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Wifi Analyzer 3.10.6-L
Turns your android phone into aWi-Fianalyzer!!Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find alesscrowded channel for your wireless router. the USB read/write permission: This permission is used tosaveand load snapshots(see menu in my app).##########
WiFi Warden ( WPS Connect ) 1.9
By using this app,youcansee frequency,channel, modemmanufacturer,encryption,security,distance to therouter, power, nameand Macaddress ofwireless access pointsaround you and showsomeinformation aboutconnected devices toyour network. In a word,thisapp is a WiFianalyzer with extrafeatures.With the ability to test WPS vulnerability andconnectwithWPS(No need to root on android 5 and later , need root onandroid4.4andearlier)A major security flaw was revealed in December2011thataffectswireless routers with the WPS PIN feature, whichmostrecentmodelshave enabled by default. The flaw allows aremoteattackertorecover the WPS PIN .Boost your router security with this app !Other features: Password maker (create strongpasswords),Passwordrecovery (see saved WiFi passwords - requiresroot),WiFichannelscanner, Router's serial number receiver(requiresroot),WiFiincrease security guideline.+ All Features:- Connect with WPS Default Pin Generator (Atleast15PINsdisplayed)- WiFi analyzer (channel, Distance to therouter,routermanufacturer,encryption...)- Connection using passphrase- Password maker (Create strong passwords)- Password recovery (See saved WiFipasswords-requiresroot)- Port Scanner- WiFi channel scanner- Show connected devices to your network (Show name,mac,vendor,IP,count)- WiFi increased security guidelines.+ Requirements:* Connection using WPS needs root on android 4.4 andearlier.noneedroot on android 5 and later.* Password recovery needs root on all android versions.* In some devices you need to install BusyBox.This App Works on Android 4.0 And Later.+ Notice:* Connection using WPS doesn't work at allrouters,butConnectionusing passphrase works fine.*Please don't ask me to add more WPS PINs. If i find newWPSPIN,Iwill Put it in the future versions. if your routerPINisnotavailable in the app, just look for itonyourproductlabel.Currently increased security guideline only availableforAsus,TP-Link , D-Link and Zyxel routers.Distance to the router is calculated based on aFree-spacepathlossformula. This number is approximate.* In-app purchases it's only for removing ads, The appdoesnotsellanything. All features are available for free.* Some of the tools of this application (SpeciallyWPSConnection)hasbeen developed for Testing andEducationalpurposes.Use it at your own risk. The developer of this app willnotacceptanyresponsibility.If you want to report a bug, a suggestion or haveanycommentfeelfree to contact me by email.
Instabridge - Free WiFi Passwords and Hotspots
Would you like to connect automatically to free WiFi every timeit'spossible, without the hassle of asking for the password?It's easy as pie: download Instabridge >>you'redone!With 1 million secure, up-to-date WiFi spots andhotspots,Instabridge is the simplest way to surf the internet forfree.Instabridge knows which Wi Fis work and automatically keepsyou offthose that don't. No setup required. It just works.**Don’t miss the chance to be part of the largestWi-Fi-sharingcommunity**Just install the app and discover all the Wi-Fi signalsandpasswords around you that have already been shared by theawesomecommunity 💙FEATURES• Get free Wi-Fi connections in all major cities• No data limitation, no cost• Auto-connect to Wi Fi as soon as available• Go to 'travel settings' and make it work even when you’re lowondata• Become a hero by helping the world to connectWhat others are saying about Instabridge:"Instabridge is a Swedish company that’s invented somethingsosimple, and so awesome, that you’ve got to wonder what tookthisindustry so long!"Android Authority“Today’s application is, simply, exceptional. It's a brilliantidea,an excellent solution and executed perfectly. I'm inlove.”El Android Libre"Instabridge is an elegant solution"Lifehacker"A simple interface allows friends to get access without havingtotype in a convoluted string of numbers and letters from a scrapofpaper."The EconomistWith 1 million secure, up-to-date free WiFi connectionsandhotspots, plus wi fi passwords on your phone, getinstantaccess to internet in your city and the whole world 🌎 🌍🌏*****Important: Note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fitetheringnor is it a Wi-Fi hacker tool and cannot be used for Wi Fihackingin any way. Instabridge syncs wifi passwords between yourowndevices and to people you have chosen to trust.*****Questions or improvement suggestions?Please contact support@instabridge.comConnect with Instabridge Free WiFi on:Twitter @ @ Resources:Help Center Lite
