Top 3 Games Similar to Guard Sword: Alchemy Defense

Brave Knight Rush 1.0.7
Ready for an high intensity action / runner / combat game?Demonshave infested the once peaceful human kingdoms and now is uptoyou, as the Brave Knight, to put an end to this evil andreconquerthe land by traveling through dark forests and infestedtowns inorder to defeat monsters! Watch out for the evil possessedcastles,terrible boss awaits you! Use your knight spear to fightthe hordeof skeletons or find and equip more powerful weapons likethesilver dagger, the holy water, the magic sword or the magicarrows.With those weapons you will be able to face the terribledevils andbig cyclops that will try to stop your holy mission!Became theking of the land once again! However, a Dragon friendwill help youduring your journey! While riding your spit-firefriend you willbecome a force of nature able to destroy horde ofenemies andentire undead armies! You can also make good use of thefire-ringthat unleashes devastating fireball magic attacks! ★Features ★ -Complete all the 40 missions and fight huge Dragons andDevilsBoss! - Equip a variety of weapons and smash to pieces allthemonstrous enemies! - Ride the Dragon to defeat monstersandactivate the Fireball Magic to incinerate them! - 3D graphicsofthe highest quality and in Full HD!!! - Collect coins tobuyseveral items and power-ups in a well assorted virtual store!-Supports Google Play Games: compete with players all aroundtheworld thanks to leaderboards and achievements! - Supportsbothsmartphones and tablets! - Supports Gamepads (Android HID) Foranyquestion about this game contact
Disgusting Ghoul 3D 1.0
Disgusting Ghoul 3D is a action gamethatyoucontrol a deadly ghoul.Fight against villager, dwarf, barbarian, goblin, zombie,trollandogre.- Well designed models and areas.- Control a huge ghoul.- 75 easy to hard quests.- Clever enemies.- Optimized for all smartphones and tablets.- Villager man, woman, monk, dwarf, barbarian, goblin,troll,zombie,ogre and more!
Goblin Dash 1.1
Paul Gerla
Goblin Dash is an endlessrunner/fightinggamein which you are fighting your way through thegoblin dungeonsinsearch of ... well ... not really anything.Certainly,though,these evil goblins have done something to deservedeath! Ibet theystole some important magic amulet from someone! Doyoureally needa specific reason? Just kill them! Kill them all!Are you quick enough with your sword to survive theendlesshorde?Watch your enemy carefully; hold to block enemyblows, andtap toattack when you see an opening! Keep an eye outfor armoredgoblins,though, they're tough!