Top 49 Apps Similar to Kunci Jawaban TTS Lontong

Reedy. Intelligent reader 3.1.1
Read e-books, articles, any texts and web pages fastandcomfortably.Switch easily between regular reading, speedreading(up to 3000 words per minute!), and text-to-speech.★ Reedyopensfiles, web links and any text received from other apps★Supportedformats: epub / fb2 / html / txt; including booksinzip-archivesFEATURES✔ 3 reading modes: regular, speedreading,text-to-speech voice reading;✔ Styled text, images, tables,links,footnotes: all the elements can be displayed right in thereader;✔Extraction of the main content from web pages;✔ Easy andintuitivenavigation through the book. Table of Contents with autocreationeven for plain text files;✔ Convenient and informativebookmarks;✔Ability to select, copy and share any text from thedocument.Intelligent sharing of quotes – customize the text toshare, attachthe book title and/or author name in one tap;✔ Lockingof thescreen orientation in the reader;✔ Customizable text size –use thepinch-to-zoom multi-touch gesture;✔ Light/day anddark/nightthemes;✔ Automatic book encoding detection;✔ Quick listsof recentfiles, web documents and bookmarks;✔ Clean, simple andintuitiveinterface.SPEED READINGIncrease your reading speed in1.5-2 timesstraight away! If you wish you could read 3 or even 4times fasterthan usual without the slightest loss of meaning.Reedyuses atechnique called RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation)allowingyou to read with any comfortable speed. Words are shownfast oneafter another on the same place of the screen whichincreases thespeed of perception of every single word. With RSVPyou can readbeing entirely absorbed into a book.Look straight atthe displayedword and try to perceive it without subvocalarticulation. Also,don’t forget to blink. This recommendation canbe applied not onlyto reading :) You should never let your eyes’surface getdry.Increase the speed when you get used to and thinkyou’reready.✔ Touch the screen to play or pause;✔ The speed ofreading isup to 3000 words per minute with a possible gradualacceleration;✔Progress bar and time left till the end of a book;✔Quick previewof the full text (including text formatting, images,tables, etc.)during a pause in the speed reader;✔ Smart slowing –reducing thespeed at punctuation marks and complicated words;✔Focus mode – thefocus point is shifted closer to the beginning of aword;✔Navigation through the sentences and paragraphs;✔ Switcheasilybetween the regular reading and the speed reading;✔ Usevolumebuttons to control the speed reader:— Press any volume buttononceto stop or proceed the reading. Press and hold to navigatethroughsentences;— Or just use volume buttons for quickspeedadjusting.HOW TO BEGIN THE READING✔ Open a file from yourdevice orsd-card using built-in file manager.Formats: FB2, EPUB (noDRM) /KEPUB, TXT, HTML + reading books in ZIP-archives.✔ Send a webpagefrom your favorite web browser, Pocket, Feedly, Evernote;✔UseReedy for opening books from another apps and clouds (GoogleDrive,Dropbox, etc.);✔ Copy any text or link and paste it intothereader.Also you can simply share it withReedy.CONTACTSExtensionforChrome:★★★ ★ ★Languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese,Dutch,RussianHelp with translations: you’vemetany difficulties in some file or web document, please let usknowby e-mailing at, and don’t forget toattachthe problem document.
@Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)
Listen to the app read aloud or read on screen web pages,newsarticles, long emails, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF,OpenOfficedocumens, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, AZW and FB2 ebooks and more.It's anHTML reader, document reader and ebook reader all in one,both forreading on-screen, or listening when your eyes hurt,malfunction orare busy elsewhere. FEATURES: * Open text, PDF, DOC,DOCX, RTF,OpenOffice documents or HTML files from Android filesystem forreading aloud. * Click "Share" or "Send by Email"button/menu itemin any app to send text to @Voice Aloud Reader foraloud readingover speakers or a headset. * When sharing web pagesto @Voice,their menus, navigation, ads, other junk are removed,leaving cleantext to read or listen. * In WhatsApp use Export Chatfunction tosend chats to @Voice for listening * If "Share" is notavailable,copy text in another app and paste it into @Voice foraloudreading. * Save articles opened in @Voice to files forlaterlistening. Construct listening lists of many articlesforuninterrupted listening one after the other. Order the listasneeded, e.g. more important articles first. * Read eBooks onscreenwith their original formatting, images shown, turn pages orreadcontinuously. Or put headphones, turn off screen and listen!*Handles Chinese and Japanese vertical text (right to left mode),orswitch it to horizontal mode if preferred. * Easily addsavedPocket articles to @Voice reading list - in Read List screen,pressMenu - Add articles from Pocket, then read on screen orlistenbeing read aloud. * Record spoken articles to sound files -WAV(uncompressed) or OGG (compressed) formats supported. *Long-pressword and/or select a longer phrase to viewdictionaries,translations, Wikipedia, Web search and more. * Speechcorrectionfor TTS, optionally using Regular Expressions (RegEx)*Desktop/laptop Google Chrome browser extension to add articlesto@Voice reading list with one click. * Easily controlspeechgenerator volume, pitch and rate of speech. * Pause/resumespeechas needed with wired or Bluetooth headset buttons, plusclickNext/Previous buttons to jump by sentence or tonext/previousarticle on list. * Auto-recognize the language to useappropriateTTS voice, if available, or set your preferred voicesmanually with"Select language" menu item. * Options for additionalpause betweenparagraph, start talking as soon as a new article isloaded or waitfor a button press, start/stop talking when wiredheadset plug isinserted/removed. * Optional sleep timer to stopspeech after agiven timeout. * Now compatible with Smart HeadsetAssistant- WANTTOBETA TEST NEW RELEASES? Join @Voice BetaTesting:
FullReader - all e-book formats reader 4.2.1
FullReader is a multifunctional e-book reader app. It issuitablefor opening PDF and DjVu files, magazines, comics and alsoforlistening to audiobooks and working with documents onsmartphonesand tablets. SUPPORTED FORMATS fb2, ePub, txt, PDF, doc,docx, cbr,cbz, rtf, DjVu, DjV, html, htm, mobi, xps, oxps, odt,rar, zip, 7z,MP3. CONVENIENT AND STYLISH INTERFACE This Androidbook reader hasuser-friendly interface with clear navigation andconvenient layoutof all options and tools. Choose either classiclight theme orbrand new black theme which is energy efficient forAMOLEDdisplays. Select how to display book covers - in the list orintiles. FILE MANAGER Enjoy convenient Explorer that allows toscandevice memory and find all supported file formats, search forbooksaccording to various criteria and considering additionalparametersand benefit from full-featured toolset for operationswith fileswithin book reader app. MY LIBRARY The e-book readersection withconvenient and well-structured book sorting accordingto variouscriteria. It offers an option to create a list ofFavorites andyour own personal book Сollections. Collections mayinclude fb2,ePub, txt, PDF, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, DjVu, DjV,html, htm,mobi, xps, oxps, odt, rar, zip, 7z, MP3 files. CLOUDSTORAGESFullReader offers integration into Google Drive, DropboxandOneDrive so that you can save storage space on your smartphoneortablet and synch your books between severaldevices.OPDS-CATALOGUES Use this Android book reader to add yourfavoriteonline libraries and download necessary books directlywithoutleaving the app! CUSTOMIZABLE TOOLBAR Switch the tools andtheirposition on the toolbar in the reading window according toyourneeds and preferences within reader. READING ALOUD Benefitfromthis e-book reader option and the variety ofcustomizableparameters: TTS engine, speed and tone of reading,voice and colorof highlighting of the currently read text fragment.BUILT-INTRANSLATOR The translator integrated into FullReadersupports 95languages and does not require an installation of anyadditionalreader dictionaries. NOTES AND BOOKMARKS Create colorfulnotes inthe text highlighting the important fragments and makebookmarks oninteresting pages! Manage all your notes and bookmarksin thereading window or from a special menu section within thebookreader app. All notes are grouped by books and can be exportedintothe separate document. Now bookmarks can be added in audiobooksaswell! DAY/NIGHT MODES FullReader offers optimal color schemesforreading window so that you can enjoy your favorite e-booksindifferent daytime. There is also an option allowing tosetautomatic switch of modes. TAP-ZONES Set a quick access tocertainoptions and tools of the e-reader app right during readingprocess.SETTINGS This book reading app offers wide settings whicharedivided into quick (available in the reading window), advancedandgeneral. Brightness control option is represented in a formofwidget that can be invoked right in the reading window. BOOKINFOThe section which contains detailed book info, tools forbasicoperations with book and allows to edit and add new infowithinreader. MP3 FullReader supports audiobooks in MP3 format. Youcannot only play audiobooks, but also make bookmarks whileplayback,create your own playlists and control overall readingprocess.WIDGETS AND BOOK SHORTCUTS Create book shortcuts and usewidgetsfor quick navigation to reading window right from thedisplay ofyour device. LOCALISATION This Android e-reader isentirely adaptedand translated into such popular worldwidelanguages: Russian,Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Italian,Vietnamese.
