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Police Scanner Radio Scanner 1.0.0
Hear police radio in your town anymoment,night or day! Auto resume final police scanner radiostation.Police Scanner Radio permits you to hear Police and alsoRadioscanners from around the globe. Canada, USA, UK, Germany,Italy,Japan, Austria, Chile, with a lot more scannersaddedconstantly.
The Police Scanner apps free 1.0.0
Everyone is looking for a momentofentertainment and power at the same time, now and Free RadioPoliceScanner with the most powerful application in its substanceand itsform, we communicate live audio of a number that exceeds the5300policemen particular fire scanners, weather radios also, andindeedeven amateur radio repeaters from around the world fromdifferentcountries, with a surplus being added every day, you'llneed tostay up to date.You will benefit through the use of Radio Police Scanner Applotof features, which you can see all the scanners that arelocatedjust near you and note that this is already sorted bydistance. Youwill also have the opportunity to see the entire top50 scannersthat have the most marked number of listeners, this listwill beupdated every 5 minutes very sure that you also stay up todatewith everything new.You will see the entire list of scanners added mostrecentlythanks to our App for Police Scanner Radio Free, andremember thatthe new additions will be added all the time. You willplay themost important role in this case when you add the scannersyoulisten to the most, and this on your list of favorite choiceforquick access to run at any desired time.Note that you can browse your scanners directory by locationorgenre and you choose first, you can enable notifications astheywill be notified when many people or so-called amateurs, asover1000, as examples are listening to any scanner thatlooksinteresting, indicating that something important or bighappens.You can also simply be updated and informed of the detailswhendevices called located near you or more accuratelyselectedspecific scanners of your choice, have more than a certainnumberof listeners or fans.With Police Scanner Radio App you can add different widgetsandshortcuts as radio scanner to your dear amateur home screen,andfor quick access to the dear listener application. You caneasilyand quickly add a shortcut called favorite radio scanner ifyoulove your home screen to launch a food simply scan through awakeuppractical application or even an automation application.Just callback object, dear listener know that the play buttonatthe top of your directory screens and on the widgets also canbeused both to start listening. With the new Scanner Radio Appyoucan simply launch the application and be able to have one ofyourfavorites, and then automatically begin playback already basedonone or more conditions, or even have the game stop theapplicationeasily.Note that use of this feature allows a scannerautomaticallyfeeding and start playing once your phone connects toa 3G or wifidevice managed by specific, well then stop once alsoconnect tothis Bluetooth device is present or existing.You will of course ask for an explanation of a question ofwhythese various authorizations are required!It is very clear that the status or location permissioniscertainly necessary in order for your application can determineanddetect the position of scanners in your area when you selectthe"police scanners" option close on your Android device.It is also clear that when you select the words "policescanners"close your device, the application first attempts todetermine yourposition thanks to the network, and if that fails,you never know!The application then attempts to detect yourlocation automaticallyby GPS.Remember that Police Scanner Radio Free App is a freeapplicationfor an object of an adventure that seems real withpolice thatsurrounds you, and the application for the purpose ofentertainmentand enjoyment when one can live a moment of power andauthority, itseems real so it can automatically detect and quicklywhen youplace a call, or when you are currently receiving a call,so it canquickly and automatically stop the flow audio in order topreventit from interfering with your call.Enjoy!
Police Scanner Radio App 1.0
Police radio app with your family, you canhavefun and make great joke to your friends. Police radioapplication isput into service using a different sound from eachother is veryreal.Police Scanner Radio lets you listen to Police and Radioscannersfrom around the world. USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan,Italy,Chile, Austria with more scanners added all the time.FEATURES✔ Simple, intuitive screens✔ Search U.S. and international channels by country, stateandcounty✔ Find channels close to your location based on GPS or3Gtriangulation✔ Listen in the background as you use other apps✔ Save your favorite channels✔ Get instant access as new feeds come online✔ More than 2,000 radio feeds delivered to you over 3G or WiFiListen to police radio in your area any time, day or night!Autoresume last police scanner radio station.
Police Radar Scanner 1.0
Police Radar Game Is In NowYourSmartDevice
Let's Pretend Police Radio 1.51
Note: This is not a real police scanner,radio,or walkie-talkie. It is a toy for children.Does your son or daughter like to be a pretend police officer?Areyou tired of changing the batteries on a cheap plastic toyfromChina? Would you rather hear your own voice instead of thesamepoor quality electronic noise 1,000 times a day?My name is Nate and my 4 year old son Calvin loves playing dressup,a police officer being his favorite. The play set we bought himwasgreat, all except that cheap radio toy it came with. Itatebatteries like candy, had no volume control, and it only went“Allavailable units we have a 3-4!” What does that even mean?Presenting the “Let’s Pretend: Police Radio” byLion.HartSoftware.Warning – It’s recommended that you keep a second pair ofsockshandy because your child’s first pair is going to get blownrightoff the first time they use this app.Features;• Simple, easy to use interface.• 30 pre-recorded calls and responses by both male and femalevoiceactors.• Create 15 custom calls and responses using yourphone’smicrophone.• Lefty or Righty mode• Have your child’s voice played back to him/her (Can bedisabledfor your sanity)• And tons of customization options, set it to play onlyresponses,or only your calls, or none if you want the sweet, sweetsound ofsilence. Also customize how long it takes forcalls/responses toplay.This app works best with a SD Card installed, it also doesnottransmit and information or sound files. The app is 100%adfree.For more information visit Lion.Hart Software on theweb,
prank police radio scanner 1.0
prank police radio scanner,scan forpoliceradio activity.joke and prank with your friend. boyfriend. girlfriend or on the play button to get random radio siren or policevoiceswith results on the radar scanner.features:- simulate radar screen.- on / off radar.- police radio walkie talkie.- great as a game.- full use for free.