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Darts Scoreboard
Andy Pandy
Play your favourite darts game and let Darts Scoreboard handlethescoring. Darts Scoreboard features X01, Cricket, teamplay,statistics and more. Android 4+ is needed to get all ofthefeatures. GENERAL FEATURES: • X01 and Cricket games • No limitonthe number of players • 20 computer opponents • Team play:pairs,triples - whatever you want • Statistics for all players andteams• Player rankings for all statistics • Head-to-head statisticsvseach opponent • Matches can be continued later • Randomiseplayerorder • Unlimited undo/redo • It's free! X01 FEATURES: •Standardand doubles dartboards • Double-in option • Choose startingplayerin deciding legs • Choose the sets, legs and points for eachmatch• Players can start with different points • Checkoutsuggestionsfor all dartboards • Tie-break final set / win by 2 legs• Setupsuggestions before an outshot is reached • Separatestatistics fordifferent leg start points • Auto-handicap points forcloser games• Single-press checkout entry • 2-dart out-chart basedon thecurrent score CRICKET FEATURES: • Standard scoring for2-playergames • Cut-throat scoring for more than 2 players APPPERMISSIONS:Darts Scoreboard is a free, ad-supported app, andnetwork access isused only for the ads.
Darts Scoreboard: My Dart Training 2.1
My Dart Training, the training & darts scoreboard app foralldarts players. Training/Practoice on a regular basis isimportantto improve your darts skills. But it is just as importantto keeprecords of the trainings results. This job does My DartTrainingfor you. Keep track with your progress in miscellaneousvariantsand bring your gameplay to the next level by detectingyourproblems and optimizing your play. My Dart Training supportsyou indoing so. My Dart Training is also a multiplayer dartsscorer, forX01 games and many other darts games. Currentlyavailablemultiplayer games: * X01 Scoreboard (two input options-score oreach dart, no Player limitation) * Cricket ( no Playerlimitation)* Highscore ( no Player limitation) * Buetts Eleven *Halve-It /Splitscore * Killer Currently available trainingvariants: * x01(170, 201, 301, 501, 701, 1001) * scoring * roundthe world / clock(options are singles, doubles or trebles) * roundthe world scoring* Challenge Mode (like a CPU Opponent) * Bob's 27* Catch 40 *Highscore * Finishing 50 * Game420 * Cricket (classicand scoring)* Target Training * Halve-It / Splitscore * JDCChallenge *Multiplayer Darts Scoreboard Functions: * save andrestore databasefrom phone * Save and Restore Database on/fromGoogle Drive *Profiles: use different Trainingsprofiles fordifferent Darts orSetups and compare them * Google Play Games givesyou optionally aoppurtunity to compare your results with yourfriends or peoplearound the world. More functions and improvementsare in work andwill be released continuously. (zb: moreTraininggames, moreMultiplayer Games, more Stats.....) Follow onFacebook:
Pro Darts Scoreboard 2.1.3
Julien Duchow
Feature Overview:● X01-Gamemode(Sets, Legs, Startpoints andCheckoutadjustable)● Cricket-Gamemode(Hits per Field and Modeadjustable)●Any number of Players● Undo any number of timespossible● extensivestatistics● diagrams for some statisticsand theadvantage againstall other Apps:● All your played games getsynchronized on the ProDarts Server and you can play withdifferent devices and synchronizeyourgames!___________________________________With Pro Darts youcanenter your points in a clear front end. You can modifyeverythingbefore the game, like start points, sets, legs and finishmode.ProDarts saves all your played games and analyzes them. So youcan seemany statistics about your games, like average points, hitratios,highest finish and many others.If you do not play on thesamedevice every time, it is no problem. Because Pro Darts has aserverwhich synchronizes all your played games if you wish.Fullautomatically. So you can access and share your games from allyourconnected devices easily!
PDC Darts Match 3.10.1509
The ONLY Darts App featuring the world’s BEST players! PLUS!fullPDC endorsement Come and play against the thousands ofpeopleplaying PDC Darts Match! Work your way up to become aprofessionaldarter and take on some of the world’s best! Play: ★Live Cricket ★Live 501 ★ Live 301 Double In ★ Around the Clock ★Flawless aim andswipe dart throwing, easy to pick up but tough tomaster. ● Take onopponents in real-time across the world! ● Gohead-to-head againstMichael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Rob Cross andmany more PDCplayers! ● Play in numerous venues including theexclusiveBlackpool Winter Gardens! ● Let your rival know what youthinkusing the in-game Chat! ● Level up and unlock millions ofdartcombinations! ● Collect medals by completing challenges andshowthem off! ● Take part in weekly leagues and rise through theranksto earn more money! ● Feel like a pro by using an officialUnicornEclipse HD2 dartboard, the dartboard used in all major PDCdartsevents! The sequel to Microsoft Beautiful Game winner DartsMatch!Support - If you experience any issues with PDC Darts Matchor havea suggestion to improve it, we'd love to hear from you!Contact usin the app or on our support page.
DartCounter 3.3.1
DartCounter is the darts scoreboard app for keeping track ofallyour scores. Play x01 games, Cricket, Bob's 27 and severalothertraining games. In the x01 games you will hear the voiceofMasterCaller Ray Martin who will announce all your scores.Registerwith Facebook or log in and all your games will be saved.Play withmultiple players with a DartCounter account and the wholegame willbe saved in both accounts. Preferences: * Players: 1 - 4players,with or without account * Startscores of 501, 701, 301 oranycustom number * Match type: Sets or legs * Player mode / teammode* Play against computer dartbot (avg. 20 - 120) Trainingoptions: *x01 Scoreboard * Cricket * Bob's 27 * Doubles training *Singlestraining * Score training Stats: * Match average * First 9average* Checkout percentages * Highest score * Highest start score*Highest checkout * Best/worst leg * Avg. darts/leg * 40+, 60+,80+,100+, 120+, 140+, 160+ & 180's
DartBee - Darts Score Counter 5.0.2
DartBee is the perfect app for keeping the score during a gameofdarts. It’s a virtual Darts Scoreboard with lots ofextrafunctionality. The app is easy to use, shows yourecommendedfinishes, has a DartBot computer opponent and can showyou the mostawesome statistics of all Darts apps on the Play Store.Input Youcan use DartBee score counter with the standard “type thetotal ofyour turn on a virtual numpad”, or use the super easy toDartinput. With dart input you only have to tap the individualdartscores and tap double or triple if necessary. The advantage ofthatis that there is absolutely zero math involved and that itallowsfor more advanced statistics. There are dedicated buttonsforTriple 20 and 19, because those are scored the most. The apphasunlimited undo’s for if you make a mistake. And there’s acoolcomputer voice announcer like on TV tournaments. CricketmodeDartBee has a completely separate cricket mode that’s alsosupereasy to use: just tap which scores you have hit and the appdoesthe rest. You can play cricket with up to 4 players.ProfilesDartBee lets you create profiles to keep players separate.Everyprofile can choose a color to differentiate and can choose iftheyprefer the per dart or per turn input. Statistics DartBee hasthemost advanced statistics of all Darts scorekeeper apps on theplaystore. The app has a Quickstats menu that’s easily accessed ingamewith a simple swipe up or with the stats button. Quickstatscanshow things like averages, leg averages, finish percentages,theamount of darts to win, highest score etc etc. If you want, youcanview the Q uickstats for previous games, but DartBee also hasanadvances stats menu to visualize your darts progress withbeautifulgraphs. It can show you an overview of all previous gamesand letsyou compare your progress. It can also compare matchups orshowstats from within a game. Profiles, games and statistics dataisstored on your phone automatically and can be safely backed upandsynced across devices with Google Drive. Dartbot DartBee hasanadvanced Dartbot computer opponent. Its difficulty can bechosenwith a level ranging from grandma that cant even hit theboard tosuperhuman. It throws very realistically, and can matchitdifficulty with your history if desired. Its difficulty can alsobedetermined with a scoring average and a finish percentageCustomizeyour game With DartBee scoreboard you can customize yourgame toyour liking. You can play a 501 game with as many people inonegame as you want, choose if you want to play with sets orjustlegs, configure the startscore to anything below 1000 andconfigurethe allowed finishes and first darts with any combinationof singledouble and triple. Other features: • Fullscreen/ immersivemode tomaximize screen real estate • Optimized interface fortablets andlaptops • Supports physical Bluetooth or USB keyboards/numpads. •Currently translated to Dutch, German and Italian EventhoughDartBee darts scorer is tested thoroughly, it is made by ahumanand can contain bugs. Please report them to me so I can fixthem!Have any feature requests or would like to see the apptranslatedto your language? Please email me [email protected]
Let's Dart Scoreboard 1.5.5
Let's Dart is a mobile dart scoreboard applicationsupportingplayers in calculating and recording game dart data.Using this appeach player has the possibilty to analyze player andgamestatistics to recognize their weakness and and improvetheirskills.* Currently in development: Training plan mode*Thisdartscoreboard app includes the following functionality andfeatures-X01 game with several options like double out, master in,...-Cricket- CPU Player including 9 levels of diccifulty- Gameandplayer statistics: scoring, average, checkout, aiming, CPU1on1-Advanced minimalistic user interface- Player management:profilepicture, player name, favourite status- CheckoutSuggestions-Smartphone / Tablet SupportThis dart scoreboard offersthepossibility to capture and present dart data in single-andmultiplayer modus. All player statistics can be analyzed onseveraldetail levels like leg statistic, set statistic, gamestatistic orplayer statistic. Let's Dart Scoreboard gives everyplayer thechance to analyze and improve his skills.Have fun an gameon!