PDF Reader 6.5
PDF Reader is one of the best reading tools. It can help youtoeasily manage, and open all the ebooks on your phone.Supportsebook formats: PDF, DjVU, XPS (OpenXPS), FictionBook (, Comics Book formats (cbr and cbz), plus - startingwithversion 2.0 - EPUB and RTF. Key features: * Pages or scrollview.Page flipping animation. * Table of contents, bookmarks,textsearch. * Bookmarks on text fragments (comments or corrections)-useful for proof reading. * Export of bookmarks to text file.*Built-in file browser, quick recent books access. * Onlinecatalogs(OPDS) support. * LitRes online book store support. * TexttoSpeech (TTS) support. * Hyphenation dictionaries; * MostcompleteFB2 format support: styles, tables, footnotes. * Additionalfontssupport (place .ttf to /sdcard/fonts/) * Support forChinese,Japanese, Korean languages; autodetection of TXT fileencoding(GBK, Shift_JIS, BIG5, EUC_KR). * Day and night profiles(two setsof colors, background, backlight levels). * Brightnessadjustmentsby flick on left edge of screen. * Background texture(stretched ortiled) or solid color. * Paperbook-like page turninganimation or"sliding page" animation. * Dictionary support(ColorDict,GoldenDict, Fora Dictionary, Aard Dictionary). *Customizable tapzone and key actions. * Autoscroll (automatic pageflipping) -start using menu/goto/autoscroll or assign actionAutoscroll on keyor tap zone; Change speed using volume keys orbottom-right andbottom-left tap zones; stop - tap any other tapzone or key. * Canread books from zip archives. * Automaticreformatting of .txtfiles (autodetect headings etc.) * Styles canbe customised in widerange using external CSS. * Select text usingdouble tap(optional). Disclaimer: This app is base on EbookDroidcode, andlicensed under the GNU General Public License. EbookDroidcode: GNU General PublicLicense:
German Dictionary Offline 4.5.1
The free offline German dictionary application explains themeaningof German words! Definitions are based on German Wiktionary.Thisis a monolingual German dictionary: words must be entered inGermanlanguage. Features ♦ More than 113000 words and large numberofinflected forms ♦ Fast as it works offline, internet is usedonlywhen a word is not found in the offline dictionary ♦ You canleafthrough words using your finger (swipe right and left) ♦ Easyandfunctional user interface, optimized also for tablets ♦Bookmarksand search history with option to backup your bookmarks ♦Crosswordhelp: the symbol ? can be used in place of single unknownletter.The symbol * can be used in place of any group of letters. ♦Randomsearch button (shuffle), useful to learn new words ♦ Shareworddefinition using other apps, like gmail or whatsapp ♦Compatiblewith Moon+ Reader and FBReader Your settings ♦ Black andwhitethemes with user defined text colors (pressmenu-->selectSettings-->click on Theme) ♦ Optional FloatingAction Button(FAB) supporting one of the following actions: Search,History,Favorites, Random search and Share option ♦ PersistentSearchoption to get automatic keyboard at startup ♦ Text tospeechoptions ♦ Number of items in history ♦ Customisable font sizeandline spacing Questions: ♦ Question &Answers: ♦ No voice output? Please followinstructionshere: ♦ Information aboutpermissions used bythe application can be found here: Wordpronunciation works only if voice datahave been installed in yourphone (Text-to-speech engine). In caseMoon+ Reader does not listmy dictionary: open pop-up "Customizedictionary" and select "Opendictionary directly when Long-Tap on aword" ⚠ An offlinedictionary needs memory. In case your device haslow memory, pleaseconsider to use the onlinedictionary: application developers: ✔ This application providesDictionaryAPI for 3rd party developers, please read furtherdetails: Thisapplication requires the following permissions:INTERNET - toretrieve the definition of unknown wordsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (akaPhotos/Media/Files) - to backupconfiguration and bookmarks
Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary
TTdic Russian to English & English to Russian is a freeofflinedictionary (vocabulary) with easy and functional userinterface,covers over 177.000 words. Features: • Very efficient,fast andgood performance • Training feature (with flashcards) •high-speedsearch options • Search filters - search for suffix,prefix(startswith, ends with) • Voice recognition • Works offline •You can addmarked words to the favorite list • Creating bookmarkand addingwords to bookmark list • Keeping of Looked-up words inhistory( asday,month ...) • Creating bookmark and adding words tobookmark •Sharing in other apps • Search in Clipboard • Sounding ofword ormarked text (Text-to-speech engine) Description window isopened asclicking on the word. You can minimize and maximize thedescriptionwindow with swipe function. • The option of searching,sounding andsharing of marked word in the description window. •Description ofselected word are opened on the same window. • TabletUI Support -Setting • Changing option of text size • Changingoption of UIcolor • Clearing option of Bookmark, Favorite, Historylist • Youcan change the size of text with clicking on down/upvolumebuttons. • You can change the color of UI with doubleclicking ondown/up volume buttons. • You can change descriptionview positionon landscape mode (description view on left/right)TTdic is offlinedictionary, offline dictionary needs memory. Youcan givesuggestions, comments and legal questions related todictionary tothis address.
Spanish Dictionary - Offline 4.5
This free offline Spanish dictionary explains the meaning ofSpanishwords. Definitions are based on Spanish Wiktionary. This isamonolingual dictionary only in Spanish, i.e. words must beenteredin spanish. Features ♦ More than 61900 spanish definitionsandconjugation of verbs ♦ Fast as it works offline, internet isusedonly when a word is not found in the offline dictionary ♦ Youcanleaf through words using your finger! ♦ Easy and functionaluserinterface, optimized also for tablets ♦ Bookmarks and searchhistorywith option to backup your bookmarks ♦ Crossword help: thesymbol ?can be used in place of single unknown letter. The symbol* can beused in place of any group of letters. ♦ Random search(shuffle):useful to learn new words ♦ Share word definition usingother apps,like gmail or whatsapp ♦ Compatible with Moon+ Readerand FBReaderYour settings ♦ Black and white themes with userdefined text colors(press menu-->select Settings-->click onTheme) ♦ OptionalFloating Action Button (FAB) supporting one ofthe followingactions: Search, History, Favorites, Random searchand Share option♦ Persistent Search option to get automatickeyboard at startup ♦Text to speech options ♦ Number of items inhistory ♦ Customablefont size and line spacing You can listen tothe word pronunciation,provided that voice data have beeninstalled in your phone(Text-to-speech engine). An offlinedictionary needs memory. In caseyour device has low memory, pleaseconsider to use the onlinedictionary: Answers: Information aboutpermissionsused by the application can be found here: for application developers: ✔ Thisapplication providesDictionary API for 3rd party developers,please read furtherdetails: Thisapplication requires the following permissions:INTERNET - toretrieve the definition of missing wordsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE(aka Photos/Media/Files) - to backupconfiguration and bookmarks
Explanatory Dictionary of Russian language
Russian Explanatory Dictionary is a free offlinedictionary(vocabulary) with easy and functional user interface,covers over151.000 words. ★ Features: • Favorite words • Bookmark -Rename abookmark - Sorting a bookmark • Adding notes to word •History( asday,month ...) • Adding new words • Editing words •Random wordbutton • Search filters - suffix (starts with) - prefix(ends with)• Text-to-speech (TTS) (word or selected text) • Voicerecognition• Night mode • Backup/Restore (File & Dropbox ) •Tabsvisibility - you can show or hide tabs (in settings). ✓SupportsAndroid N ✓ Tablet UI Support • Changing text size onthedescription window • Sharing in other apps • The optionofsearching, sounding and sharing of marked word in thedescriptionwindow. * Description window is opened as clicking onthe word. Youcan minimize and maximize the description window withswipefunction. - Setting • Changing option of text size •Changingoption of UI color • Clearing option of Bookmark, Favorite,Note,History list TTdictionary dictionaries are offlinedictionary,offline dictionary needs memory. You can givesuggestions, commentsand legal questions related to dictionary tothis
Talk FREE - Text to Voice - Read aloud
With Talk, your phone will speak what you type. Make your phonesayanything you want in many languages! Let your phone read thenewsfor you! It supports importing web pages directly from thebrowserto listen to them. You can also import text from any otherapps.Features: - Text to voice - Read web pages - Play / Pause /Stop -Export audio as WAV file - Lots of languages (internetconnectionrequired for some) Uses: - Reading news or books -Helpful forvisually impaired people - Helpful for speech impairedpeople -Helpful for people that had wisdom teeth removed - FunThere's apaid version available WITHOUT ADShere: phone must have a Text-to-Speech enginge for Talk towork. Ifit doesn't have it you can download it from Google Play.Dependingon the TTS engine, some languages that appear in the appmay notwork. G+community:
Advanced Offline Dictionary 3.0.5
Offline English Language Dictionary FREE * Works completelyoffline!No internet connection needed! Perfect for your studies! *Thesauruswith over 300,000 straightforward definitions withsynonyms. *Advanced search system: - Search inside definitions andexamples -Search using different criteria: word start, exact matchor anysubstring * Listen to the definitions using American orBritishaccent with Android's built-in Text-to-speech synthesizer.* Readdefinitions with two font sizes. Optimized for phones andtablets! *Saves your phone's data. The app installs itselfautomatically inthe SD card if possible. * Improve yourvocabulary! The ideallexicon to find American Englishsynonyms/antonyms, word etymology,verbs, and more. This app issupported by ads. If you like theapplication, please considerupgrading to the ad-free version tosupport the development. Thanks:) FAQ: Q: How can I share adefinition? A: Just press 2-3 secondsover the translation and youwill be presented with a menu with allavailable sharing in thedictionery options based on the appsinstalled in your device(Email, SMS, etc) Q: How can I change thespeech accent? A: Just goto Menu --> Settings and select thelanguage. Currently, 2English accents are available: * English(US) * English (GB)DISCLAIMER: The text-to-speech (TTS) technologymay not be availablein some devices. To check if your phone isable of speech synthesis:Menu -> Settings -> Voice input& output ->Text-to-speech settings. If not installed, yourdevice may ask youto install the TTS engine. An internetconnection may be required.We recommend installing it beforetravelling as roaming data tariffsmay be very expensive. Thisdictionary is based on: - Webster'sRevised Unabridged Dictionary(1913), a public domain resource. -WordNet®, a lexical referencesystem whose design is inspired bycurrent psycholinguistictheories of human lexical memory. Englishnouns, verbs, adjectivesand adverbs are organized into synonymsets, each representing oneunderlying lexical concept.
