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Engineer Mode MTK Shortcut 1.6.1
!! Application is only for devices running MTK (MediaTek) !!Usedforeasy and fast access to the engineer menu (Engineering Mode)deviceson the platform MTK (MediaTek). Standard, built to causetheengineering menu, you need to dial *#*#3646633#*#* (forexampleonly), which is not very convenient and practical - is atinyapplication designed to eliminate this inconvenience :) - Hasaminimum size - just 25KByte. - Does not require any permits. -Donot "hanging" in memory. - No advertising.!! Application isonlyfor devices running MTK (MediaTek). If you have adifferentplatform, you will get a message that the device is notsupportedwith the proposal to uninstall this applicaton.!!!Attention 1.Ifyou can not get into the Engineer and see thefollowing message:"EM is an advanced debug mode. If you want toentry the EM, pleaseentry the developer options at settings" , thenyou need toactivate the developer mode in the device.Usually, forthis youneed to open the "Settings" - "About the phone" and findthe item"Build number", now you need to tap it 7-8 times - a pop-upmessage"Congratulations, you are a developer".After that, thesettingsshould appear "For developers" - go in and click"enable".!!!Attention 2. On some devices (basically, these are somemodels ofHuawei) manufacturers denies access to the EngineeringMenu, inconnection with which these devices will be able tofunction theprogram only with the given Root access.For those whowould like tosupport the project, offer donate-version: EngineerMode MTK donate
IMEI Tools 🔨(Free) 8.0
★ IMEI Tools is a VERY Powerful IMEI Tweaking Tool ★Appfeatures:1.IMEI Generator✅ (Can generate up to 500,000 IMEIs at ago)2. MTKEngineering ⛓3. Blacklist Checker📵 4. Root Checker 🔑5.IMEIAnalyzer 🔬6. Android Settings ⚙️7. Samsung Settings🔩✔ CLEANorBLACKLISTED? Check your IMEI- Are you planning to buy ausedphone?- Are you selling second-hand phones and you want thebestfor your customers?- You have already bought a phone but youcan'tmake calls and send messages?- Your phone was lost or stolen?Ifyou answered "YES" to at least one question that meansourBLACKLIST CHECKER is for you!Blacklist Checker is used to checkifthe IMEI you supplied has been Reported Stolen, Lost orBlocked.This is a VERY USEFUL tool to avoid buying or using phoneswithreported IMEIs. ✔ Root Checker this Checks if your device ishasbeen ROOTED✔ MTK Engineering can only be used with Phonesthatemploy the Use of MTK Chip ONLY. With MTK Engineering youcanCHANGE YOUR IMEI (back up your previous IMEI before you do this)ordo numerous device configurations, but be careful with thisoptionto avoid damaging your Phone or voiding your warranty.✔AndroidSettings will open a hidden Settings Menu on your PhoneWhere youcan get information such as- Phone Information- BatteryInformation(power plug, battery level, battery scale, batterytemperature andso on)- Usage Statistics- Wi-Fi Information✔ SamsungSettings canONLY be used if you use a SAMSUNG Device. It will opena secretmenu on your phone where you can further customize yourphone.✔ The‘PHONE IMEI’ tab contains a list IMEIs for differentphones(including latest phones). And guess what? You can generateup to500 thousand IMEIs from a single tap without any No Duplicate.Allgenerated IMEIs are Unique.Generated IMEIs are also orderedforeasy use.I know you must be thinking "This is Super Cool, How doIuse it?" HOW TO USE- Pick a phone of choice from the list -Pickquantity to generate: 15, ..., or 500,000.- Tap ‘Generate’button ✔The ‘GENERATOR’ tab is a supplement to PHONE IMEI tab. Inthis tabyou can enter any Arbitrary IMEI (between 8 – 12 digits)and itwill generate the complete IMEI. The list is guaranteed tocontainzero duplicates.HOW TO USE- Input between 8 – 12 digits-Pickquantity to generate : 15, ..., or 500,000.- Tap 'Generate'✔The‘ANALYZER’ tab can be used to analyse IMEI pieces by piece,getyour IMEI information & check if an IMEI is valid orNot.✔SHARE, COPY or SAVE your generated IMEIs.This App is very easytouse coupled, locked and loaded with USEFUL features and hasveryfriendly user interface.This is simply the best IMEIBlacklistChecker, IMEI Generator, MTK Engineering, Root Checker,SamsungSettings, Android Setting, IMEI Analyzing tool out here!Areyoustill Reading? stop and DOWNLOAD NOW! 😅If you found thisToolUseful, don't forget to- Leave a review and say something Nice❤️everyone likes a Compliment 😜!- Recommend it to Others. Beyourbrother's keeper, sharing is caring!⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ 1. EdgeDevStudio will not be responsible for any illegal actions that maybedone with help of this software. This tool is intended to beusedfor finding information about IMEI and fortesting/educationalpurposes. It is not intended for IMEI-spoofing,especially incountries that explicitly forbids this practice.2.This App (IMEITools) can not track your lost phone!Join us questions? Shoot a mail to ->[email protected]
Developer options & Developer Settings 1.057
If you having issues with games that say 'location not found'thenwith this app you can disable the mock locations and play thegameagain.Ever wondered how to find the developer options&settings? Instead of clicking 5 times and then looking for itinthe settings now you can click on one little icon and haveaninstant access to the developer settings!
Chamelephon 1.0
Chamelephon devices are now on pre-order stage. Reserveyourstoday: simpleapplets you change the IMEI on your Chamelephon.We are putting itonthe store, so users with Mediatek devices with root access canuseit as well for free.*Works best on Chamelephondevices**ROOTREQUIRED**Mediatek 65XX devices supported only*
PhDoctor (Mobile Phone Checker / Tester & Info) 1.8
In this world most of the people doesn't afford expensive,luxuryand new mobile phones, so they purchase used or second handmobilesfrom different classified platforms like Olx, eBay, Amazon.So thisapp is basically designed for those people who buy usedmobiles tocheck each and every feature of their mobile phonesbefore buying.PhDoctor (Phone Doctor) will completely test yourmobile and ensureyou about each feature of your mobile and save youfrom any kind ofcheat or fraud.Design of phone doctor is verysimple and easy touse. A normal lay person can easily understandthat how to checkhardware and a software of a mobile. MainFeatures: ▶ DeviceDetail▶ Phone Report▶ Refurbishment▶ HardwareTest▶ Network Test▶Other Tests★ Device DetailThis feature includesdetail of devicehardware, software and battery. PhDoctor (Mobilechecker) willautomatically detect the following details of yourdevice:☆Hardware detail includes:▶ Manufacture▶ Model▶ Brand▶Board▶ Screensize▶ Screen resolution▶ Screen density▶ Total RAM▶Available RAM▶Total storage▶ Available storage☆ Software detailincludes:▶Android version▶ API level▶ Build id▶ Java VM▶ OpenGL ES▶Kernalversion▶ Kernal name▶ Kernal architecture▶ Root access▶Systemuptime☆ Battery detail includes:▶ Battery health▶ Batterylevel▶Power source▶ Status (charging/discharging)▶Technology▶Temprature▶ Voltage★ Phone ReportThis feature willgenerate a fullfledged mobile report including device detail,hardware detail andsoftware detail. You can use this report as aimage on classifiedplatforms (Olx, ebay, Amazon e.t.c) and sharewith your phonebuyer. Following are the basic test:▶ Microphonetest▶ Receivertest▶ Vibration test▶ Main camera test▶ Front cameretest▶Accelerometer sensor test▶ Gyroscope sensor test▶ Proximitysensortest▶ Light sensor test▶ Compass test▶ Touch Screen(Multi-fingers)test▶ Hard Keys (Volume, Power, home and back keys)test▶ FlashLight test▶ Speaker test★ RefurbishmentThis feature ofMobile PhoneTester will check your mobile is refurbis ororiginal.Note: Resultof this feature may not authentic andaccurate.★ Hardware TestThisfeature includes manual mobile phonetesting. User can easily testeach and every hardware of mobile byjust one click. Following arehardware tests:▶ Colors test (Red,Green, Blue)▶ Light dimmingtest▶ Microphone test▶ Receiver test▶Vibration test▶ Main cameratest▶ Front camere test▶ Accelerometersensor test▶ Gyroscopesensor test▶ Proximity sensor test▶ Lightsensor test▶ Compasstest▶ Touch Screen (Multi-fingers) test▶ HardKeys (Volume, Power,home and back keys) test▶ Flash Light test▶Speaker test★ NetworkTestThis feature includes all details ofmobile phone related tonetwork. You can easily check signalsstrength of your device.▶Network operator▶ Sim operator▶ Networktype▶ Network strength▶Network code▶ Country code▶ Roaming▶ Networkdata state★ OtherTestsThis feature includes IMEI test of yourmobile phone You can easily copy your phoneIMEI and paste it tocheck all details of device.★ Note: The iconsused in this app arefreely available in the public domain, if youbelieve we have madean error. Please write to us [email protected] and we willremove that icon.
