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Turtle Jumper 1.0
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♣♣ GAME FEATURES ♣♣♦ 100+Levels♦ 3 Different Game Modes♦ Amazing HD High quality graphics♦ Great sound effects and musicThis cute little turtle loves two things, he loves to jump andeatdelicious lobsters. He is a very good runner. And a die hard fanofeating lobsters. He keeps running and looking for lobster atthesea beach. He like running and jumping on the lobsters. Whenhecatches them can’t control to eat. You might have seenmanyjumpers, but this turtle jumper is the unique one. Itsrunning,jumping in sea beach, and hunting for the lobsters. But aswe knowthe sea beach is a dangerous place too. Not to just jumphere andthere recklessly. When turtle starts running and jumping inthebeach, to hunt for the lobsters, there are lots of obstaclesanddangers in his path.This turtle is very hungry. He needs food. So he came out inthebeach with hunger dash. He knows where to find deliciouslobsters.But turtle has to be aware about the dangers in the path.There aremany obstacles in path of him and the delicious grass. Heneeds tojump over all the obstacles. For this he need to be a goodjumper.He needs your help to hunt for the grass and to be a greatjumper.So you come in charge. You need to guide the turtle to thelobsterand whenever there is any obstacle in the path, tap on thescreento make the turtle jump.In the way the turtle keeps collecting grass. There aremanyobstacles and dangers you need to avoid by tapping on thescreen.Use the spring pad for mega jump. When the turtle runs overthespring pad, it jumps higher than normal to reach up to theupperfloor. He feels like flying and continues hunting formorelobsters.