Top 49 Apps Similar to R Tel

im.thebot.messenger 2.1.0
Make FREE voice and video calls to all your friends aroundtheworld. - FREE voice and video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G orWi-Ficonnection. - Encrypted chats and calls. - Share photos,videos,voice messages, and more. - Group chat with up to 500people. -Express yourself with a built-in emoji dashboard. If youhave anyquestions or suggestions, email us at *Operatordata charges may apply.
ZamZam Tel 3.9.3
With its simple and intuitive user interface, ZamZam Tel isthesolution to making high quality calls for a fraction of thecost.Utilizing the latest the latest advances in VOIP technology,youcan be ensured that all your communications are secureandaffordable. You can call your friends and family from ZamZamTelwith lowest international call rates! and ensuring bestquality.Features • SIP-based softphone with exceptional voicequality •Works from Wifi/3G/GSM • Support for DTMF • Easy contactbook, callhistory. In addition to your cost savings, we offers: •Secure andreliable communication • Compatible with VOIP switchessupportingstandard SIP • Unique anti-block solution • Option to ownbranddialer • Advance Echo Cancellation • Flexible integration withyourphone book contacts • Screen display for your call history,calltimer and balance.
Grandstream Wave - Video
Grandstream Wave is a FREE softphone application which allowsusersto make and receive voice/video calls through their businessorresidential SIP accounts on any Android™ device (version 4.1+)fromanywhere in the world, via either cellular data or WiFi.Thisapplication supports integration of up to 6 SIP accounts,6-wayvoice conferencing, and allows users to monitor their IP PBX(suchas Grandstream's UCM6100 series IP PBX & UCM6510 IP PBX)whileutilizing speed dial with up to 24 virtual BLF keys.GrandstreamWave also supports advanced SIP telephony featuresincluding calltransfer, LDAP phonebook integration and more. WithGrandstreamWave, business and residential users always have accessto theirSIP lines and can easily keep in touch with business orpersonalcontacts without using expensive cellular data plans. KeyFeatures& Technical Specifications: • Supports Video,Hardwareencode/decode, up to 720P • Supports G.711µ/a, G.722(HD-audio),G.726-32, GSM, iLBC and Opus codecs • SIP-basedsoftphone •Requires Android 4.0+ • Can be used over cellular dataconnectionor WiFi • Strong security features including SIP over TLSand128/256-bit SRTP • Supports 6 SIP accounts, up to 6-wayaudioconference, and 24 virtual BLF keys • Native integrationwithmobile devices including contacts, call history and ringtones.•Enterprise features including IP PBX integration, BLF,calltransfer/pickup, call recording with UCM, LDAP • Automaticcallforwarding based on time and location rules • PowerfulNATtraversal options including automatic NAT discovery, STUN andUPnP• Automatic provisioning including XML provisioning and 2-Dbarcodescan • Fully customizable skins and themes for optionalbrandingneeds • Voice channel switching between Bluetooth,earphone,speakerphone & 3.5mm headset • Users can view info ofIncoming& Outgoing calls and missed calls in call history •TelephonyFeatures: Hold, mute, transfer,forward(unconditional/no-answer/busy), call park/pickup, paging, DoNotDisturb (DND), call waiting, call history, flexible dialplan,custom ringtones, server redundancy & fail-over, and BusyLampField (BLF)
com.newTelDialer 6.20
newTel Dialer
newTel Mobile Dialer is a very easy and user friendly Androiddialerfor Mobile VoIp call. The dialer can run smoothly in anyversion ofandroid phone. This small and easy installable app helpyou toconnect with your service provider provided soft switchesquickly.newTel Mobile Dialer required a minimum bandwidth forconnecting andoriginating VoIP calls. User may charge throughtheir telecomoperators for data services. It’s run smoothly in anyprivatenetwork. If you are a Mobile VoIP service provider pleasecollectyour demo PIN for testing this superb dialer from For more details and updateinformation likeus at face book:
iTel Mobile Dialer Express 4.0.2
iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app for Android andothersmartphones, offering a range of functionalities like VoIPCalls& SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging and much more fromdataenabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi). For using this app,endusers will need an Operator Code, which they can obtain from aVoIPService Provider. While Service Providers can use this WhiteLabelPlatform to offer Mobile VoIP services in their ownbrand.Features: ★VoIP Calls & SMSs via Wifi, 3G / 4G, edge orUMTS.★Cross-platform Instant Messaging – an Android user can chatwithan iPhone user or a Windows OS user can chat with aBlackBerryuser. Offer unlimited mobile chatting and increasestickiness toyour brand. ★Easy Sign Up with Mobile Number as userID &automatic Buddy List creation with facility to invitephonebookcontacts to install the app. ★Facility to enable MobileTop Up. ForService Providers iTel Mobile Dialer Express isavailable in allmajor OS Platforms and you can fully customize& brand it asper your requirements. For a free trial: 1. Visitwww.revesoft.com2. Register for a free Demo, with details of yoursoftswitch(IP,Port) & we will send you a Demo Operator Code fortesting theapp on your own softswitch. For End Users You will beprompted forthe following while starting the app: 1. Operator Code– CollectOperator Code from your VoIP service provider. If theServiceProvider is using REVE platform, he will be able to providea validOperator Code. 2. Mobile Number – to be entered with countrycode.3. Password – Received via SMS / IVR after entering yourmobilenumber.
Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone 2.8.15
Securax LTD.
Zoiper is a FREE IAX and SIP softphone application for voipcallsover 3G or WiFi. There are NO ADVERTISEMENTS. For supportpleasevisit: Zoiper softphone offers asimpleuser interface and superb audio quality for smooth Voice overIPexperience. Contact us for whitelabel versions with your logoandcompany or for our VoiP SDK if you want to build your ownsolutionor visit Available forboth SIPand IAX systems, Zoiper is a phone solution perfectly fitfor endusers, service providers, call centers or any businesswilling tobenefit from VoIP communications. Want to distribute itto yourusers ? Use the free automatic provisioning systemon and avoid tedious manualconfigurations!.IMPORTANT: Zoiper softphone is a standaloneclient-side softwareVOIP phone application and is not bundledtogether with a voipservice. To make and receive voip calls usingZoiper, you mustsubscribe to any SIP or IAX based service provideracross theglobe. Zoiper's key features include: - Support fordifferent colorschemes - Bluetooth support - Lowest battery usagewith highestreliability / stability on google play - Lowest latencyof allandroid softphones - Excellent audio quality, even on olderdevices- Supports calling over 3G and WIFI - Multiprotocol with SIPandIAX support, compatible with all RFC compliant PBXs - Background/multitasking support - Native dialer integration - Integrationwiththe native android contact list - Speakerphone mute and hold -UDPand TCP transports (use TCP for better battery life!) -Supportsg711 (ulaw, alaw), speex, iLBC and gsm codecs - Supportssending ofDTMF - DNS SRV - Built-in echo cancellation - STUNsupport - Changeringtone per account - call waiting - Video support(gold usersonly) - ZRTP / TLS support (gold users only) - CallTransfer (goldusers only) - Wideband audio (gold users only) Zoiperis alsoavailable as customized branding solutions or VoIP SDK,pleasecontact us for more information. - Phones that are unstablebecausethey have broken audio implementations: Alcatel one touchseries(poor audio drivers cause system freezes and crashes) HTC onem8(causes freezes.) WARNING: using Zoiper as a default dialermayinterfere with dialing 911 emergency services. WARNING: Pleaseuseonly versions from the appstore, we have reasons to believe someofthe (russian) .apk files floating on the web contain a trojanthatmight steal username and password and make fraudulent calls.Theofficial zoiper from google play is safe to use. If you wantallfeatures without paying, don't pirate it but ask your friendsforthe unlocking cheatcode instead. First rule about the goldclub:don't publicly publish the cheatcode, but share it privatelyatwill.
Vibeplus 2.1.6
Vibeplus is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allows tomakeVoIP calls from any of the Android devices and ituses3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.It is developed based ontherequirements of VoIP Providers business needsFeatures :-It usesSIPprotocol based for signaling.Supports G729,PCMU, PCMAcodecs.RunsBehind NAT or private IP.User Friendly Interface.AutoSync ofBalance.Real Time Sip status messages.Call History.Addressbookintegration.Compatible with all sip standard switches.It hasveryefficient implementation of jitter buffer to playvoicesmoothly.Silent suppression and comfort noise generation hasbeenused to reduce the bandwidth usage, and this makes the dialermoreefficient in making VoIP calls.Integrates with mobilesphonebookand auto detects (+) sign when contact is picked fromphonebook.
TP Smart 1.9.5
TP Smart is a mobile application for Android and othersmartphones,offering VoIP Calls from data enabled mobile phones(2G/3G/4G orWiFi) to any landline or mobile devices around theworld. Features:*VoIP Calls via Wi-Fi, 2G / 3G / 4G. *Works in allCountries andall Networks across firewalls. *Smooth voice quality*Echocancellation *Uses very less bandwidth. For End Users: Youwill beprompted for the following while starting the app: 1.Operator Code– Get Operator Code from your VoIP service provider.2. User Name –User name is provided to end user by VoIP serviceProvider. 3.Password – Password is provided to end user by VoIPserviceProvider.
