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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.15.1
Privacy, simplified. At DuckDuckGo, we believe theInternetshouldn't feel so creepy, and getting the privacy youdeserveonline should be as simple as closing the blinds. Our appprovidesthe privacy essentials you need to seamlessly take controlof yourpersonal information as you search and browse the web, nomatterwhere the Internet takes you: • Escape Advertising TrackerNetworks— Our Privacy Protection will block all the hiddenthird-partytrackers we can find, exposing the major advertisingnetworkstracking you over time, so that you can track who's tryingto trackyou. • Increase Encryption Protection — We force sites touse anencrypted connection where available, protecting your datafromprying eyes, like ISPs. • Search Privately — You share yourmostpersonal information with your search engine, like yourfinancial,medical, and political questions. What you search for isyour ownbusiness, which is why DuckDuckGo search doesn't track you.Ever. •Decode Privacy Policies — We’ve partnered with Terms ofServiceDidn't Read to include their scores and labels of websiteterms ofservice and privacy policies, where available. As yousearch andbrowse, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser shows you aPrivacy Graderating when you visit a website (A-F). This ratinglets you see howprotected you are at a glance, dig into the detailsto see who wecaught trying to track you, and learn how we enhancedtheunderlying site's privacy measures. The Privacy Grade isscoredautomatically based on the prevalence of hidden trackernetworks,encryption availability, and website privacy practices.Our appprovides standard browsing functionality including tabs,bookmarksand autocomplete. In addition to strong Privacy Protectionasdescribed above, we also packed in a Fire Button that allows youtoclear all your tabs and data with one tap. Too many peoplebelieveyou simply can’t expect privacy on the Internet. We'refighting tochange that, and have made it our mission to set a newstandard oftrust online. Install DuckDuckGo and take back yourprivacy! AboutUs: Device PrivacyTips: MorePrivacyEducation: Policy: This app isopensource at
Orbot: Proxy with Tor 16.0.5-RC-2-tor-
Orbot is a free proxy app that empowers other apps to usetheinternet more securely. Orbot uses Tor to encrypt yourInternettraffic and then hides it by bouncing through a series ofcomputersaround the world. Tor is free software and an open networkthathelps you defend against a form of network surveillancethatthreatens personal freedom and privacy, confidentialbusinessactivities and relationships, and state security known astrafficanalysis. *** Android 4.0 and lower, you can downloadolderversions from orthrough open app store at Thelast releasewith KitKat and older supportis:****** SAMSUNG GALAXY USERS *** On some devices, aSamsung appislistening on the same network port that Orbot needs.Download'SockStat' from Google Play. Look for the app on port 9050.Forcestop and disable that app. You can also try to change Orbot's"TorSOCKS" setting under the Debug section to 9051 or AUTO. You canseethe fix in this video:***** Orbot is the onlyapp that creates a truly private internetconnection. As the NewYork Times writes, “when a communicationarrives from Tor, you cannever know where or whom it’s from.” Torwon the 2012 ElectronicFrontier Foundation (EFF) Pioneer Award. ★ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES:Orbot is the safest way to use the Interneton Android. Period.Orbot bounces your encrypted traffic severaltimes through computersaround the world, instead of connecting youdirectly like VPNs andproxies. This process takes a little longer,but the strongestprivacy and identity protection available isworth the wait. ★PRIVATE WEB SURFING: Use with Orfox, the mostanonymous way toaccess any website, even if it’s normally blocked,monitored, or onthe hidden web. GetOrfox:★PRIVACY FOR APPS: Any installed app can use Tor throughOrbot'sbuilt-in VPN ★ PRIVACY FOR EVERYONE: Tor can helpyouconfidentially research a competitor, get around someoneblockingyour favorite site, or circumvent a firewall to watchsports atwork. ★ PRIVACY MADE EASY: Check out our fun,interactivewalkthrough: ★ IT’SOFFICIAL:This is the official version of the Tor onion routingservice forAndroid. ***We Love Feedback*** ★ ABOUT US: GuardianProject is agroup of developers that make secure mobile apps andopen-sourcecode for a better tomorrow. ★ OPEN-SOURCE: Orbot isfree software.Take a look at our source code, or join thecommunity to make itbetter: ★ MESSAGE US: Are we missingyourfavorite feature? Found an annoying bug? We’d love to hearfromyou! Send us an email:[email protected]***Disclaimer*** The Guardian Projectmakes apps that are designedto protect your security and anonymity.The protocols that we useare widely regarded as the state of theart in security technology.While we are constantly upgrading oursoftware to combat the latestthreats and eliminate bugs, notechnology is 100% foolproof. Formaximum security and anonymityusers must utilize best practices tokeep themselves safe.
Orfox: Tor Browser for Android Fennec-52.9.0esr/TorBrowser-7.5-1/Orfox-1.5.4-RC-1
Orfox is built from the same source code as Tor Browser (whichisbuilt upon Firefox), but with a few minor modifications totheprivacy enhancing features to make them compatible with FirefoxforAndroid and the Android operating system.Orfox REQUIRES Orbotappfor Android to connect to the Tor network.In as many waysaspossible, we adhere to the design goals of TorBrowser(,bysupporting as much of their actual code as possible, andextendingtheir work into the additional Android components ofFirefox forAndroid.** Also, includes NoScript and HTTPSEverywhereadd-onsbuilt in!The Tor software protects you by bouncingyourcommunications around a distributed network of relays runbyvolunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watchingyourInternet connection from learning what sites you visit, itpreventsthe sites you visit from learning your physical location,and itlets you access sites which are blocked.Learnmoreat:* * How isOrfoxdifferent than Tor Browser for desktop?* The Orfox coderepositoryis at andthe TorBrowser repositoryishere: TheOrfoxrepository is a fork of the Tor Browser repository withthenecessary modification and Android-specific code as patches ontopof the Tor Browser work. We will keep our repository in syncwithupdates and release of Tor Browser.* Orfox is built from theTorBrowser repo based onESR38( only two modified patches that were not relevant ornecessaryfor Android* Orfox does not currently include the mobileversions ofthe Tor Browser * Button, but this we will be addedshortly, nowthat we have discovered how to properly supportautomaticinstallation of extensions onAndroid(* Orfoxcurrentlyallows for users to bookmark sites, and may haveadditional datawritten to disk beyond what the core gecko browsercomponent does.We are still auditing all disk write code, anddetermining how toappropriately disable or hardenit.(* * How isOrfoxdifferent than Orweb?Orweb is our current default browserforOrbot/Tor mobile users( has been downloadedover 2 million times. It is VERY VERYSIMPLE, as it only has onetab, no bookmark capability, and anextremely minimal userexperience.Orweb is built upon the bundledWebView (Webkit) browsercomponent inside of the Android operatingsystem. This has proven tobe problematic because we cannot controlthe version of thatcomponent, and cannot upgrade it directly whenbugs are found. Inaddition, Google has made it very difficult toeffectively controlthe network proxy settings of all aspects ofthis component, makingit difficult to guarantee that traffic willnot leak on all devicesand OS versions.Orweb also only provides avery limited amount ofcapability of Tor Browser, primarily relatedto reducing browserfingerprinting, minimizing disk writes, andcookie and historymanagement. It trys to mimic some of thesettings of Tor Browser,but doesn’t actually use any of the actualcode written for TorBrowser security hardening.
StartPage Private Search 1.10
Startpage BV
THE WORLD'S MOST PRIVATE WEB SEARCH APPStartPage Search givesyouconvenient mobile access to, the world's mostprivatesearch engine. It lets you search for information privatelyandanonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone orothermobile device. It's the perfect tool for iron-cladprivacyprotections, plus great search results.COMPLETE SEARCHPRIVACY ANDANONYMITYOther search engines capture your search termsand recordthe links you click on, then use tracking cookies tobuild adetailed profile of you and your interests. At StartPage,our zerodata-collection policy and full SSL encryption is yourassurancethat nobody's looking over your shoulder, no matter whatyou searchfor. We don't collect any personal information on ourusers. Wedon't store your IP address, we don't capture yourlocation, and wedon't record what you searched for. In fact, wekeep no records onyou at all. Nada. Zilch. Zero. OVERVIEW OFSTARTPAGE SEARCH PRIVACYFEATURES- All searches are encrypted usingpowerful SSL encryption.That means your service provider can't seewhat you search for—andneither can hackers.- Your searches arescrubbed and anonymized forprivacy.- StartPage Search protects youfrom physical intrusion bydeleting your searches and Web historyafter a set time delay, orthe app is closed or suspended. With onetap of your Home button,your searches are gone.- StartPage Searchstrips out your searchterms, so they can’t be seen by the websitesyou visit.- StartPageSearch never uses tracking cookies, andrejects tracking cookiesfrom websites you visit.- StartPage Searchnever records your IPaddress, search terms, or location.OVERVIEW OFSTARTPAGE SEARCHFEATURES- Fully integrated web browser- Fullweb-search capabilitywith superior result quality- Full imagesearch- Powerful AdvancedSearch capabilities- Control over displaysettings and privacyfeaturesPRIVATE PROXY SURFING FEATUREWhen youneed extra privacy,you'll love our Proxy. It works by copying theweb page you want tovisit onto our server, so you see it throughus, not them. Becauseyou never make contact with the third-partywebsite, they can'tinfect you with cookies or malware, and theycan't see your IPaddress or other information. They only see us,while you stay safeand invisible behind the scenes.You can use theStartPage Proxy toaccess any website you find through a StartPagesearch. Simplyclick the "Proxy" link under the search result.Note:For securityreasons, the Proxy restricts web forms and Javascript,and websitesmay not be optimized for mobile devices (since we don'teven tellthem you're on a mobile device!)
