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HD Camera - Quick Snap Photo & Video 1.6.9
HD camera lets you easily to shoot HD photos and videos , andoffersPhoto Sphere, and other creative panorama photo mode.Shooting Modeshooting Video, Photo, Panorama Gallery & EditorEasy to viewand edit your photos Scene Mode sports, night , sunset, party WhiteBalance Auto, Fluorescent , white, daylight, cloudyCountdown TimerSetting a timer for auto shooting photo Focus *Optical / digitalzoom , tap to focus , focus halo display AF Modeinfinity , MacroPhoto Resolution Support a variety of resolutionsby your choiceLocation Record the shooting location informationExposure Adjustingthe exposure value for taking pictures PanoramaShoot and produce apanoramic photo, taken immersive 360-degreepanorama, panorama moderequires the use of a gyro sensor Videocapture Tap to take a photowhen shooting video Other Features *Front and rear camera toggle *Flash toggle * Volume key to takephoto * Reference Line * settingthe path for shooting photo andvideo * HDR ------------------Disclaimer: This app is based onnative android camera code, andlicensed under the Apache License.Apache Licens:
HD Camera 42.7
kimteks Inc.
Create high-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photosandvideos designed for videos and videos. You can take topqualityphotos with professional camera which is prepared withattention touser satisfaction. Professional Camera Full featuredand completelyfree Camera app for Android phones and tablets.FEATURES * Capturephotos and videos in high resolution HD qualitywith superbcamcorder. * Face Detection Alternative. * Front / rearcameraselection. * Select scene modes, color effects, white balanceandexposure compensation. * Select camera and video qualityandresolution JPEG. * Video recording time (with optionalaudio).Burst mode with configurable delay. * To turn off theoptionalshutter sound. * GUI to work in any direction without anypause tochange the direction. Optimize your choice for right andlefthanded users. * Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoomorto change exposure compensation). * Open camerafunctionality:support for focus modes, scene modes, color effects,white balance,ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torch. * Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD). *Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown),automatic repeatmode (with configurable delay). * Adjustable volumekeys. *Location targeting feature * Multi-touch gesture andone-touchremote control. * To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation forthe desired photo or video. * Photo effects *Disabilities shuttersound. * Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging) photos andvideos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains. * Apply a date andtime stamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos. * Alsoknown asfront camera (selfie shooting) * (Some) externalmicrophonesupport. * Widget to take pictures automatically afterlaunching. *Manual focusing distance; Manual ISO; Manual exposuretime; RAW(DNG) files. * Switch between front and rear camera * HDimagecapture feature
HD Camera - Best Cam with filters & panorama 2.3.5
Dreams Room
HD filters Camera is a fully-featured free Camera app, withQuickSnap And HD videos, and offers Photo Sphere, and anothercreativepanorama photo mode.E easy to Shoot professional CameraEffects,Real-time Preview of the beautiful Photo and videofiltersEffects.💯 📷 Key Features:📷 ✦ HDCamera: Support forQuick Snap, HD Video Capture, Panorama✦ AmazingFilter: There are more than 20 beautiful andfunnyfilters  ✦ Photo Gallery: Easy to view your HDphotoand HD video ✦ Beautiful Scene: Sports, Night,Sunset,Party ✦ White Balance: Auto, Fluorescent,white,daylight, cloudy ✦ Easy to use: Setting Timer forautoshooting photo ✦ Focus: Optical / digital zoom, taptofocus, focus halo display ✦ AF Mode: infinity,Macro✦ Photo Resolution: Support a variety of resolutionsbyyour choice ✦ Accurate location: Record theshootinglocation information ✦ Exposure: Adjusting theExposurevalue for taking pictures ✦ Panorama: Shoot andproduce apanoramic photo, taken an immersive 360-degree panorama,panoramamode requires the use of a gyro sensor ✦ HDVideocapture: Tap to take a photo when shooting video❤️OtherFeatures❤️ ✦ The front and the rear camera toggle ✦ Flashtoggle ✦Volume key to take a photo ✦ Reference Line ✦ setting thepath forshooting photo and video ✦ HDR 💎HD Camera allows you toshoot anexcellent photo in a fast and simply way. Immediatelydownload,Shoot beautiful lens it.💯
HD Camera - Photo, Video Camera & Editor 1.1
HD camera is a all-powerful and completely free Camera appforAndroid. HD camera also offers the photo editor, and othercreativepanorama photo mode for you to make hd photos and hdvideo.Features About HD Camera: * support for focus modes, scenemodes,color effects, white balance, ISO, exposurecompensation/lock, facedetection, torch. * Video recording(including HD, and takingphotos while recording video). * Zoom viamulti-touch gesture andsingle-touch control. * Countdown pictures.* Optional GPS locationtagging (geotagging) of photos and videos. *Support for HDR (withauto-alignment and ghost removal) and ExposureBracketing. *Support for Camera2 API: manual focus distance; manualISO; manualexposure time; manual white balance temperature; RAW(DNG) files. *View mode ( sports, night , sunset , party ). * Frontand rearcamera toggle. * Shoot and produce a panoramic photo ,takenimmersive 360-degree panorama. * Viewfinder displays sensorcancapture the full screen , and not crop the image. * Panoramamoderequires the use of a gyro sensor.
Specially produced for you, the hdr camera will offer you themostbeautiful features. Your images will now be presented in aclearerand better quality. It can cause many filter modes, activatetheexposure; You can use great zoom quality. Both free and verylowsize is always your biggest assistant. If you want to trythefeatures of this great application immediately, do not wastetime.
HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera 1.7.8
HD Camera Pro is a fully featured free Camera app, with QuickSnap,Gorgeous Camera Effects you can easily take HD Quality photoonAndroid phones and tablets. HD Camera Pro containsprofessionalcapture mode, the highest level with a professionalcamera. It hasutilized all advantage of your phone or tablet. Touchup your candyselfie with our quick and easy features and get thebest results.Snap the perfect selfie and find your favorite look.Key features:* Face Detection alternative. * Real-time Filter –Preview filtereffect before taking pictures or shooting videos. *Easy to use–Intuitive interface. * HDR – Improve images captured inlow-lightand backlit scenes. * Beauty Selfie – One tap to beautifyyourselfie. * Quick Snap * Open the Pro captuer mode * Supportforfocus modes, Scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,andexposure compensation/lock, torch. * Choose camera andvideoquality and resolution. * HD Video recording. * Auto-stabilize*Dynamic range optimisation mode. * Continuous shooting *Handyremote controls: Set a timer, * Brightness settings *Locationtargeting feature * Disable shutter sound. * Configurablevolumekeys. * Take photo remotely by making a noise(e.g., voice,whistle)* A date and time stamp on photos, location coordinatesandimplements a custom text. * Support multi-touch gesture forzoomand single-touch control. * Small file size. * Photo Collage&Powerful photo editing features. HD Camera Pro allow you toshootexcellent photo in a fast and simply way. Stylize yourpictureswith HD camera selfie filters and Pro capture mode now.Notes: Thespecial permissions for use1,android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION Camera can rememberyourphotos and videos location if you wish. Other apps can accessthisinformation along with your saved images.2,android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Save the capturephotosand videos.
HD Camera for Android
This is an native android system camera app. HD Camera utilizedalladvantage of your phone or tablet. Let you snaps quick andeasyphotos and videos. Key features: - camera and video features -3modes: camera, video recorder & panorama - Pinch to zoom-smart panorama shooting - Countdown Timer - Dynamic userinterface(phone/tablet) - Wide screen pictures - Picture qualitysetting -White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent,Auto,Daylight,Cloudy) - Screen mode settings(Action, Night,Sunset,Play) - Exposure - Location targeting - Configurable volumekeys -Photo Callage - Photo crop and photo editing. Although inthecurrent market, there are have many kinds of cameraapplications,but we still think this android native application isthe mostefficient and able to meet a user needs. Here only as asupplementfor those devices are not installed android native systemprovidesan additional option. Notes: The special permissions foruse 1,android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION HD Camera canremember yourphotos and videos location if you wish. Other apps canaccess thisinformation along with your saved images.2,android.permission.READ_CONTACTS After you take a photo, youcanshare with others. HD Camera need to read the contactsinformationand help you share photos via email, SMS, or otherapps.------------------ Disclaimer: This app is based on nativeandroidcamera code, and licensed under the Apache License.code:
4K Zoom Camera 45.44
4k zoom camera is the best camera application to takebeautifulpictures.Camera free perfect camera application, creatingfinaleffects (saturation, brightness camera etc.)photos. freedesigned for all android devices.4K Zoom CameraIt's a free andpowerful photo editor that includes amazing editingtools to createbeautiful photos with blurry and blurry backgroundsin your photos,the photo machine is totally free!The Free4K zoomcamera isself-explanatory, perfect for taking great photos andselfie inhigh quality and resolution.Features:* High resolution hdshooting*Excellent front camera shooting* HD image capture feature*Zooming,zooming feature* Brightness, contrast, resolution settings*Smartshooting* Location targeting feature* Different photoeffects*Real-time filters* Night mode* Flash feature* Videocapture* Zoom*Timer? Face Detection alternative.? Scene modes,white balance,color effects, Blur, Brightness, real-time filtersand exposurecompensation.? Specify camera and video quality andresolutionJPEG.? Switch between front and rear camera.? Video /Audiorecording (HD quality, supports all resolutions 4K).?Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).?Adjustablevolume keys (zoom in and out ...)? Option to turn off theshuttersound. support for blur / lock, face recognition,torcheffects.? GUI, to change the direction of the optimizeoptioneasily for right and left hand.? lock the photo or videoinportrait or landscape orientation.? Remove with multi-touchgestureand one-touch control.? (Some) external microphonesupport.?Countdown timer.? photos, a date and time stamp,locationcoordinates and custom texts.? capture an excellent startHDcamcorder experience.? (with configurable delay) Remotecontrol(optional audio countdown) timer auto repeat? Mode.? Nightmode,Brightness settings, Flash feature, Photo editingeffects.?Optional GPS location (geotagging) tagging, photos andvideos;(GpsImgdirectio dresses, GPSImgDirectionRef) for compassphotos.?Share your blur image back with family and friends withsocialmedia.Now freeCarefully designed for high resolution HDqualityphotos, the professional camera caters to millions ofusers.Theapplication is absolutely free and safe.Have fun andexcitementwith your loved ones and take high-resolution photos inhdquality.All you need to do is to make an excellent experiencewithall its features.Experience the difference with a professionalHDcamcorder, free, safe and handy application with excellentfeatures...Thank you .. Good fun.
