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Stres Hipnoz Cdsi 1.0
Güle Güle Hipnoz Cdsinden istediğiniz sonuçları almak için, 21günboyunca dinlemenizi tavsiye ederiz. Uygulamayı ,lütfen kalitelibirkulaklıkla dinleyiniz. Bilinçaltında gerçekleşendeğişimlerkalıcıdır. Kulaklığınızı takın ve yaşamın, değişiminkeyfiniçıkarın...Uygulama Dr. Ofelya Cabral tarafındankayıtedilmiştir.Daha detaylı bilgiiçinwww.hipnoz-cdleri.comsitesiniziyaret edebilirsiniz.Hypnosis CdsGoodbye To get the desiredresults, we recommend that you listen tofor 21 days. Application,please listen to a quality headset. Thechange in the subconsciousare permanent. Plug in your headphonesand life, enjoy the change...Application of Dr. Cabral was recordedby ofelya.For moreinformationI www.hipnoz-cdleri.coYou can visitthe site.
com.pitashi.audiojoy.empoweredhypnosisanxiety 1.4.8
Listen to audio affirmations, programs, courses, and workshopstohelp you reduce anxiety, get over your fears, reduce stressandstressful situations, overcome your phobias, become moreconfidentin social settings, and relax more. OVERCOME THE FEAR THATCRIPPLESYOU: Do you feel like your fears keep you in a box offamiliarity?Are you tired of letting your anxiety rule your life?With the helpof the expert-facilitated hypnosis courses, meditationtracks, andaffirmations, you can step into your role as thecourageous creatorwithin the parameters of your life. CONQUER YOURPHOBIA OF SOCIALSITUATIONS: Do social situations make you nervous?Do you wish youwere more confident and brave when out in public?Discover yourability to swoon a person of the opposite sex, performin front anaudience, get over your fear of heights, and hold atarantulathrough the power of hypnosis and meditation. BECOURAGEOUS ANDFACE YOUR FEARS: Have you wished that you would liveyour life withmore courage? Are you tired of feeling afraid of newthings? Withthe plethora of audio programs, hypnosis workshops, andguidedmeditations in this app, you can develop the courage togoskydiving, travel alone, and learn to live more fearlessly.FREEAPP: This app is completely free to download, and includeshundredsof free audio programs and workshops. Subscribe now tounlock allavailable content (in-app purchase fees apply). GET ONTRACK:Audiojoy makes it straightforward to stay disciplined on yourpathof personal growth and getting over the fears that hinder youfromliving a fulfilling life with hypnosis workshops, audioprograms,meditations, and affirmations. This app makes it simple toovercomeyour fear of spiders, conquer your phobia of publicspeaking, goskydiving, and learn to take risks through the powersofexpert-guided hypnosis courses, meditation music tracks,andpositive affirmations. FEATURES: This app is packed withamazingfeatures to help you get over your fears, understand yourphobias,and live your life more bravely: + 1000+ audio tracks, 100+hoursof content + Daily featured audio content + Search and exploreallcontent + Add to a favorites list + Listen when offline + Buildaplaylist of the tracks you want to hear + Read along with thetextversion + Sleep and meditation timer + Looping relaxationandmeditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations) +Dailyinspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keepyoumotivated Audiojoy creates easy-can be the best versionofthemselves they can be. Audiojoy makes it painless topracticethese techniques so that you can manifest what you want andstopgiving attention to what you don’t. Download our apps, launchyourown program, and start learning today! CONTENT INCLUDED: Thisappincludes 100+ hours of positive daily affirmations,professionallyguided meditations, and hypnosis courses. Here aresamples of theaudio content you will discover in this app: + BrainTraining -Improve Memory, Better Focus, Higher IQ, Study Skills,CriticalThinking + Business - Leadership Skills, BeEntrepreneurial, SalesMastery, Enjoying Work, Networking +Confidence - Self Esteem, BeExtroverted, Say No, Public Speaking,Inner Strength + Dreaming -Lucid Dreams, Stop Nightmares orTerrors, Dream Meaning + GuidedMeditations for Mindfulness,Relaxation & Sleep + Health -Better Sleep, No Insomnia, BoostImmune, Get Pregnant, StopHeadaches + Life Success - Motivation,Positive Thinking, SelfDiscipline, Inner Peace + Metaphysical -Psychic Powers,Meditation, Telepathy, See Auras + Relationships -Healthy, Happy,Lasting, Romance, Jealousy, Marriage + Social Skills-Communication, Be Outgoing, Stop Criticizing, Friendship,Empathyand much more...
End Anxiety Hypnosis - Stress, Panic Attack Help 2.33
If you’re seeking stress relief or anti anxiety help, you arenotalone. Anxiety and depression affect millions and can makeeverydaylife unbearable. But if you suffer from an anxietydisorder, don’tget frustrated using an anxiety tracker and seeingno improvement.Before giving up, try tapping into the power ofhypnotherapy with aguided anxiety meditation written and read by acertifiedhypnotherapist. This anxiety help app is designed to showyou howto reduce anxiety and to learn anxiety managementtechniques. Whenyour anxiety is reduced, you may also notice animprovement inrelated symptoms like anger management, OCD, PTSD, oreven panicattack relief. You have the power to relieve stress,anxiety anddepression — see if hypnosis is right for you to unlockyour ownability to live your life outside of the shadow ofdepression andanxiety!* ◎ A single audio session of 30 minutes aday that iseffective* in just 1–3 weeks ◎ Hypnosis audio carefullyread by thesoothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist ◎ Peacefulbackgroundmusic and nature sounds to help you relax ◎ HypnoticBooster withbinaural beats to induce your brainwave frequency intoan optimalstate for receiving hypnotic suggestions ◎ Separatevolume controlsfor Voice, Background, and Hypnotic Booster ◎ Awakenat End featurecan be disabled at bedtime for a relaxing, restfulsleep ◎ Repeatsessions or loop while you sleep ◎ Continue listeningto backgroundsounds after the session ends Anxiety Relief Hypnosisis free totry and effective* with the default settings. A one-timein-apppurchase is required only if you wish to change thedefaultsettings. (Each of our free hypnosis apps includes its ownin-apppurchase; in-app purchases cannot be shared among separateapps.)INTERACT WITH US Surf City Apps offers a range of hypnosisapps tohelp you enjoy a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.Tellus how you use our apps to improve CONTACTSUPPORT TERMS &CONDITIONS*DISCLAIMER Resultsnot clinically proven. The content and servicesprovided by thisApplication are for educational purposes only andare not intendedto be a substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis, ortreatment. Never rely on information on thisApplication in placeof seeking professional medical advice. Consultyour doctor beforeusing this Application if you suffer from a heartcondition, mooddisorder, epilepsy, or a psychiatric or neurologicalcondition.
Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis 1.3
Do you have trouble sleeping or getting into a relaxed state?Ormaybe you have a harder time staying asleep and finding thatdeepstate of rest each and every night… If you've felt the effectsofsleep deprivation, then you know that a good night's sleepisincredibly valuable and important. From the creators of thefastgrowing and H Mindifi series, we introduce to you our SleepandRelaxation Hypnosis. Immerse yourself into our customcreatedhypnosis sessions, specifically designed to give you ameaningfuland restful experience. We have created audios coveringeveryaspect of sleep and relaxation in order to give you apersonalizedexperience catering exactly to your needs. Mindifibrings you themost advanced and current hypnosis techniques, soundeffects,music, and beautiful visuals to bring you animmersiveall-encompassing experience. Use Mindifi's Deep SleepHypnosis appto help with insomnia, rid of anxiety, improve yourfocus, and useas a sleep aid through hypnotherapy andmeditation.Audios in thisapp include: 1). Sleep like a baby- EnjoyFREE on us! 2). DeepMuscle Relaxation 3). Disarming Nightmares 4).Falling back tosleep 5). Insomnia Relief 6). Peaceful Partner 7).Power Nap 8).Snore No More 9). Stress Release 10). Virtual MentalMassage 11).Wake Up Early Enter the world of Mindifi!
Dare - Break Free From Anxiety 3.0.2-0
The DARE app is an evidence based training program to helppeopleovercome anxiety, panic attacks, worry, and insomnia.Download thefree audio guides to help you to feel like your oldconfident selfagain. Take the app with you wherever you go. Almostevery anxioussituation is addressed including driving, flying,eating out,health anxiety, intrusive thoughts, public speaking, atthe gym, atthe doctors, going on holidays and many more. If yousuffer fromanxiety or panic attacks, DARE will teach you aneffective evidencebased approach to get you back living life to thefullest. DARE canhelp to: * Ease Anxiety * Eliminate Panic Attacks* Reduce Worryand Stress * Calm Your Mind * Lengthen Sleep * BreakCycles ofNegative Thinking * Increase self-worth and confidence *And somuch more... _________________________________ DARESUBSCRIPTION •Monthly Local currency equivalent • Payment will becharged toGoogle Play Account at confirmation of purchase •Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is deactivatedat least24-hours before the end of the current period •Subscriptions maybe managed by the user and auto-renewal may beturned off by goingto the user's Account Settings after purchase •Any unused portionof a free trial period, if offered, will beforfeited when the userpurchases a subscription, where applicableFind out more about ourTerms of Servicehere: We valueyourprivacy. Full details of our privacy policy can be foundhere:
Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help 4.1.2
Excel At Life
LEARN TO CONTROL PANIC AND GET RELIEF FROM ANXIETYSelf-HelpforPanic DisorderThe info in this app assumes that the userissuffering from panic attacks due to Panic Disorder. It may notbeapplicable to other forms of anxiety. It focuses on the fearofhaving a panic attack and the fear of the sensations when havingapanic.CONTAINS***Articles about panic/anxietyandcognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)***Anxiety Cognitive Diarytolearn to challenge fearful thinking***Emotion Training Audiotolearn to access calming states***Relaxation Audios to learndeeprelaxation***Panic Assistance Audio to coach throughpanicattacks***Password protection availableNOTE: All audios canbedownloaded from ExcelAtLife.comUse Panic Assistance audio tocoachyou when you experience a panic attack and to help you learntotolerate and control the anxiety symptoms. Also, can be usedtoassist with exposure therapy for Agoraphobia.The PanicAssistanceaudio is not a relaxation or hypnosis audio. It is meantto be firmso as to get your attention while having a panic attack.Relaxationor hypnosis audios are not very useful during a panic.They may beuseful to prevent panic, but this audio is focused onreminding youthat panic won't harm you and that you can toleratethe unpleasantsensations of panic.Emotion Training audio can beused asrelaxation or you can use it to learn how to access emotionssuchas calmness or strength when you need to. The audio trainsthebrain to pair the emotions with certain colors and once youhavelearned the process, you can elicit the emotions you desirebyimagining the paired color flowing through you.Links to to help you understand thecognitive-behavioraltherapy (CBT) approach for anxiety and PanicDisorder. The generalidea of CBT is to repeat rational statementsthat challenge theirrational fears until the rational beliefsbecome stronger thanthe fears. Since it is difficult for a personto do this whilehaving a panic attack, the panic assistance audioin this app helpsyou to do this. This self-help method can providethe coaching manypeople need to cope with panic. However, somepeople may needtherapeutic help in addition to this.Use therelaxation audio toimprove your anxiety management skills. Learn toreduce stress andto relax your body using Qi Gong and additionalrelaxation audiosby Excel At Life.Also, look for "The Worry Box"app for audio tocreate imagery to reduce worry and relatedanxiety.Reason forpermissions:1) READ PHONE STATE ANDIDENTITY--necessary whenlistening to audios to pause playback whenphone call is received(Excel At Life never accesses identity)2)MODIFY DELETE SD CARDCONTENTS--necessary to allow saving data to SDcard3) FULL INTERNETACCESS AND VIEW NETWORK STATE--necessary todetermine if internetaccess is available when linking to articlesand audios
Online Therapy, Emotional diary, Mindfulness tools 2.08
Online therapy for anxiety, depression, stress and couples withtoppsychologists. ifeel: THERAPY FOR OUR TIMES ifeel helpspeopleovercome the challenges of everyday life with the supportoflicensed and specialised online psychologists. Somethingworryingyou or creating feelings of anxiety or depression? Goingthrough atough time in your relationship? Is your self-esteem a bitlowlately? Are your work or studies a source of stress? Atifeelyou’ll find the help you need and deserve. We created ifeelsoeveryone can have access to the best personalised,professional,affordable and confidential psychological onlinetherapy. GREATPSYCHOLOGISTS, TINY PRICES Psychological support canbe crucialduring many periods of our life. For this reason at ifeelwe wantyou to have access to professional help whenever you mayneed it:it’s a bit like having your licensed psychologist in yourpocket.You’ll be able to talk to your dedicated psychologistthrough achat or videocall - whatever works best for you - anytimeandanywhere. Online psychology allows connecting everyone withtheprofessional that is best suited for their individualneeds,increasing the possibility of a successful therapy process.Atifeel we think everyone deserves dedicated andcustomisedattention. You can subscribe to our online therapy plansfrom €24.99/week and start your therapy right away. Online therapyoffersmore convenience, higher flexibility and much moreaffordableprices. You won’t need to worry about scheduling asession,commuting or arranging your day around a face-to-facemeeting withyour psychologist. HOW IT WORKS At ifeel we believetherapy shouldbe an ongoing and seamless process. Once you areassigned yourdedicated therapist, you will enter an online therapy“virtualroom” created specifically for you. This room will be open24 hoursa day and is a completely private and confidential space,whereonly you and your personal psychologist will be abletocommunicate. This is the virtual space where you and yourdedicatedtherapist will work together to achieve your objectives.All theprofessionals on our platform are licensed psychologistswith yearsof experience in online therapy. They undergo a rigorousselectionprocess and receive periodical training. They alsoconstantlyattend supervision and follow-up sessions. HOW CAN ifeelHELP ME?Our online psychologists have helped our patients in theseareas: ☆therapy to overcome depression without medication ☆ therapytolearn how to deal with anxiety (e.g. social anxiety, phobias,panicattacks, etc.) ☆ solve relationship issues with our couplestherapy☆ relaxation techniques to manage and relieve stress ☆techniquesto improve your social skills and effective communication☆ methodsfor self-improvement and many more… NOT READY FOR THERAPYYET?Asking for help takes courage. If you’re still not ready totakethe step and need a little help you can start by using ourfreetools. We offer a vast array of free exercises to reducestress,control anxiety, different relaxation techniques, abreathingassistant, relevant blog articles and mindfulnessexercises. Allthe tools are designed by licensed, clinicalpsychologists with theaim of supporting you throughout theday-to-day challenges. All thetools are completely free and for youto use at your ownconvenience. CONTACT Any question or feedback?Please reach us We will always try to getback as quickly aspossible.
