Top 49 Games Similar to Clash of Kings – CoK

Castle Clash
●●● Assemble your forces for a bigger, better Clash! ●●●Packedwithexciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a gameofepic proportions! Hire powerful Heroes to lead your armyofmythical creatures. Fight your way to become the world'sgreatestwarlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons,raids, andmore! With over 100 million players worldwide, it'salways time toclash! Now available in French, German, Spanish,Italian, Russian,Japanese, and Korean. Game Features:* Build animpenetrablefortress!* Choose from many different units to createthe ultimatearmy!* Collect and evolve dozens of powerful heroes! *Assembleyour favorite heroes for the all-new "Squad Showdown"!*Become bestbuds with adorable Pets!* Battle fearsome bosses withfriends fromaround the world!* Join Fortress Feud forGuild-on-Guild fun!*Exciting co-op and PvP modes, more than anyother mobile strategygame!Note:This game requires an internetconnection.Visit ourFacebook Pageat:
Boom Beach
Welcome to Boom Beach: come with a plan or leave in defeat!Fighttheevil Blackguard with brains and brawn in this epic combatstrategygame. Attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders andunlock thesecrets of this tropical paradise. Create a Task Forcewith playersaround the world to take on the enemy together. Scout,plan, thenBOOM THE BEACH!PLEASE NOTE! Boom Beach is free todownload and play.However, some game items can also be purchasedfor real money. Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please setup passwordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp.FEATURES- Play with millions of other players, raidhundreds ofenemy bases for loot- Battle for control of preciousresources toupgrade your base against enemy attacks- Explore ahuge tropicalarchipelago and discover the mysterious power of theLife Crystals-Face fearsome Blackguard Bosses and uncover theirevil plans- Joinother players to form an unstoppable Task Force totake on co-opmissionsUnder our Terms of Services and PrivacyPolicy, Boom Beachis allowed for download and play only forpersons 13 years or overof age without parental consent.Note: Anetwork connection isrequired toplayParent'sguide:
Battle of Zombies: Clans War
The most epic strategy game 2015. Just try this royal game!BattleofZombies is an exciting mixture of strategy and royaldynamicbattles. Create a powerful zombie army. Produce setsofsuper-secret weapon and join clans. Attack enemies and deprivethemof trophies and resources. Download Battle of Zombies now! GotoWar!Game features: ● Free-to-play MMO RTS game● Online MMORTSbattles with other players ● 10 unique zombie fighting unitswithlevels of upgrades ● 12 types of defensive structures withlevelsof upgrades● 9 types of secret weapons with levels ofupgrades●Develop your Zombie Base to produce more resources● Joinclans tofight clan battles● Bonuses for beginners● Multiplayer RTSgame●Interesting quests for quick development of the player●ExcitingCampaign Map● Funny and charismatic characters andbeautifulgraphics● Clan tournaments and contests
Empire: Four Kingdoms
Build alliances and conquer rival kings in MMO battle. Defendyourcastle from enemies and fight a medieval war with epicPvPstrategy. With a custom palace and formidable army, you couldrulethe Four Kingdoms! Conquer kings and defend your kingdom inthisepic PvP strategy game. Do you have what it takes to ruleanempire, fight enemies, defend your castle and build a growingarmyto dominate the Four Kingdoms? With this epic MMO game, youcanemploy cunning strategy to defend your kingdom, wisely chooseyouralliances to fight with you in battle and create aresourcefularmy.Download Empire: Four Kingdoms and join millions ofplayers inthis award-winning multiplayer strategy and medieval wargame. Withpowerful rulers, fierce battles and strategicmasterminds, yourbest PvP battle skills will come to thefore.Empire Four Kingdoms:TOP 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD1. Fight enemiesand battle rival kingdomswith tons of different weapons & 50different units2. Build,customize and expand your castle to amighty fortress. Defend yourpalace from an invading empire in thisMMO war game3. Allianceswith kings & other players help you toconquer rival clans andgain territory on an interactive map4. Buildover 60 differentconstructions, expand your palace & produceand traderesources5. Enemies advancing towards your palace? Chatwithfriends or join the huge MMO community & active forumforadvice on how to make your kingdom the most powerful ofall.Regular updates with new and improved features make this thenumberone medieval strategy game. Take part and play in communityevents,discover new research levels and try out new Combo Tools inthelatest update.Problems &Questions: andConditions:*This app iscompletely free to play. Additionally, it offersoptional in-apppurchases.This game requires an internet connection.
Clash of Clans
Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village,raisea clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!Mustachioed Barbarians,firewielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you!NewFeatures:● Journey to the Builder Base and discover newbuildingsand characters in a new mysterious world.● Battle with allnewtroops, including Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, BoxerGiant,Bomber, Cannon Cart, and the new Hero Battle Machine.● Gohead tohead with other players in the new Versus battlemode.ClassicFeatures:● Join a Clan of fellow players or start yourown andinvite friends.● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against otherplayersacross the globe. ● Defend your village with a multitudeofcannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls.● Fight againsttheGoblin King in a campaign through the realm.● Plan uniquebattlestrategies with countless combinations of spells, troops,andHeroes!● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and specialevents.●Train unique troops with multiple levels of upgrades.PLEASE NOTE!Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however,some gameitems can also be purchased for real money. If you don'twant touse this feature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings. Also, under our Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy, youmust be at least 13 years of age to play or downloadClash ofClans. A network connection is also required. Support:Chief, areyou having problems?Visit or contact us in game by goingtoSettings > Help and Support. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Parent’sGuide:
March of Empires: War of Lords
Brace yourself for an age of massive medieval war, where youwillmarch over your rivals’ burning remains in an all-out questtoconquer!Fortify your castle, forge an army and enter theultimateMMO of global domination! But as your civilization grows,you’llclash with ambitious powers, and only one king can claimthethrone! Do you have the strength to unify the land underyourbanner? Or will you watch your kingdom crumble before you?AKINGDOMIN YOUR HANDS:• Dispatch armies, construct buildings, clashwithbarbarians, conquer territories and reshape the balance ofpowerevery day. • Every inch of your realm comes to life withamazinglydetailed graphicsCHOOSE YOUR FACTION:• Choose to be aHighlandKing, a Northern Tsar or a Desert Sultan.• Each army has aspecialadvantage that emphasizes a unique playstyle, whether youprefer toquickly build up your kingdom, strike with chargingknights orfiercely defend your civilization frominvasion.TERRITORIALDOMINATION:• Clash and conquer to grow yourglobal influencedaily.• Unlock special powers and bonuses as morelands fall toyour army.• Fortify your defenses to ward off enemyinvasions.•Fight your way to the throne to become High King overthe entirerealm!FORGE A CHAMPION:• Choose a unique Champion –ranging fromthose as noble as knights or as merciless as Vikings –to lead yourarmy and help build your kingdom.• Find and craftequipment toboost your Champion’s skills.• Command heroes andadventurers toset off on quests for treasures that will pave yourpath to thethrone.BUILD A THRIVING NATION:• Build regionalstructures that youand your many allies can benefit from.•Establish thriving TradeCenters, forge sacred Temples, and clashover Stockpiles oftreasure.TACTICAL MMO WARFARE:• A wise kingchooses battleformations carefully! Cunning tactics hold more powerthan massivenumbers.• Time your commands wisely to take advantageof theever-changing seasons.COMMAND A GLOBAL ALLIANCE:• TheAlliancemanagement system makes it easy to organize with allies.•Intriguewill pave your path to the throne as you craft schemes withotherAlliances. In this MMO world, there’s as much to gain fromhelpingas there is from betraying…• Chat with players to forgefriendshipsor verbally clash with rivals.CLAIM THE SEATS OF POWER:•Capturethe five highly fortified castles that hold the Seat ofDomain,Seat of Heroes, Seat of War, Seat of Order and Seat ofAccord.•Each Seat grants its controlling Alliance unique perks andtheability to propose world-changing Policies.• Every player cantakepart, as all Policies are voted on by the entire Realm’splayerpopulation!• Enter a new level of diplomacy and intrigue asyourAlliance must negotiate with rivals, and players at large, inorderto win the votes needed to pass the Policies you want.• Atthecenter of it all lies the Throne of Might, which only oneplayermay rule to wield the greatest power of all!Five castles holdthecrucial thrones, each possessing a unique influence over theentirerealm that only one Alliance can hold.For fans of MMOstrategy,Clan vs. Clan combat, epic quests, being king, and gamesof globaldomination. Download it now and forge your path tothethrone!_____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at out the newblogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia: Use:
Castle Crush: Clash in Free Strategy Card Games
Duel players from all around the world in the best real-timegame!Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells: from the lovelyDryad tothe tremendous Dragon! Play now, for free!Lead your armytovictory! Build a strong deck and crush your enemy'scastledeploying your troops! Earn trophies and climb the globalranking!Fight the enemy clans and defend your army! Open yourchests todiscover and unlock new powerful warriors and spells! Willyou getone of the magic legendary cards? Define your strategy andchooseyour warriors carefully. Archers to kill from a distance? ARoyaleGolem to break through the defense? Or a heal spell to give aboostto your troops? Your decision will make the differencebetweenvictory and defeat!FEATURES+ Duel other players in epicbattles+Collect new powerful troops+ Destroy opponent’s castles tounlocknew cards+ Progress through multiple levels all the way tothe top+Learn different battle tactics and become the ultimatechampion+Free Daily cards+ Open magical chests+ Earn trophies+Joinlegendary clans+ Fun, intuitive mechanics+ Real-time duellinggame+Play for free!+ Ideal for all types of players - kids andadults,girls and boys...Get into the arena and clash against otherplayerson epic battles! The combat may be hard, prepare yourstrategy towin this pvp war game!One of the best multiplayerstrategy games!Join now this epic card game and have fun fightingyourenemies!!Join the Castle Crush community: Facebook PageForums
Imperia Online - Strategy MMO
Become a legendary Emperor!Build your Empire from scratch andwatchit thrive! Lead your armies into battle, wage wars and fightfordominance in the Realm!Challenge your wits and strategicthinkingas you immerse yourself in a MMO strategy game like noother!*Choose your path - be a builder, a soldier or a farmer.*Commandmassive armies and destroy your opponents!* Meet millionsofplayers worldwide.* Gather friends and strangers, and forgemightyalliances.* Train, upgrade and send a variety of units intoactionpacked battles.* Take part in the everyday life of yourRoyalfamily!* Build the Great Wonders and make your Empire standoutfrom the crowd!Download now to leave your mark on the Realmandwrite your name in History!