Camera MX - Photo & Video Camera
Camera MX offers every Android user an easy-to-use yetfull-fledgedcamera app, regardless of the manufacturer of theirsmartphone.With over 20,000,000 installs, Camera MX is one of themost trustedfree stock camera alternatives for Android. Try ittoday todiscover why! High-Quality 1. Support of all resolutionsand ratiosyour camera allows 2. Fine-tuned auto focus to make sureyourphotos come out crystal clear 3. Customizable JPEG Quality inthecamera settings 4. Auto Optimization and HDR forhigh-qualityphotos even in low light situations Next Level VideoRecording 1.Pause your video recordings at anytime and apply videocuts inrealtime 2. Timelapse video recording to create epic fastmotionvideos 3. Apply filters and effects in realtime and evenswitchthem while you are recording Essential Camera Features 1.Front andback camera support 2. Flash on/off/auto + torch light tobrightenthe scene permanently 3. Fast camera zoom with pinchfingergestures 4. Disable the shutter sound 5. Optional GPS settingtosave your current location (latitude and longitude) to theEXIFmetadata Enhanced Camera Features 1. Timer for delayed shots2.Grid lines for better photo compositions 3. Change theexposurevalue to brighten/darken your photos 4. Selfie displayflash totake the best possible selfies even in low light situations5. Lockfocus and exposure with a long touch Live Photos for AndroidTakemoving Live Photos that can come alive when touched - with"LiveShot". No longer decide whether to take a high-res photo oravideo. With "Live Shot" you got both! Shoot-The-Past BurstModeTurn your camera in a high-speed burst camera and browsesequenceshots of the seconds before you pulled the trigger. Effect&Filter Camera 1. Hand-picked selection of beautiful camerafilters2. Kaleidoscope camera effect creates stunning photos andvideos 3.Mirror camera effects for fun selfies 4. Pencil and sketchdrawingeffects 5. Color Splash effect that highlights a singlecustomcolor 6. Little Planet effect morphs the scene into a tinyplanetPhoto & Video Editor 1. Crop your photos 2. Changebrightness,contrast, saturation and color temperature for yourphotos andvideos 3. Apply any filter and effect edits to yourphotos andvideos afterwards as well 4. Shorten your videos with thevideotrimmer 5. Slow motion and fast motion video editing 6. Slowdownthe best part of your video and create epic slow motionhighlights7. Scale your photos and videos to reduce their file sizeHavequestions about Camera MX? Ask our 10,000 member strongGoogle+community: sendan e-mail to: Be sure to followus onFacebook for the latest news aswell:
Cinema FV-5 Lite 1.33
Cinema FV-5 is a professional video camera application formobiledevices, that puts professional manual controls in yourfingertips.Tailored to enthusiast and professional videographersandfilmmakers, with this video camera application you can capturethebest footage with top-of-the-line controls forperfectpostproduction purposes. The only limit is your imaginationandcreativity!Major features:● Adjust all the image sensorparametersthat you only thought pro-videocameras had: exposurecompensation,ISO, light metering mode (matrix/center/spot), focusmode and whitebalance.● Change sensor parameters (like ISO,exposure compensationor white balance) also during recording.●Focus adjustments duringrecording: lock focus on your subjectbefore recording and changefocus planes while recording.●Professional viewfinder: 10+compositing grids, 10+ crop guidesavailable, safe areas displayand much more.● The most advancedelectronic viewfinder on a videocamera: live RGB and luminancehistogram are available also duringrecording.● Professional soundmetering options: display audiopeaks and sound clipping warningsduring recording.● Use any audioinput source for your video:built-in microphone, external (wired)microphone or wireless(Bluetooth) headset.● Choose video and audiocodec, adjust thebitrates, audio sampling rates and number ofchannels.● Record in 4KUHD (Ultra High Definition) video onsupported devices (currentlyonly the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3,Note 4, Note Edge and Alpha).●All camera functions assignable tovolume keys. You can adjust EV,ISO, color temperature, zoom andmore using volume keys (includingthose in cable-headsets) as wellas focusing and recording. Deviceswith hardware camera shutterkeys are also supported.● Videogeotagging support.● Autofocus,macro, touch focus and infinityfocus modes, plus a focus lockswitch (AF-L).● Autoexposure (AE-L)and auto white balance (AWB-L)locks in Android 4.0+. You can alsolock exposure and white balanceduring clip recordingautomatically.● Zoom after and whilerecording. Set specific focallengths thanks to the 35mmequivalent-based focal length display.●Powerful video clipsorganization options: different storagelocations and fullycustomizable file names (even withvariables).Cinema FV-5 is theperfect app for producing the bestfootage for any short- tomedium-sized production. With it you canrecord the best materialpossible with any medium- to high-enddevice. Cinema FV-5 speciallysupports Android-based compactcameras, so you can even leverage ahigh-quality, opticallystabilized zoom. The footage captured withCinema FV-5 can be easilyedited on any NLE like Apple Final CutPro, Adobe Premiere, SonyVegas or DaVinci Resolve.For moreinformation, visit the officialwebsite ordownload the official CinemaFV-5 User Guideat Fortechnicalsupport, please read the FAQ( orwrite Lite version is afully-functional versionwithout any time or feature restriction:it just limits the maximumlength of the individual clips you canrecord. Please acquire thepaid version to remove this limitationand record clips of anylength.Permissions explained:- Approximatelocation and preciselocation: only used for geotaggingfunctionality (disabled bydefault, and requires manual GPSactivation).- Modify or delete thecontents of your USB storage andtake pictures and videos: requiredfor the usual camera operation.
HD Camera 1.9.4
HD camera lets you easily shoot HD photos and videos, andoffersbeautiful filters, and panorama photo mode! 🎊🎉💯 📷 Features:*Optical / digital zoom, tap to focus, focus halo display * AFmode(infinity, Macro ) * White Balance ( Auto, Fluorescent,white,daylight, cloudy ) * Countdown pictures * Set the photo size*Record the shooting location information *Adjust exposure *Viewmode ( sports, night, sunset, party ) *The front and therearcamera toggle * Shoot and produce a panoramic photo, takeimmersivepanorama * Viewfinder display sensor can capture the fullscreen,and not crop the image * Panorama mode requires the use of agyrosensor * For Android 4.0 and higher versions of phones andtablets------------------ 💎 Disclaimer: This app is based onnativeandroid camera code and licensed under the Apache License.ApacheLicens:
Full HD Camera and Video REC (1080P) 2.0.0
Take pictures in perfect quality, record video at 1080Pquality.FullHD Camera: Do not worry if you do not have aprofessional photocamera. You can use your mobile phone as aprofessional machine.Thanks to this application, which producesprofessional qualitypictures for you, you can not even believe howyou take pictures inFull HD resolution. Easy to use as well ..Itis completely free. Itworks without the internet.Features:* FullHD camera recording.*Ultra HD photo capture.* Burst mode.* Highresolution.* Videorecording.* Scene mode.* Flash setting.* Nightmode setting.*Timer.* Zoom and zoom mode.* Özçekim.* HDR setting.*Face detector.*White balance: cloudy, fluorescent, night,automatic.* More colorfulwith color options.* Filters.* Focus.*Placement.* Add dates tophotos and save them.* Option to enablelocation coordinates.* ISOsetting system.* Quality of reception ofwall photos.*Multi-adjustment system.* HD Camera: CompletelyFree.* Record at1080P and share on social media.* Take the bestphotos with thisapplication. Thank you.
Effects Video - Filters Camera 1.7.80
1. Feel boring about the video that the system camera shot? 2.Don'tfeel satisfied with your skin or face in your video? 3. Wanttoapply nice effects to your selfie video like you did toyourphotograph? 4. Hope to shoot more beautiful movie for yourchildrenor lover? If you have any one of above problems, pleasecome andtry this Super Effects Video! It can record colorfuleffects videoin real-time. Compared to other apps, We have thefollowingadvantages: 1. Real-time filter: the effect is applied tothe movieduring recording, no need to do post-processing after filmcreated.So it is very simple to use, just like adding filters to aphoto,so easy! 2. Lots of filters: more than 40 amazing filters foryouto choose, such as Skin Beauty filters and Instagram Filters:1977,RISE, HUDSON, VALENCIA, SIERRA, HEFE, NASHVILLE. 3. Smallerfilesize: the size of video file is smaller than other videoapps,consume less memory storage of SD card. 4. Convenient tomanagevideo files: you can easily play or delete all recordedvideos.Also you can share video with WhatsApp, Tweet, Facebook,Instagram,YouTube, WeChat. 5. Completely FREE!
Professional HD Camera 25.24
kimteks Inc.
A great camera designed carefully, all you need to do isdownloadand try the Professional camera application. With theprofessionalcamera you can take top-quality photos. ProfessionalCamera Fullfeatured and completely free Camera app for Androidphones andtablets. FEATURES * Face Detection Alternative. * Front /rearcamera selection. * Select scene modes, color effects,whitebalance and exposure compensation. * Select camera andvideoquality and resolution JPEG. * Video recording time (withoptionalaudio). Burst mode with configurable delay. * To turn offtheoptional shutter sound. * GUI to work in any direction withoutanypause to change the direction. Optimize your options for rightandleft handed users. * Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures,zoomor to change exposure compensation). * Open camerafunctionality:support for focus modes, scene modes, color effects,white balance,ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torch. * Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD). *Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown),automatic repeatmode (with configurable delay). * Adjustable volumekeys. *Location targeting feature * Multi-touch gesture andone-touchremote control. * To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation forthe desired photo or video. * Photo effects *Disabilities shuttersound. * Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging) photos andvideos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains. * Apply a date andtime stamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos. * Alsoknown asfront camera (selfie shooting) * (Some) externalmicrophonesupport. * Widget to take pictures automatically afterstartup. *Manual focusing distance; Manual ISO; Manual exposuretime; RAW(DNG) files. * Free with excellent features * Please donot forgetto vote for the "Professional HD Camera" application.
