Top 49 Games Similar to Shapes Flow

CORE 1.18
Core - this is a small lightning"ball" that will pull you init’sworld forever, will open for you cool, exciting offline gamesof astylish interface! Download this offline game right now, pressthestart button, and the lightening ball’s "adventures" in theworldof geometric shapes begin!MISSIONThis no Internet game isendless.The goal of the arcade Core is to put a personal record,and evento become # 1 among friends. And to complete a mission andto beatthe record you need to fly as fast as possible, bend allobstacleson the way as quickly as you only can and to collect ALLthebonuses (glowing balls) that you only meet on your adventure.HOWTOPLAY?To bring a Core into a motion, it's enough just to tap onthescreen. The more you press on the screen, the faster itflies.Youneed to make this luminous ball fly into the fallingfigure thatrotates and fly of it out. Each figure has one free edge- theentrance to it, in the same time it’s exit, which will changeit’slocation with the figure rotations . Therefore, get close tothefalling figure, when it is turned by the free edge down, andflyout of it when it turns the free edge up. All thesemanipulationsshould be done until the figure falls. And this willtake just asecond and even a half of a second, so you need to bereally quick!You can not touch the figures!First you will face withsimpletriangles and squares, but the further you go, the hardertheconstruction of figures of this no Internet game are, andtheharder it will be to overcome them. Sometimes neither one, nortwo,but many figures will move towards you. For example, acombinationof stars, or circles, or any other figures that not onlyrotateabout their axis, but they also can move along acompletelyincomprehensible trajectory, may come upon you. In thiscase, youhave nothing to do but look for the passages between themand asquickly as possible slip across. Just do not forget tocollectbonuses - small lightening balls!Download the arcade CORERIGHTNOW, but be careful, because you can become addictive to thisgame!
Learn shapes and forms Games for kids 1.0.9
App Learn shapes and forms help you kid to learn shapes and formsindifferent languages and little tiger Sam will take fun with you.Ourgames improves memory, logic and motor skills"Learn shapes forkids"have seven types of educational games for kids and toddlers -it isthe most then all other apps have: - Learn shapes - showshape andsay it name. Bright and funny pictures provide for easyshapelearning for kids. The name of each object is pronouncedclearly anddistinctly.- Find it - you must find one type offigures from table.This game help to consolidate knowledge fromfirst game.- Find pairs- collect pairs of shapes. Simple pairs tohelp learn shapes withone form.- Memory pairs - collect pairs fromcards, simple memorycards game. This game is not only for learningshapes, but bestmethod for training memory skills.- Find shadow orshape match -find right shadow for shapes and learn it forms. Dragpictures ofshapes to its shadows. It helps to learn forms withoutreference tocolors.- Draw shapes and figures with your fingerconnecting thedots. In this game babies will train to draw shapes.At first tigerSam will show you order of dots and then ask toddlerto do ithimself. This game is good method to improve motor skillsfor babiesand train mechanic memory.- Logic row with shapes - yourkid mustcheck geometric figure from list to complete row.All gamesfor kidshave different dificult level.Our app contain simple,funny, butvery attractive and addicting games, so children canplay withouthelp of parents.Little tiger Sam will help to learnfor all games.Do exercises in games and Sam will praise yourkid.The main skillthat gives the application is differentiatingthe shapes. Learnshapes it is smart educational game will teachyour baby circle,square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram,semicircle, rhombus,star and heart.
Colors and Shapes for Toddlers 1.17
“Colors and Shapes for Toddlers” is a set of educationalanddevelopment games. Basic colors and geometric shapes.***Howtoplay?***The game features 4 main learning modes:- teachgeometricshapes ( rectangle, circle, etc)- teach the colors (allthe colorsof the rainbow)- teach the kids toys (cars, dolls, etc)-a maintest(check the knowledge of the child).Depending on the gameof thechild will be able to see and remember what are those, orotherobjects and forms. Kid may play with the shapes and see howtheyinteract interact with each other. For fixing of knowledge inthegame there is a global test. You will then need to specifytheissues at once on all the subjects in a random order.***Featuresofgame***- Your child become familiar with geometric shapes,learnhow to find objects in the complex.- A little will study thecolorsand try to affect in the subjects.- The child learns thewords,learns what are his toys.- The game will give you a fewminutes ofrest to mom and dad.- The opportunity to get acquaintedwith otherlanguages (If you change the language of the game)- Learnnames ofthe toys and how they sound- Game Improve abstractthinking,develop logic and memory- All the objects, shapes, andcolorsannounced- The original of the test for the fixation ofknowledge-A general review on each of the three themes- Training inthe formof the game- All levels are clear to the child, the game isidealfor self-learning- The game is suitable for children from 2yearsold.
Geometryx: Geometry - Calculator 2.2
Geometryx is an application that allows you to calculate quicklyandeasily the most important values and parameters of plane andsolidfigures and shapes. The application calculates an area,perimeter,circumference, diagonal length, volume, coordinates ofthe geometriccentroid, height, side lenght, angle (acute, right,obtuse,straight, reflex), radius (inner, outer), edges, arclength, linesegments, base area, lateral surface area and totalsurface area ofthree-dimensional geometric shapes. Geometryx is asimple calculatorusing trigonometric functions, Pythagoreantheorem and Thales'theorem. Geometryx also includes the mostsignificant geometricformulas and equations that help you solveany problems and tasks ingeometry.Thanks to this application, thegeometry will become verysimple. Geometryx will be helpful forstudents, teachers,scientists, engineers, technicians, and anyonewho has contact withgeometry.Geometryx = Great Geometry EXperience!List of plane andsolid figures contained in theapplication:Planimetry ( 2D Geometry):- Square- Rectangle-Parallelogram- Trapezoid- Scalene triangle -Isosceles triangle-Equilateral triangle- Right triangle- Simplepolygon- Regularconvex polygon- Circle / Disk- Annulus- Annularsector- Circularsector- Circular segment- Ellipse- Ellipse segment-Quadraticfunction- Cubic function- Intercept theorem- Kite- AnglesandTrigonometry- Rhombus- Incircle and circumcircle ofatriangleStereometry ( 3D Geometry ):- Cube- Cuboid- Rightprism-Oblique prism- Right circular cylinder- Oblique circularcylinder-Cylindrical segment- Cylindrical wedge- Pyramid- Frustum-Obelisk-Prismatoid- Right circular cone- Oblique circular cone-Righttruncated cone- Oblique truncated cone- Elliptic cone-Truncatedelliptic cone- Sphere / Disk- Spherical sector- Spherecap-Spherical segment- Ellipsoid- Paraboloid of revolution-Toroid-Torus- Right hollow cylinder- Rectangular pipe- Prism witharegular base- Pyramid with a regular base- EllipticalCylinder-Spherical Wedge
PIP Shapes - Geometry camera magic collage blur 1.5
Pavaha Lab
PIP Shapes is the best of shape photo frames, It make blurimagebackground with focus photo and add fantastic geometry shapesphotoeditor.Easy to make blur photo background with point blur andfocuseffect. Build awesome selfie blur camera for blurredphoto.Write onphotos with font studio and awesome textgram, addcool texts onpictures, make your pic more better.Create a betterPIP Camera forpic in pic photo collage maker, making creativeframes on photo.Picture in Picture effects very easy to use, justselect photo fromgallery or camera and edit them.PIP Collage have alot of featuresfor photo editor and PIP Magic, add stickers onphotos, add quotes,funny emojis and cute texts.Create wallpaper forphone with blurimage combine with photo filter effects, addgeometric shapes andtext on pictures.Shape photo collage add shapesto photos, editphoto with shapegram, and overlay and mix two photosinto apicture.You can post photo to Instagram with Insta Shapefeature,make square photo with new style and share it.Thank youfordownloading and enjoy PIP Shapes app.
