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GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D 2.6.92
The world's most powerful combat helicopters are at yourfingertips.★★★ 70 million downloads!!! ★★★ Become a helicopterpilot and engagein combat missions across the world. Select from avariety of rotaryand fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to complete yourmissions. 『GUNSHIPBATTLE』 is a helicopter action game thatcombines stunning 3Dgraphics with flight control simulation andengaging militaryscenarios to pull you into an immersive combatexperience the momentyou start the game. 【 Features 】 ★ Enjoycontrols optimized for 3Dflight. ★ Select from a wide range ofhelicopters, each with uniquecharacteristics. ★ Arm your chopperwith a variety of weapons andequipment. ★ Complete missions inEpisode mode inspired by real-lifeconflicts. ★ Challenge yourselfwith the next mission or replay acustom mission. ★ Also optimizedfor tablet devices. If you enjoyFPS, shooting, or racing games,this is the perfect game for you.You'll find yourself whirlingthrough the skies across intensecrossfire. "Fun and engrossing" -Pocketmeta "Perfectly suited forany action players out there" -Appzoom "Fans of the genre shouldtry this game" - Appgamer Thisgame is free to play, but you canchoose to pay real money for somein-game items. Please note thatsome paid items may not berefundable depending on the type of item.---- Find news onFacebook:
Helicopter Simulator 3D Gunship Battle Air Attack 3.9
InfoSoft NI
ARE YOU READY FOR AIR ATTACK??? With 4.3(☆☆☆☆) stars rating andover2M users, Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attackis thebest shooting game you are going to find! Welcome to worldwar .Rivals forces are threatening to invade the country from thesea andtake over the shoreline. Warships and helicopters aregetting closerand closer to land, putting the nation into realdanger. The stakesare getting higher with every passing second!You are a frontlineair force special commando forces heli pilot.Your mission is tostop the invaders by targeting them, fire bombsand shoot them downfrom the air. Will you be able to navigate theheli well enough? Howwell will you target the war ship? Will youfire the RPG on time?Are you REALLY fit for the air force? 🔥Thereis not much time!Download Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship BattleAir Attack NOW andbecome the hero of world war 2!!!🔥 FEATURES: 🚁Real life simulator 🚁Phone motion controls 🚁 Realistic models:Apache, Chopper, Gun ship,war ship and more... 🚁 3 Difficultylevels 🚁 Real physics aircraftcontrols 🚁 Multiple weapons: shootRPG, machine gun, sniper, andmore… 🚁 Extreme war environment! HOWTO PLAY? 1. Control thehelicopter by tilting your phone 2.Navigate the heli and get closerto your enemies shown on the radar3. Target the enemy 4. Attackeverything that moves: kill yourrivals - shoot machine gun, RPGmissiles and bombs 5. Sink ships,gun boats, and other enemy apache& chopper helicopters to passlevels 6. Be careful! Your rivalscan fire back! Do your best toescape their attacks 🔥Are you readyto be the new nations hero???Download Helicopter Simulator 3D:Gunship Battle Air Attack NOW andlet’s see what you’ve got!!!🔥 🚁Real Life Simulator With tons ofexcitement, HD graphics, exquisitecontrols, and thrilling enemybattle, this is easily one of the bestwar shooting games you’llever play. Fight with other helicopters,navigate, follow, strikeand kill. Only one can be the winner inthis 3D army helicopterpilot game! 💥 Wide Variety of Weapons Yourheli is well equippedwith 3 different types of ammunition (machinegun, air to groundmissile, RPG and anti-aircraft sidewindermissile). You need towisely control the weapons as this is a warchaos simulator,meaning there will be intense moments and superiorenemies thatwill need your best shooting skills. 💣 Watch out!Danger iseverywhere! Check the radar in this strike countershooting game totry and predict the battles. In this gunship solobattle game youneed to strike enemy's war ship artillery, tanks,soldiers, turretsand base camp to win the battle. Only the oneswith sharp precisionand reaction will dominate the helicopterspecial commando forces!💠 Multiple challenging levels! Very longand engaging levels. Eachlevel takes several minutes to completesome are over 10 minutes ofgame play long. This is why we are surethat this will be one ofthe most enjoyable helicopter pilot gamesyou’ll ever play. Everysecond is a pure mobile gamingentertainment. 🔥Only the best pilotscan survive the toughestmoments of the world war! Are you one ofthem? Don’t wait, downloadnow, join the air force special commandoforces and let’s see if youhave it in you!!!🔥
Gunship Helicopter Air Strike - 3D Battle 1.1.7
Gunship Helicopter Air strike Pilot 3D Action free offlinegunshipbattle helicopter game which is indeed a real gunship attackgamewith all gunship air attack tricks and techniques it istotallybased on air gunship army fighting combating battleshipandattacking gunship air battle 3d gunship war simulation gamesforall gunship air strikers and fighting lovers of helicopter3dgunship battle strike air war games. This free air warhelicoptergunship combat air attack battle games is full of thrillof gunshipbattle fight with real helicopter 3d game of gunshipstrike &gunship assault helicopter gunship air attack battlesimulatorbattle games for android is indeed a verythrilling airassault helicopter defense warfare 3D free actiongameThis freeGunship Helicopter Air strike Pilot 3D Action androidhelicoptergunship air attack battle simulator and air assaulthelicopter forandroid realistically shows gunship attack with freeair shootinggame play and gunship battle attack skills to abolishthe enemies’brigade which force the gunship helicopter battlegunner strikersto fly their gunship air helicopter in the field ofgunship airshooters. These gunship battle strikers’ war jetfighters areperforming good job in this crucial gunship battle 3dreal jetfighting battle. These gunship strikers at gunshipbattlehelicopter 3d survival gunship simulator world of gunnerairstriking modern combat battle chaos are continuously destroyingtheenemies aerial strike attack on our flying gunner andfightingmilitary mission battalion. gunner modern battle us war-battlefree action game strike mission navy attack crafting&flyinggames survival crafting & exploration adventuregames navyelite sniper enemy warships shooting war In thishelicopter gamesthese are the best free helicopter games action& thrill everplay 3d action games with all air gunship battle3d air strikegames. all helicopter games best for androidhelicopter gamescopter game dangerous game download free helicoptergames game appsfor android game helikopter gunship battle 3dgunship battlehelicopter 3d gunship strike 3d mod apk helicopter 3dhelicopterattack game helicopter battle helicopter fighting gameshelicopterfiring game helicopter game free download helicoptershooting gameswith new helicopter game strike 3d helicopter gamesair forceaeroplane games jets game airplane games flying gamesplane spaceinvaders addicting games helikopter air fighter aircombat fighterjetHow to Play1 Start chopper from the base and flytowards theenemy army unit.2 Use your training skills to attack theenemybase.3 Destroy the targeted area and complete the level toopennext mission.4 Tilt Screen to control the HelicopterKeyFeatures1Different types of Gunship Air Helicopter 3D War2 Useearned coinsand get more guns3 Heavy equipment and ammunition4 Realscenery and3D graphics5 Real sound effect of firing6 More than 40missions toachieve
Aerial Strike: Gunship Attack Helicopter Simulator 5.0
Do Lash Games
Aerial Strike: Gunship Attack Helicopter Simulator is the bestarmybase helicopter flight and city rescue game. The user wouldjointhe army force as a latest recruit as the user will be needingtotrain in the base camp and learn to fly the army helicopter.Whenthe user will be trained he/she will join the rescue forceandperform various secret missions for the military force andpoliceforce. The game features various challenges in the game asthesechallenges are supposed to be performed in militarybaseenvironment and city criminal hideouts where user will strikeatperform all the given tasks. Military base training centerismerely controlled environment to make sure that when usergetshim/herself trained in the most efficient and authentic mannerasthis training will lead user to do bigger job for his/hercountry.The user needs to learn all pilot techniques and maneuversbeforeflying the helicopter. In disastrous situation the helicopterisused to transport food items and people from affectedareas.Armyhelicopter is a multipurpose machine as the helicopter ismost usedin transport army artillery and soldiers and used in othersimilarsituations. The user will have to rescue the hostages thathavebeen kept in terrorists hideouts. The user might have to liftjeepsand vans and transport them to various locations in war asthehelicopter is use the carry artillery. The user need to hitthetargets from air from the air as the times of war are hard.Themain goal is to pass out all the tasks that have been presentedsouser may declared a qualified pilot who can assist the army inwarzones. Gunship Heli chopper and helicopters hovering over theredcanyon, report to airbase, submerge and simulate straight intothechaos battlefield. Get ready for extreme heli airattackanti-aircraft action warfare of the highly advanced gunship.ApacheAttack is a classic side scrolling helicopter game. Followingareamazing features of the game:🚁 Realistic airports and airbase.🚁Highly accurate radar to guide the user.🚁 High quality 3Ddisplay.🚁Constant mechanism of instructions from the control room.🚁Highlevel simulation.🚁 High Definition display with remarkabletexturequality.🚁 Advanced aerial weaponry with advanced missilesystem.🚁Classic and modern warfare.🚁 Detailed user controls.🚁RealisticSound effects (SFX).🚁 Air crash animation.🚁 Tilt sensorfor tiltcontrols.🚁 Smooth and easy controls.🚁 Mayday and emergencylandingmessage passing.🚁 Innovative and dynamic camera angles.🚁SimulatedVisual effects (VFX).
US Navy Warship Attack: Gunship Heli Air Strike 1.2
Games Trigger
Looking for helicopter battleship games, helicopter fightinggamesand helicopter war games?US Navy Warship Attack: Gunship HeliAirStrike is a helicopter fighting game packed with non-stop actionofwar helicopter, army missile, fire rockets and killertankspecially designed for people who are in search ofmilitaryhelicopter games, army fighting games, attack games andhelicoptergames. Being a navy hero, you have to take part in thisgunshipmodern war and fight for your helpless nation against hyperdronesand war kings. Being an expert US navy gunship shooter, youshouldlead this red alert operation and destroy enemy base campandflying wings and attack submarine with the help ofgunshiphelicopter and navy gunship.US Navy Battleship Attack:Gunship HeliAir Strike is a warship battle and navy battleshipattack packedwith gun battle, ship battle and plane battle whereyou have todestroy submarine and warship and fight as a warcommando. Takepart in this battle warship and battle fight andsurvive in attackdeadly seas war zone. Being a battleship shooter,you must fightagainst your enemy wave in air gunship battle andstealthhelicopter gunship war, destroy enemy real chopper andbecome ahero of deadly fights and battleship shooter of battlefight. Takepart in military battle, enjoy the adventure of chopperdrive andthrills of army gunner shoot war.US Navy Warship Attack:GunshipHeli Air Strike is an airship battle and gunship air battlewhereyou have to deal with war wings and army attack for waterdefence.This world of warship is fully loaded with boat battle,fleetbattle, wings war and war hawk. You will enjoy non-stop actionofworld war modern combats, world of war planes, battle seaandgunship battle solo.So what are you waiting for and why areyouwasting your time in search of army prisoner games, air stickandair battle games? Download this word or tank blitz game andhavebrisk fun. It's a depiction of enemy ships andbattleshipattack.Features of US Navy Warship Attack: Gunship HeliAirStrike:Enjoy endless action of army gunner shoot war andhelicopterbattleship.Destroy enemy base camp and fight againstwarkings.Addictive and challenging world war modern combatsgame.GamesTrigger will be very thankful for your kind feedback,ratings andreviews.Download US Navy Warship Attack: Gunship HeliAir Strikeand have endless fun of this helicopter fighting game!