GWPA Finder 5.0.6
This app (formerly known as Greek WPAFinder)was originally intended for use inside Greece as itcanrecover default WPA/WPS Keys of specific router brandsthatare popular within Greece thus helping you test yournetworksecurity.Nowadays there is an ongoing effort to gradually supportmorerouters around the world.If you are not located inside Greece you canstilltry your luck with this app but don't be frustrated ifitdoesn't fully work in your territory.In case you manage to connect to a network othen than yours,youhave to inform the owner so that he/she changes password.Have a look at the GWPA Finder - FAQshere:
WiFi Router Master - Detect Who is On My WiFi 1.4.24
WiFi Router Setup Page is the bestWiFiProtector and WiFi blocker / WiFi thief blocker to protect mywifisecurity and Powerful Router tool for Router Setup Page orRouterSettings(Router ip :, Router Setup Page will improve your wifi booster signalandenhance your Internet browsing experience with WiFiExtender/WiFiRange Extender and WiFi Repeater.WiFi booster is a powerful WiFi Booster(WiFi Protection), simpleandfree router tools, router control, wifi tools, ip tools, pingtoolsand network tool for My WiFi like fing.WiFi Router Setup Page is a simple and free network tool to helpyouscan my WiFi , show all devices connected to my WiFi, see whois onmy WiFi, and block the strange device in router setuppage.WiFi Router Setup Page is a the simplest network scanner, ipscannerand wifi scanner that allows you to find your routesetuppage(router ip:, etc.)and router password, so it is a useful ip tools and ping tools.Oryou can detect who is on my wifi and you can block the strangerinrouter setup page from my wifi.Do you want config your router setup page(routerip:, etc.) quickly?Do you want to know How to find router password?Do you want to know Who Use My WiFi?Do you want a simple way to change router settings?Do you want to know if someone is connected to my wifi andwirelessrouter?Do you want to know if someone is stealing my wifi networkspeedwithout your permission?Do you want to know if someone who is on My WiFidownloadsomething?Worried that neighbors may have access to router setup pageorrouter admin page of your wireless router?Don't worry, using WiFi Router Setup Page can easily scan mywifiand see how many device connected to your wirelessrouter/networkrouter such as netgear router, d link router, tp link router or linksys router etc.Using WiFi Router Setup Page, in seconds you know how many andwhichdevice is connected to your router with IP, MAC ID andvendorlisting.WiFi Router Setup always find all connected devices on mywifi!!Check who is using my wifi!!WiFi Router Setup Page helps you to access modem router page ofanyRouter modems( or etc.). You caneasilyaccess your admin page and make changes to yourroutersettings.Every people who are using my wifi at home or office need to usetherouter ip or for configuring the modem.Thisapp helps you to do process like WiFi password configuration,MACAddress filtering etc. which are basic functions of routeradminpage. This app saves time for those who need to access192.168.1.1or daily basis.WiFi Router Setup Page provides access to the most popularwirelessrouter.Here are some of the supported routers:★ TP Link Router(Normal TP Link Router ip :★ D Link Router(Normal D Link Router ip :★ Netgear Router(Normal Netgear Router ip :★ Linksys Router(Normal Linksys Router ip :★ Huawei Router(Normal Huawei Router ip :★ Digisol Router(Normal Digisol Router ip :★ ASUS Router(Normal ASUS Router ip :★...WiFi Router Setup Page is a powerful network tool forroutercontrol, you can receive full information on my wifi, findoutinternal or external IP, SSID, BSSID, gateway, broadcastaddress,network mask whois and other basic information.You get the following suite of network tools:• Ping• WiFi List - help you to connect to wifi.• Whois - provides information about a website and its owner• Router setup Page directly from your smartphone• ...Do you want to know what's the router setup page of yourwirelessrouter or modem router?You just need to start WiFi Router Setup Page and you'llfindit!
