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Demolition Derby 2 1.3.58
- Banger Racing - Destruction Derby - Open World Driving -Upgrade& Customize Vehicles - Smash and Bang your way to thelead inthis fun and exciting Demolition game inspired by BangerRacing andDestruction Derbies all around the world. • Free Drivemode •Demolition Derbies and Races • Police Chases • 50+ UniqueCars • 3Worlds • 60+ Racing Tracks and Demolition Arenas • Upgradesandcustomization for each car • Replays We want to hear fromyou!Please post a review and let us know any bugs and what featureorcar you want us to add to the game next!
Blocky Demolition Derby 1.51
Play fun demolition derby simulation in blocky / voxel world.It'slike those car crash games but in this game you are gettingblockcars demolished to pieces. With awesome damage effects too -youget to blow up and demolish different cars and watch theircubesfall off and fly around. Download now to get your demolitionderbyfun started. With more than 25 cars to play with (eachhavingseveral upgrades) 3 game modes and 15+ different levels, funlastsa while with Blocky Demolition Derby. Explore big levels,faceopponents of various difficulty and win to get cash. Make sureyoucheck out bouncy mode too if you're after some funny crashstylegame play. For those looking for some extra fun kick - choose"Tankmode" and get ready to deal out some serious damage tocaropponents using powerful turret gun. By using blockyeditorfeature, you can edit any vehicle, paint it or modify it anywayyou like, as long as you've purchased it before that. Also,there'sone template car (#20) that has empty / shell chassis andit's justwaiting for you to build up it's blocks from scratch. Letyourcreativity fly and customise any vehicle to your liking, for amorevisually awesome demolition derby experience. Start off with aabasic car and wreck your way through opponents, claimvictories& earn cash to buy and unlock even cooler vehicles tocrash:from ambulance to mean trucks. Each car can be upgraded: topspeed,acceleration and damage resistance. These are feats you'dwant toimprove to ensure victorious matches in your cardestructionadventures. With each improvement, your cube car becomesstrongerand more effective crashing machine. Graphics is in3D,cartoon-like and visual effects follow retro / blocky spirit ofthegame. Controls are suited to everyone's preference - usewheel,arrows or tilt to control your demolition machine. Unlock allcubecars, win destruction battles and have fun in the process.Updatesare coming for sure, expect more maps, cars and cool add-onswithtime. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts about the gameinthe reviews.
Car Crash Simulator: Extreme Derby 2.20
Crash and wreck all the cars! Drive fast to survive! Domaximumcrash damage possible, earn cash and unlock crazy stufflikemonster trucks and tanks. Sounds fun? Try the Car Crash&Demolition Derby Simulator and see how you like makingextremedestruction in exciting little car derby wars. It's a gamethat isa mix of crash style engine, fast paced racing action,demolitionderby and car war games - yet quite unique by itself.Don't EVEReven think about doing this in real life. Download thisgameinstead :) ****************** MODES ******************"Survival"mode in which you're collecting coins for in game cash byracingaround the level. Avoid AI cars as they're nearlyindestructible,and they will try to crash into your car. There's a10 minute limitfor this derby racing mode. Can you reach the limit?"Tank Hunt"mode - in which you're shooting down other cars with atank.Awesome! Right? In this mode you're the indestructible oneandsince it's only for fun - you need to crash other cars. Enjoythegreat demolition effects when you hit any car with aprojectile.Cars can be run over or shot down with a powerfulauto-aim turretgun. Also, 10 minute limit, so see how much can youcrush duringthat time. "Crash Arena" mode is even more fun: it'syou against upto 5 AI opponents at same time in a classicdemolition derby racingbattle. Who will survive in this extremewreckage? This mode istotal war! You can even set how manyopponents you want to take atsame time. I'd bet on you but we cannever know ;) There's manyways you can outsmart AI opponents, butmake no mistake - they areset to hunt you down and will not stopuntil demolished. "Tank Run"mode lets you collect coins for cash,but there's many challengesin doing so. They're all around themaps, and there's enemy carsyou need to avoid plus the TANK whichis after you. Yep, it'sshooting and at most you could take 3 hits,perhaps less if direct,so try not to get hit :) “Mech” mode putsyou in command of afuturistic battle-mech. It’s indestructible andyou can deal withthose cars by crushing them. Use turrets to shootdown all movingtargets and enjoy the blasts and pure destruction.Gain cash as youmake more damage and have fun. "Heavyweight" &"Big Vs Small"modes put you behind the wheels of big trucks,including themonster truck. For an extra punch :) Drive through orrun overenemy targets and have a blast while watching them demolishtopieces. ****************** MODES ****************** Car physicsisrealistic enough to ensure that simulation of crashesanddestruction is done really nice - you can damage car slightly oralot, and make its part fall off and fly around if you bump thecarhard enoug. Optimised for mobile, tho. Fun fun. All top scoresinall destruction derby modes will be submitted toleaderboardsautomatically if you log into Google Play Games upongame start, ofcourse, making it more fun to compete against otherplayers. Who'sthe ultimate car crash warrior? You have 18 cars toplay with and10+ maps to battle on, so enjoy demolition wars andgood luck!Download today, have fun and let me know your thoughtsabout gamein the reviews.
Whirlpool Demolition Car Wars 1.6
Game Bunkers
Whirlpool demolition car wars is a wreck-fest car smash gamewhereas a destruction driver you race the weaponized car toknockout,destroy, damage and demolish reckless cars by firingmissiles andsmashing hits. Whirpool Demolition Derby is an excitingcar smashgame where derby fighting path is going on offroad terrainfordemotion of derby opponents. Bash to crash the monster carswithmissiles and bombs in this extreme car battle. Are you readyforexperiencing whirlpool stunt driving & racing skillsindangerous whirlpool Demolition Derby Car Wars Simulator gameof2017. Drive carefully to avoid falling into a whirlpool otherwiseyour monster car will get destroyed. Forget the roads it'sallabout demolition derby racing with thrilling whirlpoolfightingadventure on challenging rough paths. So as a superhero getreadyfor real war with your rebel cars in challengingwhirlpooldemolition derby. Enjoy an extreme whirlpool derby deadlycar warracing and win whirlpool hill city grand arena. Fasten yourseatbelt, hold your steering tightly and hit your whirlpoolopponents’derby car as hard as you can to crash them into pieces.Be thelegend of the final Car Demolition Fight League championshipandemerge as the last superhero survivor of thrilling monsterderbystunt mania! It's a kill or be killed situation. As ademolitionman you have to push, hit, and damage your opponentsvehicles. It’sa wipeout in the war zone situation. To be alive youhave todestroy and kill them all in this crazy car death racing.You needa daredevil driving skills who will never back out fromchallengingand dangerous situations. Speed up your powerful vintagecar andmonster jack to destro your destruction rivals off the trackwithamazing crash stunts. Whirlpool Demolition Car Wars 3DFeatures: -No internet connection required - Shoot and destroy allenemyracing rivals - Whirlpool demolition derby game with furiousracing& realistic car collision - Thrilling missions inbattlearenas, race tracks & speedways - Various destructionderbycars and monster trucks - Both Level mode and Endless modeforutmost banger racing - Realistic bang and destruction soundeffects- Easy controls for extreme car driving - Nerve wreckinghigh speedrace & realtime car death racing
Reckless Car Racing 1.4
Do you like racing games? If yes then this This MULTIPLAYERRACING(PVP) is for you! In Reckless Car Racing, get the feel ofbeing thefearless driver that speed up on extreme highway roads andbeatopponents using nitro boost with finest game controls. Chooseyourbest car and challenge other players in this MULTIPLAYERRACING(PVP). Jump up the leaderboards and prove yourself to be thebestcar racing driver. Do the reckless drive on racing tracksandovertake without crashing into opponent cars using extremedrivingtricks and buckle up for the dangerous racing challenge inRecklessCar Racing game 2018! Download now one of the best recklesscargames of 2018 where knockout racing will make you the bestracer.Accelerate to show xtreme stunt with insane speed and provethatyou are the most intense and competitive car racing driver incarracing games 2018! Each level is more challenging andthrillingthan the other level. It’s time for exciting ride andcrazy stuntExperience the breathtaking thrilling adventure that candeliverthe extreme racing fun possible. Race your car in thisfearless andwreckless racing adventure and speed car drivingsimulator!Features • Stunning 3D Graphics • Reckless Car RacingChallenge •Smooth and Realistic Driving • Detailed Environments •Time LimitedQuests • Leaderboards and Achievements • JoinMultiplayer RacingPVP
Demolition Derby: School Bus 1.2
Get ready for a fiery display of destruction and "legal roadrage"in School Bus Demolition Derby! Play as a brave driver asthesesturdy large machines tear into each other. Smash and destroyrivalbuses to disable them while sustaining minimal damage to yourownvehicle, over and over again until you’re the last onestanding!School Bus Demolition is an absolutely thrilling andaction packedbig-moto carnage game, where your skills are tested tothe extremewith speed driving and recklessness!Demolition Derby:School BusFeatures:•Nerve wrecking high speed demolitionaction.•Real-timevehicle destruction and damage.•Surreal visualeffects.•RealisticVehicle Physics and smooth controls.•Choose yourfavorite schoolbus model.•Improve your vehicle's performance andstrength throughupgrades•Choose from 3 control options to suit yourdrivingstyle•Awesome environments: Derby Arena, Roof TopHelipad.•Can yousurvive deadly demolition mania?About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker:TAPM) develops and publishes games on mobileplatforms. TheCompany’s portfolio includes over 250 mobile gamingtitles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 million downloads.Tapinatoris headquartered in New York. For more info,
Tractor Demolition Derby: Crash Truck Wars 1.1
Do you like playing giant vehicles destruction games? Aredemolitionderby games are challenging and fun to play? If yes thenwelcome tothis new Tractor Demolition Derby: Crash Truck Wars gameof 2018.The farmer tractors are used for farming but this time thefarmingtractor driving skills are meant to be demolish fightingtrucks andmonster cars. Usually demolition derby is a competitionin whichcars are driven into each other until only one car is leftrunning,however in this derby battle there are giant trucks andheavy dutytractors that are crashing into each other for survival.As aAmerican destruction driver's see how long can you survivethecompetition. In this wreckage driving simulation game funlittlewars are going on among tractors and big rig destructivetrucks.The Russian banger went on the rampage and wrecked the bigcars.Themain mission is to wreck, damage and demolish as much enemyaspossible.This is open world US Truck driving and racing gamewhereas a reckless driver you have crash all the tractors andtrucks bysmashing hits and firing missiles! Tractor crash engineoccurs whenthe sturdy large machines bang with rival truckers.Driving the bigmachine of steel in the crash arena against eagerdemolish-ervehicles is not easy task, you have to smash and destroy18 wheelertrucks while sustaining minimal damage to your ownindestructiblelong vehicle. Drag you opponents by tractor pull andpush in themost thrilling whirlpool demolition derby game of 2018.So Let'sbuckle up the driving seat belt of roaring engine vehicleto playthe ultimate derby destruction battle game. You have achance tobecome new demolition derby legend by smashing your rivalmonstervehicles to rubble and thrash them into pieces. You canupgrade thepower of monster trucks and farming tractors by pickingthe healthpacks and missiles from derby turf. It's time to Show upyourextreme driving skills and stunts monster derby stunt mania.Play,destroy, conquer and dominate Russian trucks in the vehicleswarsarena.You can play two different modes in tractor demolitionderby:Crash Truck wars game:- Endless battle field mode in whichyou haveto damage the maximum power pulling vehicles without timelimits.-Carrier mode in this mode you have to demolish theindestructibleAI trucks as they're nearly indestructible. There isa time limitin derby turf for this destruction battle mode.
