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Flash Alert on call: Flash on Call and SMS, LED 1.1.1
Flash alert: Call & Sms - LED Flash Alert Notifications isavery useful Flash on call & SMS application a FREE ringinginears flashlight smart tool with blink Flash alert when youreceiveCall, SMS or recent Notification. Beautiful flash alert andSmoothFlash on Call and SMS app gives flash alerts on incomingcalls andSMS with the Flash blink of your camera for those userswho aremostly busy in meetings. It’s very simple just by a singletap youcan turn ON/OFF Flash on call and sms. This most brightestFlashAlert on Call and sms app is here to solve all yourproblems.Receive flash alert on incoming call and sms with thisfree app inwork places where they have to keep their mobile phonessilent suchas hospitals etc Advanced Features: 🔥 Receive FlashAlert on Call& Sms 🔥 Smart Brightest flashlight tool 🔥 Flashnotification onincoming calls and text messages 🔥 Easy to use Flashtimingsadjustment 🔥 Flash alert ON or OFF with single one tapbutton 🔥Works in different modes (Normal, Vibration, Silent)🔥Batteryfriendly Flash on call and sms Where there is light thereis LIFE,very useful to help you not miss important Call, sms indark nighteven mobile phone is in Vibrate or silent. With this freeapp youwill enjoy Flash Alert on Incoming Calls and will be able toanswerany call quickly. when you cannot hear your phone ringingFlash oncall is design to notify you by flash blink notificationforincoming phone calls & SMS messages. Best ways to useFlashNotification Alerts: ✔ While Driving, Library in Hospitals oranysilent zone. ✔ Bright Flash light app for call and sms. ✔ Whenyoucannot hear your phone ringing. ✔ Flash alert help you findyourphone in dark. ✔ Avoid missing vital communications Call, sms.✔Notify you via smart phone’s back light flash alerts.Flashnotification alert puts the power of brightest flashlight foryourandroid phone at your fingertips. Get our free Blinking Flashalertnow! and impress your friends with Flash on Call and SMS withledflash notifications.
Flash Alerts on Call & SMS - Ringing Flashlight 4.0
Do you have trouble missing your call, SMS ? So this applicationisfor you. Flash Alerts on Call and SMS allows you to blinkthedevice's flash when you receive phone or SMS text orappnotifications. This app will help you prevent missing anyimportantPhone Call, SMS or Notifications. Super easy settinginterface justone click enable feature and you are ready to go. ★What FlashAlerts on Call and SMS can do: ⚫ You can enable / disableFlashingfeature individually for Phone, SMS, Notifications. ⚫RingingFlashlight allow you to control the Flashlight speedindividuallyfor incoming Phone, SMS, Notifications ( customizableor eachapplication ) or the blinking flashlight widget. ⚫ You couldaddany application inside the "notification application list"forflashing flashlight when you receive notification form thoseapps.And we are supported you to customizable number of flash orthespeed of the Flash for individual Application that you added.⚫Allow you to temporary disable the flashing feature day byday,time to time. You could add many time span in a day as youwantinside Manage Disable Times screen ★ Common feature ✓ Blinkflashalerts when have call ✓ Blink flash alerts when have SMS ✓Ringingflashlight when phone have incoming Call and incoming SMSandNotification ✓ You can turn on or turn off service by manualoverdevice status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode. ★Advance✓ Allow change speed of flash light alert ✓ Turn off flashalertswhen battery low, help you save battery. ✓ Allow you totemporarydisable the flashing feature day by day, time to time.Makes iteasy to control the time to use this app as you want. If ithelpfulwith you, give us 5*, please. Thanks for getting in touchand weappreciate your feedback. Note: If you could help us totranslateRinging Flashlight into your native language please emailto us.Thanks so much.
Flash alerts on call and sms - Ringing flashlight 1.1.1
Flash Alerts on incoming Call and SMS is one of the most usefulandoptimal Flashlight alerts application with superior featurestohelp you not miss any Call, Message or Notification.INTRODUCINGFLASH ALERTS ON CALL AND SMS ★ Led flash alerts andringingflashlight when received a Call. ★ Led flash alerts andringingflashlight when received a SMS. ★ Ringing flashlight if youhaveincoming call and incoming SMS and Notification from allotherapps. ★ Very useful to help you not miss Call, SMS orNotificationin dark night even mobile phone is in Vibrate orSilent. FEATURES:★ Blinking Flashlight when mobile phone is inVibrate or Silent. ★Easily adjusting speed of light to blink, blinkfrequency to beslow or fast. ★ You can install for Call or text aswell as installfor other applications or software on mobile phone.★ Save morebattery with Turn off flash alerts feature automaticallywhenbattery is low, help you save more battery. ★ You can set upthetime to activate the Flash on Incoming Call and SMS. RATE ANDSHARE★ Please rate 5 stars and give us positive feedback if thisFlashAlerts app is useful. Do not hesitate to contact us for moreclear.Thank you for supporting
Flash Alerts on Call and SMS 2.3.15
Introduce Flash Alerts on Call / SMS - Blink led flash alertsonCall, ringing flashlight - Blink led flash alerts on SMS -Thisapplication help you do not miss any Call and SMS -Ringingflashlight when phone have incoming Call and incoming SMS -You canturn on or turn off service by manual over device statussound modeas Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode New feature: - Allowchange speedblink flashlight - Flash Alerts on Call and SMS hasMaterial designUI, nice and easy to use - When you press volumekey, flash alertson call will be turn off - Turn off flash alertswhen battery low,help you save battery Feedback - If you like ourapplication pleaserate 5 start for us - If you find any problemswith Flash Alerts onCall / SMS please E-mail us Thank for yoursupport!
Flash On Call 2.2
Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when you receiveaphone call, text message, social notifications with the blinkofyour flashlight. Flash On Call is simple Android applicationwhichwill use your camera flash to make flash alerts while deviceisringing or new SMS or MMS message is received. Pretty usefulFlashOn Call app. Enable blinking LED flashlight for incoming callsandmessages. Adjust blinking speed. Very useful tool when you areindark environment. Flash light call alert will help peoples inthenight time when your android phone in the silent mode or mute.Thisflash light alert is very useful application for any androiduser.Super Fast Charger helps charger the battery faster thanNormal, itis useful tool which can boost your batterychargering,applications will kill all apps running in thebackground andconsumes battery services. When to use flash on calland sms : •You have to keep your phone silent but still need toknow aboutimportant text messages For example ( movie theatres,classroom,baby sleeping, etc...) • You need to identify a callerbut can'tturn your phone sound on, flash on call and sms will help• You'rein a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone, noproblem, youhave flash on call and sms Features : * easyconfiguration * On orOff LED flash alerts on incoming call * On orOff LED flash alertson incoming sms * On or Off LED flash alerts onincomingNotifications * Set the number of flash alerts you want forSMS *Set the number of flash alerts you want for Call * SetLEDflashlight on and off durations * Change the speed ofFlashlightalerts on call and sms * To tap Battery Saver Option toset thefast chargering --Flash On Call --Flash On SMS --Flash OnCall& SMS --Flash On Notifications and SMS --Flash Alerts onCall--Automatic Flash On Call & SMS --Super Fast Charger--FastCharger ❤ ❤ Its very easy to use this Flash On Call. Do rateus 5★★★★★ and share the love in reviews so that it will reach toallthe people , Your Satisfaction is our Primary Responsibility ❤ ❤
Flash Alerts on Call and SMS 3.96
Flash Team
ABOUT FLASH ALERTS ON CALL AND SMS ★ The flash will blinkwhenmobile phone receives a Call, Message or Notification of allapps ★Very useful to help you not miss Call, sms in dark nightevenmobile phone is in Vibrate or silent FEATURES: ✔ Install LEDFlashfor Alerts when mobile phone is in Vibrate or Silent. ✔ Easilytoadjust speed of light to blink, blink frequency to be slow orfast✔ You can install for Call or text as well as install forotherapplications or software on mobile phone. ✔ Save more batterywithTurn Off function when low battery, you can adjust the lightturnon or turn off depend on battery. ✔ You can set up the timetoactive the Flash alert ✔ You can quick turn off blink flashbypower key RATE AND SHARE - Please rate 5 stars if this isusefulDon’t hesitate to contact us if any question for moreclearly.Thank you for supporting
Flash on calls, SMS and notifications
Flash on call and SMS will use yourcameraflash to make flash alerts when you receive a call, textmessageand notifications. you can also use the application asatorchlight.Features:- Torchlight- You can disable flash alerts automatically when your batterylevelis low- You can disable flash alerts in a predetermined time- You can choose the apps that you want to start flash alertswhenyou receive notifications from them- You can change the number of flashes per SMSandnotifications- You can change the blinking speed- You can select the phone numbers that you want to startflashalerts when you receive a call or SMS from them
Amaze File Manager 3.4.3
Team Amaze
Overview: * Open Source, light and smooth * Based on MaterialDesignguidelines * Basic features like cut, copy, delete,compress,extract etc. easily accessible * Work on multiple tabs atsame time* Multiple themes with cool icons * Navigation drawer forquicknavigation * App Manager to open, backup, or directlyuninstall anyapp * Quickly access history, access bookmarks orsearch for anyfile * Root explorer for advanced users * AESEncryption andDecryption of files for security (Jellybean v4.3+) *Cloud servicessupport (Jellybean v4.3+ / requires additionalplug-in)* * InbuiltDatabase Reader, Zip/Rar Reader, Apk Reader,Text Reader * No adslots more... Note - Basic r/w operations mightnot work on externalmemory on Kitkat devices. Don't use cut/pastefrom or to external SDCard. You might loose your files. You cansupport us by purchasingour cloud plugin through Play Store (AmazeCloud) or through in-appdonations (Amaze Settings > Aboutmenu). Remember- This is thefull version of app, you do not unlockanything on donations withinthe application. Opt-in for Betatesting G+community to discuss and help in the improvement of app andget betatestversions XDAthread : Arpit Khurana Vishal Nehra Emmanuel Raymond Lai
Image Downloader 1.5
Canh Soft
Image Downloader is an useful app help you search and downloadtheimages from Internet. How to use: 1. Tap on search top toolbarorbottom floating button 2. Enter keyword into SearchView toolbartosearch images 3. Select the image you want to download 4. Youcanshare the image with your friends or set wallpaper 5. Enjoyit.Features: - Material Design - Search Images - Download Images-Search History - Share images with other apps such asFacebook,Instagram, etc. - Set downloaded images as wallpaper toyour device- Search Filters(Content Type, Color, Size, Time)Disclaimer: 1.This application is an easy to use Google searchengine that helpsyou search tool. 2. Any unauthorized action ordownload ofalbum/photo and/or violations of Intellectual propertyrights isthe sole responsibility of the user. 3. Please do not usethe thisapp to save photos / download photos without the permissionof theowners.
