Top 24 Games Similar to Big Web Quiz

Draw King for Chromecast 1.8.0
Draw King is a local multiplayer drawing game where your goalisguessing what the other player is drawing in the shortesttimepossible.Each turn a player receives a word to draw. You canscorepoints guessing the word first, the person who is drawingwillreceive the most points as reward for being a good drawer. Intheend, the player with highest score wins.Through theGoogleChromecast technology, you can use your TV and turn yourlivingroom the most entertaining place in the house.Get togetherfamily,friends and have fun for free.Available languages: English,Dutch,Portuguese(brazillian), Norwegian, Spanish, Italian andArabic.Miss your language? you can always send an!To play you will need:1 TV withHDMIinput.1 Chromecast.1 Android device for each player.ActiveWi-Ficonnection.
Party Cast 1.2.0
Liuto Apps
Use your phone or tablet as controller toplayvarious games on the chromecast.Games:- Connect 4- Connect 4 Extreme (go through the wall) (can only be startedwithpremium)- Get The Picture- Light racer (can only be started with premium)- Nervegame (Ludo) (can only be started with premium)- Nervegame6 (Ludo) (can only be started with premium)- Snake- Snakes and Ladders- Tic-Tac-Toe- Many more will be added in the futureWhat advantages does the premium version (in-apppurchase)have?- No ads- Start all available games- (Free version can join all games and start Snake and SnakesandLadders)All players should be on the same network. Connect totheChromecast, choose a game and start playing. People can joinorleave easily between rounds.
Mystic 8 Ball (Chromecast) 1.1.5
BV App Labs
*Chromecast (Google Cast) device is optional*Get all of theanswersto all of life's most important questions by simply askingaquestion.Will I be happy?Will I marry?Is it going toraintomorrow?Will I have a family?Does he/she likeme?LEGALDISCLAIMER:The information, including but not limited to,text,graphics, images and other material provided by the Mystic 8Ballare for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to beasubstitute for personal or professional medical advice,diagnosisor treatment. Always seek the advice of a professionalwith anyactual questions you may have, and never disregardprofessionalmedical advice or delay in seeking it because ofsomething you haveread on the Mystic 8 Ball.
com.airconsole.controller 2.3.0
AirConsole - This multiplayer game console is the new way toplaytogether with friends. Use a computer, Android TV or tabletasconsole and smartphones as gamepads to play single playerandmultiplayer games! AirConsole is fun and fast to getstarted.Download now! *Try our Starter Pack: a selection of 8 freegames(maximum of 2 players, with ads). *Unlock over 140multiplayergames and play with unlimited players with AirConsoleHero, ourmonthly subscription. *To use this app, you just have on a Desktop, Tablet or AndroidTV to use itasyour console’s screen. Questions? Comments?
Tower Construction 3D 1.3
Become a building contractor with Tower Construction 3D, asimpleand addictive indie game.This construction simulator allowsyou toget into the crane, place floors properly and build theworldhighest skyscraper.❓ How to play: - Touch screen to dropblocksfrom the crane. - Choose your strategy and build the towerashigher as you can. - Be careful with the changing weather, windorstorm can affect to the balance of your building.🌟 Features:-Funnyand casual game.- For all ages.- Realistic physics.- 3Dgraphics.-Turn-based Multiplayer.- Play with your friends.-Achievements andscores from Google Play Games- Augmented realityand VR support.🎲Different game modes:- Single player.-Multiplayer.🎥 Different gamecameras:- Fixed camera: you will seeyour crane in a confortableposition.- Immersive camera: you will beable to turn the cameraand see everything around you inside thegame. (Thanks togyroscope)- Virtual camera: you will be inside thegame usingvirtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard or othercompatiblewith virtual reality (VR).- Augmented camera: you willuse augmentereality (AR) and play viewing the tower on real worldthrough yoursmartphone camera (With Vuforia™ thechnologies).- Castcamera: youwill be able to play on TV using a Google Cast device(Chromecast)and controll the crane from your smartphone or tablet.🎮XboxControllerGamepadCompatible-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Permissionsrequested:-In-apppurchases: To allow using in-app purchases.(Developementpending)-Identity: To allow using your Googleaccount.-Contacts: Toallow using your Google account.-Phone: Toallow usingnotifications.-Photos/Multimedia/Files: To allow savingall gamedata in external storage.-Storage: To allow saving allgame data ininternal storage.-Camera: To allow using augmentedreality.-DeviceID: To allow to sign in with Google.-Other: Toallow sharing yourin-game scores and use multiplayer mode.