com.dreamstudio.meditationmusic 3.0
With music for mindfulness meditation, people focus more,sleepbetter and stress less. Practicing meditation affects:stress,anxiety, falling asleep, focus, depression, happiness,selfmotivation, creativity, anger, pregnancy and much more.Listeningto the right music for meditation greatly facilitatestheattainment of profound meditation, relaxation andconcentration.Improve mental and physical health. Science provesthat people whopractice meditation are fighting better with stress,depression andfatigue. Reducing anxiety and stress significantlyimprovesrelationships with other people and improves quality oflife. Relaxyour mind and body and improve your meditationtechnique. Now youcan listen to music for meditation anytime andanywhere. Meditationfeatures: ● Self-meditation timer, ● Highquality sound, ● Abilityto work in the background, ● Can play withscreen off and does notdrain battery, ● Auto-play mode, ● Ease ofuse, ● Off-lineoperation, no data connection needed, ● Free accessto all melodies(totally free app).
Hynosis 1.2.4
Hypnose helps you explore your unconscious mind to change yourlifeand guide you to healing. The app is based on the work ofPatriciad'Angeli and Olivier Lockert who have been hypnotherapistsfor 30years and have written more than 20 books on the subject,sold in60 countries.
The Anxiety Guy Podcasts - Fear, Depression Relief 1.4.6
Listen to audio programs, courses, and workshops provided byiTunespodcaster, self-help author, and certified NACBTPractitioner,Dennis Simsek, to assist you in overcoming anxiety,conquering yourfears, teaching your children how to be responsible,and become abetter public speaker. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS: Have youhad enough ofletting your fears and worries dictate the course ofyour life? Areyou ready to take back control of your life andexperience truefreedom? With the help of numerous podcasts,speeches, mindfulnessexercises, positive affirmations, and guidedmeditations, you cango skydiving, travel the world, improve yourcareer, and discoverunparalleled freedom. BE MORE MINDFUL: Do youfeel absent-minded inyour life? Do you ponder over how you can bemore present in thelives of your loved ones? Be a better parent,shower your spousewith love, feel confident about your skills as alover, and conqueryour fear of public speaking with the assistanceof countlessmeditations, audio courses, podcasts, andexpert-advice. ALLEVIATEYOUR ANXIETY: Do you suffer fromdebilitating panic attacks? Doesit seem like your life revolvesaround states of constant worry andanxiety? Stop giving power toyour anxiety, alleviate the stressesthat impair you, feel betterabout yourself, discover new realms ofself-confidence, and improvethe quality of your relationships withthe professional help ofDennis Simsek through a series ofpodcasts, audio workshops, andmindful techniques.FREE APP: Thisapp is free to download, andincludes hundreds of hours of freeaudio courses and programs.Subscribe now to gain access to allavailable content (in-apppurchase fees apply). GET ON TRACK:Audiojoy makes it virtuallyeffortless to stay disciplined inpracticing mindfulness, masteringmeditation, learning how to rockclimb, and being more sociallyoutgoing with a vast collection ofguided meditations, audioworkshops, and podcasts. This app makesit easy and straightforwardto love yourself completely, achievestates of inner peace, faceyour demons, overcome your fear ofsnakes, and create the life youhave always dreamed of through thepower of podcasts, audioworkshops, instructional audio guidebooks,and motivational speechesfrom NLP Master Practitioner andcertified NACBT Practitioner,Dennis Simsek. FEATURES:This app ispacked full of incrediblefeatures to help you conquer youranxiety, face your fear ofspiders, become more outgoing in socialsituations, and live lifemore courageously:+ 100+ audio tracks,100+ hours of content+ Dailyfeatured audio content+ Search andexplore all content+ Add to afavorites list+ Listen when offline+Build a playlist of the tracksyou want to hear+ Read along withthe text version+ Sleep andmeditation timer+ Looping relaxationand meditation sounds (over 2.4million combinations)+ Dailyinspiration notifications with powerfulartwork to keep youmotivatedAudiojoy creates simple-to-understand,how-to content tofacilitate the creation of happier, anxiety-freelives. We believethat everyone has the innate ability to be thebest version ofthemselves they can be. Audiojoy makes it easierthan ever to putthese techniques into practice so that you canmaster what you wantand stop what you don’t. Download our apps,launch your ownprogram, and start learning today!CONTENTINCLUDED:This appincludes hundreds of hours of audio workshops,podcasts,expert-provided advice, and masterful techniques fromcertifiedNACBT Practitioner, Dennis Simsek. Here are samples of theaudiocontent you will discover in this app:+ Breaking AnxiousThoughtPatterns+ Causes and Symptoms Of Anxiety+ HealthAnxiety(Hypochondria) Wellness Support & Relief+ How Long DaysandInsomnia Affect Your Mental Health+ Living with Anxiety -- It'sNotEasy. There is Hope+ Personal Health Anxiety Stories ofRecovery+Solutions for Panic Attacks+ The Anxious Brain Unmaskedand muchmore...
'Create Inner Peace' is a superb high qualityself-hypnosisrelaxation recording by the UK’s best sellingself-help audioauthor Glenn Harrold that will help you overcomestress andanxiety, sleep well and feel much more relaxed in yourevery daylife. This recording is a brand new mix of the highlysuccessfulCD/MP3 title of the same name. This newly masteredversion willtake you on a special journey into the deepest levelsofrelaxation. The subtle background soundscapes supportingGlenn’ssoothing voice will help you connect with a profound feelingofinner peace and calm. The focus is very much on empoweringthelistener and connecting them to their inner strength. Atthedeepest point in the meditation you are given a numberofpost-hypnotic and direct suggestions to help you connect withadeep feeling of inner peace and calm which will stay with youinyour everyday life. There are also a number ofbackgroundaffirmations, which echo and pan from left to rightacross thestereo range, ideal when using headphones. This deeplyrelaxing andpowerful method of delivering multiple suggestionssimultaneouslyto the unconscious mind can facilitate positivechanges veryquickly. At the end of the recording you will be gentlyguided backto full waking consciousness with a combination ofsuggestion andmusic. There are also a number of positive subliminalsuggestions,which are embedded in the fade out music adding to theoveralleffect. This amazing recording is a completely safe andveryeffective way of helping you to go into a deep state ofrelaxationand feel very serene and peaceful. This app includes •CreatingInner Peace - 31:08 mins • Access to over 70 InAppHypnotherapySessions by Glenn Harrold eBooks: • How To Use This App• About TheAuthor • Ultimate Guide To Self Hypnosis This state ofthe artrecording features: • Glenn's highly acclaimedmeditationtechniques guiding you into a deep state of mental andphysicalrelaxation. • Background sound effects recorded atcertainfrequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep tranceeffect.• Hypnotic echoed backing vocals panning from left to rightacrossthe stereo range - a unique effect. • 60 beats per minutesoundeffects & powerful subliminal suggestions - allcompounding theoverall effect. • Both tracks combine powerfulmeditationtechniques with a state of the art digital recordingtechnology.Glenn has over 20 years experience as a full-timehypnotherapistand works with many celebrity clients. He hasappeared on TV anumber of times and his successful hypnotherapysessions are oftenfeatured in newspaper and magazine articles. Hereare some of themany endorsements Glenn's receives from celebritiesand journalistsamongst others.
CoSleep:Sleep Sounds Meditation Music 3.5.4
CoSleep: New Concept App for Healthy Sleep, serving over 50millionpeople. Everyone who loves life, deserves to have a goodsleep.Come use our CoSleep App. CoSleep App provides variousoptions suchas sleep music, development of sleeping routine,bedtime reminders,sleep tracking, gentle wakeups, and midday napsettings. With ourrichful, thorough, and heartful sleep service, weare hoping tohelp you have better and more restful sleep, andfurther toincrease your awareness to your own sleep quality, andtheimportance of sleep in your life. On the top of thesleepmanagement feature, CoSleep can be a wonderful assistanttoincrease the efficiency of your work, study, and other lifetasks,as well as an always-on companion for meditating, reading,andbrainstorming ideas. In CoSleep, we hope to achieve thefollowingresults with you: [Fast Falling asleep] Hundreds oforiginallydesigned White Noise, ASMR, Magical Brainwave Music,offered at nocost from our own huge database of professional sleepmusic.[Restful sleep] Sleep experts offer professional tips, suchasbreathing methods, meditation practices, goodnight songwithcounting sheep, and various gentle songs to accompany yoursleep.[Healthy Sleep Habits]: Introducing the development of a45-minuteroutine before bedtime, bedtime reminders, sleepingpatternanalysis, and sleeping tracking. [Gentle Wake-ups] Ouruniquescientifically designed alarm rings for pain-free wakeups, aswellas flexible settings for various napping needs. We invite youtotry CoSleep if you are -Someone who have mild to moderatesleepingproblems (trouble falling asleep, frequent wake-ups, toomuchdreaming, nightmares, and light sleep) - Someone who havesleepingproblems due to anxiety and stress - Someone who havesleepingproblems as a result of travel, business trips, out ofcountrytrips and other sudden changes of physical environment. -Someonewho have sleeping problems due to noise environment such asgrouphomes, houses facing main road (dorms of students, factoryworkers,etc.) - Seniors who have trouble falling asleep and alsowake upfrequently during the night. - Babies who cry often, as wellastheir parents who need to take care of the babies. - Someonewhoneed support on their work, study, meditation, focusandbrainstorming ideas. - Various sound lovers: such asrain-soundlover, ASMR lover, cat lovers, etc.. WeChat OfficialAccount:cosleep666 QQ Group ID: 734678158
Panic Relief- stop anxiety now 1.5.4
The best tools to deal with panic, stress and anxiety! This appcangive you instant support wherever you are - it is silent andhelpsyou stay in control. Use your favorite animations for a fewminuteswhen you feel anxiety starts to build up inside you. PanicReliefis made by a danish psychiatrist and specialist incognitivetherapy, Marianne B. Geoffroy. 4 short cartoons withanimationsshow you how to cope with the unpleasant sensations inyour bodywhile staying mentally calm and in control. Are you aprofessional,a doctor or psychologist? The app can be used as asupplement topsychotherapy and/or medical treatment for panic,anxiety andstress disorders. Typical situations where panic attacksmay start:- in supermarkets, in crowds - in public transports, inairplanes -on highways, crossing bridges, in heights - before examsor jobinterviews - in other situations where you might feel stucke.g. atthe dentist, at formal gatherings and meetings, inrestaurants etc.CHEST: helps you discover what your normalbreathing pattern atrest looks like and helps you avoid too deepand frequent breathingduring panic, also called hyperventilation.Hyperventilation causesdizziness and makes anxiety and panic evenworse.SQUARE: is awellknown CBT method often called ‘breathing insquares’. This toolgives you both visual and mental focus when youuse it duringanxiety and panic. It will make you stay in mentalcontrol whilethe body calms down. ARM: shows you a quick and easytechnique forrelaxation which will make a panic attack feel lessintense. BODY:is a visualization exercise which is usefull when youhave read thetext 'What is a Panicattack' and read about our fight-flightreflex. Follow this animation and let the turmoil inside youbecometransformed into a more pleasant sensation. MORE: Read‘More’:'What is a Panicattack', read about why some of us are proneforanxiety attacks and about why they are a normal reactionthathappens in the body. Also read why panic attacks may come andgo inperiods and find answers to other frequently
Erase Stress & Fear With PSTEC
PSTEC has been featured on TV. PSTEC is used around the world.PSTECis used by professional therapists. Everyone has emotionalproblemssometimes and this easy to use system can be used for ANYnegativeemotion. It's job is to turn those emotions down or evenremovethem. Use this for therapy, self help and self empowerment.Amultitude of uses. PSTEC is a system designed to treat all ofthefollowing and much more: Fears, Stress, Phobias, PTSD,Anxiety,Resentment, Anger, Jealousy, Compulsions, Depression,Confidence,etc. This is a 100% free app and contains no annoyingadverts. Keepthe PSTEC therapy system in your pocket with this freeapp. AppOverview: A video introduction, Full PSTEC self helpsystem,Complete instructions, Access to much more free materialincludinghelpful tutorials and interviews with real users of thePSTEC selfhelp systems. Compatible with: Devices running Android2.2.3 andabove. Just download this FREE app and get started.
