours you worked and yourwagesfor each paycheck★ Track as many details as you want with avarietyof tracking options like Expenses, Tips, Sales, Mileage,HolidayPay and more★ Have deductions and/or bonusesautomaticallycalculated for paycheck estimates★ Keep track ofovertime hours andwages for up to two separate overtimesInstallwith Work Log Pro forextra features like tracking multiple jobs,removing ads, exportingall data as a spreadsheet (.CSV), as well asbackup and import allsaved data as a database via email
Backup for Whats
This app allows you backup your whatsapp conversations,images,videos, audio and voice notes to Google Drive personalaccount.Youcan easily migrate of device and restore your backup inyour newdevicefeatures:★ The backup is compressed and synchronizedwithyour account.★ Encrypt the backup with AES-256★ You cangenerateyour backup without an internet connection when the deviceconnectsbegin to synchronize your backup in your Google Driveaccount★Always keep safe their messages and data, if you lose orchangeyour phone you can restore your conversations on your newdevice
App Usage - Manage/Track Usage
App Usage is the easiest to use but powerful app/deviceusagemanagement app.It provides the following key features:★ Showappusage history: gather the usage time about apps that youused★Check phone history: gather counts of you checked the phone★Showactivity history: gather the time that you open apps★Over-usereminder: remind when you spend on phone or apps for a longtime★Most used apps - show most used apps on widgets or anotification★Track all installs: keep track of all installs anduninstalledapps★ App install reminder: notify when apps installedand thesummary of daily installed apps★ Manage apps: 1-tap touninstallapps, sort apps by various optionsDue to the restrictionofAndroid, the app usage can only be tracked when you are usingtheapp and screen is on.► SHOW APP USAGE HISTORYDo you know howmuchtime you spend on an app? Do you know the total use time of adayor average use time of an app?This function lists the usage timeofapps by you preferred sorting order. This usage informationishelpful for you to check which apps should be uninstalled astheyare not used. It can also be used for spying whether an apphasbeen used by someone else. ► CHECK PHONE HISTORYDo you knowhowmany times a day that you check your phone?This function showsthedaily count that you checked your phone in either a bar chartorcalendar view.► SHOW ACTIVITY HISTORYDo you know the time thatyouopen Messaging or E-Mail app in a day?This function shows thetimethat you open an app in either a timeline or calendarview.►OVER-USE REMINDERThis function reminds you when you spend onphoneor apps for a long time.► MOST USED APPSThis function shows alistof your most used apps on widgets or system notification. It'saconvenient way to quick start the apps you use mostfrequently.►TRACK ALL INSTALLSDo you know which app has beeninstalled oruninstalled without getting your confirmation? Do youknow howfrequent updates of an app?This function tracks and liststhehistory of all installed and uninstalled apps by youpreferredsorting order. It's convenient for you to track how manyappsupdated in a day, and how frequent updates of an app.► APPINSTALLREMINDERThis function reminds you when an app installed andthesummary of daily apps installation.► MANAGE APPSDo you knowwhichapps that are not used for a long time? You can get moreavailablespace by uninstalling apps, but which one isbloatware?Thisfunction lists apps by app name, usage time, accesscount, updatetime or size, and allows you to uninstall apps easilyandquickly.FEATURES★ Phone/App usage, activity, and checkphonehistory★ Daily usage, over-use reminder★ Most used apps★Appinstallation history★ App install reminder★ Keep trackofuninstalled apps so you can install them later★ Rootuninstaller,1-tap to uninstall apps, rooted device required★ Addpersonal notesfor each app★ Sort apps by name, usage time, accesscount, updatetime or size★ Batch clear apps cache or data★ Easysearch apps byname★ Support Android 2~8PRIVACYYour privacy is veryimportant tous, we understand this problem and won't collect/sellyour usagedataWe have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 DeveloperSandboxpartner, for its innovative design and advancedtechnology.If you'dlike to help the translation, please send meanemail.Credits:Dutch-RoyMunstermanFrench-MorganeLOPVETGerman-MarcusBarkhahnHungarian-poisonborzItalian-MicheleMondelliPolish-DawidZielińskiPortuguese Brazilian-Árison CésarS.Russian-Идрис a.k.a.МансурSimplifiedChinese-PerqinSpanish-Xavier NovellaSindeSwedish-Göran Helsingborg
BLACKBOX – My Daily Life Log
The newest technological service BLACKBOXUtilize thelatesttechnology to record and log your daily routine.BLACKBOXallowsusers to use AI technology and their smartphone features tologactivity.   Automatically record your activity withtheBLACKBOX app.  BLACKBOX features the latest Googlevoicerecognition to enhance daily life logs.1.ConversationrecordThrough the use of users’ smart device microphoneliveconversations can be recorded as both text and audio.Themaximumrecording time is 20 minutes. (Text files can be createdifconversations less.)2. Call record Phone calls can be recordedasboth text and audio archives.In certain instances thesecondparty’s voice may not be recorded and poor call receptionmayaffect the quality of the word recognition. Therefore, itisrecommended that users review the recorded data.3. PhotoUserscanalso enable photo logging which utilizes the smartphone cameratotake snapshots throughout the day.4. LocationBLACKBOX canalsorecord information on individual's journey including when andwherewas visited, as well as the distance and durationbetweenlocations.  5. Start/End ActivityUse your smartphone torecordinformation regarding user information from the start of yourdayuntil the end.Users can select features for logging in thesettingmenus. All recordings and texts logs are stored only onuser’ssmartphone. ✩✩✩ No recordings or texts logs are stored onlineorsent to online servers✩✩✩To utilize Google voice recognitionusersmust initially connect to the Google server.■ BLACKBOX KeyFeatures- Google voice recognition to create text file generationlogs -GPS location services logging, acceleration sensor,Microphonerecording, Phone Call logging, Speaker, Battery, Camerarecording -Battery optimization features - Log back upfunctionality(Currently in development)■ Important Notices -Callingto/receiving calls from certain mobile devices/terminals mayinsome instances make calls unable to be recorded. - Calls frommostmobile devices are, however, recordable. ■ SupportContactInformation - 23, Gangnam-daero 47-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul,Republicof Korea -
 X-VPN - No Logs VPN Proxy & Wifi Privacy Security
X-VPN,the best choice to free yourself with Private,Securesurfingexperience With No AnnoyingPop-upAds! Lightning fast connection speeds todifferentcountries in our fastexpanding network.Easy to download and use across your Android devices.All you have to do istotap the “Connect” buttonthenyou are protected.■ Best user experience with nopop-upads■ No credit cards needed■ No Registration or Login isneeded■ Nolog is saved from any users■ Simple, one tap,on andoffX-VPN aimsto help you break limitation,tracking andstealing.Come toexperience  the real Trustworthy VPN serviceby theindependent developer team!X-VPN Is Definitely YourOnlineBodyguards! ▶ Change IP address as you want. Surf theinternet justlike in the other countries.To be the coolest onlinecitizens ofdifferent countries.Change your IP with one simpletap.Forseconds,you will be in another country. ▶ Sample The BestInPersonal Encryption.Simple switch among locations you loveandneed.Your IP will change to another country easily.Surfanonymouslywill give your privacy the greatest protection.ISPs andthe thirdparties can not know your identity.Everything of you isbeencrypted and hidden.▶ Secure Your Internet Activity AndWiFiConnection.Please be careful when you connect a publicwifinetwork.Whether you are on vacation or for business,just needonetap to protect yourself from any tracking,stealing orhacking.Itworks just like a free proxy but it’s even more secured.Yourpassword and your personal data is secured and you areprotectedfrom hacker attacks.▶ Super Fast To Connect AndStream.Lighteningfast connection with different countries.With thehigh quality ofsevers,you can stream with a totally influent speed.Never miss anyimportant sports lives again.▶ No logs Kept.X-VPNdoesn’t track orkeep any logs of its users and their activities.You are completelyprivate and secured with X-VPN.▶  Enjoydifferent servers withhigh quality. Download and Try!The freeservers are equal with whatyou buy from other VPNs. X-VPN is thebest choice when you decideto download a VPN. If you do like thisapp,don’t forget to shareX-VPN with your friends and give us5-stars!If you don’t,pleasecontact us in the app and give us yourprecious suggestions.Justshot a feedback.Contact usIf you have anyproblems orsuggestions,feel free to contact us in the app.Feedbackwill alwayswork.And our professional and friendly staff is ready tohelp youto solveproblems.FollowusFacebook:
Blood Pressure Log - MyDiary
Blood Pressure Log with reminders, lots of statistics, andabilityto export data. The app does NOT measure the bloodpressure.Addingblood pressure measurements is very easy thanks to aclean userinterface and a dedicated keypad. The blood pressure logcan beviewed not only in a table but also in a number of chartsandstatistics. You can print the log or send it directly toyourdoctor.Blood Pressure Log • Log the blood pressurereadings • Addthe cuff location and the body posture • Seeinteractive charts,statistics, and a summary • Print reports orshare the data byemail  • Import data exported from other apps(using the CSVformat)Additional Features • Track weight, glucose,and oxygensaturation • Define custom ranges for low and highbloodpressure • Add custom tags and description toeachmeasurement • Customize ranges for low and highbloodpressure • Filter the displayed dataExport Data • Save to afile orsend by email • Generate reports for the MS Word • CreateExcelspreadsheets • Export to CSV or XML data formatsProblems,ideas orquestions?Contact:
123 VPN - Simple VPN
123VPN for Android is a 100% free mobile VPN app that allowsyouprotect your privacy & security on public WiFi hotspots,secureyour personal data and identity, surf the webprotected.Important:123VPN shows ads. This is how we keep theapplication free.Whydownload 123 VPN for Android: - FREE: 123VPN is100% FOREVER free,and no credit card information is needed. - NOSIGN UP: you need noregistration, no account to use the features ofthe app. - DEADSIMPLE TO USE: you simply install the 123VPN app andclick“Connect”. - SERVERS IN 14 COUNTRIES: United States,Canada,Russia, Panama, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Germany,Portugal,Sweden, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. -UNLIMITED: 123VPNis unlimited, with no speed or bandwidthlimitations. - NO LOGSPOLICY: 123VPN doesn’t track or keep any logsof its users andtheir activities.This app is the right choice foryou if you want:-to protect and encrypt your data from hackers(personal data andinformation, banking activity, accounts); - tosurf the webprivately;- to protect your privacy & security onpublic WiFihotspots;- to hide your IP address, identity, andlocation fromwebsites and online trackers.
USA VPN 1.5.0
Premium Features for 100% FREE!1. Torrent Friendly2.UnlimitedBandwidth3. Easy and Friendly interface4. Ultra-Fast5. NoLogs!6.Premium Locations (20+)Unblock the web!Unblock websites andappssuch as Viber, Skype, Youtube, Whatsup, Google,Netflix,etc...Change your real IPWe have powerful servers in 24+countriesworldwide!Torrent are allowed!The only torrent friendlyFREEVPN.One click connectionJust one tap to get the best VPNserviceever!Completely SecuredEncrypt your data and becomefullyanonymous, no one can track you (even us!)You deserveunlimited,protected, fast and free web!Try us! It's Free ;)
HEBF Optimizer ▪ Root
This application requires root access, if you don't know whatitmeans, please do not install :)HEBF (empty heart,fullbattery)Feeling heartbroken? Someone screwed up with you?Forgetit. Your heart can be empty, do not let your battery gettoo!Whatis HEBF:HEBF Optimizer is an application that aims toincrease theperformance of your device, also by focusing onbatteryperformance, we didn't forget it. With a clean, fresh andpleasantuser interface, HEBF shows you the explanation of eachoption rightbelow it. The application also features a useful andsmart toolboxthat you can use whenever you want.A briefhistory:Created in themidst of a broken heart, on top of this, themy device's batterywas discharging fast and increasing my fury.Then the applicationwas created in 2014 (before in shell) intendedto improve batterylife and performance of your phone. - IvsomEmídio.Requirements:▪ Arooted phone▪ Busybox installed (If it didnot come with the root)▪Android 4.1+Why do we need access tostorage?We need to copy thenecessary files for the applicationworks, read them and then runthem, for that, we need thispermission.Why do we need busybox?Thebusybox assures us that allcommands will run on all versions ofthe system, it is a binary thatgathers the most common binariesinto one, so if one of them ismissing on your system, it will bepresent in busybox.Support:At theXDAThread: by: Lennoard Silva and Ivsom Emídio from Android VIP
MileIQ - Business Mileage Tracker
Track miles easily with MileIQ, a free automatic mileagetrackerthat helps you keep track of your miles for taxes orbusinessexpenses. Maximize your tax deductions and reimbursementswithMileIQ! Track your mileage and record all distances down toafraction of a mile. Self-Employed? MileIQ is perfect foryou.Organize your drives by keeping business miles separate fromyourpersonal miles automatically. MileIQ sorts your drivesandeliminates manual logging errors, which can result inrejectedmileage deduction claims, IRS penalties or audits.Accurately trackmileage, organize and report what you need tomaximize yourdeductions and reimbursements. MileIQ automaticallytracks everymile you drive for business. With MileIQ, you don’tneed toremember to fill in starts and stops in your mileage log.Saygoodbye to messy manual logging paperwork. MileIQ usessmartdrive-detection technology, with built-in GPS, to track milesandcalculate their value for your business and personal drives.Logmiles from every drive easily and accurately withMileIQ!MileIQFeatures:Mileage Log - Track Miles & AutomaticallyCreate MileLogs- Mileage log records all trips accurately, down tofractionsof a mile- Organize drives and categorize drives with aswipe,right swipe for business drives and left for personal drives-GPS-powered drive detection technology captures every miledrivenand logs them automatically- Mileage reports have what theIRS wantand are full of details you need for your businessexpensereportsBusiness Expenses & Claims for Personal,Business, orCharity- Track miles from all your business trips andsales callsfor reimbursements- Expense report? Export our mileagetrackingspreadsheet quickly and easily- Self-employed or get a1099? Writeoff your miles driven on your Schedule C- Write off yourcharitywork miles accurately- Mileage app provides the 2018standard IRSmileage rate, which is 54.5 cents per mile driven forbusiness, 14cents for charity and 18 cents for medical mileageSaveMoney - TaxDeduction & Budget Help- Tax deductions – Calculateyourlargest mileage tax deduction yet- Track miles accuratelyandautomatically to maximize the money you get back.- Let’s sayyoudrive 1,000 or 10,000 miles for business using the standardmileagerate of 54.5 cents you’d be entitled to a mileage deductionof $545or $5,450This mile tracker has helped log over 30 billionmiles,saving over 60 million hours from manual logging. $2.5billion inmileage deductions and reimbursements. Track your milesand joinmillions of drivers who’ve saved with MileIQ today!For acompleterecord of all your drives upgrade to MileIQ Unlimited foronly$5.99/month recurring or $59.99/year recurring.Mileage LoggingthatWorks Easy – Simple to install and use Automatic – No stoppingandstarting the app Organized – Classify your drives with aswipeAccurate – Mileage logs that meet IRS mileagedeductionstandardsDownload MileIQ by Microsoft for free today!
