Top 49 Games Similar to Defender

Defender 1.1.9
Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast,strikehard, and never give up. It's time to equip your BOW tofight! Canyou defend your castle against intruders with yourarchery?How toplay?# Touch screen to shoot arrows. # Drag and dropspell icon tocast a spell.# City Wall: Upgrade city wall toincrease healthpoint.# Mana: Mana is required to cast a spell. #Magic Tower:Upgrade magic tower to increase MANA.# Strength:Increase thedamange of a arrow.# Agility: Increase shootingfrequency.# Weapon:Select and equip proper bow to defend.# Powershot: Repelmonsters.# Fatal Blow: Double damange withcertainpossibility.Watch out, intruders will be stronger andstronger. NewBOSSES will come out as stage goes. Be the hero, andwin theHONORS!Any suggestion/feedbackiswelcome!==========================Droidhen is the namebehindDefender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, BasketballShot,DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory and many other top populargames.Droidhen is also marked as top developerbygoogle.==========================
Power Antivirus - Virus Detector & Virus Defender 1.5.7
Power Antivirus scored a high percent virus detection andmalwaredetection rate, with no false positives★Protect your phoneagainstvirus and maximize your phone performance.★PowerAntivirus'sHighlights ( Free Antivirus for Android):► Antivirus& FileScan & Virus Detector: Powered by trusted antivirusengines,Top virus defender► Android Phone Booster: Speed up phoneto get itrunning faster and smoother! Free up storage space onphone in onetap!► WiFi Scanner & Network Analyzer: WiFi safetyand WiFispeed test/check► AppLock: Intruder Selfie► CPU CoolerMaster: Cooldown phone CPU temperature (Phone health monitor)★PowerAntivirusBenefits► APP & SYSTEM SCANNER Scan pre-installed andinstalledapps and the file system to keep your phone safe fromvirus,trojan, vulnerability, adware, malware and spyware.►PhoneBoosterPower Antivirus is speed booster for Android phone.PowerAntivirus boosts your phone to get it running faster andsmootherand efficiently utilizes your phone's memory to speed upyourdevices and improves phone performance with one tapaccelerationbooster.► WiFi SecurityDetect WiFi spy, Test WiFispeed, MaxAntivirus will show you how many devices are sharingyourbandwidth, with that you can check out which is WiFi spy,removeall spy by your router manage page to make your WiFi safeandfast.► AppLockWith app lock, you can lock up your apps toprotectsensitive information. Support for Facebook, Messenger,Twitter,Message, etc. have been added. Users can choose betweencode lockand pattern lock. If you have any questions orsuggestions, pleasesend us an email
Defender II 1.4.6
Defender II, the ultimate tower defense is coming with manynewfeatures!Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. Theymovefast, strike hard, and never give up. However, Defender ismorepowerful than ever before! What's more, Lava moat, MagicTowerswill fight together with Defender!How to play?# FullysupportGoogle TV.# Touch screen or using joypad to shoot arrows.#Drag anddrop spell icon or using joypad to cast a spell.# LavaMoat: Burnsenemies when they drop into lava moat.# Magic Tower:Provide MANAfor spells. Also attacks enemies magically.# City Wall:Upgradecity wall to increase health point.# Mana: Mana is requiredto casta spell.# Strength: Increase the damage of a arrow.#Agility:Increase shooting frequency.# Weapon: Select and equipproper bowto defend.# Power shot: Repel monsters.# Fatal Blow:Double damagewith certain possibility.Game mode# Local mode: Defeatwaves ofmonsters.# Battle mode: Compete with opponent - The onestaysLONGER is the WINNER!Watch out, intruders will be strongerandstronger. New BOSSES will come out as stage goes. Be the hero,andwin the HONORS!Any suggestion/feedbackiswelcome!==========================Droidhen is the namebehindDefender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, BasketballShot,DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory and many other top populargames.Droidhen is also marked as top developerbygoogle.==========================
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
Best Android Security Product of 2015, 2016 and 2017 accordingtoAV-TEST The most advanced cybersecurity app for Android givesyourdevices absolute protection against viruses and malware. Toprotectyour Android after the 14-day trial is over subscribetoBitdefender Mobile Security. NEW! VPN Added Surf thewebanonymously & unlock geo-IP restricted content with VPN.Free -200 MB traffic / day. Upgrade to PREMIUM VPN and youget:-Unlimited traffic -Multiple virtual locations from all overtheworld including US, UK, IT, AU! Features at a glance: ✔Autopilot -Get security recommendations ✔ Malware Scanner - 100%detectionrate ✔ New: VPN - hide your IP & unlock geo-restrictedcontent✔ Account Privacy - verify whether your email account hasbeenbreached or not ✔ App Lock - lock your sensitive apps with aPINcode ✔ Web Protection - real-time protection for the mostpopularbrowsers ✔ Anti-Theft - lock, track, and wipe your phone ✔WearON -extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to your smart watchMalwareScanner With an independently proven 100% detection rate,MalwareScanner is always up to date with the latest intel onviruses andautomatically scans apps for malware as you installthem. AutopilotThe new Autopilot has been designed to act as aSecurity Advisorand gives you deeper insights into your securityposture. AccountPrivacy How safe is your email address? Now you canfind outwhether your account details have been leaked or not bysimplyrunning a check with Bitdefender Mobile Security. SmartUnlock Whenyou're using a trusted Wi-fi such as your home hub,Smart Unlockgrants you direct access to your apps by disabling thePIN.Fingerprint Sensor Support Unlock secured apps with the tip ofyourfinger. PIN Timeout 30-second timeout after 5 consecutiveincorrectattempts to access your PIN protected apps. Web ProtectionWebProtection detects malicious content and keeps your browsingsafefor the most popular browsers. Anti-Theft Lock, geo-locate,soundan alarm, and wipe your Android from any Internet connecteddevice.Snap Photo Your phone will snap a mugshot of any person whotriesto tamper with your phone in your absence. WearONExtendBitdefender Mobile Security to Android Wear devices. Don’tloseyour device with the help of Phone Alert and Scream. (Android4.3and up required) Please Note! This app requires deviceadminpermission. This app uses Accessibility services.