Google Santa Tracker 5.3.1
Google LLC
Play games with elves in jetpacks 🚀, rolling gumballs 🍬,sleighspowered by rockets and many more. Or try your hand atdesigningyour very own elf 🎨🖌️. Once the 24th arrives, see whereSanta andthe reindeer are delivering presents in their journeyaround theworld. 🎅🤶🦌🌏🌍🌎 To learn more, visit HappyHolidays!
DraftCast for Chromecast free 2.4
You have a chromecast ? You are searching a way to liven upanevening with your friends or your familly ?Discover DraftCastforChromecast : thanks to you smartphones, play on your chromecast!Inturn, each player make guess a word among the three whichareproposed to him ! To do that, he draws directly on his phoneandthe other players see the drawing on television thanks tothechromecast !They just have to guess the word thanks to theletterswhich are proposed to them ! But be careful ! Some games aretimed! Who will be the fastest ? Who will find most words?Thisapplication use some specific permissions. This is why we usethem:- The Internet access and wifi access are necessary to opentheconnection with the chromecast- We prevent the standby ofyourphone to avoid interruption of the gameWe don't collect ANYdata.Wedid this application to test the possibilities thatofferschromecast and to develop our skills in Androiddevelopment.Yourcontribution is welcome : if you wish other wordsto make guess,thanks to send them to us by email and we can addthem in the nextupdate.Thank you to report possible bugs that youcould find, wewill correct them in the best delays.We are awarethat adds are notappreciated by users, however we hope that youwill understand thatthe development of this application hasrequired an investment fromus.Thanks to your support, you willencourage us to improve thisapplication and the game experience.So,have fun ! :)
FitFlap Motion 1.5.3
FitFlap is a Fun fitness game using innovative tech andbuilt-incamera to deliver responsive motion gaming on Android &IOSdevicesFitFlap is a one-of-a-kind fun fitness experience inwhichplayers take active responsibility for the weight loss oftheirin-game characters, and maybe burn a few calories. In thegame,players physically flap their arms to flutter their way,asBreakfirst’s proprietary motion-tracking technology followstheplayer’s physical movements through the device'sfront-facingcamera. Players can also cast FitFlap on their TVthanks toChromecast and enjoy playing on a bigger screen!
Lollipop Game for Chromecast 0.9.1
*** IMPORTANT: Google Chomecast is required to play thisgame***Funny game for Chromecast based on the Easter Egg includedonAndroid Lollipop (5.0)Lollipop Game might have some lag ifthephone/tablet does not have a powerful CPU.We are working toincludemore features on the next updates. Please contact if you have any issue. We are delightedtoreceive any feedback.--- THANKS ---● Thanks to everyone whobuysour applications. Your purchase helps us to keep working hardonthis project.● Thanks to Google for releasing the Androidopensource project. Without their great contribution to thedevelopercommunity our work would not be possible.--- NOTES ---●Android isa trademark of Google Inc.● This app is not affiliated orendorsedby Google Inc.
Millionaire Quiz Free: Be Rich 3.3
If you loved to watch it, it’s time to play andbeamillionaire!Downloaded and loved by 6 million usersworldwide!Everwonderedwhat it is like to be in the hot seat of aTVshow,fighting forthe grand price of one million? WithMillionaireyouhave a chanceto play and experience the thrillingexcitementofclimbing up tothe top through 15 challenging triviapuzzlesfromhistory togeography and see if you have what it takestobeamillionaire!Features: - 15 questions with gradualdifficulty-3lifelines - 3 chances to win! - local highscoreleaderboardWesupport the following languages inthegame:-English-German/Deutsch-Italian/Italiano-French/Français-Spanish/Español-Russian/России-Hungarian/Magyar-Romanian/RomânIf you love whatwe do, pleasesupport us by leavinga review! :)Stay intheloop: Feelfreetocontactus at:
MONOPOLY 04.00.23
It’s "GO" time! Take a ride on theReadingRailroad. Buy Boardwalk. Go directly to Jail. Buy, sell, andtradethe famous MONOPOLY properties, and see the game jump to lifewithanimated features and easy gameplay. Challenge friends andevencustomize the game rules!**GAME ALERT** Play Bejeweled Blitz. Treat yourself to anexcitingtake on the world's #1 puzzle game from PopCap! New playersGet100,000 Coins Free. HANDS ON MANAGEMENTTap the screen to manage your properties – from Marvin GardenstoWater Works to Park Place. Building hotels or taking a “Chance”issimple and intuitive.CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL AND LOOKPlay through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress.Alsocustomize the number of players, the game rules, and even thegameenvironment.Enjoy MONOPOLY in the tradition of the beloved, best-sellingboardgame!Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plusthelatest game updates, tips & more…VISIT US: US: US: US: Agreement: for assistance or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on Consumer Information. This app: Contains direct linkstothe Internet.Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUserAgreement.