TeliVoip 8.11
TeliVoip for voip call
iCallMore 2.1.8
iCallMore is the Mobile Dialer that allows to make VoIP callsfromany of the android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-FiInternetconnectivity. It is developed based on the requirements ofVoIPProviders business needs.iCallMore Features:-It uses SIPprotocolbased for signalingSupports G729, PCMU, and PCMA codecsRunsbehindNAT or Private IPUser Friendly InterfaceAuto Sync ofBalanceRealTime Sip status messagesCall HistoryAddressbookintegrationCompatible with all sip standard switchesiCallMorehasvery efficient implementation of jitter buffer to playvoicesmoothly.Silent suppression and comfort noise generation hasbeenused to reduce the bandwidth usage, and this makes the dialermoreefficient in making VoIP calls.It easily integrates withmobilephonebook and auto detects (+) sign when contact is pickedfromphonebook.”
Ajwatalk 3.9.3
Ajwatalk is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allows tomakeVoIP calls from any of the Android devices and ituses3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.It is developed based ontherequirements of VoIP Providers business needs Features :-Ajwatalkuses SIP protocol based for signaling. Supports G729,PCMU,PCMAcodecs. Runs Behind NAT or private IP. User FriendlyInterface.Auto Sync of Balance. Real Time Sip status messages. CallHistory.Address book integration. Compatible with all sipstandardswitches. It has very efficient implementation of jitterbuffer toplay voice smoothly. Silent suppression and comfortnoisegeneration has been used to reduce the bandwidth usage, andthismakes the dialer more efficient in making VoIP calls.Integrateswith mobiles phonebook and auto detects (+) sign whencontact ispicked from phonebook.
Free Calls - International Phone Calling App 1.7.8
Free Call anyone,any phone number worldwide even if he doesn'thaveFree Calls App! Free call via WiFi or cellular data, nocellminutes used. Download this VOIP phone call app & enjoycheapcalls global to any mobile & landline! Completely FREECALL100% Free global phone call. No contract, no hidden fees.WIFIPhone Call No cell phone data plan? No problem. You can useWiFi tomake free calls & texts. Popular countries Cheap orfreeinternational calls to over 200 countries Free calls to India&China & Nigeria & Mexico & Pakistan &UnitedStates, USA & United Kingdom, UK & Canada &German,United Arab Emirates, UAE, Saudi Arabia, SA New user bonusEach newuser free reward 1000 credits To Mobile Fixed (mins) (mins)US 1313 CA 33 33 AU 3 10 CN 8 8 GB 9 33 DE 3 21 IN 8 8 PK 2 2 BD 33 TH3 3 【Features】 ★ International Calling to any mobile orlandlinenumbers over 200+ countries supported! - Free Calls allowsyou tomake a international calls to anyone across the globe forfree,even if the recipient has no Internet connection. ★ Clear&Stable Calling - Dial away and make a high quality phone callswithvoice quality that is crystal clear, just like making phonecallsfrom a landline! Today, there are more than 1 million peopleusingWhats Call to make global calls! 【Why Use Free Calls】 ** NoPhoneBills ** Calling via Wifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you don't gethitwith expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay asyougo - there are no minimums, contracts or worries. IS ITREALLYFREE? No monthly fees! It is completely free! HOW CAN ALL OFTHISBE FREE? Check out some sponsored ads. ** Unlimited FREECallCredits ** We have plenty of different offers on Free Call,justcomplete these simple offers and earn call credits to callnon-FreeCall users for FREE! You can receive free calling timeeasily bywatching ads, playing game, completing tasks and invitingfriends.Supported Android devices include Huawei, Samsung, Nexusand manymore. Free Calls - Enjoy cheap wifi phone calls withyourinternational friends and family. Attention: Please do notclick onads that you are not interested in. Please do not useautomatictools or applications to click ads. All above will notincreaseyour credits/points and may result in account suspension.
Mabrook Plazma 3.9.3
With its simple and intuitive user interface, Mabrook Plazma isthesolution to making high quality calls for a fraction of thecost.Utilizing the latest the latest advances in VOIP technology,youcan be ensured that all your communications are secureandaffordable. • Mabrook Plazma is a SIP-based soft phone. Youcancall your friends and family from Mabrook Plazma withlowestinternational call rates! And very good quality. Features•SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality • WorksfromWifi/3G/GSM • Support for DTMF • Easy contact book, callhistory.In addition to your cost savings, we offers: • Secure andreliablecommunication • Compatible with VOIP switches supportingstandardSIP • Unique anti-block solution • Option to brand owndialer •Advance Echo Cancellation • Flexible integration with yourphonebook contacts • Screen display for your call history, calltimerand balance 4.9.2
Stop paying for expensive cell minutes and text messages!Stopwasting your money and time using calling cards forinternationalcalls! TalkU let you make free and cheap phone callsto anyone overWiFi and 3G/4G data networks without using any cellminutes. Youcan save up to 90% comparing to your phone company. *Get localphone numbers for free * Make free calls, send free SMSmessaging *Save a lot on international calls and texts * Turn yourtablet intoa phone * Quality calls between mobile phone andlandline TalkU,the new way to talk, text, and share. ◆◆◆◆◆ Why useTalkU ◆◆◆◆◆ ☞Free Calls & Text Message - Unlimited free calling&texting between TalkU users - Make calls and send texts toanyphone numbers worldwide without payment! - No roaming costs,evenwhen calling from abroad ☞ Cheap International Calls - Callanymobile/landline phone numbers in over 200 countries - Superlowrates - Display your phone number when your friends orfamilyreceive your calls. ☞ Crystal Clear Calls - Voice callsaretransmitted on TalkU’s high-quality dedicated VoIP network -HDvoice technologies for superior clarity - Free calls are nolongerlow quality! ☞ Free U.S Phone Number - A FREE U.S. phonenumberthat works! - It’s like a free second line to your phone -Turnyour Android Pad into a phone - Receive calls even underbadcellular reception ☞ Amazing Premium Features - Visualvoicemailwith instant listening - Block unwanted calls to stopspammers -Call screens - Call forwarding to any phone numbers ☞Plus - Recordphone conversations for future playback - Free groupconferencecalls for up to 8 people - Turn your phone into a WalkieTalkie.Push to talk! TalkU, the best free calls & free text appever!Notes: (1). Free SMS, free text and free international callsarebetween TalkU users only. (2). You can earn free minutes forcheapinternational calls. (3). TalkU utilizes Internet call (akaWiFicall, IP call, or VoIP call), which requires data connection.(4).Unlike international calling cards, TalkU does not use yourcellminutes. (5). TalkU can be used as a call recorder to recordphonecalls. You must ensure recording phone call is compliant tolocaland state laws. Some of our rates: Calls to United States 0.9c/min* Calls to Mexico 0.9 c/min Calls to India 1.8 c/min CallstoPakistan 4.9 c/min Calls to Bangladesh 1.8 c/min CallstoPhilippines 7.5 c/min Calls to Jamaica 9.2 c/min Calls to Nepal7.5c/min Calls to Saudi Arabia 6.6 c/min Calls to Africa:Egypt,Nigeria, Ghana, etc. From 5 c/min * c is TalkUcredit.____________________________________ ♥ Learn moreat ♥ Need Help?
Playstar 3.9.0
Playstar Platinum Dialer
com.wephoneapp 19062418
★ Best Phone Call App in Google Play ★ Call Recorder - recordphonecalls for free ★ Cheap or free international calls to over200countries ★ Can display the caller phone number ★ Greatvoicequality at super low VoIP rates for US and global calls ★ FreeVoIPcalls, cheap International calls ★ Check In Daily to EarnFreeCredits 💰 💰 💰💰💰 ★ Get Bonus Credits 💰 for Each Call You Make ★PayAs You Go with Google Wallet*************************************With WePhone - the bestcalling app on your device , you can makecheap calls with crystalclear voice quality! ★ VERY VERY EASY TOUSE! No configuration isrequired. You get trial phone calls rightafter download with freegift credit. ★ Call over WiFi/3G/4G/GPRS,no roaming costs even youmake phone calls from abroad, call fromanywhere with the samerates! ★ Calling rates are amazingly low!Only list a few: UnitedStates: $0.01/min China: $0.019/min India:$0.022/min Kuwait:$0.061/min Saudi Arabia: $0.21 ... ★ Dial aphone number directlyfrom your existing phone contacts. ★ One tapto record calls, therecorded voice files can be shared via emailor other popular Apps.★ Call conversation is securely encrypted.Prevent phone servicefrom being blocked in any countries. ★ Easilypurchase PAY-AS-YOU-GOphone call credits using Google Wallet rightwithin the App. ★ Nohidden costs, no connection fee. ★ Noexpiration date for yourcalling credits ★ Ask customer service forhelp at any time.*NOTICE: If you use 3G/4G/GPRS to make calls,your carrier maycharge you for data usage. please visit companywebsite for FAQ andother information: ♥ Learn more at ♥ Followus at ♥ Follow usat ♥ Demo videoat ♥ Need Help?
com.zayan.ui2 2.1.50
Zeofiying your brand bring you the advantages of latesttechnologyavailable in the tech world with features of VoIP callson dataenabled mobile phones with 2G/3G/4G or WiFi even in lowestofbandwidth with unlimited Registration on all major mobileOSplatform. Zeo Dialer has capability to run on low band widthareaand network with maximum voice quality * Supports all majorCodecsand standard SIP RFC. * Based on Operator code Application.*Dialer provides Real time SIP status. * Supports Nat Traversal.*Support standard switch API for balance display and Minutesintext.