Live Statistics Darts: Scoreboard 1.3.3
Live Statistics Darts is the most powerful, but freeDartsScoreboard App ever created and your personal darts coach! UseourE.P.I.C. (Efficient Points Input Control = easy andefficiententering of scores) to get in touch with a whole newdimension ofLive Statistics. Just concentrate on your throws, theApp will dothe rest!GAME ON!••••••••• Games: x01, Cricket, Aroundthe Clock•E.P.I.C.: „Efficient Points Input Control“ - Allows youto enteryour thrown darts both accurately and fast! You can alsouse analternative input method which lets you enter just the sum ofalldarts (at the cost of more detailed statistics).• Graphs,Text& Board Statistics: Throw Distribution,Inner-OuterDistribution, Single-Dart Comparison, Averages and muchmore! New:Burndown Chart and Scorer Average• Players: LSD supportsmore than8 Players for a game. So no problem to play with more thanonefriend at one board!• AI Opponent: Can you beat our LSD Bots?Orcreate your own Bot with individual double and/or scoringskills!•Personal Profile: Stay on top of things: Win Rate,3-Dart-Average,Thrown Darts and much more!• Achievements: Challengeyourself andgain all of the LSD Trophys!• New: Chromecast support:You can nowstream your match statistics live to a Chromecast devicein thesame network! This allows everyone in the room to view all oftheimportant statistics and the players to view required pointsandgood checkout possibilities!• New: Experimental voice input:Theapp now features an experimental voice input, which can be usedtoenter scores without touching your phone! Please note that thisisan experimental feature and may not work perfectly inallsituations. We'd love to hear your feedback on this feature!•New:Save your data: Backup your statistics and profiles toexternalstorage, e.g. in order to re-import them on your newdevice!• ShareShortcut: Share your Profile or gamestats withyourfriends!••••••••App permissions:• Microphone / Record audio:Onlyused for the optional voice input feature. Recorded audio isnotsent to any server, and only processed locally on yourdevice.•Storage: Used for creating and importing backups of yourdata, aswell as temporarily storing images when sharing your statswithyour friends.• Internet: For sending crash reports andanonymoususage statistics. We use that data only in order toreproduce andfix bugs, as well as otherwise optimizing the app. Youcan opt outof analytics collection in the settings.• ControlVibration: Forletting the device vibrate when you unlock anachievement.• Preventphone from sleeping: For keeping the deviceactive during a game.•View WiFi/Network connections, full networkaccess: For Chromecastfunctionality (detecting Chromecast devicesin the network andstreaming match statistics to them)• BillingService: We displaysome ads which do not disturb during normalgameplay, in order topay development costs. You can purchase anitem for an ammount thatyou can choose, in order to remove the adsand support thedevelopment of this app.••••••••Get moreinformationon: and Newsalso onFacebook:
DartBee - Darts Scoreboard PRO 5.0.1
DartBee is an easy to use darts score counter with support forx01and cricket. DartBee is the perfect app for keeping thescoreduring a game of darts. It’s a virtual Darts Scoreboard withlotsof extra functionality. The app is easy to use, showsyourecommended finishes, has a DartBot computer opponent and canshowyou the most awesome statistics of all Darts apps on thePlayStore. Input You can use DartBee score counter with thestandard“type the total of your turn on a virtual numpad”, or usethe supereasy to Dart input. With dart input you only have to taptheindividual dart scores and tap double or triple if necessary.Theadvantage of that is that there is absolutely zero mathinvolvedand that it allows for more advanced statistics. Therearededicated buttons for Triple 20 and 19, because those arescoredthe most. The app has unlimited undo’s for if you make amistake.And there’s a cool computer voice announcer like on TVtournaments.Cricket mode DartBee has a completely separate cricketmode that’salso super easy to use: just tap which scores you havehit and theapp does the rest. You can play cricket with up to 4players.Profiles DartBee lets you create profiles to keep playersseparate.Every profile can choose a color to differentiate and canchoose ifthey prefer the per dart or per turn input. StatisticsDartBee hasthe most advanced statistics of all Darts scorekeeperapps on theplay store. The app has a Quickstats menu that’s easilyaccessed ingame with a simple swipe up or with the stats button.Quickstatscan show things like averages, leg averages, finishpercentages,the amount of darts to win, highest score etc etc. Ifyou want, youcan view the Q uickstats for previous games, butDartBee also hasan advances stats menu to visualize your dartsprogress withbeautiful graphs. It can show you an overview of allprevious gamesand lets you compare your progress. It can alsocompare matchups orshow stats from within a game. Profiles, gamesand statistics datais stored on your phone automatically and can besafely backed upand synced across devices with Google Drive.Dartbot DartBee has anadvanced Dartbot computer opponent. Itsdifficulty can be chosenwith a level ranging from grandma that canteven hit the board tosuperhuman. It throws very realistically, andcan match itdifficulty with your history if desired. Its difficultycan also bedetermined with a scoring average and a finishpercentage Customizeyour game With DartBee scoreboard you cancustomize your game toyour liking. You can play a 501 game with asmany people in onegame as you want, choose if you want to play withsets or justlegs, configure the startscore to anything below 1000and configurethe allowed finishes and first darts with anycombination of singledouble and triple. Other features: •Fullscreen/ immersive mode tomaximize screen real estate •Optimized interface for tablets andlaptops • Supports physicalBluetooth or USB keyboards/ numpads. •Currently translated toDutch, German and Italian Even thoughDartBee darts scorer is testedthoroughly, it is made by a humanand can contain bugs. Pleasereport them to me so I can fix them!Have any feature requests orwould like to see the app translatedto your language? Please emailme at [email protected]
DartEagle Scoreboard 1.3.0
DartEagle Scoreboard is a great 501-style darts scoring appthathelps you easily keep your scores and stats for yourdartsgames.Features include• Unlimited players• Configurable matchsetupincluding: Leg target, Number of legs, Set based scoring,Doublein/out, Treble in/out, Loser throws first / rotate startingplayer•PDC or BDO style match score display• Efficient score entry•Largetext landscape mode for highly visible scoring information•Livecheckout suggestions• Over 20 different statistics for eachmatch,plus individual double stats• Review match statistics frompreviousmatches• Graph statistics for multiple players• Editableleghistory• Leg, set and match statistics• Pause and resumematches•Twitter integrationThe best unlimited player, easy scoreentry,501-style dart scoring app. Remember, the Dart Eagle!
Russ Bray Darts Scorer 4.36.006
***** 5 star award in Apps Magazine "Russ Bray will speak yournameand work out the scores for you, and there are so manyfeatureshere we cannot possibly cover them all. It is a brilliantandambitious darts scoring solution in app form".One hundredandeighty! Welcome to the official app from the 'Voice of Darts'RussBray. Russ is a world famous darts referee who has beenscoringmajor professional Sky TV tournaments for 20 years.In theapp Russreferees your darts match in full including speaking yourname,throws, total left, and shot-outs with his silky vocaltonesexactly as he does on TV - you'll think you're at the AllyPally!Aswell as two player and Cricket scoring you can also improveyourgame by playing virtual matches against the computer (01 games)atten different skill levels. If you can beat the computer atlevel10 you are ready to take on the world number one!All playershavetheir own profile including a photo which can be shown duringplay.Every match is recorded with detailed stats includingaverage,first 9 average, best leg (darts thrown), highest checkout,highestthrow, doubles hit and score table (60's, 100's, 140's and180'scounts).Get the best selling darts scorer for a fraction ofthecost of a standalone product! Features include...- 2 Player.-Playthe computer practice mode (01 games).- Cricketscoring.-Personalised audio, hear Russ speak YOUR name (over 3000namesincluding player nicknames).- Request a name and Russ willrecordit for you personally.- Audio the same as on TV.- Playerprofilesincluding photos, handicaps and audio name which can bechanged atany time.- Full match history.- Detailed stats for thecurrentmatch and all past matches including average, first 9average, bestleg (darts thrown), highest checkout, highest throw,doubles hitand score table (60's, 100's, 140's and 180's counts).-Choosebetween scoring the full three dart total or eachdartindividually.- Set your own custom start number between 101and9999.- Play with handicaps.- Play with double to start(includingplay the computer). This is the format for the PDC WorldGrand Prixand also popular in local leagues.- Play with leg or setscoring (3or 5 leg sets).- Select starting player.- 10 computerlevels.- Last4 scores shown in 3 dart mode.- Number of darts thrownin currentleg. - Checkouts displayed when a finish is available.-Full undoand redo for the current leg.- Music plays alongside Russcallingyour match. ** Used by members of the Australian andEnglandcricket teams **** Sky Sports coverage during the WorldMatchplay**Follow us on Twitter @RussBrayApp.