PDF Reader Classic 8.0.39
PDF Reader for reading and viewing any PDF, DjVu, documents,books,files, presentations, comics, music notes. It has all thatyou needand even more for free! It reads formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI,DjVu,FB2, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, CBZ, CBR, TIFF, ODT PDF Readeris agood book reader and easy file viewer for all popular formats.FreePDF Reader can reads : - PDF - EPUB and EPUB3 - Mobipocket -MOBI -DjVu - FictionBook - FB2 and - Plain text - TXT -Kindle -AZW, AZW3, - HTML, XHTML, MHT - Comic book archive - CBZ,CBR -TIFF Reader and TIFF Viewer - OpenOffice and LibreOfficeformats(ODT, RTF) PDF Reader Classic has many features: - Scandevice andcreate the library - List all the PDF Files stored inyour phone,browse PDFs you have for PDF Reader - Configure coversize andcolumns count - Custom color themes, day and night switcher- Filemanager with cover preview and file information (Author,Title,Size, Date) - Go to the next page by the tap on the screen,volumekeys or hardware keys on e-ink device like Sony, Nook, Onyx -AutoScroll the document, real-time speed control. - Comic Viewerforcomic books (CBZ, CBR) - Kindle book reader for (MOBI, AZW,AZW3,PRC) - Dictionaries and Translations from the app (onlineandoffline) - Open PDF with password - Convert PDF to text,changetext size - Support CSS for EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, AZW - Readbooksfrom the archive (.zip) - Custom book backgrounds like a readoldbook or your own - Text-To-Speech or TTS reading aloud withanylanguage - Export bookmarks to email or to .txt file -Backgroundand text color for Day and Night separately - Desktopwidget forrecent books or for starred - Pages preview, bookmarks,table ofcontent - Music mode for musicians - Full-screen readingmode pdffile - Multi page TIFF Viewer - Speed reading or Fast readmode(RSVP) for all formats and PDF It's too many functional towriteabout all of them it's better to try the PDF Reader Classic
EGW Writings 2.1.2
Ellen G. White is the most widely published Seventh-dayAdventistauthor. Her ministry spanned 70 years, from 1844 until1915. Guidedby the Holy Spirit, she exalted Jesus and pointed toScripture asthe basis of one's faith. Ellen White wrote on a widevariety ofspiritual and practical topics, from spiritual, tohealth,education, ministry, financial and marital advice. Her bestknownmost translated work is Steps to Christ, followed by the 5conflictof the ages series: Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets andKings,Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, and The GreatControversy.Ellen G. White is also credited as the co-founder oftheSeventh-day Adventist ChurchEGW Writings for Android enables youtodownload The Complete Published Writings of Ellen G. White.Thisfree app is available for Android v.2.2 through v.4.4. TheEGWWritings app allows users to download the books individually orasa collection. It is available in 9 languages: Chinese,English,French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,andSpanish. The App is great for reading EGW Writings or for wordandphrase searches within an individual book or your entirelibrary.The Study Center allows you to create topical foldersforbookmarks, highlights, and for creating your own notes. Theappalso includes 7 Bible versions in English for direct linkingtoBible references within Ellen White's writings. The app includesacontemporary dictionary of Ellen White: Noah Webster’s1828American Dictionary. A special feature of this app islivestreaming of available MP3 audio books in all website. It also has Text-To-Speech (TTS)audioplayer for listening to audiobooks of any content in theEGWWritings app.
eReader Prestigio: Book Reader 6.3.3
eReader Prestigio: Book Reader is a multi lingual, multi formattextand audio books reading app. Intuitive interface in over25languages and an in app store library with over 50,000 text(forchildren and adults) books and Text-To-Speech (readalong)functionality. ☆ Prestigio ebooks reader is cool - book andtextreading never been simpler - you can read text files inmultipleformats including epub, html, fb2,, txt, pdf, mobi,epub3,djvu and multiple other text and audio book formats. ☆ Tiredofreading? Switch on Text-To-Speech and let the application readthetext book file for you! Kids books read along - let us readthebest bed time stories for you. ☆ Personalize your reading:✔Material Design and simple navigation - its cool ✔ MultipleShelfThemes and in book backgrounds (add your own) ✔ Scan libraryforspecific file and text book formats ✔ Inbuilt dictionary withColorDict ✔ Text-To-Speech for reading books aloud in multiplelanguages✔ In-App Store best books in epub & fb2 formats ✔ Homescreen,Recent books, In book Menu, Android Home Widget ✔ Multiplefonts,sizes and styles for best and cool reading ✔ Night mode ✔BooksCollection – create, edit and store your books, organizedbydesired criteria (genre, author, added time or series) andviewthem in covers or list views ✔ File Manager - easily findyourebook or text file and set of enjoying reading your stories✔Synchronize your books and text files from cloud services suchasGoogle Drive, One Drive & Dropbox directly intobookscollections ☆ Create ebooks My Prestigio account to ✔Synchronizebooks between devices library (only synchronize textfiles whereyou left off, not full library) ✔ Download free books(adult andchildren) and texts from In-App ereader book store ✔ Buynew booksfrom in-app ereader book store ✔ Keep downloaded books inthePrestigio Cloud ✔ Create wish lists ✔ Book Purchase Vouchers☆Smart ebooks search function on your device ✔ Scan your librarytoquickly find text files and books ☆ Multiple book formatssupportereader supports the following ebooks formats: ✔ Text files:epub,djvu, html, fb2,, txt, pdf, mobi, epub3 ✔ Audiobooksstories & video files in books ☆ Multi lingual UserInterfaceSupport 25 Interface languages supported and growing:English,Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch,Portuguese,Greek, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Latvian,Lithuanian,Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Bulgarian,Belorussian,Serbian, Ukrainian and Kazakh ☆ Online epub book store✔ Over50,000 books - start reading and enjoying your stories ✔ Justtwoclick book purchase with ereader vouchers ✔ Discover best andcoolbook releases, but also best free children & adult booksandtexts ☆ Coming soon: ✔ PDF reader ✔ ebooks library for kids ☆Ourachievements - Featured application in 88 countries - TopDeveloperIf you like our ereader application, please rate it andrecommendit to your friends
Poet Assistant (English)
A set of offline tools to help with writing poems (currentlyonlyEnglish is supported): * a rhyming dictionary, using theCarnegieMellon University pronunciation dictionary. * a thesaurus,usingthe WordNet thesaurus. * a dictionary, using theWordNetdictionary. * a screen where you can enter your poem text,have itread aloud back to you by the device's text-to-speechengine, andsee the word/character count. The dictionaries are builtin theapp. No internet connection is required to use them. This appisopen source:* Since 1.5.0, the app has the "run at startup"permission for the"Word of the day" feature. If you enable thisfeature in thesettings, when the device reboots, the app makes surethe "word ofthe day" notification is still scheduled. Looking forotherlanguages? This app only contains dictionary data for English.Ifyou are looking for other languages, please contact thedeveloper.Note: This is the original Poet Assistant app. It iscompletelyfree, truly offline (no internet permission), no ads, andno in-apppurchases.
AlReader -any text book reader 1.931910300
Program is designed for reading fiction book. - Bookreadercompatible with Android 1.6+ - read formats: fb2, fb3, fbz,txt,epub (no DRM), html, doc, docx, odt, rtf, mobi (no DRM),prc(PalmDoc), tcr. Supported ZIP and GZ archives. - It is possibletospecify an encoding of reading file (include 932, 936, 949,950code page). - Support Text-To-Speech (TTS) (permission to thecallsneed to stop tts while calling) - Support network libraries(OPDS)- Local library. The selection of authors, series,title,publication year, genre. - Supported interface languages:russian,english, german, greek, ukrainian, belarusian, polish,chineze,bulgarian, turkish. - Supported external dictionaries. -Fb2 andTXT file editing. If a file is in an archive, edited fileisunpacked to the same directory as the original one. - Itispossible to select code page for file names in zip. -Correcthyphenation for 20 languages. - Four profiles withindependentfont, color, brightness, gamma correction and indent oftext. -One- and two-page mode with automatic switch to the two-pagemodein landscape. - Configuring of display styles (headings,citations,abstracts, etc.). Each style includes font, color, textstyle, textsize, shadow, indent, spacing and so on. - Search. -Autoscroll"wave" and "slide". - 3D paging animation. - Initialletter to oneor two lines of text at the beginning of each chapteror paragraph.- Independent setting of all items in the status barand footer forwindowed and full-screen mode. - Support for displayof footnoteson the page for fb2- and (most) epub-files. - Thehorizontal andvertical alignment of text on the screen. - Hangingpunctuation. -"Sections from a new page" option. - Navigation inthe text: bypercents, by pages, to the beginning/end of the text,10 pagesforward/backward, to the next/previous chapter. - Table ofcontentsin fb2-, doc- and epub-files. - 9 tap-zones for short andlongtaps, gestures, gestures with two fingers, resize text by"pinch",to assign the actions for buttons. - Support E-Inkscreens.Adaptation of appearance for the E-Ink screens, support of"fast"refresh for many EINK devices. - Fixation of screen rotation.-Support 9.png skins with automatic selection of one- ortwo-pagemode. - Upon selection of embedded texture, backgroundcolor istaken into account, i.e. mix of textures and colors. -Clock behindthe text. - Quotes, bookmarks, text labeling, sendingthe selectedtext to third-party programs. - Creating shortcuts forbooks on thehome screen. - Save / restore program settings / styles/ currentprofile (+fonts, +skins) / text styles. - Ability to holdscreenbacklight (up to 20 minutes of inactivity). - Fine-tuningofvarious indentations, adjusting software shading of the screen(ifminimal hardware brightness level is too high for comfortableuse).- The program collects anonymous statistics of open booksforcreating the top -100 authors and books. This top -100 isavailablein program. - Synchronize reading position via network orfilesystem.
