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Google Play Games
Google LLC
Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. Discover yournewfavorite game, then challenge your friends and trackyourachievements. As you master more games, show off your skillsinyour gamer profile. Plus, you can pick up where you left offfromany device. Play the world, anywhere in the world, all fromoneplace. KEY FEATURES • Gamer profile: Create your custom GamerID,earn XP, and level up as you master games across Google Play.•Achievements & leaderboards: Complete challenges, earnawards,and track them all right from the app. Then, see how youstack upagainst other players. • Built-in Google games: PlayPAC-MAN,Solitaire, Snake, and Cricket — even when offline. •Arcade: Findsomething fun in our New, Trending, and Editors'Choicecollections. • Gameplay recording*: Easily record and shareyourbest gaming moments from your favorite mobile games. *Onlyavailable in certain countries
Play Services Info & Utility 2.5.3
This tools help you quickly check the status of the GooglePlayservices. It shows the version number, installation date anddateof the last update. The app also can be used to install orupdatethe Google Play services. The app requires zero permissionsand isad-free! ✪ APP FEATURES: - Provides links to the Play Store;- FindGoogle Play Services; - Solutions to fix Google PlayServicesstopped on your devices; - Find Apks other versions. ✪TRANSLATE:If you want the app support your language, please help ustranslatefrom English to your language by access the link below.Thank you! ✪ PLEASE NOTE: This app is notGoogle PlayServices, it just helps you to have information aboutit.
Fix Playstore & Google Play Services Error Info 1.0.4
To fix "Google PlayServices has stopped" errors and getGooglePlaystore info. Small Google Play store app is used to checkthelatest version,update Google Play Store & Google PlayservicesInfo ★ Feature of Google Playservices & Google PlayStore Info. ⇒ Google Play services Installed date ⇒ Last UpdatedDate ofGoogle Play services ★ It also provides direct link of theGoogleplay services ⇒ Overview of the Google Services ⇒ GooglePlayservices Release Notes click on "More Details" you can alsocheckthe status of the Google Play Store, Instant Apps, GoogleServicesFramework, and Google Account Manager,Google chrome,Googleyoutube.Disclaimer: • Google Playstore Info & Google Playservices Infois not afflicted Google play services or Googleplaystore but ithas information about both.
Play services update & info 1.0
With this app you can update Google Play services and fixerrorswhich are crashing your phone. With one click you can checkactualversion of Play services and update it by installing a newversionfrom official store.This app can be used to checkcurrentlyinstalled version of Google Play services and update themto thenewest one to avoid crashes and errors during the usage ofyourmobile phone!
Play Service 2018 New Updates - Information & Help 1.9
MN Cool Apps
It is very small app to check the status, information,installationand update the Play Services. This app can be used toupdate &install the Google Play services. You can fix "GooglePlay Serviceshas stopped" errors & any other apps install orupdate error,open the app info & select "clear cache" or "cleardata". Ifthat does not work, try the "uninstall updates" option inapp infoand re-install the latest version of the Google Playservices usingthe Play Store link. This App is used to give theinformation aboutPlay Services. Quickly check the status of thePlay services. Playservices links to the Play Store. Solutionsabout Play Serviceserrors. Version Code of services Installed dateLast Updated DateApp Information Overview of the Play ServicesRelease Notes of PlayServices This app is not Play Services, itjust helps you to haveinfo about it. Please note: Play ServicesInfo is not affiliatedwith Google LLC.
Error fixer for Play services 1.8.l
App which helps to update Google Play services and gives infolikeinstalled on, version name and code. Also it helps to fixerrorsdue to crashing of Play services. How to Fix " Google Playserviceshas stopped working error " :- 1. Open Application andclick on AppInfo option. 2. Clear Cache (can be Inside storageoption in somephones). 3. If error still comes then try "uninstallupdates"option. 3.1. Install updates using Play Store linkavailable inapp. Do you know ? You can select version name andversion code bylong tap on it. Users can also see Hardware and OSinformation oftheir devices easily. It can show Info like Model,Manufacturer,CPU, OS, Battery level etc. Do you know ? You canselect Model, OSetc by long tap on it. Disclaimer :- # App is notGoogle Playservices also not holding any affiliation with GoogleInc. # Allthe trademarks, logos and images used in this applicationareIntellectual Property of their respective owners.
Play Services Utility 3.4.7
Detect what version of Play Services is installed. GSF(GoogleServices Framework) ID Viewer. Update Play Services to thelatestversion to fix Google Play Services Has Stopped error.can'tdownload app - Error code 924 xxx can't be downloaded due toanerror (Error code 921) xxx can't be downloaded due to anerror(Error code 491) xxx can't be downloaded due to an error(Errorcode 495) Play Services Utility is an unofficial GooglePlayservices app.
Space Corgi - Dog jumping space travel game 23
Next Doors
Leaving space exploration journey with Welsh Corgi! Embark onyouradventure more wonderful skills! Welsh Corgi, Dachshund,PomeranianBe the master of such a cute puppy! Pick your favoritepuppyChallenge 10 points! ---- ※ This game is Google playloginrequired. 1. Google Play Sign Solution >> GooglePlayServicesupdate:>>Google Play Gamesupdate:※ App permissions requests - Photos / Media / Files: Savethescreenshot, the necessary permissions to the shared features.