Shape Camera
Geometry Camera is an amazing photo editor created to transformyourphotos into elegant designs with sharp geometric shapes. It isverysimple to use: you can turn your shots into artworks in just afewtaps. Intuitive interface and clean design make the editingprocessincredible fun.Circle, square, triangle, rhombus and othergeometricshapes will help you to transform your photo and makeitunique.Geometry Camera is great for both portraitsandlandscapes.Share fashion and hipster photos with your friendsonsocial networks!Also you can adjust every photo aspectusingGeometry Camera (form) tool• Lot of customized magicmirroreffects.• Brightness• Contrast • Saturation• Blur•Temperature•Shadows/Highlights• Crop• Focus
Learning Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Children Game 0.5.4
“Learn Shapes for Toddlers” is one of our learning gamesforkindergarteners, in which kids study geometric shapesplayingseveral fun educational games for toddlers. These shapesgames willteach your baby to distinguish between various shapes forkids aswell as train your kid’s fine motor skills,intelligence,attentiveness and memory. Let’s learn shapes with fun,quickly andefficiently!The main advantages of our games withshapes:1) Kidslearn shapes - a circle, a square, a triangle, arectangle, apentagon.2) In order to make shapes for toddlers morevisual andmemorable, we came up with funny animations. Our kidsshapespreschool are presented by amusing and cheerful toddlershapes withlive facial expressions and funny movements. Such smartbaby shapeswill not leave indifferent any small kid and will makelearningshapes the most favorite educational activity.3) Study ofshapestoddler preschool is performed with the help of six infantlearninggames for babies to play. These educational games for kidsincludea baby shape sorter, shapes matching games for toddlers,shapesorting games for kids free and a shapes puzzle.4) Learningshapesfor kids is available in several widespread languages -Russian,English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish and some others.Thenames of all forms for kids are pronounced by native speakerswithperfect pronunciation and clear diction. The knowledge ofnewforeign words provided by such learning games for childrenwillhave a positive impact on the further study of languages inthekindergarten and / or at school.5) Our educational games forkidsnursery which provide learning shapes for kindergarten alsotrainfine motor skills, perseverance, memory, attentiveness andotherskills necessary for successful schooling in the future.6) Youcandownload our shapes games for kids for free. Shape games forkidsfree save your family’s budget and allow to educate anddevelopyour baby with the help of educational apps for toddlers ofhighquality.Our learning shape puzzle free games for kids canberecommended as educational games for toddler age 2,educationalgames for toddler age 3 and educational games for 4 to 5year kid.It means that these learning games for babies areperfectlysuitable for both little kids and preschoolkindergarteners.How toplay learning games for toddlers in whichlittle children can studygeometrical shape:All our educationalgames for kids kindergartenare created so simple and intuitive,that its interface will notcause the slightest difficulty, even forbabies. Nevertheless, wewill tell you what our shapes and colorsfor toddlers are and whatlearning games for kids are included:- Atfirst we get acquaintedwith and study kids shapes and colorspreschool. In the center ofthe screen of our shape puzzle games,behind the icon with atrencher-cap, all our merry shapes arehidden. Learning shapes fortoddlers free begins with a red squarefull of life. Then the babypaints its contour and it becomesamusingly animated. The rest ofshapes are learned in the similarway.- Now let’s play 6 learninggames for kindergarten to check andfix the received knowledge: 1)dragging the shapes into the contourssuitable for them;2) playingshape builder - creating various itemswith the help of shapes (asnowman, a roly-poly, a cactus, a fish, ahouse, a tree, a candy, atruck, and so on);3) sorting shapesdescending on the balloon intothe contours to the right and to theleft of the screen;4) findinga pair for a shape out of a number ofdancing forms;5) pulling outan apple, putting shape puzzles on topof each other;6) feeding afunny animal with food of differentshapes, watching the body shapechanges after a certain shapes iseaten.Downloading our “LearnShapes for Toddlers” game you willundoubtedly develop your child'slove for learning and comprehensionof new information from theearliest childhood!
Learning shapes and colors for toddlers: kids game 0.2.2
«Learning shapes and colors» is one of our educational gamesforpreschoolers aimed to teach young children shapes and colors inthemost enthusiastic way for toddlers. With the help of this gamefornursery, preschool kids will learn basic shapes and basiccolorseasily and playfully. Here are main advantages of the gamewhich isteaching kids to learn colors and geometric shapes:1) 5animatedshapes for babies - a circle, a square, a rectangle, atriangle, apentagon. These geometric figures are basic ones, so,having learntthem now, the toddler can easily learn the geometricalshapes ofmore complicated forms in the future, while studyinggeometry forkids at school.2) 10 rich colours for pre schoolchildren - gray,orange, purple, red, green, blue, yellow, white,pink and brown. 3)Learning shapes and colors for little kids isavailable in English,Spanish, Russian and some other languages. So,your baby can dolearning colors name in english as well as colorsin spanish. Thesame concerns learning of any shape. This game forkindergartenersis voiced by native speakers with perfectpronunciation and cleardiction. 4) The kindergarten game trainsfine motor skills anddevelops thinking, logic, memory,perseverance, attention,intelligence, persistence. All thesequalities will help 2 to 3 yrold toddlers study better at school inthe future.5) The color andfigure app includes four mini learninggames. These colour and formgames are aimed to deepen andconsolidate the received knowledge.6)The learning apps have beencreated in the tight cooperation ofchildren’s psychologists,teachers and illustrators. That’s why thegame has such a clear andintuitive, at the same time bright andcolorful, interface. 7) Thisenthralling game is suitable for 2year olds, for 3 years olds, for4 year olds, for 5 years, bothsmall boys and girls.8) The app isfree to download. Freeeducational games are a great opportunity forfamilies with smallbudgets to get education games of high quality.How to play andlearn shapes with colors:After downloading andstarting of the gamethere will be five icons in the centre of themain screen and thebutton for language selection in the leftcorner. Before learningcolours and shapes we recommend parents toselect the language ofthe game. Teaching starts immediately afterclicking on the centralbutton with an academic hat. In the upperpart of the screen therewill be some paint illustrating one of thecolors, and below it -five animated shapes appear, painted the samecolor. The names ofthe color and shapes are pronounced. The childshould repeat theirnames correctly, after the speaker. In this waywe learn all thecolors and shapes. When the first acquaintance isdone, there willbe 4 mini games to fix the knowledge:1. In the 1stgame there willbe a lorry painted in one of the studied colors andmoving shapesof different colors. The task is sorting - to get 5shapes of thesame colors as the lorry into it. 2. The 2nd game is asorter: wesee a moving virtual conveyer producing differentlypainted shapesand boxes of certain colors to the right and to theleft from theconveyor. The task is to sort the appearing shapesinto the boxesaccording to their color. The games number 1 and 2contributegreatly to the development of fine motor skills anddifferentiationbetween colors.3. The 3d game is coloring andpainting. We aregiven a number of colorless shapes and a row ofglasses with paintof various colors. The kid hears the name of thecolor and finds itin the row, then clicks on it. The shape “drinks”it and becomespainted this color! 4. The last game is a kind ofmatching: itshows a kindergarten room with differently paintedshapeswandering. The child hears the voice saying what shape ofwhatcolor should go home. When the kid guesses right, the shapegoes tothe door and disappears.Simultaneous study of colors andshapespositively influences learning of each other.
Baby Panda Learns Shapes
Start your children on a journey to learn four commonshapes:triangle, rectangle, crescent and circle. Let themunderstand andclassify their toys by their shapes. It is more funthan you think!Fun features:- Identifying common shapes;- Sortresembling itemsand toys;- Animated feedback and effects!Makelearning shapessimple for children with fun exercises. See theresult withBabyBus! -- -- -- Design concepts:We focus oninspirationallearning;We focus on skill-building;We focus onbringing funcontents to our young audience;Take the baby bus for anuniquelearning experience!The series introduction:Baby Bus is thefirsttrusted brand in early childhood educational software. Themobileapplications are designed and developed specificallyforpreschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age,theStarter Group for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 andtheProdigy Group for children between the ages of 3 and 6.Theeducational series in the Starter Group pursuits early learningbyintroducing games and songs tailored to your tots. Theapplicationsare aimed at improving their hand-eye coordination andnurturingtheir creativity from an early age.Tips: In the searchbar, enter"BabyBus" to find all of our products.Contactus:E-mail:[email protected]:http://www.babybus.comFacebook:
Preschool basic skills, numbers & shapes 4.13
Shapes, colors, counting games, numbers, basic skills… With“DinoTim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6 years old),primaryschool and kindergarten will learn with no effort whilehavingfun.The educational games are entirely translated intoEnglish but,if you wish so, you can also use Tim the Dino to learnSpanish,French, Italian... You only need to switch languages!Itsuitsperfectly to every age although it’s specifically suggestedforkindergarten, preschool and primary school (3-8 years) andadultsof all ages. The game has voiceover to help children learningtheirfirst words.The game is perfect for the entire family!Enjoytheadventure!Some funny witches have abducted Tim’s family. Becomeasuperhero and help him rescuing them!Thanks to the good witch,youwill be able to fly and collect figures that will allow you todomagic and turn the witches into animals!!Children and adultswillexperience an exciting adventure, solving puzzle games withcolorsand geometric shapes, running, counting, flying, learning,jumpingand doing magic to unblock all the dino-characters and allgamemodes.EDUCATIONAL TARGETS:- Learn to recognise geometricshapes:square, circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond.-Learnto count numbers (1-10) with counting games for kids-Enhancespeed, attention and psychomotoricity with the colorrecognizinggame: red, green, blue, yellow, etc.- Learn first words,letters,consonants and vowels (literacy -abc-) in a fun manner inhisnative language (English).- Start learning a foreignlanguage(Spanish, French, Italian…) for kindergarten, preschool andprimaryschool children (3-12 years old).- Resolve educationalpuzzlesabout different geometric shapes and numbers: squares,circles,rectangles, triangles, trapeziums and rhombuses.- Learn andenhancecoordination and fine motor skill in youngsters.- Developvisualperception of different shapes, numbers and objects inmotion.-Develop attention and concentration in kids in preschoolage andelementary school.Our development studio, EducaGames, haswideexperience in developing educational games and apps thatcombinelearning and fun.Are you looking for free educational gamesforyour children to learn and enjoy at the same time?So don’t missitand download the free educational games: Dino Tim! Parents cantryout the game for free. We recommend purchasing the full versionforchildren.Web:
30 Basic shapes names for kids 4
Learn 30 most important and useful basic shapes with names whichyousee in your daily life and mathematics geometry.Learning orTeachingall basic shapes to toddlers, preschoolers andkindergarten-agedchildren is made simple and easy now. Now you oryour kids can learnshapes fast using this beautifully designed topeducational game.Wonderful right ? We tried our best to keep thisapp interfaceinteractive, creative and as easy as possible.★ WhatShapes areincluded ?✔ The shapes currently included are circle,square,rectangle, triangle, Star, Arrow, Heart, Oval, Hexagon,Pentagon and20 more shapes.★ What more Educational games areincluded ?✔ We makeonly kids educational games. So other gamelinks provided in thisapp are Educational and kids friendly games.They are Numbers forkids, Colors for kids, Times Tables for Kids,Alphabets for kids.★Can we practice shapes after learning ?✔Absolutely, After learningall shapes in this game, re recommendyou to install Practice shapesgame fromhere[[]]★What if we want to learn Only must learn basic shapes ?✔Actually,we divided the learn shapes concept into 2 categories.Basic shapesand pro shapes. This game has all 25+ basic shapesIncluding mathsand geometry which are must learn shapes forstudents. Both areavailable for free. If you want simple basicshapes game, werecommend toinstall[[]]★What activities are included ?✔ Learning shapes usingbeautifullydesigned images.✔ Sounds for each shape name andimage.★ What willmy children learn ?✔ You or your kids will beable to recognize allshapes in your real life. That's amazingright ?. You or your kidswill be able to practice shapes and learnmore pro geometryshapes.Learning shapes is very important in life.We use shape namesatleast once in a day while doing maths, cuttingfruits etc. Wetried our best to teach shapes to students in asimple and easymanner. You can gain good skill and knowledge onshapes. Hope youenjoy this app and have fun!.