Throne Rush
Epic war game with more than 20 million downloadsMore than 7000005-star reviewsDownload Throne Rush to reveal an amazingfantasyworld and create your own kingdom!Features:● Build,fortify,protect! A huge variety of buildings and resources;●Uniquemercenary — you can upgrade them until they’re invincible!●Specialheroes with special talents: archer, swordsman mage andmore;●Exciting quests every day — you won’t get bored!● Clash yourswordswith the enemies;● Epic campaigns — kill all the monsters!●Manyclans and strategy alliances;● Unique card collections - getyourflash royale● Themed events, heroes and artefacts;● Pricelesshelpfrom your friends — fight together in royal spirits!BraveWarlord,the Empire willbeyours!Support:
Last Empire - War Z: Strategy
Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers!Protect your empirebyshooting and battling the zombie army that wants to stealyourresources in Last Empire - War Z, a strategy RPG and basebuildingwar game. Build an army with other players from around theglobeand plan an attack with your own zombie army! Develop yourkingdomand befriend empire allies to combat both zombie and humanenemies.Do you have what it takes to be the strongestcommander?Last Empire- War Z is a zombie-themed free-to-play warstrategy game. Battlezombie troops and survivors to protect yourempire against theupcoming zombie war. Team up with friends fromaround the world tobuild an army, increase your zombie defensestrategy andparticipate in special events. Take part in brutalzombie warfareand build an army to grow your empire – surviving thezombieapocalypse is in your hands in Last Empire - War Z!LastEmpire -War Z Features:Strategy War Games &EmpireDefense *Strategy war games pit you against an endlesszombiehorde!*Empire building games – Base building strategythatencourages players to work together and achievepowerfulbonuses!*Build a zombie defense strategy during in-gameevents andregular survivor challenges for great rewards!BattleZombie Troopswith Alliance Members*Battle zombie troops and othersurvivorsduring the zombie apocalypse.*Attack zombies in real timeon theworld map and chat with alliance members worldwide!*Empirealliesbattle with you to destroy zombie troops and other survivorstoexpand your empire.Build an Army with Zombie & HumanTroops*Build an army of deadly Zombie Troops to destroy yourenemies anddefend your empire!* Zombie apocalypse survivors can berecruitedand upgraded with unique war skills and strategy.*Strategy iseverything. Varied Skill Trees allow players to enhancetheirheroes.Build an army of zombie troops, battle to survive thezombieapocalypse, and defend your empire in Last Empire - War Z!NOTE:Last Empire – War Z is free to download and free to play, butdoesoffer in-app purchases of items and other gifts. In-apppurchasescan be disabled through your device’s settings. Downloadand battlein the most exciting zombie war and base building gameavailabletoday!
Clash Royale
Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comesareal-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, yourfavoriteClash characters and much, much more.Collect and upgradedozens ofcards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells anddefenses youknow and love, as well as the Royales: Princes,Knights, BabyDragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princessesfrom theirtowers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crownsand gloryin the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build yourvery ownbattle community.Lead the Clash Royale Family tovictory!PLEASENOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play,however, some gameitems can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou do not want touse this feature, please set up passwordprotection for purchasesin the settings of your Google Play Storeapp. Also, under ourTerms of Service and Privacy Policy, you mustbe at least 13 yearsof age to play or download Clash Royale.Anetwork connection isalso required.FEATURES● Duel players fromaround the world inreal-time and take their Trophies● Earn cheststo unlock rewards,collect powerful new cards and upgrade existingones● Destroyopponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crownchests● Buildand upgrade your card collection with the Clash RoyaleFamily alongwith dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells anddefenses●Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat youropponents●Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top●Form aClan to share cards and build your very own battlecommunity●Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel●Learndifferent battle tactics by watching the best duels onTVRoyaleSupportAre you having problems?Visit or contact us in game by goingtoSettings > Help and Support.PrivacyPolicy:’sGuide:
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle
A top 10 strategy game all around the world!4.5 stars! Atop-ratedgame!Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone?Yourfavorite Clash of Lords 2 Heroes are fighting in afree-for-allfrenzy against a force of frightening fiends! Controlthe actionand become the greatest warlord in all the land. Tosurvive you’llneed wit, will, and we couldn't think of a word forstrength butyou get the picture. It's time to Clash!Clash of Lords2 is astrategy game with fun and innovative twists on the genre.Recruitover 50 Heroes and their mercenaries, build and defend abase, andfight alongside your friends in over 10 PvE and PvP modes!Getready to Clash!Game Features:✔ You control the action!ActivateHeroes’ skills in real time!✔ Pair Heroes and Troops withourunique Mercenary system!✔ Play it Your Way! With over 10 PvEandPvP modes, there's always something fun and different to do!✔Fightalongside your friends! Join a Guild, and clash with playersfromall over the world! You can even battle against playersfromdifferent countries!✔ Free to Play! Log in every day to winfreeHeroes and Jewels!Note: This game requires an internetconnectionto play.Visit our Facebook Fanpageat:
Clash of Kings:The West
Conquer kingdoms and villages in Clash of Kings:The West, a newRTSRPG multiplayer war game that pits your army against friendsandenemies all over the world in a battle for towns and cities. Doyouhave what it takes to crush your enemies in online PVPcombat?Buildmassive cities and compete in online MMO battles in aclassic clashof kings. Reinforce your city and build your town soit’s strongenough to defend itself against evil lords and armiesthreateningto invade.Are you ready to join thousands of other lordsin a warto control kingdoms? Build up your army, battle enemies andmanageyour city’s resources to become one of the most powerfullords ofall in Clash of Kings:The West !CLASH OF KINGS:THEWESTFEATURES:Art of War Strategy Competition -You can challengethemonster captain with the whole kingdom player. The beststrategymaster will get awards a week.Build your city and prepareforaction-You never know when you’ll have to battle againstotherlords. Your town needs to house a strong army and be welldefendedin battle. Build your city and upgrade your castle,fortress, armybarracks, hospital and more to defend yourself in PVPmultiplayerbattles. Will you be prepared for action?Multiplayer PVPwarbattles online- You’re not the only person building an empire!PlayPVP online against thousands of other players in the best realtimestrategy MMO game. Prevent a siege by building up your town.Sendout your army to take over other cities. Collect theirresourcesand conquer their empire.MMO universe with massive onlinebattles-Enter an amazing online world where kingdoms battle forcontrol ofa PVP fantasy world. Tactical MMORPG gameplay has youbuilding akingdom, customizing your armies and collectingresources. Roleplay your own way in this online multiplayer battlegame.Buildstrong alliances with others - Build alliances with otherlords andleaders around the world. Clash of Kings:The West is anonline RTSMMO RPG that designates you as the army’s leader. Joinalliances tohelp yourself and others. Join like-minded army leadersand helpeach other build cities, upgrade buildings or battle enemyarmies.In this real time strategy game, your alliances can make orbreakyou.Real-time strategy and resource management- A strong armyneedsits food and housing. Build farms and sawmills to gainresources tostrengthen your city and your army. Earn coins forevery questcompleted and resources from every harvest. Builddefenses for yourcity with all of your harvests.Amazing 3D MMObattles- Guide youronline army across a massive multiplayer worldrendered in gorgeous3D graphics. Watch each battle spring to lifeas your defensesclash with enemy armies, and each sword swing andarrow shot lightup the battlefield.The bigger you build yourempire, the moreenemies you create. Other lords of enemies will tryand break downyour city and your strength in this RTS PVE and PVPMMO war game.Always be ready for action as you march with your armyinto battlefor your land or to take someone else’s.Are you ready tostand asyour town’s leader? Start building your empire and leadyour armyinto epic multiplayer strategy battles today in Clash ofKings:TheWest !Download Clash of Kings:The West and join the MMOPVP war!Need help or more support for this RTS MMO war and armybuildinggame? Contact: Connect with Clash ofKings:TheWest!-Facebook: applyfor refund when the Property of Service is not received inyouraccount after your purchase. You may contact our customerservicevia link in game, or send us an email at
Vikings: War of Clans
Plarium LLC
Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings,wherefreedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme! Become theleaderof a large army, lead your troops to victory and prove thatyou arethe mightiest conqueror among a million players.Try on the role of a wise and courageous Jarl, respected andfearedby all! Construct magnificent buildings, take part invictoriouscampaigns, train your valiant warriors and boost yourcoffers. Thesuperb graphics, compelling story and dynamic battleswill have youhooked from the moment you start playing!Features:✔ Stunning graphics✔ Free to play✔ Numerous troop classes✔ Multiple language options✔ Fierce and thrilling battles with players from all overtheworld✔ Handsome rewards for completing a variety of questsandtasks✔ Weapons and gear crafting✔ Become the leader or member of a mighty ClanNOTE: Vikings: War of Clans is completely free to play, buthasoptional in-app purchases for real currency. You can turn offthisoption or set a password in your device settings. You will needaninternet connection to play.Vikings: War of Clans is an exciting MMORTS with players alloverthe globe. We are constantly improving gameplay andintroducingexciting new updates for you. Feel free to share yourideas andsuggestions — together we’ll make the Viking world evenmoreenthralling!You are a Viking! You are the Hero!Support: of Use:
Stormfall: Rise of Balur
Immerse yourself in the dark world of fantasy and myth!Stormfall:Rise of Balur™ delivers epic battles in one of the mostchallengingand popular MMO strategy games available. The empire ofStormfallhas fallen, and rival warlords join the battle across thecontinentas an ancient evil rises once again. You have been chosento defendand protect the lands of Darkshine, and lead your peopleand yourarmy through these dark times and into the light. For thefirsttime, this popular free strategy game has been brought tomobile asa standalone, epic, multiplayer adventure, featuringgroundbreakinggraphics and genre-defining gameplay. Attack enemies,forgealliances and gather resources as you defend your castlefromconstant enemy attacks whilst simultaneously building andexpandingyour empire. Carefully plan your strategy and join clansin orderto defeat rival leagues in this ultimate MMORPG. NOTE:Please setup password protection for purchases in the settings ofyour GooglePlay Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadStormfall: Rise of Balur™FEATURES✔ FREE TO PLAY✔ Availablein thefollowing languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian,German,Portuguese and Russian✔ Exceptional artwork, graphics andgameplay✔Recruit giant armies, raid endless castles and defend yourempire ✔Exciting PVP battles – pit your armies against otherplayers fromaround the world, master strategy, diplomacy and joinforces withgreat League to defeat your rivals. ✔ Popular MMORPGfree to playwith thousands of clans to join. ✔ Forge diplomatic andstrategicalliances with millions of online players, from around theworld,all in real time. ✔ Raid, attack and defend in order todefeat yourenemies in ongoing battles and wars. ✔ Earn bonusrewards just forcommanding your troops each day. ✔ Role playinggame adventures andmissions, deep level strategy NOTE! Stormfall:Rise of Balur™ is astandalone mobile game and is completelyindependent from the weband social Stormfall servers.Please give usyour feedback to helpus make it evenbetter!Support: ofUse:
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare
Do you play war games? Enjoy free online games? Thenprepareyourself! The hottest free to play multiplayer war game of2017 ishere! King Arthur’s death has left an empty throne. Raiseyourdragon and build your army in the quest to lift Excaliburandbecome the next King of Avalon. In this dragon war, yourmightydragon is the key to ruling your kingdom. Stay alive byforgingalliances with your friends and build an empire together.This is agame of kings entangled in a game of war. Who will bevictorious inthis clash of kings? FEATURES :War! Everywhere. Youand your alliesneed to be prepared for a clash of clans. Build upyour bases andbulk up your armies - you're not the only ones witheyes on thethrone! Alliances! No man is an island. Whether you’rerallyingagainst a GvE Barbarian leader or marching at a PvP bully,you’llneed allies you can trust. Dragons! A legendary weapon ofmassdestruction. How will you train yours? Chat!Easy-translationfeature brings thousands of players from around theworld togetherin realtime. Strategy! Get the edge through researchand masterdevastating skills. Know when to be invisible and when toorder aninvasion! Building! Build the foundations of an Empirestrongenough to survive in a dragon fire warzone! Epic Fantasy!TheCamelot Legend lives. Awesome monsters and HD graphics todroolover. Now play the King of online games, King ofAvalon!SUPPORTAreyou havingproblems? King of Avalonis completely free to download and play,however, some game itemscan also be purchased for real money. Ifyou do not want to usethis feature, please select passwordprotection for purchases inyour Google Play Store app. A networkconnection is also required.Do you have what it takes to becomeKing?
Lords Mobile
Want to clash with 120 million global players? Dive intoLORDSMOBILE, the real-time strategy mobile MMO game chosen as oneofGoogle Play's Most Competitive Games, and an AndroidExcellenceGame of 2017!Explore exotic magical lands thrown intochaos byterrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Choose yourfavoriteheroes, make new friends, and charge fearlessly into war!Strikedown your foes and build an empire!FEATURES☆ An Open-WorldMobileGame ☆Join with millions of players in an open world, onmobile!See, chat, and clash with other players in this MMO game!☆FindingFriends ☆Unite your allies in your kingdom and ride intowartogether! ☆ Rule as the Emperor ☆Claim the throne in abattleroyale for the kingdom! Will your legacy as a ruler be justorcruel?! ☆ Powerful Heroes ☆Recruit and upgrade heroes withuniqueskills and character! Let them lead your kingdom to glory, ormixand match them to complete an RPG-style campaign that you willwantto play again and again! ☆ Master Your Strategy ☆How willyouprepare your troops for the clash? Think of new lineups andperfectyour strategy! Find the best way to strike down youropponent inthis top-notch mobile MMO SLG! ☆ Animated Battles☆Experience thethrill of war as armies clash in beautiful 3Dgraphics! ☆ SwitchingKingdoms ☆Establish your empire on new landsby moving to anyserver you want with a simple tap! Get mobile! ☆Choose Your Path☆Will you conquer enemy kingdoms and imprison rivallords? Will youliberate prisoners of war? Or will your kingdom andempire crumbleto dust? ☆ Summon Familiars ☆Forge pacts withfearsome monsters andmake them Familiars! Train and groom your newcompanions to theirfull potential. With their powers by your side,nothing can standin your way!Write your own legacy, only in LORDSMOBILE!OfficialFacebook Page: This gamerequires aninternet connection to play.[App Permission]Devicesrunning Lollipop(OS 5.1.1) or below can enable the following tosave game data onexternal storage.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Total Conquest
Sound the call to battle and join legionsofplayers online in a battle to control the Roman Empire!TotalConquest is an exciting and strategic social game where youare aRoman governor developing your own city-state and army. ButwithCaesar dead, there’s no more playing games: You’ll need to joinapowerful Legion -- or forge your own -- to defeat yourenemies,protect your lands, and reign supreme. Vae victis!Finally, a real war strategy game comes to Android!BUILD A MIGHTY ROMAN PROVINCE√ Build and manage your own unique city-state√ Defend your city with Towers, Traps, Walls, Gates andgarrisonedunitsFIGHT EPIC BATTLES√ Hire, train and upgrade 10 different unit types, each withaspecific role√ Take on a challenging solo campaign to master the art ofwargames√ Battle players from around the world and lead your armytovictoryFORGE AN UNSTOPPABLE LEGION√ Invite friends from Facebook and Google+√ Create or join a Legion of powerful players and getreinforcementsfrom the other members√ Coordinate with your allies to win Legion Wars√ Fight to increase your Legion ranking and earn greatrewards√ Compare your scores on Google+ or the in-game leaderboardFor fans of free strategy social games, army/war games, oranyonewho enjoys a good online fight.Enter the battle, get ready for the war, and enjoy hoursoffun!* All this available on smartphones and tablets!_____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Battle for the Galaxy
Pilots - start your engines! Marines - take yourblasters!Commanders - start the battle!BATTLE FOR THE GALAXYBattlefor theGalaxy is an exciting mixture of tower defense, strategyanddynamic battles. Create a powerful army and joincorporation.Attack enemies to earn glory and valuableresources.Download Battlefor the Galaxy now!Game features: ● Freeonline strategy game● PvPwith elements of tower defense●Outstanding art and visuals ● 20+buildings to construct and upgradeto turn just-survived base intoa mighty planetary fortress ●Recruit an army of Space marines,Rocket troopers, giant mechs,Battle cruisers, and a lot of otherunits ready to fight for you●Create Corporations with otherplayers and unite to prevail againstthe others● Participate inevery imaginable kind of wars and getgreat prizes: win theLeagues, Tournaments, duels and Raids!●Complete daily challengesto earn awesome rewards, login daily andcollect valuable bonuses.●Never get bored again because we’reworking our best to update thegame making it more exciting toplay!Required permissions:● Modifyor delete the contents of your SDcard● Read the contents of yourSD cardIn order for the game tofunction properly we needpermission to read and write to your SDcard. This is required tobe able to download and store additionalgame content like units,maps, buildings and so on.
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, anddevastatingdrones straight from the Call of Duty franchise in this3D combatstrategy game. Customize your base and train elite forcestodominate your enemies in fierce battles featuring fullycontrollableheroes and epic Killstreaks, like the first-personchopper gunner.Take command of a small outpost and build it upinto an impenetrablebase. Then go on the offensive, launchingattacks against yourenemies. Take direct control of heroes such asPrice, Soap, andHarper, wreaking havoc with game-changingKillstreaks. Create deadlyalliances with your friends, competingfor in-game rewards.Features: • Take control of and level upiconic heroes from the Callof Duty franchise, including Call ofDuty: WWII, Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black OpsII, and more. Each hero hastheir own progression system and uniqueKillstreaks.• Train andspecialize your army using units directlyfrom Call of Duty, such asJuggernauts, Dragonfires, and CLAWs.•Unleash Killstreaks such asthe drone strike, UAV, care package,and chopper gunner to devastateopponents.• Build and upgrade yourbase into a fortress with sentryguns, Guardians, SAM turrets,howitzers, mines, and over 30 otherupgradable structures.*Defendyour base against attackers and go onthe offensive in three uniquemodes: PvP, Campaign, and Survival •Team up with your friends toform alliances, donate troops, anddominate your enemies. Like Us!---> for Updates!---> our Forums!---> our Wiki!---> Support?---> An internet connectionisrequired to play this game. Please note this app containssocialfeatures that allow you to connect and play with friends,in-apppurchases that cost real money, and push notifications toinformyou when exciting events or new content are taking place inthegame. You can choose whether or not to utilize these features.©2014 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTYaretrademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarksandtrade names are the properties of their respective owners.Bydownloading, installing or using this App, you agreetoActivision's privacy policy and terms of us, as may be updatedbyActivision from time to time. Pleasevisit toviewActivision's privacy policyand to viewActivision'sterms of use.