KorailTalk 5.4.5
Korailtalk provides Korail train ticket reservation serviceinEnglish, Chinese and Japanese.
aDrama 3.8.1
- Universal app for Mobile, Tablet, Android TV- Enjoy yourfavoriteHongKong drama in Cantonese- Search quickly by voice.- Adddrama tofavorite list.- Group drama by years.- Support GoogleCast-Continue watching feature.**** Tips ****- If you are usingAndroidTV and stuck in movie loading. It may be the issue of GooglePlayservices.- Please go to Settings -> Apps -> find GooglePlayservices -> uninstall update -> try aDramaagain.*****Disclaimer *****All the dramas in this app are publiclyfree andavailable on public domains. We just provide a way tostream videosthat are uploaded by the officials channelsthemselves. We are notproviding any way to download these content.Our dramas teams haveno ownership and responsibility regardingvideos and content. Allthe videos provided in this application hasthe copyrights of theirrespective owners. We do not show any livetv.
All Manager Service 1.1.2
Para uso com o sistema Service For use with the service system
BlackBerry Hub+ Services 2.1902.0.54792
BlackBerry Hub+ Services is the foundation upon which all ofyourfavorite BlackBerry applications are built. It providesbothenhanced security and improved productivity. Key Features: •Findout about all BlackBerry Hub+ applications • Enjoy amoreconsistent experience across your BlackBerryapplications,including common menus that allow you to open items inotherBlackBerry applications. • Manages the data for all BlackBerryHub+applications, providing secure and efficient access to yourmostcritical data. This includes the sync logic that obtains yourdatafrom the Internet, seamlessly keeping your device up-to-date. •Befirst to find out what’s coming next in Inside BlackBerry •Fullysupports Android for Work deployment and, when enabled byyouradministrator, supports unifying your personal and work viewswhilemaintaining strict data storage separation.
Service Browser 2.0.1
Andriy Druk
Service Browser (aka Bonjour Browser) is a utility thatdiscoversall Bonjour services registered in a network andresolvesmeta-information about them, including IP addresses andport. Italso provides an ability to register your own service inany domain(available only for developers).The source code isavailable underthe Apache 2.0 license.
My phone: the official app for Nokia phones 2.2.5
HMD Global
Welcome to the official app for Nokia Android smartphoneowners.We’ve put a ton of useful features all under one roof: getpersonalcustomer support, join the Nokia phones community, getapprecommendations, explore your phone’s user guide and more.Withthis app, you can: - Get involved with the Nokia phonescommunity -Discover apps recommended for you - Contact supporteasily withlive chat - Check battery health and phone stats at aglance withthe device monitor - Get quick answers to frequentlyaskedquestions - Check out the user guide for your phone and findouthow to make the most of your Nokia Android smartphone - Findyournearest Nokia Mobile Care center - Check up on the status ofyourwarranty Do you find the app useful, or do you have asuggestionfor us? Let us know – your feedback is used to help makethe appeven better in the future.
Google Support Services 1.17.3
Google LLC
The Google Support Services (GSS) app allows you to shareyourAndroid device screen with a Google customer support agent forapersonalized support experience. With GSS on your device, theagentcan invite you to share your screen, and guide you withon-screenannotations making it faster and easier to resolve yourissue.While sharing your screen, the agent will not be able tocontrolyour device, but will be able see your screen to helpexplain theirinstructions. You can completely stop or pause sharingyour screenat any time. This app comes pre-installed on Pixeldevices, andNexus devices with Android 7.1.1 or higher; it can beinstalled onmost devices with Android 5.0 or higher. This appcannot be startedby itself and is used only when a Google customersupport agentsends an invite to the user to share their screen.
Where is Public Toilet 1.47
Note: Google Play Service is a must for this app. Database has tobedownloaded at the first time and about 30s is needed fordownloadingworld database if using WIFI. More than 280,000 publictoilets inWorld are available for you when just in need.Supportworld-level/continent-level/Australia database, "DownloadDatabase"can be used to switch between World version and Continentversionanytime. From Map Mode, you can find the nearest, mostsuitablerestrooms for your self in several seconds based on yourcurrentlocation and it can guide you to the destination via GoogleRoutefunction. You can utilize Google StreetView to confirm whetherthetoilet is available or not. From List Mode, you can acquiredetailinformation about the surrounding restrooms, such as thelocationof the nearest public toilet, details of openinghours,accessibility, parking and other features. Furthermore, thelistcan be sorted by the distance to me, the distance to map centreoralphabetical sequence. This is an awesome App which will bailyouout of a sticky situation, since it can filter restrooms bytoilettypes, accessibility types(male, female, unisex, LHT,RHT,ambulant, parking, MLAK) and extra features (parking,babychange,adultchange, shower, water, sharps, sanitary) supplied.You caneasily use Report change/add/delete toilets to help toimprove thedata accuracy, which will contribute to the communityand benefitall users. Thanks for the data from the National PublicToilet Map(the Toilet Map) funded by Australian GovernmentDepartment ofSocial Services and other data providers.
Google VR Services 1.20.235017259
Google LLC
Google VR Services provides virtual reality functionalityforDaydream and Cardboard apps. This includes functions suchasdisplaying notifications while in VR, pairingDaydream-readyheadsets and controllers with your Daydream-readyphone, andentering and exiting VR apps. Daydream apps will not workif youuninstall Google VR Services. By using this app you agree tobebound by our Google Terms of Service (GoogleToS, and Google’s generalPrivacyPolicy ( appis a Service as defined in the Google ToS and the termsregardingsoftware in our Services apply to your use of this app.
Jones Chi
MyAppSharer let you to easy share your apps to your friendsorbackup, you can share by link of Google play or directly shareAPK(App's full package). MyAppSharer support many method to shareyourapps, you can share by message, Gmail, bluetooth, what'sapp,facebook, QR-Code, Dropbox etc.. By using the feature to exportAPKto SD card, you could backup your app to your SD card.MyAppShareralso support share multiple apps at one time, andsupport instantsearch, easy to find your apps. Here is a demo videofor sharingapk between devices. Thanks "Flo WolfOne" provide thevideo. * Nexus devicescouldnot receive APK via Bluetooth, to workaround this issue,please use"Android Beam" or "Bluetooth(zip)" instead. p.s. 1. Youcan install"Barcode scanner" to support share link by QR-Code. 2.Install"Dropbox" to support share APK to Dropbox. 3. If you likethe app,you could donate the app from settings menu to removeAd.Disclaimer: Before share APK, please make sure you havetheredistribution right.