System Info for Android
ASI provides a lot of technical infos: hardware, system,telephony,apps, tasks, logs, manifest reader and more.* WIDGET WONTWORK IFYOU MOVE THE APP TO SDCARD (it is an android limitation)***pleasecontact me if your sdcard isn't shown properly**** newfeaturescoming soon! **Follow me on twitter: @3lectricSheepRecommended ( Dutch: Idsert Joukes- Italiano: AJtriple- čeština:ondřej vaculík- Norsk : Torgny Seland - Spanish: Dr. CarlosArielFregosiniSome people are suspicious about permissions used inapps.As System Info For Android use a lot of them, here aresomeexplanations:- android.permission.INTERNETUsed for ads and alsoforbugs tracking. A request can also be made to my server to checkifa new version isavailable.-android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATEUsed to readtelephonyinformations for the Systemtab.-android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONUsed byads.-android.permission.READ_LOGSUsed to read logs for the Logstab.-android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEUsed, in the Systemtab, toaccess networkinformations.-android.permission.GET_PACKAGE_SIZEUsed to knowapplicationsinformations, for Application Managertab.-android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to write logs tothesdcard.- android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATEUsed to readwifiinformations.-android.permission.RESTART_PACKAGESUsed when youtryto stop task..-android.permission.CAMERAUsed to readcamerainformations. On some devices(like the motorola droid),accessingto camera info will make some sound.
It provides unlimited data traffic, unlocks blocked websitesandbrings basic private privacy. With data encryption, you cankeepyour information very safe from hackers.Main Features:* EasytoUseDownload, install and open to click "connect", then you canuse*No Need RegistrationTo use the basic features of the app, youdon’tneed to create any accounts* Unlimited TrafficWe do not limitthedata traffic, so you can just use it without any worries.*SpeedyNetwork It offers you super-fast network after connection. Soyoucan access to your social media freely at any time.*GoodStabilityCompared with similar products, the performance ofVPNMaster-pro is more stable; users will not be annoyed bytherepeated connection.* Safe PrivacyAll data are and safe,personalprivacy is ensured. You are completely private withVPNMASTER-Pro.* Anonymous & No LoggingNo need an account, justoneclick to connect. VPN Master-pro doesn’t track or keep any logsofits users and their activities. * Multiple LocationServersThereare multiple location servers for users to choose, suchas America,Japan, India, Singapore and Europe. You can switch anyserver asyou like.
Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup
Vault is a mobile app designed to hide private pictures,videos,sms, call logs and contacts on your phone. Currently thereare morethan 100 million users worldwide using Vault to protecttheirmobile privacy while enjoying App Lock, Private Bookmark,IncognitoBrowser, Cloud Backup and many other helpful featuresforcompletely free! Join them now!Top Features☆ Hide andProtectPhotos & videos: Photos and videos imported into phonecan onlybe viewed or played after the correct password is entered.Thesephotos and videos can also be backed up to Cloud Space forbetterprotection.☆ Hide and Protect SMS: You can easily hide yourSMS andread, back up or restore them anytime you want.☆Contacts/Call logsProtection: Set your contacts as private and allcall logs and SMSwith them will be hidden.☆Call Reminder: Wheneverthere is anincoming call, you will be informed of whether it's fromatelemarketer, package delivery or simply a spam call.☆ AppLock(Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protect your social,photo,call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacy leak.☆PrivateBrowser: With Private browser, your internet surf will leavenotraces behind. There is also Private Bookmark feature.☆CloudBackup: Back up your SMS, contacts and call logs, photos andvideosto Cloud so they never get lost.☆ Data Transfer:With CloudBackupfeature, you can easily transfer your data to a newphone.☆Password recovery: Worried about forgetting your password?Set asecurity email in Vault so you can retrieve it.AdvancedFeatures►Multiple Vault & Fake VaultCreate multiple vaultswithdifferent passwords for storing photos, videos or privatecontactsrespectively. And one of them can be a fake vault.►StealthModeMake Vault icon disappear from your home screen and itcan onlybe found again with the correct password, so no one knowsitexists.► Break-in AlertsSecretly snaps a picture of any onewhoattempts to access with a wrong password. Vault captures aphoto,the time stamp and PIN code entered by allintruders.Support:►Q&A: 1. What if I forgot my password? If youhave a securityEmail set up before, you should be able to see a"Forgot Password"en-trance once you input the wrong password. Tapon the entranceand follow the instructions to reset your password.If you do nothave a security Email but you had backed up your datato cloudspace, then the data can be recovered from the cloudbyreinstalling Vault app.2. How do I enter vault in stealthmode?Instealth mode, you can enter Vault by opening the phone'sdial pad,inputting "##your Vault password" (for example, input##123 if yourpassword is "123" ), then clicking Send (or Call)button. If Vaultis currently not running in the background (when ithas been forcestopped by Android system or another app), ##Passwordwill notwork. Now you can: 1. Put Vault back to the phone’s homescreen byadding Vault widget, once it appears on home screen, tapon it, andthen input your password to enter, or, 2. Download "NQcalculator"in Google Play, open it, and input correct password thentap "=".3. Why are my photos/videos lost? Some cleaning or freestorageapps may automatically delete Vault’s data folder used tostorepictures and videos. So, as a best practice, please do notchooseto delete Vault’s data folder andsubfolders(mnt/sdcard/SystemAndroid) when you use such apps. Youcan alsobackup your sms, pictures and videos to cloud by using"CloudBackup" feature in the premium page of Vault.For morequestions orcomments,Email:► Facebook Page &Messager: Vault –hide pics&videos, sms, lock app@nqvaultappThis app uses theDevice Administrator permission.