CPU-Z 1.26
Android version of the popular CPU identification tool for PC,CPU-Zis a free application that reports information about yourdevice.-SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed foreach core;- System information : device brand & model, screenresolution,RAM, storage.;- Battery information : level, status,temperature,capacity ;- Sensors.Requirements :- Android 2.2 andabove (version1.03 and +)Permissions :- INTERNET permission isrequired for theonline validation (see notes below for moredétails about thevalidation process) - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE forstatistics.Notes :Online Validation (version 1.04 and +)Thevalidation allows to storethe hardware specification of yourAndroid device in a database.After the validation, the programopens your validation URL intoyour current internet browser. Ifyou enter your e-mail address(optional), an e-mail with yourvalidation link will be sent to youas a reminder.Settings screenand debug (version 1.03 and +)If CPU-Zcloses abnormally (in caseof bug), the settings screen will appearat the next run. You canuse that screen to remove the maindetection features of theapplication, and make it run.Bug reportIncase of bug, please openthe application menu and choose "Send DebugInfos" to send a reportby emailFAQ and troubleshootingYou can visitthe FAQ at thataddress :
Archos Video (MTK) 8.1.12
Archos S.A.
This application is only compatible with Archos devices based onMTKprocessors. It won't install on other devices.ARCHOS makesVideoPlayer app available for all Android devices (tablets,phones, TV;requires Android 4.0 or later)!The critically acclaimedArchos videoplayer app offers an uncompromised multimediaexperience.- Hardwareaccelerated video decoding support for mostdevices and videoformats;- Ability to play content from manycomputer/network storagein your network (SMB, UPnP, FTP, SFTP) orfrom an external USBstorage device;- Support of torrent streaming:previously downloadedtorrent files can directly be opened by theapplication (note thatno torrent search engine is included in theapplication);- Automaticonline retrieval of Movie and TV showinformation with poster andbackdrop for both local and networkcontent;- Integrated subtitledownloader;- Network indexing: importremote shared folders (SMB) inyour multimedia library;- Videobrowsing with either folder orlibrary based navigation;-Ubiquitous access to TV shows sorted in aseries/season/episodehierarchical view;- Multi-device network videoresume;- TVfriendly: dedicated user interface that iskeyboard/remote controlcompatible, Android TV compatibility;- Shareand keep track of whatyou have watched using Trakt scrobbler (see;- 3Dvideo: visual tagging and side by side/topbottom playback modewith Archos stereo virtual reality glasses orcardboard support;-Audio: night mode and audio boost options-Android 5.0 Lollipopsupport with flat/material user interfacedesign.* Note that if youexperience any issue with video hardwaredecoding you can forcesoftware decoding in Archos Video Playerapplication settings towatch your video.
Device Info HW 4.14.1
Device Info HW is a hardware and software information appforAndroid devices. It's trying detect components of yoursmartphoneto provide complete information about device's hardware.Nowdetection is supported for lcd, touchscreen, cameras,sensors,memory, flash, audio, nfc, charger, w-fi and battery; ifthatpossible for your device. I think app is interesting and usefulforusers and developers who build kernels or android. App has aquicknavigation, fresh design, and also supports a dark theme. Youcanswitch by tab or use navigation panel. Many items are clickableandyou can go to another tab or menu. Components LCD - modelandsometimes vendor. For some platforms detection require root.Alsoyou can check the colors in lcd test. Touchscreen - model, youcancheck how much fingers are supported in multi-touch test. Camera-model, vendor, resolution, for some platforms also autofocus.Ifcan't detect, sometimes available a list of supportedcameras.Hardware info by camera model and software by API. For 5.1+usedcamera2 api by default, if you grant camera permission, it willbeuse old api. Detailed info about SoC in you device. CPU :model,cores, clusters, family, abi, governor, frequency. GPU :model,vendor, opengl, frequency, list of extensions. Click on theclockspeed to open CPU monitor. System: complete info aboutyourfirmware build. Memory: type lpddr and operating frequency.Flash:chip and vendor emmc or ufs (scsi). You can go to the memorytaband see usage of memory and storage. Battery: base info andforsome devices available extra info: - Discharging speed iscurrentconsumption. - Charging speed is charge current minuscurrentconsumption. - Profile from kernel. It's for reference andcorrectonly for the factory battery. - Model. Thermal: temperaturesbythermal sensors. Sensors: availability of basic sensors andtestsfor them. Interacts with my app 'Sensor Test'. Drivers: youcanfind other chips used in your device. Partitions: list ofpartitionand their sizes. PMIC: list of power regulator voltageswhichapplied to the components. Input devices: list of inputdevices.Applications: you can quickly find apps and see info aboutit, alsoprovided list of the system apps. Extra options: - Show i2caddressof the chip. - Open engineering menu for mtk and xiaomi. -List ofCPU codenames for Qualcomm, mtk, HiSilicon. - Show kernelcommandline with root access. Devices database You can find infofor otherdevices, compare and check similar drivers. It availableon webpage: Also you can upload your deviceinfo.See to the Info Center. PRO VERSION Theme Supports both alight anddark theme, choose what you like. In the free version,dark only 2weeks for the test. Report You can create a report withinformationabout the device. It will be saved in the app data inhtml format.See Example: list List ofi2c devices grouped by bus. It is useful when thesmartphone hasmany i2c devices. Some free labels have beenremoved. App Defenderfor protect your copy. Also this supportsdevelopment to improveapp. Supported platforms: full: Qualcomm,Mediatek, Exynos,Rockchip, HiSilicon basic: Intel, Spreadtrum andother low: Somedevices with android 7.0+ Note: - Not for alldevices can readdrivers info, it's depend on soc, vendor. If youwant help, thenupload your device info. - On some devices with7.0+ reading sysfsis disabled and some info is unavailable. Trywith root. If you wanttranslate app for your language or haveinteresting ideas or foundbugs, write me to email or forum.Requirements : - Android 4.0.3 andabove Permissions : - INTERNETis required for upload device info.It's use only for manualupload. - CAMERA is required for gettingcamera softwarecharacteristics for old camera api. -ACCESS_WIFI_STATE is requiredfor info about wi-fi connection.
SamMobile Device Info 1.0.8
Share the information with your friends or copy it totheclipboard.Find out the following about your device.General:*Model*Device type* Product name* Manufacturing date* Mobileoperator*KNOX warranty bitFirmware (Samsung Specific):* ProductCode* PDA*CSC* Baseband* BootloaderAndroid:* Changelist*Buildnumber* Builddate* Build fingerprint* Build description*Android version* KernelversionHardware:* Manufacturer* Internalstorage* Board* Chip name*Platform* Modem* Total RAM* Screen* DPI*PPI* CPU ABI* Sound Chip*GPU* Rear and Front CameraPersonal:*Android serial number* Samsungserial number* IMEI for dual SIM-carddevices* Bluetooth nameTheapp will also work with othermanufacturers but some informationwill not be available.Migrated toFirebase which added 3 newpermissions including WAKE_LOCK andpermissions to receive pushmessages (not used atm). Also addsBLUETOOTH permission to find outthe bluetooth name.The app needsthe READ_PHONE_STATE permission tobe able to fetch the IMEI number
Device ID 1.3.2
Simple app to get your Device Info/ID/local IP/MAC addresses&Serial that allow you easily copy and share the ID of yourmobiledevice. An ideal tool for developers, customer support anduser.NOTE: this app doesn't send your ID to the internet soyourinformation is safe. For paranoid users, you can get DeviceIDwithout any network permission at: Thiswilldisable Local IP Address and MAC address. Supported :GoogleServices Framework Key ID Android ID IMEI Subscriber ID(IMSI) SIMCard Serial WiFi MAC Address Ethernet MAC AddressBluetooth MACAddress Bluetooth Paired MAC Address Hardware SerialDevice BuildFingerprint Please leave some suggestion. PermissionExplanation :INTERNET is used to get your local IP addressBLUETOOTH is used toget your Bluetooth MAC address READ_PHONE_STATEis used to get yourIMEI, IMSI and SIM Serial ACCESS_WIFI_STATEandACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is used to get your MAC addressREAD_GSERVICESis used to get your Google Services Framework ID Youare allowed todisable the permission using root app such asPermission Manager ifyou are paranoid --------- For user thatwanted to get both SIMSerial in DUAL SIM Phone, The default SDKdoes not have support tohandle dual SIM phones. The function willonly return one number,most likely from the first active SIM card.--------- Links :Facebook : BetaTesting Group : NOTICE :Instead of rating 1or 2 star,please email to [email protected] orleave a comment sothat we can fix or improve it.
Device Info 1.2.8
Alphabet Labs
Device info application is the most comprehensive, powerfulandfancy app that provide you with all the information you needtoknow about your phone, system and hardware with the mostattractiveand beautiful user interface (using MaterialDesign).FEATURES:●Dashboard.● Device IDs information (IMEI, SIMSerial No., AndroidDevice ID, IP Address, WiFi Mac Address, etc).●System (phone)general information (Device model and manufacture,Android OSversion, System up-time, etc).● Display information(Resolution,Density, Physical Size, etc).● Battery information andusage.● CPUinformation and usage (Clock Speed, Number of cores, CPUHardware,etc).● Storage usage.● Ram usage.● Sensors information .●SupportThemes.● ِApplications information (All app information andtheability to share the APK too).● Coming soon: camera infoandnetwork info.PERMISSIONS :- INTERNET : this permission isrequiredfor showing ads to support the developers.-READ_PHONE_STATE :thispermission is required for displayinginformation such as IMEInumber of the device.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : this permission isrequired for displayinginfo about your external sdcard- BLUETOOTH: this permission isrequired for displaying Bluetooth information.
