Top 24 Games Similar to Cheat Mods For Resident Evil 4

Mods For Resident Evil 4 1.0
Mods For Resident Evil 4isstrategies,cheats,tutorials, tips for game Resident Evil 4,whichprovide to you allthe necessary information, that help you toplaymuch moreefficient.This is an unofficial fan guide to Resident Evil 4 game.Features of the app:- A detailed walkthrough of all four available campaigns.- Tips on bosses and harder opponents fights.- Locations of all hidden in-game emblems.- Solutions to in-game logic puzzles.- Locations of useful items and ammo.- mods- codes- Cheats- Walkthrough- Fun**** DISCLAIMER: ****This app Mods For Resident Evil 4 game is not authorized,createdortested by the creator of the game.All locations,characters,images, videos, and otherdetailsarecopyright of their respective owners.This guide is only created to players to learn informationaboutthegame.if you feel or think there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that does not follow within the fairuseguidelines,please contact us directly.Enjoy.
Grand Mods For Resident Evil 4 1.0
Grand Mods For Resident Evil4isstrategies,cheats, tutorials, tips for game Resident Evil4,whichprovide to you all the necessary information, that help youtoplaymuch more efficient.This is an unofficial fan guide to Resident Evil 4 game.Features of the app:- A detailed walkthrough of all four available campaigns.- Tips on bosses and harder opponents fights.- Locations of all hidden in-game emblems.- Solutions to in-game logic puzzles.- Locations of useful items and ammo.- mods- codes- Cheats- Walkthrough- Fun**** DISCLAIMER: ****This app Grand Mods For Resident Evil 4 game isnotauthorized,created or tested by the creator of the game.All locations,characters,images, videos, and otherdetailsarecopyright of their respective owners.This guide is only created to players to learn informationaboutthegame.if you feel or think there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that does not follow within the fairuseguidelines,please contact us directly.Enjoy.
Great Mods For Resident Evil 4 1.0
Great Mods For Resident Evil4isstrategies,cheats, tutorials, tips for game Resident Evil4,whichprovide to you all the necessary information, that help youtoplaymuch more efficient.This is an unofficial fan guide to Resident Evil 4 game.Features of the app:- A detailed walkthrough of all four available campaigns.- Tips on bosses and harder opponents fights.- Locations of all hidden in-game emblems.- Solutions to in-game logic puzzles.- Locations of useful items and ammo.- mods- codes- Cheats- Walkthrough- Fun**** DISCLAIMER: ****This app Great Mods For Resident Evil 4 game isnotauthorized,created or tested by the creator of the game.All locations,characters,images, videos, and otherdetailsarecopyright of their respective owners.This guide is only created to players to learn informationaboutthegame.if you feel or think there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that does not follow within the fairuseguidelines,please contact us directly.Enjoy.
Gun Shot Fire War 1.2.3
"Gun Shot Fire War" 3D FPS game. In the game you play theroleofasuperb shot technology elite killer. You will befacedwithfullyarmed murderous terrorists, they are heinous. Inordertocompletethe task and not be destroyed by them, you have togoallout. Youcan use a variety of weapons and shoot,includingpistols,rifles,machine guns,and so on. Choosing differentscenesand fightwiththem will make the game interesting. You willfeelsurprised bythePerfect game play. What are you waiting for,quicklypicked uparmsto fight with them. Last tips, take care andshownomercy,goodluck!***Game Features:***There are severalgamemodesavailableto players. Time limited Mode which you havealimitedtime todestroy the enemy, whether those tasks fail. IntheHostagemode,you should rescue the hostages whom controlledbytheterrorist.Anyway you have to pick up guns and launchedadesperatestrugglewith the enemy.***The game offers a varietyofcombat maps,such asthe Desert II, Ice and Snow, the PersianTown,DilapidatedCity.Youwill experience the fantasticfightingexperience on thismaps andwill be shocked by realisticbrilliantbattlescenes.***Arsenalwill provide attractive firearmsfor you.Whichinclude gunssuchasAK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5 andso on. Allgunsarevery realistic, I believe it will give youasensestraightforwardshooting experience.***The operation ofthegame isvery cool, thegame runs smooth, realistic soundeffects,exquisiteeffectsdefinitely gives you a straightforwardshootingexperience.Blood,Sound, Effects, GamePlay, all things areperfect.What youhave to dois bore the bullet pierced intobodyofterrorist.***Each destroy anenemy, you will get goldaward.Youcan use coins to buy moresophisticated guns or otherusefulitems.You also can comparisonswith other players to see whoismorepowerful and stronger. Yourscore will be uploadedtotherank.***Important is that the game isfree, all thingsarefree.Quickly pick up your guns and experience.
