Top 49 Games Similar to Flappy Ninja Piggy

Ninja Kid Run Free - Fun Games 1.2.9
Play the most EXCITING RUNNER game on the Play Store. Be a NINJAfora day and RACE through the city! - Swipe to ESCAPE fromobstacles -JUMP to avoid blocks - DUCK to avoid being hit - SHOOTstars tobreak objects - RACE as fast as possible! - Very EASYCONTROLS(swipe and touch Screen) Go as far as possible and collectcoins tobeat your FRIENDS!Our users agree!"This game is so fun andaddictiveif you are having a bad day you should play this"""Thisgame isgreat!""It is amazing. It is better than temple run 1 2 OzandBrave""This truly is fun and entertaining, game of the year"
Flippy Tubes 3.1
Flippy Tubes!Flap! But not as usual! You have to fly withthetubes,and save the bird!Don't let the bird hit it'shead!Funarcade game,get coins for each tube you passed!Buy mapswith thecoins you got!*MORE MAPS ARE COMING *Be the best Flapper!Checkthe toplist, andget to the highest!No Flappy gameisbetter!Challange your friends,family, who gets more score!
Bounzy floppy Ball 1.5
Bounzy floppy ball is one of the best bouncing balls games, isafunto play game, ,Best of all , it's all FREE Just Tap onthescreen tobounce, Tap and hold to Bounce higher, Be careful nottohit thewall or the spikes!!Collect stars to unlocknewawesomecharacters.Can you react fast enough? Download and playthesuperaddictive Ultimate bouncing ball game.-BeautifulyetsimpleGraphic, Awesome character ball. -Simple Controls. -CompareScorewith Remaining Players in Leader-boards. - Onetouchcontrols:touch to Bounce the ball between walls and spikes togetthehighest possible. - Easy and fun toplay.-Completelyfreegame-Endless Updatesfor more games checksjc-Game.
Flappy Flight 2.0
Ocimum Games
Move and fly in the world Flappy Flight. Help him to fly and getasfar as possible. Tap the screen to fly up and avoid obstacles.Itisa cool game with excellent graphics.The player must avoidtheobstacles by flying in the gap to get the highestpossiblescore.Features:- Simple one touch controls: touch to flapthewings- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fullymaster-Stunning graphicsHow to Play:- Tap anywhere on the screen toflyhigher!- Avoid hitting obstacles- Fly between the gaps
Jungly Birds 1.1
Amazing game inspired by Flappy Birds.Help the crazy parrot toavoidcrashing with the bamboo that keep him away from freedom!!Enjoy themadness of a crazy difficult game and try to beat yourfriendsgetting the furthest you can! The control its very easy,just tap onthe screen and the bird will fly a little bit withevery tap. Themission is to avoid crashing with the bamboo sticks.Seems prettyeasy huh? Give it a try, it will be difficult ashell!! This gamewill drive you crazy, will make you love it andhate it at the sametime.Challenge your friends to get the highestscore online!! Youcan check who made the best score in the Google+Game Center, alwaysonline!This game was created byRoiSoftStudioAll the content isprotected by author's rightGraphicsand design made by MagdalenaMrowiec.
White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano 5.0.2
This is the classic version of White Tiles 4 which has more than100AWESOME free mini games.. The only thing you need to do isDON'TTOUCH ON THE WHITE TILE. We are working hard to keep addingmoremini games. 【Game Features】: ◈ 140 Awesome Game Modes ◈ Mixersystem: Play 2 or More modes at the same time. ◈ 5 Instruments :Piano,Guitar, Drum, Dubstep, Classic. ◈ 100 Tiles Colors ◈ Easy toplayfor all ages. ◈ An unparalleled gaming experience 【SomeModesDescriptions】: ◈ Multiplayer Mode : Play with your friends onsamestage! ◈ Amazing Mode : There are so many tiles, Don't missanyone.◈ Lighting Mode : It's getting dark, watch your step. ◈ReverseMode : The tiles go into reverse. Try to Tap it. ◈ FlappyMode :Fly in the sky like a cute bird. ◈ Crossy Mode : Just crosstheroad. ◈ 2048s Mode : Try to get 2048 tiles. ◈ Heartbeat Mode:Don't Lose Your Heart! One tile one heart, if miss, you will lose5aa hearts. More Modes are in the game. Hope you guys likeit.Thanks. Contact us :
The Flapping Dead 2.0 2.0.4
In The Flapping Dead you can play as 24 of your favoritecharactersand try to stay alive as long as you can againstobstacles and thezombie horde. Unlock new characters as you play orunlock them allright away! Don't let your character become part ofthe zombiehorde!Game Features:Easy one touch control.24unlockablecharacters.In app purchase to unlock all the charactersatonce.Dark and scary zombie apocalyptic environment.Now 3differentplays modes to keep it different and new!Now you have theoption towear "Riot Gear" to help you go farther then everbefore!How toPlay:Tap anywhere on the screen to keep your favoritecharacterflying.Don't hit the trees/fence or the zombiebirds.Feedback isalways wanted and welcome!!