Google App Settings Launcher 1.0
NOTE: If your phone has Google App Settings. You don'tneedthis.Update: For those who does not know how to use this apppleasedon't rate. Do a research first "What is Google App Settings"ThankyouAnd if it does not work on your device send [email protected] comSome phone has removed the GoogleAppSettings under Phone Settings. But actually it was moved toGooglePlay Service and you will not be able to access it via GooglePlayservice. This app will launch Google App Settings from theGooglePlay service. Think of it as a shortcut.*********GoogleAppSettings – 10 Features Every Android User Should Know1.Administeryour Connected AppsDo you remember what services you haveallowedto connect to your Google account? Well, In this GoogleSettingsapp page you can look for such information as well as thekind ofaccess they have to your account. You can also disconnectany ofthe connected apps from your account on this page.2.Supervise YourGoogle+ AccountIf you have Google+ installed, thenyou can managethe Google+ auto-backup feature and account settings.This pageconsists of your Google drive storage as well. Tosupervise yourGoogle+ account3. Handle your Play GamesNotificationsIn the GoogleSettings app, you can handle Play Gamesnotifications you want toreceive from your installed Androidgames.4. Manage Your Search& Now SettingsIn this GoogleSettings page, you can enableGoogle Now plus its Search & Nowcards feature. All the optionsunder Search & Now cards willhelp you optimized your GoogleNow experience, by including personalresults on your Google Nowcards, web history, contact recognitionand plenty others that youcan choose from.5. Ad ControlGoogleSettings also lets you resetyour advertising ID (like clearingcookies from your browser) orjust opt out of interest-based adsentirely. This gives you morecontrol over the information that issent to any advertiser servingads to apps you use.6. Enable AppVerification To ImproveSecurityThis is an important feature insidethe Google Settings appthat we believe all Android users needs touse. You can choose toverify the apps you intend to use to preventsecurity problems, orharmful apps from being installed. You willalso receive a warningregarding potential harm on your Androiddevice by any offendingapp.7. Enable Android Device ManagerFeaturesif you already have anAndroid Device Manager app installed,then these settings shouldalready be enabled by default. 8. EnableTransfer Files Only OverWiFi For Google DriveIf you use GoogleDrive on your Androiddevice, then it is probably best that you havethis feature enabledto save your data plan as well as your batterylife. You can enable"transfer files only over WiFi" for GoogleDrive in the GoogleSettings page.9. Have Your Device LocationEnabledFor Google andall location-tracking apps to be able to trackthe location of yourdevice, you need to enable the Locationfeature. In the GoogleSettings page you can choose to enable thisfeature, decide on thelevel of accuracy, retrieve apps that requestyour device locationand manage your location report based on yourGoogle accounts.10.Clear Third-Party App Data Stored Within YourGoogle AccountIf youwould like to clear all third-party app datastored in is licensedby
POLTV Service 1.0.0
POLTV APPDo not download - it is not for public purposes.Testsandinternal usage onlyPoltva APPDo not download - it is notforpublicpurposes. Tests and internal usage only
Device ID 1.3.2
Simple app to get your Device Info/ID/local IP/MAC addresses&Serial that allow you easily copy and share the ID of yourmobiledevice. An ideal tool for developers, customer support anduser.NOTE: this app doesn't send your ID to the internet soyourinformation is safe. For paranoid users, you can get DeviceIDwithout any network permission at: Thiswilldisable Local IP Address and MAC address. Supported :GoogleServices Framework Key ID Android ID IMEI Subscriber ID(IMSI) SIMCard Serial WiFi MAC Address Ethernet MAC AddressBluetooth MACAddress Bluetooth Paired MAC Address Hardware SerialDevice BuildFingerprint Please leave some suggestion. PermissionExplanation :INTERNET is used to get your local IP addressBLUETOOTH is used toget your Bluetooth MAC address READ_PHONE_STATEis used to get yourIMEI, IMSI and SIM Serial ACCESS_WIFI_STATEandACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is used to get your MAC addressREAD_GSERVICESis used to get your Google Services Framework ID Youare allowed todisable the permission using root app such asPermission Manager ifyou are paranoid --------- For user thatwanted to get both SIMSerial in DUAL SIM Phone, The default SDKdoes not have support tohandle dual SIM phones. The function willonly return one number,most likely from the first active SIM card.--------- Links :Facebook : BetaTesting Group : NOTICE :Instead of rating 1or 2 star,please email to [email protected] orleave a comment sothat we can fix or improve it.