Whirlpool Monster Truck Demolition Derby Battle 1.0.1
Game Bunkers
Whirlpool Monster Truck Demolish Battle is a wreck-fest trucksmashgame where as a destruction driver you race the weaponizedtrucksto knockout, destroy, damage and demolish reckless monstercars byfiring missiles and smashing hits. Whirpool Demolition Derbyis anexciting truck smash game where derby fighting is going oninwhirlpool arena for demolition of derby opponents. Bash and bangtocrash the monster cars with missiles and bombs in thisextremetruck vs cars battle.Get ready for experiencing whirlpoolstuntdriving & racing skills in dangerous whirlpool MonsterTruckDemolish Battle Simulator game of 2017. Drive carefully toavoidfalling into a whirlpool other wise your monster car willgetdestroyed. Forget the roads it's all about demolition derbyracingwith thrilling whirlpool fighting adventure on challengingroughpaths. So as a superhero get ready for real war with your bigwheelrebel trucks in challenging whirlpool demolition derby. Enjoyanextreme whirlpool derby deadly trucks war racing and winwhirlpoolgrand arena. Fasten your seat belt, hold your steeringtightly andhit your whirlpool opponents’ derby car as hard as youcan to crashthem into pieces. Be the legend of the final CarDemolition FightLeague championship and emerge as the lastsuperhero survivor ofthrilling monster derby stunt mania!It's akill or be killedsituation. As a demolition man you have to push,hit, and damageyour opponents monster cars. It’s a wipeout in thewar zonesituation. To be alive you have to destroy and kill themall inthis crazy car death racing. You need a daredevil drivingskillsfor huge destruction who will never back out from challenginganddangerous situations. Speed up your powerful vintage carandmonster jack to destroy your destruction rivals off the trackwithamazing crash stunts.Monster Truck Demolish Battle Features: -Nointernet connection required- Shoot and destroy all enemyracingrivals- Whirlpool demolition derby game with furious racing&realistic car collision- Thrilling missions in battle arenas,racetracks & speedways- Various destruction derby cars andmonstertrucks- Both Level mode and Endless mode for utmost bangerracing-Realistic bang and destruction sound effects - Easy controlsforextreme car driving- Nerve wrecking high speed race &realtimecar death racing
Demolition Derby 1.18
Your aim is to destroy all your opponents in thedifferentdestruction derby arenas. Be one of the last 3 driving andyou'llget money to unlock new cars, tracks and customizations.Features:• 14 playable cars • Car customization • 4 differentTracks • Driveagainst up to 9 opponents • Realistic car deformationanddestruction • 3 different steering options (Wheel, Buttons,Tilt)Stay tuned for more to come!
Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena - Crash of Cars 3D 1.0.3
Logix Tech
Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena is a car crash racing game.Crashinggame has never been so crazy. Xtreme Derby DemolitionArenaincludes the core concept of a demo derby and crashingwithinitself. Demolition Derby games are fun to play. Demolitionderbyracing includes the derby skills more than the racing skills.Areyou ready to enjoy demolition derby xtreme racing car deathracing?Fasten your seat belt and sit tight to win demolition derbyracing.Just hit hard & reckless all other derby cars, crashthem anddestruction rivals derby drivers to crash them whiledamaging toyour own vehicle, hit hard again and again until you winalone atderby racing tracks. Drag other derby cars in addition pushyourramp rivals off the track to win the car crash derby deathrace.Speed up your vintage car & truck and enjoy with amazingcarcrash stunts. Demolition derby extreme car racing is anadventureand action packed vehicle destruction game, where your cardrivingskills are tested to the extreme level with furious drivingtorecklessness. Xtreme car racing stunts arena challenge beginswithan extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles driving andtruckstunt.Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena also is about racingderby. Theracing arena is of two types in the game. Destructionderby andstock car crashing is being carried out in a stadium. Oneof themis filled with the mud for dirt racing and the other one isfilledwith the nicely cut grass field. The demolition rebel carsdoingcar wars or war racing and playing the crash derby. DerbyRacing isabout destruction of the opponents car by qrash. Thesekind ofwhirpool car war games are amazing and entertaining at thesametime. The demo derby game awesome stock of cars e.g. bumpercars,smash cars and derby race cars. These multi cars areunleashedbased on the coins. The logic behind getting the coins isto playthe speedway derby. This is about races to death. Demolitionracingstarts off minimum cars in the first level. Derby racinggetcomplicated once it gets going in the levels. Destructionderbygames have always been a wild game. The crash derby is playedbychasing after the opponent car e.g manobra and intentionallydoingthe car accident. To destroy cars one have to be veryskillful.Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena have monster cars at the endlevels.It would be then crazy cars vs monsters. The crash of carsin thecrash arena is depicted by the health bar of your car. Youhave tobe careful in this car battles. This crash derby days or thestuntcar racing game is absolutely free on the play store and itisamongst the best destruction derby games. Enjoy it, play itandleave us a review. The extreme sports car stunts is here togiveyou the thrilling adventure of driving, drift and demolitionderbyxtreme racing. The sports car driving on the racing tracksisnothing less than awesome. Drive monster jack inoppositedirections and crash enemy vehicles to be the last racerstandingin car war zone.Following are the features of the game:1.There aretwo modes provided in the game2. Every mode have 10levels. 3.Difficulty of the levels is handled w.r.t. the levelnumber4.Awesome graphics and easy 3D controls5. Health bar ismaintained inthe game play to make sure the player health.6.Awesome modernderby cars in the garage which are unleashed on thebase of thecoins. 7. Superb Sounds used in the game
Demolition Derby 3D 1.5
Italy Games
Demolition Derby can be dangerous but it’s also the most funtowreck into other cars! Deliberately destroy other cars in the#1Demolition Derby game on Android now!Demolition Derby (a.k.aBangerRacing) is a motorsport event in which drivers competingbydeliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. This gamehastons of car crashing, engine revving, dirt-flying fun withmorethan 40 events. Smell the petrol fumes, enjoy the carnage andbethe last driver whose vehicle is still operational to winthevictory!Game Features:- All vehicles and weapons have theirownbehavior. Find your favorite!- Stunning 3D graphics and greatsoundeffects- Realistic car destruction, damage deformation anddebrissimulation- Best in Show, Mad Dog and tons of otherachievements
Xtreme Demolition Derby Racing- Muscle Cars Crash 1.5
Buckle up for extreme mayhem and adrenaline-filled muscle carracinginside traditional demolition derbies arena. Play XtremeDemolitionDerby Racing 3D simulator game for extreme gameplaywhile smashingopponents derby cars. Drive monster jack in oppositedirections andcrash enemy vehicles to be the last racer standingin car warzone.Dare to be an ultimate derby driver in extremedemolition deathracing. Roll into whirlpool demolition car cultureand startadrenaline-filled xtreme racing. Leave gravity in dustand evaderelentless force to crash & smash in xtrememotorsport gameever. Launch yourself between chaos amongdestruction rivals, hitthe gas pedal to increase auto speed andhold on tight, you’re infor the ride of your life. Destroyopponents in demolition derbiesand full track speedway racers thatwill offer you the thrill of alifetime.Outrun opponent cars andoutsmart your rivals in the mostdangerous & furious drivinggame. Rules of demolition derbyconsists of muscle car driverscompeting by deliberately rammingtheir monster vehicles into oneanother. Hit, thrash and knockoutthe rivalry to become last derbydriver in epic multiplayer battlearena. Choose from range of derbycars or monster trucks and driveto smash and thrash in knockoutracing war. In european countriesderby race is known as bangerracing and more likely enduro racingin the United States. Ridebumper cars on dirt tracks and winthrough strengthen yourendurance race. Hit through crazy carwreckage mode to crashopponents and survive to be the last carstanding after racingcarnage. Smash into other autocars and limitderby car damage forvictory. Smell petrol fumes in survival arenaand enjoy vehicularcombat crash racing. Hop on your sturdy bumpercar collision andenter destruction derby arena. Choose among 3thrilling death racemodes along with real flying car combat. Rideon spectacular frozentracks and sand arenas across the countrysidefor endlessdestruction driving mania.For survival mode, don’t letthe rivalcars destroy your derby vehicle. Overtake and hit hardforcollision and opponent car damage in xtreme truckdestructionmodes. Execute reckless collisions and don’t get hitfrom rivals toprevent your crazy car from extreme damages. Buildand upgradeextreme rides with an unbelievable range of bumper carsandgigantic truck for epic destruction simulator. Play inbreathtakingenvironments that you’ll need to tame with crazieststunts you canpull off in combat racing arena. Fire up nitro, smashopponentvehicles and survive in wrecking coliseum.Xtreme DemolitionDerbyRacing 3D Simulator Game Features:Thrilling demolition derbygamewith extreme racing & epic car destruction20intriguingmissions to complete in battle arenas, race tracks&speedwaysUnlock derby cars and monster trucks for utmostbangerracingCrash racing modes: Sand Storm Arena, Frozen Peak Arena&Survival PitDetailed car models and collision damages withrealtime physicsImmersive sound effects and smooth controlsforrealistic car drivingNerve wrecking high speed race &realtimecar death racingEmbark on a journey for total car wreckageinfurious driving style. Download Xtreme Demolition DerbyRacing,latest action-simulator game for enthralling gameplay inextremecar collision modes.
School Bus Demolition Derby 1.0.1
Will you become the ultimate Demolition Derby champion?It's timetotake your school bus off the road and start competing in somegoodold demolition derby events across the country. Pick your ownpaintjob and choose your upgrades wisely as you aim to become thenextbig champ! Mastering this big machine of steel in the arenaagainstother eager racing fanatics is no easy task, but with yourskillsand a bit of luck you will surely smash your opponents torubble.3,2, 1 start your engines, skip the next bus stop and letyourdemolition derby days begin!Features include:★ Many busesBuseswith different styles and characteristics for you tochoose.★Various events Events offer track variation including roundarenas,dirt ovals and speedway tracks.★ Upgrade your bus Add armor,engineupgrades... you name it!★ Realistic and fun bus paint jobs(styleyour bus) Check out the various styles you can apply to yourbus.★Day and night racing events★ Real car physics giving a realdrivingexperience★ Adjust the controls to your liking★ True tolifedestruction simulation (including damage deformation)★ Detailed3dgraphics optimized to run smooth on your mobile phone ortabletdeviceTips on becoming a school bus demo derby proThis gamedoesnot only offer a fun demolition derby experience, but it isalso aquite realistic simulator that offers real destruction andwreckagesimulation as the buses crash against each other;furthermore thegame brings very realistic vehicle physics makingthe drivingexperience feel very authentic. So to become a pro youneed to makesure you take some time to practice as a high speedbusdriver andexperiment with the controls. Once you know how todrive your busthen it's time to learn how to ram and smash yourrivals the rightway. Here it is key to try and smash your opponentsfrom the sideas this will inflict most damage to them whileminimizing your owndamage. Also note that well placed and timedattacks can get youropponents bus to rollover which will leave themas a sitting duckfor you to crash into a pile of debris. Watch outfor head-oncollisions as these have high impact on the health ofboth you andyour rivals. When racing the dirt ovals you really needto developyour racing abilities as these events are more aboutsmooth controlthan simply trying to demolish your adversaries. Tryto learn andmake subtle steering moves as you keep your vehicle ona smoothpath cross the oval track. Like in any motorsports,practice makesperfect!Tracks & boostersBefore every event youcan pick abooster to enhance your chance of winning. These includearmor,damage, nitro, and tire/wheel protection. All boosters areappliedautomatically, only the nitro needs to be applied bypressing thenitro button during game-play. Damage and armor arevery useful inderby events while the nitro can really help youovertake rivals inoffroad bangers races. Tip: nitro will rechargeslightly uponsmashing opponents!UpgradesGetting new upgrades foryour cityschool bus is both useful and fun. At any demolition derbyeventyou want to make a statement and showoff your bus to thecrowd.Getting the right paint job for the bus makes all thedifference.To crush your rivals and be the last man (bus) standingyou willneed to fit your vehicle with new armor, engine, andhandlingparts. Improving your bus is key to winning later events inwhichthe opponents will get tougher to beat. Remember your rivalswillnot sit and wait either; they are looking to improve and becomethenext champ just like you. You choose your own strategy; go formorehorse power; get better 4x4 drift handling, or arm your buswithextra armor to deliver max damage. Note than differentracingtracks and events often require a unique racingtactic.DownloadSchool Bus Demolition Derby now for free and becomethe nextdemolition derby legend!
Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby 1.0.1
In the futuristic city, derby bike crash racing tournament hasjustbegin. Who are big fan of destruction derby bike wars in thearena.All big robot tycoons from the futuristic city to enjoy thefuturebike destruction derby fight. The speedway derby bike areselectedin this missile mania machine fire battle. The futuristiccity hasits own way of car war battle style. Robots of thisfuturistic cityarena are thrilled by this epic destruction derbymissile maniabike war. Future robot bike are more powerful thanbefore havingthe ultimate machine fire power for real destruction,demolitionand bike crash. Be the real destruction driver in thisreal bikewars fighting game that races to the death. The missilemania fightis going to be intense, with destruction derby bikeshooting eachother. Be the warrior in this crash derby bike racingclash gameand wipe out the rival monster death racer future bikeand futurecars. In this Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby, weintroducefor the first time, monster cars, rocket launcher, androbot bikeas rival.You got in you to race to the death. Show thecrowd thatwhat you are capable to clash with future robot bikes.This gamehas future bike, monster car, rocket launcher in afuturistic arenathat is in the center of futuristic city. Drive tochase your derbybike opponents, smash and crash them by hittinghard and using thepower of ultimate machine fire. Crash into therival future bike,destruction derby bike opponents. Get ready forextreme future bikeracing demolition war where your robot bikeracing and drivingskills are tested to the limits. Go againstextreme hurdles, motoracing, crash stunt, high jumps and speedracing with recklessdestruction derby bike stunt like a real deathrider and demolishyour ultimate machine fire motorbike opponents.The real bike stuntrider war has begun where ultimate machine firepower will decideyour fate.Bring maximum destruction and demolitionto the monsterderby bike robots in an amazing bike racing anddriving simulator.Get ready for an impossible derby motorbikebattle challenge in thefuturistic city arena and let no other winthis ultimate machinefire moto fighting game of 2017! Bike RacingFuturistic DemolitionDerby has extreme weather condition and canonsraining out of skyas well. Now go and go extreme in crazy missilemania Bike RacingFuturistic Demolition Derby.Features:• Realdestruction in BikeRacing Futuristic Demolition Derby!• Demolishmoto rivals inthrilling driving & racing adventure!• Rush tocrush futurerivals in demolition derby arena!Crash, hits, firemissile, realstunts and hurdles!• Control the future derby robotbike to attackmotorbike rivals!• High Quality 3D graphics and bestsound effects!
Demolition Derby: Crash Racing 1.3.1
Get ready for the ultimate arcade racer! How long can yousurvivethe arena? Smell the petrol fumes and enjoy the carnage!Someof theawesome features of this game:★ Explore many events,including"last car driving" and demolition races (arena, 8 track,ovals andspeedway)★ Intense high speed racing action★ Real-timecardestruction and damage deformation + crash physics engine★Choosebetween wide range of thoroughbred all American (USA) musclecars★Customize and improve your car by fitting upgrades★Incrediblevisuals and solid performance on a wide range of devices★Chooseand modify control system to facilitate your drivingstyle★Realistic car wreckage and debris simulationGet ready to raceanddestroy your opponents in demolition derbies and fulltrackspeedway racers that will offer you the thrill of alifetime.Destruction has never felt so real as you see doors andother carparts smash of your car. Tracks and eventsThe game offersvarioustracks and events across the nation for endless racinganddestruction driving pleasure. Arena Demolition DerbiesPlaythetraditional demolition derby events in an arena. All driversstartin opposite directions and the goal is to smash the other carsandbe the last man (car) standing to win the race.Race track/speedway eventsYou can also drive on race and speedway trackswhichgives a different type of challenge and experience. Theseraces arereferred to as a banger racing (for British and Europeans)and aremostly referred to as enduro racing in the United States.Duringthese gatherings you are invited to race on (dirt) racetracks andyou can try to win by reaching the finish first orthroughendurance as you disable your opponents and survive to bethe last(man / car) standing after the racing carnage. The questfordestruction continues in the latest version that now alsoincludesenhanced day and night scenery. Try to master all trackswithdifferent vehicles and and test your driving skills to the maxasyou aim to complete all tracks with the full3-stars!+Somegame-play tipsHave fun smashing and destroying youradversaries,but understand that the game is a quite accuratesimulation of thereal thing! In this derby simulator limiting cardamage is key tobecoming victorious and how you smash into othercars makes a bigdifference. Always try to smash rivals in the sideof their vehicleor from the rear. A reckless head-on collisions onthe other handshould be avoided to prevent your engine to die orother extremedamage to occur. To boost the damage you inflict on anrival youcan get your motor rev up and run faster by using thenitro boost.Nitro boosts and other power-ups can be purchasedbefore therace.+Endless ModeCompete against other players onlinefor theGoogle Play Services leaderboard. This is a survival modewith abulldozer/tractor that will drag your destroyed rivals of theranchas new wannabees prepare to enter the pitch. Between roundsyoutake a short pit-stop to regain some stamina; note this andpullingcars can be skipped (tap).+UpgradesThe current game versionallowsyou to pick from various cars (incl. muscle, classic stockcar, orarmored pick-up truck). Tip the latest all American classiccaradded in 1.3.0 offers superb handling and drift capabilities.Theseall have the pros and cons. Be sure to buy upgrades wisely asthevarious type of events require different cars. Use armorupgradesto strengthen your endurance; or engine upgrades to boostyourspeed, push and pulling power. Good results let you earn moremoney(cash) during races!So stay tuned and rush to join the mayhemas webend some serious metal in 2017. If you like demolition derbygamescheck our update with capture the flag mode soon. Hold on totheflag while you whirlpool round your rival taunting them intopurevertigo!3, 2, 1 start your download and join theultimatedemolition derby game experience now!
Whirlpool Demolition Derby Tank War Hero 1.0
Game Bunkers
Drive Weaponry Army Tanks to Destroy and Drag the war carsintoHell!! Whirlpool Demolition Derby Tank Hero Wars is awreck-festIron Tank smash game where as a destruction Tank driveryou racethe weaponized Tanks to knockout, destroy, damage anddemolishreckless cars by firing missiles and smashing hits.WhirpoolDemolition Derby Tank is an exciting car smash game wherederbyfighting path is going on offroad terrain for demotion ofderbyopponents. Bash to crash the monster cars with Heavy Tankmissilesand bombs in this extreme Iron Tank Storm Battle to proveyourselfas a real tank warrior.Destroy vehicles otherwise theywilldemolish your army tank. Get ready for challenging whirlpoolstuntdriving & racing skills in dangerous whirlpool DemolitionDerby3D simulator game of 2017. As a reckless legend driverDestroyrebel cars in real tank war. Be the Superhero of extremewhirlpoolderby deadly tank war racing to win whirlpool hill citygrandarena. In challenging whirlpool demolition derby drivecarefully toavoid falling into a whirlpool other wise your monstertank willget destroyed.Drive to smash and thrash! Speed up yourheavy Tanksto push your destruction rivals off the battle arena byfiringmissiles and using crash stunts. It’s an ultimate survivaltestagainst all muscle car drivers. Whirlpool Demolition DerbyTankwars 2017 is the best vehicle destruction game where you’vetocrash enemy vehicles. Knockout all the monster cars to be thelastracer in car war zone.Whirlpool Demolition Derby Tank WarHeroFeatures:- It’s Free and can be played offline- DetailedVehiclesmodels and collision damages with real time physics-Thrillingwhirlpool demolition derby game with extreme crashracingexperience- Realistic Car Demolition, Crash and Smash-Variety ofOpponents to Fight With in car wars- Realistic tankdestruction,damage deformation and debris simulation
Demolition Derby Xtreme Racing 1.1.1
Are you ready to enjoy demolition derby xtreme racing ? Fastenyourseat belt and sit tight to win demolition derby xtreme racing.Justhit hard & reckless all other derby cars, crash themanddestruction rivals derby drivers to crash them while damagingtoyour own vehicle, hit hard again and again until you win aloneatderby racing track. Drag other derby cars in addition pushyourrivals off the track to win the car crash derby death race.Speedup your car & truck and enjoy with amazing car crashstunts.Demolition derby extreme car racing is an adventure andactionpacked vehicle destruction game, where your car drivingskills aretested to the extreme level with furious driving torecklessness.Those who love performing high level car stunts, fastdriving,dangerous turns and multiple hurdles. Xtreme car racingstuntsarena challenge begins with an extra dose of amazingmultiplevehicles driving and truck stunt. Go against hurdles, carcrashing,high jumps and speed racing. Always try to crash rivalcars fromside & rear. A reckless face-to-face crashes and avoidto stopyour engine if extreme damage caused. There are many twistandturns on all tracks so be careful with your drive. It’s anultimatesurvival test against all opponents with your demolitionderbyxtreme car driving skills. Be a fearless stuntman toperformbreathtaking car stunts on various challenging levels. Dragyourcar all the way to the stadium and let’s bash! Have fundemolishingand destruction your opponents, but understand that thegame is anamazing racing car driving simulation of the real game inthisdemolition derby simulator car damaging and how you demolishothercars. Get exposure to several game-play levels withdemolitionderby xtreme car driving and 3d stunts. The realchallenginggameplay missions will make you drive with demolitionderby xtremespeed and perform car stunts. Prove yourself as thereal stuntmanand perform massive jumps and survive the immensetask. All driversstart in opposite directions and the goal is todemolish the othercars, trucks and be the car winner standing towin the race. Youcan also drive on race and speedway tracks whichgives a differenttype of challenge and experience. Demolition DerbyXtreme CarRacing 3D Game Features: • Daring wrecking high speedracingadventure • Realistic car destruction, crash and damage •Real CarPhysics and smooth driving controls • Variety of Amazingcar modelsand heavy trucks • Realistic Driving Experience of cars&trucks • Smooth Controls, Engine & hydraulic Brakes •AmazinglyBeautiful 3D Environments & sound effects So what areyouwaiting for? Download the “Demolition Derby Xtreme Car Racing”3DGame and enjoy the experience of real destruction & crashingin2017 adventures driving simulator game.
Monster Truck Demolition War 1.0
Tap 2 Run
Buckle up! Start your engine and hit the gas paddle as MonsterTruckDemolition War in derby arena is here to revolutionize themonstercar destruction & road rampage. Xtreme stunts and bigramp carwhirlpool demolition racing game. Monster truck derbygames havenever felt so adventurous. Play your favoritedestruction derbygames.Miami Game Studio welcomes you to new 2017adventure byplaying derby xtreme game where the race war is goingon with bumpercars that are weaponized with missiles, combatracing skills andmonster derby jack. In this demo derby cardemolish the monsterbumper cars by shooting and hitting them hardwith your monstercars. Xtreme Car racing and truck destruction iswaiting for you inthe monster ramp car derby demolition arena.This is the ultimateknock out racing in monster racing war is notthat easy as minnowbumper racing cars in speedway derby with ourMonster TruckDemolition War: the ultimate road rampage in demoderby arena. Hitfor realistic car crash and destruction rivals. InDerby demolitionderby monster car smash game you need to destroyor damage othermonster trucks and cars.Demolition derby 2017 getsan edge over youropponents in derby car race by trying to bumpthem off the track. InDeath car reckless racing don’t lose yourbalance and be the firstto fall. Become the reckless racing legendon rough bumps will liein your way. There is big truck destructionto banger racers whilecars battle with monster truck derby gamesof 2017. Let’s start thedestruction derby madness in deadlyoffroad race and forget aboutthe mainstream highway getaway carcrash and road rampage as you sitbehind the monster truck wheels.Real demolition war offers you theultimate thrill to wreck othercars in roughly death race with realspeedway deadly destructionand truck demolition mania. Xtremedemolition derby with furiousdriving and racing to recklessnesswith the extra feature ofmonster car war will throw long rangemissiles to the racing rivalsthat will harm cars or trucks forquick destruction. Destroy otherramp cars! this derby destructiongame is going to bring you allthe thrill of carnage.Mad TruckDemolition Arena War Features:✓Daring wrecking high speed racingwith real demolition action.✓Thrilling monster destruction derbyracing experience. ✓ Absolutetreat for the lovers of truck cardestruction, deformation and realdamage. ✓ Xtreme stunts with crazydriving in demo derby games forfree. ✓ Big American muscle cars andmonster trucks for hugedestruction. ✓ Every monster vehicle hasguided weapons and armedmissile. Folks! Play this demolition derbyarena battle withMonster Truck Demolition War with adventures carcrashing of 2017and real monster truck war & destruction derbyexperience.