Portuguese Dictionary Offline 4.5
The free offline Portuguese dictionary application explainsthemeaning of Portuguese words! Definitions are based onPortugueseWiktionary. This is a monolingual Portuguese dictionary:words mustbe entered in Portuguese language. Features ♦ More than65300 wordsand large number of inflected forms ♦ Fast as it worksoffline,internet is used only when a word is not found in theofflinedictionary ♦ You can leaf through words using your finger! ♦Easyand functional user interface, optimized also for tablets♦Bookmarks and search history with option to backup your bookmarks♦Crossword help: the symbol ? can be used in place of singleunknownletter. The symbol * can be used in place of any group ofletters.♦ Random search button (shuffle), useful to learn new words♦Compatible with Moon+ Reader and FBReader Your settings ♦ Blackandwhite themes with user defined text colors (pressmenu-->selectSettings-->click on Theme) ♦ Optional FloatingAction Button(FAB) supporting one of the following actions: Search,History,Favorites, Random search and Share option ♦ PersistentSearchoption to get automatic keyboard at startup ♦ Text tospeechoptions ♦ Number of items in history ♦ Customable font sizeandline spacing You can post your suggestions on ♦Question & Answers: ♦No voice output?Please follow instructions here: ♦ Informationabout permissions used by theapplication can be found here: Wordpronunciation works only if voice datafor portuguese have beencorrectly installed in your phone(Text-to-speech engine). In caseMoon+ Reader does not list mydictionary: open pop-up "Customizedictionary" and select "Opendictionary directly when Long-Tap on aword" ⚠ An offlinedictionary needs memory. In case your device haslow memory, pleaseconsider to use the onlinedictionary: application developers: ✔ This application providesDictionaryAPI for 3rd party developers, please read furtherdetails: Thisapplication requires the following permissions:INTERNET - toretrieve the definition of unknown wordsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (akaPhotos/Media/Files) - to backupconfiguration and bookmarks
Text to Speech (Voice Effects) 2.3
AppSmart Inc.
With Text to Speech , your phone will speak what you typewithcharacteristic sound effects. Make your phone say anything youwantin many languages! You can easily convert Text to Voicewithcharacteristic effects. Let your phone read the news foryou!Features: - Text to voice - Play / Pause / Stop - Export andShareaudio: Messenger, WhatsApp, E-mail, Viber... - Lots oflanguages(internet connection required for some) - Lots of Accentsand SoundEffects (pitches) Text to Voice Reader Uses: - MakingSounds forcharacters - Making Sound effects for your videos. -Reading newsor books - Helpful for visually impaired people -Helpful forspeech impaired people - Helpful for people that hadwisdom teethremoved - Fun with Friends :) NOTE: Your phone musthave aText-to-Speech enginge for Talk to work. If it doesn't haveit youcan download it from Google Play. Depending on the TTSengine, somelanguages that appear in the app may not work.
Caller Name Reader: Shouter 4.00
Voice notification does pretty much what the app name says itdoes.It reads out your notifications for you so you don't have toreadthem yourself and it comes with some more features like callernameannouncement, message reading, battery state announcement,locationproximity announcement. It comes with lot of customisationoptions.What the app can do :- 1) Notification reading.(jellybean(4.3) andabove) 2) Battery level announcement whilecharging. 3) Locationproximity announcer 4) Battery and ChargingState announcement. 5)Caller name announcement while the phone isringing. 6) Missedcalls announcement if you get a missed call. 7)Text messagesreading. 8) Time announcement at user definedintervals. (Fullyavailable only in pro version) 9) Voice reminderUse cases :- 1)During cycling or bike rides. 2) For truckers andlong distancedrivers. 2) Read out game's notifications. 3) Callername andmessage announcement will let you know if the call ormessage isimportant even if you do not have the device in hand 4)Batterylevel announcement while charging will let you know when topick upyour phone. Following customisation option are available:-1)Select apps whose notification you want to read. 2) Option toshoutonly the app name (notification sending app) for each app.3)Customize prefixes. 4) Option to disable message readingforunknown numbers. 5) Option to read message content. 6) Optiontoenable announcement only if headphone is connected. 7) Optiontoenable announcement only if screen is off. 8) Option to repeattheannouncement. 9) Master control for all shout. (WIDGET support)10)Silent hours - Hours during which shouter doesn't announce.11)Read Unknown numbers for call and message announcement. 12)Shaketo mute. 13) Screen on/off to mute. 14) Announcement history.Joinour Facebook page to be part of development.( ). Your featurerequestwill be put in the "Coming soon" section. COMING SOON :-1)Blacklist contacts Please mail me or post in Facebook pagewithyour custom feature request and feedback. I will try toimplementit. Highly optimised so it won't slow down your device.please givea 5 star rating and support. Mail me for errors intranslation.
PixWords® Scenes 1.66
PixWords Scenes is a new amazing game from the PixWords®family.Find all words from a crossword in a picture/scene. You canchooseyour native language or any foreign one to enrich yourvocabularyby playing the game. Main features - Ability to switchbetween manydifferent languages and return to the languages youplayed beforewithout losing your progress - Beautiful graphics andvisualeffects - Support for landscape and portrait mode - play anywayyou like The first game of the PixWords™ family - CrosswordswithPictures became a worldwide hit (over 15 million users onvariousplatforms). The game was localized to 50 languages and heldthe #1spot in the TOP Overall in more than 15 countries.
Odia Dictionary (New) 1.2
Odia Dictionary (New)One of the Best Odia Dictionary in can learn Odia Language very quickly and easily fromthisutility application. Odia Dictionary Contains more than30000English words with more than one Odia Meanings and mostpowerfulfeature is all data is offline you don’t need Internetconnectionto use this Odia Dictionary.This Odia Dictionary ContainsQuiz can test you Odia skills using this multiple choicequiz andyou can improve your Odia.Also we have add Text to speechfunctionsso you can use that functions too to learn ProperWordPronunciation.Features :- Simple and User friendly UI- morethan30000 English Words with more than one Odia Meanings-OfflineSupport- small size- Fast ResponseYour suggestions aremuchvaluable for us so don't forget to provide feedback after usingtheapplication.
