Top 7 Apps Similar to WW Daily Points Allowance Calc

WW Points Plus Calculator 3.4
Calculate the daily weight watchers (ww)pointsusing the new pointsplus formula which takes into accountthenutritional value rather than just its caloric value.
WW Food Points Calculator 3.4
Calculate the weight watchers (WW) pointsusingthe old formula with the given calories, fat and fibervalues.
Weight Watcher Recipes 2.0
Many online magazines promoting dietprogramWeight Watchers, Weight Watchers diet program is verypopular.Until now, the Weight Watchers diet program remains listedfirst asthe best diet program for weight loss.And Now has come a Weight Watchers recipe app that offersavariety of menu recipes to help you lose weight.The core of the application is the Weight Watchers recipestohelp you lose weight by forming good habits, eat healthierandexercise more.In contrast to other diet programs are usually stressed toavoidcertain foods. Weight Watchers recipe app does not suggest youtoavoid any food.Menu Weight Watchers recipes in this application, is believedtoreduce your weight by 2 pounds in one week.The Weight Watchers diet method has been known for more than15years ago. Especially since Sarah Ferguson, former wife ofPrinceAndrew of Britain stocky, so slender and fantastic thanks tothismethod.Weight Watchers Point Plus still using the previousprinciplethat reducing calorie intake in order calories burned isgreaterthan the incoming.Methods newest, you do not just count the exit-entrycalories,but is also driven to prefer 'power foods', such as wholegrains,lean meat, dairy products low in fat, a variety of freshfruits andvegetables sugar levels low in bulk ,By doing so, you are familiarized with how to eat smart,healthyhabits, exercise, weight loss is slow, and supportiveenvironment.The program can be tailored to your lifestyle thatfeels morepersonal.Here are some sample menus Weight Watchers recipes that youcantry in this application:Get Immediate Weight Watchers recipe app for free and feelthebenefits that you would get in your life. So you will not gowrongchoosing unhealthy diet program that can be bad for yourlife.create a healthy lifestyle by seeing a good guide and correct.somost likely this Weight Watchers recipe app is the best solutiontoimplement a healthy diet program.
Pedometer Plus 3.6
Use Pedometer Plus on your walks or jogs. Check the distanceyouhave walked and calories you have burned too, along with thetimeyou have spent walking. Share this information with friends orlogit on a notepad!App also comes with the ability to share withyourcontacts steps you have walked, you location/weatherinformation,ability to share your location with others and acompass too!Bestof all this app is 100% ad-free!
Day by Day Organizer
Day by Day is a planning application designed to fullyimplementGoogle Calendar and Google Tasks as an all-in-oneAndroidapplication. With its help you can plan your future scheduleusingany Android device and this schedule will be available for allyourphones and tablets connected to Internet. Features: ▪presentationof events and tasks in one list ▪ synchronization withGoogleCalendar and Google Tasks ▪ incorporation of yourcontacts’birthdays into the common list ▪ easy-to-handle agenda andmonthview ▪ text month view, text week view, day view ▪interactivewidget on the device desktop ▪ configurable widgetlayout ▪ lockscreen widget in Android 4.2+ Jelly Bean ▪ birthdayreminder ▪voice input ▪ search function Demo mode in free versionhas thefollowing functions (after demo mode is over, only infullversion): ▪ text month widget, week widget - Android 4.1+supported▪ ability to use different profiles in widgets and the app▪invitations for events and check of guest list ▪ Tasker appissupported. E.g. you can have a task reminder to go off whenyoucome towork.▪subtasks or todo lists in your events and tasks ▪ rich setofoptions for recurrent task ▪ priority in tasks ▪ users cansharetext information from another app with Day by Day, forexample,when creating task or event (full version only) You will beable tocreate the events with fixed beginning and end, as well astheevents which due to a certain time or which could be postponed,inany case you will be prompted to set a reminder which will helpyoukeep track on your schedule. This organizer is so simple thatnofurther explanation is actually needed, just download andenjoy!Use our Chrome (Chromium) extension to add tasks and eventsquicklyright from your desktop! For more details visit Chrome WebStore: team wishes you more interesting events and tasks youwouldlove to accomplish with a little help from Day by Day! Youcan makea translation of the application to your languagehere: You can vote fornewfeatures or suggest your own onehere: Day team
My Library
Julien Keith
Free and ad-free, My Library allows you to store yourpersonallibrary and to perform a quick search within it. My Libraryallowsyou to : - Add a book to your library by scanning itsbarcode(title, author, cover, summary, published date, publisher,...) -Add a book to your library via its ISBN number or by keyword- Adda book to your library manually - Look for a book in yourlibrary -Sort your library by titles, names, categories, read /unread, ...- Export your library within an Excel file - Import alibrary froma previously exported library - Manage your wishlist -Display somestatistics For intellectual property reasons, real bookcovers arenot allowed on Google Play screenshots. But in the app,you will ofcourse be free to add official covers for your books. MyLibrary iscurrently in v1.7 and many features are on the way. MyLibrary is,and will forever remain free and ad-free. Please notethat MyLibrary uses Google, Amazon, Open Library, Worldcat,IsbnPlus,Moly,, Libris, ISFDB and Biblio services in orderto matchISBN numbers and the books you are looking for, thereforeif anISBN number is not found, it is because it is not referencedwithinthose services. Thanks a lot to my awesome users andtranslators :- Thomas Brasser (German) - Luca Gaudino (Italian) -Yanina Pruntand Maxim Makarov (Russian) - Matheus Philippe de FariaSantos(Portuguese / Brazilian) - Laura Cruz (Spanish) - KennethChung(Chinese) - Sreekanth Chakravarthy (Kannada) -KatarzynaJędrzejewska (Polish) - Merve Aydoğdu (Turkish) - NortanKhalid(Arabic) - Luc Weyn (Dutch) - Andrei Ghebaură (Romanian) -GudveigRian (Norwegian Bokmål & Norwegian Nynorsk) Icon by RafifromGraphicsFuel.
Equivalent Fraction Calculator 1.0
A fraction that represents the same value when both thenumeratorand the denominator are multiplied by the same number isequivalentfraction. This calculator is used to find equivalentfractions.