Learn Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Educational Game
Shapes is one of our educational gamesfortoddlers in which your child can learn shapes and play shapegames.Invite your baby to a fabulous world of shapes for kids toacquirenew knowledge and skills. The game teaches to distinguishdifferentgeometric shapes and compare shapes for babies with thesurroundingobjects in real life.Features of shapes games:- Shape games for toddlers present 7 shapes for toddlers: acircle,a rhombus, a square, a rectangle, an oval, a polygon, atriangle, aheart, a human footprint and a flower.- Study geometry for kids with fun - there are 3 catchy andfunnypictures of objects of corresponding forms attached toeachgeometrical shape. The name of each object in educational gamesforkids kindergarten is pronounced clearly and distinctly bynativespeakers.- Kids learn shapes playing 3 shape games for kids:1) learning toddler shapes of everyday life objects;2) shapes matching games for toddlers to consolidatetheirknowledge;3) awesome shape puzzles games that will show your childthatobjects of complex forms for kids often consist of simpletoddlershapes lite.- Educational games for kids nursery are very colorful and brightsothis is not only learning shapes for toddlers free but alsolearningcolors and shapes as well.- The names of all kids shapes and items can be learned in6languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese,German.Such a game teaching kids shapes and colors preschool isuseful forfuture study of foreign languages.- All our educational games for kids have intuitive interfaceswhichmakes it easy to play even for toddler age 2, for toddler age3 andfor 4 to 5 year kid, of course.- You can download our shapes games for kids for free. Kidsshapesgames free allow to save family budget and get an educationalappof high quality.How to play shape sorting games for kids free:- Learn smart baby shapes. The 1st icon of the shapes andcolorgames for kids leads the young explorer to a deserted land.Pressthe arrows in the top of the screen to switch between kidsshapespreschool and the 3 objects from everyday liferepresentingeach.- Practice knowledge of kids shapes and colors preschool. The2ndgate of the toddler shape games free brings the adventurer toatropical lake shore. Here learning shapes and colours isimprovedby shifting the shape cards into matching cutouts. Ineducationalgames for children a toddler won't be able to muff astroke. Whenthe child manages to fit the shape of the kids shapepuzzle, thedevice vibrates. Word of appraise is heard to encouragefurtherpractice of shapes and colors for toddlers.- Play puzzles to strengthen the knowledge of geometricfigures.Upon going through the 3d portal of learning games forkids, theyoung player learn shapes and colors finding himself on asandybeach, to play an entertaining shape puzzle game. Five riddlesarerepresented here to learn colours and shapes for kids. Firtree,frogling, house, loco train and helicopter will help yourbabylearn colors and shapes. While learning shapes and colors thekidshould drag variously shaped elements to their places withinthepicture. Only after the baby copes with the first block puzzleofthe learning apps for kids, the next one is available,whichpropels interest to play shapes and colors games for kidsfurtheron.The children educational apps for free can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- learning games for toddlers age 4;- learning games for toddlers age 5.Shape games for kids free like shape builder and shape puzzlescanendow immensely. Our game which is a colors and shapes for kidsappfree preschool is full of adventures and fun. Playing shapesandcolor games for kids will enable to understand the shapedesignconcept and teach to differentiate between basic shapesforchildren, which is also essential for remembering lettersandnumbers.
Shape Pics: Art for Pictures 1.8
Pavaha Lab
Shape Pics collect tons of shapes: heart, circle, line,... tochangeordinary photo, sharing photo to social networks to makepopular andtrending.Art for Pictures combine photo with photoshapes with photoeffects art pro to change photo's colors: Black& White, Retro,Lomo... or enhance pictures with contrast,double exposure,highlights save, white balance...Pics Shape don'tlike other photoshapes, you can add effects, love stickers, lovetexts, font colorsor font size, blur background image and photofocus.Features ofShape Pics★ Add shapes to photo to make amazingpictures.★ Changephoto effects art pro with filters★ Enhance photoquality by imageadjustments★ Decorate picture with stickers,texts, quotes, emojis,funny,...★ Blur photo and focus photo★Sharing to Instagram,SnapchatIf you want to make a unique andimpressive photo, try ShapePics, Thank you.
Learning Numbers and Shapes - Game for Toddlers 0.3.6
“Learning Numbers and Shapes” is one of new learning gamesforkindergarteners developed by GoKids. The game is aimed atlearningnumbers for kindergarten interactive with the help ofshapes forchildren. Thanks to juicy colors and merry animationslearningnumbers for preschoolers will be fun, easy andeffective.Mainfeatures of the numbers game:1) 123 learning numbersfrom 1 to 9.2) Learning shapes - a square, a circle, a triangle, apentagon, arectangle. All the geometrical shapes are used fordemonstrationwhich will help learn to count for toddlers in theplayfulmanner.3) Maths for toddlers is available in severallanguages -your baby can learn numbers for toddlers in English,Spanish,Russian and others. The numbers learning app for kids isvoiced bynative speakers with perfect pronunciation and cleardiction.Multilingual numbers games for kids will help prepare yourchildfor the study of foreign languages in the future.4) Our 123gamesfor children develop attention and memory span, logics,curiosity,perseverance, as well as train fine motor skills.5) Thereare 4educational games for toddlers in our mathematics fortoddlersaimed to fix the received knowledge.6) The baby numbergames weredeveloped in the close cooperation of children teachersandillustrators. That’s why maths games for baby have such asimple,clear and intuitive interface.7) You can download ournumberlearning games for kids for free. Number games for toddlersforfree are a great opportunity for families with small budget togeteducational apps for toddlers of high quality. How to playcountinggames for kids for free:When you download our math fortoddlers, werecommend to select the language of the 123 games forkids free. Tostart learning numbers for toddlers free, you shouldclick the iconwith an academic hat. The study of toddler numbersand countingwill be as follows. On the screen there is one of thenumerals forkids, for example, 1, and one square. Then the kidhears the nameof the baby numbers - “one” and repeats it. Afterthat, to continuegetting acquainted with kids numbers and math, thebaby shouldpress the “forward” button. There will be the “2” numberand twoshapes for babies to illustrate the meaning. In this wayyour childgets introduced to all the toddler shapes and countingfor babies.The children educational games were developed in such away thatyour kid will also meet the rest of the geometricfigures.So, thefirst acquaintance with numbers and forms for kidsis over, andit’s time to consolidate the knowledge playing someeducationalgames for kids kindergarten. Here are these mini numberand shapegames for kids free:The 1st game among learning games fortoddlersage 2 is for checking, how well your baby has learnttoddlercounting 123 kids free. A certain quantity of kids shapespreschoolare demonstrated to the baby and the voice behind thescreen asks,“how many shapes?”. The child clicks every shape andhears countingnumbers for nursery kids learn.The 2nd game of thelearning gamesfor toddlers age 3 is a real geometry for kids inwhich we continueto learn shapes and numbers. There is a greensquare in the middleof the screen and there is a certain number onit. Beyond thesquare there are several animated shapes. The babyshould drag asmany shapes in the green square as the numberindicates. Itcontributes greatly to a better learning how to countnumbers. The3d game of the educational games for 4 to 5 year kid wecan see atwig with a leaf with a certain number. In the free spacenear thetwig there are 3 groups consisting of different quantity ofshapes.The baby is to decide which group of figures matches thenumber onthe leaf. In the 4th mini-game there is a certain numberof chairs.Above the chairs there are 3 balloons with differentnumbers oneach. Some shapes are moving around. The toddler has tofind theballoon with the number corresponding with the quantity
Euclidea 4.17