Flash Alerts PREMIUM 2.3
Advantages of Prime Version • Premium design • Premium icon •Blinkflash when have notification • Remove Ads Feedback • Pleaseemailfor us if you have any issue with Premium Version, we willsupportyou as soon as posible • E-mail:callrecorder.devteam@gmail.comThis app uses Accessibility services.Thanks for Your Support
NetGuard - no-root firewall 2.274
NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access totheinternet - no root required. Applications and addressescanindividually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fiand/ormobile connection. Blocking access to the internet can help:•reduce your data usage • save your battery • increase yourprivacyFeatures: • Simple to use • No root required • 100% opensource •No calling home • No tracking or analytics • Noadvertisements •Actively developed and supported • Android 5.1 andlater supported• IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported • Tethering supported• Optionallyallow when screen on • Optionally block when roaming •Optionallyblock system applications • Optionally notify when anapplicationaccesses the internet • Optionally record network usageperapplication per address • Material design theme with light anddarktheme PRO features: • Log all outgoing traffic; search andfilteraccess attempts; export PCAP files to analyze traffic •Allow/blockindividual addresses per application • Newapplicationnotifications; configure NetGuard directly from thenotification •Display network speed graph in a status barnotification • Selectfrom five additional themes in both light anddark version There isno other no-root firewall offering all thesefeatures. If you havea question or problem, you can send an If you like to help people lessfluentin English, you can help translate NetGuard in yourlanguage: If you like to testnewfeatures, you can participate in the testprogram: permissions are describedhere: code is available here:
Flashlight - Call Flash, blink on Call & SMS 1.60.2
Flashlight, Flash Special and Professional alerts forAndroiddevices * Superior features of Flash alerts: ★ Thefastest,brightest application, instantly turns your device into abrightflashlight. Lighting tools make the most of LED lighting.Blink asa warning tool. The app is designed to support all Androiddevices!Turn your phone into a portable headlight. With the freeapp, youwill be able to add brightness to any situation! ★ Blinkingwhen amobile phone receives calls, messages, or notifications fromallapplications ★ Flash alerts: Very useful to not misscalls,messages in cell phone even in vibrate or silent mode. ★Flash,Flash notifications come with simple flash notifications forcalls,SMS and notifications on the go. Flash Notification is a musthaveapplication for all your flash warning requests. Try it now!*Special features: ✔ Turn any Android device into a flashlightintoa super bright headlight with many special features ✔ Getthebrightest flash LED notification when you receive calls, SMSandnotifications ✔ Set the LED flash for mobile alarms in anymodesuch as vibration, silence ... ✔ Easily adjust the speed oflightflashing, the frequency of flashing to your liking. ✔ You canset alight notification for Calls or Sms as well as settings forotherapps or software on all Android devices. ✔ This applicationalsohas a compass to help you navigate and Map(GPS) latest so thatyoucan rest assured while traveling on long paths. There are alsomanyspecial features that we would like you to experiencebydownloading and using. We made this app completely free, andthegreat experience and good evaluation of the user was a bigprofitfor us. Also, share your feedback on the Google Play Store ifyoulike Flashlight - Flash Alerts for Calls, SMS, andAppNotifications. If you would like to comment, provide feedbackorsuggest our application, please send a send a
Smart Flash Alert on Call, sms and Notifications 1.0.3
Flash Alert for Call sms and Notification Flash Alert for Callsmsand Notification allows you to blink the device's flash whenyoureceive phone call or SMS text or app notifications. Thisfeaturecan increase the convenience of the user or help the userwith adisability. Flash Alert for Call sms and Notification isuserfriendly and really easy to useFlash Alert for Call smsandNotification has a variety of options included in it.Blinkinterval and Flash blink count on incoming call and SMS canbecontrolled within this flash notification App. You can enableordisable the Flash on call and SMS Application in variousRingerModes. caution! : Please make sure that the free version ofFlashAlert for Call sms and Notification works properly on yourdevice.Allow notification setting to work properly. HighlightedFeature *When you receive a call, new text message, the flash willblink. *You can regulate blinking frequency. * You can set upblinking withON/OFF in detail. * A Status Bar notification isarrived, the flashwill blink. * You can turn ON/OFF the featureover the device'sstatus. (Ring, Vibrate, Silent, In an interactivestate) * Adjustbattery setting to save low battery. HighlightedFeatures: ♥ Design* Flash Notification have new light design followmaterial design,so beautiful * Easy to use ♥ Notification for allApp * You canselect app to enable flash alerts for * All app issupported ♥Common feature * Blink flash alerts when have call. *Blink flashalerts when have SMS. * Ringing flashlight when phonehave incomingCall and incoming SMS and Notification. * You can turnon or turnoff service by manual over device status sound mode asRing,Vibrate or Silent mode. ♥ Advance * Allow change speed offlashlight alert *Turn off flash alerts when battery low, help yousavebattery ♥ Feedback * If you like our application please rate5start for us * If you find any problems with FlashNotificationplease E-mail us Thank for your support!
Brandon Lam
Resplash is powered by Beautiful, free photos.Giftedby the world’s most generous community of photographers. •Browseover 1,200,000+ HD photos • New wallpapers everyday •Automaticallyrefresh your home screen with a new random wallpaper •Dark andblack (AMOLED) theme • Download raw photos • Set aswallpaperstraight from the app • View user profiles, curatedcollections,photo stats and EXIF data • Log in to like photos andupdate yourprofile • Various layout options Unsplash - Free (dowhatever youwant) high-resolution photos.
notistory - All notifications at a glance 1.4.02
■ Introduction Don't you want to see notifications withoutrunningapps? You can read messages without notifying sender. Nowyou canmanage all your notifications with 'notistory'. ■ Features1. Checkall messengers' notifications You can read messageswithoutnotifying sender. 2. Support for SNS app notificationsSupport calllogs, SMS messages and e-mail notifications. It alsosupportssocial network services such as Gmail, Facebook,FacebookMessenger, Twitter, Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, WhatsApp andQQ. 3.Group notifications Notifications from the same app will begroupedand visible at a glance. 4. Keyword registration Afterregisteringspecific keywords, you will receive the vibrationnotificationswhen they include such keywords. 5. Floatingnotifications Nevermiss any notifications with floatingnotifications.
Compass 5.1
A Compass is an instrument used for navigationandorientation. Main advantages of our Compass app: - Showsdevicereal-time orientation to North - Ability to switchbetweenGeographic Pole and Magnetic Pole - Beautiful and modernmaterialdesign style - Use of GPS or Network location for bestaccuracy -Show Location coordinates (longitude, latitude). - Showlocationaddress - Magnetic fields signal indicator 
SchoolMessenger 1.9.16
SchoolMessenger The new SchoolMessenger app gives busyparents,students, and staff a powerful way to stay engaged withtheirschool or district, and connect to each other. App Features:-Easy-to-read inbox that captures all SchoolMessengernotifications,and now two-way teacher-parent-student messages (ifenabled byschool or district) - Scrollable notification view toreview allphone, email, and text content in a single place -Detailedpreference control allows adjusting notification settings -Pushnotifications are available for alerts when school ordistrictsends a message Requirements: - For notifications, schoolordistrict has SchoolMessenger notification service subscriptionwithSchoolMessenger app enabled - For notifications, validemailaddress on file with your school or district - WiFi or dataplanfor internet access - Android 4.4 or higher Note:SchoolMessengerapp is not for sending broadcast messages. If youare aSchoolMessenger Communicate notification customer looking tosendbroadcast messages, please download the SchoolMessengerAdminsender app.