Hidden Android Settings 0.1
This app allows you to open certain android settings, whichsomephone vendors hide from the user.App uses knowledge aboutandroidsystem that is not documented, so not all settings will workonyour phone.Please use this app with caution, and onlychangesettings that you understand.You don't need to have a rootedphone,and no permissions are requested!
MTK Engineering Mode 1.2
This Application allow you to run Advanced Setup fromEngineeringMode Menu of MTK phones, also called SERVICE MODEItdon't need yourposition like Mobileuncle will work onlyon MediaTekbased Phones..Use the secret menu carefully.. if youdon't knowwhat you are doing... don't do it!!
Mobile Secret Codes 5
Scan your android device and unlock hidden features, info, codesandhacks, you didn't know before.Now it's not necessary toremember allthose codes. With Mobile Secret Codes you can executethem directlywith one finger tap!The simplest is to directly enterthem in thedialer app.Access all mobile secret menu, hidden codesor menueasily, just tap! Discover hidden functionalities andenjoy! Andhave fun!This App will help to find out the USSD Codesfor AllMobile operators in all country. Example: -field mode,general testmode, IMEI number, check call forwarding, SMS messagecenter,activate call waiting, Quick test menu, Get easily yourdeviceinformation with Mobile Secret Codes:- Operating systeminformation(builds release, finger print, build Id...etc.);-Screen information(height pixels, width pixels);- Drawableinformation (icon originalheight and width)- Device information(brand, manufacturer,model...etc.)- Density informationGet easilyTest device informationwith Mobile Secret Codes :Vibration,Flashlight, Sensor, Battery,Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness.MobileSecret Codes: List all secretcodes (Hidden Menu) on your device.Firmware: Browse for the stockfirmware’s available online, foryour phone and for any other mobilemodel.Available manufacturers:Samsung, Sony, Oppo, HTC, LG,Motorola, Nokia, Apple and otherMainFeatures: Displays thefollowing information about your phone.▪General Info:- Manufacturer/ Brand- Phone Model- Device Type-Product Name- Country of Origin-Manufacturing Date- Knox WarrantyVoid- Color / Internal Storage▪CSC INFO:- Product Code- OriginalCSC Code- Firmware's CSC Code-Active CSC Code- Avalables CSCCodes- CSC Country- Mobile Operator▪FIRMWARE INFO:- BootloaderVersion- PDA Version- CSC Version-Baseband Version- LatestFirmware- Kernel Version / Architecture(32/64-bit)- Java VirtualMachine (Dalvik or ART)▪ OS INFO:- RootExistence- Android Version-Build Number- Build Fingerprint- BuildDescription- Build Date-Change list▪ HARDWARE INFO:- Hardware /Board (CPU 32/64-bit)-Platform / Chip- GPU (Graphics ProcessingUnit)- Modem Board-Hardware Revision- Total RAM- Screen (physicalsize in inches,resolution in pixels, density in dpi and ppi)- SoundCard- Camera-Sensors- Battery (technology, capacity in mAh,health)▪ DEVICE ID:-IMEI- Android Serial Number- Samsung SerialNumber▪ USAGE HISTORY:-Headset Connect Counter- Charger ConnectCounter (root required)- SPen Detach Counter (root required, forGalaxy Note series only)▪MONITOR:- CPU/Battery/Ambienttemperatures- CPU/Memory usages-Battery voltage/level- SignalstrengthOne of the most commonpractices amongst today’s softwaredevelopers is to leave certainkind of “backdoors” within operatingsystems. These “backdoors”essentially allow any users withsufficient knowledge to get intothe system at a much deeper levelthan you’d expect from normalusers. These backdoors aren’t alwaysmeant to be used for maliciousintent, as they allow programmers toget into the system fortroubleshooting when other usual accessmodes have been blocked.And to developers, they can be quitefriendly and helpful if youknow what you’re doing. In smartphonesthese backdoor are called“secret codes”.IMPORTANT! Somemanufacturers do not allow the useof these codes and they may notwork on your device. By usingsecret codes you can modify certainparameters of your device. Useat your own risk!Tags: Mobile USSDCodes, Mobile Secret Codes,Mobile Hidden Codes and Tricks, NetworkSecret Code, hidden menus,secret menus.
Trepn Profiler 6.2
Trepn™ Profiler is a power and performance profiling applicationformobile devices. It is designed to help you identify apps thathogyour CPU, consume excess data or drain your battery. AlthoughTrepnProfiler runs on most Android devices, additional featuresareavailable when used with devices featuring Qualcomm®Snapdragon™processors, a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.KeyFeatures •Six fast-loading profiling presets  • Runs on deviceswithSnapdragon, Exynos, MediaTek and other processors • Real-timeviewof individual CPU cores • View network usage (cellular andWi-Fi) •Overlays appear on top of applications being profiled •Monitor GPUfrequency and load • Advanced mode to manually selectdata pointsand save data for later analysis • No ads, analytics ordatacollection • Displays device power consumption in mWAdvancedModeFeatures • Profile your device or a single app • Choose fromup to33 different data points[1] • Offline data analysis – Saveprofilingdata so you can analyze it at a later time • Displaysabsolute ordelta battery power measurements in mW or mA  • Viewprocessor andbattery temperature • View profiling data fourdifferent ways •Display two data points in a single overlay • Savesettings, datapoints and overlays for quick access  • Change thedata collectioninterval to reduce load and allow longer profilingsessionsTrepnworks with Android 4.1 to Android 6.0. If you arerunning a newerversion it's no longer available because no allpresets work withthe newer versions of Android. Special Featuresfor Developers •Android Intents - Trepn Profiler can displaymarkers from your codealongside other data points to pinpoint thecause of power andprocessor spikes • External control - You canstart or stopprofiling from an external script or another Androidapplication, abig advantage in automated testing environments[1]Not all datapoints are available on all devices. Data pointsdependent onmanufacturer and chipset.If you encounter any issueswith this app,please give us a chance to address them. We can bereached [email protected] Links • QuickStart Guide: • Frequently AskedQuestions (FAQ): • Devices that reportaccurate directbattery power: •Permissionsexplained: • Releasenotes: • Overviewvideo: • UserGuide: • MoreInformation:
Simple System Monitor 3.6.24
*** UPDATE regarding CPU usage for Android Oreo and up ***SoAndroidOreo added yet another restriction disallowing access tothe CPUusage stats. Thus, CPU usages unfortunately won't work ondeviceswith Android Oreo. I have released a beta version of theappaccommodating the rooted Android Oreo devices where it shouldworkjust fine. Do post feedback or send me an email if the BETAversiondoesn't work on your rooted Oreo device. Thanks!*** ENDUPDATE****** UPDATE regarding Active Processes monitor on AndroidNougatand up ***I have released a beta version of the app withActiveProcesses monitor working on devices with ROOT access. You'dneed tobecome a beta tester in order to install it. It may be abit buggy.Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!*** END UPDATE****** NOTE***Some features of Simple System Monitor does not workproperly withandroid version 6.0 and up because of the underlyingsystemchanges.Also, as of Android Nougat, Active Processes tabwill showonly one app, Simple System Monitor itself. This isbecause Nougathas restricted access to /proc directory whereinformation aboutrunning processes are retrieved from. Please bugGoogle about thisissue instead of me :)*** END NOTE***SimpleSystem Monitor, as thename suggests, is a clean and simple systemmonitoring app for yourandroid device. It graphically shows usagesof various systemcomponents.Features:• CPU usage and frequenciesfor each core• TotalCPU usage and average frequency• CPU frequencygraph for each core•Time spent on each CPU frequency state• GPUusage and frequency*•RAM usage and ability to clear RAM• Networkactivity• Disk I/Oactivity (internal and SD card)• Test disks'read/write speeds(internal or external) • File browser withsupport for basicoperations (copy,cut,delete)• Cache cleaner(optionally requiresROOT)• View list of active apps and processesand their CPU usage,RAM usage, network activity, PID and UID. •Kill processes as ROOT(only works on rooted devices)**• Viewtemperatures of all of thethermal zones• View battery health andtemperature• Ability to keeprunning in the background despitebeing swiped away from the recenttasks list• Floating mode - showssystem monitor data on a littlefloating window on top of otherapps• Dark UI themeIf you see "..."for one or more CPU frequenciesunder the CPU monitor graph,restarting the phone should solve theissue.*Only Adreno GPUs aresupported at the moment. Sometimes theGPU stat information may notbe available/accessible in the kerneleven if the device has AdrenoGPU. In such case, "..." will bedisplayed instead of a frequency.If you don't see the GPU monitor,then your device's GPU is notsupported. **Using ROOT to killprocesses is not recommended andshould be used very cautiously. Ido not hold any responsibility ifsomething bad happens to yoursystem or device because of it.If youfind a bug, please send me anemail at [email protected] Anyfeedback is much appreciated.Apppermissionsused/explanation:android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES:neededfor clearingtheRAMandroid.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandandroid.permission.WAKE_LOCK: needed for checking the storagespaceand also performing the r/wspeedtestsandroid.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: needed forFloatingmodeDevices used for testing:Nexus 7HTC One m7HTC Onem8SamsungGalaxy Note 3Samsung Galaxy S6Nexus 6PThank you forchecking outthis app :)
MTK Engineer App
MTK Engineer App Allow to Access MTK Engineering Mode WithoutanySecret Code. This Application has two menu. they AreMTKEngineering Mode and Android Setting. MTK Engineering Mode isonlywork on Mediatek Phone Base that Engineering Mode App hasbeenInstalled on its System/app.We can setup Band LTE and LockNetwotk3G,4G etc. Android Setting is allow to access hidden Menuservicemode without secret code. this Application is Also be ableto setupLock 3G, 2G, 4G, etc. but some device on Android 6.0 MTKPhones itdoes not work. LTE Switcher is added for especially forceLTE onlyfor Samsung device Minimum : Geangerbread 2.3 Max : AndroidNougat7.0
[root] FlashFire 0.73
FlashFire is the most advanced on-device firmware flasheravailablefor rooted Android devices. It can flash full firmwarepackagesfrom various manufacturers, as well as apply over-the-air(OTA) andZIP updates - all while maintaining root, and withoutusing acustom recovery. It also offers full device backup andrestorefunctionalities in several formats. Relevant files can bestored oninternal storage, SD cards, USB connected storage, or caneven bestreamed directly to and from your computer using USBorWi-Fi.FlashFire is the spiritual successor to the Mobile ODINapp,which was a similar solution (using completely differentmethodsunder the hood) exclusively for Samsung devices on olderAndroidversions.FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, itshouldbe used with caution. Data loss, soft-bricks, and evenhard-bricksare possible if used incorrectly. Unless you are anexpert user,consult FlashFire's website and the XDA discussionthread beforedoing anything potentially destructive.Note: currentlyallfunctionality is unlocked without purchasing Pro. This maychangein the future!Website:
Sim Details and Location 1.5
SIM Details : Operator name, SIM Status, SIM IMSI,RoamingInformation, Mobile Data Status, Country ISO.Network Info:NetworkProvider, Network Type 2G, 3G, LTE Etc, Operator ID,DataState.Device Details: IMEI Number, Device Type GSM/CDMA,ModelName, Manufacturer, Brand, Hardware Info.Operating SystemInfo: OSName like Jellybean, Kit Kat, SDK Version, Android Version,BinaryType* Updated with latest 7XXX and 8XXX Series* IncludesVideoconnumbers, Landline Numbers and Tollfree Numbers* NoInternetconnection required, Works offline as well.* Locate phonenumberarea and state.* Shows Caller Information during the call.*STDCode of all Cities in India* ISD Codes of all Countriesinworld.Smart Call Logs: Call logs with fine detail of everycalllike Location of call, SIM service service provider nameetc.SmartContacts: Contacts with detail like Geographical area ofServiceProvider, Location etc.
