Top 36 Apps Similar to GSE SMART IPTVdroidvisionVideo Players & Editors

Kodi 18.9
Kodi® media center is anaward-winningfree and open source cross-platform software mediaplayer andentertainment hub for digital media for HTPCs (Hometheater PCs).It uses a 10-foot user interface designed to be amedia player forthe living-room, using a remote control as theprimary inputdevice. Its graphical user interface (GUI) allows theuser toeasily browse and view videos, photos, podcasts, and musicfrom aharddrive, optical disc, local network, and the internetusing onlya few buttons.IMPORTANT:The official Kodi version does not contain any content what soever.This means that you should provide your own content from alocal orremote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other mediacarrierthat you own. Additionally Kodi allows you to installthird-partyplugins that may provide access to content that isfreely availableon the official content provider website. Anyother means ofwatching illegal content which would otherwise bepaid for is notendorsed or approved by Team Kodi.Estuary is the new standard skin and is designed to befastand user friendly.With the skin Estouchy, Kodi has now been enhanced tobetterwork with larger 5" or up phones and tablets. Kodi is notdesignedor recommended for use with smaller phones.Disclaimer:- Kodi does not supply or include any media or content.- Users must provide their own content or install one of thethirdparty plug-ins- Kodi has no affiliation with any third-part plug-in oradd-onprovider what so ever.- We do not endorse the streaming of copyrightprotectedmaterial without permission of the copyright holder.- In order to upgrade from a previous version you musthaveinstalled an official released version by Team Kodi. Anyotherversion may cause failure to upgrade.License and development:Kodi® is a trademark of the XBMC Foundation. For further detailsyoucan visit® is fully Open-Source and released under the GPLv2.0+license.It includes many third-party libraries which usecompatiblelicenses. Due to the inclusion of some GPLv3.0 librariesthe entireapplication becomes GPLv3.0 as binary.Should you wish to help on future development you can do sobyvisiting our forum for further questions.
VL Video Player IPTV 9.5
VL Video Player IPTV supports all video formats and mostpopularaudio, and video and audio playing local files and fromthenetwork. Possibility of adding lists of channels of tv, tdt,films,music and videos in format m3u with its new function IPTVPlaylistTo work properly even on less powerful devices, VL VideoPlayerIPTV uses hardware acceleration. Enjoy online videos, movies,TVchannels, music and more by adding m3u lists. VL Video PlayerIPTVcan play all the videos and music from your gallery. VLVideoPlayer IPTV main features : - IPTV Playlist functionadded.Complete management of m3u lists. Possibility of addingIPTVPlaylist from url or local file. - VL Video Player IPTV (VLC)playsmost local video and audio files, as well as networkstreams(including adaptive streaming), DVD ISOs, like the desktopversionof VLC. It also support disk shares. - Automatically detectsallvideo and music files on your device. - Supports all audiofileformats (avi, m4v, mp4, wmv, flv, mpeg, mpg, mov, rm, VOB,ASF,MKV, F4V, ts, tp,m3u, M3U8 ...). - Auto- rotation settingsSupport,aspect ratio. - Subtitles video support. - Supportstreamingvideos. - A / B repeat, lock screen, timers, batterysaving . -Manage your videos and music files. - Share funny videoswith yourfriends. - Many settings andpreferences......................................................................VIDEOPLAYER HD, Fast, Easy, IPTV, with many interestingfunctions.Improvements introduced in version 14: - Management ofIPTVplaylists, importable from local file or URL - Translation tothemain languages. - VLC code updated and compatible withmoredevices. - Added compatible with AndroidTV and GoogleVR......................................................................Disclaimer:GNU General Public License : You canget the source code followingthis link: vlc -android
VLC for Android
VLC media player is a free and opensourcecross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimediafilesas well as discs, devices, and network streamingprotocols.This is the port of VLC media player to the Android™ platform.VLCfor Android can play any video and audio files, as well asnetworkstreams, network shares and drives, and DVD ISOs, like thedesktopversion of VLC.VLC for Android is a full audio player, with a complete database,anequalizer and filters, playing all weird audio formats.VLC is intended for everyone, is totally free, has no ads,noin-app-purchases, no spying and is developed bypassionatevolunteers. All the source code is available forfree.Features––––––––VLC for Android™ plays most local video and audio files, as wellasnetwork streams (including adaptive streaming), DVD ISOs, likethedesktop version of VLC. It also support disk shares.All formats are supported, including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg,FLAC,TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC. All codecs are included with noseparatedownloads. It supports subtitles, Teletext andClosedCaptions.VLC for Android has a media library for audio and video files,andallows to browse folders directly.VLC has support for multi-track audio and subtitles. Itsupportsauto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments and gestures tocontrolvolume, brightness and seeking.It also includes a widget for audio control, supports audioheadsetscontrol, cover art and a complete audio medialibrary.Permissions––––––––––––VLC for Android needs access to those categories:• "Photos/Media/Files" to read your all media files :)• "Storage" to read your all media files on SD cards :)• "Other" to check network connections, change the volume, settheringtone, run on Android TV and display the popup view, seebelowfor details.Permission Details :• It needs "read the contents of your USB storage", in to ordertoread your media files on it.• It needs "modify or delete the contents of your USB storage",inorder to allow deletion of files and store subtitles.• It needs "full network access", to open network andinternetstreams.• It needs "prevent phone from sleeping" in order to prevent...yourphone from sleeping when watching a video.• It needs "change your audio settings", in order to changeaudiovolume.• It needs "modify system settings", in order to allow you tochangeyour audio ringtone.• It needs "view network connections" in order to monitorwhetherdevice is connected or not, to hide the streamingparts.• It needs "draw over other apps" to start the popup menu.• It needs "control vibration" to give feedback onthecontrols.• It needs "run at startup" to set recommendations on AndroidTVlauncher screen, only used with Android TV version.