WiFi Doctor-Detect & Boost
PICOO Design
WiFi Doctor is a powerful, simple and freetooldesigned to monitor WiFi status and protect your Internetactivates.It can scan all devices connected to your personal WiFihotspot, andspeed up network connection by closing apps runninginbackground.Features:★ WiFi Security CheckCheck whether the WiFi you’re connected to is safe. Protectyourpersonal privacy and property.★ Boost WiFi SpeedDetect and stop apps that are secretly using WiFi or cellulardatain the background, boost your phone , making sure you alwayshavemaximum WiFi speed.★ WiFi MonitorScan all devices connected to your personal WiFi hotspot,includingAndroid Phones, iPhones/iPads, PCs. Show details of allconnecteddevices, so you can find out who are consuming your WiFiandslowing down its speed.★ Super BoostSome apps automatically re-launch themselves in thebackgroundwithout authorization. Super Boost feature can stop themfromre-launching by using the accessibility feature, so these appswillbe completely closed and will never automatically launchthemselvesagain.The features listed above are available for free.Please contact us at if you haveanyquestions or suggestions.
Wifi password all in one contains alltheapplications to protect you from hackers and crackers.Includes four functions- View the list of WiFi networks available in your area- Generate a password web, wpa and wpa2 for your wifi router- See the signal and all the information about your wifiOptimized for mobiles and tablets.Compatible with Android 8.0 and more.
WiFi Connection Manager
WiFi Connection Manager is the bestWi-Fiscanner, manager and connector on android.Help us with the translation projecton According to the change of Google Play Mobile Adspolicy,devices before Android 2.3 are no longer be supported.Legacy devices can download the appfrom: Support AP (Access Points) SSID with special characters, suchasChinese, Japanese, Korean, Greeks, Russian, Arabic,Portuguese,UNICODE and so on.2. Display saved network password. (require device toberooted)3. Fix device Wi-Fi problems.4. Instant connect. Once searched, once start connecting. Wayfasterthan the system build-in Wi-Fi scanner.5. Static IP settings support. Auto switch betweendifferentAP.6. Switch between available networks, solving the networkconflictproblem.7. Add/Connect to certain hidden SSID network (depends on deviceandnetwork conditions).8. Manual add network, with special support for EAP/LEAPencryptednetwork.9. Pause scan, convenient to browse many results.10. More detail network information, network bandwidth, channelandnetwork type.11. Auto detect Web Authentication.12. Backup/Restore saved networks.13. Add/Share Wi-Fi network with QR code.14. Arrange network connecting priority.15. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) support for Android 4.0 orabovedevices.16. Automatical switch between saved networks when signal isnotideal.17. Wi-Fi tether (Wi-Fi Hotspot) support.About the required permissions:Camera is for adding Wi-Fi network via QR code.Phone and Internet is for the AdMob plug-in made by Google.Storage is for backup and restore saved network.
WiFi Chùa - Free WiFi passwords
The leading tool for sharing and connectingtofree WiFi passwords!EXPERIENCE WIFI CHÙA- Economy: save cellular data cost by searching and connectingtofree WiFi.- One-tap connection: Find WiFi with "Free" label and choose"AutoConnect", connection action will be done within 5seconds.- Security and Privacy: All passwords are encrypted.Privacymatters.- Easy to share: Just press a button, you are sharing aWiFipassword to a whole community.- Entertainment: Watch videos and play online gamesaftersuccessfully connecting to WiFi.Notice: This app CANNOT HACK any WiFi passwords.User support:- Email: Fanpage: Website:
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed Test 3.0
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection&Speed TestBest free wifi network manager have a function free wifianalyzermanager app for android phone. Free wifi ethernet bandwidthspeedchecker easy to usefreewifi connect. Free WiFi auto connect with no root, withoutdataor internet connection network. Be able to pick a free wifiboosterconnectdownload upload speed booster by check signal interferencestrengthgraph.Wifi Free Connection Everywhere with you free wi-ficonnectinternet enables any android smart phone to search for openWiFinetwork wi fi the one thatautomatically connect to wifi easy n fast. Free wi-fi finderappwill find hotspot wifi connectors open connect network andfreeauto connect faster,find access manage connection networks master. wifi mapscanneravailable for free wifi wlan connect open network masterfree wifianywhere, anytime,everywhere, on the go for you and everyone forever, connect toWiFipasswords for FREE internet access free zone connect free openwifino password.SPEEDTEST & Internet Speed Booster optimizesyourInternet accelerator connection !Check Wifi Internet Speed Booster Test can testing speedforcellular, WiFi hotspots, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, DSL andADSLmodem with just one tapboost speed, accurate report, tests WiFi autoconnect speedinseconds fast master version is lite.Wifi Connection FEATURE- Search WiFi connect SSID name. and show Password for easyviewingand sharing with others- Auto switch between different AP.- Static IP settings support.- Scan your wireless network for access points.- Sort WiFi hotspot by name or level.- Show the wifi signal strength in history graph.- Fast Free wireless or AP Scanner.- easy for 1 tab Turn on and turn off WiFi Connect.- hold text for Copy WiFi Password to Clipboard.- Automatically login to AP around you , includingsecurehotspots.- Switch between saved networks when signal is not ideal.- Free Analyze function : , overlapping, latency.DNSresolving,WPS- Support for Android 4.0 or above devices. andTabletsupport.- Wifi Booster function 1 click for Booster you signal.Speed Test FEATURE- Discover your Download, Upload and Ping.- tests download speed (downlink).- tests upload speed (uplink).- History Record of results speed test show time pinguploaddownload speed.- Supports MBPS/KBPS.- show IP address display.- Easily share your results.- Help make finding free WiFi Hotspots with fastnetworkconnections.- Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speed tests.**Please note this Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection &SpeedTest Checker app is not a wifi password hacker or WIFIBoosterSignal. only tools for finder show you available networksif thereis any.It doesn't connection to secured network. It takes care of onlyopennetworks in your area.