OONI Probe 1.3.4
Collect evidence of Internet censorship. Measure the speedandperformance of your network. Play an active role inincreasingtransparency of information controls around the world. ByrunningOONI Probe, you will examine the blocking of websites,yournetwork's speed and performance, and whether systems that couldberesponsible for censorship and surveillance are in yournetwork.These tests have been developed by the Open Observatory ofNetworkInterference (OONI), a free software project (under TheTorProject) that aims to uncover Internet censorship around theworld.Since 2012, OONI has collected millions of networkmeasurementsacross more than 190 countries, shedding light onmultiple cases ofnetwork interference. By running OONI Probe, youwill help increasetransparency of Internet censorship around theworld. Collectingevidence of Internet censorship OONI's WebConnectivity test isdesigned to examine whether access to sites isblocked through DNStampering, TCP/IP blocking, or by a transparentHTTP proxy. Byrunning this test, you will collect data that canserve as evidenceof Internet censorship, and you will be providedwith circumventiontips. Detecting systems responsible forcensorship and surveillanceOONI's HTTP Invalid Request Line test isdesigned to uncover thepresence of systems that could beresponsible for censorship andsurveillance. Measuring the speed andperformance of your networkOONI's implementation of the NetworkDiagnostic Test (NDT) measuresthe speed of your network byconnecting to M-Lab servers near youand by collecting low levelTCP/IP information that can helpcharacterize the speed andperformance of your network. Open dataOONI publishes all networkmeasurement data that it collectsbecause open data allows thirdparties to conduct independentstudies, verify OONI findings and/orto answer other researchquestions. Such data also helps increasetransparency of Internetcensorship around the world. All data ispublished on OONIExplorer: software AllOONI tests, as well as its NDT implementation, arebased on freeand open source software. You can find the source codethrough thefollowing link: us onTwitter: Pleasenote: RunningOONI Probe might be against the terms of service ofyour ISP orlegally questionable in your country. By running OONIProbe you willconnect to web services which may be banned, and useweb censorshipcircumvention methods such as Tor. The OONI projectwill publishdata submitted by probes, possibly including your IPaddress orother identifying information. In addition, your use ofOONI Probewill be clear to anyone who has access to your computer,and toanyone who can monitor your Internet connection (such asyouremployer, ISP or government).
Fire.onion (Browser + Tor) 26
Fire.onion lets you browse the web anonymously by routingalltraffic over a series of randomly-selected proxy servers usingatechnique called onion routing. All data is encryptedmultipletimes, analogous to the layers of an onion, so that eachproxy canonly decrypt a single layer. Addresses are encryptedtogether withthe data to make sure that each proxy only knows theaddress ofit's immediate successor and predecessor, but not theentireroute.Features- Webbrowser + Tor bundle for Android-Completelyself-contained- No additional apps needed- Anonymous webbrowsing-Access to .onion sites- Privacy mode always on- Nomanualconfiguration needed- Gecko based web browser- Optimized forhighsecurity and privacy- Not asking for any unnecessarypermissions-Download support (running over Tor as well)- Panic/Exitbutton- NewIdentitybutton-Settings not affiliated with nor endorsed by The Tor Projectand carriesno guarantee from The Tor Project about quality,suitability oranything else.
InBrowser - Incognito Browsing
InBrowser is an incognito/private browser for Android with TORandvideo support. Each time you exit InBrowser, everything you’vedonein the app will be erased, including history, cookies,andsessions. InBrowser is a feature rich browser, and it’sinpermanent private mode. ☆ This is the optimal browser if youwantto visit adult websites, dating sites, medical sites,checkFacebook on a friends device, watch a video or anythingelsewithout anyone finding out! ☆ Features: ✓ Absolutely no dataissaved. When you exit the app, all data and history isremoved.Everything that goes on in the browser is removed when youhitHome, Exit, or Close. ✓ The Onion Router (TOR) support viaOrbot.Browse the Internet anonymously and encrypted through theTORnetwork and access content that has been blocked by yourISP,network or government. Requires Orbot to be installed andrunning.✓ Search engines InBrowser support searching viaDuckDuckGo,StartPage (Ixquick), Bing, Google and Yahoo. ✓ No firstor thirdparty ads or trackers are bundled in the app. Yourinformation issecure from leakage. ✓ Supports agent cloaking (nomoremobile-version of sites!) Make websites think that you'revisitingfrom Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Android.✓ Deepintegration with LastPass LastPass can automatically fillpasswordsin InBrowser. Stay secure with strong passwords withoutany hassle.✓ In-App video support Click on a video-link and anin-app videoplayer will play the video. Any trace of this isremoved when youexit the app. ✓ Tabbed Browsing InBrowser’s tabbedbrowsing featurehas the ability to quickly switch between severalopen webpageswithin a single browsing session. ✓ Download files,images, andvideo to your SD Card in the InBrowser folder.Long-press on a linkto download a file comfortably to your SD-card.✓ Minimalistic,maximum space for browsing No junk, no ads, no extrabars - justmaximum space for your browsing experience For AdobeFlash-support,ensure that you have the appropriate flash-pluginsinstalled andthat your device supports Flash. InBrowser will notprovide Flashout of the box, but it does support Flash-content.Notice thatOrbot is required for TOR to work. Orbot is made by theTor Projectand you can download it for free on Google Play, justsearch for“orbot” and download the one made by “The Tor Project”.
Tenta Private VPN Browser + Ad Blocker (Beta) 2.1.06
To all beta testers, we appreciate your support! Ultimateprivacy,security, and convenience in a browser that protects yourdatainstead of selling it. Tenta is a next generation browser thatisdesigned from the ground up for unparalleled privacy andsecuritywith built-in true VPN, secure DNS, ad tracking blockerandcomplete data encryption. We are currently in beta and areinvitingbeta-testers to help us build the best private andencryptedbrowser. Our mission is simple. We believe privacyisnon-negotiable and everyone should have safe access to theworld'sinformation without censorship or judgement. TOP FEATURES☆Built-in True VPN: Tenta offers real built-in VPN based ontheOpenVPN™ protocol. Not a proxy like other browser, which offerlessprotection. ☆ Built-in Ad Blocker Automatically block adsandtrackers that slow you down, including malware sites. ☆ QRCodeReader Conveniently scan QR codes in the browser. ☆SmartIncognito™: 100% of your browsing data is protected andprivate.This is incognito mode that is actually incognito andconvenient.That means your bookmarks, your DNS, IP address andbrowsinghistory are all kept private and secure. ☆ Private andSecureBrowsing By Default: No setup or registration required. Tentakeepsyou hidden from the prying eyes of hackers, trackers, andISPs.Browse without worry, especially on public WIFI networks, suchasairports or coffee shops. ☆ Password Encrypted: Tenta protectsyourpassword with AES-256 encryption. For your security, we donotstore a copy of your password on any server.Fingerprintauthentication offered for supporting devices. ☆ UnlockGeo-BlockedSites with Encrypted Zones: We've made it easier thanany browserin the world to connect to multiple locationssimultaneously.Simply swipe to switch between locations. ☆ Protectyour PrivateBrowsing from Real World and Online Threats: Only youhave accessto your copy of Tenta Browser. Feel comfortable sharingyour mobiledevice with friends or family knowing your privatebrowsing data isencrypted and locked with your password. ☆ No LogsKept: Yourprivacy is our top priority. We do not record yourbrowsing dataand because your traffic is encrypted that means noone, includingTenta, can snoop into your web browsing history. ☆Always Free toUse with Premium Support Available: Tenta is a freebrowser thatoffers anonymous and secure browsing by default. Unlikeotherbrowsers, we are not advertising based and will never storeand/orsell your data. The beta version is completely free. Tentawilloffer a premium service for additional security andprivacyfeatures, including: • Unlimited encrypted server locations•Custom DNS Servers • Priority customer support • Built-in trueVPNSummary: Getting started with Tenta is super simple.Noregistration, credit card or email is required. Simply createyoursecure PIN code and your private, encrypted browsing experienceisready for you. Access the internet from multipleencryptedlocations and keep your data and history private behind aPIN onlyyou have access to. Frequently Asked Questions: What if Ialreadyuse a VPN app? No problem. Tenta browser works fine withallexisting VPN apps. How do I reset my Password? Forsecuritypurposes, Tenta will never store your password on any ofourservers. That also means we are unable to recover yourpassword.Please make sure to keep your password safe and do notshare itwith anyone. For more details and tutorials, please goto We'd love to hear from our customers, so wecancontinually improve our service. If you have comments orquestions,email [email protected]
Onion Search Engine 1.5.3
Onion search engine is search engine with ability to find contentontor network / deepweb / darkweb. the privacy of users isrespectedthere is no cookies and no javascript and there is notthird partcode or external code. The app lets you search the sitesin the deepweb with the keywords and shows you a site tab withtitle, url andan preview of the content. You can share the siteurl with the titlevia email or via messaging app. To view thewebsites you must usethe Tor browser or to be connected to the Tornetwork by vpn. Onandroid phones you can use Orfox Browser withOrbot to connect tothe Tor network. Anonymous connection to tornetwork.
Shadowsocks 4.6.5
Max Lv
Shadowsocks is a high-performance cross-platform securedsocks5proxy. It will help you surf the internet privately andsecurely.*NOTE: You may need to unisntall and reinstall the app,afterupgrading to 3.x or above.* FEATURES 1. Bleeding edgetechniqueswith Asynchronous I/O and Event-driven programming. 2.Low resourcecomsumption, suitable for low end boxes and embeddeddevices. 3.Avaliable on multiple platforms, including PC, MAC,Mobile (Androidand iOS) and Routers (OpenWRT). 4. Open sourceimplementions inpython, node.js, golang, C#, and pure C. Visit ourproject site formore details: SETUP 1.To setup yourown server, please referto: 2. To viewthesource codes or build your own apk, please referto: (C) 2016 by Max Lv Copyright (C) 2016 by MygodStudioThis program is free software: you can redistribute itand/ormodify it under the terms of the GNU General Public Licenseaspublished by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 oftheLicense, or (at your option) any later version. This programisdistributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUTANYWARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITYorFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU GeneralPublicLicense for more details. You should have received a copy oftheGNU General Public License along with this program. If not,see Other open source licenses canbefoundhere:
VPN+TOR+Cloud VPN Globus Pro!