Euclidea is a FUN & CHALLENGING Way to CreateEuclidianConstructions! > 127 Levels: from very easy to reallyhard>11 Tutorials> 10 Innovative Tools> "Explore" ModeandHints> Easily Drag, Zoom & Pan> No Advertising!Newlevelsare unlocked as you solve the previous ones. You can completethewhole game only if you earn all the stars. But you can buy anIAPthat removes this restriction.“Euclidea has been shown to helpwithimagination, intuition, and logic, all wonderful skillstodevelop.” – appPicker “Euclidea is an absolute joy to play…it’sagame that every math student should have and, in an idealworld,every adult should like.” – Non-Trivial Games***AboutEuclidea***Euclidea is a brilliantly original way to learnabout,explore and have fun with Euclidian Constructions! Your taskis tosolve interesting challenges by building geometricconstructionswith a straightedge and compass. If you design themost elegantlysimple solutions in the least number of moves, you’llearn thehighest scores. Solutions are scored in lines (L) andelementaryEuclidean constructions (E). ***Start Simple andGetSmarter!***Don’t worry if you aren’t a math wizard. Euclideastartsout with simple challenges that guide you through the basics.Onceyou master the fundamentals, you’ll move on to tougher,moremind-bending challenges such as inner/outer tangents,regularpolygons, and more. There are 120 unique challenges intotal, whichare organized in packs for simpler navigation. ***AddConstructionsto Your Interface***When you learn certainsignificantconstructions – such as angle bisectors, non-collapsingcompass,and so on – they are automatically added to theEuclideainterface’s shortcut, which helps you save time and allowsyou tocreate clean, uncluttered drawings.***Easily Drag, Pan&Zoom***Euclidea-created constructions are completely dynamic.Assuch, you can drag to adjust angles, lines, radii and so on.Youcan also easily zoom and pan. This not only makes theexperiencemore interactive, but it allows you to more deeply grasptherelationships between geometric elements, explorevariouspossibilities, and analyze errors.***Instant,AutomaticPrecision***Don’t worry about spending time or efforttrying toachieve perfect precision, because Euclidea automaticallyhandlesthat task by pinning points, lines and circles to the app’scleaninterface.***Additional Special Features***> A helpful“Explore”mode that allows you to see the figure you need toconstruct >An inventory of tools that you create as you progress– you’ll needthese to solve future challenges> Some challengescan be solvedin more than one way, which means you can try adifferent approachand have even more fun***Questions? Comments?Sendin your inquiriesand stay up-to-date on the latest Euclidea newsat
Computer Vision Detection 2.9
The application includes such algorithms:- Camshift-CornerDetector- Viola-Jones Method- Color Detector- Canny Detector-Gray-HSV- Morphological Transformations- Motion Detector-ShapeDetector- FAST feature detector- Facial LandmarkTo usethesealgorithms, click the menu button in the action bar.You canchoosethese screen resolutions:480x320,640x480,720x480,1280x720,1920x1080.And these default haarcascades:Frontal Face(Lite), Full Body, Eye, Frontal Cat Face,FrontalFace(complicated), or load your own cascade.These algorithmsareable:1. Camshift - Just click on the object and it willbetracked2. Viola-Jones method - To use this algorithm you needtoselect the desired haar cascade in the settings and enablethisalgorithm.3. Color Detector - All colors falling in the rangeofcolors you choose will be circled.4. Corner Detector -Thealgorithm looks for angles (singular points).5. Gray - Thiseffecttranslates the image into a halftone mode.6. HSV - Thiseffecttranslates the image into an HSV color gamut.7. CannyDetector -This effect determines the boundaries of the image8. FAST- thisalgorithm detect features on image9. MorphologicalTransformations- transforms images by combining two basicfunctions: erode anddilate10. Shape detector - defines basicgeometric shapes(Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Circle,N-gon)11. Motiondetector - track motion on video stream12. Faciallandmark -detects the person, their landmarks and shows if theperson issmiling.*Application have the advertising, which can bedisabled inthe settings.*
Pythagorea 1.24
Study geometry while playing on squared paper.> 330+ tasks:fromvery simple to really geometric puzzles> 25 subjectstoexplore> 76 geometric terms in a glossary> Easy touse>Friendly interface> Train your mind and imagination***About***Pythagorea is a collection of geometric puzzles ofdifferentkind that can be solved without complex constructionsorcalculations. All objects are drawn on a grid whose cellsaresquares. A lot of levels can be solved using just yourgeometricintuition or by finding natural laws, regularity, andsymmetry.***Just play ***There are no sophisticated instruments.You canconstruct straight lines and segments only and set points inlineintersections. It looks very easy but it is enough to provideaninfinite number of interesting problems andunexpectedchallenges.*** All definitions at your fingertips ***Ifyou forgota definition, you can instantly find it in the app’sglossary. Tofind the definition of any term that is used inconditions of aproblem, just tap on the Info (“i”) button.*** Isthis game foryou? ***Euclidea users can take a different view ofconstructions,discover new methods and tricks, and check theirgeometricintuition.If you have just started your acquaintance withgeometry,the game will help you understand important ideas andproperties ofthe Euclidean geometry.If you passed the course ofgeometry sometime ago, the game will be useful to renew and checkyour knowledgebecause it covers most of ideas and notions of theelementarygeometry.If you are not on good terms with geometry,Pythagoreawill help you to discover another side of the subject. Weget a lotof user responses that Pythagorea and Euclidea made itpossible tosee the beauty and naturalness of geometricconstructions and evenfall in love with geometry.And do not missyour chance tofamiliarize children with mathematics. Pythagorea isan excellentway to make friends with geometry and benefit fromspending timetogether. *** Main topics ***> Length, distance,and area>Parallels and perpendiculars> Angles andtriangles> Angle andperpendicular bisectors, medians, andaltitudes> PythagoreanTheorem> Circles and tangents>Parallelograms, squares,rhombuses, rectangles and trapezoids>Symmetry, reflection, androtation***Why Pythagorea***Pythagoras ofSamos was a Greekphilosopher and mathematician. He lived in 6thcentury BC. One ofthe most famous geometric facts bears his name:the PythagoreanTheorem. It states that in a right-angled trianglethe area of thesquare on the hypotenuse (the side opposite theright angle) isequal to the sum of the areas of the squares of theother twosides. While playing Pythagorea you often meet rightangles andrely on the Pythagorean Theorem to compare lengths ofsegments anddistances between points. That is why the game is namedafterPythagoras.
Shapes and Colors – Kids games for toddlers 2.16
Shapes and Colors is an educational game for kindergartenandpreschool kids ages 2 to 5. Our app contains 15 learningactivitiesfor toddlers that allow them to learn by playing. Thesebaby gameswill allow boys and girls to develop logic, memory,attention,visual perception, fine motor skills and creativity inanentertaining way. Children will face different learningactivitiesin form of entertaining puzzles and challenges.Shapes andcolorshas kids games in English for boys and girls of differentagegroups.Games for 2 year olds:Colors. Place items on correct bedsbycolor. Educational games for kids that develop attention andfinemotor skills.Sizes. Put food into correct bowls by size. Free2year old game to teach pre-kindergarten kids understandsizes.Develops visual perception and attention.Shapes. Fix the sofabyplacing patches into correct places by shape. Toddler puzzlegamesfor pre-kindergarten kids. A game for 2 year olds to learnbasicgeometric shapes.Attention. Feed animals by giving them foodtheyask for. Baby game with cute animals and animations. Toddlergamesfree for 2 year olds.Memory. Clear the room by putting itemsintocorrect places. Memory games for kids 2 years.Games for 3yearolds:Counting game – Serve sweets on correct tables bynumber.Numbers learning app for kids. Allows to learn numbersfortoddlers. 123 kids games for 3 year olds.Building game –Decoratethe room by putting items into correct places. Shapes andcolorsfor toddlers. Shapes game – Sort items into correct boxes bybasicshapes: square, circle and triangle. Perfect preschool gametolearn shapes for kids.Logic game – Divide items into twocategories– for bath and for kitchen. Logic games for childrenage3.Classification game – Sort birds and fish into correcthabitat.Free educational game for toddlers that develops logicandmemory.Games for 4 year olds:Puzzle game – Fill therefrigeratorwith food by moving the items into correct silhouette.Kids puzzles3 and 4 years old. Crafts game – Make paper crafts byputting paperpieces into correct spots. Fun games for girls andboys - craftsfor kids step by step.Colors game – Put clothes intocorrectwardrobes by color. Colors for babies. Preschool games for 4yearolds.Sorting game – Arrange items in the correct order bytheirsize. Learning apps for kids age 4 to 5 free.Matching game –Findand connect two items that work together. Matching gamesfortoddlers and kindergarten kids.Shapes and colorsfeatures:-Educational games for 1 to 5 year olds.- Kids puzzlegames for 3year olds- Learn shapes and colors for toddlers- Helpsindevelopment of basic skills- Counting for kids – learningnumbers1, 2 and 3- Optimized for tablets and phones- Cute animalsforkids: dog, cat, rabbit and fox.- Fully supportsEnglishlanguageShapes and colors is a perfect kids game designed tohelpkids develop in a fun way. The game is also valid for kidswithspecial needs such as autism. Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 yearsoldpre-kindergarten and preschool kids.You will never findannoyingads in our apps. We are happy to receive your feedbackandsuggestions.