Wings in Sky War: Dogfight and Gunship Air Battle 1.5.3
Wings in Sky War: Dogfight and Gunship Air Battle is theultimatefighter simulation and dog fighting game for your androiddevice!Be the bravest and most skilled pilot of the air force, gettheenemy in your sights and shoot them down with air strikes tosavethe nation and show your enemies that you are a sky fighter.Youareone of the most decorated air-man of the air force. It’s yourdutyto destroy enemy’s airplane to take revenge and save yourcountryfrom destruction in this most realistic air combat fightergamePlayairplane fighting games 2017 and fly a large selection ofpowerfuldetailed aircraft in air on different regions and destroyallmodern air combat 3d aircraft as they approach your air craftandshoot your enemies downIn this Jet fighting game, all of thejetsare fully functional, and realistic belonging to one ofthemightiest air-force. Complete multiple air force mission andunlocknew airfields, aircraft, missions and challenges! Swipe yourfingerdown to fly your air craft in the upward direction and up tomovedownward. It is a free flight simulator game which does notrequireany internet connectionYou can use clever and strategicmoves inmodern combat game to hit your enemies, your enemies canalso useclever moves so be aware! It is the best game in the appstore.Showyour attacking stunts and tricks and destroy all enemy’scombatair-craft as they approach your air craft targeting yourairforce.Fly through training levels to quick mode and to thedogfightsagainst enemy airplanes. Be an ace pilot who is trained tofightwith evil enemies while sitting in the cockpit of afighteraircraft.Wings in Sky War: Dogfight and Gunship Battle gameis arealistic airplane battle games with 3D graphics in which youwillface extreme air destruction. Only the bravest and mostskilledpilots will survive in war plane games and fight for thebest ofthe world.This is a battle of yours against the wildenemies. Playairplane fighting games and destroy the enemy sourcesto save thenation and win the extreme battle. Fly a large selectionofpowerful detailed aircraft in skies and collect stars tobuypowerful fighter planes in this modern air combat game. Defeatyourenemies, and protect the Earth! It is the best airplane gamesinthe worldJust start the game and select your airplane andairstrikes. Select the game mode sit in the cockpit ofyourairplane.You can also change the camera modes to have adetailed 3Dview of your enemy’s moves. Your task is to save thecountry bydestroying enemy’s jet using powerful weapons. Alsobeware of themoves and strikes from enemy’s airplanes.Complete yourlevel andupgrade to new and more exciting levels. It’s simple,isn’t it?This is one of the best from rest of the air fightinggames. Youhave battle flights and plane fight. You have to act assky fort.Protect your airfield and dog fight till the end.Playagainst otherplayers and set the record straight; who is the bossof the a skydive or a back-flip to mark your victory. Thisis a gravitywars you have to defy gravity and do cool stunts. Showsome jetstunts and wow your opponents. This game takes a uniqueangle ondogfight games and keeps you upward on your seat. It isyour wingsof duty to protect the sky war and be thebravest.Features:¬ HDgraphics¬ Different camera modes¬ Smoothcontrols¬ Realistic 3Dcockpit¬ Different levels (Training, QuickGame, Mission)¬ Powerfulmilitary aircrafts (F -14, F-16 etc.)¬Challenging and interestingmissions¬ Air strikes (bullets,Missiles, bombs etc.)¬ Differentmodes to select from (Quick mode,Mission Mode and Training Mode)¬Multiplayer mode to play againstother players.So what are youwaiting for? Download Wings in SkyWar: Dogfight and Gunship Battleand save your nation from the wildenemies and become a fighterpilot! You have a 3D battle view of thefield, use yourintelligence wisely
Gunship Air Strike - Heli 3D 1.2
Jhatka Gamers
The awaited Gunship Air Strike game. Fasten your kit and rulethesky. In Gunship Air Strike combat mission Fighting HelicopterPilotto clear the area which occupied bloody terrorists.supposedtosuccessfully occupied area enemies air strike airforcegamesexercising excellent Helicopter Flying & Shooting Skillsensureworld safer and better peace loving humans.decisive role landneedsyour selfless services.Play your real role, roar region hoverofhawkish helicopters .Enjoy the gunship battle juego deavionesworld most power full combat war plane games 3d gamehelicoptergunship game on your fingers tips. juegos de gerra actiongamewonderfully comprehensive air strike battle your gunshipgunnerheavily equipped weapon heavy guns attacking enemies infield. ArmyGunship air Strike 2018 action sky fighter sky fightingaction andadventure fighting battle game part of air combat missioninvolvingan army base and identify large number killer thick jadearea to beslay them with powerful and airship seat,as a bossand sophisticated soldier your responsibility complete airsupportand gunship chopper.Your fingertips just like a real one.This isaction-game games 3d a fast apache simulation shooting onwhich youimprove yourself to save your city on rival’s danger war.shootingand action games best gunship shooting packed for you.inhelicoptergames Enjoy the unique combination of gunship helicopterwarfareenvironment and new missions. This is sky battle sky bingoskyflying 3d amazing action and thrilling gunship gunner onplaystore. beginning the fight between two sided power fullhelicopterwarships that can save his barrack camp also action gameshooter3d.You as combat mission will have enemy gunship strike fromyourhelicopter strike this gunship battle will prove one oftheultimate fights you have ever fought with the help of agunshipcounter shooter in a super enthralling 3D chopper game.Gunshipbattle army contract shooter 3d war sky helicopter fightinggamewill get you to the helicopter fighting top games closest warzoneareas where the helicopter battle is in full swing and you asanexpert army man will have to dodge enemy air strike indulgingfirstin air seems helpless, the ground attack isnotpossible. The gunship strike helicopter game only chance ofwinningwar is an air strike. Launch the attack dangerousterrorists.become a helicopter pilot and suppress wars and terrorsinworld.The enemy crossed land and now fighting taking place inthestreets of the city and you ghost soldier stop theiradvances.Protect your country. win the battle at any cost as thefuture ofthe country depends on youThe enemy strong you are welltrainedchopper striker. You entered mid field of desert of thedeath waryou need target diploid area camps, ships, tanks andotherequipment. You are loaded full of ammo and worlds bestmodernequipment. So skills and beat the enemy.Power gunners andModerncombat helicopter gunship helicopter helicopter strike isalso airassault helicopter full crash battle city rush 3d battlescity wargame.And for free classic battle shoot city real rush 3dgamessniper,free shooting games.Best free sniper games free actiongamesgun games real 2018 and 2017.Best shooting game comes firstcopsgun ruthless zombies getting board rescue strike specialsniperbest warrior game.the chosen shot combat battlefield actionstrikebravo real best now you can fight in battle shot virus shootto forkill real amazing bravo shot.gunship air strike helicoptershootinggame to join heroes and survival in world furiousbattles.helicopter game in your free of time to match your skillsas sniperrifle shooter and real pilot.Action, Simulation andShooting Gamesthen you are absolutely simply and dive to playGunship Air Strike.
Jet Fighter Flight Simulator 1.0.11
Amazing Gamez
Fly the F-18 fighter jet in this amazing flight simulator airattackgame, the war has just started with Russian naval warfare.Airstrikes against the navy gunship battle at its best in the opensea.Combating the Russian navy warship enemies, jet fighter planesanddrones to fight till the end. War is in the air, fight for thegloryand lead your fighter jets to take on the enemies in thisepic wargame. Ship carriers, jet fighters, navy gunship battleattack,destroyers and much more download and enjoy!!Features:- F18FighterJets- Navy destroyers- Ship carriers- Naval war shipsgunshipbattle- Amazing 3D environments- Drone attacks- FlightSimulatorgame
Gunship War 3D: Helicopter Battle
Start those engines and load your machineguns,the war is on. You are the Black Hawk helicopter pilot andyourcomrades need your support. The ground team has givenclearance nowyou are ready to take flight and fly across the seato the enemybase. Your mission is to neutralize the enemy base bydestroyingtheir storage houses and tanks with your attackhelicopter's machineguns and combat missiles. Officer, thismission is of greatimportance, be sure to make it successful.Destroy the enemy forceswith your combat helicopter in the bestmilitary game of 2017.- Become a professional army helicopter pilot and finish uniqueandchallenging missions.- One of the best military helicopter action games.- Different kinds of helicopters available to fly.- High definition visuals and realistic graphics.- Powerful missiles and devastating machine guns at your handtodestroy enemies.Please feel free to suggest us any improvements for the game.Thankyou!
Gunship helicopter robot fighter - army air strike 1.0.2
Gunship helicopter robot fighter - us army air strikeisrevolutionary war game in which you have to fight againstalienrobots who have captured several islands and cities. Robotsfighterwants to take the control of our world but we have to strikebackwith our gunship helicopters and wipe them out with ourstrikefighters for ending the robot fighting. You have the mostdangerouscombat helicopters equipped with deadly weapons that candestroythe robots colony in no time. You have to be very carefulwhileflying helicopter because enemy robot fighters are welltrained dueto many robots war. These robot iron are fully loadedwith latestshooting weapons and missile system. You have to be thebest robothelicopter fighter for saving your people because if youmiss youraim then air shooter robots can attack your futuristichelicopterand you may lose the robots fighting game. Make a properwarstrategy for saving the world because combat robots fighterhaveset their headquarters in the deep see islands and theyareplanning to capture the whole world in this gunship simulator.Someof their headquarters are hidden in city areas for invadingthehuman beings. You have to start war rescue helicopter missionforstopping the evil alien creature otherwise they will spread ontheearth and gunship robot war will begin which wouldcausedestruction on very large scale. It's time to make the highflightin gunship robot helicopter specially designed for robotfightinggames so that helicopter robot can save precious lives ofrespectedcitizens. Play as superhero helicopter robot to save thepeoplefrom gunship robots attacking the strike fighters offightinghelicopters. Unlike other helicopter fighting games, thisistotally different game because you have to attack deadly robotsforyour gunship survival. Your helicopter is not inferior fromanyrobot fighter you can treat as flying robot to defeat yourcleverenemies. It's time to show your professional robot fightingandhelicopter flying skills by fighting against by fightingagainstcombat robots and be a super hero of gunship helicoptersimulator2018. These alien creepy robots are ubiquitous on deep-seaislandsand city areas and are affecting people by spreading fear ofwarshooting disaster. You have to be paranoid among robotstrikefighters for fighting against these robot warriors and aliensforsaving your cities and world in such robot shooting games.Afterplaying this, you would realize that you have never playedsuch agunship shooting game before. This is fully action packedarmyhelicopter game developed for helicopter shooting lovers.Nowgunship helicopter war has begun and it would be at its peaksoonthen you would have to survive in any worst situation forhelpingyour gunship army commandos. In gunship helicopter war gameyouwould get chance to show your professional helicoptershootingskills and you would become more expert air shooter of usarmy.Gunship battle game environment is very attractive, you havetotake flight over the deep sea and beautiful islands forfightingwith the alien robot iron. This game is different fromotherhelicopter games because you don't have to fly only, alongwithflying you have to find your robot target and shoot them atspotunlike other robot games fighting. You to be an elite shooterforshooting the fighting robots. ***Features of Gunshiphelicopterrobot fighter - army air strike*** -Multiple challengingmissions-variety of realistic physics based helicopters -naturalandbeatutiful deep sea islands -moder city -latest and highlyequippedrobots -challenging gameplay just download thishelicoptersimulator for extreme robot fighting with gunshiphelicopters.