Anonymously encrypt all traffic! Works with all applications!Easyto use software! Now You can freely visit ALL SITES in any partofthe world. Securely encrypt your internet connection andprotectyour online identity!The main advantages of thistechnology:- VPN(IPSEC VPN and OpenVPN)- Cloud VPN (Personalserver, UDP protocol)-VPN+TOR - You can select VPN location now.-Access to anyrestricted website.- Full tracking and interceptionprotection.-Full local network attack protection.- Presence of theFirewall,that prevents the scanning of your IP address byInternetintruders.- Open Internet access despite all the local orstaterestrictions.- Wi-Fi network scan and data acquisitionprotection.-Full access to all VOIP carriers including Skype.-Completelyanonymous Internet access.What is a VPN?A VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork) is a clever piece of technology that gives you thechoicefrom being an ordinary Internet user – to being an InternetVIP.It’s like having a golden ticket for the Internet - it will letyoubypass censorship, unblock content and protects your privacyandsecurity whilst you’re online.Why do you need a VPN? Anytimeyouuse a public internet service you are putting your securityandprivacy at risk. Personal data can easily be misused and stolenincafes, hotels, airports and other free Wi-Fi hotspots. GlobusFreePro VPN offers you government-level protection and peace ofmindfor your personal data whenever you surf the internet –whereveryou are.Globus VPN/TOR Free Pro has the added benefit ofallowingyou to unblock favourite websites, services and contentbyswitching country. With Globus VPN/TOR you can ensure thatyou’llenjoy all your favourite internet services and sites, nomatterwhere you are.Globus VPN + TOR…This is a perfect securitysolutionwhen users can route Tor through VPN services which willpreventyour ISP from seeing that you're using Tor. On one hand,VPNs aremore popular than Tor, so you won't stand out as much buton theother hand, in some countries replacing an encrypted Torconnectionwith an encrypted VPN connection, would be suspicious aswell butnot with Globus VPN where one can select a specific serverin aspecific country of your choice. Once the VPN client hasconnected,the VPN tunnel will be the machine's default Internetconnection,and TBB (Tor Browser Bundle) (or Tor client) will routethroughit.Another advantage here is that this prevents Tor fromseeing whoyou are behind the Globus VPN. So if somebody somehowdoes manageto break Tor and learn the IP address your traffic iscoming from,but your VPN was actually following through on theirpremises (theywon't watch, they won't remember, and they willsomehow magicallymake it so nobody else is watching either), thenyou'll be betteroff. But this will not happen. VPN BROWSER FOR PCIN OUR SITE:Anonymously encrypt all traffic! Works with allapplications! Easyto use software! Now You can freely visit ALLSITES in any part ofthe world. Securely encrypt your internetconnection and protectyour online identity!VPN/TOR Browser ForPC:https://privacybrowser.orgPrivacyPolicy: VPN 2.3.2
Download The World's fastest VPN For Free With VPN,youbecome anonymous & safe on the internet reclaiming youronlinefreedom for free. This app allows you to avoid all kindofsurveillance from government agencies, ISPs, and cybercriminals.Byencrypting your connection VPN protects youronlineidentity. But that's not it; you can also use it to unblockanywebsite or app which is blocked in your country. -Unblockanywebsite or app you want. -Become anonymous while you surf thenetor download any files. -Unblock VOIP services like Skype,Viber,Tango etc. -Stream live videos and sports from anywhere intheworld. How To Use VPN App Step 1: Download the app Step2:Tap on "Start Free Trial" Step 3: Click on “Enable VPN" Howhide.meVPN App Is Better Than Others Free VPN We want everyone tobesecure and anonymous on the internet and that is why we offeralifetime free VPN. All you need to enjoy it is to download ourapp.Smooth Even On Unstable Connection The app supports IKEv2andOpenVPN protocol which makes your data encryption stable evenonunstable 3G connections. IKEv2 ensures an amazingly fastconnectionallowing you to enjoy videos and games at a speed youneverimagined. Quick & Easy Setup The app is built to ensurethatusers who are not tech-savvy can easily enjoy their privacyandsecurity. All you need to do is download the app, tap on"StartFree Trial" then tap “enable VPN” and you're done. AutoServerSelection We offer one of the fastest VPN services and wewant tomake sure that you experience the magic of our speed aswell. Toachieve that, we have an auto server selection featurewhichconnects you to the fastest server automatically. AutoReconnectWhen your Internet connection is interrupted, our Androidapp isintelligent enough to stop and reconnect once yourinternetconnection resumes. This feature guarantees extra VPN Can Help You Secure your WiFi Public WiFi networksathotels, airports, cafes etc are usually quite unsafe makingyouvulnerable to cyber crimes. With VPN you are alwayssafeeven when you are on a public WiFi. Circumvent censorshipSomecountries impose restrictions on what you can say and do ontheweb. gives you back the right to speak freely, and letsyouaccess popular sites that may be blocked in your country. Nologs.Zero. Nada We're dead serious about this one: we do not storelogsof your online activity. Logs can easily link actions back toyou,and some VPN providers pass these onto governments when told todoso. We can't, as we don't have any. Simple. More Than55Hand-picked, high-quality locations Unlike other VPN servicesthatoffer you lots of slow, unreliable servers, we've hand-pickedthebest from key locations around the world. Not only that, accesstothem is heavily restricted for maximum privacy. An anonymousIPaddress When you connect to, we give you an anonymousIPand hide your real one. This new IP is used by lots ofdifferentpeople, which creates a pool of anonymous activity. It'simpossibleto link anything back to you.
Turbo VPN Defender(Hotspot Proxy) 2.4.1
Turbo Lab
100% free VPN! High VPN speed! The best unlimited free VPNclientsfor android. Turbo VPN – Free VPN proxy, connect as a haretounblock sites, WiFi hotspot secure and protect privacy. Fastest-Connect successfully as a hare with high VPN speed. Easiest -Onetap to connect to VPN proxy server. Most Stable - Have lots offreecloud proxy server to provide better VPN service. Turbo VPN –FreeVPN proxy, Bypass the firewalls as school free VPN proxy forschoolwifi and school computer. Unblock websites with free VPNproxyserver. It can also unblock video not available in yourcountry.Protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspot Browseanonymouslyand securely without being tracked. Enjoy privatebrowsing. Workswith WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.Encrypts datausing OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP). Free downloadthis lightandroid VPN APK now. Most Stable - Never lose connection* Havelots of free cloud proxy server to provide better VPNservice. *Most stable proxy servers worldwide for you to choose.With VPN,you can: Unblock Sites * Bypass geo-restrictions, internetfiltersand censorship while you’re at work or school. * Unblockwebsitesor social media sites with free VPN proxy server. * Bypassthefirewalls as school VPN proxy. Protect Privacy and Security.*Protect your network traffic under public WiFi hotspotbrowseanonymously and securely without being tracked. * Protectdataprivacy, personal information security and internet securitywhileVPN is on. * Enjoy private browsing. * Encrypts data usingOpenVPNprotocols (UDP / TCP). VPN works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and allmobiledata carriers. Free download this light APK now.
Haven: Keep Watch (BETA) 0.1.0-RC-1
Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personalspacesand possessions without compromising their own privacy. It isanAndroid application that leverages on-device sensors toprovidemonitoring and protection of physical spaces. Haven turnsanyAndroid phone into a motion, sound, vibration and lightdetector,watching for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders. WedesignedHaven for investigative journalists, human rightsdefenders, andpeople at risk of forced disappearance to create anew kind of herdimmunity. By combining the array of sensors foundin anysmartphone, with the world’s most securecommunicationstechnologies, like Signal and Tor, Haven prevents theworst kind ofpeople from silencing citizens without getting caughtin the act.Weare announcing Haven today, as an open-source project,along apublic beta release of the app. We are looking forcontributors whounderstand that physical security is as importantas digital, andwho have an understanding and compassion for thekind of threatsfaced by the users and communities we want tosupport. We alsothink it is really cool, cutting edge, and makinguse of encryptedmessaging and onion routing in whole new ways. Webelieve Havenpoints the way to a more sophisticated approach tosecuringcommunication within networks of things and homeautomationsystem.Project TeamHaven was developed through acollaborationbetween Freedom of the Press Foundation and GuardianProject.Safety through SensorsHaven only saves images and soundwhentriggered by motion or volume, and stores everything locally onthedevice. You can position the device’s camera to capturevisiblemotion, or set your phone somewhere discreet to just listenfornoises. Get secure notifications of intrusion events instantlyandaccess the logs remotely or anytime later.The follow sensorsaremonitored for a measurable change, and then recorded to aneventlog on the device: * Accelerometer: phone’s motion andvibration *Camera: motion in the phone’s visible surroundings fromfront orback camera * Microphone: noises in the enviroment * Light:changein light from ambient light sensor * Power: detect devicebeingunplugged or power lossATTRIBUTIONSThis project containssourcecode or library dependencies from the follow projects:SecureItproject available at: (c) 2014 MarcoZiccardi (Modified BSD)libsignal-service-java from Open WhisperSystems: from AsamK: ORM from chennaione: Square’s Picasso: (Apache2) JayDeep’s AudioWife: AppIntro: (Apache 2)Guardian Project’sNetCipher: (Apache 2)NanoHttpd: (BSD) Milosmns’ActualNumber Picker: FrescoImage Viewer: 2)Facebook Fresco Image Library: Audio WaveformViewer: (Apache 2)FireZenk’sAudioWaves: (MIT)MaxYou’sSimpleWaveform:
VPN SecureLine by Avast - Security & Privacy Proxy
SecureLine VPN Proxy by Avast is an ANONYMOUS , UNLIMITED, FASTandSECURE VPN Proxy service, simply a must have security andprivacyapp for Android! Unblock restricted sites and apps,becomeanonymous online and protect yourself on public WiFihotspots.Avast protects 400 million people worldwide, making it averytrusted VPN Proxy security and privacy app on the market.Protectyour device too. NEW: Secureline is now available on allAndroid TVsupported devices. The same great VPN, now for your TV.Wouldn’t itbe great if you could stream all of your favoritecontent directlythrough your TV, while also protecting yourprivacy? Yes, it wouldbe. And now you can with SecureLine VPN forsmart TVs. WHY SHOULDYOU CHOOSE AVAST SECURELINE VPN PROXY? ■ Fastand Reliable: Largecoverage of secure VPN Proxy servers worldwideensures a fastsecurity and privacy service ■ Unlimited VPN: Use theVPN as muchas you want without any limitations ■ Simple: Startusing the VPNProxy and enable security and privacy with one-buttonactivation ■Trusted: Join over 400 million users who trust Avastfor securityand privacy ■ Change Your Location: Connect to secureVPN serversin 22 countries around the world ■ UninterruptedConnection:Reconnect automatically to VPN Proxy when switching fromdata toWi-Fi ■ Top Quality Customer Service: Get fast and reliablesupportWHY SHOULD YOU USE AVAST SECURELINE VPN PROXY? ■ ACCESS:Unblockrestricted sites and apps, unlock content If you travel andneedWeb access from different locations, you may find somewebsitesblocked, but with the Avast VPN Proxy, you can unblockwebsites andeven apps. Use our secure VPN servers (located inmultiplecountries) to access more Web content from your phone, asthegeo-IP address shown will be different from the real one. DoestheWi-Fi connection restrict certain apps? Unblock any app youneedinstantly. ■ SECURITY: Encrypt your connection on unsecuredpublicWi-Fi Our private encryption VPN ‘tunnel’ prevents hackersfromstealing your data via public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. EnableWiFisecurity and privacy with our super secure VPN Proxy service.■PRIVACY: Private, anonymous browsing Browse websitesanonymouslyand get private access. Your Internet connection willappear tooriginate from a different location. Use it to hide andanonymizeyour banking logins, chats, emails and payments. Enableprivacywith a single click. ■ VPN on/off dashboard widget Adds asimpleone-click widget to your dashboard so you can turn the secureVPNconnection on/off with one click. Best for quick hotspotshieldsecurity and privacy. HOW DOES A VPN WORK? Avast SecureLineis asecure VPN Proxy service that provides security and privacythroughprotecting you from data theft by using a virtual encryptionshield‘tunnel’ to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections.Oncesecured, your communications are impossible for any intruder tospyon. PRICING Start your 7-day free VPN trial now followed byayearly subscription. Cancel your subscription Find more infoat
Browsec VPN - Free and Unlimited VPN 0.22
Browsec LLC
Browsec VPN - the best way to stay safe while accessingtheInternet. Browsec is trusted by over 2 million users. Joinnow,it’s free! - Browsec protects your public Wi-Fi connectionsfromhackers trying to steal your personal data, passwords andfinancialinformation. Your data will be encrypted and safe. -Improve youronline privacy. Malicious ISPs won’t able to track andsell yourpersonal information.  - Our service hides your IPandlocation from hackers. Get maximum protection you ever wanted.-Browsec provides truly free, unlimited and protected surfing.Getany content you want.  - Easily switch betweenmultiplevirtual locations. We have free endpoints in US,Netherlands andSingapore. More to come. Check out Browsec Premiumfeatures! -Premium locations. Youcanaccess the Internet via additional Premium locations:USWest, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong, France, Canada,Japan,Australia, Germany and Russia. -Turbo speed,our Premium users enjoy dedicated traffic lanes.-Premium servers.Our best-in-class servers guarantee top performance.-Priority support.When something goes wrong, helping you is our priority.Premiumfeatures available via auto-renewable subscription. Weofferfollowing subscription options:  - 1 month for only$4.99 -12 months for $39.99 (Save33%!)- Payment will be charged toGooglePlay Account at confirmation of purchase- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hoursbeforethe end of the currentperiod- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hourspriorto the end of the current period, and identify the cost oftherenewal- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewalmaybe turned off by going to the user'sAccountSettings after purchase- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription periodCheckour privacy policy and terms of use.
