Top 24 Games Similar to THE GAME OF LIFE Big Screen

The Game of Life 2.1.2
MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL!Attend college, accept ajoband play minigames in this interactive app that is fun forthewhole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life andmaketheir way through the various stages of life on thisspectacular,3D animated reworking of the familiar physicalboard.PLAYMULTIPLAYER MODE ONLINE!The Game of Life features a new,unique andmuch-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmakinglets you playin a whole new way online. Match and play againstother onlineplayers as you all spin and race in the direction ofthe lastyellow tile of life’s road.THIS GAME FEATURES:• ONLINEMULTIPLAYER- Match with other players and race to the final yellowsquare•LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device•FAST MODE- A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with adifferentvictory condition!• MINIGAMES - Put your skills to thetest andcompete head-to-head in a variety of minigames• CHAT - Sendplayersexpressive emoticons during online matchesTHE GAME OF LIFEis atrademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2016 Hasbro.AllRights Reserved.
MONOPOLY Game 04.00.23
It’s “GO” time! Take a ride on theReadingRailroad. Buy Boardwalk. Go directly to Jail. Buy, sell, andtradethe famous MONOPOLY properties, and see the game jump to lifewithanimated features and easy gameplay. Challenge friends andevencustomize the game rules!EMPLOY HANDS ON MANAGEMENTTap the screen to manage your properties – from Marvin GardenstoWater Works to Park Place. Building hotels or taking a “Chance”issimple and intuitive.CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL AND LOOKPlay through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress.Alsocustomize the number of players, the game rules, and even thegameenvironment.Enjoy MONOPOLY in the tradition of the beloved, best-sellingboardgame!Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plusthelatest game updates, tips & more…VISIT US: US: US: US: Agreement: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on Consumer Information. This app: Contains direct linkstothe Internet.Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUserAgreement.
Catan Classic 4.6.9
Play the legendary strategy game ... anytime, anywhere. Play truetothe original board game rules, compete with up to four playersforthe most settlements, the longest roads and the largest army.Tradeimportant resources, build roads and cities, settle theisland andbecome Lord of Catan! Prove your strategy skills bychallengingother Catan fans online via cross-platform multiplayer,or take onthe AI with various computer opponents, each with theirownindividual characteristics. Become Harbormaster, discovernewislands, invest new trade goods and defeat the barbarians,vanquishdragons or build a canal with the additional expansions.Basic gamefeatures: - Play according to the original board gamerules -Synchronous online multiplayer - Smart computer opponentswithindividual strategies - Comprehensive tutorial - The SeafarersandCities & Knights LITE: Test the expansions inselectedscenarios. - Available languages: English, German, French,Dutch,Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese Available expansions(in-apppurchases): - The Seafarers: Play your way through theelaboratecampaign made up of 16 diverse scenarios and sail yourships to newshores. - Cities & Knights: Protect Catan from thebarbarianinvasion. New gameplay mechanics add even more variety toCatan. -The new scenarios: Vanquish dragons or build a canal withthe"Enchanted Land" and "The Great Canal" scenarios. - TheIslands:Discover uncharted lands with a collection ofunofficialmulti-island scenarios. - All-expansions set ***** CatanFAQ:Question: Why do I have to download additional filesafterpurchasing? Answer: The download from Google play includesthebasic game data and a tool that will determine yourdevice’sdisplay resolution and then download the optimal graphicsdata foryour device. Question: Which Android security permissionsdoesCatan need and why? Answer: “Storage” to write data to the SDormove the game data, “Network communication” to download gamedataand access the In App Store and “system tools” to check ifCatan isalready running to resume a game. Question: I bought one oftheexpansions but after an update, reinstallation of Catan orafterrestoring my phone the expansion seems gone? Answer: Don’tworry;your initial purchase is already saved in your Googleaccount.However for technical reasons you might have to