Top 49 Games Similar to Deadly Crow

Skidz 1.0.5
Kwalee Ltd
Skidz is an exciting arcade racing game with a simple mechanic:tapto turn - follow the track and don’t hit the edge!Playacrosshundreds of unique levels and unlock a huge range of weirdandwacky vehicles!Do you have the spirit of a race driver?
Fit 1.1.0
Fit shapes by tapping at the right time!◉ Make shapes biggerandcollect characters.◉ Experience the beautiful gameworld.◉Challenge the world best score!
Carpet Bombing - Fighter Bomber Attack
Fun bomber game! Fly an aircraft and engage enemies! VARIEDGAMEPLAYSeveral types of enemies to combat: soldiers, tanks,helicopters,airplanes and more! UPGRADES AND POWER-UPS Collectpower-ups toboost your aircraft in game. Upgrade the aircraftbetween each levelto increase its awesomeness! ENDLESS FUNRandomly generated mapstests your skill in more and morechallenging levels INTUITIVE TOUCHCONTROL Simply touch screenwhere to go. A joystick mode of controlis available in thesettings. DESTRUCTABLE TERRAIN Like worms andscorched earth. Boom!GOOD QUALITY Check the reviews, most usersgive the game 5 stars NOINTERUPTING ADS No ads will block your viewor disturb yourgameplay. NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED Playwhenever, whereveryou like!
LAB Escape! 1.5
Welcome little specimen! You're the unstable... thingy capturedbyscientist. Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devourallbad guys in your sight! Every time you gain meat, you canselectmutations to make your specimen stronger. Rogue-like stylerunninggame with dynamic mutation features. Every mutation cardscan stackup to 3 times for better effects. Collect Set of hats toenhanceyour specimen.
Chilly Snow 1.3.3
Acid Cousins
Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow!
Falling Ballz 1.1
Relax your brain with the champion of time killer!Swipe yourfingerto throw the balls and break the circles.Try to break asmanycircles as possible in one move before they move up to the top.Donot miss additional balls to collect and make your screen clear!
Looper 1.2.3
Danny Cruz
Looper is a minimal infinite runner. Flow past obstacles withgraceand rhythm to survive. I hope you enjoy this simple yetchallengingarcade adventure! 1.0
Ketchapp is an addictive and fun IO game where you have toconquerterritory, hit enemies and try to find the way to win thematch.But be careful, other players will not let you do that!Playnow andtry to create the biggest territory!Good luck!
Dunk Hot 1.8.2
Tap to start and score as many dunk as possible before time out.Howmany airballs and buzzers can you shot? We offer many skinsofnation theme, and some other special skins. And different gamemodeare waiting for you. - Classic mode: endless time, shot as manyasyou can. - Season mode: fight with 30 basketnall teams inlimitedtime. - PVP: fight with real palyers!
Flight 1.0.0
Armor Games
Flight! is an addictive and captivating casual arcade gamewhereyour goal is to fling a paper airplane around the globe andmake awish come true. Catch bonuses to stay aloft longer andupgrade yourplane with enhancements. Soar from one country to thenext usingintuitive controls as you upgrade your plane to fly evenfartherand follow the story. Launch yourself through a beautiful 2Dworldwith simple yet fun arcade action you'll want to keep comingbackto... and it fits in your pocket!-Simple yetaddictivegameplay-Upgrades to enhance your paper plane-40achievements tounlock-Charming game design and soothingsoundtrack-Differentcountries to soar through, each with their owndesign-Complementaryworld travel included
TIME LOCKER - Shooter 1.7.2
sotaro otsuka
"If you stop, Time stops"TimeLocker! Ultra fun arcade game.Thespeed of time in the game is controlled by the speed ofyourfinger. Play with lots of different characters all withdifferentabilities, and see how long you can survive in a worldwith lots ofdifferent types of animals that all move differently!-5STAR in"Touch Arcade"- Grand prize in "Indie Stream Award 2016"
Car vs Cops 1.2
Escape from cop cars, trucks, tanks and helicopters in thisendlesshigh speed chase game. Maneuver around by either using thejoystickor tap controls. Enable combo scoring by letting cops comeclose toyou.◉ Tons of vehicles◉ Unlimited challenges◉ DailyRewards◉Leaderboards◉ Amazing music and graphicsDownload and playnow!