Samsung Focus
Notice of the Termination of Samsung FocusDear customers, Thankyoufor using Samsung Focus. We are very sorry to announce that wewillend to support for Samsung Focus from 15th August 2018.Althoughit’s end of service, you can keep using Samsung Focus onyourmobile device. However, you will be unable to get technicalsupportor answer for inquiry from Samsung officially. For moreinformationregarding Samsung Focus termination, please visitSamsung Focus FAQ. We hope you have enjoyed your experience withSamsung Focus.Samsung is committed to continuous innovation toprovide you withthe highest-quality products andservices.Sincerely,The SamsungFocus TeamSamsung Focus is a unifiedproductivity application thatenables Exchange ActiveSync (“EAS”) ,IMAP and POP3 users to manageemail, calendar, task, memo, andcontacts easily in one place.Users can have more productiveexperience on their mobile deviceswith Samsung Focus.• Key Features- Direct push synchronizationwith Exchange ActiveSync and Gmail. -Add events or tasks fromemails. - EAS, IMAP/POP3 protocol support.- Multi-account support- Samsung Dex support - Easy to joinconference calls - View andtrack related items - Global AddressList (GAL) - MDM configurationthrough Google restriction API (forKNOX workspace user) - EAS ITpolicy support - Unified search(Email, Event, Memo, Task,Contact). - Event Sync (Exchange 2010,CalDAV, S planner, Googlecalendar) - Contact Sync (Exchange 2010,device contacts) - MemoSync (Exchange 2010 and higher, excluding SMemo) - Tasks Sync(Recurring Tasks, Reminder, Categories)•Supported Servers -Exchange Server 2003 SP2/SP3 and above - Google,Baidu (IMAP/POP3)- Office 365 - Hotmail - - Otherservers that supportExchange ActiveSync : IBM Notes Traveler,Groupwise, Kerio, Zimbra,Horde, IceWarp, MDaemon, etc.• AvailableOS: Samsung smartphonesrunning Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or later.• Note: Samsung Focusdoes not operate any cloud servers. Itconnects only to the actualmail servers. It stores your account’sdata on the device, andSamsung Electronics® never access any userdata.• Support: If youhave questions or feature requests, pleasecontact us using SamsungMembers on your device or UserInformation Access ---To providethe best service possible, wewould like to access the followinginformation from your mobiledevice with your permission. Even ifyou choose not to accept'Optional Information', you will still beable to use the basicfeatures of Samsung Focus.[MandatoryInformation] - Contacts :Allows Samsung Focus to display the listof contacts stored on yourdevice. - Calendar : Allows Samsung Focusto display the list ofevents stored on your device. - Phone :Allows Samsung Focus todisplay the contacts stored in the SIM card.- Storage : AllowsSamsung Focus to upload attachments when sendingemails and saveattachments when receiving emails.[OptionalInformation] - Location: Allows Samsung Focus to display the exactlocation of eventsscheduled.
Phone INFO ★Samsung★ 3.6.8
★★★ Written specifically for SAMSUNG phones ★★★Have you everwantedto know the Country of Origin behind the label 'MADE BYSAMSUNG'?When the phone was manufactured? How frequently the phonewas used?How many times it has been connected to the Charger? Doyou want toknow the Knox Warranty Void status without entering tothe ODINDownload Mode?... Then this app is for you.☆Supportmulti-language: العربية, Azərbaycanca, Deutsch, English,Español,فارسی, Français, Magyar, Italiano, עברית, 日本語, Polski,Português,Română, Русский, Shqip, Српски, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,繁體中文,简体中文.Please help to translate into your nativelanguage:☆LikeFacebook page:☆JoinFacebook group:☆XDAthread:★SecretCodes: List all of Samsung secret codes (HiddenMenu) onyourdevice. Note: You may need ROOT to launch secret codes (use'Launch0' method).★ Firmware Browser: Browse for the stockfirmwaresavailable online, for your phone and for any other Samsungmodel.★Other Tools:- CSC Changer: Change the CSC. This toolrequires root+ multi-CSC stock firmware.- CSC Verifier: It isSamsung built-intool. Requires root + stock firmware.- ServiceModeMAIN MENU: It isSamsung built-in tool. Requires root + stockfirmware.- S/NAnalyzer: Obtain information about Country of OriginandManufacturing Date from Samsung serial number. You can enterserialnumber from ANY Samsung phone (including OLD phone, FEATUREphoneand NON-SMART phone).- IMEI Analyzer: Check the IMEI forthevalidity by calculating the Check Digit (according toLuhnalgorithm).★ Refurbishment Check★ CSC Code Lookup (CSC -ConsumerSoftware Customization, aka Sales Code, or Region Code)★MainFeatures: Displays the following information about yourphone.▪GENERAL INFO:- Manufacturer / Brand- Phone Model /Commercial ModelName- Device Type- Product Name- Country of Origin-ManufacturingDate- Knox Warranty Void- Colour / Internal Storage▪CSC INFO:-Product Code- Original CSC Code- Firmware's CSC Code-Active CSCCode- Available CSC Codes- CSC Country- Mobile Operator▪FIRMWAREINFO:- Bootloader Version- PDA Version- CSC Version-BasebandVersion- Latest Firmware- Firmware Update History- KernelVersion /Architecture (32/64-bit)- Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik orART)▪ OSINFO:- Root Existence- Android Version- Build Number-BuildFingerprint- Build Description- Build Date- Changelist▪HARDWAREINFO:- Hardware / Board (CPU 32/64-bit)- Platform / Chip-GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)- Modem Board- Hardware Revision-TotalRAM- Screen (physical size in inches, resolution in pixels,densityin dpi and ppi)- Sound Card- Camera- WiFi Chip- Sensors-Battery(technology, capacity in mAh, health)▪ DEVICE ID:- IMEI(supportdual SIM)- Android Serial Number- Samsung Serial Number▪USAGEHISTORY:- Headset Connect Counter- Charger Connect Counter- SPenDetach Counter- Battery Discharge Cycles- Battery Health▪MONITOR:-CPU/Battery/Ambient temperatures- CPU/Memory usages-Batteryvoltage/level- Signal strength NOTE: This app works properlywithStock Firmware. On Custom ROM some info may not showcorrectly.☆☆☆Ability to Remove Ads and Export info to the SD Card(Plus versiononly) ☆☆☆ABOUT PERMISSIONS:- Camera: This permissionis required toread the camera resolution.- Read Phone State: Thispermission isrequired to read IMEI, and also serial number (onAndroid 8.0+).