select“Buy” again.Confirm and a message will tell you that you’ve alreadypurchasedit. You will NOT be billed twice! Question: I lost mycampaignprogress after reinstalling, updating from or whenrestoring myphone. Is there any way to restore it? Answer:Savegames from oldversions can usually be restored automatically.For all other caseswe’ve integrated a cheat code: Enter campaignmode and go to selectplayer. Enter „CatanWarp*“ (* = 1–15, e.g"CatanWarp5") as yourplayer name and confirm. Exit the game via thehome button. Enteryour phone’s settings menu. Selectapplications/manageapplications/Catan/ and then “Force Stop”.Restart Catan. Thecampaign can now be continued from the specifiedlevel number byselecting “New scenario *”. ***** ***** Suggestionsforimprovements and feature requests? Mail to [email protected] Wearelooking forward to your feedback! When contacting our supportteam,please provide details on the type of device and Android OSversionused as well as a detailed description of the issue. Thankyou! Fornews and updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter. *****
The award-winning tile based board gameisfinally here on Android! Just a few years after itsrelease,Carcassonne became a modern classic and a must-play. Turnby turn,the players create a landscape by placing tiles with roads,cities,fields, and cloisters. The players strategically deploytheirfollowers, so called "Meeples", as knights, monks, thieves,orfarmers to earn points. The player with the most points afterthefinal scoring wins the game. The ever-changing landscape makeseachgame a new experience. You can play against clever AI opponentsorwith up to 5 other players in an online or localmultiplayermatch.Features:• Android adaption of the award-winning tile-based boardgame"Carcassonne"• Free Add-On: The River II• Online and local multiplayer mode for up to 6 players• Clever AI opponents with individual strategies• Beginner Mode• Tutorial• Expansion packs now available as in-app purchases: InnsandCathedrals, Traders and Builders, Crop Circles, TheFestival• Language Support: English, German, Spanish, French,Italian, - MOBILE GAME OF THE YEARPocketGamer: Readers' Choice Awards - MOBILE GAME OF THE MULTIPLAYER GAME OF THE - Silver Award: "A great adaptation of agreatboard game", "An entire boardgame in your pocket,Carcassonne'sunique brand of empire building is, once again, kingof thecastle." - 4.5/5: "Graphically Carcassonne is excellentfora board game and its thematic audio certainly adds atmosphere."-"4.5/5 stars for a well-crafted board game" - 4/5: "Carcassonne for Android is a greatadaptationof the popular board game" "If you are looking for an enjoyable, easy toplay,well built, inexpensive strategy game, I recommend youdownloadCarcassonne for Android"BestAppEver Awards: "Best Android Board Games - Second Place"-------Carcassonne FAQ: http://support.exozet.comFollow us on Twitter:
Talisman 20.14
Asmodee Digital
Embark on a perilous fantasy adventure, fighting dragons,battlingserpents, and avoiding the deadly curse of the Hag. Willyou be thefirst to claim the Crown of Command? "A great game with aton ofcontent." - 4/5 BoardGameGeek. "Talisman: Digital Edition isone ofthe best board game ports available for iPad and Android,period."– Dave Neumann, Pocket Tactics **Included'sTop 10 Board Games on Android** Talisman, themagical quest gamefrom Games Workshop, is a classic board game thathas been enjoyedby fantasy fans for nearly 30 years. It’s a game ofskilfuldecision-making based on dice and cards. There are 14charactersavailable, be it Warrior, Assassin, Thief or Wizard theyare allunique in their strengths, weaknesses and special powers. Towinthe game race your opponents through a perilous realm,journeyingto the heart of the land to find the Crown of Command.Many of theexpansions, true to the board game, are available withmore yet tocome. Features list: - Officially licensed GamesWorkshop game,using the Revised 4th Edition rules with officialartwork. - Fullyexpandable game with more cards and charactersavailable as in-apppurchases. The Reaper, The Frostmarch, TheDungeon, The Highland,The Sacred Pool, The City and The NetherRealm expansions areavailable now with more coming soon. - Localmultiplayer - Pass toPlay mode. - Real-time online multiplayer modefor 2-6 players.Play against your friends or anyone in the world! -Play against AIcharacters in offline games. - Optional House Rulesincluded. -Interactive tutorial. - Online rulebook. - AI speedsettings so youcan play the game at your own pace. - Turn log -view all gameactions in a detailed log. - Earn