Grow a flourishing civilization and journey through all ofhumanhistory as the leader of a mighty Nation!BUILD a uniquevillage ofyour own design. LEAD loyal citizens from the dawn ofantiquity tothe modern era. BATTLE cooperatively and competitivelywith playersfrom across the world. RAID competing Nations for alltheir goodloot!Battle and build a civilization through history asyou aim toconquer the world in DomiNations.DOMINATIONSFEATURES:GREATLEADERS!• At the new University, consult Leonardo DaVinci,Catherine the Great, King Sejong and other historicthoughtleaders.• Strengthen your Nation with the best warstrategy!BRANDNEW EVENTS!• Accomplish fun limited-time goals basedon actualevents from history.• Collect rare rewards to help yourNationadvance so they can conquer the world!FROM THE STONE AGE TOTHESPACE AGE• Lead a colony of early hunters and gatherers ontheirconquest through the ages from the dawn of civilization tothemodern era.• Design a small civilization and grow it intoathriving metropolis.• Build historic Wonders of theWorld,including famous landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt and theRomanColosseum.CHOOSE YOUR NATION AND LEAD AN ARMY• Battle as ofone of8 fearsome Nations on its journey through time.• Choose oneof thegreat civilizations from history like the Romans, British,Chinese,French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Greeks.• Tacklehistoricbattle campaigns to collect important resources and upgradeyourcity as you advance through history!• Each civilization hasaspecial strength to help you build unique units.• Battlethroughhistory and advance your city, like longbowmen, vandals, andthemighty samurai!DISCOVER NEW TECHNOLOGIES• Legendary gamedesignerBrian Reynolds brings history to life in every era askeyadvancements from each period in history will help youprogressyour epic civilization!• Research each civilization, newmaterials,invent advanced weaponry, and develop trade to grow abustlingeconomy.• Through scientific discovery, strengthen yourtroops withbetter equipment, upgrade your buildings and town centerwithmodern materials.• Create a war strategy to bolster yourdefensesas you grow stronger. FORM AN ALLIANCE AND WAGE WORLD WAR•Put yourpowerful Nation to the ultimate test in PvP combat and raidyourenemies’ cities for huge bunches of loot!• Battle forcrucialresources, untold wealth, and total world domination.• Teamup withother skilled rulers and forge an unstoppable Alliance.•Unleashthe full force of your armies with a unique battle strategytooutwit and outlast your opponents in 50-on-50 Alliancewarfare.•Conquer the globe in World War and take home the spoilsofwar!Build one of history’s greatest civilizations and developabattle strategy to conquer opponents. Join an alliance andachieveworld domination in DomiNations!Download now to startbuildingyourcivilization!PrivacyPolicy:
Kingdom Rush
The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now availableonAndroid for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journeytodefend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evilwizardsand other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers andspells atyour command!Fight on forests, mountains andwastelands,customizing your defensive strategy with different towerupgradesand specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies,summonreinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriorsandface legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom fromtheforces of darkness!GAME FEATURES:★ Epic defense battles thatwillhook you for hours!★ Command your soldiers and see them engageinhand to hand cartoon battles!★ 8 specialized tower upgradestocustomize your strategy! Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Wizards,ForestRangers to name a few.★ Over 18 tower abilities! HaveyourSorcerers summon earth elementals and polymorph your enemies!★Over50 different enemies, from Goblins to Demons each with theirownskills! (Beware of the mountain Trolls!)★ 9 Heroes: Chooseyourchampion to lead your troops to victory!★ Intense boss fightsneverseen on a defense game!★ Hours of gameplay with over60achievements ★ Extra game modes that will challenge yourtacticalskills to the limit.★ High definition awesome illustratedcartoonart!★ In-game encyclopedia with information from your towersandenemies.★ Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!HEARD ONTHEMEDIA:89/100 Metacritic score!"Probably the best true towerdefensegame. It's funny, it's polished, and it's hard as balls. "-IGN(Editor's choice 9/10 "Amazing")"One of the most engaging TDgameswe've played..." (STP Score of 4 out of 4"MustHave")"Kingdom Rush can be filed in the thin folder marked"gamesthat are pretty much perfect" "This is onekingdomyou'll be in no rush to escape from" -PocketGamer (GoldAward -Score 9) "Kingdom Rush proves that the defense genre isstillalive."-148Apps (4.5 Stars out of 5) Editor's Choice"TD withaTouch of Excellence" (4.5 stars out of 5)#8atCNET's Top 30 Tablet games.#7 at IGN's Top 25 Mobile games.
Rise of the Kings
Our brand new hero system is just around the corner! In theeverturbulent land of ROK war is here, there... everywhere. Peoplearesuffering from war and pain. In these, the most crucial oftimes, agroup of heroes must rise up! They are a group of the mostgiftedpeople and the most magical of creatures coming! Withtheirtremendous talent, they will turn the tide in battle or playapivotal role in your Castle development. Choose the heroesyouyearn for in the new update, and have them join the fightagainstyou enemies! The Great Dragon casts his shadow across theland...InRise of the Kings, players from all over the world battleto rulethis new epic real time strategy game online. Utilizing thebest oftheRTS, RPG, and MMO gaming genres, take your place in thisepicwar game as one of many Lords fighting for survival in ahostilefantasy world. In this army game you hold the fate of yourkingdom,your army, and yourself firmly in your hands. Tap andinstall thismobile game to train an army to clash with evil in thebest onlineempire game available! Rally your friends and engage inepicclashes against determined enemies and fearsome foes.Utilizeclever strategy, superior leadership, and cunning diplomacy,torise to the top and claim the crown and the throne. Downloadthistop fantasy RTS MMO today on your phone or tablet and beginplayingonline with players from around the world! Amass Your Army -Gatherfriends, old and new, and form a top Alliance to conquer thebestnew war strategy game available. - Build your empire and trainanarmy, then lead them in PVP war against friends, new and old!-Train your army, lead them into battle, and crushyourenemies.Explore the Wild Lands! - Stalk the monster clansroamingthe lands and dungeons, and kill them to sharpen your skillsandclaim their treasure. - Explore the dark dungeons inside theRuinsof the old Kings, and face down the Dark Guards to uncovertheriches of the ancients. A King will Rise - If you lovePvPchallenges, then prove your mettle against the best Lords intheRealm. - Grow faster, build faster, train faster, and then putitall on the line against the terrifying Orcs, the ghastlyGrimmRaider Clan, and more as you clash with other ambitious Lords.- Doyou have what it takes to Rise and become King? Shoot us amessageat with any questions or commentsrelating tothis wicked multiplayer strategy war game. Ask usanything! Also,connect with Rise of the Kingsandfriends:
Era of War:Clash of epic Clans
Era of War: Clash of epic Clans. Top real-time strategy gamefromVietnam!Have guts? Join and show off your leadership!Buildandupgrade your army to conquer the WorldConstruct and facilitateyourbase to fend of raiders.Forge a mighty Clan with worldwideplayers.Lead you Clan to resounding triumph. A great leader alwayscomes upwith great strategies! Era of War: Clash of epic Clansbrings youback to ancient Northern Europe time when human beingsandsupernatural powers were implacable enemies. What you need to doisto build a powerful army and putting your strategic talentintopractice in order to fight against players all over theworld,occupy their resources and earn reputation.Strive topenetrate intoenemy’s territory, drop your troops at appropriatepositions todestroy their defensive structures. Construct animpregnablefortress and declare your absolute sovereignty in such achaoticera. Join a Clan to strengthen your military forces andfight inepic Clan battles. Era of War: Clash of epic ClansFEATURES:• FREETO PLAY with eye-candy graphics, lively sound effects• Buildyourvillage into an unbeatable fortress with numerousdefensivestructures• Conquer others to gain reputation and lootsfor thedevelopment of your Empire• Raise your own army with morethan 10unique units and multiple levels of upgrades• Discoveryourfavorite attacking army from countless combinations oftroops,spells, special warriors, etc.• Overthrow the campaign modeto earnvaluable resources• Form a Clan, invite friends andplayersworldwide to join and share breath-taking moments as well asthetaste of victory. • Battle against rival Clans in Clan Wars togainmore and more resources. Era of War: Clash ofepicClansSUPPORTShould you have any problems, we are here tohelp:Fanpage: +841655 077 334All of your inquirieswill be addressed within 24hours.Era of War: Clash of epicClanVersion 2.01. Updates:- Newgraphic design and graphical userinterface- Updated graphic designof Food storage, Clan Hall andResearch Center- Updated graphicdesign of Punch Trap, ClusterBomb, Single Air Bomb - Updatedgraphic design of Gasbag, King Kongand Warriors - Visual change ofClan’s icon. - Cannon level 13 -Dragon level 5 and Fire bat level 7- Oil rig available to be builtat Stronghold level 72. Newfeatures- Able to transfer and linkdevices- Rename card - Able to“boost all” resource collectors. -Able to boost defensive system inClan wars. - Display countdowntimer during battle replay- AdjustSoul, Goddess of Archery,Bombing spell and Rampage spell’sindicators- Adjust the number ofcups received 3. Bug fixes- Fixseveral bugs
Jungle Heat: War of Clans
Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you can playonany device or social network.The tropics full of oil and goldarelanguishing under the onslaught of General Blood. Your task istofree the native riches, to rip them out of the hands ofthebloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself! Thetreasuresof the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages. Soonward -fortify the walls, hire troops, and onward to battle!Brutalbattles, military bases, wild jungles, and all this displayedwithbeautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings, whichwilldelight even the most ardent fans of battle games. Downloadtodayand join the battle for the treasures of the jungle. If youwant tocontinue the game on another device or social network, go tothesettings section of the game, select "OTHER DEVICE", and followtheinstructions. Continue to play on other platforms withoutlosingany progress. In Jungle Heat, you can develop your militarybaseinto an unassailable fortress, battle with other players,razetheir bases to ashes, unite into invincible clans, andparticipatein regular tournaments. Play on any Android smartphoneor tablet.★★★ Game features: ★★★✔ Simplicity and fun: battles areas simpleas one, two, three, and what is more, each battle isunique! ✔Freedom of maneuver: plan out your base, upgrade buildingsandtroops, set up an ideal defense, and think up an effectiveattack!✔ Battles with other players: attack blindly, or takerevenge onyour oppressors! ✔ Assemble an army of unique heroes,whosedifferent capabilities can change the course of battle! Eachbattlethey fight is saturated with an atmosphere of old schoolwarmovies. ✔ Regular tournaments: Participate in individual andclantournaments, show the entire world that you and your clan arethebest! ✔ Cross-platform capability: Play on social networks oronany mobile device; ✔ Bright, colorful graphics: an explosionofcolor in the jungle!✔ Dynamic music: an atmosphere ofendlesstropical fun!If you like Jungle Heat, don't forget to giveit fivestars.Do you have questions or need help? Check the FAQ orwrite tous, we will help you:★★★Joinour communities: ★★★✔Facebook:✔Twitter:✔G+:!Areliable internet connection is required for JungleHeat.Attention!The game requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission inorder to save yourgame's progress. In the event that the game isdeleted or lost inany way, you will always be able to restart thegame and restoreyour saved progress.We use a device identifieronly to save theprogress of the game, and not for anythingelse.PRIVACY POLICY: OFUSE:
World at Arms
★★★★★Happy 5th Anniversary!!!★★★★★Build your army, plan your attack and deploy your forces foranall-out, modern war game that spans the entire world, fromthedeepest ocean to the skies above!Battle against the KRA, a rogue army with invasion plans foreverynation. Only you and your allies have the power and skills towipethem out in the exciting Solo Campaign mode. But you canalsochallenge your friends for fun and glory in thechallengingmultiplayer mode that truly tests your strategy.Take advantage of the rich social features to find allies anddeviseyour next cunning strike with the chat feature. Then join orcreateyour own Faction to combine forces and truly become a forceto bereckoned with! You can even make your name known on theleaderboardsby challenging rivals and skillfully stealing theirresources.FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. FIGHT FOR FREE!√ Enjoy a free world war simulation game with brilliantgraphics,stunning animations, and realistic modern military units&buildings.PROSPER & PROTECT√ Build up your base by constructing and improving facilitiesthatunlock new weapons, technology and tactics.√ Collect resources to fuel your military nation,upgradefacilities, fuse army units and complete numerousachievements toearn free bonuses.A TRUE WORLD WAR√ Engage in innovative battles across the globe and onvariousterrains including scorching deserts, urban cityscapes,oceandepths and anywhere else the war spreads.AWAKEN THE SUPER SOLDIER√ Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game onthemarket that offers deep-sea exploration and battles!√ Construct the new super unit: Atlas. This immortal war robot isarelic from an ancient nation, but can be the ultimategame-changerin battle!THE FACTION FACTOR√ Form a Faction with your friends and allies to pool yourpowers,talk strategy, help each other out, and achieve levels ofpowerthat would be all but impossible alone.√ Connect with your friends via Facebook and call forreinforcementsfrom their units during battle.√ Build a Faction Base where you and your allies can buildandshared facility that you must all help to protectfrominvaders.√ Contribute units to become the invader and strike rivalFactionBases for huge rewards and ultimate bragging rights.World at Arms is perfect for armchair commanders, fans ofmilitarystrategy games, modern warfare games, tank games, submarinegamesand tycoon games, as well as anyone who loves giant robots,cunningtactics, and fighting for domination in a mobile MMO.DownloadWorld at Arms for free and enjoy probably the bestmodern-warstrategy game on the market!________________________________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you to athirdparty site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Castle Defense
Castle TD: The best strategy/arcade castle defenseever!Commander,our world is in great danger which we’ve neverfaced! Not onlyorcs, but also goblins, spirits, devils and othermonster aretrying to destroy us! Build your defense and stop themnow!MightyWarriors:You can choose wizard, paladin or barbarian asyourwarrior and deploy them to the battlefield. Withadvancedequipment, they can stop or kill enemies on theirown.FantasticProps:There are 4 fantastic props for you. They can begood optionsno matter you want to destroy all enemies or justhealyourself.Powerful Towers:There are 4 basic towers which canbedeveloped into 8 premier towers. Different appearance,differentfunctions and different combinations all under yourcontrol!EpicGraphics:All 15 maps are hand-drawn cartoon style andperfect forhigh definition screen. With numerous effects, we aregoing topresent you so many fierce war fields.Mission Mode:15challenginglevels, different ways of playing, gathering,protecting, attackingand more!Arena Mode:Compete with millions ofplayers over theworld. And thousands of runes to boost yourperformance.Features:.3unique warriors including wizard, paladin& barbarian.4gorgeous props which help you turning defeat intovictory.12powerful towers.15 epic battlefields.20+monsters.30+achievements.100+ challenging levels.And more… ***Supports allAndroid tablet devices. ***App permissionsNotes: weaskREAD_PHONE_STATE App Permission to get the unique ID forstoringgame data.Tips:. If you can't play arena mode, open sdcard,entercastleTD, remove 'arena' directory, and try again.. If thegamecrashes when loading level in hard mode: The problem is thatyourphone has low memory. We'll try to improve it, but I can't makeapromise. Because the game needs to load more pictures thannormalmode .Here is another people's reply, he has the sameproblembefore:Yes you are completely right! Cleared some ram and Ijustplayed and beat hard 14-3 I will find a way to clear more ramon myphone! Cheers if you can get some time to reduce thememoryrequired to play a level that would be awesome! I think Imight beable to complete hard mode now!!Thank you for your help!:-). Anyproblem, please feel free to contact
Mafia City
★ ★Genuine underworld strategy mobile game, play with millions of players worldwide★ ★☆Worldwide connection, no color, language or nationality differences and together compete to become the Godfather. ☆Clan, plunder, occupy and upheavals between gangs, intrigues, and compete for the honored seat of King of Mafias.☆Super hardcore and ultra hectic mafia life. Struggle for power and fulfill your ‘Alpha’ dream, you’ll not be able to “stop" playing!☆Live interactive turf war, daily battle whole year round. ★ ★Game features★ ★ ☆☆3D HD Unity game engine, ultimate gaming screen Zooming feature, 360-degrees multi-angle with well-graphic picture, providing a near real virtual reality.☆☆Live strategy RallyingCome! Along with brothers, we'l corner our enemy and battle if words don’t work. Establish your Clan's forces and wake those potential talents. If you don’t crush them here, tomorrow they'll crush you.☆☆One and only worldwide server, along with professional translation system capable of translating all language to one✔Background and communication, matters not. Here, there are only brothers and loyalty. ✔Rule with brothers everywhere; Situate in the Coast, set aim for the vast East and into the world, unify the gang.☆☆Four major features and over dozens of gangster waiting to be recruited ☆☆✔ Brawlers, not even the word‘human weapon'can describe their ferociousness. To them, conflicts are just general lifestyle. ✔ Shooters are capable of wielding all kinds of arms, from submachine guns, rifles to artillery and many more. ✔ Bikers, with tons of heavy locomotives which move like lightning, robbing and setting things alight. Definitely a nightmare for all gangsters! ✔ Modified Vehicle can be done from a minivan to a military Hummer. There's nothing we can't change, only what you can't imagine.MafiaCityStudio Official Customer Serviceemail:mafia@yottagames.comOfficial Facebook Fanspage: Customer Service -Secretary(Secretary always at your side)
King's Empire
One of the hottest online strategy games featured in 78countriesand enjoyed by over 8 million players worldwide. Come andPlayNOW!Lead your people and build an unrivaled empire to beginyourworld CONQUEST. Be the KING of your own realm!FEATURES: • WinEPICPVP wars with powerful allies. Form the ULTIMATE allianceswithmillions of players online and conquer kingdoms. • CUSTOMIZEyoursoldiers of infantry, archers, cavalry, magicians, sorcerers,andmore; • Prepare your army to ATTACK and DEFEND againstotherkingdoms. Plan legendary battles and be listed in the Hall ofFame.• TRADE resources in the real-time auction house. Showyourbusiness talent and use smarts to manage your resources. •Exploremysterious dark magic. SUMMON dragon runes to strengthenyoursoldiers. • RESEARCH a range of technologies to enhanceresourceproduction, military power, and defensive strength; • Takecontrolof city-states and villages to obtain resources and EXPANDyourterritory for glory.There are many more options for you toexplore!Carve your own path to uphold the crown.-Facebook:
Conquerors: Clash of Crowns
Conquerors is a grand strategy game set in the warring periodofhistorical Arabia. Establish a foothold in the World byrecruitingpowerful Heroes, amassing a mighty army, and conqueringProvinceswith your Guild. With every village and fortressconquered, you areone step closer to ultimate rule of the Palace!☆Recruit LegendaryHeroes☆ Armed with powerful skills, Heroes areversatile elites.Have them lead sieges to take down enemy cities orgarrison them tosafeguard your own. Experiment with different Herocombinations andgive yourself a strategic edge! ☆A RewardingCampaign☆ Progressthrough the Campaign to get Heroes and Equipment!Don your Heroesin full gear for great power-ups! ☆Innovative TroopSystem☆ Newlytrained troops start out as reinforcements, and can beassigned toother types (Cavalry, Infantry, Ranged Unit, or SiegeEngine) basedon your needs. ☆Guild Action Galore☆ Join a Guild andseek alliesto fight in Skirmishes, Guild Wars, Province Battle,PalaceWarfare, and World Invasion! Teamwork will be the key tosuccess!☆Province Battle☆ Take over Provinces to earn your Guildrewardsand bragging rights. Don’t overlook the NPC forces while youarefocused on other players! Multitasking is a vital skillforsuccess! ☆Palace Conqueror☆ No ruler is complete without aPalaceof their own. Rise to be King, and enjoy privileges likerenamingthe World, and more! ☆Clash of Tactics☆ Outwit youropponents inthe weekly Arena season, and climb the tiers forspectacularrewards! ☆The World is Your Playground☆ Freely migratebetweenWorlds to find one that suits your play style. Choose anemptierWorld to lie low and develop, or one packed with players toraid!☆Unique Style and Gameplay☆ With a lavish Arabian theme filledwithmystery and wonder, experience a fresh and unique style inbothbuilding and combat gameplay! ☆Your Own City☆ The foundation ofamighty army is a well-run city! Upgrade buildings, researchTech,train Troops, and promote Heroes to stayahead!※SUPPORT※Facebook:
Grow Empire: Rome
Grow Empire: Rome is a captivating game, mixing tower defense(TD)and strategy mechanisms with role playing (RPG) elements.YouareCaesar, mighty leader of the Roman republic, your objective istodefeat other civilizations in ancient Europe with an armymade-upof roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes and barbarianmercenaries.Be ready for War!Turn a small republic in the heart ofthe Italianpeninsula into the greatest civilization the world hasever seen.Lead a bunch of weak peasants into the fierceness ofbattle to turnthem into invincible warriors.Upgrade your strongholdto defendfrom the most fearful barbarian's clans and armies fromItaly,Gallium, Carthage and Iberian peninsula. Conquer them toexpandyour dominions and see your nation wealth grows.The gloryisawaiting for you Caesar!Veni Vidi Vici!Features:• TowerDefense(TD), Strategy and Role Playing (RPG) elements.• +1400 wavestosurvive.• +100 cities to conquer in ancient Europe.•+1000buildings upgrades.• +35 different Roman troops to researchandunlock.• 4 European enemy factions, each with +12differenttroops.• Siege weapons and war elephants!• 4 heroes withspecialskills.• +18 Skills to unlock.