Deadbotz 2.21
Anjin Games
Deadbotz is the ultimate free 3d shooter game: Dive into theworldof John McClure and fight your way through waves of robotforces toget to the end of the level and take control of theteleportvortex.featuring console quality graphics and open world3dgameplay in Single-play, Multi-play or Lan Play mode. If youdon'tbelieve us watch the video!. Play with your friends andexperiencethe excitement of Deadbotz together.How to play-Unlocksecure areasby hacking computer terminals and jump to new levelsusing vortexteleports. Destroy all flyers, crawlers, megabots andcyborgs.Collect medi-packs to increase your health. Collect rocketsforextra damage.use left thumb on the left joypad to move John,useright thumb on the right joypad to make John fire inthatdirection. Attack 1 for bullets, Attack 2 for rockets, Holstertodraw/holster weapon.Standard MultiplayerJust select mulitplayerandyou will connect to the Global Dead Botz server.LocalLanMultiplayer setup (overrides internet multiplayer):Pleasefollowthese steps1. On the local server phone select configure2.selectserver (remember the IP address, you will need it for theotherphones)3. select siberia 4. On the other phones server IP address6. type in the IP address of multiplayer8. You and your friends will now beconnected ina multiplayer game. Its wild!
Dead Shadow Zombies Sniper Dark Hunt OMG! 1.0.7
Dead Target Zombie is a brand new FPS tough free zombies gameof2016. The tyrant virus or the t-virus a very deadly mutant formofresident evil out broke in 2050 in a small town and theZombieApocalypse spread in the graveyard of that town. The farmysterioustown has become a Zombies booth and zombie are cominglike atsunami from everywhere. You are a specialist zombiestsunamihunter of the dead targets and the local authorities havecalledyou for help. Can you survive the deadly zombie Apocalypse?Let’ssee zombies hunter how far you go. Hahaha, are you afraid?==FEATURES == ☆ Great fun for everyone, even for girls!☆ Fivehardlevels for you to become an Zombiesbooth Tsunami hero☆Defendyourself and don't get eaten in the zombiesbooth mountaincitysniper!☆ Cool HD graphics with scary graveyard scene andhorrifyingwitch castle!☆ Five levels with different feel and lookof theenvironment!☆ Terrifying sound effects!★ Experience excitingFPSshooting gameplay against dead targets zombie tsunami★ An evilanddark adventure in the cold of a winter night!If you likefreezombie games, sniper fury or shooting games free; you wouldlove toplay this very hard FPS zombies shooting hunting gamefeaturing theliving dead targets in zombiesbooth, the residentevil. You mayhave played many zombie games free before but babythis issomething really hard to play, don’t believe! Come on andsee foryourself how theses dead targets can make you scream anddead inminutes.There are 4 best guns to choose from e.g. AK47,M-24semiautomatic and M4A1. Which one is your favorite? We intendtoput more deadly weapons, grenades and powers in your arsenalhunterin future releases. So don’t worry if you can’t overcometheresident evil zombie Apocalypse now!Good luck zombiesTsunamihunter, you're going to need it the most at this point oftime inyour life against the sinister dead targets and you mustbecome atough hard target for them otherwise they are going toconvert youinto dead meat hahaha!! And also try pixel gun strike,monstersquad battle camp, jailbreak killshot, guns glorygunslingers,Critical Commando Strike, Commando Strike subway Ops,ZombieGunship Air Strike and space twist turn etc.Do like ourGoogle& Facebook page, give us good rankings and reviews aswell sowe can make better games free foryoualways!,Good Day and get some time to Play!!