ARC Browser 1.22
LDX Technology
ARC Browser is a rom collection browser and emulator frontendthatmaintains a database of all your games, presented in auserfriendly way, and let's you play them using yourfavoriteemulators. Suitable for both phones and tablets (providedyou havea gamepad), Android-powered arcade cabinets and of courseAndroidTV! FEATURES * A searchable database of all your games,indexed bysystems and categories * Automatically scrape data aboutyour gamesand download boxart and background images * Support fornativeAndroid games * Roms with the same filename (excluding textinparenthesis or brackets) are automatically grouped and presentedasa single game. When you press Play you can choose which versiontoload. Useful not only when you have different versions of agame,but also for multi-disc games * More than 150configurationtemplates for different emulators * Can be used asdefault launcher* Support for Oreo TV channels IMPORTANT * Gamepadrequired *Screenshots in the Play Store have been blurred orotherwisealtered to avoid copyright and trademark infringement *Thisapplication does not include any emulators or games * Artworkandmetadata scraping from online databases may requiretheavailability of third-party services. The developer of this appisnot responsible for the availability of such services SCRAPINGYourroms should be named as close as possible to the originalgamename. There are however multiple settings that you can usetofine-tune the scraping process. For example, converting ", The"ina filename to "The " and ignoring text withing parenthesisandbrackets. If no match is found, it will also try replacinganyinstance of " - " in the filename with ": " automatically. BOXART,BACKGROUNDS, THEMING AND MORE All of the images in ARCBrowser,including but not limited to box art and background, canbecustomized. For example, if you don't like theautomaticallyscraped box art, you can use your own. You can alsofurther changethe look and feel of the app with themes. Moreinformation aboutthis is available here: The app is in English only.Support will be given in eitherEnglish or Swedish. HAVING ISSUES?NEED TO GET IN TOUCH? Send ane-mail to! Ifyou're having problems, pleasesend an e-mail before writing areview. Many issues can be quicklyresolved that way. MOREINFORMATION AND RESOURCES Be sure to checkout fortutorials, image packs and more! "Official"thread at theGeForceforums:
Bamb 5.3
Bamb is a Round and Circular object (RCO) that likes eatingaSpace-Cube material, the BANJI!!!Guide Bamb through 4 fun 3Dgamesand 20 different unlockable levels, as well as a newFlappyBird-style Remake, to become a true Bamb master!!!Do youthink youhave what it takes?!For any suggestions, issues orquestions pleasecontact me at :)
Floppy Draco 10.0
Flappy bird?...No... Floppy Draco YESS!
FlygFish 2.4
FlygFish is a simple but fun and addicting game.Fly throughtheskies with FlygFish (a mix between a giraffe, a fly, andafish!!!!) and try to avoid the electricity and get ahighscore!Ifyou loved Flappy Bird then you'll love FlygFishPleasedownload andleave a good review to support me.
Hyper Pong Extreme 2.2
Hyper Pong Extreme is a fast-paced arcade-style pongandflappyBirdmerger to create a new twist on an establishedpongformula with an80's disco twist. Hyper Pong Extreme hasLocalMultiplayer and asingle player mode against bots ofvariousdifficulty levels. HyperPong Extreme was originally made fortheGDL-May Game Jam andreleased to
Derp Origami Fish 2 1.03
Just jump and know blue fish is your real enemy.Its new sequelfromDerp Origami Fish replaced with new engine andnewfeatures.Highlight new features from Derp Origami Fish 2:-Replacedwith new engine similar like Angry Bird or Flappy Birdtocompatible with most devices.- Added leaderboard function-Addedachievement function- Added Blue Fish as enemy for morechallenge.-Added medal function.I hope you will happy with thisgame.Don'tforget join this facebookpage: to get latest gamesinfofrom us.