Hazy Race 1.0.0
Tap to slam! Hit the islands and bounce into the horizon inthisatmospheric arcade experience. How far can you race into thehaze?
Catch Up 1.1
Roll fast, be attentive, avoid various obstacles, drive your balltovictory and beat your friend's records!
MADOSA 1.0.18
Welcome dark witches & wizards.Make super fantastic magiconyour mobile!Tap the magic circle on the right time tocreatebeautiful magic effects.TAP, TAP, TAP!!Simple, butAddictiveDarkMagic Game, MADOSA by 111% Fantastic Features:● Youcan grow andcombine magic to create even more beautiful effects.●You can usemore than 10 spells.● Easy and fun to play.● ColorfulUI, Fun soundeffects, Attractive particle effects.● Challenge yourfriends withGooglePlay support.● Follow 111% on Facebook to getinfo on hiddenitems and fun news!You can enjoy this simple gamewhen you are inclass, on a bus or subway, on a date, when you eat,and even whenyou dream.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak 3.91
Bake no prisoners! Help GingerBrave and his Cookie friends breakoutof the Witch's oven! Explore the wicked lands of the tastyCookieWorld in this endless runner! # Jump and Slide to eatJellies andavoid obstacles! # Collect over 120 Cookies & Pets!With a newCookie & Pet updated every month! # Upgrade Cookies,Pets, andTreasures to achieve a higher score! # New excitingevents withawesome rewards every month! # Enjoy a variety of gamemodes: -Breakout Mode: Run with up to 20 Cookies - Trophy Race:Compete withplayers from around the world - Champions League: Aleague only forthe toughest - Island of Memories: Unravel Cookies'behind stories -1vs1 Race: Face your friends in an epic challengeTerms of Service: PrivacyPolicy: ParentalGuide: Help andSupport: or contact usfromthe game by going to Settings > Help and SupportOfficialFacebook OfficialForum * External storage read/writeaccess(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) : Will onlybe usedwhen user watches the Rewardable Ad, in order to storeinformationrelated to the advertisement. (Applies only to users ofAndroid 4.3or lower)
Pocket Pool 1.0.1
◉◉◉ The ultimate arcade pool game! ◉◉◉Sink the ball. Nexttable!Howmany can you do in a row?◉ Beautiful minimalist graphics◉Competefor the best score in the world
Snake on a String 1.4.2
Get ready for the ultimate snake game! More than 200challenginglevels! Plenty of snakes to unlock, all with uniquelooks andproperties! Which snake is your favorite - the fastest,thesmallest, or the luckiest? Try the Bunny snake, the Ninja snake,orwhy not the Zombie snake!Are you ready for a challenge? Canyoufinish the levels fast enough to collect the gold stars? Goodluck- you're gonna need it!
Fern Flower 1.4
Once a year blooms a flower… It is said that it brings fortunetothe one who finds it... Fern Flower is very atmosphericandcompelling game. Climb mystic mountains in search of thoseesotericflowers. Gameplay: Touch left or right part of the screenforcharacter to jump accordingly. Climb as high as you can.Collectfireflies for better score. Gather fern flowers to unlocknewcharacters and power ups. Good luck!
Mangoleague 2.7.6
Mangoleague is a casual new style game, Where you can competetoyour friends and will have the chance to win prizes everyday.Aimfor the top rank and be rewarded
ClawLand 1.4.7
ClawLand Features: • Same feeling as claw arcade game •Comfortablecontrol, convenient screen • First Person View • Variouscute dollscollection • Customize your own claw machine
Risky Road 2.0
Drive as far as you can and keep the egg safe.Get the right speedtopass obstacles.Just tap the screen to accelerate and passobstacles,keep the egg safe !Collect coins and bonus letters tounlock newcars and egg colors.How far will you go ?
Missiles! 1.26
Steer the plane to collect stars and avoid missiles! - controltheplane with joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons -collectpoints to unlock new planes - normal and fast game modes -shieldand speed boost power-ups - compete with others on GooglePlayGames leaderboards Missiles! Can you avoid them all?
