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Seterra AB
Seterra Map Quiz - Learn world geography! Seterra, thepopularonline and desktop based geography quiz that has beenentertainingand educating geography fans for almost 20 years hasfinally gonemobile! In this comprehensive map game, you can conquerthe worldone region at a time. The Seterra app includes 200+different mapquizzes to test your map skills. Learn to distinguishTasmania inAustralia from Tanzania in Africa and France's bleu,blanc, rougeflag from Russia's white, blue and red stripes. Cities,countries,capitals, continents and bodies of water are all in themix. FindKilimanjaro and Mount McKinley in the world mountains gameordiscover exotic islands in distant parts of the globe whentryingthe world islands quiz. App features: • Available inEnglish,French, German, Spanish and Swedish • Voice feature inEnglish,German, Spanish and Swedish. Listen and learn how thelocationnames are pronounced! • Zoomable maps with clear outlinesaroundcountries • Sessions are timed and graded for accuracy •Trackprogress across multiple categories • Leaderboards showingtopscorers for each challenge • Create a My Favorites listofpreferred games for easy access • Unlimited chances to retakeasegment and improve the score • Offline play supported Examplesofworld geography quizzes: • Find states, territories, provinces,andtheir capitals in North America and South America, Europe,Asia,Africa, an Australia! • Discover oceans, seas and riversacross theglobe • Explore mountain ranges and volcanos • Matchflags to theright country • Locate the world's 25 largest cities •Find all 193UN members state in the map in one single game! • U.Sstatecapitals • Locate the 60 largest countries of the world byarea. •Try to learn all the provinces of China and theircapitals.Examples of map games about North and Central America: •Learn allthe US States at once, or break them down intosub-regions. •Memorize all the US state capitals. • Learn the U.S.Stateabbreviations • Locate the original 13 colonies on the map •Trythe Canadian provinces quiz • Learn the countries and capitalsofthe Caribbean Examples of Europe map games: • Learn all thestatesof Europe at once, or break them down into sub-regions. •Learn theall member states of the European Union • Locate theGermanBundesländer • Explore the major rivers and mountains ofEurope •Study the counties of Ireland and England Examples of Asiamapquizzes: • Find all the countries and capitals of Asia on a map•Learn the major cities of South East Asia • Learn the provincesofChina and their capitals • Learn the provinces of ThailandExamplesof Africa geography games: • Learn all countries of Africain asingle game, or divided into sub-regions. • Find the provincesofSouth Africa ... and many, many more!
Hindu Vocab App: Daily Editorial & Vocabulary hindu.june19
Hindu Vocab App(Daily Updated):: with daily Editorial,DailyVocabulary, idiom, current affairs, phrasal verb &MonthlyVocab Updates. ****0.Play Online Vocabulary QuizDaily(DailyUpdated). ****1.Learn New Words Daily(Daily Updated).****2.ReadDaily Editorials(Daily Updated) ****3.Read DailyEditorialVocabulary(Daily Updated) ****4.Monthly Vocabulary(MonthlyUpdated)****5.Word Of The Day(Daily Updated) ****6.Idiom of TheDay(DailyUpdated) ****7.Daily short news(current affairs=DailyUpdated)****8.Awesome Collections of Vocabulary. ****9.YearlyVocabulary.what's New ** Quiz of the day added! Quiz of the dayincludes:1.>Daily vocabulary Quiz with an explanation.2.>DailyAntonym- Synonym Quiz. 3.>Sentence correction(commonerrors)Quiz 4.>parajumbles This is a vocabulary builder appwhichbuilds your vocab faster. Important Vocabulary for SBI PO,Bank PO,IBPS PO, SBI clerk, CAT and MBA Exams; **Important forcompetitiveexam aspirant** [Exams like SBI, UPSC, IAS, CAT, Civilservices,IBPS Bank exam, Bank PO, PSC, SSC, Clerk, LDC, andothers]**Important and Best Vocabulary app for Banking, SSC CGL,Cat, Mat,and other govt job exams.** ** It provides editorial andvocabularyfrom different news sources like- The Hindu, TheEconomics Times,Live Mint, TOI, The Indian Express, Hindustan Timesand more, allat a single place.** words with both in Hindi andEnglish meaning.This app consists of the most important and awesomecollection ofVocabulary. It is a Bilingual app(Hindi meanings).words are takenfrom GRE Barrons and The Hindu and different newssources. HinduVocab provides synonyms for the Vocabulary also.Hindu NewspaperVocabulary app consists of more than a thousandoffline words.Monthly Vocabulary runs in offline mode. (WithoutInternet) MostImportant App for Banking Aspirants. Note:- All iconsare usedfrom:: Check the Below link:-
Rhyming Dictionary: American Pronunciation 18.0927
Zoy Apps
