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English To Odia Dictionary 1.10
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English Odia Dictionary This dictionary provides Odia meaningsof15,000+ English words. Features - Works offline - Easy tobrowseand use the dictionary This dictionary is supported by ads
Malay English Translator 6.4
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This free app is able to translate words and texts from englishtomalay, and from malay to english. - very useful app for easyandfast translations, which can be used like a dictionary -voiceinput for text available - you can translate offline,withoutinternet connection - share translations with your friendsandcontacts - if you are a student, tourist or traveler, it willhelpsyou to learn the language! - Malay is the national languageofIndonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, and it is one of fourofficiallanguages of Singapore.
All Language Translator Free
All Language Translator Free download application to translateAllLanguage. Download the largest All Language Translatordictionarywith over lack's of All Language words. Meaning of wordsareprovided with definition. Best app for easy and fasttranslations,which can be used like a dictionary. If you are astudent, touristor traveler , it will helps you to learn thelanguage! Do you wantto travel to another country and you don'tknow the language? Areyou translating a document and you don't knowwhat does each wordmean? This application is perfect to translatetexts fast in yourphone or tablet. With this online translator youwon't havecommunication problems. - Simple User Interface(Easy touse forTranslator) - Listen translated text, sentence in JapaneseorChinese - Social Media - Easily share with Friends and Family.-User Friendly Material design used for easily used for alltheuser. - if you are a student, tourist or traveler, it willhelpsyou to learn the language! - Possibility to copy thetranslatedtext by using one button. - You can translate by usingyour voice.- You can listen translations. Translator languages list:-Afrikaans Language , Albanian Language ,Arabic Language,Azerbaijani Language , Basque Language , Bengali Language,Belorussian Language ,Bulgarian Language , Catalan Language,Chinese Simplified Language ,Chinese Traditional Language,Croatian Language , Czech Language , Danish Language ,DutchLanguage ,English Language , Esperanto Language , EstonianLanguage, Filipino Language Translator, Finnish Language ,FrenchLanguage ,Gallic Language , Georgian Language , German Language ,GreekLanguage , Gujarati Language ,Haitian Creole Language ,HebrewLanguage , Hindi Language , Hungarian Language , IcelandicLanguage,Indonesian Language , Irish Language , Italian Language ,JapaneseLanguage , Kannada Language , Korean Language ,LatinLanguage ,Latvian Language , Lithuanian Language , MacedonianLanguage ,Malay Language , Maltese Language ,Norwegian Language ,PersianLanguage , Polish Language , Portuguese Language ,RomanianLanguage , Russian Language , Serbian Language , SlovakLanguage ,Slovenian Language , Spanish Language , Swahili Language,SwedishLanguage , Tamil Language , Telugu Language , Thai Language,Turkish Language , Ukrainian Language ,Urdu Language ,VietnameseLanguage , Welsh Language, Xhosa Language , YiddishLanguage ,Yoruba Language , Zulu Language , Kyrgyz Language , LaoLanguage ,Luxembourgish Language . Indian Languages :- * MalayalamLanguageTranslator * Marathi Language Translator * PunjabiLanguageTranslator * Hindi Language Translate * GujaratiLanguageTranslate. Version 1.2 Add 180+ regional languages andcountrylanguages for accurate translation. version 1.8 add newlanguagefor transcription & transliterate. version 1.13 *Removeunwanted errors and bugs. * Add New languagefortranscription,interpretation,interpreter withwords,text,sentenceand longs paragraphs. * Also TranslationSms,status and yourmassages from inbox directly with copy and past.version 1.15 *Improve Just speak or type your text to get thetranslationinstantly. * Speak & Translate is an indispensablevoice andtext translator that allows you to communicate effectivelyin anycorner of the globe. version 1.20 * Clear all translator withvoiceand text. version .21 * Best 2019 Translator app Freetranslate alltext and work and sentence translator. * Free onlinetranslate in2019 year version 25 * Add New Language Haitian CreoleSupport. *We can try to learn and add more and more languagesplease give usfeedback. * we can achieve the best translatorforever. version 26* Add new language support Philippines languagetranslator *Tagalog language translator version 33 * ResolveProblem Of Speechto text problem with your language. * You caneasily Translate YourSpeed to text with All language translate app.