Limo Xtreme Demolition Derby 1.2
Become an impossible derby battle challenger in the arena winthismuscle car fighting game of 2017Race and destroy your opponentsindemolition derbies to have the thrill of a lifetime. Smash yourcaras well as smash opponents cars by playing this LimoXtremeDemolition Derby simulation game of 2017. Tighten your seatbelt towin demolition derby racing and defeating rival cars, crashthemall and destroy rival derby cars. Damage your own vehicle butto alimited extent and crash the cars of opponents within timelimit.Speed up your vintage car and truck to enjoy amazing carcrashstunts. This is an adventure and action packed game forourplayers. This car war derby demolition is a real war betweenyouand your rivals.Chase out the enemies in thrillingfightingadventure on rough dusty paths just like offroad tracksTheextremesports car stunts and demolition derby are here to give youthethrilling adventure of driving, drift, crash, smash anddemolitionderby xtreme racing. This extreme luxury sports cardriving on theracing tracks is awesome experience. You will masterthe simulationand driving skills. Limo Xtreme Demolition Derby willmake youcrazy and this game is an amazing racing car drivingsimulation ofthe real game in this demolition derby simulator cardamaging.Bring out your extreme driving skills in this high levelrooftopstunts challenge and real challenging gameplay of thisfreesimulation game.Mark your name as an ultimate legend ofDemolitionDerby Real Car Battle Simulator!This amazing game ofstartingdemolition derby is a high speed bike derby racing stunts.Be thereal destruction driver in this real Limo Xtreme DemolitionDerbysimulation game. This extreme derby car battle will be playedindusty arena just like offroad tracks where epic crash racingandimpossible derby car wars will take place. Extremedestruction,crash racing, missiles, damage, muscle car stunts, fastderby driftracing, ramps and other obstacles are on the way.RealLimousinesand Cars in Demolition DerbyReady for war and a furiousattack witha gunship Limousine Car? You can strike and shoot tokill yourenemy in the battle field. Being a fury shooter andassassin, driveyour action machines to bash and thrash the gunnertanks in youropposition. Limo Xtreme Demolition Derby is an extremeracing maniajust to demolish the car squad by an extreme virtualrace. Play ournew crash games, do collision in racing limo car andtest yourextreme driving skills and have fun in best simulationgames of2017.Awful and Real Derby Limo Battle to Become anUltimateChampion!It is a speedway derby which is among bestdestructionderby games and demolition derby games. The Limo XtremeDemolitionDerby by Game Sim Studios is a kind of death race whereyou have toshow your extreme driving skills just like a policeracing or armyracing. Do crash racing and smash racing with yourderby. Debris ofyour Limo Xtreme Demolition Derby may split aroundbut be carefulwhile driving.Survive Extreme Damage andDestruction!So pick upyour gadget to install our game Limo XtremeDemolition Derby andbecome part of monster truck squad, do speedwayracing and survivalracing. This derby car race is a crash test foryour drivingskills. Your 4x4 vehicle has real time physics, amazingsounds andbeautiful environment.Features of Limo Xtreme DemolitionDerby•Limo Car Destruction Extreme Battle.• Wipe out the Enemies,Crushthem and Destroy them All.• Amazing Vehicles andLimousinesAvailable to Unlock!ABOUT US: We, Game Sim Studios,provideentertainment with responsibility to maintain quality. Wealwayswelcome feedbackandcomments.
Derby Destruction Simulator 3.0.0
Add your favorite car! Write your favorite vehicles in commentsandwe will add them in the next update! One of the most addictiveandentertaining physics based derby games ever made! And it'sfree!Uncontrollable battles Quickly take the car and go to smash!Let'ssee if you can survive the most deadly smash field! Challengeyourcar driving skills in the most dangerous whirlpool demolitionderbygame ever to be on the rampage. Drive your awesome vehicleandthrash your opponents to pieces. It’s time for chaos insidethewhirlpool of metal pieces demolition derby turf. Get ready fortheultimate arcade racer! How long can you survive the arena?Smellthe petrol fumes and enjoy the carnage! The smell of burningandvictory The engines are roaring, the dust is seeping in throughthecar windows, and you don’t even have time to put on your seatbeltbefore it’s time to go! Your objective... wreak as much enemiesaspossible. Derby Destruction Simulator is adrenaline-filledmusclecar racing game with damage, realistic physics andbeautifulgraphics, innovative game play mechanics and good fun!GameFeatures: ★ Realistic, detailed model of car collision andbodydeformations based upon actual physics! ★ Old, crappy butrealAmerican cars from yesteryear's battle in this game! Suggestyourfavorite cars. We welcome your suggestions! ★ MassiveCollisions! ★Easy control. ★ Spectacular time dilation after highdamage. ★ TrueHD soundtracks, and real car sounds! ★ A powerfulartificialintelligence of opponents. ★ Different unique arenas. ★The blastsof destruction cars will blow your mind. ★ Amazinggraphics andeffects on a wide range of devices. ★ Elaboratedsystemoptimization. Play, destroy, conquer and dominate Choosefromvarious cars and tracks and hit the Play button to instantlyplayagainst demolition derby rivals. Easy to play, but buckle upandfasten your seat belts as you smash your way to victory andbecomethe next big demolition derby champion. Bang and smash thewannabecompetition in this next generation racing game experience!Getready to destroy your opponents in demolition derbies thatwilloffer you the thrill of a lifetime. Your Demolition Derbydriverscareer You are now one of the proud owners of your own derbyracingcar with a driving permit to join the derby events! Thevoyage islong with many challenges ahead as opponents all over theworldwill soon test your driving skills. Building your own drivingstyleis key to find what best works vs. your adversaries; do youchooseto become a smart driver who waits for its prey at the momentoftruth, or are you the dare devil that goes for an all outcombatapproach to knockout and annihilate its rivals. Advices andTipsThis game does not only offer a fun demolition derbyexperience,but it is also a quite realistic simulator that offersrealdestruction and wreckage simulation as the buses crash againsteachother; furthermore the game brings very realistic vehiclephysicsmaking the driving experience feel very authentic. So tobecome apro you need to make sure you take some time to practice asa highspeed car driver and experiment with the controls. Also notethatwell placed and timed attacks can get your opponents cartorollover which will leave them as a sitting duck for you tocrashinto a pile of debris. Watch out for head-on collisions asthesehave high impact on the health of both you and yourrivals.Install! Play! And become a demolition derby Champion! Thisis nextcar game & beam-ng styled game. Derby DestructionSimulatorwill be updated regularly. Don't forget to leave a reviewwith yourfeedback. Follow us for new updates on: Twitter- Facebook- Instagram- Youtube-
Demolition Derby Multiplayer
Online & Offline car crashing fun! The real timeonlinemultiplayer Demolition Derby game. Download and play againstyourfriends and rivals for free! Just some of the awesome features:–Customize your car! – Real time player vs player (PvP)multiplayer(random opponents) – Private multiplayer matches againstfriends –Practice offline – Customize controls for steering + nitroboost(incl. tilt / touch) – Multiple tracks / arena's – Braggingrights- level-up & earn badges – Pixel perfect polished UI–Realistic wreckage and damage simulation – Nice and small apktohelp you free up space Choose from various cars and tracks andhitthe Play button to instantly play against demolition derbyrivalsacross the globe worldwide. Easy to play, but buckle up andfastenyour seat belts as you smash your way to victory and becomethenext big demolition derby sports champion. Bang and sup upthewannabee competition in this next generation racinggameexperience! ⚙️ Play private matches against friends (HOW TO?)Notonly can you play against (random) players, but you can alsosetupyour own private matches against your friends, family orrivals.One player should first select HOST from the main menu tohost aprivate match, then select the preferred track. The host willthenget a LOBBY ID which can be shared with friends to join theprivatematch. The other players can now select JOIN from the mainmenu andenter the LOBBY ID to join the match. This is the ultimatepartygame mode sitting together on the couch or together onyourbarstool at the pub. ⚙️ Multiplayer redefined Chase, smashandcrash into your opponents and see the full physics anddamageemerge in front of your eyes even when playing online (3G,4G, orWIFI) in real-time against rivals. Play live PvP games withup to 5real players using the Destruction Crews' newbreathtakingpeer-to-peer multi-player technology that has beenoptimized overthe past years. This game extends the horizon ofmultiplayer gaminglike never before. 💡 Most requested Tips 1.Cornering: Steer whileapplying the nitro turbo will give you enoughtorque to make asharp turn. Release throttle just after nitro boostto make a rapidturn. 2. Turbo (nitro): It launched you like arocket, but try notto burnout your nitro completely. For a quickrecharge don't usecompletely and smash a rival quickly. 3. Contacttime: Be sure tohit a rival before the contact timer runs out; beaware thatfailing to do so will dismount your wheels and you'll bewrecked.4. XP: The best way to level-up quickly through the XPleague is toearn badges during the races. ⚙️ Your Demolition Derbydriverscareer Welcome to the club! You are now one of the proudowners ofyour own derby racing car with a driving permit to jointhe derbyevents! The voyage is long with many challenges ahead asopponentsall over the world will soon test your driving skills.Buildingyour own driving style is key to find what best works vs.youradversaries; do you choose to become a smart driver who waitsforits prey at the moment of truth, or are you the dare devilthatgoes for an all out combat approach to knockout and annihilateitsrivals. You have access to multiple venues like the round dirtpittrack and the parking lot where things can get dirty. Hearthedinger loud and be seated for a 2 minute derby event where allyourhonor and glory is at stake. May the best driver win! 🏁 Capturetheflag Destruction Crew (DC) offers you the new keep/capture theflagmode which lets you chase down your rival that holds the flag.Becareful as you aren't indestructible when you keep the flagandyou'll need to avoid capture vs your racing opponents. Welcometodemolition derby paradise and unite in a world tour againstotherdemo derby rivals. This is not your average multiplayerracinggame! Hit the install button and join the destruction andmayhemwith Demolition Derby Multiplayer. Download and install forfreenow!