Deep Sleep - Meditation relax hypnotize 1.5
This is a new concept application that uses professionalaudiotechnology to help you sleep, meditate, relax andFocus.Accordingto the latest scientific research,Guidance bypsychology Dr andfamous doctor, a specific sound rhythm caneffectively help you tofall sleep quickly and can improve yoursleep quality.Thisapplication built in a variety of high-qualityaudio (rain, waves,birds, train sound, white noise) to help youblock the outsideworld noisy. Personalized sound, sleep sound andmeditation music,the most effective and high quality sleep,meditation,decompression applications, with music to changelifeFeatures♪Built-in free, high-quality music, sound of the waves,Flowingwater sounds, dripping sound, thunderstorms, bonfire sounds,insectsounds, frogs, bird sounds, lullaby ,White noise and so on.♪Timerauto off function.♪ New simple interface design♪ Works offline(Nointernet connection needed)♪ Very simple and easy to use.♪Absolutesecurity does not collect any privacy of the user.♪ Verypowersaving.♪ Install to SD Card(does not use phone memory)Note:Thisapplication can be used not only for relaxing or sleeping, butalsofor meditation, work or concentration.Download this app, startitand put on your headphones so that the soft music takes you intoabeautiful world that belongs only to yourself.Ourapplicationssupport the latest(2017) Infinity Display screen(all-screen) andultra-wide screen flagship phones such as: SamsungGalaxy S8, S8 +,Galaxy Note8, LG G6, HUAWEI Mate 10, Xiaomi MIX 1,Xiaomi MIX2,Vivo X20, iPhone X and so onIf you have any suggestionsorquestions you can contact us via facebook, WeChat, google+,Twitter
Mindfulness Meditations for Presence and Peace 2.1
This mindfulness meditation app by Glenn Harrold and Russ Daveywillhelp you to appreciate life in the present moment as youconnectwith your senses, thoughts and feelings. The app includes afree23-minute lite version of ‘Mindfulness Meditation forReleasingAnxiety’. Glenn will guide you through each area of yourbody andencourage you to notice any sensations or feelings as theyoccur.You will then be guided through a beautiful visualisation bya lakewhich will help you to become aware of individual thoughts,and letthem go without judgement. Whenever you feel worried,anxious orstressed you can learn to simply notice your thoughts asthey comeand go. When you observe each thought from a distance,rather thangetting caught up in it, you will naturally find thisreleases youfrom the cycle of anxiety and worry. People whopractice mindfulnessare less likely to get caught up in worriesabout the future orregrets over the past. Being mindful makes iteasier to notice andenjoy the pleasures in life as they unfold. Italso improves the wayyou react to stressful or difficultsituations, allowing you to feelcalmer and more balanced ineveryday life. This app Includes:Meditation Audio Tracks: •Mindfulness Meditation for ReleasingAnxiety (FREE Version) 23:42mins • Access to many more of Glenn’smindfulness meditations.eBooks: • A Guide to Self Hypnosis • AboutThe Authors • How To UseThis App • Useful Resources Glenn’sacclaimed meditation techniquescombine with deeply relaxing musicby Russ Davey to create apowerful session that will help you makelasting and meaningfulchanges to your life. Russ’s music blendsdreamy piano and guitarsounds with calming atmospheric soundscapes,heavenly choirs,chimes and Tibetan chanting. MindfulnessMeditations for a Calm& Peaceful Mind features: • Glenn'shighly acclaimed vocaltechniques guiding you into a relaxed stateof mind & body. •Stereo-echoed affirmations, which pan fromear-to-ear across thestereo range - a deeply relaxing effect. •Soothing backgroundsounds recorded in specific musical keys andfrequencies to deepenthe relaxation effect. About MindfulnessMeditation Mindfulnesstechniques have been used for thousands ofyears, and have beenproven to help ease many psychological stresseslike anxiety, fearand pain. With today’s busy lifestyle, we oftentry to ignoreproblems, fears and concerns. We put things to theback of ourminds as a coping mechanism, but these thoughts andfeelings canreturn and create a cycle of anxiety that can feeldifficult toescape. Mindfulness is about focusing attention onfeelings andthoughts, noticing how they make us feel, and lettingthem gowithout judgement. By learning to observe our thoughtsandfeelings, we can begin to see them from a distance ratherthangetting caught up in them. This naturally reduces anxietyandstress as you learn to accept life in the presentmoment.Mindfulness lets you heal your mind in a number of ways: •It helpsrelease the familiar cycle of anxiety, worry and fears. •It helpsyou become kinder to yourself, and reduces negativeself-talk. • Ithelps you to notice automatic reactions and to ceasenegativehabits. • It allows you to become more creative in yourapproach todifficult situations. You can also use mindfulnesstechniques tocultivate qualities such as kindness, or overcome anynumber ofproblems or difficulties in your life.
Harmony - Hypnosis Meditation 3.4
*Enhance your ability to relax, sleep well and focus.*Reduceanxiety, tension and stress. *Build on your core sense ofinnerstrength and power. *Gain more confidence and inner control.*Savetime and achieve your goals more quickly and easily.Harmonycontains three free hypnosis meditations. Listen to one ofthesessions every day for the next five days and notice thedifferencein how good you feel. You can also access 40+ sessions onmultiplesubjects, the equivalent of 40+ CDs, through oursubscriptionservice, with new topics being added regularly.Downloaded morethan two million times our apps have won at The BestApp EverAwards & Best Mobile App Awards & have beenrecommended bymany US doctors via Healthtap. The recordings utiliseunique andspecial effects including: Dual Vocal Delivery, wheredifferentsuggestions or metaphors are delivered separatelyyetsimultaneously through the right and left headphones. The effectisdeeply hypnotic and has the benefit of helping the unconsciousmindto accept beneficial suggestions with less consciousinterference.Brainwave Entrainment, when the brain is exposed torhythm, therhythm is recreated in the brain in the form ofelectricalimpulses. On most of the hypnotherapy recordings withinHarmony,you will hear alongside the vocals, music & othersoundeffects, small, pulses of sound, designed to help youquicklyaccess a deeply relaxed hypnotic state. "Through repetitionofcertain techniques, boosters say, Harmony Hypnosis is liketrainingyour brain & works so much better". The Wall StreetJournal"The Ultimate In Self Help...The high quality recordingsrelax,entrance and help get results rapidly." Yoga Magazine TheBEST.This is the REAL DEAL. ***** WOW, what an app! I cannotrecommendthis strongly enough. I owe Darren Marks a great debt ofgratitudefor his deeply intelligent approach to helping peoplewithpragmatic, on-the-mark therapy… You deserve the life you want,andDarren's approach can truly help you build it. - by StuartGardnerVery soothing ***** Great app! Not just sleep-inducing butalsohelps you visualize something, such as the most relaxing placeyoucan imagine, and then immerses you in it. Lovely! Great voicetoo!- by Butterbean1313 Absolutely amazing! ***** I didn't expectthiswould have an effect on me, but wow this is amazing. I haveonlylistened a few times but already I am feeling super confident.I'mdisappointed when it finishes as I just feel somarvellouslyrelaxed, like I'm on cloud nine! - by Jean McCarthy Youcan makemassive improvements to your life with self-hypnosis andmeditationin terms of personal and professional calm and confidenceand thesimple feelings of health and well-being. Our mission is tobringdaily experiences of calm and focus to as many people aspossible.So just relax, try out your free sessions today and enjoyyourjourney to inner harmony, peace and success.
InnerHour: Calm,Sleep,Depression & Anxiety Therapy 3.27
Make time for self-care with the InnerHour app Depression,anxiety,stress, and a host of other mental health concerns can stopyoufrom leading your best possible life. The InnerHour app is heretohelp! Our psychiatrists and therapists are dedicated to yourmentalhealth. Using their insights from therapy along with thelatestscience in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), PositivePsychology,and Mindfulness, they have replicated the real-lifetherapyexperience into a self-help app for you. Our ultimate aim istosupport you to create a happier and healthier life with a rangeoftherapy-based self-help tools and techniques designed foryourmental health needs. Think of the app as your safe spaceforself-care. If you are looking for support to overcomedepression,get anxiety relief, tackle stress, or simply experiencehappiness,the InnerHour app is for you! ▌Six self-help coursesAccesstherapy-based self-help tools for a range of mentalhealthconcerns: • Depression: Make small changes to overcomedepression •Anxiety: Attain calm and balance with strategies foranxiety relief• Sleep: Build a sleep schedule and develop habits tosleep soundly• Stress: Keep a check on your stress levels to feelcalm and incontrol • Anger: Channelise your anger and build learnstrategiesto cool down • Happiness: Develop critical skills toexperiencehappiness in life ▌Personalised 4-week plans The appidentifiesyour unique mental health needs and builds a personalisedself-careplan in your area of concern - be it depression, anxiety,orstress. Your self-help plan is a reflection of what happens inreallife therapy. Over 4 weeks, you will learn and practise skillstobattle depression, get anxiety relief, and lead a happier life.Sowhat does your plan entail? 1. Self-care activities Wehavecondensed decades of therapy experience and mental healthresearchinto short, simple activities - each teaching a strategybased onCBT, Positive Psychology, or Mindfulness. All you need is 5minuteseach day for self-care! 2. Goal setting and tracking Ourgoalsetting and tracking mechanism will help you build healthyhabitsthat will last a lifetime. With this CBT-inspired feature,staymotivated to meet your physical and mental health goals, suchaseating healthy, exercising, forming better relationships,andthinking positively. 3. Mood tracking Our specialised tracker isadigital journal that will track how you are doing each day.Themore you track, the more insights you will get! You can alsomapyour mood to different activities you do throughout the day,inorder to get finer insights. 4. InnerHour Resources We want youtokeep learning and growing on your self-help journey. Ourresourcesinclude informative articles, easy tips, and inspiringquotes tohelp you stay motivated. For instance, you will: •Understand thedifferent causes of depression • Learn about thesymptoms ofanxiety • Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapyInaddition to the plan, you can also access support from: • Allie-relief chatbot Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can talktoAllie, our intelligent chatbot. Allie identifies yourspecificmental health difficulty at the moment - be it intenseanxiety oroverwhelming depression - and offers support throughsimpleactivities that can help you feel calm immediately. •Qualifiedtherapists We know that sometimes, you might need a humantouch onyour self-help journey. In such times, you can reach out toanInnerHour expert for counselling, and get professional supportfordepression, anxiety, and even stress. Small changes can make abigdifference over time. Make yourself a priority, starting today!Forany questions, you can reach out to us our website:
com.metta.ansiedadyestres 1.06
Metta Apps
Si padeces ansiedad y/o estrés, esta app es perfecta parati.Encontrarás todos los consejos y recursos eficaces paracontrolartu nivel de ansiedad en cualquier momento y recobrar lasaludmental. Es lo más parecido a tener el psicólogo contigo encadamomento. La app es una guía práctica paso a paso desuperaciónpersonal para ser feliz de nuevo. Contiene gratis: -todos los tipsy consejos de psicología, para tener una mentalidad yun estilo devida adecuados, para vivir sin ansiedad - todos losrecursos,métodos y técnicas para vencer la ansiedad: técnicasespecíficaspara las crisis de pánico, meditaciones guiadas,técnicas derelajación, técnicas de respiración, técnicas devisualización paravivir relajado y sin ansiedad y ataques de pánico- más materialque iremos subiendo periódicamente - acceso a soportepersonalizado- información sobre inteligencia emocional - audios derelajaciónpara practicar en cualquier momento y lugar Música deChrisZabriskie y Kevin McLeod If you suffer from anxiety and /orstress, this app is perfect for you. You find all the tipsandeffective to control your anxiety level at any time andregainmental health resources. It is the closest thing to have withyouat all times psychologist. The app is a practical step bystepguide to self-improvement to be happy again. It contains free:-All the tips and advice psychology, to have a mentality and astyleof life suitable to live without anxiety - All theresources,methods and techniques to overcome anxiety: specifictechniques forpanic attacks, guided meditations, relaxationtechniques, breathingtechniques, visualization techniques to liverelaxed and anxietyand panic attacks - More material will uploadperiodically - Accessto personalized support - Information onemotional intelligence -Relaxation audios to practice anytime,anywhere Music ChrisZabriskie and Kevin McLeod
Patika: Kolay Meditasyon 1.5.19
Hayatınızın her anına farkındalıkla yaklaşın. Meditasyonlazihninizisakinleştirin ve güçlendirin. Yeni başlayanlar için özelolaraktasarladığımız eğitimlerle meditasyon yapmayı vemindfulnesspratiklerini öğrenmeye başlayın. Ardından; stres,odaklanma, uykuve spor motivasyonu gibi konularda gün günuygulayabileceğinizTürkçe meditasyon setleriyle devam edin. Günlükpratiklerle defarkındalık çalışmalarınızı günün her anına yayın.Profilsayfanızda meditasyon günlüğünüzü tutun. İstatistiklerinizitakipedin ve rozetleri toplayın. Patika size sadece anlık birrahatlamaverecek bir program değil, ancak düzenli uygulandığında veyeni birzihin yapısı olarak kabul edilip bir yaşamşeklinedönüştürüldüğünde size daha kalıcı ve sakin bir bakışaçısıkazandıracak. Sürekli güncellenen içeriğimizde şu andaolanprogramlardan bazıları: + Temel Giriş I-II-III + Stres +Odaklanma+ Uyku + Günlük Meditasyonlar + Klasik Meditasyonlar +BedenTaraması Meditasyonu + Nefes Alanı Meditasyonu + Evde Huzur +İşHayatında Yoğun Bir Gün + Sporda Vücudunu Dinlendir +YürümeMeditasyonları + Toplu Taşımada + Derin Uyku + GüneBaşlarkenUygulamamız henüz çok yeni. Siz sevgili ilkkullanıcılarımıza,bizim için çok heyecan verici olan bu sürecin birparçası olduğunuziçin çok teşekkür ederiz. Bize hey@patika.meadresindenulaşabilirsiniz. Sevgiyle kalın! Get closer to theawareness ofevery moment of your life. Calm your mind throughmeditation andstrengthen. Start learning to meditate with trainingandmindfulness practices we designed specifically forbeginners.Behind; stress, focusing on issues such as sleep andsportsmotivation can apply to continue their day to dayTurkishmeditation sets. Daily broadcasts every moment of the daywith apractical awareness of your work. Keep your diary meditate onyourprofile page. Keep track of your stats and collect badges. Pathisnot a program that will give you only a momentary relief, butwhenapplied regularly and when a new mindset as accepted andconvertedinto a way of life that gives you a glimpse of a morepermanent andquiet. Some of these programs continuously update ourcontent,which at the moment: Basic Introduction III-III + + Stress+ Focus+ Sleep + Daily Meditations + Classical Meditations + BodyScanMeditation + Breathing Meditation + Peace at Home Intensive+Business Life in a Day Resting the body in Sport + +WalkingMeditations + Public Transportation + Deep Sleep + DayGettingStarted Our application is very new. You first dear to ourusers,which is very exciting for us, thank you very much for beinga partof this process. You can reach us on hey@patika. address.Stay withlove!