All in one app with: Rhyming dictionary, pronunciationdictionary,International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA) transcription,phoneme sounds,and word hyphenation. Helps you master Englishpronunciationquickly using highly contextual and most commonrhyming words. Appworks completely offline, very small in size(<3 MB), and free.‣ Large dictionary with 120,000+ words, andexpanding ‣ Learn topronounce in Amerian accent and reduce foreignaccent ‣ Hundreds ofrhyming words help master pronunciation quickly‣ IPA transcriptsfor all word with syllable, primary stress, andsecondary stressinformation ‣ Complete phonemes chart with samplewords for everyphoneme ‣ Word hyphenation ‣ Bookmark words for easyreference ‣Explore complete dictionary with Search and Random Wordfeatures ‣Configure hyphenation, speech rate, pitch to your likingRhyme NPronounce is a very useful app for English as aForeignLanguage(EFL) students preparing for IELTS like exams orspell-beecompetitions. It's also an ideal app for poets,songwriters, andrappers. Upcoming features: homophones, anddictionary with 200k+words Please send us your valuable feedback onexisting features ornew feature requests to [email protected]
com.anidots.learn.a12tenses 100.0
This application helps you to learn English by tenses. Total12Tenses, each tense extracting as 4 formulas. You can learn thathowcan form 48 formulas from 12 tenses, such as positive,negative,interrogative and interrogative + negative. All these 48formulashave been given explanation and examples about usage offormula. 2.36.11
Learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, and English with Lingvist–a hyper-efficient vocabulary builder that uses AI to improveyourmemory. Study Spanish vocabulary: 5,934 words StudyFrenchvocabulary: 5,093 words Study German vocabulary: 4,723 wordsStudyRussian vocabulary: 4,462 words Features: - Adapts to yourlevel inreal time - Learn practical vocabulary (5,000+ words forpaidusers) - Flashcards with example sentences - Created bylanguagespecialists - Native-sounding virtual voice - Speechrecognitionfor hands-free learning and pronunciation - Track andmeasure yourprogress - Course Wizard (NEW!) – learn what you wantby creatingyour own vocabulary course. What is Course Wizard?Lingvist’sCourse Wizard lets you quickly create, customize, andshare thevocabulary course you need. It's smart and personal, withfeaturesthat will help you add words, choose example sentences, andshareyour creation with anyone you’d like. When you add words or apieceof text to Course Wizard, it intelligently creates a coursefromyour idea, presenting example sentences and stitchingeverythingtogether. That way, you can learn what interests youimmediately –and you can share it with friends too. Our 40+Spanish, German,Russian, French, and English linguists, datascientists, anddevelopers have combined the latest research inmachine learningwith our industry-leading language courses. Coursefocuses (ourthemes) in Spanish: - General Spanish - A Holiday inSpain -Talking Football in Spanish - Business Spanish - Colors inSpanish- The Human Body in Spanish - Animals in Spanish - FruitsinSpanish - Medical Spanish - The Family in Spanish - Your HomeinSpanish - Clothes in Spanish - Travel in Spanish - Love inSpanishCourse focuses (our themes) in French: - General French - AWeekendin Paris - Love in French Course focuses (our themes) inGerman: -General German - Talking Football in German Course focuses(ourthemes) in Russian: - General Russian Special Estonian100-YearCelebration Course (100 words): If you are planning a triptoEstonia, this mini-course will give you the vocabulary andculturalknow-how to fit right in. Register to view the course. Growyourvocabulary and learn a language faster than ever withLingvist’scutting-edge technology. Start learning a language today!Tosupport users from all over the world, Lingvist forEnglishvocabulary is available in 11 different languages:Estonian,French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese,and Chinese(both Traditional and Simplified). ===== ** FREE ANDUNLIMITED(SUBSCRIPTION) ** A subscription to Lingvist Unlimitedwill giveyou unlimited access to all learning features. Other areasof theapp – such as daily cards, new words, and access tolearningchallenges – may be limited on the free version. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: ===== ** SOCIAL ** Connect with uson: -Our blog => - Twitter=> - YouTube=> -LinkedIn=> -Instagram=> - Facebook=>
Pronunciation - Say it - Learn it 10.01.31
Common questions of these days to learners. How to pronounce it?Howto pronounce names? How to pronounce words? How do youpronounce itcorrectly? Is it pronounced right? Am I pronouncingwell? How am Iknow? ohhhh.... It's difficult.. English is so hardto pronounce. Iwant to learn French pronunciation. Do you want toknow the correctway to pronounce it? Many People find it difficultand in fear oftalking a different language thinking that theypronounce itwrongly. No more fear!! you will talk correctly. Over1000,000+downloaded around the world. This pronunciation app helpyou improveyour pronunciation skills and pronounce correctly. WhyPeoplerecommend this Pronunciation App - Lite weight - Offlinesupport -Change pronounce speed - Change pitch. - Change language.- canpronounce words. - can pronounce names. - can pronouncenumbers. -can pronounce symbols. - can pronounce sentences. - canpronounceparagraph. Hope you will love this pronunciation App.This is thebest pronunciation app. ** Note If application notworking , don'tworry. Please go to the HELP Menu.