Octopus 6.2.1
Developed by Octopus Cards Limited,thisall-new Octopus App enables you to enjoy thefollowingservices:Check your Octopus card• Check the remaining value and latest transaction records ofyourOctopus card with ease• Check the status of your Octopus and reactivateInactiveOctopusOne-stop sign-up / log-in O! ePay• With O! ePay, you can make P2P payments with friends and topupyour Octopus card or Octopus Mobile SIM anytime anywhereMake online payment• Make online purchase, bill payment and donation with O!ePay,Octopus card or Octopus Mobile SIMEnjoy fabulous offers• Find special deals and download eCouponsFor more details about the Octopus App, Number: SVF0001
Albatros Mobile Services 1.1
Albatros Mobile Services for AndroidThis application allow theuserto connect to selected golfclubs using Android phone. Based onalogin a user can have access to the following services of aclub:1. Reservation : Teetimes, Professionals,Driving-Range2.Tournaments : Announcement, Registration, Startlist,Results3.Events : Announcement, Registration4. Score Calculator5.Handicaphistory6. News
Service Report 6.01
Simão Lúcio
A fast and functional tool for Jehovah’s Witnesses, JW, torecordand report the time spent in the field ministry. It'sdesigned tobe the more simple and user-friendly possible. Theinstallationfile is only 630 kb (once installed, the app sizedepends ondevice), preventing eat up space or drain your battery.Light andfast, the application offers all the essential features: •sendreport via SMS, email or third party app like whatsapp • useastopwatch • set monthly or yearly goals for pioneers • LDCtime(available in the settings) • automatically count the exactnumberof bible studies • round (up or down) the hours at the end ofmonth• works totally offline, no internet connection neededCurrently,the app is available in 25 languages. I want to thank allthefriendly brothers that contributed for the app or forthetranslation. And I especially thank Jehovah that qualify meforthis work. If someone wants to improve a translation, pleaseemailme. *********** About permissions:-android.permission.READ_CONTACTS This permission is only usedforsetting the email or sms receiver for sending report .-android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE This permissionallowsdata backup. JW.
Recharge Scanner 1.3.2
Recharge Scanner is an app that makes it way more easier torechargeyour phone. Forget the old way of typing the pin and saveyourvaluable time by using this smart application to scan therechargecard's pin using your phone's camera and recharge withinseconds.This app also provides an easy way to subscribe to variousinternet,voice and SMS packs. No need to waste time findingcurrent offers onthe internet just click on this app and getupdated offerseasily.Things you can do using Recharge Scanner app:- Fast, quickand secure recharge- View detailed information ofinternet, call andSMS packages and subscribe- Easy access to someImportant Numbers-Balance transfer feature for Nepal Telecom andNcell- Check youraccount balance- Saves user's valuable time-Supports almost allandroid devices- More features coming soonAppPermissionDetails:"Internet" is used to download and updatedifferentinternet, call and SMS packages offered by Nepal Telecom&Ncell."Contacts" is used to retrieve phone number fromcontacts foreasier balance transfer functionality."Phone" is usedto initiatecall to the selected important number from theapp."Camera" is usedto scan your recharge cardpinnumber.#########################################################PleaseNote:Ifyou are getting crash issues while trying to scan therecharge cardplease join the BETA program for Google PlayServices. It's an knownissue with current version of play servicesand will be resolved inthe next update.Learn how to join GooglePlay Services Public BetaProgram
GLOBE: World clock and time zone converter
Candl Apps
Keep track current local time in millions of cities aroundtheworld, easily project time across multiple time zones to findthemost suitable time for your needs. 📞 Want to call yourgirlfriendin Manchester before her bedtime?💼 Want to schedule ameetingacross time zones with your colleagues?👨‍💻 Want to Skypewith yourparents back home, while in Tokyo?🕙 Want to check the timeat theGoogleplex at Mountain View?☀️ Is it rain or sunshine inChiangMai?Easily get answers with GLOBE!Features:• Local time andothertime zones everywhere on the world.• Choose from millions ofcitieswith database from Google.• Tap and slide to find the besttime foryour needs.• Set the manual label for place.• Clear andbeautifulinterface for optimal viewing.• Easy and fun to use.•Displaycurrent weather of places (upgrade required).• See thecurrent timein any place on your home screen with clock widget.•True blackbackground for AMOLED screen.• Crafted with love ❤️.
Click2Chat - Send, Translate & Clean 6.0
Click2Chat is absolutely free and works without internet aswell.Click2Chat allows you to translate, send , schedule andcleanFavourite Messenger's message. *New Feature * Click 2 Clean isthebest tool to clean your junk files! It helps save storage spaceandspeed up your Android device. Is your Android device running outofstorage space or lagging? It might be because of all theextraspaces that your favourite messenger application is taking up.Oneof the biggest problems of using your favourite Messenger is howituses the internal storage of Android. Every time you send animage,video or an audio file. Your messenger creates a copy of itin themedia folder. After a period of time, this folder becomesbiggerand the Android system starts hooking. Click2Clean will cleanyourdevice of all space consuming Favourite-Messenger files, suchasreceived and sent images, audio, videos, voice notes,profilepictures and other databases taking precious space. Our appwillallow you to keep your device fresh, fast and clean by eitherdoinga manually select the unwanted files or delete everything withjustone tap! Removing or cleaning your shared files, one by one,can betiresome and time-consuming. With Click 2 Chat all you haveto dois just simply tap on the clean button, all of the unusedorunwanted files will be deleted from your internalstorage!Features: ✔ Simple and very Easy to use! ✔ Clean dashboarddesignedto clean Favourite Messenger data all at one place. ✔Managereceived and sent Images, Videos, Audios, and Voicenotes,Databases, Profile Picture of favourite Messenger. ✔ ScanandDelete each specific folder content. ✔ View only Favourite-Messenger content without worrying about accidentally deleteyourprivate photos/files. ✔ Advanced Scan and Clean up option tohelpimprove your device performance drastically just by deletingjunksfrom your Favourite Messenger ** It also translates yourmessage to63 global languages. You can fetch numbers from your calllogs aswell .Now you can also download Favourite Messenger'sstories andcan share them too. To schedule messages to wish thepeople youcare about is very easy with click2chat. Main Features :* Easy touse inteface. * In-Built Cleaner. * One click send option.* Pickfrom call logs. * One Click Download Stories. * ShareStories. *Translate Messages. * Preview Stories. * Generate Jokes.* MaterialDesign. * Schedule Messages to send later. * On TimeNotifications.* Regular Updates. * Safe & Secure. * Workswithout internettoo. * More updates coming soon. Suggest your ideasand anyfeatures to us at [email protected]
OS Monitor
% Due to Android 7.0's security enhancement, OS Monitorwon'tsupport Android 7.0 and following version %OS Monitor is atool formonitoring your Android system.It offers thefollowinginformation.- Processes - monitor all processes.-Connections -display every network connection.- Misc - monitorbattery,processors, network interfaces and file system.- Messages -searchdmesg or logcat in real-time. Support Languages:> Polish-Thanks to Jarek Mazur> Hebrew - Thanks to ZamarinArthur>Italian - Thanks to Gabriele Zappi> German LanguageFiles [email protected]> Russian Language Files - equeim >Spanish -Thanks to xphnx> Hungarian - Thanks to Zsigmond>Serbian -Thanks to pejakm> Hindi - Thanks tochaitanya-lakkundi>English> ChineseNotice: if you are olderdevice like Android1.5~2.2, please search "OS Monitor (Legacy)" onGoogle Play.%Thanks everyone who help to send crash report!!