Your Freedom VPN Client 20190111-01
The all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxybypassing,anonymization and anti-censorship solution Is yourInternet accessbeing censored? Are some things on the Internetsimply notaccessible to you? Do you need protection fromeavesdroppers oraccess without a login on an unencrypted wirelesshotspot networkor any other web-login based Internet access? Wouldyou like toappear to be a user from a different country to avoidinconvenientcontent restrictions? Or would you prefer if your IPwas not loggedby every website you visit and everything you dologged by the NSA?Then look no further, you've found the solution!Our Your Freedomservice does all this for you, and more. It defeatscensorship, itencrypts all your traffic, it hides your origin andidentity, andit just makes things work that don't work without it.All you needis this app. There is a free service (called"FreeFreedom")available permanently to everyone who only needsoccasional accessand low bandwidth. If you need more, you canalways upgrade later -once you know that it solves your problem andyou need more thanFreeFreedom provides. Supported tunnel modes: *HTTPS *HTTP/POST/CGI * FTP * UDP * DNS * ICMP ECHO (rooted phonesonly) Wehave 39 tunnel servers in 10 countries. Visit ourwebpage for in-depth information aboutourservice. We appreciate if you send us crash reports when askedbyyour phone. To contact us about this app, send [email protected] If you would like to always receivethelatest beta version instead of the production version and haveallthe latest features and bugs, please opt inat
Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser - Private Browser 1.4.1
Dolphin Zero is one of the best incognito apps. It's theincognitoprivate browser and better than InBrowser. Dolphin Zero isultralightweight with only 500K app size. Dolphin Zero IncognitoBrowserbrings peace of mind to users who wish to keep theirpersonalinformation as safe as possible by automatically deletingdataincluding browsing history, cache, passwords and cookies. It'sasafe browser. ☆ This is the optimal browser if you want tovisitdating sites, medical sites, check Facebook on a friendsdevice,watch a video or anything else without anyone finding out!☆Enabling by default ‘Do Not Track’ functionality to itsfullestextent, Dolphin Zero will also never collect, store or shareany ofthe following information: ✔ Browser History ✔ Form Data ✔InputData ✔ Passwords ✔ Cached Data and Files ✔ Favicons ✔ UserAddressBook ✔ Cookies ✔ Location Information It's a simplebrowser,allowing you to browse the mobile web with quick loadingspeed andexceptional privacy. ❗❗Explanation of Permissions:Approximate& Precise Location: Utilized when user allows awebsite to knowcurrent location Modify or delete the contents ofyour USB storage:Used to save files which are downloaded from awebsite by the userFull network access: Access the data connectionof the device forinternet browsing Test access to protectedstorage: Allows DolphinZero to check if SD card is present for whensaving a downloadedfile About Dolphin Browser : DolphinBrowser is the full featured bestweb browser for Android. DownloadDolphin Browser to surf theInternet with great features includingadblock, incognito browsing,gesture, sonar, flash player forAndroid. 👍👍👍👍👍 Over 150,000,000downloads on Android and iOS 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Best Mobile Web Browser onAndroid Market ★ Flash player Get thebest gaming and HD videoexperience with Flash player for Androidsupport on Dolphin Browser.★ Adblock (pop up blocker) DolphinBrowser is one of the bestAdblock Browser. With Adblocker, you canblock popups, ads, banners& ad-videos. ★ Multiple tabs bar Itdisplays your open tabs, andlets you switch between them byswiping and browse the web as PCBrowser & desktop browser. ★Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar Itcan be accessed by swiping tothe right and shows your bookmarks andbrowsing history. Swiping tothe left to enjoy the best serviceswith add-ons such as VideoDownloader, Web to PDF and DolphinTranslate, etc. ★Incognito/private browsing Dolphin Browser is asecure browser thatoffers you real private browsing experiencewithout leaving anyhistory, cookies traces, cache, etc.. ★Personalized search Easilyswitch search engine with Google, Yahoo,Bing, Duckduckgo, etc. ★Fast download Download HTML5, Flash videosand more with blazingfast speed from the Internet with videodownloader. You can alsoeasily delete or move downloaded files inthe file manager. ★ SyncSync your history, bookmarks, andpasswords. Plus, easily open andpush tabs and websites acrossAndroid, iPhone, iPad, mobile &pc browser including Chrome,Firefox, and Safari using DolphinConnect. ★ Clean UI and fastnavigation You can add your mostvisited websites as speed dialicons with a nice user interface andone-touch access. ★ GestureAccess the Internet by creating apersonal Gesture for websites andcommon features. For example,drawing a letter “B” to go to Bing. ★Sonar Dolphin Browser givesyou an actual web browser you can talkto. Use your voice to searchwithout typing, even with Yahoo, Bingor Duckduckgo. ★ ThemesCustomize theme colors & wallpapers topersonalize yourbrowser. More information: 🐬❤👪, 🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃, 🚀🏁🏆🎆
ProxyDroid 2.7.7
Max Lv
ProxyDroid is an app that can help you to set the proxy (http/socks4 / socks5) on your android devices.Help totranslateProxyDroid: ROOTYOUR DEVICESFIRSTTIPS: Press MENU button to find a "Recover"option that wouldhelp you to recover / reset the proxy settingswhen you getsomething wrong.** FEATURES **1. Support HTTP / HTTPS/ SOCKS4 /SOCKS5 proxy2. Support basic / NTLM / NTLMv2authenticationmethods3. Individual proxy for only one or severalapps4. Multipleprofiles support5. Bind configuration to WIFI'sSSID / MobileNetwork (2G / 3G)6. Widgets for quickly switchingon/off proxy7. Lowbattery and memory consumption (written in C andcompiled as nativebinary)8. Bypass custom IP address9. DNS proxyfor guys behind thefirewall that disallows to resolve externaladdresses10. PAC filesupport (only basic support, thanks to Rhino)
Porn & Ads blocker browser 1.1
A fast and beautiful UI browser to browse and protect youronlineprivacy without being disturbed by ads or adult content thebrowseris an adult content blocker it blocks all websites thatareproviding to watch porn content or adults ads, all adultcontent,nudity websites are automatically blocked .Our app providesthebest safe searching engines the default one is Google SafeSearchand you may switch to the Yahoo safe Search or Bing safesearch,Also a total safe browsing in Incognito mode or using ourbuilt inbrowser proxy the Orbot Proxy or the I2P proxy, like allthe otherbrowser all the necessary option are available such asBookmarks,History, Google Search suggestions and Block adsdownloads and moreto discover, Please note that the app is inactive development weare constantly updating our database to blockmore porn and sexwebsites and you can help sending us suggestionsof websites thatare still accessible via our app.★★★★ Features★★★★★ Adult contentblocker (Adult ads or porn videos)★ Block allmajor porn websites ★Browse using Orbot Proxy or the I2P proxy★ Notallowing Adultsvideos downloading ★ Multiple Safe search engines(Google, Bing,Yahoo, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, etc.)★ Privacy optionswith quickaccess in settings to clear your cookies, cache, andgranularhistory ...★ User Agent : Choose to view sites in desktopor mobileformats★ Incognito "Ghost Mode": Auto-clean yourbrowsingactivities★ Fast Downloads★ Ads Blocker : blocks alldifferentforms of ads, now visit webpages Ad-Free, no more pop-upbannerads.★ Read Mode★ Different Themes are available : Dark Mode,LightMode, Color Mode, Night Mode... This app is based onLightningBrowser, and licensed under the Apache License.ApacheLicense,Version 2.0:
Secure VPN - Free VPN Proxy, Best & Fast Shield 1.4.9
Unable to access some websites or apps? Worried aboutunprotectedWi-Fi hotspot shield? Want to be anonymous and hide myip fromhackers? Secure VPN – is the best vpn android apps for you!SecureVPN - Web Proxy & Cloud VPN| Open the tor browser safely| Thebest hotspot VPN android client Secure VPN lets you changeyourvirtual location. Unblock any content and access yourfavoritewebsites and apps from anywhere - completely free. SecureVPN -free VPN unlimited & security VPN proxy! It helps youaccessblocked apps and sites with Wi-Fi hotspot, while keepingyourmobile activities anonymous, online private activities andsecure!Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fast and high VPN speed!Thebest unlimited free VPN clients for android. Download VPNunlimited& security VPN proxy for your Phone to protect youronlineprivacy, access your favorite websites, and browse securelyonWi-Fi hotspots. Works with Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and all mobiledatacarriers. It’s free and No traffic or bandwidth limit. ★WithSecure VPN ( Super fast VPN Free ), you can: √ Easy - One taptoconnect to VPN proxy server - really One Tap VPN, connect within5second, hola for you - Easy to Use, just press a button andconnecta betternet √ 100% VPN Unblock Master & Access yourfavoritesites wherever you are - Bypass the firewalls as schoolfree VPNproxy for school wifi. - Bypass geo-restrictions, internetfiltersand censorship. - Unblock websites with free VPN proxyserver. Itcan also unblock video not available in your country. -Unblocksocial networks websites or apps, such as: Line, QQ,WeChat,Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc ... -UnblockVoIP networks and video call, such as: Skype, Viber,WhatsCall, Imoetc ... - Unblock video websites, such as YouTube √Most Stable& Fastest - with turbo high VPN speed, faster thanrabbit -100+ free cloud proxy server to provide better net VPNservice, isreally wifi booster for playing games. - You can chooseVPN serverseasily with high speed, unlimited bandwidth andunlimited serverswitches, you can connect from anywhere in theworld - vpn forUnited States, American VPN ( USA VPN ) - vpn forGermany - vpn forIndia - vpn for Singapore ( SG VPN ) - vpn forJapan ( JP VPN ) -vpn for Russia - vpn for Uninted Kindom, UK VPN -Support voicecall and video call for Arabian countries, such asSaudiArabia(SA), the United Arab Emirates(UAE), Iran, Oman and soon √Incognito browsing anonymously - hide ip like tor onion - Themostreliable privacy guard and safety shield tunnel for onlinebrowsing- no logs and never upload privacy information - passed the"DNSLeak" test, can effectively prevent DNS leaks, to provide youwithfake IP, hide my IP - Encrypts your internet traffic, protectyourprivacy, and keep you safe from 3rd party tracking foryourinformation security - Protect your data from hackers whenyou’reconnected to a public WIFI hotspot shield. - Encrypts datausingIPsec(IKEv2), OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP), Shadowsocks. √Secureall online activities - Protect your mobile security, soyourconnection privacy and personal information will be protectedfromhackers, identity theft, and other malicious activities whenwedetect a public Wi-Fi network. - Enjoy private browsing. √ VIPhighspeed servers - A range of VIP VPN servers are availableonpurchase at cheapest prices. Lower price but super fasterspeed.Secure VPN is the most trusted security, privacy andaccessplatform with top performance on speed, stability andsecurity tounblock sites, unblock any apps or websites, accesssocialnetworks, watch videos and movies, protect Wi-Fi hotspotsecurityand protect privacy. We do not provide BitTorrent and anyP2P (pierto pier) service Porn sites and adult content(includingPornoTorrent and Sex sites) are not allowed, you will be blocked!