Super Backup & Restore
The fastest data backup and restore tool on Android phones!Youcanbackup applications, contacts, text messages, callhistory,bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or GoogleDriveYou canshare installation APK file to your friends by onetap.You willnever lose your data again!★Important Notice #1If youintend to doa factory reset on the phone, please make sure defaultbackupfolder is in your external SD card before doing it. If not,pleasecopy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" bydefault) toyour external SD card ★Important Notice #2Since AndroidM, accessbookmarks from 3rd application is disabled, so SuperBackup cannotbackup and restore bookmarks.★Important Notice #3Ifyou scheduleautomatic backups, and you use some apps such as TaskKiller orMemory Clear, please make sure you had add Super Backupinto theirWhite List or Ignore list. Otherwise Super Backup can notrun inbackground, and automatic backups will not work.★ImportantNotice#4When you finished the SMS restore process, but the messageswerenot displayed in your default SMS app, please try to rebootyourdevice. Features:- Backup apps to SD card- Backup GooglePlaydownload link for installed apps- Backup & restoreapp'sdata(need root)- Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)-Onetap to share APK files- Backup Contacts & SMS & Calllogs& Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card- Restore Contacts&SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SDcard-Can select SMS conversations to backup- Delete the backup dataonSD card- Schedule automatic backups- Auto-upload scheduledbackupfiles to your Google Drive or Gmail- Can download backupfiles fromGoogle Drive- Show last backup count & time- User canchangebackup folder path in Settings- Can backup Contact's groupandpicture properties- Support backup your voice call recording.Itcan perfectly record the phone call voices to mp3 files.Recordboth sides voice clearly! About Permissions:READ YOUR TEXTMESSAGES(SMS OR MMS)/EDIT YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)Thesepermissionsare used to backup & restore your SMSREAD YOURCONTACTS/MODIFYYOUR CONTACTSThese permissions are used to backup& restoreyour ContactsWRITE WEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORY/READ YOURWEBBOOKMARKS AND HISTORYThese permissions are used to backup&restore your BookmarksREAD CALENDAR EVENTS PLUSCONFIDENTIALINFORMATION/ADD OR MODIFY CALENDAR EVENTS AND SENDEMAIL TO GUESTSWITHOUT OWNERS' KNOWLEDGEThese permissions are usedto backup &restore your CalendarsREAD CALL LOG/WRITE CALLLOGThese permissionsare used to backup & restore your CalllogsRECORD_AUDIOThesepermissions are used to recording your voicecallTranslations:-Italian- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta- Portuguese -Thanks to EmmanuelAvetta- Korean - Thanks to 장승훈- Hungarian -Thanks to Balu &Hevesi J. - Turkish - Thanks to Fatih Fırıncı-Arabic - Thanks toFalcon Eye- Polish - Thanks to Alvin Świtała-Russian - Thanks toСергей Приклонский, Mikhail Medvedev - Ukrainian- Thanks toMikhail Medvedev- Czech - Thanks to Renek
E2PDF - SMS Backup,Contact, TrueCaller,Wish Backup
Now you can get PDF backup of almost everything (Contacts,Specificcontact Log, Call Log, SMS, Call Log Statistics, SMSStatistics,truecaller ) and can instantly save backup in email,Google Drive/DropBox or anywhere, wherever you want with just oneclick.DISTINCT FEATURES OF APP 1- SMS Backup/ Favorite SMS BackupE2PDFis very simple but highly productive app that allows you totakebackup of your SMS conversation with your loved once and thenneverloose that again. All you have to do is to select conversationandbefore taking backup in PDF, whole conversation appears onyourscreen, you will enter output file name and with one clickbackupwill be created. sms backup is possible with 3 steps now.Generatedbackup file can be stored on local drive or in email andcan beinstantaneously shared.So with E2PDF, you can take* smsbackup ofyour friends conversation for fun* sms backup of yourfamily andloved once. * sms backup of your business conversationwith yourpartners or contractor 2- SPECIFIC CONTACT LOG (OPTIONAL(SMS, CALLLOG)) Select any contact and get PDF backup of Call Loganddetailed SMS conversation/ SMS chat of your loved ones.Truecallerbackup feature allows user to take call or sms backup ofanyspecific contact. Truecaller feature is complete free. 3-CALLSTATISTICS Call Statistics allows you get statisticalinformationof number of Dialed, Received, Missed calls and rejectedcalls ondaily basis. In addition you will also get information oftotalcall duration of specified date range. 4- SMS STATISTICS WithSMSstatistics, you will get number of SMS Sent/Received on dailybasisand as well as total number of SMS Sent/Received duringspecifiedtime range. 5- CONTACTS (OPTIONAL CONTACT NAME, CONTACTNUMBER,EMAIL ADDRESS) Now you can get your contacts Backup withcustomfeatures including Contact Name, Contact Number,EmailAddress.Orphan email address are those which are saved inyourdevice but are not linked with any contact directly.GOOGLECONTACTS Backup/ Export Contact To backup/export GoogleContacts toPDF, follow these steps * Go to your contacts* SelectSettings*Select Contacts* Select your Gmail account whom contactsyou wantto select.* Go back to E2PDF, and select "Contact Menu"andfollowing normal procedure.* Google contacts will be exportedtoPDF and will be ready to save. 6- CALL LOG (OPTIONALDIALED,RECEIVED, MISSED CALL, DATE RANGE) With Call Log you canselecteither to take backup of Dialed, Received, Missed call ortakecomplete Call Log.PDF is generated using stranded writers sooutputfile is compatible with almost all known readers includingAdobeAcrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumantra , Radaee ,Preview,Foxit,PDF-XChange and many more.The output generated file caneasily beshared over email, Whatsapp, Wifi-direct, Bluetooth andyou cansave it directly to your Google Drive or DropBox."sms backupandrestore" will be available in next release.E2PDF followingfeaturesare complete freetruecaller backup, google contact, sms,phonecontact backup.
SMS Backup & Restore Pro
A simple App to Backup and RestoreSMSMessages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-SupportedFreeApp.NOTE:We are excited to announce a new version of our main app, SMSBackup& Restore (the free version), which combines thefunctionalityof backing up and restoring both text messages andcall logs! Inmid-February, we will discontinue support for thisPRO version app,and focus on the more feature rich SMS Backup& Restore FREE appwhich we will be updating regularly.The new version will work seamlessly with any existingbackupsyou have. Additionally, you can transfer your backupsettings tothe new app with a single tap!If you need an SMS backup app right now, we encourage youtodownload the free version.Thank you, and we look forward to providing some excitingnewfeatures soon!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------APP FEATURES:- Backup SMS (text) Messages in XML format.- Local device backup with options to automatically upload toEmail,Google Drive or DropBox using the add-on app.- Choose a recurring scheduled time to automatically backup.- Option to backup MMS (media in the messages)- Option to select which text conversations to backuporrestore.- View and drill into your backups- Search your backups- Restore/transfer backup to another phone. Backup formatisindependent of the Android version so the messages and logs canbeeasily transferred from one phone to another, irrespective oftheversion.- Ability to restore pre-existing SMS or call logs backups fromourother apps.- Ability to restore all text messages or onlyselectedconversations.- Free up space on your phone. Delete all SMS Messages or calllogson the Phone.- Email a backup file.- The XML backup can be converted to other formats, and can alsobeviewed on a computer.Notes:- Tested on Android 4.0.3 and higher- Please start the app at least once after updates so thatthescheduled backups start working.- Backup is created locally on the phone by default, but youhavethe option to upload to Email, Google Drive or Dropbox. Youareresponsible for backup files. At no time are the files sent tothedeveloper.- On newer phones with inbuilt storage the default backuplocationwill probably be the internal storage card and not theexternal.This is because the phone reports the storage thatway.- If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please makesureyou save/email a copy of the backup outside the phone beforedoingit.- On Android 4.4+ devices, if you have performed the Restore andthemessages don't appear in your messaging app then:- Open your messaging app and Disable SMS from Settings.- Exit the app- Open the app again and Enable SMS from Settings.For questions or issues please visit our FAQ at: App needs access to the following:* Your messages: Backup and Restore messages. Receive SMSpermissionneeded to properly handle messages received while theapp is thedefault messaging app on Android 4.4+ devices.* Storage: To create the Backup file on the SD card.* Phone calls - Without this the Restore fails on somephones.* Your social information: To display and store the contact namesinthe Backup file.* Run at start-up: Start scheduled Backups.* Control Vibration: To vibrate the phone when an operationiscompleted.* Prevent Phone from Sleeping: To prevent the phone from goingtosleep/suspended state while a Backup or Restore operation isinprogress.* Test access to Protected Storage: To create the Backup file ontheSD card.