Professional HD Camera 1.43
Designed for high-resolution photos and videos in HD quality isanexcellent camera, create photos with different effects.appealtomillions of users with excellent features carefully designedbyprofessional camera.the highest level with a professionalcamera,you can capture quality photographs.Professional CameraAndroidphones and full-featured and completely free camera appfortablets.***** FEATURES ****** In HD-quality high-resolutioncamerawith excellent pull photos and videos.* FaceDetectionalternative.* Front / rear camera selection.* Scene modes,coloreffects, white balance, and exposure compensation, choose.*Choosecamera and video quality and resolution JPEG.* (Withoptionalaudio) video recording time.* Burst mode with configurabledelay.*Option to turn off the shutter sound.* GUI to changetheorientation without any pause works in any direction.optionoptimized for right and left hand.* Adjustable volume keys(imageto zoom receive or change the exposure compensation).* Oncamerafunctionality: Focus modes, scene modes, color effects,whitebalance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, facialrecognition,support for the torch.* Video recording (supports allresolutionsincluding HD).* Remote control (optional audiocountdown) timer(with configurable delay) automatic repeat mode.*Adjustable volumekeys.* Location targeting feature* Remove withmulti-touch gestureand single-touch control.* Option to lock thephoto or video inportrait or landscape orientation.* Photo effects*Disable theshutter sound.* Excellent camera* Real-time filters*Optional GPSlocation tagging (geotagging), photos and videos; Forphotos thatcompass direction (gpsımgdirectio's, gpsımgdirectionref)contains.*A date and time stamp on photos, location coordinatesandimplements a custom text.* Also it is known as the frontcamera(selfie shooting)* (Some) external microphone support.*Widget totake pictures after starting automatically.* Manualfocusingdistance; manual ISO; manual exposure time; RAW (DNG)files.*Switch between front and rear camera* Night mode* Flashfeature*Brightness settings* HD video camera experience with anexcellentstart to capture.
com.xvideostudio.vcamera 3.1.3
V Camera is created by the same team of VideoShow App with over400million users. V Camera is a PIP Camera (Picture inpicturestyle)/Beauty Camera/Music Video Maker/ Selfie Photo Editor:withthis amazing function, you can shoot a video inside creativeandfunny photo frames such as broadcast, prison, wantedwarrant,billboard, newspaper and old television to make astunningpicture-in-picture effect and convert your videobeyondrecognition. V Camera is also a perfect choice for recordingavideo of dancing to the music or singing with accompaniment. It’sapowerful music video maker/video editor app for android. Ithasprofessional tools and functions like photo collage, photogrid,selfie sticks, motion sticker, long exposure, layout, livefilters,gorgeous make up effects, slideshow, blur, mosaic,scrapbook,retouch, pattern and so much more. Main features ★PIPCamera★ •Various creative photo frames such as fashionmagazine/movie screenmake your PIP photos unique. You can alsoshoot videos with theseframes. • Feel free to set the shooting time•Pinch to zoom, touchto focus. It supports flash, resolutionchanging, front camera...•Easily adjust aspect ratio to vertical orsquare. It’s a perfectselfie camera for you to attract morefollowers. ★Beauty Camera★ •VCamera is a selfie photo editor withfunny sticker/cameraeditor/beauty camera that provides autobeautify function to giveyou default beauty effects andinstabeauty. You can beautify yourbody and face manually: enlargeeyes, charming lips, whiten &smooth skin, slim nose, faceliftand remove eye-bag, etc. V Camerais designed specifically forselfies, which will help you createbeautiful and sweet selfies inone second. •Massive filtersavailable when photographing or photoediting to naturally beautifyyour face and photos. This filtercamera provides a full library ofartistic photo filters includingHDR/ shinebeauty/warm/lomo/memory/classic/modern to meet all yourneeds andlet you photograph with stylish filters. It gives youreal-timemakeup and beautify your self camera shot(selfies) &selfievideos, ★Music Video Maker★ •Recording music video orslideshowwith your favorite songs, you can choose local music fromyourdevice or download any song you like online. There’s anextensiveonline catalogue such as top 10 rank/sporty music/originalmoviesoundtrack/latest hits. Use it as the background musicbeforerecording your videos or slideshows. •Simple and dynamicinterface:Intuitive interface. One swipe to switch between photoand video.Make your own dope music video and be the coolestphotographer.•Preview the pictures and movies you just capturedinstantly.★Customized Settings★ •Video resolution and Video qualityareoptional, HD camera/video editor/movie maker gives you highqualitypictures, music videos and slideshows. You can also removetheoriginal soundtrack at will. •Use built-in gallery to favoriteyourworks, sort and share pictures/movies/music videos quicklytoFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp and othersocialmedias. Only 3 steps to shoot a music video 1. Add thebuilt-inmusic or your local songs 2. Shoot a video with the music3. Saveyour music video V Camera provides the best product andservicelike VideoShow does. It’s the top-rated free beauty cameraapp/bestselfie camera/pro video editor that contains photo editingtools,diverse selfie filters, artistic effects, animated livestickers,photo collage and photo grids. Any suggestions orquestions, pleasecontact us: Thanksfor your supportto V Camera!
Camera for Android 4.1
Camera for Android will allow you to make excellent pictures,thatisa very fast and simple way to capture moments. You can easilytoshoot excellent photos, utilizing all advantage of your phoneortablet. Features: - Camera, video recorder & panoramafeatures- White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent,Auto,Daylight,Cloudy) - Screen mode settings(Action, Night,Sunset,Play) - Dynamic user interface (phone/tablet) - Pinch tozoom -Smart panorama shooting - Wide screen pictures - Picturequalitysetting - Exposure - Location targeting - Configurablevolume keys- Countdown Timer
Silent Camera [High Quality]
Introducing the best silent camera! Without shutter sounds,photoscan be taken in complete silence! It's also No.1 among manysilentcameras for it's high quality images! Let's take highqualitypictures with silent camera! When you take a photo withyoursmartphone, have you had any situations like these? "I want totakepictures of my baby while he's sleeping, but the shuttersoundwould wake him/her up . . " "I want to take pictures of mypets'natural expressions, but the shutter sound would startlethem.. . ." "I want to take pictures of the blackboard, but theshutter soundin a quiet classroom would be a little loud. . . " Soplease usethis high-quality silent camera! You won't bother anyonearound yousince the shutter sound can't be heard. You can takehigh-qualityphotos in any situations such as the cute sleeping faceof yourbaby, natural behaviors of your pets and the writings ontheblackboard! Create the best memories by shooting manyhigh-qualityphotos with a silent camera! ----- Main Features -----(1).High-quality (2). High-speed continuous shooting (3).Timershooting (4). Zoom (5). Auto focus / manual focus (6).SceneSelection (7). White balance (8). Color effect (9).Compositionguide (10). Touch Shutter (11). Geo-Tag (12). Image SizeSelection(13). Volume Key Shutter (14). Photo Editor & DramaticFilter----- Please give feedback ----- We ask for your feedbacktoimprove the quality and performance of this app. If youencounterany problems, please fill out your smartphone name andAndroidversion and report it to "". Thank you foryourcooperation. ----- Description of access privileges ----- Wewillnever make use of your information other than for thefollowingpurposes. [Location information] Only used to record thelocationinformation (geotag) of the photograph. The default settingis OFF.[Image / Media / File] Used to store captured images onthesmartphone or SD card. [Camera] For using the smartphone'scamerafunction.
Magic Camera 4.4
An excellent camera designed for high-resolution HD qualityphotosand videos, with photos in different effects. You can taketopquality photos with the activity camera prepared with attentiontouser satisfaction. Professional Camera Full featured andcompletelyfree Camera app for Android phones and tablets. FEATURES:✓Capturephotos and videos in high resolution HD quality withsuperbcamcorder. Face Detection Alternative. ✓Front / rearcameraselection. ✓Select scene modes, color effects, white balance,andexposure compensation. ✓Select camera and video qualityandresolution JPEG. ✓Video recording time (with optionalaudio).✓Configurable delay and Burst mode. ✓To turn off theoptionalshutter sound. ✓GUI pause to change direction or work inanydirection. Optimize for right and left handed users.✓KeystrokesAdjustable volume (picture, copyright to zoom orchangecompensation). ✓Open camera function: support for focusmodes,scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposurecompensation / lock, face recognition, torch. ✓Videorecording(supports all resolutions including HD). ✓Apply date andtimestamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos; storedate/timeand location as video subtitles (.SRT). ✓Also known asfront camera(selfie shooting) ✓(Some) external microphone support.✓Widget totake pictures automatically after startup. ✓Manualfocusingdistance; Manual ISO; Manual exposure time; RAW (DNG)files.✓Switch in front and rear camera ✓HD image capturefeature✓Convenient remote control: timer, auto-repeat mode(withconfigurable delay). ✓Adjustable volume keys. ✓Vision on theground✓Multi-touch gesture and one-touch remote control. ✓To locktheportrait or landscape orientation for the desired photo orvideo.✓Photo effects ✓Magic camera ✓Disabilities shutter sound.✓OptionalGPS positioning tagging (geotagging) photos and videos;For photos,this compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef)contains. ✓Free with excellent features **Pleasedo not forget tovote for the "Professional Magic Camera"application...
com.perracolabs.cpd 2.3.03
Perraco Labs
• With a simple yet stylish powerful interface, thisprofessionalphotographic camera includes a large variety of photoeffects infast real-time such as lomo and vintage, includingseveral types ofthe lens such as fisheye, wide angle, and muchmore. In total over300 customizable live filters, and over 20frames. • For HDR fansproduce the most beautiful images with theFAUX HDR tone mappingfilters. • Also, you can create little planetphotos with thestereographic filters, or use the dedicated LittlePlanet mode. •Lomography and hipster photography fans will also bepleased withthe emulated effects of some classic cameras including16mm andsuper-8 styles that you will find easily in the includedfilterpacks. • Enjoy video recording with live filters, includingslowand fast motion video recording, pause and resume, and evendrawingin real time while recording. (Note that video requiresJelly Bean4.3 or higher) • A GIF recorder is also included whichsimilar tothe video can be used with all the available filters,allowing evento change the recording speed to produce funnyanimations or evenrecord in reverse mode. • Cameringo offersadvanced features thatDSLR camera owners will envy, as you will beable to change inreal-time the image exposure, contrast, brightnessand more,allowing to modify uniquely each filter to achieveuniquecreations. You can use this Android Apps To ClickPhotosProfessionally.
com.toh.hdcamera 1.8
HD Camera is a perfect camera & a great photoeditor,high-resolution HD video, create beautiful animationeffects, makea unique video, high-quality for Android phones. Thisis also oneof best photo app in thousand selfies apps, a freepicture apps,free cams for you.
 With the HD Camera app, you cancapturehigh-quality HD images right on your mobile device. It'slike aprofessional digital camara, it's simple, lightweight andeasy touse. The HD Camera is powerful, full of features suitableformobile phones and Android tablets. It includes photo editingtoolsprofessional, beautiful camera effects with thousands of vividandcute, free art filters. Beautiful photo editor, edit photo,easyobject collage, photo frame and includes themed funnystickersFEATURES - Best camera app, take photo beautiful,takehigh-resolution HD pictures - 1080p camera, HD video camerapro& full HD video 1080x1920 - 4K camera that makeprofessionalpictures with 4k images resolution 3840x2160  -Filter camera,selfie filters: Lot of filters for pictures and makebeauty face,professional pictures - Customize photo effects cute,fun, easyhumor - Photo editing tools, image app: cut, paste, createphotoframes, stickers, effects, ... professional - Great beautytools,makeup, skin correction: brighten, whiten, clear acne,conceal theface - Advanced red-eye removal. - Face detectionautomatically -Selfie smart camera, smile detection - Best selfiecamera &beauty camera - Optional front camera or rear camra. -Select scenemode, color effect, white balance and exposurecompensation. -Selfie editor: add text on camera photo,make smooth skinfor picture perfect. - Classification of stickerfun for users,like motion stickers, smart stickers, emoji facesstickers, photoanimation stickers, music stickers, etc - Flareeffect lens orlaked light effects. - Anti-shake, timer, continuousshooting,focusing focus. - Edit photos taken by other camera apps.- You canset your edited photo as wallpaper or share your photo onFacebook,Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ... - Make a professionalpictures& beauty face by a lot of camera filters effects -Night camerafeature that can still make a beauty, professionalpictures even innight with dark environment. Selfie light is On/Offautomaticallydepending on needs. - Dual camera: support both frontand backkamera, switch by a touch - Auto & manual camera:camera shotsautomatically by a timer or manually take the photo. -Easy to opentaken photo, gallery right on camera app - HDR cameravideorecording: Camera plus HDR mode, improve images with lowcameralight - Camera apps for free and has option to upgrade topremiumversion inside the app. - Image format for camera png, jpg,... TheHD camera app is free and works with Android mobile devicesandtablets. It includes all the functions of professional phhhotoapp.Download the HD camera selfie app, professional camera phototoyour phone, get ready to capture the best moments of your lifethatyou do not want to miss, and let us experience all thegreatfeatures from the Camera HD.