CSipSimple 1.02.03
Regis Montoya
OpenSource (GPL) project for SIP on Android. * Highperformances*Rewriting/filtering rules for integration withAndroid* SIP SIMPLEfor Messaging* Record calls* Simpleconfiguration* Fancy UIinspired from 4.x Holo theme * Many codecs(HD codecs, optimizedcodecs)* Supported crypto : TLS for SIP andSRTP/ZRTP for media*ThemesMore codecs (as the experimental Opus)and themes areavailable in plugins !About permission required byCSipSimple: bugs to the bug tracker of the project : it helps us tomake abetter software !!!Users make the apps : It's opensource !Thisapplication is distributed under GPLv3 licenseterms( You can also trythedevelopment version (nightly builds) available on theprojectwebsite if you experiment problems with thisversion.keywords :SIP, codecs, voip, GPL, dialer, voice over IP,free softphone, sipsoftphone, sip phone, telephony, softphonesoftware free, voipphone, softphone sip, pbx
Mass Dialer 1.36
Mass Dialer is operable in all countries .This Mass Dialer ismorefeasible and elegant to work with .The clarity of the callsare100% with noise reduction.This Dialer supports 2G,3G,4G andwifiConnection.
FRITZ!App Fon 1.90.6
FRITZ!App Fon connects to your FRITZ!Box via WLAN so that youcanuse your mobile for calls over the fixed line or theInternet.Prerequisites for using the app: - FRITZ!OS 5.05 or newer
Freeje Virtual SIM - International Business Number
Freeje turns your smartphone into a second phone line as avirtualSIM. FreeJe is a VoIP app that provides you a fully featuredphoneline and virtual number as virtual SIM, which allows you tokeepyour business aside from your personal communication. It is afreeVoIP application and we won't bother you with any sort ofads,there are no ads at all. You can get a virtual number to serveas adedicated business line with free incoming calls and SMSstartingfrom just $5 per month. Moreover, you can use this virtualnumberon the go. FreeJe does not provide any free or trial numbersforreceiving SMS. Freeje virtual SIM is the most affordable andcheapVoIP app if your goal is to get a virtual number as adedicatedbusiness line or second phone line. It does not matterwhether youare an individual, holding small or internationalbusiness, Freejevirtual SIM is always with you. What can Freejevirtual SIM do foryou and your business? ● Save money: There willbe no roaming atall for international calling and we don't have anylong termcontracts. Freeje offers a pay as you go credit systemwithinternational calls or international texts starting from $0.01perminute. And you can get a international business line for just$5per month. ● Privacy: Keep your personal and business lifeseparatewith a dedicated business number as a second line onyoursmartphone. ● Flexibility: Stay productive while on the gobytaking your business communication with you. Being professionalorbusiness traveler, or business owner you will be able tostayconnected and productive by having access to yourimportantbusiness calls, fax, texts, caller-ID, call forwardingandvoicemails. Freeje virtual SIM is: ● Affordable Pay as yougo.Receive $0.2 free credits upon signup to test our servicesandpurchase additional credits as needed. ● Easy to use Getstartedjust in 15 seconds without any hardware to configure orpurchase. ●Reliable You will have connection in any part of theworld withcrystal clear voice quality and professionals supportingyou.Features ● Virtual numbers of more than 70 countries ● VirtualFaxNumber allows you to have a international fax number withouthavinga fax machine ● One-time SMS numbers for verification ●Toll-freetelephone number (800 number) ● SMS number for phone callsas wellas for receiving SMS. ● Professionally recorded greetingmessage ●Top tier support ● Landline numbers with ability to sendandreceive SMS ● Caller ID ● Mini PBX mode ● Call forwarding ● Noads● Free and unlimited app to app calling and messaging ●Availablein 4 global languages on smartphones and tablets ● Crystalclearcall quality ● International and domestic functionality ●Outgoingcall or text starting 1 cent/min Subscriptions: Freejeoffersbusiness phone number starting from $5 per month. Most ofthevirtual numbers are connected automatically (immediately).AboutFreeje Freeje is a mobile technology company based in Polandwithdevelopers and representatives all around the globe. We'vebeenworking on the telecommunication market for almost 20 yearsnow. Wecare about all our customers and strive for simplificationofbusiness communication for them. Freeje virtual SIM is developedinPoland and trusted by businesses worldwide. We store your e-mailtocreate / identify your personal account and fortransactionalnotifications about orders and purchases. Contact UsWe are happyto hear your feedback and help you solve any Freejeissues. You canuse support call from the app, live chat from theapp, or just dropus email to
VoilloDialer 2.1.23
With its simple and intuitive user interface, VoilloDialer isthesolution to making high quality calls for a fraction of thecost.Utilizing the latest advances in VOIP technology, you canbeensured that all your communications are secure andaffordable.Inaddition to your cost savings, VoilloDialer offers:•Secure andreliable communication• Compatible with VOIP switchessupportingSIP• Unique anti-block solution• Option to brand owndialer•Advance Echo Cancellation• Flexible integration with yourphonebook contacts• Screen display for your call history, calltimer andbalanceFor Users:While starting the app, you will beprompted forthe following:Operator Code – Collect Operator Codefrom your VoIPservice provider
Marrygold itel 3.9.3
With its simple and intuitive user interface, Marrygold itel isthesolution to making high quality calls for a fraction of thecost.Utilizing the latest the latest advances in VOIP technology,youcan be ensured that all your communications are secureandaffordable. • Marrygold itel is a SIP-based soft phone. Youcancall your friends and family from Marrygold itel withlowestinternational call rates! And very good quality. Features•SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality • WorksfromWifi/3G/GSM • Support for DTMF • Easy contact book, callhistory.In addition to your cost savings, we offers: • Secure andreliablecommunication • Compatible with VOIP switches supportingstandardSIP • Unique anti-block solution • Option to brand owndialer •Advance Echo Cancellation • Flexible integration with yourphonebook contacts • Screen display for your call history, calltimerand balance
iTel Dialer Plus 5.9.7
iTel Dialer Plus is a mobile VoIP application used for makingcallsvia Wifi, 3G / 4G. iTel Dialer Plus comes with inbuilt bytesaverthat can reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 70%, whilestillmaintaining crystal clear voice quality. Its bandwidthoptimizingtechnology makes it suitable for VoIP service providersto provideservices even in low bandwidth networks. ServiceProviders can usethis White Label Platform to offer Mobile VoIPservices in theirown brand. If you are an end user, you will needan Operator Code,which can be obtained from your VoIP ServiceProvider. Features ofiTel Dialer Plus: ★Byte Saver comes as part ofthe package ★FullyManaged & Hosted Services ★Dynamic TunnelingAllocation throughAuto Location Detection ★Offers redundancy andhigher uptime inyour VoIP operations ★Balance Display and CallDuration shown ondisconnection ★Full Branding options available★Same Branding &Operator Code possible with iTel Mobile DialerExpress ★Canco-exist with iTel Mobile Dialer Express in the samephone ★Optionof mapping the dialer with the same switch as iTelMobile DialerExpress For Service Providers iTel Dialer Plus isavailable in allmajor OS Platforms and you can fully customize& brand it asper your requirements. Please send an email tosales@revesoft.comfor more information. For End Users You will beprompted for thefollowing while starting the app: 1. Operator Code– Please collectOperator Code from your VoIP service provider. Ifthe ServiceProvider is using REVE platform, he will be able toprovide a validOperator Code. For assistance on finding a ServiceProvider pleaseemail us at 2. User Name,Password and CallerID as provided by your service provider.