Song Quiz: Guess Radio Music 1.6
Challenge your music skills withthousandsofsongs! Listen to song clips and then guess who isplaying.Rock, Pop and Country are some of the many genres youwillcomeacross. Join this FREE game and get ready to explorethemusicuniverse!
Icon Pop Quiz
ICON POP Quiz challenges players to name famous people, hitmovieand TV shows and characters using imaginative, handcraftedvisualclues inspired by each answer. The more accurately andquickly yourespond, the better the score you’ll have to competeagainstfriends worldwide on Game Center! Can you guess all theicons?ICONPOP FEATURES:HUNDREDS OF STUNNING ICONSOver 1000originalhandcrafted icons are waiting to be guessed and figuredout. That’sright, we drew each and every one and there are more tocome!HELPWHEN YOU NEED ITEveryone solves puzzles differently. InIcon PopQuiz we offer five different ways for players to get backon track,all available through spending points earned with correctguesses.Pick up some general knowledge about the movie/TV by using“Hint”,remove incorrect letters with “Eliminate Keys”, or use the“OpenLetters” to figure out the right word! If all else fails,playerscan always “Ask a Friend” on Facebook or Twitter, or“Reveal” theanswer with accumulated points as a last resort.** ICONPOP Quiz isan app made for fans by fans. This is an expression ofourgratitude to all leaders, heroes, inventors, musicians,athletes,artist, writers, directors, authors, production studios,animators,actresses, and actors that constantly shaping our worldand inspireus with their work. BRAVO!**
5 Differences ~ Photo Quiz 1.4
Taps Arena
Find five differences between two pics! Hundreds of levels foryouto solve. Simple, fun and addictive gameplay. Play for free now!
Avoid Bird Chromecast 1.0.7
More left or right to avoid angry bird.Easy controls! Tap anywhere on the screen to movethecharacterand avoid bird.The controls are very simple, just Tap on the screen to moveleftorright. Try to avoid maximum birds and make high score!How long can you avoid? Guide the Player and find out inthisactionavoiding gameKnow More:- Let’s start the fun with Avoid Bird.- Control character to dodge bird falling down from the sky!- Infinite gameplay: It'll go as long as you can!- Game is based on a high score .- Careful, this game is hard. 20s is a good score.- If a bird touches you, you lose.- Total 3 characters to play.- Highly addictive gameplay.- Unlock more characters by collecting coins.- Challenge yourself and friends, try beating the highscore.- Play well and unlock achievements.- 5 difficult achievements to unlock.- Cool sound effects!- Purchase coins to unlock new character.- Watching videos rewards you gold coins.- Global Google social Leaderboard to compete withthefriends.- Now with google play services integrated.- You will be ranked against the community.- Facebook, G+ and twitter share options to invite yourfriendstoplay the avoid bird game on mobile.Tip: You can tap anywhere on the screen to move yourcharacter,soyour finger doesn’t block it from your view.** Please note that while the app is free, please be awarethatitcontains paid content for real money that can bepurchaseduponusers' wish to enhance their gaming experience. Youmaycontrolin-app purchases made within this app usingpasswordprotectionwhich can be enabled from the setting page of theGooglePlay Storeapp. **-------------------------------------Additional information- Now you can purchases more gold coins to continue the gamewhenthecharacter is dead.- Appear game over screen when you dead where you can gototheshop.- Advertise appeared.- Some graphics are optimized.- Displaying your best score.- Other bug fixes
Icomania - What's the Icon? 1.9.30
★★★ Quiz hundreds of icons from the stunning cartoons –IcoMania:What’s the Icon! ★★★ Merry Christmas! Can you recognizethe iconfrom an imaginative, handcrafted cartoon? There arehundreds ofcartoon for you to quiz! The icons includes TV &Movies,Characters, Famous People, Country, Cities, and Brands. Andthere'smore to come! Come and try this icon pop quiz game! Asthedeveloper of Logo Quiz and 4 pics 1 word, we now present youthenew puzzle adventure - icomania! Download the top trending gameonthe market for free and begin the icon mania right now!Playing'Icomania – Whats the Icon' is pretty simple: you see anicon andyou're shown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters, out ofwhichyou have to make a word that you associate with the icon.