Engineer Mode Test Tool 1.7.1
When it comes to engineering mode, and a lot of non-technicalstreamplayers are a headache. Phone engineering mode gives theimpressionthat the blunt black and white screen, full-screenEnglish and codecommands, like a window back to the DOS system,although curious,but afraid of the phone to brick.In fact, theAndroid system openengineering test mode most of the players inthis mode can notreally appreciate the full functionality of theengineering model,but some of the basic functionality or have,especially practicalbattery testing, network testing, etc. .Engineering mode, playerscan also SIM information accordingly,below we show you how to getinto this mysterious project mode.Infact, engineering test model ofthe Android operating system intothe method is very simple, thevast majority of mobile phone simplycall up the dialing keys, andthen enter * # * # 4636 # * # * to.Enter the engineering mode menuwith four options of mobile phoneinformation, battery information,usage statistics, WifiInformation. Of course, the various versionsof the ROM may be,there are some differences in the expressionon.1: In the phonemessage, players can view their own phone IMEI,network operators,whether roaming, signal strength, and whetherroaming basicinformation. In addition, after pressing the optionkey, we canalso use more features, players can customize the radioband, youcan view the SIM contacts, fixed dialing, dial-up service,you canalso obtain a the PDP list (a). You can lock in a usefulfunctionin the page 2G, lock 3G or set free to switch into 2,3 G,evenspecial when you can adjust for non-flight mode signal state,suchas CDMA handsets to choose GSM only option The phone becomesnosignal, it is generally difficult to detect, and that phonebadbirds.2: We can also view the phone's battery information,clickenter, you can see the current battery status, batterylevel,battery status, temperature, battery material, voltage, etc.all ata glance rendering The front of the player.3: Players canalsoenter "usage statistics" menu to view the use of each program,Hereyou can search using time Sort option, so that players canclarityguidance on which program spend the most time.4: the vastmajorityof mobile phones can view the wifi information can see alot ofwhat you normally do not see the wifi API, Config andStatusparameter.: Engineering mode more often is a view ofinformationand testing platform phone functions. Players grasp theengineeringmode, can you more of a love machine understanding.Thepurpose ofdoing this software1: to facilitate support * # * # 4636# * # *cipher machine direct shortcut to enter the engineeringmode;2:does not support * # * # 4636 # * # * cipher machine canalso enterengineering mode;
Root/Su Checker Free [Root] 2.2.8
KShark Apps
ATTENTION: THIS APP WILL NOT ROOT YOUR PHONE, IT JUST HELPS YOUTOCHECK ROOT STATUS OF YOUR ANDROID DEVICE!!Root CheckerAdvancedgives you an easy way to know if you have Root (Superuserorsupersu) properly setup and installed in your Android Device.Asidefrom root check, It also lets you check busybox installationandapplets. Root Checker shows you the system paths for bothSuperuserand busybox binaries. All the superuser apps likeKingroot,SuperUser, SuperSu are inherently supported.Get ProVersion at50%off give you an easy explanation of what is Root andwhat isBusybox.The app has been updated with Material design andsupportsRoot and Busybox detection in Android Nougat, Marshmallow,Lollipop,Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean, Gingerbread and evenfroyoIf you haveany doubts regarding root like What is Root? Whatis BusyBox? How toroot my phone? How to Root Check? All thequestions will be answeredin the application. Also, if you haveany question's that you wantto know but are not there in Info,It's very easy, download theapplication, go to Info Screen, Scrolldown to the bottom and selectthe yellow FAQ card, now you send usa question regarding Root andwe'll answer it within 2 days.KEYFEATURES- Offline BusyboxInstaller- Get Root Check results- VerifyBusybox installation-Check if any superuser app like SuperSU,SuperUser or Kingroot isinstalled- Find su binary location- Findbusybox binary location-Find SELinux status- Check Build Info likeDevice Name, brand name,hardware, model, cpu etcDO YOU WANT MOREINFORMATION ABOUT ROOT ANDBUSYBOX IN YOUR PHONE?Buy PRO (RootChecker Advanced Premium) foronly 1.99$. Paid version unlocksthese features:-Offline Busyboxinstaller-More RootInformation-Fastest Root Check-More BusyboxInformation-Betterexperience-Find the best root apps-Get PremiumUpdates-No AdsHOWCAN I ROOT MY ANDROID PHONE?If you are finding howto root yourphone, try to search in Google or XDA-Developers forum,there arelots of useful guides to root your Android phone.The modelthat youneed to follow to find a good guide is something likethat:"How toRoot" + Phone NameFor example, if I have a SamsungGalaxy Mini, youwill search --> How to Root Galaxy Mini, and ifyou don't findit I can add more information ---> How to RootGalaxy MiniS5570I.Easy, right?Some popular developer forums whichprovide infoon how to root androidList of suggested Forums:http://www.xda-developers.comhttp://www.androidcentral.comhttp://www.modaco.comComingwithMaterial design, Root Checker Advanced is the best app toCheck Rootin you android. It is small, fast and gets the job done.See yourRoot results within 5 seconds. Don't bother trying otherapps, thisis the real deal!
SoC-L 2.2.0
iJR Software
With this application you will be able to consult thespecificationsof the ARM SoCs of the main manufacturers:Allwinner, Amlogic,Apple, Broadcom, Cavium, Freescale, HiSilicon,Leadcore, MediaTek,Nvidia, Qualcomm, Rockchip, Samsung,Spreadtrum, ST-Ericsson, TexasInstruments and Xiaomi. MAINFEATURES: * 500+ SoCs with allspecifications. * Photos of SoCs *Function "Favorites": Add yourfavorite SoCs in one place!. *Upgradeable database via Over-The-Air* SoC comparator. Compare upto 10 SoCs! * Offline operation, it isnot necessary to have activeInternet connection (Some functionsneed an Internet connection).Do not forget to rate theapp!-------------------------------------- Looking for a list ofCPUs:
Device ID Changer 1.11
NOTE This is only ANDROID_ID changer.REQUIRED ☀Your Device mustberooted for using this appFEATURES: ☀This Device ID ChangerAppProvide you facility of changing your phone ANDROID_ID whichisunique for every device. ☀This App backup your originalANDROID_IDwhich can be restored again when you need. ☀By this Appyou canfill random id with only one click.ANDROID_IDA 64-bit number(as ahex string) that is randomly generated when the user firstsets upthe device and should remain constant for the lifetime oftheuser's device but it can be change by factory reset of phone.Whenwe factory reset phone every time ID change. By this app wecanchange ANDROID_ID without reset phone because when we resetphoneour phone data may lost. By this app our data is safe and wecaneasily reset ANDROID_ID.
XPOSED IMEI Changer 1.7
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know WhatisXPOSED Framework then do not try this application (it wontwork)HiGuys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda andotherwebsites.some websites have really good tutorials about it.SowhatI understand is that we can modify a function and its returnvaluesusing the Xposed Framework.I have created and Xposed ModuleForChanging (MASKING) the IMEI No of the PhoneChange Means HowOtherApplication gets the IMEI No of the device using below codeAsyouall know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule:)XDA-DevelopersThread Enable module in xposed framework Come back to app andenter newvalue Press Apply Go to xposed module Open framework pageDo a softreboot Open the app And you can see new valuecheck thevalue bydialing *#06#, you can see the new value
Super PI 1.0.1
This application is android version of Super PI which is usedtotest the performance and stability of your android device,bycalculating π to a specified number of digits after thedecimalpoint.Features:* Calculate Pi using FFT and AGM, fast andreliablealgorithm.* Optimize for most ABI(Application BinaryInterface)including armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips and x86.* Supportpre-definedtypical digits up to 4 million.* Easily share yourresults tofriends by single click.Here is the result from my GalaxyNexus,for your reference:====CPU Information====Device Model:GalaxyNexusCPU Type: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)CPUFrequency:1200MHzNumber of Processor: 2====Pi ComputationResult====8Kdigits: 0.083 seconds16K digits: 0.175 seconds32Kdigits: 0.311seconds128K digits: 1.671 seconds512K digits: 9.787seconds1Mdigits: 24.251 seconds2M digits: 55.583 seconds4M digits:130.073secondsIf you have any comment, please send [email protected],thanks.