com.bitdefender.antivirus 3.6.664
Take Bitdefender’s award-winning antivirus protection withyou!Bitdefender's Antivirus Free is a powerful and fast solutionthatuses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your Androiddevicewith the very latest industry leading virus detection.Withoutslowing down your Android or draining your battery. Simplyinstallon your Android and it’s ready to go—nothing to configure.And it'stotally free! Unparalleled Detection Autopilotautomatically scansany new apps that are downloaded to your Androiddevice forviruses. Antivirus Free uses the same scanning enginesasBitdefender Mobile Security-our flagship mobile security appthathas been independently certified to catch more than 99% ofallviruses targeted at Android devices. This powerful scannerkeepsyou protected 24/7 against malicious activities.Feather-LightPerformance Instead of downloading and storing virussignaturesdirectly to Android devices, Antivirus Free usesin-the-cloudservices to check online for the latest safeguards tooutbreaks.This not only results in super-fast scans, but in closeto zeroimpact on battery life and device performance.Hassle-FreeOperation Don't worry. Ever. You can sleep butAutopilot, a smarton-install scanner that checks all apps forsuspicious activity,won't. Threats and viruses are blocked beforeany damage is done.Zero Configuration Bitdefender Antivirus Freeoffers you essentialantivirus protection against all Androidthreats. It is ready to goright after installation, acting as aneffective guardian againstmobile malware. Moreover, the Autopilotautomatically scans any newapps you install. Upgrade to TotalSecurity for Android DevicesUpgrade to Bitdefender Mobile Security,and you’ll not onlycontinue to enjoy the same features as above,but also gain anarray of additional cutting-edge capabilities. Theyinclude thereal-time scanning of pages you're viewing online, aswell as theability to lock, locate, and wipe your Android device incase itbecome lost or stolen. Download the 14-day Trial Version now–
Total Antivirus Defender FREE 2.5.3
Total Antivirus Defender is the free antivirus for you! 🛡 😎 👍 Doyouwant the best Android antivirus? Do you want to check in asimpleway if a virus (trojan, backdoor, spyware, ecc.) has ownedyourAndroid device? Over 1,000,000 users have already downloadedour appand enjoyed our security and antivirus protection forAndroid. Now,you too can try our application to protect yourdevice, both on yoursmartphone and tablet. That's FREE! So, whatare you waiting for?Download Total Antivirus Defender Free Now!Total Antivirus Defenderwill give you: ✔ a complete securitysolution for your Android; ✔ aneasy to use software to findmalware of all kinds (virus, trojan,backdoor, spyware, and other);✔ a simple way to obtain security foryour apps, documents andfiles. And now, Total Antivirus Defendercome also with theinnovative "Real Time Agent"!!! Why do you needTotal AntivirusDefender? Because, if your device is infected by avirus: ★ you cancompromise security of your data, and your privacy;★ you can wasteyour money, sending SMS from your mobile device thathave theircost; ★ your activity can be tracked by maliciousattackers; ★ youraccounts and passwords can be stolen; PRO Version:You can upgradeto PRO Version to get more features and advancedsecurity options.With Total Antivirus Defender PRO Version, you canget thefollowing scanning options: ✔ Advanced scanning ✔Heuristicscanning ✔ Rootkit searching NOTE: With PRO Version,advertise willbe removed. What about battery life of your device?Unlike othersimilar products, Total Antivirus Defender will grantto yousecurity and protection without consuming your battery. Youarefree to choose when you want to perform scanning and realtimeagent is optimized and save your battery life. TotalAntivirusDefender is the most complete solution you can get! It iseasy touse, fast and light! So, what are you waiting for? DownloadTotalAntivirus Defender Free Now!
Field Defender 1.0.6
Field Defender, the HIT field defense game is coming to GooglePlaynow! Waves of enemy army troops are attacking your field. Theysendout land forces, air forces, armored forces, even thepowerfulaircraft carrier. However, As the last defensive line, youare morepowerful than ever before! What's more, powerful weapons,airumbrella, various upgradeable towers will fight together withyou!Come on, let's experience the coolest field defense game likeneverbefore! You will be addicted to "Field Defender" from thefirsthit! How to play? # Touch screen to shoot. # Drag to placethevarious upgradeable towers. # Drag to use the air umbrellaintop-left screen. # Click to use the boost in bottom-leftscreen.KEY FEATURES # 80+ challenging levels in 10 uniquebattlefields! #Addictive gameplay for hours of action! # 8devastating weapons forultimate defenses! # 9 upgradeable towerswill fight together withyou! # 3 air umbrella help you attack theenemy! # Epic amounts ofachievements! # Gorgeous artwork, vibrantgraphics & effects!Watch out, intruders will be stronger andstronger. New BOSSES willcome out as stage goes. Be the HERO, andwin the HONORS!
Space Cadet Defender Invaders 1.04
Defend Earth from the Alien Horde in this classic spaceshooter.★WHAT'S NEW: HD graphics, new levels, new shipupgrades.FEATURES:-High Definition graphics.- Fast paced, excitinginvaders stylearcade game.- 100+ Unique levels, can you pass themall?- Enhanceyour ship with powerful upgrades.- Boss levels withpowerful AlienOverlords.- Unique powerups.- World high scorelist.STORY:These aretroubling times. Earth’s very existence isthreatened. Alieninvaders from space have been sent to destroy ourplanet. You havebeen called up to repel their attack. You must planyour battlestrategy well and upgrade your fighter ship to defeattheincreasingly advanced aliens. Beware, their powerful overlordsarewatching and will join the fight to help the alien forcesdestroyus. We’re counting on you. Earth is counting on you. Suit upSpaceCadet!
Antivirus and Mobile Security
Free Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android smartphoneswithenhanced features. Quick Heal Mobile Security protects yourphonefrom viruses, infected and harmful apps. It lets you lock appsandblock unknown calls. It scans apps before you download themfromGoogle Play and scans apps in the background to ensure theyaresafe. Additionally, it lets you upgrade to premium features suchasSafePe (for safe mobile banking) and Parental Control. Tolearnmore, visit app usesthe Device Administrator permission. Features at aglance ☆Antivirus Protection ☆ Real-time Scan ☆ On damand Scan fordetectand block malwares, keyloggers and fake apps ☆ Boost ☆ AppLock ☆Anti-Theft ☆ Motion Alarm ☆ Pocket Alarm ☆ Web Security ☆ParentalControl ☆ SafePe ☆ Battery Saver ☆ Remote DeviceManagement ☆ DetectUnsecured Wi-Fi ☆ Data Protection ☆ Security& Privacy Advisor ☆Capture Intruder Features in detail: ■Antivirus protection: Scansfor malicious apps, adware, Trojans,Fake apps, key loggers andother harmful files to keep your devicesecure. ■ Real-time Scan:Background Scan, Scan Before Download, OnApp Install Scan, andVulnerability Scan protect your device 24/7from malware. ■ QuickScan: Runs a quick scan on your device atyour request to detect andblock malwares, keyloggers and fakeapps. ■ Boost: Improve deviceperformance by optimizing the deviceRAM at a fixed schedule andeven when the screen is locked. ■ AppLock: Add an extra layer ofsecurity to your phone. Lock all yourapps with a secure PIN,pattern and Fingerprint. ■ Anti-Theft:Quick Heal's anti-thefttechnology prevents your device from beingmisused, if it gets lostor stolen. It allows you to lock yourdevice or erase its entiredata remotely. ■Motion Alarm: Itnotifies user instantly if thephone is moved from its currentposition, alerting about thepossibility of a theft. ■Pocket Alarm:Ensures pocket theftprotection by instantly notifying user, ifsomeone attempts to stealphone from pocket ■ Web Security: Blocksinfected websites that canharm your phone with malware andphishing websites designed to stealyour personal information. ■Parental Control: Helps you blockmalicious and potentiallydangerous websites. With this feature, youcan block a particularwebsite's URL or websites based on theircategory such as adult,gambling, violence, etc. Offersmulti-browser support for enhancedWeb Security. ■ SafePe: Securesyour financial transactions whenyou use payment apps for onlineshopping, banking, paying bills,etc. ■Battery Saver: Killspower-consuming apps and increasesbattery life. You can savebattery by setting appropriatebrightness and screen timeoutoptions. ■Remote Device Management:Allows you to access variousfeatures on your device when thedevice is not physicallyaccessible. ■ Detect Unsecured Wi-Fi:Alerts you whenever yourmobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Finetwork. Connecting to suchnetworks can let attackers steal yoursensitive information. ■ DataProtection: Back up and restore yourdata from the cloud as and whenrequired. Securely delete yourpersonal data. ■ Privacy Advisor:Helps you review apps installedon your phone and their permissions,which may affect your privacy.■ Security Advisor: Guides you aboutthe settings that affect theoverall security of your smartphone. ■Block Calls: Block incomingcalls from unknown or unwanted numbers.You can also block numberswithin a particular series. ■ CaptureIntruder: Takes snapshots ofanyone who tries to unlock your phonewith a wrong PIN. Follow uson Facebook: Follow us onTwitter: Follow our officialblog:
com.droidhen.defender3 2.5.7
The Monsters are Back! Calling all warriors to lead your nationanddefend your precious kingdom! The dark dragon army is led byfourstrong bosses, and you need to protect your realm and toweranddefeat the dark magic in this epic battle! The allied warriorshaveonly one choice: defend, defend, defend. Are you ready? The newandupgraded Defender III is a tower defense game that empowersplayerswith a huge variety of magic powers and skills to defendthemselvesfrom the great evil. Change scenes from dark forests tosnowmountains and fight evil bosses. FUN GAMEPLAY *More than 50skillsto explore *More than 500 levels to conquer *Explore all4elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire! *Epic Monsters waiting foryouto defeat them! *Gorgeous game play scenes ENHANCE YOUR ARMY*FORGEweapons, upgrade bow or towers to strengthen defense *MAGICSEARCHmore than 40 splendid magical powers *ALCHEMY: completequests torecover mana fast
Star Defender 3™ 1.90.0
Have you ever dreamt of leading a space battle, confrontingimpudentspace invaders and saving the Earth? Fight through hoardsof aliensin Star Defender 3, a classical space shooter, and defendyournative galaxy frontier!Frantic star wars are ahead of you inthisalien shooting game. The Insectus have already prepared fortheirnext wave, with new cunning tricks to shatter you spaceship.Takethe lead in the breathtaking star war and become the hero oftheuniverse!Get ready to blast through 8 huge missions and defeatalienspace invaders in the amazing space shooter Star Defender3.Missiles are just light fun for kids, but here you'll getmines,lasers, nuclear bombs, piranha, parasitron, lightning,insulator,infector, ball lightning and homing lasers! If you lovealienshooting games and glory of the victory, this fast movingspaceshooter is for you. Warning! Alien attack! Take the spacecommandand begin the star battle of your life!Star Defender 3Features:-The new one-finger control system- A wide array of alienspaceshipswith their own unique weapons- 8 Large missions with ahuge Boss atthe end of each space battle- A bonus system, includingTimeFreeze, Missile Strike, and Immortality- Over 100breathtakinglevels- Unique and truly addictivegameplayComments:“Thisspectacular space shooter really has quite abit going for it, andif you happen to be a fan of games similar toSpace Invaders thenthis title will definitely whet your gamingappetite.” –“For those who enjoyed classic spaceshootergames, this is a good choice to re-take them.”–AndroidZoom.com___________________________ Add drive to yourdayswith more AWEM games:Star Defender 4 – Eight huge missions tosavethe humanity and become thehero!___________________________Visitus: Findus:!/awem Watchus:
Cat Squadron - Galaxy Shooter - Space Shooter 1.3.5
GMS Studio
Join the Cat Squadron in this space shooter game to defensethegalaxy against the space attack of the mechanicalmouses.Thosemouses have rob a Cheese Bank on the Food Planet andstealing a lotof precious cheese. In that situation, the governmentof FoodPlanet had an meeting and they decided to assemble the CatSquadronto chasing down the mouses and bringing the cheese backsafety,before they use it for some evil plan.Prepare yourself totravel ina galaxy shooter game and face against the galaxy attackof manylarge army of mouse. The mouse legion is leading by 5 giantmouseswith super power that can wipe out an entire army.CatSquadron -Galaxy Defender is a vertical shoot em’ up space shootergame. Youcan choose 1 member of the Cat Squadron and control him toshootdown the enemies. You will only need to use one finger to movethespaceship around, dodge the enemies’s attack and the spaceshipwillfire automatically with unlimited ammo. Also, this galaxyshootergame allow you to choose a drone to fly side by side withyou likea wingman. Some Drone can only available after defeatingtheBosses.You can upgrade your spaceships to a whole new levelsjustby using coins earns from many sources like shoot downmouses,Daily Missions and Achievements. And you can buy newspaceship andnew drone with coins too.Features in Cat Squadron -GalaxyDefender:2 game modes: Adventures and Endless35+ leveltochallenge5+ Bosses with many special skills6 types of enemieswithvarious attack pattern6 Spaceships with different type ofbullet8+Drones shooting alongside with youHigh quality graphicandsoundAmazing and stunning special effects
Bitdefender Central
Bitdefender Central places your local and network cybersecurityatyour fingertips. Use it to control security for allyourBitdefender-protected devices, and to set up and manageBitdefenderBOX, the revolutionary smart home hub that secures yourentireWi-Fi network. LOCAL PROTECTION With Bitdefender Central youcan: -Install Bitdefender protection on all your devices -Managesecurity and protect your kids online - Scan, clean andoptimizeany device remotely - Get instant notification wheneverBitdefenderdetects a threat - Quickly access your activitydashboard - Receivesecurity updates for your devices 24/7 NETWORKPROTECTIONBitdefender Central works with BOX to secure and manageyour smarthome: - Get ironclad protection for all yourinternet-connecteddevices, at home and on the go - Manage alldevices in your homenetwork from a single mobile app - Protect yourkids online andmanage screen time with parental controls - Set upyour BitdefenderBOX - Discover your devices and group them underyour BitdefenderBOX network - Check protection status andconnectivity status forall your connected devices - Filter yourdevices by status or byuser - Create profiles for your familymembers and allocate devicesto them - Get real-time notificationsfor threats blocked by BOX:anomaly detection, unencrypted Bankinginformation sent, botnetattacks - Change your Wi-Fi name andpassword - Pause the internetconnection on your devices PARENTALFEATURES - Limit Screen Time& Pause Child Profile: restrictdevice access on Android, iOS,Windows and macOS devices. BOX userscan block Internet access onall a child’s assigned devices,including game consoles and smartTVs - Web filtering on Windows,macOS and Android - Locationreporting & Safe Check-in for achild’s mobile devices PRIVACY- Locate your lost or stolen devices- Send text or sound alerts toyour devices - Lock your lost orstolen devices to preventunauthorized access
Steampunk Syndicate 2: Tower Defense Game 1.2.72
stereo7 games
Steampunk TD: Tower Defense Game is a sequel of tower defensewithelements of card games that has 1M+ downloads worldwide! ThisTDgame grants you new level of experience. Steampunk TD:TowerDefense Game is tower defense made in awesome steampunksetting. Wecreated a game world with eccentric characters, flyingballoons,steampunk weapons, towers and highly detailed levels suchas theSeaside Town, Flying Zeppelin, Temple of Time, DerelictFiringField, Ruins of Spire and the Realm of the King. In SteampunkTD:Tower Defense Game you will confront waves of relentlessenemies.Build and fortify defensive towers: gatling gun, elementalfirethrower, bomber, tesla robot and generator. Steampunk TD:TowerDefense Game Features: ⚔️ More than 40 free levels tochallengeyour strategy.⚔️ 5 upgradeable towers.⚔️ Customizablesteampunkrobot.⚔️ 2 upgradeable heroes.⚔️ Fantastic eye-catchingart design.Resistance and their giant steampunk machine TheDefender have toprotect their world again!