Text Repeater 2.2
By using this application you can send the same message atmultipletimes. This app is combo pack for the all repetition appwith a lowsize of the APK It is one kind of message repeater tosend messagerepeatedly, and also you can set your repetition limitwith newline text repetition. Using this app you can also makerepeatedletters using alphabet and emoji characters. Also, providerandomemoji characters. Very easy to use and required few click foryourmessage repetitions. Repetition process works asynchronouslyforlonger repetition limits.Key Features:* Only type once andrepeatit as many times you want.* Also repeated emojissupported*Generate random characters with default alphabetcharacters orASCII characters.* You can also modify output* Shareyour repeatedtext on social media* Copy your repeated text and poston socialmedia* Repeated Letters supported * Send Empty Messages*RandomEmoji Characters* Rich user interface in material design*CrazyText* ASCII EmoticonsFunctionality:* You repeat message witheachin new line* You repeat message with index number* You can setyourown repetition limit* Whole repeat message you can copy andpaste *One click to reset all
SSC Site Status 2.3.0
View the current Site Status, Severe Weather andOutdoorNotification System info for Stennis Space Center (SSC),includingPush Notification alerts whenever a update to Stennis’status isposted. SSC Site Status is a universal product running onbothphones and tablets.
Sleep Time - Cycle Alarm Timer 1.8.1
It is recommended to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle. SleepTimehelps you to calculate when to wake up or fall asleep tosleepefficiently and wake up feeling great. Features: - Simplematerialdesign build for speed and efficiency - Calculate when towake upif you go to sleep now or at a certain time - Calculate whentosleep if you want to wake up at a time - Notifications for whentowake up or go to sleep - Factor in time to fall asleepincalculations If you have any feedback or bug report, pleasecontactme using Feedback tab in the app drawer.
Screen Off 2.4.7
Quickly lock your device without using the Power Button.•Unlockwith Fingerprint Reader •Quick Settings Tile •Resizablewidget •Nobloat, just one App •15-Day Free Trial! NOTE: If you killthis appwith a Task Killer it will get disabled. Whitelist this apptoprevent this. Please leave a review if you like this app,thanks!How to set as Assistant App: 'Settings' -> 'App&notifications' -> Expand list -> 'Default apps' ->'Assistapp' -> Select 'Screen Off' This app uses the newAccessibilityService found in Android 9 but for older version ofAndroid thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. How toremove onAndroid 8 or lower: 'Settings' -> 'Security' ->'DeviceAdministrators' -> Deselect 'Screen Off' -> Uninstall
Proxynel: Unblock Websites Free VPN Proxy Browser 2.28
Proxynel: Unblock Websites Free VPN Proxy Browser is the toprated(🏆4.6 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) proxy browser app for Android. It canunblockwebsites, change your IP and keep you anonymous online. Withover 6million users worldwide🌐, the Proxynel app provides the bestproxybrowser and anonymous browsing services. 🛎Why choose Proxynel?Yourcan use it for two main things, you can either: 1● Unblocksitesthat are blocked in your country, or 2● Protect youronlineprivacy, since Proxynel is a online proxy browser forAndroid, yourtraffic is routed through USA, France, UK, Amsterdamand Canadaservers, so there are no footprints left behind whilebrowsing withProxynel, making it the perfect solution to escapegovernmentsurveillance. Proxynel lets you: ● Unblock sites forlife, unblockFacebook, Twitter, etc... ● The browser do not trackyou. ● Yourconnections are secure and anonymous. ● Bypass allgovernmentfirewalls. ● Our VPN browser application isprofessionallydesigned. ● Truly unlimited, no bandwidth or speedlimitations ●Material design and fast proxy browser. ● Anonymousbrowsing whilehiding your IP. ● Unblock websites on your schoolWiFi. ● Accesswebsites in UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia,China, and manymore countries. ● Built-in fast proxy servers, noneed to setup aproxy yourself, just open the app, browse andunblock yourfavorites websites. Unblock websites fast Proxynelproxy app is thefastest web proxy browser to unblock websites, byjust opening theapp you can browse and access almost any blockedwebsite in yourcountry. US Proxy servers are a built-in featurewithin the proxybrowser app. Choose your location You can changeyour IP to belocated in US, UK, Canada, Amsterdam or France withour easy to uselocation switcher. No logs policy We don't storeusers data on ourservers to make sure it's is safe and locked awayfrom authorities.Dynamic IP switching Proxynel proxy appautomatically anddynamically assigns you a new IP every time theproxy browser makesa request to the internet, so you will alwaysstay anonymous anduntraceable on the internet! Unblock social mediawebsites, nottheir apps By using our proxy app you can unblockFacebook, unlockInstagram, unblock Twitter, unblock Netflix, etc..Normal webbrowser when proxy is OFF You can turn ON/OFF the proxymode anduse the app as a normal browser by turning it OFF by justone tap.The proxy browser is lightweight and works very fast whileyou surfthe web. Disclaimer! Please note that our Android proxy appwillensure your protection and private browsing only from insidetheapp, a proxy browser for android proxy app is workingdifferentlycompared to a VPN. Download this app today and enjoyyour freedom!--- Support Need support? Need to leave a feedback?Suggestions?Reach us by sending an email to:!PrivacyPolicy:
Flash Notification for All 2.5.66
About new Flash Notification version: Design - FlashNotificationhave new light design follow material design, sobeautiful - Easyto use Notification for all App - You can selectapp to enableflash alerts for. - All app is supported Commonfeature - Blinkflash alerts when have call - Blink flash alertswhen have SMS -Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call andincoming SMSand Notification - You can turn on or turn off serviceby manualover device status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or SilentmodeAdvance - Allow change speed of flash light alert - Stopflashalerts with volume or power key - Turn off flash alertswhenbattery low, help you save battery Feedback - If you likeourapplication please rate 5 start for us - If you find anyproblemswith Flash Notification please E-mail us This appusesAccessibility services. Thank for your support!
Flash Light Blink On Call 2.1
Pandaky Apps
Not all smart phones offer default Flash Light Blink On Callormessages. Only few models offer this luxurious feature. So, Ifyoulike the idea of flashlight blinking on incoming call andsms,check our our notify app, free of charge! You are offered toadaptthe ringing flashlight download to your liking. Turnflashlight offor on for text messages or incoming calls and browsethrough otheroptions. You also get to decide at what time this ledtorch lightshould stop indicating your notifications – choose thisoption ifyour battery is low. Speaking of battery life, ledflashnotification light for Android™ is a friendlier optionforbatteries! You don't even have to activate the device or turnonthe home screen! Let led light for notifications remind youaboutmissed calls and other information! Are you at a party? Or inameeting? Stress no more about missing out the activity onyourdevice! Just turn on the flash on call and sms! Flash alert appishere so you don't miss out on phone activity! Customize yourflashalert notification the way you want! Missed call alert whenphoneis off is here! ➤ This led blinker notification isn't justflashingled for calls – get notified about messages too! You willuse"Flash Light Blink On Call" when phone ring flash lightblink!Also, you can opt for message notification light! IncomingCallFlash Light uses a LED indicator that shines bright so you canseeit anytime, anywhere! Front flash light torch will blink onthefront of your cell phone! Enable Led flash for alerts fordifferentmodes: normal mode, vibrate mode or silent mode. Don'tforget toset start and end time for call alert and SMS alertnotifications.Get flashlight alert for notifications right now andstay up todate with newest customization apps! You get to choosewhether youwant slow or fast blinking flash alert on call! ➤ Phonecall flashled light app with flashing light when phone rings ortext messageis FREE Stay informed with Flash Light Blink On Call atall times!Also, if you do not want to read a message and want toavoid it -blinking text alert flash will activate and you'll knowthat anunwanted message arrived! The same goes for missed calls -phonecall flash light activates and you know someone tried tocontactyou! The flash blinking on call and sms text is a super coolappthat reminds and informs you! Don't miss call flash app! ➤Blinkinglight when phone rings is your savior at parties andmeetings!Flash light blinking alert on incoming calls for Androidwill letyou know about activity on your device without any trouble.Thelight when phone rings and messaging is extremely usefulinnumerous situations, so it is a must-have app for all businessmanand text-addicts! Are you chatting with someone and waitingforthat juicy reply? Call alert flashlight will startblinkingimmediately after the phone receives a call or a message!And youcan also decide if you want flesh alert blink fast or slow –setthe on and off length! Use this notification editor if you wanttostay up to date with activity on your phone! Not all phonescomewith led notification so, it's a LUXURY to have flash alert onyourdevice! Blinker app will use your camera flashlight app somakethat calling flashlight blink! Stay aware of what is going onwithyour device with one of the most useful notification appsforAndroid! Turn on that torch notification! *Android is atrademarkof Google Inc.
