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Password Safe and Manager
Annoyed of forgetting your access dataforhundreds of services, apps and co.?Do you want a secure way of saving all your passwords insteadofwriting them down on a sheet of paper?Password Safe and Manager is the best solution!It stores and manages all entered data in an encrypted way, soyouhave a secure storage of your access data and you only havetoremember your master-password. The encryption which is usedforprotecting your data is based on the Advanced EncryptionStandard(AES) 256bit.You can trust Password Safe 100% as it DOES NOT have any accesstothe internet.Note, that there is NO sync-feature, because of themissinginternet-permissions. So if you want to share the vault,upload thedatabase to Dropbox (or similiar) and import it fromthere onanother device.With the included widgets, you can generate as many randomlycreatedpasswords right from your homescreen, and it willautomatically becopied to your clipboard.Essential functions at a glance•  secure storage of your passwords, accounts, accessdata,etc.•  categorize your entries in the Password Safe•  access via one single master-password•  Password Generator for creating secure passwords•  backup and restore the encrypted database•  customizability of the user interface•  statistics•  automatic clearing of the clipboard (some restriction onsomedevices)•  Password Generator-widgets•  auto-backup•  csv-import/export•  no unnecessary Android rights•  [PRO] attach images to entries•  [PRO] own entry-fields can be defined and reordered•  [PRO] entry-fields can be used more than once•  [PRO] fingerprint login (Android 6.0 required)•  [PRO] archive entries•  [PRO] define multiple categories for an entry•  [PRO] see password history•  [PRO] mass assign entries to category•  [PRO] import/export from/to excel table•  [PRO] automatic logout after specific time and/or whenscreenturned off•  [PRO] further designs•  [PRO] self-destructionUse of rights:•  WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For database storage.•  BILLING: For In-App-Purchase of PasswordSafe Pro.•  KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES: It's needed to kill the appafterrestoring database in order to apply security-patch fromGooglecorrectly.•  SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: This is needed to showfloatingwindow.Do not hesitate to contact me if you found bugs, want to helpmetranslate Password Safe into other languages, have anyfeaturerequests, problems or something like that :)
Bitwarden Password Manager 1.20.0
Bitwarden is the easiest and safest way to store all of yourloginsand passwords while conveniently keeping them synced betweenall ofyour devices. Password theft is a serious problem. Thewebsites andapps that you use are under attack every day. Securitybreachesoccur and your passwords are stolen. When you reuse thesamepasswords across apps and websites hackers can easily accessyouremail, bank, and other important accounts. Securityexpertsrecommend that you use a different, randomly generatedpassword forevery account that you create. But how do you manageall thosepasswords? Bitwarden makes it easy for you to create,store, andaccess your passwords. Bitwarden stores all of yourlogins in anencrypted vault that syncs across all of your devices.Since it'sfully encrypted before it ever leaves your device, onlyyou haveaccess to your data. Not even the team at Bitwarden canread yourdata, even if we wanted to. Your data is sealed withAES-256 bitencryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.Bitwarden is 100%open source software. The source code forBitwarden is hosted onGitHub and everyone is free to review, audit,and contribute to theBitwarden codebase.
LastPass Password Manager 4.4.2024
LogMeIn, Inc.
LastPass is a password manager and password generator thatlocksyour passwords and personal information in a secure vault.Fromyour LastPass vault, you can store passwords and logins,createonline shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, trackpersonalinformation in notes, and more. All you have to do isremember yourLastPass master password, and LastPass will autofillweb browserand app logins for you.  Stop getting locked out of youronlineaccounts or struggling with frustrating password resets.LetLastPass remember your passwords for you, and keep you safeonline.NEW TO LASTPASS? Download LastPass now and get theprotection youneed for your online information. You can useLastPass across allyour devices, including phones, tablets, andpersonal computers,for free. - Store usernames and passwords forall of your onlineaccounts securely in your LastPass encryptedvault. - For AndroidOreo and future OS releases, LastPass willautomatically saveusernames and passwords to the vault as you visiteach site andapp. - Passwords will automatically fill in for you asyou visitsites and apps, so you never need to remember them again.Onlyremember your LastPass master password and forget the rest. -Withfree syncing, anything you save on one device isinstantlyavailable on all other devices. - Securely storeinformation likecredit card numbers and health insurance cards inthe encryptedvault. - Log in with your fingerprint for simple,secure access toeverything in LastPass. - Safely and convenientlyshare passwordswith others, such as the cable login or WiFipassword. - Createsecure passwords in one click with the built-inpassword generator.- Multi-factor authentication secures yourpassword vault to add asecond layer of protection on your account.LastPass never has thekey to your encrypted data, so yourinformation is available toyou, and only you. Your vault isencrypted with bank-level, AES256-bit encryption. For $24 a yearyou can upgrade to LastPassPremium and get additional features: -Unlimited sharing ofpasswords, items and notes - 1GB encrypted filestorage - Premiummulti-factor authentication like YubiKey -Priority tech support -Desktop fingerprint authentication DownloadLastPass today forsimple, secure access to your passwords!
Password Manager SafeInCloud
SafeInCloud Password Manager allows you to keep yourlogins,passwords, and other private info safe and secure in anencrypteddatabase. You can synchronize your data with anotherphone, tablet,Mac or PC via your own cloud account. All Profeatures are free fortwo weeks, then you can unlock the fullapplication functionalitywith a single in-app purchase. Nosubscriptions, no monthly fees!KEY FEATURES ◆ Easy to Use ◆Material Design ◆ Black Theme ◆ StrongEncryption (256-bit AdvancedEncryption Standard) ◆ CloudSynchronization (Google Drive, Dropbox,OneDrive, Yandex Disk, NAS,ownCloud, WebDAV) ◆ Login withFingerprint (Samsung devices &Android 6.0 devices) ◆ AndroidWear App ◆ Password StrengthAnalysis ◆ Password Generator ◆ BrowserIntegration ◆ Free DesktopApp (Windows, Mac) ◆ Automatic DataImport ◆ Cross-Platform EASY TOUSE Try it yourself and enjoy aneasy-to-use yet powerful userinterface. MATERIAL DESIGN SafeInCloudwas completely redesigned tomatch new Material Design userinterface language by Google. Inaddition to the standard Lighttheme SafeInCloud also has a Darktheme option to help you saving asignificant amount of batterylife. STRONG ENCRYPTION Your data isalways encrypted on a deviceand in a cloud with a strong 256-bitAdvanced Encryption Standard(AES). This algorithm is used by theU.S. Government for protectionof a top secret information. AES isalso widely adopted worldwideand became the de facto encryptionstandard. CLOUD SYNCHRONIZATIONYour database is automaticallysynchronized with your own cloudaccount (Google Drive, Dropbox,OneDrive, Yandex Disk, NAS,ownCloud, WebDAV). Thus you can easilyrestore your entire databasefrom a cloud to a new phone or computer(in case of a loss or anupgrade). Your phone, tablet and computerare also automaticallysynchronized between each other via a cloud.LOGIN WITH FINGERPRINTYou can instantly unlock SafeInCloud with afingerprint on deviceswith a fingerprint sensor. This feature isavailable on all Samsungdevices. Devices from other manufacturersshould have Android 6.0or higher. ANDROID WEAR APP You can put someselected cards on yourwrist to easily access them on the run. Thesecould be your creditcard PINs, door and locker codes. PASSWORDSTRENGTH ANALYSISSafeInCloud analyses your password strengths andshows a strengthindicator next to each password. The strengthindicator displays anestimated crack time for a password. All cardswith weak passwordsare marked with a red sign. PASSWORD GENERATORThe passwordgenerator helps you generating random and securepasswords. Thereis also an option to generate memorable, but stillstrongpasswords. BROWSER INTEGRATION The Desktop applicationintegrateswith a browser. This allows you to paste passwordsdirectly intoweb pages. You don't need to manually copy and pastepasswords fromSafeInCloud into a browser. The mobile applicationcontains abuilt-in browser with a similar password auto-fillfunctionality.FREE DESKTOP APP Download a free Desktop applicationfor Windows orMac OS from to be able accessyour databaseon your computer. The Desktop application also makesdata entry andediting fast and easy using a hardware keyboard.AUTOMATIC DATAIMPORT The Desktop application can automaticallyimport your datafrom another password manager. You don't need tomanually reenterall your passwords. CROSS PLATFORM SafeInCloud isavailable on thefollowing platforms: Mac (OS X), iOS (iPhone andiPad), Windows,and Android.
Keepass2Android Password Safe 1.06f
Keepass2Android is an open source password manager applicationforAndroid. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database formatusedby the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows andotherdesktop operating systems. The user interface is basedonKeepassdroid, ported from Java to Mono for Android. Thebackenduses the original KeePass libraries to handle file access toensurefile format compatibility. Main features of the App are*read/write support for .kdbx (KeePass 2.x) files * integrateswithnearly every Android browser (see below) * QuickUnlock: Unlockyourdatabase once with your full password, re-open it by typingjust afew characters (see below) * Access files from the cloud orthe web(Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, FTP, WebDAV). You canuse"Keepass2Android Offline" if you don't need this feature.*Integrated Soft-Keyboard: Switch to this keyboard for enteringusercredentials. This shields you from clipboard basedpasswordsniffers (see below) * support for editing entriesincludingadditional string fields, file attachments, tags etc. *searchdialog with all search options from KeePass 2.x.Requiredprivileges: * Access SD Card * Access Internet (requiredforaccessing files via FTP/WebDav). Install "Keepass2AndroidOffline"if you don't want to grant this privilege. * Vibrate Bugreportsand suggestions: integration == If you need to lookup a password forawebpage, go to Menu/Share... and select Keepass2Android. Thiswill* bring up a screen to load/unlock a database if no databaseisloaded and unlocked * go to the Search Results screendisplayingall entries for the currently visited URL - or - *directly offerthe Copy Username/Password notifications if exactlyone entrymatches the currently visited URL == QuickUnlock == Youshouldprotect your password database with a strong (i.e. random andLONG)password including upper and lower case as well as numbersandspecial characters. Typing such a password on a mobile phoneeverytime you unlock your database is time-consuming anderror-prone.The KP2A solution is QuickUnlock: * Use a strongpassword for yourdatabase * Load your database and type the strongpassword once.Enable QuickUnlock. * The application is locked afterthe timespecified in the settings * If you want to re-open yourdatabase,you can type just a few characters (by default, the last3characters of your password) to unlock quickly and easily! * Ifthewrong QuickUnlock key is entered, the database is locked andthefull password is required to re-open. Is this safe? First:itallows you to use a really strong password, this increasessafetyin case someone gets your database file. Second: If you looseyourphone and someone tries to open the password database, theattackerhas exactly one chance to make use of QuickUnlock. Whenusing 3characters and assuming 70 characters in the set ofpossiblecharacters, the attacker has a 0.0003% chance of openingthe file.If this sounds still too much for you, choose 4 or morecharactersin the settings. QuickUnlock requires an icon in thenotificationarea. This is because Android would killKeepass2Android too oftenwithout this icon. It does not requirebattery power. ==Keepass2Android Keyboard == A German research teamhas demonstratedthat clipboard-based access of credentials as usedby most Androidpassword managers is not safe: Every app on yourphone can registerfor changes of the clipboard and thus be notifiedwhen you copyyour passwords from the password manager to yourclipboard. Inorder to protect against this kind of attack, youshould use theKeepass2Android keyboard: When you select an entry, anotificationwill appear in the notification bar. This notificationlets youswitch to the KP2A keyboard. ON this keyboard, click theKP2Asymbol to "type" your credentials. Click the keyboard key toswitchback to your favorite keyboard.