Skippy Toad 1.0.6
Harder than Flappy Bird? Who knew it was this hard for toads tojumpthrough hoops. Skippy Toad is easy and simple to play but notmanypeople can master the skill of the skipping toad. Try it outnow tosee if you can make it passed the first hoop! Jump throughthe hoopsand try to reach as far as you can. You can control yourtoad bysimply tapping the screen. When you tap the screen yourtoad jumps.You can charge your jump by holding the screen, thisway your toadwill jump higher. You will have to find the perfectamount of powerto put into a jump to jump precisely through ahoop. It's not aseasy as it looks. CHARACTERS: Every hoop has achance of containinga fly. You can pick these up by jumpingthrough the hoop. Flies canbe used to unlock new toads to playwith, can you unlock all ofthem? Currently you can unlock thesetoads: - Skippy - Slippy -Snippy - Snappy - Shibby - Hippy - Timmy- Matey - Peppy - HypnyLEADERBORDS: Why bother playing a game ifyou can't show off yourhighscore to your friends and the rest ofthe world? Your highscoreis automatically placed on theleaderbords so all your friends cansee how good you can handleyour toads. Beat your friends anddominate the leaderbords in thissimple and fun game. Try it outnow!
Flappy Monster 1.1.0
- Cycle through 2 different modes of gameplay as you preventtheever-spreading flappy MONSTAs from conquering the digitalworld;-Make use of either tapping or sliding motions in order toget ridof all those flappy pests;- Challenge yourself as you tryvariousdifficulty levels and watch the score go higher and higherfor eacheliminated MONSTA, depending on how much you can endure;-Use yourlocally stored Hi-Score to show off in front of yourfriends andwatch them as they get frustrated while trying tooutscore yourpersonal record;Think you'll manage to stand upagainst the flappylittle 'Monsta's in their quest for worlddomination? Well then,get ready for a world ofscreen-tapping-flappy-monster-slicingcraze, as cyberspacedomination has never been more fun!
2048 Classic Puzzle +6 Games
SPS Games
2048 Puzzle is simple, fun and addictive number puzzle game.2048game is upgraded and optimized version of the most popular2048game. Enjoy the super fast performance while having super fun.Itsupport classic 4x4 tile board, No time bound. Game Logic isverysimple to learn Use swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles ofsamenumber touch with swipe, they merge into one bigger tile!Reach2048 and win the game Beside 2048 Classic game, this GamePackContains five additional super addictive puzzle games. •ChainReaction • 2048 Fibonacci • Flappy Plane • Tic Tac Toe •Memorygame # Chain Reaction Tap one place on the screen to start achainreaction, which consumes all the balls which make contact withit.# 2048 Fibonacci Game Logic is very simple to learn- Use swipetomove the tiles. When two tiles of Consecutive fibonacciseriestouch each other with swipe, they merge into next fibonacciseriesnumber tile! # Flappy Plane Guide Your Flappy planethroughDangerous Obstacles By Tapping the Screen . Its not allaboutmoving your plane through rocks or pipes but you need to moveupand down to avoid Simple rocks and Up-side down Rocks. FlappyPlanehas been inspired by FlappyBird / Flappy Bird and is there tomakeyou guys have fun! # Tic Tac Toe Play Tic Tac Toe on yourAndroidphone. No need waste paper to play puzzle games! Now you canplayTic Tac Toe on your Android device for free. # Memory Game Ithasbeen recently scientifically proven that regular mentalexercisecan greatly improve your memory. This app has been designedto dojust that! In particular, Memory Trainer works out yourspatial andworking memory, focus, chunking and concentrationskills. Sofriends, start your fun on these additive puzzle gamesand exploredeep challenge for your mind! FEATURES - Classic games.- Nativeoptimized android performance, very swift animation. - Best2048Android version implementation! - Beautiful and simple UI -Highscore, Personal Best score - Supports all devices includingtablets- Bug Free This game is based on classic open source2048 Please tell yoursuggestionsto us, so that we could make this even better. Thank You
The Connor Chronicles 0.9.2
A simple quick 2D side-scroller game. No loading screens,nomenus,none of that rubbish.You live the life of Connor, akidallergic toeverything but seaweed crackers.Sprites byDiaanWalker those generous folks outthere,there isa re-skinned slightly harder version available foronly adollar!Check out Neon Runner!