Helicopter Gunship Attack 1.0
ENJOY MILITARY ATTACK HELICOPTERS FLYING IN REAL COMBATDid youeverenjoy the realistic controls in battleship of the militaryattackhelicopters with absolute physics of flying it in the air ofenemyland? If not, hit download and install the No. 1 helicoptergunshipair attack battle simulator battle games for android whereyouenjoy flying the gunship helicopter in the air andrealisticcontrols for combating, battleship and attacking theground forceswith powerful assault helicopter aggression combatweapons. Alsoyou can capture helicopter video in play mood. Andkeep in mind yougunship helicopter ally are also there.URGING STORYLINE TO FIGHTIN THIS GUNSHIP ATTACKEnemy forces are trying toinfiltrate thearea with aggression and this is the time for you toactaggressively in the air attack and give them a proper answerwithyour air assault helicopter and gunship battle attack skillstodestroy their installations and kill their army but don’t killyourcobra helicopter ally. So, get ready for battleship of yourairgunship helicopter in combat and destroy the enemy beforetheythink of any assault attack and get battle games for android.Inthis helicopter games these are the best free helicopter gamesyouever play. With the help of helicopter video you can watchyouropponent playing tricks.SMOOTH AND EASY CONTROLS OF GUNSHIPAIRASSAULT HELICOPTER ATTACKRealistic, smooth and easy tounderstandcontrols of a military attack helicopter are the thing toenjoy inthis gunship battle simulator battle games for android inthisbattleship arena. Enjoy military attack helicopter in enemyairwith realistic physics. Real ground enemy army and commandoattackto destroy your gunship. Destroy all their ground hideoutswithyour sharp skills and finish this assault war of helicoptergames.You can get these best free helicopter games.SMART ENEMYMILITARYATTACK HELICOPTERS AI WHICH CAN DETECT YOUR POSITIONSmartenemy AIis the main feature of this air battle attack. Enemy AItracks yourgunship position to lock and fires missiles on yourassaulthelicopter. Destroy enemy forces before they take yourgunship airassault helicopter down to the ground. Keep changingyour combatposition every time to dodge the enemy army. AMAZINGCOMBAT WARENVIRONMENT FOR HELI ATTACKStunning enemy base view withtheir armyinstallations and assault helicopter base give an awesomeview tosee. Enter the enemy area and infiltrate their installationsanddestroy them in this air assault helicopter gunship andenjoybattle games for android. DIFFERENT ASSAULT HELICOPTER ANDCOMBATMISSIONSThis is not an assault attack on a single base, butaseries of gunship attacks which leads to destroy alltheinstallations of enemy forces at their different locations. Likeinthe sea island and the desert. Throw missiles on them or fireyourmini gun to destroy their installations. So get ready todismantlethe enemy army in this air attack helicopter gunship withyourattack helicopter flying skills and gunship attack tactics.
Real Jet Fighter War Dogfight Gunship Battle 3D 1.4
Are you looking for a thrilling jet fighter battle andsensationaldogfight where the enemy finds no way of escaping?? Itis no moredifficult to have realistic airial combat and shootingepisodes.Real Jet Fighter War Dogfight Gunship Battle 3D is asupersonicexplosion game and ever best commando fight to fly fasterin theair and attach on the forced enemy with high ammoniatedprojectilegunships. Give a new turn to fighter warplane and jump inthehighly blasting air fight which is a jet fighting simulatorandreal military operation with fighter aircrafts and modernjets.Stay alert to fly commando shooting dogfight aircraft you areonemergency call to sweep annoying rebels. Be ready to take flightoffighter aircraft with ultimate blasting guns and fully armedwithbullets and ammunition to face the opponent and do an airattack tokill all of them up in the air and clear the sky life fromthe deadparts. Real Jet Fighter War Dogfight Gunship Battle 3D isspecialin the way of its air warplane and the usage of flyingfighter jet,aircrafts guns and expert pilot aircraft. All dogfightlovers nowshould be happy to find a new land of world worst war.This is asurprising gunship simulator and military commando fightwhere youare sending on a new type of forces battle and thephysical assaultis done through the air jet fighter with automaticbullets and bombfiring over the enemy from air to air. The flyinggunship battlewith super 3D graphics seems as actual as you arewatching aircommando shooting movie or you are an essential figureof modernf18 jet fight and real best air fighter. The season ofcrazy warhas come back but this time the fighter is armed with mostmodifiedweapons and fighting equipment’s that are enough to aborttheinvaders plan to confiscate your air boundaries. The brutal airjethas stoke of machine guns and similarly you are very lucky tohavethe choice to enjoy sitting of f-18, Dassault_Rafale_C,Mirage,F-16, Mig21 and TYPHOON. Be strong to make yourself thepartof legendry Gunship Battle 3D, air combat and modern dogfightandtake different challenges to face the enemies at every stage.Themission is not get end with destruction of last invader jet butitprepare you for next targets and you must be supportive andplayyour part boldly. Be a fly master and best aircraft pilotandcreate thrill in the gunship battle with your presence, takepartin fighter simulator and use ruthless battleship guns to wipeoutviolation. Features of the Jet Fighter War • Airy crime worldandArial fighter simulator • Callous Jet fighting and 3Dgunshipbattle • Fantastic air combat environment and best fightingweapons• Interesting military simulator with gripping fightingmissions •Sharp shooting and jet flying sound • Incentives in formof gettingscore • Dominant air attack and free aircraft flight •Purchasingof missile, bullets, fuel for the jet • In app productsto removeadds and to unlock new fascinating levels • Optionalregarded videoto make your battle more successful How to PlayDownload thebattleship gun fight at free cost through internet -Tilt the phoneleft or right to move the jet in the same direction -Follow yourenemy and tap on firing icon for blasting - Touch thebullet buttonto fire bullets in the same way... - press the missileicon to firethe guided missile on the opposite jet - Change yourview scene bypressing the camera icon
Drone Attack Shadow: Stealth Gunship Strike War 1.1
Jhatka Gamers
Drone Attack Shadow: Stealth Gunship Strike WarHere is amazingdronecritical strike stealth simulator of the advance dronewarfaresimulator call of the drone strike critical duty for droneairassault in this critical gunship combat game simulator for youdronejet fighter strike war. In this critical drone gunshipfantasticfighter modern warfare the shadow stealth simulatorgunship iscalling you for a mission of survival of simulator dronestrike gamein which you will be shooting critical air assault atfight withterrorist’s gunners critical simulator who air attackedwars yourcity using critical war by the force of drone gunshipshadowsimulator and drone strike gunship survival on a secretcriticalshadow on a mission of combat simulator. You have to safecriticalinnocent which are citizen’s by modern drone warfareshadow stealthsimulator gunners shooting critical air assault warsof your belovedcity using your drone critical air attack by thedrone shadow strikeat the critical gunship simulator where call ofmission of survivalof the secret mission simulator. You have tofly drone critical amodern warfare of stealth shadow warmultirotor drone force at it’scritical war simulator gunnershooting at the air attack and killthe entire critical shadow ofthese fighter terrorist group bytargeting them using the stealthsimulator critical of war droneshadow strike gunship call ofcritical mission of stealth simulatorwhere shadow drone forcessurvival shooting critical air assault atcombat on a secretcritical mission of air attack force simulator.ABOUT THE DRONE JETFIGHTER STRIKE WAR This drone action game whichcounts epicmilitary warfare mission. You can use different swatdrone fighterstrategies to play this special shadow war dronerealistic flightsimulator game. Your modern ultimate drone battlestrike is withterrorists attack. You have to use your extreme dronebattleshipshadow flying skills in these exciting drone combat deathshooterforces. You are air target for terrorism your fighter enemy.Youhave to safe your drone defense system while flying highterritory.This is extreme aircraft combat mafia and you have todefend ourdrone elite squad and city attack death survival. Theenemyaircraft is also carrying deadly terrorist weapons whichareextremely destructive drone army commando. Citizens are afraidofthis deadly air attack terrorist so wipe out all thefighterterrorists as anti-terrorist elite squad. You have to shadowdropair bombs and air gunners on terrorists by keeping this inyourmind that your drone is flying above the city and therecitizensout there and buildings which should be kept safe in crimecity.Drop air bombs and drone missiles from jet fighter and strikehardon from your multirotor terrorists in this critical missionfreedomwar. Be a fearless freedom fighter because you got no escapeinthis crime city. This is thrilling fighter game attack shooterandchallenging drone war strike attacks. Prove yourself the bestdronefighter flying high sky and rule the leaderboards mobilestrikekill shooter. DRONE JET FIGHTER STRIKE WAR FEATURESExcellentsuper realistic drone 3D graphics Absolutely free to playdroneattack  Compatible with all android devices  Wonderfulnaturalenvironment scenery Cool physics drone fighter simulationRealistic drone sound of accelerator, engine and missiles attacksExcellent drone fighter game play Craziest ride gameplayChallenging drone mission strike Endless drone game playthrillFree to download Dangerous drone fighter stunts high abovethesky Dangerous drone fighter mission strike Avoid obstacleskillsHandle drone carefully East drone flight attacksThrillingbackground and exciting background music Drone fighterEasy toplay User friendly game setup Smooth drone flyingcontrols Verychallenging fighter game of drone warGive us yourfeedback!! 