Password Manager & Secure Data Vault by Kaspersky
Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Password Manager offers secure storage for yourpasswords,addresses, bank card details, private notes and imagesofconfidential documents, like your passport and driver’s license,andsyncs them across all your devices – giving you faster accesstoyour online accounts, apps and important information. Keyfeatures:-KEEP YOUR PERSONAL DATA UNDER LOCK & KEY Secure yourpasswords,addresses, bank card details, private notes and imagesof importantdocuments in an encrypted vault only you can unlock.-ACCESS YOURSTUFF WITH ONE PASSWORD Unlock your vault with amaster password noteven Kaspersky knows. Plus access everything indouble-quick timeusing the latest fingerprint sensor technology. -SYNC EVERYTHINGACROSS ALL YOUR DEVICES Keep your passwords andprivate stuff syncedand easily accessible across your differentmobile devices, PCs,Macs and browsers. -SAVE TIME WITH PASSWORDAUTOFILL Log in to youraccounts quickly and easily through Chrome.Have our technology fillout your credentials to save you fromdoing it manually. -IMPROVEYOUR SECURITY WITH OUR PASSWORDGENERATOR Use our password generatorto get strong passwords andmake easy-to-crack ones a thing of thepast. -SECURE YOUR BANK CARDDETAILS Scan and secure your bank carddetails with one tap of abutton. -STORE ALL YOUR IMPORTANTDOCUMENTS Also scan and secureyour passport, driver’s license,medical documents and othersensitive documents, so they’re out ofreach to everyone but you.-SEARCH AND ORGANIZE YOUR DOCUMENTS THEWAY YOU WANT Tag documentsas “Favorites”. Access recently viewedstuff with a single tap. Andgroup items into folders so it’s easyto find things later. -GET TOYOUR STUFF VIA YOUR MY KASPERSKYACCOUNT Access and managepasswords and documents from anywhere youcan get online. Why youneed Kaspersky Password Manager Rememberingall your passwords ishard. In fact, requesting a password resetafter a forgot passwordmoment is a chore we all recognize. WithKaspersky PasswordManager, your personal password keeper, you cansave precious timeover and over again. With all your passwords in apassword safe andaccessible with one password, it’s simple to signin to youraccounts, even those you rarely visit – helping youbanish forgotpassword brain freezes for good. But the benefits ofKasperskyPassword Manager don’t end there. Did you know thatbesidespassword storage and protection, the app provides you withapassword generator? With our password generator, you cangeneratestrong new passwords, add them to your password safe anduse themto replace existing passwords that put your passwordsecurity atrisk. Plus we also guard your most confidentialdocuments in asecure vault – so only you can reach them. So tryKasperskyPassword Manager today. It’s not just a password keeper.It’s notjust a password manager. It answers all your passwordsecurityfears plus more. Our Security Kaspersky Password Managerencryptsdata using a symmetric key algorithm based on AdvancedEncryptionStandard (AES). A key is derived from your masterpassword usingPassword-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2).TheAES algorithmis used worldwide to protect top-secret data. Forcorrectoperation, please install the latest version of KasperskyPasswordManager on all your devices. Having the old version and newversionon different devices may cause operating issues. Also,KasperskyPassword Manager doesn't store your master password onyour devicesor in cloud storage.
SIS Password Manager (Free) Fingerprint and Backup 3.5.7
Hi, I'm from Japan. Thank you for visiting my application page.Ihope you will take good care ofthis.********************************** When you updateapplication,please back up data just to makesure.********************************** [ Summary ] "SISPasswordManager" is Password-Management application. I displayedviewlayout and functions based on user operation. Your preciousdata istightly controlled in an encryption method [AES256]. [Mainfunctions ] * Add / Edit / Delete items. * Sortable List.*Register notification area. [ Features ] * Very simple andverylightweight. * Application can move to the external storage(SDcard). * Data is encrypted by AES256. * Data Export to storageandImport from storage. * Cloud backup. w/ Google Drive, w/Dropbox,w/ OneDrive. * Background image which is inspired byWASHI(it'sJapanese traditional paper). * Android 6.0 Marshmallowfinger printlogin . Disclaimer Please note that SISYOU.KUM shallnot beresponsible for any loss, damages and troubles.
Norton Password Manager 6.1.1
Norton Password Manager lets you securely manage your passwordsandaccess your favorite sites faster. Designed to be easier thaneverto use, Norton Password Manager saves all your usernamesandpasswords and syncs them across your devices. With a newbuilt-inpassword generator, you can create secure, unique passwordsfor allyour accounts right within the app. Store addresses andwalletinformation like credit cards and bank accounts, so you canquicklyfill out online forms for faster checkout when shopping. Youcaneven save notes, like frequent flyer numbers or passport numberssoyou always have your important information at yourfingertips.Convenient mobile PIN gives you faster access to yourvault fromyour smartphone or tablet. FEATURES ✔ Helps securelystore yourpasswords in an encrypted vault that only you can access✔ Built-inbrowser stores and helps fill-in your information ✔ Savesaddressesand credit cards for faster online checkout ✔ Helps youcreatecomplex passwords with a built-in password generator ✔Storesfrequent flyer numbers and other password protected notes ✔Securemobile PIN lets you access your vault even faster from yourAndroiddevices ✔ Helps prevent phishing and malicious sites fromcapturingyour keystrokes. After initial login, your passwords andother dataare available even when you’re offline. KEEP YOURPASSWORDS SAFEKeeping your information safe is a lot easier thanyou may think. Apassword manager will help lock down your accountsand save youfrom having to enter your login credentials every timeyou sit downat your computer. All of your logins and passwords arestored in asingle, secure place. Password managers also help keepyour datasecure by enabling you to use passwords that are asdifficult tocrack as they are to remember. Whether you’re at homeor theoffice, use unique, complex passwords for your onlineaccounts toprotect all that you do online. Hackers have managed topenetratethe defenses of major websites and will try yourcompromisedinformation on hundreds of other popular sites, hopingthat youused the same credentials more than once. PRIVACY POLICYSymantecrespects the privacy of our users and carefully safeguardspersonaldata. For more information:
Brian Pellin
KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass Password SafeforAndroid. Read/write support for .kdb and KeePass 1.x.Read/writesupport for .kdbx and KeePass 2.x. Please report issuesat so I can followup.
Applock 1.35
AppLock is one of the best Android lock app with privacy guard,thebest app locker with password & pattern lock screen,applockthat provide high secure features in the one app. This isthe superapplock that will protects your privacy, give your phoneAll-roundprotection.  Privacy your Photo, note, call, sms,email,settings..., all the privacy guard functions for you toensure yourphone security and keep your privacy safe. With App locksecurityprotection, your privacy is well protected with passwordlockscreen & pattern lock screen. AppLock can lockFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS,Contacts,Gmail, Settings, ….. Ensure personal & phone security.AppLockcan hide pictures and hide videos. Hidden pictures andvideos arevanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo andvideovault. No pin, no way. App lock has option to enableinvisiblepattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin orpattern.Keep safe! With this app lock, you will never worry aboutsomethinglike your kids mess up settings, paying for games! its socoolchild lock feature! The app is perfect app lock that help youtokeep your personal security, make protection app fromeveryone.===Features=== - Lock apps with a password, patternpassword safewith anyone - The vault: Safe gallery vault, privatephoto vaulthelp to hide pictures and hide videos. - With the imagevault &gallery lock, app move photo/video to secret vault byauto-deletinghidden images from the gallery after performing hidephotos &hide videos - Lot of beautiful password lock themes,pattern lockscreen themes - Customized lock screen password themefor the app,make privacy screen with style you wanted - App blockSettingsautomatically right after app is opened at first screen,help toprevent some uninstall app - Protect your emails, SMS, calllog -Small app size, low memory usage, power saving & savebattery -Three securities private mode: Lock apps with passwordlock,pattern lock or DIY. The keypad lock screen with passcode, DIYhelpyou to make yourself keypad lock screen, pattern lock screenusingyour photo on the gallery - Option to make invisible patternonunlock screen, people can not see your pattern lock screenwhileyou are unlocking. More safe! - Easily to lock phone apps,unlockphone apps easily from an app list by one click - Explorermoreapps and the locker themes from the “More apps” feature. -Passwordmanager: Change password type between passcode, pattern,DIY andreset password Features we are implementing and will beavailablevery soon: - Data security: Delete app data when someoneloginfails so many times (probably not you) - Option to hide appsfromthe phone desktop and open it in the app locker app. - Betterkidslock: kids lock only allow kids to play with some software thatisnot security apps like video, music, … without needing tounlockwhole phone - Separated private photo vault app to only lockphotos(or lock videos only) app, less app size, reduce steps tosetup===FQA=== 1. How to protect my phone ? You need to lock atleastthese apps: Settings & Google Play to prevent someoneuninstallthe app lock app 2. How to change password ? To passwordfor apps,open the AppLock, click menu Settings then chose Changepassword 3.How to stop or uninstalling AppLock ? You must havepassword touninstall this app lock, if you forgot passcode you canreset itvia security email. 4. I Forgot password, how to find it ?Enteryour security email then click 'reset password'. 5. If iloseprivate pictures when uninstall app ? Before uninstall, makesureyou export your private photo from private photo vault modulebackto your Gallery Download app locker right now, best appprotector,app security for everyone. Feel free to send yourfeedback to [email protected] The privacy app: We doesnot collectany personal & device information of yours.