Ghostery Privacy Browser 2.1.1
Ghostery Privacy Browser offers a private, fast, tracker-andad-free mobile browsing experience. Equipped with thelargesttracker database out there and comprehensive features thatenhanceuser privacy for mobile browsing, Ghostery PrivacyBrowserintegrates the powerful ad blocking and tracker protectionof theGhostery 8 control panel with improved web browserfunctionalities.Key features: TRACKER VISIBILITY AND CONTROL Seewho is trackingyour data on the websites you visit and block orunblock thesetrackers individually or in bulk. BUILT-IN AD BLOCKERThe mobilebrowser removes intrusive ads and clutter, resulting in acleanerand ultimately faster browsing experience. ENHANCEDPRIVACYFEATURES Enable the Smart Blocking feature to optimizepageperformance. For additional privacy protection, turn onEnhancedAnti-Tracking, an AI-based technology that anonymizespersonal datapoints. GHOST SEARCH - PRIVATE SEARCH ENGINE Save timeand datausage with our built-in private search, powered by Cliqz,thatsuggests three dynamic result cards (websites or other content)asyou type in the address bar – providing smarternavigationaloptions to get users to their destination with just oneclick.Cliqz does not store any personally identifiable informationandworks with sophisticated anonymization techniques, meaningusers’search queries remain completely private and anonymous. GHOSTMODEGhost mode (incognito browsing) offers and furtherprivacyprotection by preventing the websites you visit fromappearing inyour browser history. PHISHING PROTECTION Protectyourself fromfraudulent websites that want to steal your passwordsand accountinformation with a built-in security feature thatdetects up tofour times more phishing attempts than Google SafeBrowsing andworks considerably faster, uncovering phishing siteswithin anhour. START TAB WITH CURATED NEWS ARTICLES AND WEBSITESWhen youopen a new tab, Ghostery Privacy Browser provides your mostvisitedwebsites and curated news from respected and trustworthymediaoutlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, USAToday,Reuters, AP, BBC and The Guardian.
SumRando VPN 4.0
SumRando is a top notch VPN that protects your informationandsecures your connection. Keep the bad guys at bay with asecuretunnel and full anonymity. Easy to use and keeps youronlineexperience safe. SumRando VPN features include... * 1 GB ofdatafor free or upgrade to our premium plans plans to stayprotected24/7 * Total peace of mind and an uncensored experience. *VPNServers in US, Sweden, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, TurkeyandJordan. * Unlock the internet and view content from aroundtheworld * 128-bit AES encryption with no logging (Please submitanytechnical or support issues to [email protected] instead ofthedeveloper email.)
GOOSE VPN is a fast and cheap VPN (Virtual Private Network) buildtoprotect you and to guarantee your online safety. GOOSE VPNwillbuild a save funnel between you and your devices. Thiswillguarantee your online safety, which will allow you to accesstheinternet in a save matter and in total privacy. When you areusingthe protection of a vpn, you can be sure that yourpersonalinformation is save. You don’t have to worry about peoplestealingyour personal information. What can the Virtual PrivateNetworkfrom GOOSE do for you? It encrypts your information Whenyou’reusing our good proxy servers and newest technology, we areable toencrypt your online communication. This means that when youarebrowsing the internet, GOOSE will operate like a proxyserver.Thanks to this you can be sure that no one can track youronlineactivities. It changes your location Thanks to our technologyit ispossible to change the location of your browser. This againmakessure that no one can track your exact location. It changesyour IPaddress To guarantee your full online protection, we evenchangeand hide your IP address all the time. Therefore it isalmostimpossible to steal your personal information or to trackyourexact location. Extra safety Thanks to our advanced technologyyoudon’t have to be afraid of someone stealing yourpersonalinformation when browsing the internet. Benefits of usingGOOSEEasy to instal on every device GOOSE is made with the user inmind.Therefore we have made it super easy to instal the software onyourphone, computer or any other device. You simply follow allthesteps on the screen en before you know it, your IP is changed inavirtual private network and you are ready to go. No needfortechnical knowledge Everybody can use GOOSE. There is no needfortechnical knowledge in order to make the vpn work. 24/7customerservice Our customer service is just as fast as our virtualprivatenetwork, so you don’t have to wait very long for a replyfrom ourcustomer service department. It is also possible to contactus withsome feedback to improve on our product even more. Works onWIFI,3G &4G We want to make sure our virtual private networkworkseverywhere. That’s why we’ve made sure it works just as goodonWIFI, 3G & 4G. Supports all your favorite services Don’tworry.You can still use all your favorite services from theinternet. Youcan still watch videos and movies from YouTube andNetflix, checkyour mail, chat with your friends and downloadcontent from theinternet. Lots of locations and servers We want tomake sure thatthere are enough servers and location to choose from.This willguarantee your online safety wherever you are. We offerthefollowing proxy servers from the following countries: - Austria-Denmark - Finland - Germany - Moldova - Netherlands - Russia-Ukraine - United States - Egypt - Belgium - Singapore - Norway-United Kingdom First month is on us The first month is on ourcost.This will give you plenty of time to check if you like ourservice.What exactly is a proxy server? A proxy server is a way toaccessthe internet by making sure that your IP changes all thetime.Therefore it is very hard for people to track your exactlocationor to steal your personal information. You can rest assurethatyour information is safe. About GOOSE GOOSE is a smallrewardedcompany from the Netherlands that wants to make sure thateveryonecan browse the internet knowing there information is safeandsecure.
🌟Totally Free VPN🌟 Unlimited, Secure & Free! 1.8.3
⭐ NO OBSTRUCTIVE / AGGRESSIVE ADS - We are users like you, weknowhow it feels like to have ads popping out of no where, we onlyshowads once upon successful connection to cover ourlisting/cachingserver cost ⭐ Bypass blocked websites andapplications ⭐ Hosted byvolunteers from all over the world by theVPN Gate project ⭐ Fastand lightweight ⭐ Built in VPN connectionfeature ⭐ UnlimitedBandwidth ⭐ Minimal configuration required ⭐Free of charge at nocost ⭐ 100% secure access ⭐ Disguise your IPaddress while surfing⭐ Protect yourself using when public WiFinetworks by utilizingit's strong encryption ⭐ DNS Leak Test - OK!Features ======= 🎌Search by multiple attributes 🎌 Sort by multipleattributes 🎌Simple one screen interface Tips === 💡 For highersuccessconnection rate sort by Score in descending order 💡 If aconnectiondoes not work well switch to another country and tryagain, usuallyhigher scores connection are better Credits ===== 🙇VPN GateProject ( 🙇 UI is provided by FlatUI forAndroidby Emrullah Lüleci ( 🙇UnderlyingOVPN codes is handled by OpenVPN for Android project byArneSchwabe ( 🙇 LauncherIcon ismade by TutsPlus from Flaticon ( licensedunderCreative Commons BY 3.0. 🙇 nik Nikola ([email protected])forvolunteering to translate the app to Russian ⚠️: I HAVERECEIVEDREPORTS FROM REVIEWS THAT THIS MIGHT NOT WORK IN YOURCOUNTRYBECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.
WebGuard 1.5.55
☆ IMPORTANT ☆ Although this app is free to download, to usetheservice WebGuard you need to have an active subscription. Youhavethe opportunity to familiarize yourself with the featuresduringthe trial period. DESCRIPTION: WebGuard - protection of anymobiledevice from dangerous sites, surveillance, viruses,advertising.Firewall and a real increase of anonymity in thenetwork, dataencryption, and acceleration of the Internet to savemoney ontraffic while working with any browser. As always - ROOTnotrequired! Features: - Blocks all adverts - Firewall - Increasedtheanonymity in the Internet by hiding the real IP and possibilitytochoose from which country the new IP is from (currentlyavailable:Germany, France) - Allows faster downloads and savesmoney bycompressing traffic, ad blocking, rapid domain resolutionand othertechnologies - Encrypts data for protection when workingin opennetworks (restaurants, conferences, etc.) - Blocks sitesthat havedistributed malicious content, viruses (downloading appsfromunknown sources) and fraudulent websites - Informs when youvisitpaid web sites - Protects against surveillance (banners,tracking,social networks, etc.) and hides information about theuser Extrafeatures: - NO root permissions required! - Theapplicationsupports more than 500 web browsers - The applicationmonitorsInternet traffic through specially crafted localVPN-channelservice. The data is analyzed without the use ofthird-partyVPN-server, app contains a built-in local VPN-server.
VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser 4.5.0
Betternet LLC
Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited VPN (Virtual PrivateNetwork)proxy for Android devices. Betternet VPN masks your IPaddress,encrypt your internet traffic, turns public Wi-Fi into aprivatenetwork and helps unblock sites and apps on your Androidphone sothat you can access any restricted contect safely andanonymously.VPN (Virtual Private Network) works just like Torproxy, also knownas “the Onion Router”, to hide IP address andbypass internetcensorship, to overcome geo-restriction and accessthe desiredcontent. VPN (Virtual Private Network), however, has amuch fasterconnection speed, and better privacy and securityprotection thanTor (the Onion Router). Three main features of a VPN(VirtualPrivate Network): • Incognito Browsing: using a VPN youdon’t evenhave to install any incognito browser. Simply turn onyour VPN andall of your Internet traffic is completely encrypted.Your onlineactivities are completely anonymous. • Wifi Safety:because allyour online traffic is encrypted through a VPN, whateverpublicWiFi hotspot you are trying to access, you will be shieldedfrompublic Wifi risks and enjoy complete Wifi security. •LocationSpoofer: VPN hides your IP address so that your location ismaskedand you are able to bypass geo-restrictions to access anycontentanywhere. Install Betternet VPN Now to: ► Unblock Websitesand AppsYou can unblock any apps or websites using Betternet free&unlimited VPN. Bypass government censorship andgeo-restrictions toaccess social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, andSnapchat, etc. or any other blocked websitesfrom anywhere! ►Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection Using aVPN, your IPand location will be masked and your activities can nolonger betracked on the Internet. Betternet VPN service is yourprivacyguard and better than web proxy servers. ► Secure YourDeviceBetternet secures your Android device’s connection whileyou’reconnected to public WiFi hotspots or cellular data networks.Itworks just like a free Tor proxy (the Onion Router) but it’sevenmore secured. Your password and your personal data are securedandyou are protected from hacker attacks. ► Surf anonymously atFastSpeed Betternet is fast! It detects your location automaticallyandconnects you to the nearest and fastest server. As a result,yourconnection will be much faster than any other VPN orproxyproviders. ► Shield WiFi Hotspot Public Wi-Fi hotspots areperfectplaces for hackers and if they happen to get a hold ofyourpersonal information, you could very well be the next victimofidentity theft! Betternet VPN proxy uses advanced VPN technologytoencrypt your network traffic, enabling you to connect to awebsitevia HTTPS, providing a secured shield to your WiFihotspot.Betternet VPN free version shows ads. Upgrade to premium toenjoyunlimited and ad-free VPN! Contact us If you have anyquestions orsuggestions, feel free to reach us [email protected] or visitour website https://www.betternet.cofor more information. By theway, don’t forget to follow our twitteraccount @betternet_co andFacebook tostay tuned.
Super Speed VPN 1.0
Super Speed VPN, 100% free VPN.Super VPN Speed !The bestunlimitedfree VPN clients for android.Super Speed VPN – Free VPNproxy,connect as a hare to unblock sites, WiFi hotspot secure andprotectprivacy.Fastest - Connect successfully as a hare with highVPNspeed.Easiest - One tap to connect to VPN proxy server.MostStable- Have lots of free cloud proxy server to provide betterVPNservice.Super Speed VPN – Free VPN proxy,Bypass the firewallsasschool free VPN proxy for school wifi and schoolcomputer.Unblockwebsites with free VPN proxy server. It can alsounblock video notavailable in your country.Protect your networktraffic under WiFihotspot browse anonymously and secure withoutbeing tracked.Workswith WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile datacarriers.Encrypts datausing OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).Enjoyprivate browsing.Freedownload this light android VPN APK now!
Incognito Browser - Your Secure Private Browser 4.6
Incognito Browser is a private browser for Android withMultipleTabs and video support. Which let you browse privatelytheinternet. Each time you exit Incognito Browser, everythingyou’vedone in the Private browser will be erased, includinghistory,cookies, and sessions. So this is the best of this privatebrowserlike browse anonymously. Incognito Browser/Private Browseris afeature-rich browser, and it’s in permanent private mode. ☆This isthe optimal browser if you want to visit adult websites,datingsites, medical sites, check Facebook on a friends device,watch avideo or anything else without anyone finding out! ☆ ☆IncognitoBrowser is the best private browser if you want to visitadultwebsites, dating sites, medical sites, check Facebook on afriendsdevice, watch a video or anything else without anyonefinding out!☆ Features: ✓ Absolutely no data is saved. When youexit the app,all data and history are removed. Everything that goeson in thebrowser is removed when you hit Home, Exit, or Close. ✓SearchEngines Incognito Browser supports multiple search engineincludingGoogle. Which is the default, but you can change insettings ✓ Nofirst or third party trackers are bundled in the app.Yourinformation is secure from leakage. ✓ Supports agent cloaking(nomore mobile-version of sites!) Make websites think thatyou'revisiting from another browser. Making it the even moresecurebrowser, The best part of this Private Browser ✓ In-Appvideosupport Click on a video-link and an in-app video player willplaythe video. Any trace of this is removed when you exit the app.Somaking it the best Private Browser on Google Play Store. ✓TabbedBrowsing - Hassle Free Incognito Browser's tabbed browsingfeaturehas the ability to quickly switch between several open webpageswithin a single browsing session. ✓ Download files, images,andvideo to your SD Card in the InBrowser folder. Long-press on alinkto download a file comfortably to your SD-card. ✓Minimalistic,maximum space for browsing No junk, no extra bars -just enjoymaximum space for your browsing experience with IncognitoBrowser ✓You can set enable or disable images from Settings inIncognitoBrowser ✓ You can set enable or disable Javascript fromsettings inIncognito Browser ✓ You can change the maximize thebrowsing spaceby turning the Full-Screen mode on! Like us onFacebook tostayupdated: Incognito Browser, Enjoy!
Hide My IP - Fast, Unlimited VPN. 0.1.65
Hide My IP
Free and Unlimited VPN to Hide Your IP FEATURES * Easyone-tapconnect. * Choose from over 120 IP locations. * No limits oftime,bandwidth, or speed. * Works on your device, no root accessneeded.* No registration needed to use the free IPs and no ads. *Protectyour IP on WiFi hotspots, access blocked websites. *Remainanonymous and prevent tracking by hiding your IP. * UsesOpenVPNtechnology for secure Internet traffic encryption. * Chooseto useeither UDP or TCP protocols. * NEW - Happy Free Fridays:limitedtime promotion - all IP locations unlocked every Friday.*2018Promotion* - Use Hide My IP FREE and Unlocked in Your Country!-Every month, we will allow users in one or more countriesfullaccess to Hide My IP for Android. Leave us your countryrequest,and we may add it to the current month if it receivesenough votes.For 2018, the free country schedule is below: January- UnitedKingdom February - Iceland March - Sweden April - RussiaMay -China June - Mexico July - Australia August - Italy September-Denmark October - Japan November - Hong Kong December -SingaporePurchase a License Key to Access to ALL VPN locations.->License works on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux (Chromeextension),Firefox and DNS Proxy. <- *Friendly and HelpfulSupport*
FREEDOME VPN Unlimited anonymous Wifi Security
Try for FREE! F-Secure FREEDOME is the VPN app trusted byexpertsand journalists around the world, brought you by a companywith a30-year reputation of respect for users’ privacy. FREEDOMEVPN isfast and has unlimited bandwidth. Try it for free! Make yourWifiuse and surfing private with this easy, no ads VPN withthefollowing features: ANONYMOUS VPN: Like an anonymous proxybutfaster, FREEDOME VPN hides your tracks online with no adsWIFISECURITY VPN: Connect to any hotspot anonymously with aVPN.Encrypt your personal traffic and keep it private with VPNUNBLOCKCONTENT: Connect anonymously with VPN to other countries soyou’renot restricted to geoblocks of countries where you are EASYVPN:FREEDOME has been designed to be really easy to use so thatanyonecan use it as a personal proxy or as a no ads VPN. Havingunlimitedbandwidth on your easy VPN while surfing securely on Wifiandmobile connections means all your data stays private and you donothave to worry about bandwidth limits when connecting tounsafehotspots. Unlike an anonymous Wifi proxy or another type ofhotspotshield, an easy VPN like FREEDOME gives you fast and easyencryptedaccess to the internet. It is your personal VPN tool withno ads.Unlike other VPN’s such as Hotspot Shield, Express VPN orNordVPN,FREEDOME is developed by a publicly listed company. Being apubliccompany gives us pressure to make our personal VPN also themostsecure VPN. REASONS TO GET FREEDOME VPN • FREEDOME hasunlimitedbandwidth • FREEDOME is an easy VPN to use • Surfprivately on anyWIFI hotspot • More reliable than a Proxy In aworld wherecompanies have seemingly unlimited access to yourpersonal data, apersonal VPN is the only way to surf privately onyour phone,computer and in any WIFI network. A private VPN likeFREEDOME isyour must-have tool to surf anonymously with unlimitedbandwidthVPN Looking for easy VPN access to blocked content that iseasierthan a proxy, has no ads and unlimited bandwidth? FREEDOMEVPNgives you all this.
FreeBrowser 3.0.5
FreeBrowser lets you access Facebook, Twitter and other blockedorinaccessible websites without the need to configure a VPN orproxy.No registration is required to use FreeBrowser. No setupisnecessary. FreeBrowser users do not have to sign up and they donothave to change any settings on their phones. The app ismadeavailable to users everywhere in the world for free, with nodatausage restrictions. FreeBrowser was the fastest freecircumventiontool in China in 2016 based on tests conducted on theCircumventionCentral platform. The app circumvents all restrictivefirewalls, atwork, home and school. FreeBrowser is based on thesame source codethat Google Chrome is built on. Some of theadvantages ofFreeBrowser: * Popular and established circumventiontool used inover 100 countries* Completely free for all users* Norestrictionson data usage, unlimited, fast access* No need toregister or signup * No setup required and no changes to phonesettings arenecessary* Allows you to get around any firewall atwork* Allowsyou to get around any firewall at school* Allows you toget aroundany firewall imposed by a government or censorshipauthority* Worksin the world’s toughest countries for censorship,including Chinaand Iran* Fight censorship, in any country*Circumvent all news andinformation restrictions* Evade governmentcensorship, mediacensorship, internet censorship We are alwaystrying to improveFreeBrowser and we welcome any and allsuggestions. Write to us at:[email protected] For moreinformation, visit the FreeBrowserwebsite at
Rooster Kid
You can create an SSH Account 30 day, 7 day, 5 day, 3 days,1day.Many Server options and there are tools to help you.