Polyforge 1.2
Forge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color◉Forge new shapes by striking all the sides ◉ Don't strike thesameside twice ◉ Simple & Beautiful visuals ◉ Atmospheric&Serene sound design ◉ Compete for the highest level in theworld
Maze Cat - Rookie 1.1.5
Find the Maze with RookieTake the adventure into the Mazegameworld.Easy game play and rules. Anyone can pick up and playMazeCat!Clear more than 2,000 dynamic mazes with Rookie thecat!JoinRookie the Maze Cat on a fun adventure — anytime andanywhere!▶Maze Cat - Rookie Official Fan Page: game supports'한국어','Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体','中文繁體','Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский','Arabic'.【MazeCat - Rookie Features】☞ An addictive game enjoyed bypeople allaround the world!☞ Maze Cat's cute mascot Rookie is readyto leadyou through more than 2,000 fun puzzles!☞ No Wi-Fi? Noproblem!Play anytime without an internet connection.☞ A small gamethat canbe downloaded by any device!☞ Enjoy single player mode andproceedthrough a ton of exciting mazes.☞ Dark Mode - Find out a wayin thedark.☞ Happy Christmas Mode - Please take Rookie'sgift.☞Experience various themes Desert, Winter, Stone Age, etc☞Supportsall tablet devices!- This game is acceptable for purchasingtheitems partially. When purchasing the items, the additionalcostscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defenseaccordingto the item types.▶ Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀☆ SUPERBOXOfficialWebsite☞☆ SUPERBOX Official FanPage☞☆ SUPERBOX CustomerCenter☞E-Mail : [email protected]
Flip 1.03
Jump from platform to platform and do as many flips as youcan!Justtap and hold the screen to charge and flip-jump withyourcharacter. Try not to fall down!Collect gems to unlocknewcharacters.What's your best score?
Crazy Circle 1.0.1
Can you endure the never-ending madness of the CrazyCircle?CrazyCircle is a mesmerising arcade game which tests yourreflexes tothe extreme.Tap to jump onto the next platform andtravel as far asyou can.Upgrade all power-ups and increase yourhighscore evenfurther.◉ Complete 100 Challenges◉ Upgrade allPower-ups◉ Collect50 Characters (including 5 Secrets)◉ ReceiveDaily Rewards◉ Unlock30 Achievements◉ Compare your Highscore withplayersworldwideDownload now and push your skills to the limit inCrazyCircle!
The Floor Is Lava 1.4
The Floor is Lava!Your goal is simple. Jump across your livingroom,but keep in mind that at any point in time… the floor canturn intohot lava! Use the hearts to your advantage and keepjumping as longas possible.Download now!
Rune Rider 3.2
Get a weapon and equip runes on slots. It's all aboutSTRATEGY.Customize your weapon type! : MAX speed / MAX damage /FULL passiveAddictive Idle RPG game “Rune Rider” ◆ Various enemy& bosses ◆Enjoy PVP battle mode! ◆ Collect DAILY GIFTS! ◆ Newmode added :Gift Run Services ◆ Enjoy the game with punk ROCK bgm!◆ Competewith your friends with GooglePlay Support Enjoy theaddictive“RuneRider” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway,waitingat the bank. Whenever, wherever “Rune Rider” is ready foraction!!! Thank you!
Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest 1.5
pyramid curse egypt quest You will love the fun, creativityandexcitement of this great casual game. Join millions of playersinan adventure journey through the pyramid desert of ancientEgypt.Can you solve the puzzles and help Pharaoh with this quest ofjeweltreasures? Let’s go! - free match puzzel-3 gameplay - hundredsofinteresting Egyptian Rune style gem Levels - mysteriousegyptscene,stunning graphics with a highly polished interface. -full offun and amazing challenges - continuous Elimination can getextrascores quickly - easy to play but a challenge to fullymaster,takeon these challenges Switch and match diamonds completethe goal inthe specified steps or times. Enjoy the full diamondadventure forfree! There're tons of levels to play through and ineach one, youonly have so much time to clear and get the star thatfalls intothe bottom of the screen.