This app will help you manage your wifi passwordsincorporatesabackup managercharacteristics:- add, delete or sharewifipasswords- multiple search- install, create, delete orsharebackupscompatible with android phones and tablets
Folder Lock 2.3.7
★One of the most preferred file locking software on play store ★Theimproved version of Folder Lock is an Android application thatworksto satisfy the needs of the security conscious users. FolderLockprovides much-needed features like password protection ofphotos andvideos, secured wallets, data recovery, decoy mode,stealth mode,hack attempt monitoring and more! Folder Lock® letsyoupassword-protect your personal files, photos, videos,documents,contacts, wallet cards, notes and audio recordings inAndroidPhones. The app comes with a clean and pleasant interface.You canalso transfer files from Gallery, PC/Mac, Camera andInternetbrowser. ★ Lock photos with photo locker to hide yourimages ★ Lockvideos with video locker to hide your videos ★Gallery lock vault tohide your albums ★ Notes Lock to lock andhide your notes ★ Lockapps to prevent access to your private applock Password-ProtectSensitive Photos & Videos: There are somepictures that areworth sharing and there are others whichshouldn’t be shared. Theseimages should be protected with FolderLock. Import photos &videos to lock them in seconds or takesecured images and recordvideos directly from Folder Lock’s userinterface. App Lock: AppLock allows you to lock your system appslike gallery, messages,contacts, Gmail, play store, etc.Furthermore, you can also Lock andprotect your downloaded appslike Facebook, instagram, WhatsApp andmore. Secret Audio files:Prevent others from discovering yourconfidential audio files, beit private conversations or businesssecrets. Lock SensitiveDocuments & Notes: Confidently lock-downsensitive documentssuch as bank statements, tax returns, companyspreadsheets andother off-the-record files. Secured Wallets: Boldlysave yoursensitive details from credit cards, bank accounts,health-card,passport and other confidential information by creatingsecuredwallets. Record Secret Voice Memos: Feel free to record yoursecretthoughts with Secret Voice Recorder. You can also listen toyourrecordings with its built-in audio player. Private Contacts:Createa list of confidential contacts and send secret-group SMS toyoursecret contacts right within Folder Lock’s secure interface.CloudBackup: Never lose your secured files and folders ever again.Withcloud backup feature, you can regularly backup your data.FourSecurity Locks: You have the option to setup a password,PIN,pattern or fingerprint lock as your primary access lock.DataRecovery: You’ll never have to worry about losing your datainFolder Lock. It’s built in data recovery feature can helpusersretrieve deleted files and folders. WI-FI File Transfer: UsingyourWI-FI connection, you can easily transfer your sensitive filesandfolders between different devices. OTHER SECURITY FEATURES:StealthMode (Hide icon) you can hide the app’s icon andpreventshoulder-surfers from discovering Folder Lock on your phone.DecoyMode (fake user) Create a fake profile to preventunauthorizedusers from accessing your real Folder Lockuser-account. PanicSwitch (Shake, Flick or Place your palm on thescreen) Switches toanother app immediately with just a shake, flickor placing yourpalm on the screen. Secure Browser You can downloadpictures andvideos from Folder Lock’s secure browser. Leave notraces ofbrowsing history. Hack Attempt Monitoring Folder Lockautomaticallysnaps images of intruders with a time stamp. FEATURES:• Protectprivate photos • Hide sensitive videos and pictures•Password-protect secret audio • Lock down important documents•Write secure notes • Record voice recordings and memos secretly•Import Saved Contacts • Create Contact Groups • SecretContactsGroup multiple SMS Import files from • Gallery • SD Cards •SecureBrowser
Dashlane Free Password Manager
Your better digital life starts here. Dashlane simplifiesandsecures your digital identity—all yourpersonalinformation that lives online. It's the only app that bothpreventsand protects you from the risks of digitally storing andsharingyour information. - Securely store passwords, securenotes,payments, personal info, IDs, and more in your encryptedvault.- Instantly autofill forms and payment info using ourmobilebrowser. - Replace weak passwords in seconds usingourPassword Generator. - NEW! Monitor your Password Health inournew Identity Dashboard. - NEW! With Dark Web Monitoring,getinstant security alerts for each email account you add inDashlane.- NEW! Use Inbox Security Scan to scan your emailinbox andfind all the accounts you've created, analyze theirsecurity, andsave them in Dashlane. OUR PLANS - Dashlane Free:Manage up to50 passwords and autofill all your personal informationon yourAndroid phone or tablet, free for life. - DashlanePremium:Manage unlimited passwords on unlimited devices, plus DarkWebMonitoring and secure VPN. - Dashlane Premium Plus(onlyavailable in the U.S.): Get added protection with real-timecreditmonitoring and up to $1 million in Identity Theft Insurance.OURSECURITY We built Dashlane on the belief that your passwordsanddata should always be secure, private, and accessible to onlyyou.- Our patented security architecture uses AES-256encryption,the industry's leading standard, and a zero-knowledgesystem toprotect your passwords and personal data. - Yourmasterpassword is your private key to unlocking Dashlane. No oneknows itbut you—not even Dashlane—and it's not stored anywhere onyourdevice or our servers by default. - Dashlane requires youtolog in from an approved device. Built-in two-factorauthenticationensures you are you, every time you unlock Dashlanewith yourmaster password or your fingerprint on compatible Androiddevices.AWARDS - PC Mag "Editors' Choice Award" - WebbyAward"People's Voice Best Mobile Services & UtilitiesApp"- Kiplinger's "Best Identity Theft PreventionTools"-'s "Best for Passwords andCheckouts"- Techlicious "The Best Security Apps" - ...andmany moreQuestions? Visit
1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet 7.0.8
1Password: the password manager that's as beautiful and simple asitis secure. Simply add your passwords, and let 1Password do therest.Try 1Password free for 30 days, then keep going with a1Password.comsubscription. Selected by Android Central as the BestPasswordManager for Android: "For those who want the absolute bestpasswordmanager for their phone, tablet, and computers, 1Passwordis the wayto go." PUT PASSWORDS IN THEIR PLACE 1Password remembersall yourpasswords for you, and keeps them safe and secure behindthe onepassword that only you know. ◆ Create strong, uniquepasswords forall your online accounts ◆ Fill usernames andpasswords intowebsites and apps ◆ Access your information on allyour mobiledevices and computers ◆ Share passwords securely withyour family orcompany ◆ Unlock with a single tap using FingerprintUnlock GETORGANIZED 1Password is for more than just passwords:it’s the idealplace for financial information, personaldocumentation, or anythingyou need to keep secure and accessible.◆ Store information in morethan a dozen categories: logins, creditcards, addresses, notes,bank accounts, driver licenses, passports,and more ◆ Createmultiple vaults to keep different areas of yourlife separate ◆Organize your information with favorites ◆ Usesearch to find andfilter your information STAY SAFE Everything youstore in 1Passwordis protected by a Master Password that only youknow. 1Password usesend-to-end encryption, so your data is onlyever decrypted offline.The encryption keys never leave yourdevice, and you are the onlyone who can see your passwords. ◆Unlock the app quickly andsecurely with Fingerprint Unlock ◆ Lockthe app automatically toensure your data is protected, even ifyour device is lost or stolenSHARE WITH TEAMS AND FAMILIES1Password for Android has full supportfor team and familyaccounts. It’s never been so easy to share thesimple security of1Password with those you work and live with. ◆Add all youraccounts — family, team, individual — and see all yourinformationin one place ◆ Easily migrate information betweenaccounts ◆ Sharepasswords and more with teammates and familymembers TRY FREE Get a30-day free trial when you install 1Password,and subscribe at anytime on Your subscription letsyou use 1Passwordeverywhere. Your data syncs securely andautomatically between yourdevices, and can also be accessed on theweb. Learn more at LOVED AND USED BY MILLIONS1Password hasbeen highlighted in The New York Times, GQ, The WallStreetJournal, Forbes, The Verge, Ars Technica, Mashable, andTheGuardian. ◆ Featured on NBC’s Today Show: Coolest must-havephoneapps of 2017! ◆ Named One of The World’s Greatest 100 AppsbyBusiness Insider We’re proud of this recognition, and we’reevenhappier that millions of people love and use 1Password everyday.WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU We love 1Password and strive to makeitthe best it can be. Connect with [email protected], @1Password on Twitter,! We're also available for feedbackorquestions in our discussion forums at
Secret AppLock for Android 9.6
Secret AppLock is an App Locker , App Protector, privacy guardthatwill protect your installed applications using a password,pattern,Gesture, Pin Lock! PIP lock screen Theme Easy to use passcodesecurity to securing your apps. Secret AppLock - App Protectorcanlock your gallery, contact, call, e-mail, SMS, photo or any appinyour android phone or tablet. App Lock - Protect Photo, Video,allsecurity apps & game Features : EASY & FAST -Protectsprivacy installed Apps using password Pin Lock, Password,Gestureor Pattern. Size is too small as much phone memory asotherapplocker. Lock your SMS, Mail, Album Gallery,Contacts,BrowsersMain Application. App Lock Also Lock Social ApplicationLike IMMessenger, Video Editor, Photo Editor, Messenger, JIOApplicationEasily. 3D Secure Scan - Lock Google Play to prevent buygames.Prevent harm to your device with real-time scanning of newGooglePlay Apps and updates. Power saving mode to save battery !PrivacyGuard Lock No Tension to hidden anything like SecretMessages ,Naughty Chat,Girlfriend talk , Secret talk because Youcan lockyour Android all secret app Facebook, WhatsApp, Line,Messenger,SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Google+ etc...., Gallery Images,MusicPlayer, Video Player, Casino Game with Secrete Lock orsecretPassword. Easily To use app Hide/lock for Android Device Youcanhide or lock your app from your android device withpasswordprotection.! Phone Setting Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , Mobile dataand DataSync, these are all protected. CM AppLock is a best AppLockPro !Photo vault and Video vault you can hide your Dirty Images,HotVideo From Gallery from your android Mobile. Protectprivatememories easily. Change Password We support many types oflockscreen Password : Lock screen pattern Lock screen passwordLockscreen keypad Lock screen Gesture You can pick individual appfromthe list view of apps for password protection. It has keypadlikeiPhone - Lock incoming and outgoing calls Additional Feature :-Boost Advanced Protection: Secure prevent AppLock being killedbytask killer - Unlock sound on/off - Most Powerful Protection -Itis easy to use, beautiful also keypad like iPhone - Protectyourphone, nobody can access your phone without password -Changebackground of lock screen with many beautiful wallpapers -Supportphone, tablet devices - lock files Decrypt & encryptfile -Intruder Selfie AppLock - security scan privacy apps andprivatephoto to hide. - Lock switch: WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G Data- CALLBLOCKING, SAFE BROWSING Using AppLock - Fingerprint password,Forcestopped cover coming soon Frequently asked Questions: 1-Howyou canget your forgotten password? By using forget passwordfunctionalityyou can get your password in valid email. 2. WhySecret AppLock notworking in SAMSUNG, SONY devices run Android 5.0- Cause Androidsystem update so you need to allow AppLock accessUsage Stats inphone, So please turn on Usage Stats by below guide:Settings app-> Security -> Usage Stats -> turn on forSecret AppLockfor Android Your apps fully protected and only youcan access it!Contact Secret AppLock :Facebook [email protected] Guideline
Keeper Password Manager & Secure Vault 14.1.0
Stay protected with the leading secure password manager anddigitalvault offering unlimited password storage for all users.Keeper’spassword manager generates, stores, and autofills strongpasswordswhile protecting you on all of your devices and securelystoringyour private documents. Don't get hacked. Get Keeper. WhyUseKeeper Password Manager? • World's most trusted and #1downloadedpassword manager with a 4.9 rating from 75,000 reviews. •No limitsto the number of passwords you can store in our freepasswordmanager. • Our premium version offers unlimited passwordstoragefor yourself or the entire family and enables passwordaccess fromany device you use. • Never forget a password again.Trade in yoursticky notes and spreadsheets for a secure encryptedpasswordvault. • Keep hackers at bay with strong, random passwordsusingour automatic password generator. • Securely shareindividualpasswords or files with people you trust. Stop texting oremailingyour private information. • Save time, stay organized andincontrol with our autofill feature, KeeperFill™. Both convenientandsecure, KeeperFill™ makes signing in to your favorite websitesabreeze on any of your devices. • Not just for passwords.Keeperlocks your confidential files, photos, and videos in asecureencrypted vault. • Increase organization with foldersandsubfolders • Assess password strength with just one click usingourSecurity Audit. • Biometric fingerprint and facial recognitionfora convenient and secure way to easily access your vault. • Ifyouever delete a password, don’t worry. Record History providesavaluable audit tool allowing you to view the date a recordwasmodified, revert to a previous version, or permanently deleteitfrom your vault. • Elect up to 5 trusted individuals to accessyouraccount in case you can’t with our Emergency Access feature.•Monitor the dark web for breached accounts and quickly takeactionto protect yourself against hackers - Our Password Keeper The Best? • Keeper strives to keepourapp as simple and intuitive as possible. Our 5-star reviewsbackthat up every day. • Every user is provided a secure andprivatevault protected by our unmatched zero-knowledgesecurityarchitecture with multiple levels of encryption. Eachuser's vaultis guarded by a master password which only the userknows. •Keeper’s Security Audit feature helps you identify whichaccountsrequire a password update and can generate a strongpassword foryou with a single click. • Share passwords or filesdirectly withanother Keeper user or with a group of people youtrust. Behind thescenes, information is encrypted with therecipient's public keyand decrypted with their private key. •Easily switch betweenmultiple Keeper accounts (like a business andpersonal vault) whenyou log in. • Keeper uses multiple layers ofencryption by storingyour data in our own secure cloud versuscompetitors who usepartial encryption on their cloud or rely onthird parties forpassword storage. With Keeper your informationremains 100%encrypted 100% of the time. Most Secure PasswordManager in theIndustry • Built with zero-knowledge securityarchitecture. Whatdoes that mean? All your data in Keeper’s cloudis fully encryptedand only accessible by you. • Integrates withtwo-step verificationproviders (SMS, Google Authenticator, DuoSecurity, or RSA SecurID)• Utilizes AES-256-bit encryption andPBKDF2 technology • Onlypassword manager to be certified TRUSTe andSOC-2 Download the mostsecure password manager in the industrytoday! Keeper, PasswordKeeper and the Keeper logo are registeredtrademarks of KeeperSecurity, Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,656,504,8,868,932 and 8,738,934.Patents Pending. * If you need assistance,please [email protected]
Enpass Password Manager 5.6.9
**The most SECURE and COST-EFFECTIVE password management app intheworld! Enpass offers you freedom from remembering toomanypasswords and other important credentials. It secures them inoneplace by your master password and makes them accessibleanywhereand everywhere - on your smartphones, tablets, or desktops.The appalso helps you create strong and unique passwords for everyloginwithout the need to remember any of those. Read moreat IS UNBEATABLE◆ Free Full FeaturedDesktopVersion For Mac, Windows And Linux◆ No Subscription ChargesOrSign-up Required◆ Autofills Login details in Chrome BrowserandThird party Apps◆ Works with Fingerprints◆ Vast range ofpresettemplates to store every kind of information◆ Backup/RestoreoverWiFi◆ Categorize your data in FoldersFOR ENPASS, SECURITYISPARAMOUNT◆ Military grade encryption- Enpass secures your databySQLCIPHER which is transparent and open-source AES-256encryptionto ensure highest level of security. All protectionmechanism isdone locally (offline) at your device. Read moreat◆ No online signup required-Insteadof our servers, your data is secured in your device or yourcloud.◆Strong password generator- Built-in password generator letsyoucreate strong and unique passwords for logins.◆ Autolocking-Automatically locks itself when not in use.◆ Autoclearclipboard-Clears clip board automatically (Optional).ENPASS IS FOREVERYONE◆Cross-platform compatibility- Available for all majordesktop andsmartphone platforms.◆ Cloud-sync- Syncs securely acrossyourdevices through Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, ownCloud/WebDAVandBox.◆ Import from other popular passwordmanagers.SEAMLESSBROWSING◆ Autofilling - Autofills your logindetails while browsingin Chrome and Enpass browser.◆ Multi-tabbedbrowser- Browsemultiple sites using tabs in Enpass Browser.FULLYLOADED, YETECONOMIC◆ Free desktop version- Full featured desktopversion isFree for MAC, Windows and Linux.◆ Works withFingerprints.◆Supports quick unlock using PIN◆ Fully customizable◆FoldersupportThis app uses Accessibility services to automaticallyfillthe login details in app and websites.We are constantly doingourbest to improve Enpass for our million users. Please rate it toletothers know about your experience with Enpass.Connect [email protected] on Twitter and on Facebook.