Portuguese English Translator 8.8
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This free app is able to translate words and texts from englishtoportuguese, and from portuguese to english. - very useful appforeasy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary-voice input for text available - speech output in both languages-you can translate offline, without internet connection -sharetranslations with your friends and contacts - if you are astudent,tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn thelanguage! -Portuguese is spoken in countries like Brazil,Portugal,Mozambique, Angola, Macau andothers._____________________________________________ - Contact usforsupport E-mail: Kik: gkappsTelegram:gkapps WeChat: gkapps
an.SpanishTranslate 11.1
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This free app is able to translate words and texts from englishtospanish, and from spanish to english. - very useful app foreasyand fast translations, which can be used like a offlinedictionary- voice input for text available - speech output in bothlanguages- you can translate offline, without internet connection -sharetranslations with your friends and contacts - if you are astudent,tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn thelanguage! -Spanish is spoken in countries like United States,Mexico,Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Equador andothers._____________________________________________ - Contact usforsupport E-mail: Kik: gkappsTelegram:gkapps WeChat: gkapps
Language Translator 1.0.1
yang tuyan
This app can easily translate words and sentences inanylanguages.Product Features:- Translation of words andsentences.-Text to speech functionality (to hear voice audiopronunciation).-Voice recognition technology- Find the clipboardsentence.-Translation in over 100 languages: Spanish, French,Italian,English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.- Translationresultsclearly definitions, can be used as a dictionary.-Searchhistories.- Share translate results via email or socialmedia.-Simple and user-friendly interface- Translate result withphonetic. dictionary 10.2.6
Dictionary for 51 language combinations, usable without aninternetconnection (offline dictionary). Vocabularies can bedownloaded andupdated within the app for free. All dictionariesarebidirectional, so German-English doubles as English-German.Justtype in your keyword in either language. English-Germandictionary:1 million translations The following languages areavailable incombination with German and English: Albanian, Bosnian,Bulgarian,Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish,French, Greek,Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latin, Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish,Swedish,Turkish New translations and corrections can be suggestedat Every translation gets checkedbyseveral other contributing users. The downloadable vocabulariesareupdated daily. Additional features can be activated within theapp.
com.tos.englishgrammar 2.0
ইংরেজি গ্রামার (English-Bangla) is a language learningapplicationthat provides a complete basic idea of grammaticalelements ofEnglish. The topics of the grammar are thoroughly listedin the appwhere you can easily find your desired topic. Basicallythis appprovides you with a complete grammar book. Reasons tochoose thisapplication: - Gives you a complete grammar knowledge. -Improvesunderstanding of English as a language. - Helpful foradmissiontest, job interviews etc. - Gives you an explanation oftheexamples. - Helpful for Bengali students of any class. For whom:-The Bengali who are eager to learn English and understandthestructures of this language. Features: - Eye-friendlyuserinterface. - A great number of examples for every topic. -Examplesare explained. - Night mood. - Topic searching options. Toget moretopics and discussion, please, give your valuable comments andrecommend any change youneed and don’t forget to give it a 5 star.English Grammar(English-Bangla) is a language learning applicationthat provides acomplete basic idea of ​​grammatical elements ofEnglish. Thetopics of the grammar are thoroughly listed in the appwhere youcan easily find your desired topic. Basically this appprovides youwith a complete grammar book. Reasons to choose thisapplication: - Gives you a complete grammar knowledge.  -Improvesunderstanding of English as a language.  - Helpfulforadmission test, job interviews etc.  - Gives youanexplanation of the examples.  - Helpful for Bengalistudentsof any class. For whom: - The Bengali who are eager tolearnEnglish and understand the structures of this language.Features: -Eye-friendly user interface. - A great number ofexamples for everytopic. - Examples are explained. - Night mood. -Topic searchingoptions. To get more topics and discussion, Please, give your valuable commentsandrecommend any change you need and do not forget to give it a5star.
English to Hindi Dictionary 1.9
'English to Hindi Dictionary' is a free dictionary designed tohelpHindi speakers learn and improve their English languageskills.'English Hindi Dictionary' can be used offline and comeswithinnovative features such as synonyms, word examples,pronunciation(how to say a word) and much more. # Key Features •'English HindiDictionary' with Meaning: Read word meaning in bothHindi andEnglish. Also read synonyms, antonyms and similar words •'Englishto Hindi Dictionary Offline' use: - You can use thisdictionarywithout internet connection • 'Hindi ShabdkoshDictionary' withsound / pronunciation: - Listen to pronunciation ofEnglish wordi.e. you can listen to "sound" of word to understandhow it's used• Get more option by clicking on app icon in homescreen of 'HindiShabdkosh Dictionary': - - select text size - appthemes (white orblack) - save word as favorite - check recentlysearched words #Ads in 'English Hindi Dictionary Offline': - Pleasenote that thisapp is ad supported. We show ad in non-intrusivemanner. #Feedbackfor 'English to Hindi Dictionary': - Thisdictionary app isavailable as free download. We hope you will likeit. Pleaseprovide your feedback in comments. Thanks.