Flappy Bee Games That Give 1.7.6
Bee The Swarm
RAISE MONEY THE FUN WAY! BY PLAYING VIDEO GAMESFund the thingsyoucare most about by playing FREE video games.Flappy Bee! by BeetheSwarm™Fly Bee Fly! Little Bee is flopping in the windybreezefighting to survive to the end! Help thisBee flap his tinywings towin the game. See what all the Buzz is about!Bee Quick! BeeSmart!!Bee Amazing!!!Are you looking for an entertaining and funnygame toplay on the move ??This game includes many features:-Guaranteedhilarity to make you laugh. Bring your funny game face!-Supportthe bee on his journey to the end.- Help him fly... up, up,and upas high as he can go!- Challenging levels andentertainingbackgrounds!- Cartoon like graphics to make you smile:)This is nobird, this is a flapping fighter bee!Make it a familyevent, orjust pass it to the kids for their enjoyment.This game issuitablefor all ages.Download NOW and start playing TODAY!This appis partof the Bee The Swarm social network!Bee The Swarm is acrowdfundingsocial network (think GoFundMe) that uses video gamesto help raisemoney for good causes from around the world! Imagineyour favoritecrowdfunding site and now image that all of therevenue came frompeople picking up their phones and playing a videogame! That’s BeeThe Swarm! Bee The Swarm is dedicated to creating anetwork wherepeople don’t just see things happening in the worldaround them,but get to help support the things they care about themost!Withcategoriestoinclude:AnimalsEnvironmentCommunityInternationalEmergencyArtsEducationAndmore!Starta campaign today and let’s fund a good cause you careabout!Followthe Bee the Swarm community on your favorite SocialMediaNetwork! @beetheswarm
El Matador 1.2
Alcuria Games
Swipe left! Dodge right!Jump out of the way of the bulls thatarerunning through the ring.Enjoy cute graphics andgreatmusic!Compete with friends on the leaderboards!It might bemore funthan flappy bird.
Flappy Speedy Bird 1.3
The Flappy Speedy Bird game is a simple but fun and addictinggamewhere the player is flying through the sky, trying to survivethechallenging surroundings. While the score is increasing - thespeedalso increases and the player needs to show great skills tokeep onthriving. Good Luck!
Smart Bird 1.0
The goal is to go through the pipes without getting hit by themorfalling on the ground. Made with libGDX.
Flapping Bird 1.0.0
BitBull Ltd
OK, so we know there's a lot games involving birds and flappingonGoogle Play, but for one reason and another this became a bit ofalabour of love for us so we thought we'd upload it foryouanyway.Beautifully drawn backgrounds, parallax scrolling,fantasticplayability, smooth animation and great sound (he reallytweets)make this probably the best game of it's genre we reckon.Andthere's a twist too - see those pipes with the little bluearrows?Guide 'Tweety' into one of these and he'll take a shortcut -prettyhandy when crashing into the pipes means you get baked intoapie!!And if you get bored of flapping you can always check outsomeother games by BitBull - try 'Toss The Floppy Frog'!Havefun...psThe full name should be 'Flapping Bird vs The Enormous,Horrid,Pixel Pipes Of Doom!' but there wasn't enough room.
Flappy 2.0 1.5
Copia del popular juego incluye mejoras como laimplementacióndevarios niveles y distintas maneras de jugarlos.Copyof thepopulargame includes enhancements such as the implementationofvariouslevels and different ways to play them.
Flappy Vigo for Tablet PCs
Attention! For optimal game performance, you are recommended tohavea device with at least 200 MB of RAM. I'm recommend 1024 MBofRAM.----------------------------Flappy Vigo - an endless gameaboutflying heads, reminiscent of other Flappy games, but with itsownfeatures.Features:- 4 languages: English, Russian, ChineseandUkrainian;- Different game modes: Omega mode, Blind mode andtheSoviet mode;- New characters: 10 characters from differentgamesand universes to choose from, which have their own music inthegame;- The game has an end: You can finale the game, but onlyifyou score 9999 points. Nobody else could, would you dial?-Highscore table: Beat your record and it will be saved in the menu,atthe top!----------------------------The original creator ofthegame - Maximus Games, he gave me the rights to the game andIposted it on Google Play. For questions about the game,pleasecontact him: (his pageinVKontakte).----------------------------I also warn you, if youturnon several modes at once, there may be performance problemsandmusic in the game. It is recommended to turn off all modesbypressing "Normal mode" and then just turn on some other mode.