Speak Italian - 5000 Phrases & Sentences 2.6.7
Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for dailyItalianconversation! ✔ 5,000 useful phrases for conversation. ✔LearnItalian in your tongue (60 languages available). ✔ Best FREEappfor learning fast. Speak Italian Fluently in RealConversationsWith Learn Italian application, you can now exploreover 5,000Italian phrases for short daily conversations whilehavingabsolutely pure fun! Whether you’re a tourist having avacation inan Italian speaking country or someone who just wants tospeak aforeign language, this application will help you learnItalianphrases in a fast, easy and enjoyable way. Why Our FREE AppisDifferent ✔ No internet connection required – play where youwantand when you want (offline). ✔ 5,000 common phrases –audiopronunciations and phonetic transcriptions to show you hownativespeaker from Italy actually pronounce them. ✔ 11 fun games –ainnovative approach to practice your listening, writingandspeaking skills. ✔ 4 levels for learning: beginner,intermediate,advanced and expert. ✔ 20 topics divided into 145subtopics – soyou’ll know what and when to say each phrase. Topicsfor Italianconversation: Greetings, Conversations with friends,Basicsentences, Travel, Transportation, Hotel, Restaurant,Food,Shopping, Work, Business etc. More Features to Improve YourItalianSpeaking Vocabulary ✔ Search and bookmark your mostcommonexpressions from the phrasebook. ✔ Earn points as yourItalianskills progress and unlock all levels for free. ✔“RandomCategories” feature to randomly select the topic, subtopicandgame. ✔ 60 languages –so you could understand and speak eachphraseeasily regardless of which country you’re from. AboutFunEasyLearn:Fun Easy Learn has developed many applications to helppeoplearound the world learn foreign languages for free. Fun EasyLearnapplications improve your Italian skills: speaking, listeningandgrammar. The dictionary of the apps has human voicepronunciationfor each common phrase to improve your speaking skill.SpeakItalian easily and fluently for travel, business or fun!
Spell and Pronounce Words Right 4.8
This application is for them who have hard timerememberingspellings and don’t know how to pronounce word inEnglish. Thebasic concept of this application is to convert voiceto text whichresult in giving you Right spellings, and to pronouncea word intext box which gives you idea about how to pronounce aword. Mostof the times we cannot type a word because we don’t knowspellingand if we don’t know spelling then we cannot search aboutit tooand using wrong spelling can be embarrassing specially ifworkingwith professional so use this app click Mic button Pronouncea wordand you get a spelling copy the Spelling and Paste :-) . Ifyoudon’t know how to pronounce a word properly then you can usethisapp too type a text in text box and press Speaker button andvoilaShe Speaks. Have Fun!!!.
This application is for the users who have basic knowledgeofEnglish but they hesitate to speak English fluently.The best waytoimprove English speaking in effective way is to speakfluentlywithout worrying about grammar.Beginners can improveEnglishspeaking skills to new heights by following tips of thisandroidapplication. This application teaches to improve Englishspeakingthrough well tested strategies which will further improveyourconfidence and your personality. Basic English conversations&common grammatical mistakes are also available in thisandroidapplication that are useful to improve English speakingskills.
Learn Hebrew Free 3.2
Learn Hebrew is a simple app for anyone who wishes to learnHebrewfast and easy. It is perfect for beginners and advancedusers.Recommended for those who wish to travel to Israel. Features:*Highquality translations made by Israeli citizens *Create yourownfavorite list *No Internet connection needed