English Dictionary - Offline 4.5.1
The free offline English dictionary application explains themeaningof English words! Definitions are based on EnglishWiktionary. Fastsearch, easy and functional user interface,optimized also fortablets. Ready to go: it works offline withoutany further file todownload! Features ♦ More than 336000 englishdefinitions and largenumber of inflected forms ♦ You can leafthrough words using yourfinger (swipe right and left) ♦ Manageyour bookmarks, personalnotes and search history ♦ Crossword help:the symbol ? can be usedin place of single unknown letter. Thesymbol * can be used in placeof any group of letters. The fullstopsymbol . can be used to markthe end of a word. ♦ Random searchbutton (shuffle), useful to learnnew words ♦ Share word definitionusing other apps, like gmail orwhatsapp ♦ Compatible with Moon+Reader, FBReader and otherapplications via share button ♦Backup&restore configuration,personal notes and bookmarks onlocal memory, Google Drive, Dropboxand Box clouds (available onlyif you have installed theseapplications on your device) ♦ Camerasearch via OCR Plugin,available only on devices with back camera.(Settings->FloatingAction Button->Camera). The OCR Pluginhas to be downloaded fromGoogle Play. Your settings ♦ Black andwhite themes with userdefined text colors (press menu-->selectSettings-->click onTheme) ♦ Optional Floating Action Button(FAB) supporting one of thefollowing actions: Search, History,Favorites, Random search andShare option; Optional shake actionwith similar actions. ♦Persistent Search option to get automatickeyboard at startup ♦ Textto speech options, including selectionof British or American accent(press menu-->selectSettings-->click on Text toSpeech-->select Language) ♦Number of items in history ♦Customable font size and line spacing,default screen orientation ♦Start up option: home page, mostrecent word, random word or word ofthe day Questions ♦ No voiceoutput? Please follow instructionshere: Note:word pronunciation works only ifvoice data have been installed inyour phone (Text-to-speechengine). ♦ In case you have a Samsungdevice with Android 6 and yougot problems with voice output,please use the default Google TTS(text to speech) engine insteadof Samsung engine ♦ Question &Answers: ♦Keep safe your bookmarks and notes,please read: ♦ Information about permissionsused by theapplication can be found here: ♦Download alsothe other livio offline dictionaries available inGoogle Play for abroader and unique experience In case Moon+ Readerdoes not list mydictionary: open pop-up "Customize dictionary" andselect "Opendictionary directly when Long-Tap on a word" ⚠ Anofflinedictionary needs memory. In case your device has low memory,pleaseconsider to use the onlinedictionary: application developers: ✔ This application providesDictionaryAPI for 3rd party developers, please read furtherdetails: Betatesters,please read: Permissions Thisapplicationrequires the following permissions: INTERNET - toretrieve thedefinition of unknown words WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE(akaPhotos/Media/Files) - to backup configuration and bookmarks
Librera - reads all books, PDF Reader 8.3.28
Librera Reader is a light-weight and free book readingapplicationthat will devour almost any e-book format one can throwat her:PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, RTF, AZW,AZW3,HTML, ODT, XPS, CBZ, CBR, TIFF, PDB, MHT and OPDS Catalgos. Italsosupports reading out loud, using whatever TTS engine installedonyour device. The application is just under 14MB, withthefeature-rich and highly customizable interface to ensure amostcomfortable reading experience one can imagine on anAndroiddevice. Librera Reader is intended as an all-in-onereplacement forall your reading apps. Just switch to Librera Readerand never lookback! Moreover, it's constantly under heavydevelopment with theultimate goal to implement all the wishes ofits users. Librera:boasting 10+ million installations! Book ReaderInterface ✔ Modernreading design ✔ Change theme and accent colors ✔Night or daytimetheme (Substratum friendly) ✔ Book display as alist or grid ✔Change the size and look of book covers ✔ Librarysearch ✔Favorites list ✔ Recent list ✔ Notes and bookmarks in allformatsBookshelf (Library) ✔ Search for EPUB, FB2, PDF, etc.documents andcreate a library ✔ Add and remove folders ✔ Filteredbook search:by title, author, series, genre, etc. ✔ Book displaysorting: byauthor(s), genre, series, size, etc. ✔ Open folders w/imageassortments as books (bookbinding) Reading settings ●Changebackground and font colors ● Solid and textured backgrounds(workfor all formats, even PDF and DjVu) ● Select fonts fortext,titles, italics, etc. ● Change reading direction (LTR, RTL)●Intelligent white space cropping ● Night mode ● Lock page inplaceto disable accidental dragging ● Accurate PDF text reflow ●Pagesplitting ● Multi-word text search ● Honored document's CSSstylesfor EPUB, AZW, AZW3 and MOBI books ● Contents presentation intheform of nested hierarchy ● Commenting and drawing in PDF files●Thumbnailed page display in Go To ● Open password-protectedPDFdocuments ● Accurate multi-line text selection w/ draggablehandles● Manual brightness adjustment (+auto-brightness setting)●Configurable tap-zones ● Text alignment, indents, linespacing,additional fonts ● RSVP speed reading for all supportedformatsUnique mode for musicians ● Automatically scroll sheets atanadjustable speed ● Fast transition between previous and nextsheet● Return to the first sheet ● Notes and drawings ●BookmarksLearning foreign languages ● Listen to audio files withinLibrera(internal media player) ● Read aloud (using stock andcustomText-To-Speech engines) ● Dictionary lookup(installeddictionaries: GoldenDict, ABBYY Lingvo, ColorDict, etc.)● Onlinesearch for word meanings and passage translations(GTranslate,, Oxford, Longman, Cambridge,Collins,Merriam-Webster, Vdict, etc.) PDF reader and PDF viewer ●Find allPDF documents on the device ● File manager, cover view ●Changingthe document's background ● Day and night theme ● Notes,comments,and bookmarks ● Automatic scrolling at an adjustable speed● Voicereading (TTS Reader) ● Opening of password-protecteddocuments ●Page splitting ● Option to prevent accidental pagedragging Comicbook reader and comic book viewer ● CBZ, CBR formats(CBZ Reader) ●Thumbnail view ● Remember reading position on bookclose or/andexit Advanced ● Opening any book (epub, fb2, mobi, pdf)packed inzip-format ● Opening documents in emails, file managers,and othersources ● Exporting notes to a file or an email ● Exportand importbook and app settings (automatic) ● Widget on the desktop● Pagesharing as image ● Support for offline Calibre libraries(search,meta-data, covers) ● EPUB3 multimedia support (video andaudio) ●Office doc formats LibreOffice, OpenOffice (ODT, RTF) ●Support foronline book Catalogs (Gutenberg, Manybooks) search anddownload
WordCookies Cross 2.4.0
Are you ready to become the world’s best Word Cookiesbaker?Challenge yourself with this brilliant delicious game! WordCookiesCross is a sweet mix of both your average crossword puzzleand wordscramble games. Decorate your Word Cookies withdeliciouschocolatey icing, connect the letters to form words, andcompletethe crossword baking pan!🍫🍩🍭 You’ll be addicted for hourson end!HOW TO PLAY • Swipe the alphabet cookies to complete thecrosswordgrid on the baking pan . • Fill up Jack's cookie jar withextrawords you find to earn coins! FEATURES • Explore 500+crosswordpuzzles more challenging than the last! • Claim your dailyrewardsto give yourself an extra boost. • Collect extra words tofill upthe cookie jar & receive more rewards! • Get your veryownbaking tool collection. • Find the starred cookies for clues! •Funto play alone or invite your friends over! • No need to rush!Withno time limit, enjoy the game at your own pace! • Great forwordiesto enhance vocabulary and spelling! • Play whenever, onlineandoffline! NOTE • WordCookies Cross contains ads that varyfrombanners, interstitials, videos to house ads. • WordCookiesCross isfree to play, however, you may purchase in-app items likeAD FREEand coins. Need Help? Have Questions? Please contact Visit Our Website: on Facebook to StayUp-to-Date ** AppPermissions **[Required Permissions] - None [Optional Permissions]- Photo /Media / File: required storage access permission to savegame data[Permission setting and withdrawal method] - Android 6.0+:DeviceSettings> Application Management> Select App>RevokeAccess - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access bydeletingapplication ===============================
Narrator's Voice 7.9.25
Narrator’s Voice app lets you create and share amusingmessagesusing a narrator’s voice of your choice. With a wide rangeoflanguages and reliable, pleasant sounding voices. Simply speakortype a message, then choose the language, voice and anyspecialeffects for the app to use. The end result is acustomizednarration of your original message, which you can shareas desired.Videos are one of the hottest projects for Narrator’sVoice,letting the narrator explain or comment on whatever’shappening onthe screen. In fact, many people have been using theNarrator’sVoice app to add audio to their YouTube videos, givingthem adistinct voice that enhances the overall video’s vibe. Canbeequally successful when used with still images, slideshows,e-learning projects, or anything else that could benefitfromuseful commentary or clarification. People are sharing itindroves.Millions are using it, and many are thrilled withit.===FEATURES=== • Convert text to audio file MP3 or video MP4andshare on social networks • Create or open text file, read aloudit,or export/share text as audio/video file. • Your phone willspeakwhat you type. • With many voices with effects in manylanguages. •Provides expressive and natural sounding voices. • Makefunnymessages with your friends TIMELINE. • Best text to voice andtextto speech (TTS) app • Include pinksheep voice (pink sheep),MLGvoice - Daniel UK, CORTANA voice and others... • RecommendedbyYouTubers [they uses this app] • Works offline after save audio•Great for YouTube channels ✪ BEST text-to-speech TTS ✪
Word Town: Search, find & crush in crossword games 2.5.4
Like word finding games? A free crossword game withaddictivelandscapes is coming! Search and find hidden words, crushlettersand collapse! Time to enjoy daily brain training with yourfriends.In Word Town, there are 3000+ mind challenging puzzles totest yourspelling, imaginative puzzle themes to boost yourbrainpower, funcross words to enhance your vocabulary, andattractive citylandscapes to fresh your eyes. HOW TO PLAY - Simpleand easy! Justswipe up, down, left, and right to connect lettersand make words.- Every puzzle has a challenging theme, includinglove, fashion,education, games, etc. - Plan ahead to pick words inright order.Restart or shuffle when get stuck. - Search and findcross words tocrush letter blocks and solve puzzles. - Completepuzzles to unlockbeautiful city themes. MAIN FEATURES - A classiccrossword game toconnect letter blocks, simple and easy to play! -Well-designedpuzzle themes, train your brain and sharpen your mind!- Numerouscrossword puzzles, search cross words and enjoy blastfun! - Citythemed landscapes to travel around, make your own trip!- Freeoffline word game, play anywhere! Want a fun way to killdailyboring time with your friends? Enjoy a lovely time when eatingsoupor making cookies? Just download Word Town, start to searchlettersand find words, enjoy the best crossword gameever!================================== If you have any suggestionsonWord Town, please do not hesitate to contact us. You caneithersend us a message in Word Town, or email or follow us
Word Trek - Word Brain streak - hand made puzzles
Word Trek - Word Brain streak: Hand-made puzzles, designed totickleyour brain cells! Are you a fan of word games and puzzlechallenges?Try the most addictive free brain game on the PlayStore and gethooked! Find and swipe your way through hundreds ofword puzzles,spread across different difficulty levels and findout if you are aWord Genius and Master Puzzle Solver! Meant forcasual brainexercise, join millions of puzzle solvers and trekyour way to wordglory! Start this intriguing word search journeyas a tiny Amoebaand evolve into an Alien wordsmith! And then,solve your way acrossthe universe, clearing puzzles on differentplanets! Stuck with aPuzzle? Don’t worry, all grids aredouble-checked to make sure theyare solvable! Just keep trying, oruse a few hints to reveal someletters! Connect to Facebook! Invitefriends, earn coins for eachreferral, send more coin requests, anduse them to get more hints!Also, get to see who has a better waywith words! --Why should youchoose Word Trek?-- + A lot ofChallenging Puzzles! + Exquisite GameInterface! + Cool AlienMystery Adventure! + Download for Free! +Applicable to Any Ages! +Applies to All Android Devices or GooglePlay Users! + Any time atAny Place, Play Offline! + Daily NewLevels! + Themed Puzzlesduring Holidays! As a bonus, train yourbrain with the Daily Questfeature! Brand new puzzles every day withcool rewards! Downloadthe most popular word search and puzzle gamenow, and play forfree! Follow us on Facebook, Use of this applicationrequires you to grant it permissionto access the external storagefor downloading daily puzzlecontent.