PanicShield - Panic Attack Aid 1.2
If you suffer from panic attacks, PanicShield can helpproviderelief. PanicShield contains 4 different tools to protectagainstpanic attacks and panic disorder: Guide: Learn about thementalmechanisms of panic attacks, how to use the other portions ofthisapp, and find helpful internet resources.Breathe: A simplepacedbreathing tool that can help calm you down before a potentialpanicattack or during a panic attack. Simply breathe in and out asthecircle grows and shrinks. Internal Exposure: Train your mind tonotbe afraid of certain internal bodily sensations that youmayassociate with an imminent panic attack. Based oninteroceptiveexposure therapy. External Exposure: Train your mindto not fearcertain external situations or activities that you mayavoid out offear of having a panic attack there. Based onsystematicdesensitization therapy. ------Panic Shield was designedincollaboration with multiple mental health professionals.PanicShield is free and contains no ads or in-app purchases. Thankyoufor supporting our efforts with your positive ratings andreviews.Please send any requests, questions, or feedback via and we will be sure to respond to eachone.Disclaimer: This mental health application is not intended tobe areplacement for treatment nor any sort of medicalintervention.Treatment by a mental health professional is, by far,the best wayto overcome panic disorder or other mental illnesses.
Kardia - Deep Breathing Relaxation
Do you feel stressed, anxious or unfocused? Do you havetroublefalling asleep? A simple deep breathing exercise can helpyou in afew minutes. Let Kardia guide your breath with sounds andthesmooth movement of the sphere. Feel your body and mind relax,andyour heart rate vary in harmony with your breath. This powerfulandsimple exercise is accessible to everyone, including kids. Hereiswhat users say: "Very good app. Really! And I've tested severalofthem. Congratulations!" François "Very useful to practicecardiaccoherence wherever you are. Very simple to use." Magali"Super appthat helps me everyday Olivier Uses - Stress relief -Calm downanxiety attacks - Cardiac coherence - Sleep aid: fightinsomnia byfocusing on deep breathing - Relaxation - Meditationsessions andsophrology exercises - Concentration improvementFeatures -Breathing rate between 1 and 15 cycles/min, adapted to awide rangeof breathing exercices, including cardiac coherence anddeepbreathing - Inhalation/exhalation ratio setting - Targetmode:automatically slow down or speed up the breathing rate duringthesession, to help you calm down, fall asleep, or get ready to go-Advanced mode: set inhalation and exhalation durations with0.1sprecision - Exercise duration between 1 minute and 1 hour. -Usablewithout looking at the screen thanks to guiding soundsandvibrations - No ads During ten days, try those exclusivefeaturesfor free: - Large choice of high quality relaxing sounds -Endsession sound - Colors setting - Visual breathing cues -Customizedvibrations Unlock all those features with a single in-apppurchase.HRV, paced breathing and cardiac coherence With Kardia,you canpractice heart rate variability (HRV) training throughpacedbreathing. By breathing at a specific rate, around 5.5cycles/min,your HRV increases and becomes regular. This state isknown ascardiac coherence, or cardio-respiratory coherence.Scientificstudies have demonstrated that it has beneficial effectson stressand anxiety level, blood pressure, depression and sleep.The bestbreathing rate is different for everyone. With Kardia, youcan setvery precisely the exercise frequency, so you will just needa fewtries to find out the value that gives you the best results.
Youper - Emotional Health 7.03.000
Youper, Inc
Are you feeling anxious or stuck in a mood? Trying to calm yourmindafter a long day? Want to be more productive and happier? Aquickconversation with Youper might be all you need. Thousands ofpeopleare using Youper as their Emotional Health Assistant. You’lllove ittoo! After all, great people always have an assistant bytheir side.;-D Youper empowers you to monitor and improve youremotional healththrough quick conversations based on therapytechniques andmindfulness. Created by a team of doctors,scientists, and engineersled by Dr. Jose Hamilton, Youper usesartificial intelligence topersonalize various techniques to fityour needs. It incorporatesstrategies from Cognitive BehavioralTherapy, Acceptance andCommitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and otherscience-based approaches.Over time, your quick conversations withYouper will help youdevelop a new understanding about yourself,build betterrelationships, overcome stress, anxiety, anddepression, and finallytake control of your emotional health. KEYFEATURES Have quickconversations that can change your day Notfeeling talkative? Listento Youper guiding you through mindfulnesspractices Effortlesslyorganize your mind and generate a beautifuljournal Understand youremotions with a beautiful mood tracker Gaininsights on anxiety,depression, and other symptoms Take apersonality test to understandyourself better Integrate yourexperience with Google Fit to makeself-help and self-care easyYouper is free to download and use, andthere are no ads. Freefeatures are free forever. Premium featuresare available throughan optional paid subscription. If you chooseto subscribe, paymentwill be charged to your Google Account atconfirmation of purchase.Read more here: Terms andconditions: Privacypolicy: Supportcenter:
Heal Your Body - Healing Hypnotherapy Meditation 6
Overcome any disease, illness, injury or discomfort by usingthehealing power of your own mind. This superb high qualityhealinghypnotherapy App by Glenn Harrold, the UK's best sellingself-helpaudio author, will help you feel more in control of yourhealth andwell-being and become your own self-healer. Glenn'shighlyacclaimed hypnotherapy techniques and state of the artproductionwill help you use the full healing potential of your mindto healyour body. Having a positive mindset and focussing yourinnatehealing energy to heal your body of illness or disease canwork inmiraculous ways. This powerful healing hypnotherapy trackwill alsohelp you to overcome stress and anxiety and to sleep well.On the37-minute hypnotherapy session you will hear Glenn's pleasantvoiceand absorbing 60 BPM sound effects recorded in certain keysandfrequencies guiding you into a deeply relaxed state of mentalandphysical relaxation. In this very receptive state, you willbegiven a number of post hypnotic suggestions and carefullylayeredhealing visualisations and affirmations to help you focusonhealing your body of any illness, disease, injury ordiscomfort.There are also a number of background affirmations,which echo andpan from left to right across the stereo range, idealwhen usingheadphones. This deeply relaxing and unique method ofdeliveringmultiple suggestions simultaneously to the unconsciousmind canhelp to facilitate positive healing and boost your naturalimmunesystem very quickly. Glenn is one of the world'sbest-sellinghypnotherapists with multi-million sales of his Apps,CDs, MP3s and7 self-help books. This App Includes: Hypnosis AudioTracks • HealYour Body - 37:08 mins • The Healing White Light -33:00 minseBooks by Glenn Harrold • How To Use This App • About TheAuthor •De-Stress - The 8 Golden Rules • The Ultimate Guide ToSelfHypnosis This state-of-the-art recording features: * Asoothinghypnotherapy session - ideal for bedtime listening. * Theverylatest hypnotherapy techniques and state-of-the-artdigitalrecording technology. * Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnoticvocaltechniques guiding you into a completely relaxed state ofmind& body. * 60 BPM background sound effects recorded inspecificmusical keys and frequencies to compliment the hypnoticsuggestionsand deepen the relaxation effect. * Stereo-echoedaffirmations,which pan from ear to ear across the stereo range - adeeplyrelaxing and unique effect. * Powerful subliminalsuggestionsembedded under the fade out music to maximise theoveralleffectiveness of the recordings. Glenn has over 20 yearsexperienceas a full-time hypnotherapist and works with manycelebrityclients. He has appeared on TV a number of times and hissuccessfulhypnotherapy sessions are often featured in newspaper andmagazinearticles.
396 Hz Solfeggio Meditation - Release Guilt & Fear 7.5
This app is one of a series of six meditation recordings byGlennHarrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon theancientsolfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale hasspecifichealing properties and this recording uses the first note,whichresonates to a frequency of 396 Hz. This particular frequencyworksto release deep rooted feelings of guilt and fear and willalsowork with other similar emotional patterns such as shame,regret,self-doubt and low self-esteem all of which exist within thesamevibrational energy. Glenn Harrold's skilled vocal deliveryandguided meditation combined with Ali Calderwood's deep andmovingsoundscapes tuned to 396 Hz combine to create an amazinglypowerfulmeditation recording that has the potential to clear awayblocks ona cellular level. This recording can help you to releasehiddenlayers of guilt, fear, shame and regret that are stored inyourcellular memory and energetic fields. This title was createdwithmuch care and love and it has the potential to become oneofGlenn's most effective recordings from his best-sellinghypnosisand meditation series. At the deepest point in themeditation youare given a number of post-hypnotic affirmations anddirectsuggestions to help you connect with a deep feeling of mentalandphysical relaxation, which will stay with you in youreverydaylife. This recording can also help with insomnia problems,stressand anxiety and help you to sleep well at night. There arealso anumber of background affirmations, which echo and pan fromleft toright across the stereo range, ideal when using headphones.Thisdeeply relaxing and powerful method of deliveringmultiplesuggestions simultaneously to the unconscious mind canfacilitatepositive changes very quickly. At the end of therecording you willbe gently guided to sleep making this app idealfor bedtime use.This App includes: Meditation Audio Tracks: 396 HzSolfeggio SonicMeditation by Glenn Harrold & Ali Calderwood -44:07 mins 396Hz Solfeggio Music Only Track - 11:03 mins eBooks:How To Use ThisApp Solfeggio Chakra Chart About the AncientSolfeggio Scale andHealing Sounds About The Authors Colour: RedElement: EarthAssociated Body Parts: Adrenals, Base of Spine, Legs,Feet, Bones,Teeth, Large Intestines, Prostate, Bladder, Blood,Circulation andElimination System Related Dysfunctions: WeightProblems,Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Sciatica, DegenerativeArthritis, KneeProblems, Self-Centred, Survival Issues, Insecurity& Fear,Constipation About the Sounds The music with this seriesofmeditations has been specially crafted and precisely tunedtotransmit each of the solfeggio frequencies. By combiningthesesounds with a guided meditation you have the potential toreleasedeep-rooted blockages. These compositions also contain anarray ofsacred instruments and sounds such as crystal bowls,didgeridoo andsacred chants, which work to further enhance theeffects of thesolfeggio tones.