Play VPN
Free vpn for Android! Blocked sites? 1 click anonymizerprovidesfake IP! Wi-Fi unblocker & censor killer! Get your ownprivateinternet access!Price? Our app is absolutelyfree!Limitations?Bandwidth is unlimited!Torrents? P2P file sharingisallowed!Locations? 20+ locations all over the world!Logs? Nologsor whatsoever! Speed? Thanks to enormous list of locations youcanget best speeds from anywhere you are!Interface? Just oneclickseparates you from the unbounded web!You've found your vpnapp!
1Tap Cleaner (clear cache, history and call log)
1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories, calls log,defaultssettings and SD card. Are you running out ofapplicationstorage?You now can get more available storage space byclearingapps created cache/data files.*** Over 5,000,000 Downloads!***★Cache Cleaner★ History Cleaner★ Call/Text log Cleaner★DefaultsCleaner★ SD CleanerThere are 5 cleaners included in thisapp. CacheCleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner helpyou to getmore free space for the internal phone storage byclearing appscached files, data files, or search/navigation historyrecords. Ifyou have selected to launch apps by default for someactions.Defaults Cleaner helps you to clear the default settings.SDCleaner helps to delete junk files from the SD card.Auto or1-tapto clear all cache, search history, calls log and the best isyoudon't have to ROOT the phone anymore! This app is crucial toanyonewho has memory management issues.★ 1-tap to clear all cachedfiles★1-tap to clear all search and browser navigation historyrecords★1-tap to clear calls log (incoming, outgoing, missed,frequentlycontacted)★ list all default apps and clear selecteddefaults★ homescreen widget shows cache and available size★ autoclear all cacheand history at a specified interval★ auto clearcache when thedevice is low on internal storage space★ clear cacheor history fora specified application★ notify if apps used cachesize large thanyou specified value★ list applications by eithercache, data, code,total size or app name★ view application onMarket★ uninstallapplication★ open application★ show applicationdetails page★ Noads (PRO-only)Required permissions:* READ_CONTACTS,WRITE_CONTACTS,READ_CALL_LOG, WRITE_CALL_LOG: show and clear callslog*READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: show andclearbrowser navigation history records*GET_PACKAGE_SIZE,PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the size information ofapps*BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: this app uses Accessibilityservices toautomate the function (e.g. clear cache), optional. Ithelps thosewho have difficulty in tapping and complete the taskeasier*WRITE_SETTINGS: prevent the screen rotation during theautomaticfunction* SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: draw a wait screen aboveother appsduring the automatic functionFor user's manual, FAQ,please tapMENU > Settings > About fordetails.Reviews:★ (Video)*** Note for Android 4(ICS) users ****Cache cleaner will not work for Android 4.0.1/4.0.2due to the theAndroid system bug. Google fixed this problem in4.0.3* Android4.0.x does not enable 3rd apps to clear frequentlycalled log.Google fixed this problem in Android 4.1.***You have toinstallthis app on the phone storage if you want to use thewidgetfunction. It's required by Android.No Notification Ads - wedon'tuse any notification ads.We have been selected as a Google I/O2011Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design andadvancedtechnology.Credits:Arabic - Hazem HamdiCzech -MichalFiurášekDanish - Christian Stangegaard KappelgaardDutch -NikoStrijbol, Vincenzo MessinaFrench - Philippe LEROYGerman -MichaelVollmerHebrew - אלישיב סבח‎Hungarian - RootRulezIndonesian-Khairul AgastaItalian - Luca SnoriguzziJapanese - nnnnKorean-장승훈Polish - Grzegorz JabłońskiRomanian - StelianBalincaPortuguese- Wagner SantosRussian - Идрис a.k.a. Мансур(Ghost-Unit)Serbian -Dusan TrojanovicSlovak - Patrik ŽecSlovenian -MatevžKersnikSpanish - Alfredo Ramos (Abaddon Ormuz)Swedish -HampusWestinTurkish - Kutay KuFTiVietnamese-Nguyễn Trung HậuLet meknowif you are interested in translating this app to yournativelanguage. Thanks.
Timeline - Record and check all notifications.
With Timeline app, you can check the history of notificationsforall apps at any time.It makes you very easy to check yourpastactivity because you can confirm which apps have triggeredwhatnotifications.Characteristic- Since notifications of all IMappsare recorded, you can easily find out messages, without havingtoopen the the app directly. By checking the message onlywithnotifications, you can let the other party that you have readthemessage.- Record and manage notifications from all types ofappsyou love, like Line, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Watts appsandmore.- You can save the text and photos included inthenotification together.- Saved notifications can be backed up inCSVformat at any time, and backed up files can be viewed via Excelortext viewer.- Because the notification contents areautomaticallyanalyzed and tagged,  You can easily searchthrough tags.-Search by specific word or specific date.- The Livenotificationsfeature allows you to jump directly to the specificsituation thatthe notification specifies.Features- You can excludenotificationsfrom certain apps from your history.- Touch and holdthe name of anapp on the main screen to exclude it from historyimmediately.- Youcan also search for notifications by app name,keyword, and date,and delete those search results.- You can excludenotificationsthat contain blacklisted words in the blacklist.-Touch and holdthe notification on the detail notification screen,you canblacklist the contents of the notification immediately.Limitedfunctionality You must purchase an unlock key to fully useall thefeatures of Timeline app. Before you buy it, you havefollowingfunctional limitations:- Only 20 live notifications can besaved.-Swipe-to-delete function is limited to 500 times.- Onlyonebookmark is available.- Pictures can not be saved.- Backupfunctionis disabled.
