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Cookie Clickers™
redBit games
The most exciting cookie game is now onyouriPhone, iPod and iPad. Download it now for free!Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment!The game is very simple:- Bake as many cookies as you can by tapping on the giantcookie.The faster you tap, the more you bake!- As soon as you have enough cookies, head over to the shop andusethem to buy upgrades to bake even faster!- Keep an eye out for the golden cookie rain! Don't miss it!Cookie Clickers' endless gameplay will allow you to play foranindefinite amount of time-- or at least until you bake suchanextraordinary amount of cookies your device won't be able tocountthem anymore!Become the Cookie Clickers God by baking 1QUADRILLIONcookies!Log-in to Facebook to play with your friends and compare yourCookiescore in the leaderboards! The Game Center is alsoenabled!Don't waste time... start now! Every second counts when it comestobaking cookies!Already a fan of Cookie Clickers? If so, visit our website, likeuson Facebook, or follow us on Twitter for the latest but not least, we want to give a big THANK YOU to allforplaying Cookie Clickers!
Money Tree - Free Clicker Game 1.7.5
Tapps Games
And who said money doesn’t grow on trees?Startsmall and grow rich by taking care of your own mythical MONEYTREE-- one aberration of nature that you are totally cool about.Hiregardeners, invest in equipment, fertilizers and power-upstocultivate your little monster and finally becomeaTREELLIONAIRE!HOW TO PLAYHire GARDENERS to watch after your money tree and help youcollectall that sweet dough. Bring in kids, llamas and even thepresidentto help you out. Find out who else!Purchase new EQUIPMENT to increase your revenue and POWER-UPStospeed things up! Hoses, sprinklers, fire trucks, lucky pantsandcharms, alien generators and much more. Everything counts!And if all of that is still not enough to satisfy your eagerformoney, use FERTILIZERS for an extra boost in your earnings --makesure to try the worldwide familiar homemade fertilizer.HIGHLIGHTS💸 Make it rain… literally! Shake your tree for a money shower💸 The unexpected mix between chinese myths andneoliberalcapitalism💸 An all-new incremental clicker game for people who lovetoclick💸 Pretend to be rich and impress everyone (don’t quit yourjobthough)Wow! If you really made it this far, you should definitelydownloadthis game.Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains itemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features and extrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchased forrealmoney.
Case Clicker
In this game you are given 3 case foropeningeach of them in their heavy and therefore it is necessary tomakeefforts for their discovery.During the game you can meet key, it will facilitate you toplay.So, if you have opened one of the cases, you can return to itlaterand enjoy the fact that from there got.
World War 3: The Clicker Game 1.05
The best World War 3 idle game is here!Tapyour way past 23 levels to grow your empire, become abillionaireand see the base you build grow before your eyes assurvivors,soldiers, tanks, and more fill up your base!Tap on soldiers to fight them, earn cash, and buy upgradestolevel up and become the most successful World War 3 survivalbaseof all time! Be careful though, raiders will try to steal fromyouridle empire with random attacks, but with all of your upgradesandbonuses – you’ll defeat them easily.Are you good enough to be the richest, most successful WorldWar3 commander? Yes you are!This is a free World War 3 idle clicker game dedicatedtofighting soldiers and base building. Disclaimer: No soldierswereharmed in the making of this game and the money isn't real.Features:Click to fight soldiers and earn cash!Earn idle upgrades to build your army and fight faster.Capture bonus loot bags to make your clicks count formuchmore!Fight off raiders who want to steal your survivor fortune!Speed bonuses make every click count, the faster you are, themoreyou earn!Over 23 levels to beat to prove you’re the best survivor andWorldWar 3 commander ever!This is a sequel to the Clicker Empire games, let me knowifthere’s anything you’d like to see updated as I try to updateoftenand respond to requests for new game styles.
Diamonds Clicker HD micraft
Gain as many diamonds as you can by clickingona Dig! button as fast as you can.Buy more and get better items
CS Mobile – Chiến Binh trở lại 2.0.2
CS Mobile – Game bắn súng ( game ban sung)thuần Việt đầu tiên do người Việt phát triển với đồ họa đẹp mắtvàâm thanh vô cùng sống động. CS Mobile hứa hẹn sẽ mang đến chobạnsự quen thuộc từ lối chơi hấp dẫn cho đến việc sử dụng các loạivũkhí thần thánh (M249, M4A1, AK47, M3, MP5, MAC10, AUG, SG552,P90,Desert Eagle).So sánh với các tựa game bắn súng nổi tiếng hiện nay CSMobilekhông chỉ nổi bật về mặt đồ họa mà còn có nhiều tính năng hấpdẫncho phép người chơi có thể trải nghiệm nhiều chế độ linh hoạtnhư:Đấu đội, Đặt bom, cướp cờ, …Được cập nhật rất nhiều tính năng mới CS Mobile cung cấp chocáctay súng hệ thống trang bị đầy đủ và có thể tham gia vào 1 trong6bản đồ chiến đấu khác nhau thông qua hệ thống phòng đợithôngminh.Tái hiện bối cảnh viễn tưởng những năm 2020 về cuộc chiến giữapheChính Phủ và Nội dậy. Game hứa hẹn mang đến những trải nghiệmvềmột đấu trường ác liệt. Các chiến binh CS Mobile có thể lựachọntính năng điểm ngắm tự động để hỗ trợ chiến đấu. Đây có lẽ cũnglàưu điểm của CS Mobile so với các game ban sung 3D cùng thểloại.Bước vào đấu trường của CS Mobile, các xạ thủ sẽ cảm nhận nhưđangbước vào một trận chiến sinh tử và gay cấn đến từng giây.Các tính năng hấp dẫn của CS Mobile:Đấu đội – Clan War- Đặt bom- Cướp cờ- Tournament- Hỗ trợ ngắm tự độngTrang chủ: http://csmobile.vnHotline: 1900 1255Email: cs.hotro@vmgmedia.vnFanpage: Mobile -shooter(shooter) first domesticated Vietnam by Vietnamesedevelopment withbeautiful graphics and sound extremely lively. CSMobile promisesto bring you the familiar gameplay appealing for theuse of thedivine weapons (M249, M4A1, AK47, M3, MP5, MAC10, AUG,SG552, P90,Desert Eagle) .Compared to the popular shooter now CS Mobile not only intermsof graphics highlights that there are many attractivefeaturesallow players to experience more flexible regime as: Circusteam,Bomb , flag, ...Updated a lot of new features provide Mobile CS gunmenequippedsystem and can participate in one of six different combatmapsthrough intelligent system waiting room.Recreate the context of 2020s fiction about the war betweenthegovernment and rebel factions. Game promises the experience ofafierce arena. CS Mobile warriors can choose featuresautomatictarget point to support the fight. This is probably alsotheadvantages of Mobile CS compared with the same 3D shootergenre.Step into the arena of CS Mobile, the shooters will feellikeentering a battle of life and death and suspense to thesecond.The attractive features of CS Mobile:Circus team - Clan War    - Place bomb    - Pirates flag    - Tournament    - Supports automatic watchHome: http://csmobile.vnHotline: 1900 1255Email: cs.hotro@vmgmedia.vnFanpage:
DBZ Clicker 1.0
Click to help Goku, Vegeta and GohanfromDragon Ball Z power up!Tap the screen to increase their power level, buy upgradesandpower up even faster. Keeping tapping to earn tap multiplierswhentheir aura changes color. Compete with your friend to see whocanbecome the most powerful! How strong can you become?Power levels are not accurate to the show/manga.This is a fan made game using fan created sprites, pleasesupportthe series and official release!