XP as you play! Earnenough XP tolevel-up and unlock special Runestone cards, exclusiveto thisdigital edition. - Languages - English, French, Italian,Spanish,German and Polish. - Achievements - Leaderboard - How doyoucompare to the World's best players? NOTE - A Google+ accountisrequired for online play, leaderboards and achievements. NOTE-Best played on on screens at least 4" in size. Text may be hardtoread on smaller screens. FAQ - Can I play with my friendsbypassing the device around? Yes! Get your family andfriendstogether and race each other to the Crown! Do I need tobuyexpansions to join an online game with expansions? No! You donotneed to buy expansion packs in order to join a game that isusingthem, but you cannot choose the characters from it untilyoupurchase it. Does the game have asynchronous play? No.Talismandoesn't really suit asynchronous play due to players havingtoreact to spell casting. To find more information aboutAsmodeeDigital, please go to Havinganissue? Looking for support? Please contactus: You can follow usonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube!Facebook: YouTube:
Cast-a-Draw 1.74
2 teams face off!You draw on the phone or tablet, while yourfriendswatch on the TV and try to guess the word. You know,likepictionary! We've tried to keep everything neat and simple sothatyou can quickly get to play. Only one Android deviceisrequired.Kid friendly. Kid safe.No social media links. Yourkidscan't spam your twitter because they drew a bird.No links,period.You will not find 73 tabs open in your browser.No ads. We donotask for any kind of login or email information.We’ve takenextracare in making the app very kid-friendly, both in the UI andin theword lists, to make sure the whole family can play together.Theword lists are ALL kid safe.
Scotland Yard 2.4
Ravensburger AG
★★★★★ Ravensburger's cult game now available onAndroid★★★★★Scotland Yard is the digital version of theaward-winningboard game ("Game of the Year" 1983, etc.). Since itscreation 35years ago, Scotland Yard has sold over four millioncopies. Now thegame enjoyed by millions of people is available asAndroid app!This is a very tricky case for Scotland Yard: Mister Xhasdisappeared in the heart of London's nightlife. The only clueforthe investigation: his discarded tickets. But in which partofLondon did he use them? There - suddenly he's been seen for abriefmoment. Now, keep a cool head. Search the district tacticallyandreconstruct the escape route. Set off as one of five cleveragentson the hunt for the legendary Mister X, or step into hisshoes,diving into the heart of London's nightlife to escapetheagents.Features: ✔ Completely new setting in London bynight✔Razor-sharp HD graphics✔Single player mode: Local game forone tosix players including computer players✔ Multiplayer mode:Local,Wi-Fi/Bluetooth (max. three players) and online✔Interactive,user-friendly Tutorial✔ Easy to understand instructionsfor bothbeginners and experts✔ No need to assemble or put away!✔Endlessfun with family and friends!
Tsuro - The Game of the Path 1.9.1
🔥🐲40% OFF for a limited time only!🐲🔥 "Utterly fantastic... Icannotrecommend Tsuro enough. An absolute must buy for sure." -AppAddict "Tsuro is the perfect relaxing game... I can’t recommendithighly enough." - App Unwrapper "One of the prettiest appsyou'llever see... as close as you can get to opening up a box andplayingthe cardboard version." - Board Game Geek Create your ownjourneywith Tsuro: The Game of the Path. Place a tile and slideyour stonealong the path created, but take care! Other players’paths canlead you in the wrong direction - or off the boardentirely! Pathswill cross and connect, and the choices you makeaffect all thejourneys across the board. BEAUTIFUL The intricateartwork of theoriginal board game is brought to life with fluidanimation andsparkling pyrotechnics. Every component has beenrecreated inmeticulous detail, including the box! INTUITIVE TACTILECONTROLSIntuitive controls deliver a board game experience so realyoucould almost touch it. EXCLUSIVE NEW MODES Classic Tsuro, plus3new ways to play, exclusive to the digital version: Solo,LoopBattle and Longest Path. FUN FOR EVERYONE Tsuro is easy enoughforanyone to pick up... but it requires cunning and strategy tobecomea master. PLAY WITH FRIENDS Tsuro supports up to 8 players,aroundone device or online. Play against your Facebook friends, orgosolo to see who can build the longest path. CRAFTY AIOPPONENTSChoose from 3 AI personalities to challenge your strategicskill.MASTER THE DRAGON Over 50 achievements put yourpath-buildingskills to the ultimate test.