IPTV - Movies, Free TV Shows, IP TV, Tv Online 1.1.7
Watch TV online for free through m3u lists, seemovies,freeeverything series in the palm of your hands, watcheverythingwithease through our integrated player, the App iscompletely free,theAPP does not have TV channels, the App is areader Of m3uListswhere all channels and movies are loaded throughthe m3ulists,easily find m3u lists on the WEB, copy the m3u listlink andpasteinto APP automatically returning to APP, ✔ Watch inyourChromecastyour series and movies with ease, ✔ Watch yourSmartvthroughexternal APP, ✔ Own but powerful player withbrightness andvolumecontrol ✔ Choose the desired Player to watchyour content, ✔TheBest IPTV APP, Watch your IPTV channels with m3ulists, Alliptvchannels are received over the internet, so the name(IPTV), ifanychannel is out of the air is not our IPTV app's faultbutratherthe owner of the channel ... ✔ Our App does notcontainchannels itsimply reads the channels movies and series inthe liststhuscontained, ✔ Free online TV on mobile is here, theother appsarepast, We do not support piracy, our APP only displayscontentfromlists available on the internet, or more qualitysubscribes toacable or satellite service.
Web Video Cast | Browser to TV (Chromecast/DLNA/+)
Web Video Caster allows you to watch on yourTVvideos from your favorite websites including movies, TV shows,livestreams of news, sports, and IPTV. It also lets you castlocalvideos stored on your phone.SUPPORTED STREAMING DEVICESWeb Video Caster supports the most popular streamingdevices,allowing your TV to stream videos directly from theweb.• Chromecast• Roku• DLNA receivers• Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick• Smart TVs: LG Netcast and WebOS, Samsung, Sony, andothers.*• And more*If you experience a compatibility issues, contact us andincludethe brand and model number.SUPPORTED MEDIA• HLS live streams in M3U8 format• Authenticated videos including movies and TV shows• MP4 videos• Live news and sports• Any HTML5 videos**Your streaming device must be capable of decoding the video youareplaying. Web Video Caster doesn't perform any video/audiodecodingor transcoding.HOW IT WORKSWeb Video Caster is a browser, which allows you to stream videosofmovies, TV shows, and other media from the internet to astreamingdevice or smart tv. Web Video Caster grabs the video URLinside theweb page, sends it to the streaming device (i.e.Chromecast, FireTV, Roku), and then plays the video directly fromthe contentprovider. This ultimately saves your mobile device’sbattery. Italso detects subtitles on the web page. Web VideoCaster doesnot host these videos. This is not amirroringapp.Web Video Caster is also able to cast local videos stored onyourphone or tablet.The app will also allow you to download videos for which youhavepermission to do so. Start the video downloader from the videolistscreen. File types include MP4, AVI, WEBM. Excludes livestreams(M3U8, MPEG-Dash).GET STARTEDFollow these simple step-by-step instructions tostartstreaming:1. Find a video online that you want to watch.2. Make sure this video can play on mobile browserswithoutFlash.3. Connect to your streaming device.4. Play the video as you normally would. Or, click the playbuttonon the toolbar.PREMIUM FEATURES**• No in-app advertising• Bookmarks• Home page setting• Video history• Queue• Resume videos• Homescreen shortcut**This functionality does not apply universally to allstreamingdevices. Roku does not support resuming or queue.LIMITATIONS & DISCLOSURESAs with all apps, there are some limitations we are aware ofandwant you to know about up front.• We are in no way associated with any web media providers and wedonot have control over the content they provide.• Web Video Caster does not support nor play Flash orFLVvideos.• The app does not support tab casting, like theChromecastextension for the PC web browser.• We cannot do anything to fix issues that arise on the serverside(media content provider) such as failure to play orbuffering,which is especially common during heavy load timesandweekends.• Refunds only issued within 24 hours of purchase and youmustsubmit the order number in text, not a screenshot.SHARE YOUR FEEDBACKWe are committed to open communication with our users.Pleasecontact us first with any questions or support issuesbeforeleaving a review. We will respond and address yourconcernpromptly. Contact us through our usercommunity or our website• Phone state - To allow the pausing of videos on incomingphonecall.• Wi-Fi connection information - Required for the streamingdevicesand for the browser.• Photos/Media/Files (storage in general) - Required forthedownload functionality.• In-app purchases - For premium version.• Wake-lock - To keep phone awake while routing videosthroughphone. Should only affect live streams andauthenticatedvideos.• Accounts/Identity - Required by Google Play Services(7.5+).