Professional HD Camera 2018 1.6
Professional HD Camera 1080p 2018Excellent features iso andhighquality HD Camera, iso You can Take great pictures and videosathigh resolution.Create iso superb photos with excellentcamera,different iso effects.Professional Camera is a full isofeaturedand completely free Camera app for iso Android phonesandtablets.Add beauty to your beauty with the 4K Ultra HD 1080qualitycamera.Create stunning photos with high-resolution 4K UltraHDquality photos and videos, excellent effects and differenteffectsand real-time filters.You get the best photos with theoriginal HDcamera.Full HD (1080) Become a social phenomenonwithcamera.Original Full HD video capture is carefully designedformillions of users with excellent features.With the superb 4KUltraHD camera you can capture top quality photos.Professional 4KUltraHD 1080 Camera A full-featured and completely freecameraapplication for android phones and tablets.With the newdesign andnew features, you will find the professional HD cameraand videorecorder.--> Great features for freeFEATURES* HD Camerais freewith excellent features.* Face Detection Alternative.* Front/ rearcamera selection.* Select scene modes, color effects, whitebalanceand exposure compensation.* Select camera and video qualityandresolution JPEG.* Video recording time (with optionalaudio).Burstmode with configurable delay.* GUI to work in anydirection withoutany pause to change the direction. Optimize yourchoice for rightand left handed users.* Keys Adjustable volume (totake pictures,zoom or to change exposure compensation).* Opencamerafunctionality: support for focus modes, scene modes, coloreffects,white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, facerecognition,torch.* Video recording (supports all resolutionsincluding HD).*Convenient remote control: timer (optional audiocountdown),automatic repeat mode (with configurable delay).*Multi-touchgesture and one-touch remote control.* To lock theportrait orlandscape orientation for the desired photo or video.*Optional GPSlocation tagging (geotagging) photos and videos; Forphotos, thiscompass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef)contains.*Apply a date and time stamp, location coordinates, andcustom textto photos.* Also known as front camera (selfieshooting)* (Some)external microphone support.* Widget to takepictures automaticallyafter startup.* Manual focusing distance;Manual ISO; Manualexposure time; RAW (DNG) files.We are sure yougonna love thisProfessional HD Camera pro after you give it a try,so what are youwaiting for... Download your copy of "ProfessionalHD Camera 1080p"Now and try to shot better than your friends !Benice by rating us5 stars ! Thanks.
HD Camera (2018) 👑⚜️💎 2.0.6
Teacher apps
⚜️ Professional Ultra Full HD Camera and video applicationisprepared for you. ⚜️ Up-to-date features, up-to-date design,newcontent with up-to-date content Zooming Camera andvideoapplication with you. ⚜️ The best and greatest applicationwill beon your mobile phone and tablet. ⚜️ Very nice features andshapesavailable. ⚜️ With the professional camera you will get thebestvideo. ⚜️ You will get the best photos. Paylaş Share photosandvideos easily on social media. ⚜️ With this application youwillfeel like a photographer yourself. ⚜️ You'll feel like you'reusingan Apple camera with a Zoom camera. Uyum Compatible withAndroidphones & tablets. ⚜️ It is completely free. workswithoutinternet. Ölüm Immerse your beautiful memories withbeautifulcamera. Experts take Ultra HD photos. Make a qualityvideorecording. It is completely free. It is a completely freeUltra HDcamera application. It is designed for professional photoshootingand video recording. Ideal for HD video capture at 1080P.✸✸✸✸✸☞High resolution ☞ And image capture ☞ Location targeting ☞Videocapture ☞ Different scene codes ☞ Timer Zooming zooming ☞Nightmode ☞ Photo effects ☞ Switching between front and rear camera☞Flash feature ☞ Real-time filters ☞ Whiteness settings - FullHDquality video recording. - 4K quality photo shooting. -Capturephotos and videos in high definition HD quality with anexcellentcamcorder. - Face Detection Alternative. - Front / rearcameraselection. - Select the scene modes, color effects, whitebalanceand exposure compensation. - Select camera and video qualityandresolution JPEG. - Video recording time (with optional audio). -Toturn off the optional shutter sound. - Keys Adjustable volume(totake pictures, zoom in or change the compensation for exposure).-Open camera functionality: focus modes, scene modes, coloreffect,white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, facerecognition,torch support. - Video recording (supports allresolutionsincluding HD). - Adjustable volume keys. - Locationtargetingfeature - To lock the vertical or horizontal orientationof thedesired photo or video. - High resolution photo effects. -There'sa shutter sound. - Apply date and time stamp, locationcoordinates,and custom text to photos. - Also known as front camera(selfieshooting) - With external microphone support (Some). -Widget isused to automatically take pictures after startup. -Switchingbetween front and rear camera has HD image capturefeature. -Excellent photos and videos - Designed for Android phonesandtablets. Thank you. Have fun.
Zoom HD Camera (New 2017)💎⚜️ 1.0.1
An excellent camera designed for high-definition HD qualityphotosand videos with photos with different effects.You can capturethebest quality photos with the event camera prepared bypayingattention to user satisfaction.Professional Camera Fullfeaturedand completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.★FEATURES:⚜️ Professional Ultra Full HD Camera and videoapplicationis prepared for you.⚜️ Up-to-date features, up-to-datedesign, newcontent with up-to-date content Zooming Camera andvideoapplication with you.⚜️ The best and greatest application willbeon your mobile phone and tablet.⚜️ Very nice features andshapesavailable.⚜️ With the professional camera you will get thebestvideo.⚜️ You will get the best photos.Paylaş Share photosandvideos easily on social media.⚜️ With this application, youwillfeel like a photographer.⚜️ You'll feel like you're using anApplecamera with a Zoom camera.Uyum Compatible with Android phones&tablets.⚜️ It is completely free. Works withoutinternet.ÖlümImmerse your beautiful memories with beautifulcamera.✔ RAW capture(on supported devices)✔ Set the focus distance,ISO, exposure,shutter speed (Lollipop only)✔ Best practice oncamera on Android✔Keystrokes Adjustable volume (copyright, image,zoom, orcompensation change).✔ Color effects, focus modes for scenemodes✔White balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,facerecognition.✔ Video recording (also supports HD resolution).✔Applydate and time stamp, place coordinates and custom text tophotos;Save the store date / time and location as video subtitles(.SRT).✔Zoom feature✔ (Some) external microphone support.✔ Take aphotowith the Widget after it starts automatically.✔ Manualcontrols,ISO, Shutter speed, focus distance (supported devices)✔BestMode!✔Camera control settings✔ Stable Shot feature forbetterphotos!✔ Timer feature✔ Audio adjustable✔ Timeout✔ HDRModeProfessional✔ Quiet camera mode✔ Multiple flash modes✔Liveeffects✔ Work offline✔ touch to capture✔ Gold rate feature✔Storagearea indicator✔ Time display✔ picture quality✔ Exposurefeature✔Ultra ZOOM✔ Perfect quality, tulle video shooting
High-Speed Camera (GIF,Burst) 5.7.1
bruce lee
High-Speed camera on your hand! Do you want to take picturesofsleeping baby? Do you want to take pictures of a cute runningpet?Make your smart phone as a silent camera! Make your smart phoneasa high-speed camera! Do not miss the chance! ▣ Takinghigh-speedpictures(Up to 40 shots per second) ▣ Various camerashutters(High-Speed, High-Definition, Silent) ▣ Creating animatedGIF ▣Easy to use 1. Supports high-speed shots(Up to 40 FPS). -Fasterthan normal DSLR camera. - Supports preview or auto save forburstshots. 2. Supports silent shutter. - Supports Burstshooting,Freeze screen, Taking a picture without shutter sound. 3.Supportsimage effects. - Supports H/W based image effects. 4.Takinghigh-definition pictures - Don't open the other camera app totakehigh-definition pictures. - You can take a HD picture bypressingthe volume up(or down) button. 5. Built-in Photo Gallery -Pinchingto zoom in and out. - Various image effects. - Supportsviewinganimated GIF. 6. Supports Animated GIF    -CreatingAnimated GIF with ease. * Touch the screen to get a focus.* Somephones are making a shutter sound when get HD pictures. * FPSisdepend on your smart phone's ability. * ex) Galaxy NX -40FPS,Galaxy S3 - 30FPS [feedback]
Vintage Retro Camera + VHS 0.7.7
Pear Labs
YayCam Retro Vintage Camera, your video and photo retro camerawith8mm and polaroid effects, perfect as a movie maker forInstagramtoo. Miss your old cam? This is it.This vintage cameratakes yourphotos and videos to the next level with old cameraeffects andpolaroid frames. It is your perfect instagram videoeditor. Applyvintage themes to your videos and photos,similar tothe oldpolaroid camera or the VHS tape camcorders. - Create yourawesomehipster style vintage videos, with retro video effects andvintagefilters. Similar to a lomo camera.- Get more instagramfollowerswith this vintage video maker, video recording with thisbeatifulcamera.- Best live camera effects with retro style. Use thevintagefilters to make beautiful photo vintage pictures.- It hasmore than20 vintage camera effects: 8mm pictures, polaroid camera,retrocamera effects and lomo camera. The only app being anactualVintage Video Camera with video effects to make coolInstagramvideos- Mirror effects with vintage effects, and you canadd filterto video camra. Many free classic camera effects.- 20surprise ofthe day live camera filters: film negative, antiquepicture frames,retro film and much more vintage movie effects.- Wehave severalcamera classic frames similar to hollywood movieeffects or a newyork street camera. Take a vintage shot as an oldbollywood or oldhindi movies.- New effect, VHS! Turn your phoneinto an oldCamcorder doing VHS video tapes.Most instagram filtersapps arefocused on photos, checkout our free vintage camera to makeretroinstagram videos and the best vintage photography. Downloadvideocamera with retro picture and old photography to make yourbestvintage cards ever. This hipster camera and camcorder with8mmpolaroid effect and camera filters is perfect for lifestyleandphotographic styles: hipster, indie, grunge, ethics andbokeh!Weare in testing mode, so please any feedback appreciated. Wewant tobe the best retro camera with effects for Instagram inGoogle Play.