Hotspot VPN - Super Free VPN Unlimited Proxy 2.2.6
Hotspot VPN ( Free Unlimited VPN Proxy ) - The best vpn forandroid,100% free VPN app, 100% unlimited VPN What do you expectfrom agreat VPN app? # Unlimited Bandwidth to use # Endless listofcountries to connect to worldwide! # Simple one click to connect#Super fast speed vpn # Unblock any apps and sites in any country#VPN for privacy , WIFI Security # IP vanish/ IP Fake # HotspotVPN #Unblock VPN for VOIP(Based on openvpn, support all voice callandvideo call) # Unblock APP and site for school ★ FREE -100%unlimited free VPN proxy! - No credit card information needed.Notrials offered. Multi VPN servers - vpn for United States, USA-vpn for Germany, DE - vpn for India, IN - vpn for Singapore, SG-vpn for Canada, CA - vpn for Russia, RU - vpn for Japan, JP -vpnfor United Kindom, UK - vpn for Nederland, NL ★ Unlimited -Trulyunlimited, No session,speed and bandwidth unlimitation,Torrentsand file sharing are allowed. ★ Unblock - Unblock websiteswithfree VPN proxy server. - Bypass the firewalls as school proxywhileyou are at school or at work. - VPN can also unblock videonotavailable in your country. - Unblock blocked websites suchas:Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,Viber,Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat etc… ★ Security - NO LOGS! Thatmeans, thatyou're absolutely anonymous and protected while usingour app. -All of your traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted while FREEVPN ison.Based on Openvpn. - FREE VPN protect your privacy, keepyou safefrom 3rd party tracking. - FREE VPN protect your networktrafficunder WiFi hotspot browse anonymously and securely withoutbeingtracked. ★ Stable and Speed VPN - Top Speed VPN &StableConnection - Perfect support for Saudi Arabia (SA) and theUnitedArab Emirates (UAE) ★ Fast VPN - 100+ free cloud proxy servertoprovide better net service.100% top speed vpn server. ★ Simple-Easy to Use, Just Press a button and connect abetternet------------------------------------------- ■ Why using aVPN Witha VPN, you are not only able to unblock geo-restricted orcensoredservices, such as Facebook, Pandora and Youtube; youronlineprivacy and security will be greatly bolstered as you’ll besurfingthe web completely anonymously. ■ Why Hotspot VPN HotspotVPN is100% free, unlimited, secured and super easy to use. Youcanconnect to any of the servers below (Sweden, UnitedKingdom,Denmark, United States, Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoyunlimitedonline privacy and freedom. With Hotspot VPN you can ⇨Access anywebsite in any country. Bypass geo-restrictions tounblock anywebsite wherever you are! Get access to sites that areblocked orcensored by government, school or workplace. Evadefirewalls tounblock Facebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIPlimitations. ⇨Protect Your Data from Hackers. When you’re connectedto a publicWi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, and personalinformation canbe easily compromised. Hotspot VPN encrypts yourdata and providesyou with banking-level security for the bestprotection. ⇨ HotspotVPN is a one-click VPN Proxy Service. HotspotVPN contains only onebutton. The button connects you to one of manyanonymous servers atspeeds faster than a web proxy. When you arenot running our app wehelp you save your devices battery. And, weare a completelyunlimited and free VPN! ⇨ Surf the Web Anonymously.Avoid beingsnooped by your ISP and prevent websites from adtracking andtargeting. Hotspot VPN changes your IP address, so youronlineidentity is anonymous and your internet activity isinaccessible toprying eyes and businesses. Please don't downloadBitTorrent andany P2P. Otherwise, you will be blocked! Porn sitesand adultcontent(including Porno Torrent and Sex sites) are notallowed, youwill be blocked!
Vpn Free Unblocker unlimited
VPN Unblocker is the world fastest VPN service for Androidthatallows you to access your favorite websites from mobiledeviceswherever you are, mask IP-address, protect personal dataandenhance online security. This application can be used forunlimitedperiod time and free of charge! VPN Unblocker makes itpossible fora user to forget about the paid subscriptions. Internetanonymouslyand securely – enjoy your time staying on differentwebsites! Theadvantages of using VPN service: 1. Prevents sensitivedata frombeing stolen by hackers and public authorities. 2. Allowsa user toget access to any social media web resources. 3. Protectsdata asit passes over public Wi-Fi network. 4. Creates secureconnectionto any GSM or wireless networks. 5. Does not restrict theTrafficor Speed of connection. 6. Does not require registration.P.S.Unlike 95% of VPN services, we do not save your data toservers.IMPORTANT INFORMATION for VPN Users Rate the applicationonly afteridentifying and attending to the general technicalmatters: 1.Before connecting to Wi-Fi on your smartphone, be sureto disablethe Unblocker, since the IP address mismatch issues mayoccur. Thedevice produces its own internal conflicts. 2. A VPNservice shouldbe installed and set up on Android device. In mostcases, VPNconnection can be run only though a WI-FI router that hasspecialfirmware installed on it, but can you delete it at anymoment. 3.To ensure that VPN is connected and is working correctly,youshould enable the auto-lock feature in the device'ssecuritysettings and set the same password. VPN Unblocker is anidealsolution to privacy problems. It is the best-known, secureandtrusted anonymous browsing tool of the Android VPN appthatprotects your identity.
IPVanish VPN
Online privacy is hard to maintain, especially on the go,butIPVanish makes it easy. We mask your IP address with one of ourownso that you can avoid local censorship, online advertisers,andidentity theft. ------ Keeping your personal data out of thehandsof others is effortless with IPVanish. Our VPN app works asatunnel that allows you to securely surf the web, all whilekeepingthird party onlookers and trackers outside of theconnection. Onceyou're connected to IPVanish, your online activityis encrypted,preventing cyber criminals, search engines andwebsites fromtracking your location and analyzing your information.When youopen the IPVanish app and select the city from which youwant yournew IP address to originate, you’ll finally experience asafe andfree Internet. You’ll be able to put a stop to onlineidentitytheft, connect to public Wi-Fi without the potential ofbeinghacked, prevent your ISP from slowing your video streamingspeeds,among many other snooping and cybercrime preventionbenefits.You’ll even be able to access the popular websites you'researchingfor without censorship from your office, school, orlocation. WHYIPVANISH? IPVanish provides a secure environment foreveryday webuse. Once you establish a connection to our privatizingnetwork,all of your online data (emails, instant messages, datatransfers,browsing history, online banking) is encrypted. IPVanishis theonly true commercial Top Tier VPN service in the world. Thismeansthat we own all of our VPN servers, manage our own network,anddevelop our own apps, ensuring your data remains as secureaspossible. IPVANISH SERVICE FEATURES -Absolutely zero logs ofyourinternet connection are recorded or kept -Network presence in60countries with over 40,000+ shared IP addresses -Access tomorethan 850 VPN servers worldwide -Military-grade encryption(AES-256)-Unlimited VPN server switching -24/7 customer support
Million Onion Hotel 1.1.0
Million Onion Hotel is a feature-packed action puzzle set inamysterious world of crazy sounds and unique pixel artandanimations!**Winner Media Highlights BitSummit****BitKingPopularity Awards****IndieCade Official Selection*****Aninfinitelyreplayable action puzzle game?!Complete lineshorizontally,vertically and diagonally!The simplicity of bingomeets · 30enemies and gimmicks created by Dr. Strange· 70 storycards tocollect· 30 hidden characters · And a bizarre story with ashockingconclusion!· Plenty to enjoy after the ending too!Theweirdestpuzzle game you could imagine has finally been unleashed ontheAppStore!Enjoy a plethora of performing pixel patrons!Indulge inanonslaught of bizarre aural ecstasy!Headphones arehighlyrecommended !***Mysterious storyA long, long time ago, therewas atiny country between that country over there and this countryoverhere.In that country was a strange hotel. This hotel’sspecialtywas "magical onion soup".They say many famous and greatpeople cameto taste this soup, though apparently not one of themthought todescribe the flavor to anyone else. Maybe it’s becausethe soup hada hidden power. Yes . . . a secret power. One night,some esteemedguests found themselves suddenly sucked into a far-offgalaxy!Maybe that is because they . . . drank too much ofthemagical onion soup?***Welcome to the doctor’s strangehotel!Anaction puzzle with a mysterious story!What does fate havein storefor the hotel’s mysterious guests?Don’t miss thisuniquepuzzle/pixel tapestry and the unique tale itscharactersweave!***This game is for you if you’re...· A pixel artfan· A fanof jolly game music!· A person with very individualtastes!
Hideman Free VPN 1.3
Hideman Ltd
Community forum: https://community.hideman.netSupport:[email protected] Free and Easy solution for privacyandprotection via VPN. One tap connect. With our client you can:Hideyour IP. Nobody will know where are you from. Encryptinternetdata. Protect your Internet data with strong 256-bitencryption.Use any site you needed without any limitations. Removebanners andtracking systems.
Onion Menu 3.6.4
Onion Menu - Smart Pocket MenuOnion Menu allows you to accessmenusof the best restaurants in your smartphone whenever youwant.UsingOnion Menu you can like and recommend items ofrestaurants directlyin your facebook timeline. So your friends willalso know what isthe best of your favorite restaurant.Onion Menuwill adapt itselfto your needs to show you the restaurant productsin your language.... and much more soon!