Demolition Derby Bus Racing 3D 1.5
Get ready to race and destroy your opponents in demolitionderbiesand full track speedway racers that will offer you thethrill of alifetime. Destruction has never felt as real as you seedoors andother bus parts smash of your school.Inspired by the realderbydemolition games of muscle cars and city cars. We added atwist tothe usual school bus driver 3d simulator and school busdrivinggames to give you the real life demolition derby gameexperience inthe new 2016 School bus Simulator. Your derby dayshave startedwith real drift bus racing games and crash drive, thisgame isbound to take the hot spot in your collection of derbydemolitionCrash racing games. Have the real derby drift demolition3dexperience with this ultimate school bus demolition derby game2016today. Fasten your seat belt and sit tight to win demolitionderbyracing. Just hit hard & reckless all other derby cars,crashthem and destruction rivals derby drivers to crash themwhiledamaging to your own vehicle, hit hard again and again untilyouwin alone at derby racing track. Drag other derby school businaddition push your rivals off the track to win the bus crashderbydeath race. Speed up your vintage bus & truck and enjoywithamazing school bus crash stunts. Demolition derby extremeschoolbus racing is an adventure and action packed vehicledestructiongame, where your bus driving skills are tested to theextreme levelwith furious driving to recklessness.Those who loveperforming highlevel bus stunts, fast driving, dangerous turns andmultiplehurdles. Xtreme school bus racing stunts arena challengebeginswith an extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles driving andtruckstunt. Go against hurdles, car crashing, high jumps andspeedracing. Always try to crash rival cars from side & rear.Areckless face-to-face c’rashes and avoid to stop your engineifextreme damage caused. There are many twist and turns on alltracksso be careful with your drive. It’s an ultimate survivaltestagainst all opponents with your demolition derby xtreme cardrivingskillsSo what are you waiting for? Download the “demolitionderbybus racing 3d” Game Demolition Derby Bus Racing Features: 🚌Chooseyour favorite school bus model.🚌 Realistic environments:DerbyArena.🚌 Beautiful derby racing track.🚌 Adjust the controls toyourliking.🚌 Realistic and fun bus paint jobs (style your bus)🚌Intensehigh speed racing action.🚌 Customize and improve your Car.🚌True HDsoundtracks, and real car sounds!🚌 Real-time vehicledestructionand damage.🚌 Realistic Car Physics and smooth controls.🚌Multiplechallenging missions.🚌 Realistic Driving Experience ofcars.🚌Detailed 3d graphics optimized to run smooth on your mobilephoneor tablet device. We hope that you will love our school busgamesand after you play, you will rate them or just tell us youropinionabout them. Because we try to offer you more and betterschool busgames and your feedback will be really appreciated. 🚌
Whirlpool Car Derby 3D 1.6
Drag & Drop Your Foes! In this unique demolition derbygame,race on a rotating whirlpool-like stage and attempt to smashyouropponents to pieces. The sky is ready to swallow your vehicleinthis unique adrenaline-inducing experience. Race laps aroundthearena, and try to push other cars over the edge! Go BANANAS!Canyou survive this competitive take on demolition derby? Tacklecrazychallenges in this survival of the fittest test. Don’t be theoneto fall into the abyss! Your mission: create chaos and be thelastvehicle standing on the track. Choose the strongest tires,thesturdiest hood, and the fastest engine. Cruise in style.Pickwisely and get ready to SMASH and SPEED toemergevictorious!Whirlpool Car Derby 3D Features:•Wide Rangeof“whirlpool” cars to choose from.•Awesome andUNIQUEenvironments!•Nerve-wracking high speed smashingaction.•Real-timecar destruction and damage.•Surreal visualeffects.•Realistic carphysics and smooth controls.•Improve your carperformance andstrength through upgrades.•Choose from 3 controloptions to suityour driving style.About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker:TAPM) developsand publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’s portfolioincludes over 250 mobile gaming titles that,collectively, haveachieved over 350 million player downloads.Tapinator isheadquartered in New York. For more info,
Derby Demolish Arena 1.3
Derby Demolish Arena: Get in whirlpool ring and race tillthedemolition of derby car race opponents.Welcome to a brand newcarracing and demolition game of 2018. Here, you can have funwhiledriving car on the ofroad tracks. The missions and eventsaredifferent. Moreover, your skills will be tested with moreamazingand full of action car racing events. You also have a hugerange ofracing cars with altered bodies. The vicious engine revnoises ofdemolition car engine will thrill you till the end.AmazingOff RoadSimulatorThe location of car driving game is veryinteresting.According to car race event, the background and terrainof derbycar smash demolition changes. The stadiums and real racetracksalso changes.Demolition RaceIn demolition race event, youwillstart up whirlpool derby demolition adventure in a closedground.There would be other car racer rivals as well. You have tomaintainyour position and complete the derby car’s task accordingtorequirement. In contrast, the speed car event comes with awholetrack having starting and finishing line of derby car highwaycrashrace.Multiple Racing EventsThe missions of real demolitionracergame are very simple. You have different modes to playdemolitioncar game. It includes car racing and other events.Initially, youwill have a racer car in your garage.Car DerbyChallengeThe realdemolition racer will start the run from startline. Aftercompleting the task, derby race car demolition rivalsoffers youcash prize as well. Every free car game’s mission herehas uniquetasks. You need to complete first mission of derby cardemolitionrace to unlock next.Car Destruction ModeThe cardestruction missiongive you the task to drive car and destroy rivalracer. The roundclosed track will give you a very tough time. Youneed to surviveand attack as well to win the derby car event.CarracingModeHowever, in simple race mode, there is a track withdifferenthurdles and traps. You have to avoid these traps and drivecar fastto cross the finish line first. The rival derby cars willtry todismantle you and kick out from the speed race sim.CarDrivingControlsThe controls of this game are very easy. Players ofeveryage can show off their car driving skills here. Thedrivingcontrols of derby wrecking car crash include an acceleratorpaddlewith brake on one side of screen. The steering controls canbeselected from settings menu.Multi-View CameraThere is a cameraiconas well to give you a couple of view settings in cardemolitionrun. Best of Luck! Don't worry if you have no wifi, youcan playnew demolition car absolutely free completely in offlinemode. Soquickly download derby destruction car crash raceinteresting derbycar free game of 2018 offered by Hatcom Inc.available on GooglePlay Store on your Android smart phones.
Demolition Engines 2017 1.3
We’re taking derby demolition out of this WORLD!Strap in andbuckleup! New Super Demolition Derby will allow you to travelthroughspace amidst the stars and Milkyway. Race around a uniquetrack,where the arena is made for dare devils! In this mesmerizing3Denvironment, race to the end of time against your opponents!Takeyour sports car to the limit; knock down, crash, smash, andflipyour opponents into the vacuum where they will vanish forever!Pushthe petal to the metal on a whirlpool platform riddledwithobstacles like futuristic laser-shooting robots and androids!Dodgeclamps, pendulums, and windmills. Avoid falling over the edgeandbeing sucked into the emptiness of space! Destruction is madetwiceas fun in this breathtaking environment. Customize yourvehicle andchoose the wildest engine and wheels to drive with. Howmany carscan you destroy?! Perform rad stunts mid-air--or shallwesay--mid-space?!Super Demolition Derby 2017 Features:AmazingGamefor Car Simulator and Demolition lovers!ExcitingcrazyEnvironmentsChallenging to PlayMesmerizing 3D graphics andfunfilled Sounds!Addictive Game Play!
Demolition Derby Car Arena 1.1
Do you love destruction derby games? Welcome to new 2017adventureby playing derby xtreme game where the race war is goingon withbumper cars that are weaponise with missiles, combat racingskillsand monster jack. In this demo derby demolish the bumper carsbyshooting and hitting them hard with your monster cars. Knockoutracing in racing war is not that easy as racing cars inspeedwayderby. Derby car race is like death car racing let's seewhosurvive the last in this reckless racing. You need the guts ofareal daredevil to damage and block cars.The smash kingdom isjustfor you,be a reckless racing legend. Dare to be a legend ofcrashdrive by giving huge destruction to bangers while cars battle.Killshot the enemy hit-list in deadly offroad race of battleroyale.Speed up your vintage car to make realistic car crash andamazingstunts. Demolition Derby can be dangerous car smash gamewhere youhave to knockout, damage, and destroy cars and trucks.Demolitionderbies will offer you the thrill and fun to wreck intoother cars!Get ready for the ultimate death race and destroy youropponents infull track speedway racers that will offer you thethrill of alifetime. Destruction has never felt so real! Can yousurvivedeadly demolition mania?This game has tons of car crashingto testyour extreme speed driving and recklessness. Always try tocrashrival cars from side & rear. These destruction cars willthrowmissiles and bombs that will harm you but not other cars ortrucks.So you have to take care of your health bar. Once yourhealth barreaches zero, you will fail your car smash mission. Thetime islimited to crash cars so make good use of time whilecrashing carsin whirlpool. Let's see how long can you survive thearena?Demolition Derby Car Arena Features:★ Nerve wrecking highspeeddemolition action★ All monster vehicles and weapons have theirownbehaviour★ Realistic car wreckage and debris simulation★Intensehigh speed racing action★ Real-time car destruction anddamagedeformation★ Realistic crash physics engine★ Amazingthoroughbredall American (USA) muscle cars★ Choose control systemaccording toyour driving styleSo what are you waiting for? Downloadthe“Demolition Derby Car Arena” 3D Game and enjoy the experienceofreal destruction & crashing in 2017 adventuresdrivingsimulator game.About Tech 3D Games Studios( T3GSS ):Tech 3DGamesStudios ( T3GSS ) publishes free to play 3D games for allmobileplatforms. Our goal is to produce quality 3D games thateveryonecan enjoy!
Whirlpool Demolition Derby 3D 1.0
Get ready to challenge your whirlpool stunt driving &racingskills in dangerous whirlpool Demolition Derby 3D simulatorgame of2017. Drive carefully to avoid falling into a whirlpoolother wiseyour monster car will get destroyed. So as a superheroget readyfor real war with your rebel cars in challengingwhirlpooldemolition derby. Enjoy an extreme whirlpool derby deadlycar warracing and win whirlpool hill city grand arena.WhirlpoolDemolitionDerby Cars 2017 is here to give you the thrillingadventure ofdriving, drift and whirlpool demolition derby xtremeracing. Thiswhirlpool vehicle demolition simulator game of 2017 isan ultimatesurvival test against all whirlpool car war opponents.Win thiswhirlpool derby challenge with your demolition extreme cardrivingand destruction simulator skills. Crash derby rival from allsidesin a reckless extreme crash game and avoid hits from yourmonsterderby opponents. It’s an ultimate survival test against allcaropponents in Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car Simulator gameof2017.Enjoy the fast speed with EXTREME WHIRLPOOL DEMOLITIONDERBYCRASH DRIVING and feel car demolition gamestaste.WhirlpoolDemolition Derby 2017 Features:• Thrilling whirlpooldemolitionderby game with extreme crash racing experience• ExtremeHigh SpeedDerby Stunt Racing Simulator• Amazing 3d Environment& SoundEffects• Realistic Car Demolition, Crash and Smash• RealCarPhysics and Smooth Driving Controls• Realistic cardestruction,damage deformation and debris simulationWhy are youwaiting for?the prime of whirlpool demolition derby car games isfinally here.Download the “Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car War” 3DGame and enjoythe experience of real whirlpool demolition derby2017 adventuresdriving simulator game.
Death Well Demolition Derby- Stunt Car Destruction 1.3
You must have played well of death motorbike and derby cardrivinggames. Now imagine racing and crashing muscle cars like inrealdemolition derby but in extremely dangerous death well. PlayDeathWell Demolition Derby racing simulation and experience thethrillof driving 4x4 prado car in world’s most dangerous racingtrack.Perform gravity defying stunts and outrun mad rivals to crushtheirmcqueen cars. Drive modified vehicles on circular track andfightwith your opponents. Smash into enemy classic car to take themoutand be the last stunt racer in monster battle arena. Showyourextreme sports car driving skills as racing on impossibletracktakes courage. Survive enemy attacks and avoid obstacle courseinthis vintage cars battle. Race, crash and burnout cruiser carinthis real well of death car derby race. An ultimate blendofdemolition derby racing and well of death simulator games.Totallynew concept of impossible car crash racing like never seenbefore.Prove yourself and be a real car rider by driving suv pradocar ondeadly wooden ramps. Stunt car destruction physics like incrash ofcars test simulation. The rules are same as driving musclecar indemolition derby race on impossible roads. Well of death isafamous racing arena in south asia. Made with wooden ramps, itisextremely difficult to control and balance stunt mcqueen carsordirt bike. Driving heavy duty offroad suv prado in deadlywoodencage is nearly impossible. Race against time and destroy madrivalsvehicles in smash racing madness. Race through checkpoints toavoidobstacle course and perform super stunts to be the championofdeath well. Death Well Demolition Derby SimulationGameFeatures:Smash, crash and destroy derby cars in extreme deathrace10 extremely challenging demolition derby racing levels3differentarenas: wooden nightmare, deadly metal, concretemayhemUltra realcar turbo racing and vehicle crashingphysicsVisually stunning wellof death arenas to drive aheadSmoothjet car controls with amazingsound effects Download Death WellDemolition Derby Simulation Gameto experience the thrill andadventure while driving a cruiser carin real well of death.