HD Camera - Photo Editor & Panorama 2.3.6
HD camera - Photo editor The is best camera. Camera containsartfilters and professional editing tools & quick photo,Panoramaand HD Video Capture .Make all your photos even betterwith HDcamera & Photo editor!👯👯👯📷 HD camera Includes :✦FaceRecognition,AF✦ Quick Snap,HD Video Capture, Panorama✦ varietyofspecial effects✦ HD camera, HD Video & Panorama✦Photoeditor======== Feature Highlights ========🍁 Effects Filter •FunFilter: Distortion, wave, mirror, magnifying glass,distortingmirror• Scene Filter: Sunset, fog, strong, yellowed•Professionalcamera: Hair color, relief, scanning, black and white,ink•Multiple viewing modes:Sports, night, sunset, party and so on❤️Perfect function• Front and rear switch, switch flash,imagestabilization, HD camera• White Balance: Supportsautomatic,fluorescence, white, daylight, cloudy, and other models•Exposure:customize the value of the exposure• Optical / DigitalZoom: Clickto focus, display the focus aura• AF mode:Infinity,Macro📸Camera •Automatic Face Recognition• Camera filter effects•Record theshooting location information• Countdown delay takingpictures💕Other Features • Video capture• Panoramic photos -Shootingimmersive camera panorama• Viewfinder can display thesensor tocapture the full picture, and not crop the image• Panoramamoderequires the use of a gyro sensor• Set the photo quality•Volumekey camera, big screen phone is not afraid of one hand theself-ease• View pictures quickly and easily, Photo Album browse,delete,add• Share one go, shoot good Mito can easily share onFacebook,Twitter and other social networking sites👑The permissionsforuse:1, Manifest.permission.CAMERA- You need to apply forpermissionto the camera.2,android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Savethe capture photosand videos.3, android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO-Sound Recorder rightsof the video
HD Camera 👑⚜️💎 2.0.8
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⚜️ Take your free Ultra Hd photos and record 4K quality videosandshare them on social media. ⚜️ Professional Ultra Full HDCameraand video application is prepared for you. ⚜️ The best andgreatestapplication will be on your mobile phone and tablet. ⚜️Very nicefeatures and shapes available. ⚜️ With the professionalcamera youwill get the best video. ⚜️ You will get the best photos.PaylaşShare photos and videos easily on social media. ⚜️ Withthisapplication you will feel like a photographer yourself. ⚜️ Itiscompletely free. works without internet. Ölüm Immerseyourbeautiful memories with beautiful camera. ⚜️ Experts take UltraHDphotos. Make a quality video recording. It is completely free. ⚜️Acompletely free Ultra HD camera application. It is designedforprofessional photo shooting and video recording. Ideal Ideal forHDvideo capture at 1080P. ✸✸✸✸✸ ☞High resolution ☞ And imagecapture☞ Location targeting ☞ Video capture ☞ Different scene codes☞Timer Zooming zooming ☞ Night mode ☞ Photo effects ☞Switchingbetween front and rear camera ☞ Flash feature ☞ Real-timefilters ☞Whiteness settings ☞ Full HD quality video recording. ☞ 4Kqualityphoto shooting. ☞ Capture photos and videos in highdefinition HDquality with an excellent camcorder. ☞ Face DetectionAlternative.☞ Front / rear camera selection. ☞ Select the scenemodes, coloreffects, white balance and exposure compensation. ☞Select cameraand video quality and resolution JPEG. ☞ Videorecording time (withoptional audio). ☞ To turn off the optionalshutter sound. ☞ KeysAdjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom inor change exposurecompensation). ☞ Open camera functionality: focusmodes, scenemodes, color effect, white balance, ISO, exposurecompensation /lock, face recognition, torch support. ☞ Videorecording (supportsall resolutions including HD). ☞ Adjustablevolume keys. ☞ Locationtargeting feature ☞ To lock the vertical orhorizontal orientationof the desired photo or video. ☞ Highresolution photo effects. ☞There is a shutter sound. ☞ Apply dateand time stamp, locationcoordinates and custom text to photos. ☞Also known as front camera(selfie shooting) ☞ With externalmicrophone support (Some). ☞Widget is used to take picturesautomatically after starting. ☞Switching between front and backcamera has HD image capturefeature. ☞ Great photos and videos ☞Designed for Android phonesand tablets. ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ Thank you. Havefun.
8K Full HD Camera (Ultra HD) 1.2.3
Serena inc
It is completely free and works without internet.The featuresofthis professional application are very specific:The 8K UltraUhdcamera is an automatic Photo Stabilization camcorder for 4KHD,perfect for photo quality with 8k dimensions for additionalphotoeffects and 4k wallpaper.Absolutely excellent 4k video cameraand4k video size offer a significant leap in clarity anddetailNightmode. Sunset mode.It creates 4 k images that are moresharper andmore detailed than the standard UHD on the screen.Make atouch tothe possibility of taking a lot of pictures.Opencamerafunctionality: focus modes uhd, scene modes, color effects,whitebalance, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torchsupport.Optical / digital zoom, Quick SnapshotOptional GPSlocationtagging (geotagging) photos and videos; For photos, thiscompassdirection (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef)contains.Change thedirection of the GUI without any pause to workin any direction.HD4k video automatically adjusts the videoquality. Designed for HDvideo recordinghigh speed 8k cameraKeysAdjustable volume (to takepictures, zoom in or change thecompensation for exposure).Locationtargeting feature.Multi-shotApply date and time stamp, locationcoordinates, andcustom text to photos.Adjustable delayed Burstmode.Photo Stampingand geotagging, as the photo is taken.Pure andsimple, there is aclear picture. More pixels (exactly8,294,400)Quick to take photosand videos8k Uhd video recording,red high speed cameraa red 4k uHDcameraScene Mode (Auto, Action,Portrait, Night, Snow, Night, Candlelight, Party, Beach, Sunset,Portrait etc.)Choose camera and videoquality and resolutionJPEG.Choose scene modes, color effects, whitebalance and exposurecompensation.Front camera (selfieshooting)Flash control options(on / off / auto / torch). Open andcloseFocus mode (Auto,Infinity, Macro)Front / rear cameraselection.I selfie. The mostbeautiful pictures.Ultra HighResolution is the next big step inHDTV resolution.Camera programfree, video recorder andpanoramaColor effects. Sepia, sunlight,pastel, mosaic, red tones,blue tones, water, pastelCompletely free8k ulyra HD camcorder.Offers up to four times the resolution ofstandard 1080pHDTVs.Video recording duration supports allresolutions includingHD and with optional audioWhite balancesettings (Incandescent,Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight, Cloudy)You willbe presented with thebest video capture, high 8k video quality andall 4k video cameraphoneFace Detection Alternative.The photo editormakes the photosin the album more striking.Thank you..
Sweet Selfie - Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor 3.2.1082
🔥 Top 3 in the Google Play in over 40 countries! 📷 The bestbeautycamera app 2019 😍 300,000,000 users worldwide take selfieseveryday with Sweet Selfie Sweet Selfie offers simple, yet powerfulfaceeditor, body shape editor, artistic photo filters, blurphotoeditor and so much more to take your selfies to thenextlevel.Pimple remover, teeth whitener, blur photo editor andstylishphoto collage, even blur image background, you can get allyou wantin one selfie camera app and face editor. 😍FEATURES SelfieCamera& Face Editor App +Selfie Camera provides features likeacneremover and teeth whitener, even make you slim, slimmingfacecannot be easier. +Real-time selfie beauty camera effects&smooth skin face editor +Best beauty camera and selfie cameraapp.Teeth whitener, slimming face editor, face changer filters,beautymakeup editor are in beauty camera. Beauty Camera & FaceEditor+Smooth skin with juts a tap in this acne remover andpimpleremover. +Beauty camera and selfie camera app lets youPhotoFilters For Pictures +Varieties of camera filters for picturesareready for different photo effects in photo editor! Enhancepicturesby adding photo filters and effects. Face Changer Filters&Photo Stickers +Add funny face changer filters to your pics!Photofilters and effects supports tons of photo stickers.+Stickerscontain: face filters, makeup selfie filters, face changerfilters,photo stickers, makeup filter, selfie filters, snapfilters… SmoothSkin + Beauty camera provides features like acneremover and pimpleremover to perfect selfie pictures. + Retouchface and skin usingour exclusive skin smoothing acne remover andmakeover tool +Pimple remover lets you remove acne with one tap.ProfessionalPhoto Editing + Blur Camera Filters: Selfies instantlytake on aprofessional look with this blur photo editor. Just swipeto applythe blur image background effect! + Photo Filters: Dozensofspecial photo filters for pictures in this photo editor tomakeyour selfies stand out. + Background Eraser: Cut backgroundsintoother photos and create new photo collages. You have thefreedom toedit your selfies with this background changer of photo.+ PhotoEditor: Photo can be edited like cut out and blur imagebackground,add photo filters for pictures -----CONTACT US----Facebook:@SweetSelfie Instagram: @Sweetselfie_official Youtube:@Sweet SelfieEmail:
Bacon Camera 1.10.7
First Camera app with manual controls for devices that doesnotsupport Google's Camera2 API.With Bacon Camera you will be abletosee how powerful is your camera module, optimized with allpossiblefeatures, It's like a DSLR but for everyone!ManualControlssupported: - Full Manual Focus - Full Manual White Balance- FullManual Exposure Compensation - Semi-Manual ISO speed - FullManualExposure Time* - Bayer RAW and DNG supportBacon Camera offersalsoa wide control over basic camera parameters such ascolorbalancing, effects and scenes, together with useful toolsyourshots will be as like a pro!Highlighted features: - LiveHistogramboth RGB and Luminance - Timed Shots, a trueintervallometer foramazing time-lapses - Unique Multi Exposurealgorithm with maxresolution - Exposure Bracket - Useful grids -Virtual Horizon -GIF! - Tiny Planets - PanoramaAnd much more.. justdiscover!Eachdevice is different, and unfortunately not all supportallfeatures. Since Bacon Camera uses most of timesexperimentalfeatures sometimes forgotten by device manufacturercould be a bitunstable.Please have a look to compatibilitytable: testeddevicesare: OnePlus One, LG G3, OnePlus 3/3T, Xiaomi Mi 6, OppoFind 7,ZTE Blade S6.We officially supports a small range ofdevices, butwe try, update after update, to improve maximumcompatibilitymainly for all Snapdragon based devices, so for anyissue don'tforget to email us, everything can be fixed! BaconCamera nowsupports remote shutter control through Xiaomi Mi Band 2thanks to"Mi Band 2Selfie"(***BaconCamera does NOT support official Camera2 API, This mean thatallNexus/Pixel, Sony and others that officially support ONLY theseAPIsare NOT supported by this app. Please do not leave bad reviewifyour device is in this situation. Because this simply is not theappyou are looking for. ***Not in your language? Help us totranslateBacon Camera! ( foryou withLove ♥
Best Full HD Camera (New version) 1.1.4