Tower Defense: Battlefield 1.0.6
Tower Defense: Battlefield is the most anticipated andvisuallystunning Tower Defense game in the theme of Battlefieldwars. Seewhy we have been called out as one of the best towerdefense gamesand why we are one of the fastest growing tower games.Enjoy anexciting battlefield inspired td game with lots ofthrillingmoments. Smart strategy is needed if you want to dominateandprotect the towers..: HIGHLY ORIGINAL TD STRATEGY :.We believethatour Tower Defense – Strategy game is one of the mostunique,especially in the new generation. With new breakthroughs,successinherited from the previous generation of tower defence andthereare dramatic improvements in Defense game category broughtmoreenjoyable experience. You will notice the visual andsoundimprovements from the first moment you play thisBattlefieldinspired strategy td game!.: BREATHTAKING WEAPONS :.Tower Defense:Battlefield weapon systems have been investing a lotof graymatter, each weapon has different functions and usingweapons ontime is the key strategy to win in Defender game. Exploretheweapons and use the strategically smart. Don’t rush through itandmanage your funds smartly to dominate the free strategytowerdefense game..: DEFEND WITH VISION AND STRATEGY :.Like in anyofthe best tower defence games in Tower Defense: Battlefieldplayersmust use Tactical and Strategic defense in each level towin. Eachlevel is different so anticipate it fast and smartly usethe toolsand weapons to win it and stop the enemy from destroyingyourtowers..: Tower Defense: Battlefield Features :.+ 40 mapsCampaignlevels & enjoy the endless mode!+ 30+ types of enemyunits+ 6types of towers, Gun Machine, Slow Tower, Missile tower,Lasertower, Ice tower, Fire tower. Each tower has 4 upgradinglevels.+Free combination of all turrets.+ 2 game modes:Campaign&Endless.+ You may upgrade more power of your tower,which willoffer you more fun+ One of the most unique td free gamesavailableto play onlineforAndroid---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wehopeyou will enjoy every second and truly have exciting fun withTowerDefense: Battlefield.New tower defence 2017 unique game.Getit FREEnow!
Monster Defender 1.2
A new darkness rising in the lands..Waves of monsters aremarching,spreading terror and destroying everything on theirpath.In thesedark times, only true champions like you can standagainst theevil.Defend your castle and protect your land!WatchOut!Monsterswill get stronger and stronger and new monsters willcome out asthe stage goes.Dont forget to upgrade your weapons,spells andcastle to survive!Features:3 types of weapon withspecificupgrades5 different spells to choose5 unique realmsTowersand lavaupgradesVarious enemies and epic bossesEndless gameplay
Galaxy Defense (Tower Game) 1.12
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂I███████████████████].◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ Galaxy Defense – The bestTower Defense game forandroid ever! This game is very wonderful andspecial in thisStrategy game category! Let's play this TD Game,you'll be apowerful general who making strategy wisely to commandcannons anddefend the tower against waves of aggressive enemies.This TowerDefense game has diversified mission system with manylevels ofdifficulty waiting for you to conquer. This TD Game is oneof thebest strategy / arcade games that you should play! You mayhaveplayed many of Tower Defense games, but Galaxy Defense has tonsofdifferent challenging maps. Each map has its own unique thatalwaysready to test your skills. This Tower Defense must be thebest oneyou ever have. Galaxy Defense has old-school design butwhole newmissions. You will don’t feel bored when playing it likeotherTower Defense Games. Galaxy Defense is a 100% free tacticalgame.### FEATURES + Strategy of game is not easy + 21 Missions foryourDefender + 21 maps Tower + 16 Towers Defender + 16 Enemy units+Diversity of maps, never get bored. ### TIPS + Considercarefullywhere to place you defensive units + Prepare carefullystrategy forthe first waves coming + Never forget to upgrade yourdefensesystem With this Tower Defense, The Defenders canchallengethemselves with every big battle in difference map andspeed up thegame to feel the excitement. Keep your Tower safeduring the war.Destroy all enemies and protect your Tower is yourmission. Pleasekeep your spirits and fight hard! Applicationsshould be grantedthe following permissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: Permission to savenecessary game dataexternally +[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is needfor the linkage andnotification between your game account andgoogle accountinformation. +[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE]Permission to syncyour Address Book and access device status forFriend Invites. Withvivid sounds and colorful effects and, thisEvolution TD will bringa real fierce battle to player’s experience.Don’t miss the chanceto have amazing experiences with Tower Defense– one of the mostawesome Strategy game in the world. DownloadGalaxy Defense, justbecome a best Legend of Defender, enjoy andhave fun! Keep in touchwith us: - Facebook: -Youtube:
Tower Defense: Galaxy TD 1.1
Tower Defense: Galaxy TD is the most anticipated andvisuallystunning Tower Defense game in the theme of Galaxy TD &Thisgame was improved from galaxy commander (*). See why we havebeencalled out as one of the best tower defense games and why weareone of the fastest growing tower games. Enjoy an excitingGalaxyinspired td game with lots of thrilling moments. Smartstrategy isneeded if you want to dominate and protect the towers..:HIGHLYORIGINAL TD STRATEGY :.We believe that our Tower Defense –Strategygame is one of the most unique, especially in the newgeneration.With new breakthroughs, success inherited from thepreviousgeneration of tower defence and there are dramaticimprovements inDefense game category brought more enjoyableexperience. You willnotice the visual and sound improvements fromthe first moment youplay this Galaxy inspired strategy td game!.:BREATHTAKING WEAPONS:. Tower Defense: Galaxy TD weapon systems havebeen investing alot of gray matter, each weapon has differentfunctions and usingweapons on time is the key strategy to win inDefender game.Explore the weapons and use the strategically smart.Don’t rushthrough it and manage your funds smartly to dominate thefreestrategy tower defense game..: DEFEND WITH VISION ANDSTRATEGY:.Like in any of the best tower defence games in TowerDefense:Galaxy TD players must use Tactical and Strategic defensein eachlevel to win. Each level is different so anticipate it fastandsmartly use the tools and weapons to win it and stop the enemyfromdestroying your towers..: Tower Defense: Galaxy TD Features :.+40maps Campaign levels & enjoy the endless mode!+ 30+ typesofenemy units+ 6 types of towers, Gun Machine, Slow Tower,Missiletower, Laser tower, Fire tower. Each tower has 4 upgradinglevels.+Free combination of all turrets.+ 2 game modes:Campaign&Endless.+ You may upgrade more power of your tower,which willoffer you more fun+ One of the most unique td free gamesavailableto play onlineforAndroid---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wehopeyou will enjoy every second and truly have exciting fun withTowerDefense: Galaxy TD.New tower defence 2017 unique game.Get itFREEnow!
River Defender 1.0
You think you can paddle your kayak?Try it in this challengingriverpaddling action. Get your kayak to the dam and destroy itwithbombs!....if you make it there! Avoid mines, river security,allkinds of nature obstacles and much more!Can you defeat the damintime? Can you wobble yourself to the end with accurate paddling?
AA Hit 2.0
AA Hit is funny mobile game. This game screen is very simple,arotation ball in the center.Players only needs to touch onscreenand all the balls then become arrow then they going to bigball inthe center.The rotation ball may be quickly or slowly, afteryoutouch on screen then the big ball go faster, this gamebecomeharder. And it has 1350 levels. You will be relaxed, youshould notmiss it. Thank you so much!!
Apache Attack 2.4.0
The Game Boss
A classic helicopter game that has been among top 10 mostpopulargames on android market!This Air Attack game is one that youwilldefinitely like!A very addictive and simple helicoptergame,whichfeatures easy-to-use touch based userinterface.THESTORY:Destruction has bent upon an army and the onlyunit standingis this angry pilot and his gifted helicopter that flyas swiftlyas a bird.Gifted with super skills, this angry pilot isset off tovanquish every remaining enemy into thin air.ApacheAttack is aclassic side scrolling helicopter game. Unlike defendergames, itsyou who advances towards the enemy lines. An addictingsidescrolling shooting experience you wont find in anyothergame!FEATURES:**6 addicting worlds!**90 excitinglevels!**WeaponsUpgrade!**Loads of Angry Enemy Fighters!**18ChallengingBosses!**Health up bonuses!