MX Player
Powerful video player with advancedhardwareacceleration and subtitle support.a) HARDWARE ACCELERATION - Hardware acceleration can be appliedtomore videos with the help of new HW+ decoder.b) MULTI-CORE DECODING - MX Player is the first Android videoplayerwhich supports multi-core decoding. Test result provedthatdual-core device's performance is up to 70% better thansingle-coredevices.c) PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM AND PAN - Easily zoom in and out bypinchingand swiping across the screen. Zoom and Pan is alsoavailable byoption.d) SUBTITLE GESTURES - Scroll forward/backward to movetonext/previous text, Up/down to move text up and down, Zoomin/outto change text size.e) KIDS LOCK - Keep your kids entertained without having toworrythat they can make calls or touch other apps.(pluginrequired)Subtitle formats:- DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks.- SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling.- SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support.- SubRip(.srt)- MicroDVD(.sub)- VobSub(.sub/.idx)- SubViewer2.0(.sub)- MPL2(.mpl)- TMPlayer(.txt)- Teletext- PJS(.pjs)- WebVTT(.vtt)******Permissions:––––––––––––MX Player needs permissions on the following categories:* "Access Photos/Media/Files" permission to read your allmediafiles on your storage* "Other app capabilities" for various activities likecheckingnetwork status, Streaming, controlling bluetoothdevice,controlling the touch feedbacks, blocking keys with kidlockfeature.Permission Details:–––––––––––––––––––* "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" permission is required in order toreadyour media files in your primary & secondarystorages.* "WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" permission is required in order torenameor deletion of files and to store the downloadedsubtitles.* "ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" and "ACCESS_WIFI_STATE" permissionsarerequired in order to get the network status which is requiredforvarious activities like license checking, updatechecking,etc.* "INTERNET" permission is required in order to playinternetstreams.* "VIBRATE" permission is required in order to controlsthevibration feedbacks.* "BLUETOOTH" permission is required in order to improve AVsyncwhen Bluetooth headset is connected.* "WAKE_LOCK" permission is required in order to prevent yourphonefrom sleeping while watching any video.* "KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES" permission is required in ordertostop the MX Player services used in background play.* "DISABLE_KEYGUARD" permission is required in order totemporarilyprevent secure screen lock when Kids Lock is used.* "SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" permission is required in order toblocksome keys when Kids Lock is used.* "DRAW OVER OTHER APPS" permission is required in order toblocksystem buttons when input blocking is activated on theplaybackscreen.******If you are facing "package file is invalid" error, please installitagain from product homepage(******If you have any questions, please visit our Facebook Page or XDAMXPlayer forum. of the screens are from the Elephants Dreams licensed undertheCreative Commons Attribution 2.5.(c) copyright 2006, Blender Foundation / Netherlands MediaArtInstitute / www.elephantsdream.orgSome of the screens are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed undertheCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /
IPTV Tv Online, Series, Movies, Player IPTV 6.1