Secret Codes Revealer 1.6
IMPORTANT NOTICE: connection with codes DB can be buggy nextfewdays, huge app update comming, changing base protocols. Please,bepatient and wait until update. Thanks.*Find secret codes ontheyour device! Get hidden features!*Searching hidden codes fortheyour android device, but found only for other models? It'syourday! This is not catalogue, it's realy secret codes revealerthatfinds available codes on the your device.That applicationsearchescodes on the device and gets data about actions of codesfromserver.!!!ATTENTION!!!I giving you TOOL but not database ofcodes.If some codes didn't have description - search it in google,on mytopic or waituntilsomebody test that code. It must not be a cause of bad markofapplication!*Now only codes for small set of deviceshavedescription. But you can change that by addingowndescriptions.*New UI is here now! I hope you willenjoyit.Information for those who have not found any one code:1)Updatethe program and run the search again. If after this code727appears in the list - your device is really have no codesotherthan that which causes the program to debug. If there are nocode727 - go to item 2)2) Open the the OEM application for thephonecalls and dial * #* #727 #*# *3) Click the Start Debug4) Waituntilproccess finished5) Close the application, find at the root offilesystem file SCRLog.log and send me onmail:[email protected]) Wait for a new version which will befixeda bug. :)Available languages:Russian - Vladislav*BlackSwan*AksjonovUkranian - Vladislav *BlackSwan* AksjonovEnglish-Vladislav *BlackSwan* AksjonovSpanish(partial) - Evhen*ZaaRauL*ZvaricChinese - Nikita *FiriatCat* Chernih
Sim unlocker - simulator 1.4
Easily sim unlock your smartphone/tablet so you can use anyothernetwork operator. No need for unlock code on most devices:assimple as one button click, and you can change your carriersimcard ! Sim card Unlock is the only app that can instantlyandsuccessfully unlock new devices. Even with recent ICS or JBromsupdate. Major functions: ★ Sim Unlock your phone (in-apppayment) ★Backup and Restore EFS data, keep it safe on your emailor Driveaccount (free) ★ Get detailed information about yournv/lock state* Please note that due to different hardware, manyLTE/4G devicesaren’t supported yet. On some SGS3, SGS4 and Note2, arecent romupdate brings a new lock system that can't be unlockedyet. Don'tleave bad feedback, we’re working on it, but that’s acomplexprocess that requires time and access to locked devices!*Features: ✔ Unsimlock / unbrand your phone ✔ Persists evenafterreset / flash / wipe / unroot ✔ Supports other Galaxyfamilydevices (S, S2, Tab, Note and their variants) ✔ Supportsdevicespreviously unlocked with "voodoo unlock", "GalaxSim Unlock"or"galaxy s unlock" ✔ Detects errors like lost imei / serialinnv_data caused by third party apps ✔ Gives detailedinformationabout current locks status (locked, unlocked or"partially locked")✔ Automatic and manual efs backup (shouldguarantee a safe use),restore it on demand ✔ Supports more Galaxydevices soon Easy touse: • Be sure your rom is rooted (tutoriallinks included formajor devices)(you can unroot once unlocked) •Click on "unlock"button • Reboot Notes: • If other carriers' simcards are stillrefused after a successfull unlock, your phone mightbe"hardlocked" by your carrier. • This app is just a simulation.
Experience app for Galaxy Note8 1.01
Universal experience app for Galaxy Note8.This applicationisdesigned to provide key USPs of Galaxy Note8.It lets FieldForce& FSM experience Galaxy Note8 features through theirownphone(based on Android OS - Marshmallow and Nougat version)
Wheres My Droid 6.3.1
Find My Phone! The first find your phone app on the AndroidMarketcontinues to get better and better. Now with more features,it iseasier than ever to track down your lost phone. Wheres MyDroidFeatures ~ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate ~ Find phoneusingGPS location ~ GPS Flare - Location alert on low battery ~Textyour attention word ~ Passcode protection to preventunauthorizedapp changes ~ Notification of changed SIM card or phonenumber ~Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word ~White/Blacklist to control who can use the app via text ~ Nobattery drainAdvanced Security Features in Pro ~ Take pictures withthe devicescamera ~ Remotely lock device - Requires Android 6.0.1or less ~Remotely wipe SD card ~ Remotely wipe phone data ~ Preventapp frombeing uninstalled ~ Hide the app icon ~ Use a landline toactivatethe app ~ Customizable ringtone when lost Premium Featuresin Elite~ Geofencing ~ Auto Theft Detection ~ Passive LocationUpdates ~Motion Alarm ~ Location History ~ View Contacts and CallLog ~ ViewDevice Stats and Nearby Wi-Fi Lost Phone? Where's MyDroid can turnthe ringer volume up and make your phone ring. Theapp can also getthe GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps ifyou're not nearenough to your phone to hear the ringer. You havethe freedom totrack your phone from anywhere with a text messagedattention wordor with our online Commander. Stolen Phone? Feelsecure knowingthat a thief won't be able to access your personalinformation onyour lost phone. In the Pro version you are able towipe and lockyour stolen phone. Locking your phone will make itunusable whileyou try to track your lost phone's location. If thereis no hope offinding your phone, then you can erase your personalinformationwith the wipe feature. The app does require a lot ofpermissions.For more details on why the app needs these * This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission *
Bluetooth Terminal HC-05 1.17
INTRODUCTION:- One-of-a-kind App that gives you compatibilitywithall microcontrollers. All you need is a HC-05 serialadapterconnection with serial ports of the controllers.- ControlanyMicro-controller that uses a Bluetooth Module HC 05 or HC06through your smart phone.- This app can send and receivecommandsvia Bluetooth so you can debug your hardwareproblemseasily.FEATURES:- Separate panels for sending and receivingdata.-Custom your own buttons for frequent sending of samedata.-Monitoring receiving data as HEX or ASCII.- Sending Data asASCIIor HEX.- Selection for \r \n at the end of sending data.-Simplecopy option in sent data just long press on data.- Send Logfile ofReceived and Sent data.- Keep Screen on/off option.- RemoveAds andget uninterrupted access with an Ad - free version ofBluetoothTerminal.NOTE: - By default, Received data in ASCII formatand Itcan be changed from top MENU.- By default, Data sent inASCIIformat and It can be changed from long pressing ofparticularButton.- By default, \r\n will be sent on every sendingdata and Itcan be changed from long pressing of particular Button.
Smart Lockscreen protector 2.4
nez droid
Ram cleaners must exclude my app Android M introduced doze andmayaffect the app from running on background, some users added tothe"whitelist" or not optimize for better performance The first apptofix a security flag from your android, prevent to unwantedusersturn off, mute or set airplane your device when they are inthelockscreen and bypassing the code. *This app will not blockforLong press power button (10 seconds) since its hardwarerelated.*"Ideal for avoiding shut down the device in the pocket"*This appcan block status bar (it may not work on all devices) onlyin thelockscreen * Battery Friendly *Small and compact * Usefulforsecurity apps like Cerberus or find your phone from Google,youdon't want people can turn off the device so easily This Appmaywork or may NOT work (working on 90% of devices includinglollipopand marshmallow) . *No root *Free
hardware info 1.18
ram booster
Hardware info is a hardware information app for Androidwithdetailed information about your smartphone includingdevice,system, memory💾, camera📷, temperature, battery🔋 andsensordetails.Hardware information is categorized into:👉 Rate :show yourmain infomation + smartphone and benchmarking phonehardware (os,cpu core, battery, resolution, physic size, displaydensity,camera, ram, internal storage, sim slot, ip).👉 Review :evaluate orcheck hardware phone with Game 2D, 3D, Battery life,openningoffice, selifie, Security, Network speed.👉 Ranking : listof bestmobile in 2016👉 Testhardware : test cpu speed, camera,flashlight,LCD display, compass (work or not)👉 Summary : screen,screen size,cpim cpu usage, cpu core, cpu freq, gpu, gpu version,hardware,model, broad, manufacturer, ram, internal storage,externalstorage, android version, imei, serial, id🔋 Battery :health,level, power source, technology, temperature, voltage,capabilitybattery👉 Sensor : list sensor support👉 Device :👉 System:*** Note :this application need much permission.Please send yourfeedbackabout this application to us. We will update more for it📩Emailsupport : [email protected]
Quad-Core Processor Booster 1.5
Increase Speed, Battery Life & Stability to maximize yourdeviceperformance. The app is designed to work perfectly withdeviceshaving Quad Core Processor.Quad-Core Processor Boosterdetectsbackground running apps, requires Root access to Hibernate(DeepSleep) them. You can either Hibernate apps individually orautohibernate them all at once with our different Boostingmodes.You caneven Kill & Restart your selected apps. Or youjust need toactivate a Boost Mode, sit back & leave the restto us.Quad-CoreProcessor Booster sets RAM VM Heap size to maximumwhich maximizesthe availability of memory to the current runningapp, this ensurethat the app have very less chances to Crash byOut of MemoryError.It sets CPU Governor by setting frequency ofthe processor toan optimal state. This app automatically setsappropriate CPUGovernor, optimizes OS(Operating System) &Processor.You willclearly feel the boosting effect & may evenverify the same bytesting Antutu Benchmark Score (Just search onplay store :Antutu).If you like it, say thanks by sharing this appto yourfriends or by rating us 5 stars. If you encounter anyproblem orhave any question, please let us know in the reviewsection below,we will surely reply you & will try to solve theproblem. Yourfeedback & support is very precious to us.