Crazy Wheel: Swap color switch 1.1
◆ Simply tap your screen to match thearrowwith the correct color. ◆Very simple game, but very challenging! Hard to put it down onceyouget started!Crazy Wheel: Swap color switch is a mental brain reflex puzzlegamedesigned to help you relax and test your brain at the sametime.Tap the screen to match the color of the arrow dial to thecolor ofthe switch wheel. Games can be played at any place torelax, trainyour brain, develop your mental skills, and relievestress. It is aperfect and relaxing game to play when you only havea few minutesof time. Challenge yourself and compete with yourfriends,colleagues and family in this new crazy addicting stressreliefgame!HOW TO PLAY- Tap your screen to match the color arrow dial crazy withthecorrect color on the switch wheel- The arrow dial will color switch and direction switch oneverycorrect match- The wheel will spin back and forth with tap and speed up witheachmatch- Endless hours of relaxing game play great for stress reliefPop the Crazy Wheel: Swap color switch now!
myStream - stream games, donations, chats 2.6.0
myStream MRG
myStream app has been around for three years and is designedtobroadcast mobile games. ✔ Stream your favorite mobile gamesandapps right on Twitch, YouTube, VK or OK! ✔ Use face camera andmicto chat with your viewers. ✔ See their comments and likes togetthe feedback. No PC and cords required! IMPORTANT - It worksonlyon Android 5+ phones. We recommend high profile smartphoneslikeSamsung Galaxy S5, Xiaomi Mi4 or similar for smooth experiencedueto the high complexity of the video encoding process. Bestwithbroadband Wi-Fi but good cellular connection (4G/LTE) alsoworks.
com.leavjenn.longshot 0.99.83
Leav Jenn
Stitch multiple screenshots/images into a pixel-perfect long one,orcapture long web page directly. Plus a handy tool fortakingmultiple screenshots. LongShot is a great app for takinglongscreenshots of conversations, web pages, threads, etc. *Readbefore download 1. If you don't know how to use this app, watchthetutorial video: .Ifthere's anything not working for you, please send me 2. The screenshot quality is LOSELESS. Ifyoushare it to other apps and get blured, that because thoseappscompressed the screenshot. Please watch this tutorial videofirstbefore download: Features: • Automatically mergemultiplescreenshots/images into one vertically or horizontally,with abunch of options. • Auto scroll (Android 7.0+ only). • Autocapturescreenshots after scrolling. • Floating screenshotcapturingbuttons make take multiple screenshots like a breeze. •Powerfulmanual stitching tool to fine-tune a pixel-perfect longimage. •Capture long web page by only 2 clicks: set startposition(optional), set end position - done! • No watermarks, allfeaturesare free, and non-intrusive (closable) ads. We need yourhelp! Ifyou have any suggestion or bug reporting, feel free tocontact us.Twitter:
Activity Launcher 1.7.0
This Android App launches hidden activities and creates homescreenshortcuts for installed apps.This project still lacks afewfeatures and translation. You are welcome tocontibute!Translationsare hosted under
Camera with screen turned off 3.0.2
The screen remains completely black while taking photos orvideos,as if the phone was off ... You can also watch frame byframe ofyour shooted video and extracting a specific image. How toshootPhotos? Just press volume down button. How to shoot videos?Pressvolume up button to start and stop shooting videos. How toaccesssettings and gallery? Touch your screen two seconds, thenoptionsbutton appear: - access your private gallery - change forfront /back camera - enable / disable the preview of the camera -enable /disable vibrations on shoot photos and videos
VolumeSlider 2.8.0
IMPORTANT: If the app isn't working for you (especially onRedmidevices), please go into Settings, or wherever you grantyourpermissions, and make sure VolumeSlider is allowed to DRAWOVERAPPS / DISPLAY POP-UP WINDOW / PERFORM SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW /MODIFYSYSTEM SETTINGS. If you still have issues, please e-mail mefirstbefore leaving a negative review. Out of fairness, I willnotattempt to help anyone who leaves a negative review beforegivingme a chance to help. Are the volume buttons on your devicebroken?Are you always hitting the wrong one? Try VolumeSlider, thevolumebutton replacer. Control up to four different volume streams*onthe same screen by simply sliding your finger up or down theedgesof the screen. It's that easy, and bonus, VolumeSlider nowcontrolsbrightness as well. This feature is experimental though,and I willwork to improve it. Please keep that in mind and/orcontact mefirst before leaving ratings based on your experiencesusing thebrightness setting. Find and share me on Facebook:@clownFaceProd*Controlling 2 or 4 streams simultaneously requiresthe ad-free,paid version (just a buck!). Free version allowscontrolling onestream on the left or right side. Free versioncontains banner andinterstitial ads and will indicate when aninterstitial ad is aboutto be shown first. Lastly, to users andfellow devs, beware a userwho goes by "B. Rajan B. Rajan" aka "brcpbrcp" aka "br br". Hehits you up for a promo code, claiming there'san error when tryingto purchase the app. See the emailsbelow:
ADW.Launcher One
The original ADW.Launcher, the one that changed the game andmadeyou enjoy your home screen customization.No device isold,ADW.Launcher 1 will make you happy again. Or.. well... at leastitwill make happy a TON of users liking that "holoyolo" styleallover again.You know who you are... this is for you!!!
Screener - Better Screenshots 2.5.4
Screener lets you stick screenshots into device frames andaddbackgrounds and effects in a snap. Promote your app, wallpaperorsimply your homescreen - easier than ever before, without theneedof any PC software. Features • More than 100 handcrafteddeviceframes, and more to come! • Smartwatch frames • Download newdeviceframes as they become available, no update needed. •MaterialDesign • Glare and shadow effects • Custom backgroundcolors •Custom wallpaper background • Blurred background • Liverendering •Easily save and share your screens Become Social Shareyour resultswith the Community: onGoogle+: Toastcode onTwitter: Our device frames / mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0InternationalLicense. That means that you can use images createdwith Screenerwherever and however you like, for commercial andnon-commercialpurposes. However, we don’t permit modification ofthe deviceframes themselves. This does not apply to the backgroundand yourscreenshot. You need help or have problems? -we're happy to help! Screener lets you stickscreenshots intodevice frames and add backgrounds and effects in asnap. Promoteyour app, wallpaper or simply your home screen -easier than everbefore, without the need of any PC software.Features • More than100 handcrafted device frames, and more tocome! • SmartWatchframes • Download new device frames As Theybecome available, Noupdate needed. • Material Design • glare andshadow effects •Custom background colors • Custom wallpaperbackground • Blurredbackground • Live rendering • Easily save andshare your screensBecome Social Share your results with thecommunity: Toast code onGoogle+: Toast Code onTwitter: Our device frames / mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0InternationalLicense. That bedeutet, dass you can use imagescreated withscreener wherever and HOWEVER you like, for commercialandnon-commercial purposes. HOWEVER, we do not permit modificationofthe device frames Themselves. This does not apply to thebackgroundand your screenshot. You need help or have problems? - we're happy to help!