Calculator 3.8
Calculator is a free android calculator with Material Designtheme,designed to be very easy to use and to run smoothly. BenefitsofCalculator: - it has a dark theme - big digits and big buttons-formatting digits as you type, so you can read the numbers easily-has different color for the operation sign - has Historyfunction:every operation is saved so you can select it later -Supportsoperations with big numbers - Scientific functions -Instant result- Copy the result - Sound - Format of number:"1,234.00" "1.234,00"- has Memory functions: "M+" - adds thedisplayed number to what issaved in Memory "M-" - subtracts thedisplayed number from what issaved in Memory "MR" - recalls thenumber from Memory "MC" - clearsthe Memory - displays what is savedin Memory at any moment - haspercentage function; you can use thepercentage function directlyinto calculations - allows you to setthe decimals number forresult: from Settings menu you can set thedecimal number of theresult Enjoy free Calculator!
AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) 3.4.0
***ROOT REQUIRED*** If you don't know what root is, pleasesearchfor "How to root android" in the Internet. AFWall+(AndroidFirewall +) is a front-end application for the powerfuliptablesLinux firewall.It allows you to restrict which applicationsarepermitted to access your data networks (2G/3G and/or Wi-Fiandwhile in roaming). Also you can control traffic within LAN orwhileconnected through VPN. ACCESS_SUPERUSER Permission More infoon newpermission -android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER FAQ INTERNET permission is only required for LANfunctionality(API limitation) BETATesting Join BETAfor latest features/experiments- Material inspired Design ( not real material design ) -Supports5.x to 9.x (for 2.x support use version, for 4.xuse 2.9.9)- XPosed modules - Download manager Leak + Hide lockscreennotification for 5.x+ devices - Import/Export Rules toexternalstorage with UI - Import DroidWall Rules - SearchApplications -Filter Applications - Profile Management with UI (multipleProfiles ) - Tasker/Locale support - SelectAll/None/Invert/Clearapplications on each column - RevampedRules/Logs Viewer withcopy/export to external storage - Preferences> Highlight systemapplications with custom color > Notify onnew installations> Ability to hide application icons( fasterloading ) > UseLockPattern/Pin for application protection. >Use system levelprotection for app (Donate only) > Show/Hideapplication ID. -Roaming Option for 3G/Edge - VPN Support - LANSupport - TetherSupport - IPV6/IPV4 Support - Tor Support -Adaptive Icons _Notification Channels - Choose able languages -Choose ableiptables/busybox binary - Support x86/MIPS/ARM devices.- NewWidget UI - Apply profiles with few clicks - Blockedpacketsnotification - Displays blocked packets - Support for wifionlytablets - Improved Log statistics with UI Translations&Languages - German translations by chef@xda & user_99@xda&Gronkdalonka@xda - French translations by GermainZ@xda&Looki75@xda - Russian translations by Kirhe@xda &YaroslavKa78- Spanish translations by spezzino@crowdin - Dutchtranslations byDutchWaG@crowdin - Japanese translation bynnnn@crowdin - Ukrainiantranslation by andriykopanytsia@crowdin -Slovenian translation bybunga bunga@crowdin - Chinese Simplifiedtranslation bytianchaoren@crowdin - Polish translations bytst,PiotrKowalski@crowdin - Swedish translations byCreepyLinguist@crowdin -Greek Translations by mpqo@crowdin -Portuguese translations bylemor2008@xda - Chinese Traditional byshiuan@crowdin - ChineseSimplified by wuwufei,tianchaoren @ crowdin- Italian translationsby benzo@crowdin - Romanian tranlationsbymysterys3by-facebook@crowdin - Czech translations by Syk3s-Hungarian translations - Turkish translations -Indonesiantranslations by mirulumam BIG THANKS for all thetranslators and for supporting opensource !Translations Page - AFWall+ isopen source software,you can find the source here : Support XDA forum ->
Flash Notification - Call Screen 3.0.34
About new Flash Notification version: Design - FlashNotificationhave new light design follow material design, sobeautiful - Easyto use Notification for all App - You can selectapp to enableflash alerts for. - All app is supported Commonfeature - Blinkflash alerts when have call - Blink flash alertswhen have SMS -Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call andincoming SMSand Notification - You can turn on or turn off serviceby manualover device status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or SilentmodeAdvance - Allow change speed of flash light alert - Stopflashalerts with volume or power key - Turn off flash alertswhenbattery low, help you save battery Feedback - If you likeourapplication please rate 5 start for us - If you find anyproblemswith Flash Notification please E-mail us This appusesAccessibility services. Thank for your support!
Photo,Video Locker-Calculator 20.0
Calculator is the Vault app can secretly Hide Pictures, HideVideosand Lock Apps without anyone knowing as gallery lockinstalled inyour phone looks as just a regular calculator.Yourfiles will besecretly stored in vault and can only be viewed aftera Numeric PINis entered on calculator panel of this app.Also thisPhoto,VideoLocker can be used as regular calculator for dailyuse.How to use✔Hide Pictures and Videos : Click on Plus Button atthe bottom ofmain screen and then select media from gallery andclick lockbutton to hide into Photo,Video Locker-Calculator app.✔Lock Apps:Go to App Lock tab on main screen and Lock your Apps byselectingthem to keep safe from others.✔ Intruder Selfie: Enablingintruderselfie lets you capture intruder's photo and show them whenyouentering into smart hidden calculator.✔ Fake Cover: you canenableadvanced security where you can set fake cover of Force closeofapplications which are locked and only you know trick to openyourapp lock interface.✔ Finger print app lock: you can enableyourfingerprint for locked apps to open it without also used for your smart hide calculator.✔ Wi-fisecurity: nowyou can have control over your switched like wifi andBluetooth byour strong app lock security.Features:• AccessPhoto,Video Lockerby typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of thisapp.• Lock appsusing Classic PIN pad.• Support all Picture formatsin gallery locklike GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.• Backup PATTERN UNLOCK.•Beautiful Themesfor calculator and app lock screen.• Easy toManage, Delete,Unhide, Move Pictures in gallery vault.• AmazingInbuilt Imageviewer with Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffleoption.• Supportsapp protection to prevent Calculator from beinguninstalled bystrangers.“This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.” Youcan activate device Administrator permission forthis app toprevent accidentally Uninstallation of app and avoidloss yourdata.• Powerful and Instant Lock Apps system to keep safeyourprivate media.• Finger Print unlock for both calculator andapplock for supported devices.• Intruder Selfie. Instantselfiecaptured when someone tried wrong password on your app lock.•FakeApp lock cover. Enable double security or fake screen over yourapplock. you can set force close app screen for locked apps.• youcanlock wifi and bluetooth with password protection of applock.•Disappears from recent apps list.• Dark Mode feature helpstosecretly open personal photo,video locker during nightwithoutanyone knowing.• Latest Material Design with easy touseinterface.This app uses Accessibility Service.USEFUL TIPS :✔ForgetPassword? Recover Password by your registered e-mail id andregainaccess to the app.✔ Change PIN? Go to Settings tab and clickonChange Password.✔ Unlock Media? After you Hide pictures andVideosfrom this gallery lock, use unlock button in this app tounhidemedia whenever needed.✔ Advance Protection? Turn “ON”appprotection option from settings after you Hide pictures andVideosto keep safe without losing it.✔ Relax and View Images?UseSlideShow option and set slide interval from settings.✔Beautify?Use Theme icon to change color of Lock Screen so you don’tgetbored.FAQ: Q: Forgot my password. How to Reset?A: Enter 8888numberin Calculator and press EQUAL(=) button. password recoveryscreenwill open.Q: I uninstalled app and my locked photos gone. CanIrecover?A: No you can not. once you uninstalled appwithoutrestoring files back to your gallery, you will lose lockedfilesforever. re installing can not recover those deletedfiles.AnySuggestion or Feedback?email:
Free Magnifying glass & Magnifier & Microscope app
Up to 20x magnifying glass and microscope and telescopeandmagnifier zoom app free with light for Android One of thebestmagnifying glass and magnifier and microscope and telescopeappfree with flashlight for android. Try it , stable andfastmicroscope .This is a very useful magnifier / telescope , Useafiner magnifying glass zoom function to read a book even smallfontsize. The screen resolution of magnifying glass was optimized,perfect square font size for reading. The freeze mode can beusedwhen the microscope / magnifier /magnifying glass/telescopeiszoomed in or out, making it easier to read. The microscope/magnifier /magnifying glass/telescope with a flashlight, it canbeeasily reading even in dark environments. Use negative filmeffectsto read reflective files. The Max zoom in scale ofmicroscope /telescope up to 20 times. Not much to say, whether itis to look atthe IC label / number, business card, product label,supermarketfood label , the magnifier can make things easier.