Stock Car Racing 3.1.15
Drivers start your engines! Professional oval track racingthatexplodes with racing action! Experience the adrenaline as yousteerover 850 horsepower on different oval tracks! RACE MODES:Multiplayer - Race head to head against other players inrealtime.Regulation - Race and set the difficulty for higherprizes. Ladder- Race 10 laps against progressively faster opponentsforincreasing prizes. Endurance - Race the full 400 lap distance.HotLap - Set your fastest single lap on Game Center. Practice-Practice racing lines and setup your car for race trim.CARS:Choose 18 different cars from the golden-era, super trucksright upto the modern-era stock cars. EXPERIENCE THE SPEED Feelyour car onthe absolute limit of adhesion around 1 to 4 mile bankedovaltracks. Earn in-game cash to buy, upgrade, repair and adjustyourStock Car. Qualify to unlock new tracks for increasing prizemoney.REALTIME MULTIPLAYER RACING Race your friends, win prizemoney andchampionship points to make it onto the onlineleaderboards.MULTIPLE TRACKS 5 unique tracks night and day from a 1mile shortoval to a 4 mile super speedway. REAL CRASH PHYSICSSimulatedcar-damage with sparks and smoke for a more realisticracingexperience. CUSTOMISE YOUR STOCKCAR Design your Stock Carwith teamcolours, hood decals and racing numbers in the Paintshop.UPGRADEYOUR STOCKCAR Engine, tires and chassis increasing yourcar'soverall performance. SETUP YOUR STOCK CAR Allows you toAdvancetune adjust your tyre pressures and suspension setups onyour carfor race trim. REAL SIMULATION Visually stunning 3Dgraphics andrealistic physics. RUBBER-BANDING ASSIST Helps gets youback intothe race quicker. EARN IN-GAME CASH Based on finishingposition andcalculated each lap round, the higher you place themore you earn.Drivers start your engines!
Extreme Car Stunts Demolition Derby 3D 1.3
We’re taking Demolition Derby to the Cosmos!Strap in and buckleup!Xtreme Car Stunts Demolition Derby will take you out of thisWORLD!Traverse Space on a spiral platform amidst the stars andMilkyway.In this mesmerizing 3D environment, race to the end oftime againstyour opponents! Knock them down, crash, smash, and flipthem into ablack hole, sucked out of existence! DEMOLISH othervehicles intopieces, and kick them out of this universe!Smash andBang in thissuper Demolition Derby game designed to give ultimateentertainingexperience to Demolition Derby racers around heglobe.The magicalblack hole platform does not disappoint. Avoidgetting sucked inyourself--resist the pull! Destruction is madetwice as fun in thisbreathtaking environment! Push your competitorsover the edge asyou dodge all kinds of obstacles, like futuristiclaser-shootingrobots and androids! Customize your derby and choosethe wildestengine and wheels. Race and speed around the platform.Perform radstunts mid-air--or shall we say--mid-space?!Xtreme CarStuntsDemolition Derby 3D Features:•Realistic Driving, Racing,Stunting,and Destruction Experience!•Smooth, easy-to-useControls.•ExcitingCRAZY 3D Environment!•Mesmerizing 3D graphics andentertainingSounds!•Addictive Game Play!•Amazing Game for CarSimulator, andSpace lovers!•Challenging to AND fun toPlay!AboutTap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary ofTapinator,Inc.Tapinator Inc. (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishesgames onmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 250mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 350millionplayer downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For moreinfo, visit
Whirlpool Demolition Derby 1.3
Sablo Games
Participate in the wreckfest of the year! Whirlpool DemolitionDerbyis a car smash game where you have to knockout, damage, anddestroycars and trucks. It is your chance to be a demolition manand wipeout all your enemies in brutal car derby death race. Yourenemieswon’t stay passive. They will hurl drums and obstruct youreffort topush them off the death wall. It’s truly a wipeout in thezone. Ifyou really enjoy some crazy car crash games, join us inthisdestruction derby now for FREE! Whirpool Demolition Derby isanexciting car smash game. You have to control your vehicle toknockout your opponents off the death wall. These trucks and carswillthrow drums that will harm you but not other cars or trucks.This iswhy you have to keep an eye on your health bar. Once yourhealth barreaches zero, you will fail your car smash mission. Onlya truedaredevil has the guts to block cars and damages the truckslike youdo in this fun wreckfest. Buckle up your seat belt andlet’sparticipate in our car crash death race. WHIRLPOOL DEMOLITIONDERBYBEST FEATURES: ◆Play our car derby game for FREE on anyAndroiddevice ◆Buckle up your seat belt and take control ofawesome crazycars. ◆Addictive destruction derby for everyone wholoves car smash.◆Unlock 5 cool cars with the coins you earn fromthiswreckfest.◆Avoid drums and other hurdles on your way. ◆EnjoyHDquality and super immersive environment and realisticsoundeffects.◆Push, block cars, and knock out other trucks and carsoutof the death wall. ◆Finish all 15 levels, with differentobjectivesand challenges. ◆Earn FREE coins in this car crash gameto unlockyour most favorite cars. As a demolition man, you must notafraidto push, hit, and damage your opponents. It’s a wipeout inthe zonesituation. If you don’t destroy them all, they will destroyyoufirst in this crazy car death race. If they kill you first, youcanalways try again. You’re also always welcome to replay amissionyou’ve completed for better score. We know that you are adaredevilwho will never back out from challenging and dangeroussituations.The hurdles in this car derby game include drums,cranes, and emptyspaces. We create these hurdles to make our gamemore challengingand exciting. It won’t be fun to push or block carswhen they don’tfight back, isn’t it? You can only claim you’re atrue daredevilwhen your opponents are fighting back viciously andare ready todestroy you. Once you’ve completed your objective andperform aspectacular wipeout in the zone, you’ll win the level andgain somecoins for your effort. You can then spend your coins tounlock morecrazy cars to drive. If you’re ready to take on thischallenge,just download and play Whirlpool Demolition Derby. Weguarantee youwon’t be able to stop playing this immersive andaddictivedestruction derby!
Extreme Demolition 2.4
Cableek Games
The first demolition derby game for free is now available NOWWITHMULTIPLAYER ! You can enjoy three various tracks with yourDongycar. Destroy your enemies, earn some money and upgrade yourcar tomaximum power.If you like this game, please don't hesitate togiveus five stars. For more amazing 3D games please donate.Thisgameneed high performance. Only dual core smartphones arerecomended.If you can't play without lags, please send me e-mailand no givebad rating.Thank YouCableek GamesDonate: I can't playmultiplayer.A:Multiplayer isn't finished yet. It will be availablein nextupdate.Q: I can't change quality.A: Sometimes the game lagwhen itresample textures, please try click to left down corner orrestartgame.Q: The game crash after click on track or when the gameisloading.A: This game needs dual core device. If you have oldorlow-end smartphone, please report me that you can't play itbye-mail and no give me bad rating for it.
Blocky Car Crash 1.01
Are you ready for some crazy fun??If so, welcome toBlockyDestruction Derby - an unofficial sequel to popularDemolitionDerby game which you all like so much. Check out thefeatures:-next-gen crash, vehicle and particle physics- 10 uniquemaps tobattle on (yes there shall be more even)- 15 vehicles and 5tanksyou can buy, upgrade and play with (also, more to come)- 3gamemodes: Derby, Tank, Zombie (and more to come, oh yeah!)-weapons inDerby mode (pick 'em up and increase your damage)- carshop, tankshop, upgrade shop, tyre shop (new)- 3 difficulty modes,3 controlschemes and 2 camera modes- improved version of BlockyVehicleEditor- damage combos - if you're good at crashing, you'llget morecash- great looking blocky (voxel) graphics- and many moretinybits and surprisesAs always, I'm working best I can to providealot of fun. True, you'll need a lot of in-game cash in this gametounlock everything, but the good news is - you'll earn cash forjustabout any damage you or opponents make. So, crash away!It'snotonly derby crash simulator game, but so much more. Optimisedtowork on many low end and high end devices and withsmallapplication size - Blocky Destruction Derby should providehours offun to it's players.Stay tuned for updates and let me knowaboutbugs or features you'd like in the game.Wreck it!
Top Destruction Derby 2.4
Get ready for the best destruction derby game ever! Take thistopcar in your hands and show your rivals who is the bestdemolitiondriver. Destroy other cars, unlock new exciting tracks,enjoyrealistic physics and high quality car models and show thatyou cansurvive the most deadly battle field! And it all is nowforfree!Game idea is simple: all opponents start inoppositedirections and the goal is to smash the other cars and bethe lastone standing to win the race. To win you need to be thefastest andthe most furious in the race. And remember that tosurvive is notenough! Drive your awesome vehicle and break youropponents topieces.Enjoy unusual arenas. Train your skills while anight driveand when you are ready, start demolition in the citycenter or feellike a real warrior fighting in the arena. Watch outnot to fall ofthe roof of a skyscraper or docks at the seafront.Jump over sanddunes while off-road death race or drift on a frozenlake in themountains. Or maybe you want to play football with yourcar on areal stadium? This is not a problem with Top DestructionDerby!Butbe careful - watch out for traps, explosive tanks, hiddenjumps andhave eyes in the back of your head all the time!GameFeatures:★Realistic physics and car destruction★ High speed racingand fastaction★ High quality top cars - racing and off-roadversions★Different innovative arenas★ Powerful artificialintelligence ofopponents★ Uncontrollable battles and massivecollisions★Innovative game play mechanics and good fun★ Choose yourgame leveland number of opponents★ Easy control with accelerometeror arrowsand real-time camerahorizonalignmentVideo: uses Unity Analytics to anonymously track appusage.Don'tforget to leave a review with your feedback!
Demolition Derby Crash 1.2
Gameplay ™
Get ready for an extreme demolition derby where cars battleotherrivals, driving junkyard cars whilst avoiding others wreckage!Do aburnout, drift to annihilate rivals and knockout other cars inthebattle.Race and destroy your opponents in massivedestructionderbies and full track speedway racers; The Destructionisabsolutely realistic as you see doors and other car parts smashandtrash your car in this derby.How long can you survive thearena?There's going to be some major metal crunchingcarnage!Features:★Real-time car destruction and damage deformationwith the mostrealistic crash physics engine ★ Ensure that you'rethe "last cardriving" in multiple arenas (ovals and speedway)★Intense fastspeed racing action★ Multiple all American (USA) musclecars withV8 engines★ Awesome graphics and solid performance on awide rangeof devices★ Realistic car wreckage and cruncheddebrissimulation-Tracks and multi level based eventsThe gameoffersvarious dirt and asphalt tracks and events for endless racinganddestruction driving pleasure. -Arena Demolition DerbiesPlaythetraditional demolition derby events in an arena. All driversstartin opposite directions to each other and share the common goaltosmash the other cars and be the last car standing to wintherace.Join the mayhem as we bend some serious metal in 2017. Thisisthe demolition derby game for you!
Beam Derby Demolition
Million Games
Beam Derby Demolition it may be dangerousbutit’s also fun to ruin into other cars. Dare to be a legend ofcrashdrive by giving huge destruction, crash racing, destroy,damage anddemolish reckless cars by firing missiles and smashinghits. Sowhat are you waiting for? Download the “Beam DemolitionDerby ”gameand enjoy the experience of real destruction &crashingsimulation games.Game Features:1.10 racing tracks.2.10 unique cars.3.Realistic car wreckage4.Spectacular time dilation after high damage.5.True HD soundtracks, and real car sounds.
Car Crash Derby Demolition 1.2
Get ready for Destruction with your favorite cars!One of themostaddictive and entertaining physics based derby gamesevermade!Battle against other cars to crash them and set them onfirewith demolition derby Car crash game.Are you ready for a CRAZYcardestruction war? Can you survive the deadly car demolitionmania?Let's see if you can survive the most deadly smashfield!Destroyyour opponents in demolition derbies that will offeryou the thrillof a lifetime.Your Demolition Derby drivers careerstarts withsmashing cars and throw them from roof.Challenge yourcar drivingskills in the most dangerous whirlpool demolition derbygame everto be on the rampage.Realistic, detailed model of carcollision andbody deformations based upon actual physics!Sit behindthe wheel ofreal Demolition Derby car and get ready for somedemolition derbyracing action!This game does not only offer a fundemolition derbyexperience, but it is also a quite realisticsimulator that offersreal destruction and wreckage simulation asthe cars crash againsteach other.Drive your awesome vehicle andthrash your opponents topieces. It’s time for chaos inside thewhirlpool of metal piecesdemolition derby turf.Buckle-up becauseyou are going to do someserious damage!Watch out for head-oncollisions as these have highimpact on the health of both you andyour rivals.Pick the moststylish derby cars and trucks to survivethe arena in this ultimatearcade racing.Destroy, conquer anddominate to become the next bigdemolition derby champion. Car crashderby is your only chance togo rogue with absolutely no rules orlimits!The engines areroaring, the dust is seeping in through thecar windows, and youdon’t even have time to put on your seat beltbefore it’s time togo!Wreak as much enemies as possible in thisdestructionsimulator.Destruction has never felt so real as you seedoors andother car parts smash of your car.Once you know how todrive yourcar, truck or bus then it's time to learn how to ram andsmash yourrivals the right way.Smash and hit other derbyvehicles,obliterating them to pieces!Car Crash Derby DemolitionGameFeatures:★ Old, crappy but real American cars and trucks ★ Realcarcrash physics with smooth controls.★ True HD soundtracks, andrealcar Sound Effects!★ A powerful artificial intelligenceofopponents.★ Various Awesome Derby Demolition arenas.★ The blastsofdestruction cars will blow your mind.★ Amazing graphics andeffectson a wide range of devices.Become the next DemolitionDerbychampion and show who's boss on the racing pit!Realisticcarwreckage and debris simulation.Always try to smash rivals intheside of their vehicle or from the rear.A recklesshead-oncollisions on the other hand should be avoided to preventyourengine to die or other extreme damage to occur.If youlikedemolition derby games then you will love to crash cars withyourpowerful engines in this derby destruction game.Install! Play!Andbecome a demolition derby Champion!