Essential Darts Scoreboard 6.1.6
The Essential Darts Scoreboard is the essential app for everydartsplayer, to keep track of your scores and stats. Usingthescoreboard you will never have to stop and calculate aftereverythrow and can enjoy your game of darts to the fullest!Thisno-nonsense app has several game modes: Cricket, 170, 301,401,501, 601, 701, 1001 and 1201! You can play with 1-4 players,andthe app provides you with live checkout suggestions! Also handyisthe undo button, so when you make a mistake, your game is notlostor worthless. To make playing on your own more interesting youcanalso play against a bot on 4 different levels. During allyourgames the app will keep track of all of the most interestingstats,such as averages (leg and match), finishes and highestthrows!
Simple Darts - Dart Scoring 3.0.2
Nsane Apps
** Simple Darts is not a dart game **Simple Darts is newandimproved! The best dart score keeping and dart gamescoringapplication for Android is even better! Dart scorecard hasneverbeen easier. Play your favorite dart game with your friendsand letsimple darts track the scoring!Simple darts has NO ADS! Anditnever will!INCLUDED:- X01, Cricket, Baseball, Around theWorld,Shanghai and Golf (Single players and teams)- Unlimited"undo" onall games- Save and load all games- Keep playerstatistics- Shareyour games on Facebook and Twitter- Supports allscreen sizes &tabletsWITH DONATION:- 1 to 8 players on X01- "NoScoring" optionon Cricket- Skipping ahead on Around the WorldThrowyour darts, tapyour score and see what all the players have on onescreen. ThatSIMPLE!I have worked hard to implement requestedfeatures andanswer feedback and keep as much of this app as free aspossible toinclude keeping it ad free.Please rate & comment ifyou likeit. Good ratings & comments help me stay motivated andhelpothers decide to download or not.There is also a donationmodule ifyou would like to chip in towards my morning coffee. ;o)
Darts Counter Score Board - Cricket and X01 2.0.6
Mobi Mite
Dart Counter is a dart score board which allows to countpointseasily in a darts party (Cricket and X01). With hisergonomickeyboard, it is really simple to add points. You haven'ttocalculate, the application does it for you. Supported GAME MODE:Cricket and X01 Support Saving / Resuming a game Features :-Cricket official rules game mode - X01 game mode (301 / 501 /1001)- Save / Resume a game - Redo function - X01 end game mode“Firstto win” / “Unlimited” - X01 Checkout type (Simple / Double/Triple) - X01 suggestions to finish a leg - UNLIMITED numberofplayer - X01 statistics while playing (darts and throwsaverage,number of 100/120/140/160/180, ... and more) - Final scoreboardYou can give us your opinion and feedbacks to improvethisapplication.
Darts Match 1.7.3
Play darts against a number of tough computer opponents andyourFacebook friends in ‘Darts Match’, the most lifelike darts gameonthe market. “This is a real bullseye of a game“ The SunNewspaperPlayed on an officially approved PDC/Unicorn dartboard andin apub-style atmosphere, ‘Darts Match’ offers a naturalthrowingaction in a range of popular darts formats, perfect forboth theavid darter and novice. GAME FEATURES: • Play Classic gamesof 501,301, Around the Clock, and Cricket • Take on Facebookfriends,Computer Opponents or a random player • World andlocalleaderboards • Determine the number of sets and legs playedinlocal games • Customise your darts in the store, over50,000combinations of flights, shafts and barrels. • Perfectyourthrowing arm in practice mode • Records three-dartaverages,checkout percentages, total games won and many more stats.•Suggested checkout finishes • PDC/Unicorn approved dartboard•Realistic caller and crowd sound effects Don’t forget, it’streblesfor show, doubles for dough!
Scoreboard Basketball 1.11.0
7 peace
It's scoreboard app for basketball. It is recommended for useinbasketball.Font size is displayed in the full scale of ascreen.And buzzer is large volume.Scoreboard is simple design andeasy touse! How to use Bluetooth:Please download Scoreboard Remote.Thisscoreboard has four display types:- Simple Mode (Timer&Scores)- Basketball Mode (Timer & Scores & ShotClock)-Shotclock Mode (Timer & Shot Clock)- Basketref Mode(Scoreboardfor a referee) How change mode(display type):MenuButton→ Setting→Select "Mode Change"→ Select a Mode→ Save. This appis freeversion:-Ads-Bluetooth to connect 1-on-1(Currently,bluetooth toconnect 1-on-7 for beta testing) Web Site:Homepage-http://sc.oreboard.comTwitter-*Timer* Scoreboard* Shot Clock* Foul counter* Timeoutcounter* Largefont size* Large volume buzzer* Support tablet*Remote control withBluetooth Instructions:-Tap Timer:Start/Stop-Reset button atbottom: Reset shot clock-Buzzer buttonat left: Sound a buzzer-Editbutton at right: To edit mode-Menubutton: To menu lists-Exit app:Press to the back button and selectOK at dialog. Functions:-At thestart, reset features can not beused.-Max is 99 minutes 59seconds.-Less than 1 minute, the displayin 1/10 seconds.Recommended use-Basketball-Referee
CricHeroes - The Ultimate Cricket Scoring App 3.9
Do you play Cricket? Do you follow Local Cricket? If yes,CricHeroesis for you. It is an app for the local passionatecricketers of theworld. Now you can score your Local CricketMatches or TournamentsLIVE ball to ball just like InternationalMatches. It also allowsyou to add your own team, search players,search teams, arrange amatch with local teams, find tournamentsaround you, analyse yourscores, share your achievements and muchmore… CricHeroes is yournew Cricket Network! If you are apassionate cricketer or a cricketfan, you have followedInternational Cricket Matches live ball toball on Cricinfo orCricbuzz. Now imagine… - Following local cricketmatches playedaround you the same way. - Knowing local cricketplayers andcricket teams around you. - Having your own CricketProfile like anInternational Cricketer. - Being recognised as aHERO for the matchyou just played. - Being in the Leaderboard as aTop Batsman or aTop Bowler. - Having your own dedicated TournamentPage just like aFacebook Page. Sounds exciting? CricHeroes makesall of itpossible. Flaunt your awards (Player of the Match, BestBatsman,Best Bowler) and your cricket stats (Runs scored, Wicketstaken,Average, etc.) on Social Media. Made in India by thepassionatecricketers for the passionate cricketers of the world!Lookingforward to seeing you on CricHeroes and let us know yourfeedbackand suggestions to improve the app.