1 Dial 1.5.16
The DialerPack team is committed to accelerating ourcustomers’business results via enterprise mobility. For more than adecade,our enterprise mobility experts have been helping companiesmeetthe demands of the emerging market and contributing tothetransformation of the mobile enterprise with their insightandinnovation.Key Features:• SIP based soft switch supported.•UAEDu/Etisalat ‘Social Data Package’ Supported.• Userfriendlyinterface such as Balance, Call Status, RegistrationStatus, Lastcall duration, last called number etc• Working with2G/3G/ 4G/Edge/WIFI/GPRS/Social Data• Supports all major CODEC.•Low InternetBandwidth consumption , like 8 Kbps• Supports Hold,Speaker, andMute functionality.• Supported OS are Android, IPhone,Symbian andWidows.• Blockage can’t stop VoIP is a motto of ourcompany. 1.36
Hello Card Dialer application will help you to makeinternationalcalls using pre-configured Hello Card number. User cancustomizethe Call Confirmation, IVR Language and DestinationCountry. Usercan Enter a Phone Number with isd code and press callto makecalls. (00 [isd code] [phone number]) User can select acontactfrom contact list by clicking the contact icon on thescreen.Screens : Call: 1. Type the phone number and Dial (phonenumbershould be 00 format. for example 0091987654321) 2. Clickthecontact icon to select a contact 3. press call to make a callCallHistory 1. You can make calls from the call history Screen.Clickon the call log to Make a Call 2. Click the star icon to makethephone number as Favourite Number 3. if you want to clear thelog,tap the menu button and press Clear Call History Favorite 1.Youcan make calls from the Favourites Screen. Click on the numbertoMake a Call 2. you can remove the number from favouritesusingdelete button Settings (select from menu) 1. Hello Card PinNumber2. Language Selection 3. Country Selection 4. Confirm BeforeCall -Enable if you want to confirm the mobile number 5. Avoid CallEnded- Enable if you are facing call ended problem Keywords :HelloCalling Card Dialer, Hello Calling Card UAE, Calling Card inUAE,Hello card dialer for du, Hello card uae, card dialer,dubaicalling cards, hello card dialer du, du hello card dialer,hellocard dialer for du, hello voip card, cheap internationalcalls,dubai,uae,voip calls, hello card, phone card, internationalcallingcard, hello card Steps: 1. Enter the Mobile Number / selectfromcontacts 2. Press Call Button 3. Phone call screen will open4.Call will be connected to the call center 5. Language willbeentered automatically based on you language preference 6. UAEHelloCalling Card secret number will entered by system 7. Now youcanhear the balance information in you preferred language 8. NowyourDestination number will entered by system 9. Now you can hearthebalance minutes for that destination number(country) 10. IftheCall-centre tells incorrect international number means, endthecall, try one more time. it will work. Note : * Hello CardNumberstored in your device only. We won’t allow others to read it.*Make sure you are entering correct secret code from HelloCallingCard. * Hello Card Dialer will store your Hello Calling CardNumberin application, if you are doing uninstall or update, thesecretnumber may be removed. so save your calling card number inyourmessage or take a picture of it. * we have tested HelloCallingCard in du. It will work fine in du. * This is not aVOIPapplication. * It will work with calling card(Hello CallingCardUAE) only. * It will work without Internet Connection. * Itwilluse the Normal Phone call(toll free number), Charges willtakenfrom calling card. * if you are facing call ended problem,enable"Avoid Call Ended" option in settingsFacebook: Demo Video(Youtube) : 2.0.266
Use our true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and namesofunknown caller and contacts in your phone book by only clickingoneicon. Automatically record calls. Save important one to yourphoneor share them with your cloud backup (not supported onAndroid Pie).Sync with Facebook to automatically add photos toyour phone dialer,contacts & address book with Eyecon. Checknumbers of unknowncalls with our simpler caller ID and smart dialcontacts.Automatically link messaging and calling apps to connectquickly.FEATURES ✓ Visual – We sync with Facebook and other socialmediachannels to identify your contact’s true photos to create aphotobased address book and dialer. See names and photos insteadofnumbers for unknown callers and your contacts when you aredialingor receiving calls. ✓ Safe – Protect yourself from spamandanonymous phone calls with our caller ID. Our caller ID is basedonFacebook and other social media identifiers, so the photos areallhigh quality and the information is completely accurate.Blockcalls to control who can call you. ✓ Connective – Sync yourdialer,Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, messaging, email, Skype, Linkedinandmore with a single click for all in one communication throughyourfavorite app icons. ✓ ACR Call recorder - record phonecallsautomatically. Save the ones that are important by pinningthem toyour favorites list. Back them up by sharing your recordingstoDropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Email and more (not supportedonAndroid Pie). ✓ Ultimate personalization- Control how yourimageand contact information appear in your friend’s address bookand intheir phones when you call them. Choose from one of our 30+themesto customize your address book with your favorite of ourskinoptions! Change your settings to determine your dual or singleSIMsettings, caller ID notifications and more. ✓ Availabilitychecker– Find out if your friends are free before you dial withournon-intrusive "can you talk" feature to allow people toeitheranswer the phone, call you back immediately or respond thattheyare busy. ✓ Intuitive – Our technology learns your preferencesasyou interact with Eyecon and use our phone dialer. Weorganizecontacts by those most dialed and display communicationiconsaccording to those you use the most often. ✓ Set photos –Enjoyparticipating in our one-of-a-kind game to review the photosweautomatically synced with your contacts and find new picturesofyour friends. ✓ Add contacts - After a conversation withsomeonewho isn’t already in your phonebook, use our built in callerID toeasily add them as a new contact with a suggested name andphotowithout typing anything additional. ✓ Private – login bysimplyadding your phone number without syncing with third partysocialmedia or a lengthy registration process. CONNECT WITH US ♥Learnmore at ♥ Email if you need assistance or have asuggestion.♥ Follow us on Facebook at
Dialer IOS11 style 2.15
Moon studio
Dialer IOS 11 style replace your default dialer and contactsapp.Easy to use and provides quick access to recent calls,contacts,favorites and groups. Like in IOS style dialer it simpleand clean.It brings you also IOS 11 style Caller wich mean you cancustomyour phone to look like a for example PHONE X Annoying phonespam?Block telemarketers easy with IOS 11 style dialer. Features: -fastand smooth contact book - easy-to-use dialer - amazing ios11style- block spam contacts - making favourites list - making groupsofcontacts …and many more
Morus 1.38.0
Morus Connect
Morus is a productive channel to make best quality VoIP callsforlower rates. Basically, it is a downloadable mobile dialer appthatcomes with versatile features. It works on all Androidenableddevices with internet connectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi, etc.Morus isdesigned to give an edge for VoIP Providers in improvingtheircustomer base. The following are the key features making itanideal mobile dialer. Key Features: No call disconnection inlimitedbandwidth areas Supports G729,PCMU, PCMA codecs Loud SpeakerSmartUI Real-time SIP status messages SIP based protocol forSignalingExplicit Call History Automatic Balance Syncing AddressBookIntegration Conducive to all SIP standard switches OperatesbehindNAT or Private IP Smooth voice through jitter buffertechniqueSilent suppression and comfort noise generation forlimitedbandwidth use Auto detection of contacts picked from phonebookGain a thorough VoIP calling experience through this simple,butyet effective mobile dialer app.
VoCaller - Voice Dialer 1.2
Eran Katsav
VoCaller offers you the fastest way to voice call anycontact!Double click the power button and dial only by speakingthecontact’s name! With flawless performance and perfectvoicerecognition, Vocaller will voice dial to any contact in abreeze.Without the need to even enter the app, even when the phoneislocked and the screen is turned off, double click anytimeoranywhere and call or dial with your voice alone! It is thefastestway to make voice call. When you are busy or just lazy,withVoCaller you don’t have to bother yourself with searchingforcontacts, calling and dialling is done within seconds only withthehelp of your voice! VoCaller gives you the option toautomaticallyturn on your speaker mode when making a call, so thateven whenyou’re driving you don’t have to touch the phone order todial toanyone! In VoCaller you can also customise everything fromthe timeinterval between the two clicks that start the voicerecording tothe number of seconds you get before the app makes theautomaticcall and dial. VoCaller can be customised for your needs.VoCalleris also a learning system and saves your favouritescontacts tomake voice dialing even faster! Everyone has situationswhere hecan't unlock the phone and search for a contact, justdownloadVoCaller and forget about searching for contacts and tryingto dialwhile driving and risking those around you.
HD Dialer Pro 5.3.6
HD Dialer Pro offers a simple user interface and superbaudioquality for smooth Voice over IP experience.Key featuresinclude:-Bluetooth support.- Lowest battery usage with highestreliability /stability on google play.- Lowest latency of allandroidsoftphones.- Excellent audio quality, even on olderdevices.-Supports calling over WIFI/EDGE/3G/LTE- SIP stack fullycompliantto RFC.- Background / multitasking support.- Integrationwith thenative android contact list- Speakerphone mute and hold-UDP andTCP transports (use TCP for better battery life!)- Supportssendingof DTMF- DNS SRV- Built-in echo cancellation- STUN support-callwaitingHD Dialer Pro is also available as customizedbrandingsolutions, please contact us for more information. 2.8.17
Securax LTD.