LastPass Authenticator
LogMeIn, Inc.
LastPass Authenticator offers effortless two-factorauthenticationfor your LastPass account and other supported apps.With one-tapverification and secure cloud backup, LastPassAuthenticator givesyou all the security, without any of thefrustration.ADD MORESECURITYSafeguard your LastPass account byrequiring two-factorauthentication codes when signing in.Two-factor authenticationimproves your digital security byprotecting your account with anadditional login step. Even if yourpassword is compromised, youraccount can’t be accessed without thetwo-factor authenticationcode.You can even mark a device as“trusted”, so you won’t beprompted for codes on that device whileyour account remainsprotected by two-factor authentication.TURNINGIT ONTo turn onLastPass Authenticator for your LastPass account:1.DownloadLastPass Authenticator to your mobile device.2. Log in toLastPasson your computer and launch “Account Settings” from yourvault.3.In “Multifactor Options”, edit LastPass Authenticator andview thebarcode.4. Scan the barcode with the LastPass Authenticatorapp.5.Set your preferences and save your changes.LastPassAuthenticatorcan also be turned on for any service or app thatsupports GoogleAuthenticator or TOTP-based two-factorauthentication.LOGGING INTologin to your LastPass account or othersupported vendor service:1.Open the app to generate a 6-digit,30-second code OR approve/denyan automated push notification2.Alternatively, send SMS code3.Enter the code into the login prompton your device OR hitapprove/deny request FEATURES- Generates6-digit codes every 30seconds- Push notifications for one-tapapproval- Optionalencrypted backup to restore your tokens on anew/reinstalleddevice- Support for SMS codes- Automated set-up viaQR code-Support for LastPass accounts- Support for otherTOTP-compatibleservices and apps (including any that supportGoogleAuthenticator)- Add multiple accounts- Available on Androidand iOS
Avast Passwords 1.5.8
Logging into different websites and accounts can be a hassle.Whocan remember all those usernames, passwords and pin codes? Andhowto save them all in a secure place so they’re easy to find?AtAvast we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make loggingineasier, faster and more secure. Introducing Avast Passwords –oursecure solution that makes logging in safe and easy.AvastPasswords offers a number of great features: - Createstrong,unique passwords for each of your accounts - Save and storeallyour login details is a secure place - Safely store yourpersonaland payment card information - Automatically auto-fillonline formsthanks to a floating button - Synchronize yourpasswords acrossyour platforms and devices - Easily and securelyaccess all youraccounts on your computer – simply tap the screen onyour mobileand One Touch Login will unlock what you need - Benotified if oneof your passwords has been leaked Thanks to thesefeatures, AvastPasswords makes logging in to any of your accountseasier and saferthan ever. How Avast Passwords helps you: - Savetime logging intowebsites and accounts - No need to hide yourpasswords and pincodes in unsecured places - No need to memorize orwrite down abunch of different passwords - Never forget and have torestore apassword again - Feel secure knowing that all yourpasswords arestrong and hard to break - Keep all your sensitivedata organizedin one secure place accessible from all your devices- Feel safeknowing that your personal and payment card info is safeand secure- No need to come up with new login details each time yousign upfor a new site Keep all your passwords, PINs and loginssafely atyour fingertips. Try Avast Passwords and give us yourfeedback! Weare continuously improving the look and feel and fixingbugs so youalways have the best experience while using our app. Ifthis is notthe case, please let us know!
RoboForm Password Manager
RoboForm for Android is a password manager and form filler appthatallows you to easily and securely access your RoboFormEverywherelogins and form fields. Using this app makes it easy totake yourpasswords with you wherever you go, eliminating the needtoremember and type them. With a user-friendly interface,seamlessintegration with your RoboForm Everywhere account,andtop-of-the-line security features, the RoboForm for Android appisa must-have for all! Key Features: - Automatically login toyourweb accounts with the embedded RoboForm browser. - Easilyhandlemulti-step Logins with the "Matching Logins" feature.-Automatically save new login information when you logintowebsites. - View and Edit your Logins, Bookmarks, Identities,andSafenotes. - Secure and save your RoboForm data to yourRoboFormEverywhere account. - Synchronize your RoboForm data withmultiplecomputers and mobile devices. - Fill long web forms with asingleclick. - Generate strong, unique passwords with thebuilt-inPassword Generator. - Options for AutoLogoff and ManualLogoff. -Import your logins from LastPass, Dashlane,1Password andotherpassword managers. - Easily search Logins with the built-insearchfeature. Notes: - App runs in its own browser by default, asthenative Android browser does not currently support integration.-App integrates with Chrome browser. To activate thisfeature,follow the steps below: Works for applications with Loginscreen onAndroid 4.1.2 & higher and web sites in Chrome onAndroid 4.3and higher. - Open Android Settings -> Accessibility->RoboForm and switch it on. - Open another App with a loginscreenor a web site in Chrome. - Tap on the password field.Roboformshould open matching dialog. In this dialog you can findyour savedpassword. If you have not previously saved a password,then you cansave it. - Return to the application or Chrome browserusing thesystem application manager. - Tap on any input and youwill see itfilled. IN-APP PURCHASE TERMS - RoboForm is free forunlimitedLogins and web form fill on a single device. - RoboFormEverywhereand RoboForm Family are available as one yearrenewablesubscriptions. - RoboForm Everywhere adds automatic syncacross alldevices and browsers, secure cloud backup, twofactorauthentication, secure sharing, web access, and priority24/7support. - RoboForm Family: Up to 5 RoboForm Everywhereaccountsunder a single subscription.
Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator v1.22.3
Myki, Inc.
Myki: The only secure Password Manager, Password GeneratorandAuthenticator designed with privacy in mind. Login to all ofyouraccounts with a fingerprint. Point to point UltraSecureEncryption. Myki is private by design in a way thatpreventsintruders from accessing your accounts. Myki does not storeyourpasswords in the cloud. Instead, it relies on point topointmilitary grade encryption to securely push your passwords fromyourphone to your computer. You do not need a master password tousemyki. Military Grade Encryption, Strong Random PasswordGeneration.Myki automatically fills two-factor authenticationtokens. Login toany account with your fingerprint. No need toremember yourpasswords ever again. Featured in TechCrunch, The WallStreetJournal, Forbes and the MIT Tech Review. For more informationabouthow myki protects your identity, visit: Password Manager andAuthenticator: Store passwords withAES256 and PBKDF2 encryption. Nomaster password to remember.Fingerprint Login. Login on anycomputer by downloading the browserextension. Login to any accountwith your fingerprint Auto-fillpassword in apps and websites.Generate Strong passwords for anyaccount. Share access with yourfriends and colleagues withoutsharing the password. Built-inPrivacy: Your passwords are notstored in the cloud.( Myki doesn’teven have access toencrypted passwords. Myki keeps your passwordssafe from intruders.Point to point AES256 PBKDF2 encryptionbetween your phone and yourbrowser. Secure backup of passwords onyour computer. Secure backupof passwords on a friends myki app.Fingerprint Login: Login to themyki app using your fingerprint. Nomaster password. Login to anyaccount with your fingerprint. Useyour fingerprint on your phonewhen logging in on your computer.Secure Access Sharing: Securelyshare access to your accounts withyour friends and colleagues. Hideyour passwords from the peopleyou share access with. Revoke sharedaccess with a click of abutton to stop sharing access and log out.Remote Logout: Logoutfrom your accounts on your computer using themyki app. One clicksecure logout from the myki app. AutomaticTwo-FactorAuthentication: No need for a separate authenticator appsuch asGoogle Authenticator or Authy. Sync your 2fa tokens so thatyouhave them in one place. Myki automatically fills youradditionaltwo-factor token for security and convenience. SecurePasswordGenerator: Generate strong and secure passwords. Createssecurepasswords that contain letters, numbers and specialcharacters.Never have to create a password ever again. Ultra-SecureDuressMode: Hide sensitive accounts from people who force you tounlockthe myki app. Type your duress pin code to hide sensitiveaccountsfrom intruders. Additional Security Features: Detectchanges in thefingerprints enrolled on your Android and iOS device.ExponentialDelays on incorrect pin code input. Keychain enforcedencryption ofpasswords. Automatic Password Changer (To BeReleased):Automatically change passwords of selected accounts. Seta schedulefor automatic password changes. Myki Breach Alerts (ToBeReleased): Myki alerts you when a service gets breached. Bethefirst to know when a service is compromised. myki is availableoniOS and Android in English and Arabic. This app usesAccessibilityservices. Email us at [email protected] Follow us:Facebook: Myki means neverhaving toremember or type a password ever again. Download Myki forsecurityand privacy.