Demolition Derby Destruction 1.0
Racing Games.
Crash and Dash! The game offers various tracks and events acrossthenation for endless racing and destruction driving pleasure.GAMEFEATURES- Explore multiple events like last car drivinganddemolition races which are in arena, 8 track, speedway andovals.-Real-time car destruction and damage deformation using ourcrashphysics engine- Realistic car wreckage and debrissimulation-Choose many thoroughbred all American (USA) muscle cars-Customizeand improve your car by fitting upgrades- Intense highspeed racingaction- Choose and modify control system to facilitateyour drivingstyleARENA DEMOLITION DERBIESThese are traditionaldemolition derbyevents that are run in an arena. All the driversmust start inopposite directions and try to smash the other carsand be the lastman standing to win the race.RACE TRACK &SPEEDWAY EVENTSDriveon race and speedway tracks which is quite achallengingexperience. These races are known as banger racing andaresometimes called as enduro racing elsewhere. Race on dirt,racetracks and try to win by reaching the finish first orthroughendurance as you disable your opponents and survive to bethe lastman standing after the racing carnage. You need to havegooddriving skills to win on this (dirt) race track, it willsurelysatisfy your quest for destruction GAME-PLAY INFORMATIONHavefunsmashing and destroying your adversaries, In this derbysimulatorprotecting your car and giving car damage to others is thekey tobecoming victorious. Smash rivals from the side of theirvehicle orfrom the rear. You can also opt for a reckless head-oncollisionsbut survival is not guaranteed as engine might die orcause otherextreme damage to occur. Boost the damage you inflict onan rivalby using the nitro boost. All the Nitro boosts can bepurchasedbefore the race.CAR UPGRADESPick from various cars genreslikeMuscle, Stock car, or even an Armored pick-up truck. All ofthemhave their own superb handling and drift capabilities. Buyupgradesand use armor upgrades to strengthen your endurance; orengineupgrades to boost your speed! Wins let you earn more money&cash during wreckfest races!Tune your car and join the mayhemas weget into some wreckfest in 2017. Let this demolition derbygameswhirlpool you around your rivals and give you theultimatedemolition derby game experience now!
Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car 1.0.1
In an amazing auto racing demolition show in hill city, athrillingwhirlpool demolition car war has just started. The derbyfightingpath is rough just like an offroad terrain where extremebattlewith derby opponents will take place that will end upindemolition. You as a super whirlpool car hero is participatinginthe battle and are all set to smash whirlpool opponents withyoursuper car stunt driving. This is going to be a crazywhirlpoolfighting adventure simulator game of 2017 where you willget thechance to smash and crash to your heart’s desire in hillcityarena. So get ready to participate in furious carwhirlpoolstunt driving demolition league and destroy yourwhirlpoolopponent’s derby cars in deadly monster demolitionbattle.Let’schallenge your whirlpool stunt driving & racingskills indangerous whirlpool Demolition Derby Car Simulator game of2017.Drive carefully to avoid falling into a whirlpool else it willendup in level failure. The best thing about this demolitionderbyracing is you will have thrilling whirlpool fighting adventureinthree different modes that has rough path just like an offroad.Soget into your favorite derby to begin real war with youropponentsin demolition mode, Challenging whirlpool mode and carwars mode.Enjoy an extreme whirlpool derby deadly car war racingand winwhirlpool hill city grand arena. Fasten your seat belt, holdyoursteering tightly and hit your whirlpool opponents’ derby carashard as you can to crash them into pieces. Reach the finalCarDemolition Fight League championship and emerge as thelastsuperhero survivor of thrilling monster derby stuntshow!Thiswhirlpool vehicle demolition simulator game of 2017 is anultimatesurvival test against all whirlpool car war opponents. Winthiswhirlpool derby challenge with your demolition extreme cardrivingand destruction simulator skills. Bring out your bestextreme stuntdriving and racing skills and derby destruction powerindemolition, whirlpool and car wars mode. Win this grand derbycarstunts challenge thrilling show to be the favorite superheroofarena audience. In this toughest derby car arena wilderness beafearless stunt drift hero and perform extreme breathtakingactionstunts in various challenging levels. Crash derby rival fromallsides in a reckless extreme crash game and avoid hits fromyourmonster derby opponents. It’s an ultimate survival test againstallcar opponents in Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car Simulator gameof2017.Features of Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car:• ExtremeHighSpeed Derby Stunt Racing Simulator• Amazing 3d Environment&Sound Effects• Realistic Car Demolition, Crash and Smash• RealCarPhysics and Smooth Driving Controls• Variety of Opponents toFightWith• Three Super Amazing Modes Demolition, Whirlpool and CarWar•Challenging Action Racing Simulator
Demolition Derby Speedway 2017 1.26
We've mixed elements of Demolition derby, Enduro racing,derbyspeedway, UK Banger racing,US dirt ovals n dirt speedways,crashracing, derbycar stox, racing in-car, destruction derby andcrammedit into a motor-sport stock car nitro fueled full contactxtremederby speedway crash car race sim, Lay waste and leavewreckage anddestruction in the dirt. Bend up ford's, volvo's,audi's, musclecars, bmw's, chevvies, buick's, and dodge the crashesin adodge.Race in 3d on dirt tracks with up to 20 competitordrivers, 5levels of destruction, deformation, twisted metal,crashes,smashes, wreckage, crunches, pile up's, damage and 30demolitiondarby championships, this ain't no disney speedaway.HelloDirt ovalracing fans! It’s time to drive and get muddy. In thelatest 3ddestruction fueled xtreme sim from mojo game studio disneyspeedwayit ain'tBust open the short dirt speeday oval trackmotorsportderby crash racingenduro dirt oval racing on speedways isprobablythe hottest, most favorite topic for the game developersaround theglobe. There are countless fast enduro car driving gamesavailablein the Android market, yet it is difficult to find a goodcrashrace or full contact game for your phone that includesextremefigure of 8. But guess what! It is your lucky dayInstall itonyour device and face the challenge this dirt track demolitionderbyrace. It is your chance to compete with the top race trackdriversaround the world and face the mighty AI in some full speedendurodriving in 3D.Why it is Amazing and Unique:“Carnage” hassomespectacular car drive controls and real cool new features whichnoother destruction racer game has. Some of them are justmentionedbelow: Multiple Driving Views Available:This deformationracersimulator game presents several different view options forracer toenjoy the most. You’ll find the usual regular in car viewwith it'sdetailed 3D cockpit and dashboard, bonnet/hood cam, roof,rear andtop down race-cam views as well.Game Features: Universalapp,install on any Android device including tabsTilt-steering.withHorizon tilt for more comfort viewing, optionaltouchsteeringAccurate car specifications and handling6 * 3D racedrivercams,loads of Unique and challenging banger race dirttracksAmazing3D Graphics and backgrounds to make it a realdemolition derbydriving experienceReal 3D car driver simulator andfast and fluidgame-playThe all new 1st person immersive in-car modereally bringsyou a life like crash racing simulation to the mobilescreenshowing broken wheels and twisted metal. Aggressive AI if youbump'em first, they probably will get the ump and bump ya back .Sobring your best skills out and beat them all with cleanovertaking,or just t-bone 'em, slam 'em into the walls, side swipe'em, flip'em, smash 'em. All we know is this smashing enduro figure8 racinggame is called "Demolition Derby Speedway 2017". Getsomedestruction in ya game and demolish those speedway lap times..
Demolition Derby Future Bike Wars 1.1
It’s futuristic era where robots transform into future bikestoenter into demolition derby future bike wars arena for realbikeracing, extreme stunt driving, and crushing derby bike robotrivalswith ultimate machine fire. This amazing robot transformationforstarting Demolition Derby Future Bike Wars with high speedbikederby racing stunts will give you goosebumps as destructionofderby robot bike isn’t easy. Future robot moto are morepowerfulthan before having the ultimate machine fire power forrealdestruction, demolition and bike crash. Be the realdestructiondriver in this real bike wars fighting game. Run overyour derbybike opponent for Demolition Derby Future Bike Wars inspeedwayderby demolition bike games. How long can you survivedriving inthis missile mania inside future robot derby bike warsarena? Enjoythrill of lifetime in futuristic steal moto crashracing anddriving simulator where you will strive to be the laststandingrobot autobike. Drive to chase your opponents, smash andcrash themby hitting hard and using the power of ultimate machinefire. Bashto crash the derby autobikes in crazy missile mania inthis extremerobot derby moto battle simulator with ultimate machinefire.FutureBike Destruction has never felt so real where you willsee thedamage emerge in front of your eyes in this Demolition DerbyFutureBike Wars racing and crash show. Get ready for extreme futurebikeracing demolition war where your robot bike racing anddrivingskills are tested to the extreme level. A deadly motorbikerevengeof robot bike can be won by real robot moto rider. Goagainstextreme hurdles, moto racing, crash stunt, high jumps andspeedracing with reckless driving grand auto steel stunt like arealdeath rider and demolish your motorbike opponents. The realbikestunt war has begun where ultimate machine fire power willdecideyour fate. Win the ultimate survival test against derbybikeopponents in future transformation robot derby bike warsimulator.After winning real derby car wars its time to become realfuturederby bike death racer of futuristic demolition war.Spinaroundarena in future robot bike for extreme racing stunt andbattle outthe opponent with real stunt man spirit in DemolitionDerby FutureBike Wars. Bring maximum damage to the monster derbybike robots inan amazing bike racing and driving simulator. Thisdeadly motoracing adventure where extreme demolition derby realbike wars willtake place with ultimate machine fire and crashracing. Get readyfor an impossible derby motorbike battlechallenger in thefuturistic arena and let no other win this grandsteal motofighting game of 2017! In a thrilling auto racing missilemaniawhere hundreds of spectators are watching future derbybikedemolition show lets become the real robot auto racing heroofDemolition Derby Future Bike Wars and become the ultimatesurvivorof thrilling robot bike racing game show!Features:•Realdestruction in demolition derby future bike warssimulator•Demolish moto rivals in thrilling driving & racingadventure•Crash, hits, fire missile, real stunts and hurdles•Control thefuture derby robot bike to attack motorbike rivals• HighQuality 3Dgraphics and best sound effects
Truck Demolition Derby 1.02
Drive, smash and crash all the trucks! Yours and opponent's-doesn't matter as long as you can do maximum damagepossible.Sounds fun? Try the Truck Crash Simulator and see how youlikemaking extreme destruction in exciting little car wreck wars.It'sa game related to demolition derby and car war games yetquiteunique by itself.It's something NOT recommend doing in reallife,but hey - that's why games exist, right?You can play twodifferentmodes:Survival mode in which you're collecting coins forin gamecash. Avoid AI trucks as they're nearly indestructible.There's a 5minute limit for this destruction mode. Can you reachthelimit?Hunt mode - in which you're driving a huge truck. Inthismode you're the indestructible one and since it's only for fun-you need to hunt down other cars and crash them. Also, 5minutelimit, so see how much can you crush during that time.CrashArenamode is even more fun: it's you against 4 AI opponents atsametime. Who will survive in this totally extreme truck wreckage?Thismode is total war! I'd bet on you but we can never know ;)There'smany ways you can outsmart AI opponents, but make no mistake- theyare set to hunt you down and will not stop untildemolished.All topscores in all destruction derby modes will besubmitted toleaderboards automatically if you log into Google PlayGames upongame start, of course, making it more fun to competeagainst otherplayers. Who's the ultimate truck crusher?You have 5realistictrucks and 3 maps to play with, so enjoy demolition warsand goodluck!Download today, have fun and let me know your thoughtsaboutgame in the reviews.