The Best Google Play IPTV App Our app is a list reader and youneedto get a list on the internet to use. Watch online TV listenradioand watch movies and series, all with our App, you need tohave anIPTV list to watch content through IPTV M3U lists, you canget naIPTV M3u List on Web, watch movies and free programs, watchcontentfrom all over the world, Added QR Code Reader to load yourlists.  Easy interaction app ✔ See all content with .m3ulistsextension found on the web ✔ Watch on TV with Chromecast <i>✔ Video player built into the App, < i> ✔ Live breakforschedules and movies, ✔ Upload lists through the Url or the .m3u✔Simple and friendly interface, ✔ Powerful player capableofreproduce .m3u8 files from lists, mp4, and many other formats,✔Added DLNA, Through External APP (In Test) ✔ Free applicationtowatch tv online, ✔ You can watch tv online watch movies andseriesthrough m3u lists found on the web. Please note, our App doesnotcontain any channels or movies or series, our App is simply am3ulist reader and all content imported into it through the listsisthe responsibility of the creators of the lists
Ace Stream Media (Beta)
Ace Stream
Discover a new level of high-qualitymultimediaspace in the Internet with the Ace Streamsoftware:- Enjoy watching online large number of broadcasts, with thebestaudio-visual quality on the Internet (TV, custom streams,movies,cartoons, etc.), which are delivered with Ace Streamprotocol- Listen online to music in lossless-format, with a maximum levelofstream stability- Play torrents online, without waiting for content download- Watch content on remote devices (Apple TV, Chromecast etc.)oversuch communication protocols as AirPlay, Google Castandothers- Use for playback any players comfortable to you- Use functionality of the Ace Stream with your favorite appsThe contents of the Ace Stream Media package:- Ace Stream Engine - universal manager of multimedia streamswhichuses the most advanced P2P-technologies for efficient datastorageand transmission.Note: In this release the default output format in settings issetto "auto", which means that the stream is transcoded whenplayingvideo in MKV container with AC3 codec on devices and playerswithno support for this audio codec (Apple TV, Chromecast etc.).Thisleads to considerable delays when starting playback andincreasesresponse when seeking (especially on low-powereddevices).Therefore, if your remote device or player supports AC3audiocodec, then you can go to settings and switch the outputformat tosomething more convenient. P.S. In the future, we aregoing tooptimize this process and eliminate all theinconveniences.Attention! This application does not contain any content. Itonlyallows playback of content published by different peopleandthird-party services over Ace Stream and Bittorrentprotocols.Therefore, if you don't know why you need this app, donot installit, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of anybroadcastspublished in any third-party applications, or on anythird-partywebsites, or such broadcasts don't work at all, pleasecontactdirectly the owners of the content, but not us.
Server Cast | Videos to Chromecast/DLNA/Roku/+
Server Cast allows you to cast HD videostoseveral devices such as Chromecast, Smart TVs, Fire TV,DLNAreceivers, airplay (AppleTV), XBox, and more, from multiplesourceslike files local to your phone or tablet, DLNA/UPnP servers,FTP,FTPS, Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDav, SFTP, IPTV M3U playlistsandmore coming very soon (please send us an email if you wantsomeprotocol or service included).SUPPORTED DEVICES:• Chromecast• SmartTV (Samsung and others)• Windows Media Player and XBox• Fire TV• AppleTV (AirPlay)• Roku (very limited support)Tested sources:• Serviio DLNA• MediaTomb DLNA• Window 7 DLNA• FileZilla FTP• VsFTP• Dropbox• Google Drive• IIS WedDav and Synology WebDav• SFTP on OSX and Linux (both OpenSSH)• Multiple M3U IPTV playlist files hosted on many servers.This app does not do any transcoding, the video must be inthecorrect format. Most of those devices support h264 videos on anmp4container.If you would like to try the beta you can opt-inat: you have questions please contact us at thisaddress or join our G+community
Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, stream phone to TV
InShot Inc.