Hypnosis for Self Confidence 1.4.8
Listen to audio courses, workshops, and programs to expandyourpsychological and spiritual horizons through the power ofhypnosis.Discover how hypnosis can help you through professionalguidanceprovided by world-renowned doctors and hypnotherapists.Build yourself-confidence and forge your self-esteem with dailyaffirmationsand hypnosis techniques. Explore the true power of whoyou are andenhance your creative life-approach with guided hypnosisprogramsand relaxing frequencies. OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES - Are youtiredof allowing fear, guilt, and shame to control your life?Alleviateyour daily distresses and achieve states of abundance,optimalhealth, positivity, and freedom that lie within the expansesofyour mind and spirit through powerful self-hypnosisworkshops.LEARN FROM EXPERTS - Learn from a myriad of skilledcounselors andhypnotherapists how to master your mind and overcomethe blockagesthat hinder you from living the life you desire. Gaintechniquesand tools to conquer your anxiety, discard your falsebeliefs, andattain greater power over your life with dailyaffirmations andmindful meditations from some of the world’s mostprofessionalhypnotists. Experience the 100% guaranteed safepractice ofhypnosis from the comforts of your own home. FREE APP -This app isfree to download and includes 100+ hours of free audioprograms andworkshops. Subscribe to unlock and gain access to allavailablecontent (in-app purchase fees apply). GET ON TRACK -Audiojoy makesit easy to stay disciplined and motivated in youreveryday lifewith powerful affirmations, meditations, hypnosisprograms,mind-hacks, and more. This app makes developingyourself-confidence and raising your self-esteem easier thanever.Whether you are looking to feel better about yourself,actualizethe success you deserve, master your mind, or attract yourwildestdesires, the professionals at Empowered Hypnosis willguide,assist, and encourage you every step of the way. Stoplettinganxiety paralyze you. Change the way you see the person inthemirror. Explore the expanses of your mind and feel good aboutwhoyou are. Don’t go a day without being confident in your shoeseveragain. FEATURES: This app is packed full of incredible featurestoencourage you in your journey to self-confidence and self-esteem:+1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content + Daily featuredaudiocontent + Search and explore all content + Add to a favoriteslist+ Listen when offline + Build a playlist of the tracks you wanttohear + Read along with the text version + Sleep andmeditationtimer + Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over2.4 millioncombinations) + Daily inspiration notifications withpowerfulartwork to keep you motivated Audiojoy creates simple,how-tocontent for happier lives. We believe everyone can developtheskills to be the best they can be. Audiojoy makes it easy toputthese techniques into practice, so you can master what you wantandstop what you don’t. Download our apps, launch your own programorcourse, and start learning today. CONTENT INCLUDED: Thisappincludes hundreds of hours of daily affirmations andguidedhypnosis tracks. Here are samples of the audio content youwilldiscover: + Personal Growth - Self Development, ResolvingConflict,Resentment, Anger, Worry + Law of Attraction - Luck,Money,Romance, Gratitude + Brain Training - Improve memory, BetterFocus,Higher IQ, Study Skills, Critical Thinking + Conquer Anxiety-Social Phobias, Panic Attacks, Cancer, Snakes, Doctors, and More+Life Success - Self Motivation, Positive Thinking,Self-Discipline,Inner Peace + Business Skills - Leadership Mindset,Sales Mastery,Enjoying Work, Networking + Money Mastery -Millionaire Mindset,Get Rich, Free of Debt, Save Money and muchmore...
Success with Andrew Johnson
Train yourself to visualize success with thisself-hypnosisapplication. Put your headphones on and drift into adeep state ofphysical and emotional relaxation.
Calm Down Now: Panic & Anxiety 1.2
✩STOP ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS NOW✩ ☼5-Star Rated App ForStressRelief & Sleep Aid☽Do you suffer from anxiety or panicattacks?Issues sleeping from jet lag or insomnia? Having troublemanagingstress from work and life? Have a baby that wakes upfrequently atnight? Calm Down Now™ is the leading app for relieffrom theseeveryday problems. Listen to guided relaxation audios,learnempowering techniques in the animated handbook (includingtappingeft) or custom mix a variety of your favorite relaxingsounds.Combining the top methods for instant relaxation andovercominganxiety, this app empowers you every time! Created bynotedpsychotherapist June Tomaso Wood, LCSW to accompany herforthcomingbook Calm Down Now™. Her experience in using thesetechniques hasproven effective in reducing stress and anxiety inher life and inall the lives she has touched as a psychotherapistfor the last 30years. This is the definitive app for findinginstant comfortduring difficult times._____________________________ With CalmDown Now™ You Can: - RELAXFAST with the best methods available -SLEEP DEEPER usingcustomizable relaxing sounds - MEDITATE EASIERusing customizabletimer for sounds - EMPOWER YOURSELF usinganimated handbook with toptechniques - FIND THERAPISTS nearby whocan help_____________________________ FEATURES √ 4 Guidedrelaxation audios,including Stop Panic Now & 2-Min Mediation √3 Animatedempowering techniques, including the popular Tapping inTranquility(eft) & Positive Affirmations. √ 24 High qualityrelaxingsounds, including Ocean Waves & Rainy Day √ Mix yourfavoriterelaxing sounds together to create your personalsoundscape! √ Playsounds in the background while using other apps!√ Custom Timer.Choose how long you want to listen to relaxingsounds!✩ RelaxingSounds ✩♫Ocean Waves ♫Night Time ♫Monks ♫CatPurring ♫Flute ♫Clock♫TV Static ♫Rainy Day ♫Sound Bed ♫Zen Bell♫Wind Chimes ♫Music Box♫Light Rain ♫Crystal Bowl ♫Peepers ♫SunnyDay ♫Melody ♫Thunderstorm♫River ♫Fireplace ♫Sitar ♫Electric Fan♫Windy Day ♫Zen MusicJoin thegrowing community who ♥LOVE♥ the CalmDown Now™ app!
Relax Lite: Stress Relief 4.9.1-lite
** Voted Top Mind & Body App of 2014 by LeadingDoctors**Effective and rapid stress relief in 5 minutes. De-stresswithour guided breathing and meditation exercises that usecalmingmusic to promote relaxation. It’s an ideal stress managementtool,being simple and intuitive.Finding time to relax can beverydifficult for most people. Our app can be easily integratedintoyour daily life. ""Relax"" by ""Saagara"" enhances the way youfeeland leaves you with more energy, stamina, and focus. The moreyouuse it, the better and more effective the results.UNIQUEFEATURES-Music cues that use distinct tones for each phase ofbreathing.- Astructured course that gradually reduces yourbreathing rate as youprogress through the sessions.- GuidedMeditation features an 8minute session that focuses on differentparts of the body.-Beautiful graphics - Quick start feature- In-apppurchase opens upeven more features including Intermediate andAdvanced BreathingSessions, and a 12 minute Guided MeditationSession.HEALTHBENEFITSPracticing deep breathing for only 5 minutesa day canreduce stress and stress-related illnesses. Practicingdeepbreathing has the following benefits:1) Has an almostimmediaterelaxing effect.2) Improves focus and reduces anxiety.3)Lowersblood pressure and heart rate naturally.4) Improves staminaandfitness by optimizing the usage of your lung capacity.5) Worksas asleep aid for people affected with Insomnia.6) Helps inpainmanagement.7) Helps in managing Headaches and Migraines.WHOWOULDFIND THIS APP USEFULA) People interested in Meditation: Theguidedbreathing exercises are not only a great form of breathmeditation,but also extremely useful in regulating your breathingduring othermediation techniques. The guided meditation is based onYoga Nidra.Yoga Nidra is a systematic multistage set of relaxationtechniquesdesigned to induce deep meditative state. Yoga Nidratechniqueshave been extensively studied and are used to treat PTSD,anxiety,depression and insomnia.B) If you have Panic Attacks:Ourguidedbreathing when used with the quick start function is anextremelyrapid and effective technique to help you manage yourpanic attackand it can used anywhere. When used with headphones youcandiscretely handle your panic attack almost in any setting fromtheoffice, coffee shop, in the park, on a bus, or while flying inaPlane.C) If you suffer from Insomnia:The guided breathingtechniqueis very effective in dealing with insomnia. Alway use thesamemusic style to guide the breathing when using the app forinsomnia.the more you use the app the more effective it will be. Aguide tohow to use this app for insomnia can befoundat: have a stressful lifestyle or job:Both the guide breathingandguided meditation will quickly help re-center andrelaxyou.**Available in English, French, and ChineseLanguages**ClassicMode is available in the Settings for the classicbreathingexercise view. Visit our website for moreinformation:http://saagara.comMake sure you check our our learningcenter fortips on yoga, diet, and beingmindful: byLeadingDoctors
Sleep Well Hypnosis - Insomnia & Sleeping Sounds 2.33
Can’t sleep? Suffering from insomnia? Want to find out how tofallasleep fast? If you’re having difficulty sleeping and you’vetriedother sleep aid methods, like listening to sleep sounds,whitenoise apps, or other sleep apps to no avail, sleep meditationmaybe able to help. This sleep hypnosis audio session from acertifiedhypnotherapist is designed to help your mind and bodyrelax so youcan fall into a deep, restorative sleep. You can alsoenjoy thebackground sleeping sounds such as nature sounds andcalmingmeditation music that accompany the voice audio. This appcan helpyou fall asleep fast and feel more rested, even if you arefightingjet lag, insomnia, or another sleep disorder.* ◎ A singleaudiosession of 25 minutes a day that is effective* in just 1–3weeks ◎Hypnosis audio carefully read by the soothing voice of acertifiedhypnotherapist ◎ Peaceful background music and naturesounds tohelp you relax ◎ Sleep Booster with binaural beats toinduce yourbrainwave frequency into an optimal state for deep,restorativesleep ◎ Separate volume controls for Voice, Background,and SleepBooster ◎ Awaken at End feature can be disabled at bedtimefor arelaxing, restful sleep ◎ Repeat sessions or loop while yousleep ◎Continue listening to background sounds after the sessionends THEBEST HYPNOSIS APP TO SLEEP BETTER AVAILABLE Sleep WellHypnosis isfree to try and effective* with the default settings. Aone-timein-app purchase is required only if you wish to change thedefaultsettings. (Each of our free hypnosis apps includes its ownin-apppurchase; in-app purchases cannot be shared among separateapps.)INTERACT WITH US Surf City Apps offers a range of hypnosisapps tohelp you enjoy a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.Tellus how you use our apps to improve CONTACTSUPPORT TERMS &CONDITIONS*DISCLAIMER Resultsnot clinically proven. The content and servicesprovided by thisApplication are for educational purposes only andare not intendedto be a substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis, ortreatment. Never rely on information on thisApplication in placeof seeking professional medical advice. Consultyour doctor beforeusing this Application if you suffer from a heartcondition, mooddisorder, epilepsy, or a psychiatric or neurologicalcondition.
Rootd - Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief 1.16
Rootd is a female led app for those struggling with panicattacks& anxiety. Helping you overcome anxiety & regainconfidence💪🏼 “I’ve suffered from panic attacks for almost 10 years.I’ve doneCBT, medication, meditation, but nothing helped me in themomentwhen that panic attack hit, until I downloaded Rootd. Rootdmakesit feel like someone is with me, even when I’m alone. I owemycontinued stability to this simple genius app. Its a MUST forallwho are facing the same type of war with anxiety.”@RainyNallyOvercome panic attacks and anxiety the moment theystrike withRootd’s proven lessons, panic button, breathing tool,andexercises. Finally, an app for conquering panic attacks andanxietythat blends a guided process for both immediate and longtermrelief, with clean and engaging design. Get Rootd to alwayshavepanic attack and anxiety relief right in your pocket. We setout tobuild Rootd after suffering from debilitating panic attacksandanxiety for several years. The only help resources we couldfindwere too expensive, ineffective, or poorly designed. Ourmissionhas become to help others overcome their panic, fear, andanxiety,and to end the stigma against those affected. Rootd’s corefeaturesand content are completely free, and always will be. Thisincludes:The Rootr Always there to help anytime you feeloverwhelmed by ananxiety or panic attack. After activating theRootr with the pressof a big red button, you are presented with twoguided paths torelieving the panic: one for when you’re ready toface the panicattack head-on, and another for when you just want tofind comfortas quickly as possible. Understanding Lessons Find somepeace ofmind by learning about where anxiety comes from, how ourbodies andminds experience panic attacks, and why this all might behappeningto you. The Breathr The perfect tool to practice deepbreathingdaily and find calm during times of stress. The VisualizrGuidedbody scans and visualizations to get rooted when feelinganxious.Emergency Contact For when you need to hear a friendlyvoice, youcan immediately call a friend, family member, or nearbyhelp centerdirectly from the Rootd app. Personal Stats Page Takepride in yourhealing progress and gain appreciation for how faryou’ve come witha personal stats page that tracks your number ofpanic attackssurvived, lessons completed, and overall “warriorpoints”. SHORTTERM & LONG TERM LESSON PACKS ARE NOW AVAILABLEWhen you'reready to begin permanently changing your relationshipwith panicattacks and anxiety you can now upgrade to unlock Rootd'sShortTerm & Long Term lesson packs. Short Term Lessons Learnchangesyou can make and exercises you can perform in the short termthatprovide relief, manage heightened anxiety, and instil a calmmind.Short term lesson topics include Diet, Social Media Anxiety,and anew guided Deep Breathing exercise. Long Term Lessons Theultimategoal is to permanently change our relationship withanxiety, andlive panic attack free. Rootd's long term lessons guideyou throughthe remainder of the journey to lifelong relief. Longterm lessontopics include Learning to Sleep Again, Resistance vsTrust, SelfLabelling, and Meditation. What mental healthprofessionals aresaying about Rootd "I appreciate the simple,factual, and yetcaring approach of Rootd that makes it an inviting,interesting,and easy to use tool. Its easy to read and affirmingstatements atthe end of each section are true and encouraging toreaders. Iendorse this for individuals looking for support andtools formanaging anxiety and panic attacks." Wendy Marion-Orienti-Licensed counsellor at PRH International School of AdultEducationand Research Follow Rootd Instagram: @rootd_app Rootd -Panicattack and anxiety relief right in your pocket.