The Catapult 1.1.5
In the game "The Catapult" you must help the stickman defendhiscastle 🏰 from the siege weapons of the enemy. Use the catapulttothrow stones 🏹 at the opponents and break their militarymechanismsand siege towers. The game has a simple intuitive control🎮. Tap onthe screen and pull to charge the catapult and select thetensionforce. Release to launch the projectile into the enemy. Foreachstruck enemy you will earn coins which help you to buyupgradesshells, for example a bomb 💣. We are waiting for yourwishes andcomments on the game. Have a good game! 😜
Rolly Vortex 1.7.7
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends 1.5.0
MochiBits is a fun new io game with smooth controls andhexagonblocks! is inspired by the best IO games but with afunnew twist. Capture blocks by enclosing an area. Can you takeoverthe entire map and become the superhex? Defend yourterritoryagainst others and become the biggest mass of land. Don'tget hit!Collect power-ups to gain an advantage. Customize youravatar skinand your base! Complete missions to earn rewards. Welove to hearfrom our players! Instagram #hexario [email protected]#hexario FaceBook PERMISSIONS:Hexar.iorequests permission to read and write to your externalstorage tobuffer and enhance your video ad experience. Thesepermissions onlyapply to Android versions earlier than 6. ForAndroid 6 or later,you can still play the game even if you declinethese permissions.Video ads are shown when using a regular account.They help fundthe production of, so we appreciate yoursupport. If youhave any questions regarding permissions, pleasecontact us [email protected]
Mighty Moon 1.7.6
Cucumber Co.
Smash planets as you fly through space to become the biggest mooninthe galaxy!Become Mighty Moon, a hero that only ever wantedtobecome the largest moon in the universe in a game inspiredbyKatamari Damacy. Be careful though, as larger planets will endourhero. Unlock new moons every 3 levels! There's only twootherthings you need to know: 1. Smash smaller planets on yourjourneythrough space. 2. Don't let larger planets smash you! A freegamefrom Cucumber Co.
Mutta - Easter Egg Toss Game 0.0.53
Mutta is an Egg Toss Game. To play the game wait for the righttime,Tap on the screen to toss egg and have fun.
Tubers Clicker 1.92.0
Tubers clicker - is a game where you have to meet allofyourfavorite Russian (and not only) Youtubers and play forthem!Your goal is to create your own partner company, combine allthetubersand earn the maximum number of subscribers.Ready?Goodluck!Features:- Over 50 playable characters!- Sign contracts,hiretubers, attend events and arrange the room!- Check your luck inthecasino. Open the case with dollars and play the stockexchange!-Fun achievements that change the interior of the room!-Money Bankthat enables to save money, even offline!For questionsandsuggestions:[email protected]/waterxmelon
Spider Trouble 1.1.74
Catastrophe threatens the peaceful world of the tiny spider:theMighty Lawnmower is coming once again to shred its way throughthegarden.Help the poor spider to escape! Run! Rush! It won't beaneasy ride...!Experience the original and simple gameplay,swingingfrom grass to grass with your webthread!Upgrade yourabilities& climb up on the Leaderboards to compete with yourFacebookfriends!
Magic Hero: Last HP Duels 1.4
Talgame ent.
Pick up the wand! Fight the evil!* Harry Potter fans love thegame** Harry and his friends * - help them defeat the EvilLord!Muggle?The game for those who are wizards, deep in heart!Checkoutdifferent: ► characters ► Spells ► LocationsDefeat the darklordand his witches!Unlock all the characters to finddifferentspells!Compete with friends and other players for thehighestscores!Only one can be the best!
Niño Rata 1.7
Ayuda al NIÑO RATTA a atrapar los PACKS pero esquiva losBANsprro!!NIÑO RATTA creado por NEGAS(c)Juego desarrollado porLUDEKU(c)Help the boy to catch RATTA PACKS but dodge bans PRRO!!CHILDRATTA created by negas (c)Game developed by LUDEKU (c)
Space Spin 2.01
The #1 Free Game Of Winter 2017. You Can Enjoy Instant Fun Now.TapINSTALL Above.“Favorite Game Yet” - Hailey Kloss “INTENSE!!!!!”-Calvin Myers“So easy yet so hard” - James CareyWelcome toSpaceSpin"Best Game Of Winter 2017"Aim carefully.Testyourreflexes.Shoot from platform to platform.Survive for as longaspossible.Explore the galaxy.Win exclusive trails.Join millionsinthe “Game Of The Year”.Play Now. Instant Download. Tap TheGETButton To Begin.