Create high-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photosandvideos designed for videos and videos.You can take topqualitypictures with the professional camera which is prepared bypayingattention to user satisfaction.Professional Camera Fullfeaturedand completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.Youwill get the best and best quality photos.Variousfeatures ofPerfect HD Camera application make your photos moreattractive andproduce high quality images.The Perfect HD Camera isa photoapplication with a complete and excellent photoeditor.Features:+Take high quality Ultra HD photos, record 1080Pvideo.+ It iscompletely free. works without internet.+ For thosewho like to dobreast shots, this app comes with a wide range ofcolor, text styleand customizable size options as well as theability to add photostext. You can also easily share all of thesocial media that comeswith your friends free picture sharingfeature.+ Beauty FeaturesPlus The Selfie Camera turns smootherimages and looks brighter andactually creates a look to make yourpictures look great andimpressive.+ Adjustable volume knob.+ Selfieshooting front camerathat can take open-face and HD quality.Self-timer.+ Perfect HDCamera is a free applicationIt is the bestcollage maker and photoeditor to help you combine multiple photoswith various framemodels and photo frames+ Location of targetingfeatures. Wipe withmulti-touch action and one-touch control.+Option to lock photos orvideos portrait or landscape.+ MakeupFeature. You can make goodmake-up make-up that will make your photobeautiful.+ Simple, easyto use interface. Extracts and funny iconson + 5000+ Stunningvisual effects and filters. A very powerful toolphoto editor+Provide the photo to be blurred. Photo Effectsavailable for allyour image results+ If you use our application HDBeauty Camera,very nice and attractive frame options for yourphotos.+ PhotoEditor feature manages brightness, smoothness, detailand contrastmanually.+ Take excellent 4K quality photos and sharethem onsocial media.+ You will become the phenomenon of socialmedia withFull HD camera. Thank you.* Capture photos and videos inhighresolution HD quality with superb camcorder.* FaceDetectionAlternative. * Front / rear camera selection.* Selectscene modes,color effects, white balance and exposurecompensation.* Selectcamera and video quality and resolution JPEG.*Video recording time(with optional audio). Burst mode withconfigurable delay.* To turnoff the optional shutter sound.* TheGUI works in any directionwithout any pause to change thedirection. Optimize your choice forright and left handed users.*Keys Adjustable volume (to takepictures, zoom, or to changeexposure compensation).* Open camerafunctionality: support forfocus modes, scene modes, color effects,white balance, ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torch.* Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).*Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer),automaticrepeat mode (with configurable delay).* Adjustable volumekeys. *Switch between front and rear camera. * HD image capturefeature*Location targeting feature. * Multi-touch gesture andone-touchremote control.* To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation forthe desired photo or video.* Photo effects. *Disabilities shuttersound.* Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging) photos andvideos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.* Apply a date andtime stamp, locationcoordinates, and custom text to photos.* Alsoknown as front camera(selfie shooting). * (Some) externalmicrophone support.* Widget totake pictures automatically afterthe launch.* Manual focusingdistance; manual ISO; manual exposuretime; RAW (DNG) files. Thankyou..
Camera FV-5 Lite 3.31.4
Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobiledevices,that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips.Tailored toenthusiast and professional photographers, with thiscameraapplication you can capture the best raw photographs so thatyou canpost-process them later and get stunning results. The onlylimit isyour imagination and creativity!Major features:● Allphotographicparameters are adjustable and always at hand: exposurecompensation,ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balanceand programmode.● DSLR-like viewfinder display: see exposure time,aperture andstops display with EV and bracketing settings, inreal-time!● Fullfledged exposure bracketing: from 3 to 7 frames,unlimited stopsspacing, plus custom EV shifting.● Built-inintervalometer: makestunning timelapses (even bracketed/HDRtimelapses) andtime-controlled picture series.● Program andSpeed-priority modes.●Long exposure support: take beautiful nightphotos and light trailswith long exposure times up to 30seconds**.● JPEG, true 16-bit RAWin DNG format*, and lossless PNGphoto capturing formats, perfectfor post-processing.● Manualshutter speed: from 1/80000 to 2", orthe range available on yourdevice*.● All camera functionsassignable to volume keys. You canadjust EV, ISO, color temperatureand more using volume keys.Devices with hardware camera shutter keyare also supported.● EXIFand XMP sidecar metadata support.●Autofocus, macro,touch-to-focus, true manual focus* and infinityfocus modes.Autofocus lock feature (AF-L).● Autoexposure (AE-L) andauto whitebalance (AWB-L) locks in Android 4.0+.● In backgroundphoto and RAWdeveloping and processing allows a smooth,uninterrupted cameraoperation.● Digital zoom using multitouch pinchgesture. Also shows35mm equivalent focal length!● The most advancedelectronicviewfinder: live RGB histogram, 10 composition gridoverlays and 9crop guides available.● Powerful organizationoptions: differentstorage locations and fully customizable filenames (even withvariables).● The user interface is available inmore than 30languages.This camera application completely avoidsscene modes,instead you get full manual control over allphotographicparameters, just like you do with a reflex camera, soyou canultimately control every aspect of the picture, and leavethepost-processing to the computer. So after your DSLR, you willnevermiss a photo opportunity again, being able to capture it withthecloser sensation to your DSLR as possible.The Lite version isafully functional version of Camera FV-5, with limitedpictureresolution support. Please buy Pro version to unlock allyourdevice's resolutions and enable RAW capture (if it is supportedonyour device).IMPORTANT: If you find a bug using theapplication,PLEASE, visit the web page orwrite with your phone model name andthedescription of the problem, before writing a negativecomment.Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we will do ourbest tofix the issues as soon as possible!Connect with Camera FV-5andstay always up to the latest information about current andfuturedevelopment. Visit the official website,be a fan of, subscribeto or watch tutorialsat* Requires Android 5.0+ andafully compliant Camera2 implementation. Currently only LG Nexus5and Motorola Nexus 6.** Requires Android 5.0+. Compatible aswellon the Samsung Galaxy Camera (1 and 2), Galaxy S4 Zoom and HTCOne(M8). On Android 4.4 or older, long exposures lowerspictureresolution to 2 or 1 MP, depending models. The reason isexplainedhere:
A Better Camera 3.52
All-purpose, full featured camera for Android:* HDR: brightcolorsand rich detail, the pictures look like a professional camerashot*Panorama: up to 360 degrees to 100 MPix* Multishot: Groupportrait,Sequence shot, Removing unwanted objects with one click*Nightmode* Video recording + pause* Video and photo timelapse*Pre-shot: pictures are taken before pressing* BurstandExpo-bracketing* Timer* Different kinds of focusing* ISOoption*White-balance.* RAW capture (Nexus 5 with Android 5currently)*Focus and expo metering by separate points* Timestamp*Manualcontrols (focus and shutter speed priority) available forNexus 5,6 and LG Flex 2+ full access to all Camera controls,settings andfunctionsUnlocked version ABC Unlocked.Try our ABCWidget. Fastaccess to any mode from your home screen!Forget abouthaving dozensof camera apps. A Better Camera does everything youneed.A numberof top ranked Android camera apps such as HDR Camera+,NightCamera+ and HD Panorama+ have been melted into A Better Cameratoprovide you with the best, all-purpose, full featuredcameraapp.Video has great features, such as time lapse, and can beusedwith focus lock, exposure lock and white balance lock!Beingopen to3rd party developers, this application aggregates theexperience ofAndroid developers community to provide you with themost completeset of the best imaging features ever!Join us onFacebook're onGoogle+
Full HD Camera (Selfie 2018) 👑⚜️💎 2.2.9
Teacher apps
Create high-resolution HD photos with excellent effects, photosandvideos designed for movies and videos. You can take topqualityphotos with the professional camera which is preparedwithattention to user satisfaction. Professional Camera Fullfeaturedand completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.FEATURES * Capture photos and videos in high resolution HDqualitywith superb camcorder. * Face Detection Alternative. * Front/ rearcamera selection. * Select scene modes, color effects,whitebalance and exposure compensation. * Select camera andvideoquality and resolution JPEG. * Video recording time (withoptionalaudio). Burst mode with configurable delay. * To turn offtheoptional shutter sound. * The GUI works in any directionwithoutany pause to change the direction. Optimize your choice forrightand left handed users. * Keys Adjustable volume (to takepictures,zoom, or to change exposure compensation). * Opencamerafunctionality: support for focus modes, scene modes, coloreffects,white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, facerecognition,torch. * Video recording (supports all resolutionsincluding HD). *Convenient remote control: timer (optional audiocountdown timer),automatic repeat mode (with configurable delay). *Adjustablevolume keys. * Location targeting feature * Multi-touchgesture andone-touch remote control. * To lock the portrait orlandscapeorientation for the desired photo or video. * Photoeffects *Disabilities shutter sound. * Optional GPS locationtagging(geotagging) photos and videos; For photos, this compassdirection(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef) contains. * Apply adate andtime stamp, location coordinates, and custom text tophotos. * Alsoknown as front camera (selfie shooting) * (Some)externalmicrophone support. * Widget to take pictures automaticallyafterthe launch. * Manual focusing distance; manual ISO; manualexposuretime; RAW (DNG) files. * Switch between front and rearcamera * HDimage capture feature *** Thank you
Full HD Camera 45.44
Full HD Camera: Do not worry if you do not have a professionalphotocamera. You can use your mobile phone as a professionalmachine.Thanks to this application, which produces professionalqualitypictures for you, you can not even believe how you takepictures inFull HD resolution. Easy to use as well .. Features: *Burst mode. *High resolution. * Video recording. * Scene mode. *Flash setting. *Night mode setting. * Timer. * Zoom and zoom mode.* Face detector.* White balance: cloudy, fluorescent, night,automatic. * Morecolorful with color options. * Add dates tophotos and save them. *Option to enable location coordinates. *ISO setting system. *Quality of reception of wall photos. *Multi-adjustment system. - HDCamera: Totally Free
HD Camera 1.0.0O
App maker
Hd Camera application allow you to make excellent pictures veryfastand simply, utilizing all advantage of your phone ortablet.HdCamera has so many features and options.Features of HDCamera-->Face Detection--> Easily Choose scene modes, coloreffects,white balance, ISO.--> HD Video Recording--> PhotoStamp andgeo Tagging like where the picture has been taken.-->Zoom Withmulti texture control.--> Auto-Stabilize camera so thatyourpictures level perfectly.-->FlashControl(on/off/auto/torch).--> Touch to focus.--> CameraandVideo Resolution choice and JPEG Quality.supports allresolutionssupport by camera.--> Video frame rate, bitratesupport.-->Timer and Burst Mode with changable time delay.-->UI WOrks onany orientation.--> Choice for changing savefolder-->Configurable on screen display(battery level,time,uleofthirds,device memory)--> Share Photo instantlyafterclick.--> Very small size.This project is based on Markharman'sOpen camera app and its licensed under GPL V3.You can visittheproject at
com.hiwapps.opencamera 2.6
We have designed HD camera app for you. Video capture featureisavailable. You can take great pictures. Switch between frontandrear camera is available. This number can also make self-timer.Youcan use the front camera. You can take the original pictures.Enjoyhigh-resolution camera applications. High quality andfastdirection is exactly for you. HD video shooting. Video captureisunlimited. You'll love shooting in high quality video. Youcanalways take a photo camera with HD programs. You can sharethephotos you have taken social account. Enjoy the fun with averynice interface designed. It is a simple, faster and betterqualityapplication. HD cameras are free. In the upper part of thesettingsof the camera application, you can display the desiredsettings.HDR camera for Android. Take pictures in a free manner.Photos canbe saved quickly. Temporarily speed up data transmissionbetweenshots. Waiting to save the camera can record picturesquickly.Thanks to the fast mode feature, you can take pictures ofmovingand living in a very easy way. You'll never miss an image.Amazingadded features. These features will provide you with anamazingexperience. Shoot moving objects is very easy. Animalmovements,sports events and can take pictures of children running.features:- Different scene modes - Burst mode. (Photo Shoots thecloserange. Press and hold the shutter button. A series ofstillphotographs. Numerous takes a picture in a row. It is a verygoodfeature for those who want to capture moving objects.) -Vibrantcolor settings - Front and rear camera switching - Thewhitebalance. (Auto, daylight. VB) - Color effects. - Timer -Focusfeature. (Macro, infinity, etc.). - High resolution. -PhotoEffects - Picture quality adjustment feature - Locationtargetingfeature - Exposure - HD video capture feature - Displaymodefeatures are available. (Sunset, etc.). - Set the image size.-Unlimited video capture. - Fast and quality. - Digital zoom.-Series makes photography.