Anxiety Cure 🌿 Stress Relief, Relax and Sleep 1.2.0
The Anxiety Cure app delivers daily contents to helpunderstand,prevent, manage, and cure anxiety, stress, anddepression. Alsoincludes tools, such as rain sounds, braintraining, sleep timecalculator, and breathing exercise to help yourelax and sleepwell.In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing world,feelingstressed and overwhelmed has quickly become a big part ofoureveryday lives – and being able to identify and cope withanxiety,stress, and depression is fast becoming an essential lifeskill.Canyou imagine a life without anxiety? What can you do tosimplifyyour life, reduce your harmful stress and protectyourhealth?Features★ Anxiety relief, sleep better,relaxation,happiness (updated regularly)★ Motivational videos★Inspirationalquotes★ Tools for relaxation, breathing exercise,sleep better:rain sound, calming sound, white noise, sleepcalculator, braintest, etc.★ Free and fun games to help improveyour mood, trainyour mental agility and kill some time.
Relieve Depression Hypnosis - Mood & Anxiety Help 2.33
◎ A single daily audio session that is effective* in just 1–3weeks◎ Hypnosis audio carefully read by the soothing voice ofacertified hypnotherapist ◎ Peaceful background music andnaturesounds to help you relax ◎ Hypnotic Booster with binauralbeats toinduce your brainwave frequency into an optimal state forreceivinghypnotic suggestions ◎ Separate volume controls forVoice,Background, and Hypnotic Booster ◎ Awaken at End feature canbedisabled at bedtime for a relaxing, restful sleep ◎ Repeatsessionsor loop while you sleep ◎ Continue listening to backgroundsoundsafter the session ends THE BEST HYPNOSIS APP TO RELIEVEDEPRESSIONAVAILABLE Relieve Depression Hypnosis is free to try andeffective*with the default settings. A one-time in-app purchase isrequiredonly if you wish to change the default settings. (Each ofour freehypnosis apps includes its own in-app purchase; in-apppurchasescannot be shared among separate apps.) INTERACT WITH USSurf CityApps offers a range of hypnosis apps to help you enjoy ahealthier,happier, and more abundant life. Tell us how you use ourapps toimprove your CONTACTSUPPORT TERMS &CONDITIONS*DISCLAIMER Resultsnot clinically proven. The content and servicesprovided by thisApplication are for educational purposes only andare not intendedto be a substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis, ortreatment. Never rely on information on thisApplication in placeof seeking professional medical advice. Consultyour doctor beforeusing this Application if you suffer from a heartcondition, mooddisorder, epilepsy, or a psychiatric or neurologicalcondition.
Breathe Easy 1.0
Breathe Easy is the simplest way to meditate and relax. Justbreathein and out as the circle continuously grows and shrinks ata regularrate. FEATURES- Customize time spent inhaling, exhaling,and pausingbetween breaths- Choose between a circle, square,triangle, or heartin over 10 colors- Select a black or whitebackgroundCAN HELPALLEVIATE- Stress- Anxiety- Rumination, a keyfeature of depression-Panic Attacks- PTSD Flashbacks
Free Your Mind Hypnosis 1.1
Now is the time to give your mind a deep lasting rest. Clearyourmind of anxieties and clutter that distract you fromfocus,creativity and vision. Do you often find yourself fillingyour mindwith countless tasks that need to be done? Or perhapsworries andfrustrations that won't let you sleep? Maybe you havenoticed thatfilling your mind to capacity with those things doesn'treallychange reality or advance you towards your most importantgoals.Perhaps your mind often feels "overwhelmed". That is adirectresult of your mind absorbing more than it is comfortablehandling.Now is the time to change that pattern. So we invite youto giveyour mind a break, and plunge into our "Free Your MindHypnosis"program. With our soothing hypnosis, calming backgroundmusic, andstunning visuals, a clear mind is just one download away.Audios inthis app include: 1). Free Your Mind 2). Weight Loss 3).QuitSmoking (4 tracks) 4). Attitude of Gratitude 5). Falling BacktoSleep 6). Overcome Rejection 7). Overcome Failure 8).Creativity9). Focus 10). Stop Procrastination 11). Worry No MoreFree YourMind-Take control of your mind. Address your negativebeliefs andself-talk. And deepen your conscious connection to yourunconsciousmind, the part of your mind that drives your behavior.Allow yourmind to be free.Weight Loss-How many areas of your lifewill bepositively affected when you reach your desired weight?Yourhealth? Appearance? Sex life? Confidence? How may others?Gaincontrol over how you eat. Be more consciously aware of whyyou’reeating. Be your own positive inner voice as you achieveyourdesired, healthy weight. This track can be used along withanyother weight reduction program, diet, medication, orweightreducing surgery. Quit Smoking- Kick those ugly habits in theteethtoday, once and for all!Attitude of Gratitude-Find out thepower ofGratitude and see how Thankfulness is the secrettoHappinessFalling Back to Sleep-See how you can fall back tosleepand stay asleep all nightOvercome Failure-Build-up yourimmunity tofailure. Begin to learn from your past, present, andfuturefailures, eventually recognizing and embracing them as someof yourmost profound agents for your positive change andsuccess.Creativity-Learn to tap-into the great well of creativitystored inyour unconscious mind, the realm of your imagination, yourdreams,your connection to the universe. You pick the specific thingonwhich to focus your creativity. Focus-Some would say thattheability to focus one’s attention is the key to mosteverything,from problem solving, career and relationship success,as well aspeace of mind and inner illumination. Strengthen thisability soyou can focus your power of attention on whatever youchoose.Overcome Rejection-Reduce or eliminate your negativereaction torejection. In fact, what if you cold be rejection proof?What ifyou could be so secure in who you are that someone’sdisapprovingreaction to you or your actions had little or nonegative emotionalresponse from you? Now you can.EndProcrastination-Take action nowto maximize your success in any areaof your life. Learn how to askpowerful questions of yourself toreally get to the core beliefkeeping you from taking that action,turning it around, andpropelling you to action. Also, address thetwo sides to you: thepart that wants to take action, and the partthat is holding back.Get them into agreement and move forward!WorryNo More-Lower orrelease the worry you may have over a specificthing or situationor over generalized worrying. Learn to be morepresent, in themoment, and reinterpret and re-label what you thinkyou’reexperiencing as worry. Be calm, focused on the presentmoment, justeasily allowing life to unfold around you.With over100,000 newsatisfied Mindifi listeners downloading our hypnosisapps eachmonth, see how Mindifi can help you!Mindifi "Free YourMind"
Simulated Hypnosis 1
Simulated hypnosis, the game of optical illusions that will makeyousee the world around you differently.This game does not createrealhypnosis but if it is able to generate visual effects for ashortperiod of time, making it appear that you arehypnotizedSimulatedhypnosis uses strobe images, if you aresensitive to flickeringlights it is not advisable to use thisgame.Ready to go into anotheroptical dimension and see the objectsaround you deformed?Open yourgame, choose the animation of thevisual effect you like, look atthe center of the optical illusionfor 30 seconds, without lookingaway from the center until thetimer reaches zero. Now look aroundand fix your eyes on someobject and hallucinate with what willhappen. The object you arelooking at will begin to deform, it willdynamically change itsmorphology, you will see how it expands orcontracts, you will seehow it moves even though it is really still.The hypnoticsimulation effect will last you a few seconds, afterthat timeeveryone will return to normal. Each illusion creates adifferenthypnotizing effect for a few seconds. Some effects givethesensation of being floating, as of weightlessness.Now tryanotheroptical illusion and look at the lamp in your room or a treeby thewindow. See how it moves ?. You can also look at the face ofafriend that you have close to laugh at seeing yourfacedeform.Usage tips:- Place your phone or tablet in ahorizontalposition to better see some illusions- Remember that eachopticalillusion animation creates a different visual effect- Do notlookaway from the center stopwatch during the exposure time to gettheeffect correctly.- Use this game in well-lit places to boosttheeffect of hallucination- Pause in every illusion to restyoureyesIn the first version you can get the best effects.How tounlocknew simulated hypnosis effects?The first hallucinationcomesunlocked and you can use it as many times as you want, to getnewoptical illusions you have to overcome levels in the gameofillusions that it has incorporated. Open the mini game and starttoovercome levels, the operation is very simple, touch the screenofyour mobile phone to throw the small balls towards the center,thecentral ball is rotating continuously to either side,preventssmall balls from touching or If you get all the balls inthe centeryou will go to the next level, if a small ball collideswithanother ball, then you lose the game, but do not worry, you cantryagain, as many times as necessary. The more screens you get,themore visual effects you can get.TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS-Theapplication is translated internally in 35 languages, dependingonthe language you have activated in the operating system ofyourdevice.- 5 different hypnosis you can get- Includesenvironmentalsounds within each simulated hypnotizing effect.-Operation of thecentral regression chronometer in both horizontaland verticaldisplay position dynamically- Sharing, grading andrepeat optionsfor each hallucination- Enable / Disable audio withinthe illusionset.- Compatible with phones and tablets since version2.3 ofAndroid.- Instructions, warnings and advice inside thegame.Thanksfor downloading Simulated Hypnosis, the game that willmake you seethe world around you in different ways for a fewseconds.You canwrite comments and suggestions to help us expand andimprove thisgame.
7 Cups: Anxiety & Stress Chat 4.6.7
7 Cups of Tea
Feeling worried, sad, stressed or lonely? Need to talk tosomeone?Download 7 Cups now for FREE anonymous emotional support&counseling from trained active listeners. Easy to use textchat.Real listeners available for you 24/7 & that’s not all: -Chat1-1 with a listener any time - Calm yourself with 300freemindfulness exercises - Get personalized care with ourfreewellness test - Boost your mood with simple activities -Learn& grow from short videos - Feel supported in chat rooms&community forums - Access online message therapy withlicensedtherapists We start you on a “growth path” that willencourage andsupport you as you take daily steps to becomestronger. Thousandsof people use 7 Cups every week. EMOTIONALSUPPORT ON DEMAND:Feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed? Havingrelationshipproblems? Sometimes you need to vent. Finding andscheduling atherapist can be time-consuming and expensive, and youcan’t alwaysopen up to friends, family, or coworkers. Now you canget emotionalsupport anytime, anywhere with 7 Cups. This app givesyou the helpyou need, fast and free, in a way that fits your life.• Connectanytime, anywhere with listeners who care • Speak yourmind withoutany fear of being judged • All listeners trained inactivelistening IN THE MEDIA: Founded by a licensed psychologist, 7Cupshas been featured in LifeHacker (“Technology can help youfindsomeone to chat with about your problems to, or even connectyouwith a professional that can offer lasting, long-termhelp”),Medical Daily (“Talking therapy for people on-the-go”),andTechCrunch (“One of the top 8 startups from Y Combinator’sSummer’13 Demo Day”). 100% CONFIDENTIAL: Remain 100% anonymous. Noonewill ever know who you are—not even your listeners ortherapists.LISTENERS WHO CARE: Our listeners are volunteers. Theyaren’tgetting paid; they’re here because they want to help. Theycare. Wehave over 160,000 trained listeners and licensed therapiststochoose from. Listeners provide support across 189 countries andin140 languages. Each listener has a profile with reviews and alistof categories that they specialize in, ranging from panicattacksand bullying to eating disorders, surviving a breakup, andmore.When you find the listener you want, connect instantly viachat.Try a new listener each time, or pick one listener and developadeeper ongoing relationship. FAST & FREE: The app is freetodownload, and all listeners are 100% free. After you downloadtheapp, you can start a conversation in less than 60 seconds.UPGRADEPRICING & TERMS 7 Cups offers two auto-renewingsubscriptionoptions: $12.99/month $94.99/year Your 7 Cups upgradewillautomatically renew at the end of each term and your creditcardwill be charged through your iTunes account. You can turnoffauto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settingsbutrefunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.7Cups also offers a Forever subscription paid for in asinglenon-renewing upfront payment of $399.99 granting unlimitedaccessto 7 Cups Upgrade forever. Read more about our terms andconditionshere: Read more about our terms of service and privacypolicy here: Download 7 Cups andstart feelingbetter today! If you love 7 Cups, please take 20seconds to give usa nice review. It really helps! For otherfeedback, Thank you. For users aged 13+.