Offset Branch Developer Oct 18 update
Gellis apps
As a fabricator of 40+ years, the last 30 or so as theworkshopmanager, I have constantly used trigonometry etc. tocalculatecones, segmental bends and much more. Nowadays I amconstantlyasked by the fabricators to calculate developed lengthsetc. tosave them the time and effort of laying it out. I havedevelopedthis app so that they can do it for themselves andtherefore save“MY TIME”. With this Offset Branch app you canquickly develop thepattern for the branch pipe shape and thepattern for the shellhole shape. All of the branch patterndevelopments are for set onpipes and hole pattern developments arefor the outside diameter ofthe set on pipe. If you need to work tothe inside diameter of thebranch for the hole pattern, then you candevelop the branch usingthe outside diameter of the branch andshell as normal and mark outthe branch, then redevelop the holeusing the inside diameter ofthe branch and the outside diameter ofthe shell. The inside of thebranch will then be flush with the edgeof the hole. From the frontscreen select the type of branchdevelopment that you require. Onthe next screen select either,paper wrap pattern development ormark on plate pattern development.A paper wrap pattern template iscommonly used on preformed tubei.e. 10"nb etc, while a platepattern is marked directly onto theflat plate material beforerolling. On the next screen enter therequired dimensions etc. andpress the develop button The developedlength of the branchcircumference and pitch of the developing linesare displayed atthe top of the results page with the true developedlengths shownbelow enabling you to mark out the pattern quickly andeasily. Thegrid line dimensions for the hole pattern are displayedbelow thehole pattern drawing as well as the dimension between theshellcenter line and the branch center line i.e. Dim Z. Thispattern canbe marked out directly onto the outside of the rolledshell. PleaseNote! on the results screen the drawings for thebranch and holepatterns are representative only and show thegeneral shape of thetrue patterns Thank you for purchasing thisapp, I hope that fromyour feedback/comments I will be able to addextra relevantfeatures and amendments in future editions.
Antivirus Free - Virus Cleaner
★ Fast and Professional, Antivirus Free gives you the mosteffectivedual-engine protection - Completely Free! Highlights:►Professionalengine: Professional search algorithm both on deviceand Cloudenables rapid scanning and in-depth virus detection.►Lightweight:Consumes very few phone memory. Features: ►ONE-TAPSCAN One simpletap to start the scan, which takes only a coupleseconds to finish.►CLOUD SCAN Cloud engine rapidly reacts tolatest threats, keepingyour phone safe all the time ►REAL-TIMEPROTECTION The scan isautomatically initiated when an app isinstalled, keeping yourdevices safe.
Australia Post
Get the Post Office in your pocket. Track and manage yourdeliverieson your phone, tablet or Android Wear, pay bills andmuch more...Features: • Track your important parcels – withnotifications ofestimated delivery dates and locations of parcelsawaitingcollection • Sign up for 24/7 Parcel Lockers to get yourdeliverieswhen and where it suits • Easily collect Parcel Lockerdeliveriesusing your phone or Android Wear • Requesteligiblesignature-on-delivery parcels be left in a safe place(eligibleparcels are shown in the app) • Quickly scan and pay yourbills •Find postcodes when you’re out and about • Find nearby PostOfficesand street posting boxes • Android 7.1.1 users can accessour mostpopular features by long pressing the app icon
Automower Connect
The official Husqvarna Automower® Connect app allows you totakefull control of your Husqvarna robotic lawnmower. The appprovidestwo modes of connectivity depending on model; Automower®Connectfor long-range connectivity using cellular communication,andAutomower® [email protected] for short-range connectivityusingBluetooth. Husqvarna Automower® Connect app provides thefollowingmain capabilities: Status and control • Receive thecurrent statusof the mower. • Receive push notifications if themower is stoppedor is brought outside the installation. • SendStart, Pause andPark commands to the mower. Configure and install •Have themower’s complete menu system on your mobile device. • Viewandchange the mower settings, e.g. timers and cutting height. •Takeadvantage of the high resolution and color display on yourmobiledevice to enhance the interaction with the mower.Security(applicable for Husqvarna Automower® Connectlong-rangeconnectivity) • Track your mower’s GPS position in realtime. •Receive push notification alarm in the event of theft.