RememBear: Password Manager 1.2.1
The beautiful RememBear app is the easiest way to create, store,anduse really strong passwords across your devices and staysafeonline. It also stores credit cards for quicker onlineshopping,and protects sensitive notes with an added layer ofsecurity. TryRememBear Premium free for 1 month! If you fall inlove with yourBear, keep things going with an annual subscription.BENEFITS OFHAVING A BEAR - Automatic log-ins: RememBear saves youtime byauto-filling your login information across your favouriteapps andwebsites. - Faster online checkouts: Autofill your creditcardswhen shopping online. - Never forget a password: Saveyourpasswords in a single place and say goodbye toun‑bear‑ablepassword resets. - Store sensitive notes: A place forthose notesthat need an extra layer of security. - Keep your datasafe: All ofyour logins are stored in an encrypted vault that onlyyou canaccess. - Prevent identity theft: Generate strong, uniquepasswordsfor your online accounts to prevent getting hacked. -Accesseverywhere: Your Bear is synced across all your computers,phones,and tablets. CONVENIENT FEATURES - Friendly, approachabledesign sosimple, even a bear could use it! - Unlock your vaultsecurely withTouch ID or FaceID - Auto-locking after Bearinactivity - A singleMaster Password lets you unlock your vault ABEAR YOU CAN TRUST -Independently audited: RememBear security isindependently auditedby a 3rd party to ensure it meets the highestsecurity standards. -Privacy by design: Engineered so that you, andonly you, can seeyour sensitive data. - Serious security: RememBearprotects yourdata with super strong encryption. PRICING: Get a30-day free trialof RememBear Premium when you sign up for thefirst time. Afteryour trial ends, you'll be charged for a yearlyRememBearsubscription.* If you're not ready to commit to RememBearPremium,you can cancel anytime and downgrade to RememBear Freewhichremoves cross-device sync, backup, and priority support.PRIVACYPOLICY & TERMS OF USE: RememBear has a simple, humanreadableprivacy policy and terms of use you can readhere: IN TOUCH Is yourBear misbehaving? Do you have feedback for us?Do you have a coolfact about bears to share? Contact our supportteam by visiting ourwebsite *Subscriptions arecharged to your Google/Play Store account at theend of your freetrial period, and auto-renew every year. You canmanage yoursubscription and turn off auto-renew at any time bygoing to yourPlay Store Settings.
My Passwords - Password Manager
Erkan Molla
Tired of remembering multiple passwords or annoyed offorgettingthem? Looking for a secure and easy way of saving allthosepasswords and sensitive data? This password managerapplicationwill help you to store all your passwords easily andsafely usingAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). The only thingyou have todo is to remember a master password which is used asencryptionkey. My Passwords is 100% secure since it does notrequire internetpermission. FEATURES •  Quick and easy access • AES-256 dataencryption •  Backup and restore your data •  Nointernetpermission •  Built in password generator •  Auto exit whenscreenturns off •  Multi-Window support •  Unlimited number ofentries • [PRO] Auto backup •  [PRO] Clipboard auto clear •  [PRO]Enterusing fingerprint •  [PRO] Export and import csv files • [PRO]Image attachments •  [PRO] Password history •  [PRO]Selfdestruction •  [PRO] Theme selection •  [PRO] Wear OS app GOPROThe optional PRO version is available with a single in-apppurchasewhich unlocks all the additional features. You purchaseonly once!No additional monthly fees or subscriptions. BACKUP ANDRESTORE Ifyou have multiple devices, you can share easily yourpasswords withall your devices without having to retype them usingDropbox,Google Drive or similar application. Simply create a backupon adevice and move it to another where it can be restored usingthesame master password. - To backup your database please go to:More- Database - Backup database - To restore your database pleasegoto: More - Database - Restore database USE OF PERMISSIONS-Storage: Allows the app to access the storage forwriting/readingbackup and csv files - Use fingerprint hardware:Allows the app touse the fingerprint sensor for authentication -In-app purchases:To be able to purchase the PRO version and unlockthe additionalfeatures NOTES - It is strongly recommended that youbackup yourencrypted database at regular intervals - If the masterpassword islost the stored data cannot be recovered because of themissingsync option - You can group and sort your entries by color
Password Manager - Password Cloud
This app allows you to manage everything you need to keepsecret:Password, Codes, Contacts, etc. AES 256-bit encryptionmethod wasused, this is the most modern technology . By automaticsync,you'll have all your passwords on all your Android devicesandcomputer Windows, Linux and Mac Download MAIN FEATURES ➤ Access withfingerprint ➤Sync with Google Drive ➤ Desktop App (Windows, Mac& Linux) ➤Password security analysis ➤ Password Generator ➤Advanced searchfunction ➤ Change app colors ➤ Automatic restore ➤Auto lock ➤Tablet Support ➤ Widget ➤ Add your own custom icons ➤Attachpictures and photographs, they will be encrypted and willbevisible only within the application ➤ Add new categories ➤ Addnewfields ➤ Export your password to PDF ➤ Material design ➤AndroidWear ➤ Automatic backup ..and many more The application willbeconstantly updated if you would like to add some featuresyoucontact me privately. AUTOMATIC SYNC: Automaticsynchronizationlets you always have a backup of your passwords on aCloud (GoogleDrive). Also, with the same account, you can see yourpasswords inreal time on all of your Android devices and Windows,Mac &Linux ACCESS WITH FINGERPRINT: Fingerprint access is anadditionalsecurity method if you have a fingerprint and if yourphone iscompatible. PASSWORD GENERATOR AND SECURITY ANALYSIS:Within theapp, a password generator is available, indicating thepasswordsecurity level. Also with the password generator you cancheck thepassword security you already have. CUSTOM ICONS FORPASSWORDS:When you save a new password or other, you have thechoice of over110 icons, or easily insert your custom icon, whichyou can selectfrom your phone's gallery or take a photo directly.
IDrive Online Backup 4.2.2
IDrive Inc
Protect your digital life with IDrive! Securely backup yourmobiledata with private key encryption - the highest level ofdatasecurity available - so only you can access your files. Youcanbackup multiple devices to one account, and sync filesacrossdevices to access your data from anywhere. Features: *Backupandrestore contacts, photos, videos, calendars, texts anddocuments(including .doc, .pdf, .zip and more) with a single tap.*Easilysync files between all linked devices. *Link your devices toasingle account and access your data from anywhere.*Selectivelybackup and restore files. *Share files and folders overa single,secure link. *Automatic upload option protects your photosandvideos as soon as they are taken via Wi-Fi or cellulardata.*Schedule recurring backups by day and time. *Gallery Viewallowsyou to easily slide through all your pictures and videos.Securityfeatures: *256-bit AES encryption *Private key encryptionensuresonly you have access to your data *Lock app with a passcode*Easilyunlink devices which are lost or stolen Information onpermissions:*"Read and Edit your text messages" is required tobackup andrestore text messages. *"Network access, network andWi-Ficonnections" is required to reach Wi-Fi and cellular networkforbacking up your data. *"Read, add or modify Calendar Events"isrequired to backup and restore calendar. *"To read/write CallLogsand Contacts" is required to backup, access, and restore yourcallhistory and contacts. *"Read Phone" is required to get thedeviceID which helps distinguish your device. *"Accounts" isrequired foraccessing Play Store for making in-app purchases. *"Runat startup"is required to run scheduled backups.
Nextcloud 3.3.2
The Open Source Nextcloud Android app allows you to access allyourfiles on your Nextcloud. Features: * Easy, modern interface*Upload your files to your Nextcloud server * Share your fileswithothers * Keep your favorite files and folders synced *InstantUpload for photos and videos taken by your device *Multi-accountsupport Please report all issuesat and discuss this appat ;-) New to Nextcloud? Nextcloud isaprivate file sync & share and communication server. It isfullyopen source and you can host it yourself or pay a company todo itfor you. That way, you are in control of your photos, yourcalendarand contact data, your documents and everything else. CheckoutNextcloud at
IIJ SmartKey
Only enterprise user needs to register your device. You canskipregistering your device, if you don't need it. The IIJ SmartKeyappproduces one-time passwords that conform to TOTP (RFC6238)standards and can be used in the 2-step verificationauthenticationprocesses of a variety of online services supportingTOTP.Strengthen your online service security by linking thisapp,installed to your smartphone device, with yourID/passwordverification processes. Slide authentication can be used(ver 2.0).When logging in to a service that supports slideauthentication,you will receive a push notification on yoursmartphone. Then youcan pull the service icon for 2-stepverification. For details,please visit . * To useslideauthentication, you must register your device. ■ SpecialFeatures *Protects against unauthorized access by allowing the userto lockthe app using a passcode. * Supports device changes anddatabackups by handing over settings between devices. * Compatiblewiththe Google Authenticator (TOTP authentication). * Supportsslideauthentication. * Easy to see and read, simple and refineddesign.■ Confirmed Supported Services (TOTP authentications) *Amazon WebServices * Dropbox * Evernote * Facebook * GitHub *Google Accounts* Google Apps for Work * IIJ Omnibus * IIJ Secure MXService *Microsoft Accounts * Slack * ■ ConfirmedSupportedServices (Slide authentications) * Additional details onavailableservices is expected soon. ■■ Please make sure to readtheinformation below before using the app. * When switchingdevices,please check the app help page ( service settings from your old device to the newone.* Please ensure that you confirm service restoration proceduresforthe various online services you utilize in advance toprotectyourself against cases in which you are unable to completethe2-step verification process due to device loss oraccidentaldeletion of service settings. ■User Agreement All usersof this appmust consent to the User Agreement found below beforeusing theapp.■ToService Providers If you are considering addingslideauthentication to your service, please inquire through theURLbelow. ----- Mentioned company names and service names arethetrademarks or registered trademarks of their respectivecompanies.