WiFi Thief Detector - Who Use My WiFi? 1.0.37
WiFi Thief Detector is the best Netcut/WiFikill app and WiFi blocker / WiFi thief blocker detectingwhouse my WiFi to protect my wifi security.WiFi Thief Detector can improve your wifi booster signal andenhanceyour Internet browsing experience with wifi repeater, andhelp yourdevices connect to the internet more faster.WiFi Thief Detector is powerful WiFi Protector and WiFi Monitorforwifi security and improve your wifi booster signal likeWiFiExtender/WiFi Range Extender and WiFi Repeater.WiFi Thief Detector is the simplest wifi scanner that allows youtodetect who is on my wifi. it's the Best Netcut/WiFikill app foryouto block the thief in router settings from my wifi.Do you want a powerful netcut or wifikill app to protectwifisecurity?Do you know Who Use My WiFi and connected to my wifi andwirelessnetwork without your permission?Do you know if someone is stealing my wifi network speed?Do you know if someone are stealing my wifi when your connectionisslow, and who is on My WiFi download something?Do you know if neighbors may have access to yourpersonaldata?Do you want to prevent how to get free wifi?Don't worry, WiFi Thief Detector can easily scan my wifi and seehowmany people or device connected to your network router suchartplink/tp-link router, dlink router, netgear router orhuaweirouter etc.Using WiFi Thief Detector, in seconds you know how many andwhichdevice is connected to your wireless router with IP, MAC IDandvendor listing.WiFi Thief Detector always find all connected devices on mywifi!!Check who is using my wifi!!WiFi Thief Detector comes with a clean and neat design, andtheinterface is so user-friendly that doesn’t take a genius totrackthe connected users and devices to your wireless router.WiFi Thief Detector is fast, smart and reliable.WiFi Thief Detector, shows some information about thewirelessnetwork, like MAC, Ip and Name, and it also lets you knowabout thedevices connected to your wireless network.So, you can easily find out who is using your wifi and whattheirdevices are.So, if your wireless network is on a limited plan and youbelievesomeone is sending and receiving data, install this Wi-Fimonitorapp for free and look for the suspicious devices connectedto myWiFi.✩✩Rate Us 5 Stars if you found this app useful, and thefollowingyou can do✩✩whos on my networkhow to tell if someone is using your wifiwho is on my wifi downloadhow to see who is on your wifihow to know if someone is using your wifihow to see who is using my wifihow to check if someone is using my wifiwifi user checkerwho is on my wifi fullcheck wifi userwho is on my wifi ultimatehow to check who is using your wifiwho in my wifihow to check wifi userswho is on my wifimy wifiwhos on my wifiwho is using my wifihow to check who is using my wifiwhoisonmywifiwho uses my wifiwifi thief finder
Router Setup Page 1.1.1
Hi! Do you want to know what'stheconfiguration web page of your router?You just need to start this app and you'll find it!Router Setup Page is a very simple app that allows you to findyourrouter web page in which you can edit all theavailableoptions.