CITADELS 🏰 Medieval War Strategy with PVP
This game will win the hearts of PVP military strategy fans withitsadventures and unique game mechanics. You will never getboredthanks to the diversity of gameplay: building, wars andmilitarycampaigns, castle sieges and tower defense, battles for thethroneusing swords and spells, manifold missions and expeditions onthenew game world map.You can be part of a strong guild or foundyourown clan with its own artifacts, spells and unique militaryunits.Your goal is to defeat other players from all around theworldthrough cunning and strategy. Both military tactics and theeconomyof your town must be part of your strategy. And so, you areapowerful Lord. You are to begin a new era of heroes. You haveawhole kingdom at your command. You can build houses andbridges,surround them with walls, and erect castles, one of whichwilleventually turn into a true citadel. You can focus onminingresources or develop epic power instead.Brave knights,immortalelves, deadly archers, fearless barbarian vikings andmightywizards will serve you. They will defend your castle, takepart inPVP battles and faction wars. Your heroes will masterwarfare inthe battle arena. They will become the backbone of yourunstoppablearmies.GAME FEATURES: ☆Build your town of heroes,develop it andcollect resources.☆Start you own clan and guide yourcompanions tovictory or choose a powerful guild☆Decide on yourarmy's size andcomposition, take your soldiers' features intoconsideration anduse them effectively.☆Hire unique mercenaries,warriors and heroes,who can decide whole battles alone.☆Researchsciences. Each upgradewill help you reduce casualties or getricher.☆Seize control overthe powers of fire and ice! WhichElemental would youprefer?☆Defeat every camp or castle standing inyour way, quenchyour thirst for power!☆Build alliances with otherplayers, usemilitary tactics and diplomatic tricks.☆Walk the pathof a warriorin real-time strategy. And remember: he who dares,wins!NOTE: anInternet connection and 60 MB of extra memory arerequired duringinstallation.Ask your questions using our contactform:
Dawn of Titans
The BEST graphics on mobile – You’ve never seen a game likethisbefore! Control COLOSSAL TITANS and THOUSANDS OF WARRIORSinSTUNNING 3D wars!CAPTURE enemy lands, grow your army, and cometofight, because in Dawn of Titans you either GO BIG or youGOHOME!Join your friends and PLAY FOR FREE! In the mostmassiveACTION-STRATEGY game on mobile!Key Features:►Console-QualityGraphics: Build your kingdom and fight enemies in astunning 3Dfantasy world.► Dominate with Massive Titans: Equipcolossalwarriors with powerful gear and lead them into epic PvPbattles.►Real-Time Battle Control: Go to war with thousands oftroops, allunder your direct control.► Nonstop Events &Campaigns:Remember to check back for daily quests, uniquecampaigns, andalliance events.► Forge an Unstoppable Alliance:Unite with friendsto strategize in real-time MMO chat and dominateother kingdoms.►Build the Ultimate Kingdom: Clash against themasses, to captureland and rise up the world ranks.----------Dataconnection requiredto play.To prevent unauthorized purchases,select “Set or ChangePIN” from the Google Play settings menu,create a PIN, then enablethe “Use PIN for Purchases” option. Youwill then be required toenter your PIN before everytransaction.Dawn of Titans is publishedby NaturalMotionGamesAdditional information:The game is free toplay; however,in-app purchases are available for additionalcontent and in-gamecurrency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to$99.99 USD.Use ofthis application is governed by the Zynga Termsof Service, found at and use ofpersonal data are subject to Zynga’s PrivacyPolicy, found at
Little Commander - WWII TD
Are you tired of hard core defense games? Then, try this one!Thisisan easy-to-play tower defense game in a very cute cartoonstyle.Warhas entered the intensified stage: the city has beensurrounded bytanks; the guards have lost contact with the mainforce. At thiscritical moment, how should you rescue yourcompanions as a littlecommander? Take your heart and you maychange the war!In this game,you shall act as a little commander,who has taken control of asmall troop temporarily. Your goal is tofight against the waves ofenemies’ attacks! While fighting againstyour enemies, you should toimprove your strategy and become abetter commander! There are 6different types of upgradable turretsavailable in the game; youshould arrange them wisely on theenemies’ pathway to blockthem.FEATURES:- Supports English, 简体中文 ,正體中文, 日本語, 한국의- Strongatmosphere of World War II, thecartoon-style graphic design and theexcellent sound effect.- Realweapons in World War II are availablein cartoon style: [Bazooka /155mm Cannon / B-29 Bomber / Panzer VIAusf. E Tiger / ZeppelinAirship].- Easy to operate: drag and dropto build units; pinch tozoom in/out.- 75 well designed levels, andmore are coming soon.- 3different game modes (Normal, Endless,Single Life)- 6 differenttypes of upgradable turrets.- 10 types ofwell designed enemyunits.- Special Weapons: call bombers to destroyall enemies bycarpet bombing- 3 different eye-catching themeterrains.- Facilityfor newbie: enjoy the 'free and easy' casualmode! - Famous battlesin WW II are available, including Normandylandings, Battle ofStalingrad, Poland blitzkrieg, Battle of Moscow,OperationBarbarossa, Battle of Berlin and many more.- Record 30famousbattles int WW II, which contains Normandy landings, BattleofStalingrad, Poland blitzkrieg, Battle of Moscow,OperationBarbarossa, Battle of Berlin and manymore.------------------------------Cat Studio - We do TDright!Check outthese exciting TD games by Cat Studio!And many more!Visit ourgames on'sFacebook Page:'sTiwtter: Studio'sYoutubeChannel: Little Commander - WW IITD:
Ever wanted to build your own city? Welcome to Megapolis,aneconomic city building strategy game based on the law ofmarkets.Megapolis stands out from other city building games andtycoonsimulators with its thoughtful approach to gameplay and hugerangeof features. Build houses and skyscrapers, expand yourterritory,collect resources and take part in different competitionswiththousands of other players all over the world - the fate ofyourcity is in your hands, Mayor. Prove that you are the perfectcityplanner!Play the best city sim absolutely free!All you need isasmartphone or tablet and an internet connection. In thisstrategygame you’ll find everything you need to create your perfectcity: -well-developed economic modeling, allowing you toeffectivelymanage your city; - awesomely realistic 3D graphicswithmagnificent natural landscapes; - regular excitingupdates,innovations of architecture and world famous buildings -fromantiques to modern classics; - opportunities to invite friendsandvisit neighboring cities;free daily gifts; - the ability tobuildand expand your city; - a chance to join the globalleaderboard ofthe best players; - and even more!Megapolis isconstantly growing.Your gameplay experience is our priority, soupdates are releasedregularly. Great promotions are waiting for youin the game storeso you can adorn the streets of your city withunique buildings anddecorations.Create homes for your citizens,build factories andrestaurants, open parks and gardens, explore newislands andregions, and turn your Megapolis into the best city onthe planet!Have fun building a city from the ground up!In order tomake yourcity grow, you’ll have to learn the ropes of the Mayor'swork. Youneed to attract new citizens, build new roads,developinfrastructure - and don’t forget about the city treasury!Build anempire with airports, railway stations, seaports, miningrings, andwind, solar and atomic power plants. You can even launcha rocketto the Moon! The sky’s the limit!You can even merge townsandcities into states! Together with other Mayors and Tycoons, youcancreate the Capital of the State. Teamwork will open the doortoeven more new horizons!Megapolis is the best city simulatoraround!Join us and create the super city of your dreams! End-userLicenseAgreement:
Clash of Queens: Light or Darkness
You may apply for refund when the Property of Service isnotreceived in your account after your purchase. You may contactourcustomer service via link in game, or send us an emailatcoq_help@elex.comBuild a military empire and raise dragonstostrike your enemies in Clash of Queens! With fierce dragonsandmassive clan wars, the mobile strategy war genre soars toanentirely new level.Fight to defend the honor of your queen,orbetray her cause to gain power for yourself; the choice isyours.Raise a dragon, clash in epic battle, and form closefriendshipswith players from around the world in addicting onlinestrategygames. Knights fight and armies clash in this epic game ofwar,wits and dragons!From the makers of the massively popular ClashofKings comes the next chapter in the adventure.Be brave, beloyal,or be defeated.CLASH of QUEENS FEATURESDRAGONS RISE-- Dragonsroamthe land and clash with kingdoms in fiery battle-- Raise adragonfrom birth and train him to fight for your army-- Knightsanddragons battle in the epic Dragon hunting campaignALLIANCESYSTEM –MAKE EMPIRES ALLIES-- Queens and knights fight together ona globalserver and grow their kingdoms together-- Alliance memberssendresources, reinforcement troops and building speed-ups--Onlinegames with friends from around the world- Use thetranslationsystem to make friends with players in any languageBUILDA KINGDOM& STRENGTHEN YOUR ARMIES-- Build and upgrade multiplebuildingsat once by recruiting new citizens-- Start building yourdefensewith archers, infantrymen, cavalry and powerful magesMMO PvP&PvE BATTLES/EVENTS-- Kingdoms clash and dragons roar on anamazingonline battlefield-- PvP and PvE RTS gameplay- New eventsarealways around the corner-- Win gold and other prizes inanever-evolving battleSTRATEGY WAR GAMES ENTER A NEWGENERATION--Streamlined gameplay that makes for a smootherexperience andfaster growth-- Large scale battles with multiplealliances on bothsidesAn epic clash of empires unlike any other!Build a kingdom,raise a dragon, form an alliance and battlealongside onlineplayers in this revolutionary new strategy wargame!Download Clashof Queens today – Your throne is waiting!You mayapply for refundwhen the Property of Service is not received inyour account afteryour purchase. You may contact our customerservice via link ingame, or send us an email at .