Broken Dawn:Trauma 1.2.5
The world was engulfed by mutants of unknown originovernight.Citiesfell one by one, and the survival of humanitywaned.Anextraterrestrial attack? Or a biological one? What doesthe truthmatter?What's important is to keep on the road ofsurvival, in thedead cities where danger lurks around everycorner……《BrokenDawn:Trauma》is a campaign expansion of《BrokenDawn》: a 3D RPGshooter with intense combat, immersive controls andpolishedgraphics, with technical specs that edge out other titlesof thisgenre on mobile.*Real-time dynamiclighting*Excellentgameplay*Immersive combat*Rich battle campaign
Shooting Zombies:City Defense 120.045
a cross-action super classic shooting zombies, can runwithoutnetworking. Free forever. Storm came. The war of shootingzombiesseason is beginning ...Special Ops(SWAT) shooting zombies todefendthe city by Bomb, So some of the weapons.Story: Zombiessuddenlyappeared in six cities around the world,this time you as auserbecome a super woman special police appeared in thecity.Task:Waves of zombies coming to you, you need to upgrade yourweaponsand equipment, with the fastest speed to destroy them.Hunter them.Kill them all.Mode of operation: Dual joystick, leftjoystickcontrols the direction and right rocker opened fireHighgamequality with 2.5D screen, distinctive character style, atleastnine kinds of zombies, we had learned the advantages fromotherzombies games.And improve the difficulty of the game,improving theuser experience, so you should have try to play thisgame.With 6Stage, 8 small levels per stage, each level isdifferent, so youexperience in a variety of end-kill zombiespleasure. More behindthe content more exciting.
Resident Virus Mutant Wars C18.1b
Resident Virus Mutant WarsPlay as an elite sniper, saving the world from mutant enemiesinthis hit FPSDelve into a world of danger, challenges and high-stakes survivalinResident Virus Mutant Wars. Explore vast and treacherousterrains,battle against devastating mutant enemies and wield anassortment ofepic melee and firearms weapons as you blast throughlevels. Run andshoot, but also discover amazing perks such asammo, health pickups.The fate of the human race depends on you.Dare to accept thechallenge?***STORY***Scientists engineer a virus that dramatically increaseshumanintelligence. Unfortunately, there is a side effect:obsessiveparanoia. As people lose trust in each other, societybegins tocrumble. Cities shut down as technology begins todeteriorate andwar breaks out in the street. The few unaffectedstruggle with away to reverse this detrimental disease. Testingtheir results oncaptive "lab rats", they find that there is onecure that seems towork among the infected. As time is of theessence, further testingis thrown out and mass vials of theantidote are produced andadministered by force. As the antidotekicks in, the streets areabandoned and the population struggles inthe wake of thedevastating consequences derived from the raids onthe cities, butas the antivenin surges through their veins, thepeople begin toexperience a series of new and unusual side effectsas theantivenin clashes with the scientifically engineeredvirus.Suddenly the population is gripped by a new phenomenon.Thedevastating combo begins to mutate the cells of theindividual,altering their appearance and wreaking havoc on theirbrains. Whilethe world was gripped before with the pandemic of theoverlysuspicious, now they are looking at an army of mutantcreatureswith one intent: kill.LET YOUR BULLETS FLY! Cities are burning and nations arecrumblingunder the hands of these merciless mutants. Dominatethisaction-packed campaign and aim to kill. Enjoy futuristicweapons asyou navigate the levels. This pixel style defense gamecouples withamazing 3D graphics and game animations to bring youthe ultimatefirst person shooting experience. Each enemy will testyou in theirown way. Heated gun battles and brutal combats dare youto blowaway your foes. Collect tons of extra features such as ammoandhealth packs. Navigate treacherous confines offuturisticproportions with no guarantee of survival. Utilize skill,timingand quick thinking to annihilate your enemies. Strike fastandhard. This intense action game promises to captivate forhours.Ready your weapons. It's time to hunt down somemutants!FEATURES:-Brand new menus and user interface-Health meter-Entity Map-Ammo and Health Pickups-Touch-pad controls