VIP Password Manager 1.05
DoMobile Lab
VIP is a pro password manager to secure your accounts andpasswords.It can autofill passwords in sites and apps on phones,tablets andPC. Only you can open VIP with a password orfingerprint. PasswordkeeperBest free app to keep your accounts andpasswords safe. Allinformation is encrypted and protected by alocal master password.Only you know it and have theauthentication. VIP also supportsfingerprint.Auto fillerWhen youopen sites and apps in the phone,e.g. Facebook, Instagram,Netflix, Gmail, YouTube, accounts andpasswords will be autofilled, you can log in with one tap. On thePC, you can use VIPbrowser extensions to auto fill accounts andpasswords. No need toinput by yourself.Password generatorIf yourold password is shortand simple, you can create an extra strongpassword with VIP.Enhance security for your accounts.Card and filesvaultToo manycredit card and licenses? Let VIP help to manage them.Scan thecredits cards to quickly save its number, name and validdate. Saveyour ID card, driver license, passport etc. You can keepyourthings in VIP. It can be safe and organized.Save accountsandpasswords in VIP, your data will be secured and organized, youcanget and use them easily at all time. Meanwhile, relaxyourbrain!----Feature---Pro password vaultAuto fill accountandpasswordManager accounts Generate strong passwordVIP extensionforauto filling on PCEnd to end encryptionScan bank cardsManagedriverlicense, passportSearch accounts by keywordsSync ondevicesVIPneeds Accessibility service permission.In order to useAutofillfeature, please enable Accessibility service. The serviceis onlyused to help disabilities autofill account and password.Please beassured that VIP will never use this service to accessprivatedata.Email:[email protected]:
WPSApp 1.6.26
WPSApp checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.Thisprotocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an8-digitpin number that usually is predefined in the router, theproblem isthat the pin of many routers from different companies isknown oris known how to calculate it. This app uses these pins totry theconnection and check if the network is vulnerable. Itimplementsseveral known algorithms for pin generation and somedefault pins.Also calculates default key for some routers, allowsyou to viewWiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devicesconnected toyour network and analyzes the quality of the WiFichannels. Use isvery simple, when scanning networks around us, youwill seenetworks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks,they havedisabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.Thosethat appear with a question mark have enabled the WPSprotocol, butthe pin is unknown, in this case the applicationallows you to testthe most common. Finally, those with a green tickare most likelyvulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and theconnection pin isknown. It may also be that the router has WPSdisabled, but thepassword is known, in this case it also appears ingreen and can beconnected to the key. For pin connection you needto be ROOT userin less than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) versions. Theadvantage ofbeing ROOT is that you can show network password if thepinconnection is successful we will, otherwise you will connect tothenetwork but cannot show it. Each feature will be enabledordisabled depending on the situation of each terminal. NOTICE:Notall networks are vulnerable and that the network appears assuchdoes not guarantee 100% that it is, several companies haveupdatedfirmware of their routers to correct the fault. TRY IT ONYOURNETWORK AND IF YOU ARE VULNERABLE... REMEDY IT. Turn off WPSandchange password for a strong and personalized. I AM NOTRESPONSIBLEFOR ANY MISUSE, INTRUSION INTO FOREIGN NETWORKS ISPUNISHABLE BYLAW. From Android 6 (Marshmallow) it is necessary togrant locationpermissions. It is a new requirement added by Googlein thisversion. More informationin: models use encryption and do not show real passwords,theyshow a long series of hexadecimal digits. Look for informationonthe internet or contact me if you want to know how to decryptthem.Pin connection does not work on LG models with Android 7(Nougat).It's a problem with LG's own software. Please understandhow theapplication works before giving an evaluation. Send anyproposal,failure or comment to [email protected], thanks.Acknowledgments:Zhao Chunsheng, Stefan Viehböck, Justin Oberdorf,Kcdtv, Patcher,Coeman76, Craig, Wifi-Libre, Lampiweb, David Jenne,AlessandroArias, Sinan Soytürk, Ehab HoOoba.
Remote Desktop Manager 5.0
Remote Desktop Manager for Android is a free tool thatenablesaccess to all your remote connections and passwords. Usedincombination with our desktop application Remote DesktopManagerEnterprise, you can connect to your centralized database andaccessall your data from anywhere. Remote Connections================Remote Desktop Manager for Android supportsMicrosoft RemoteDesktop Protocol (RDP), VNC, Apple Remote Desktop(ARD), SSH Shell,SSH Tunnel, Proxy Tunnel, Telnet, Wayk Now, FTP,SFTP, WebDAV, SCP,Azure Storage Explorer, Amazon AWS Console, WebBrowse, Gateway,Intel AMT, Devolutions Proxy, SSH Port forward,HyperV with RDP,Dell iDRAC, HP iLO, BeyondTrust Password Safe andBeyondTrustPassword Safe Console. Once configured, you can easilylaunch aconnection using a single tap and connect to your remoteservers,virtual machines and other workstations. PasswordManagement================== Along with remote connections, RemoteDesktopManager for Android lets you save and manage your passwordsandcredentials from your centralized database or your local XMLfile.Easily input your credentials and automatically logineverywhere.Credentials ========= RDM support generic credentials aswell asthe following: Dashlane, LastPass, One TimePassword,Passwordstate, Pleasant Password Server, Secret Server,StickyPassword, TeamPass, Zoho Vault. Database ======= RemoteDesktopManager for Android supports these data sources: - MicrosoftSQLServer - XML File - Amazon S3 - Devolutions Online Drive-Devolutions Online Database - Devolutions Server - Dropbox - FTP-WebDAV - SFTP - MySQL - MariaDB Other ===== - Samsung DexSupportIf you work in a team environment where you need to managemultipleremote connections and share login details with otherusers, RemoteDesktop Manager is the perfect solution for you! Tolearn moreabout all the features and functionality, pleasevisit
aWallet Password Manager
Android Wallet Password Manager MAIN FEATURES • Securely storesyourpasswords, credit card information, e-banking credentials,webaccounts and other custom data. • There is a built in Editorforchanging or creating new data Categories with custom icons.•Search within fields. • Contains no advertisements. •Supportsbackup and restore of the encrypted data file to theAndroid USBdevice. • Export of unencrypted data in CSV format tothe USBdevice. • There is an Auto lock feature that can bepreconfiguredfor a specific period of time. PRO FEATURES, availablevia singleIn-app billing payment: • Password Generator • CSV Import• Unlockwith fingerprint (on a compatible device with Android 6)SECURITYFEATURES • All data is encrypted, including Entry names,Categorydefinitions and the data itself. Even the choice ofFavoriteCategory is encrypted. • Encrypts data using AES andBlowfishalgorithms with key sizes of 256, 192 and 128 bits. Andalsosupports Triple DES with key sizes of 168 and 112 bits. • Whenthedata file is decrypted, up to all combinations of algorithm,keysize and cipher mode of operation (CBC, CFB, OFB and ECB) aretriedwith the Master password to unlock the data file. This makesbruteforce attacks longer. The app itself does not store any hintto theactual cipher, key size or cipher mode of operation. • Usesarandomly generated 'salt' combined with the Master password.Salthelps to protect from off-line dictionary attacks. • The keytoopen the data file is created by combining your masterpasswordwith the 512-bit 'salt'. The result is hashed 1000 timesbySHA-256. Repetitive hashing makes a brute force attackmoredifficult. • Supports auto destruction of the data file afterapredefined number of unsuccessful unlocks have been tried. •Unlikeother similar Android apps aWallet has no internetaccesspermission (forever). The only permissions this app has istoaccess to the USB device to backup/restore the data file incaseyou lose your phone. USB device access is also needed to exporttoCSV file format. Permission is also granted to the GooglePlaybilling service to allow for the optional purchase of theaWalletPro features. For more info see Ifyou likethis App, rate it in the Google Play. If you have anysuggestions,just let me know. Tags: password manager, keeper
Yoti - your digital identity 2.13.1
Yoti is your ID on your phone. It’s the digital identity appthatlets you encrypt your ID and use it to prove who you are onlineandin person. Create your Yoti using ID documents from 160countriesaround the world. Join the one million plus people whohave alreadydownloaded Yoti to help make proving who they arefaster, safer andsimpler. One Yoti, many uses Use the Yoti app to:- Prove your age- Anonymously prove you are under or over 18 -Verify people youmeet online - Prove who you are to businesses -Log in to websiteswithout passwords Privacy by design At Yoti, wedo things a littledifferently to other technology companies: You,and only you, canaccess your data. We will never track how you useYoti or sell onyour data. We help you to reduce your data footprintby onlysharing the details that organisations need. Your detailsare safeWe use AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data. Detailslikeyour name, photo, and date of birth are stored separately.Yourdata is safer because there is no 'profile' of you for hackerstotarget. The private key to your data is stored safely on yourphoneuntil you're ready to use it. No one else has access to it butyou.Creating your Yoti is easy - Take a photo of yourself - Addyour IDdocument - We check your ID document and match it to thephoto youtook - Your details are then encrypted meaning only youcan accessthem Yoti Password Manager You can also use the Yoti appwith ourfree Password Manager. Yoti Password Manager is the simple,secureway of managing your logins without a master password. on your computer and download YotiPasswordManager for Chrome or Firefox.
AppLock 1.2.9
AppLock, Best Privacy Guard & AppLocker, is small yetsmartAppLock app!The most smart AppLock! Easy, fast andsafelock!AppLock, safest & fastest AppLocker for Androiddevices,provides you 360°phone privacy and security!Securelyprotects yourprivate apps, messages, gallery with small yetpowerful AppLock apppassword lock!AppLock, your best app lock andgallery lock forAndroid, lock private apps, sensitive photos,secret videos,messages and more with password lock and pattern lockwith freeapplock for apps. AppLock, your best AppLocker &privacy guard,gives you real-time security protection. With AppLockprivacyprotection, your privacy is well protected with pattern&password lock.With AppLock, nobody can snoop around yourprivateapps, gallery and messages except yourself. AppLock, amust-haveprivacy guard.AppLock Main Features:Application Lock:Secure yourAndroid device and protect all your privacy with applockprotection feature. AppLock can lock apps, such as SMS,Contacts,Facebook, Fidget Spinner, Gmail and any app you choose.AppLockercan lock photos Gallery and messages from prying eyes andnosyfriends. To be your privacy guard!Gallery Lock: Lock &Encryptyour Gallery and keep these pictures locked behind yourpattern andpassword. Lock Install: Lock the app market like GooglePlay Storein your phone to prevent children from buying unwantedapps andgames.Lock Incoming Calls: Prevent others to pick up yourphonecallCustomize AppLock Settings: Customize your applocksettingsaccording to your needs, such as lock new apps, notifyingto make alock when new apps installed on your device, resetpassword,advanced protection Pattern & Password Lock: AppLockerlockyour apps with PIN Lock and Pattern Lock. Choose yourfavoritestyle to lock apps. Pattern lock is easier and faster tounlock.PIN lock has random keyboard. Much safer for you tolockapps!Highlights of Applock:-App lock for all apps-Lock appswithPIN lock & Pattern lock-Lock any apps like system apps,photolock, lock private gallery, downloaded apps and games-Hideandencrypt pictures & videos by lock gallery or photoapps-Locknew apps with apps lock-Hide pattern draw path and beinvisible.Unlock more secure-Random password keyboard. Much safe tounlockappsIncoming Features:Break-in Alert: Catch intruders whotried tounlock your appsAppLock Fake Cover: Disguise intruderswithconfused icons like Calculator, QR Code, Weather and more.Betterprotect your privacy.Fingerprint Lock: Unlock safely andquickly,always AppLock Theme: Stylish & beautiful applock themetobeautify and personalize your applock screenAppLockusesAccessibility Service to save more battery power!Contactus:[email protected]
Wifi password pro generate a long random alphanumeric passwordtoprovide you a better security in your wifi network. This appwillnot hack, steal or retrieve wifi network password it's justasecurity tool to help you increase your security generatinglongrandom passwords that you have to set it manually to yourwifirouter. Features • The algorithm generate WEP, WPA, WPA2 withahigh level of authentication. • Direct connection to wifinetworkswithout password. • Order network list by proximity, open,sid,mac, security, channel and frequency. • Multi search. Optimizedformobiles and tablets. Compatible with Android 7.0 and more.