Work Log Pro 4.0
Work Log is a quick and easy way to keep track of your shiftsandcalculate the number of hours worked and wages paid over yourpayperiod. Work Log Pro unlocks all of the features of WorkLog,including: importing and exporting all your shifts, removingadsand support for multiple jobs.NOTE:*Work Log Pro unlocks all ofthefeatures of Work Log. DO NOT uninstall Work Log Free as it hasallof your data. Both Work Log and Work Log Pro must be installedinorder to benefit from all of the features available.BACKUPS:Youcanbackup and transfer your data by emailing the backup toyourselffrom the General Settings using the Backup Database option.You canthen open the attachment directly from the email on thedevice youwould like to import the shifts to.• Fast, simpleandstraightforward way to track work hours• Time saving featureslikeautomatic break deduction and pay period settings• Choosebetweenpunching in and out or manually entering your shift hours•Easy toupdate, delete or add past shifts• Keep track of multiplejobs,each with their own settings• Lots of customization options tosuityour needs like 24h formatting, selecting when your week startsanda variety of ways to view your past shifts• See how manyhoursyou've worked and earned over a pay period, week, month oryear•Set your pay period to automatically calculate how many hoursyouworked and your wages for each paycheck• Automaticallyhavedeductions and/or bonuses calculated for paychecks• Optionallykeeptrack of sales or tips (useful if you make commision ortips.useful for servers or sales people)• Set breaks to beautomaticallydeducted from shifts over a given period of time. (ie.30 minutesdeducted after a 5 hour shift, 45 minutes deducted afteran 8 hourshift), or enter breaks manually• Keep track of overtimehours andwages for up to two overtimes• Use widgets to punch in andoutquickly, or as a shortcut to add a new shift. (tap on the punchintime to cancel it)• Easily backup and restore all shifts tokeepall of your information safe and to easily transition to anewdevice• Export your recorded shifts as a spreadsheet (.CSV)byweek, month, year, pay period or all recorded shifts.•AdfreeCustomization• Choose between a light and dark theme tosuityour style• Display times with am/pm times or with a 24hclock•Display a currency symbol from over 100 countries• Set abackupreminder to remind you to backup your database every week,twoweeks, month or two months• Set your pay period to be calculatedbyweeks, months, days or by half months (1st-15th, 16th-last)•Keeptrack of sales, optionally add sales to your paycheck, or apercentof sales (ideal for servers of sales staff)• Keep track oftips,optionally add tips to your paycheck• Option to automaticallyroundshifts to 15m, 30m or 60m increments• Display hours indecimal(7.5h) or hours:minutes (7h 30m) format • Have flat rateand/orpercentage deductions automatically made to paycheckcalculationsto account for taxes or any other deductions• Have flatrate and/orpercentage bonuses automatically made to paycheckcalculations toaccount for things like vacation pay• Keep track ofup to 2overtimes, such as receive 1.5 times normal pay for a shiftover 8hand 2 times normal pay for a shift over 12h. This could alsobeapplied to pay periods, for example, 1.25 times normal pay forpayperiods over 40h and 1.5 times normal pay for pay periods over50h.All hours and pay rates are customizable.PermissionsInternetAccessand View Network State:• Required for analyticsandadsModify/Delete SD Card Contents: • Required to save databaseand.CSV files to storage to export
Call log analyzer
It allows getting statistic per contact, group of contacts,specificnumber, name, combination of name and number. App supportregularexpressions to view statistic by several numbers/names.Note: Bydefault only two groups are created: All calls and callswithunknown names. Please create own group to view as youwish.Application has wide capability to filter calls.This appcollectinformation from phone log storage, store and postprocessindependently. It does not allow editing or removing historyfromphone storage.Main features:- Support of all standard calltypes,including the latest from Android 7.1- Mapping of proprietarycalltypes to standard types, Ignore proprietary calls- Createseparategroup for statistic view- Groups based on: name/number,contact orgroup of contacts- View statistic in list or graph view-Filtercalls by type- Define longest calls, popular numbers, etc.-Storelog history more than build-in storage- Make log backup-Periodical synchronization with build-in storage - Number regions-Themes supportPermissions required:- Storage: for backups-Phonestate: get trigger for new call- Boot: forperiodicalsynchronization after boot
Free VPN PAKISTAN is truly secure and reliable, which canensurecomplete anonymous connection and turn any public hotspotinto asecure WiFi network. It provides unlimited data traffic,unlocksblocked websites and brings basic private privacy. Withdataencryption, you can keep your information very safefromhackers.Main Features:* Free & Easy to UseDownload, installandopen to click "connect", then you can use it for free* NoNeedRegistrationTo use the basic features of the app, you don’tneed tocreate any accounts* Unlimited TrafficWe do not limit thedatatraffic, so you can just use it without any worries.*SpeedyNetwork It offers you super-fast network after connection. Soyoucan access to your social media freely at any time.*GoodStabilityCompared with similar products, the performance ofVPNPAKISTAN is more stable; users will not be annoyed by therepeatedconnection.* Safe PrivacyAll data are and safe, personalprivacy isensured. You are completely private with VPN PAKISTAN .*Anonymous& No LoggingNo need an account, just one click toconnect. VPNPAKISTAN doesn’t track or keep any logs of its usersand theiractivities. * Multiple Location Servers
Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log
Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Baby Tracker offersasimple, streamlined way to track your baby’s daily habits,health,and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days andmonths. Logfeedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns with aquickone-handed tap, then feel free to go back later and adddetails andeven photos. Baby Tracker - Feed (Breastfeeding), Diaperand SleepLogger makes it simple to track all of your child’simportantinformation for doctors and caregivers, as well as shareall theexciting milestones of his or her development with friendsandfamily. Perhaps most importantly, Baby Tracker -Feed(Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Log handles all the detailssoyou never have to take significant time away from the joysofparenting. Comprehensive Feedings Breastfeeding Logger* Startandstop breastfeeding timer with one tap for convenience andaccuracy*Settings for nursing, formula, solids, or any combination*Trackstime breastfeed per breast and total for full nursing sessionusingbreastfeed timer* Tracks pumping totals as well asbreastfeeding*Notes section allows you to enter details on formulabrand,preferences, or allergic response Diaper Change Tracker*Summaryscreen shows time of last diaper changing, along withfeedings, andsleep schedule* Accurate diaper change records meanfaster responsetime for concerns like dehydration, constipation, ordiarrhea*Easily share documentation on bowel habits from diaperchangerecords with doctors or caregiversSleep Schedule* Knowexactly thedate that your baby starts sleeping through the night*Recognizenap time and nighttime sleep patterns to better plan yourday orshare with caregivers* Compare against other data to moreeasilytrack down potential causes for baby’s fussiness* Set alarmsforputting baby down or to create more structured nighttimefeedingsessionsGrowth Tracker* Enter measurement data and compareagainstWorld Health Organization averages* See baby’s progress andgrowthover weeks, months, and years* Look at logs to compare themfor amore comprehensive overview of your baby’s health andwellbeing. *Adjust growth chart for premature babyMilestone Logger*Make customcategories for baby’s first smile, first tooth, or firststep* Snapa picture on the spot, or add one from your existinglibrary* Usephotos for a gallery-style album of baby’s goals andachievements*Create an entry with a quick tap, or include journalnotes for moredetailHealth Logger* Log medical history such asmedications,vaccine shots, and temperature checksBaby Tracker -Feed(Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Logger Data Interpretation*Viewlogged data by day, week, or month* Shows previous 7 daysandprevious 30 days* Quickly identify data patterns, habitualtrends,or abnormalities* Export data via email as a HTMLBabyTracker -Feed (Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Log Data Sync* Syncdataamong multiple devices for all caregivers or easy sharing ofyourbaby’s progress with others* Clone data to another device forafast transfer that doesn’t eat up your data plan