My Device 1.7.0
My Device is a powerful yet simple app that lets you know alltheessential details about your phone. Whether it beinformationregarding your System on Chip (SoC), the memory of yourdevice ortech specs about your battery or all the relevantinformation aboutyour device sensors – My Device is your one-stopplace for allthis. You can explore the.. ** Device ** ★Manufacturer ★ Brand ★Model ★ Board Type ★ Hardware ★ Serial Number★ Android ID ★ ScreenResolution ★ Boot Loader ★ Host ** OS ** ★ OSVersion ★ Releasedate ★ Supported Status ★ Version Number ★ APILevel ★ Build ID ★Build Time ★ Fingerprint ** CPU ** ★ Memory UsageDetail graphicalview ★ CPU Model ★ RAM Usages ★ ABI ★ CPU Variant ★Serial ★ CPUImplementer ★ CPU Port ★ CPU Revision ★ Hardware Model★ OtherFeatures ** Battery ** ★ Battery Type ★ Battery Health ★BatteryLevel ★ Power Source ★ Voltage ★ Temperature ★ Status **Storage**★ Internal and External Detail Storage details ★ UsedStorage ★Free Storage ★ Total Storage ** Network** ★ ConnectionStatus ★Data Type ★ Network Type ★ IP Address ★ MAC Address ★ SSID★ LinkSpeed ** Camera** ★ Camera detail Specifications ★ Megapixels★Aspect Ratio ★ White Balance ★ Scene Mode ★ ISO ★ HDR ★ lotsmore..** Sensors** ★ List all Sensors ★ Sensor Name ★ Int Type ★Vendor ★Version ★ Resolution ★ Power ★ Maximum range ★ Accuratereal timereadings from sensors ** Feature** ★ Checking all devicefeatures ★WIFI ★ WIFI Direct ★ Bluetooth ★ Bluetooth LE ★ GPS ★Camera Flash★ Camera Front ★ Microphone ★ NFC ★ USB Host ★ USBAccessory ★Multitouch ★ Audio Low-Latency ★ Audio Output ★ ConsumerIR ★Gamepad Support ★ HIFI Sensors ★ Printing ★ CDMA ★ GSM★Professional Audio ★ App Widgets ★ SIP ★ SIP-based VOIP **UserApps & System Apps** ★ List of all User Apps and SystemApps ★Package names ★ Easy open application and lots more..Systemrequirements: Android Version 4.0 and up Checkout the proversionof My Device with NoAds. Technical Assistance: You can reach out to thedevelopers viaemail available at the bottom of this appdescription. We would beglad to have your suggestions and feedbackso that we can improve MyDevice and serve you better. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Inbox by Gmail
Google LLC
Your email inbox should help you live and work better, butinsteadit often buries the important stuff and creates more stressthan itrelieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps thingsorganizedand helps you get back to what matters. • HIGHLIGHTS - Getthe mostimportant information without even opening the message.Check-infor flights, see shipping information for purchases, andviewphotos from friends right up front. • BUNDLES - Similarmessagesare bundled together so you can deal with them all at once.And getrid of them with one swipe. • REMINDERS - More than mail,you canadd Reminders so your inbox contains all the things you needto getback to. • SNOOZE - Snooze emails and Reminders to come backwhenyou are ready to deal with them: next week, when you get home,orwhenever you choose. • SEARCH - Inbox helps you find exactlywhatyou’re looking for— from your upcoming flight to afriend'saddress— without having to dig through messages. • WORKSWITH GMAIL- Inbox is built by the Gmail team, so all your messagesfrom Gmailare here, along with the reliability and spam protectionof Gmail.All of your messages are still in Gmail and always willbe.
PLEASE mail your bug reports only to [email protected] , do notpostthem to comments ! We are unable to reply to comments or seeyoue-mail there to ask more questions. E-num (aka ENUM) isanup-to-date system of authentication providing high-levelsecurity.A secret access key is stored not on your computer but onyourmobile phone. - PLEASE NOTE!!! If you are getting wrongresponses(or empty response) or your PIN is not be accepted anymore-uninstall and reinstall the application and activate it again.Madefor WebMoney users!
Amino Creator and Manager: ACM 2.0.24298
Amino Apps
Amino Creator & Manager enables anyone to create theirownmobile social network. Build and manage an immersive communitywithease. Become part of the Amino network of communities andgainaccess to a huge audience of potential members. - CUSTOMIZEyourcommunity's icon, theme, and categories - CURATE and moderateyourcommunity's content and chats - GROW your community onAmino'snetwork and off Amino is the leading mobile-firstcommunityplatform offering community leaders more customization,curation,and moderation tools than anywhere else.
Plugin: Drive for Totalcmd 1.07
C. Ghisler
This is a Total Commander plugin! Do not download if you do notuseTotal Commander. This plugin allows you to access yourGoogleDrive™ data. Requires a Google™ account and Google Play™serviceson your device.Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc.GooglePlay is a trademark of Google Inc.
Renault Radio Code Calculator 5.0
jmt products
This application can provide you with the originalmanufacturer'ssecurity code required to activate your Renault carradio or CDplayer following a loss of power. - Remove the radio orCD playerfrom the dashboard using the manufacturer's recommendedreleasekeys - Identify the serial number which can normally befound on alabel located on the casing - Enter this serial number togeneratethe corresponding unlock code for your radio or CD playerWe areable to supply codes for all serial numbers which areprefixed withletter and three numbers. this application will alsowork withother radios made by Phillips *Please note this app isnotofficially recognized by Renault *
ServiceNow Classic 4.4.0
Change the way people work in the enterprise with the newServiceNowapp for Android. Stop relying on antiquated, disparatetechnologiesand deliver a modern service experience to everyone inyourorganization. ServiceNow for Android includes: •IncidentManagement: Take action immediately and securely, withamobile-first experience designed for you and your team. •Connect& Presence: Stop killing productivity with emailandcollaborate directly with the people that matter, when itmattersthe most. • Get The Full Picture: With activity streams andpushnotifications, get the context you need and know exactlywhat’sgoing on the moment it happens. • Workflows On-The-Go: Accessyourenterprise Service Catalog or make approvals on the way toyournext meeting, directly from your Android device. NOTE: Totakeadvantage of the fully native capabilities on your Androiddevice,you must be connected to a ServiceNow Helsinki instance ornewer.Terms of Service:
GoToWebinar 3.9.2
LogMeIn, Inc.