4 in a line - connect 4 kids 1.2
With this game you can play versusanotherplayer or versus computer. Is designed for kids, easy toplay withartificial intelligence adapted for children.Connect four in a row to win!
Ingenious - The board game 1.3.7
Ingenious! Very simple rules, just gettingyouaddicted to the game – there's really no more ingenious thingtodo!PLAY ONE OF THE WORLD's MOST SUCCESSFUL BOARD GAMES!Millions of players worldwide have either played ReinerKnizia'saward winning strategy game in the original board gameformat or onone of the online sites in the 10 years since launch ofthe boardgame.INGENIOUS is HOURS of SHEER FUN.The already addictive nature of the Ingenious board game isgreatlyenhanced on the Android phone, giving the user a reallyexciting-and graphically stimulating-experience every time. Buildlines ofcolour tiles, try and block your opponent, and rememberthat thewinner isn't necessarily the player with the highest scoresin onlya few colours!You must excel in all your colours.EASY ACCESS.The rules are really easy to learn and a comprehensive tutorialwillintroduce you to the game. Within minutes you'll beplayingeffortlessly, even as a first time player of the game.YOU'LL NEED STRATEGY to beat the AI opponents. But you haveachoice of easy, medium or hard. You choose! And the app willrecordyour best scores and best performances. There is room for upto 3different player profiles.PLAY TOURNAMENTS if you are feeling competitive. You canalsochoose to play against the clock in some of the rounds.PLAY the SOLITAIRE game: This is a seriously satisfyingfeature!Instead of playing against opponents you use all yourskills tocreate a really high score.*****Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish*****FIND US: THE VIDEO on Facebook and YouTube!VISIT US: www.ingeniousgame.comSuggestions for improvements and feature requests?Mail to [email protected] are looking forward to your feedback!
THE aMAZEing Labyrinth 1.0.3
Ravensburger AG
Labyrinth is the award winning board game that’s sold over13million units since its creation 30 years ago. Now, the fun hadbymillions is available on Android, with new games and puzzlesforfans old and new!Do you think you can handle any maze? Testyourskill level on Ravensburger’s newest Android game, THEaMAZEingLabyrinth, as they celebrate its 30th anniversary.Competeagainstyour friends, your enemies or even yourself to find thewinningtreasure pieces and escape the dreaded labyrinth. And thisain’t noordinary maze! Hallways and junctions change with everyturn, sokeep your strategies open as you try to find yourwayaround!FEATURES:✔Three single player modes:► Classic: Theoriginallabyrinth version with friends or alone againstdifferent-strengthcomputer players► Puzzle: collect prizes in theshortest amount ofmoves possible to earn all diamonds and advanceto the next level!►Time Duel: slide the puzzle pieces up and downto get yourcharacter across the board to the treasure. With everypiece youget, you add just a little more time on the clock. Beatyourpersonal best by seeing how many you can get to before thetimerruns out!✔ Local and online multiplayer through Google PlayGames.Play either the new Duel mode with friends and family, ortheoriginal Labyrinth mode for a more classic game.✔ Great HDgraphicsand animation✔ In-game manual to help aid novices andveteransalike✔ No set up, no clean up!✔ Great fun with family andfriends!