Star Wars™: Commander
Fight for Your Side. Command The Galaxy.The Galactic War rageson.Where does your allegiance lie? Will you side with the Rebellionorthe Empire? Join the fight, build your base, recruit and trainyourarmy, strategically plan your defenses, and lead your troopstovictory on war-torn worlds throughout the galaxy! Battle withoragainst iconic characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker,HanSolo, and Princess Leia, and utilize or destroy units likeAT-ATs,Speeder Bikes, Wookiee Warriors, and Stormtroopers. Joinmillionsaround the globe to play in this epic combat strategygame.Commander, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands! FEATURES•CHOOSE to fight for the Rebellion or the Empire• TRAIN yourtroopsto charge into battle• BUILD units and vehicles withmultipleupgrades• DEFEND your base against enemy forces• COMPLETEoriginalstory missions and gain additional rewards• LEVEL UP yourheroes,troops, vehicles, and more• BATTLE on different worldswithin theStar Wars™ universe• TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS and allies toform theultimate squadUpgrade your Planetary Command building toscout andrelocate your base to new worlds such as Dandoran, Yavin4, Er’Kitand Hoth to expand your command and strengthen your squad.StarWars: Commander requires Android OS 4.0 or above and supportsbothtablets and phones.Before you download this experience,pleaseconsider that this app contains: • Social media links toconnectwith others• In-app purchases that cost real money,pushnotifications to let you know when we have exciting updateslikenew content• Advertising for some third parties, includingtheoption to watch ads for rewards• Advertising for The WaltDisneyFamily of CompaniesWe respect your wishes regarding yourPrivacy.You can exercise control and choice by resetting yourAdvertisingIdentifier in your device’s Privacy Settings. This appallowsaccess to your Google Play Account. You can upload and savecontentfrom this app to your device.Visit the official Star WarsCommanderwebsite – Policy–http://disneyprivacycenter.comTerms of Use–
Empires and Allies
Join your friends, form alliances, buildyourarmy and prepare for battle.Welcome to Empires & Allies, the criticallyacclaimedmodern-military strategy game that puts the weapons oftoday’sarmies at your fingertips, in a battle for control oftheglobe.FEATURES:-DEPLOY THE WEAPONS OF MODERN WAR from tactical nukes andhellfiremissiles to orbital strikes.-BUILD IN THE WAR FACTORY and craft all-new weapons plus epicioncannons, stealth generators, air-med dronehives, andmore....-BATTLE IN ALLIANCE WARS with up to 100 other players asyouralliance fights for control of the globe.-DESIGN YOUR PERFECT ARMY from the arsenals of today’smilitarieswith battle-hardened tanks, spider drones, helicopters,andmore.-DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS deliver increasingly difficult scenariosthatemulate the unpredictability of warfare.- SAVE THE WORLD from the GRA, an evil terrorist organization,anddefend your territories from other playersADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES:- Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms ofService.These Terms are available through the License Agreementfield below,and at For specific information about how Zynga collects andusespersonal or other data, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field below.- This game does permit a user to connect to social networks,suchas Facebook, and as such players may come into contact withotherpeople when playing this game.- Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to in thisgamemay also apply to you.- You will be given the opportunity to participate inspecialoffers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc. anditspartners.- Must be 13+ to play.
World Conqueror 3
World Conqueror 3 is a newly-developed strategy game releasedin2015 by EASYTECH!Commander! War is about to begin. Lead yourarmyand conquer the world!EASYTECH will continue to create themostoutstanding war strategy games asalways.【MilitaryCareer】-----------------------------------------------***32historicalCampaigns(3 difficulty levels) and 150 militaryTasks***5 Challengemodes to prove your commanding skills and 45Challenges intotal***Promote your generals, learn new Skills andhire moreGenerals from prestigious Military Academies all overtheworld***Accomplish assigned Tasks in cities and Tradewithmerchanrts in ports***Build various Wonders of the worldandexplore the Universe【ConquertheWorld】-----------------------------------------------***4scriptsfrom different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer1950,Conquer 1960***World pattern changes over time. Choose anycountryto join the war.***Choose different sides and countries togaindifferentawards.【Features】-----------------------------------------------***Real-timegameplay: you will experience World War II, the Cold War andModernWarfare***50 Countries and 200 famous Generals will jointhis GlobalWar***148 Military Units available and 35 specialgeneralSkills***12 Technology, including Conventional Weapons,Naval, AirForce, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons, Space Weapons andetc***42 wolrdWonders will play a key role in your victory***11ConquerorAchievements awaits you***Open Auto battle and AI willlead insteadof you***Seamless World Map and zoomin&out***Support Androidx86 (Intel inside devices)
Lords & Knights - Medieval Strategy MMO
Strategic alliances with other players, fierce campaigns and warsaswell as massive fortresses await you in Lords & Knights!Trade,complete missions and discover technologies. Recruit armiesof nobleknights to protect your castle or conquer othercities.Conquer anempire and make your enemies quiver beforeyou.Lords & Knightsis a free to play medieval strategy MMO. Atfirst you take controlof one castle and its knights. As time goesby, you can expand yourrealm all the way to an empire with theright strategy. Conquer thecities of your enemies and become themost powerful ruler of themedieval times.RAISE A POWERFUL ARMY ANDLEAD IT INTO WAR!Recruitseveral medieval units like knights andfoot soldiers. Lead theminto battle against other lords with theright strategy and tactics,or send them on lucrative missions.Among these missions, you willfind adventures such as driving offrobbers, taking part in a joustor hold a castle festival in honorof your empire.CONSTRUCTION ANDDEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CASTLES INTOMASSIVE FORTRESSESImprove yoursimple starting castle all the wayto a powerful fortress. You canstock up on resources for the warin your keep, while you are comingup with tactics and strategiesfor the upcoming battles. Strengthenyour armies by improving yourarmory and researching newtechnologies. Improve the defense ofyour realm by erectingfortifications or improve your resourceproduction. Strategy andtactics are an important part of thecreation of your defense andyou decide on them as the king!ANALLIANCE SYSTEM THAT FACILITATESJOINT CONQUESTSFound an allianceor join an existing one, in orderto plan the strategy andconstruction of your medieval empire withhundreds of otherplayers. You can forge non aggression treaties andcreate allianceswith other alliances or march into war together.You can take ondifferent roles within these alliances, for examplethat of theminister of war or of defense and exchange informationwith yourfriends and other lords in the forum and the livealliancechat.PEACEFUL REALM OR WARLIKE EMPIREInteract with otherlords inorder to plan attacks or set up your defense. You cansupport themwith armies and resources. Defend each other throne!Shoulddiplomacy fail, another solution would be a well planned warofconquest with numerous attacks on enemy cities. Send outyourarmies and plunder the resources of your enemy or assaulthisfortifications, conquer his castle and make it a part ofyourempire and expand your realm. Make sure that your most hatedenemywon’t remain a king for long!Show everyone that you have whatittakes to be the king of an entire realm and conquer athrone!Becomea fan on Facebook: MMO Lords & Knights is free to play and needsanactive internet connection.Take a look at the rest of our freetoplay games:- Celtic Tribes – Celtic Strategy MMO- Crazy Tribes–post apocalyptic MMO
Warlings: Armageddon
Bring Armageddon to your enemies and everything around them inthisnew edition of Warlings, a turn based strategy enjoyed by over3million players! Plan ahead and fight with almost 30 weapons on10unique maps (more to come!). Defeat other players online andreachthe Master rank. You can play with friends too.FEATURES:●Fullydestructible terrain● 29 awesome weapons● 10 qualitymaps●Customizable troops● Play online or over Bluetooth● Onlinerankedgames● Hot-seat mode
Throne: Kingdom at War
Plarium LLC
We welcome you to the legendary world ofwiseKings, great Lords and valiant Heroes. Walk the exciting pathof acity builder and warlord! Assemble an army of faithful warriorsingleaming armor. Create a powerful Order and demonstrate yourmightto players from all over the world. Glorious victories inbloodybattles for supremacy in the Kingdom and the brutal struggleforthe ancient Throne are just a small part of all the adventuresthatawait you in the lands of fearless rulers.From the moment you begin the game, the atmosphere of amedievaltown in an expansive Kingdom, courageous marches, battlesandancient riches will take you on an unforgettable journey. MyLord,your vassals are waiting for your orders!Throne: Kingdom at War is free to play. You can purchasein-gamecurrency in exchange for real money. It gives you theability tobuy various boosts and items that will make your gamingexperiencemore dynamic and exciting. If you want to switch off thisoption,you can set a password in the Google Play Store menu toprevent anyunwanted purchases.Game features:- Access to a completely free mode- High-grade graphics and sound- Localization into multiple languages- You can create your own Order or join an existing one- Dynamic real-time battles with players from all overtheworld- Several troop classes to choose from: knights, spearmen,ranged,cavalry, siege, scouts- Armor, weapons and other equipment crafting for your Hero- Numerous quests and errands with valuable rewardsWe are constantly improving the app, making it better andmoreentertaining. You also can help us sending your feedbackandsuggestions.Support: Policy: of Use:
Game of War - Fire Age
Don’t miss your chance to become legendary!Lead massive armiesintoepic battles against dragons, monsters, and players from aroundtheglobe in the most addicting, interactive strategy game! Areyouready for an action-packed adventure?FEATURES✔ Build&customize your very own Empire✔ Choose your role! Are youabuilder? A soldier? A leader? You decide.✔ Train, level-up,anddeck out your Heroes✔ Craft legendary weapons to rise abovethecompetition✔ Train vast armies to lead into action packedbattleson the stunning World Map✔ Play & chat with millions ofonlineplayers worldwide in 32 different languages – all inreal-time✔Forge alliances with players to conquer enemies &become themost powerful Alliance in the Kingdom!✔ Conquer theWonder tobecome the almighty Emperor!✔ Use your power to givespecial titlesto your friends & enemies in the Kingdom! PrivacyPolicy: ofService:
World War III: European Wars
World War III: European WarsGeneral. lead your army to theConquestof Europe in World War 3Epic world war 3 real time strategygamefor free! Conquer all Europe!Get ready to fight the deadliestworldwar 3 battles of the 21st century in bases full of monstrousenemymilitary base. The rivalry forces have attacked yor base andyourbase with the military tanks, soldiers, Humvees and RocketTankshas turned it into battlefield. The enemies are in theferocioustanks that are loaded with explosive weapons. You beingthe generalneed to destroy the deadly beasts in the best waypossible andcapture enemy base by totally destroying their militarybases.YourEuropean enemies have done an alliance against you andyourpresident decided to invade Europe and USA. However it is veryhardto conquer all Europe and USA so very fierce battles waitingforyou, General! You will be invading Sweden, Belgium, Holland,Italy,Germany France, England, Turkey, Russia and eventually USA.So,General lead your army very carefully and deploy them whereveryouan destroy enemy ground to play:It is very easy toplaythe game, click on move / soldier icon to deploy your unitsandclick on pointer to move camera left, right, forward or back.donot forget that if you do not choose move / soldier icon youwillnot be able to deploy your army.FEATURESFree form quest mapthatallows players to decide when and where to fight withinahistorical framework.More than 6 different units allaccuratelyresearched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.Almostinfinitenumber of equipment combinations.
War and Order
Celebrate Spring with our limited-time Spring updatesBuild yourownworld in this strategy war game! War and Order is theperfectfusion of real time strategy, tower defense, and castlebuildinggames and has received several Global GoogleRecommendations. Orcs,elves, and mages are yours to command in agorgeous 3D medievalgame world. Raise a massive fantasy army forHUGE fully animatedbattles. Clash with enemies from all over theworld in real-time!Choose your alliance and take castles, slaymonsters, and stake newterritory as a tribe! This is WAR, andthere’s never a dull momentas your screen lights up with constantnew battles, chats, andupgrades!You must battle to become morepowerful than any king inhistory in this dangerous war game. It’sup to you, your strategy,and your allies to conquer an endlessworld of empires andimagination.★HOMELAND• Recruit and train over50 fantasy soldiers,uniting Orcs, Elves, Humans, Mages, Beasts, andAngels.• Yourultimate building game: Construct and upgrade tons ofbuildings fornew soldiers, buffs, and resources!• Research newmagic andtechnology FAST for cutting-edge tactics andweapons!★ALLIANCE•Friend, feud, and chat with players from aroundthe world in realtime. • Fight and build together to conquerenemies and buildcastles you could never hold alone.• Share andexpand territory forexclusive bonuses! • But remember! This is awar strategy game.Tust no one!★CONFRONTATION• Sweep the battlefieldin huge real-timePvP matches!• Build your force to leviathanproportions!• Engulfother lords’ castles as you expand yourterritory.★CONQUEST•Command and conquer other players’ castles toplunder theirresources and climb power rankings!• Vanquish roamingmonsters fortheir treasures, from man-eating Ogres to massiveDragons.• Playcastle defense games and protect yourself and yourallies fromwould-be conquerors.★EMPIRE• Not just a one castle game:Take overthe Royal City to rule over the realm with unheard ofpower andprivileges! • Explore unknown lands to find eliteresources,ancient ruins, and more surprises!• Grow your allianceterritoryfor richer rewards and resources!Follow War and Order onFacebook:
Blood Tyrant
★★★Blood Tyrant——A Magical Strategy Game★★★☆Battle fortheThrone☆Win the battle and showcase your best tactics. BloodTyrantis an MMO game that lets you destroy enemy empires to defendyourhonor.☆Free game: tactical multiplayer game☆A thrivingalliancesystem allows you to join an alliance, so you can protectanddevelop your troops. All alliance members will conquer theworldside by side. This is a wise choice! This is an RTS game, allgametactics and decisions are made in real time. Compete withplayersfrom around the world; and do your utmost to become themostpowerful king!☆Establish and guard your empire☆Attackingisimportant and so is development. In Blood Tyrant, you canestablisha vast empire, upgrade all kinds of buildings, traintroops andbuild traps. Will the enemy have the guts to declare waragainstyou?☆Stories and chapters☆Enchanting stories and chapters,so youwill know the world and have a sense of immersion!★★FeaturesofBlood Tyrant★★☆Real time battles! You will fight with yourenemiesin a free and magical world!☆Faster march speed. Get tothebattlefield faster and participate in battles!☆Speedup time!Youwill become the strongest faster!☆An unprecedented GrandAlliancedesign. An alliance can unite with other alliances or joina GrandAlliance with alliance diplomats. Become the biggestalliance withflexible alliance tactics.☆Expand your Grand alliancearea in theWorld and conquer the bloody battlefield!☆There will belots ofkings in the Blood Tyrant, but there will be only one trueking.Will that be you?
Age of Kings: Skyward Battle
Take your battles to the skies in Age of Kings: Skyward Battleandchoose from hundreds of unique heroes and heroines to serve youinyour conquest to build your supreme empire!GameFeatures✔Experience action-packed battles in this MMOSLG and leadyourtroops to victory✔ Protect your empire and gathervaluableresources with fearless and skilled heroes and heroines.✔Explorethe world map keeping an eye on your developing resourceareas,expanding empire and your enemies all in real-time!✔Forgealliances with other players to maximize the growth of yourkingdomand rally your troops together to defeat your commonenemies. ✔Personalize your empire with various building and unitcombinationsand a selection of castle designs.Note: Age of Kings isfree toplay but some in-game items require payment. An internetconnectionis also required to play.You may apply for refund whenthe Propertyof Service is not received in your account after yourpurchase. Youmay contact our customer service via link in game, orsend us anemail at check detailed Termsof Servicevia belowlink:隐私和服务条款:
War Z 2
War Z 2 is the challenge of courage and power in the worldofcrisis. Nuclear war has turned the world into a wastelandandzombies swept the area where you were. Family and friendwerekilled. Can't connect anyone under completed news blackout.Youmustgrasp the survival skills used to have, with determination, useallresources in the broken world to live. Together with peopleyoumet, get back to the normal, revenging andkillingthem are your only goals now. Don't let hatred blind youreyes, inthe shadow behind zombies, many eyes staring at you......☆Killzombies by your hands;☆ Manufacturing weapons, against zombiesandattack from other survivors effectively;☆ Rise architecturallevel.Building will be more powerful;☆ Search buildings in the wildmapto collect or steal a variety of resources;☆ Join the alliance,youcan exchange and cooperate with other players, to help eachothereasier to survive;☆ Games with real time, players cancommunicatewith different alliance members over the world;☆Training severalcommanders for different situations. ☆ FREE socialstrategy games;
Chess Online
Time to protect your king with no cost! This is the world's#1multiplayer online chess game. Chess is a free board game for2players. Playing on a square board which made of 64 smallersquaresand eight squares on each side. Player starts with sixteenpieces:eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queenand oneking. The goal of the game is for each player to try andcheckmatethe king of the opponent. Checkmate is a threat ('check')to theopposing king. Touch the screen, move and drop thepieces,checkmate, Win!This chess game has powerful chess AI engine,superchess tutor, amusing challenge mode, increase your rankingandbecome a master of chess. Play online chess with realopponentsfrom all over the world. Develop your chess strategy andchessskill, face the challenge and be the chess master now! ChessOnlineGame Features:- Online 1-vs-1 matches: match chess fans fromallover the world- Play with friends: log-in Facebook, playagainstwith your friends!- Offline practice with AI: perfect chessengine,play chess against computer, ) easier for the beginners,become achess pro in this top free chess app!- Chess tutor, learnchess andstrategy, improve your chess skill also help you avoidsimplemistakes- Daily rapid chess challenge & dailyendgamechallenge: The free chess board game app provides differentuniqueplay modes, allows you to choose different chess programs,developyour skills from 0 to chess master. Are ready for yourdailyendgame challenge?- Intelligent hints analyze every move-Various3D themes and chess board for free, enjoy different chessboardgame experience-Free chess app for kids and adults- Design forbothtablet and mobile Your like strategy game and learn chess?Downloadthe top free chess game app now. Enjoy your chess time.ChessOnline is the best chess board game on Android. Come and joininthe chess battles!