Top 4 Games Similar to kung fu hero fighting Game 2019

Stickman Superhero - Super Stick Heroes Fight 0.2.8
Welcome to Stickman Superhero - Super Stick Heroes Fight! Playasthe stickman superheroes and fight against the dark forces intheuniverse and protect the Earth. Join this game you can chooseyourSuper Heroes, upgrade the ultimate power, join the tournamentofall universes and climb TOP on worldwide rankings. Thegameintegrates many features to make the gaming experience easierthanever: 🔥 Simple and easy character controls with buttonsandjoystick to move, teleport, block enemy’s attacks, performbasicand 3 advanced skills 🔥 Completely free 🔥 Offline game, nonetworkconnection required 🔥 Experience countless well-knownsuperheroesOTHER SPECIAL FEATURES: 💪 Collect the full list ofstickman superheroes 🔥 Win a fight, earn cashes and coins to levelup or unlockSuper Heroes 🔥 Every superhero has more than onestrength form.Level up a hero to make him stronger enough to unlockhis new form🔥 Preview our Super Heroes’ Skills to choose yourfavouritestickman hero to buy 💪 Combats and missions 🔥 There are 3modes toplay so you will never get bored in Stickman Super: ✔️Story mode:Explore the world through an fascinating story line anddeclare waron all villains, defeat them and become the mightiesthero ✔️Survival mode: Try to survive as long as possible in aninfinitebattle with that gets more and more difficult after everywave ofenemies ✔️ Tournament mode: 16 finest heroes were chosen tofightin the tournament. Defeat whoever gets in your way to wintheultimate glory and become the champion of the Universe 🔥 Spinthecompletely free lucky wheel to get surprising reward 🔥 Lotsofdaily quests and milestones to complete that come with rewards🔥Free gifts such as coins and cash are available at anytimeDownload Stickman Superhero - Super Stick Heroes Fight! tojoinmillions of other players around the world to participate inaheroic journey to save the Earth and the Universe. Thisstellarline-up RPG with top notch graphics and sound effectswilldefinitely deliver the ultimate gaming experience for you andyourfriends! If you need technical support or you want to send ussomegame suggestions, feel free to contact us via:EMAIL:cellsoft88@gmail.comFANPAGE:
Super Stickman Heroes Fight 3.0
Super Stickman Heroes is the best action and fighting arcadegameonGoogle Play. Players can choose their Super Heroes,upgradetheultimate power, join the tournament of all universes andclimbTOPon worldwide rankings. 👉Unique graphics, amazing musicandsoundeffects. 👉A lot of Heroes for you to choose! Pleasecollectandlevel up them 👉The upgrade system is huge but easy touse.👉Diversecombat skills: Hame attack ball, Final Blast, Spiderweb,ThunderFlash, Roar of the God, Iron Gun Machine, BraveSoldier,DragonSword, X beam... ( And many skills A to Z, all inonegame).👉Unlock many mode and face many challenges. 👉7 Leagues inPvPMode:Beginner, Amateur, Pro Player, Top Player, Legend,God,Ultimate👉Climb top of the word in PvP Mode to get super rewardsforthestrongest man. Download Super Stickman Heroes now -toexperiencethe world's best fighting action game.