com.leo.appmaster 6.1.9
Use Smart Applock function to lock apps to preventintrusion.Protect your private information by hiding photos &videos andimportant files in our private zone. (App name is changedfrom LEOPrivacy Guard) Features: ★ AppLock : No one can find outyoursecrets! - Lock up your Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat,Messenger,Gallery and other important apps which may leak yourprivacy. -Secure password protection to lock your favorite apps. -Usepattern, digital or fingerprint password forlocking/unlockingapps. - Customize your lock mode, lock differentapps underdifferent circumstances. - Prevent children from playinggames orbuying unwanted things. ★Hide Photos: Protect your personalphotos- Easily hide pictures to our vault from your gallery. -Keepsnoopers away from private photos. - Enjoy a private photogallerythat only you can view. ★Hide Videos: Protect privatememorieseasily. - Don’t worry about your private media in our videovaultnow. - Protect your secret videos from prying eyes andnosyfriends. ★ Lockscreen : Enjoy your amazing phone lock! - Usescreenlock protect your phone from intruders. - Choose differentthemesor covers to customize your lock screen. - Supportfingerprint.★Cloud Backup:more secure data with one click backup. -Encryptyour phone data and backup to Google drive:Privacy files areneverlost! ★Junk Cleaner:free up your storage space. - PrivateZonehelps free up your storage space by removing junk, residualandcache files which slows down your phone. ★ Hidden app AndClonedapps: Hide private apps, no one can see it - Hidden app: appwillbe removed from desktop, hidden and moved to Private Zone -Clonedapps: clone and run multiple accounts of the sameappsimultaneously ★Phone Boost: Speed up your Phone - Boost thespeedof your Android phone. ★FREE VPN: Mask your IP address, freelysurfany web content - Safe, fast, stable, free to use, norestrictions- Masks your GPS location info ★ Private Browsing: Keepyourpersonal data secure - Clean your search history immediately -Keepthe browse data spy from others. - Surf your favorite websitesinprivate browsing and secure your privacy. ★Privacy Status:Scanyour privacy status with a single tap - Know yourpotentialprivacy-leaking risk at any time. - Protect your allsecrets inreal time. ★ Break-in Alert: Intruder Selfie - Capture asnapshotof anyone who tries to unlock apps behind you. What is theAppLock? App Lock can help you to lock your apps with passwordfromsnoopers, blocking their access to reading and visiting yourphone.This app uses the Device Administrator permission. ActivateDeviceAdministrator permission to prevent others frommaliciouslydeleting your important privacy data. ☞ Help fightagainstdeceptive ads LEOMASTER is committed to fighting againstdeceptiveads and misleading downloads. Find our full officialpolicy here: If you come across thesekinds of ads,hope you can help us to fight against them. Pleaseemail us If possible, please give us somekeyinformation like screenshot. It will help us to remove the ads.☞MORE ABOUT Private Zone: OfficialWebsite: *Forbetterrecommendations, we will use some data you shared onFacebook,other websites or apps. For more information, please checkat:
Screen Off And Lock 1.3.6
Fastest way to turn screen off / lockscreen (*)Uninstall apps Gotoyour device's Settings app . Select Apps or Applicationmanager.Select App you want to uninstall. Touch ManageDeviceAdministrators > Uncheck Screen Off > Deactivate>Uninstall. The systemrequires"Android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN" permission toperform aquick turn off the device. Please grant this permissionfor theapplication to function. Note: We do NOT collect anypersonal datawhile you use any of our products.
Yo Call Screen & Emoji Contacts-theme changer 1.0.16
Yo Team
Do you begin to be bored with the outdated and old call screen?😞Now don't worry about it! The Yo Call Screen & EmojiContactsis a replacement full caller screen for your android fullcallscreen!👏Customize the call screen themes your phone notifiesyouupon incoming screen call!It also provides video call screenforyou, which means that you could upload your own video or gifandset it as a caller screening!Besides, it supports fancy lockerwithwonderful wallpapers.Your screen background shows the coolestandhigh-definition wallpapers which bring visual shock toyou!!What'smore, it can add funny emoji into contacts’ nickname.And show thefull screen photo like OS 10. Now download this popularapp and getone day VIP user for free!!✔ == -Cool Features== - 1️⃣【Very easyto understand user interface. 】 you can set to customizetheandroid full call screen theme for your smartphone in justverysimple steps.💎【 Call screen for incoming calls.】There arevariouscool and cute caller ID screen themes! Choose a theme youlike andpreview it directly. Convenient and fluent operation makesyouamazing!Far away from the boring call screen now!🌟【Coolandfantastic themes for your choice.】Once you choose a theme onthe“Home” interface, set it for someone or for all only dependonyourself, really flexible and smart.👌【 Set personalized themeforindividuals.】In our incoming call screen you can view yourcontactslist clearly, categorical according contacts’ initialletter.Justneed one easy step,you can call to your loved one.😃【 Addfunnyemoji into contacts’ nickname.】Not like other call screenapps,thisis the special function.There are different kinds of funnyemojiwhich can be added to the contact’s nickname.Smilingface,Flowers,Stars,hearts…many many signs to show yourspecial loveto your friends or family! Contacts’ remarks are nolonger dull butfull of interesting.Add colors to your busy lifejust for someemojis!📷【 Upload pictures or videos】Use your ownphotos or videosas call screen if you like. Not confined to themesweprovide.📱【Fancy locker with beautiful wallpapers.】All ofwallpapershave CC0 (Creative Common Zero) license, we collect and . You could find thesourcelink url of all wallpapers in App.❤【 Customize callerdesign】Design screen details on your own. Avatar, name &number,answer& hung up action and call identity areallsettable.Everthing is for you own!🌼【Customize the theme asyoulike.】Set individual theme for special person if you like. Alistclearly shows what themes and emoji you’ve set for contacts.Changeor cancel anytime you want. ❓【Tell Us What You Think】Want toknowmore about the software? use the “About” option.Want to give usanyfeedback, feel free to reach us any time. Use the“Feedback”option.We are gratified you “Share” the application toyour friendswith your good experience.So what are you waiting for??Downloadthis cool Yo Call Screen to use the fancy and cool incomingcallerscreen on your android phones and make your friends go crazyseeingscreen on your Android!! Do not forget to share this coolandroidfull caller screen to your friends and make them a part ofthisfun..!!Let us start the wonderful experience in the Yocallscreen& Emoji Contacts-theme changer!🚀IntelligentCallerIDfunctionality added. CallerID service now assist you toidentifycallers - even the ones not in your contact list. Thisfeature isoptional and you can disable at any time in the settingsmenu.
Bitdefender USSD Wipe Stopper 1.3
USSD Wipe Stopper - by Bitdefender. Once installed, your deviceissafe from running unauthorized USSD commands even if yourAndroidversion is vulnerableThe operating system your smartphoneisrunning may be vulnerable to USSD commands that could wipeyourentire phone. Tapping on a link to a cleverly coded web pagecouldorder you phone to reset itself to factory settingsanddisintegrate all your private data with it.Any Androidphonerunning Phone.apk v 4.1 or lower is at risk and that's thebroaderbase of them. Install Bitdefender's USSD Wipe Stopper toprotectagainst such attacks. Now, once you would tap on aexploiting link,Bitdefender will intercept the wipe command and askyou to decidewhat to do next. You may, if unsure, dismiss the USSDcommand. Findout more about this security vulnerabilityat,ussd code, ussd check, android ussd, url, security
Spider on screen prank 0.5
Let people think that you have a spider on screen. Disclaimer:thisapplication is a simulated spider crawling on screen it is notareal spider.
Hornet AntiVirus Free
Hornet AntiVirus Free offers the ultimate protectionagainstviruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, potentially maliciousUSSD /MMI codes and other malicious applications. The used"IN-ACTIVATORAntiVirus Engine" provides solid malware detection andguarantees amaximum of protection. The integrated real-timeprotection ischecking the applications already when they areinstalled - andalerts you immediately if malicious code isdetected. A clearlyarranged list of your app´s permissions shows ifyour "flashlightapp" has fun sending sms messages - or if your new"puzzle game" isinterested in your GPS location and privatedata.This applicationis free of charge, does not containadvertising and does not askfor dubious permissions, when it isinstalled.NEW: Hornet AntiVirusFree includes detection of apps thatare vulnerable due to theheartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160) and alsochecks your Android OS. Youdo not have to install an other app tostay safe!Includedfeatures:- Use of heuristic methods to detect newmalwarevariants.- Detection of code obfuscation.- Detection of appsusingoffensive advertising (e.g. AirPush, LeadBolt, Moolah Media).-Thecombination of different real-time modules also protects youwhileyou surf the Internet.- Hornet AntiVirus makes online bankingmuchmore secure.- Includes protection against potentiallymaliciousUSSD codes (USSD Filter / USSD Blocker).- Actualizationofmalware-definitions and of the program at regular intervalsusingthe update functionality of "Google Play". (Please activate"Allowautomatic updating" for Hornet AntiVirus.)- Easy-to-useinterfaceand menu structure.- Notification Icon (optional) - Youcan switchon the status icon in the settings menu.- Configure theadditionalsettings to meet your preferences.- Explicit alert soundif malwareis found.Hornet AntiVirus Free was tested extensively. Toupdateand refine the application is our passion. You can support usinreaching this aim: Please send us an e-mail if therearecompatibility problems with your device or if you havegeneralsuggestions regarding the further development of thesoftware. Welook forward to receive yourmessage.hornet-antivirus@o2online.dePut your trust in ourproduct!Hornet AntiVirus Free - Security.Made in Germany.