SIM Card Info 5.3.9
SIM Card Info is a quick and simple app that display alltheinformation stored on SIM card of your device. It lets youquicklyaccess information about your device sim cards, networkstatus,device information and the data stored on the primary simcard. Itaims to be clean and simple to use and provides amultitudeinformation on the sim cards of your device.- SIM CardinformationSupports dual and triple sim devices*PhoneNumberVoicemailNumberSerial Number (ICCID)Subscriber Id(IMSI)OperatorNameOperator CodeSIM CountrySoftware Version- SIMNetworkInformationAirplane Mode statusRoaming statusNetworkType(CDMA/LTE/HSPA/GPRS)Network Operator IDNetwork OperatorNameNetworkCountry- Device InformationBrandModelManufactuerCodeNameIMEIHWSerialAndroid VersionAndroid SDK versionKernelversionBuild IDPhoneType- Also supportsReading contacts stored onSIM cardReading SMSstored on SIM CardDetails of the requiredpermissions. They areonly requested as needed :READ_PHONE_STATE =Display general SIMand phone informationREAD_CONTACTS = DisplayContacts on theSIMREAD_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMRECEIVE_SMS =Display SMS onthe SIMRECEIVE_SMS = Display SMS on the SIMINTERNET =Required byGoogle ADs* Due to the vast amount of android devicessome featuresmight not work on every device, but I am working tohave working100% on every device. For any feedback about SIM cardinfo appplease leave a mail at [email protected]
Free IMEI - SIM Unlock Code 1.5.14
Free Factory IMEI unlock for Non-iPhones(Android) for AT&T.Useoption in the middle of the main menu to order freeservice.Success rates of the free service changes on daily basis.Successrates will display during your order process.Currently wehaveAT&T iPhone(Clean IMEI) and all Android mobile devices thatwecan unlock in Free IMEI Unlock Service.Additionally, you canorderfree service for Pantech which has a 100% success rate.BlackberryIMEI unlocking is also free. In the free service, youwill need toenter PRD number of your mobile blackberry device. Youcan unlockmany phone in most prominent countries(includingUSA/Canada/Germanyand Australia) for many networks for free.Thissimple to use APPwill allow you to easily place your order, checkorder status andget regular updates via email about yourorder.Which countries andnetworks do we cover?US AT&T, UST-Mobile, United StatesSprint, United States Metro PCS, SIMUnlocking codes for VodafoneAustralia, Optus Australia, TelstraAustralia, HutchinsonAustraliaCanada Bell, Telus Canada, CanadaFido, Canada Virgin,Canada Rogers, UK EE, United Kingdom O2, UKOrange, UK T-Mobile, UKHutchinson, UK VodafoneWhich Phones can weunlock?You can unlockany Android and iPhone on US AT&T Network.On other networks,we currently support iPhone, Samsung, LG,Blackberry, Nokia,Huawei, HTC, Sony, Alcatel and ZTE.More makes andmodels are beingadded every day.Which Countries are supported onour App?UnitedStatesCanadaUnitedKingdomAustraliaFranceGermanyKoreaSpainIrelandWeare constantlyadding more Countries, Manufacturers and Networks tooursystem.NOTE: Just added the following FREE Services:DORO -Alllisted countriesApple iPhone - Spain Movistar -AllModels(Clean)Apple iPhone - Telenor Norway - AllModels(Clean)AppleiPhone - Telstra Australia - AllModels(Clean)Phone/Models forwhich we support IMEI SIMUnlocking:Makes and Models we unlock :Samsung Galaxy Note 2SamsungGalaxy Note 3Samsung Galaxy Note4Samsung Galaxy Note 5SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeSamsung GalaxyMegaSamsung ActiveSamsung GalaxyTabSamsung Galaxy Tab 3SamsungGalaxy Tab 4Samsung Galaxy S5HTCHeroHTC DesireHTC EyeHTC One M8HTCAriaHTC One M9HTC OneA9HuaweiAlcatel Amazon KindleAmazon FireAsusMemo PadAsus Padfone XMiniAsus PadfoneAsus ZenfoneDellKyoceraDuraforceNEC TerrainSonimXP5Sonim XP6Blackberry ClassicBlackberryPassportBlackberryPrivBlackberry Q10Blackberry Q5LG Escape 2LG GFlexLg G PadLG GVIstaLG G2LG G3LG G4LG V10Google Nexus 5GoogleNexus 6Motorola AtrixHDMotorola Moto XMotorola Moto EMotorola MotoGLTENokia Lumia1020Nokia Lumia 1520Nokia Lumia 2520Nokia Lumia520Nokia Lumia635Nokia Lumia 820Nokia Lumia 830Nokia Lumia900Nokia Lumia 920NokiaLumia 925Microsoft Lumia 640XLMicrosoftLumia 950Sony XperiaSamsungGalaxy Rugby ProSamsung Galaxy Rugby4Samsung Galaxy Note Pro12.2Pantech BreezePantech FlexPantechDiscoverZTE Avail 2ZTE 830ZTEMavenZTE MustangZTE RadiantZTEZ998ZTE Z992ZTE Z990ZTE Z830ZTEZ740ZTE ZMax2ZTE Z222Followingservices are available either on Appor website:Free Samsung UnlockCodesFree iPhone Unlock CodesFree ZTEUnlock CodesFree Amazon FireUnlock CodesFree Nokia Lumia UnlockCodesFree LG Unlock CodesFreeHTC Unlock CodesNew Sim LG Unlockdatabase New Sim HTC UnlockdatabaseNew Sim ZTE Unlock DatabaseThefree unlock codes areavailable only for AT&T network. For othernetworks, we havethe lowest cost unlock codes.For more information,check out ourwebsite at:
AnyCut 1.0.9
This is an application to create a shortcut, which comes fromtheopen source application anycut. Easy one-touch dialing, a keytosend a short message. And you can create a shortcut toanyapplication to the desktop. Try it, maybe you'll like it....
Device ID & SIM Info 2.2
This is the simplest App to get your Device ID &SIMCardinformation and share with your friends or on your emailforfutureuse and it is very useful tool for both users&developers.MAINFEATURES:- Provide Device informationincludingdifferent types ofIDs and serial numbers.- Provides SIMCardinformation withoperator name, code.- Gives networkinformationwith type of thenetwork.- Store multiple devices in theapp thatsync with securecloud server.- Find out the lost deviceinformationsuch as IMEInumber or device ID easily by login to youraccountfrom any otherdevice using this app.- Very useful app whenyou havemultipledevices info to store at one place.User can copyandsharewhichever information they want to check that isrequiredforpersonal use.NOTES:- This is advertisement supportingversionandrequires INTERNET permission. Your information will besafe inthisapp.- As there are too many devices available today, itmightnotwork perfectly on everyone's device, but we are workinghard togetit work on most of them. If you have any problem withyour phoneortablet, please contact us freely anytime and we willtry tofixyour problem very soon in the next version.
Test Your Android Cheungfan 701
"Test Your Android" V7 now out with Material Design UI. Easy touse.Buy a new brand Android device?! Let download "Test YourAndroid"App to test your device's features and you can get allandroidsystem information in one app. It is optimized for AndroidTabletand Android Wear. * Tests of 30 Hardware Items & Sensors* 1.Real-time System Monitor for CPU, Network Usage, and Memory 2.LCDScreen Color Test with Fixing Defective pixel Mode 3. SoundandVibrate Test 4. Back/Front Camera Test & Info. 5.FlashlightTest 6. Touch Screen Test 7. Multi-touch Test 8. LightSensor Test& Info. 9. Fingerprint Test 10. Microphone Test 11.Wi-Fi Test12. GPS Test 13. Accelerator Test & Info. 14. NFCTest 15.Proximity Sensor Test & Info. 16. Gravity Sensor Test&Info. 17. Pressure Sensor Test & Info. 18. Compass Test19.Support Android Wear 20. All Installed Application List21.CPU/Memory Info. 22. Hardware Info. 23. Battery Info. 24.StepCounter Test & Info. 25. System Info. 26. SIM Card Info.27.WiFi signals Info. 28. Bluetooth Info. 29. Vibration Test 30.SoundVolume Test Optimize for: - Android Wear - Android 9.0 -SamsungGalaxy S9 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Google Pixel 2 / GooglePixel 2XL - LG V30 - LG G6 - Huawei Mate 20 Pro - HTC U11 - SonyXperiaXZ2 - Nokia 7 Plus - Nokia 8 Sirocco Note: Fixing DefectivepixelMode is not guaranteed to fix the defective pixels. If youhave anyquestions, please contact the manufacturer. The developerswill notbe held responsible. Privacy: No data and information onthe phonewill be collected. Credit: Android and Google are thetrademarks ofGoogle Inc.
System Update : Software Update 9.0.1
System Update Latest application provides OS updates forSmartPhonedevices and check if you can App upgrade or update yourdevice to anew version of Android,all latest Android operatingsystem (OS)versions.Now Keep your device up to date and use latestsoftwarefor best performance.You can choose the latest systemsoftwareaccording to user reviews and know which is the best andsuitablefor you. Your SmartPhone might have 30+ Apps Installed andyou willalways want to have all those apps up to date on yourdevice, forthis you don’t need to check multiple times for appssoftwareupdate on play store. You can simply get all the list ofnewupdated apps using Pending Updates feature.In most casestheseupdates will show up on your phone when the time is right, butforthose of who are not willing to wait a second longer thannecessarythere is a way to check for these upgrades manually.CheckSystemupdate App Features:☞ Check Application version update.☞UninstallApplication ☞ Clear Data Remove Cache for this app☞ CheckUpdateAndroid OS last version updates.☞ Show List Application☞ ShowListSoftware System.☞ Show After The Scan List ApplicationUpdate.☞Shows the path of the app.☞ Show app name, version, updatetime,size☞ Fast uninstall by one clickThe app displaysfollowingessential information ☞ Current version of the app☞ Updateversionof the app☞ Package id of the app☞ App title☞ Installationdate ofthe appCheck Update System helps you update to and fromthefollowing Android firmware versions - Gingerbread, Honeycomb(3.0,3.1, 3.2), Ice Cream Sandwich ICS (4.0), Jellybean (4.1, 4.2,4.3),Kitkat (4.4), Lollipop (5.0) ,Marshmallow (6.0) and Nougat(7.0).System Update application To get the best performance fromyourAndroid phone or tablet you should make sure you're runningthelatest software update. For as long as smart phones has beenaroundthere has always been updates to their software. new softwarearebeing created in order to help people smoother their livesandaccessing the virtual world with ease. As a way of correctingtheseerrors the makers of phones will from time to time need toupdatethe firmware to phones.