WIFi-WPS 1.3
¡ ROOT NECESARIO !WIFi-WPS sirve para conectarse a redes Wifi con el protocoloWPSactivado...Únicamente para fines educativos. El autor de esta App no sehaceresponsable del mal uso que se le pueda dar.WIFi-WPS sirve para verificar si un router es vulnerable o noaPINES (WPS) por defecto. En el mercado existen muchosroutersvulnerables al uso de PINES predefinidos por defecto...ConWIFi-WPS podrás comprobar si un router es vulnerable o no, yactuaren consecuencia.Infórmate más sobre el protocoloWPS: muchos PINS por defecto para routers conocidos juntoavarios algoritmos para su funcionamiento.¡ ROOT NECESARIO !ROOT NEEDED!WiFi-WPS serves to connect to wireless networks with WPSprotocolenabled ...For educational purposes only. The author of this app isnotresponsible for any misuse that can be given.WiFi-WPS serves to verify if a router is vulnerable or notPINES(WPS) by default. In the market there are many vulnerableroutersto use predefined default PINES ... WiFi-WPS can check if arouteris vulnerable or not, and act accordingly.Learn more about the WPSprotocol: includes many PINS default routers with several knownalgorithmsfor operation.ROOT NEEDED!
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) 12.0
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) is a securitytoolthat helps you to generate a long random alpahanumeric passwordtoprovide you a better security in your wifi network.Notice this app will NOT hack, steal or retrieve to you any3rdparty wifi network password it's just a security tool to helpyouto incrase your security generating long random passwords thatyouhave to set it manually to your router or copy paste fromtheapp.For example in case of a hacking brute force attack ismostdifficult to hack a longer combined numbers and characterspasswordthan a normal one. The puropose of this app is help you inthistask.Also Free Wifi Password 2017 contains other few features likecheckthe mac of wifi networks arround you, or the kind of securitylikewep, wpa and other useful information.If you find this application useful please leave a comment orratingthanks.
Wifi Password Show 2.2.6
Congratulation! Wifi Password Showistrusted by over 5 million users.★ Note: Require ROOTED★Need to re-connect your new device to WiFi network, but forgotyourpassword? Want to share a WiFi password with your friend?Use FREE Wifi Password Show to view all Wifi Password when youneedthem with just one click! Share with friends through SMS orEmail.Yes, just that easy!FREE Wifi Password Show features:❶ Show SSID and Password;❷ Copy WiFi Password to Clipboard (to be able topasteanywhere);❸ Share password via SMS or Email;❹ Share password in Fullscreen mode.❺ QR Code Generator WiFi Access❻ WiFi Password RecoveryPlease Note:① Only works on ROOTED devices (needs super-userpermissions).② Is not a WiFi password cracker. NOT intended to crackWiFinetworks.③ Needs previous access to WiFi networks with your devicetoretrieve passwords.✔ Please understand that FREE Wifi Password Show is a free appandcontains ads to support develop cost.✔ Why FREE Wifi Password Show only works on a rooted device?Because your device stores WiFi passwords when you connect to anewWiFi network. You are not able to access the passwords andretrievethem unless you have super-user permissions. Checkout herefor moreinformation onroot:✔ If you want the app support your language, please helpustranslate from English to your language by access the linkbelow.Thank you!✔ Please contact to for any issues youmayhave; and do give us 5 stars if you like us! Thanks&enjoy!
Wifi password pro generate a longrandomalphanumeric password to provide you a better security inyour wifinetwork.This app will not hack, steal or retrieve wifi network passwordit'sjust a security tool to help you increase your securitygeneratinglong random passwords that you have to set it manuallyto your wifirouter.Features• The algorithm generate WEP, WPA, WPA2 with a high levelofauthentication.• Direct connection to wifi networks without password.• Order network list by proximity, open, sid, mac, security,channeland frequency.• Multi search.Optimized for mobiles and tablets.Compatible with Android 7.0 and more. Router Admin Setup 6.20
Welcome!The Application doesn't aim to do any hacking.What is the benefit of this Application? Router Admin Setup App helps you to configure youWIFIRouter Settings Setup, or LAN settings configurations by usingyourphone instead of using computer or laptop normal browser.This is typically for:1- The normal user who wants to change WIFI password, orconfiguresthe Router as fast as possible by his smartphone.2- The users who is there job is based on the Routers settingsandSetup.How is it doing that?It will detect your gateway, which is the Router SetupPage,whatever it is, and open it directly to you, that’s why itwillwork for you whatever you Router Brand is.For instance, It Supports, Netgear Nighthawk router, xfinityrouter,Technicolor router, tp link router, Huawei router, Orange,Apple, …and so on, generally any DSL Router with a DynamicIPmechanism.The Most Popular Gateways are,,, …., But don’t bother yourself bysearching on theinternet about it, we will get it for you.What we offer here is a fast, stable, and reliable performancethatyou can depend on, and we are open for any user contributiontohelp us improve and add more value to you.App Features: -1- Detects your WI-FI Router Gateway by different mechanismstosupport the variety of Routers gateways all over the world.2- Opens it directly once the App detect it.3- Search for your Router default username and Password inanoffline database by your Router Brand or Model, in case ofyouhaven’t change it before4- Generate a Fast-Secure Password by your own to protect eithertheWIFI or the Router Login Page itself.5- You can just know what’s your IP, Gateway, Lease time,ServiceAddress…. and so on by a single click on the DHCPbutton.We are fast responders, just drop us an email or even a commentifthere is any problem, or a feature you see it will help you andtheother users too.We are doing, and will do the best we can to give you agoodexperience and a dependable applicationHappy Day ...