Extreme Whirlpool Car Crash Demolition Derby 1.0.1
Do you love car destruction games? Welcome to Monster CarDemolitionDerby where as legendary driver you have to shoot,attack and hitthe enemy cars to destroy them. Car Crash DemolitionDerby 3D is agame here you have to race for life. As a destructivedriver ofdemolition derby car arena you have to smash the recklessenemy carsby shooting and firing. In this epic battle of cars warsthe missilefollows the car to make them crash, bang and blast. Bethe legend ofdeadly off-road race in missile mania of derby racingto prove as abest demolition master.Show no mercy to rebel carswith monster jackof reckless cars. Cars are pushing and hittingthe opponent cars tomake them fall into crushing whirlpool bladesthat are rotatingcontinuously to crush the cars. This is a racefor life so tosurvive you have to kill and destroy cars. Whileracing on whirlpoolcorners pick up missiles to shoot and use thehealth box to regainthe energy lost while attacked by thedangerous cars. The 4x4monster trucks have big wheels that cancause huge destruction toyour vehicle.Your mission is to use yourdriving skills to crash allcars and survive as the last superhero.Stay away from thedestructive pool other wise your monster carsmay fall down and thiswill cause death to your racing car. Yourcourage and bravery willbe tested while attacking in thisdemolition derby car game.ExtremeCar Battle Crash Arena Features:-Beautiful derby racing track- Noroads you have to fight onoff-road- realistic car damage anddestruction- Dangerous tracksfor cars war- Real sound of missilehitting and smashing- chooseyour own car with customise steeringcontrols
Demolition Derby Arena 1.01
Carpocalypse now! Demolition drive is about to unfold beforeyou.Drive your wheels skillfully on the arena. Ignore the danger,it’scrash time! Use advantages of arena in competition. Numerousracingcars to drive and crash will make every competition exciting.Crashracing and extreme demolition - that’s pure drive!DemolitionDerbyArena features:- Arena derby competition- Cars and upgrades-Crashphysics- Extreme demolition fun- Cool graphics and soundDrivecarsand burn wheels not for racing competition, but forracingdemolition! Drive and crash enemy cars with your wheels. Inderbycompetition racing is about being last, not first. Arena canhaveonly one champion! Drive cars and crash enemies in extremecrashracing - will your wheels be last on the derby arena?Prepareforderby! True champion is defined in crash competition, notcircleracing. Drive into extreme demolition on wheels. TheCraziestdrivers will last the longest on derby arena. Drive andcrash derbycars through arena. Derby arena has one rule -demolition winscompetition. Unleash extreme racing rage inDemolition Derby Arena,bring demolition on your wheels!Carscarnage! A derby champion hasa long way to drive. Enemy cars getharder to crash, competitiongets more extreme. But every derbymakes you stronger. Upgrade yourcars to bring more demolition tothe arena - garage arms racing ispart of the competition. Title ofderby champion will fall to a manwith tough wheels. Play a leadingpart in the symphony ofdemolition on the derby arena!Drive, crashand prepare for extremeracing drive! Arena waits for a demolitionchampion in DemolitionDerby Arena - time for some racing mayhem!
Real Car Demolition Derby Race 1.1
Ready for xtreme car death racing and adrenaline-filled actioninultimate demolition derby arena? Play Real Car DemolitionDerbyRace 3D simulator game for extreme mayhem and destruction ofrivalsderby cars by crashing and smashing. Speed up your vintagecar andmonster jack to push your destruction rivals off the trackwithamazing crash stunts.Demolition derby racing is the bestvehicledestruction game where you’ve to crash enemy vehicles to bethelast racer in car war zone. Fasten your seat belts and sit tighttowin car crash derby death race. Test furious car driving skillstoextreme level and hit hard to destroy other derby cars. Beanultimate derby driver to crash and smash your opponents inextremedemolition death racing. Launch yourself between chaos among3Ddestruction rivals and hit the gas pedal to increase auto speedinextreme car driving. Destroy opponent cars in demolitionderbiesand full track speedway racing. Rules of xtreme demolitionderbyconsists of muscle car drivers competing by smashing theirmonstervehicles. Hit, thrash and knockout the rivalry tobecomedestruction derby driver in multiplayer battle arena. Choosefromrange of derby cars or monster trucks and drive to smash andthrashin death racing war.Bang and smash the wannabee competitionin thisxtreme motorsport racing game experience. Ride bumper carsonspeedway tracks and win your destruction derby car race. Startwithcrazy car wreckage mode to challenge opponents and playsurvivalmode to be the last car standing in death racing. Smashinto otherautocars and limit derby car damage for victory. Dragyourdestroyed rivals of the ranch and enjoy vehicular combatcrashracing in multiplayer survival arena. The quest for 3Ddestructionderby continues in the latest version of career mode inbattlearena. Master speedway tracks with monster vehicles and testyourfurious driving skills in latest banger racing game. Hop onyoursturdy bumper car collision and enter truck destructionderbyarena. Choose among 2 thrilling death race modes along withrealflying car jumping. Ride on spectacular sand arenas acrossthecountryside for endless destruction driving mania.Embark onajourney for crazy car wreckage in furious driving style.Executereckless collisions and don’t get hit from rivals. Get motorrev upand run faster by using nitro boost to inflict on your rival.Buildand upgrade extreme rides with spectacular range of bumpercars andgigantic truck for epic destruction simulator.Real CarDemolitionDerby Race 3D Simulator Game Whirlpool demolition derbygame withfurious racing & extreme car collision20 intriguingmissions inbattle arenas, race tracks & speedwaysUnlockdestruction derbycars and monster trucks for utmost bangerracingCar crash racingmodes: Sand Storm Arena & SurvivalPitDetailed car models andcollision damages with real timephysicsImmersive sound effects andsmooth controls for extreme cardrivingNerve wrecking high speedrace & realtime car deathracingDownload Real Car DemolitionDerby Race, latest action packedsimulator game to join theultimate demolition derby game experiencein extreme car wreckingmodes.
Derby Demolition Simulator Pro
Add your favorite car! Write your favorite vehicles in commentsandwe will add them in the next update! One of the most addictiveandentertaining physics based derby games ever made!Uncontrollablebattles Quickly take the car and go to smash! Let'ssee if you cansurvive the most deadly smash field! Challenge yourcar drivingskills in the most dangerous whirlpool demolition derbygame everto be on the rampage. Drive your awesome vehicle andthrash youropponents to pieces. It’s time for chaos inside thewhirlpool ofmetal pieces demolition derby turf. Get ready for theultimatearcade racer! How long can you survive the arena? Smell thepetrolfumes and enjoy the carnage! The smell of burning and victoryTheengines are roaring, the dust is seeping in through thecarwindows, and you don’t even have time to put on your seatbeltbefore it’s time to go! Your objective... wreak as much enemiesaspossible. Derby Destruction Simulator is adrenaline-filledmusclecar racing game with damage, realistic physics andbeautifulgraphics, innovative game play mechanics and good fun!GameFeatures: ★ Realistic, detailed model of car collision andbodydeformations based upon actual physics! ★ Old, crappy butrealAmerican cars from yesteryear's battle in this game! Suggestyourfavorite cars. We welcome your suggestions! ★ MassiveCollisions! ★Easy control. ★ Spectacular time dilation after highdamage. ★ TrueHD soundtracks, and real car sounds! ★ A powerfulartificialintelligence of opponents. ★ Different unique arenas. ★The blastsof destruction cars will blow your mind. ★ Amazinggraphics andeffects on a wide range of devices. ★ Elaboratedsystemoptimization. Play, destroy, conquer and dominate Choosefromvarious cars and tracks and hit the Play button to instantlyplayagainst demolition derby rivals. Easy to play, but buckle upandfasten your seat belts as you smash your way to victory andbecomethe next big demolition derby champion. Bang and smash thewannabecompetition in this next generation racing game experience!Getready to destroy your opponents in demolition derbies thatwilloffer you the thrill of a lifetime. Destruction has never feltsoreal as you see doors and other car parts smash of your car.YourDemolition Derby drivers career You are now one of the proudownersof your own derby racing car with a driving permit to jointhederby events! The voyage is long with many challenges aheadasopponents all over the world will soon test your drivingskills.Building your own driving style is key to find what bestworks vs.your adversaries; do you choose to become a smart driverwho waitsfor its prey at the moment of truth, or are you the daredevil thatgoes for an all out combat approach to knockout andannihilate itsrivals. May the best driver win! Advices and TipsThis game doesnot only offer a fun demolition derby experience, butit is also aquite realistic simulator that offers real destructionand wreckagesimulation as the buses crash against each other;furthermore thegame brings very realistic vehicle physics makingthe drivingexperience feel very authentic. So to become a pro youneed to makesure you take some time to practice as a high speed cardriver andexperiment with the controls. Once you know how to driveyour car,truck or bus then it's time to learn how to ram and smashyourrivals the right way. Install! Play! And become a demolitionderbyChampion! This is next car game & beam-ng styled game.DerbyDestruction Simulator will be updated regularly. Don't forgettoleave a review with your feedback. Follow us for new updateson:Twitter - Facebook- Instagram- Youtube-
Real Destruction Derby 1.4
The engines are roaring, the dust is seeping in through thecarwindows, and you don’t even have time to put on your seatbeltbefore it’s time to go! Your objective... wreak as much enemiesaspossible.Real Destruction Derby is adrenaline-filled musclecarracing game with damage,realistic physics and beautifulgraphics,innovative game play mechanics and good fun!Game Features:-Realistic car collision and body deformations based uponactualphysics!- Old, crappy but real American cars fromyesteryear'sbattle in this game! These cars were bullet proof witha realchassis, no more Japanese monochoque!- Massive Collisions!-ActualDemolition Derby sound recorded at a real life stadium.- TrueHDsoundtracks, and car sounds!Real Destruction Derby Racing boastsofits wide range of amazing attributes that definitelyprovidesolution to your racing game needs!So what are you waitingfor?Destroy your enemies, and smash some cars at maximum power!
Demolition Derby : Death Race 1.9
"Real Demolition Derby" the most radical and realisticDemolitionDerby game out there!Game Features: - Realistic carcollision andbody deformations based upon actual physics!- Old,crappy but realAmerican cars from yesteryear's battle in this game!These carswere bullet proof with a real chassis, no moreJapanesemonochoque!- Massive Collisions!- Actual Demolition Derbysoundrecorded at a real life stadium.- True HD soundtracks, andcarsounds!So what are you waiting for? Destroy your enemies, andsmashsome cars at maximum power!
Car Wars 3D: Demolition Mania 1.3
Are you ready for a CRAZY experience!!! Can you survive thedeadlydemolition mania?Hit hard, smash, destroy, and blasteverything tosmithereens. Its time for mayhem inside the demolitionderby arena!Drive your awesome vehicle and thrash your opponents topieces.Challenge your driving skills in the most dangerous derbygame everto be released! Car Wars is an absolutely thrilling andactionpacked moto carnage game, where you have to drive cars andtrucksat high speed and make sure that you're lastsurvivor.Features OfCar Wars 3D: Demolition Mania:•Nerve wreckinghigh speed racingaction•Real-time car destruction anddamage•Surreal visualeffects•Realistic Car Physics and smoothcontrols•Choose between awide range of cars and massivetrucks•Improve your cars performanceand strength throughupgrades•Choose from 3 control options to suityour drivingstyle•Awesome environments: Derby Arena, Stunt Area,Roof TopHelipad.**Explore many events, including "last cardriving" anddemolition races (arena, 8 track, ovals andspeedway)**AboutTapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops andpublishes games onmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolioincludes over 250 mobilegaming titles that, collectively, haveachieved over 350 millionplayer downloads. Tapinator isheadquartered in New York. For moreinfo, visit