Hindi Dictionary 7.1.6
Translate English to Hindi. Translate Hindi to English. Nointernetconnection required. Fast, convenient & easy to use.Very smartword suggestions. All dictionaries in one place. Just tapthe wordto see its meanings. Translate text directly in the webbrowser andother apps. Text pronunciation. Picture dictionary. Wordreminder.Plenty of dictionaries available to install. And a lotmore usefulfeatures.
English to English Dictionary 1.9
English Dictionary,Offline . English to English dictionary isforall English learners of beginner to advance level. Itcontains160,000+ words with about 2, 40,000+ definitions andexamples.English to English Dictionary meets the needs of allEnglishspeakers and learners of the whole world. This dictionarytellsabout the grammatical category, parts of speech,synonyms,hyponyms, antonyms, and hyponyms with real world examples.Strongsuggestion base search and spell checking algorithm isimplemented,which make your search faster and accurate. Book markfacility isadded to add your favorite words in a separate list forfutureunderstanding. You can also check your recent search history.Allthe words and its definitions and meanings can be searchedoffline.English dictionary,a new styled English to Englishdictionary.English dictionary checks your spelling and suggest manywords inaccordance. Features ✔ Fast Search ✔ Search autocomplete ✔Audiopronunciation ✔ Online Voice Search ✔ Synonym, hyponyms,antonyms,hypernyms with a lot of examples ✔ Offline, no need ofinternet ✔UK accent audio pronunciation for words anddefinitions/meanings ✔Search word by voice ✔ Different suggestionsfor your voice search✔ English Dictionary ✔ English Dictionaryoffline ✔ English voicesearch dictionary
an.RussianTranslate 9.7
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This free app is able to translate words and text from russiantoenglish, and from english to russian. Best app for easy andfasttranslations, which can be used like a dictionary. If you areastudent, tourist or traveler (in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus),itwill helps you to learn the language! 5.6.2
Igor Apps
English Tagalog Bible Offline and Free King James Version -AngBiblia (Tagalog TLAB) - Canonical, Chronological andHistoricalBible reading plans for one Year, 180 and 90 Days - DailyVerses:Daily Psalm, Gospel - you can create your own Verse of theDay! -Red letters and italicized words! - and many more! ReadEnglishTagalog Bible every day! Nao
Filipino (Tagalog) <> English Dictionary offline and free.Youcan search both English and Filipino (Tagalog) words. You cansearchwords directly from "Internet Browser" or other Applicationsbyusing Sharing option. In the sharing option you will find"Filipino(Tagalog) Dictionary" and choosing "Filipino (Tagalog)Dictionary"will open the dictionary with the shared word so youneed not type.Exiting from the dictionary will return you to"Internet Browser" orother Applications again. This is not only aDictionary but also alearning tool. You can use this dictionarywhen you have no Internetconnection. MCQ (Multiple ChoiceQuestion) option is available.There is autosuggestion so you neednot type full words. You alsocan use Speech to text feature. Youcan add words to the study planand remove words from the studyplan. When you start typing, youwill see some words starting withthe letters you typed. Thedictionary searches in a database forthe matching words. This canslow down typing in small handsets.Therefore in settings there isan option to turn that off. So lowprofile mobile handsets can turnoff Auto search to type quickly.You will see a Dictionary icon onthe notification bar to start theapp quickly. On sharing text youwill find the Filipino (Tagalog)Dictionary. This will be helpful tofind out the meaning of anyword. Features of the Dictionary: •Filipino (Tagalog) To English •English To Filipino (Tagalog) • Nointernet connection required •Search From Web • Search by Sharing •Auto Suggestion • Pronounce& Voice Search • Antonyms (Oppositewords) • Synonyms • Backupand Restore • History & Study Plan •Word Game • Share Words •Copy Words 1.6.6