Flatty Fish Adventure FREE 1.05
Flatty the fish is an epic fish adventure. To be suscessful inyourfish adventure Flatty needs your help to survive inthesetreacherous waters littered with danger. Flatty is never afish outof water!Your mission is to avoid the Mines and Electricshocks,and the big fish who will eat him if given the chance. DorytheTrumpet, Jaws the Shark, Willy the Whale and Nemo the Fangtoothwhowould love to chomp on poor sweet Flatty with their verysharpteeth.Compete with your friends to see who can swimthefurthest.Collect the green gems as you swim along,. Your gemswillhelp you get FREE boosts including a shield, fast speed, shockwaveand an extra life for Flatty.If you hit an obstacle, pooroldFlatty will be shredded to the bone just flapping his floppyflappyfish fin and his eyes blinking.Press your finger on thescreen tomake Flatty go up and release your finger let Flatty fallin thewater.A Super fun super easy and super addictive game... Howfarcan you go now in this fish adventure?Free to play cute funfishgame we hope you enjoy.Like us on Facebook, Google+ and Tweetyourtweets on Twitter.Totally FREE shop in app purchasesCan youusethis game with Chromecast with Flatty's Fish Adventure on thebigscreen. Yes.. It works and is easy to do.
Pirate Adventures 2 1.1
Nevosoft Inc
Pirate Adventures 2, the second part of the gripping gamePirateAdventures series, is a new adventure full of dangers andrisks.This time, the desperate pirate Sharpshooter Jack willencounterthe undiscovered secrets of the cursed island with itslosttreasures and jewels.Every dashing pirate dreams of becomingaship's captain and finding an island overflowing with treasure.Butwhere can Jack assemble a band of fearless scoundrels to manhisvessel? What do the ancient spirits' predictions mean? And howcanhe get his hands on the ghost's limitless treasures? He'll needtoput his honor and true love on the line and take big riskstoanswer these questions.Key features:- A gripping adventure in18chapters- Search for objects in the pirates' den,thefortune-teller's home, and on the cursed island- New charactersandunpredictable plot twists- An unexpected endingIs Jack capableofconquering fate's new trials? He'll need your help to succeed!
Trainz Driver 1.0.4
Drive your favorite trains in this incredible 3D world. From the#1train simulator franchise in the world, Trainz Driverreallydelivers the goods on your smartphone!It's time to packmorehorsepower in your pocket and take Trainz Driver withyoueverywhere you go. With a new user interface, controls, and amixof realistic routes and arcade style sessions, there issomethingfor everyone aged 4 to 104.Trainz Driver puts you in thecab of avariety of locomotives from around the world. Choose fromthe "EasyMode" speed controls, or the more advanced "RealisticMode" controlsystem. With multiple camera modes you can flyalongside yourfavourite train, admire the view from the cab, orwatch fromtrackside all while you interact with industries andpassengerstations, picking up and dropping off freight wagons,people, andmore!Expand your experience: You can also create yourown Routesand Sessions in Trainz Simulator for Tablet devices(available forseparate purchase on Google Play) and then share themwith TrainzDriver users through the Download Station. Hundreds ofuser-createdroutes are already available, free to download.Note:Samsung S3device owners report incompatibility with the (m0)chipset. S3 +Android 4.1.2 CM10 is reported to solve this issue forsomeusers.Unfortunately there are just so many Android devices inthemarket and suppliers update their specs all the time. We havetomake the best judgment as to which devices will work withourproduct outside of our quality assurance. If you areexperiencingissues on your device we would love to hear from you.Pleasecontact support so we can attempt to resolve it.
What's the Logo 1.2
Yang Mobile
What’s the Logo is a free Logo Quiz game full of fun thatconsistson guessing the names of hundreds of logos fromdifferentcompanies.We can see various company logos every dayandeverywhere.O
n TV, walking along the street, in magazines...simply everywhere!
ow many of brand logos can you guess?Morethan 1000 logos are available for you to guess in over 20excitinglevels.