Spiral: Optical Illusions 2
Optical illusions spiral is a fun game which can produceopticalillusions. The illusions shall make you see the objectsaround youdeformed in different shapes, depending on the illusion.Yourfriends and family shall also be amused once they try the app.Formaking the optical illusions spirals game more fun, the gameSpiralShooter Game is included to allow you obtain new illusioneffects.Pass levels on the Spiral Shooter Game in order to achievethefinal goal of getting all the illusion effects.***Disclaimer:Don’t use this app if you are sensible to stroboscopicimages.Don’t allow another people using the app if you are not sureabouttheir stroboscopic images sensitiveness. ***How to useSelectoneillusion (initially only the uppermost one is available) thengetready and keep your mobile device (phone or tablet) about 25 cminfront of your eyes, then follow the instructions stated onthegame, they will guide you on the process and shall provide tipsonhow to improve the visual effect. Once the spiral visualeffectstarts its movement a counter shall show on the center ofthescreen the time remaining you should keep looking at the screenofyour mobile device. 30 seconds is an amount of time which wehavetested and works fine on the majority of devices we haveusedduring the test time. During those 30 seconds you can focusondifferent ways on the screen, any way you focus your eyes onitshall be fine to achieve the goal expected after thecounterreaches zero. Once the time is over, then look at someobjectaround you in a middle distance, then you should be able ofseeingthe optical illusion effects. In case you haven’t achievedseeingthe effects, you can answer how was the result of your try inthegame, and extra tips shall be given in such a case.TheSpiralShooter GameThis fun game is an awesome casual game whichisincluded to match the theme of the game and give the chanceofunlocking new optical effects spirals. The goal is throwing thesetof initial balls to the central circle, but be careful since if2balls touch then you lose. The central circle rotatesbothclockwise and counterclockwise, can change the direction atanytime and the speed shall vary. You have to find your ownstrategyin order of getting rid of all the balls given at thebeginning ofeach level. Each level shall not contain a random movebut shallkeep the same set of moves each time the user plays thesame level.Some features of the game:100 levels. When some newvisual effectsspirals are added, some more level might be addedtoo.Single tapcontrols. Tap anywhere on the screen but on thecentral circle. Asyou tap on the screen a ball will be shot.Casualgame style. Closethe game at any level you are playing. The lastlevel unlockedshall be kept that way forever.Simple minimalistgraphics. Simpleto don’t distract you from your real goal.Alsoremember that thegoal of passing levels on the game, besidesgetting fun playing it,is unlocking new visual illusions. Click onany locked visualillusion in order to get to know how many levelsyou need to passin order to obtain a new optical illusionavailable.We hope youenjoy the app. Keep in mind our disclaimerabout stroboscopicimages sensitiveness.We appreciate any feedbackthat help usimprove the app. Your ideas are welcome. Ratings,reviews andemails are welcome too.
Self Hypnosis Audio Companion 1.4.8
Listen to audio courses, workshops, and programs to help youcreatethe life you have always dreamed of, quit giving attention toyouraddictions, and feel confident as a sexual being with the helpof avast library of hypnosis sessions, affirmations,how-toinstructional meditation guides, and meditation music.EXPLORE YOURCREATIVE FREEDOM: Do you wish you were more creative inyour life?Start painting and drawing, learn an instrument, take upa newskill, and develop innovative business techniques withtheassistance of countless meditation tracks and dailyaffirmations.BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS: Have you wondered how themostsuccessful people became so successful? Start a business,attractendless abundance of wealth, and discover your capacity asacreative being through the powerful practice of hypnosis.BECONTENT IN YOUR LIFE: Are you tired of not feeling fulfilledinyour life? With the help of numerous hypnosis audio coursesandhow-to instructional meditation audio books, you can feelhappy,content, and ultimately fulfilled in the life you areleading. FREEAPP: This app is completely free to download, andincludes hundredsof free audio programs and workshops. Subscribenow to unlock allavailable content (in-app purchase fees apply).GET ON TRACK:Audiojoy makes it simple to stay disciplined on yourpath ofpersonal growth and actualizing the best version of yourselfwithguided hypnosis courses, meditations, and daily affirmations.Thisapp makes it easy to improve your communication skills, findinnerstillness, attract the love of your life, create asuccessfulbusiness, explore realms of lucid dreaming and astralprojection,and overcome deleterious addictions through the power ofguidedhypnosis workshops, meditation music, and subliminalaffirmations.FEATURES: This app is packed with incredible featuresto help youcreate the life of your dreams and the you that you havealwayswanted to be: + 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content +Dailyfeatured audio content + Search and explore all content + Addto afavorites list + Listen when offline + Build a playlist ofthetracks you want to hear + Read along with the text version +Sleepand meditation timer + Looping relaxation and meditationsounds(over 2.4 million combinations) + Daily inspirationnotificationswith powerful artwork to keep you motivated Audiojoycreatessimple, how-to content to assist in the creation of happierlives.We believe that everyone has the ability to be the bestversion ofthemselves they can be. Audiojoy makes it easy topractice thesetechniques so that you can master what you want andstop what youdon’t. Download our apps, launch your own course, andstartlearning today! CONTENT INCLUDED: This app includes 100+ hoursofpositive affirmations, meditations, and hypnosis programs. Herearesamples of the audio content you will discover in this app:+Addictions - Smoking, Alcohol, Gambling, Sex, Porn + Anxiety-Social Phobias, Panic Attacks, Fear of Blood, Cancer,Snakes,Doctors + Business - Leadership Skills, Be Entrepreneurial,SalesMastery, Enjoying Work, Networking + Confidence - Self Esteem,BeExtroverted, Say No, Public Speaking, Inner Strength + Creativity-Stop Writers Block, Be Artistic, Learn Photography + Fitness-Strength Training, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, ImproveFlexibility+ Health - Better Sleep, No Insomnia, Boost Immune, StopHeadaches+ How to Stop Feeling Self Conscious - Multi Part Serieson DrivingAway Self Consciousness + Learn Musical Instruments -Guitar,Piano, Saxophone, Sing, Dance + Life Success - Motivation,PositiveThinking, Self Discipline, Inner Peace + Personal Growth -SelfDevelopment, Resolving Conflict, Resentments, Anger, Worry+Relationships - Healthy, Happy, Lasting, Romance,Jealousy,Marriage + Weight Loss - Exercise Motivation, HealthyEating, BodyImage, Get in Shape and much more...
Gastric Band Hypnosis,NLP&EFT 1.6
Slim Positive
What is in Slim Positive's App? 10 Hypnosis* tracks +PowerfulNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional FreedomTechniques(EFT/Tapping). New 5 Minute NLP Gastric Band Boost forControllingConscious Negative Eating Habits; New 10 Minute NLPSugar Blitz forStopping Sugar Cravings; Virtual Gastric BandHypnosis + SleepVersion; Slimming Hypnosis + Sleep Version; Let'sGet Fit Hypnosis+ Sleep Version; Confidence/Self-Esteem Hypnosis +Sleep Version;Anxiety & Stress Release Hypnosis + SleepVersion; FacebookSupport, tips & motivation (Closed Group sofriends will notsee your posts); E-mail Support (e-mail SlimPositive anytime forhelp, tips, advice or motivation). No other appoffers this manytracks for a one-time paid app! Join us to get slimforever! Bylistening to the hypnosis sessions (even when sleeping),SlimPositive's Tracks will decrease your appetite, improve youroverallwell-being and help you to lose weight faster, steadily,healthilyand easily until you are at your desired goal. The VirtualGastricBand Session will give you the feeling of being full andsatisfiedwith less food. The other tracks like Slimming, Anxiety&Stress Release, Confidence (Self-Esteem) and Let's Get Fitwillalso help you to change the way you eat, including emotionalandboredom eating, choosing healthier food and motivating youtoexercise, happily and easily. We have also included in theapp,practical sessions of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)andEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) Videos, which areverypowerful techniques. The NLP Sessions are for going back intothepast and releasing any negative events/thoughts and going intothefuture to create goals for an easy loss. The EFT/TappingSessionsare for curbing cravings, increasing your mood, eliminatingboredomeating and much more. These 3 super techniques of NLP,Hypnosis andEFT will help you to achieve your weight loss fasterand changeyour eating habits for life. We have a Facebook SupportGroup whereyou can get help, motivation and tips for your weightloss and youcan e-mail us anytime from the app.
Sanvello - Stress & Anxiety Help 8.4.1
The #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression Symptoms ofstress,anxiety, and depression often arise when least expected.WithSanvello, you’ll always have the right tools a tap away torelievesymptoms and feel better. Formerly Pacifica, Sanvellooffersclinically validated strategies and support to help youfeelhappier over time. HOW IT WORKS: Sanvello is anevidence-basedsolution created by psychologists that usesclinically validatedtechniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT)—a type ofpsychotherapy that has been shown to be especiallyeffective forstress, anxiety, and depression. Sanvello teaches youCBT throughimmersive journeys that combine videos, audioexercises,activities, mood and health habit tracking, andactivities. Thepowerful techniques you’ll learn are designed towork together tohelp you learn how to feel happier. THE SCIENCEBEHIND SANVELLO:Sanvello is rooted in widely-used andempirically-supportedtreatments for anxiety, depression, andstress. Numerous studiesshow these practices to be effective inaddressing a variety ofpsychological disorders that get in the wayof living a happy life.In a randomized, wait-listed controlledstudy of 500 adults,Sanvello was shown to decrease symptoms ofanxiety and depressionover the course of 30 days. Participants alsoreported increasedself-efficacy and showed sustained improvementafter 30 days—evenafter participants stopped using the app. WHATYOU’LL GET: DailyMood Tracking: Relieving stress, anxiety, ordepression starts withnoting how you feel. Sanvello mood tracking,daily reminders, andhealth tracking tools guide you to monitor youremotions, seepositive and negative influences, and make changesthat can help.Guided Journeys: Designed by psychologists for arange of needs,Sanvello Guided Journeys are step-by-step audiolessons andactivities based on CBT and other proven techniques.Choose yourpath to gain insight and build life skills. Tools: Whenfeelings orlife situations get in the way of your happiness,Sanvello helpsyou change your outlook and get on a better path withtools to calmyour mind and ways to redirect negative thoughts.Assessments: Akey part of CBT is understanding how actions andfeelings arerelated. Based on your mood data, Sanvello progressassessmentsshow you connections between your experiences,activities, andemotions. Community: At the heart of Sanvello is ourvibrantcommunity of users. See what people are posting across awide rangeof topics, from personal strategies to words ofencouragement.SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS: Sanvello is free todownload anduse. The premium version of Sanvello allows forunlimited use ofall tools and is available through an auto-renewingsubscriptionthrough two options: $8.99 per month $53.99 per yearPricing incountries other than the U.S. may vary, and actualcharges may beconverted to your local currency depending on yourcountry'sresidence. Payment will be charged to your Google Playaccount atconfirmation of purchase. Your subscription willrenewautomatically at the end of each term and your credit cardwill becharged through your Google Play account. You can turnoffauto-renew at any time from your Google Play account settingsbutrefunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term.Ifa free trial period is offered, it will be forfeited as soonasyour purchase is confirmed. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy: or
Put on your headphones and drift into deep relaxation.Thisapplication is a guided meditation and hypnosis audioprogramintended to help fight the stress of everyday live, and helpyouunwind.
Breathing exercises 1.2
Breathing exercise – this application has the goal of helping auseracquire two key breathing exercises which directlyinfluencelowering hyperventilation, heart beating, shiver, anxiety,tensionand panic attack. The slow breathing exercise is used in theverysituation of anxiety, discomfort and panic, while thedeepbreathing exercise is done in the particular times in order tohelpthe user acquire the technique of correct, deep,abdominalbreathing. It is recommended for everyone since theexercises canhelp in situations of stress and nervousness.
Get the Ultimate Weight Loss Collection by Glenn Harrold,anacclaimed hypnotherapist with 20 years experience. This Appoffersyou two high quality professional hypnotherapy sessions thatyoucan download for free, and many in-app purchase options.Thein-apps list now includes over 70 of Glenn's highlyacclaimedhypnosis and meditation recordings, with lot's of greatnew contentplus updated existing sessions. # Each recording is ahigh qualityprofessional studio production. # Glenn has 20 yearsofhypnotherapy experience and in his private practice he hashelpedmany clients including celebrities to lose weight. # Glennhas beenmaking hypnotherapy and meditation recordings for over 20years.This App will give you access to a large collection ofGlenn'sacclaimed hypnosis and meditation tracks as well as a numberofhypnosis videos, covering every aspect of weight loss. Themainfree recording, Lose Weight Lite, is a full 28m 30shypnotherapysession that will help you focus your mind on healthyeating andgetting fit. When your mind is right, losing weight andgetting fitbecomes easy and natural. The second free recordingRelax &Sleep Well (sleep mix) is a full hypnotherapy sessionthat willhelp you alleviate stress and anxiety and drift off tosleep everynight. Glenn's skilled weight control hypnotherapytechniques willalso help you to break any past negativeassociations with eatingand dieting, which completely removes anydifficulty or strugglefrom the weight loss process. By getting yourmind set right andtaking full control of your eating habits, youwill lose weight thebest way possible - slowly and steadily.Glenn's highly acclaimedhypnosis techniques and production willhelp you achieve yourweight goal in a safe and natural way. Theserecordings will alsohelp you to build a lasting desire to exerciseoften and to remaina healthy eater, even after you have reachedyour target weight.Covering every popular hypnosis topic associatedwith weight loss,including: Lose Weight Now Lose WeightAffirmations ExerciseMotivation Spiritual Weight Loss Build YourSelf Esteem DevelopYour Self Confidence Confidence In CompanyOvercome Addictions BeHappy Successful Relationships ThinkPositively Unconditional LoveUnleash Your True Potential StopSmoking Chakra Meditation DetoxYour Life Raise Your Energy DeepSleep Live Your Life To The FullDeep Relaxation Beach MeditationPlease if you have any questionsregarding thisapp. These recordings will take you on a specialjourney into thedeepest levels of hypnotic relaxation. The subtlebackgroundsoundscapes supporting Glenn’s powerful voice will helpyou to gointo a deep state of hypnosis is a completely safe way.All ofGlenn’s recordings combines powerful hypnotherapy techniqueswithstate of the art recording technology. The special backgroundsoundeffects have been recorded in certain keys and frequencies tohelpenhance the hypnotic effect and guide you into a deep stateofmental and physical relaxation, programming your subconsciousmindto effortlessly reach all of your personal goals. There arealso anumber of background affirmations, which echo and pan fromleft toright across the stereo range, ideal when using headphones.Thisdeeply relaxing and powerful method of deliveringmultiplesuggestions simultaneously to the unconscious mind canfacilitatepositive changes very quickly. This state of the art Appfeatures:• The very latest hypnotherapy techniques andstate-of-the-artdigital recording technology. • Glenn's highlyacclaimed hypnoticvocal techniques guiding you into a completelyrelaxed state ofmind & body. • 60 b.p.m. background soundeffects recorded inspecific musical keys and frequencies tocompliment the hypnoticsuggestions and deepen the relaxationeffect. • Stereo-echoedaffirmations, which pan from ear-to-earacross the stereo range - adeeply relaxing and unique effect.