Public beta of the new Zoiper SIP & IAX2 softphone forAndroid.Make and receive calls and send and receive messagesthrough youroffice PBX or voip service provider. The main featuresof thecurrent release are: - Use Zoiper as default dialer - videocalls -conference - multiple calls management - call waiting -calltransfer - chat - support for more than one account - SRTP andZRTPencryption NOTE: This version can crash or miss someimportantfeatures. It is not for use in a production environment.In-apppurchases(G.729, H.264 and GOLD) are disabled. If yourdevicecontinues to ring because of Zoiper, please use “Force Stop”fromthe Android settings to stop the application. Send usanybugreports on
Ringer Dialer 3.5.20
TECHNICAL OUTLINE• Use Session Initiation Protocol.• SupportG729,AMR, ILBC, GSM, G711 codec.• Compatible with EDGE, GPRS,Wi-Fi& VPN Access points.• Consumes very low bandwidth (10kbps)ong.729 codec.• Improved Jitter Buffer for low speedinternet.•Dynamic PTime negotiate with remote endpoint.• ScalableMediationPlatform.• NAT Traversal or Private IP address.KEYFEATURES OFRINGER DIALER• User friendly interface.• Crystal clearvoicequality.• Flexible integration with your Phone Bookcontacts.•Compatible with all Soft Switches, supporting SIP.•UnpredictableBranded Dialer offering on demand customization.• MostsatisfactoryAnti-Block Solution.• Unique tunneling.• QoS for VoIPCalls.•Display Balance.• No extra Balance server isrequired.•Dialed/Received Call History.• Call timer.• RefillAccount.• Itworks from any block or unblock country as UAE, OMAN,KSA etc.
A Caller ID & Free Calling app trusted by 50 Million userstoblock spam calls & know the Caller ID. Identify calls &SMSusing our dialer & spam call blocker 📵 Block Caller ID –Knowwho’s calling you using the best free call ID, callblocker,contacts & recorder app! Record Phone Calls -Automaticallyrecord your phone calls & save them to your phonewith ease!CallApp Caller ID Blocker Features: ★ Who called me? –Reversephone lookup, block caller ID app that identifies unknowncalls& unknown numbers. A true call blocker that can blockspamcalls and know the caller behind the number! ★ Caller ID App –Knowthe call ID from each phone call! Call-App caller App can showyouwho called, see Facebook Pictures on the identity callspage.Automatically Block calls that are spam calls or scam &unknownnumbers from sales & telemarketing calls. ★ Dialer&Contacts app – CallApp is a dialer & real caller ID appthathelps call your contacts phone numbers from your phone bookwithease. Manage your incoming and outgoing calls using our freecallerID, spam call blocker, true call recording & dialer app!★Automatic Call Recorder – Recording calls is easy!Recordingincoming & outgoing phone calls with our AutomaticCallRecorder feature! Call App has quality recording calls!callrecordings can be used on any android phone. ★ Blacklistnumbers –add spam calls, block numbers & contacts from yourphone bookor dialer to our free caller id & true call recorderapp.Blacklist a phone number & never get calls from unknowncallersagain! Use the phone number search to see “who called me”&blacklist the spam number you wish to block. ★ Contacts – Seethecaller’s ID, name, photo, number lookup, number locator,birthday,social media, email address book & phone book. Alwaysknow whocalled me with our advanced contacts app. ★ Manage yourAddressBook – Automatically update your phone book through ourdialer& call blocker app to always know whos calling! Manageyouraddress book & contacts including their images, contactdetailsand much more! ★ Contacts Info & Customize – Customizeyouraddress book, caller ID, dialer, call blocker, call recorder&all of Call App. Choose between different themes to makeyourcalling experience even better! ★ CallApp+ - Identify callsfromspam & unknown numbers, block calls & callers fromIMSocial Media Apps & SMS. All CallApp’s phonenumberidentification (reverse phone lookup) in one place to showcontactscaller id of your phone calls. No more spam calls! ★ New!IncognitoMode - Ultimate Call Privacy. Whether you're doingbusiness,rendezvous, fling, affair or cheating, incognito mode canhelp you!Privacy for all your rendezvous, flings, affairs &cheating!CallApp dialer free caller ID App has the most phonenumberscompared to other caller ID apps! This calling App can blockspamcalls, identify calls, blacklist unknown numbers, record yourphonecalls and much more. CallApp’s automatic blocker caller willmakesure you’ll always know who called you! Install now and knowwho isthe caller ID behind the phone call now! Blocking sales &spamcalls is now easy than ever! Call App is the best used forCallblocker, recording calls, robocalls, nuisance & spamcalls,blacklist numbers, identify calls with our caller ID. UseCallAppfor contacts, address book, phone number search, reversephonelookup, block numbers, blocker caller, SMS, automaticcallrecorder, dialer & always know “who called me” with CallApp’scaller id app! Upgrade CallApp caller ID & true callrecorderand enjoy premium features: - No ads - CallApp + for free -Storeitems (themes, skins etc.) CallApp
Rinboo - Premium Retail Services 1.1.36
Rinboo - Makes your life easier! Your all-in-one solutionthatallows you to stay connected to your family, friends and lovedonesaround the world, and at the same time enjoy safe and secureonlineshopping anywhere, anytime! Rinboo CallingServices( premium & crystal-clear voice quality calls toanycountry, at low prices, from anywhere especially when travelingthusavoiding high roaming call charges. Our premium callingservice isthe perfect way to stay connected to your family,friends and lovedones around the world. Benefits: -------------- -Your balance neverexpires - You mobile number is your Caller ID -No sign-up ormonthly fees - No connection or hidden fees - Nolimitations onpurchase amounts - In-app balance recharge -World-class livecustomer support - Best rates in the whole market- Premium &Crystal-clear Voice Quality 100% Guaranteed RinbooeMoney Services( secure, easy & fast eMoney services for anyonewho may bein need to purchase online, even those who don't have abankaccount. Our Secure eMoney Account allows you to get your ownFREEinternational payment card to shop online, anywhere,anytime!Benefits: -------------- - Easy Sign Up - No Visit to BankRequired- No Credit Check - Safe & Secure - Fast - Flexible -No Limits- Widely Accepted Rinboo promise is to always provide ourvaluedusers with new premium innovative services that makes yourlifeeasier, and backing it up with a reliable world-classcustomersupport service.
DW Contacts & Phone & SMS
DW Contacts & Phone & SMS is a powerful app forreplacingyour phone's original Phone, Contacts, and SMS apps. KEYFEATURES------------ SMS + Complete SMS support  * Scheduledto send * Automatically send blessing SMS oncontactbirthday/anniversary  * Template-based bulk SMSsendingautomatically inserts contact names Contacts  + Searchallfields of the contact (notes, addresses, emails,relationships...) + Group-based contact management and supportnesting ofgroups  * Contact-based reminders and task lists + Sharecontacts by text and allow selection of fields toshare  +Filter contacts through their group, company,position, province,city, zip code...  + Flexible multi-selectmode, you cancombine different contact filtering methods to selectcontacts. Forselected contacts, you can send them messages, emails,export,share, set ringtones, etc.  + Configurable contact listview,which displays the contact's nickname, company, position,number,notes... And multiple sorting methods + Show all informationin thecontact detail. Including: SMS, call history, callstatistics,related events and tasks. You can also connect customdata tocontacts  + Contains HD avatar and group informationwhenbacking up and restoring contacts via vCard  * Notifyyoubefore your contact birthday/anniversary Phone  *Unlimitedcall history, you can add notes to each call record totrack workprogress  + Voice broadcast caller ID and contactname  *Automatic redial  * Long press the dial button tocall theinstalled VoIP software to dial  + Based on thecontactgroup's incoming call firewall, can be defined to takeeffect atspecific time periods, intercepting strange calls orbusiness callsduring non-working hours  + During the ringing,the In callwidget displays the caller's details and past callnotes, so thatyou can know the other party in time, and you canwrite notes andadd task reminders for the call after the call ends. + Callstatistics can calculate the length of the call andnotify youbefore the end of the free call time  + T9 dialingthroughcontact name search contacts let you quickly find thecontact youneed * Up to 10,000 quick action storage, you can defineactions todial, send text messages or send mail. Enter a "storagelocationplus a # sign" on the dial pad to perform a quick action,such as100#  + Adjustable dial height and left and rightposition forone-handed operation  + Dual card support  *Group-baseddialing prefix automatic addition, call record automaticdeletion,ringtone * Flexible appearance configuration, you cancustomizefont size, color and transparency + Accessibilitycompatible:TalkBack If you have any suggestions and ideas, pleasepost to theforum: or send us an email. Formore tips andtricks, please go to try our software andrecommend it to your friends. Freeversion of the feature limit  Contains ads  Limited appearancecustomization  Multi-select mode limits 5 items  Can onlycreate one application widget  Features that begin with* are not supported
HelloByte Dialer 5.10
HelloByte Dialer is to make VoIP calls from Android OS smartphonesusing internet. Using HelloByte Mobile Dialer customers canmakeinternational calls to their loved ones in very easier andcosteffective way. It works on Edge, GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4Gnetworks.Features: Simple and user friendly interface. Integrationof nativephone book records. Balance display without need ofadditionalbalance server setup. IVR facility. Call log facility.Last callduration on screen display after any successful call.Works onSession Initiation protocol (SIP). Supports NetworkAddressTranslation (NAT). Supports most SIP supported Softswitch.Works inEdge, GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks. Custom brandeddialer withcustomers’ choice is also available.