Cast to TV enables you to cast online videos and all localvideos,music and images to TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stickor FireTV, Xbox, Apple TV or other DLNA Devices. Cast to TV andenjoymovies on TV now! 🏅🏅🏅Features: ● Easy to control TV withphone:pause, volume, forward/rewind, previous/next etc. ● Castvideos totv. ● Local playback for videos. ● Auto search foravailable castdevices & streaming device. ● Identify video,audio, photofiles on your device and SD Card automatically. ● Addlocal video,local audio to Play Queue. ● Play media in shuffle,loop, repeatmode. ● Design for video cast, music cast & photoslideshowcast. 📺All Cast in One. With Cast to TV, you can cast to:☆Chromecast ☆ Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense,Xiaomi,Panasonic, etc. ☆ Xbox One and Xbox 360 ☆ Amazon Fire TV andCastto Fire Stick ☆ Apple TV and Airplay ☆ Roku, Roku Stick andRokuTVs ☆ Other DLNA receivers ☆ Coming soon: Kodi, IPTV etc. Ifyouwant to cast video from android to tv, you’d better try Cast toTV- Cast to Chromecast. Cast to Roku Easy to connect and casttoRoku. You can cast videos and music to Roku withoutlimitations.Fast forward and backward can provide you with anexcellentexperience for watching movies. Just search videos fromyourfavorite website and cast to Roku now! Cast to ChromecastCastlocal video, photo slideshow, and music from phone toChromecasteasily and fast. Cast to Chromecast, Fire TV and othersmart TVswith no feature limited. Cast to Chromecast, and enjoy thebestexperience of watching videos. Cast to Apple TV Cast bothlocalfiles and online videos to Apple TV with the airplay function.Castto Apple TV with the remote control to adjust the videoprogressand volume. Stream to TV From Phone With Cast to TV, youcan streamto tv from phone without limitation. It helps youinstantly streammovies, music and photos to your Smart TV,Chromecast, Amazon FireStick, etc. Stream to tv from phone is verydependent on Wi-Finetwork and streaming device. Please make surethat your phone andstreaming device is connected with the sameWi-Fi. And the formatof the media is supported by streaming device.If you have troubleswhen you stream to tv or cast to Chromecast,you can try to rebootthe Wi-Fi router and streaming device. If youhave any suggestionsor problems about XCast, please feel free tocontact us
Da Player - Video and live stream player 4.07
Da Player
Watch your videos, live streams, protected video contenttroughDaPlayer. Add them one by one or in playlists. Alsogoodfordevelopers who want to test or distribute theircontentwithoutbuilding an app. Supports .flv, .f4v, .ts, .mpeg,.mp4,.m4v, .mkv,.mov, .webm, .m3u8, .mpd, .aac, .amr, .f4a, .ogg,.mp3,.m4a,.opus, .flac, .wav, .m3u and .json Features: - Add protected .jsonplaylistsgeneratedthrough; - Add live video and audiostreams;- Addonline video and audio files; - Add local video andaudiofiles; -Add items as favorites for easy access; - Searchoption; -Customaudio and video codecs for some formats; - DVBsubtitlesupport; -Audio and Video tracks support; - Floating pop-upplayerwindow; -Option to choose default subtitle and audiolanguages; -Chromecastsupport; - Delete playlists or individualitems in localplaylists;- Option to share playlists; - Volume andbrightnesscontrols inplayer; - Orientation and aspect ratio optionsinplayer; - Supportfor non-touch devices including Android TV;Pleasenote that DaPlayer does not provide any content and isnotresponsible for thequality of the content you add and watchthroughthe app.
Cast TV for Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox/Fire TV
⚡Cast your videos to TV with Castify for Android, over5,000,000users so far. 📟Streaming Devices: Chromecast 1, 2, andUltra HD 4KFire TV or Fire Stick Apple TV Airplay (4th gen) tvOS10.2+ RokuExpress, Roku Streaming Stick, or Roku TV DLNA receiversXbox One,Xbox 360 Google Cast receivers Smart TVs with DLNAbuilt-inincluding: Panasonic, LG TV, TCL, Phillips, Sony Bravia,Samsung,Sharp, and many others. Please check your TV's user manual.🌐PlayFrom Sources: - Browser Websites - Phone Files - IPTV -DLNAServers - LAN, SMB, Samba 🆓Free Features: - Cast to TV,video,movie, music, or photos - Cast web videos found onlinefromwebsites - IPTV supporting m3u playlists - Stream to TV fromlocalfiles on phone to Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV orcompatibledevices - Only 2 items in queue at a time - Only 1bookmark at atime - Play history - Searching of videos on anywebsites - Blockpopups per website *Free features areads-supported. 💡Pro PremiumFeatures: - Removes advertisements -Roku remote control - Rokuchannels - Subtitles (only Chromecast fornow) - Custom themes -More than 2 videos in queue - More than 1bookmarks - Set home page- Sync across devices 👍This app works bestwith Google Chromecastand Google Cast receivers. Users mayexperience limitedfunctionalities with other casting receivers.This is not a phonescreen mirroring/sharing app. 📺Cast & Streammovies, videos, ormusic from web browser to TV, or from your IPTVproviders. 🎼Castphone's movie, music, or photos found on yourphone/tablet to TVwith compatible streaming devices. ☝️Usage Steps:1. Use the app'sbrowser to navigate to a website. 2. The browserwill try to findany playable video, movies, or music on that site.3. Then play itlocally on the Phone/Tablet, or cast to TV withChromecast or oneof the compatible streaming receivers. 