Day-Night Camera HD 9.1
Please vote and give us feedback, and click on the adsonce.Yourcomments are valuable to us.Create high quality photos inHDquality with excellent camera designed for photos and videos,withdifferent effects.You can take top quality pictures withtheprofessional camera which is prepared with attention tousersatisfaction.Professional Camera Full featured and completelyfreeCamera app for Android phones and tablets.FEATURES* Capturephotosand videos in high resolution HD quality with superbcamcorder.*Face Detection Alternative.* Front / rear cameraselection.* Selectscene modes, color effects, white balance andexposurecompensation.* Select camera and video quality andresolutionJPEG.* Video recording time (with optional audio).Burstmode withconfigurable delay.* To turn off the optional shuttersound.* Worksin any direction without any pause to change GUInavigation.Optimize your options for right and left handed users.*KeysAdjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom or to changeexposurecompensation).* Open camera functionality: support forfocus modes,scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposurecompensation / lock, face recognition, torch.* Videorecording(supports all resolutions including HD).* Convenientremotecontrol: timer (optional audio countdown timer), automaticrepeatmode (with configurable delay).* Adjustable volume keys.*Locationtargeting feature* Multi-touch gesture and one-touchremotecontrol.* To lock the portrait or landscape orientation forthedesired photo or video.* Photo effects* Disabilitiesshuttersound.* Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) photosandvideos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.* Apply a date andtime stamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos.* Alsoknown asfront camera (selfie shooting)* (Some) externalmicrophonesupport.* Widget to take pictures automatically afterstartup.*Manual focusing distance; Manual ISO; Manual exposuretime; RAW(DNG) files.* Switch between front and rear camera* HDimagecapture feature
HD Camera 1.15
Best camera app designed a superior performance. You can takehighquality pictures with this program. Perfectly designed forAndroiddevices. Everyone wants to take beautiful pictures. The onlythingneeded in this high-quality program. Free camera for Android.Thisapplication offers all the necessary features. You canfindpictures taken in the gallery. It manufactured in a handy way.Youcan choose the features you want on the menu section. HDcameragives you the best services that are required. You canregister forspecial occasions, thanks to the video capture feature.This wayyou can check the products you want online. Versatileandmanufactured in quality.  Features: * ISO option. *Nightmode. Sunset mode. * Flash options. Open and shut. * UsingtheEffect property. * Focus * Video capture * Switch between frontandrear camera. * Timer * The color and brightness of the moon.*White balance. (Fluorescent bulbs, automatic and like clouds.)*Color effects. (Sepia, sunlight, pastel, mosaic, red tones,shadesof blue, water, pastel * More shots. * Improved features. *Zoom. *Exposure settings. * Scene mode. (Night, candlelight, party,beach,sunset, portrait) * Measurement mode. * Display palms. *Automaticsettings * Sharpen settings. * Multiple shooting * HDvideo, adjustvideo quality. * Resolution quality is very high. *Camera programfree of charge. * One touch to the possibility oftaking a lot ofpictures. * Selfie. The most beautiful pictures.
DSLR Zoom Camera 2.9
With the newest shape and impeccable design, you areindispensable.Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera and videoapplication isprepared for you. With up-to-date features,up-to-date design,up-to-date content and new style zooming cameraand videoapplication with you. The best and greatest applicationwill be onyour mobile phone and on your tablet. Very nice featuresand shapesavailable. you will feel like you're using HD camera.With theprofessional camera you will get the best video. You willget thebest photos. Share photos and videos on social media withease.With this application you will feel like a photographeryourself.You'll feel like you are using a Camera App with a Zoomcamera.Zoom camera can give you best Zooming experience. SupportsBestZooming quality. Mind-Blowing camera with HDR Effects HDRImproveimages captured in low-light and backlit scenes. With NewestHDcamera you feel the experience of real zoom and hdcameraCompatible with Android phones and tablets. Tilt-Shiftenables youto control perfect lens blur. Fastest Capture - Tap!Snap! DslrZoom Camera captures it all in 1s It is completely free.Workswithout internet. Immerse your beautiful memories with abeautifulcamera. You can also use it as Selfie Camera. SupportsFull HDVideo Recording. Amazing filters and effects for yourphotos. FullHD Camera with Professional Camera Quality.
HD Camera (Full 4K+) 1.0.3
DSLR Ultra 4K HD Camera is the camera for maximum quality fromyourphone or tablet and you have the convenience of taking photosandvideos with much speed. You can take the best quality pictureswithprofessional camera which is prepared with careful attentiontouser satisfaction. Capture photos and videos in high-definitionHDquality with the professional 4K HD Camera. An excellentcameradesigned for high-definition HD quality photos and videoswithphotos with different effects. You can capture the bestqualityphotos with the event camera prepared by paying attention tousersatisfaction. Create a wonder and wonder with the professional4KHD Camera. An excellent professional DSLR HD, a camera with allthecontent and features you can use for free. With the superb 4KUltraHD camera you can capture top quality photos. Features: *Selectscene modes, color effects, white balance andexposurecompensation. * Select camera and video quality andresolutionJPEG. * Video recording time (with optional audio). Burstmode withconfigurable delay. * To turn off the optional shuttersound. * TheGUI works in any direction without any pause to changethedirection. Optimize your choice for right and left handed users.*Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom, or tochangeexposure compensation). * Open camera functionality: supportforfocus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance,ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch. *Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD). *Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer),automaticrepeat mode (with configurable delay). * Adjustable volumekeys. *Location targeting feature * Face Detection Alternative. *Front /rear camera selection. * Multi-touch gesture and one-touchremotecontrol. * To lock the portrait or landscape orientation forthedesired photo or video. * Photo effects * Disabilitiesshuttersound. * Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) photosandvideos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains. * Apply a date andtime stamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos. * Alsoknown asfront camera (selfie shooting) * (Some) externalmicrophonesupport. * Widget to take pictures automatically afterthe launch.* Manual focusing distance; manual ISO; manual exposuretime; RAW(DNG) files. * Switch between front and rear camera. *Full HD1080P quality video recording. Carefully designed for phonesandtablets. Create great photos with high-resolution 4K UltraHDquality photos and videos, excellent effects and differenteffectsand real-time filters. Full HD (1080p) Become a socialphenomenonwith camera. Professional 4K Ultra HD 1080p Camera is afullfeatured and completely free camera application for androidphonesand tablets. With the new design and new features, you willfind aprofessional HD camera and video recorder. Thank you.
com.cae.timercamera 10.10.69
Timer Camera is a fully featured and completely free Camera appforphones and tablets. (Some features may not be available onalldevices, as they may depend on hardware features, or theAndroidversion.) Features: * Timer option. * burst mode. * Optiontoauto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matterwhat(see example image shown above). * Zoom via multi-touch gestureandsingle-touch control. * Flash on/off/auto/torch. * Choice offocusmodes (including macro). * Touch to select focus and meteringarea.* Face detection option. * Choice of front/back camera. *Choosescene modes, color effects, white balance andexposurecompensation. * Choice of camera and video resolution, andJPEGimage quality. Support for all resolutions offered by thecamera.Also support for 4K UHD (3840x2160) video on somedevices(experimental - may not work on some devices!). * Videorecording(with optional audio). * Burst mode, with configurabledelay. *Option to silence the shutter. * GUI works in anyorientationwithout any pause when changing orientation. Option tooptimise forleft and right-handed users. * Configurable volume keys(to takepicture, zoom, or change exposure compensation). * Choiceof savefolder (though note Google have blocked write access toexternal SDcards in Android 4.4, see ). *Configurableon-screen display shows battery, time, remaining devicememory,orientation and direction of camera; also option to overlayachoice of grids (including "rule of thirds"). * Previewaspectratio can be set either to maximise the preview display size,ormatch the aspect ratio of the photo/video resolution (so whatyousee is what is actually recorded). * Optional GPS locationtagging(geotagging) of photos, including compassdirection(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef). * Support forexternalmicrophones (may not be supported by all devices). *Instructionsavailable from *unlike mostAndroid apps. (Some features may not be available on alldevices,as they may depend on hardware features, or the Androidversion.)Please contact me if you encounter any problems, or haveanysuggestions for improvements - either email, or postat Privacy Policy:Locationpermission is required for geotagging of photos, but thisisdisabled by default. If enabled, your location is encoded inthesaved image files (and it is only used for this purpose).
HD Selfie Camera 8.2
kimteks Inc.