Shape Pictures Art: Overlay Photo Editor App 1.5
Pavaha Lab
Shape Pictures Art lets you create best Photos with awesomeshapes.Select a Photo from Photo Gallery or Take a new Photo withCameraand create any of the awesome looking shapes. ShapePhotoEditor app you will get lots of shapes, option to add color toyourshapes and in built photo editor to make your image evenmoreappealing. Overlay Shape Camera is an amazing photo editorcreatedto transform your photos into elegant designs with doodleshapes.It is very simple to use: you can turn your shots intoartworks injust a few taps. Intuitive interface and clean designmake theediting process incredible fun.Overlay Photo Editor Applets youset a photo in another photo with the creative frame.Easily makingyour photo more stunning than other photo frames!Shape Art Appgive an artistic look to all your images using OverlayforPictures. Add custom typography, beautiful layout masks,elegantstickers and shapes.Circle, square, triangle, rhombus andothergeometric shapes will help you to transform your photo andmake itunique. Overlay Shapes is very simple to use, you can turnyourshots into artworks in just a few taps. Intuitive interfaceandclean design make the editing process incredible fun.Shape Picishere for you to embrace it, so start decorating your photostoday!If you're looking for a picture editing app which is unique&extravagant, download Shape Pictures and edit pics!KeyFeatures:-50+ creative shapes for Overlay photo app.- Changeopacity of shapeframes.- Custom color apply on shape.- Enhance thebeauty of youredit with auto tune, contrast, shadow, exposure, hue,saturationand many more.- Create your own story with wide range ofstickers.-20+ magnetic effects giving your shots breathtakinglook.- Add yourideas with a tap and style them with different fontsand colors.-Crop / frame your images into custom for Instagram.Nowtry creativeoverlays with Shape Pictures Art on your pictures andshare them onyour favorite social networks.
lernin: Play to Learn - Educational games for kids 3.5.0
Learn while having fun with lernin: Play to Learn.Hundredsofeducational games about math, numbers, ABC & words,science,animals, music, shapes and colors for kids and toddlers tolearnwhile having fun.Not only does it contain all the games withinourprevious learning apps, it also adds a lot of new funlearninggames to the playground, so your kid never gets tiredoflearning.Learning math, numbers, animals, the shapes andthecolors, vocabulary, the alphabet, and more will be more funthanever with the hundreds of educational games we’ve made, all ofthemdesigned for kids and toddlers from 2 to 6 years old.WHAT WILLKIDSAND TODDLERS LEARN?🔢 Numbers & Math: numbers games andmathgames, basic problem solving (addition and subtraction),logic,patterns and sequences, tracing numbers…👨‍🎨 Art: art gamesdesignedfor kids to learn the shapes and the colors: drawinggames,puzzles, memory games…🔬 Science: these games will help kidsandtoddlers discover the world and how it works: animals,nature,biology, the parts of the body...🖌 ABC & Words: with ourABC& Words games, your kid will become a vocabulary master.Learnthe alphabet, syllables, words & basic reading and writingwithour ABC & Words games!🎶 Music: music makes us happy, solet’smake your child fall in love with it asap! With our musicgames,kids and toddlers will discover different musicalinstruments, howthey sound, the musical notes...PARENTS AREAYou cantrack yourchild’s progress and performance at all times byaccessing theParents Area. There, you’ll find stats & infoabout how yourchild is doing, what educational games they areplaying most, howlong they play for…THE LERNIN UNIVERSEWhen kidsand toddlers playour educational games, they enter a world ofmagic, a world wherelearning is fun. This is partly thanks to ourunique design, intowhich we put a lot of love.Our characters areour favorite part ofthe lernin universe, they fill it with life andjoy, and they'llguide your child’s learning process. Even thoughthey all havetheir own strong personality, it’s impossible not tolove themall!• Nikola: the science guy, innovative, crazy, superfun and abit of a nerd, what can we say, he's electric! He alwaysthinks outof the box and will guide your child’s science learning.•Alan: themathematician. Super intelligent, logical: a totalpioneer. Healways looks very focused, which can often be confusedwithgrumpiness. However, he’s just lovely!• Wolfie: music is hislife.Crazy soul, creative and truly rock & roll! He will makesureyour child tells the different between a violin and a cello!•Jane:dreamy, creative, sensitive and a true romantic, Jane lives inherown world of books, reading & writing. She’sincrediblyintelligent and can make any kid or toddler fall in lovewithlanguage.• Frida: the artsy one! She’s always thinking of newwaysto surprise people, always creating! We’d love to get in herbrainfor 5 minutes, but we wouldn’t be able to handle hercolorfulmind!ABOUT LERNIN GAMESWe are, first and foremost, parents.Andjust like you, we grew up in a time when there were not tabletsorsmartphones, so we understand it can be hard to deal with allthesenew platforms.Our main purpose is to turn screen time intoqualitytime, so you can let your child play with a tablet or asmartphonewithout worrying about what they are doing. Let’sembracetechnology, because it’s a great ally in the roadoflearning.*LERNIN UNLIMITED*Lernin Unlimited is anauto-renewablemonthly or yearly subscription that leta your childplay thehundreds of educational games within lernin withoutlimits.Privacypolicy:
SWIRLY: Colorful Challenge 1.7.1
Be warned that Swirly is a very addictive arcade game, fullofbeautiful colors, shapes and geometry backgrounds which areallpleasure to the eye and ear. It is incredibly easy to play, butnotso simple to win... You play at your own risk! :-)So, let'stapyour screen and start playing now! Good luck, and have fun!Installnow!
Tangram HD 3.6.5
Pocket Storm
The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flatshapes,called tans, which together can form various shapes. Theobjectiveis to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, whichmay notoverlap. FEATURES:+ More than 550 designs: people,animals,buildings, numbers, boats, stuff, geometry and so on.+ 2playmodes: regular & masters. + Hints system for masters mode.+HDgraphics.+ Timer.+ Support app2SD (Android2.2+)+ Somuchmore..Note: later categories are more challenging. Note 2:Shapescan be flipped. Select any shape, then click the button onthe topof the screen to flip it.
Colored Shapes 4.1.0
It is an entertaining and challenging game which improves mentalandmanual skills based on hand-eye coordination for both childrenandadults.Choose the right color and shape combination offallinggeometric figures which is the closest one to the line. Makethebest score and challenge your friends.Beat your friends withyourdexterity!Specifications• Improve your hand-eyecoordination.•Children can learn figures and colors enjoyably.•Compete with yourfriends.• Compete with global players.• Prove yourdexterityagainst challenging velocity.• Become adapted tovariablevelocities.
Shapes for Children - Learning Game for Toddlers
Shapes and Forms for Toddlers is one of our childreneducationalgames for kids of early kindergarten age - from 2 to 5years old.With the help of mobile learning games for kids parentsare able toturn boring education into an exciting and fun class.Now the studyof shapes for kids becomes an exciting adventure foryourchild.Main advantages of shape games:1) Playing shapes gamesyourkid gets acquainted with a variety of geometric shapes - notonlythe simplest shapes for toddlers (a circle, a square, arhombus, anoval, a triangle, a rectangle), but also more complexkids shapes(a heart, a flower, a foot).2) Learn shapes and fix thereceivedknowledge of geometrical shape playing 3 fun mini-gameswhich willnot allow your baby to get bored and will provide evenmorelaughter and fun.3) Shape puzzle games provide learning shapesin17 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian,Italian, and others. The names of all toddler shapes arepronouncedby native speakers with perfect pronunciation. Playingtheeducational games for toddlers your baby expands vocabulary.Theknowledge of geometric figures names in differentlanguagesbroadens horizon.4) Playing shapes matching games fortoddlers,your kid learns not only smart baby shapes, but alsocolors andshapes. Juicy and bright toddler color and shapes aresure toattract your baby’s attention, so he or she will want toknow thename of this or that color. It makes these educationalgames forkids a perfect tool of learning shapes and colors.5) Theshapes andcolor games for kids are created so simple and intuitive,that itsinterface will not cause the slightest difficulty to copewith.6)Like our other learning apps for kids, you can downloadlearningshapes for toddlers free. Shape games for kids free savefamilybudget without any loss of quality in a child’seducation.Whatskills will your baby acquire playing shapes andcolors games forkids?- Shape games for toddlers help develop memoryandattentiveness of your baby, as well as concentrationandperseverance. These skills will be very useful in study atschool.-Learning shape games for kids included in the childreneducationalapps for free will not only help check how well yourchild haslearned baby shapes, but also develop logical thinking andtrainfine motor skills of your baby.- Playing such shape sortinggamesfor kids free, your kid learns to find the similaritiesanddifferences between different kids shapes and colors preschool.Inother words, while learning shapes for kindergarten yourchildtries to observe, remember and compare.Our shapes for childrenwithshape builder can be recommended as educational games forkidsnursery:- educational games for toddler age 2;- learning gamesfortoddlers age 3;- learning games for toddlers age 3-4;-educationalgames for 4 to 5 year kid.How to play colors and shapesfor kidsapp free preschool:1) The 1st game of the app is the mainteachingtool in learning shapes for kids. Your baby will learncolours andshapes for kids in the following way. One of shapes forbabiesappears on the screen and the pronunciation of its namefollows.Three contours lower to the top of the screen, and your kidhas tochoose a suitable one appropriate for the given basic shapes.Ifthe choice is correct, the shapes and colors for toddlersbecomepainted in a bright color. This game can easily be regardedaslearning games for toddlers age 2.2) The 2nd educational gamesfortoddler age 3 - checking knowledge after learning shapesandcolours. Here, the kid will be given eight different formsforkids. The task is to choose a given shape among the eight ones.3)Kids learn shapes and again check the received knowledge. Inthelearning apps for colors and shapes for 2 to 3 yr old toddlersyourbaby will catch shapes already familiar to him. The goal oftheshape puzzles is to catch only the shapes that match theshapeproposed.