App lock - Fingerprint Password 2.51
App Lock fingerprint support numberic password & patternlockscreen, fingerprint password. This applock is very smart andhighsecure. It is one of best lock app for Android. My app lockwillprotects your privacy & protect everything on yourphone(image, video, apps..) That means your note, call, sms,email,settings... are safe now. All the privacy guard functionswillensure your phone in security and keep your privacy safe. WithApplock security protection, your privacy is well protectedwithpassword lock screen, pattern lock screen and fingerprintlockscreen. App Lock can lock all tools and social apps like:Facebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram. AppLock canprotect pictures and videos by hiding them. If you arelooking fora lock app to hide photo and video please download thisapp. Hiddenpictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and onlyvisible inthe photo and video vault. App lock has option to enableinvisiblepattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin orpattern.Keep safe! With this secret app lock, you can protect phonefromyour kids. Features of App lock: - Fingerprint lock supported-Numeric password supported - Pattern password supported -ProtectSettings & Google Play to prevent someone uninstall theapplock app - The vault: Safe gallery vault, private photo vaulthelpto hide pictures and hide videos. - With the image vault&gallery lock, app move photo/video to secret vault byauto-deletinghidden images from the gallery wall after performinghide photos& hide videos - Many beautiful themes, beautifulinterfaces -Prevent someone uninstall lock app by password screen.You musthave password to uninstall this smart app lock, if youforgotpasscode you can reset it via security email. - Protectyouremails, SMS, call log - Three securities private mode: Lockappswith password lock, pattern lock or DIY. The keypad lockscreenwith passcode, DIY help you to make yourself keypad lockscreen,pattern lock screen using your photo on the gallery - Optiontomake invisible pattern on unlock screen, people can not seeyourpattern lock screen while you are unlocking. More safe! -Easily tolock phone apps, unlock phone apps easily from an app listby oneclick - Password manager: Change password type betweenpasscode,pattern, DIY and reset password - Support reset passwordbyentering security email. To make app working onfingerprintpassword, you must setup your fingerprint lock first onphonesettings. When this is ON, the fingerprint lock screen willbeenabled at unlock screen, otherwise it requires pattern orpasswordfor lock screen instead. Please download applock withfingerprint,then use it every day for security and privacy. If youhave anyquestions about lock app please send me an email.
Image Search - PictPicks 2.16.2
Application name is changed to PictPicks from Image SearchViewer.PictPicks is free application to search images and photoswith asimple operation. It is comfortable to use because appliedMaterialDesign well. When searching images, you can usefollowingfunctions. Search images - Search related images by imageselectedfrom your device - Use query from your history - Filtersettings(size, color, type, time) - SafeSearch And you can useimage asfollowing operation. Use images - View image (zoom) -Searchrelated image - Save image - Share image - Use image inwallpaperand contact photo This app uses Google as search engine.
RainViewer: NOAA Weather Radar, Rain Forecast 1.11.10
RainViewer displays real-time weather conditions on aninteractivelive map. With RainViewer you will always be aware ofrain or snowconditions: see how rain moves in real time, itsdirection as wellas intensity. You can set alerts to be notifiedwhen rainfall,storms, or snowfall approaching your location. MAINADVANTAGES •Current weather conditions: View real-time weatherconditions foryour location. • Weather radar: Get the most accurateweatherforecast based on 1074 radars located all across the world.• Allavailable precipitation: Keep track of rain, snow,hail,thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons. • Rainalerts:Stay aware when rainfall, storms, or snowfall approach youwithoutopening the app. • Home screen widget: View local andcountry-wideweather conditions in real time on your home screen. •Available in85 countries: Be prepared for rainy weather and wetconditionsanywhere on the globe. • 32 languages supported:RainViewer speaksyour language. PRO FEATURES • Rain data archive:See how rain orsnow have been moving during the previous 6 hours(48 hours PremiumFeature). • Single rada map: View all 1074 radarson a single mapor tap on a specific one to view details. •Precipitationdirection: The arrows indicate the direction ofprecipitations onthe map. (Premium Feature) • HD Radar: View HDinformation from theradar (smoothing) or view the classic radar(without smoothing).RAIN ALERTS • Instant alerts: Stay notifiedwhen rain or snow is onits way. • In radius alerts: Specify radiusto receive alerts fornearby precipitation. • Minimal intensity:Select intensity ofprecipitation starting from which you’ll bereceiving rain alerts.• Ringtones: Set different ringtonesdepending on rain intensity.CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEATHER • Color scheme:Select color scheme for theprecipitation layer from the 16available color schemes in the app• Snowfall: Turn on snow displayso that you're ready to make asnowman. • Distance units: SelectMiles (mi) or Kilometers (km) asunits to display distance. • NightMode: Set up dark mode for nighttime. • Time intervals: Displayprecipitation map for the last 1hr- 6hr (1hr - 48hr PremiumFeatures) • Map type: Standard, Dark,Hybrid, Terrain, Silver andNight Map. • Real-time trafficconditions: View current trafficconditions to better plan yourday. IN-APP PREMIUM FEATURES •Ad-free. • Precipitation directionon the main screen. • Recurringmap updates every 5-10 minutes forthe previous 2 and 6 hours ofanimation, respectively. • Dataarchive: single data radar for theprevious 24 hours. Composite mapfor the previous 48 hours. See afull radar map:
SchoolCafé 5.5
SchoolCafé is powered by PrimeroEdge, the leading schoolnutritionmanagement software for K-12 school districts and foodserviceproviders in the United States. Parents: Manage yourchild'scafeteria account. Apply for free or reduced meals. Makepayments,view purchase history, receive low balance alerts, andview schoolmenus containing nutritional and allergen informationfor items.For convenience, setup automatic payments to replenishyour child'scafeteria funds. Know what is on the menu at the schoolcafeteriaand provide feedback by rating and sharing items. Favoriteyourchild's favorite items and SchoolCafé will send you apushnotification to let you know when it's on the menu. StudentsandStaff: Use SchoolCafé to check out what's available onthecafeteria menu each day. View nutritional and allergeninformationto help you make healthy decisions. Use "Make a Tray" tobuild yourmeal for the items available that day and see thecombined nutrientinformation. Give your feedback to the schoolcafeteria by ratingitems. Favorite specific items on the menu sothat you can knowwhen they'll be available in the cafeteria.Connect to yourcafeteria account to always know your accountbalance and haveaccess to your digital ID card. DistrictAdministrators: Viewhelpful reports and useful analytics for usersin your districtsand help them manage their accounts. SchoolCafé isavailable forparticipating schools only.
D Notes - Smart & Material - Notes, Lists & Photos
D Notes will be the most beautifully designed and intuitive noteAppyou have ever used. Choose from many customization optionstopersonalize your note-taking experience. Get D Notes todayandstart capturing your thoughts. Features: ☆ BeautifulMaterialDesign ☆ Photo, Video, and Generic File Attachments ☆ BasicAdd,Modify, Archive, Trash, and Delete Note Actions ☆ VoiceRecorder ☆Unlock Protected Notes with Fingerprint or PIN Code ☆Manage Notesusing Categories and Colors ☆ Backup/Restore fromGoogle Drive andSD Card ☆ Multiple Themes, Fonts, and SortingOptions ☆ Widgets,App Shortcuts, and Reminders ☆ Export Notes ☆ PinNotes toNotification Bar ☆ Text-File Viewer ☆ Favorite, Search,Read-Aloud,and Share Notes ☆ To-Do List ☆ Google Now Integration ☆SupportsHyperlinks and Samsung Multi-Window ☆ Highly Customizable ☆No AdsPro Features: ☆ Auto Sync with Google Drive ☆ Auto BackuptoInternal Storage ☆ Speech-to-Text ☆ Multi-Note Selection ☆PinMultiple Notes to your Home-Screen Contact me via email, ifyouwould like to contribute to localization or if there are anybugsyou have come across.
MyYes4G 2.0.175
Now, you can have access to your Postpaid and Prepaid accountwithinseconds by using MyYes4G app. Manage your account, check& payyour latest bills, view your plan usage, purchase add-onsor evenreceive alerts from the convenience of your phone. KeyFeatures: ·View your plan usage and unbilled amount · Check yourlatest bill ·Make payment for your bill · Reload your Prepaidcredit · Purchaseadd-ons · View your account status . Check yourcredit limit · Be onthe alert with what’s happening with Yes4G ·Stay up to date withour latest promotions Data usage on MyYes4G isnot chargeable whileconnected to our Yes4G network. However, therewill be minimalcharges for any alert being pushed to your mobile.