Modern Gunship Strike 3D 1.05
Toy Games
Do you want to become a helicopter pilot and engage incombatmissions across the world.Modern Gunship Strike 3D: Its abouttostop the enemy carrier ship attack on our sea troops bygunshipwar. Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships fromtheWorld War II era. Take the battle to the Sea!!Hi Commodore!Enemycarrier ship is approaching nearer to our naval ships, we havetodefend and destroy the enemy at any cost. Let's defend yourselfbyattacking with Modern Gunship Strike 3D.Game Features:-Amazinggunner's battlefield environment.- Excellent sound effects.-Veryeasy UI and controls.- Just swipe with one side and shoottheenemies.- Enemy AI, so be careful
Gunship Craft: Crafting & Helicopter Flying Games 1.3
Time to build a gunship! Strike your enemy on the battlefieldandwin the world war in the cube sandbox world. Crafting,building,flying & shooting - an essence of the GunshipCraft!Fly or not?Fight a guerilla warfare!It’s calm… but it’s thecalm before thestorm! Troops of enemy iron forces are preparing forthe war -craft a way to stop them. You can expect a helicopterattack atnight but you have a whole day to build a gunship or anassaulthelicopter, craft a weapon, recruit a heroes army and becomea herocommander of a square army! It’s not just one of these ww2gameswhere you command a company of clueless heroes. Army inGunshipCraft are well-trained soldiers who strike fear on thebattlefield,whether they pilot a gunship destroyer or prepare for atankblitz!Another lite day - exploration adventure time!In thiscubesandbox world your main goal is survival. Crafting blocks tobuilddefenses or a modern gunship will definitely help you butfirst youhave to mine resources! Craft & build! Exploration ofblockyworld is crucial to success in this survival war game. Youhave tobe ready before the night comes as if it were your last dayonEarth!Build a gunship or an assault helicopter - craft arealchopper!A gunship battle is coming, but you have to be surethatyour gunship strikes first! A modern assault helicopter? Craftit!A real historical chopper from the times of World War II?Yup,they’re also here! Gunship Craft offers you a large varietyofhelicopters to craft and war soldiers, who are adapted to thewargames played in this cube sandbox world. Flying & shootingmadeeasy to learn, yet challenging. Recruit a heroes army, feellike awar lord!It’s not only you who fights in this war! Army oftroopsare waiting for your commands! Use our brand new recruitmentsystemand bring a cube soldier into the ranks of your militarygunshipdivision! But don’t send a single soldier on war games withemptyhands! Use the mined resources to craft a weapon. Equip yourwararmy and they won’t lose their survival quest! It’s up to youtobecome a respected hero commander of your own army....but arealgunship battle starts at night!After all the blockworldexploration adventure, crafting & building during the day,thereal survival battle start after dark. Jump into your gunshiporassault helicopter - flying & shooting at the same time isafeat! There’s no survival mode yet but in Gunship Craft survivalisthe challenge itself! Hold off an enemy army, war planes and atankassault! Pilot a gunship destroyer and provide support toyourheroes army from the sky! It’s more than just anotherflightsimulator. You’re a gunship gunner and a hero commander atthe sametime, so better take it seriously. This cube sandbox worldneeds asoldier like you!CORE FEATURES:➕ Build a gunship fighter.Realchopper!➕ Take part in a gunship battle. A warhelicoptersimulator!➕ Perform epic maneuvers. Flying & shootinglike atrue fighter pilot!➕ Become a hero commander. Recruit anarmy,craft weapon for your soldiers!➕ Survival arena. Fight in theairand in the ground!➕ Real machines of war. Craft and fly anuniquegunship destroyer from the World War II times.➕ Epic questsfortrue heroes. Army soldiers needs your help!UPCOMINGFEATURES:➕Multi Craft - multiplayer mode!➕ Survival mode!➕ Soldiervs zombiesmode!➕ Enhanced possibilities to craft an army!Don’t waitfor agunship strike anymore! Explore the cube sandbox world and bereadyfor the best crafting & building experience mixed withflying& shooting while piloting a real chopper! GunshipCraftprovides all the best features you can expect from anaircraftfighting games. Survival crafting not for boys, but forreal men!DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE and lead your army to a gunship airwar inone of the best army war games of 2017!
Army Gunship Helicopter Games Simulator Battle War 1.7
Helicopter games simulator is a very realistic and mostimmersivehelicopter games available on playstore . In HelicopterGamesSimulator you have to take down the ground enemiesliketanks,battle ships,air force etc.So Launch the attack on themostdangerous terrorists now! Become a helicopter pilot and engageincombat missions against tanks across the deadly ruined world.Inthis helicopter games, you are a covert special ops soldierreadyto play your part in dangerous free helicopters.MilitaryHelicopter FPS attacks and a silent missions. Your missionis todestroy all tanks,battleships and other. Destroy enemies'tanks byusing different helicopters.***Game features***- VarietyofHelicopters.- Enemies with Gunship helicopters.-Challengingmissions to enjoy different helicopters.- Multipleweapons tofire.- Loaded tanks.- Optimized controls to be able toplay thebest shooting game- Air Attack- Amazing 3D environment-Realhelicopters and tanks sound effects- Battle with Tanks-HighQuality ChopperHave Fun With real Helicopter GamesSimulator**Please rate it if you enjoy! Thank You!
Air Fighter: Airplane Shooting 2.0
Fight the wicked goblin invaders and beat the boss in air combattobe the savior of Mooshmooland! Help Ironpaw, the bravePandaCommander, to fulfill his mission and defeat the boss monsterinhis modern aircraft! Download ✯ Panda Commander: Air Combat ✯andthis intense blaster will replace all the other airplaneshootinggames you used to play!✈ FEATURES:➤ Fast-paced gameplaywithintense levels➤ Extreme endless boss battles➤ Beautifulleveldesign and immersive environments➤ Colorful HD graphics andvividcharacters➤ Upgrade shields, guns, missiles and bombs on yourjetfighter➤ Buy power-ups to cause more damage to enemy warplanesinaircraft battle➤ Start the air strike to save Mooshmoolandfromevil goblin invaders➤ Follow the instructions Rikuto-senseigivesyou to win the air war➤ Boost your metal storm jet fighter tobethe best plane shooter➤ Intuitive controls for both beginner“shoot'em up” players and hardcore gamersOne morning PandaCommanderreceived a disturbing call from Rikuto-sensei. 'We'reunder airattack! The portal is open, goblins are everywhere'! Nowit's up tobrave Commander Ironpaw to save Mooshmooland from evilspaceinvaders! Start the infinite air defense flight, be the bestplaneshooter, enter the endless dogfight and shoot 'em up all! Ifyou'reinto jet battle games, Panda Commander: Air Combat willbecome yourfavorite shmup airplane fighter simulator!Equip yourgunship battlejet with the deadliest weapons and start themetalstorm airstrike!Upgrade your warplane and fire missiles like arattlesnake! Buyupgrades for shields and guns, and unlock superweapons like bombs,lasers, and metal blades to perform a massdestruction on the rivalairship! Start the firestorm, enter theendless crazy boss fightand show your domination on the airbattlefield! Get heavy machineguns and cannons for the maximumstrikeforce and become the pandagunner hero!✯ Panda Commander: AirCombat ✯ is the most intenseshoot 'em up plane simulator 2015!Start your air defense flight,fulfill your warfare duty, completethe jet air strike mission, andfight in the epic boss battles todestroy the furious enemy forcesand win the dogfight! If you're afan of shmup and other war games,and you loved to play verticalretro aircraft battle arcade games,this awesome fly plane flightsimulator 3D will become yourfavorite navy fighter pilot game!Ifyou're bored by all the air“shooting games” with military warplanesin World War II, you'll bethrilled when you engage in an epic pandajam dogfight with angrygoblin space invaders! Enter the world ofaircraft and thisfast-paced action-packed gameplay and extrememetalstorm missilestrikeforce attack waves will provide you hoursof fun! ✯ PandaCommander: Air Combat ✯ is one of the best flyingand shootinggames, so if you're looking for an ultimate airplaneflightsimulator experience with loads of top down bombing andshootingaction, this cool gunship battle jet fighting game is allyouneed!Who doesn't love to play shooting games? No matterwhetheryou're looking for some fun games for boys and girls, kidsandadults, or even seniors who love playing retro arcade games,thisairattack battle command “flight simulator” game willcompletelyblow your mind! You'll have a blast being a brave pandacommanderplane pilot and gunner shooting and dodging missiles,bombs, laserbeans and enemy airships! So, what are you waiting for?Download“Panda Commander”: “Air Combat” and embark on an intensewarfareairstrike mission to save the world!
Air Gunship Battle 3D 1.07
Military Intelligence and the CIA has indicated large formationsofenemy positions on the outskirts of a fallen allied stronghold.Theenemy seems to be amassing their capabilities to make a majorpushto overrun allied territory. A full scale war is on the cardsandyou have been assigned to a strike package deep withinenemyterritory to destroy their operations and their build up.Youarethe pilot of a gunship helicopter who is directed by FAC'sintoposition for a close air support mission. Your targets willbemarked and you will be required to destroy them with yourmachineguns and powerful hellfire rockets. You must use yourradareffectively to neutralize all enemy targets as they comeonline anddestroy the enemy bases.More than 10 battle helicopterswith a highvariety of weapons and equipment.Highly customizablegunship withmachine guns, guided missiles, heat traps, camouflageand decaltypes.If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this istheperfect game for you.You'll find yourself whirling throughtheskies across intense crossfire.Game Features- Realistic3denvironment- Latest Army Battle Helicopters to select- VarietyofMilitary gears to purchase from the store- A lot of rewards towin-Complex and challenging missions
Anti Aircraft Patriot Gunner 1.0.4
Get ready for the action of anti aircraft patriot gunner.Yourmission is to destroy the enemy planes. You might have playedmanyshooting games but this helicopter attack game is full ofactionand thrill. This multi weapon gun game is actually athrilling gameto give you a real fun and joy of heli shooting.Several enemysoldiers have attacked your land and they are equippedwith heavyweapons. The enemy's aircrafts are also a big threat foryoursurvival. You have to counter this threat and take down thewarriorchopper crafts. Perform your duty and enjoy the realtimeexperience of war simulation. Enemies have placed their troopsandready to move forward into your base camp. It is time todefendyour airspace along with your outstanding jets inenemybattlefield. You are a front line pilot, launch the deadlyattackon enemy’s helicopter and blow down like an ash.
Zombie Gunship Free 1.14.3
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seat of aheavily-armedAC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter game whereyoustrategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless wavesofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse! ☆☆☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing"☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆"Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombieweapon." -Forbes ☆☆☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar todetect theundead threat walking towards your base. You arehumanity’s lastdefense ● Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatlinggun, 40mm Boforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gunwill be yourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gunothers onthe leaderboards! ● Collect a bounty for each plagueinfected deadzombie ● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency. ● Game controller support, so you can shootzombieswith a gamepad for the ultimate experience. Put your triggerfingerto good use and gun down those zombies dead● Cloud SavedGames withGoogle Play. Save your progress and restore it on otherdevicesGiveus a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email usquestions,problems, or suggestionsat:[email protected] alsohasthese other defense games: ☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTStowerdefense where you can shoot aliens dead. ☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A3DRTS tower defense, the prequel to TowerMadness 2. ☆TowerMadnessFree ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’sTwitter:’s YoutubeChannel:'s Google PlusPage:
Army Gunship Helicopter Games 3D: Flying Simulator 1.7
Helicopter games simulator is a very realistic and mostimmersivehelicopter games available on playstore . In HelicopterGamesSimulator you have to take down the ground enemiesliketanks,battle ships,air force etc.So Launch the attack on themostdangerous terrorists now! Become a helicopter pilot and engageincombat missions against tanks across the deadly ruined world.Inthis helicopter games, you are a covert special ops soldierreadyto play your part in dangerous free helicopters.MilitaryHelicopter FPS attacks and a silent missions. Your missionis todestroy all tanks,battleships and other. Destroy enemies'tanks byusing different helicopters. ***Game features*** - VarietyofHelicopters. - Enemies with Gunship helicopters. -Challengingmissions to enjoy different helicopters. - Multipleweapons tofire. - Loaded tanks. - Optimized controls to be able toplay thebest shooting game - Air Attack - Amazing 3D environment -Realhelicopters and tanks sound effects - Battle with Tanks -HighQuality Chopper Have Fun With real Helicopter Games Simulator**Please rate it if you enjoy! Thank You!