Geometry colors 1.57.03
Test your skills and memory speed with geometries and colors inthisawesome game for all ages. Just tap using your fingers quicklytofollow the sequence. Geometry colors is extremely addictive andsureit will be one of our favourite games. How far can you get?HowtoplayTap on the button that is equal to the color or shapethatappears on the screen.Prevent the figures from reaching thedeathline.Remember! You need to follow the pattern of the sequenceinthe correct order.Features- Infinite Mode- Bonus levels togetbombs and extra points- Complex sequences of colors andgeometryshapes- Full Game Services integrationFollow us to improve thegame!Youropinion counts, please help us to improve the game [email protected]
Conexus 2.1.0
Touch the shapes to connect them and make closed cycles.Makeitfast!Two game modes make for a challenging experience.Are you uptoit?
Kids Mosaic Art Shape and Color Picture Puzzles 1.0
Kids Mosaic Art Puzzles is a fun and educational game foryoungchildren aged 2 to 8 years old. It features a large collectionofpre designed pictures which teach color and shape recognitionaswell as hand eye coordination. For the artistic, the appalsoprovides the ability to create your own masterpieces usingseveraldifferent board types and sizes.The puzzles vary indifficultystarting with puzzles that use only a few differentshapes andcolors up to games that require many different colorsandshapes.Kids Mosaic Art Puzzles features:• a variety ofcolourfulpuzzle themes and difficulty levels as well as the abilitytocreate you own designs. • high quality images set againstcolourfulscenes that look great on High Definition (HD) and retinadisplays•authentic sounds and fun effects for every completedchallenge•recreate a variety of beautifully designed mosaics themedaroundanimals, transportation, plants, food and toys •increasingdifficulty as your child progresses through theactivities• teachesvarious shapes including triangle, square,circle, hexagon and 12colors and tones• supports multiplelanguages: English, German,French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Greek,Italian, Japanese, Korean,Norwegen, Thai, Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Turkish,Viet and others• no advertising and 100%kid safe. Fun for thewhole family.Kids Mosaic Art Puzzles comeswith a selection of freepuzzles that can be easily upgraded througha single low costin-app purchase to enable all puzzles. Byupgrading from the FreeApp to the full version you’ll also beentitled to all additionalpuzzles and features added in futurereleases.Mosaic puzzle gameshave traditionally been a fun and earlyeducation learning tool fortots, toddlers, preschoolers,kindergarten, and early school agechildren and are a stimulatinggame for girls and an exciting gamefor boys.• 2 to 4 year oldchildren can practice their hand eyecoordination, matching skills,shape and colour recognition as theyprogress through the puzzlesand enjoy the sounds on completion ofeach puzzle• 5 to 8 year oldkids can try to race against the clockto complete puzzles asquickly as possible and design their ownmasterpiecesWe hope you andyour children enjoy playing what webelieve is one of our best earlyeducation games for toddlers,preschoolers as school agedchildren.Please also check out ourother puzzle games and acclaimedkids educational apps at or follow us onFacebook for the scoopon new app releases and free giveawaysat
FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!
😍Educational games for kids Kindergarten learning free apps&Fine motor skills games became fun! A world of 15 learningkidsgames! Learning games for toddlers age 3 5 with smart babyshapesaddress various topics such as: geometric shapes, colors,logic,sizes, etc!🤗🎓 Welcome to the world of 15 various childrengames inFunny Food 2! 🍒 Funny Food 2: 🍐🍏 PUZZLES - sort out thejumbledfunny foods (Fun learning games for kids 5 years free);🍕ANGLES,PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feedcutecharacters;🛒 FIND & TAP - sort foods into theirappropriateplastic bags (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, thatdevelopsattention);🤔 HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and countthem(Games for children free that develop attention; learn tocountfrom 1 to 5);🍋🚿 SHAPES - water the magical garden, growvegetables,then harvest and count them;🚁SIZES - sort food by sizeand loadthem to the helicopter (Introduces a concept of sorting bysize forsmart kids free);🍐🤓 LOGIC - find a pattern and arrangefoodscorrectly in the tractor's trailer (Kindergarten games freefor 5year old, that introduces to a concept of consistencyandcontinuity);🚛 SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor beltintodifferent pickup trucks (develop attention and logicalthinking);🍒MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (matching gamesfree forkids, attention);🍉🍴 UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods bytracingthe lines and cook various dishes (Memory matching games forkidsfree);👠👒👓 CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (2 yearoldgames free boys develop creativity and imagination);🍋 LEARNSHAPESAND COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color andshape(Introduces to sizes);🍏🐼 COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animalswiththe right amount of food (A kind of puzzle games for kids 5yearsfree that help learn counting and think through math);⚖️COMPARISON- use the scale to weigh the right amount of food;🍓🚰COLORS FORTODDLERS - kindergarten games free for 5 year old: washfruits andvegetables under the shower and sort them by color.💥FEATURES: 💥🍒15 baby learning games for kindergarten and above inEnglish;🍏 Funsound effects and amazing graphics, free games fortoddlers;🍇Amusing characters with lots of animation andinteraction;🍊 Simpleinterface like in learning games forkindergarten;🍓 Basic skills inlearning kids games for children 3 4yrs free: logic, attention andthinking for kids to think throughmath;🍐 Parental control;🤓Exploresmart kids games: think throughmath, fine motor skills games!Totally kindergarten learning freeapps! Keep your child busy witheducational games for kids!🌟AboutMAGE:🌟😍These educational apps fortoddlers have been created byMAGE, who develops interactivechildren learning games for toddlersage 3 to 6.🤗 With oureducational games child will learn thealphabet, letters, numbersand phonics. Our games for preschoolerscomply with the standardsof “Designed For Family”.
Shape Impact 1.7
Action-packed game inspired by material and polygonal design,withbeautiful, original graphics and gameplay never seenbefore.Collideshapes, collect power-ups, test your reflexes andcustomize thelook of the game. Simple one touch gameplay will keepyou seatedand addicted. Features:◉ Customize your game withdifferent themes◉Awesome power-ups to pick up◉ Reflex-basedaddictive gameplay◉ Earnmany different achievements◉ Globalleaderboard - compete with yourfriends!
Plain🔺 1.5
Plain is a simple arcade game where geometric figures undertheinfluence of brainwashing by quadratic equation.. shapes losttheirminds. Be a hero. Save intergeometric universe fromevil!Gamefeatures:💠27 achievements💠10 hard bosses💠Intergeometricmall💠Nicesoundtrack🔵🔶⬜️🔵🔶⬜️🔵🔶⬜️
Survey Total&Gps 5
Survey Total and GPS is a suite of programs used incivilengineering for solving coordinate geometry problems and getdataof total station ,so this application that includes:computeinverse and azimuth calculated bearing and distancebetweencoordinates.bearing and distance between coordinates. andalsoinclude of Intersection By Points to Calculate the coordinatesof apoint by intersecting lines with known coordinates. Can projectaline through when lines don't intersect , in addition toSurveyTotal and GPS can get your location in Latitude longitude andU T Mand also can convert your location from Latitude/longitude toU T Mand from U T M to Latitude/longitudewhen use Survey Total andGPSyou can lunch a map and calculated the area and circumferenceofgeometric shape
The Area: Which is the Biggest 1.2
It's a very simple game. Choose the figure with a bigger area.Gamehas mode with the two figures and mode with the three figures.Inboth modes is only one figure has the biggest area. Game has afewfigures: triangle, quadrangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon,octagonand round. It is a very simple geometric game. Let's tryit!Gamehas:- Simple material graphics- Easy rules- Pleasant music
Shapes Builder (+4) - A different tangram for kids 1.0.1
Shapes Builder is an educational game created by PlayToddlers,inwhich children can enjoy putting geometric pieces ofdifferentsizes and rotations together. After completing the puzzle,and witha little help of magic, they will see how the puzzlebecomes a realobject,person or animal thus enhancing theirimagination. Itincludes many small details pedagogically studied tostimulatetheir learning.Children will learn concepts such as thebasicgeometric shapes, differentiate sizes and colors as well asspatialrepresentation. The game will also trigger their creativityandimagination as they will try to guess which object, animalorperson is being built.Features:- Assemble 36 puzzles withgeometricfigures in 6 different islands, each one with a friendlycharacterwho will help them in their jorney.- At the end of eachlevel, theywill have to do a small "magic trick" by dragging a wandto repeatthe stroke of a figure, thus practicing his fine motorskills.-After they have completed the figure and with the help ofthe"magic trick" they will see how the object/animal or personthey’vejust built becomes real.- Carefully crafted to be used evenby theyoungest child without assistance. A PlayToddlers game: weknowthat we have a responsibility in children’s education, sinceeveryexperience is relevant to their development. We think andstudyevery little detail of our games to make them safe forchildren,easy to understand and empowering.