Stick Super: Hero - Strike Fight for heroes legend 1.1.5
Stick hero fight is one of the combat of hero games for mobile.Thisstick hero fight game allows us to put ourselves in the shoesof agreat number of man heroes and villains. It is a combat herogamesthat has been designed to be enjoyed in a very simple way, sothecontrols are really simple. Just touch the screen and dragyourfinger left and right to perform different shadow battle.-Assemble a mighty team of heroes legend and super villains whoisdedicated joining the combat hero, shadow battle the evil oftheiruniverse, protects the public, and battles super-villains. -Thisis the most important step. At its foundation, this combatherogame uses their super stick war heroes legend power to forstikswar. - What if I told you that you can become a stickmanshadowbattle? Yes, just like the combat hero from the super heroeswe’veall come to love since the childhood years. - As a real lifestickman fight, you should aim to set the example for those aroundyou,specifically the youth. - You can’t be a stick man fight andnottake at least shadow battle to take some care of your body. -Everystickfight has their own strike legend. Something that drivesthemto be the person they are. stiks stickfight give them not justawant to help people, but a reason why. - Real life fighting gamegoout of their way to improve the lives of all the peopletheyencounter. - Upgrade your strike stickman fight to becomestrongerthan ever before. Lead the charge by assembling yourmartial combatof hero team, including spider stick man, StrangeStick Doctor,Rocket man, Blue Captain and Iron agent. Use amazingskills todominate the combat hero game field! Feature anever-ending rosterof stickman fight and villains, with more alongthe way! - Embarkon quests to defeat mortal stiks kombat and facethe challenge of amysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor,ultimately toprevent the total destruction of The stickfight games- The morepowerful the strike stickman fight, the better its stats,abilitiesand special moves will be. - Join games for free andunleash eachcharacter’s unique stick war as you make your waythrough variousmissions. Be super stick fight heroes legend! - Oneof the bestfighting games for Android offline that is recommendedonly foreveryone who wanna be a part of stickfight. - Players willtakecontrol as stick hero fighter and defense against threats-Experience super stick hero fighter , with unique strengths ineachof four distinct and dramatic world settings - Immerse yourselfintruly epic boss combat of hero with boss-themed levels whichbringenvironments, music and pacing in tune with the mostthrilling,iconic villains from stick heroes force. *FEATURES - 20+anger ofstick 6 games characters with unique design style, specialskillsand shadow battle - Story mode: Over than 144+ levels instory modethat help you collect force of anger of stick 6characters morequickly. - Versus mode: Face your favorite opponenthead-on in anone-on-one combat of hero to find out the stick herofight. -Tournament: Defeat the evil to reach the ultimate glory asthe newstickman fight game . - super stick fight heroes legendcombat ofmortal - Training mode: Prepare yourself for a new angerof stick6. Here, you can practice super stick fight heroes skillsand tryout new anger of stick 6. - Upgrade and unlock over 100+uniquespecial moves for each anger of stick 6 games. - This is onofstickman fight games having the most basic control ever! - Whoyoubring to the combat of hero matters. Pair up specificstickfighthero and Super Villains to perform combo moves to takeout enemies.- adventure to have stick force of superheroes legend -forcetalents to master - Collect these kinds of super stick fight:superheroes spider stickman, stiks Strange Doctor, stiks Rocketman,stick Blue Captain and stick Iron agent.
Ninja Robot Fighting Games – Robot Ring Fighting 1.2.0
Brave Jackals
Robot fighting games with ninja sword fight are very rare, so weareintroducing ring robot battle with ninja fighters in this freerobotgame. This ultimate robot fighting game is best mix of robotboxinggames and street fighting games. If you are looking for freeninjagames with future robot fight you must try this robot ringfightinggame that stands best of 2019 games. Jump into ring battlearenawith your super robots and knock out the street ninjafightersshowing your skills of best robot fighting games. In fact,thisrobots game comprises of street fighting games, robotfightinggames, free ninja games and street fighting games. Packagedin verysmall size it is great gift for those who love to playringfighting games with future robot fight and ninja swordfight.Ultimate ring fighting game 2019 offers multiple modes anduniquefeatures you might not have seen in other robot games. Robotgamein ring fighting arena has a lot to offer the players who wanttoplay ninja fighting games and street fighting games. Actually,theconcept of robot fighting games is reinvented to provide thenewestexperience of sword fighting games in free ninja games. Ifyouchoose to download and install this new kung fu gamecombiningmartial arts game you will be having unlimited fun ofninja fightand robot street fight. We tried to encapsulate bestninja gamemoves and robot ring fighting in this fighting robotgame. Learnthe basics of ring robot games and free ninja games toemerge asbest ninja fighter in this ultimate robot fighting game.Fight therobot battle as a ninja warrior and clear the streets fromfighterrobots with ninja sword fight and smart ninja moves. Choosetheninja robot battle of your choice and conquer the ring battlearenaof futuristic robots game. Enjoy ninja robot fighting gameswithreal robot ring fighting for free. You won’t regret having thistopof the robot boxing games and ninja fighting games. ForIndianplayer this is surely of best robot wali game. Don’t wasteanawesome opportunity by not installing this fighting robotgame.Your feedback about the game will be helpful for us to improveitfurther. Thanks