Boom Birds : Jump Forever 1.0.8
There is no diversionary things. Just attempt! Boom Boom Boom...Areyou ready for the crazy birds you can see in your life !! Doyouwant to play in the air or land or subway, airplane, traffic?Evenevery time and everywhere? Do you think it's too easy tomanagethem? Lol! Just try... One of them is an old postman and nowhewants to show he’s experience to younger one how to do it. Theotherone is young, fast and talented. Which one is looking goodfor you?Boom !! Can you fly with these birds in the rain or mud orin thewild jungle? Now make your choose and start jumping birds.They areJumper Birds!! Little advice for you; these birds are notangry,maybe furious but they have unstoppable trait. How manypoints canyou get before crash the walls with these jumping birds?Downloadand jump right now! And you can hear beautiful music thatwill outwhile birds fly! This features you can not find in anybirdsapplication: Basic control: just tap on the screen and movethebirds Create competition within yourself: how many walls canyoupass with these birds? Is it easy? Try it! Do you want to seebirdsin great graphics? Come to BOOM BIRDS
Oreo Ocquarium and Nougat Land 5.0
Fly Bugdroid through gorgeous land and meet his friends.OreoOcquarium Land Land is a game based off the Android 6.0 EasterEggwith added Nougat cats and Oreo Mascots. It's new versionofMarshmallow Rush.Features: ✶ Lollipops, Marshmallows, NougatCatsand Oreo Octopuses in one place✶ Various difficultylevels✶Integration with Google Play Servicies✶ Support for AndroidWear✶Added sounds✶ Backported to support Android 4.3 and higher✶You canuse this as your default easter egg✶ No in-apppaymentsTheMarshmallow Easter egg:The Easter egg, created by Googlein 2014,was undoubtedly inspired by the hit game Flappy Bird.Instead ofthe bird and retro-themed pipes, you play Android mascotand thebarriers are Lollipops. One year later with new Androidmascot,Easter egg was also updated. The aim of the game is to passthrougheach Lollipop barrier by tapping on the screen to keepBugdroidfrom hitting the ground.This game allows you to takepleasure inplaying Bugdroid
com.plusbim.superidiotbird2 1.2.9
Flappy, Clumsy Style Game. Super idiot bird is a simple birdgame.Flapping and bouncing Super idiot bird. Come on flap and jump.Theaim of the game is to blow the bird without hitting the columnsbytouching screen. (Fly without touching the bars, pipesandcolumns.) Each transition is one point. Have a good time. HowtoPlay: Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher.
Kawaii Pandas flappy Adventure 1.7
Kawaiiiii Pandaaaaa! The free flappy flap Adventure foryou!!!Howfar can you go? Choose between different panda styles youcan earnand customize your game!
Flappy Star™ 1.0.40
☆ Jump and fly through the sky!!! ☆This is probably the most funandaddictive game of the moment, and its so easy to play :Just taponscreen to make our shinny little Star to jump/fly. Pass troughthecolumns to level up, avoiding the obstacles.You can alsocollectcoins that give you even more points.Try to beat yourfriends HighScore and the World Record! UnlockAchievements/Trophies, Stars andItems!Features :☆ Very Addictive& Fun Gameplay☆ Beautiful &Colorful Visuals with GoodDefinition Graphics☆ Enhanced Physics☆Great Sound☆Tablet-Optimized☆ Coins collection☆ Items to unlock:New Stars,Hats and Backgrounds...☆ Achievements☆ Leaderboard☆Sharingprogress through social networks.Like us to your fun! ;)
Grakula Flap 1.0
Sky Gamer
Diviértete intentando la mayor puntuación posible, pasandolosobstáculos con los Avatar de Grakula y el Hombre Aguilucha,alestilo flappy. Consigue nuevos avatars y nivelesadicionales.Havefun trying the highest score possible, through theobstacles AvatarGrakula and Man Aguilucha, the flappy style. Getnew avatars andadditional levels.
Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3
The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge onthegreedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of eachbirdto destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds featureschallengingphysics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Eachlevelrequires logic, skill and force to solve.