Patchwork The Game 56
In this award-winning board game for two, quilting has neverbeenmore competitive! In the long-awaited digital adaptation ofUweRosenberg's Patchwork, players patch their way to victoryusingfabric pieces of assorted sizes, colors, and buttons. Thebestquilt is the fullest, and whoever can patch up their quilt themostand collect more buttons wins the game – but be resourcefulandplan every stitch! Keep an eye on the costs and the time ittakesto stitch a patch to be the best patchwork master. Playagainstquilters from around the world on multiple platforms andcompetefor the highest rank. Face computer opponents, or stick to alocalgame with a friend. Patch your way to the top inPatchwork!Reviews:"Uwe Rosenberg’s Patchwork may not be quite asfamous aboard game as Monopoly or Cluedo, but on the evidence ofitsofficial mobile game, it’s very fun." - The Guardian "... ifyoudon't even give this game a chance, you are going to miss outonsomething great. " - Altered Confusion"A super fun easy tolearn,yet strategic game" ... "a must-have for anyone who enjoysdigitalboard games.""...perfect for on-the-go play."-Pockettactics "It’s perfect for long sessions withfamilies,parties, road trips, offline and online quick play, youname it." -Pocketmeta "Patchwork delivers a replayable experiencethat weavesa great theme with solid mechanics." - toucharcade"Whoknew makinga patchwork quilt would be so cut throat." -Glitchfreegaming"...[Ich kann] daher auf jeden Fall eine Empfehlungfür diese tolledigitale Umsetzung des Brettspiels geben." -appgefahren"Thestrategy can get complex in Patchwork The Game."-FamilyFriendlyGaming"Patchwork: The Game pieces together therightelements for an enjoyable digital board game that is wellworthpicking up." Apple 'n' Apps "Look, if you like Patchwork andhave amobile phone, get Patchwork The Game." -whatsericplaying"Todayanother awesome board game that has beendigitized for [us] mobileusers. " - appreviewcentral"Quit whatyou’re doing and startQUILTING!" - ungeek.phFeaturing:- Truedigital conversion of theaward-winning board game Patchwork by UweRosenberg- Consider everystitch you make in this deceivingly simplegame- Worldwidecross-platform multiplayer- Easy interactivetutorial- Analyze yourbest games or even learn tricks from the proswith Playback-Customize your app interface with an ever increasingnumber ofbackgrounds and colorful patterns- Challenge the AI ineasy,medium, or hard modeIn-App Purchases:All purchases inside theappare purely cosmetic and do not influence the gameplay inanyway.Permissions:Photos/Media/Files & Storage: To savelocalgames on the device.Full Network Access: To enable onlineplay.Wedo not access your call informations or any personal data.
Family Face Off - 9 best games 1.0.2
Sly Trunk
This year keep the family together after the big dinner with agamefor all ages.Break the #phonewall with FAMILY FACE OFF, thefreegame that brings your crew together for REAL facetime.VARIETY:Play 9 of your favorite family games in onesession!Split up intoteams, then compete in rotating rounds ofCharades, Pictionary,Heads Up, Trivia, Catch Phrase and Memory allin one game - with afew surprise categories as well!FLEXIBILITY:Set Your Own FamilyTime and Game ModesPlay what you want for aslong as you want.Customize the settings for just a few rounds tokill time whileyou’re waiting for your table, or keep the fun goinglonger to makethat road trip go by in a blink. Play all categories,or just thegames your family enjoys the most.SIMPLY HILARIOUS ANDSURPRISINGLYMEANINGFULEntertain your kids for hours, fostercommunication andcreate shared memories that last a lifetime!
Ty Phu Chess - English Version 1.9.3010
Leo N Nguyen
******** Ty Phu Chess - The game is similar to originalMonopolygame, but it has different rules. ********- All Android4.0+ withRAM 512 MB or above.******** Features ********-Multiplayers 1-4players- Play Offline or Online anytime- Do notrequire internet toplay- Play Online, please play on computer withbrowser Chorme,Torch, .... Link ********How to play********Ty Phu Chess - The Rule1. The numbers ofplayers are from1-4. You can either play with your friends or witha computer. Themore the merrier! Having a lot of players would bemore fun. Whoeveris the last player on the board, will be thewinner. Good luck!2.Player rolls dice then move forward up to thenumber of the dice.3.Buy the property if noone is owned.4.Everytime you visit your ownedproperty, you can build a house or ahotel. You can build maximum of1 hotel and 3 house. ( You canupgrade to hotel if you built 4houses. )5. Players who goes toyour property, have to pay the rentto your house or the hotelwhich you have on that property.- Usedsome vectors at Can find somesound at: freesound.orgPleaseleave me the comments or the bugsreport at Email: [email protected]: [email protected] Website:www.cokuma.comHope you guys enjoythe game with your friends andfamily.Big thanks to the team whichhelped me to share this game toeverybody :- Designer: Thao Lai-Developer: Leo N Nguyen- Others:Ly Tran, Sawa Gato Mil-Amores ...-Website: Shin Mông ToThank youfor supporting.