dfndr vault: Hide Photos and Videos 3.2.0
dfndr vault helps you avoid awkward moments by giving you asecureand private place to hide your photos and videos that arenotintended for just anyone to see. Store “those” photos in asecretalternate gallery protected by hacker-proofmilitary-gradeencryption that are securely backed up to your cloudaccount. Thevault is hidden with a disguised icon and protectedwith apassword/PIN or fingerprint authentication to prevent havingan“oops moment” and accidentally showing sensitive files to thewrongperson. With dfndr vault, you can have peace of mind knowingyourmemories are safely secured on your phone. More than asimplestorage app, dfndr vault for Android is packed withpowerfulfeatures: ✓ Military-Grade hacker-proof Encryption ✓EncryptedCloud Backup ✓ Fingerprint Authentication ✓ Intruder Alert✓ DecoyGallery ✓ Camouflage ✓ Hide App Notifications ✓ SecureShare🔑Encrypt Photos and Videos🔑 Vault is protected by AES-256bit“military-grade” encryption used by the U.S. government makingitimpossible for hackers to steal your special memories.☁️CloudStorage Backup☁️ Never worry about losing your files ifsomethinghappens to your phone by backing them up securely to yourcloudstorage accounts on Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Youcanaccess your files on your computer without fear of thirdpartiesaccessing them thanks to military-grade encryption. 👆UnlockWithYour Fingerprint👆 Unlock dfndr vault simply by swipingyourfingerprint and preventing unauthorized users from gainingaccess.🚨Receive Intruder Alerts🚨 Receive photos of any snooperswhoattempt to access your vault with a failed login attempt.🕵️Createa Decoy Gallery🕵️ Avoid awkward situations by setting up aFake PINthat will allow you to open an alternate gallery filledwith “safe”pictures and videos so you don’t have to worry aboutanyone seeingthings you don’t want to share. 🕶Camouflage🕶 Neverworry aboutsomeone accidentally stumbling across your secret vaultif they arelooking at your phone. The icon can be disguised to looklike adifferent app. 📩Hide App Notifications📩 Avoid receivingpop-upnotifications from your phone at undesirable moments.🔒SecureShare🔒 Secure Share allows users to create and share aprivatealbum with someone special without fear of others accessingit.✨Upgrade to Premium✨ dfndr vault is free to use, but you canalsoenjoy dfndr vault with unlimited cloud storage andenhancedsecurity features. Join our fight against deceptiveadvertisingPSafe is committed to the online safety and security ofour users.Unfortunately, some third parties are illegally using ourname andlogo to create misleading ad content, such as in the formof“scareware” falsely stating that your device is infected withavirus. PSafe unequivocally denounces these “scareware” tactics.Ifyou receive a suspicious “virus alert” type ad, please takeascreenshot of the ad, copy the full browser URL link of the adorits redirect and email both to: [email protected] Weappreciateyour support in fighting these malicious practices. Howto identifyfake virus alertads:
Security Lock 1.9
*** Congratulations! Security Lock is highly praisedincludingAndroid Community ***With this app, you don't have toworry aboutyour private information on your phone to be exposed tootherpeople, you don't have to worry about your kids messing yourphoneup by changing the settings.App Lock NEW is an App Locker orAppProtector that will protect your installed applications usingapassword or pattern!(Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Snapchat,Skype, Gallery, Camera, Gmail and any app you choose)Easy tousepasscode security to securing your apps.App Lock NEW -AppProtector can lock your contacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos oranyapp in your phone or tablet.Set passcode at first time andsetrecovery email address in App Lock.Recovery email address willhelpyou to store your passcode in your email, which will help youtoremember when you forget your pass code.Feature ::• SecurityLockVarious locking method• Security Lock For AndroidHidden(Stealth)Mode• Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more•UninstallPrevention• Backup and Restore• and Lots of MorefeaturesHow To Use::1. Choose a 4 digit password when opening theapplication for thefirst time.2. Choose which apps to lock.3.(Optional) Access thesettings screen for more optionsYour apps willbe protected andonly you can open them!
BlackBerry Password Keeper
If you don't have a BlackBerry device: You can use this app onyourAndroid device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, youcancontinue using the app for free, with some ads. To remove adsandunlock access to more apps, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ fromtheapp. If you have a BlackBerry device: BlackBerrysmartphonespowered by Android get the app for free. RequiresBlackBerry Hub+Services You have a lot of passwords to keep trackof – email andsocial accounts, online banking, access to workapplications. Andthey all have different security requirements.BlackBerry PasswordKeeper stores all your passwords, logininformation and importantrecords safely in one secure location thatis protected with apassword of your choice. Password Keeper workswith the BlackBerryKeyboard to make it fast and easy to log in toweb pages and apps –just tap to insert your login info fromPassword Keeper. • Keepyour personal information safe with AES-256encryption • Accessyour secure vault of information with only onelogin password •Randomly generate secure, unique passwords toreplace weakpasswords • Check that your passwords are strong usingthe passwordstrength meter • Store new passwords, lists, and notes,editexisting items, and mark items as favorites for quick access •Openand log in to webpages using the built-in browser • ExportPasswordKeeper records to an encrypted file to store in a locationof yourchoice • Easily import records including from a previousBlackBerry10 device • Fully supports Android for Work deployment •Part ofBlackBerry Hub+ On BlackBerry devices only: • Autofillusernamesand passwords in web pages and apps with the BlackBerryKeyboard •Using the BlackBerry Keyboard, add new passwords quicklyby savinglogin info right from an app or web page’s login screen
My Personal Agenda 5.9.1 (157) DEMO
My Personal Agenda is the most comprehensive Organizer you willfindfor your Android device. · It includes the following modules:· -Diary. - Notes. - Task Lists. - Reminders. - Calendar. -Contacts. -Passwords. - Drawings. · Features: · - Password. - Dataencryption.- Conversion to PDF - Email or share. - Datasynchronization. -Backup. - 2 Widget Notices - 1 Notes Widget. -Always in constantimprovement. · ATTENTION: · Backup files andsynchronization may notbe compatible between versions of the sameapplication. · If youupgrade from the trial version, first ensurethat you have thelatest version installed, backup, and thenrecover the paid version.· If you have any problems with theapplication, or any suggestionsfor improvement, please contact usby Email Developer and we will bethe fastest. · This applicationcan not be moved to the SD card.
Applock Pro 1.38
This is professional version: - Full features, free up to date&premium support - 30 days money back guarantee, full refundif notsatisfied - No ads IMPORTANT NOTE: This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. App uses this permission for"Preventuninstallation" feature (on app left menu), when you turnon thisfeature, you will be asked to confirm before decide toactive theDevice Administrator permission, this is NOT REQUIRED,you canCANCEL if you do not want to grant the permission to app.Smart applock, security apps keep safe private photo vault bypasswordpattern! AppLock is one of the best Android lock app withprivacyguard, the best app locker with password & pattern lockscreen,smart applock that provide high secure features in the oneapp.This is the super applock that will protects your privacy,giveyour phone All-round protection.  With App locksecurityprotection, your privacy is well protected with passwordlockscreen & pattern lock screen AppLock can hide pictures andhidevideos. Hidden pictures and videos are vanished from Galleryandonly visible in the photo and video vault. No pin, no way. Applockhas option to enable invisible pattern lock. No more worrypeoplemay peep the pin or pattern. Keep safe! With this secret applock,you will never worry about something like your kids messupsettings, paying for games! its so cool child lock feature! Theappis perfect app lock that help you to keep your personalsecurity,make protection app from everyone. ---Features--- - Lockapps witha password, pattern password safe with anyone - The vault:Safegallery vault, private photo vault help to hide pictures andhidevideos. - With the image vault & gallery lock, appmovephoto/video to secret vault by auto-deleting hidden images fromthegallery after performing hide photos & hide videos - Lotofbeautiful password lock themes, pattern lock screen themes-Customized lock screen password theme for the app, makeprivacyscreen with style you wanted - App block Settingsautomaticallyright after app is opened at first screen, help toprevent someuninstall app - Protect your emails, SMS, call log -Small appsize, low memory usage, power saving & save battery -Threesecurities private mode: Lock apps with password lock, patternlockor DIY. The keypad lock screen with passcode, DIY help you tomakeyourself keypad lock screen, pattern lock screen using yourphotoon the gallery - Option to make invisible pattern on unlockscreen,people can not see your pattern lock screen while youareunlocking. More safe! - Easily to lock phone apps, unlockphoneapps easily from an app list by one click - Explorer more appsandthe locker themes from the “More apps” feature. - Passwordmanager:Change password type between passcode, pattern, DIY andresetpassword Coming soon: - Data security: Delete app data whensomeonelogin fails so many times (probably not you) - Option tohide appsfrom the phone desktop and open it in the app locker app.---FQA---1. How to protect my phone ? You need to lock at leastthese apps:Settings & Google Play to prevent someone uninstallthe applock app 2. How to change password ? To password for apps,open theAppLock, click menu Settings then chose Change password 3.How tostop or uninstalling AppLock ? You must have password touninstallthis smart app lock, if you forgot passcode you can resetit viasecurity email. 4. I Forgot password, how to find it ? Enteryoursecurity email then click 'reset password'. Download morethemes:We have several themes available in app, to get more themesyouneed to download our app themes, click to a theme thumbnail,ifthose themes are not installed yet on your phone, you will beaskedfor downloading theme app from Google Play Download smartapplocker right now, best app protector, app security foreveryone.Feel free to send your feedback to us!
Personal Vault PRO 3.1.3-full
By8ek Apps
Do you have a lot of accounts, passwords and information tomanagelike emails, bank accounts, insurance details, credit cards,idcards, website passwords, utilities and bills, addresses, jobsandother personal details at your home or office? Do you often failtoremember the exponentially increasing information and passwordsandfalter to get your account and related details when you needit?Areyou still using your phone contacts or notes app to manageyouraccounts arbitrary or worse still writing down your passwordson apiece of paper?Well you are not alone!With Personal Vault,yourpassword manager, we aim to provide a very simple and intuitiveappthat manages your passwords and keep all your personal recordsatone place and easily access them right when you need it.Safetyisour top priority, to the point that we keep absolutely zerouserinformation and all stays with its rightful owner - thatisyou!Needless to say all information in password managerisencrypted based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)andbackup and restore functionality is provided to easily portyourdetails across your Android devices.Although simple andintuitive,this password manager provides a number of featuresallowing youto:• [PRO *Free version allows max 20 records]Unlimited records •[PRO] Multi user within the same device • [PRO]Custom fields•[PRO] Fingerprint login• PIN based login• Built-inpasswordmanager• Easy sort and search• Customized sharing recorddetailsover messaging apps• Delete and archiving• Copy and share•Backupand Restore • CSV Import/Export with support for cloudstorageproviders e.g. Google Drive, Box etc.• Master passwordrecovery• Nointernet permission• Auto logout on screen lock• MultilingualPersonal Vault is your one stop record and password managerandallows you to easily navigate through labyrinth ofincreasingaccounts, passwords and other personal information.Plusthe Vaultis completely secure and stays with You! Download PersonalVaulttoday and get all your account details on your fingertips withthiseasy to use password manager!PS: It is highly recommended totakeregular backups and save it outside device.
Password Book (Free) 5.9.6
Password Book is an application which helps you manage youraccountswith user names, passwords, and notes directly on yourmobile phonein a secure way. With Password Book, You would neverhave troubleremembering which password you use for which account.You can putall your accounts in one database, which is locked withone masterpassword.You only have to remember one single masterpassword tounlock the whole database.The accounts in database areencryptedusing the best and most secureencryptionalgorithm.----------------------------------------------------KeyFeatures----------------------------------------------------*Simple,intuitiveinterfacePassword Book features a simple, intuitiveinterface thatlets users set up their account database inminutes.*StrongprotectionThe accounts are protected using 128bitAES encryption.*Dropbox backup/restoreThe application supportsDropboxbackup/restore. This makes data backup and transfer eveneasier.Thebackup is encrypted by master password.*WIFI DataTransferGo a newmobile device? With this functionality,transferring data betweendevices become simple and easy.*Randompassword generator Wheneveryou need to create a new password,Password Book can generate onethat is of high-quality, and usepassword policies under youcontrol.