USB Driver for Android 2.2.61
Universal Android Phone or Android Tablet Driver for WindowsXP,Vista, 7, 8, 10 (x86 and x64).Extract toyourinternal storage. You can find it on your computer with USBcablevia MTP.For more details,visit
My USB OTG 1.7
This app checks for your device's USB on-the-go OTGcompatibility.USB OTG is a specification that allows you device toconnect toother USB devices such as flash drives and hard drives.This app isan essential tool for checking if your device has suchfeature andspecification.My USB OTG is also an essential app forgeneratingessential device info of your device. some essentialinformationgenerated include;* IMEI*Subscriber ID*DualSIMcompatibility*Processor*OperatingSystem*BatteryCapacity*Brand*Memory Capacity*ConnectivityIMEI isInternationalMobile Equipment Identity. it is a unique identifierof your mobiledevice that can be used by a network to identify avalid device.IMEI is a unique identifier that can be used by anetwork to stop astolen phone from accessing the network. This appis essential forgenerating your device IMEI for you to see. It alsogenerates dualIMEI for dual SIM phones.My USB OTG is a great appfor viewing yoursubscriber ID. The device info generated by thisapp is veryaccurate.My USB OTG allows you to check mobilephonesspecifications offline with ease and without error. Mobilephonespecifications data provided by this app are accurate andreliable.
Sim - Phone Details 4.7
This app reads your current Sim Card info, Phone info, SmartWatchdetails, Android TV Info, Cellular Network and android OSinfo.Android Wear Standalone independent app. Following detailsread forany android device... 1) Sim Card Info a) Sim Serial Numberb) SimState 1. Absent 2. Network Locked 3. Pin Required 4. PUKRequired5. Ready 6. Unknown 7. Not Ready 8. Error, permanentlydisabled 9.Error, present but faulty 10. present but not usable dueto carrierrestrictions c) Sim Country ISO d) Sim Operator e) SimIMSI f) SimRoaming 2) Network Info a) Operator Name b) Network Type2G ( GPRS,EDGE, CDMA, 1xRTT, IDEN ) 3G ( UMTS, EVDO_0, EVDO_A,HSDPA, HSUPA,HSPA, EVDO_B, EHRPD, HSPAP ) 4G ( LTE ) c) DataConnection Wifi,Mobile d) Country ISO e) Operator ISO f) Cell ID(CID) g) LocationArea Code (LAC) 3: Phone details a) IMEI Number b)Device TypeCDMA, GSM c) Screen Size d) RAM e) Screen Resolutions f)ScreenDensity g) Model h) Board i) Manufacturer j) Hardware k) CPUcores,CPU-Z l) Security Patch Level m) Serial n) Boot Loader 4) OSInfoReads a) OS Installed b) SDK Version c) Android Version d) CPUType5) Battery Info a) Health b) Level c) Power Source d) Statuse)Technology f) Voltage g) Temperature h) Capacity Details ofanye-sim card info, Phone info, cell network analyzer,phonespecifications, Network info, Carrier info, Battery Manager..
imei info iphone 2.0
Here you can check your iPhone imei on model, size, color,serialnumber, coverage status, find my iPhone status, simlock andanotherinformation.EXEMPLEIPHONE 6S 64GB ROSEGOLDIMEI355420009725219Serial number DNQQHU08GRYFActivatedYesRefurbishedby Apple NoTelephone Technical Support ExpiredRepairsand ServiceCoverage ExpiredFind My iPhone ONiCloud StatusLost/stolenWarrantyStart Date 25.11.2015Warranty End Date24.11.2016Estimated PurchaseDate: 25.11.2015Sold By Click for buycheck!Blacklist status Buyblacklist check!SIM Lock UnlockHere youcan check your iPhoneunlock solution on model, size, color, serialnumber, coveragestatus, find my iPhone status, simlock Reviews andanotherinformation.EXAMPLEIPHONE 64GB 6S ROSEGOLDIMEI355420009725219Serial number DNQQHU08GRYFactivatedYesRefurbishedby Apple NoTelephone Technical Support ExpiredRepairsand ServiceCoverage ExpiredON Find My iPhoneiCloud Status Lost/stolenWarranty Start Date 11/25/2015Warranty EndDate24/11/2016Estimated Purchase Date: 11/25/2015Sold By Click forbuycheck!Buy Blacklist blacklist status check!SIM Lock Unlock
Thief Tracker 7.0
Soft Brain
This application is specially design to trace your stolen mobileandcaught your mobile thief. When this application is installedinyour's phone. It will provide you your's phone setIMEINumber,Location of your's Phone set automatically throughSMS.Fantastically, it will send SMS from the thief Mobile SIM whentheyput his SIM in your's Mobile so you will also get the thiefSIMContact Number and further you can extract more informationaboutthe SIM card through Police. To check thisapplicationfunctionality just restart Phone set.
About My Device & Phone Testing 1.0.2
Fusion Fox
Updates : #Features: -Details about device's -Devic -SIM-Network-Battery -Memory -Os -Features of Device -User apps andsystem apps#Test your phone : -Test Audio -Test Display -Test Touch-Test Gps-Test Camera -Test Sensors -Test Tourch -Test Ports Getall theinformation of your device using this application. You canget thefollowing info in this app : - Device Info : Manufacturer,ModelName, Product Name, Android Version, Kernel, Android ID,BootLoader, Host, Firmware and Hardware name. - OperatingSystemdetails: Version, Version Name, Api Level, Build ID, BuildTime& Finger Print. - CPU Details : Abi, Cores, RAM, Frequency,CPUPART, Processor, CPU Architecture, Hardware name &CPUimplementer. - Battery details: Voltage, Power Source,Health,Technology used, Capacity and time used. - Memory Details :Total,used and available memory - Network Details : Dns1, NetMask,DhcpServer, Gateway, Link Speed, SSID, Frequency, IP Address &MACAddress. - List of all supported Sensors. - SIM Details : IMEI,SIMSerial No, SIM Operator Code. - List all features available inyourdevice. #Permissions Required: -ACCESS_WIFI_STATE -forwifinetworkdetails -ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE -for checking internenetworkconnection -PHONE -for sim details -INTERNET -fornetworkconnection -RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED-for notification -VIBRATE-fordevice vibration test -LOCATION -for gps(Location)info-RECORD_AUDIO -for Audio test -STORAGE -for audiotest -BLUETOOTH-for bluetooth network connection -CAMERA -for testcamera
3G To 4G Switcher: Speed Test & Network Info 1.13
3G To 4G Switcher - Smart tool app with many Utility features.Nowcheck your Mobile Internet Downloading/UploadingSpeed,Connected Wi-Fi & Bluetooth hidden details and TrackunknownMobile Number in just one click.  3G To 4G Switcheralso helpsyou to know your Phone & SIM Card Internal Details.APP SMARTFEATURES Mobile Network Switcher – Switch your mobilenetwork from3G to 4G and 4G to 3G, you will not have to searchnetwork switchpage on your phone 3G to 4G Switcher will directlyredirect on thatpage where you can manage your network setting.
SIM Details –SIM details will display some hidden informationabout your simcard. ★Operator name ★SIM Number ★Country ISO ★SIMOperator Code Device (Phone) Details – One tap to get theall hardwareinformation about your mobile handset. ★IMEI Number★Device OS Name★Phone Resolution ★Model Name ★API Level★Manufacturer ★Brand★Hardware Info ★Country ISO  InternetSpeed Test  -Speed Test provide your most accurateUploading/Downloading Speedin simple and convenient way. ★Real timemost accurateDownloading/Uploading Speed ★Speed History to trackall yourprevious speed history ★Supports MBPS/KBPS ★Get you phoneIPAddress  Mobile Number Tracker  - Check thedetailsof any unknown Mobile Number by simply typing 10 digitMobileNumber in the given text box. ★County ★Location ★NetworkProvider★Mobile No.  Wi-Fi Details - This feature helpyou toview your detailed information (IP Address, Mac Address,Frequency,Speed, Net Mask etc.) of your connected Wi-Fi. BluetoothDetails -This feature help you to view yourdetailedinformation of your connected Bluetooth. Why 3G To 4GSwitcher ☞Small APK Size. ☞ Free App with No InApps! ☞ No ExtraPermissionrequired ☞ Smooth & Clean UI
Jianyu Studio
Brevent, black prevent, can app-standby (since Android 6.0,notsupported on some devices) or force-stop apps without root,preventapps from running in long time. Brevent never brevent appsnot inBervent list. If apps are launched then quit (tapping Back orso),Brevent will app-standby them; if apps timed out in standby,orswiped from recents screen, Brevent will force-stop them.Wheneverapps are running without activity, Brevent will force-stopthem.Apps in Brevent list can be set "allow sync" toreceivenotifications or do sync jobs. Brevent won't standby "allowsync"apps, and Brevent won't force-stop "allow sync" appswithnotifications or running in background. Brevent supportsAndroid5.0 to 9.0, requires "USB debugging" in "developer options".SinceAndroid 8, Brevent won't work if debugging is off or USBoption ischanged. If debugging turns off when you unplug the cable,pleasechange USB option. Normally, it's OK to keep USB option asdefault.