WiFi Password Hacker prank howtohackwifi
you can show your friends that WifiPasswordhacker is a application simulator that help you hackpassword of awifi network. WiFi Password Hacker is unlocker wifi .It canpretend hacking into secured wifi network using WEP, WPA2 orAESencryption and so on. It just presents a fancy animationsandnothing else. So it is not harmful to the network. You cantrickyour friends that you can hack WEP password , WPA2 Passwordand AESpassword also . It makes you look like a proficient hackerand atechnical genius. This is a very delightful prank to play onyourfriends. This app will work like WEP password generator andwillshow you some fake password of a wifi around you. You canpretendthat you just hack wifi and got a free wifi on your phone .Thiswifi hacking access is just for prank it will just show youlist ofwifi networks around you and pretend to be hacking WEP, WPA2orAES.You can use it to trick your friends that you can hackintotheir private wifi network. Just run this tool in their house,thewifi scanner will detect all the wifi hotspot no matter whetherthesignal is good or not. And then select their wireless wifi id.Fakepassword will be displayed, but they will think that you havejustbroken into their network! Watch the reaction on their scaredfaceand have a lot of fun.Disclaimer : This app does not generate any real wifi passwordbyhacking any wifi network it only generate fake wifi passwordforfun and prank with friends can show your friends thatWifiPassword hacker is a application simulator that help youhackpassword of a wifi network. WiFi Password Hacker is unlockerwifi .It can pretend hacking into secured wifi network using WEP,WPA2 orAES encryption and so on. It just presents a fancyanimations andnothing else. So it is not harmful to the network.You can trickyour friends that you can hack WEP password , WPA2Password and AESpassword also . It makes you look like a proficienthacker and atechnical genius. This is a very delightful prank toplay on yourfriends. This app will work like WEP password generatorand willshow you some fake password of a wifi around you. You canpretendthat you just hack wifi and got a free wifi on your phone .Thiswifi hacking access is just for prank it will just show youlist ofwifi networks around you and pretend to be hacking WEP, WPA2orAES.You can use it to trick your friends that you can hackintotheir private wifi network. Just run this tool in their house,thewifi scanner will detect all the wifi hotspot no matter whetherthesignal is good or not. And then select their wireless wifi idandhackear wifi. Fake password will be displayed, but they willthinkthat you have just broken into their network! Watch thereaction ontheir scared face and have a lot of to hack wifiDisclaimer : This app does not generate any real wifi passwordbyhacking any wifi network it only generate fake wifi passwordforfun and prank with friends only.