SuperGenPass 3.1.1
SuperGenPass is a different kind of password manager: insteadofrandomly generating and storing passwords, it combines a Website'sdomain and your master password to generate a unique passwordforeach Web site you visit using a strong crypto hash.This toolhelpsprevent cross-site password compromises by creating adifferentpassword for each site that you visit. A malicious orcompromisedsite won't be able to use your password to get into anyof yourother accounts, as each password will be unique.This is thesamealgorithm as the one used on andisdesigned to integrate into the Android experience as muchaspossible.You can launch SuperGenPass straight from the webbrowserby long-pressing on the URL bar→share page→SuperGenPass.Thisappalso includes a strong PIN generation algorithm. It's aslightlymodified version of RFC4226 HOTP (modified to work withdomainsinstead of numerical counters) and is designed to nevergenerateeasily-guessable pins, such as 1234, 0000, 1985, 8675309,or0007.This password generator is licensed under the GPLv3 (GNUGPLversion 3).
Keepass2Android Offline 1.06f
Keepass2Android is an open source password manager applicationforAndroid. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database formatusedby the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows andotherdesktop operating systems. The user interface is basedonKeepassdroid (by Brian Pellin), ported from Java to MonoforAndroid. The backend uses the original KeePass libraries tohandlefile access to ensure file format compatibility. Mainfeatures ofthe App are * read/write support for .kdbx (KeePass 2.x)files *integrates with nearly every Android browser (see below)*QuickUnlock: Unlock your database once with your fullpassword,re-open it by typing just a few characters (see below) *IntegratedSoft-Keyboard: Switch to this keyboard for enteringusercredentials. This shields you from clipboard basedpasswordsniffers (see below) * support for editing entriesincludingadditional string fields, file attachments, tags etc. *Note:please install Keepass2Android (non offline version) if youwant toopen files directly from a webserver (FTP/WebDAV). * searchdialogwith all search options from KeePass 2.x. Requiredprivileges: *Access SD Card * Vibrate Bug reports andsuggestions: == Browserintegration== If you need to lookup a password for a webpage, gotoMenu/Share... and select Keepass2Android. This will * bring upascreen to load/unlock a database if no database is loadedandunlocked * go to the Search Results screen displaying allentriesfor the currently visited URL - or - * directly offer theCopyUsername/Password notifications if exactly one entry matchesthecurrently visited URL == QuickUnlock == You should protectyourpassword database with a strong (i.e. random and LONG)passwordincluding upper and lower case as well as numbers andspecialcharacters. Typing such a password on a mobile phone everytime youunlock your database is time-consuming and error-prone. TheKP2Asolution is QuickUnlock: * Use a strong password for yourdatabase* Load your database and type the strong password once.EnableQuickUnlock. * The application is locked after the timespecifiedin the settings * If you want to re-open your database,you cantype just a few characters (by default, the last 3characters ofyour password) to unlock quickly and easily! * If thewrongQuickUnlock key is entered, the database is locked and thefullpassword is required to re-open. Is this safe? First: it allowsyouto use a really strong password, this increases safety incasesomeone gets your database file. Second: If you loose yourphoneand someone tries to open the password database, the attackerhasexactly one chance to make use of QuickUnlock. When using3characters and assuming 70 characters in the set ofpossiblecharacters, the attacker has a 0.0003% chance of openingthe file.If this sounds still too much for you, choose 4 or morecharactersin the settings. QuickUnlock requires an icon in thenotificationarea. This is because Android would killKeepass2Android too oftenwithout this icon. It does not requirebattery power. ==Keepass2Android Keyboard == A German research teamhas demonstratedthat clipboard-based access of credentials as usedby most Androidpassword managers is not safe: Every app on yourphone can registerfor changes of the clipboard and thus be notifiedwhen you copyyour passwords from the password manager to yourclipboard. Inorder to protect against this kind of attack, youshould use theKeepass2Android keyboard: When you select an entry, anotificationwill appear in the notification bar. This notificationlets youswitch to the KP2A keyboard. ON this keyboard, click theKP2Asymbol to "type" your credentials. Click the keyboard key toswitchback to your favorite keyboard.
Notepad with password FREE 36.0
Advantages:PASSWORD: Only you can open Notepad providing yourmasterpassword.AUTO-LOCK SCREEN: Lock the notes after some timeofinactivity.HIDE: All notes are hidden in the applicationinternalmemory and not visible for other person andapps.ENCRYPTION:Notepad uses the military grade encryption AES 256to encrypt yourprivate notes. AES 256 encryption is approved by NSAfor keepingtop secret files.FOLDERS: Any level of foldersnesting.SHARE:encrypted notes to your friend.IMPORT/EXPORT: notes,images or anyother files.BACKUP: to SD card or Google Drive.STORE:Notes,Photos, Web-docs. You can also import and keep safely anyotherfile types.ANTI THEFT: Optional. If your phone fell into thewronghands, malicious users can not find the passwordout.SIMPLE:friendly interface.This app is just one piece of aseries of "SafeTools" apps for Android.Please report any [email protected] version is available
Password Safe
Having trouble to remember all your passwords, usernames,accounts,account numbers, customer ids, security codes,identifiers, pins?Password Safe can be used to store all yourpasswords, user names,accounts etc. All you need to know to haveaccess is one masterpassword. Your data is stored encrypted(AES-256 cypher is used) onyour device only. The databasecontaining the secret data can besaved as an encrypted file, can beexported without encryption toXML format and can be stored (ifdesired, only if activelyrequested) as encrypted file on our server(zero knowledgetechnology). Especially in times like these trust insafetyengineering from Austria. Insist on uncompromising dataprotection,privacy and data security. NOW WITH EVEN LESS REQUIREDPERMISSIONS!Important: We provide security at the current state oftechnology.All data stored in the password safe can be accessedonly with thecorrect user assigned password - there are no "backdoors".Unfortunately, this app sometimes is poorly rated by userswho haveforgotten their password because in this case access to thedata isno longer possible - and we, clearly, are not able to help.Anyother behavior of the app would, however, represent aroughvulnerability. So please, only install this app if you agreewiththis behavior of the app!
F-Secure KEY Password manager 4.8.6
F-Secure KEY protects and remembers all your passwords andpincodes. Store your passwords, PIN codes, social securitynumbers,and log-ins in one secure app. Keeping track of yourpasswords hasnever been easier. F-Secure KEY is an elegant andpowerful free appfor storing passwords and other personalinformation. Store allyour important credentials in one securepassword manager and usethem faster and easier to log into yourfavorite services or paysecurely online. KEY FEATURES – FREEPassword manager: Store allyour passwords, logins, emails, PINcodes, and credit card andonline banking credentials securely.Create passwords: Generatestronger passwords for your services andaccounts. Breach alerts:Breach alerts notifies you when a popularservice has been hackedresulting in potential risk of your ownaccount being compromised.Military-grade encryption: Yourinformation is encrypted with irontight security. 100% reliable: Wepromise not to track you, trickyou or lose your passwords. We have30 years of experience and aspotless track record to back that up.F-Secure KEY does NOT havethe means to recover the Master Passwordbecause we want toincrease the security level to maximum.Recovering would mean thatwe would need to have a way to accessyour data. KEY FEATURES –PREMIUM Use KEY wherever you go, on anydevice, with the sameMaster Password. Synchronize your passwordsreal-time across allyour devices. Highly Rated! ”Good tool, greatapp, easy to use”.“For the first time in my internet-history, I dohave safepasswords”. “I love this application. The only passwordmanager Iknow I can trust” - User reviews Customersupport/Community: Read more ordownload for otherplatforms: F-SecurePrivacyPolicy: ofUse:
Authenticator Plus
🏆 Thanks to all, We are awarded with Top Developer Badge👏Authenticator Plus generates 2-step verification codes toprotectyour accounts with your password and phone / tablet.WithAuthenticator Plus you can seamlessly sync and manage allyour2-step enabled accounts in phones / tablet / kindle. • SyncAcrossDevices - seamlessly access and open accounts from youphone,tablet or Amazon Kindle • Android Wear Support - view allyour PINsin Android watch • Automatic backup / restore - accountsareautomatically backed up to cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox) andcanbe restored easily • Secure - 256-bit AES encryption and PINlockfor additional security • Fingerprint support - Unlock theappthrough fingerprint, only supported in Android Marshmallowwithcompatible hardware, as of now Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P •Advancedsecurity - hardware backed encryption protects your accounteven inrooted devices • Organize - group accounts with categoriesandre-order frequently used accounts to top • Personalize -changethemes and displays account logos for easier lookup • ImportfromGoogle Authenticator - accounts can be imported fromGoogleAuthenticator in rooted devices • WinAuth support - workswithWinAuth ( Technical Details- Help Docs- Beta Channel-
Secret Safe Password Manager 3.8.3
This password manager is in the store since 2010 and is usedbythousands of satisfied users on all kinds of phones and tablets.Itfocuses on the the core functions of a password manager:*Securestorage by using AES encryption based on a masterpassword.*Structuring the entries by categories and different inputforms:username and password, PINs of bank or credit cards,notes,contacts and links.* Backup function which uses zip fileswithAES-256 encryption.* Comfortable synchronization betweenmultipledevices which can detect new and changed passwords.* A freePCversion for entering existing username, passwords and notes andforchecking the stored passwords.In contrast to other passworddepotsor password managers this app has no ads, no unnecessaryrightslike internet access, no unnecessary cloud functions and nobackdoor, to get access to the app without the master password.Formoredetails, try out the free password manager app (the numberofpasswords is limited) or have a look at our homepagehttp://www.giraone.comLanguages: English, German, French,Spanish,Russian (translated by Andrey Kharitonov), Italian
WiFi Password 3.9.4
Millions of free wifi available, one click to connect wifi,withoutknowing wifi password! -Millions of wifi hotspots -Oneclick:freewifi connection -Personal network security guard -Sharewifipassword safely -Scan the current wifi, detect wifisecurityFeatures: 1.Free WiFi "WiFi Password " provide millions offreewifi hotspot nearby, you can connect to wifi without knowingwifipassword. 2.Safe WiFi "WiFi Password " provide trustedwifiservices. Only free wifi and wifi shared by users can be findandconnect. 3.Easy and fast Just one click, connect wifi andsharewifi password. "WiFi Password " will detect wifiautomatically.4.Security Test “WiFi Password” provide securitytest,click currentconnected wifi,you can detect current wifisecurity. Declairation:All shared WiFi password are unrevealed toinsure safety andprivacy of users. 🏆Connect WiFi: Search free WiFihotspot aroundyou,one click connect to WiFi hotspot,without knowingwifipassword.Wi-Fi connection will be safety andquickly."WiFiPassword" helps you inquire Wi-Fi password stored onour server andwifi password shared by other users. 🏆Share WiFi: Youcan shareFree WiFi with others with simple operation. Share freeWi-Fi: Youcan add Free Wi-Fi hotspot by sharing the Wi-Fi passwordwith otherusers. Share personal WiFi hotspot:Turn your mobile phoneinto arouter and share your mobile network with your friends.🏆WiFisecurity: WiFi connection will be safety and trusted.WiFiPasswordwill be unrevealed and "WiFi Password " can help you awayfromunsafe Wi-Fi hotspot and ensure the safety of connected Wi-Fiwhenyou in a unfamiliar environment . The range of Securitydetectionis Encrypt Detecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting. Rate uswith fivestars to show us your love! And please feel free tocontact us ifyou have any problems or suggestion to WiFiPassword.We are readyto help. Our Emial:[email protected]