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Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes Board Game
Have fun with this great classic:Dominoes!create private matches and play with your friends, tryto defeatyour opponents with strategy, reasoning and a little bitofluck..Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes Board Game is an app forDominoesfans! With it, you can have endless fun whenever andwherever youwant. Check out its main features:- Play with bots, friends and others players: Playonlinewith your Facebook friends or challenge others playersfromanywhere in the world! If you want, you can train with ourbotstoo.- 4 different modes: Choose your favorite Dominoesmode:TurboDominoes, Draw Dominoes, Dominoes All Fives andBlockDominoes.- Matches with 2 or 4 players: Choose if you will createamatch with just two players or two teams.Other features:- 3 difficulty levels;- Customize the table and the cards from the deck;- Statistics from your matches.If you like board games like Checkers, Mahjong, BackgammonandChess, you will love Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes BoardGame.What are you waiting for? Get the tiles and score tovictory.Download Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes BoardGamenow!
Brazilian Dama - Online 9.10.0
★ Unlock the ad-free VIP app versionwithAppGratis code ★Brazilian Damas (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Brazil. The boardgamedoes not need special representation, as well as, for example,thebackgammon, chess or cards game. Checkers is a challengingboardgame that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challengeyourstrategic skills with this relaxing game.Features:* Online multiplayer with chat, ELO, invitations* One or Two player mode* Bluetooth* Undo move* Ability to compose own draughts position* Ability to save games and continue later* Ability to analyse saved games* Parental control* Attractive classic wooden interface* Auto-save* Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* The player with the light pieces makes the first move.* Pieces can capture backward and forward.* The long-range moving and capturing capability of kings, andtherequirement that the maximum number of men be captured.* Capturing is mandatory.* A piece is crowned if it stops on the far edge of the board attheend of its turn.* Crowned pieces can move freely multiple steps.* A player with no valid move remaining loses.* A game is a draw if neither opponent has the possibility towinthe game.* The game is considered a draw when the same positionrepeatsitself for the third with the same player having the moveeachtime.
Dominoes Online 3.9.0
Play the classic Dominoes Online forFree.Install and play with no registration!Find fun and competitiveness in this app:• 5 modes to play online with real players orsmart/dumbrobots• Excellent game graphics and superior gameplay• Play and bet with virtual coins• Lounges for all kinds of dominoes players• Join tournaments and win trophies• Compete in the ranking• Track your stats of the matches• Training mode with robots• Meet people from around the world and make friendsDownload now and start this great logic game!Find thousands of people playing Dominoes online.Dominoes Online is a complete app for amateurs andprofessionalsDominoes players! Install now and enjoy!
Backgammon Offline
SNG Games
Backgammon by SNG is now ready forandroidmobile phones and tablets with its high quality and highlevelartificial intelligence. You can now download the bestBackgammondice game for free. Our main contribution is offlinebackgammonplus high level artificial intelligence.Features:- Real dice probabilities.- Smooth graphics and game play.- High level artificial intelligence (machine learning andneuralnetworks)- No need for an internet connection.- Totally free!- No banner ads.Our game is a part of a Phd. Thesis about reinforcement learningandneural networks. AI (Artificial Intelligence) bot is trained1millions times with an unsupervised learning algorithm.Winningratio of our agent is 64%. Many comments about rigged diceare nottrue since our ai agent is nearly a master player.Backgammon has received a bunch of different names over theyearssuch as: Tapa, Tavla, Tabula, Acey Deucey, Tawla, andetc.Backgammon offline is intended for adult audiences and doesnotoffer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes. Practice or success at our game does not implyfuturesuccess at "real money gambling".Enjoy this new game from SNG.May the luck be with you.
Chess Online 1.94.3028.0
Time to protect your king with no cost! Thisisthe world's #1 multiplayer online chess game.Chess is a free board game for 2 players. Playing on a squareboardwhich made of 64 smaller squares and eight squares on eachside.Player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights,twobishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the gameisfor each player to try and checkmate the king of theopponent.Checkmate is a threat ('check') to the opposing king.Touch thescreen, move and drop the pieces, checkmate, Win!This chess game has powerful chess AI engine, super chesstutor,amusing challenge mode, increase your ranking and become amasterof chess. Play online chess with real opponents from all overtheworld. Develop your chess strategy and chess skill, facethechallenge and be the chess master now!Chess Online Game Features:- Online 1-vs-1 matches: match chess fans from all overtheworld- Play with friends: log-in Facebook, play against withyourfriends!- Offline practice with AI: perfect chess engine, play chessagainstcomputer, ) easier for the beginners, become a chess pro inthis topfree chess app!- Chess tutor, learn chess and strategy, improve your chessskillalso help you avoid simple mistakes- Daily rapid chess challenge & daily endgame challenge:Thefree chess board game app provides different unique playmodes,allows you to choose different chess programs, develop yourskillsfrom 0 to chess master. Are ready for your dailyendgamechallenge?- Intelligent hints analyze every move- Various 3D themes and chess board for free, enjoy differentchessboard game experience-Free chess app for kids and adults- Design for both tablet and mobileYour like strategy game and learn chess? Download the top freechessgame app now. Enjoy your chess time. Chess Online is the bestchessboard game on Android. Come and join in the chessbattles!