 FEATURES: – Enjoyfunand satisfying slingshot gameplay. – Play all 15 originalAngryBirds episodes – over 680 levels! – Compete against otherplayersin the Mighty League. – Boost your birds’ destructivestrength withpowerups. – Download and play for free! – Playoffline! ------HAVING TROUBLE? Head over to where youcan browse FAQs or submit arequest to our support flock! -----Terms of Use:
 This application may requireinternetconnectivity and subsequent data transfer charges mayapply. Thisgame may include: - Direct links to social networkingwebsites thatare intended for an audience over the age of 13. -Direct links tothe internet that can take players away from thegame with thepotential to browse any web page. - Advertising ofRovio productsand also products from select partners. - The optionto make in-apppurchases. The bill payer should always be consultedbeforehand.
3D Classic Flappy Ball 1.5
Balance Ball provides fantastic game play and accuratephysicsforBalance Ball enthusiasts.3D Classic Flappy Ball isburlingametofully balancing in creative path. In Balance 3D game,you aretooperate a ball, simultaneously keeping its balance.Features:-Free3D Flappy Ball Classic.- Ball is a 3D puzzle, logic,Realistic3Dball animation and balance game.- Control the balltotravelthrough the path and reach the goal portal withinlimitedtime. -Classic gameplay, Deep atmosphere, Moderngraphics,Realisticphysics, Intuitive controls.- You need tomaintain thespeed andmovement.- All direction you can move forreach to thetarget.-Total 10 Levels available for your challenge.-Exciting andFunlevels.- Move left, right, top, bottom by key.3DClassicFlappyBall is introduce by excited madonna redballthroughcheckpoint andcontrolling slap to passed blownatmosphere.BestClassic Flappy 3Dballgame for android in playstore,Specialspeedball for "BalanceClassic Ball" game which can able togive youfully entertainmentto play balanced. Rolling classic ballwith bestfoot gear. Colorline classic ball, Football or basket ballvieweron 3D graphics.Rapid speed ball balance on classicplayer.Rapidspeed ball balanceon classic player.Balance Ball is afree ballbalance 3D gamecombining the elements of arcade andpuzzle, wherean errant ballis the only character. Every new stagewill bring younewchallenges: steep slopes and bends, dangerousareas, barriers-there is no time for boredom.Tags: balance,balance, ball,balling,3D
Ice Cream Flap 1.0.4
Retro Dreamer
Our happy ice cream scoop is back, and this time he's flying likeabird! Flap your way to safety in this all new Ice Creamadventure.Use the coins you collect on your flappy journey to buynewcharacters and accessories.
Death to Birds 1.1.1
Keep your birds alive while flying through fire, spears,smashingtrees and electrocution! Nests allow you to build up anarmy ofswarming birds. If one dies, the next to follow takes overcontrol.Bank tons of coins for shop items or use them to keep goingdeeperinto the death gauntlet!Collect Coins & Unlock our newItems!
Flappy Crush 2.63.2
Tarek Mongy
The game is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and crushanybirds trying to flap through! Features: ◘ Unlock awesome powerupsand unleash them on the birds! ◘ Unlock powerful Pipes withamazingbonuses! ◘ Earn Bone Bucks every turn you play and spendthem inthe Shop! ◘ Customize the birds with lots of hilariousunlockablecostumes! ◘ Unlock 5 different Game Modes! ◘ Same screen2 PlayerMode! ◘ Can be played offline! No Wifi or Internetconnectionrequired! ◘ Cloud save means you can pick up where youleft off ona new device! WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! Lotsof pixelgore inside! (With an option to switch off the blood tomake itless gory)
Flappy Golf 1.4
Be aware! This is not your average 'flappy' game! INSANELYaddictiveso download at your own risk!Flap your way to the holewith thisunique spin on our famous golf game! Using the now famous"flap"mechanic you must get to the hole in the fewest flaps aspossible!Featuring the courses from Super Stickman Golf 2®, FlappyGolf is afun little project we put together for the Flappy Jamgame jam. Canyou get gold stars on all the holes?Features:- Over52 courses intotal! - Everyones favorite courses from SuperStickman Golf 2®-Simple flap controls- Race your Facebook friendsin King of the Holemode!Reviews:- "This game is incredible. I'vebeen playing itnonstop since I've downloaded"- "This is by far oneof the most funand addicting games I've ever played!"- "It seemslike a joke, butsomehow it turns into an amazing hybrid! Easy tolearn and fun tomaster!"