WPS wifi Connect 1.2
- WPS wifi Connect checks the security ofyournetwork using WPS protocol,This protocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network usingan8-digit pin number that usually is predefined in therouter,the problem is that the pin of many routers from differentcompaniesis known or is known how to calculate it.What is WPS?The router has a function called WPS. If its WiFi with WPS open,wecan call this wifi 'WPS WiFi'. Unlike password,WPS WiFi can be accessed by using 8 digits PIN which isusuallyfixed. e.g. 12345678. People can use PIN to connect WPS WiFiandignore any password changes.WiFi WPS Tester is a utility which helps you detect thepotentialrisk of the WiFi, which include password risk and WPSrisk.Shipped with more than 30 PIN algorithms and 50000 known PINs,WiFiWPS Tester helps you detect the potential WPS risk. Andwithmillions of hotspots, WiFi WPS Tester may find thepossiblePassword risk. We don't store your original key, neither doweshare with other users. But if your WPS WiFi can beconnectedwithout manual inputs, it is suggesting that you shouldchange thekey to a more complicated one or turn off WPS.***ROOT is NOT totally required******** Location Permission is required for Wifi Network ScanningByAndroid*****The application has two methods to connect:- Root Method : Supported all android version but shouldberooted.- No Root Method : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up.For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:- If you are not rooted you can use the application to connect,butyou cannot show password unless you are rooted.- If you are rooted will be alerted to choose either Root MethodorNo Root Method. , you can show the password usingbothmethodsFor Android 4.4 and earlier:- You have to be ROOTED for both connecting andshowingpassword- If Your are not Rooted , then you cannot use theapplication================================================- (Only Rooted Users ) You can show passwords for your currentsavednetworks , just go to Menu then choose ( SavedNetworks)if you already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connectandget the password using your PIN
Free Wifi Password Secure 3.0.1
The most important security for Wifiaccesspoint is password if the password is large and secure then itwillbe very difficult to hack wifi.Wifi password secure is the best security tool for your wifirouterbecause it generates random, secure and largepasswords.This app gives you every information about yourwificonnectionWith this app you can check Who is connected to my Wifi.Get every information about your IP address for example:externalIP, local IP, Gateway, longitude and latitude, etc...Scan Wifi network list around by you and get every informationonthat network listCheck the signal strength of networks around by youThis app do not crack any kind of wifi password developer willnotbe responsible for any kind od misuse of this app.
WiFi Password Viewer (ROOT) 1.4.1
✖ WiFi Password Viewer doesn't discovertheWiFi passwords!✔ WiFi Password Viewer shows only the password of WiFi networkstowhich you have been connected!Warning: ROOT access is required. Some devices (e.g.Samsung)encrypt WiFi passwords, so that no app can show themclearly. Toshow them, please, following the instruction in theWelcomeAlertDialog in the app orhere: collaboration.N. B.: it's impossible to make an application to show WiFipasswordswithout requiring root, as it has to read a file that isin aninaccessible location without administratorprivileges(/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf).WiFi Password Viewer is available in:🇬🇧 English🇮🇹 ItalianAbout WiFi Password Viewer•XDA-Developers:•GadgetHacks:•TuttoAndroid:•AndroidWorld: any request, report or other, please, send me an emailbeforeleave a negative review (, Ifthe application helped you, consider to leave apositive review.Thanks for your support.
WiFi Analyzer - Network Analyzer 1.0.20
Optimize your WiFi network usingWiFiAnalyser by examining WiFi networks and test wifisignal.WiFi Analyser - Network Analyzer can Optimize WiFi Channel andisbest WiFi Channel Scanner and WiFi Channel Analyzer.WiFi Analyser - Network Analyzer can tell you wifi signalstrengthand see witch wifi signal is better like wifi signalstrengthmeter.WiFi Analyzer shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you tofinda less crowded channel for your wireless router.WiFi Analyzer can help you diagnose various problems in yourwifinetwork setup, Internet connectivity, and also detectvariousissues on remote servers.WiFi Analyzer is a powerful network analyzer that helps you towatchthe state of WiFi networks by gathering data aboutitsparameters.WiFi Analyzer shows all neighbouring wi-fi networks togetherwithadditional details such as signal strength, encryption androutermanufacturer to help discovering the best channel for awirelessrouter. Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6.With WiFi analyzer App We can Scan all available wirelessnetworksin range and shows you information about them, suchas:- WiFi Test Signal And Speed- Network SSID- MAC address of access point- Network Frequency(2.5Ghz/5GHz)- WiFi Network security- Vendor name of WiFi Device- Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Channel Graph- Shows Best channels of Connected WiFi- Channel Rating And Much More.✩✩Rate Us 5 Stars if you found this app useful, and thefollowingyou can do✩✩find wifi signal sourceWifi analyzerOptimize Wifi Network and Signal Strengthtest wifi signalWiFi Analyze and WiFi BoostOptimize WiFi ChannelOptimize wifi signalWiFi Channel Scanner and WiFi Channel AnalyzerTest wifi signal strengthCheck wifi signalfind a less crowded channelnetwork analyzercheck wifi channelsWifi signal meterWifi signal Strength metercheck wifi signal strengthShows the Wi-Fi channels around youMeasure signal strengthtest wifi strengthtest wifi connectiondetect wifi signalwifi signal boosterMonitor strength of nearby wifi networksfind optimal placement for wifi receiverShows signal strengthwifi test signal and speedWiFi Analyzer is designed to use as few permissions as possible.Itasks for just enough to perform the analysis. ApplicationRequiresonly WiFi Access Permission and you can be sure it does notsendany personal/device information to any other source and it doesnotreceive any information from other sources.