So`zlashgich sayohatga va ishlash maqsadida rus tilidagaplashadigandavlatlarga ketayotganlar uchun qulay dasturdir.Ko`plab yangibo`limlar kiritilgan. Albatta sizlarga foydasi tegadideb umidqilamiz
Mexican English Translator 7.5
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This free app is able to translate words and texts from englishtomexican spanish, and from mexican spanish to english. - veryusefulapp for easy and fast translations, which can be used likeadictionary - voice input for text available - speech output inbothlanguages - you can translate offline, without internet -sharetranslations with your friends and contacts - if you are astudent,tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn thelanguage! -Mexican spanish the language ofMexico!_____________________________________________ - Contact usforsupport E-mail: Kik: gkappsTelegram:gkapps
Voice Translator 2019 15.0
Pass Saga
Awesome Voice translator, Speech and translates all language oftheworld 🎤 Translate Voice to all Language very easy andquicktranslation Way 💮 🔘 Press the button get voice and convertintotext and translate whatever language you want. 🔥 Awesome wayyoucan also translate through camera , you can get text fromcameraand translate it to voice translator 🛃 Preserve Everythingyou wantwith this application Learn lots of languages usingthisapplication with very responsive User Interface. 😎 It's reallycoolto have this kind of application to Use in real life to solveanyproblem we fetching with language. 🌐 Some of the feature ofVoicetranslator app 👉 Voice Translator translate in multipleLanguage 👉Using OCR you can get text from image 👉 Translate imagetext withMultiple Language 👉 Share Voice or Text with any SocialNetwork 👉Perfect way to translate what you want with thisapplication 👉 It'sreally quick and easy to us this app 🏻 There is aBig barrier tocommunication speak a different language and workother countryguys and it should happen anytime to resolve thatproblem so herewe come up with translator using voice becausewriting is also timeconsuming process. so we should try withspeaking it's better tohave that kind of things so here we go wehave voice translatorthat translates in any language and it'sreally good to have thatkind of application on our handset. #Arabic#Bengali #Chinese#Dutch #English #French #Filipino #German #Greek#Hebrew #Hindi#Indonesian #Italian #Japanese #Korean #Malay#Persian #Polish#Portuguese #Russian #Spanish #Taiwanese #Turkish#Thai #Ukrainian#Urdu #Vietnamese 1.0
Holy Bible English is the special version of Bible that usesonlinesource. Read only what you need and when you need. All textsaredownloaded from and that is why Bible takesminimumspace on you device. Use this app if you want to keep onyourAndroid only what you really need. That amazing app includesmorethan 50 Bibles in more than 30 languages from all over theworld.Bible is very popular in United States (USA), Nigeria,Kenya,Ghana, Zambia, Liberia. • Support is available from the appor youcan write to • Like our page onFacebook: • Follow us onInstagram: • Follow us onTwitter: • Read Bible, Available Bibleversions:• King James Bible (Bible KJV) • Catholic Bible(Douay-Rheims1582/1609) • American Standard Version Bible (BibleASV) • Bible inBasic English (Bible BBE) (Bible English) • WorldEnglish Bible(Bible WEB) (Bible English) • Catholic Public DomainVersion (CPDV)(Bible English) • World Messianic Bible (WMB) (BibleEnglish) •J.N. Darby Bible (Bible English) • N. Webster Bible(Bible English)• Young's Literal Translation Bible (Bible YLT)(Bible English) •Wycliffe Version (Bible English) • Albanian Bible• Bulgarian Bible(Библията на български език) • Chinese Bible(简体中文和合本) (圣经中的中国) •Czech Bible (Kralická) (Česká Bible) • DanishBible (Danish BibleSociety, 1871) (Dansk Bibel) • Dutch Bible(Statenvertaling) •Esperanto Bible (La Sankta Biblio, L.L.Zamenhof,1915) (EsperantaBiblio) • Haitian Creole Version (HCV) • FinnishBible (1933/38)(Suomi Raamattu) • French Bible Louis Segond (BibleLSG) (La BibleFrançaise) • French Bible A.Crampon (La BibleFrançaise) • FrenchBible D.Martin (La Bible Française) • Ge'ezBible • Georgian Bible(ძველი ქართულით ბიბლია) (ბიბლია ქართული) •German Bible M.Luther(Die Bibel in deutscher Sprache) • Greek Bible(Μετάφραση Ν.