Cricbuzz - Live Cricket Scores & News 4.4.025
The best Cricket App to follow Live Cricket and everythingelserelated to Cricket 🏏 ⚡️ Superfast scores and commentary 💬Highlyengaging and entertaining ball-by-ball commentary 🔔Notificationsfor live matches and breaking news 📝 Latest cricketnews andeditorials 📅 Schedules of upcoming matches 🎬 Exclusivevideocontent and match highlights videos in some countries 📈Rankings,Stats and Records 🏆 Special content for major tournamentslike ICCCricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL etc🌍Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL,CPL,Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments acrosstheworld. Tons of domestic cricket coverage too. Live cricketscoresand commentary – Live score updates – Ball by ball commentarythathelps you visualize the action – Analysis by Harsha Bhogleandother cricket experts – Notifications at all interesting momentsinthe match – Share the score with your friends – ScoreswidgetLatest cricket news and opinions – Latest cricket news fromaroundthe world – In-depth analysis of all the latest happenings –Weeklyarticles by Harsha Bhogle and others – Match and seriespreviews,reviews, photo galleries etc Cricket Videos – Videohighlights forselect matches in select countries – Exclusive videosby HarshaBhogle Comprehensive cricket coverage – All Live,In-progress,upcoming and recent match details – Schedules for allupcomingbi-lateral series and tournaments – Archives of all cricketmatchesgoing back to the 1950s Rankings, Records and Statistics –ICCPlayer and Team Rankings for ODIs, Tests, and T20Is – Overallandseries stats and records Cricbuzz App may request youpermissionsfor the following Storage We need this to locally storesome datalike images when you are using the app. This helps usminimize datauage and also make the experience fast and fluid.Accounts We needthis to automatically populate your Gmail Id whenyou try to sendus feedback. Location We need this to curate ourcontent and showyou the most relevant content on some sections ofthe App. eg:Matches, videos, news etc on Home screen. We will alsouse this foradvertising purposes. If you would like to followcricket in IndianLanguages (Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathiand Bengali arecurrently supported), please check out our AppCricbuzz - In IndianLanguages on Google Play
Cricket Scorer 6.1
If you play Cricket and tired of scoring on a score book or youfindyour current scoring app difficult to use, then Cricket Scorerisfor your. Cricket Scorer is intended to provide cricket scoringtothe cricket lovers. Cricket Scorer provides an easy to useinterfaceto score your match without any problems. Cricket Scorerprovidesyou following free features: 1. Manage Teams 2.Suggestions From thePrevious history while adding data 3. MatchesHistory (BatsmanStats, Bowler Stats, Fall of Wickets) 4. All TeamsPlayer'sStatistics including runs, balls, singles, doubles etc 5.Resume Anymatch left unfinished. 6. Export To PDF. 7. UnlimitedUndo. 8. Asimple and easy to use interface. 9. Team, Batsman andBowlerRankings. 10. Share a match with other Cricket Scorer users.PROFEATURES Cricket Scorer also provides some PRO features at averylow cost. 1. Remove Ads. 2. Change No of Balls per Over. 3.ChangeNo of Wickets per innings. 4. Select Man of the MatchManually. 5.Backup / Restore Data. 6. Share PDFs across any socialmediastraight from the app itself. NOTE: A test match version ofthis appis also coming in the near future, which will be availableFREE toall the users. Disclaimer: Although this app is subjectedto extremetesting, but if you still found any problem, Please letus know sowe could solve it for you. Don't forget to share thisapp with yourfriends so they could also score their cricketmatches easily.THANKS.
CricLine - Live Scores 1.27
** FASTEST CRICKET SCORE APP IN THE WORLD **This is the fastestappto give you Live Cricket Score.You can watch cricket scorefasterthan TV.You get free CRICKET LINE with this application
Darts of Fury 2.0.1126.1102
🎯 Let's play darts! Compete against real opponents in thestunningnew multiplayer darts game from the creators of 'TableTennisTouch'. 'Darts of Fury' is an action-packed, modern dartsgamedesigned for darts newcomers and fans alike. MULTIPLAYERLEAGUESPick up your darts, join Sparrows League and face yourfirstchallenger. Take aim, swipe to throw and compete againstrealopponents from all over the world. Earn XP to climb up theLeaguesand aim for League promotion to unlock better darts,fasterflights, tougher challenges, and bigger rewards. Can youreach thelegendary Eagles league? MODERN ARENA Set in a stunningandcrowd-packed arena, Darts of Fury is unlike any darts gameyou'veever seen before. Perfect for both darts newcomers and dartsfans.Interactive dartboards will highlight your targets, freeingyou toconcentrate on achieving the perfect throw. Meet 'ShotBot' -yourvery own checkout guide drone. She'll guide you around theboard,calculating the safest path to that winning checkout. Bigscreenaction, explosive celebrations, interactive dartboards, anddigitaloches all come together to launch darts into the 21stcentury.COLLECT AND UPGRADE DARTS Customize your darts withendlesscombinations of barrels, shafts and flights. With 80darts,hundreds of flight designs and shaft stickers, you can showoffyour unique personality to League challengers. Earn coins inLeaguematches to upgrade to slimmer, faster darts and increaseyourchances of getting that elusive perfect '180'. GAME MODESInLeague, play 'Tower X01' - an explosive take on the classic'01game. Race to score the most points and be the first tocheckoutwithout going Bust! In Training, test your accuracy underpressurein the fast paced 'Round The Clock'. And stay tuned formore ofyour favorite darts games coming soon. AND MORE • FacebookandGoogle sign in so you can save progress across devices andplaywith your real name and photo • Loads of achievements tocollect •Player stats • Flag selection • Language support SUPPORTIf youhave any problems with Darts of Fury or you just want to tellusabout a feature you want to see, then you can reach usat Note: Darts of Fury is free todownload.However, some items are available to purchase with realmoney. Ifyou don't want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchasesin your device settings.
Live cricket scores cricitch 12.2.0
cricitch - The most comprehensive cricket LIVE score app forAndroiddevices from Now delivering score FasterthanFaster. A true companion for your TV / Streaming views.SmartLIVEscore updates via FCM push.T20/ODI/Test Live ScoresNowcoveringpopular Twenty20 tournaments and international T20, ODIand TestCricket matches. Ultra fast updates. Low bandwidthusage.Scoreposting to FacebookCricket apps androidCricket liveball by ballcoverageEnjoy Cricket!.
Wah Cricket - Live Cricket Score & News in Hindi 3.1
Wah cricket from (The Official ABP News App) is the bestcricket(क्रिकेट) app to follow live ipl scores (लाइव आईपीएल स्कोर्स),live cricket scores (लाइव क्रिकेट स्कोर्स ) , schedules ,cricketnews (क्रिकेट न्यूज़ ) , T20 matches (टी २० मैचेस ) , IndianPremierLeague(IPL) 2018 , इंडियन प्रीमियर लीग (आईपीएल ) 2018,interestingphotos (फ़ोटोज़) and videos (वीडियोस ) of cricket. Staycloser to allIPL teams - Chennai Super Kings (CSK) , Kolkata knightRiders (KKR), Delhi Daredevils(DD), KingsXI(KXIP) , Mumbai Indians(MI) ,Rajasthan Royals(RR) ,Royal Challenger Bangalore(RCB) ,SunRisersHyderabad( SRH) . Top Features : ✓ Match summary,Scorecard(स्कोरकार्ड ) and ball by ball commentary(कंमेंटरी )ofall IPL (आईपीएल) and cricket matches. ✓ Live score (लाइव स्कोर):Get Live score (लाइव स्कोर ) of all cricket and IPL matcheswhichare in progress , also you can view Recent IPL matches andupcomingcricket matches. 📈 Analysis/Graph : Interactive manhattanandSpider graph to analyse team performance and individualplayerperformance. ✓ IPL 2018 : Special section on Indian PremierLeague2018 (IPL) to check all interesting News , Photos andvideosrelated to IPL. 🏆 Schedule : Find the schedule of allInternationalCricket matches(इंटरनैशनल क्रिकेट मैच ) with detailedfixtures andresults of the all the cricket matches. ✓ IPL Contest :Predictdaily who is going to win IPL matches and win excitingprizes. 🎬Watch Videos : Watch interesting and short videos of allIPL andcricket action . Never miss any video story related to IPLorcricket. ✓ View Photos : Watch Photos (फोटो) of yourfavorite,sports star(स्पोर्ट स्टार ),cricket players (क्रिकेटप्लेयर ) andcricket moments. ✓ Bookmark News: Did any story catchyourinterest? Mark a story as your favorite and access it frombookmarksection to read it later. 🔔 Notifications : You cancustomizenotification type ( Ringer, Vibrate) and set notificationsforspecific events. - Notification on news , Photos and Videos-MatchNotification : Notification on TOSS(टॉस), FOUR ,SIX, WICKET,5OVER, 10 OVER, INNINGS END, MAN OF THE MATCH(मन ऑफ़ थे मैच ),MATCHRESULTS. ✓ ICC Ranking : Check out the ICC Ranking of Team,Batsman, Bowler , All Rounder ( ODIs ,Test Matches andT-20matches) . ✓ Indian Premier League (IPL) Teams : Get stats ofyourfavourite IPL teams , Squad playing, Schedule of matches ,Latestnews , Photos , Videos of your team. Popular Searches : IPL2018(आईपीएल 2018 ), Live IPL score today (आईपीएल लाइव आज का स्कोर),IPL schedule, IPL today match(आईपीएल आज का मैच),Cricketnews(क्रिकेट न्यूज़ ) , cricket score(क्रिकेट स्कोर ) ,cricket livescore(क्रिकेट लाइव वीडियो ) , live match score(लाइव मैचस्कोर ),IPLcricket score (आईपीएल क्रिकेट स्कोर) ,Cricket photos andvideos(क्रिकेट फोटो एंड वीडियो ) Visit ourWebsite: Follow us onFacebook:
DartPro - Darts Scorer 2.5.9
Lesser & Mineur
Being more than just a scorekeeper or scoreboard, DartPro aimstohelp you realize where your strengths and weaknesses arebygraphing your efforts and analyzing your game through statisticssoyou can give them extra attention. When you practice, youraveragewill be compared to your previous matches, pressuring you todobetter than yesterday or last month. Legs and averages permonth,Double checkout percentage, first 9 darts average; everyaspect ofyour game will be monitored so you can get a clearunderstanding ofwhat it is your game is lacking. DartPro comespacked with 11tried-and-true games to help you master every keyaspect of thegame. Play the Double practice routines to get betterat finishes,Cricket to get better at your covershots, or thevarious 501 gamesto practice the core of your game. If you're tiredof playing byyourself, there's online and local 501 to play againstfriends orother DartPro users. Ten to play against differentcomputer levelsor 501 v. Me to play against your own saved games.All in all,Dartpro will make sure you keep on practicing, helpingyou become amaster of darts. Single 501 - with finish suggestions,graphs,statistics and achievements Local 501 - play against friendsorfamily and let DartPro do the math Online 501 - play onlineagainstfriends or players on +DartPro n01 - choose your startingpoint,play 170 or Double In Double Out 501 v. Me - play againstyourselfthrough your saved games Ten - play against differentcomputerlevels ShootOut - work on your stamina without those nastydoublesSingle Cricket - get to know the most important numbers ontheboard Round The World - classic game to help you practice onyourdoubles Bob's 27 - an advanced doubles practice routine byBobAnderson Finish Calculator - learn the preferred andpressurefinishes or find alternatives After more than 500.000downloads onwindows, DartPro comes to Android! *Note that DartProis especiallymade for steel tip darts
Cricnwin: Live Cricket Scores ,Play,Chat with Fans 5.4.0
Cricnwin - Live Cricket Scores, Live Cricket Games, CricketNews& Rewards All-in-1 cricket app which allows you toplayprediction based cricket games while watching live cricketscore,cricket news, cricket schedule and much more Cricnwin : TheAll inOne Cricket App ⚡️ SuperFast IPL Scores, cricket scores&commentary📈 Live cricket prediction game 🎁 Win Trophies andFreeRewards 📰 Latest cricket News 💡 Cricket Quiz, Trivia onyourfavourite teams, players 📅 Cricket Schedule of upcomingmatches,IPL matches💬 Discuss the cricket games with other fans inmatchchatrooms🔔 Notifications of live matches and breaking cricketnews🎥Cricket Videos & Cricket Highlights of IPL 2018 🏆 CricketLiveCoverage of all tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, T20WorldCup, Champions Trophy, various cricket leagues including IPL,BPL,CPL, CSA, BBL, Natwest T20 Blast and other tournaments acrosstheworld. Top 7 Reasons for installing Cricnwin 1. Cricketscores& commentary : Why this all cricket buzz? We guaranteeyou bestlive cricket score experience along with the commentary,also checkthe cricket highlights of the match events you missed. Wecover allthe ICC, BCCI events, Indian Premier League (IPL 2018),Big BashLeague (BBL) , Domestic Cricket. 2. Live Cricket PredictionGame :Why Just Watch? Play. This is our motto. Cricnwin aspirestoenhance your live match experience. During the cricket livematchwe ask multiple questions (prediction cards) based onupcomingevents. E.g. Virat Kohli is the highest scorer so far inIPL. Willhe get orange cap this IPL?a) Yesb) No Simple right? Tellus youranswer before the question get expired. We also give youlive line(hints/boost) to support you and to let you win ;)3. WinRewards :Earn the maximum coins during prediction game.This IPL2018, Wehave also got various trophies like Man of the Match,MatchPredictor or Player of the Match. Each trophy winner willgetPayTM, Amazon vouchers. Also, top 10 winners of each matchcointable & winner of weekly coin table win PayTM &Amazonvouchers. 4. Cricket News : Don’t worry about missing any IPLnews,Stay updated with all the cricket buzz around. We coverin-depthmatch analysis, pre match or post match reviews (CricketLive). Beit a Tweets of your favourite player Virat kohli or Dhoni?OrFavourite Team? We give you an update on all. This app is trulyalive line for many! 5. Cricket Schedule : Cricnwin have gotthelist of IPL matches, upcoming events, internationalcricketmatches, domestic matches etc. Get notifications of yourfavouriteteam just before the match.6. Cricket Quiz & Trivia :Think youknow everything about your favourite player and team? Takethe quiz& find out.Trust, that’s what the cricket mazza is!7.CricketVideos : Love watching cricket videos? Check the videos oftopevents in the history of cricket, Cricket buzz, Crickethighlights,Inspirational stories of cricketers in all in onecricket app.About CricnwinWorld's first Cricket focussed social& gamingplatform for cricket lovers. Make your cricket matchmoreinteresting with the unique prediction game, & play alongwithyour friends, follow the live cricket scores, read latestcricketnews and stories, check cricket schedule & much more.Our usersometimes call us as “Cricket and Win”, “Cricwin”, “Cricand win”(Cric&win) & What not! We never mind till the timeyou areenjoying Cricnwin! Catch all our cricket videos & newson[email protected]:Cricnwinis a free online cricket game for entertainment and is nota form ofgambling & cricket betting. We take no responsibilityforactions performed by its users outside of application or onthesites of any of its advertised partners. Cricnwin does notcondonegambling & cricket betting in any way.
Darts ScoreCard PRO 2.2.2
Entreco the best app for tracking your dart statistics. A musthave app,for every darter. Play like Phil Taylor and Raymond vanBarneveld,or challenge your friends for a game in abar!01Game,Crickets/Tactics,1-8 players,Statistics,Checkouthelp,Undo,Sound, Preferences, RSS,and more...
Cricket Australia Live 5.2.1
The official app of Cricket Australia – Cricket Australia Liveisyour #1 destination for live cricket coverage, breaking newsandvideo highlights. Features: - Free live streaming ofAustraliaMen’s Gillette ODI Series vs South Africa * - Livestreaming ofAustralia Men’s and Women’s International matchesplayed inAustralia ** - Live streaming of the KFC BBL and RebelWBBL ** -Exclusive live streaming of selected Australian domesticcricketmatches - Live radio broadcasts from our officialbroadcastpartners - Video highlights of all the action includingwicketreplays - Latest breaking cricket news from Australia andaroundthe world - Exclusive content from the road with theAustralianCricket team - Inside access to the game’s biggest stars- EnhancedMatchday experience to help you get the most out of yourday at thecricket We recommend streaming over a wi-fi network whenpossibleas additional data charges may apply from your mobile orinternetprovider. * Streaming available in Australia only **Subscriptionto a streaming service provided by Fox Sports required.Moredetails to be provided in November 2018. For supportpleasecontact: Cricket AustraliaPrivacyPolicy: © 2018CricketAustralia. All Cricket Australia trademarks and copyrightsusedherein are the property of Cricket Australia. All rightsreserved.