Resident Virus Battle Cube C10.2
Kick major zombie butt in ResidentVirusBattleCube! Collect cool resources and confront intelligentundeadenemiesas you traverse sprawling 3D worlds.***Undead Mayhem***Reincarnation exists, and for society's worst criminals, deathistheultimate escape plan. Prisons keep inmates alive as longaspossible,but once they die, recover teams are dispatchedtocontain thembefore it is too late. In an effort to controltheprobability of anescaped reincarnate, government officialsworkedwith top scientiststo create an injection for prisoners thatwouldstamp their soulswith a permanent marking forquickidentification. The markings weredesigned to bestraightforwardand easy to identify, but the serummutated, andinstead, thecriminals were reincarnated into the livingdead.Officials werequick to contain the issue initially, but whenthesecurity of amajor penitentiary was compromised and theprisonersattacked andkilled, an influx of zombies flooded the land.Thesheer number wastoo much for the retrieval group to handle andinthe attack, themutation spread. With the force jeopardized,thelack of manpowerwas keenly felt. In no time at all, the worldwassuffering theweight of the infection, and in the mayhem,factionsformed tofight the zombie hordes.***Dangerous Missions***The sole survivor of your faction after the rest wereinfected,younow roam the lands, fighting hordes and searching foranelusivecure to end this madness. Running against the hands oftimeitself,you must cross treacherous lands and kill a given numberofenemiesto complete your mission and survive another day. Withmapstylelevel select, you can enter vast 3D pixel worlds andclaimultimatevictory if your aim and skill are a match for thebruteforce anddetermination of these undead monsters. Collectblockyweapons andclaim cool power-ups by watching brief videoclips. Ifyou aresuccessful in beating the game timers, your rewardwill beapowerful permanent weapon you can carry with youthroughworlds.Strike fast. Kill hard. This land is fraughtwithunimaginabledangers and every step could potentially beyourlast...Features:Blocky weapon pickupsTimersPower-upsHand-to-hand combatEnemies with high damageIntuitive, user-friendly interfaceLoading screen game tipsFPS combat3D pixel graphics
Horror Hospital 6.0
Heisen Games
Only chance to survive from the hospital with ghosts isacellphone.Are you ready to risk your life for saving yourfriendsto hospital.In a darkness enviroment, you should find yourway onlyusing a cellphone light.Consider messages which comesyourcellphone and reach your friendNote: We recommend that playthegame with headset.★ Twitter:★Instagram:★Facebook:★Web:★ Horror Hospital
Commando zombie highway Game 1.2
Commando Zombie Assault is the best story commando missiongames2016. Play as a army commando adventure simulation game. Wearehappy to provide undead zombie commando game this year. In fullofadventure commando free game, your mission is to protectsergeantmani from zombie. Enemies are zombie on highway and streetsofwhole city. We can say that a zombie tsunami has emerged andyouhave to take your partner home safely. Be a hero undead slayerandprotect him from resident evil in the city. In this evil deadgame,dead target is everywhere and make them literate deadtrigger.There is a full dead pool game where your target is zombieandundead hollywood and police zombies.Mission is simple: Protectyourpartner from zombie and get yourself alive. commando warzonemissions in this free first person shooter behind the linesgame.You have just been dropped in a very hostile enemy territorywith alarge undead force to attack for your last survival attempt.Gatherup your first weapons and ammunition for this battle andbecome acommando shooter. FeaturesFPS free roam action instunningenvironmentsWider array of assault weapons to use:• AK 47•M 16•Shot gun• PistolsObjective based missions for anintriguinggameplay experience.Commando weapons including knife,pistol,machine gun, shotgun, ak-45 and sniper rifles are placesondifferent locations, so well arm yourself before facingthoseundead enemies because they feel no pain.Medic-kits arealsodropped in your zone.Disclaimer:Game is free; we put some ADson itto support the developer hence few permissions are needed.