Βάμβα,1850) (ελληνική Γραφή) • Hebrew Bible (Oldtestament) WestminsterLeningrad Codex (התנ"ך עברית) • Hungary BibleG.Károli fordítás (ABiblia a magyar) • Icelandic Bible • IndonesianBible (TerjemahanLama) (Alkitab di Indonesia) • Italian Bible:Conferenza EpiscopaleItaliana (CEI), G. Diodati, Riveduta version(Bibbia italiano) •Korenian Bible (KJV version) (한국어 성경) • LatinaBible (SacraVulgata) (The Latin Vulgate) • Malagasy Bible (BaibolyMalagasy) •Maori Bible (Paipera Maori) • Norwegian Bible (TheNorwegian BibleSociety, 1930) (Norsk Bibel) • Philippine Bible (AngDatingversion) (Tagalog) • Polish Bible (Gdańska) (Polska Biblia)•Portuguese Bible (João F. Almeida Atualizada) (Bíblia português)•Romanian Bible (D. Kornilesku) (Biblia Română) • RussianBibleSynod (Русская Православная Библия, Синодальный Перевод) •SerbianBible (Cyrillic and latinetse) (Библија на српском) • SlovakBible(Preklad J.Roháčka) (Biblia v slovenčine) • Spanish Bible LaBibliaCatólica (Petisco-Torres Amat, 1825) • Spanish BibleReina-Valera1856, 1909 (Bible RVA) (Biblia en Español) • SpanishBibleReina-Valera Purificada (Biblia en Español) • SpanishBibleSagradas Escrituras (Biblia en Español) • Swedish Bible(Svenska,1917) (Bibeln Svenska) • Ukrainian Bible (Біблія) (Бібліянаукраїнському) • Vietnamese Bible (1934 version) (Kinh ThánhtiếngViệt) • Xhosa Bible (H. Dugmore, 1859) (IzhibhaloEzingcwele)Features: • Old and New Testaments • Fonts changesupport •Bookmarks and Notes for Bible Verses and Bible Books •Possibilityto highlight the verses using colors • Possibility tomark book orchapter that you have read • Copying Bible quotes inthe clipboard• Reading statistics • Backup/Restore function •Android Wearsupport/strong>
Paryayvachi - Hindi Synonyms 1.4.9
This app contains Hindi paryayvachi (पर्यायवाची ) and Vilom Shabd.
Kazakh English Translator 4.4
GK Apps
This free app is able to translate words and text from kazakhtoenglish, and from english to kazakh. Best app for easy andfasttranslations, which can be used like a dictionary. If you areastudent, tourist or traveler in Kazakhstan, it will helps youtolearn the language! Disclaimer: This service maycontaintranslations powered by Google. Google disclaims allwarrantiesrelated to the translations, express or implied,including anywarranties of accuracy, reliability, and any impliedwarranties ofmerchantability, fitness for a particular purposeandnoninfringement. Google Translate link:
Arabic Quotes with English translation 5.6
Reading the proverbs and sayings of other cultures is aninterestingway to gain insight into life that your own culturemight not have.Not only that, you can see how much philosophy isshared betweencultures, and how common sayings in your culturemanifest in others,and vice versa. Arabic culture in particularhas a long, richhistory, and it shows in their countlessproverbs.Check out this appfor Quote written in arabic andtranslated in english , we haveArabic English quotes both in theoriginal Arabic and with theirEnglish translation. you also canshare this quotes in arabic andenglish on instagram and othersocial mediaThe Arabic LanguageTheArabic language is spoken by 420million across the world, incountries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan,Iraq, Algeria, Egypt,Ethiopia,morocco and dozens of others. ModernStandard Arabic is adescendant of Classical Arabic, a languagefrom the 6th century.It’s written alphabet is the Arabic alphabet,read from the right tothe left.Arabic is an ancient language andan ancient, rich culture,with an equally rich bank of proverbs andsayings. Check out thisArabic quotes for instagram to learn how toshare it with yourfriends . Many of the proverbs in this app willinclude the originalArabic writing, but will always be translatedinto English.The Arabworld is known for their love and excessiveuse of proverbs;however, when you try to translate them intoEnglish they meansomething totally different. we offer you thisapp full of ArabicTypography Quotes literally translated intoEnglish and what theyoriginally mean this arabic captions forinstagram , a lot of peopleshare this arabic captions on instagramand they look so unique