Words Fill in puzzles - Kriss Kross crossword game 7.0
Our "magazine like" Fill in crosswords (or Kriss-Kross fill itins)is a Great time killer while being mentally stimulating ,andagreat challenging word game that can be played offline,accordingthe most of the comments find on the App Store. (⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ )Addicting, easy and paperless Fill it ins crosswords puzzles(Fillit ins or Word fit puzzles), to keep you entertained forhours! 💥Offline Word fill ins Games, no interned or WiFi needed!!💥💥 EasyKriss-Kross games to be played by kids and adults💥 💥 Greatgame totrain memory and learn new words💥 💥 A fun time killingpuzzle gameto relax 💥 💥The Fill in puzzles (or Kriss Kross) are avariation ofthe common crossword puzzles in which words, ratherthan clues, aregiven. To solve the fill in puzzle, you need to fillthe grid withall the listed words. 💥This free word puzzlesapplication, offerstwo different types of fill it in crosswords areavailable: 🚀Standard Fill in crossword puzzles 🚀 "Diagram-less"puzzle game,much harder to solve The main feature of this wordgamesapplications are: 🚀 Fillin puzzle solutions always present 🚀With aspecial button. it is possible to check the correctness ofpuzzlesanswers (only for diagram-less ones). 🚀 It is possible to"show aword" to help with hard puzzles 🚀 The word games can besolvedoff-line and no registration is required. 🚀 Leader-board withbestscores available For much more word puzzle games, likewordsearches, english Crosswords, fillin number puzzles, but alsoCrossFigures puzzles, please check the app store. Have Fun andenjoyfillins P.S. For more free printable puzzles and logicgames,please visit our site
de.lochmann.kreuzwortraetsel KWRGoogleFree9
Attention puzzle lovers: with the Crossword app you won't getboredanymore. Our crossword to take along on your way. Whetheryou'rewaiting for the next bus, or during lunch break or at anyotheropportunity. Simply whip out the crossword and cheerfullystart topuzzle. There is something for every puzzle lover. Theeasycrossword for beginners up to difficult puzzles, whichwilldefinitely get your head spinning. You can easily zoom intotheanswer fields and filling out the fields with the keypad is arealcinch. Should a word be wrong, the Crossword app won't keepsecret.Have fun solving the puzzle!
Picross Mon 3.6
Improve the current problematic nonogram points; nonogram gamewitha range of new features. firstly; By changing the puzzle; wehaveremoved the parts that we had to make in order to continueEnhancedclose-up drag zoom (30x30); Reverse zoom function added.Touch;Pen; The pad supports three types of operating modes; and;Offers arange of options for you. If you delete the game andrestart afteror; if you are playing on a new device then you canfind thecontents saved on your Google cloud. There are; also anumber offeatures available. Find other new and existing Picross! [specialfeatures ] - Hundreds of puzzles available. - Cool designcolourdots. ( puzzle logic corrected ) - Ability to store yourchanges onGoogle Cloud. - The puzzle game saves automatically atthe end ofthe operation. - Multiple difficulty levels (10x10;15x15; 20x20;30x30); - By completing normal and history mode youcan accessBigMap mode. - Various operation modes (touch, Pad, Pen)-Two-finger zoom function; Zoom out; move around; New undofunction- The more puzzles you solve, the more interesting thestorybecomes
5 Words 2.37
Five Words, broken into 16 boxes! Can you find them? How toplay:1.They are Given 5 Data and you're looking for 5 words ..2.Findthe 5 words in any order.. 3.You do not lose if you guesswrong..4.There is no time limit.. 5.If you find one word hard gethelp!!6.You can play the past levels again! 7.Transfer codes toanotherdevice! - Learn orthography! - Learn new words! - Enjoy thetimepleasantly! - It relaxes you! Find us on Facebook! Learn newsaboutthe Game and the new Levels! by Have fun! 5 words
Word Search - Mind Fitness App 1.5.7
The WordSearch game consists of two thousand levels ofverbalvariety. All you need to do is find the hidden words andevolvefrom an atom to a human. Will you become the Overmind byfilling upall the squares with words? The point of the game is tofind thehidden words on the letterboard. Select the letters withyourfinger and find all the words needed to pass each level. Thegamesupports 6 languages and for every language, we have preparedmorethan 2000 levels! Even the best word game players will havetheirwork cut out for them. If you get stuck on any level,don'thesitate to use the hints. You can receive free hints bysolvingthe daily level. Develop from an Atom to the Overmind,goingthrough the whole branch of mental evolution. Thedifficultygradually increases, alongside your experience. You canlogin intoour word game via Facebook and play together withfriends, followtheir progress and impress them with your results.The game isperfect for those who like to solve word puzzles andcrosswords,compose words out of letters. This is like a word finderpuzzle,but on a mobile phone. The word search trains your brain andbuildsyour vocabulary. Please send questions and
Crossword Jam 1.212.0
Word Jam - A word search & word guess brain game. WordJam isafun and relaxing word game in a crossword-style format made forthesmartest brains!  Swipe the letters to find and guessthehidden words in a crossword-style grid Word Jam - A wordsearchword guess brain game is the first of its kind. Solve theanagrampuzzles as you travel around the world in the Crossword FoodTruckunlocking new levels. Guess and search letters on the wordplate tofind different word recipes. Solve the anagram puzzles bysearchingfor all the words to make your way to a new country. Asyouprogress in the game, anagram puzzles get trickier andtastier!Word Jam is a free word search brain game that testsyourvocabulary, spelling, word guessing and anagram puzzlesolvingskills - just search and guess the words! Get a fun brainexercisein your free time and improve your vocabulary! If you are awordgame lover and like to play brain games to improve yourvocabularyor simply enjoy word search games to casually swipe andguess thehidden words, Word Jam - A Word Search & Word GuessBrain gameis the perfect choice for the best brain game lovers! Howto Play:The rules are simple. Search and swipe the letters on theplate toguess the hidden words Game Features: • FREE TO PLAY GAME–Download this for FREE and play without wifi. • "EASY TOLEARN"HARD TO MASTER – The easy game play gets you going from thefirstword search anagram puzzle and keeps your brain engaged forhours.However, the game gets trickier as you progress withmorecomplicated words and tougher levels. • CHALLENGING PUZZLES –Freeanagram puzzles range from 2 letters to 7 letters. It startseasyand gets challenging quickly as you progress further. •IMPROVEYOUR VOCABULARY – Search & find hidden words or guessthem fromthe same set of letters. Flex your brain muscles in yourfree timeand improve your spelling skills all while increasingyourvocabulary by discovering new words. • PLAY ANYTIME – Nointernetor wifi needed for this game. You can play offline too forfree! •SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can login using Facebook tosync yourgame progress across various devices. So, why wait? Playthe gamenow and start guessing the hidden words! FEATURES: • Searchandguess the words from mixed letters. • Guess new words usingthecrossword grid and develop your brain, anagram puzzlesolvingvocabulary skills. • Feel a sense of achievement as you goaroundthe world, to become a word chef! • Simple and Easy! • Dailybonusrewards • 250 free coins to get you started! • Great exerciseforthe brain • Supports both Phones and Tablets. • FREE Update! -Easyto learn and fun to master gameplay - Enjoy playing thegameanytime, anywhere. No wifi required to play the game - Morethan100s of levels with thousands of anagram puzzles. Updates willberegular and free! NOTES • Enjoy the game with variousdevices(Phones and Tablets). • "Word Jam" contains ads likebanners,interstitials and videos. • "Word Jam" is free to play, butyou canpurchase in-app items like an ad-free account andattractivepackages.
Word Collapse 4.0.4
Raketspel AB
If you enjoy crosswords, sudoku and match three games – tryWordCollapse!Word Collapse will test your puzzle skills andknowledgein everything from fruit to funny movie quotes. Justchoose a themeand swipe away the words - the goal is to clear theboard. Eachtime you remove one word the remaining letters willcollapse intonew words. Plan one or two steps ahead or it mightcollapse into adead-end!WordCollapse includes over 200 freepuzzles. If you likethe game there are more than 50 puzzle packsavailable in the shop.Choose between "60s Nostalgia”, “Funny puns”,“Song quotes” andmuch, much more!Highlights:* Fun, easy andintuitive* Thousands offun puzzles* Collect Stars and Achievements-Please observe thatalthough WordCollapse is free to download andplay, it offerspurchases in the app. You may disable this featurein the settingsof your device.
I Love Crosswords 1.0.5
A new crossword experience! Try to guess these words and solvealllevels! You can tap the picture to zoom in for a closer look.Someanswers are straightforward, some are quite tricky. Thiscrosswordgame with pics is an excellent workout for your braincells!Features:• Hundreds of crosswords.• Play in English,French,German, Russian, Italian, or Spanish.• Fun way to playcrosswords.•Play with your family and friends.If you like wordpuzzles, thiscrossword game is for you!