Zombie Combat: Gun Trigger & Modern FPS Shooter 3D 1.3
The war has just become much more advanced! Have you got whatittakes to bring down bloodthirsty zombies in the ultimateshootinggame? As a modern soldier, you must now hunt to survive!Breathe inand ready your gun! This game features realistic deadmonstersknown as zombies in a set of frontline battlefieldssurrounded bythe evil virus. The 3D graphics engine is making thebest use ofmodern Android phones. War has never looked any better.KEYFEATURES:- FIGHT AGAINST MODERN SOLDIERS INFECTED BY ZOMBIEVIRUS!-ENJOY EPIC FPS SHOOTER LOCALIZED IN A RUINED CITY!- HAVEYOUR LASTSTAND AGAINST DEAD ARMY- DISCOVER TONS OF MISSIONS!- JOINADVANCEDCOMBAT ON THE LIVING DEAD FRONTIER!- DISCOVER THE LIGHTTRIGGER,TARGET, SHOOT AND KILL FAST!- USE POWERFUL GUNS: AUTOMATICRIFLEAND MINI GUN!THE LAST STAND AGAINST DEAD ZOMBIES!You are theonlysurvivor from the New York's resident army battalion. Leftstrandedafter an evil attack by the GORGON terrorist organization.Theattack consisted of a strike with a warhead containing adeadlyzombie virus - the effect of sinister bioengineering donebyGORGON's deranged scientists. You almost gave up all hope untilasingle radio call from the commando came: destroy the infectionatall cost! Every shot counts, the virus is almosthere!DISCOVERCLASSIC BATTLEFIELD GAMEPLAY!You'll have to fight hardto fulfillyour duty on the modern battlefield. Bio warfare haschanged thefrontline. You'll need to dive right into the deadzombie army tohave any hope of succeeding in avenging yourbattalion. Your latemates are now a mindless horde determined onlyto eat your brain.You'll have to use your guns and grenadesextensively to proceed onyour impossible mission. As a residentavenger and a survivor, youare morally challenged in your one-mancounter strike against theGORGON's sinister wrongdoings. Your dutyis to prove on thebattlefield that the army is the hunters, not thedeer. Target thezombies, pull the trigger, watch them fall deadaround you.BECOMECOMMANDO ASSASSIN SOLDIER!You were trained on thefrontier as asniper specializing in the terrorist strikes. Yourexpertise willprove very useful on the zombie front. You'll have tocombat thezombies with a weapon of your choice: either a modernautomaticrifle or an extremely deadly mini gun. The only effectiveway tokill your zombified battle brothers is to shoot them in thehead -shooting their arms will deal only low damage. Learn therules ofcombat well if you plan on surviving this mission, soldier.Keepyour finger on the trigger and target the dead carefully.ONE FOTHEBEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER OF 2017!The dead are relentless,ifyou're not the hunter then you become the hunted. Zombiekillinggames reach the absolute top in this extremely advanced 3Dshooter.Target the zombies, keep shooting and never let go of thetrigger,because the ammo is free and unlimited. And never forget -even inthe apocalypse you can still have fun. Your shootingexperience isoptimized for maximum adrenaline.Zombie Combat: GunTrigger &Modern FPS Shooter 3D is finally available on GooglePlay! DOWNLOADIT NOW!
Alien Zone Plus 1.3.1
[Game Intro] Space station under invasion, city on the vergeofplague, even the whole world, is moving towards devastation.Youare the Savior! [Exquisite 3D Graphics] Real-time light,shadow,lambency and depth effect... Enable you to experience a 3Dnext-genconsole game on mobile platforms. 22completely differentstages,i.e. 22 distinctive scenes Ensures a breath of fresh aireveryminute in the game Romantic park, perilous factory,trap-filledpower station, besieged lab… Are you ready to set off?[ExtremelyExciting Battles] Are you fed up with fighting againstonly one orseveral monsters at a time? Here's your chance to sweepaway anenemy swarm A wide variety of traps that make your everymove fullof suspense You have to break through waves of monstersand becomethe true Savior! [Perfect Combination of ARPG and ShooterGames] Isit an ARPG? No, it is a shooter game Is it a shooter game?It is anAPRG with character levels, equipment, perks and treasurehuntsystems. [Unique Game Systems] * Character Level: Characterswilllevel up by means of defeating monsters and completing quests.*Perks System: Characters are endowed with multiple perks andcanenjoy different gameplays. * Random Equipment System: Thegameoffers millions of equipment like Diablo, in this way youcanchoose your own game mode according to your preference. To beaniron warrior or bloodthirsty killer, or both of them? You calltheshots on your battlefield! * Random Monsters: Differentmonsterswill randomly show up in different places, spices up yourgameplay* Package System: You will get various help and fantasticpackagesat a specific level, times and stages.