Hala is a free video chat, voice call and messaging app with3Deffects, filters and stickers. Call the people who matter toyouanywhere in the world free with the best voice and videocallquality. Connect with friends and family using instantmessaging,voice calls, or live video chats. Choose a contact fromyour phonebook or simply enter a phone number to add a new contacton Halamessenger. Send a text message, or take advantage of theotheramazing features that Hala offers beyond just free messages!Sharephotos and videos, enjoy emoji icons and cool stickers,recordaudio messages. Secured communications: Halamessengerautomatically encrypts text messages, video and voicecalls,photos, videos, and group chats. EMOJI: express your everyemotionby sending playful emoji icons and cool stickers. Dozens ofqualityeffects and filters to make you looking better duringvideochatting.
Mabrook Prime 2.1.3
Mabrook Prime Mobile Dialer allows you to make VoIP calls fromanyof the android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-FiInternetconnectivity. It is developed based on the requirements ofVoIPProviders business needs.Mabrook Prime Mobile DialerFeatures:-•Integrated application comprising phonebook, replicateddialer,call log info, automated balance display, automated IVR,networkswitching and consistent dialer screen• Traverse NAT onpublic IP•Auto delete Plus (+) sign when contact read from phonebook•Automatic switching to strong signal available when signal isweak[Applicable to iOS and Android]• Excellent performance eveninlow-speed internet• Automatic credit balance display•IVR(interactive voice response) support to alert on the remainingcallminutes• Loss-less voice transmission• Synchronization withmobilephonebook• Stores 50 call logs and unlimited storage ofcontacts•Easy adjustable microphone and speaker controls• Automaticupdatesand display of real time status messages• Customizablewithenhanced branding options• Real-time information on thecurrentconnection status• Information on the actual accountbalance•Information on the maximum duration for the call•Connection timer•Quick access to last dialed phone number• Volumecontrol• Audiowizard• Hold option – switching between connectedlines• NAT &STUN Support• Encryption supportOur mobile VoIPdialer has veryefficient implementation of jitter buffer to playvoice smoothly.Silent suppression and comfort noise generation hasbeen used toreduce the bandwidth usage, and this makes the dialermoreefficient in making VoIP calls.It easily integrates withmobilephonebook and auto detects (+) sign when contact is pickedfromphonebook.Since its launch, MoSIP Mobile Dialer has becomeasynonym for applications like mobile VoIP, VoIP dialer, mobileVoIPapplication, mobile dialer software, mobile VoIP app, VoIPmobiledialer, mobile dialer application and many more.
com.codetho.automaticcallrecorder 7.6.4
BigD Inc
Robot Note Call Recorder Full Free is an automatic callrecorderwhich will help you to note call, block call and recordcallautomatic with a simple interface, easy to use, clear voice:-Automatic recording incoming calls and outgoing calls withgoodsound quality. Record phone calls from both side and recordphonecalls while on phone. - This app uses Accessibility services.FromAndroid 4.3, app can record VoIP voice call automaticallyfromFacebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Zalo. And fromAndroid5.0, app can record VoIP video call from Facebook Messenger,Skype,Viber, Whatsapp, Zalo automatically. It's also Skyperecorder,Whatsapp recorder. - Reject calls, add phone call numberto callblacklist, block call. - Sync automatic call recordings toDropbox,Google Drive in multi devices, multi accounts, encryptedautomaticall call recordings before syncing on cloud. - Last week,lastmonth statistics with intuitive pie chart, bar chart, linechart. -After ending the call, the app automatically displays thewindowfor you to enter notes - Allow to select phone numbers fromcontactapp to add to call blacklist. These phone numbers inblacklist willbe rejected call. - Allow to choose which phonenumbers arerecorded call or not recorded call - Play audio files,callrecording files with cute internal sound, audio, music player-Allows to add, delete, edit notes in the program - Allows tosharerecorded call files, the audio files - Allows configuration oftheautomatic call recording and automatically display thecaller'sinformation, for each phone number or to all - Allowssearchingrecorded calls - Support samsung galaxy devices - SupportAndroid6, android 7 devices - Call in app - Easy to switch to blockcallsand show note The file recording of the calls are compressedtotake up less storage space. Robot Note Call Recorder Full Free isagreat automatic call recording program, an effective assistantforpeople who must listen a lot. Now you will not forget what youbetabout the football matches. Because they are recorded by RobotNoteCall Recorder Full Free. You also block call by using callblockerfunction.
FreePP Inc.
FreePP is a free VoIP and multimedia SMS application thatworksacross all platforms. You can enjoy FreePP on your Androidphoneand any other smartphones and tablets with any OS. Whereveryouare, as long as you are connected to the internet through WiFior3G, you can have one to one/one to many free voice calls,freetexts, free picture sharing and messages with FreePP usersaroundthe globe. Four main functions of FreePP: 1. Voice call:excellentvoice quality that makes you feel like chitchatting withfriendswho sit right next to you! 2. Multimedia message: WithFreePP, realtime sharing is just within a click! It’s fun andconvenient. Youcan send texts, emoticons, pictures, voice messages,and otherfiles to your FreePP contacts. 3. Many to Many group chat:FreePPenables a friendly group chat environment. Now you and yourfriendsaround the world can easily share lives through texts,voicemessages and pictures. 4. File sending support: FreePPandroidversion supported send for files, music, movies and manyothertypes of files that transferred freely between Android phone!It’smake you convenient to work, share and play anywhere. Fourmainfeatures of FreePP: 1. Free Services: Once you and your contactareboth on FreePP, all your calls, texts, and multimedia messageswillbe free! International calls or calls acrossdifferentdevices/platforms would no longer be a trouble! They arestillfree. However, if you are calling someone who is not a FreePPuser,you will be charged by local operators. 2. No missedmessages:FreePP remains active even when you are not using it. Youwouldnever miss a single call or message. When your phones areturnedoff, notifications will arrive when you turn them on. 3.Securitymatters: FreePP is a real name social tool that’s based onyourcontact list. Users do not have to worry aboutunnecessaryfriending invitations from strangers or spam messages.On top ofthat, FreePP is a high secured voice tool. Your calls willnot bephone hacked. 4. User friendly: FreePP requires noregistration,logging-in, or memorizing your password. All you haveto do isvalidify your phone number. You don’t even have to enterpasswordseverytime you activate FreePP. FreePP is integrated andsynced withyour contact list. You will find it easy to check outwho’s yourFreePP friends in your contact list. We’re always excitedto hearfrom you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns,pleaseemail us at:
📞Showcaller specialized in identifying true caller id nameandregion, unknown (fake caller id) incoming calls and avoidspam,scam, telemarketing and robocalls. A powerful caller ID app,callblocker, call recorder, quick number book, contacts andPhoneDialer. More than 20 Million people trust! 🌟Only 4 MB; Fast,Safeand Smart🌟 🌟Caller ID working even offline🌟 It is the mostaccurate& easy-to-use true caller id app can help youinstantlyidentify the incoming calls not in your contact list.Showcalleridentify most of unknown calls and show detailed truecaller idname and region on incoming calls, so you can see CallerID andnames of people who is calling. Showcaller can help youidentifyspam calls, see who is calling with true caller id name andregion,block number, stop spam & telemarketers. Simple andsmart autotelephone voice recorder. It is powered by a database ofa billionphone numbers and millions of happy Showcaller users whodepend onthe app daily. Why should you choose Showcaller? 📞 CallerID -Showcaller shows you true caller id name and region. Once aresultis found, you can add it directly to your phone book,contacts andnumber book. Find out who called, true call region,name, carrierand more. Browsing number tags and user reviews canhelp you getmore number details. 🚫 Call Blocker - Block number fromknownspammers or unwanted callers. Showcaller also provides spamreportsduring incoming calls from unknown and private numbers thatcouldbe used to block calls. Say goodbye to telemarketing, scam,fraud,sales, ads, harassment and more! ✨ Call Recorder / CallRecording -Auto record any incoming & outgoing calls with clearHD qualityrecording on both sides. You just need to enableautomaticrecording mode and when you make an outgoing call or haveanincoming call from someone. You can manage your recordingfiles,Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. (notsupported onAndroid Pie) ✨ Smart Dialer - Fast T9 search in yourrecent callsand contacts, replace your stock system default freecalling app,bring your dialing experience to the next level! Make aphone callmore smoothly and intelligently. 🔎 Phone Number Lookup -All phonenumber searches within Smart Search are stored. Perform aphonenumber search on an incoming call and copy a number anywheretofind out who it belongs to (true caller id name and region).Themost powerful phone number lookup in Showcaller. 👤 QuickContacts -Easily have access to your recently or frequentlycontacts, call ortext them, this makes your communication fast andsimple. You canalso add or modify your Phone number book easily asyou like. 🔥Offline Database (Lightning identification) - Fastcaller ID andoffline accessibility. Identify and show true callerID withoutnetwork. Caller ID working even offline! ☀ Easy to Use -Quick todownload (Only 4MB), easy to setup, it needs very littlespace torun, extremely fast and reliable to Caller ID. ✨ ShowcallerPremium- No ads Showcaller is absolutely free true caller id apptoidentify true caller id name and region. If you enjoy it, feelfreeto rate it accordingly. Start protecting your phonecommunicationnow and enjoy a pleasant calling experience.Showcaller works greatacross all countries especially 🇮🇳INDIA,🇮🇩INDONESIA, 🇺🇸USA, 🇬🇧UK,🇸🇦SAUDI ARABIA, 🇧🇷BRAZIL, 🇮🇶IRAQ,🇮🇱ISRAEL, 🇳🇬NIGERIA and others.Showcaller currently supports:Android 4.0 - Android 9.0. Perfectlysupport Android 9.0 now! Don’thesitate to join in Showcaller andenjoy the most accurate truecaller id service, I bet Showcallerfor Android definitely worthyour time and effort. ‼Please don’tgive us bad rate if you haveencountered with any problem. Yourfeedback always keeps usimproving with more and more coolfeatures. COMMUNITY Hello, users !Please follow us: Facebook
Call-World 0.0
Cheap international calls around the world. Free bonus talk timeforpaid users. Caller require internet. Call Receiver notrequireinternet. Able to call landlines networks. You can selectmultiplecountries local numbers before you make calls. IncreaseyourFriends and Business sales by calling from local numbers, suchasUnited States, Canada and United Kingdom. No expiry date.Excellentvoice quality. No roaming charges, you can use our Callworldapplication around the world while travelling. Cheapest CallstoUSA, Canada,UK,Europe and all other countries. Buy Talk time aslowas 5 $ USD. Lowest call rates in the world.