FEATURES* Capture photos and videos in high resolution HDqualitywith superb camcorder.* Face Detection Alternative.* Front /rearcamera selection.* Select scene modes, color effects, whitebalanceand exposure compensation.* Select camera and video qualityandresolution JPEG.* Video recording time (with optionalaudio).Burstmode with configurable delay.* To turn off the optionalshuttersound.* GUI to work in any direction without any pause tochangethe direction. Optimize your choice for right and lefthandedusers.* Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom or tochangeexposure compensation).* Open camera functionality: supportforfocus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance,ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch.*Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).*Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown),automatic repeatmode (with configurable delay).* Adjustable volumekeys.* Locationtargeting feature* Multi-touch gesture and one-touchremotecontrol.* To lock the portrait or landscape orientation forthedesired photo or video.* Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging)photos and videos; For photos, this compassdirection(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.* Apply adate andtime stamp, location coordinates, and custom text tophotos.* Alsoknown as front camera (selfie shooting)* (Some)external microphonesupport.* Widget to take pictures automaticallyafter startup.*Manual focusing distance; Manual ISO; Manualexposure time; RAW(DNG) files.
Lumio Cam 2.2.8
Overview Lumio Cam is a full featured camera application inspiredbyreal photo cameras and made by enthusiastic photographers tocombinethe look and functions of professional DSLR cameras withthe latesttechnology of smartphones. Easy yet professionalapplication whichcovers the range from beginners to professionalphotographers. Idealtool to capture photos and videos forInstagram, Facebook, Youtube,Vimeo and other social media sites.All models from the big brands(Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei,Motorola, HTC, Asus, One Plus, Nexusetc.) to the small ones arecompatible. Main Features • Real Camerainterface and easy handling• Retro Leather, Brushed Metal or FullScreen Viewfinder skins •Supports front and back facing cameras andalso dual camera systems(LG G5, LG G6, Galaxy S8, Huawei P9, HTCOne) • Full ManualControls and RAW photo in Pro Mode • Videorecording up to4K/UHD/2160p resolution • Digital Horizon Leveldisplay (based onaccelerometer), calibration is possible by tap& hold over it •Grid Display (Rule of Thirds, Center Cross,Combined) • PerfectFraming™ technology, which helps you to takebetter photos by usingvisual templates • Takes perfect selfies inhigh resolution with HDeffects • Tap to Focus (It locks the focusto the subject) • Pinchto Zoom • Can save photo and video files toexternal SD Card •Wear/Smartwatch support with remote shot andvideo recordingfeature • Using volume buttons and dedicated camerabutton forphoto capturing and video recording Camera Features •Highresolution images • Selectable JPG quality • Scene,Contrast,Metering and ISO settings • Flash: Auto, On, Off, Red-eye,Torch •White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Tungsten,Fluorescent• Focus Mode: Auto, Touch-to-focus, Infinite, Macro •Drive modes:Single Shot, Multi Shot, 5 sec Timer, 10 sec Timer •ExposureCompensation Manual Settings - Pro Mode* • Full ManualCameraControls • Both for photos and videos • Manual Focus withFocusAssist option • Manual Exposure (ISO and Shutter Speed) • RAW(DNG)format • Noise Reduction setting • Flat Profile and 'FadedHDR'Mode (enhanced dynamic range for supporting color grading)VideoRecorder Features • High resolution HD, Full HD, 4K/UHD (4Kissupported on selected models) videos • Adjustable FrameRate(24fps, 30fps) • High Video Bitrate from 15 Mbps up to 200 Mbps•Selectable Audio Source (Camcorder, Mic) • ExposureCompensation,Exposure and White Balance Lock • Noise Reductionsetting* • FlatProfile and 'Faded HDR' Mode (enhanced dynamic rangefor supportingcolor grading)* Effects • High quality Amaro, Lomo,Black &White and Sepia effects • Can keep the original photoAndroid WearSupport • Wear Camera Remote • Live preview on yoursmartwatch •Remotely taking photos • Start/Stop video recording •Flash andDrive Mode settings QUICK STARTGUIDE: In Trial mode LumioCam canrecord short video clips only (30 sec), otherwise it isfullyfunctional. If you like Lumio Cam, please consider to supportourwork by purchasing the full version. Thanks. Please sendyourquestions, comments or feature requests to*ProMode relies on camera2 API. If you do not see "Pro Mode"optionunder Menu/Settings that means your device does not supportthisfeature. If your device supports Pro Mode, you should firstenableit in Settings, then you can adjust additional settingsunderCamera/Recorder tabs.
com.caddish_hedgehog.hedgecam2 2.10
* Flexible photo and video settings. * Support for focusmodes,scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO andexposurecompensation. * Customizable user interface. * Advancedselfiemode. Start shooting by timer, face recognition, or voicecommands.*Control by hardware keys. Separate settings for each key.*Display the angle of the device. * Face detection support.*Automatic image alignment based on accelerometer data. Nowyourphotos will never be overwhelmed by the horizon. * Supportofexposure bracket. * HDR (High Dynamic Range) and DRO (DynamicRangeOptimization) photo modes. * Flexible settings of sounds:theability to turn off the sound of the shutter, select the soundofthe shutter (not supported by all devices), adjust the volumeofsounds. * Location of the interface for the right-hander ortheleft-hander. * Widgets that allow you to take a single clicktotake a photo or start recording a video. * Support for Camera2API:manual focus distance; manual ISO; manual exposure time;manualwhite balance temperature; * RAW (DNG) files support. *Focusbracketing mode. The source code can be downloaded here- Based on OpenCamerasource code. If you want to translate the application toyournative language, just send me the language file via email. Inthearchive with the source code you can find english languagefile(values/strings.xml) and unfinished language files that wereparsedfrom Open Camera source.
4K Ultra HD Camera 17.16
With the superb 4K Ultra HD camera you can capture thehighestquality pictures.It has been carefully designed for phonesandtablets.Create stunning photos with high resolution 4K UltraHDquality photos and videos, excellent effects and differenteffectsand real time filters.Full HD (1080p) Become a socialphenomenonwith camera.Original Full HD video capture is carefullydesignedfor millions of users with excellent features.Professional4K UltraHD 1080p Camera A full-featured and completely freecameraapplication for android phones and tablets.With the newdesign andnew features, you will find the professional HD cameraand videorecorder.Features ;* Video recording time (with optionalaudio).*Adjustable volume keys.* HD video capture feature with 4KUltra HDcamera.* High resolution 4K HD quality pictures and videoswithexcellent camera shots.* Select scene modes, color effects,whitebalance and exposure compensation.* Select camera and videoqualityand resolution JPEG.* Face Detection feature.* Burst modewithconfigurable delay.* Adjustable volume keys (to change theimagepickup zoom or exposure compensation).*** It's completelyfree. Itworks without internet.Good fun, thank you
HD Digital Camera 1.6
If you want to take great pictures and videos, you are therightplace.Take great pictures thanks to the HD Digital Camera.WiththeHD digital camera carefully crafted for user satisfaction, youcantake photos at the best quality. Excellent FEATURES: 🌟 RAWcapture(on supported devices) 🌟 Set the focus distance, ISO,exposure,shutter speed (Lollipop only) 🌟 Best practice on thecamera onAndroid 🌟 Keystrokes Adjustable volume (copyright, image,zoom orcompensation change). 🌟 Focus modes for color effects, scenemodes🌟 White balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,facerecognition. 🌟 Video recording (also supports HD resolution).🌟Apply date and time stamp, place coordinates and custom texttophotos; Save the store date / time and location as videosubtitles(.SRT). 🌟 Mega Zoom feature 🌟 (Some) external microphonesupport. 🌟Widget to take pictures after you start automatically. 🌟Manualcontrols, ISO, Shutter speed, focus distance (supporteddevices) 🌟Best of Photos Mode! 🌟 Camera control settings 🌟 StableShotfeature for better photos! 🌟 Timer feature 🌟 Audio adjustable🌟Timeout 🌟 HDR Mode Professional 🌟 Quiet camera mode 🌟Multipleflash modes 🌟 Live effects 🌟 Work offline 🌟 Touch tocapture 🌟 Goldrate feature 🌟 Storage area indicator 🌟 Time display🌟 Picturequality 🌟 Exposure feature 🌟 Exellent Effects 🌟 MagicFeatures 🌟Digital Camera
Unique HD Camera - Multifunctional 1.0.9
Olympus INC
An excellent camera designed for high-definition HD qualityphotosand videos using different effects. Unique, quality shotsarecarefully and carefully prepared for you to see. YourAndroidphone, your tablet, etc. you can download free pictures andtakegreat pictures in all your vehicles.The Professional UniqueHDCamera is a full-featured camera application that hasmanyfunctions in it, free of charge, full of features, designedwithevery detail in mind. You will not believe yourself in thephotosyou take. You have discovered the photographer inside. Youjustneed to indoand try. You will not regret it.FEATURES:✓ A uniqueHDcamera with many different modes that makes your greatmomentsunforgettable.✓Save your memories with quality shots.✓Takingphotos in HD quality with an excellent camcorder.✓ FaceDetectionAlternative.✓ Alternative front / rear camera selection.✓Stagemodes, color effect, white balance and exposure compensationareavailable.✓ Camera and video quality and resolution JPEGetc.✓Video recording time (optional).✓ Manual delay and Burstmode.✓Does the shutter sound annoy you? You can turn it off if youwant.✓Change the direction of the GUI to stop or work in anydirection.You can optimize for right and left hand users ..✓KeystrokesAdjustable volume (copyright, zoom in or compensate forchangingthe image).✓ Camera functions: focus modes, scene modes,coloreffects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,facerecognition, torch support.✓ Video recording (supportsallresolutions including HD).✓ Enter the date and time stamp,locationcoordinates and custom text on photos; in the videosubtitles (.SRT) store date / time and location.✓ Also known asfront camera(selfie shooting)✓ (Some) external microphone support.✓Try not totake pictures automatically afterwards.✓ Manual focusdistance;Manual ISO; Manual exposure time; RAW (DNG) files.✓ Frontand rearcamera key✓ HD image capture feature✓ Convenient remotecontrol:timer, automatic repeat mode (with configurable delay).✓Adjustablevolume keys.✓ Worldview feature✓ Multi-touch motion andone-touchremote control.✓ To lock the vertical or horizontalorientation ofyour desired photo or video.✓ A great variety ofphoto effects willamaze you.✓ Take unique pictures with your magiccamera in yourhand.✓ Talking voice.✓ Optional GPS positioninglabeling(geotagging) photos and videos; For photos, this compassdirection(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.✓ Excellentfeaturesand free of charge✓ You can take professional pictureswithoptional Frame selections.✓ You can get unique and greatphotoswith the golden ratio feature.✓ Thanks to the golden ratio,youwill discover the beauty of your paintings.✓ You will learnthesubtleties of taking pictures with various frames.** Please donotrate and comment on "Unique HD Camera" application **