Military Helicopter Heavy GunShip Battle Simulator 1.5
Helicopter games simulator is a very realistic and mostimmersivehelicopter games available on playstore . In HelicopterGamesSimulator you have to take down the ground enemiesliketanks,battle ships,air force etc.So Launch the attack on themostdangerous terrorists now! Become a helicopter pilot and engageincombat missions against tanks across the deadly ruined world.Inthis helicopter games, you are a covert special ops soldierreadyto play your part in dangerous free helicopters.MilitaryHelicopter FPS attacks and a silent missions. Your missionis todestroy all tanks,battleships and other. Destroy enemies'tanks byusing different helicopters.***Game features***- VarietyofHelicopters.- Enemies with Gunship helicopters.-Challengingmissions to enjoy different helicopters.- Multipleweapons tofire.- Loaded tanks.- Optimized controls to be able toplay thebest shooting game- Air Attack- Amazing 3D environment-Realhelicopters and tanks sound effects- Battle with Tanks-HighQuality ChopperHave Fun With real Helicopter GamesSimulator**Please rate it if you enjoy! Thank You!
Zombie Gunship 1.14.4
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seat of aheavily-armedAC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter game whereyoustrategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless wavesofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse! ☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing" ☆☆☆☆☆☆"Meetthe real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombie weapon." -Forbes☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar to detect theundeadthreat walking towards your base. You are humanity’s lastdefense ●Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mmBoforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will beyourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun othersonthe leaderboards! ● Collect a bounty for each plague infecteddeadzombie ● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency. ● Game controller support, so you can shootzombieswith a gamepad for the ultimate experience. Put your triggerfingerto good use and gun down those zombies dead● Cloud SavedGames withGoogle Play. Save your progress and restore it on otherdevicesGiveus a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email usquestions,problems, or suggestionsat:[email protected] alsohasthese other defense games: ☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTStowerdefense where you can shoot aliens dead. ☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A3DRTS tower defense, the prequel to TowerMadness 2. ☆TowerMadnessFree ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’sTwitter:’s YoutubeChannel:'s Google PlusPage:
Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D 1.1
i6 Games
Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D is an action filled 3D Fighterbomberplane flying game. Learn how to fly the AC-130 bomber planebycompleting special top-secret bombing missions. Learning toflywith an awesome army airplane and completing the toughestofbombing runs by dropping explosive missiles, bombingbases,hangars, watchtowers, and other military vehicles!FEATURES:-Intense bombing run missions- Choose from tons of uniqueweaponsand missiles!- Massive open world environment to fly andexplorein- Incredible HD Game graphics- Realistic Airplane flyingphysics-Dynamic light and sounds Have what it takes to fly theAC-130 andhelp win the war? Play the latest airplane bomberflightsimulation, Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D!
IMP - CARRY OUT A FRESH INSTALL OF THE LATEST VERSION.Version 2.3-First three missions are unlocked for a in depthimmersiveexperience before the player takes a crack at the ZaruzianAirForce- A bug sorted out in Air to Air Tanking missionWANT TO BEACOMBAT PILOT? WANT TO FLY FOR INDIA?This is the Official IndianAirForce 3D Air Combat Mobile Game. Live the life of an IndianAirForce Combat Pilot and Fly for India!ONE OF THE MOST REALISTICAIRCOMBAT MOBILE GAME ON THE PLANET!'Guardians' is the mostrealisticand graphic rich mobile air combat game on Android, whichbreaksthe cliche by bringing the first Campaign based air combatgameplay on the mobile platform. It also features anaddictivemultiplayer for exciting mobile vs mobile combat. It setsnewbenchmark in graphic and game play optimization techniques andhasthe most elaborate collection of flying missions ever seen onamobile platform.AWARDS - 'BEST INDIAN GAME OF 2014' onWindowsmobile app store by Microsoft India- ''Top [email protected] Winner 'awardfrom UNITY 3D for WP FEATURES!- Very Realistic MissionProfiles-Highly detailed aircraft models and other assets-Featuringmultiple fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft of theIAF-Easy to learn training mission for new flyers- TenOperationalMissions featuring various IAF roles- The most advancedmultiplayerin the world for mobile to mobile combat on your localWiFinetwork- Advanced air combat depictions with modern air to airandair to ground weapons- Uncluttered Head Up Display optimizedtodisplay relevant information- Optimized for low to mediumendsmartphones- First mobile game to be officially based on theIndianAir ForceMISSIONS - SINGLE PLAYERTraining : Learn to fly&master the SU30MKIAnti Piracy : Fly a SU30MKI & Stoppiratesfrom taking over Indian shipsRescue : Fly a Mi17V5 torescuecivilians from a burning oil rig and combat enemyassetsCombatextraction - Fly a Special Ops C130 and extract a VIPfrom behindenemy linesCombat Air Patrol - Fly a Mirage2000 anddefend yourbase against enemy strike aircraftHigh Value Assetprotection - Flya SU30MKI/ M2000/ Tejas to defend an IAF PhalconAWACS againstenemy fightersAir to Air Refueling - Carry our an AARmision in aM2000 and an IL78 tankerCounter Air - Fly a Jaguar andstrike theenemy's war making capabilityAnti tank - Fly a Mi35/ LCHto stop anenemy armoured onslaught against FLOTSurgical Strike -Fly a M2000to undertake a surgical strike to destroy the enemytopleadershipArea Defence - Fly a SU30MKI to defend a majorIndiancity against a last ditch desperate attempt by the enemy airpowerto inflict ctastrophic damage in IndiaMISSIONS -MultiplayerPlayMan Vs Man multiplayer missions over variousterrains in thefollowing aircraft -SU30MKIMirage2000ITejasMi35LightCombatHelicopter (LCH)Whats new in the latest version -- Firstthreemissions are unlocked on popular demand.- Airbrakes for addedspeedmanagement in training/ combat mission- Gravity effectduringlanding with increased player immersion & realism- NightVisionCombat- Air to Air Missiles and Auto Locking radar-Realisticunguided Bomb delivery- Varying enemy AI- Cockpit and noseviewsadded to the existing arcade view- Added difficulty levels -Easy,Medium Hard- Player profile will feature award of ranks inIAF,based on points achieved at the end of the game- Multiplayeroverlocal WiFi networkPlay the Game. Join the Mission!JAI HIND!
Total Destruction 1.97
Destroy buildings, terrain and enemies using machineguns,autocannon, cannon, bombs, rockets and nuclear weapons.Features:**Powerful nuclear weapons **Sandbox mode with weaponcustomization**Cool explosions - lots of fire and debris! **Specialattacks**Buildings destruction - shoot your rockets at differentbuildingsand watch them collapse. **20 achievements to unlock **35missionsto complete 7 helicopters -Mi-24 Hind -A129 -Mi-28 Havoc-AH-1-Ka-50 -AH-64 Apache -RAH-66 3 planes -A-10 Thunderbolt-B-17-AC-130 10 ground vehicles -Lada -Pickup truck -Military SUV-APC-BM-21 Grad -BM-27 Uragan -BM-30 Smerch -T-72 tank -M1 Abramstank-P. 1000 Ratte tank Upgrade your vehicle: -Rocket damage-Rocketweapon reload -MG damage -MG reload -Engine -Armor 4 maps toplayin: -Temperate urban -Desert -Downtown -Jungle Lots ofdifferentenemy units to destroy: -Machine gun soldier -Rocketsoldier -Carbomb -BM-21 Grad rocket truck -AH-64 -Shilka -Anti-Aircannon-Anti-Air pickup -S-300 surface-to-air missile system Destroytheenemies!
US Army Helicopter Mechanic 1.0.9
Hey pro, grab your heavy mechanic tool box, roll up your sleevesandrepair the faulty Army helicopters and gunships. You weargreenuniform and belong to the military.Run the biggest auto garageshopof the country and play the most experienced mechanic for theairforce. You will have to repair the engine, body, tyres, wingbladesand fill up the oil and charge the batteries. You are notonlygoing to repair these giant helicopters but you have to dosomecustom modifications as well. So pick up your tools, screwdriversand wrench and start working on US army helicopter like afastmechanic.Repair the body dents and do welding on brokenparts.Provide the wash service to the Airforce helicopters whichreturnedfrom a long route in the battle and is in a completelymessed upsituation. Color the body and make them look new to thepilots.Pilots love their machines to look awesome.Open the nuts andboltsof the engine to take it out to diagnose the faults. Repairtheengine for the best fight in the war. Change filters andoil,charge batteries for better performance. Check and repairtheheadlights and backlights. Your garage is one of the biggestgarageof the country where flying bus, futuristic bus, army bus andother4x4 coaches for armed forces come for the services. You havetoprovide services to all to maintain your reputation. So repairthebuses carefully and quickly.FeaturesReal life soundeffectsAmazing3d garage workshop Chance to support the ArmedforcesAddictivegameplayBe a helicopter mechanic
Drone 2 Air Assault 0.1.140
Drone 2 Air Assault puts you in command of specializedaerialwarfare gunships with 120 action-packed missions andcampaigns foryou to take on. Battle across the world, take commandof Hi-Techaerial assault vehicles and establish PVP supremacy fromyourstrike carrier Damocles. Perform lethal strikes, defend alliesanddestroy targets globally to restore World Peace. DIVERSEMISSIONSDisrupt the enemy control, provide close Air Support andraid EnemyBases worldwide before they take you out. Strategize inAnnihilate,Defend, Hunt and Precision Strike missions. REALISTICCOMBATENVIRONMENTS Engage with 50 types of authentic attack units–gunships, snipers, armored cars, tanks and attackhelicopters.Adapt to changing terrain, sandstorms & fog usingmultiplevision modes - FLIR and Night Vision.BUILD YOUR ARSENALEquip yourvehicles with devastating Cannons, Guided Missiles,Rockets,Machine Guns, AMRs & Bombs to bring the rain.COMMANDFUTURISTICVEHICLES Strategize your attacks with Light AltitudeVehicles(LAVs) for precision targeting and High Altitude Vehicles(HAVs)for greater area damage. SUPER RAPTOR or THUNDERBIRDGUNSHIPExecute precise low level attacks with the Super Raptor, orrainheavy ordinance, using the Thunderbird gunship.ESTABLISHPVPSUPREMACY FROM YOUR STRIKE CARRIER Destroy opponent carrierstocollect Intel & Steal resources. Defend yourself bybuildingyour Strike Fleet of Destroyers and Shield ships withadvancedweaponry. * Permissions - ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Todetermine yourlocation for region based offers & pvp matchmaking.-READ_PHONE_STATE: To access your current phone to enhanceyourgaming experience.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving yourgamedata & progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving yourgamedata & progressJOIN THE EXCLUSIVE CLUB OF ‘DRONE 2 AIRASSAULT’FANS Enjoy regular news on game updates, characters,features,views, video tips and more for Free. Like us onfacebook: Follow us ontwitter: Watch us onyoutube: This game is completely freetodownload and play. However, some game items can be purchasedwithreal money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchasesinyour store’s settings.* The game is also optimized fortabletdevices.Note: A network connection is required to play.