Tapster 1.0
Help Snuffles the Bird go as far as a you can avoiding themovingpipes.Tap the screen to make Snuffles flap his wings andavoid theobstacles.Features:★ Multiple skins★ Cute graphics★MovingObstacles★ Easy at first, challenging at higher level★ Starsbasedon points★ Retro MusicDisclaimer: Tapster game is notaffiliatedwith Flappy bird or dotgears, all in-game content areoriginal andbelong to the creator of Tapster game.
HapiCuti : Cutest hardest game for family & Kids 1.0.2
HapiCuti is now with New levels and more Fun along withthisepisode.Bored with flappy clones? Try this exiting newflappycategory adorable challenging game in its bestentertainingform.HapiCuti is packed with fun,Cuteness,entertainmentfor gamersof all Age.Also you can have items to avoid hit, You canbuypoints,You can select your Mode from easy,medium or hard levelsandstart playing the HapiCuti in its flappy style game play.Nowmoremodes and options are available for everybody.Also you canuseleaderboard to share your score with world and competewiththem.Download it now for your favorite device and have funwithfamily,friends and all.HapiCuti will take you through a newworldof cuteness and adorable characters.StoryThere is a landcalledHapicuti where happiness and cuteness celebrates the wholetime,and our little hapicuties are bored at their home withtheirparents, Now they want some adventures and they are escapingfromtheir Sweet Home with out listening to their parents.They aresoadorable that even the smoothest obstacle on the path can killthemto death.Unknowing the coming danger . Sweet hapicutiesareescaping from the home with their all fun, making sweetestfunwhile flapping through the air.NOTE: Do not play if you are notafan of flappy category gamesFeel free to check the comments and5star ratings to see how users love this game and how itisdifferent from existing games.Have a best Vacation for kidsandeverybody who love games, thanks for awesome support.How to Play*Tap your screen to make them jump with cutest voice, They loveyouwhen you tap them * Move them through the world with outhittingthe obstacles on the way or ground * Use the leaderboard tocompetewith the players around world * Play with in your friendscirclesusing the leaderboard ( press the crown button) * Share thegame toyour friends. * This game is easy for those who master theirfingerconcentration and high patienceModes AvailableKid Mode - Userthismode and let your kids play the simplest game with fun.MediumMode- This mode is for Users that are already experienced withflappytype games.Ninja Mode - Only to Pro users, Challenge yourfriendsto play this mode. Items available * Earn the points or buythemfrom menu through in app purchase allowing you to have a lotsofpoints. * Use this points to buy or occupy the item before thegameplay starts3 items are Multiple points - allow you to earnthedouble points on each coin you take.Extra life - save youfromfirst 3 hits and escape from getting hurt.Healing life - Saveyoufrom hits and also it will get regenerated if you stay outofhits.Features------------✔ User friendly ads✔ No extrapermissions✔ Smallest size and Best graphics and fun MoreCharacters ComingSoon... Enjoy Hapicuti ♥Help us improve our gamesto make it beston the Play Store. We love your feedback. Contact© Copyright United Art Inc. 2014-2015.Allrights reserved.
Sling The Birds 1.0.9
DoVale Games
Get your vengeance! Detonate the yellow birds of Flappy Birdthatmade you so nervous in the past. Make combos and massacre themwithwell-aimed sling shots .Weak shots stuns, but with the strongones,remain only the feathers!Do not let your ammo runs out or sixbirdsfly away to not lose the game.Stone in the sling and good shotisjust what you need!
Lost UFO
The spacecraft keeps its way to the depths of the cold space.Flyingin the vicinity of an unfamiliar planet, there is anaccident onboard, and the ship crashes. The chosen rescue capsulefallshelplessly through the rarefied atmospheric layers to thesurface ofone of the satellites of the planet. Navigate yourflying saucerthrough the dangerous maze filled with deadly traps.
Flappy Bird - Wing 1.8
The game - Flappy Bird -Wing is here!The game version withbestGraphics, varieties and smoother.As you all might know'Faby'.'Wing' is friend of 'Faby'.The flappy bird-wing wants to flyacrossthe pillers by its tiny flappy wings, but the pillers seemsto beendless for it. Can you help the bird to fly across thosepillersand make it as far as possible?Gameplay-The flappy bird-Wingneedto cross the pillers with its little flappy wings.Tap thescreen tomake the bird fly. But beware, the bird don'tlikespillers.Features-Easy touch controls.Variety of backgrounds-Chooseyour favourite background!Variety of Birds- Choose yourfavouriteOne!Leaderboard (Google Play Leaderboard).Achievements(Google PlayAchievements).landscape mode - Tablet users, landscapemode isespecially for you!Don't make the bird angry!Let's see howmuch canyou score!Have Fun! Just tap it!