WiCall : VoIP call, Wifi call 85
WiCall is the cheapest VoIP service for national andinternationalcalls.Mobile VoIP has never been that easy. Use yourWifi or dataplan (3G/4G) to make VoIP calls with your android phoneor tablet.The App doesn't use any minute of your mobile serviceprovider.Whenyou call, WiCall bypasses your regular carrier andmakes VoIP callsusing your phone or tablet's Internet connection(no more roamingfees).WiCall works anywhere as long as you have agood 3G/4G orWifi connection. No matter what country you arecalling from, therates remain the same. Rates are only based on thecountry you arecalling.WiCall is a prepaid mobile phone servicewith no plan, nocontract and no connection or maintenancefee.Incredibly affordablephone calls, you won't believe our ratesfor your long distance orinternational calls.WiCall calling isbased on CSipSimple and islicensed under GNU GPL v3. Moreinformation in the app.The servicedoes not cover calls to emergencyphone numbers and should not beused as such.Try this freeapplication! Your first call is free!
Caller ID & Mobile Locator 2.2.2
Caller ID & Mobile Locator, helps you to track any phonenumberlocation, with exact Geographic location(city area, state,countryand even service providers). Our Ture Caller ID will improveyourcalling experience and gain control over calls with featureslikecaller ID, mobile dialer and callblocking.----------------AppFeature:------------------ ☆ Phonenumber tracker: Our PhoneTracker helps you to track any phonenumber from USA, India,Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesiaeven any other country inthe world. The city area, state, countryand service operator ofthe phone number will be displayed and thegeographic location willbe shown on the maps.☆ True Caller ID: Youcan easy see who iscalling and identify unknown incoming calls viathe caller id withname and location information(country, State,city area and evenservice operator).☆ Speed mobile dialer: Ourspeed dialer containssmooth T9 dial pad, quick search in yourrecent calls and contacts,which brings your dialing experience tothe next level. The bestdialer app for Android.☆ Call Blocker:Caller blocker allows you toblock unwanted calls such astelemarketers, spam callers, fraud,etc. You can easily manage yourwhitepages and blacklist.☆ Calllogs history: Smart call logfunction helps you to group calls,identify calls and manage calllogs. You can clearly view thedetailed area location and serviceoperator in every call logrecord.☆ Contact manager: Contact managerhelps you to get in touchwith your friends quickly. You can findyour friend via our searchsystem in seconds. Of course, you areable to add, edit, delete anycontacts via our contacts app.☆Worldwide area code and countrycode: Our Caller Location is poweredby a database of thousands ofareas information in the world. Weprovides 12,982 cities areascodes for subscriber trunk dialing(STD)and 246 countries codes forinternational subscriber dialing (ISD).You can easily search andlookup almost all the cities codes, withdetailed location info. 2019.1.42
Message and video chat with your friends and family for free,nomatter what device they are on! With imo beta, users canpreviewand try new and experimental IM features. However, the betaapp isless stable than the official imo instant messenger app. Forthelatest stable version, download our official appat unlimited messages and make free video and voice callsoveryour 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection* - Make high-quality videoandvoice calls - Group chat with friends, family, roommates andothers- Share photos and videos - Express yourself with hundreds offreestickers! - Encrypted chats and calls - Optimized forAndroidtablets - Avoid SMS and phone call charges *Data charges mayapply.Contact your provider for details.
True Id Caller Name & Location 5.2
True Id Caller Name & Location Is The Only Dialer You'llEverNeed With The Ability To Identify Unknown Callers AndBlocksUnwanted Calls.See Names And Photos Of People Who Call, EvenIfThey Aren’t Saved In Your Phonebook. Download Trueid Caller&Call Details Details AppCaller Location Tracker - MobileCallerLocation Tracker - True Id Caller AppCaller Name Announcer -CallerName Speaks Every Thing While Some One Calls You Or Sends YouAMessage, You Will Identify With Looking At Your Smartphone. TrueIdCaller - Caller Id & BlockCaller Name Uses The Built EngineInAndroid Text-to-speech To Speak To The Caller Or Sms NameAndContent Of Incoming Sms Sender. True Id Caller - Caller Id&BlockTrue Id Caller, Trace Caller Is A Mobile Caller LocatorAppWhere Mobile User Can Find Out Calling Persons DetailsLikeLocation, Telecom Circle, State And His Caller Id.True IdCaller -Caller Id & Block Will Help You To Find And Block SpamCallersUsing Call Block Feature.Tracecallername Locator Will LetYouSearch For Any Number To Verify Users Caller Id UsingOfflineFeature Of The App So It Work Online And OfflineMode.TruedialerPhone Number Search Locator You’ll Ever Need.-Always See Who’sCalling — Works For Saved Contacts And UnknownNumbers- Block SpamCallers And Telemarketers- Search For Any NameOr Number- MakeCalls Directly From The App- No More Unknown NumbersIn Your CallHistory- See When Your Friends Are Free To Talk- Copy ANumberAnywhere (E.g. Website Or Apps) And Tracecaller Will Tell YouWhoIt Belongs To True Id Caller - Caller Id &Block.TracecallerNever Uploads Your Phonebook To Make It SearchableOr Public. 3g OrWi-fi Is Required For True Id Caller Caller Id ToWork.In In TrueId Caller - Caller Id & Block Number Locator AppWe HaveFollowing Options.True Id Caller Id Locator: Using True IdCallerId Locator, You Can Search For Any Number While You AreConnectedTo The Internet Or Offline And Find Out Mobile NumberCaller Id,Telecom Circle, Telecom Operator And State Of The MobileCallerEtc.True Id Caller - Caller Id & BlockSearch Call Logs:You CanSearch And Find Out Above Options Whocalled YouRecently.SearchAddress Book: You Can Search Phone Address Book AndKnow InstantlyYour Friends Caller Id, There Telecom Circle,Operator, State TheyBelongs To Etc.Call Blocker: Call Blocker WillHelp You IdentifySpam Caller And Add Them To Your Call Block ListSo That You WillNever Get A Call From Them In The Future. If YouWants To Un BlockThe Number In The Future Then Simply Go To CallBlocker Tab AndJust Un Block User.locator App We Have FollowingOptions.True IdCaller Id Locator: Using True Id Caller Id Locator,You Can SearchFor Any Number While You Are Connected To TheInternet Or OfflineAnd Find Out Mobile Number Caller Id, TelecomCircle, TelecomOperator And State Of The Mobile Caller Etc.SearchCall Logs: YouCan Search And Find Out Above Options Whocalled YouRecently.SearchAddress Book: You Can Search Phone Address Book AndKnow InstantlyYour Friends Caller Id, There Telecom Circle,Operator, State TheyBelongs To Etc.Call Blocker: Call Blocker WillHelp You IdentifySpam Caller And Add Them To Your Call Block ListSo That You WillNever Get A Call From Them In The Future. If YouWants To Un BlockThe Number In The Future Then Simply Go To CallBlocker Tab AndJust Un Block User. Number Locator App We HaveFollowingOptions.True Id Caller : Using True Id Caller Id Locator,You CanSearch For Any Number While You Are Connected To TheInternet OrOffline And Find Out Mobile Number Caller Id, TelecomCircle,Telecom Operator And State Of The Mobile Caller Etc.True IdCallerName & Location Is The Only Dialer You'll Ever Need WithTheAbility To Identify Unknown Callers And Blocks UnwantedCalls.SeeNames And Pictures Of People Who Call, Even If They Arenot In YourSaved Phonebook. Download Trueid & Call CallerDetails DetailsAppCaller Location Tracker - Mobile Caller LocationTracker - TrueCaller Id AppCaller Name Announcer - Speaks CallerName Every ThingWhile Some One Calls You Now Sends You A Message,You Will IdentifyWith Looking At Your Smartphone. True Caller ID -Caller ID &BlockCaller Name Uses The Engine Built In AndroidText-to-Speech ToSpeak To The Caller Or Sms Name And Content OfIncoming Sms Sender.True Caller ID - Caller ID & BlockTrueCaller ID, Caller TraceIs A Mobile Caller Locator App Mobile UserWhere Can Find OutDetails Calling Persons Like Rental, TelecomCircle, State And HisCaller Id.True Caller ID - Caller ID &Block Will Help You ToFind And Block Spam Callers Using CallBlockFeature.Tracecallername Locator Will Let You Search For AnyNumberTo Verify Users Using Caller ID Offline Feature Of The App SoItWork Online And Offline Mode.Truedialer Phone Number SearchLocatorYou'll Ever Need.