Gunship Dino Hunting - 3D 1.0
Be ready to play “Gunship Dino Hunting’ where you havedeadlydinosaurs in a lush green & huge Jurassic junglekillinginnocent animals and damaging crops. You are determined tokill allreal ruthless dinosaurs and came to jungle in a helicopterwithyour modern weapons like sniper gun, carbine and flamethroweretc.Be ready to hunt the world’s biggest animals by yourshootingskills in a helicopter. Focus the target wisely whilecontrollingyour breath so that you can engage them in the jungleuntil yourfinal round.In the phase I, you tried to chase dinos butmost ofthem escaped from jungle and went to the city area in thenextepisode. In this thrilling level, a panic was created astheferocious dinosaurs may destroy the lives and properties intheliving areas. In the city, it became a challenge for you toshootout dinos wisely without any damage to human lives. Dinosarehungry so they will pounce, attack and grab their prey in thecityto disrupt the city life. It is like a mission game to killalldeadly dinos in your gunship helicopter in the presence ofotherpeople. In this gunship battle, your main role is to clearalloccupied areas from these dions successfully. With your intenseandpowerful strikes, you will be admired by everyone across thecityin this atmosphere.Stand and rise as a hero using yoursnipergunshot in a modern chopper flying with its whirling wings onthedangerous dinos. It is a true mission game like a battle inwhichyou have to show your passion to encounter the dinos withyourarsenal weapons in different scenarios. City is your playgroundandyou have to devise a strategy that how can you protect allyourfellow humans from the prey of dinos. To give your gunmoreaccuracy, try to fix right angle to focus on the object inthisepic game. Your firing skills and techniques in yourrotaryaircraft will surely chase and destroy the dinos if you are atrueshooter. It is one of the best gunship helicopter games 4 kidswithprehistoric and fabulous moment in which you are firing fromyourflight like a true pilot for an exact angle gunshot. You willenjoythe game with amazing graphics and textures withbeautifulsceneries. It is an adventurous game with variety ofturnings andmotives while using solid flying skills with an actionreplay. Itis lifetime opportunity for you among millions of peopleto get areward as a hero of city because you will be superior.Thanks toyour shooting skills for giving a survival to all peoplewhoescaped safely in the city without any collateral damage.***GameFeatures of Gunship Dino Hunting***1. Excellent screen shotsandgraphics2. Natural Jurassic & lush green Jungleenvironment3.Chance to excel Gunship Helicopter shooting skills4.Wild anddangerous dinosaurs from herbivores to carnivores 5. Bestgunshiphelicopter game to enjoy like a true pilot6. A realistichuntinggame with multiple levels7. A visual panic among multipleandinteresting city maps*** Good Luck***
Air Attack Gunship Battle 1.3
This jet fighter game is like never before. Test your skills inanactual plane battle game in which you fight against the mostlethalmachines in the world. in this jet pilot or plane pilotgamebattleships equipped with best responsive flight controls andhyperrealistic weapon simulator armed on the fighter jet you canshootthe enemy plane down with missiles, rocket launchers andmachinegun firing and drop bombs like drone on the enemy base anddestroyenemy tanks. Fly from your base into the most detailedenvironmentinvested to realistic graphics. Become the pilot offighter jetsand destroy enemy’s evil plans. In this intense on baseand air toland battle you can enjoy the flying of a realisticlethal jet.Destroy all enemies and achieve victory in your missionto unlockfurther missions. The game just keeps getting tougher andtougherwith progress in every mission. This extreme game play willbringout your natural stealth instincts, flying instincts and aircombatreflexes. This airplane simulator 3D is developed for yourfunonly.Equip the fighter plane you want to take to battle arenaandfly over the enemy’s base and unleash hell upon them withamazingweaponry. Use machine guns firing and rocket launchers totake downthe most fatal gunships from all over the world. Takecover in theblue skies and weave over the enemy and drop bombs onthem withdrone weaponry already equipped on your jet fighter. Enemywillattack you from dangerous fighter jets and killer tanks. Crushtheenemy’s weapon trucks and make them beg for mercy. Earn theMedalof Honor by saving your state from outside threat.
Gunship Gunner Strike 3d 1.12
gunship gunner strike 3d is about real shooter in warcombatshooting game in real battlefield combat situation where youhaveto encounter against deadliest enemies shooter with yourawesomegunner modern weapons. play gunship gunner strike withbestshooting 3d effects and AI for enemies. destroy enemy tanks,gunship helicopter and humvee with your real 3d strikegunnerweapon . shoot shoot and shoot until all of the enemycommandosoldier are eliminated and war has been with our machinegunblasting fires and death of enemy forces . its time for realwargame with best gunner shooting game to destroy enemy forces inrealaction battle. you are going to play real action game withawesomegunner shooter simulation control. As an army commando youaretrained for survival and stealth missions. You are alsomainlyassigned for sniper shooter 3d missions so be precise totargetgunner shooter and try to use trick for stealth shootingbyprecision and accuracy. US army is known for best shootingincombat strike and as a 3d army gunner shooter in war you havetoprove your and become a pride 3d war sniper shooter. commando !waris the time we are trained for and gunner shooting is somethingweare known for. prove ourselves as best shooting army in therealcombat grounds of war.this is real 3d sniper shooter combatrightin the warm desert where enemies commandos are equipped withak-47, bazooka , rpg , pistols , chopper , artillery , m16 , usAmericansniper shooter , tanks , f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters .while ourmain commando army forces got defeated in these islanddesert storm. our army sniper shooter were not trained for thesedeadlysituations . We need some elite shooter commando to get outofthese deadly ear situation by sniper shooting from hiddenplaces***gunship gunner strike 3d Features ***=> commando gunnerShootingis a real fps games with all free features and funfreeentertainment => gunner 3d shooter choose Extreme modernarmyweapons against sniper 3d enemy=> Lots of environmentlikemountain sniper shooting scenes , desert sniper shooting levels,city sniper shooting challenges and all that.=> realsnipershooting simulation with a real gunner shooter simulator=>easyto shoot touch controls=> dynamic effects andanimations=>day , night , rain , snow ,evening modes with realsniper shootingmissions=> Action packed game with best effect tofeel like topbest action games=> best shooting games asrealistic graphicswith real gunner shooting missions and snipermissions and bestsound effects make you feel real fungunship gunnerstrike 3d is thebest first person shooting game with best firstperson shootingcontrols and effects. we have worked hard to ensurebest shootingexperience to you. we also ensure to see game runningon alldevices.
Apache Gunship Strike: Air War 1.0.1
Are you a real Helicopter Gunship Air Battle Games addicted?Thenyou are at a right place.Become a member of the army commandovsenemies war over the battlefield with the most powerful gunshipsinhistory.Apache Gunship strike realistic 3d game is for theloversof gunship air battle. For home how loved to strike withApachehelicopter. This game will lead you to the amazing warjourney ofGunship Battlefield. Turn on your fighter gunner battlehelicopterand swipe all your enemies camp bases from the island.Just likeother games you will be assigned a mission to strike onenemy base.So heads up and plan your gunship strike on enemy base.In yourvery first mission you have to strike on your enemy anddestroyenemy base camp. Second mission will be to destroy enemybase andenemy tanks. Strike hard with your Apache gunner battlestriker.You in the battlefield having skills of army cobrachoppercommando. Your mission is to destroy the enemy area and thebasecamp. Your helicopter is full of ammo, bullets, missiles andheavyequipment.Buckle up for the most realistic and adventurousgunshiphelicopter war game. Be careful do not get killed in warzone. Asyou complete first level. You will be step in war zone.Then youhave to make strong war strategy to complete thenextmissions.Features:1 : Different types of Gunship Air HelicopterWar3D.2 : Heavy equipment, bullets, missiles and ammunition.3 :Realwar scenery and 3D graphics.4 : Real sound effect of firing.5:Most realistic mission ever you played. 6 : 8 Stunning ultimatewarmissions.
