Top 1 Games Similar to Blit the Obliterator

Fast And Blast Shooter 1.40
Fast and Blast Shooter! Explore new worldsinthis action packed and challenging new top down 2D game.Drive,dodge, shoot, race and find your way through unique levels.- Absolutely free to play- Campaign mode with over 90 levels- Every level is a hand made- 6 unique Worlds- 6 unique Vehicles (hunter, bouncer, exterminator,devastator,obliterator and destroyer)- Great time killer- Addictive turret defense mode to compete withplayersworldwide- Simple, cool innovative entertaining gameplay- Maze like, find your way out through puzzle like levels- Gain coins, gain experience, upgrade your vehicles, becomebetterand stronger!- Free to play, no need to spend money in the game, everythingcanbe unlocked by playing campaign.- Easy to learn, easy to blast, fun to play- Achievements- Leaderboard - Top Defenders list from competitive turretdefensemode- Cloud Save - Sign in and play your game from any devicewithoutloosing your data- Upcoming multiplayer mode in future updates to fight againstotherplayers in arena or to race and show who is faster- Upcoming new different play modesFast And Blast Shooter is Top Down 2D shooting action game withmanynew outstanding features that are not seen in any game so far.Playcampaign mode using your driving skills, reflexes, perceptionandimagination to enjoy over 90 unique levels. Or you can try todefendand see how good you are when it comes to staying alivewhileshooting every moving target. Get new vehicles, upgrade themto domore damage or to endure enemy attacks. Watch out formanyentertaining, innovative and unique traps that make levelsharderand harder as you progress. Levels are too hard? No problem!Getboosts bonuses each time you fail to complete level. Each levelispuzzle for itself with more than one solution. Stone, sand,ice,fire, magma? Conquer them all using everything you can, createyourstrategy for many different levels while shooting trapsandobstacles. With many great and enjoying effects you can shootandblast any target through the game. Think about best tacticsandstrategy to complete level, don't waste your ammo and upgradeyourvehicle when you can.Fast And Blast Shooter is completely free to play, however, youcanspeed up your game process with in app purchases. Unlocknewlocations and levels or get more coins from treasury forvehicleupgrades. You can choose to watch video ads and earn ingamerewards. Great game for killing time, long campaign, manytraps,racing competitive levels, shooting fun and infinite turretdefensemode for those who like to be better and betterFor any questions, comments or ideas on the entertainingawesomeaction driving based game Fast And Blast Shooter sendemaildirectly to: blackarmgames@gmail.comConnect with Fast And Blast ShooterFacebook: @BlackArmGamesEnjoy playing Fast And Blast Shooter, Shoot Them AllCheers!!!