📹SupportedFormats: MP4movie MKV files MP3 music JPG, PNG images HTML5 videoHLS LiveStreaming IPTV m3u file or urls 4K and HD where availableFeatures& Limitations of Some Streaming Receivers RokuStreamingdevices & Roku TV: - Remote control only for Roku - novideoresuming/scrubbing, no audio streaming, some file formatsnotsupported. Apple TV AirPlay: - AirPlay must be enabled insettings- Battery Optimization must be disabled for Android 6.0Marshmallowand up, local cast of audio and photo not supported. MKVfiles notsupported. Some urls formats not supported. Xbox One &Xbox360: - DLNA must be enabled in settings Fire TV: some videomovieformats not supported. The following streaming devices andSmartTVs are in beta support, so please do not expect them to workasgood as Chromecast: DLNA devices, Android TV, Xbox One &Xbox360, WebOS, Netcast Some Smart TVs have Google Chromecast app(orDLNA) built-in: according tothis: If you have anyofthose models, please check if it has one of the streamingreceiversto see if it's compatible to cast to TV. Castify does notmodify,download, or transcode the video sources. It only sendstheoriginal source to your streaming receivers. The app does nothostsany content. Therefore the compatibility and availability ofthevideos are dependent on the source websites themselves. -Thisapponly casts from websites that uses public format. Proprietaryvideo& movie formats will not cast to TV. -If a video is notplayingor a disconnection occurs, it could be several reasons: 1.TheISP(Internet Service Provider) 2. The source website itself3.Insufficient WIFI signal strength Troubleshooting: -EnsureyourWIFI connection is stable and on the same network. Streamingonlinemovies to TV requires a good internet connection. -Mostconnectionproblems can be resolved by restarting the castingreceivers orphone. -Flash movie websites are not supported bystream devicemanufacturers.
PlayerXtreme Media Player - Movies & streaming 1.1.3
PlayerXtreme Media Player the most popular cross-platformAudioPlayer, Video Player, Movie Player and Online Streaming Playernowavailable on Google Play Store. With this Free Media Player youcanwatch videos, movies, listen to music and more, in any format,withmesmerizing audio and video results on the go from anywhere,evenif they don’t normally play or even sync with your Phone orTablet!Download PlayerXtreme Media Player & start transferring&watching your favorite movies with perfect HD videoplaybackwithout conversion! PlayerXtreme Media Player is able torun filesin almost any video format. It has the following formatscovered:Formats Supported: 3gp, asf, avi, divx, dv, dat, flv, gxf,m2p,m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2,mpeg4,mpg, mpv, mt2s, ts, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, rm, rmvb, ts,vob,webm, wm, wmv. Features: • Direct Play without conversion: Playallyour media files without conversion and enjoy direct playbackwiththis free media player. • Any Format: The all format videoplayersupports all file types including hi-fi music and videoformats.MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV and 40+ formats are supported. •Subtitleson Steroids: The incredible movie player supports allpopularformats of subtitles. It allows Closed Captioned (CC), SRT,SMI,TXT and more to play all your media with subtitles. •HardwareAccelerated Plus: Playback powered by 6th Gen HardwareAcceleratedCore produces vibrant video and sharper sound unmatched.Enjoyperfect audio and video quality while watching your mediainPlayerXtreme. • 4k Ultra HD Playback Support: PlayerXtreme isableto deliver smooth 4k HD 1080p MKV playback which makes it aperfectmovie player. • Streaming: Stream directly from your PC, NASdriveor Websites. Support for both audio streaming and videostreaming.• Files and Folders: You don’t need to learn the app. Itis almostlike using your home computer. • Available Anywhere:Stream all ofyour media to all your devices, anytime, anywhere,with the samebeautiful experience on all of them. • No StorageLimit: Play,watch and stream as much as you have on your server orstoragedevice, in this free media player without sacrificingquality,security, or performance. • All in one: Unlike conventionalvideoplayers , PlayerXtreme gives you all features in one brilliantapp.• Multi-language support: Support for files with multipleaudiolanguages and tracks to watch videos in your preferredlanguage. •Multi-track support: Support for files with multipleaudiolanguages and tracks. • Repeat & Shuffle: Repeat andshuffleaudio and video tracks to watch videos on repeat • Screenrotation:Lock or unlock screen rotation with one tap. • Videoaspect ratio:Change the aspect ratio from the video player • Audiodelay: Changethe audio, video syncing while streaming or playingyour media •Subtitle delay: Change the subtitle syncing withaudio/video byusing subtitle delay. • Resize subtitle text: Changesubtitle textbased on your need. • Background mode: Tracks keep onplaying whiledevice is on standby. • Gesture control: With scrollyou can turnthe volume up and down or you can your track forward orbackward inthe video player. Custom actions can be set on thesegestures. •Library Organization: Organize all of your media;videos, movies,photos, and music in beautiful poster view format. •Jump tenseconds forward or backward, Frame by frame option,gesturecontrol, change playback speed, resize subtitles text. Reachout tous, share your experiences and stay up to date with theupcomingnews and latest updates of PlayerXtreme, the best mediaplayer forAndroid! • Facebook: Enjoy the app? Give us alike! • Twitter:FollowPlayerXtreme!
Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast
Enhance your Media Center with thebestrated, most complete, easy and stable Kodi remoteavailable forAndroid.Yatse can remote control all your Kodi's like many others, butalsoprovides everything you have always wanted to enhance the usageofyour beloved media center, including many features that youneverthought you needed.Main unique functions• Stream your supported media to your localAndroiddevices or UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecastdevices*• Play your supported local media on your media center orUPnP,AirPlay, Chromecast devices*• Native support for Plex and Emby servers• Natural voice commands• Full Android Wear support• Offline Media*: Sync media to your device forofflineplaying• Audio Player*: Listen to your music everywhere• Offline library• Multiple widgets for fast remote actions, now playing detailsandmore• Support Media Player Classic (MPC) as an external player• Cloud Save*: Keep your hosts and settings in syncacrossdevices• Custom Commands: Unlimited commands to gain access tothemost advanced Kodi / XBMC remote functions• AV Receiver plugins*: Direct volume control of yoursupportedreceiver from YatseOther features• Modern and intuitive interface, designed for phonesandtablets• Completely configurable to fill all your needs• DashClock / Muzei extensions• Notifications and Lockscreen controls• Quickly find your media with sorting / filtering andglobalsearch• Detailed now playing with direct selection of subtitles(Includingdownload and syncing) and audio streams• Wake on Lan (WOL) and power control options• Multiple plugins for SMS / call / notificationforwarding,starting Media Center remotely, ...• Send media from YouTube or browser• Optimized for speed and low battery usage even onolderdevices• Support themes*• Support all Android versions from ICS to Nougat and O• Offers an API to control your media centers and Yatse fromotherAndroid applicationsAnd much more, just install and try.Support and documentation• Setup and usage documentation:• Support:• FAQs: use website or email for support and feature requests,ascomments on Play Store do not allow to gather enough informationorcontact you back.The free version is fully functional and does not contains ads.Butsome advanced functions (noted with an *) requires the purchaseofthe Unlocker to be used.Consider buying Unlocker if you want to support thecontinueddevelopment of this application.Keep in touch• Official website:• Facebook:• Twitter:• Google+:• Most Addons and PVR cannot be streamed due toKodilimitations• This application support all Kodi versions including latestbeta(Helix, Isengard, Jarvis, Krypton, Leia) | See the latest version• All commons forks like SPMC, OSMC, Librelec, Openelec arealsofully supported.• The screenshots contain content © copyright Blender Foundation| / /• All images are used under their respective CC Licenses|• Kodi™ / XBMC™ are trademarks of the XBMC Foundation• Plex™ is a trademarks of Plex, inc• Emby™ is a trademarks of Emby LLC• Except the material attributed above, all posters, stillimagesand titles depicted in our screenshots are fictitious,anysimilarity to actual movies copyrighted or not, dead or alive,ispurely coincidental• No animal was harmed in the making of this app
Simple IPTV Player 📺 Full Version
Simple IPTV Player, just put the IPTV List and Watch,SimpleandObjective! Compatibility: Simple IPTV Player isIPTVstandardcompliant and is also compatible with M3U, M3U8, XSPF,WPL,ASX andPLS Playlist standards, it also supports Android TVandRemoteControl, or you can use it on your BOX TV Androidwithoutproblems!Simple IPTV Player was designed to be simple andwithoutmany tabs,because from what I saw, when we use these playerswithmanyoptions on Android TV or BOX TV with Remote Controlisverycomplicated, you will not have this problem in thisSimpleIPTVPlayer! Featured features: 🗒 EPG - ProgrammingGuide.🔥Compatibility with ChromeCast Devices, Easy Connection! ❤PutyourFavorite Channels with just one tap! 👀 A List withallrecentChannels accessed (You can clean it anytime!) 🌎 A Listwithallrecently used PlayLists (Clean when you want!) ▶ DidnotlikeInternal Player? Watch the External Player you want!