Xenowerk 1.5.3
Be the last hope against the mutant infestation. Enter theaftermathof a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. Xenowerk™comes fromPixelbite, the creators of Space Marshals. It is atop-down actionshooter challenging your combat skills in anunderground sciencelab. Descend deeper into the abyss and explorethe tarnished levels.Armed with a flashlight as your mainguidance, you’ll never knowwhat’s lurking in the dark! MISSIONYourobjective is to destroy allthe nests and eliminate all mutants toprevent them fromspreading.Xenowerk™ has 70 levels to explore withincreasingdifficulty. As progressing through the game you’ll comeacross agrowing number of mutants and expanding areas tocleanse.ARSENALHeavier firepower and thicker armor is critical tostayalive on your journey. Gather pickups from slain mutants topowerup weapons and armor. SPECIAL POWERSXenowerk™ features a setofspecial powers to boost your offensive when you’re inneed.Activate one or several at a time for a more effective way towipeout mutants. KEY FEATURES· Top-down action shooter· Dualsticktouch controls· Beautifully rendered lighting and shadows·Widerange of weapons and gear· Upgradable weapons· Special Powerstoenhance your gameplay· Performance based rating system· GooglePlayAchievements & Leaderboards· Optional in-app creditpackages topurchase· English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano,简体中文, 한국어,日本語, 繁体中文, русский, Português do Brasil**************Game requiresOpenGL ES 3.0support**************IMPORTANT: Please note that thisgame requiresa screen resolution of at least 800x540 to displayGUI elementscorrectly. It may be playable at lower resolutions butit is notofficially supported.NOTE: Xenowerk features advancedgraphics. Tooptimize game performance you may want to close downany otherrunning applications before launching the game. Forsupportenquiries: [email protected] us onTwitter:@pixelbiteFollow us onFacebook: more epic gamesvisit:
Broken Dawn II 1.2.8
“June 29th, 2015”“A new type virus is spreading. No one knows howorwhere it came from .”“In just a few months, it has swept theentireworld.”“Nothing can stop the virus from spreading andinfectingcreatures. Even worse, the infected human beings andanimals wouldtransform into terrifying, aggressivemonsters.”“There are more andmore mutant monsters. Humanity isunder attack.”“But the nightmarehas just begun…”BriefIntroduction“Broken Dawn” offers the perfectcombination of thethrilling shooters and role-playing games,guaranteeing excellenthandling and exquisite graphics. We nowintroduce a brand newversion of the game with recreated scenes andupdated techniques.The in-game economic system has been improvedand all aspects ofthe game have been significantlyenhanced.Features*Real-timedynamic lighting effects that rival PCgraphics.*Exclusive andunique game systems with comparable gameplayto “Diablo”.*Thrillingbattles and outstanding handling.*Long-termand abundant battlescenes offer varied stage experiences.
Boss Sniper 18+ 1.3
Do you want to be called as the best sniper of this century? Thenbeready for an epic action in boss sniper 18+ where you are goingtoshoot down dangerous mafia bosses. This sniping mission isveryrisky as the criminal targets are surrounded by alert guardsarmedwith weapons. You are a special agent hired by theofficialgovernment agency specialized in finding out andeliminating secretmafia leaders and bosses, high profile murderers,drug dealers andstrong terrorist groups in the country. Aim andkill your targetcarefully without killing the innocent civilians.Each Mission hasdifferent scenario that makes the game unique andchallenging butyour main focus is to kill the target withoutfailing thelevel.Find out the bosses and murderers hidden indifferentbuildings, Gun down the boss before he escapes inhelicopter. Shootdown the crime kings of the city, mastermindsbehind terrorism andprove yourself as the real sniper of thecentury.Don’t miss anyshot or you will end up failing the level.Avail the promo offers,upgrade the rifles and accomplish missionsas a Master of thesniping world!Features: Promo Offers!Multipletargets!Amazing Gameplay!Different Rifles!UniqueScenarios!Challenging ShootingMissions!Amazing 3D Graphics!