Tamil Word Search Game (English included) 2.2
Word search game is completely free, created to help kids,studentsand adults to learn English & Tamil words in a fun way.It isalso a brain game and addictive to play. How is our gameunique? ★All English and Tamil words are handpicked by our team. ★Unlimitedrandomly generated word puzzles. ★ For Tamil - 100categories with2500+ unique words are available. ★ For English -200 categorieswith 4500+ unique words are available. ★ Simple andfast interface.★ No hints or cheats will be given, as we would liketo keep theword search game challenging. How to play the Game?Swipe yourfinger horizontally, vertically, diagonally in forward orbackwarddirection to find out the hidden words from the grid. Ifyou lovedthis game, share it with your friends. Contact us for any feedback.
EGW Writings 2 4.0.3
Ellen G. White is the most widely published Seventh-dayAdventistauthor. Her ministry spanned 70 years, from 1844 until1915. Guidedby the Holy Spirit, she exalted Jesus and pointed toScripture asthe basis of one's faith. Ellen White wrote on a widevariety ofspiritual and practical topics, from spiritual, tohealth,education, ministry, financial and marital advice. Her bestknownmost translated work is Steps to Christ, followed by the 5conflictof the ages series: Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets andKings,Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, and The GreatControversy.Ellen G. White is also credited as the co-founder oftheSeventh-day Adventist Church. EGW Writings 2, v.4.0.0 forAndroid,enables you to download The Complete Published Writings ofEllen G.White. This free app is available from Android OS v.4.1.0and up.The EGW Writings 2 app allows users to download booksindividuallyor as a complete collection. The user interface (UI)menus nowsupport 16 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French,German,Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian,Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, and Ukrainian. In addition, theapp hasEGW books in 98 languages that you can download or readonline. AppFeatures: - Easy install wizard - Vertical scrollingoption orhorizontal page scrolling - Vertical or horizontal scrollby pageoption - Swipe right/left to move to next/previous chapterforvertical/horizontal mode - Database storage location can bemovedfrom internal device memory to an External SD Card - Quickaccessto All Collections via side menu - Bookshelf menu has 7layoutoptions in settings and a default. - Bookshelf quickaccessscrollbar with A-Z or 1-9 slide info to all book lists -Userinterface (UI) navigation and app speed optimization -Offlinesearch mode (globe) - Optional Wifi only mode and airplanemode tosave user data - Auto update of search results whenswitching fromonline to offline - Auto update of bookshelf todisplay onlydownloaded books when offline - Improved search abilityto godirectly to a book/page/paragraph, i.e. sc 44.2 - Help iconaddedto search box with search syntax examples - Improved textselectionUI. Double tap for sliders and long tap for single ormulti-wordselection across pages. Tap and slide finger across textformultiple word selection. - Split screen view can now maximizetofull screen view and back again - Reading and listeninghistorysynced with Google Drive - Study center sync with GoogleDrive fornotes, bookmarks and highlights - Book reader chapterprogressindicator scrollbar added - Pre-recorded audiobookscollectionadded to main bookshelf - Listening History added tobookshelf menuto keep track of your audiobooks - Listening historysynced toDrive for all livestream, MP3, and text-to-speech (TTS)audiobooks- Maximum font size increased to 72 points - Downloadingbooks toInternal Memory has been optimized for multi-threadedquickdownloads of all collections. Please note that Google AndroidOSlimits downloads to one book at a time for External SDstoragecards. So it could take days to download all the books toyour Ext.SD Card. We suggest downloading all the books to yourinternalmemory first (if you have the space) and then transferringthebooks to your SD Card by going to thesidemenu>Settings>Database location>tap switch> thenchooseExt. SD Card>OK.
Translator Women's Voice 4.0.2
Application that makes reading using the voice of thetranslatorwoman, generating an audio voice that can be shared withyourfriends. For example you can send the audio with the voice ofthetranslator's woman to your friends on WhatsApp ★ Best andfunnytext to voice tts app ★ Very fast ★ You can share audio withyourfriends ★ Unlimited text/voice ★ Male and Female voices ★ TexttoSpeech for books, texts, article, news. ★ Share audio with allyourfamily and friends
Words Crush: Hidden Words! 5.1.6
Words Crush: Hidden Words! — A brain-stimulating word searchgamefrom the makers of Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle, Block! HexaPuzzle& Line Puzzle: Pipe Art! The aim is to simply find allthehidden words. The words on each level are related to eachother.With this game you can easily improve yourvocabulary,concentration and spelling skills! Challenge yourselfand yourfriends with this FREE and highly addictive word scramblegame!You’re gonna crush it! Start playing now! HOW TO PLAY • Wordscanbe vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards. •Swipeletters to find, select and collect words. • Any valid wordsyoufind will remain highlighted and marked on the word list. •Findall the words to advance to the next level! • The faster youfindthe words, the higher your score and ranking! FEATURES • FREEdailypuzzle & bonus rewards • Five Modes : Easy, Normal,Hard,Extreme, Variety • Unlimited undos • 20 FREE hints forfirst-timeplayers • Clear quests to earn more hints • Greatexercise tosharpen the brain • Data Sync with your Facebook account• Supportboth phones and tablets. • FREE updates NOTES • Enjoy thegame onvarious devices (phones and tablets). • "Words Crush"containsbanner, interstitial and video ads. E-MAIL •help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE•• Last but notleast, a bigTHANK YOU to all the Words Crush players! ** AppPermissions **[Required Permissions] - None===============================
Typeshift 1.2.1
From the creator of SpellTower, comes a new and completelyoriginalword game! Anagrams meets Word Search, with a sprinkleofCrosswords. Typeshift is the modern anagram puzzle;re-imaginedfrom the ground up, combining wordplay, modern gamedesign, and amobile-first approach. In most anagram games, yousearch for newcombinations within a single word, but in Typeshift,you searchwithin three to five words stacked & scrambled uptogether.Shift columns of letters up and down as you try to spellwords inthe center row. Play continues until you have used allletters in apuzzle at least once. Special Clue Puzzles combineCrosswords withAnagrams as you match clever clues provided byTypeshift's variouspuzzle authors. - Daily Word Game Play withGlobal Leaderboards -Typeshift features a free daily challenge withglobal leaderboards.The easiest challenge for the week appears onMonday, andprogressively more challenging puzzles build throughoutthe week.Compare your fastest Typeshift daily solving times withplayersaround the globe! ------WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING "Addictiveandedifying, like popping a special kind of bubble wrap thatexpandsyour vocabulary.” - The Verge "Typeshift is a unmissableentry tothe [word] genre." Gold Award. - Pocket Gamer "Typeshiftisawesome" - Giant Bombcast ------WHATS IN THE “BOX”? Typeshiftcomeswith over a hundred free puzzles, with more coming soon, plusnewfree daily puzzles every day. Additional puzzle packs maybepurchased in-app. Purchasing any puzzle pack removes ads,andunlocks themes & detailed statistics. ------A WORD FROMTHEDEVELOPER Typeshift continues my quest to re-imagineclassicnewspaper games in the digital era. Where SpellTower tackledwordsearch and Really Bad Chess handled chess puzzles,Typeshiftre-examines Anagrams and Crosswords. Typeshift has been ajoy todevelop, and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I hadmakingit. As always, thanks so much for your support! -zach
Picture Book 3.5
Picture Book is for Kids to learn spelling as well aspronouncingwords. More than 600+ spellings to learn with pictures.We havedesigned especially for kids so they can understand easily.Kidswill also learn how to pronounce words as we have included texttospeech engine. Features 1.Thirteen picture books are included.2.Learning Alphabets spellings. 3. Learning Animals spellings.4.Learning Fruits spellings. 5. Learning Vegetables spellings.6.Learning Body Parts spellings. 7. Learning Flowers spellings.8.Learning Birds Spelling. 9. Learning Numbers Spelling. 10.LearningColors Spelling. 11. Learning Shapes Spelling. 12.LearningTransports Spelling. 13. Learning Cartoon CharactersSpelling. 14.Learning Insects Spellings. 15. Learning Three letterswords. 16.Learning Four letters words. 17. Learning Five letterswords. 18.Learning Six letters words. 19. All ten categories ofspellings arefree. 20. All categories have high quality images. 21.On touch itwill speak the spelling. 22. Settings to enable ordisable text tospeech.
Word Search 3.15
Love word search games? You'll be impressed with our app! Findmorethan 12,000 words by solving theme based puzzles. Get bonuspointsfor finding words with only their first letter revealed!You'llneed to solve the easy levels first to unlock the tougherones. Thethemes are what makes this app interesting, instead ofautogenerated word search levels. You can spend countless hoursfindingwords! It's perfect with your daily cup of coffee. We aresure youwill love the option of asking friends for help if you arestuck.The tough levels are challenging! ★ Features + Find morethan150,000 words by solving 1000+ word search puzzles + Playinmultiple languages - English, French and Italian. + The app andALLlevels are free. No nag screens / constant offers to purchasecoinsetc. + Brilliant new interface works wonderfully well onallAndroid phones and tablets + If you're stuck, easily tap onthehint button to ask your friends on Facebook. Also see wordmeanings+ App is super fast, uses 42% less memory, and little to nodata! ★Now with Bonus words ★ + Bonus words are theme related wordsthatonly show you the starting letter and the word length. Forexample,a bonus word clue may be C(6), and in a Business relatedtheme, theword could be CLIENT. Finding these hidden words givesyou extrapoints to unlock tougher word search levels quickly. ★Feedback Gotsuggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love tohear fromyou! Please send in your comments -and we will get back within 24 hours.Happy solving!
শব্দ ধাঁধা ২ [Bangla Word Puzzle Game] 1.6.1
This is another word puzzle game in Bangla. This is similartoshobdo dhadha puzzle game. However, we have tried to giveessenseof them here. In each them, all the words are from samecategorywhich may make the users more interested to play. BengaliWordpuzzle game.