Dragons and Ladders 1.2
Dragons and Ladders. Yes its Snakes and Ladders, but withslightlybigger reptiles !We bring you this special edition of theclassicgames of snakes and ladders – Dragons and Ladders.Up to 4peoplecan play this very easy game. Race to the top of the castle,chuteup the ladders and try to avoid sliding down the dragons(althoughits great fun!).Each piece can be controlled by yourphone, or by areal person. So you can play by yourself, or get yourfriendsinvolved, you can even let the computer control all playersandjust watch the action.Download snakes and ladders, sorryDragonsand ladders now!!
A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes 1.05
Fun Driven
"A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes" (AMGOC) is an excitingly funlogicgame for four players per device. The unique gameplay canbedescribed as Othello on steroids with unpredictablechainreactions. Your goal is simple: Conquer the playground! Theplayerwho occupies the whole playground wins. Sounds easy? It is!Justsee for yourself: AMGOC offers many hours of multiplayer fun!12awesome features:- An all new, excitingly fun logic game for uptofour players. None of your friends has ever seen before – elsetheywould have told you!- Whether you’re a beginner in logicalthinkingor you’re a relative of Einstein: The 4 levels of theartificialintelligence will keep you challenged.- And yes, you canplay solo.But it’s so much more exciting with friends. AMGOC wasevendesigned with multiplayer matches in mind. And that’s whyitsupports 4 players per device.- The step-by-step tutorialwillkickstart you from a no-clue-at-all into a scary opponent inlessthan 3 minutes.- But the gameplay is so simple anyway: You justdoa single touch. So, how easy and child proof does that sound?-Thechain reactions are inherently fun. They are all logical, yes,butyet so unpredictable. And they will keep you excited until theverylast turn.- The modern, elegant design is beautiful initssimplicity.- Take your pick from seven vividly brightrainbowcolors.- The tranquil background music feels like an oceanbreeze.- You have plenty of opportunity to impress your friendswith theonline leaderboards and achievements.- AMGOC is availableinEnglish, German and Japanese.- And best of all: All this isfree!No Ads, No In-App-Rip-Offs and no strings attached! Howawesome’sthat?AMGOC offers a wonderful way to share in family fun.It's yourchoice. We cordially invite you to download "A MultiplayerGame ofCubes" now and enjoy countless hours of fun with your kids,familyand friends.Thank you.
Le Havre: The Inland Port 42
Le Havre - The Inland Port: Finally on mobile devices!Intheaward-winning board game, Le Havre: The Inland Port, you andyouropponent compete in order to amass the most wealth by buildingupthe iconic French port of Le Havre. The game can be playedlocallyagainst the computer, in hot-seat mode or online --competingagainst friends or global players in order to advance intherankings. Drop in and out of play anytime and play anunlimitedamount of games with your friends simultaneously, when youwant,where you want.The digital version of the award-winning2-playerboard game by cult author Uwe Rosenberg (2013 nominatedbest forthe Golden Geek 2-player board game in 2013, nominated fortheInternational Gamers Award - Strategy Games: 2-player boardgamesand winner of the International Gamers Awards - StrategyGames: 2player board game).Use our convenient matchmaking servicetochallenge players of your skill level globally or play locallywitha friend. You can also defeat one of the differentcomputeropponents with varying difficulty. Friend lists and worldrankingsare included as well.Reviews:Nominated for a Golden Geek:BestBoard Game App of 2015"...set sail with a fantasticlicensedport..." - appaddict"... it’s just plain fun." -gameosity"It’srefreshing from most games where players just swipeor tap andrequires some strategy and savvy to win." -fanboynation"...dieUmsetzung ist allerdings grafisch undgameplay-technisch sehr gutgelungen..." - appgefahren"From theperspective of one who neverplayed the physical board versionprior, the game is surprisinglyengaging." - androidrundown"This isa very well done game and funto play." - appreview central"If youenjoy this game in itsphysical form or it’s older brother, LeHavre, then pick up thisapp." - play-board-gamesFeatures:- Aperfect conversion of the theaward-winning board game-Comprehensive tutorial andstraightforward rules- Drop in and outanytime and save your gamesin the cloud - Beautiful art and soundconvey the atmosphere of aFrench harbor- Available languages:German, English, French,Spanish- Worldwide cross-platformleaderboards: Can you take the#1spot?Permissions:Photos/Media/Files & Storage: To savelocalgames on the device.Full Network Access: To enable onlineplay.Wedo not access your call informations or any personaldata.Forquestions and suggestions we are looking forward toyourmail:[email protected] us on