Real Army Helicopter Simulator Transporter Game 2.0.4
Helicopter game, Military Helicopter Transport an airtransportergame, is a new game based on Army transport missions, unlike Armygunship helicopter games or RC helicopter simulation game,it’s allabout top secret rescue missions to transport secretspy,helicopter recuse mission or to transport army commandos,armytanks, army jeeps to the battlefield, army base campscaptaincruise ship driving, cargo ship, ferry boat and othercriminalstransport boat on the high seas to transport the armypersonals tothe offshore army base and WW2 Transport Duty in thewarzone, thebest transporter games. helicopter driving games withpassenger,army helicopter games free 3d real mission Militarytransportgames, as an air transporter get ready to feel thethrottle of amilitary cargo transporter with jail prisoner planewhile its readyto take off with jail criminals and prisoners on usarmy transportmission, Once again be the captain you are the one incharge ofarmy prisoner transport, with Army Cruise Ship Driving&offroad us army transporter, helicopter driving gameswithpassenger, army helicopter games free 3d real mission. You willbehelicopter pilot enjoy army helicopter driving in the open seaandthe warzone on helicopter rescue mission or to transportarmyhummer, apc vehicle and army commandos to the war zonesandbattlefield in this Army Helicopter Simulator game, Beforethehelicopter flight the army jeeps and army soldiers they needtoreach the transport helicopter first, in battlefield orwarzonewith land mines. Military Helicopter Transport is not basedon RChelicopter simulation but on real helicopter flight and inthiscase army helicopter transport for the real helicopterflightexperience, being an air transporter you get toexperiencehelicopter drive of multiple types of helicopter andchopper inthis military helicopter transport simulator game.helicopterdriving games with passenger, army helicopter games free3d realmission You are army truck transport solider and commandohere nota police transporter truck, now your task is different thanothercriminals transport game, you are given army boat & USarmytanks you should be perfect in boat driving and tank drivingaswell. Task is briefed in the start of the mission like youmustload tanks in transport plane and take to another island,becarefully while operating military truck transport. RealArmyHelicopter Simulator Transporter Game with Truck driving is anewunique modern challenging simulator game, unlike policeplanetransporter games, police car transporter games, policetransportgames, with army cargo plane, army cargo helicopter forarmy rescuemissions, a part from transporting army criminals thisgame bringsyou the variety of army cargo supply responsibilitiesfor armytransport ship game. Get ready to be one-man army tocomplete theversatile jobs in this military cargo transport.Features: •Helicopter drive game to operate helicopter simulator •Map tolocate the position of soldiers and drop points • RealHelicopterControls • Battlefield Environment
Gunship Helicopter Strike Special Forces War 1.0
Games Villa
The world's most powerful helicopters are at your fingertips.Ifyouare an actions games lover, then this Helicopters game is madejustfor you. You can play this helicopters warship battlegameairstrike with full of joy thrill and action gunshipsimulatoraction-game.Gunship Helicopter Strike Special Forces Waris themost immersive and gunship strike realistic 3D helicopterbattleaction game available on Google Play. Gunship simulatorlaunch theattack on the most dangerous terrorist’s strike forceheroesairstrike now!Become a helicopter pilot and engage incombatmissions across the world gunship battle. Select aircrafttocomplete your air fighter gunship strikemissions.Gunshiphelicopter strike special forces fighter jet gamesis a helicopteraction game that combines stunning 3D graphics withflight controlsimulation strike force and engaging militaryscenarios to pull youinto an strike force air fighter immersivecombat experience themoment you start the helicopter game battleapp army groupcommand.Gunship Helicopter Strike Special Forces Warputs you inthe airstrike gunner seat of the most powerful combathelicopters.Strategically copter fire your powerful machines gunsanddevastating missiles to slay hordes of enemies across theworld.Guide with aircraft games copter precision your combathelicopterand demolish the enemy military bases in the world’sgreatestcombat experience! Aircraft games gunship strike combinestactics,flying skills bullet force and the right amount of ruthlessin thisbullet force battle app #1 military helicopter action gamestrikeforce heroes!The enemy’s gunship strike is very strong butyou arewell trained aircraft games warship battle chopper striker.Youhave entered in the mid field of desert of the death war andyouneed to target their diploid area camps, ships, tanks andothercounter attack equipment. Helicopter game gunship warcombinestactics, flying skills and perfect chopper strikingabilities armygroup command.If you are lover of fighter jet gamesCombatbattlefield action strike then this counter attack game onlyforyou. In this game you will find chopper that will attackonmilitary unit. The specialforce flying helicopter enteredingunship air war zone and bombarded on tiny striker action-game.Thetrigger 3d first enemies have dead weapon and copter firerocketson your army rc helicopter war game.Pilot your helicopter towar.Shoot, launch missiles, and destroy other helicopter gunshipstopass levels. Special forces best helicopter war simulationgame.Trigger 3d first Fight war game with other helicopters,navigate,follow, strike and kill. Your helicopter is well equippedwith 3different types of ammunition (machine gun, air to groundmissileand anti-aircraft) action-game. Gunship solo battle game,strikeenemy's artillery, tanks, soldiers, joining forces turretsand basecamp to win the battle. Gunship helicopter strike specialforceswar helicopter battle action game that allows you to becomethebest and first shooter of all time. This jet fighter shootinggameis a challenge for you.The army chopper attacked on enemymachinegun in gunship battle helicopter games. In this freehelicoptergame best helicopter is in range of tiny striker but youflying thehelicopter are best army chopper that make only forgunship air warhelicopter games. This is free gunship game.GameFeatures: Airstrike to save you High Quality ChopperHeavyGunshipHelicopterChallenging missionsRealistic 3denvironmentsAttack Airhelicopter Multiple Gunship WarHelicoptersRealistic soundeffectsreal missions.If you enjoyed FPS,shooting or racing games,try Gunship Helicopter Strike SpecialForces War Choppers. You willfind yourself flying across the sky inthe middle of intense enemycrossfire.
Flying Jeep Gunship Battle - 3D Aircraft Combat 1.2
Thundering Flying Jeep Gunship battle 3d 2017 is shaking sky.Thesharp gunship sound is terrifying the heart of attendants.Jeepspinner 2017 war is epical combat of survival, a realmonstershooting game, perfect spinner shooting simulation and anurge ofhunter.Save your country by invaders physical assault in2017, facelargest flying enemy shipment and swooped to destroy whoareplanning to defeat you by their evil strategy of massacre.Hero’sspinner gunship is once again ready to protect you from allsideaerial troublemakers. Real spinner jeep shooting istotallyaircraft battle simulation in a new war environment,proposing adigital enemy confrontation above the land for an airy3d spinnerfight. Let’s take oath to defend your air borders, cleanyour landwind from deadly shooters ammunition. The digital monsterjeep isarmed with weapons, auto flying jeep craft is systematicallyworkto hunt enemies so the mission “safety of sky” issimulatorfighting game to finish disturbing element with Gatlingguns justfor the sake of purifying air and unleash flight.You arestill notwitness of such daring gunship flight, Shooter! Stop notto pondertake quick reaction for mission clean sweep.Surprising 3dsurvivalwar is testifying round of heroes firmness and gallantrywhich testthem for five back to back aircraft battle levels. Finishyourfirst assignment to jump in the next one.Highlight- Newtrendyflying jeep gunship battle- Virtual aerial fighting flight2017-Smooth 3D graphical animation - Thundering sound&effects,twirl of blasting lights - Real collision of monsterfightingcrafts- Perfect Gallatin guns and bullets attack - Powerfulair warenvironment-Six multi dynamic battle levels- Top classjeepcollection How to PlayRead the following points- Installationofapplication needs internet connection- Open it to playfirstthrilling level- Tilt the phone to move left and right- Tap tofireon opposite aircraft , the firing icon is on screen- AutoUnlocklevels, complete first mission to open the next and so on-Enjoythe firing sound and selection of new gunship jeeps
Zombie Gunship Survival 1.2.20
Survive a zombie apocalypse and protect the human race fromthegunner seat of an AC-130 gunship! Engage in tactical operationsandlead groups of military survivors on scavenging missions.Lootprecious resources, bring them back to base and build yourdefensesto repel zombie assaults.  
Blow up the undead in thisnewinstalment in the #1 top-grossing Zombie Gunshipfranchise.●Experience high-definition visuals and intensescenarios● Collectrealistic weaponry and increase your zombieshooting efficiency●Provide air support and lead groups of militarysurvivors● Build upyour remote airfield as a base foroperations ● Defend yourbase against zombie assaults● Survivein a hostile environment andunleash hellfire from your gunnerseat!Terms of Service Byaccessing or using a flaregames product,you're agreeing to ourTerms of Service( GunshipSurvival is free to download and play, howeversome game items canalso be purchased for real money. If you don’twant to use thesefeatures, please disable in-app purchases in yourGoogle Playsettings. According to our Terms of Service, ZombieGunship Survivalis allowed for download and play only for persons13 years or moreof age, or with explicit parental consent. You canread more here:'
Gunship Rescue Force Battle 3d 1.1
Gunship Rescue Force Battle is a real shooter game in the worldofhelicopters. Enemy terrorists are training their soldiers tofightagainst your military base. They have created their base campsinthe jungle. This is a big threat to your country. Enemysoldiersare taking their weapons and helicopters to the mainfront-line ofyour border. The enemy commando helicopters can attackfrom anyside. This is a battle between you and aircraft.In thismilitaryinvasion, your have to play your best role to protect thearmy basefrom enemy heli. Your enemy is equipped with differentrange ofhelicopters raging from real choppers to heavy weightapachehelicopters. As the best commando, you have given the tasktocounter this attack.You have to prove your warfare skills,survivein extreme air strike and you have to be very clever inthisgorilla war. Because many helicopter are equipped withrocketshooter guns. This is actually a test of your courage. Butwaitpolice and army aircraft will also be there to help you.Useyourammunition wisely to battle long missions. you can use RPGrocketlauncher anytime to protect your base. The game has veryflexiblecontrols. Destroy the huts and camps of enemy area
Gorkhali Helicopter Combat 1.2
Apps Sathi
"Gorkhali" remained the most brave soldiers in the world. Theyarekind hearted yet if someone speaks bad about their selfrespect,they don't step backward and fight for justice, peaceandbrotherhood. So the game is all about combat usinghelicopterswhere you need to shoot all other enemies helicopterwith twospecial powers one is bomb which can destroy all enemies atonceand another is elastic power to fire more bullets. So this gameissimple yet addictive. Have a lots of fun and cheers.
Air Force Transform Robot Cop Wolf Helicopter Game 1.3
Here we bring you new era of wolf robot helicopter battle, thebrandnew in its genre of robot fighting games. Handle your wolfrobotichelicopter simulator 2018 and transform it to wolf robotsimulator.Enjoy police robot helicopter which transforms into wolfrobot innew and free robot battle games! This futuristic robotbattle 2018will give the 3d robot fight police wolf helicopterexperience inAir Force Transform the Robot Cop Wolf HelicopterGame. In thisstunning wolf robo transform game, test your airhelicoptercontrolling skills of both wolf robot simulator and wolfrobohelicopter transform. This is a new kind of wolf robot wargameswhere you will feel like in future because of this new wolfrobotfighting games with new Combat Style has potential. In wolfrobothelicopter games, new and free wolf robot battle will facedramaticwolf robot transform fight. This brilliant wolf robot wargames,definitely need pro practice of best helicopter robot wolfgames.Play the toughest of robot fighting wolf games and robot wargamesever in Air Force Transform Robot Cop Wolf Helicopter Game.Are youexpert enough to control a giant robot and wolf robothelicopters inthis futuristic robot battle 2018 War? If yes, thenat the righttrack to get daily transform wolf robot cop helicopteradventuredoze with this fantastic robot helicopter games new andfree airrobot battle games! Drive, fire, and fight with all thepolicehelicopters and wolf robots helicopter fully and defeat thembadlyin this police cop helicopter robot games fight & aircopbattle. Download transform air cop helicopter wolf robot games3dand choose your wolf transform robotic helicopter simulator 2018toget into the ultimate fight! Wolf robot helicopter transformbattleis going to beat all other robot helicopter games. The wolfrobotbattle with its best robotic helicopter simulator 2018 isjustfantastic. This futuristic wolf transform air battle 2018 isherewith taste of wolf robot transform air fight combat that willmakea pro player of wolf helicopter robot games. So get ready fortheking of all wolf robot helicopter game, Air Force TransformRobotCop Wolf Helicopter Game. The one and only wolf robothelicopterbattle! Features: Extreme big city 2018! Wolf Robothelicopterfight in the air Real 3d graphics and environment.Amazing,thrilling and stunning gameplay levels Beware fromdangerousenemies Transform Helicopter into wolf Robot and wolfRobot intoHelicopter Fantastic and different wolf robot transformfightinganimation Enjoy the features of Air Force Transform RobotCop WolfHelicopter Game and all other wolf robot fighting games andwolfrobot war games. You will definitely love this futuristic airrobotbattle 2017 War because now we have added the savor of bothwolfrobot games fight and wolf helicopter robot games withextremerobotic helicopter simulator 2018 and wolf robot simulator.
Call of Military Missile 1.3
Call of Military Missile Do you have Dare to assault againstotherarmy ? Rivals have modern nuclear weapons, armors,gunship,Warship. Result of this battle may be in favour if you playyourroll very well. Deadly air strike is require to destroy thembutthey damaged our Fighter plane, helicopter & airbase. InthisElite war game you have chance to become a soldier fromnormalcitizen. In this combat your job is to become a missilecontroller& complete such a impossible mission. Launch themissile &air the target. Lots of rivals army tank & campyou havedestroy in area. Country gives you such a bigresponsibility toprotect your territories. Now You have survive& defense againsenemy force. Your Killer attack is mandatory toprotect yourcountry. You have to win against this army clash bysurgicalmissile strike. How to Play =========== Destroy the targetandcomplete the mission before your missile launcher destroymonstermilitary . You can easily find your target in radar by redspot.-> Here Two Types of Missile 1) Controllable Missile : Whenyouclick on fire button than missile launch now You have tocontrolthis missile by Device tilt and aim the target. 2) NoncontrollableMissile : Just click on targeted area & fire themissile. Aftermissile fire you can't control that missile. It canautomaticallyreach to it's target.