Being away from your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss outononline events. The free GoToWebinar mobile app lets you notonlysee and hear webinars, but take part in them as well. Nomatterwhere you are, you can ask questions, take part in polls andmore.FEATURES For Attendees Attend and participate in onlineeventswhile you’re on the move. • Join with just a tap. • Listen inusingone-touch dialing or VoIP. • View the event speaker’sslidepresentations up close. • Participate in polls, raise yourhand andask the event speaker a question. • View active speaker'swebcam.For Organizers: • Schedule a single occurrence Webinar. •Edit anyscheduled Webinar • View a count of registrants for anupcomingWebinar • Share upcoming an Webinar's registration link •We areworking on adding support for scheduling recurring Webinars,so fornow please log in from a computer to do so and watch formoreupdates in the near future! For Presenters: • Share yourdevice'sscreen with the audience HOW TO JOIN AN EVENT There is nopurchasenecessary to attend a GoToWebinar event. Two easy ways tojoin: •Tap an event link in the invite email or your calendar. •Tap theGoToWebinar icon after you install the app and enter thesessionID. AUDIO • Upon joining an event, you will automaticallyconnectto audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 4G/3G). •Forthe best audio experience, plug a headset into your Androiddevice.• If you prefer to dial in over your phone line, you can dothatwith a single tap after joining the event. • If you areattendingthe event in person, easily disconnect from audio any timeso youcan continue to participate in polls and see thespeaker’spresentation up close. REQUIREMENTS • Android 4.4 orhigher • Werecommend devices with a 1 Ghz processor or higher. Ifyou likeattending events with GoToWebinar, please take the time togive usa nice review
SPMC is an unofficial fork of the Kodiapp,dedicated to android users and made by the former KodiAndroidmaintainer, Koying (aka me).Please check for thefullchangelog.
Custom Photo Watch 2.0.3-0
Custom Photo Watch is WatchFace working on Android Wear.You cansetimages on the Android Wear device.Various images are O.K,photowith your family, your favorite images etc.You can selectimages onyour phone, SD card, Google Drive etc.Or use a picturethat istaken by your phone.You can change images easily.You canscale andcrop a image, so set to your android wear.This WatchFaceisrecommended for below persons.+ I want to check time anddateonly.+ I want to set my family photo to my android weardevice.+ Iwant to set my favorite images.+ I want the originalWatchFace onlyfor me.Add custom image by cell-phone, then it willbe synced toyour watch automatically.If photo is not shown on yourwatch,please try to sync function on this app.Sync function canbeaccessed from menu in the app.NOTE:This app supports Androidonly.Ihave no plan to support iOS for now sorry.This app requiredtoinstall both cell-phone and watch.This app required GooglePlayServices version prior to 11.8.0.Please install/update GooglePlayServices when dialog was shown.
Fuel Friend 2.0.2
*** Fuel Friend is now completely FREE. This is thefully-featuredad free version ***Fuel Friend, the most intuitive,easy-to-usefuel mileage tracker available for Android.FEATURES:-L/100km,km/L, MPG(US/UK/Imperial) switchable anytime- Fill-upsdataimport/export to text files on Google Drive- Fast anddynamicallyzoomable statistics chart view- Unique fuel price'adviser' tool;use downloadable market data to determine fairestranges for fuelprice- Flexible data entry; odometer or trip meter,price/volume ortotal fill-up cost- Support for high and mediumdensity screens-Multiple vehicle support- Voice input for fill-updata (whensupported by handset)- Home screen or car dock fill-upsscreenshortcuts- Android backup service to automatically restorefill-upsand settings when app is reinstalled
Android TV Remote Service
Google LLC
This is the service that allows use of your Android phone ortabletas a remote for your Android TV. Easily switch between d-padandtouchpad modes to navigate content and play games on yourAndroidTV device. Tap the mic to start a voice search, or use thekeyboardto input text on Android TV.To get started, connect yourAndroidphone or tablet to the same network as your Android TVdevice orfind your Android TV via bluetooth.Works with all AndroidTVdevices.
FileManagerEx (Innocomm) 3.3.2
Eddie Yu
The new 3.3 released with Microsoft OneDrive support!! Just aseasyto use as File Explorer on PC! FileManagerEx is made forAndroid4.0.3 up, fully supports Holo theme. ★ Two panes style asFileExplorer and folder hierarchy display[1]. ★ Sorting by type,name,size, date[2]. ★ One screen provide all functions. No needtoswith. ★ Light-weight and fast. The app only takes 1/10 memorywhenrunning, but provide the same or even better performance[3]!★Support all basic processing of files/folders: copy, cut,paste,rename, info., delete, create folder[4]. ★ Search files onmobilephones/tablets. ★ Support cloud storage[5] and direct lunchoncloud[6]. ★ Built-in fast picture viewer with EXIF support.★ZIP/UNZIP files/folders[7]. ★ Dynamically detect anddisplayinternal storage, SD card, USB disk/OTG[8]. ★ Suitable foranyscreen size. You can smoothly use it on phones/tablets. [1]Bothshow up on tablets. Folder hierarchy shows as a slider menuonphones. [2] Only available for the fields displayed on screen[3]Compared 3.0.0 with A***O 4.4-528. Check the differencesofVmallocUsed after the apps lunched. [4] Android 4.4 &5.0natively do NOT allow to modify (add, delete, andrenamefiles/folders) external storage(SD card, USB disk/OTG). [5]Needinternet access. Supports Dropbox, Google Drive(requiredGoogleMobile Service, GMS), and Microsoft OneDrive now. We willgraduallyincrease the supporting. [6] Limited support and needother apps towork. We suggest to run with Innocomm Player. [7] Onlythose withASCII/UTF-8 encoded and without password [8] The runningmobilephone/tablet must supports the devices.