Word Farm - Anagram Word Scramble 1.8.1
Wixot Limited
Escape to the world of farming with Word Farm! Harvest freshwordcrops while improving your vocabulary, intelligence andspellingskills. Word Farm is an addictive anagram game where youneed toshuffle and arrange letters to form as many words aspossible outof a pile of jumbled letters gathered from common wordsor words wehave regularly used in daily life. Swipe the letters,find out thehidden words and collect bonus coins! Word crops needyour help tocome to life! Unlike crossword, word search or otherword guessgames; Word Farm is an utterly new word game that willchallengeyour imagination and skills. A free casual game without atimelimit that you can take anywhere and anytime! HOW TO PLAY •Lettersare placed randomly on the board. Form the words in anydirection.• Simply swipe your finger over a word to select it. • Ifyou havefound a valid word it will remain highlighted and marked ontheword list as found. FEATURES • Simple yet excitinglychallengingpuzzles for all ages. • Discover hidden words inside 900uniquepuzzles! • Available in English and Turkish; more will beavailablesoon… • Great exercise to train the brain. • Free coinsaftercompleting each level. • Free coins to win in wheel offortune. •More friends, more free coins! • Free coins for everydaylogin! Ifyou like crossword puzzles or popular word games likeScrabble,Words with Friends, and Word Cookies, you'll be addictedto WordFarm! CONTACT US VIA • Are you ready? Starttotrain your brain now! Happy Gaming ...
Word Connect- Word Games:Word Search Offline Games
Do you enjoy word puzzle games? Here comes the perfect wordgamesfor you! Word Search games has never been so challenging.NewCrossword Puzzle Word Games is available NOW. Enjoy thebestcombination of word searching and crosswords. The WordConnectgames is loved by over Millions of users worldwide! Come andFindall hidden words! DOWNLOAD TODAY for FREE! New Feature:NewCrossword Puzzle Word Game is Available NOW. HOW TO PLAY:Slide& drag your finger over the words to solve puzzles. Gamegetstrickier as you progress. The game’s brain teasers testyourvocabulary, lateral thinking & puzzle solving skills.FEATURES:★ Daily Gift ★ Hundreds of Word Puzzle Games ★Automatically saved★ Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere with notime limits ★ Free& easy to play, challenging to master wordgames ★ Word Gamesdesigned for all ages, perfect for kids &adults! ★ Word gameswere created by person, not by computer, tomake sure word puzzlegames are always interesting and fun. Wordsearch is perfect forboth word connect and crossword puzzle wordgames FANS! Start YourWord Games Daily Brain Training NOW! Thereare thousands of wordgames on android but this word connect isunique and fun. Wordgames can be easy or hard but this word connectgame suitseveryone. Some word games may drain your brain but thiswordconnect remains good balance of fun and difficulty. You willfindmany similar word games but this word connect will standoutforsure. Word games are fun but this word connect game is evenbetter.For all word game lovers, this word connect is truly whatyoudeserve. Word games for the young, word games for the smart,wordgames for the fun. Word puzzle games uplift your literacy;wordpuzzle games improve your memory; above all, word puzzle gameskillyour boring time. Build your word connect knowledge; improveyourword connect skills; beat the word connect challenges.
Word Search Online 5.7.3935
As everyone knows, Word Search is famous for classicalcrosswordgameplay! Now you can play with global opponents andfriends inWord Search Multiplayer Online! Start the real time1-ON-1 wordbattle! Easy to play, slide the letter to find allhidden words inthe grid, beat random players and friends worldwidetry your best!Features: • Online multiplayer mode: PvP globalplayers and friends• Rematch your opponents who defeated you •Classic mode: 70+categories of puzzles • Challenge mode: Challengefunny wordslevels • Relax mode: 4 different difficulties from easyto hard •Support forward and reverse word sliding • Day and nightthemes:Two colors skins protect your eye • Various of funny emojistochoose from • Show the highest score on leaderboard • Recordyourperformance in personal profile • Update the word puzzlesregularly• Colorful vision feast Enjoy the fast-paced and addictivewordgame. Embrace your brain power with the time killer. The greattoolto train your brain and study more words!
Flash Notification for All App final.
★★ Flash Notification 2 released !! ★★ -----NOTICE(2019.02.16)----- 1) Add a message (SMS) app to thenotificationapp to enable SMS flash. 2) The following functionshave beenremoved according to Google's Permissions policy: - SMSFlash -Missed call. - Unread SMS ---- END NOTICE ----- #NotificationFlash & Screen Flash - Flash when a newnotification arrives inselected app (Whatsapp, Email, Twitter,Alarm/Clock, Messenger, anyother app) * For Android 4.3 or above :[Notification] service.(Free TTS problems,For more precise work) *For Android 4.2 orbelow : [Accessibility] service # Incoming CallFlash 1) When acall arrives, the flash blink 2) Set the startingtime of the flash3) Set the number of flash flashing # SMS Flash 1)Flashing, whenSMS arrived. (Using other SMS app like GoSMS andbehavior may notwork) # Missed Call / Unread SMS Flash / RepeatNotification 1) Theflash is repeated at specific intervals ##Please refer ## 1) Somedevices may not work. 2) If it doesn't work,reboot your phone *This app is a light weight version of [Vibratethen Ring withFlash]
Word Master 4.7.2
Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional“Crosswords"board puzzle. Not needing internet connection, usingunique fastartificial intelligence resources and with highlycustomizableoptions, Word Master is used by Scrabble enthusiastsfor quickoffline training and induce the players to improve theirskills andreasoning in the game. Create words with the 7 letterson your rackand place them on the 15 by 15 tile board. Boost yourscore byplacing letters on the special Double Letter, Double Word,TripleLetter and Triple Word tiles. Languages supported: • English•French (Français) • Portuguese (Português) • German (Deutsch)•Spanish (Español) • Italian (Italiano) • Dutch(Nederlands)•Norwegian(Norsk) • Romanian(Romana) • Catalan(Català) PLAYAGAINSTTHE COMPUTER Choose the level and the duration of the game.No morewaiting long hours for your opponent to play! Both computerandplayer tiles are randomly selected, simulating in the bestwaypossible a game against a real opponent. PASS N' PLAY Playofflineagainst friends! In the bus, airport, train or whateverplace youare. CHALLENGE MODE Find out if you are a true Scrabblechampion.In this mode, you score more points in each turn as youcome closerto the best possible word. Try to beat your high scores!IMPROVEYOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE MASTER After each turn, you willbe ableto see which words you could have played. Learn how to usethebonus squares on the board and the standards for the formationofwords. ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY WITH WORD DEFINITIONS Swipeyourfinger across any word on the board and get itsdictionarydefinition. (Internet required) MORE FEATURES: • Do notwaste yourtime searching whether the word you chose exists! As youplace theword on the board, the game will display whether the wordis or notvalid and its score. • Get tips for valid words beingcreated inyour rack as you are arranging your letters (You canenable ordisable this feature at any time). • Save your game andresumelater. • Keep track of your records and stats (e.g. bestfinalscore, best word ever played, total bingos and more). • Choosefromvarious board layouts, including random. • Block the droidfromusing very rare words. • Bad draw helper (avoid receiving arackwith no consonants or no vowels). • Two dictionaries inEnglishavailable: SOWPODS and TWL • Other languages anddictionaries used:French: Officiel du Scrabble, ODS6 PortugueseSpanish: DRAE(Including characters "CH", "LL", "RR" and "Ñ" German(Includingcharacters "Ä", "Ö" and "Ü") Italian: Zingarelli
Word Search 6.1.3996
Teewee Games
Word Search is ranked as top 1 in New Free Games amongseveralcountries now! Word Search is a Classical crossword gameforAndroid! The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down,left,right, diagonal in any of the eight directions. Search andfind allhidden words in the grid. Increase your vocabulary andexerciseyour brain! Features: ✔ 30+ Categories of puzzles ✔ 3 modesto killyour spare time: Topic, Story, and Relax mode ✔ Createuniquepuzzle play with friends ✔ Multiple colorful themes ✔ Dailywordchallenge ✔ Automatically saved ✔ Available in 14 languages✔Powerful brain teasers for all ages ✔ Infinite playwithautomatically generated grids WordSearch is completely FREEtoplay! Support - Welcome to provide us new words-list inanylanguage, we will put them in the game.
One Clue Crossword 4.01
Exercise your brain every day with picture crosswords! * Nowwithover 1,000 puzzles * ONE CLUE CROSSWORD is a new kind ofcrosswordpuzzle. Instead of a list of written clues, each puzzleincludes asingle picture. Every word in each puzzle can be deducedfrom thepicture. In some of the puzzles you'll just need to saywhat yousee - but in others you'll need to think a little morelaterally.It's easy to play, but with 100s of unique puzzles, youmight findit hard to put down! FEATURES A whole new way to playcrosswords730+ puzzles over 46 chapters (with more to come) 230+all-newbonus puzzles to discover as you play NEW - 'Mix-Up'mode!End-of-chapter Guardian Puzzles will test your word skillsHundredsof beautiful photos - people, places, animals and more Useinstanthints to remove unused letters or reveal the next letter ina clueSUPPORT Please select the HELP option from the Options menu(thegear icon in the bottom left of the game screen) if yourequireassistance. If you still have questions about the game orrequireassistance, please email: One ClueCrosswordis free to play, but contains optional paid items tounlock puzzlesmore quickly. You can disable in-app purchasefunctionality in yourdevice's settings if you do not want to usethis feature.