Touchless Notifications Pro - Message readout 4.03
DYNA Logix
Speaking full-screen notifications with "What's up?" typesummaryread-out (built-in trigger system, Tasker plugin,languagedetection, granular control of every aspect of the readout) Join BETA test for early access to newfeatures: BIG UPDATES: Watch new video (new features from 2:58)V3.00Touchless Triggers: Auto-change settings by time / connectionV4.00Quick reply: Now 100% handsfree   Please try thefullyfeatured FREE version before purchasing PRO. Havingtroubleuninstalling? Please see FAQ below.Français:  REFERENCES► ► (big thanksto all whowrite about this app!)    PRO VERSION BENEFITS►Supportan independent app developer who is devoted to creatingapps whichput YOU in control ►Personalize how TouchlessNotifications willgreet you, or turn off the greeting. The FREEedition lets youchange the greeting, but it will only be used inthe testannouncement (in settings) ►No notification icon in top bar►Locale/ Llama / Tasker plugin → demo►Touchless Notifications FREE willsometimes remind you to get thePRO version in the announcement►More FREE features may be moved toPRO version in the future  HANDSFREE NOTIFICATIONS ►Speaksand displays your incomingnotifications full screen while you'redriving ►Speaks yournotifications when you have your headset orheadphones on (similarto other voice announcement apps, but withthe option of full screendisplay)   GET A SUMMARY READ-OUT OFPREVIOUSLY MISSEDNOTIFICATIONS When you: ►start driving ►put yourheadset on ►sayVoice command "Open Summary" ►plug or unplugcharger →Keeps track ofwhat's been announced   VOICE REPLY TOMESSAGES ►Works with anymessaging app ►Now 100% hands free (v4.00)  INTERACT WITH THEFULL SCREEN NOTIFICATIONS ►Swipe to skip,pause, dismiss or launchthe app ►Shake phone to mute ►Wave atphone to mute   FINE TUNEWHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE SUMMARY►Greeting text (see PRO benefits↓)►Time, battery ►Ambienttemperature (if available ~ Note3, S4)►Blacklists ►Amount of textfor each notification   DUALLANGUAGE OPTIONS(primary=English) ►language detection ►mark appswhich use yourother language   CONTROL THE EXPERIENCE ►speechengine, rate►pause or duck music ►pocket sensing ►Great out of thebox, but maybe fine tuned to the extreme… Quick ↔ Advanced settings POWERFUL AUTOMATION: TOUCHLESS TRIGGERS (Pro) ►Auto-silenceby time►Auto-activate by wifi/bluetooth location Built-in userguide:   OPEN SUMMARY ►Say"OpenSummary" in Google Now, Google Assistant, Bixby or othervoiceassistants to start read out of all active notifications. ALL NOTIFICATIONS WORK ►Gmail (from/subject + body~optional/shortened) ►Hangouts not just the first line►SMS,Calendar, Missed calls ►Google Now updates (weather, time tohome…): ►Every and any app's textual notifications which youdon'tspecifically exclude     FREQUENTLY ASKED Q►Icannotuninstall?! A►Go to Settings / Security / DeviceAdministrators anduncheck   Q►Why 2 icons? A►Two functions:→TN Settings:Settings (= "gear" icon) →Notifications: start summaryread-out  Q►Permanent notification bar icon? A►TouchlessNotificationsputs a permanent notification in the shade if youselect any of theheadset/power monitoring features. Remove thenotification bydisabling all connection triggers   PERMISSIONSNew: BOOT, BT,WIFI=Automatic trigger system PHONE=mute on incomingcall KEEPAWAKE=turn screen on for notifications This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission to lock/turn off screen
Top Cleaner - Free & Lite System Security Tool 1.0.7
TopC Develop
Yes! Top Cleaner has arrived! Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster,CPUCooler and Battery Saver, these four powerful functions havemadeTop Cleaner a brilliant All-in-One system security tool! -JunkCleaner - Phone Booster - CPU Cooler - Battery Saver ToomuchHIDDEN JUNK inside the device? No problem! Top Cleaner cansolveit! With just One-Tap, all hidden junk can be scanned outandremoved accurately, completely and quickly. The device is tooSLOW?No problem! Top Cleaner can solve it! With just One-Tap,alluseless background program can be shut down to achieve bestworkingperformance. The device is too HOT after long-time/heavyuse? Noproblem! Top Cleaner can solve it! With just One-Tap,overheatingapplication can be adjusted or closed by automaticdetectingfunction. Always looking for charger because of the SHORTBATTERYLIFE? No problem! Top Cleaner can solve it! With justOne-Tap,device battery life can be extended and saved for longeruse. Wantto know more? Don’t wait! Just have a try, and you willknow howamazing it is!
LED Blinker Notifications Pro - Manage your lights 7.1.0-pro
Mario Ostwald
Let LED Blinker Notifications Pro show your missed calls,SMS,Facebook and WhatsApp messages. If you have no hardware led,thescreen is used. All apps are supported in the full version,clickon the plus button at the bottom and add the missing one. Thisapp,which is created in material design, is very simple to use andnotmuch configuration is needed! For latest news and tips read myblog Functions: ✔ Works with latestAndroidKitkat/Lollipop/Marshmallow/Nougat/Oreo/Pie ✔ Contactspecficcolors for WhatsApp, missed call, Telegram, Signal ✔Lastnotifications overview ✔ Last messages overview includingmessagesdeleted by your contacts (in-app purchase) ✔ Save batterywithpocket mode ✔ individual settings for each app, e. g. blinkrate,vibration, sounds and repeats ✔ light and dark color scheme✔export/import settings (no lost settings when you installnewROMS/mods) ✔ Silent mode for every day (enable it for the nighttostop blinking) ✔ widget to deactivate LEDBlinker/removenotifications quickly ✔ Screen LED for phones withoutreal LED ✔Enable the camera flashlight for new notifications(laboratoryfunction) ✔ New smart notifications (filter for specificmessagetext) ✔ Use app symbols or custom pictures for on screenLEDExamples for apps with notifications: ✔ Missed calls and sms✔Battery status ✔ Google Mail/Talk/Hangouts ✔ Calendarremindernotifications ✔ Standard EMail App ✔ SNOView - SocialNetworkOverview notification ✔ Facebook messages ✔ WhatsAppmessages ✔Skype messages ✔ Bluetooth messages (LED goes on whenbluetooth isactive) ✔ Alternative On-Screen-LED ✔ Twitter, Threema(now withgroup support), Facebook Messenger and so on.AndroidHeadLines:'LED Blinker is an Android app that aims to makeit much easier tohelp you figure out which notification iswhich'. apps in this category you don't need 'ROOT' access touse LEDBlinker and this app is very battery friendly! All rightsare neededto run the app, lesser are not possible. The right towrite to SDcard it needed for error reports (check menu extras:Debug mode),please send it to if you havefound anerror. Facebook Google+ try out the lite version at first to seeif your hardware LEDworks (on screen LED is always working!).LEDBlinker NotificationsPro has no internet permission, your datais safe!!! Please checkdevice specific hints at the end! Fastsupport is very important forme! (Look at the ratings, thanks toall people!) If you haveproblems please do a full re-installand/or reboot your phone.Otherwise contact me atFacebook/Google+/Email to get help. Warning:If your phone speaksafter install (Samsung S4, SIII, S3 Mini, S2,Note1, Note2, Note3,LG Nexus 4) you have to disable Samsung TTS(text-to-speech) undersettings -> apps manager -> all (on theright) and Google TTS(text-to-speech). Only needed when you use theaccessiblityservice! Another solution to fix talkback issue: Youcan change thelauncher by using another one from the Google PlayStore. Forexample, Solo Launcher - Swift & Smart, NovaLauncher, GoLauncher and Holo Launcher. These launchers will notexhibit thisbug. For Samsung S4 users: If your phone speaks whenopening yourbrowser you have to use another browser like Chrome orFirefox.Hint HTC users: Your phone is NOT supported, you have touse the onscreen led! Sony Phones: Please disable stamina mode inyour devicesettings. Let your led indicator glow with differentcolors! BETATest:
Screenshot Capture 1.4
Tri Core
Screenshot Capture Screen Capture is the best,easiest andsimplestway to capture, edit and share your mobile screen withfriends andall. There is an "Overlay button" to capture screen thatisdisplayed on top of everything. You can take the screenshoteasilywith one touch on the screen. Capture the screen in severalappssuch as games, wallpapers or any type of apps or videos.Floatingbutton/gadget always remain on the top of the screen, sothat youcan capture easily at any time. Edit the captured image andshareit with your friends in online platform. Screen CaptureFeatures ☞Easy and user friendly interface ☞ One touch Floatingbutton ☞ Timeinterwel to capture screen ☞ Notification icon click ☞Capturescreenshot by one touch Thanking your for download. Pleasegiverating and comment if you like this application.