Super Backup Pro: SMS&Contacts
The fastest data backup tool on android!You can backup Apps&Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks &Calendarsto the SD card/Gmail.You will never lose your dataagain!This isthe Ads free version of Super BackupDark Theme willcome backsoon!!!★Important Notice #1If your phone has inbuiltstorage, thedefault backup location will probably be the internalstorage cardand not the external. This is because the phone reportsthe storagethat way. If you intend to do a factory reset on thephone, pleasemake sure default backup folder is in your external SDcard beforedoing it. If not, please copy the entire backupfolder("SmsContactsBackup" by default)to your external SD card★ImportantNotice #2Since Android M, access bookmarks from 3rdapplication isdisabled, so Super Backup can not backup andrestorebookmarks.Features:-Backup apps to SD card-Backup all appdownloadlinks of Google Play-Backup & restore app'sdata(needroot)-Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)-BackupContacts& SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendarsto SDcard-Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs &Bookmarks& Calendars from SD card-Can select SMS conversationstobackup-Delete the backup data on SD card-Scheduleautomaticbackups-Auto upload scheduled backups to your Gmail orGoogleDrive-Can download backup files from Google Drive-Show lastbackupcount & time-User can change backup folder pathinSettingsAbout Permissions:READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS ORMMS)/EDITYOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)These permissions are usedto backup& restore your SMSREAD YOUR CONTACTS/MODIFY YOURCONTACTSThesepermissions are used to backup & restore yourContactsWRITE WEBBOOKMARKS AND HISTORY/READ YOUR WEB BOOKMARKS ANDHISTORYThesepermissions are used to backup & restore yourBookmarksREADCALENDAR EVENTS PLUS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION/ADD ORMODIFYCALENDAR EVENTS AND SEND EMAIL TO GUESTS WITHOUTOWNERS'KNOWLEDGEThese permissions are used to backup & restoreyourCalendarsREAD CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOGThese permissions are usedtobackup & restore your Call logsTranslations:- Italian-Thanksto Emmanuel Avetta- Portuguese- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta-Korean-Thanks to 장승훈- Hungaria- Thanks to Balu & Hevesi J. -Turkish-Thanks to Fatih Fırıncı- Arabic- Thanks to Falcon Eye-Polish-Thanks to Alvin Świtała- Russian- Thanks to СергейПриклонский-Czech - Thanks to Renek
Call Log Analytics
Call Log Analytics app is useful, because it helps keeping trackofyour call data. "Call Log Analytics is an amazing app designedwithan intuitive and polished user interface that’ssimple,clutter-free, and easy-to-use." –AndroidAppsReview.comAWESOMEFEATURES -- Stay tuned for more●ANALYZE & MONITOR CALLS - Letsyou analyze calls by Duration,Frequency & Recency, view callstatistics / stats / metrics, andmonitor your call data● FILTER -Apply filters such as date range,outgoing & incoming.● SEARCH- Search any contact and know itsanalytics● CALL HISTORY - Helpsyou keep infinite record of callhistory. NOTE: Most Android phoneskeep recent 500 calls, and deleteolder calls● EXPORT - Export calldata to CSV, and email. CSV can beimported to any Excel reader.Perform your own analysis and matchyour carrier bills●NOTIFICATIONS - Notifies you the last callduration. ● CALL BILLING- Gives you summary of call minutes for thecalls you made in agiven billing period● BACKUP & RESTORE -Backup unlimited CallLog data to your Google Drive account, restorecall log to app whenyou reset or switch your phone.In an all,Installing this call loganalyzer, will give you good perspective onyour call data.We ♥getting your feedback! Please email us:qohloinc@gmail.comSpecialthanks to everyone who rates us 5 stars,or provides a warmfeedback. It's so encouraging for theteam!***FEATUREDINTECHMESTO:***FEATUREDINANDROIDAPPSREVIEW:'re sensitive, but the app needs at least these tofunctionproperly: ● CONTACTS: Some devices need contacts permissionto readcall log● CALL LOG: For providing call log analytics● PHONESTATE:To show last call duration in notifications● CALL PHONE: Tomake aphone call from a contact● SDCARD R/W: Write CSV file toSDCardwhile exporting.● ACCOUNTS: Authenticate and Backup call datatoyour account.A request to our users: The app iscontinuouslyevolving, and we're really working hard to make it verystable. Wetry to be perfect, but sometimes things slip from ourview. If youfind any issue / bug / missing-feature, please write tous, and describe it in detail. We'll try toquicklyfix it for you. We love our users, but bad ratings willlikelydemotivate us to keep app alive on Google Play. We're open tonewfeature requests!NOTE: Phone stores only the last 500 calls initscall data. This app can analyze the call data of those 500 onlyforthe first time. However, the app keeps accumulating more calllogdata on daily basis and gives you analytics on larger call data.
Smart Lock (App/Photo)
Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.Youcanmeet here the most essential App which hidesApps/Pictures/MediaFiles by managing password.Do you mind somebodyexecuting Apps ortaking a look to pictures and media files on yourmobile phone?SmartLock provides you lots of features such aslocking App, stayingawake and locking auto screen-rotate.No onecan see lockedApps/Pictures/Media Files!!!Main Features :- LockingApp- Lockingeach Picture/Media File- Staying awake (Executinglocked App)-Locking auto screen-rotate (Executing locked App)-Changenotification of mobile phone number- Screen Lock Type :PINs,Password, Pattern, Fingerprint- Supported GIF(Animated)- Canusead-free App. for a while through playing the reward ads.[ Tip]- Becareful when deleting unlocked media files. If you do that,you willlost media files. Steps to recover it : Smart LockReinstall >Setting > Lock Media Recovery- If you delete".SmartLock" folderin SDcard, locked files will be deleted.- Ifyou choose "Clear data"menu(path : Settings > Applicationsmanager > Smart Lock(Free)), information of locked files willbe deleted.- App which hasfunction like cleaning up storage(ex.Clean Master) might be able todelete locked media, so do notdelete any relative files of SmartLock while cleaning up yoursmartphone.- Do not forget to unlock andback up locked mediasbefore upgrading firmware or formattinginternal/external SDcard Ifnot, all locked medias might be able tobe deleted.- Beforedeleting Smart Lock, do not forget to unlock alllocked medias andthen delete Smart Lock. If not, all locked mediasmight be able tobe deleted.- Please back up important locked mediain extrastorage. All locked medias might be able to be deleted inotherApps or outbreak situation.- App Hide : If "it is notinstalledapplication" or is not running in the launcher, because itischecked "App Hide Mode" at Set up. Please use dial #789 inyourphone and press call.- When not execute calling to dial :RunGallery(Default) on the phone > Select and share photos>Select Smart Lock and lock > call to dial #789- Settings ofapp> Recovering media file : it can recover disappearedorinvisible locked media files.