Flappy Style 1.0.7
Play Flappy Style - The new and improved Flappy Game! It isanabsolutely great casual game and an amazingly addictivetimekiller!Meet many funny and wonderful flappy characters, alldesigned inbeautiful 3D graphics! - Compete with your friends andfind out whothe best Flappy player is! - Beat the Highscore! -EarnAchievements! - Enjoy original Flappy Gameplay in newbreathtakingatmosphere!***Features***> Flap and fly your way tothe top.>Dodge the obstacles and collect flappy coins.>Choose from avariety of fun characters: whether you play asballoon, rocket,bird, oriental monkey, helicopter or unicorn, thechoice isyours!> Earn achievements and get rewards.> Competewith yourfriends.***Upcoming features***We are planning toimplement andcurrently working on the following features:>Additional worlds:unlock new worlds to play in with differentgameplay experiencesand soundtracks!> More characters: We willprovide more and morecharacters with each update!If you've alwayswanted to have the funof the original Flappy game but with enhancedgraphics, coolcharacters to play, enjoyable music and lots ofadditionalfeatures, then this game is for you.Flappy Style wascreated usingUnity 5 to bring you the best graphics possible and ituses catchysoundtracks from Bensound. While all features of thegame can beused for free, we offer coins as in-app purchase so youcan getyour hands on your favourite characters quicker!
Flappy Hedgehog 3.0
Play as a hedgehog in this jumpy adventure. Jump your waypassobstacles to earn coins and a bonus worm power boost. Tapthescreen to play and set a new high score!
Swoopy Bird
Flap your wings fast and cover as much distance as you can inSwoopyBird! In this fun and addictive game you can help the birdflythrough various challenges and obstacles to get as far as youcan.Swoopy Bird comes with built-in leaderboards and achievementstoenable you to compete with others.Coming soon: Even more hazardsandobstacles to keep things fresh and exciting! Possiblymultiplayermode?How far can you flap?
Flappy Wild Bird 1.0
You have to run away from monster who trying to eat you.whenyouescaping from the monster, you will face a long waywithmanydangerous obstacles, your job is to pass these obstacles,andgetenough money to buy many different characters which everyonehavea special features that distinguish it from other.Enjoyingame!Please Rate it Thanks! -Multiple character-HD Graphics
Flappy Edit Creator 1.1.2
Falcon Apps®
☞ Flappy Edit! Cut out the faces of your friends and playFlappyEdit! ☝ ☞ Make fun with your friends! Make fun, get in thering!Flappy Edit allows you to play with the faces of yourfriends!Select and cut yourself the image in your gallery and thenclickSTART! • Use your creativity to track your friends , it'ssimpleand fast with less than 5mb , INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! ☯
Flappy Fish 6.0
Most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets with maxhappiness.More than 500000 players from 122 countries, all of themlike thisfish game. Let super flappy fish swimming in blue sea,practice gamecontrol use your rhythm, this game play is simple andchallenge likeflappy nyan. Use your rhythm to tap fish through herway between thepipes! Use various skins for your favorite, andwatch her crumble inmany funny ways! Help him to flutter and getas far as possible,Collect coins rich your fish. When coin isenough you can buy a newfish that you like most. If You're lookingfor a challenge game likeflappy game, this flappy game is yourbest choice. PLEASE NOTE!Flappy Fish is free to download andinstall. However, some new fishskin items can also be purchasedfor coin that you can collectwithin gaming. So maximum collectcoins when crossing pipes. Collectpumpkin that help you resurrect.Collect coins that you can new fishskins. Swim through the sea asfar as you can, make bubbles, enjoyFlappy Fish game. Features:Play hundreds of challenging and fun.Lots type of fish you canselect. Grab your scuba mask and enjoyamazing graphics.Leaderboard and Achievement. One Touch ControlEasy to play: tapscreen to make the fish swim.
Happy Poo Flap 1.3
Retro Dreamer
Happy Poo is back, and this time he's flying like a bird!Flapyourway to safety in this all new Happy Poo adventure.Use the coinsyoucollect on your flappy journey to buy new charactersandaccessories.