Wifi Password Hacker Prank 1.6
Fun 4 U
Wifi Password Hacker is a new free wifiappwhich allows you to pretend to break the password of allthenetworks nearby and gain the access. It looks professional anditis the best app to prank your friends.How to Use★Go to the place where wireless network is provided. Theprivatenetwork, wireless hotspot and Wifi tethering is allok.★Launch our Wifi Hack and press the start button. The Wifi toolwilldetect all the wireless networks nearby of which the Wifisignal canbe detected.★Select the wifi id you want to crack.★The Wi-Fi hacker 2015 will show the fake animations whichanalyzesthe wifi info and breaking process.★In the end the password of the network will be displayed.Disclaimer:Our wifi password breaker is just for fun. It cannot reallycrackany wifi passwords. If you think it is funny, please give us5stars and we will produce more good apps for you.
4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
OpenSignal app is a powerful and freenetworksignal & wifi tool.Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP orcellnetwork, monitor data usage, compare coverage, viewconnectionhistory e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does itall.With free wifi maps & cell tower maps, you can see where togoto improve your wireless experience. Use coverage maps tocomparenetworks & data speed in your area.Download now to find high speed data and strong signal forcellcalls.Features✓ Cell tower direction - follow our signal compass tostrongersignal✓ Download, upload and latency tests - for 2G, 3G, LTEandwifi✓ Database of your speed test results so you can view test history-stored in app, so see results offline✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map✓ History of your mobile connection - see stats on yourconnectionto 4G and 3G and your data usage✓ Find fast wifi with our interactive wifi map✓ Free and no adsEasy, Fast Speed Test• Test download speed, upload speed and ping performance on yourISPor mobile network• High speed test - runs fast using a network of CDNs toshowrealistic measurements• Units in mbps and ms• History of results saved to a database - speed test history onamap• Speedometer style interface• Save to sd card as a CSV• Works for mobile and cable broadband (ADSL)Signal dashboard• Shows direction of your connected cell tower - walking towardsit,or out of the way of obstructions, can improvecellularconnection• Ping test for quick speed check• Signal strength in dB• Become a network master: get notifications when you have nodataor can't make phone callsCell and Wifi Maps• Where we have data, see the cell towers on *your* network-including, Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T,USCellular + more• Wifi hotspots map and list - find free wifi nearby• Unique network tools: signal compass, signal strength indBm• Uses Google Maps• By using the app you help crowdsource data - automaticallyaddingnetworks and wifisView history and stats• View data usage on wifi and cellular• How long have you had access to 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G, or spentinsignal notspots? See your stats for network availability• Save to SD Card as a CSV - see your history of LTE,3Gmeasurements and moreCompare networks with our coverage map• Interactive maps covering mobile networks worldwide• Compare performance on Verizon wireless, T Mobile,Sprint,AT&T, US Cellular and many more• Coverage checker for if you're moving home or going abroad, seeifyou can make calls or get fast data• View average speeds for download, upload and latency andnetworkstrength• 100% independent, our data is based on real measurements fromappusersCrowdsourcingSince launching in 2010, OpenSignal has built the largestglobaldatabase on mobile performance.With hundreds of billions of readings of mobile networksignalstrength and speed tests, OpenSignal shows the performancewhereyou live. Download the app to automatically contribute dataonspeed and 2G, 3G and LTE signal, or you can choose to turn offdatacollection settings.Want to check app performance - know if you can get fast videoonYoutube, or if WhatsApp will send messages - check our sisterappMeteor which is powered by OpenSignal technology.PermissionsLOCATION so we can show you nearby wifi and antennasPHONE SETTINGS allows network reset on some Android OSsSMS required to count the number of SMS sent to track yourusage,SMS are never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)Advanced NotesOn CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint you will seefewertowers than on GSM networks such as T Mobile andAT&T.Supported languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil&Portugal), Indonesian, ThaiHelp test and develop features! Join the OpenSignalbeta to help us improve theapp.We're developing other advanced network tools - we'd love tohearfrom you