Zombie Sniper 3D II 2.1
Zombie Sniper 3D has got praise of players! Its sequel must beapopular game as well! ! !New graphics, new operation, newgameplay! ! !The TOP artwork team made the most wonderful graphicsofmobile games! ! !Optimized game control allows you to play thegamesmoothly even on minimal phone! ! !Open game environment makesyoufeel real! ! !Just shoot the zombies on your phone! !!ZombieSniper 3D II is a 3D side-scrolling first person shootinggame. Ituses tapping control to move the aim point! Tap the shooticon tomake the player shoot! The tanks, explosives, knives andotherthings in the game map are all can be used to shoot. Takeadvantageof the power-ups and enjoy more fun in it!Features★★★★★Beautifuland realistic game graphics★★★★★ Open gameoperatingenvironment★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Richpower-upssystem★★★★★ Amazing game music and sound effect
Zombie: Whispers of the Dead 0.9
Zombie: Whispers of the Dead - a zombie hardcorefirst-personshooter, events which unfolded against the backdrop ofthe world,in the death agony of a zombie apocalypse.DownloadingZombie:Whispers of the Dead FREE you will get the opportunity tobecomeone of the survivors, who is desperately trying to save selflife.A terrible game atmosphere will accompany you from the startofyour journey to the end ...FEATURES :- Ergonomic interfacethatwill allow you to always keep the enemy at gunpoint and at anytimeopened fire ;- Sound quality will help you to feel moredeeplycreepy atmosphere around the events taking place (recommendusingheadphones) ;- Technology RagDoll will make every kill zombies-unique ;- Low demands on processing power, which makesitcomfortable to play even on slower devices.
The Zombie: Gundead 1.3.9
- Over 60 different stages such as Break Through, Hunt,Survive,Defend, Chase, etc. - Splendid 3D graphics and high qualitysoundeffects. - Over 10 types of different zombies with bizarrelooks. -About 20 different types of weapons including pistol,submachinegun, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc. - Variousmissionsand achievements available along with leaderboard tocompete withother survivors. - 16 National Language Support -Support forTablets.Homepage: YouTube:
Judgment Day: Zombie Attack 3d 4.7
Except for regular testing of nuclear weapons, things wentwrong.Released missile armed forces fell not reaching the goal.Itspeculiarity is that it bore no simple charge, this was anewgeneration of biological weapons. Unfortunately it happened ontheterritory of the city. With people who live around theaffectedarea began to occur incredible things... Everything thathashappened to them and will learn the hero of the game. Judgmentday:attack of the zombie is a 3d shooter in which there aretwomodes:1. Action - the player will have to go through thehorrorsthat fill the tunnels unfinished bunker, the labyrinth ofoldunderground catacombs and many other exciting moments. He willhaveto face different paintings is and eating people infectedmutants,zombies, and other moments of the game, which together witha goodsound system will allow to plunge into the world ofexcitingadventures and feel the atmosphere of the Apocalypse. Our3d zombieshooter, or as it is called - shooting of the undead willnot leaveindifferent those who like to play these games.2. Arcade.Shootingzombies occurs in arcade mode. Main hero of the gameproposed tovent all of his anger at monsters and zombies who willsurround himor his friends, and try to eat alive. Don't let themwin!A steadilyincreasing number of gaming locations. Feedback canpost ideas forfuture locations for our 3d shooting games, the bestplan will berealized. We are constantly trying to improve both thegameplay andgraphics, and the atmosphere of the Apocalypse.
Evil Hunter 1.1
Games Element
Evil has flooded over the sacred land. Face your destiny andenterthe endless waltz of battle, victory and glory.Hack 'n'slashaction gameplay that made the franchise so popular.Hack yourwaythrough 4 different worlds.This free fantasy game or action gameisbest suited for fans of: hack 'n slash, action RPGs, darkfantasygames, multiplayer and free adventure games.You could beyourpeople’s only remaining this is the mostdangerousadventure in which you area real hunter. Throw gem inthishireling.Evil Hunter features:* horror labyrinth* killmonstersgame* sword battling * fluent animation* amazingspecialeffectsCombining action with realtime 3D RPGelements,People-Defense features and interactive environments thatbring youa gaming experience unlike anything.