Link2SD Plus (New) 1.1
Bulent Akpinar
✚✚✚✚ Plus key for Link2SD ✚✚✚✚This app is a license keyonly,requeries the Link2SD (free) app and turns it into Plusedition,removes ads and unlocks additional features. You will see"Link2SDPlus" on the title in Link2SD (free) app.Plus featuresadded✔ Linksinternal data directory of apps to SD card You need touse anon-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your2ndpartition. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT)doesnot support UNIX file ownership or permissions and causesasecurity breakdown of app's private files.✔ Links external dataandobb folders of apps and games to SD card✔ Links dex files ofthesystem apps to SD card✔ Auto clear cache service✔ Removes adsfromLink2SD**** Note for old Link2SD Plus users ****Due to aproblemwith Google Play the package name of the app has changedandpublished as a new app.It is the same as the old one, youcancontinue to use old version. You can reinstall the old versionfrom"Play Store -> My apps -> ALL". **** Support &Upgrades /Reinstalls ****● Keep "Link2SD Plus" installed and do notfreeze(disable) it.● Link2SD Plus purchase is per Google accountforpurchases on Play Store, all upgrades and reinstalls are free.●You can install Link2SD Plus on any device for free as long asyouuse the same Google account you bought it with. Note thatforGoogle Play Store purchases if you have multiple Google accountsonthe device, your "original" Google account should be selectedinPlay Store (side menu => top-right white arrow next toyouraccount).If you're getting license errorThis is reported inthefollowing cases:● Play Store app not loaded. Please startPlayStore app and wait until it fully loads start page. Play Storeappcan fail to load, for example, during its self-updating.Pleasewait until it fully loads, then start Link2SD again●internetconnection is not available/unstable or Play Storeapp/services areblocked from internet. It requires a networkconnection for thefirst license check. But then you can go offlinefor a period oftime before requiring another license check. Cachingis enabled forlicense check.● Link2SD Plus is in fact notlicensed/order isincomplete/refunded/canceled. Please open yourtransactions in"" and check your Link2SD Plusstatus is"Complete"● invalid Google account on the device. GooglePlay appsare bound to the Google account, if you change it, PlayStore can'trecognize your purchase anymore. Please re-add thatGoogle accountback to your device and/or select this account inGoogle Play Storeapp (side menu => top right arrow next to yourGoogle account)●too much requests from apps to Play servers forlicense check.Please try again later (in 10 minutes)● (Android 2.x)backgrounddata is disabledTo resolve this issue:1. uninstallLink2SD andLink2SD Plus then reboot2. ensure you have internetconnection onthe device up and stable3. install Link2SD and Link2SDPlus fromGoogle Play Store app. Reinstalls to the same account arefree.(Installing from the APK won't resolve the issue)4. you mayneedstart/wait a bit/exit Link2SD Plus a few times to reloadlicensestate.5. if it didn't help, clear data of Google Play StoreandGoogle Play services and rebootIf you're getting“insufficientstorage available” error when installing Link2SD Pluseven you haveenough free spaceTo resolve this issue:1. "Clear allapp cache"within Link2SD2. set "install location" to automaticwithin Link2SDsettings and reboot3. if it didn't help, clear dataof Google PlayStore and Google Play Services and reboot
LineageOS Changelog 6.5.4
Vasudev B
LineageOS Changelog helps you view changes for your deviceanddownload nightlies with the tap of a button. It was designedwiththe Material Design principles and guidelines in mind to makeit apleasure to use. Let's go over some of the features thatmakeLineageOS Changelog stand out, shall we? Changelog Information:Get detailed information for a specific change such asthecontributors and the files that were modified. Notifications :Getnotifications whenever a change is merged or a new build isout.You can also select the devices that you'd like to benotifiedabout. Isn't that amazing? Themes : Light, Dark and Blackthemes tosuit your mood. Device/Kernel Changes : Use colors todifferentiatebetween device/kernel specific changes for a deviceLocalized :Thanks to all you guys, LineageOS Changelog istranslated into over15 languages. No-Ads : There will never ever beads. NOTE : Thisapp only shows the changes for devices thatLineageOS officiallysupports. It does not install LineageOS on yourdevice. This is anunofficial app. So please don't ask for devicesto be added toLineageOS. If you have any further questions, feelfree to contactme.
Service Reports+ 3.53
Simão Lúcio
A complete, fast and functional tool for Jehovah’s Witnesses, JW,torecord and report the time spent in the field ministry. This istheadvanced version of the 'Service Report' app for JW. It keepsaclean and simple design, with all the previous features like:•send report via SMS, email or third party app like whatsapp • useastopwatch • set monthly or yearly goals for pioneers • LDCtime(available in the settings) • automatically count the exactnumberof bible studies • round (up or down) the hours at the end ofmonth• works totally offline, no internet connection needed And addnewfeatures: • Full return visits managements • Supportformulti-publishers • Google Drive Backups It also hasspecificfeatures for the congregation's secretary and the fieldservicegroup overseers: • Manage irregular, inactive or publisherswithoverdue reports • See total and average reports forpublishers,auxiliary and regular pioneers • Congregation meetingattendancerecord • Autofill the forms: S-21, S-1, S-4, S-88 andS-10 The appdoesn't provide these pdf files with acrofields. Eachelder has todownload his own files from Please note theymay not beavailable in your country yet. Foreseen features: -Territories tomake notes This project will improve over time. Foranyone whowants to help translating, please go to settings then taplanguage.The app will create a complete list of words to betranslated. Ithank everyone and especially Jehovah God who gave methe help Ineeded to make this application (Psalms 127:1). JW.
GMS 2018.1
Aplicativo gestão de escalas e horários.Aplicativo para tratativadePIV e PN através da equipe Comercial.Application managementscalesand schedules.Application of PIV dealings and PN byCommercial team.