Cricingif - Pakistan vs New Zealand Live 4.5.4
Cricingif brings you the most comprehensive and engagingcoveragefor all international cricket around the globe withcoverage ofmajor international teams Pakistan, India, England,South Africa,Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, New Zealand andAfghanistan. Ifyou are a true cricket fan this is the app you musthave on yourphone. Check out our exclusive coverage and stayconnected to yourfavorite teams like never before. Now showingPakistan vs NewZealand 2018 series Live Scores With Unique Ball byBall ClipsCoverage and Match highlights Afghanistan Premier LeagueLiveStreaming , Clips and Match Highlights India vs West IndiesLiveScores South Africa vs Zimbabwe Live Scores All matches willbecovered live on our app with live scores and unique ball byballcoverage for each ball. With the Cricingif app you can reliveanymoment from the match as and when you want. Cricingif is themostinnovative and modern live cricket experience for your phone.Stayupdated with the fastest live cricket scores and never miss aballagain with our unique ball by ball highlights coverage thatyouwon’t find anywhere else. We cover all internationalcricketmatches and top T20 leagues IPL , PSL , Big Bash and othersfromaround the world. Enjoy live cricket scores coverage likeneverseen before. Major series covered: → Pakistan Super League2019Official Highlights Partner → World Cup 2019 Official Partner→Global T20 Canada Official Partner → Women's World Cup2017Official Partner → ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Official DigitalClipspartner → Pakistan Super League 2018 official partner →CaribbeanPremier League 2018- CPL T20 Live Coverage Why Cricingif?• Fastestlive cricket score updates. • Live ball by ball videos ofcricketmatches- Who needs text commentary when you can see it allhappen?• Share videos of brilliant cricketing moments with yourfriends •Select your favorite teams and get push notificationsfromCricingif when the match is about to start. • Match highlightsforcurrently playing and recent matches – Never miss a ball again!•Coverage of International ODI, T20 and Test Cricket withCricketNews, Videos, Match Analysis, Social Media and much more •Userinterface just like watching live cricket on TV  Features:•Current matches on homepage to help you follow all live matchesinone place. • Select your favorite cricket teams and getmatchalerts from Cricingif via push notifications when the actionisabout to start. • Fixtures section for dates and times ofupcomingmatches in the cricket calendar. • Complete matchscorecards ofboth live and recent matches for quick snapshots ofeach innings. •Our live scorecards are one of the fastest on theweb, so you areupdated before anyone else! Website:https://www.cricingif.comFollow us on Twitter: @_cricingif Like usonFaceook:
SportsFlashes - Sports Radio, TV, Scores & Updates 5.6
Sports Flashes is the fastest growing sports app in India. It istheOfficial Audio Broadcast Partner of English Premier League.Itcaters to all sports fans with Live Sports TV & Radio,sportsupdates, live cricket, football, tennis scores & ball byballcricket commentary, Sports Videos, Live Sports News,Predictions,Gossips & much more. It features the 1st & onlySportsRadio Channel of India. The app takes the experience ofsports to awhole new level with live broadcast for more than 34sportscategories including Cricket, Golf, Motorsports, Badminton,Hockey,Football, Wrestling, Kabaddi and many more. Not only we havesportsnews feeds and breaking news, now you can get to see multiplelivesports events every day. Watch Special coverage of Asia Cup2018,Scores & fixtures, English Premier League, India vsPakistan,& other top Sports events only on Sports Flashes.Features -Live Sports News, Live Streaming, Videos, Gossips,Trivia, Facts& more - Fastest Live Cricket, Football &Tennis Scores in7 languages - Live Sports Radio with AudioCommentary of EPL &various Sports Events - Ball by ball cricketcommentary in English,Hindi & 7 other languages - Live scoresof Cricket, FootballBadminton, Kabaddi & Tennis - Match Odds,News articles,features - Gossips, Humour content, Interviews -Fixtures, result,match calendar - Live scorecard and sports news inHindi, English,Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi & Punjabi -Trivia andAstrological predictions from your favourite sports andaboutstars. - Follow your favourite teams or a matches and getlateststories - Know all about Sports Stars & their wivesandgirlfriends - Whether its Messi, Ronaldo, Virat Kohli orDhoni,Mumbai Indians or CSK, RCB or Delhi Daredevils, followyourfavourite sports stars & teams in and outside of playingfields- Be the first to know what the Wives & Girlfriends ofSportsstars doing - View Match previews, live scores, post-matchshowsand more -Get Asia Cup 2018 news now, Get Live Scores, SportsNews& updates 1.) Live EPL 2018 Scores 2.) AsianGamesFixtures/Matches, Medal Tally & updates 3.) Live Asia Cup2018Commentary Get the latest updates on the biggest sportingfestivalin the world. Get live updates of Germany, Brazil ,England,Argentina France etc.
Darts Master - online dart games 1.0.5
It’s time to play the real-time multiplayer dart game! Come andplayagainst the thousands of people playing Darts Master Online!Gamerules: - 01GAME(301) or Count UP rule real-time darts game. -Coinbet paid for the match will receive an incentive when winning.-Let's aim for a high rank by accumulating trophies. GameFeatures: -World ranking function that competes with darts playeraround theworld. - Customization function can create your own darttool. -Data function can save detailed playlog with many items. -Trainingfunction progress for improving has your own practice log.OnlyDarts Master Online allows you to experience arevolutionarymultiplayer darts game! Currently the following rulesare notadopted. - Standard Cricket - 01GAME(501) - Half-It - RoundtheClock Please leave us reviews and share your opinions! We willworkour hardest to reflect your suggestions.
CrickLine-Live Cricket Score, Schedule, News 2.4
Welcome to one of the most prominent CrickLine - Live CricketScores& News With Live Line Cricket Score. Cricket Fast Linemobileapp gives you Ball by ball update of the match. We offeryouComplete coverage of all international Tests, ODI, T-20 andIPL-T20and recent cricket matches. Cricket Fast Line mobile appshows Allthe international and domestic cricket season like IndianT20League, World T20, Champions League Twenty20, HK-T20, PSL-T20AsiaCup, Indian T20 League 2018, Tri Series, T20 Series, worldcup,Asia cup, ODI and other matches. Cricket Schedule app is allyouneed to get information about all upcoming cricketmatches.Schedule of all international matches and major domesticleaguesare available. The app is designed for simple andintuitivenavigation. Coverage: - Live Asia cup 2018 - India CricketSchedule- Pakistan Cricket Schedule - India vs Srilanka 2018Schedule -Pakistan vs Australia 2018 Schedule - India vs BangladeshSchedule2018 - India vs Australia Schedule 2018 - Bangladesh vsPakistan -Shrilanka vs Bangladesh - ICC Intercontinental Cup -Momentum OneDay Cup, 2018 - County Championship Division Two, 2018- NatWestt20 Blast, 2018 - West Indies tour of England, 2018 - ICCWorldCricket League Championship - England Lions tour of Sri Lanka,2018- Bangladesh tour of South Africa Practice matches, 2018-Bangladesh tour of South Africa, 2018 - England Women tourofAustralia, 2018 For CrickLine-Live Cricket Score, Schedule, News:Cricket Live Score with Updated Cricket News, Live CricketOnline,Live Line Cricket app Download, live cricket scores :crichubcrickinfo - live cricket scores live cricket scores &news livecricket scores and schedule live cricket score and newsupdatebazinga live cricket scores crickinfo updates - live cricketscoreand news crickline - live cricket scores live cricket scoretestlive cricket score ball by live cricket scores today livecricketscore today live cricket score batao live cricket score ballbyball auto refresh cricbuzz live cricket score between indiavsengland live cricket score between england and india livecricketscore eng vs india live cricket score eng vs aus livecricket scoreeng vs india 2018 live cricket score england vsaustralia livecricket score england australia live cricket scorefull scorecardsri lanka cricket live score crickline app apkcrickline ball byball crickline betting crickline bhav CricketMatches Included InThis App is mentioned Below; DISCLAIMER * Logosused in applicationare copyrighted for its respective owner. * Thisis not theofficial Application of IPL and the information in thisapp maychange. * This is not an official app of IPL 2018 andNotaffiliated with BCCI in any manners. The content ofthisapplication is available free on public domains. * We don'tclaimrights on any content in this application. All the contentprovidedin this application is displayed is available free onpublicdomain. All rights reserved to the content's respectiveowners.