Logcat Reader
Logcat Reader makes it easy to view and save the device logs.Thesource code is• Color codedlogsbased on log priority• Search through log messages and tags•Optionto select from available log buffers*• Save the logs as asimpletext file (as you would see via logcat)• Dark UI theme(switches onat night automatically by default)*May not work on alldevices, inwhich case, the option will simply not be presentinSettings.Permissions:android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGENeeded for Required forfetching all of thelogs, not just the ones produced by the appitself, instructions togrant this permission will show every timethe app is opened. Testedon:HTC One (m7)HTC10GitHub: youforchecking out this app :)
Droid Backup
Droid Backup lets you easily backup your phone's Call logs,SMS,Contacts as well as installed apps. You can also schedulebackupsat regular time, and all backups are stored in your phone'sSDcard/Internal storage. Therefore, anytime you want to changeyourphone, perform a factory reset or ROM update, just savethe"DroidBackup" folder from your SD card and hit restore to getyourContacts, SMS (MMS backup is not supported), Call logs andAppssetup just the way you had them last time.Separatebackupinterfaces and individual schedulers makes maintainingbackups abreeze. Here are some of the exciting features of DroidBackup:-Easy to use dashboard with last backup and scheduleindicators.-Individual backup, restore and schedule interfaces.-Keeps a trackof Last Backup performed.- Multiple unlimited backupswith norestriction.- Notification on backup completion.- BatchBackup,Restore and Delete (Only in Pro version)- Batch Scheduler(Only inPro version)Note: 1. Only APK files are backed-up, app datais notsaved. For that you can copy the Android folder fromSDcard/Internal storage.2. Only contacts with Phone numbersaresaved.
DS photo
Synology Inc.
**You must own a Synology NAS to run thisapp,and have upgraded to Photo Station 6.6.0 on your Synology NAStoget the complete set of features**DS photo allows you to browse through the photo collection onyourSynology NAS server on the go, as well as interact withfriendsusing the comments in real time. Organizing your photos iseasy:with traditional albums, using tags to create virtual albumsorwith a simple tap with the timeline mode! Better yet,downloadalbums to the Android device to view them even when nonetworkconnection is available, and use the Photo Backup toeffortlesslyupload your photos taken with your Android device ontoyour ownpersonal cloud.Find all detailed features about the app on our > DSM 6.0 > Mobile Apps >SoftwareSpecs
Car Fuel Log - Mileage tracker
Simple and effective application to track your car fuelconsumptionand expenses. Just enter fuel, price, and odometer whileyou are atthe pump. The application will show you distance andaverage fuelconsumption.There is no easier way to do it! Now yourdata can besafely synchronized with the cloud so in case of anytrebles yourdata wont be lost.Help totranslate:
My Logs
My Logs is an application which functions as a log, journal, ornotebook. Each log entry is given a time stamp and assigned toacategory. Create log categories that are useful for you. Keeptrackof Exercise, ToDo's, Medication, Work Activities, etc... *UsersGuide:*NoInternet Permissions, your private data is safe with you. Bewareofother log apps that can access your log entries withoutyourknowledge.* Categorized Log Entries. Comes withpredefinedcategories to get you going. If you do not see a categorythat youneed, you can rename existing categories, create new ones,ordelete those you don't want to see.* Templates: pre-definelogdetails with text when adding a new log entry* Attachfiles,photos, or recordings to log entry* Recognizes Web, Phone,andEmail text in log description creating clickable links* Viewlogentries in a List or Calendar view* Swipe left/right toswitchbetween List/Calendar view* When in Calendar view, swipeup/down tochange month* Rate logs for additional significance*Highlyconfigurable. Create new log categories as well as renameexisting*Filter log entries by category, date, and rating* Searchlogs forspecified text. Highlight search text in log description*UseCalendar view to set date filter by long pressing on a date*Savelogs as csv or html file with option to email* Preference totreat"," as delimiter in log description when exporting as .csvfile.Use commas in the log description to create separate cells inaspread sheet. Good for recording and plotting data entered inthelog description.* Backup and restore database (NOTE: It ishighlyrecommended that you regularly backup your logs and save toadifferent storage media)* Automatic backup of database to SDcard*Uses the phones system time (12 or 24 hr) and date format toensureconsistent time and date format between apps. (Note: Youcanoverride the system date and time settings from MyLogspreferencesettings)IMPORTANT: If you have questions or issues,please contactus via email ( Do not postquestions in themarket as we are unable to respond.NOTE: A numberof users havegiven 1 star related to log categories. My Logs comeswithpredefined log categories to get you going. There is no limittowhat you can log. If you do not see a category that fitsyourneeds, you can rename existing categories or create newones.Please see UsersGuide:,contact support@ambitico.comKey: app, log, logging, logger,datalogger, life logger, diary, note, memo, journal, secure,notepad,free.
mccPILOTLOG for Android is an off-line mobile companion forthecomprehensive Windows PC and Mac OS desktop application. Themaindesktop application software connects to more than 270 crewwebportals, for airlines using AIMS eCrews, Sabre CWP,CrewTrac,AirCrews, CrewConnex, FLiCA, CrewDock, CrewLink/NetLine,eMaestroand many more. Use the Android app to complete the flightrecordswith actual flight times, aircraft tail, PF and/or crewnamesonboard the aircraft, and return the completed records back tothedesktop through mccCLOUD sync. The Android app is also suitableforgeneral aviation and comes with special fields for gliderandhelicopter pilots. Other functions include : - display localtime +DST rules, sunrise/sunset, globe view for all 40,000airfields(database) - view METAR/TAF weather reports - Google Earthview forairfields - export your flights and sim records to theAndroidCalendar mccPILOTLOG on Android cannot be used as anindependentlogbook on your phone / tablet. This app is acomplementary mobiletool and should always be used in combinationwith the main desktopsoftware on your PC or Mac. You can freedownload and test thedesktop application from app is listed as'FREE' allowing you to run a test. However,you need to purchase anEnterprise user license for the desktopsoftware in order to syncthe desktop with this Android app.
Baby Log + Stash Tracking
Baby Log answers the big questions. * How long will I need topump?* How much milk do I need to store?* Is my baby eatingenoughtoday? No math required!Baby Log is an extremely easy to useappfor moms to track their milk output and stash. It was createdforall mothers, whether they exclusively pump, nurse, use formula,orjust want a way to track what's in their freezer. Includescloudstorage, device synchronization, and account sharing.*Informativecharts * Supports multiple children* Supportssupplementation andestimated costs* Provides statistics on pumpingsessions and theamount of food your baby eats* Daily feedbackregarding number ofdays left for you to pump* NotificationReminders* AppointmentScheduler* Nursing Log* Diaper Log* GrowthLog* Count up Timerswith alarms in your notification bar* Allowsyou to turn offfeatures you don't use, so if you only want to trackstash or onlywant to track feeding you can do that!The developerwill make everyeffort to fix bugs immediately and add new featuresas they arerequested. Please email with any and all feedback! Thankyou!