XDA 1.1.6b-play
XDA is the first and only app built entirely in-house with ourownAPI to access the famous XDA Forums. istheworld's largest Android forum where you can come to discoverapps,ROMs, root tools, kernels, and more, or you can make somefriendsand just talk about phones. Features:- Fast- Fully materialdesign-Read, write, and reply to threads- Full support forquotes/mention-Light/dark themes- Notification support- Greatsearch toolsEnjoy!
Flash Alert For Notification App 2018 11
Notification flash run on incoming call and sms also You canselectyour favorit app to enable flash alerts for any application.andAll app is supported for activited flash Features: - Blinkflashalerts when receive call - Blink flash alerts when receive SMS-You can turn on or turn off service by manual over devicestatussound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode. Advanced option:- youcan change speed of flash light alert - you can Stop flashalertswith volume or power key - you can Turn off flash alertswhenbattery low, help you save battery keywords: flash alertappflashalerts flash blinking on call led flash for alerts flashalerton call call flash light flash call app flashing light phoneringerincoming call flash call flash alertes flash for all app callflashalert without internet light blink when phone ring callblinkincoming call flash light phone call alert light phone alertlightcall alert light LED Flash notify flash blink Flash Alerts2018flash alerts 2 all app flash alerts best flash alerts app 2018bestflash alerts 2018 best flash alerts app flash light blink oncallled flash for alerts flash alert free flash notificationappincoming call flashlight phone call flash light flash alertledalert alert flash flash alerts pro flash call alert callflashalert flashlight alert app flash with call flashlight incomingcallwhen phone rings light flashes flashing light when you get atextflash in call flash alert app flash alert pro flash alert oncallflash call alert call flash alert flashlight notification appappfor flashing light when phone rings flashlight when phoneringsflashlight ringer flash notification for all app led flashforalerts flash notification alert flash flash light alert ledflashalert flash alert messenger app flash alert call call alertflash2018 free flash alerts flash notify led alert flash alertsproflash alerts on call flash news flash alertapplicationnotification flash flash alert download flash for textmessagesflashnet free call flash alert flash news alert call alertflashflashalerts flash alert on call led flash for alerts 2017 wwwflashalerts notification flash flash alert newswire osp flashalertflash alart how to make phone flash when receiving a text
Geometric Weather 2.606
Geometric Weather is a light and powerful weather app thatprovidesyou with real-time temperature, air quality, 15-daysweatherforecast, and accurate time-sharing trends. Geometry Weathercanprovide you Beautiful Material Design Interface, GlobalWeatherData, Automatic Dark Mode, 15 Days And 24 Hours Overviewdata,Powerful Desktop Widget, Weather Notification And Forecast ,AlertInformation, Multiple UI Styles and Live Weather Wallpaper
Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock🐬 12.2.3
🐬 Dolphin Browser is the best internet explorer browser forAndroidwith fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tabbar,sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player. Onceusersexperience the fast, smart and personal Web of Dolphin,regularMobile Internet feels like torture. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Best Mobile WebBrowseron Android Market 👍👍👍👍👍 Over 150,000,000 downloads onAndroid andiOS 🚀Great Features🚀 ✔ Flash Player ✔ AdBlock (pop upblocker) ✔Multiple Tabs bar ✔ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar ✔PersonalizedSearch ✔ Fast Download ✔ Incognito/private Browsing ✔Gestures ✔Sonar ★ Flash player Get the best gaming and HD videoexperiencewith player for Android support on Dolphin Browser. WithDolphinVideo, you can watch videos from YouTube, Dailymotion,Vimeo,Twitch and any other video website you like! ★ AdBlock (popupblocker) Dolphin Browser is one of the best AdBlock Browser.WithAdBlocker, you can block popups, ads, banners & ad-videos.FindAdBlocker add-on here: ★ Multiple tabsbarIt displays your open tabs, and lets you switch between thembyswiping. Let you browse the web as PC Browser &desktopbrowser. ★ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar It can beaccessed byswiping to the right from the left edge of the screenand showsyour bookmarks and browsing history. Swiping to the left,you canenjoy the best services with add-ons, such as VideoDownloader, Webto PDF and Dolphin Translate, etc. ★ Personalizedsearch Easilyswitch search engine with Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing,Duckduckgo,etc. ★ Fast download Download HTML5, Flash videos andmore withblazing fast speed from the Internet with videodownloader. You canalso easily delete or move downloaded files inthe file manager. ★Incognito/private browsing Dolphin Browser is asecure browser thatoffers you real private browsing experiencewithout leaving anyhistory data. ★ Gesture Access the Internet bycreating a personalGesture for websites and common features. Forexample, drawing aletter ”D” to go to Duckduckgo or “B” to go toBing. ★ SonarDolphin Browser gives you an actual web browser youcan talk to.Use your voice to search, share on your favorite socialnetworks,bookmark favorite websites, and navigate the web on yourphone.Search without typing, even with Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo.★Themes Customize your Dolphin Browser with a wide arrayofbackgrounds in the wallpaper library to suit any style or mood.★Quick Share Dolphin remembers your most recently used apps tohelpyou easily share content to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skypeandmore. 🚀Dolphin Add-ons🚀 - Dolphin Video Player – Flash Player;-Screen Cut – Screenshot app; - Web to PDF Converter & Editor;-Dolphin Jetpack; - Speed Booster for Android; - Dolphin Translate-Translator; - Dolphin QR & Barcode Scanner; - Dolphin Reader;-Dolphin Battery Saver; - Bookmarks Widget; - Dolphin Brightness;-Dolphin Tab Reload; - Dolphin Show IP; - Dolphin Ultimate Flag;-Pocket for Dolphin; - Dropbox for Dolphin; - Box for Dolphin;-Dolphin Alexa Rank. Contact us at JointheDolphin Facebook Fan page: Dolphin on Twitter:!/DolphinBrowserLearn more on our website: 🐬❤👪,🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃, 🚀🏁🏆🎆
My Hurricane Tracker - Tornado Alerts & Warnings 1.10.3
My Hurricane Tracker gives you the most comprehensive toolsfortracking tornados, cyclones, tropical storms and weatherwarningsavailable. In a beautiful interface, you won't beoverwhelmed withcluttered screens like you might with other apps.We give youexactly what you need in an easy to understand way. -Interactivetracking maps for each hurricane. - NOAA forecast map& stormsatellite imagery where available! - Historic search ofpreviousstorms from 1851 (or 1949 for Pacific). - Receive weatherwarningsfrom the National Weather Service. - Push notifications forweatherwarnings or new storm formations! - Radar, satellite andseatemperature images automatically updated in the app! - Seeanoutlook for the next 5 days from the NOAA. - Trackspecifichurricanes and receive notifications every time they areupdatedjust by pressing the notify button! This version isad-supported.It is similar to apps such as Hurricane Tracker,Hurricane Pro andStorm by Weather Underground. 1.0.6
Soft Droid
Best free Flash on Call and SMS: Automatic flashlight alerts onSMSapp. Enable blinking LED flashlight for incoming calls &smsmessages. Clor flashlight on call alert when you receivedanincoming call & sms. When device is ringing or new SMS orMMSmessage is received, Brightest flash on call and sms blinkingalertnotify you. Multicolor Flashlight alerts on call is a smarttool toremind you of incoming call or SMS with camera flashlight.So thisflash on call and ultimate flash alerts2 on SMS notify youclearlyby flashlight alerts with LED torch light. This Flash oncall andSMS Automatic Flashlight will notify you via mobile phone’sbacklight flash alerts , the back side flashlight will blinkgivingincoming call alerts and sms alerts. LED call and sms blinkLEDindicator. See the blinking flash alert notifications whenphonerings with an incoming call or incoming text message.AdvancedFeatures: ★ Set flash alerts ON or OFF time for call alertsand smsflash alerts notifications ★ Set flash alerts ON for SMSmessage orcall. ★ Turn the LED Bright flashlight ON or OFF with asingle onetap button ★ Brightest Flashlight alert On IncomingCalls. ★Flashlight blinking alert On Incoming SMS. ★ Flash lightIntervalsfor call adjustment ★ Ultimate flashlight alert timingsadjustment★ Regulate LED flash blinking frequency ★ UltimateFlashlightalert2 Intervals for sms adjustment ★ Flash on Call andSMS enableyou to set battery threshold for low battery consumption★ Colorfulflashlight on call and sms, Color flashlight blinking onevery calland message You can now get color flash alert notifiedevery timeyou get a call or SMS with a powerful and multicolorflash alert oncall and sms and notification. You can customize foreveryapplication its own color and blinking flash time.BrightFlashlight or super bright flash on call & sms havingmanybeautiful and easy functionality. super bright flash on callandsms, flashlight alert, super bright flash on call & sms.BestFree Ultimate color flashlight blink alert2 application intheGoogle-play store and turn the fach LED torch, color flashlightblinking ON or OFF with a single one tap widget on yourhomescreen. The application can use any flashlight-standard back,frontor both. Fach flash for calls and SMS and reminders ofmissedcalls. Fach flashlight alert-2 on call and message isavailable inmore than 200 countries. Color flash on call andsms,Colorflashlight on call and sms message is a low memoryconsumption app.Get our free phone color alert now! and impressyour friends withcolor flash. Flash alerts uses camera flashnotification for callnotifications alerts and SMS notificationalerts. Flash on Call andSMS is simple, easy to customize Flash oncalls and SMS. You canuse this application as flash blink onnotifications, flash lighton call, flash alerts on call, flashalerts notifications,Brightest Flashlight on call and sms. Get thebrightest LEDflashlight alerts. Download Now ! Flash alert willflash when youwill get a message or when you will get a call. Flashalert on callsms message app is FREE to install and does notconsume largeamount of battery. Flash blinking/flash on Call andSMS message appis user friendly and really easy to use. Ultimateled color Flashon Call and Flash on SMS has a variety of optionsincluded init.LED Blink interval and Flashlight blink on missedcall smartnotifications count on incoming call and SMS can becontrolledwithin this flash on call and sms App.