UC Cricket - Live Cricket Scores & News 2.2
UC Browser
Welcome to The world No 1 fastest UC Cricket app this app isprovideLive Cricket Scores,News,videos and everything else relatedtoCricketIntroduction:-★The world No 1 fastest amazing experiencewithUC Cricket app★The app provides ball-by-ball coverage ofallinternational cricket matches (Test, ODI and T20), IndianPremierLeague (IPL), ICC Cricket World Cup, Champions League T20,Big Bashand other major domestic tournaments★The app providescricket News,videos, photos and more information about highlighthow player outfrom cricket match★we UC Browser and our PartnerUCWeb Inc. visionis provides Live Cricket Scores,News,videos andeverything elserelated to Cricket★The app provides popular Now LikeHeadline,समाचार ,Feeds, videos and we have permission for puteNewslinkes★permitted News & Magazines websits+UcNews+ZeeNews+Aajtak+Indiatoday+NDTV+Indianexpress+ABPlive+cricketnmore+Naglandpost+CNMSports+DailyBhaskar+CricketCountry+DNAIndia+Indiacom+InUth. Andmore NewsTopFeatures:-★We sending notification every cricket forinform you forcricket matches★we show sit tabe Live, Result,Upcoming maches★veryfastly smooth experience ★all player overs andRun history fulldetails
Darts King 1.1.9
[Support rules] 301 501 Half-It Round the Clock StandardCricketCount UP [manual] select play mode which you want drag andslide tothrow darts [feature] - Classic mode: Play the classicdarts of thevarious rules - Stage Mode: dart board with a varietyof trickshots - Multiplayer: Online War together with the world -Invite aFriend: Invite your friends over for a possible war online-Practice Mode: Practice mode for beginners darts - Supports16countries language. - Support achievements, leaderboard andinvitefriends. - Supports multiplayer. - Support tablet device. -Offlinemode support Try the real challenge now 3D dartssimulation!Homepage: YouTube:
Live Cricket Scores & Updates - Total Cricinfo 5.0.2
Welcome to the Best User Friendly destination to follow LiveCricketScores & Updates! Cricket Schedules 2018 Trending Now:* AsiaCup 2018 * Asia Cup Cricket Schedule * India Vs West Indies( Ind VsWI) * West Indies Tour of India 2018 * Caribbean PremierLeague 2018- CLT20 * Pakistan Vs Australia * Pak Vs Aus in Dubai *Zimbabwetour of South Africa 2018 * England tour of Sri Lanka 2018* EnglandVs Srilanka ( Eng Vs SL) * Pakistan tour of South Africa2018-19Total Cricinfo – Live Cricket Scores App as the namesuggests, is anonline information hub covering extensively onCricket. It is aone-stop App that caters information needs of thedistinctlymanifold readers. It may not be an exaggeration tomention that itis the best of its kind. The Total Cricinfo – LiveCricket ScoresApp offers end-to end, accurate and precise LiveCricket Scores,Ball by Ball Commentary, and Full Scorecard of eachmatch.Introduction: * It is going to be a best user friendly app –Usercan navigate the App easily without any confusion. * TotalCricinfoApp Covers all the major cricket events like, ICC WorldCup, ICC T20World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL (Indian PremierLeague), and allother international and domestic matches.Features: * Live Ball byBall Scores along with Commentary withauto refresh & manualrefresh. * Live Matches – List of LiveCricket Matches going on withSummary and Full Scorecard. * RecentMatches page helps you to findthe results of the matches which arerecently completed with fullscorecard. * Coming Matches – Get allthe list of Matches coming infuture with timer. * Series Fixtures– Find out all the CricketSeries of Ongoing, Future and Past. *ICC Ratings of ODI, Test andT20 Cricket Matches * Series Stats -Get all the Series Statisticslike Most Runs, Most Wickets in anCricket Tournament * TrendingScreen - Get all the Information ofTrending Tournament usingTrending Screen
Darts Calculator 1.2.14
The program for scoring when playing darts.In the current versionofthe program provided an opportunity of scoring for the games:-х01,- Cricket, - 180 Around the Clock,- Sector 20 Training,-ScoreTraining,- Bob's 27
Darts Master 2.0.3051
Professional 3D darts simulator, fun shooting games! Real 3Ddartsphysics enabled with smooth gameplay and animations. All ofthepopular game rules are supported, including 301, 501,Clock,Cricket, Count-Up and a practice ground. Choose yourdifficultylevels to complete your darts challenges. Totally free toplay,easy to start and hard to be the darts master! The best 3ddartshooter arena is designed for you! Have a nice shoot!Features:-3DReal darts physics, PVP mode supported- Smooth animationrunning,fantastic sound effect- Multiple game modes supported: 301,501,Clock, Cricket, Count-Up - Different difficulty levels, easyway toprofessional- Practice mode for beginners- Responsiveactioncontrol and immersive effectsDownload this darts 3D for free!Enjoyyourself in Darts Master! Be the leading DARTSSCORER!Additionalinfo: Massive sincere thanks to players who playDarts Master andgive us your feedback, which really helps us tomake games better!If you need help or have some ideas, please feelfree to review oncomment section! We will reach to you ASAP! Thanksfor being aloyal fan!
Darts Master 3D
Mouse Games
Playing darts has never been more exciting than in DartsMaster!Darts Master offers a genuine challenge for professionals aswellas a casual pub game for amateurs. Darts is a form ofthrowingsport in which small missiles are thrown at a circulardartboardfixed to a wall. Usually the player throws three darts pervisit tothe board with the goal of reducing a fixed score. But thisgamealso includes a number of variations on the standard rulesandscoring systems. Now challenge the computer or play againstfriendsto beat records all around the world! Game Features: - 501(doubleout), 301 (double in & out), Dart Golf, Dart Snooker -100+levels of various rules in Challenge mode - Tournament and2Players mode - Tons of well designed darts and dartboards tounlock
DARTS 1 Dart App 2.0.1
Die offizielle Darts 1-App: Alle News über das Dartgeschehen inderPDC, BDO und in Deutschland endlich auch für das Handy.Live-Tickerzu den großen Events und ein Trainingsbereich für daseigene Spiel– die App erfüllt die Wünsche jedes Hobbyspielers undBetrachtersdieses einzigartigen Sports.Webseite:Die gesamte Darts1-Webseiteist nun auch auf der App zu erreichen. Berichte zu denEvents,Spielerportraits, Interviews, Statistiken undTrainingsmethodensind nur ein paar der unzähligen Inhalte, dieunter diesemMenüpunkt zu erreichen sind. Du willst dich über denSportinformieren oder selbst deine ersten Schritte im Dartsunternehmen?Dann findest Du hier alle Informationen, dieDubrauchst.Kalender:Du möchtest zu einem Turnier fahren und denSpaßmal live erleben? Kein Problem, im Turnierkalender findest DualleEvents die in dem Jahr stattfinden. So kannst Du langfristigplanenund dir Deinen Urlaub richtig einteilen. Ticker:Deine Bahnhat malwieder Verspätung und Du kommst zu spät nach Hause? MitdemLive-Ticker auf der Darts 1-App verpasst Du nichts! VerfolgedasMatch Deines Favoriten und fieber trotzdem mit.Outchart:Duhastnoch nicht die richtigen Finishwege für Dich gefunden odermöchtestDir neue Optionen suchen? In der interaktivenOutchart-Tabellewerden dir für jedes Finish Wege und Erläuterungenangeboten, diedein Spiel verbessern!Training:Nichts ist nervigerals dasMitrechnen, wenn Du trainierst. Auch hier bieten wir DireineHilfe. Im Trainingsbereich kannst Du deine Scores eintragen unddieApp rechnet für Dich mit, zeigt Dir sogar deinen Average an.Soerkennst Du auch schnell Verbesserungen und kannst Dichbessereinschätzen. Reicht es schon für Michael van Gerwen oderbrauchstDu noch ein paar Monate?Countdown:Wann genau ist eigentlichdasnächste große Turnier? Diese Frage stellt sich dank desCountdownsnun nicht mehr. Er zeigt dir immer auf die Sekunde genauan, wanndas nächste, große Turnier startet!The official Darts 1App: Allnews about Dartgeschehen in the PDC, BDO and Germanyfinallyavailable for the phone. Live Coverage of the major eventsand atraining area for their own game - the app fulfills the wishesofevery amateur player and observer of this uniquesport.Website:AllDarts 1 website is now accessible on the app.Reports on theevents, player portraits, interviews, statistics andtrainingmethods are just a few of the myriad content that can bereachedunder this menu item. You want to inform you about the sportortake your first steps in darts itself? Then you can find hereallthe information you need.Calendar:You want to go to atournamentand experience the fun times live? No problem, thetournamentcalendar you can find all events that will take placeduring theyear. So you can plan long-term and you divide yourholidayproperly.Ticker:Your train is late again and you come homelate?With the live ticker on the Darts 1 app you will not missanything!Follow the match of your favorite and feveranywaywith.Outchart:You have not found the right way for Finish orjustwant to seek out new options? In interactive Outchart tableyouavailable for each finish paths and explanations improveyourgame!Training:Nothing is more annoying than the count whenyoutrain. Here we offer you a help. In the training area? Submityourscores and the app is expecting for you, shows you evenyourAverage on. So you recognize quickly and improvements canyoubetter estimate. It enough for Michael van Gerwen or do you needafew more months?Countdown:When exactly is actually the nextbigtournament? This question no longer arises thanks to thecountdownnow. He shows you always accurate to the second, specifywhen thenext major tournament starts!
ESPNCricinfo - Live Cricket Scores, News & Videos 6.3.1
The new ESPNcricinfo is your personalised Cricket experience.Getfast live scores, news, video, alerts and analysis.Personaliseyour app to get scores, news and alerts of yourfavourite teamsprioritised for you. Global coverage - Coverage ofallinternational Cricket, IPL, BPL, BBL, CPL, Cricket worldcup,County Championship, Ranji Trophy, Sheffield shield and manyotherdomestic Cricket leagues. Live scores & ball by ballcommentary– Get the latest scores from matches across the world andfollowthe game with our all famous live commentary andscorecards.Cricket videos and news – The best cricket writers inthe businessanalyse and bring you their expert takes on everythingcricket.Alerts – Fast, personalised and accurate scores, resultsandbreaking news alerts Personalisation – Follow your favouriteteamsby a simple one touch personalisation. Performance - Thisversionis also optimised to perform on slow network connections.Visit ourwebsite and follow us [email protected] Twitter and like us at for thelatest updates. We wouldlove to hear from you. For thoughts,problems or even praise, writeto us [email protected] or use the ‘Send feedback’sectioninside the app. Before you download this app, pleaseconsider thatit includes advertising, some of which may be targetedto yourinterests. You may choose to control targeted advertisingwithinmobile applications by using your mobile device settings(forexample, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifierand/oropting out of interest based ads).