I2P 0.9.37
I2P protects your communication from dragnet surveillanceandmonitoring by third parties such as ISPs. This is similar toproxyapps like Tor. But I2P is not a proxy - it is an ecosystem.I2P isa separate anonymizing network inside the Internet. It offersasimple layer that identity-sensitive applications can usetosecurely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layersofencryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic,withno trusted parties. I2P is for users! • Browse I2P eepsites:Thebrowser configuration guide inside the I2P app will help youtostart browsing websites inside I2P. • Encrypt your emails: Boteisa high-latency encrypted email system that runs inside I2P.GetBote: I2P is for developers! • Show yourusersthat you care about their privacy: Websites can easily bemadeaccessible inside I2P. For more information, see theI2PTunneldocumentation:• Protectyour clients: Whether you are a large business or a singleAndroidapp developer, I2P can help you to secure yourcommunications. Forhelp with using I2P in your application, see theApplicationDevelopmentGuide:
Robo VPN - Free VPN PROXY 2.1
+++ FREE VPN +++Unrestricted and easy accesstoFacebook,Youtube,Skype,Snapchat, InstagramWhy we are betterthanthe others?* Absolutely FREE VPN* No registration required*Nopersonal information needed* Easy interface - just tapconnect*Multiple geographically distinct locations* No bandwidth ortimeusage limits (yep its all free and unlimited)* No log network(wedo not log where you go and what you see)Why you should useROBOVPN?+ Access all websites and services without restrictions+Changeyour ip address+ Protect your WIFI connection+ Get fasteraccess toonline games which requires low latency+ Change your GeoLocationto get better access/deals on some sites+ Use high securityIKEv2vpn protocol+ It's FREE
OpenKeychain: Easy PGP 5.2
OpenKeychain helps you communicate more privately and securely.Ituses encryption to ensure that your messages can be read onlybythe people you send them to, others can send you messages thatonlyyou can read, and these messages can be digitally signed sothepeople getting them are sure who sent them. OpenKeychain isbasedon the well established OpenPGP standard makingencryptioncompatible across your devices and systems. For a listofcompatible software for Windows, Mac OS, and otheroperatingsystems consult isbased on digital “keys”. OpenKeychain stores andmanages your keys,and those of the people you communicate with, onyour Androidsmartphone. It also helps you find others’ keys online,andexchange keys. But its most frequent use is in using those keystoencrypt and decrypt messages.★ Integration with other Apps:•K-9Mail• Conversations• and many more…★ Open Source: OpenKeychainisdesigned to be trustworthy. It’s Free Software with nosecrets;anyone can examine and validate every bit of it (Sourcecodeavailable at★IndependentSecurity Audit: The auditing company Cure53 performedan intensivesecurity audit of OpenKeychain. The security expertssummarize theirfinal result with "[...] none of the spotted issueswere consideredto be of a critical severity in terms of securityimplications. Thelatter is a significant and impressive result foran app of thiscomplexity and relevance."★ Permissions: BecauseOpenKeychain isFree Software, anyone can validate that thepermissions are indeedonly required for the listed features.•In-app purchases: Donate tothe developers• Identity: Pre-fill nameand email addresses•Contacts: Connect keys to your contacts (onlyoffline)•Photos/Media/Files: Import/export keys from SD card•Camera: Scan QRCodes to add other people's keys• Others: Internetpermission toretrieve keys, NFC permission to use YubiKeysStartingwith Android6, permissions are requested when required in-app!
Ixquick Search (will soon be discontinued) 1.7
Startpage BV
Ixquick becomes Startpage.comAttention! This App will soonbediscontinued. Please download our App instead.Youwill find the same functionalities there that Ixquick hasbeenoffering so far. Thank you!---Ixquick SearchTHE WORLD'SMOSTPRIVATE WEB SEARCH APP Ixquick Search gives you convenientmobileaccess to, the world's most private searchengine. Itlets you search for information privately andanonymously, from theconvenience of your smartphone or other mobiledevice. It's theperfect tool for iron-clad privacy protections,plus great searchresults. COMPLETE SEARCH PRIVACY AND ANONYMITYOther search enginescapture your search terms and record the linksyou click on, thenuse tracking cookies to build a detailed profileof you and yourinterests. At Ixquick, our zero data-collectionpolicy and full SSLencryption is your assurance that nobody'slooking over yourshoulder, no matter what you search for. We don'tcollect anypersonal information on our users. We don't store yourIP address,we don't capture your location, and we don't record whatyousearched for. In fact, we keep no records on you at all.Nada.Zilch. Zero. OVERVIEW OF IXQUICK SEARCH PRIVACY FEATURES -Allsearches are encrypted using powerful SSL encryption. Thatmeansyour service provider can't see what you search for—andneither canhackers. - Your searches are scrubbed and anonymized forprivacy. -Ixquick Search protects you from physical intrusion bydeletingyour searches and Web history after a set time delay, orthe app isclosed or suspended. With one tap of your Home button,yoursearches are gone. - Ixquick Search strips out your searchterms,so they can’t be seen by the websites you visit. - IxquickSearchnever uses tracking cookies, and rejects tracking cookiesfromwebsites you visit. - Ixquick Search never records your IPaddress,search terms, or location. OVERVIEW OF STARTPAGE SEARCHFEATURES -Fully integrated web browser - Full web-search capabilitywithsuperior result quality and star system for rating results-Fullimage search - Powerful Advanced Search capabilities - Controloverdisplay settings and privacy features PRIVATE PROXY SURFINGFEATUREWhen you need extra privacy, you'll love our Proxy. It worksbycopying the web page you want to visit onto our server, so youseeit through us, not them. Because you never make contact withthethird-party website, they can't infect you with cookies ormalware,and they can't see your IP address or other information.They onlysee us, while you stay safe and invisible behind thescenes. Youcan use the Ixquick Proxy to access any website you findthrough aIxquick search. Simply click the "Proxy" link under thesearchresult. Note: For security reasons, the Proxy restricts webformsand Javascript, and websites may not be optimized formobiledevices (since we don't even tell them you're on a mobiledevice!)
ProtonVPN – advanced online security for everyone 1.3.5
ProtonVPN AG
ProtonVPN AG ProtonVPN is a community-supported VPN app broughttoyou by the same team that created ProtonMail, the world’slargestencrypted email service. Our mission is to make advancedonlineprivacy and security available to everyone. 
 Install our VPNappnow for free and use it to keep your IP address private,protectyour Internet connection on public Wi-Fi, and accessgeo-restrictedcontent. We have several subscription plans, eachcoming withdifferent features. But all of our plans include: ✔ NOLOGS. EVER
We will never log user activity or share user data withthirdparties. Even if authorities request information on ourusers’online activity, we have nothing to share. ✔ PERFECTFORWARDSECRECY
 ProtonVPN uses ciphers with Perfect ForwardSecrecy,meaning your encrypted traffic cannot be captured anddecryptedlater, even if an encryption key gets compromised in thefuture.✔ BASED IN SWITZERLAND As a Swiss company based inGeneva, weare subject to Swiss law, which has some of the strongestprivacyprotections in the world. 
 Free features Unlike otherVPNservices, with ProtonVPN there’s no free plan trial period, andyoucan browse as much as you want. ProtonVPN is the ONLY free VPNthathas no privacy-invading ads, no malware, no bandwidth limits,anddoes not secretly sell user data. Our free service is supportedbypaid plans, where users get more privacy features and accesstofaster, exclusive servers. Advanced features In addition tofasterconnections on our exclusive servers, our Plus andVisionarymembers get access to our Secure Core servers. We own andprovisionthese servers ourselves and we have placed them incountries withstrong privacy protections. When you use our SecureCore network,your Internet traffic is routed through multipleservers, includingthese special, hardened servers. This makes iteven more difficultfor intruders to link your online activity toyour IP address, evenduring advanced network-based attacks. 

 Whatis different aboutProtonVPN?

 Whether challenging governments,educating the public,or training journalists, we are well-knownprivacy advocates andcontributors to the open sourcecommunity. 

 Join ourmission

 Your support is important asit allows us to continue ourmission to make online freedom and theright to Internet privacyavailable to people around theglobe. 

 Here are the featuresyou get with each plan: 


Access to serversin 3 countries
 Connect 1device

 BASIC - $4/month

 Access toservers in more than 25countries
 Connect 2 devices 

PLUS -$8/month - best choice!

Access to servers in more than 25countries
 Connect 5 devices
Secure file sharing (P2P), SecureCore, Secure Streaming, andone-click Tor support

 VISIONARY -$24/month

Access to servers inmore than 25 countries 
Connect 10 devices
 Secure filesharing (P2P), Secure Core, SecureStreaming, and one-click Torsupport
ProtonMail Visionary accountincluded
Free VPN by ProxyVPN
Proxy VPN, Unlimited and Free VPN Proxy✓ Unlimited BandwidthandSuper VPN Speed✓ Unblock websites and applications✓ Easy tousewith One Click Connect Interface VPN Proxy✓ Bypass allblockedwebsites while you’re at work or school, even your countryinternetcensorship.✓ Working in dubai, united arab emirates, saudiarabiaand other countries✓ Bypass the firewalls as school free VPNproxyfor school wifi and school computer. ✓ Shield your hotspotinternetconnection with master secure free Proxy VPN on publicwifi's✓Protects your privacy, incognito browsing with free VPNproxyserver, enjoy private browsing✓ Unblock sites with free VPNproxyserver. It can also unblock video not available in yourcountry.✓Hides your ip address, browse the web private andanonymous✓ Workswith wifi, 3G, 4G, LTE and all mobile datacarriers.Free downloadthis light android VPN APK now.Note:PeertoPeer not allowed in ourservice. This service cannot be usedfor illegal acts.
Tra.duc.tor 1.2
With this application you can do a quick translation ofdifferentlanguages ​​and also offers you the opportunity to listenthepronunciation,depending on availability in your countryorregion.Requires internet connection.
eTools Private Search 1.7
Comcepta AG
eTools Private Search delivers the best web results frommajorsearch engines, securely and in full privacy.Core features:•searchthe web extensively without leaving traces;• clear andeasy-to-usesearch interface;• keep track of recent searches;• checkthecurrent status of a web page anonymousely;• extensivesearchconfiguration, for example by country, by language, etc. Whatweunderstand by security and privacy:• complete anonymity: nousertracking and no collection or sharing of user datawhatsoever;•search and status requests use HTTPS (SSL/TLS) withcertificatepinning and PFS (perfect forward secrecy);• appcertificatevalidation, integrity tests, no public data (e.g. onSD-card),encryption of all private data, screenshot optionallyallowed,optional root access check and much more;• does not use awebbrowser component: besides the advantage of reduced data usageanda native Android user interface, possible privacy and/orsecurityattack vectors are minimized, e.g. no problem withCVE-2014-6041 orCVE-2015-0204 (Freak Attack);• reduced possibilityof censorship byusing multiple search sources (metasearch,federated search);• boththe Swiss development company Comcepta AGand its webserver are located in Switzerland, whichemploys one of thestrongest privacy protection laws worldwide.Formaximum privacy,e.g. when accessing found web pages with a webbrowser, werecommend to use in addition a sophisticated Torsolution, such asOrbot and Orweb.This app is based on ourmetasearch ( that is poweredby our federatedsearch solutionEnterpriseMetasearch®(,,search, search engine, find, finding, privacy,secrecy, security,anonym, anonymous, anonymousely, metasearch,federated search, Tor,Switzerland, Swiss.