qlocker.gesture 3.5.6
Q Locker
Draw something or gesture to unlock. Unlock withgesture,fingerprint or PIN. Gesture Add/change/deletegestureInvisible/solid/transparent gesture colors GesturesensitivitySingle (one touch drawing) and multiple gesture strokesSetletters, numbers, symbols, signatures, anything as gesturepasswordGesture Lock Screen is a unique signature lock screenIntruderSelfie Snaps a photo of intruder who entered wronggestures, PINsor fingerprints Send intruder alert and photo to youremail addressShow intruder notification on unlock Show date andtime on intruderphotos Custom intruder wrong attemptsView/open/change intruderselfie folder Gesture Lock Screen is aintruder selfie alert lockscreen Fingerprint Fingerprint unlock isonly available on Androiddevice running Marshmallow or higher witha fingerprint sensor.Scan fingerprint to unlock Scan fingerprint tochange gesture orPIN Scan fingerprint to turn off lockerHide/Invisible fingerprinticon Gesture Lock Screen is a securefingerprint lock screenNotifications Notifications on lock screenare available forAndroid 4.3 and newer Show unread messages, missedcalls, musicplayer, alarm and more notifications on lock screenHide sensitivenotification content Single/double tap notificationto draw gestureto unlock and view details Swipe to removenotification Customnotification background and text color Changenotification's sizeand position Gesture Lock Screen is a highlycustomizablenotification lock screen Security+ Enter recoverypassword tounlock in case you forgot the gesture 4~8-digit recoverypasswordsGesture Lock Screen is a secure keypad lock screenCustomization ✨Wallpaper Pick wallpaper from gallery Wallpapergestures: pinch tozoom, double tap to zoom, drag to pan Set homescreen static &live wallpaper as lock screen wallpaper Livewallpaper (LWP) isonly supported from Android Kitkat to Marshmallow✨ Screen itemeditor Intuitive WYSIWYG editor Drag to move screenitem Tap ordouble tap item to show settings Drag to move settingspanel ✨ Richdate & time settings ✨ Set your name, emoji or anytext as lockscreen message ✨ Battery percentage indicator ✨Customlock/unlock/error sounds ✨ 11 keypad themes ✨ 3 unlockanimations ✨1s-24h lock delays ✨ 5-120s inactivity timeout(Marshmallow+)Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable DIY lockscreenAdvanced Screen off and lock your phone without pressingthephysical power button. One tap away to lock your phone. Thisappuse the Device Administrator permission. Please downloadGestureLock Screen, set letters, numbers, symbols, signaturesorcontextual gestures as password, and draw to unlock your phone.
Internet Security for Android offers comprehensiveprotectionagainst malware, intrusive apps and phishing attacks.Locate lostdevices or wipe their content remotely to preventunauthorizedaccess. The all new phishing and web-protection useslatest cloudtechnology to detect and wipe out even the most currentthreats.All this combined in a modern and intuitive interface, soyou canstay focused on your real tasks while on the go. Enjoy usingthemany additional features such as comprehensive parentalcontrolsfor protecting your children when surfing, playing gamesandlearning on the Android smartphone or tablet. ► SeamlesssecuritySince November 2017 G DATA Internet Security for Androidhasdetected every malware in the last five AV-TEST test series. ►Web-and phishing-protection Protects against phishing attacksandwebsites containing malware. Stops even the most currentthreatsusing state-of-the-art cloud technology. ► MalwareprotectionAndroid malware is on the rise. Using the latest cloudtechnology,the Advanced-Scan of Internet Security for Android isalwaysup-to-date. ► Protection against theft and device loss Shouldyourdevice get lost or stolen, locate, lock or wipe it easily viathe GDATA ActionCenter. ► Lock on SIM change Prevent usage of otherSIMcards in your phone. Get notified when the SIM card is replaced►Password protected Apps Prevent app launch with a passwordThusstop traffic costs by locking video apps or prevent apppurchases ►Seamless Parental Controls Sit back and relax while yourchildrenare surfing, playing games and learning on your Androidsmartphoneor tablet. In a protected environment, your children onlyhaveaccess to apps and websites that are suitable for children.►Intuitive Interface We revamped the user interface to make itmoreintuitive and allow configuration of features with a snap.Containsa 12-month-license including regular virus signatureupdates,software updates, version upgrades and cloud access. Thisapp usesthe Device Administrator permission for theft protection.
es.hitsmobile 3.0.
Official free application by the mobile company Hitsmobile.Arrangetop ups, check your consumption, your balance, the status ofyourPackages or Pay Monthly Plans and much more, always on realtime.Live the Hits experience from your Smartphone.
Gesture Lock Screen 1.2
Expert Zone
Gesture Lock Screen is wonderful lock screen app for androidPhones,Download Free Gesture Lock Screen and secure phone usinggesture orsignature. If you want something different to lock/unlock yourphone and tired using old pattern locks try our brandnew and uniqueGesture Lock Screen App. Download this Free GestureScreen Lockerfro Play Store and Enjoy. Draw Shapes, Letters,Signature andGestures to lock and unlock your phone. When you setthe Gesture insettings, this Gesture lock screen detects andadjusts every timethe signature is created and stored on the lockscreen app withtheir signature as your lock screen password. Youcan draw and saveeach item as the symbol of the star, heart,triangle, square,circle, any shape or you can use any numericnumber or a signatureof her as a password.  Enable or DisableGesture Lock Screen in theSettings  Change Gesture or update insettings  You Can also setyour security password as a backup,This password will help you whenyou forgot your Gesture to unlockScreen  Set Beautiful HDWallpapers as background  Huge Varietyof HD wallpapers areavailable in the app  Draw Gesture, Signatureto Unlock phone Gesture lock screen is the best way to secureyour data and yourphone with gesture or password  if you forgetyour own gesture orsignature you can use your security password Lock / Unlock mobileusing signature lock screen app Download andenjoy this gesturescreen lock and app lock & also share thislock screen gesturewith your friends. Send us Feedback Thanks!
My Name Lock Screen 1.6
Zclick Media
Lock your phone in unique style using My Name Lock screen.MyNameLocker lets you customize you your mobile lock screen withyourname, photo and your background . .Here are some of thekeyfunctions of app.* Let you Load images from the galleryandcamera.* Allows you to set and edit your name .* Hasphotoappearing and disappearing effect .* Has fireflies effect .*Plentyof HD background wallpapers for your option to choose from .* Letyou set security Pin .* Allows you to arrange your photos inSquareor rectangular frame .* Allows you to choose border color foryourphoto frame .* Gives you an Option to enable and and disablelocksound.* Gives you an Option to set color of name , date andtime onlock screen.Note:-if you see double lock screen on yourphone,thenplease disable System Screen Lock .
