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save bridge with Frog 1
save bridge with Frog is one of themoststylishfrog games of 2016 in londonNOTE: CHECK OUT FrogTEMPLE DASH!!!save bridge with Frog is the most stylish stickman runninggamesagaaround! Fun, cool and addictive game!Christmas has come to london City! in a snowy christmasthemedcityin this update!Run and jump trough a bunch of stylish tracks and enjoycooljazzmusic.One of the most challenging, fun and addictive runninggamesevermade!FULL DESCRIPTION:save bridge with Frog is one of the most stylish frog gamesof2016in london & los angeles california all bridge for word.Forgetthe temple, jungles and subway stations > the londoncityawaitsyou! It has a mysterious atmosphere and noirish graphics.Theeasyplay makes it one of the simplest yet addictiverunninggamesaround. You run and jump through different bridge with Frog has some really challenging tracks,evenifyou have played other fast paced jumping or runninggamesbefore.Collect all the stars and diamonds on the tracks inorderto fullycomplete the game. You can share your highscoreonfacebook!Challenge your friends! the frog City is suitable toplayfor thewhole family. frog bridge london City is a perfect gameforyou, Ifyou like super hard games like our all games.FEATURES:- One of the most stylish and addicting frog runninggamesaddi- Total of 30 different missions and 10 tracks to runthroughandmore coming!- Share your scores on facebook!- Very simple, but hard and challenging game similar toourothergames- Frequently updated (more missions,tracks etc.) 3HOW TO PLAY:You play as a jumping will run forward on its own and jumpwhenyoutouch the screen. The longer you hold your touch, thehighertheadventure will jump. Your goal is to jump over everybuilding,runto the end of the track and get as good highscore asyou can.tdoesn't have wings to flappy flap like a bird, but itjumpsveryhigh. You have to do a lot of jumping to beat the tracks,butbecareful: unnecessary jumping will not get you a good score!Thisisa hard game so be cool and don't get angry!-> What is Stick run?Stick run challenges players to run as far as possiblethrougharandomly generated side-scrolling level filledwithdeadlyobstacles.rap was created by 16-year-old student ManuelOttofromGermany and became a smash hit on Facebook. The gamecountsover 6million monthly active users!-> How does it work?Obstacles range from single crates to stacks of them, panesofglassand rotating saw blades. Running headlong into wallsofcrates orany saw blade ends the game, at which point playerscanrestart andtry again. Achievements can be unlocked formeetingcertainperformance criteria.Stick run Mobile takes only a minute to learn, but alifetomaster!-> Game Features• Android version of the Facebook smash hit!• New intuitive „2-thumbs control“• Collect ingame currency and items• Cool power-ups• International leaderboards• Dozens of challenging achievements