Fourshapes 1.2
Rekadi balaji
ADDICTIVE!!-there are total of four differentshapesCircle,square,triangle and hexagon-Color the white shapeswith theappropriate color with great timing!!
Shapes Hero 1.0.1
Shapes Hero is a fun and dynamic game. Go only through thesameshapes, but watch out as the shapes will be changing ! The ideaissimple, but playing is not as easy as You can think. There are3different game modes, so You can find one that suits Youbest.Collect stars during the game and buy new shapes in the shoplateron. Download this game, beat your score, compete with yourfriendsand people around the world. Be the first one in theleaderboard!
Kids ABC and Counting
Complete connect the dot puzzles of cute cartoon pictureswhilelearning the English alphabet, counting numbers and simpleadditionand subtraction maths from 1 to 20.Now with bonus lettershapejigsaw puzzles, find the pairs memory training games andflashcardmaths.This educational and fun App helps young childrenlearn thephonic letter sounds and simple words while teachingmatchingskills, memory skills and hand eye coordination.ABC andCountingDot-to-Dot Puzzles has:• high quality images set againstcolourfulscenes that look great on High Definition (HD) and retinadisplaysof both tablets and smart phones• fun sound effects foreveryobject• select from lowercase abc... uppercase ABC... ornumbers123... in each of the dot puzzles• teaches the order ofletters ofthe alphabet from A to Z and the numbers 1 to 26• teachesletternames and phonics as well as written name and pronunciationforevery object• puzzles that can be replayed again after solvinganda star is awarded for each completion• increasing difficultyasyour child progresses through the letter and numberpuzzles•teaches addition and subtraction of numbers from 1 to 20• agreatway for non-English speakers to learn the English alphabetandnumbers• bonus memory skills builder, alphabet shape puzzlesandflashcard mathsABC and Counting Dot-to-Dot Puzzles comes withaselection of free puzzles that can be easily upgraded throughasingle low cost in-app purchase to enable the full set of over70puzzles. With the full version you’ll also be entitled toallfeatures added in future releases.Join the Dot style puzzlegameshave traditionally been a fun and early education learningtool fortots, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and earlyschool agechildren and are a stimulating game for girls and anexciting gamefor boys.• 2 year old and 3 year old children canpractice theirhand eye coordination and matching skills as theyprogress throughthe puzzles on each level and enjoy the sounds oncompletion ofeach puzzle• 4 year old and 5 year old kids can learnto read,write and pronounce the words.We hope you and your childrenenjoyplaying what we believe is one of our best early educationgamesfor toddlers and preschoolers.Please also check out ourotherpuzzle games and acclaimed kids educational appsat or follow us on Facebook for thescoopon new app releases and free giveawaysat
Stacker Plush 1.8
Stacker plush is a Geometric 2d game, which has about 20differentgeometric shapes that you can stack on top of each other,eachlevel has no end. you can go as high as you can. you can stackasmany shapes as you can.this game has, 6 seasons, where youhavedifferent textured shapes. with different music. Shapesinclude,Square, Rectangle, Triangle , Hearts, Moon and more.
Bigeo 0.2
BIGEOBigeo a geometric hardly and reflexive endless challangegame.Pass through of the walls as a proper geometric shape andreach thehigh score. HOW TO PLAYWhile flowing the tunnel youconfront with 4different walls. Each wall have a space on thecenter of wall.Select proper shape to pass through walls. When thetimer is reset,Game speed increasing 5 point. But final speed isonly 50point.Every second you play, you earn 1 score point. Also,you earnextra point with each proper through. (The each properthrough earnspeed/2 point)Reach the highscore and challange withyourfriend.FEATURES-Infinitive Game-4 Different PlayerShape-4Different Enemy Wall- Music BPM increase with game speed.
Shape Puzzle - Matching Shapes 1.0.8
Shape Puzzle is a creative, educational and fun APP. Ashapesmatching game for preschool children to encourage hand-eyeand finemotor development. It includes a wide variety of imagesfallinginto twelve common categories: Animals, Adventures,Sports,Educational, Seasons and Celebrations, Fantasy, History,Nature,Christmas, People and Jobs, Transportation andMiscellaneous.Children will have fun whilst learning to recognizethe shapes andfit them into a cutout silhouette. Shape Puzzle isavailable withsounds in 17 different languages. Features: - Morethan 2,000categorized images. - Improves object recognition andshapematching, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. - Menu andsoundsavailable in 17 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian,German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Greek,Czech,Swedish, Catalan, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian.
Three Shapes Match HD 1.5
Three Shapes Match is easy to learn but hard to master!InThreeShapes Match you are going to tap on one side of the screen toswapplaces of three geometric shapes.Try to match three shapes thatyoucontrol with the ones that are falling down and gainpoints.Butbeware! In Three Shapes Match it gets harder and harderafter everypoint you get - the falling shapes start to changecolours, rotateand even change places!Don't get confused by "ThreeShapes Match"name - this is not a Match Free game! It is way morefun!It isabsolutely free!It is fast and challenging, with shortgamesessions.It is extremely simple and easy to learn.It is eyecandyand colorful.It is super fun!Give it a try!
Colors and shapes for children 4.1
In this educational game, Your child will learn basic colorsandgeometric shapes. The learning process takes place in a funway.InLearning mode baby alone paints the figure in differentcolors,with the names of colors and shapes is announced.In the Gameyourchild to ask questions and he had to choose the correct figure.Thegame takes place from simple to complex, from simple levelsforachieving the required number of points the child moves to thenextlevel. But with the wrong answers the number of pointsdecreases,and drops below the minimum, the child goes to an easierlevel ofthe game. Thus the complexity of the games are adjustedoptimallyfor Your child.The initial level of the game can beconfigured insettings.Also in the game You can disable the ads.Some time afterstarting the game on the advertising banner, thecross appears,when you click on that advertisement is disabled.Disabling thead-free.All elements of the game sounded childishvoice that willgive extra interest to explore Your child.
Geometry Calculator 0.0.2
Aprog Andoro
ALL FREE.More than 100 samples.Squares and triangles areaandperimeter.Pythagorean theorem.Circle Rhombuses and Kites.volumeofrectangular pyramid end cube formula.Formula for thelateralsurface area of a cylinder.Radius of circle in atriangle.Bisectorof an angle of a triangle.coordinate plane withpoints.
lernin: Shapes and Colors – kids educational games 1.5.0
The best way for kids to learn while having fun!"Lernin: ShapesandColors kids educational games" is a collection of 16educationalmini games thought and designed for kids and toddlersfrom 2 to 4years old to learn basic geometrical shapes and colorswhile havingfun. Memory games, coloring games, drawing games,puzzles…Someshapes and colors kids educational games for kids andtoddlersincluded in "lernin: Shapes and Colorseducationgalgames":SHAPESLearn the names of all the differentshapes by theirname and their appearance. Triangles, squares,rectangles, ovals...many shapes to learn!WHICH SHAPE?You kid has toselect the rightshape and the right color from a group of shapes.The name andcolor of the shape will be heard as well aswritten.SHAPESDRAGThere is one shape and three different holes.Your kid willhave to drag the shape to its matching hole. The nameof the shapewill also be heard to help your kid learn it.RAININGSHAPESYour kidwill be shown a shape. Straight after, many differentshapes willappear on the screen, your kid will have to tap on theshape theywere shown at the beginning.SHAPES CARDSThe classicmemoryflashcard game where you have to match every card with itspair,this time taking into account the shape shown onthecard.COLORINGColor the shapes to create original andpersonaldrawings.EMPTY BOARDThe kid will be shown a specific shapeand aboard with many shapes. In order to empty the board, they willhaveto tap on the shape that's been indicated. Shapes will changeoncenot on the board anymore.COLORSBalloons of different colorswillappear on the screen, and the name of the color will beheard.COLORCANDYYour kid will see a lot of sweets of threedifferent colors,as well as three holes of different colors. Theywill just have toarrange the candy by color by dragging it to thecorrespondinghole!COLOR CARDSThe classic flashcard game where youhave to matchevery card with its pair.EMPTY BALLOONSThe screen isfull ofballoons of different colors! Empty it by tapping on theballoonsof the right color following the indications!POPBALLOONSPop theballoons before they disappear! Every time your kidpops a balloon,its color will be heard!HALF SHAPESComplete theshapes by pairingthem with their corresponding "other half".WHICHSIZEA shape, intwo different sizes, will appear; select the rightsize followingthe indications.SIZE ORDERArrange the shapes fromsmall tobig.TANGRAMForm animals by putting different shapestogether!Neweducational mini games are added regularly to help yourkid ortoddler learn more and more about shapes and colors, so staytunedfor updates!Learning shapes and colors will be more fun thaneverthanks to the kids educational mini games available inlernin:Shapes and Colors educational games for kids!Havefunlernin!==================================lernin: Shapes andColorseducational games for kids is ad-free and completely free, soyoudon't have to worry about your kid or toddler tapping on adsbymistake.We update lernin: Shapes and Colors educational gamesforkids frequently, adding new educational games for kids, newsounds,better graphics so kids and toddlers can keep learning whilehavingfun.=============================ABOUT LERNIN GAMES:Alltheeducational games within lernin: Shapes and Colorseducationalgames for kids have been designed by Lernin Games, teamspecialisedon designing and developing educational apps and gamesfor kidsfrom 2 to 4 years old.lernin games was born with theobjective ofmaking screen time quality time. With our educationalgames, kidsand toddlers will learn shapes and colors while havingfun, andparents will relax knowing what their kids are doing.Win-win!