1. More than 1 000 logos and a small sizeof theapplication!2. 20 exciting levels!
3. Helpful clues! 4. Newhintsare granted for correct logo quiz answers.
5.Detailedstatistics.6. Learn more about bran.ds aftercorrectlyguessing!
Compare your answers with your friends!
Challenge themto see who knows more logos!What’s the Logo? is theultimate popculture logo and icon quiz!
2 Year Old Games By BrainVault 3.1
Recommended for parents to use with kids age 1-2.Build basicskillssuch as alphabet, counting, sound recognition/identification,andothers. Very simple and easy to use with a beautifulcartoonytheme.12 Fun Baby Games to play with your kid:1. Alphabet -Learnyour ABC's.2. Baby Phone - Pretend your a big boy or girl!3.BubbleBlast - Pop goes the weasel.4. Kid Sounds - Fun noises fromyourimaginary friends.5. Nature Sounds - Soothe the room and calmthebaby.6. Numbers - Count to 10 with your baby!7. Feed the penguin-He's hungry and needs your help.8. Baby Piano - Learn thebasicsand have fun with the keyboard.9. Transportation Noises -VroomVroom! Learn about trucks & trains and the noises theymake.10.Rhymes - (6) beautiful full length classic nursery rhymesmadeespecially for this app!11. Fireman - Life lessons about safetyandfun noises.12. Trains - Play with trains and train sounds!Keepbabybusy with these fun games that help the parent and child bond.Usesettings to enable/disable thefollowingoptions:Vibrations/Sound/ with questions or feedback.
AirBirds ☆ Flying Shooting 4.0
Do you want more Infomation ?'AirBirds' is launched. Come see cute ice friends, who protecttheearth from space monsters. Easy control with mobile! A varietyofitems and characters can be purchased in moble store. It isalsopretty exciting to collect Minimies to help ice friends. Comeandenjoy far better upgraded 'Airbirds'Regards, BUSIDOL.
Dog Park! 0.0.9
BV App Labs
INTRODUCTION:Meet Lucky the Chihuahua! He has limitless energyandlives to run and jump around all day long. Won't you take himfor arun in the park? Scoring is really simple. Just don't hitanyobstacles or your game is over... Good luck!SCORING:Tennis ball= 1pointRed disc = 2 pointsYellow disc = 3 pointsCONTROLS:Tapthescreen to jump high, jump medium or jump low. Tapping the topofthe screen jumps higher than clicking the bottom ofthescreen.FEATURES:Family friendly arcade side-scroller withsimplecontrols.Based on the Chromecast game of thesamename.
❤️ A FABULOUS FREE VIRTUAL PET GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF MYTALKINGTOM! ❤️ ADOPT A BABY KITTEN AND RAISE HER! Bathe her,decorate herhome and feed her delicious food so she can grow up tobe abeautiful and healthy cat girl! 🛁🍹🍰 TALKING ANGELA WILL BECOMEYOURBEST FRIEND Have fun dancing, playing cool mini games andsolvingpuzzles! 🎮 You can collect cute stickers in your album andswapthem with your friends. IT’S ALL ABOUT FASHION! Go shoppingforthat perfect dress and shoes and give her a stylish makeoverbymatching her outfit with a cute hairstyle and makeup. 👠👗💄 Feelingabit more adventurous? Explore her collection of face paintsforthat extra added sparkle. CHECK OUT HER AMAZING DANCE STUDIO!Hereyou can learn the cool dance moves to your new favorite song. 💃🎶Just press play, feel the music and swipe away! No matter ifyouprefer ballet, K-pop or disco - take the stage and make somemagic!DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AND START PLAYING MY TALKING ANGELA NOW!MAKE HERYOUR SUPERSTAR! This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safeharborseal indicates Outfit7 Limited has established COPPAcompliantprivacy practices to protect your child’s personalinformation. Ourapps do not allow younger children to share theirinformation. Thisapp contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's productsand advertising -Links that direct users to other apps andOutfit7's websites -Personalization of content to entice users toplay the app again -The possibility to use and connect with friendsvia social networks- Watching videos of Outfit7's animatedcharacters via YouTubeintegration - Items are available fordifferent prices in virtualcurrency, depending on the current levelreached by the player -Alternative options to access allfunctionalities of the appwithout making any in-app purchase usingreal money (levelprogress, games, in-game functionalities, ads)Terms of use: EEA privacypolicy: US privacypolicy: Rest of the world privacypolicy: Customer