Darts Inside 0.5.4
Darts Inside provides information about all PDC tournamentsandplayers. The app shows extended information about theProfessionalDarts Corporation. Besides the actual Order of Meritand the fulltournament calendar, you will find the followinginformation.Tournament information: - Full tournament calendar -Schedules ofplay (with results and averages) - Participants pertournament -Location - Main sponsor - Prize money Playerinformation: -Nickname - Order of Merit position and prize money -Date of birth- Walk-on song - Walk-on video - Various social media- SponsorTournaments: - World Darts Championship - The Masters -PremierLeague of Darts - World Cup - World Matchplay - World GrandPrix -European Championship - World Series Finals - Grans Slam ofDarts -Players Championship Finals
Pro Darts 2018 1.21
Following the worldwide successes of Pro Snooker, Pro Pool andourother sports games iWare Designs brings you Pro Darts 2018; oneofthe most feature packed and playable darts games availableformobile devices.With fully textured 3D game environments,specialistcustom boards for standard and more obscure game types,andmillions of possible dart component combinations, Pro Darts 2018isthe complete package for both casual and serious gamers.Thesimple'swipe to throw' interface combined with an innovativeadjustable'player assist' system allows everyone from novices topros to pickup and play the game instantly at their own skilllevel.DownloadPro Darts 2018 now and try it for free, you will notbedisappointed.System Requirements:∙ Requires Android 4.1 andabove.∙Requires OpenGL ES version 2 or higher.∙ Auto configures toallscreen resolutions and densities. Game Features:∙ LocalizedtoEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, AmericanEnglish,Canadian English, Canadian French and Mexican Spanish.∙Full HighDef 3D textured environments.∙ Practice: Fine tune yourgame byplaying on your own.∙ Quick Play: Play a custom matchagainst afriend, family member or computer opponent.∙ League:Participate inleague events with 3, 5, 7 or 9 rounds where thehighest pointstotal wins.∙ Tournament: Test your nerves in a 4round knockouttournament event.∙ Configure up to 4 unique playerprofiles.∙ Eachprofile holds 5 custom darts, comprehensive statsand progressionhistory.∙ Custom dart configuration system allowsfor millions ofcombinations of barrels, stems, stem colors, flightshapes andtextures.∙ Innovative 'player assist' system to help withgettingthose tricky doubles and trebles.∙ 3 levels of Oche (throwline)camera to suit all playing styles.∙ User controlled OrbitCameraand Snapshot system allows you to save close up images ofyour dartgrouping.∙ Ranking system from Rookie to Legend.∙ 28computeropponents with customizable names. Play against the pros!∙Over 10unique dart boards including 'American', 'Par Darts', 'HiScore','Quadro', 'Mini', 'Snooker', 'Yorkshire', 'Fives' and'Target'boards, each with multiple color options.∙ Play 301, 401,501, 601,701 and 1001 games on many of the custom boards.∙ Play'Round theClock' including special 'doubles' and 'trebles' onlyvariations.∙Play 'Snooker' darts on three custom boards andstandard boards.∙Play 'Par Darts' (Golf) on three custom boards.∙Play 305, 405,505, 605, 705 or 1005 'Fives' games on either theLondon 'narrow'fives board or the Ipswich 'wide' fives board.∙Complete controlover the numbers of Sets and Legs per match.∙Multiplayer gamemodes including 'pass and play'.∙ Free onlinemultiplayer games∙Free local network multiplayer games∙ Over 25achievements tocollect locally.∙ Track your game progress andachievement progresslocally in the new 3D Trophy Room.
Cricket Buzz Live Line (Faster than TV) 3.4
Cricket Buzz gives you ball by ball fastest live updates ofcricketmatches with detailed commentary which are faster than anyothermedia.App provides live cricket score before live TV stream orliveTV channel. It also gives ball by ball detailed live commentaryofthe cricket match. Live chat during Live match has beenintroduced.Share your views with other cricket fans with watchingthe cricketmatch.Other features include team squads and stats, teamfixtures,cricket ranking tables , latest cricket news and alsomatchresults.✔ Live Chat.✔ Live Ball by ball Commentary.✔ Fastandaccurate.✔ Market and Session.✔ Upcoming Schedules.✔RecentResults.✔ Live Scorecards..✔ Latest News Feed✔ PlayerStats.✔Rankings (Odi, Test, T20)✔ Records (Odi, Test, T20)Comingsoon....Live pollsPlease share and rate the app.Notice: The livescoresare predicted and we are not responsible if any score orotherinformation is incorrect. We also do not support anyillegalactivities done by the users.We do not take guarantee ofthemessages exchanged in the live chat. It should be used todiscusscricket as a game only.
NZC 2.2.3
The NZC app offers comprehensive coverage for all internationalanddomestic cricket involving the BLACKCAPS and New Zealanddomesticteams both in New Zealand and from around the world. Theappincludes ball by ball live scoring, series schedules, resultsandnews.Log in to MyBLACKCAPS, NZC's exclusive member's club, towatchonline video highlights and get wicket and match notificationsfromyour favourite teams to your device.
Scoreboard Football Games 1.3
Chapas Games
Scoreboard includes two different whistles of referee that youcanuse want you want and also(configurable) whistle at the end ofthefirst and second half. You can see also the results of your last5matches. It's not a live football scoreboard please don'tinstalland 1 star if you thing is a live scoreboard for realmatches! Ihope it will be useful, 5 stars for more versions!
Live Cricket Score 2018 - schedule & Cricket NEWS 5.6
Live Cricket Score 2018-schedule & Cricket NEWS appFeatures,power play and required run rate and man of the match. -LiveCricket Score 2018-schedule & Cricket NEWS have RecentMatches.- Live Cricket Score 2018-schedule & Cricket NEWS haveLiveMatches with scorecard. - live cricket score haveteamsdetail,player statics,live cricket scoreboard. - Live cricketscoreUpcoming Matches with Full Schedule with all teams. - Asia Cup2018- Live Cricket Match Line Exchange - ball-by-ball updatesandcommentary - Alerts & Notifications for live matchesandreal-time scores - Complete upcoming and live series detailswithpoint table and series stats. - Live Line Cricket , LiveCricketScore,Live cricket Commentry, Live cricket News All in OneApp. -Breaking Cricket News (Cricket News in Hindi also),Fullmatchsessions,Live Scorecard - Recent Results,Notification forlivematch,Cricket Prediction - Fixtures with complete detail ofrecentand upcoming matches - Fastest cricket live line in theworld. -Cricket Maza with Crick Fast live Line & CrickLine. -fast Liveline cricket scores - live cricket ball by ball Commentry- livecricket score ball by ball update, cricket live score alldomesticmatch, - live cricket free,live cricket fast live line,livecricket online - cricket games,cricket maza,cricket allgames,cricket exchange,cricket exchange (live line) -cricketdoodle,cricket downloading,cricket fever,cricket fastline,CricketFast Live Line,cricket games,cricket live line fast -cricketmom,cricket new games 2018,cricket unlimited 2018 - Cricketbuzz,cricket commentary,cricket dekhane wala app - cricket fastliveline,cricket games,cricket heroes,cricket hindi,cricketinformation- cricket ki games,cricket khela, cricketprediction,cricket rate,- Categorised match schedule(International, ODI, Test, T20,Leagues,Women). - Complete upcomingand live series details withpoint table and series stats. - IndiaVs West Indies - South AfricaVs England - Zimbabwe Vs Sri Lanka -West Indies Vs England - LiveCricket match with Asia Cup 2018 -live cricket bangladesh, - livecricket betting app,live cricket bd- live cricket and news, - livecricket app,live cricket game,livecricket free - live cricket fastlive line,live cricket fast,livecricket fast line, - live cricketfree app,live cricket match,livecricket result,world xi livecricket - india vs south africa - indvs eng - ind vs aus - ind vssa - livescore - ipl live score -cricket score - live cricketscore - cricinfo live score - indiansscore - india south africalive match - india cricket - indiancricket team - ind vs sa livescore - latest cricket scores -cricket match - india vs srilankalive - india vs srilanka livescore - india vs south africa livescore - ind vs sl live - india vssri lanka live cricket score -today match score - live match -england cricket team - cricketlive score today match - india vsengland live - india vs englandlive score - india vs england livecricket score Know more aboutmatch Where, When, Status - FastestBall By Ball scores &commentary - Each ball of over displayscores & milestoneComplete Live Match detail - Complete matchinformation with teamscurrent form and squads. - Live match ball toball fast update. -Full detailed scorecard. Current Live matchesand live series onhome. Disclaimer : This Live Cricket Score2018-schedule &Cricket NEWS app is in no way affiliated withIPL, BCCI, ICC or anyof its participating teams and is just a freefan made applicationto make the schedule accessible to the fans.This Live CricketScore 2018-schedule & Cricket NEWS appprovides a fun way touse factual data and interact with otherpeople in the form of agame. This Live Cricket Score 2018-schedule& Cricket NEWS appis not the official App from any Cricket .