⏲️AutomaticPlayList update, you do not have to keep checking ifthePlayListhas been updated, the app does it for you! ✔️CheckingOnline /Offline items, the system checks to see if theChannel isOnline orOffline! 🔗 If you have only the direct link tothe video /audio,no problem, the app is also compatible with videosand audiolinks!Compatible PlayLists Formats: 👍 PlayLists M3U8compatible👍Compatible with PlayLists M3U 👍 XSPF PlayListsCompatible 👍WPLPlayLists Compatible 👍 ASL PlayLists Compatible 👍PLSPlayListsCompatible 👍 Compatible with TXT PlayLists 👍Compatiblewith anyIPTV PlayList Compatible devices: 👍 CompatiblewithSmartPhones /Cellphones 👍 Compatible with Tablets 👍 CompatiblewithAndroid TV 👍Compatible with BOX TV 👍 Compatible with anyAndroiddevicePlayLists / Compatible IPTV Lists: ★ IPTV List Free ★IPTVListPaid ★ Updated IPTV 2018 List ★ IPTV List for Sports /Soccer★Updated IPTV M3U / M3U8 List ★ TV IPTV List ★ Channel IPTVList★IPTV Movies List ★ Series IPTV List ★ Animes IPTV List ★IPTVListof Novels ★ IPTV List of Religious ★ IPTV List of Radios★IPTVWorld Cup List ★ Free IPTV Channel List ★ IPTV M3U / M3U8list★IPTV 2018 ★ IPTV List 2018 Sports / Soccer ★ IPTV 2019UpdatedList★ List of IPTV Animes ★ Live Football List ★ List ForIPTV ★IPTVLists M3U / M3U8 ★ IPTV Cup Lists ★ IPTV Lista 2018 Free★IPTVList ★ World Cup IPTV List OfficialWebsite:
VLC Stream and Remote
Get smart with VLC Stream and Remote. Still searching forUSBcable/transferring files to PC just to play them in yourmediaplayer?! Play all media files of your phone in PC with justoneclick. Sit behind and watch YouTube videos in pcwithoutinterrupting user experience.No more file transferringbetween yourphone and PC needed and feel the simplicity ofcontrolling VLCplayer. Just use it once and you will feel the realawesomeness ofyour VLC media player. ----------------------------Features---------------------------- • Stream wide variety of mediafilesto VLC media player in your PC • Browse YouTube videos inyourphone and play them directly from your PC. • Search yourfavouriteaudio/video files instantly and play them in your PC. •Controlvolume of VLC media player using your phone's volume button.•Play/pause VLC media player • Previous/next video • Controlvolumeof VLC media player • Time seekbar • Clear/Play from VLCplaylist •Add subtitle to your video file (Only supported files) •Increase /decrease playback speed • Increase / decrease subtitlespeed •Increase / decrease audio speed. • Browse and play mediafiles ofPC directly from your phone • Take snapshot of video •Toggle fullscreen • Change aspect ratio video • Change crop size ofvideo •Full Material design Everything is without touching your PConceyou connected to your PC. And lot more comingsoon....---------------------------- ★★★ Really enjoyed app! pleasethrowus an awesome review. It will really help us a lot. Needanyfeatures? Mail us Still having troublewithconnection?. Please contact us.★★★ ----------------------------
Aio IPTV, series, movies, TV channels 1.7.11
Aio IPTV offers instant access to live channels andvideo-on-demandcontent on major platforms including smartphones,web browsers,Samsung smart TVs, and Aio set-top-box.  Aioprovides exlusiveaccess to channels which focus on specificsubjects, such asAiosport, Aiotoon, and broadcast channels. Aioalso carries a widerange of movies, TV series, documentaries, andanimations. Use AiOto watch your favorite content anytime,anywhere, at yourconvenience. All you need is internet connectionthrough yourexisting service provider. You can pick and choose whatyou wouldlike to view, and when. You can: • Pause your program andresumewatching whenever you want (catch-up feature) • Decide if youwantto just watch part of or full-length of the contentspreviouslyaired(through event-marker feature). You can stayconnected tolatest programs and enjoy the benefits of being an Aiouser. •Watch new movies and episodes without going to the store,and at alower cost. • Save downloading cost and effort and access alargelibrary of movies, TV series, documentaries, talk shows,animatedfilms, and training videos. Aio Support: 021-89518