- Always See Who's Calling - Works ForSavedContacts And Unknown Numbers- Block Spam Callers AndTelemarketers-Search For Any Name Or Number- Make Calls DirectlyFrom The App- NoMore Unknown Numbers In Your Call History- See WhenYour FriendsAre Free To Talk- Copy A Number Anywhere (e.g. WebsiteOr Apps) AndTracecaller Will Tell You Who It Belongs To True CallerID - CallerID & Block.Never Tracecaller Uploads Your PhonebookTo Make ItSearchable Now Public. Or 3g wifi Is Required For TrueCaller IdCaller Id To Work.In In True Caller ID - Caller ID &BlockNumber Locator App We Have Following Options.True Caller IdIdLocator: Using True Caller Id Id Locator, You Can Search ForAnyNumber While You Are Connected To The Internet And Find OutNowOffline Mobile Number Caller Id, Telecom Circle, TelecomOperatorAnd State Of The Mobile Caller Etc.True Caller ID - CallerID &BlockSearch Call Logs: You Can Search And Find Out AboveOptionsYou Recently Whocalled.Search Address Book: You Can SearchPhoneAddress Book And Instantly Know Your Friends Caller Id,ThereTelecom Circle Operator, State Etc. They Belongs ToCallBlocker:Call Blocker Will Help You Identify Caller Spam And AddThem ToYour Call Block List So That You Will Never Get A Call FromThem InThe Future. If You Wants To Block A The Number In The FutureSimplyThen Go To Call Blocker Tab Just A Block And We HaveFollowingUser.locator App Options.True Caller Id Id Locator: UsingTrueCaller Id Id Locator, You Can Search For Any Number While YouAreConnected To The Internet And Find Out Now Offline MobileNumberCaller Id, Telecom Circle, Telecom Operator And State Of TheMobileCaller Etc.Search Call Logs: You Can Search And Find OutAboveOptions You Recently Whocalled.Search Address Book: You CanSearchPhone Address Book And Instantly Know Your Friends Caller Id,ThereTelecom Circle Operator, State Etc. They Belongs ToCallBlocker:Call Blocker Will Help You Identify Caller Spam And AddThem ToYour Call Block List So That You Will Never Get A Call FromThem InThe Future. If You Wants To Block A The Number In The FutureSimplyThen Go To Call Blocker Tab And Just One Block User. NumberLocatorApp We Have Following Options.True Caller Id: Using TrueCaller IdId Locator, You Can Search For Any Number While You AreConnectedTo The Internet And Find Out Now Offline Mobile NumberCaller Id,Telecom Circle, Telecom Operator And State Of The MobileCallerEtc.
nandbox Messenger – Free video chat and messaging 1.6.206
nandbox Inc.
nandbox messenger is the best messenger app to download. It isafree messaging app offering free video and voice callingforAndroid, Enjoy multiple profiles from a single account topresentyourself differently to different contact groups. Create asocialnetwork with public or private channel, broadcast yourmessages tounlimited members and receive their feedback and moreoptions innandbox interactive channels. Chat with up to 10,000members in agroup. Complete privacy, bigger group chat sizes andvariousexpressive messenger stickers, social media sharing, chatbots andmore chatting options. Why nandbox is the best messengerapp todownload for Android? • MULTIPLE PROFILES: nandbox Messengeris theonly messaging app with multiple profiles to presentyoudifferently to your contact groups. We are currently supporting4different profiles: Family, Friends, Work and public, eachgroupwill see your profile the way you want them to see. •INTERACTIVECHANNEL: The only App among all the apps to let youenjoy receivingyour member’s feedback within the very same channel.Join andcreate a powerful channel designed to boost communityoutreach,broadcast your message to unlimited members. Varietyofadministration options and flexibility with admin/superadminprivileges tailor-made to suit variant interest groups toincreasecommunity engagement. • FREE: nandbox Messenger is a freemessagingapp to download and to use. All messenger featuresincludinginteractive channels are free. We do not display any adsto you. •PRIVACY: Privacy is our focus. Your mobile number willnever bedisclosed without your consent. You will never findyourselfsubscribed to a group or a channel without your approval. •GROUPCHAT: Chat with bigger groups supporting up to 10000 members.Smartgroup notifications and internal search for chat groups. Shareyourmedia, location, and contacts. Connect easily to other users,andjoin groups using QR code scanning • MESSAGE RECALL: Wrongmessagesent? Never worry! You can recall sent messages ANY time. •EDITSENT MESSAGES: Use the edit message feature and correct yourtypingmistakes No need to delete the whole text cause of one ortwotyping mistakes. Editing messages can be done with all chatshapes(group chat, channel chat and one on one chat). • SOCIALNETWORKORIENTED: Share your media, location, and contacts. Connecteasilyto other users; join groups and channels by using QR codescanning.And much more! • WEB CHAT PORTAL: Web chat portal enablesyou todrag your chat history from your phone once you log in usingtheweb chat portal. • MESSENGER STICKERS: Fun expressive stickerswithone quick click, Choose from a verity of stickers, or createyourown stickers and share it with millions of nandbox messengerappusers. • CHAT EXTENSIONS/ CHAT BOTS: Opens the door for tonesoffeatures that you can invoke directly into your conversations.Youare able to use existing chat extensions or search forextensionsonline. • CHANNEL/GROUP ADMINISTRATION PRIVILEGES:Interactivechannels and groups administration privileges areenhanced to theextend we are now the only community app thatintroduces Admin andsuper admin, with many controllable flexibleprivileges to suit thechannel or group needs, you can have set ofsuper admins and set ofadmins with different privileges assigned toeach, for the verysame channel or group. • SECURE: nandboxMessenger deploys theindustry's best security practices to protectyour data. Your datais encrypted and protected from external accesscomplete end to endencryption. • FAST: nandbox Messenger is superfast. It usesdistributed servers around the globe to serve youwherever you arewith the highest quality. • SUPPORT: We love tohear from you! Ifyou have any questions or concerns, please connectwith us directlyfrom settings/Help/Support to send your message toour team. Youcan also email us at
High Tech Phone Dialer & Contacts 5.0.0
Elegant High Tech look, Next generation thme, very quick,pleasantthemes, easy to use, top in performance!! Launchers WorldpresentHigh Tech phone dialer and contacts app. High Tech phonedialer isa perfect blend of performance and looks which willprovides youvery new and unique experience of using dialer. HighTech phonedialer provides you very new clean and perfect userinterface. Italso provides you very different themes color whichgives you veryunique look. If you get bored of old dialers lookthan High Techphone dialer is perfect choice for you. Nowexperience a very easyand simple ui for dialer and contacts. Thisapp will give a feel ofHigh Tech UI in your phone. Top performance:High Tech phone dialergives you very fast and perfect experiencewith top notchperformance. Fast & Easy to use: High Tech phonedialer is verysimple and easy to use because of it simple High Techlook userinterface so user can easily interact with others veryfaster ratebecause it provides different categorical view.DifferentCategories: High Tech phone dialer provides different viewbased ondifferent category to user such as favorite contacts, allcontacts,calls history which user can navigate easily by justswiping.Elegant & attractive themes: High Tech phone dialerprovidesusers different 12 colors for settings theme of your choicewhichwill give your phone new look every day. Contacts Operations:HighTech phone dialer has made easy for users to perform allcontactoperations such as add contact, edit contact, deletecontact, markas favorite, and remove from favorite, share contactinformationwith others by clicking on contacts. Quick & EasySearching:High Tech phone provides very easy searching option usingthat youcan search any contact by its name from contact list.
Features ofHigh Tech phone dialer and contacts:
- - Easy to use 
-Tabnavigation for switching between screens of favorites,history,contacts and dialer 
- one touch to add contact intofavorites listor tiles 
- long click on tile to remove fromfavorites tiles 
-contact profile of user to easily share, deleteand edit contacts
-search dialer 
- Many color choice available forsettings theme ofyour choice.
 High Tech phone dialer is fast, easyto use andconsumes less memory space. It also gives you fresh anddifferentHigh Tech look. Say goodbye to the old style dialer andadopt abrand new High Tech phone dialer for better experience. Hopeyoulike this High Tech phone dialer and contacts app. If youareenjoying our High Tech phone dialer please do not forget toratethis app based on your experience.