Snake and Ladder Animated 1.8.7
It is an old dice board game famous inIndiaand some other place of world it is known as " ChutesandLadders"," Moksha pAtam ", "Vaikunthapaali" or"paramapadasopaanam". Can be played by up to four person or oneplayer canplay it with machine. This game is preferably installedon yourexternal memory card. Frogs will move according to dicenumber.They can climb on ladder and go down when snake bite them.In thisgame Frog is used in place of player. All the snakes arehavinganimation of hunting. Every time player rolls the dice, countwillshow the current dice value along with movement of frog.Features:1. Three boards2. Option for save settings3. Human Vs Machine4. Human Vs Human5. Setting for player colour and crown6. Animated action of frog and snake7. Countdown for current dice value
snakes and ladders
Snakes and Ladders was popular in ancient India by the nameMokshaPatam (which gives liberation if u win). Game originated inIndiaas part of a family of dice board games. It was alsoassociatedwith traditional Hindu philosophy contrasting karma andkama, ordestiny and desire. Good Luck.
Chess Mess
Chess Mess - chess exercises, try to solve them all and getthehighest Rank!3 difficulty levels, over 6 different typesofexercises, suitable for all ages!
Doodle Matching: Memory Game 1.2.0
Feels like your memory is kinda rusty? Or feels like your brainisfast as a lightning?Want to challenge your friends andfamily?Tryout Doodle Matching, a brand new memory game for kidsandgrown-ups!HOW TO PLAY DOODLE MATCHING:Initially you will seeallcards turned face down. Tap on one of the card and rememberthepicture on it. With the next tap try to find a pair with thesamepicture as previous one. If the pictures on the both memorycardsare the same, they will disappear, otherwise both cards willflipback over. The level is finished when there are no more cardsonthe board. GAME FEATURES:*** Multiple Boards and Game Modes***Nineboard sizes 2x3, 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 5x6, 6x6, 6x7, 7x8, 8x8withadditional Random Board and All Boards Marathon modes. Suitableforboth kids and adults, this game is fun for the entirefamily!***Single- and Multi-Player ***Beat your own best time andaccuracy,or compete against your friends in two player mode.***Leaderboardsand Achievements ***Track your best times and accuracyfor allboard sizes both locally (High Scores) and with GoogleGameServices support to share and compete with your friends.***HighDefinition Graphics ***Unique vector based graphics makes thisgameoptimized for all display resolutions such as newestRetinaDisplays.DESIGNED FOR KIDS:Doodle Matching help developmemoryskills of children. Playing this game with your kids willhelp themimprove their recognition while having fun. DoodleMatching is agame for children of all ages, babies, toddlers,preschoolers,school children and teens. Both, boys and girls willlove thisgame.All pictures that appear in the cards are based onourprevious free kids game Aek vs Cool Math Monsters. So if youlikeDoodle Matching you must try it.
Paulie and Fiona Board Games L
Welcome to the free version of Paulie and Fiona´s Board Game App.Inthis app you will find fun family games.In each game you canchooseto play against the computer (1 player) or against a friend(2players). You do not have to worry about the rules. Thecomputerwill help you move the game pieces.The full version of theappincludes 8 games, In this free version 1 game are free. Thefullversion of the app can be purchased from the GooglePlay.Publisher: Ruta [email protected]/enPublisher: Ruta [email protected]/en
Tic Tac Toe
Good old classicTic Tac Toe and Five in a Row (Gomoku)! Withtheopportunity to play against each other or against the computer.3difficulty level artificial intelligence.
Roll It! 1.2.2
Puli Games
The objective is to change the coloured squares in the 6 x6board.Roll 4 or more marbles of the same colour next to eachotherto remove them. The squares under the disappearing marbleswillchange colour. A board is solved when all its squares becomegrey,then you can move on to the next board.