Piggy Pile 1.3.2
Last one’s a rotten pig! It’s a pig eat pig world out there,sosometimes you’ve got to leave a friend behind to get ahead inlife.Make a high pig pile to keep running on this endless path.Collectpowerups along the way to unlock 100 unique characters in20awesomely designed worlds. Pile up! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is acasualgames brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes funandaddictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independentdevelopmentstudios across the globe to create engaging mobilecontent foraudiences of all ages. Likeus: Watchus: Visit us: GooglePlus: CONTACT US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at [email protected] PRIVACY: This app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.TabTaleLtd. is committed to protect the privacy of its apps users.Thisapp may enable collection of data by TabTale or select thirdpartyproviders (e.g. advertising networks and web analytics) forlawfulpurposes (e.g. respond to support queries, maintain,analyze,provide and improve the app’s functionalities andperformance,personalize and enhance user experience includingtargetedadvertising). This app may contain links that permit userstoconnect to social networks for lawful purposes and as suchallowcommunication with others while playing, and the option toacceptpush notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. appupdates).This app may include an age-gate to prevent access tocertainfeatures for protection of children (e.g. restrictbehavioraladvertising or information sharing by children). Bydownloading orusing this app you accept TabTale’s Privacy Policyat: and permit such uses forusersof your device. For more information please refer to ourPrivacyPolicy. We note that referred third parties are bound andsubjectto their own privacy policies.
Hop 1.3
Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can inthismind-blowing arcade action! Touch the screen and drag left orrightto guide the ball from tile to tile. Don’t miss the path!Makeinsane combos and beat your friend's scores! What is yourbestscore? 1.8.2
iGene is a game in which you try to escape a maze along withotheronline users. Who will be the first to escapeit?[Gamefeatures]>real-time competition game>Select yourowncharacter with one and only skillset>Compare your timewithpeople around the world>Avoid different obstacles and findoneway>Level up systemPlease email your inquiries
Turretz 3.0.12
Fight the GALAXY WAR !Collect over 23 BADASS turrets !Unlockandupgrade unique turrets to plant on your planet !Thesimple,addictive arcade / action / strategy game: Turretz !◆ SuperEPICboss battle !◆ Mix and match turrets to build your own DEATHPLANET!!!◆ Upgrade your turrets to the MAX !!◆ Challenge yourfriendswith GooglePlay support.◆ Easy and simple controlsSimple,butAddictiveTurretz by 111%
Don't Touch The Spikes 1.9.5
Make the little bird fly! Don't touch the spikes! How far canyoumake it?
WAKFU, the Brotherhood 1.0.1
Join Yugo and his friends from the WAKFU® animated series inanadventure like no other!Embody the heroes of the Brotherhood oftheTofu and team up with your most trusted allies to defeat thewavesof metal critters sent by Nox, the evil time master intentonabsorbing Wakfu power from all living things. Beat Nox andhisrobotic army, and stop his ruthless and deadly pursuit oflifeforce and energy! In an original story set during the events ofthefirst season of the Netflix® show, bash, dash, smash, andperformultimate combos to defeat the evil time master!What's beendonecannot be undone!
Hop Hop Hop 1.2
Jump into the hoops and avoid the spikes. Collect mushroomstounlock all the funny characters!How far can you go?→ Eat amushroomto get 1 point→ Jump into the hoop from above to get 2points→ Youhave enough skills to do it from below? Get 3 points!
Beat The Balls 1.42
Dignity Games
Beat The Balls takes the brick breaker game to a newlevel.Swipeyour finger to move your snake. Beat The Balls is simpleto playbut challenging to master. Grow your snake and smash yourwaythrough the balls to earn points. The more you smash the balls,themore balls you will need to eat. If your snake hits a blockitcan't break, you die. How long can you survive?Challengeyourfriends and family to beat your score.Don’t miss out on thelatestnews:Like Dignity Games: uson Twitter: you for playingBeat The Balls!
Ball Jump 1.3
Try to stay on the cubes. Can you react fast enough? Your pathisbeing built in real time with an exciting combination ofcubes.→Wait for the right moment→ Then tap on the screen to jump→Don'tfall off the cubesDiscover 5 different sections.How far canyouget? Enjoy the challenge.