Kids Shapes and Colors 1.0.9
Learning can be fun - especially when your teachers are toys!MeetTeddy, Doll and Horse and learn about colors and shapes.Yourchildren will match shapes, do puzzles and color drawings.Teddywill reward them with a star each time they do well. Let'splay andlearn!Kids Shapes and Colors features six activities thatgraduallyget more challenging so that the child could learn shapesandcolors step by step.Match ShapesMatch geometric shapes withTeddy’sdrawings to learn colors and names of differentshapes.CatchShapesCatch the flying geometric shapes and match themwith theirdrawings.ColoringSelect the correct crayon and colorthepicture.Toy PuzzlesDrag toy parts onto the shape of the toy andputthe toys back together.Match ColorsSort out pencils and crayonsbyputting them in correct places – drawers or pencil cases ofthesame color and learn the the color and name of theobject.ToyShelfPut the missing parts onto the correct toys bymatching shapesand colors.
Metamorphose 1.01
Klaket Medya
2 different game modes Color modeChange color when passingthroughwallsGeometric modeChange shape when passing through wallsAfun andfast game you will not be bored at leisure
Jump High 1.0.2
GC games
Welcome to this colorful world!Jump High is an incredibleone-toucharcade game. Tap tap on the left or right side of thescreen andthe ball will hop. Climb, roll in the sky go high andavoid anytwisting geometric shape or spike. If you smash or hitagainst anyobstacle / spike or hit it the ball will fall downsplitted andyou’ll have to start again. Don't be angry about that.In thebeginning it will be more difficult and you have to focusmore toreach new heights. The more your ball hops the harder isthis game.All obstacles and stymies are twisting faster and fasterand youhave to be quick and to hop and dash very precise to jumpexactthrow the hurdles. Don't touch the spikes! That's veryimportantwhen you want to hop up in this amazing game. Enjoy JumpHigh,climb up roll in the sky like a maniac getting hooked onthisincredible difficult game!Appszoom : “Jump High is anaddictivefree game and a perfect time killer. It's great that thecontrolsare so easy because you won't lose time trying tounderstand them.In addition, once you get used to the game andimprove yourprecision, you will get hooked on it!” Includes: * Freeto play *Quick, intense non-stop action * More than 2048 incrediblerandomtwisting obstacles with different geometric shapes * Enjoythesimple and challenging game play * Simple ball control * Onetouchportrait gaming for any situation * Endless twists and turns:Pushyour skills to the limit and try to beat your friend's topscore :Who will be the first with 2048 points ? * Google Playleader boardand other Google services Easy to learn and difficultto get theball high throw the shapes and stymies In Jump High youaresupposed to be exact,precise, persistent to focus and to havearapid reaction to pass the obstacles without smashing/hittinganygeometric shape. If you are Jump High fan, you instantly gethookedon this game, It is perfect for killing time, leisure,recreationand rapid reaction. What are you waiting for? DownloadJump Highenjoy and don't get hooked on this game! Challenge yourfriendswith the best highscore! Who will be the first, who reach2048points? We will see! :) Warning: If you don’t like being hookedona game or if you broke you phone playing other games youshouldn’ttry Jump High.Download now and push your skills to thelimit inJump High!
Geometry Calculator 2.4
Geometric CalculatorCalculates plane and solidfigures:Triangle,square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus,trapezoid, rectangle,polygon, circle, circle, ellipse.Sphere, cube,box, cylinder, cone,truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncatedpyramid, theoctahedron.For every geometry shape there is step bystep mathsolve solution provided! If you either a schoolkid oranundergraduate this math solver toolkit will be helpfulforyou!Planimetrics:~~~~~~~~~~Triangle- Parties- angles-Area-Perimetersquare- Parties- diagonal- Area-Perimeterrectangle-diagonal- Area- Perimeterparallelogram-Diagonals- Area-Perimeterrhombus- Diagonals- Area-Perimetertrapeze- Area-Perimeterquadrangle- Area- Perimeterpolygon-angles- Areacircle-Area- The length of the arc- Size of the sector-The length of thearc segment- The area of the segmentring- Area-Size of thesectorellipse- Area- PerimeterSolidgeometry:~~~~~~~~~~~~ball-Area- Volumecube- Area-Volumeparallelepiped- Area- Volumecylinder-Area- Volume- The areaof the lateral surfacecone- Area- Volume-The area of the lateralsurfacefrustum- Area- Volume- The area ofthe lateral surfaceprism-Area- Volumepyramid- Area- Volume- Thearea of the lateralsurfacetruncated pyramid- Volumeoctahedron-Area- Volume
Highlights Shapes 1.2.5
Accompanied by a friendly fox — and other animal buddies alongtheway — young children will learn and practice matching, sortingandcategorizing both shapes and colors throughimaginativeactivity-filled worlds. Visit an ancient jungle, themagical deepsea, mysterious outer space and the sweet Arctic! Thepuzzle gamesare woven into engaging stories, and the games increaseinchallenge as you go.Kids willbenefitfrom:·      Development ofcriticalthinking and problem solvingskills·     Creativity and curiosity asthey explore new worlds of geometricshapes andcolors·      Confidence as theymakedecisions and advance to newlevels·     Learning key math skills likematching, sorting and classifying byshapes andcolors·      Identifying andnaming 11shapes and 11 colors·     Development offine motor skills·     Security of anad-free environmentFeatures:·      3progressing levels ofchallenge:o   Ancient Jungle PuzzlePack – 4 shapes + 8colorso   Magical Underwater PuzzlePack – 8 shapes + 11colorso   Mysterious Space PuzzlePack – 11 shapes + 11colors·     Optional FREE Sweet ArcticPuzzle Pack – 8 shapes +11colors·      Audio of up to121combinations of shapes andcolors·     Hilarious surprises anddelights to engage children alongtheway·      Track progress, skip andreplayfunctions·      3 language options(USEnglish, UK English, Spanish)This app is fun, creative,confidencebuilding and developmentally appropriate — brought to youby theearly childhood experts at Highlights and the Italiancreativestudio Colto. Highlights Shapes for kids ages 2+ is anideal firstapp and is easy for young children to play on their own.It’splayable in English (US + UK) and Spanish.MORE ABOUTHIGHLIGHTSSHAPESPREPARES CHILDREN FOR SCHOOLAs children progressthroughHighlights Shapes, they’ll develop creative thinking andessentialproblem solving skills, both critical for the start offormalschooling. PROMOTES FUN, MEANINGFUL LEARNINGHighlightsShapescombines geometric, sorting and matching skills that arecrucialfor preschoolers to grasp, with the fun of anengaging,age-appropriate game. Children will learn valuable mathandvocabulary skills all while having a blast traveling throughnewand exciting worlds! PROMOTES CONFIDENCE AND CREATIVITYInthisgame, children will foster confidence, creativity and curiosityasthey make decisions, build colorful geometric scenes andexplorethree exciting environments. DEVELOPS FINE MOTOR SKILLSAschildrentouch and drag each colorful shape, they’ll develop theirfinemotor skills. INCREASES VOCABLUARY As they correctly match andsorteach object, children will hear their shapes and colorsrepeatedaloud, helping them learn new words and increase theirexistingvocabularies. ABOUT USHighlights for ChildrenFounded byeducatorsDr. Garry and Caroline Myers in 1946, Highlights was builton thebelief that “Children Are the World’s Most ImportantPeople™.”Today, 70 years later, every “Fun with a Purpose™” productis stilldesigned to help children become their best selves:creative,curious, caring and confident.Colto Colto is creatingimaginativeand educational mobile play experiences for kids aroundthe worldbased on original and branded properties. Our team — madeup of aMum/Teacher and talented Game Designers, Developers andMarketers —strives to develop high quality educational apps thatkids love andparents trust. Our games are ethical, safe anddesigned to benon-addictive for kids.
Shapes 1.1
Never Lucky
Time your moment as the shapes enter their frames. Seems tooeasy?It's up to see! Challenge your friends to find out who hasthebragging rights!You can contact us on:Facebook-[email protected] any suggestions or bugreportsemail us at the above address.Feeling lucky?