Goofy Jump - Good to Play 1.0.5
VoodPa Games
Tap on screen to jump up the little monster to avoid blocksandsaws. A very simple game that can be play by kid to elders.And,very addictive which gives you a feeling to play it again andagainto score high and higher.- Simple and tap on screen toplay.-Random game structures.- Endless Mode and Challenges- Needtoconcentrate and focus on game to score higher.
door lock screen pattern lock keypad is a great key guardcodesecurity for all lovers and tourists of Golden Gate and Museumsandalso for archaeologists with their favorite graphics. screenlockdoor pass code consists of beautiful golden doors and yourfavoritebackgrounds location. and with nice pattern and touch.niceapplication for romantic and lovely people and also dedicatedforthis Valentine Day winter season 2016. * This applicationusesPhone, Device & Call information permission. Thispermission isonly for the help of screen lock functionalities andconstraints.please deactivate / remove your default screen lock andenjoy thislock screen. Its free on Google play for limited time.
Canyon - Lock Screen 4.11.22
Canyon is a customizable and very functional lock screenthatreplaces the one build in your phone. This lockscreen hasbeendesigned to work with Smart Launcher but you can use it alsoinstandalone mode. - Pin pattern: set a pin to protect yourphone-Quick access to torch- Customizable background picture -Double tapto turn off the screen.- Notifications on screen -Rotation;- Musiccontrols(If you have troubles with music controland Spotify pleasecheck this tutorial: you haveSmart Launcher installed, to enable it follow thesesteps:- OpenSmart Launcher → Preferences → Lockscreen, then selectthe new lockscreen and choose "select as lock screen";- Now pressthe standbybutton twice, the new lock screen should be active.
lock screen emoji 1.6
Lock screen keypad with emoji very interesting and speciallockscreen very high security Fast, simple, easy to use andverybeautiful Feature ★ Create passcode to protect your phone ★ Youcanselect on/off lockscreen with single click ★ Custom yourlockscreen, have many emoji for you choose ★ You can watcher Emojisonyour lock screen ★ You can choose your photo from galleryforbackground image in lockscreen ★ Add your name our yourlovesentence to lock screen, (for example: My love, never give up,Ilove you ..) ★ Easy to customize your lock screen ★ Set emojionbuttons, have many emoji for you choose ★ Change background oflockscreen with many beautiful wallpapers ★ A lot ofbeautifulwallpapers to choose ★ Choose wallpaper from your gallery★Personalize your lock screen ★ Support phone, tablet devices ★Lessmemory and battery usage. It is quick and smart ★ Don't errorHomebutton
Proximity Service 2.2.2
Proximity Service uses your device's proximity sensor to controlthescreen on/off state. Simply covering the sensor will turn thescreenoff whilst keeping the device awake - perfect for games thatneed tobe running in the foreground but don't need yourcontinuousattention. Flip your phone on a table, place it in yourpocket, oruse any other means to cover the proximity sensor. Assoon as thesensor is uncovered, the screen will come back on. Thisapp is opensource - follow the website link at the bottom of thisPlay Storelisting for the GitHub repo.
Emoji Lock Screen 1.3
lock screen keypad with emojilock screen pattern with emojisetemojion button for lock screenvery interesting and specialbestlockscreen for you, very nice and high secureChange your defaultlockscreen with emoji lock screen and increase your privacysecuritywith smileythis app have two type lock: and Many funnywallpapersand emoji interesting★ This app have two type for lockscreen, withemoji in screen- lock screen pattern - lock screenpassword★★★Features of Emoji lock screen:- Lock screen by patternor password-It have beautiful design for easy to use- Set emoji onbuttons, havemany emoji for you choose- Custom your lock screen,have many emojifor you choose, add text, change color text- Setpattern or passwordto protect your privacy- Secure with pattern,unlimited lengthpattern- You can watcher Emojis on your lockscreen- Beautifulwallpapers- Easy to customize your lock screen-Fast, simple, easyto use and very beautiful- Change background oflock screen withmany beautiful wallpapers- A lot of beautifulwallpapers, you canchoose wallpaper from gallery of device-Personalize your lockscreen- Less memory and battery usage. It isquick and smart- Don'terror Home button- multiple language,support your language- Supportphone, tablet devices★★★ How to useEmoji lock screen:1. select"enable lock screen"2. create pattern(or password)3. confirmpattern (or password)4. change emoji foreach button5. changewallpaper (available in app or choose imagesfrom your phone)6.custom your lock screen, change text, changecolor ..
Glitchr 2.2.2
Glitchr is a brand new app exclusive to Android that lets yougiveyour photos a cool retro look! You can pick between thefourgorgeous and original effects to give your photos a uniquevibe. Asof right now, Glitchr includes Gameboy, Gameboy Camera, VHS(old TVeffect), NES, old-style 3D Anaglyph, ASCII Art, and GlitchArteffects for you to play with! Once you're done, you can savethepicture or share it to your favorite socialnetwork!Glitchr'sfeatures include:VHS EffectGlitch ArtEffectJPEG/Datamosh Effect3DAnaglyph EffectTriangulationEffectOriginal Gameboy EffectGameboyCamera EffectNES EffectASCIIArt EffectZX SpectrumEffectRetro-inspired UIThe ability to sharephotos to any appNoin-app purchasesNo adstags: image filter,effects, Instagram,retro, glitch art, crt, 90s, vintage
Lock screen password 2.32.2281.38
The best lock screen application, to help you protect yourprivacy,prevent others invade your phone illegallySome applicationscan'tprocess the HOME, BACK, RECENT button while lock keypad candothis.Most of applications can't protect your privacy whenhavingincoming call your phone, your phone will automatically opentoallow strangers intrusion ... and this application can dothistoo.We support many types of lock screen:- Lock screenpattern-Lock screen password- Lock screen keypad- Lock screenslider- Lockscreen like Iphone- Lock screen passcodeHow to use"lockscreen":The application is really simple and easy to use, youjustselect function allows key, then enter password so that yourdeviceis protected.Step 1: Select "Enable lock screen"Step 2:Enterpassword and confirm password (or draw pattern andconfirmpattern)You can change passcode by click change passcode.Youcanchange wallpaperYou can many different types of backgroundstochoose from, these wallpapers are exquisite designAlso youcanselect your favorite wallpaper, it could be someone you love,yourlove, your child ...We always try to bring you thegreatestconvenience.Thank you for using the application.Moreinformation,contact us
Photo Passcode Lock screen 1.1.1
Super Tool
Lock your phone in unique style using Photo PasscodeLockscreen.Photo Passcode Locker lets you customize your mobilelockscreen with your name, photo and your background .You can setPINcode to enhance your phone security, and put your lover'sphotointo a border.This Parallax Passcode lockscreen is the bestchoicefor who are getting bored of his/her defaultlauncherlockscreen.Here are some of the key functions of theapplication.★Let you load photo from the gallery .★ BeautifulRetina HDWallpaper (parallax themes for ios8), clear design.★ Letyou setsecurity Pin, unlock by passcode★ Display real time clockanddate.★ Custom HD background wallpaper .★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACKkeyin Passcode Lock screen,so no one can access your phonewithoutright password.★ Allows you to set and edit your name .★Allows youto choose a shape border for your photo★ Slide to unlock★Consumeless memory and battery.★ Compatible with android 2.3andhigherNote:- if you see double lock screen on yourphone,thenplease disable System Screen Lock .This 'Photo PasscodeLockScreen' has been tested extensively on following devices:*GalaxyS3,Galaxy S4,Galaxy S5* HTC One,HTC Explorer,HTC M8, HTC One,HTCM8.* LG2,LG3, LG Optimus G.* Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2,Xperia Z3.*Nexus4,Nexus 5,Nexus 7.Please email us if your device isnotsupported,we will try our best to support it.If you lovethislocker application, please give 5 stars to encouragedevelopers.Thanks for your choice.