Weather by WeatherBug: Real Time Forecast & Alerts
Download WeatherBug®, winner of the 2019 “Best Weather App” byAppyAwards. Get the most accurate weather app thatprovidesenvironmental intelligence for all aspects of people’slives, free!This live weather app provides the fastest weatheralerts,real-time weather conditions, accurate hourly &10-dayforecasts & more. Explore 18 weather maps, includingDopplerradar, UV index, satellite map, lightning alerts,precipitation,local temperature, wind chill, and more! From heatindex to pollencount, WeatherBug gives you everything you need toknow. Ourweather widgets let you set alerts and information youwant to seeon your home screen. Radar weather apps have never beenthis easyor convenient. Join WeatherBug's millions of users andKnow Before®any weather condition. In the market since 2000,WeatherBug givesyou and your family reliable weather data, downloadnow! This appis awesome! Gives me just what I need to knowthroughout the dayand night. - Android User THE WEATHERBUGADVANTAGE • Spark™Lightning Alerts Get Dangerous ThunderstormAlerts & preparefor severe weather conditions • ProfessionalWeather Network Vastprofessional grade weather station across theworld reportinghyper-local weather conditions in real-time •Animated Weather Maps18 weather maps give you options on whatweather conditions you see• International Weather Forecasts Preparefor weather abroad withweather forecasts for over 2.6 millionlocations worldwide WEATHERNEWS FOR YOU • Weather News News alertsand featured videos aboutlocal conditions and global events •Weather Data CustomizationCustomize weather data & rearrangeweather tiles to your liking• Weather Forecasts Custom weatherforecasts for all your lifestyleactivities • Weather ConditionsReal-time weather conditions •Weather Forecasts Reliable &detailed hourly & 10-dayforecasts • Doppler Radar Doppler radaranimation for precipitationinformation • Wind Forecast See whatwind conditions will bethrough the day WEATHER ALERTS • WeatherNotifications See weatherconditions & receive alerts in yournotifications area • SevereWeather Alerts Get severe weather alertsfrom WeatherBug, NWS &NOAA (USA) NMS (UK and DE) and SMN (MX)AIR QUALITY, HEAT &MORE • Weather Details Get UV Index, heatindex, wind speeds,weather observations & more • HurricaneTrack hurricanes fromyour phone • Fire Global fire data to knowwhen you are at risk •Air Quality Get an in-depth look at the airquality around you •Pollen Count Local & national pollen count& data •Temperature Check the temperature anywhere WEATHERCUSTOMIZATION •Local Weather Radar See local weather conditions,weather map &weather radar • Weather Widgets Add weatherinformation to yourhome screen with weather widgets •Multi-language Support English,Spanish, Portuguese, German, French& Japanese • TemperatureUnits Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (°C) •Wind Units MPH, KPH, Knots& MPS • Pressure Units Inches &millibars RADAR WEATHERMAPS • Weather Map Explore weatherconditions, temperature, pollenlevels & more with interactivemaps • Satellite map Viewweather data from above with our satellitemap CONNECT WITH US •Like us on Facebook • Follow uson Twitter@WeatherBug • Check us out on Instagram @weatherbug •Watch ourYouTube weather channelbroadcast Get real timeweatherreports so you can Know Before. Download WeatherBug, thebest freeweather app! This app may include "Interest-BasedAds"( for moreinformation)and may collect or share "Precise LocationData"( for moreinformation).
Private Screenshots 1.13.9
Intro Some apps detect when you're making screenshots onyourdevice. They also notifies person, which you're chattingwith,about the fact that you made screenshot. Now you canmakescreenshots completely privately. How it ensures privacy? Allfilessaved into private app's directory. App doesn't broadcastanymessage about new screenshot. Any other app can'taccessscreenshots directly. Only you can browse them, share ordelete.How it works? App launches 'presentation' mode on yourdevice andcaptures whole screen's content. It displays screenshotbutton, sojust press it and app will save current display's frameasscreenshot. How to use? ● Press START button ● Grant permissionstoallow capturing content of display ● Press screenshot buttoninorder to make screenshot ● Press and hold screenshot buttoninorder to return back to app ● Press STOP button in order toexitfrom 'presentation' mode What else? ● Everyone can vote fornewfeatures directly through app. Find menu item 'New features'andchoose the one you need first of all. ● App's shortcut forbuttonsStart/Stop available instantly from Home screen for usersofAndroid 7.1 and higher. Other users may add this shortcut viaapp'smenu.
Weather Radar, Live Maps - The Weather Channel
Weather your way: face all weather conditions this winter withTheWeather Channel, an IBM Business. Get live radar updates andcheckthe local weather conditions on the go. Get ready for what'saheadwith your weather map, storm radar and local weather forecast.Liveweather radar, snow storm and blizzard tracker, as well asyourlocal temperature - available wherever you are! Get yourdailylocal weather map and temperature info this winter, so youcanprepare for your day with confidence. Living in an area pronetosevere weather? Our storm radar and GPS tracker have gotyoucovered. The Weather Channel provides an accurate weatherforecastthat helps you plan up to 15 days in advance, with NOAAalerts andsevere weather recommendations. Ski trip coming up? Don'tgetcaught in a snow storm or blizzard - plan your ski break withourdetailed weather tracker to make sure you can hit the slopes.Trackyour local weather map and live weather radar and prepareforwhat's ahead, whether that's the first snow of the season, acrispand sunny day, or severe weather. Our practical GPS maps andstormradar will help you face whatever the clouds will bring.Trackweather alerts thanks to our live weather radar! DiscoverTheWeather Channel’s top 5 features: 1. Weather your way! Getapersonalized live weather map and check weather conditions in anewway. Discover a live radar, a snow tracker, and our new FeelsLikefeature to get an accurate idea of how it feels outside. 2.NOAAweather alerts that you can subscribe to - Press pushnotificationsand get real time notifications for all severe weatherupdates, beit a snow storm, rain, or blizzard. 3. Track weatheralerts &conditions - Stay alert for winter weather with oursnow GPS, andtrack weather alerts with our storm radar. 4. Smartvideos!Discover visuals of NOAA alerts and track on a GPS mapthedevelopment of a snow storm. 5. Track the flu spread withFluInsights with Watson - We can now predict the flu risk up to15days in advance, and we’ll alert you when there’s an increasedriskin your area. Stay alert: track travel weather and planwinteroutdoor activities with confidence. • Weather maps &weatherforecast updates give you all the information you need,whereveryou are! Know what to expect before you even set footoutside, fromtemperature to wind chills. • Don’t get caught in therain! WithNOAA alerts, a weather forecast up to 48 hours and ourlive weatherradar, you will be prepared for anything. • Dailytemperature, windspeed and weather maps let you know if you need tobring a lightjacket, sunglasses or your umbrella! • Run smart withRunningIndex! Find the best running conditions by examiningthetemperature and detailed wind speed updates to plan yourperfectroute! • Ski weather - Our snowfall forecast helps youdecide whento plan your next ski outing. Keep informed on thelatest weathernews. • Stay prepared during extreme weather eventsandearthquakes. We’ll send you live alerts, so you’ll always beaware.• Our live radar will help you track extreme weather whereyoulive. Enjoy our Premium version! Get all the information youneedregarding local weather and temperature. • See the forecast forthenext 96 hours • Plan your day without the inconvenience of adsforjust $0.99. Be alert and get all the information you need withlivenews and maps. ----- 
Privacy & Feedback • Our PrivacyPolicycan be viewed here: 
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According to App Annie, TheWeatherChannel was the #1 weather app by combined iOS App Store andGooglePlay worldwide downloads from 2016 through 2019 and has over1.5M5-star ratings on Google Play and over 800K 5-star ratings theiOSApp Store worldwide
The Toll Roads
Next generation Toll Roads Mobile application with an improveduserexperience. Offers Pay Toll Now, Toll Estimator, Pay Toll Nowforrentals, Banner alerts, account maintenance, vehiclechanges,payments, toll history and transponder maintenance.