Battle of Helicopters: Gunship Strike 2.18
Most powerfull battle helicopters wrom around the world arewaitingfor YOU in this Ffree mobile game!Become a real HelicopterPilotand fight in the different places from the wholeworld!Stunningaction in the air, comfortable flight controlling andactualinformation about battle world helicopters, such as Cobra,Hind,Stalion, Apache and many others.When you start the play youwon'tstop!Game features:Interesting world of combataviation!Mostpowerful battle helicopters in the whole world!Everyhelicopter hasits own characteristics and has different weaponstypes.Fast andfurious air combats between the explosions andshots.Feel thesuspense and adrenaline rush while maneuvering underthe tons ofbullets and rockets.If you like FPS shooter games,racing, tanksyou should try to play this crazy game with battlehelicopters.Ifyou are skilled pilot - try your battle mastery infights of ourtournaments with people who have a big experience ofbattlehelicopters controlling If you are the newbie - prove thatyou arethe coming star or... fall down from the skyDominate in thesky andimprove your battle helicopter!Who are you? One of thousandsofpilots, or someone who terrifies enemies? You won’t know untilyouenter combat...INTERNET CONNECTIONREQUIRED.Facebook:
Gunship III V.P.A.F FREE 3.8.4
Phanotek, Inc
This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III VietnamWarseries. Features flyable MIG-17PFand MIG-19 (J-6). Playerscouldplay against others USAF players online. For more info abouttheGunship-III Vietnam War Air combat series, visit developer'spageor at Offline Campaigns: * InterceptU.S.A.Ffighters and bombers over Laos (1964) * Intercept U.S.A.Ffightersand bombers over HaNoi (1965) Features: * 360 degreesvirtualcockpit. * Realistic avionics and weapon systems. *Fullmultiplayer over the internet with live text chat. *Supportprivate network multiplayer. Download Gunship-III FREE formorefree aircrafts and helicopters.
Gunship-II 2.0.2
Phanotek, Inc
EXPERIENCE VIETNAM WAR ERA COMBAT HELICOPTERS! Immerse yourselfintothe mist of the Vietnam war as an US helicopter pilot. Be partofthe new air mobile tactic which helicopters are heavily usedtoinsert troops into battles, transport supplies and weapons tothemost remote outposts, hover and pickup a downed pilot incrossfires or fly dangerous low level Hunter-Killer mission.Choosefrom5 Vietnam War choppers to fly with an intuitive combinationoftouch-screen and accelerometer controls.MISSIONS5 realisticanddetailed Vietnam War single-player missions ‚fly differentchoppereach mission! Next 5 missions are coming soon as anupdate.REALHISTORICAL HELICOPTERS Pilot 5 authentic Vietnam Warhelicopters :H-34 Chicksaw, H-13 Sioux, UH-1D Huey, UH-1B HueyGunship, AH-1Cobra.Support cockpit view and zoom in view with lookaroundcapability.
Gunship Modern Army Battle 1.05
Prepare yourselves to takeoff for Second War.Confront fiercebattlesand survive the aftermath of war!It’s now the 1950s and theGreatWar has ended, but the Jade Mercenaries still find themselvesinanother maelstrom.Become a member of the Jade Mercenaries andwreakhavoc over the battlefield with the most powerful gunshipsinhistory: The Spitfire, Warhawk, and Saetta.Prove that youareworthy to be named as the Ace Pilot in the Second War.Withupgradedgraphics, customizable gear, new cockpit mode, specialmissions,and much more!Game Features- New Stories with NewGunships- Avariety of Cutomizable Gear- Multiple helicopters with avariety ofweapons and equipment- 40+ levels in Battle mode-Realistic 3Dgraphics and stunning visual effects
Helicopter Counter Attack 1.0
Alino Games
Helicopter Counter Attack is made to strike war on thecommandoterrorists taken over sea , railways and city roadways . itis theair force's call for duty to save civilians and save thearmourygoods being transported on train , ship and trucks . So youare onhelicopter with a counter attack team to strike to killtheterroist team on these vehicles . Shoot targeted enemies, cleartheship from dangerous terrorists and complete missions. In eachlevelyou have different task, first level is easy rather thanotherlevels.Itís a call of modern warfare and itís a monsterstrike. Thebattleships of enemies are on the shore and more armytroops are ontheir way and you need to Kill Shot them and crush theenemy. so beready in your helicopter gunship to attack and win overterroists .You also will be attacked by other terrorist helicoptersin skywith missiles , so shoot these enemy helicopters also down.Eachlevel has enemies with rocket launcher , A K 47 rifles andbombexplosives to attack our helicopter . we have more powerfulweaponslike machine gun , bazooka (rocket launcher) andgrenadebombs.Features:- Excellent Gunship Counter Attack- 12+ExclusiveChallenging Missions For Gunship Counter Shooter- 3differentenvironments : sea , railways and city roads with 30+levels.-Ultimate Defense Shooting 3D Game- Smooth And DynamicControls WithReal Physics.- Enjoy Controls Optimized For TheCounter AttackExtreme Helicopter War- Real Hard Strike Skill ToShow In EachInspiring Level Of Chaos Copter Combat.How to play:ïSet aim ontouch and shoot the enemiesï Fire button is available onthe rightbottom side of the screenï Shoot the target enemies andcompletemissionsHelicopter Counter Attack gives your realbattlefield ofmordern warfare like experience especially forhardcore gamers wholike FPS counter shooting games . enjoy thisgame and leave uspositive comment if you like our game .
Helicopter Gunship Battle Game 1.0.0
★★ Helicopter Gunship Battle Game ★★★★ Shoot and defeat yourenemiesin this Helicopter Simulator Game! ★★The enemies want toattack yourhelicopter base!It's time to take off with yourhelicopter to try tosave your fellows from the attack!You will beimmersed in anunprecedented dogfight where the most important isto remain aliveand fly out victorious!Dodge and shoot enemies tillthere are nomore helicopters around you!Prevent your helicopterfrom running outof oil and make sure to not collide with otherhelicopters!Everyonetrusts you to stop the helicopter attack! Isit true that you are atop helicopter pilot?Prove it in the besthelicopter simulatorgame!Follow us on TwitterandFacebook!
Helicopter Tanks War Simulator 1.0.7
Helicopter Tanks War Simulator gives you a vengeful taste offreehelicopter gunship games, as you engage in a blitz with anapacheattack on an iron tank. Your task is to win the war of tankswithan iron force in this tank simulator. Helicopter TanksWarSimulator gives you your ideal gunship helicopter war machine inaworld of tanks, but the war of tanks will test out your skillstothe limit as you are clearly outnumbered by everytankhero.Helicopter Tanks War Simulator is one of those tankbattlegames which give you machines like battlefield tank andhelicoptersthat are the most advanced warfare apache attack andblitzmachines, which makes the tank battles more deadly. Beware,fornext time you are launching a helicopter air strike you willhaveto showcase your immense skills and iron force to take outthismassive army as you progress further into the area, where youwillhave to face even more formidable opponents, so become a tankheroand clear your area.In a gunship helicopter war you will comeunderblitz from armed bandits, tanks and armoured cars. Destroythem allwith extreme precision to destroy an iron tank, ensureminimumself-damage and become a Tank Hero.Helicopter Tanks WarSimulatorlets you play as a tank hero once all the tank battles andstagesare unlocked, your enemy basecamp will erupt with big air warandcrazy machines, so be careful when you strike withHelicopterGunship in this Helicopter Simulator game.Download one ofthecoolest free helicopter gunship games now and don't forget torateus!FEATURES- Helicopter Simulator and iron tank battle,dualsimulation gameplay with air and land navigation systems-Pilotadvanced warfare tanks and helicopters in 5 varying levelsofgameplay- Two highly detailed enemy basecamp locations incrazytank battles- Smooth navigation and gyroscope controls-Optimisedgameplay
Gunship-II Lite 2.0.2
Phanotek, Inc
EXPERIENCE VIETNAM WAR ERA COMBAT HELICOPTERS! Immerse yourselfintothe mist of the Vietnam war as an US helicopter pilot. Be partofthe new air mobile tactic which helicopters are heavily usedtoinsert troops into battles, transport supplies and weapons tothemost remote outposts, hover and pickup a downed pilot incrossfires or fly dangerous low level Hunter-Killer mission.Choosefrom5 Vietnam War choppers to fly with an intuitive combinationoftouch-screen and accelerometer controls.MISSIONS5 realisticanddetailed Vietnam War single-player missions ‚ fly differentchoppereach mission! Next 5 missions are coming soon as anupdate.REALHISTORICAL AIRPLANES Pilot 5 authentic Vietnam Warhelicopters :H-34 Chicksaw, H-13 Sioux, UH-1D Huey, UH-1B HueyGunship, AH-1Cobra.Support cockpit view and zoom in view with lookaroundcapability.
Gunship III 3.8.4
Phanotek, Inc
EXPERIENCE THE VIETNAM WAR AIR COMBAT Immerse yourself into themistof the Vietnam war as an US helicopter or a fighter pilot. Notlikeother flight sim games for mobile devices, in Gunship-IIIthecockpit is highly simulated with ultra-realistic 3D cockpit,fullfunction dashboard, realistic sound effects and all movingparts.Graphics are highly detail with cities, jungles, airbases,alsoincludes a vast terrain covers Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.InGunship-III, you have more aircrafts available to fly more thananyother games. We're working hard to bring even more infutureupdates. Weapon systems in Gunship-III are also highly detailandaccurate with real recorded sounds, high fire rate for minigunsaswell explosion effect for bombs and rockets. ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENT(AI) Each mission features many AI aircrafts, you alsohave AIgunners onboard who will shoot at anything firing at themand makesure nothing could touch your aircraft. The enemy isalsoaggressive and fearless, they only shoot at you when in closerangeand be aware of those RPG, they sure take an aircraft downjust byone hit. FEATURES: * AI aircraft performance advanced combattasks.* 360 3D cockpit view with zoom. * Fully functioningcockpitavionics. * Pilot G visual effects. * Auto pilot for longflight. *Weapon system: minigun, rocket, smoke grenade... * Detailsgraphicswith cities, trees, ground troop on a vast terrain map *Tworealistic and detailed Vietnam War campaigns: RollingThunder(1965) and Barrel Roll (1964). * Full version features 7flyablehelicopters: H-19 Chickasaw, H-34 Choctaw, CH-47 Chinook,UH-1DHuey, OH-6A Cayuse, UH-1B Huey Gunship, AH-1G Cobra. * Fullversionfeatures 2 flyable airplanes: A-1 Skyraider, F-100D SuperSabre *Multiplayer with live chat, fly with people around theworld. Feelfree to join Gunship III USAF Virtual Airforce onFacebook.