Abide: Christian Guided Meditation & Daily Prayers 1.48.0
Are you overcome with insomnia, anxiety, worry, or stress? Abideisthe #1 Christian meditation app that brings peace and restintoyour life. Transform your mind by listening to beautifulguidedmeditations. Five million people have meditated withAbide,including Grammy award winning singers, church leaders,andChristian therapists. Abide is easy to use. Come in, pressplay,and feel renewed by God’s spirit. All meditations are basedoff ofBible scriptures. Daily guided meditations are available inlengthsof 2, 5, 10, and 15 minutes so you can choose the perfectlength tofit with your schedule. Meditation topics Include: -OvercomingAnxiety and Worry - Conquering Depression - ManagingStress - Rest,Sleep, and Insomnia - Discovering Purpose - FindingHappiness -Addiction Recovery - Forgiveness - Praying For Children-Relationship Challenges - Finances - Health concerns - Books oftheBible Subscribe to a yearly plan to access the followingcontent: -30+ custom stories to help you fall asleep - 50+ in-depthprogramson specific topics - Longer daily meditations of 5, 10, and15minutes - Selectable background music and nature sounds -Streammeditations by topic with sleep noise - Enjoy hand-pickedpremiummusic ___ For more on the background, benefits, and storiesforAbide, read below: Abide is the best christian app forbiblemeditation, Christian audio and contemplative prayer.Centeringprayer on Christ is easy with Abide: you will enter a timeofspirit meditation with daily meditation mindfulness to connectwithother Christians. Mindfulness is on its way thanks to ourchristianprayer app. Our app will provide daily bread in a way thatcanbecome a simple habit. Daily readings and daily affirmationswillbe available in Abide. Start your morning routine withmotivation,daily positivity and relaxing melodies. Bible quoteswill help youflee from panic attacks. Sleepy time will be easy withAbide thanksto its relaxing sounds and bedtime stories. Start aseason of mindspace, calm mind, and free guided meditation. Welcometo the freemeditation apps that will calm your mind with deep sleepmeditationand daily prayer. Daily reflections will be availablewith freesleep meditation. Guided meditation will no longer be anoption buta must with the daily word. Meditation and relaxationwill defineyour day with Abide. Breathe, breaht sleep, and calmyour heartwith Abide. Guided imagery will lead you to mindspace.Sleepmeditation is not only a possibility but a joy withsleepmeditation. Meditation music will be available withmeditationsounds. Sleep music and sleep meditation is here withthis prayerapp. Bible study will help with stress relief, anxietyrelief, anddaily motivation. You will receive the daily quote soyou can sleepwell and receive sleep aid. The daily bible withsoothing soundswill provide depression help. What our meditationapp does: providegenuine prayers, calming sounds, and mindfulnessto sleep better.Get help falling asleep through Abide. Embrace ananti-anxietylifestyle with help for PTSD. You'll have sleep noises,relaxingmusic, and holy bible quotes through Abide. Abide willproviderelaxing melodies to help you sleep and forget insomnia. Wealsodaily scripture, sleep help, and relax music, meditationsounds,and meditation beats. Abide provides free bible apps, sleepapps,and bible apps. Abide will provide the bible through relaxsounds,holy bible quotes, and relax meditation. Daily guidedmeditationsare available in lengths of 2, 5, 10 and 15 minutes soyou canchoose the perfect length to fit with your schedule. ReceiveyourChristian quotes, daily affirmations, and prayers to helpyousleep. Relaxing music with a free meditation timer willbeavailable. Welcome to the best app centered on Christ.
What's Up? - Mental Health App 2.3.3
In-app purchases for donations only What's Up? is a fantasticfreeapp utilising some of the best CBT (Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy)and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help youcopewith Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress and more! With abeautiful,modern design, simple heading and easy-to-follow methods,you canget to what helps you the most in seconds! Top Features • 12commonnegative thinking patterns and simple methods to overcomethem • 10great metaphors to help you cope with negative feelings •Acomprehensive diary to keep your thoughts and feelings togetherin,including the ability to rate feelings on a scale out of 10 •Apositive and negative habit tracker. Set goals to practicethosegood habits while ending the bad ones! • A catastrophe scale.Putyour problems into a better perspective when things are too much•A grounding game containing over 100 fun questions to help keepyougrounded and in the present when stress is taking over • 3simplebreathing techniques for keeping calm and relaxed • Forums!Talkwith people that may be feeling just like you from all aroundtheplanet, without worrying about the like/dislike system • Morethan70 positive quotes, with the ability to add your own and sharethemwith the world! • Protect your personal data with apass-code,including either a number only pass-code or a morecomplex one •Sync your data between your devices (Android or iOS)and back upyour data so you never lose it • Themes, including over20different colors to choose from in customizing the app • Andmanymany more features Want to get in contact? Send me an
Personal Development Hypnosis 1.2
What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Ifyouwere to spend a little bit of time and effort working onimprovingyourself each day, can you imagine the benefits andpositive changesyou would see in yourself over time? Change startswith the mind."Those who cannot change their minds, cannot changeanything". Wehave carefully crafted this special self helphypnosis program totackle many of the common areas that one may belooking to improve.If you lack confidence or motivation in anyarea of your life; ifyou feel that your valuable time is gettingharder and harder tomanage; if you are having a hard time reachingcertain goals orbelieving that they can be reached, we invite youto come on in andsee how Mindifi's Personal Development Hypnosisand meditation guidecan be of good use to you. Audios in thisprogram include: 1). ClaimYour Unlimited Potential (Free on us!)2). Achieve Goals 3). TimeManagement 4). Self Confidence 5).Happiness 6). Release Anger 7).End Self Sabotage 8). Overcome Fear9). Memory Enhancement 10).Motivation 11). Seize your moment Withover 100,000 new satisfiedMindifi listeners downloading ourhypnosis apps each month, don'ttake our word for it! See what ourusers are saying! "Ever sinceI've been doing this every night itmakes life so much better andenjoyable!" -Katyyisawesome27 "Listen2 to 3 times a day! Willpurchase more!" -KLSKDS "Very relaxing mykids don't drive me crazyanymore it's weird? Almost scary but Ilove it". -Mrs. Cheek "It putme in such a deep sleep n I woke upfeeling so much lighter n mademe smile a lot, BRILLIANT!!!"-Trance state "Would absolutelyrecommend this... One of the bestmeditation hypnosis app outthere.." -Salima123 "Awesome , I startmy day with it feelingpositive and relaxed. The voice & musicare very calming , agreat way to put all stress aside" - Kfc13 "Iam extremely happywith this app; from the manner of presentationto the final resultsit delivers! I can truly say that since usingthis I have noticed adecrease in fears, doubts and hesitations; mymind is far morepositive and with 'attitude of gratitude'; thingsjust naturallycome true... LOA works more than ever in my life!!!I love it and Ijust hope that everyone has as positive results asI do! I amfinally completely happy and still building on it!!!<3 Thankyou, Mindifi!!" -Pandora WIld "I really like this app.It's so easyto listen to and very relaxing. The mans voice islovely"-Blingbabe66 "Love it. Does what I wanted it to accomplish.Take meaway from stress and allows me to focus only on what I needand isbest for me. I feel so much more relaxed and centered"-sambaqueen02"My wife and I are 100% satisfied with these hypnosisapps. I can'tsay enough about how effective they really are. Topqualityrecordings/production. The hypnotherapist's voice is niceandneutral with very intuitive instruction. Thank You Mindifi!!!-GreenWorldAlaska I have been looking for something just likethis!It is great I feel my tension melting and my energy level isbackup! Worth giving it a try:)" -Kali_chaos "I've really enjoyedallthe sessions. The cost is well worth it. My natural curiosityforlife has definitely increased."- Netman 67 "Love, loveloveit,Those are some of the best hypno/audio that I have heardsofar!Your body truly belong to you...those audio are there toremindyou.You can achieve ANYTHING that you want, there are reallynolimits! Thank you, Mindifi for reminding me of that!"-NurseNickyTo Your Growth! -Mindifi "Free Your Mind"
Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound 6.0
Stress is the source of the disease. Did youexperiencestress-related illness?(stress anxiety, insomnia,depression andanxiety disorders and other mental disorders)The'RelaxingAnti-Stress Sound' present a supplementary resolution.Anxiety,anger, depression, occur arises, Find your peace of mindandstability mental conditions the natural sounds andvisualimages-----------How to Use-----------First, the sounds ofnature(rain, thunder / lightning, wind, woods, streams, ocean,fire) toadjust the volume of the sound of their favoritecombinationhere.(White noise) Use the buttons at the bottom toselect thedesired visual image focused on the periodoftime.-----------Button tip-----------Rain : energy,fatigue,serenityWave : hypnosis, trauma, concentration,post-traumaticstress(Various phobias)Forest : stress, urge,angerSpace :stability, sleep disorders (insomnia, narcolepsy),distractionFire: vitality, depression, anger, mood swings* The timeaccording tothe person and the sound effects, the effect of thevisual imagecan be changed.* This application is an auxiliarydevice fordiverting the mind and is not a medical device. Do nothave blindfaith in grave condition effects, be sure to consult yourdoctor.
Aware: Meditation & Mindfulness 2.0.49
With the life-changing skills of meditation & mindfulness,trainyour mind and body for a healthier, happier life. Meditationhasbeen proven to help relieve stress & anxiety, sleepbetter,focus more easily, have a calm mind, be patient andincreaseself-esteem & happiness. Aware makes meditation simplerandgradually teaches you skills to significantly improve yourqualityof life. All you have to do is download our free app and sitback,relax and breathe. It has been rated as the best meditationapp forbeginners by How our app works: TheAwareapp teaches you the basics of mindfulness & meditationwith the21-day Foundation Course, of which, the first 7 days arefor free.Once you complete the Foundation Course, the world ofAware unlocksvarious meditation courses on stress, anxiety, sleep,focus,happiness, depression, focus, creativity and many more. Eachcourseis accompanied with short sessions called Energizers craftedtocalm you at the stressful times of the day. Once you completeacourse, Aware provides you daily guides to help you practicetheexercises learned in the respective course. - Guidedmeditationsessions in Aware are crafted by experts with decadesofexperience. - Aware helps you meditate for different topicslikestress, focus and happiness. - Calm yourself quickly frompanicattacks with our Breathing tool designed to teach youbreathingexercises. - Add mindfulness to your day with our Singlesessionson day-to-day activities and situations like Waking Up,Sleeping,Walking and more. - We provide 24*7*365 personal supportandassistance to help you meditate effectively. What courses weoffer:Courses: 21-day curated programs to help you developspecificskills. We offer courses on- - Stress - Anxiety - Sleep-Depression - Happiness - Relationship - Patience - Focus-Creativity - Anger - Self-Esteem - Motivation - Acceptance-Pregnancy - Pain Management - Change - Kindness - Recovery-Competition - Concentration and more. Singles: One-offmeditationsessions designed to bring mindfulness in your dailyactivities. Wehave singles on: - Waking Up - Sleeping - Travelling- Panic Attack- Quit Smoking - Waiting - Cooking - Walking -Emotions - Focus -Fear - Work Break - Pain - Sports - PrenatalMeditation - Interview- Exam and more. We also have Masterclasseswhich are courses &singles that are created by reputedmeditation teachers from acrossthe globe and cover the followingtopics: - Calm mind - Relievestress - Improve relationships - Buildresilience - Increasepatience - Enhance focus - Sleep better -Improve ProductivitySubscription Pricing: Aware offers twoauto-renewing subscriptionoptions: $3.99 per month $29.99 per year*These prices are forUnited States customers. Pricing in othercountries may vary andactual charges may be converted to your localcurrency depending onthe country of residence. Your Awaresubscription willautomatically renew at the end of each term andyour credit cardwill be charged through your Google Play account.You can cancelyour subscription anytime from your Google Playaccount but refundswill not be provided for any unused portion ofthe term. Aware alsooffers a Lifetime subscription which is paidfor by a one-offupfront payment of $74.99 with unlimited access toAware forlifetime. Read more about our privacy policy here-